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  1. So 2 things. First was a standard hack, myself being hunted when I noticed the guy at 90%, shot at him to the point he knew he was screwed & so he bailed, offline. This has happened a few times when I'm about to win, is this common? It'sjust a game, geez, if you can't cop it than you don't deserve "notoriety". Second, I've played a fair amount of this game doing side quests & a few hacks but no tails. I went to start a mission, couldn't & remembered a post about tailers so pulled into an alley, waited 5 seconds & went back out to scan, busted the tailer. Now they should of got away but literally 20 seconds before the tail i bought the fastest performance car in the game (can't remember it's name, cost the most amount of $ though). So they had the misfortune of my noticing through sp mechanics & the car. Anyway, so i chase them, they hit a wall & try to run, I hit them with my car, they are still on screen with the kill tag, keep running over them. After about 5 seconds they just disappear & the game gives no acknowledgment of any incident occurring online! Even IF they bailed offline shouldn't there of been a notice saying tail end or some points for busting them? Or does being tailed & catchig them mean nothing at the end of the day? playing this game on current gen is a niightmare

    User Info: joseth418

    joseth418 - 4 years ago

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