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by oldschool312

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FAQ/Walkthrough by oldschool312

Version: 0.99 | Updated: 11/29/13


The intention of this guide is to lead you, the player, through the world of Splinter Cell: Blacklist. The content in the guide will complete the objective. The descriptions found below are based on the Normal difficulty level. My play-style is one that places an emphasis on stealth, eliminating enemies only when absolutely necessary or to make progress easier. In general, I avoided enemies instead of confronting them. When enemies are confronted it is done so in a manner to not alert others. Wether this is your style or not the guide still will be helpful in providing a path to complete in game objectives.

Version History

  • Version 0.95
    • Submitted 11-14-2013
    • Single player campaign walkthrough complete
    • Grim's 4E missions walkthrough complete
    • Kobin's 4E missions walkthrough complete
    • Charlie's 4E missions walkthrough complete
    • Equipment and challenges sections initiated
    • Trophies listed
    • DLC missions coming soon
  • Version 0.99
    • Submitted 11-28-2013
    • Basics section completed (tips added as needed)
    • DLC mission Dead Coast and Billionaire's Yacht
    • Updated Weapons section


XUse/hack objects, Move Cover-to-Cover, Sprint (Hold)
CircleTake cover
TriangleExecute (after marking enemies when execute meter is full
SquareHand to Hand combat
R2Mark or Unmark a targeted enemy
Left StickMove
Right Stick
Up, D-padGoggles
Left D-padSpecial Weapon
Down D-padAlternate Weapon
Right D-PadPistol
SelectMake noise to attract an enemy


There are three primary classifications of combat: Ghost, Panther, Assault.

Ghost attempts to maximize stealth. The idea is to move through levels without being detected. Leaving enemies untouched is a good way to acquire points. When a hostile must be dealt with it should be done in a manner that does not alert the remaining enemies. Silenced weapons are a must. Gadget recommendations would include sleeping gas, sticky shockers, and the Tri-Rotor. The idea is to move into the mission and extract as if you were never there.

Panther requires less stealth than Ghost but not disregarded to the extent of Assault. Smoke grenades, flashbangs, and tear gas are important gadgets for a Panther approach. The idea is that you will be seen but can avoid being gunned down by evading enemies. Silenced weapons and using shadows to your advantage are still helpful tactics.

Assault in action is just as it sounds. Go in with the intent to eliminate all hostiles in anyway possible. Take the silencer off and fire away. Detection is not anything to worry about. All gadgets are in play. Use of frag grenades, sticky mines, and incendiary grenades are encouraged.


  • Gain extra cash quicker by completing side missions. This allows you to buy improved gear making the campaign that much easier.
  • Wether you plan to eliminate a hostile or not, marking them helps to keep track of their location.
  • Laptops (the collectible ones) are vulnerable to destruction. Shoot one, use an EMP or bash a hostiles skull into one and it is disable.
  • Take note of your surroundings. If a direct path seems too difficult/too many guards, there is usually an alternate way to proceed in the area.
  • Sonar goggles can do so much more than identify hostiles. Use them to locate potential alternate paths (pipes, vents, etc) and control boxes.
  • For maximum stealth close doors that you open.
  • Intel from laptops will not be accessible if Sam is detected.
  • High Value Targets can be stunned before capture. Sam can then walk to their unconscious bodies to Bag and Tag when it is convenient. This is especially helpful during the 4E side missions.
  • Once you acquire a Dead Drop or a Laptop its yours even if Sam dies.


After the opening cinematic, we are in control of Sam Fisher. Move toward the storm drain. As you approach it, the on screen tutorial advises that crouching (L#3) will make Sam less visible to enemies. Crouch then move to the storm drain taking not of the wreck above. Once through, Sam witnesses a soldier being slaughtered. Boost the pilot up to the guardrail. Press X to jump to the same level. Move behind the barricade and tap Circle to enter cover. Two enemies are a few meters ahead. Your target is the one on the left. Move cover to cover until just behind the target. By holding a directional button, we can bring up a menu wheel that allows us to change gear and select between lethal and non lethal attacks. We have no gear at the moment so choice how you will engage enemies when attacked from stealth. Press Square to take out the guard.

The pilot is going to stay with the downed soldier to do what he can. Sam will proceed on his own. Move the 15 meters to the truck that has a light pole fall on it. Immediately move to the right if completed quickly enough (without pause) and behind cover, Sam will reach the next cut scene without alert.

Reach CIA Safehouse: Meet with Grim's contact

Walk down the alley and up the stairs. At the top we see militia blocking the front entrance move to the left through the open gate. Inside the next building, Sam will ask for a bathroom. The shop keeper will say "back alley". Move through the shop and out the door in the back. Provide a little help for the man in the alley during the cinematic. After its over Sam is in full gear and ready to proceed.

Continue down the alley, until we get to a truck with a guard nearby. Move to cover just behind the guard. Take him out silently just as the onscreen cues ask. This fills the Mark and Execute meter. Mark the two remaining militia by moving the cursor over them and tapping R2. Move to cover behind the truck then tap Triangle to take out the guards. Enter the building.

There are three guards inside the central room. Move to the right and around them. On the other side in the hall will be an easy Dead Drop to acquire. Continue up the stairs. At the top, Briggs notifies Sam of multiple targets in the next hall. Sam asks for a stealth approach and Briggs recommends the room to the right. Move to the room to the right and exit the window to the ledge. Continue outside moving to the right. Pause only until the guard on the balcony leaves. At 12 meters climb up to the balcony and enter through the window. Take out the guy pilfering through the chest. Then take cover in the kitchen. Mark and execute the next two guards.

Rescue Kobin Kill or Knock out all militia

Leave the room through the door to the left. Continue down the hall, stopping at the open door at the end on the right. Toss a Proximity Shocker on the ground behind the guard closest to the door. On the broken wooden boards is a good spot. Now switch to Sleeping Gas grenades and toss one in the room at the guy in the chair. Once the grenade goes off the three guards near the hostage will be knocked out and the closest guard will be zapped by the shocker. Alternatively if you do not have the above gadgets, Sam can enter the room taking cover behind the counter. Mark the three targets near the captive. Silently from cover take out the guard closest to the door. Now Execute the three remaining hostiles. Move to the captive and press X to rescue. It isn't Kobin.

Reach the Police Station: Do not harm civilians

Head to the end of the balcony and climb up. Continue moving around the side of the building. Avoid any contact with the militia. They will be distracted so this should be easy. Once Sam reaches the marker, he can restock gadgets and ammo. Use the zipline to slide down and take out the guard. Hide the body in the nearby bin. To hide a body hold Square to pick it up. Now move to the hiding spot and press Circle. The downed enemy will no longer be detected by allies.

Open the door to the left and move down the stairs. Exit the next room and leap the barrier to the left to hang from the ledge. Move to Sam's left and when safe climb up to the higher platform. Move straight toward the next barrier and leap over at the small satellite dish. Continue on the side of the building moving to Sam's left. As you approach the boards, drop lower to avoid detection. Continue to the left until Sam can go no further. Climb up once the coast is clear. Pass through the small room on the left and leap over the ledge. Be aware of the guard above and when safe move up the stairs. Climb onto the wall on Sam's right and move on it to the left.

Grim sees a High Value Target nearby. Drop down and move into the building. Open the window and enter the small room when the HVT is not looking. Capture him and exit the room. Restock if needed. Grim says the best route to Kobin is at street level. Move through the next door and take cover at the end of the hall. Militia members are knocking down doors. Move to the window on the left side and exit. Shimmy as far left as possible then when safe enter the hall through the window. Move across the hall through the open door. A member of the militia is searching for something on the floor. Quietly take him out or continue to through the door on the left. Pause at the next door that leads back into the hall and look for a guard. Once clear make your way to the stairs ahead. A guard is moving down the stairs as well. Its easy to sneak behind him for a quiet takedown. Exit the door at the bottom.

At ground level, Sam may encounter two hostiles. One will patrol toward and around the window we plan to exit. While the other will enter the area from the shop across the street. Take out the enemies or exit via the window near the door and head to the right. Climb up to the opening above the set of double doors and drop down. Just ahead we encounter the first guard dog. Its best to stay away from them. Climb the fence and unto the building to the right. Move toward the end of the alley. I always to be safe target the dog and take it out with a silent headshot or use a Proximity Shocker.

Find Kobin in militia HQ: Infiltrate old police station

Climb over the fence and go left. Two guards are conversing at the open door. Look for a similar looking set of doors but they are closed. Climb over them and take cover behind the van. Watch for a second patrolling guard and move by him to the broken wall ahead. Stay close to the wall to Sam's right and move toward the large cylindrical tank. Jump up to the roof to the left of the tank. This will allow Sam to avoid the guards and the dog. Move toward the generator. Take cover at the opening and watch for the hostile below to leave. Enter the room and move through the door. Open the next door to hear more intel from Grim.

Reach Interrogation Room: Rescue Kobin from Militia

Continue down the corridor and open the door at the end. Leap the counter to the left. Take cover on the wall to Sam's right. Open the next door and move through staying on the left side of the screen. Take cover on this wall, near the lockers, to allow Sam to see down the subsequent hall. In a nearby room, two visible guards are talking. Wait here until you see a militia member come down the hall. He will stop at the end, turn around, and head back. When he heads away from Sam its time to follow him. Near the end of the hall look for a small room with an open door to the right. Enter here and wait, in cover, at the base of the counter where there is an opening to climb over. Once the guard we just followed moves away from Sam back down the hall, climb over and enter the next room on the right side of the screen. Head up the stairs.

At the top move to the right. The last door on the right has a laptop to hack. Go back to the stairs and locate the door with the objective marker. A quick peak under the door reveals no imminent danger. Enter the room. The cinematic reveals a couple of hostiles interrogating Kobin. Having a Mark and Execute in your back pocket makes saving Kobin easy. Kobin is a little scared at who his rescuer is.

Neutralize All Hostiles: Reinforcements if detected

The tricky part about this portion of the mission is we have Kobin slowing us down. Exit the interrogation room to find two militia members. Use the portion of wall to the right of the open window for cover. Wait for one enemy to leave. At this time the other will look at something on a desk. Pop around the corner and silently shoot him in the head. Continue forward and find the other guard in the next hall. Take him out as well (gadget or gun). One final hostile is in the next room that contains our way out of the building. Eliminate him as well. Arrive at the opening in the police station wall for the final mission ending cinematic.

Insurgent Stronghold

This mission starts in control of a drone sniper. L1 will zoom and R1 fires. You must eliminate the targets from a distance without alarming anyone. The sequence seems to be key to going unnoticed. Precision and quickness are essential. Hit the lowest left target first. Move to the hostile partially distorted by the tree. Then continue to move up the river. There are two targets on the cliff to the right. Hit the one moving toward the top of the screen then the stationary hostile. Finally at the top most portion of the screen are three targets. Snipe the one at the top first then move down. When successful we get audio cues and see Sam landing via parachute.

Get into Tri-Rotor range

Continue up the river to the large bridge. From this point, stealth is key. Sam has to remain undetected. Pass under the bridge, following the river until forward progress is no longer possible. Climb over the railing where the blue water jug sits. Climb up to the orange house and go right. Another climb leads to the level where the two guards are located. Continue around the back, looking for a wall to climb over near another blue water container. Once over move through an open window and find an open doorway to the right. Exit the building and take cover behind the connected small wall. Listen for the hostiles to cease their discussion. Observe their movements and when safe move to the side of the stairway and climb up. If the timing is right you may not have to even pause upon exiting the building. At the top of the stairs open the gate.

ID Kobin's buyer

Move forward and Sam will launch the Tri-Rotor automatically. Use R1 to fly up and L1 to fly down. The left stick will move the device directionally (forward, back, left, right). Enter the compound via the opening above the door. It is important that the Tri-Rotor is not seen by hostiles, so stay up towards the ceiling as you fly to the markers. When in position the voice sampling begins.

Interrogate Suspect - Confirm connection to Blacklist

The Tri-Rotor was not successful so its time to do this the old fashion way. Grim notes that entry via a side route is best. Climb the wall straight ahead and move to the right hanging on the outside of the building. Stop and the corner and locate the guard on the balcony. Wait for him to leave then continue to the balcony. Climb to the position the hostile just left and jump unto the ledge to the right of the doorway. Continue around the building to a set of double doors just after the +100 Exploration notification appears.

Using the Sonar goggles or the under the door camera, mark the hostile on the other side of the double doors. Once he moves to the other doors and begins to rattle the knob enter the room. Quickly move behind the heavy infantry and eliminate him. If you are not interested in the laptop (already have it) when he moves to the door you can simply pass through the room into the next. The next door will lead Sam to the target. At the end of the cinematic you'll have a choice to make.

Find Broadcast Source - locate the source of the transmission

Exit via the hatch in the floor. Proceed forward and traverse the mountain. Continue to a position under the bridge where Sam could restock. Move by the light following the dirt path until it ends. Jump to the wall and use it to cross the gap. At the window where further movement to the right is impossible, climb in. Before entry though, there is one guard that will patrol this area and a second guard nearby. If time right it is possible to enter crouch behind the crate and move to the right to the next wall without detection. At the wall climb up and wait behind a crate. A hostile will use this area for target practice. If he is shooting do not move. Once he turns away move to the tent and cut the fabric. Here we find a Dead Drop.

Exit the tent. Enter cover and watch the three patrolling hostiles. Move to cover behind the white truck. From here go to the raised platform and jump up to it across the railing. At the end of the walkway wait for an appropriate time then jump across the railing dropping to the ground. Enter the tunnel and take not of the hostile looking studying something on the table. Take him out or try to sneak by. Either way leap the railing to the ground below. Climb a ladder then rope to the next area.

The area to Sam's left contains a hostile and a guard dog. Avoid this area or to be safe toss a Sticky Shocker or Sleep Grenade to their location. This should eliminate them both. Leap up to the building across from the entrance and wait for the High Value Target to appear. Bag and tag him. Move through the single room and watch for the guard below. Sam's goal is to move to his left through the archway on the ground. When safe head there and take cover once through. Watch for the guard located here to take interest in something on the ground then proceed along the wall. There is one final hostile to eliminate. Once he is dealt with, move to the underground marker.

Follow the path through the tunnel to the rope. Climb it then go up the stairs and through the gate. Leap up to the opening in the wall and go to the immediate right. Pass the restock cache and jump up over the rail. Move to the corner of the building. The goal is the central opening in the floor. Observe the patterns of the two guards. One looks at the fuse box, moves around the corner then comes back to a map/blueprints. The second guard stands around the corner then walks forward and fools with his gun. Take cover behind the wooden beams. Don't worry Sam will not be detected here. There is a point in time when the first guard is moving away and the second guard is looking leaning on the target zone looking away. This is the time to move to the opening in the floor. Alternatively, you can just quietly eliminate both of these hostiles. Once your hanging on the ledge of the hole in the floor tap circle to drop a couple times.

Follow the tunnel. At the end simply move to the marker and open the door. Don't worry there are no guards in the area. After the cinematic...RUN!!!

Find the Hostages - Confirm Engineers involvement

Move down the roof and open the red door. At the bottom of the stairs enter the vent. Drop down on the other side and follow the pipes. Move by a column marked A and find the subsequent zip line. Slide down. Go down the ladder and make your way to the wall opposite the initial entry point. Follow the wall to the back of the room. At one point you should use the wall of the "Train Ride" to traverse a small fence. Two guards at the back corner will have a discussion. Wait for it to end. Now wait for the guard in the booth to leave. Enter the booth and take cover behind it to the left. The enemy will return. Sneak behind him for a knock out then hide the body nearby. There are two guards in the hall behind the wall. When the closest one patrols to the far left, move through the door way in use the next set of double doors to enter a stair well.

After one flight, find the vent and enter. On the other side drop into the darkness of the locker room below. Wait patiently for the hostiles to present them selves. While looking toward their patrol area, find the vent on the wall to the left. When clear enter it. The room on the other side will contain a single hostile. Wait for him to turn his back then exit and eliminate.

Protect the Hostages - Do not use explosives near the hostages

The hostages are in the next room. The goal is to quietly take out the hostiles inside so we can free the hostages. Flip the light switch in the small room and shoot the light out above the boiler room door. You can enter the hostage area through the double doors or via one of the vents in the smaller room. Either way once in the boiler room take out the hostiles. Using the Sonar goggles or the under the door cam, watch for a guard to patrol by the doors. Mark this guard. Once he pass by retracing his route exit into the boiler room. Sneak up on him and eliminate him undetected. Drop to the floor level. In the center of the hostage area the remaining three guards patrol paths will make them converge. A well placed Sleep grenade will take them all out at once. Use the ladder to reach the lower levels.

Take an immediate left and take cover on the wall. Quietly approach the corner. Wait for the hostile to walk toward the other end of the hall and follow. Take the first right you can. Move behind cover using some barrels. Cover to cover move to the pipe ahead. Wait, when appropriate move across the room cover to cover to the barrels. Head to the right of the screen and watch for the High Value Target. Bag and tag him. Continue forward and exit this area to the right. Find the opening leading to lower levels.

Stop Blacklist Attack - Reach water filtration plant

The cinematic ends in another choice. Continue through the sewers to a ladder leading to a restock cache. Restock if needed then watch for passing drones and enter the Maintenance area. One shot incapacitates the drones another activates its explosive charge. Upon entry into the Maintenance Access area immediately climb to the top of the pipes. Begin progressing toward the marker. At the end drop down behind the drone operator and enter the next room. Move up the stairs. Approximately half way up be sure to look for the Dead Drop. Acquire it by jumping the railing and shimmying over to its location.

At the top a hostile will be outside a well lit area. Do not move up the stairs too quickly or he'll spot you. Once you have a idea of your surroundings proceed easily eliminating this solo enemy. Turn the corner and go up the steps. Move to the right, taking cover behind the van. Once you've spotted the two patrolling guards make you way up the ramp. The hostiles' patrols will intersect. Use this opportunity to Mark and Execute or utilize a gadget for elimination. Find the pipe at the back and climb up. Locate the vent access on the roof and enter. Sam has made it inside the room. One guard patrols the bottom floor and climbs the stairs ending up just below the vent access exit point. If he is there jump below and eliminate. If not make sure he is walking away or on the lower floor before exiting. If he is on the lower floor move to the stairs. Take cover and eliminate the guard as he walks up. Hack the laptop.

Use the Facility Entrance to see what happened to the on site security team. Enter the room to the right and find the vent. Follow this path to a custodial closet. Observe the guards outside, then when safe exit the closet and climb onto the pipes immediately outside the door. At this height, Sam will not be seen. Take out the two guards however you please and exit.

Disable the Poison Devices - shut down both pumps

The best this can be described is to sneak to point A then to point B without being detected. At both target sites, a device needs to be disabled to stop the poison. This device is disabled by interacting with it tapping X. The patrols need to be avoided or eliminated. Once both devices are no longer active move to the manual shut off valve in the center. Once the valve is shut off the mission is over with automatic extraction

Infiltrate Perimeter - Access security systems

Use the rope to reach the ground near the tennis courts. Avoid the patrolling guard and enter the first room on the right side. This is a garage. There is one guard at the car near the large light. Use the pipe on the ceiling to eliminate the hostile. Shoot out the light then hack the laptop. Go back to the body and carry it out the door moving by the now broken light. Hide the body in the dumpster just outside the garage. Move back through the garage and exit the door across from the entry point. This courtyard is patrolled by 3 hostiles and a dog.

Anytime there is a guard dog, it makes me nervous. The mechanics of the human enemies I understand but I regularly seem to be detected by the canines. That said my recommendation is to quietly eliminate all the hostiles (dog especially), using any combination of stealth techniques (Mark & Execute, Sticky Shocker, Sleeping Gas, etc). With the courtyard clear move across to the marker. Once inside the security room, hack the computer. Exit via the back window.

Cut Power - Detonate EMP near junction box

There is a dirt path to Sam's right. Instead of going down the intended path, enter the water to the slight left. Follow this to the lower level. Watch for a guard to move by and check the gate. Move up the stairs he just exited. Leap over the ledge and wait for the dining room to clear. Enter the dining room, move through it taking the first right. Leap over the rail next to the stairs going down. Wait for the guard to be distracted or walk by then climb up to the ledge. With Sam's back to the wall continue around through the waterfall. At the other end watch for the dog below and pause at the corner for a hostile looking over the next ledge. The dog shouldn't be a problem but if you're worried about him eliminate him. Once clear move around the corner and hang from the ledge to shimmy to the right. We've arrived at the site of the junction box. Enter the building and use the Tri-Rotor to disable the power. Near the junction box we will have to move the Tri-Rotor around a duo of hostiles without being detected. Its not that difficult just stay high and out of their line of sight. At the box tap Triangle to detonate and its lights out.

Locate Panic Room - Use your sonar goggles

Exit the building and wait until you locate the nearby hostile. Once he runs away move through the next door way and go left. Climb into the raised portion with the tree. Now leap to the ledge and capture the High Value Target. Move to the flare and climb the pipe. Move to Sam's right and slide down. Enter this side door.

Inside the building, the security is tight. There are lasers that will sound an alarm if Sam breaks the beam. The hostiles in the area have some kind of disruptor that temporarily disables the laser as they walk through. This can be used to our advantage. Also there are security boxes throughout the level that when shot will deactivate the lasers. Quickly peak out of the entry way and look to the left. Shoot out the laser control box then return to the door. Wait for the guard to pass by. Quickly (and quietly) move to the area where he vacated. Continue forward and leap across the bar after the hostile turns to walk away. Wait behind the bar for someone one to come down the stairs. He will stand near the bottom of the stairs then say "Area's clear" and walk away. This is our chance to climb up the column and use the ledge to move right.

Climb up and enter the room. Use the Sonar goggles to identify the panic room. Grim recommends breaching from the ceiling. Return to the ledge and move to the left. Stop at the stairs. When clear climb over and exit to the outside. Move to the right and take cover in the corner. Leap up to he ledge and climb over. There should be a laser control box right in front of you. Shoot it if you like then find the Dead Drop in the small room to the left. After obtaining the Dead Drop, exit the room moving left. Follow the hall into a bedroom. Enter the connected bathroom for the weak point in the panic room.

Neutralize Hit Squad - Keep Nouri alive

Nouri is apparently not well liked. A team of hostiles is on their way to kill him. Our goal is safe extraction for Sam and Nouri. When faced with combat, Nouri will find cover and remain until either he dies or the hitmen die. The upstairs level is invaded by two hostiles. Take them out then begin the descent down the stairs. Here four more enemies are encountered. Sleeping gas or Sticky Shockers can be helpful. Let Nouri find his cover below. Sam should leap the rail and stay hanging from the side to provide a good view of all the enemies. Once they are eliminated continue to follow Nouri.

Escort Nouri to Dock - Keep Nouri Alive, reinforcement if detected.

With Nouri in hand move down the path staying to the left. Passing under the bridge you've just avoided the first hostile. Ahead there are two more that have converging patrol paths. A Mark and Execute will make the remainder of the night stroll much easier. Instead of knocking them out though you can sneak by. This is accomplished by waiting for the first to pass by. Locate the second and watch for him to kneel on the right side as if looking for something. Stay to the left and follow the flow of water. At the end move to Sam's right to reach the boat at the dock.

Infiltrate the Mill - Access via rooftop

Cross the two ramps and eliminate the dog. Move toward the sniper. At the base of his perch will be a pipe. Climb the pipe to a position just below the sniper's window. Shimmy to the right then climb to the roof of the buildings. Find the ladder and go up. Climb up the platforms to reach a pipe that once climbed will initiate a cinematic.

Move forward and climb the green pipe. When the pipe ends use the ledge to shimmy to Sam's right to access the roof and avoid the sniper. Once on the roof leap over the barricade to the right and proceed forward. The bright light in the distance is the goal. Here there will be a guard that is patrolling away from our position. Turn the corner and jump up to the side of the roof. Shimmy to the left and drop down. Continue to the building containing the sniper's location. Move through this building going to the left. Drop down to the next roof. Move to the left of the stairs (away from the next sniper's position) and climb up. There is a large raised portion of the roof. Climb onto it and wait for the hostile to move from one side of the building to the next. Exit the raised portion and crouch behind the opened hatch. Continue away from the hatch and hang off the roof. Move to the left and use the ladder to go down the side of the building. Shimmy to the right and enter the building via the hole in the wall. Wait for this guard to move to the window then proceed to the marker.

Search the Mill - Investigate the engineer cell

Find the elevator shaft. Use the fast rope to reach the lower floors. Move across the enemy free zone to another fast rope. Restock if needed, but more importantly try to activate your goggles. No luck? Well thats because this group of hostiles has a device that is blocking the effectiveness of your goggles. Cut the fabric and pop through to the next room. Look below and shoot out the generator below the two lights with a silenced weapon. Exit via the window and move to Sam's left and slide down the pipe. Enter through the closest window and move right. The generator we just destroyed is straight ahead with a hostile hopefully working on it. Cross the room and exit through a window without detection. Even though there are several hostiles, it is possible to move through the darkness unseen. Move to Sam's right and up as far as you can go. Enter the building to pick up the Dead Drop. Continue to the edge of the platform and hang off it. Move toward the door in the rear of the room. When safe drop down and enter veering to the left. Go down the stairs. Continue forward until outside.

Reach the Loading Bay - Investigate the cell

As the truck is leaving, leap over the rail and drop below. Enter through the broken window and move to the left. Continue down the hall and pass through the first room on the right. There is a hole in the floor that shows the laptop. There is one guard also in the room. He will move from one side to the other. On each side he pauses to investigate something. It is possible to drop into the room and hack the laptop unseen without touching the hostile. Once you have the laptop move to the door and exit only if the hall is clear. Move into the next room on the right. Exit through the window and go to Sam's right. This leads you to another window that we will enter. Jump to the pipe on the ceiling and go all the way across the room. After dropping to the ground, go up the small flight of stairs and turn right. Leap over the barricade and wait for one if the two men to leave the fire. Sam should now be able to sneak behind the other one to the opposite side of the room. Climb over the rail and move to Sam's right. Enter the room at the next balcony.

Plant Tracker in Truck - remain undetected, leave all hostiles untouched

The goal is to get onto the truck without being seen or touching a single hostile. To complicate matters, our goggle are being jammed again by a drone operator. Move through the window and drop to the ground. Looking at the truck, move to Sam's right and climb the pipe. At ceiling level begin to move to the left passing by two columns. Now climb over to the other side of the beam and head to the back of the room. Oh, in case I didn't mention it (I didn't), Sam also needs to avoid detection by the ceiling drones. At some point while approaching the truck climb over the beam so Sam will be able to drop onto the roof. When none of the Hazmat hostiles are looking, drop to the back of the truck and tap X to enter for placement of the tracking device.

Leave Loading Bay - Remain Undetected , leave all hostiles untouched

Turn around and head to the front of the truck. Pass by it in the space left between it and the garage door. Find the pipe to climb and begin moving to the left. At the half-way open garage door pause and wait for the hostiles to clear out. Drop below and move into the next room. Through the door we find the High Value Target just standing waiting for capture. Oblige him then proceed forward. There are some guards in hazmat suits but the path should be mostly clear.

Forward movement is soon to be negated. Find a trap door in the floor and enter. Look for an open shaft to the area under the building. Once you splash down look up and locate a pipe to move forward so as to avoid the dogs. At the end of the pipe look for a portion that branches off so that we can be free from the dogs. Drop down and move toward the ladder. Climb up and avoid the next hostile by taking the path to the left. There are two possibilities leading up to the next cinematic...Sam can be caught or Sam will simply pass out in search of Siddiq.

Reach the Rooftop - Extract with Briggs

Follow Briggs until the short cinematic with the glass breaking. These hostiles are not to be toyed with. Sam is without his gadgets so we'll have to do this the old fashioned way. Climb the pipe on the side of the wall and move to the left. Circle around the hostiles and begin to take them out one by one by sneaking up behind them. After the first one or two are down step away and take cover because two more enemies are likely to come down the stairs. Once they're all gone continue to follow Briggs. In the next room with hostiles, immediately jump to a pipe going across the ceiling and move to the back. Drop behind the farthest enemy and take them out moving forward. Head up the stairs.

Find Route Into QODS HQ - remain undetected leave all hostiles untouched

Climb the yellow pipe on the building in front of the General's car. Begin to move to Sam's right. At the first impediment, drop down and avoid the camera's view the climb up the raised portion. The General will distract the guard below. Take this opportunity to drop down move across and climb the next raised location. To avoid the camera, stay on the wall and move to the right. There is also a hostile below. Wait for him to move toward the fence then drop down and continue around the impediment. Climb the building to the very top and continue to the right. Move through the beams holding the sign to the next building. Wait for the General to distract the guard in the security building. Slide down the pipe then move down the ramp (avoiding the camera's view of course.

Take cover in the darkness at the front of the police car. Wait for the guard to move to the left then head toward the marker on the right side. Avoid the camera and leap over the edge. Use the rope to rappel to the bottom floor. Here we meet back up with the General. Wait for him to distract the guard at the gate then enter that room sneaking behind. Follow the General into the next cinematic.

Locate Servers - retrieve QODS force intel

Under heavy fire, quickly climb the column to the ceiling pipe. Move back and to the right side of the room. Wait here for the guards to begin their search for Sam. There is a single hostile on the walk way below Sam. When he is not looking drop below and take cover behind the column along the wall. This hostile can be eliminated as he approaches or avoided. To avoid you will have to wait until he turns to walk away from your location then move over the railing. The goal is the door on the ground floor that is noticeable by having the red lights around it. Once inside move to the right being cautious of the open double doors half way down the hall to Sam's left. That stair well connects the two floors and can have hostiles inside. Arrive at the door with the marker and pass through. Alternatively, Sam can up the ante by just eliminating all hostiles. Its really just a matter of preference.

Move through the nearby floor level vent. Climb the yellow pipe to the top. Continue through the next vent and go up the stairs upon exit. Find the pipe leading up and climb. The lights will come back on as two guards exit the next room. Wait for them to stop talking and separate. Follow the one guard into the next room and activate the elevator to the right. Enter and move down to the vault.

Gain Access to Vault - Search for a way inside

There is a single hostile at Sam's location. Move up to a column closest to the hostile and take cover. Watch his patrol route. A door that only opens when activated by a RFID chip that the guards have is ahead. At this point, we need the guard to open the door. There are three options follow him in undetected, use him as a human shield, or carry his unconscious/dead body through. Whatever method is used move to the left up the steps once through the door. Continue down the corridor and use the steps at the end. Enter the room to the left as the two guards are in discussion. Pick up the Dead Drop and locate the floor hatch. Use the console to vent the gas and proceed to the next door. Follow this hall to the door around the corner. Once inside jump to the ceiling pipe to reach the area between the laser grids. Climb the ladder and stun the two guards. Pick up one of their bodies to deactivate the laser grid and interact with the console. I had difficulty finding a way to access this console without knocking these to guys out. Once the download starts, this is the floor the hostile forces begin to search. Take cover behind one of the servers and watch for someone to enter through the door. Eliminate him quietly from cover then wait for the download to finish. When the timer is zero interact with the console again to retrieve the drive.

Escape QODS HQ - extract with Charlie's drive

Head back the way you entered the server room. The forces inside will likely be on alert after finding the bodies Sam knocked out. Avoid the guards and exit through the glass onto a fast rope. Once on the ground move to the left side of the screen. There is a vent in this corner we can exit the room through. At the other side of the ventilation shaft look for a pipe that Sam can slide down. Enter the vent right beside the pipe. Exit via the door on the ride, as long as no hostiles are in view.

Immediately move to the left and around the corner. The goal is a door halfway down the wall in this room. Two enemies will exit. After both are through its time for Sam to use the door way. Once through leap over the rail and enter the room with the laptop. Hack the laptop and exit through the back. Wait, behind cover, at the corner of the next door. This door will only open with the RFID tag of the hostile on the other side. Wait for him to come through and sneak by which is tricky or just knock him out.

Unlock Security Gate - Give Charlie access to terminal

Through the door look for a security terminal to give Charlie access to disable the gate. With the gate open more forces enter the room. In preparation for this hit the light switch on the wall on the right side of the screen. Its near the metal detectors. The darkness should allow Sam to quickly move to the right and evade detection, while exiting.

Get to the Van - Meet Briggs for extraction

Go to Sam's left and leap over the rail. Stay in the bushes and proceed to the left. A guard will pass and another will be ahead. Wait for the second to turn and leave then continue around he large wall moving left. Take cover along a bench and wait for the High Value Target to come by. Bag and Tag the HVT. Go up the steps to the left of the screen and hang from the side of the bridge. Wait for the Riot Shield carrying hostile to look/move away then go up the stairs. Unfortunately there is a dog here. Dispatch with it quickly or circle the statue. Either way climb up the wall on the left and wait at the end for the guard to leave. Now exit to Extraction.

This isn't the end though. We get to man the drone again. Fire at the target vehicles to give Briggs and Sam a safe exit.

Disable the First Bomb - Reach the van

After the cinematic, drop down to the Regress Lighting truck. Move around it toward the back and climb the pipe next to the hostile. Reach the scaffolding and follow it to a Dead Drop at the end. Drop onto the next truck and move to the ground to Sam's right. Briggs will clear the area. Move to the back of the van to disarm the bomb.

Reach the Second Bomb - Neutralize Engineers nearby

We are now in control of Briggs in search of the second bomb. There is no need to sneak by guards leaving them untouched. One of the objectives is to neutralize the nearby Engineers. The view also turns into a first person shooter perspective. There are two guards to the left. Move forward and eliminate them as they walk away. Move to the right of the first subway car. The next hostile is just ahead on the right side. He can be sniped when you reach the back of the next subway car. Move to the left just before reaching the vans ahead. Snipe the hostile on this side then as you pass the first van turn to the right for another elimination. Continue forward along the left side and enter the subway car. Briggs will comment on the odor. At the end stay behind the barricade. Biggs will mention something about an elevator. Take out the hostile to the left in the corner first. Then from this vantage point we should be able to take out the remainder unnoticed. Move to the van eliminating any missed Engineers along the way.

Reach the Third Bomb - Search the subway yard

Climb the pipe to Sam's left to reach the platform above. There is a sniper in the distance and mines on the ground. Turn left around the corner and reach the roof of the first train car. Follow the wall lead back toward the sniper tower. Sam should drop to the ground and move to the next train car roof as it is safe. The sniper does not view this area near the wall. Move to the sniper's perch and climb the pipe on the side of the wall. The sniper is a High Value Target. Climb into the room and capture the HVT. Exit via the door and grab hold of the back wall. Climb over to the other side. Drop to the ground.

The bomb containing van is approximately 20 meters ahead. Or at least we thought. The van is empty and already loaded onto the train. Use the cover to the right of the van to approach it. Once the guard next to the van vacates move toward the subway car and climb on. There will be a hostile above on the walkway and below to the right. Stay on the side of the car and shimmy to Sam's right. Drop below and continue to follow the wall to the right of the screen. At the end turn to the left toward the marker. Avoid the mines and sniper laser along the way. Sam will have to move over a couple subway cars but that should be about it. Move into the subway car with the bomb and interact with it. The Laptop if you're interested, is in this section of the level. It is located at the back in a room with a sniper. Be sure to acquire it before disarming the bomb.

Reach the Fourth Bomb - watch for snipers

Briggs has the responsibility for the next bomb. Move to the left and enter the broken cylinder. Snipe the sniper (if you like) then drop into the lowered central portion of the area and hide under the tracks. Cross under the tracks and move to the ladder behind a cylinder lid ahead. Once on the roof continue forward and enter the window once the guard is preoccupied. Move toward the marker. If the sniper wasn't shot earlier he will be looking out a window on the way to the bomb. He can be silently killed now. Head down the stairs. Wait near the bottom for the heavy infantry to leave, then jump the rail to the right and exit. Walk without hostiles around to the last bomb.

Chase Engineer Leader - Neutralize all hostiles

The initial enemies vacate the first car. Follow them and take immediate cover. There are three hostiles in this car. Toss a Sleep Grenade and eliminate all three. Three more hostiles are in the next car. This time its dark. Toss a flashbang and it should stun all three enemies. Quickly eliminate the forward two with a gadget, gun, or hand to hand. The last one should be dealt with hand to hand due to them being heavy infantry. The next car contains no hostiles. At the end of the car exit via the window to the right. Shimmy to the next car and pick a window to break through. Grab one guard for a human shield then eliminate the other (stun or gun). The final car will also have two hostiles. If you have a Mark and Execute this car will be a breeze. If not its still going to be fine. Enter and toss a gadget or simply shoot both hostiles.

Detention Facility

Escort Sam to the cell block. Then make a choice at the end of the cinematic.

Reach Your Gear - remain undetected, do not kill U.S. Soldiers

Briggs successfully killed the power, so that helps. The problem is Sam doesn't have his gear so he's in the dark too. Move through two doors to the outside and pause. As the guard begins to enter the building move out and to the right. Enter the same building via the window. Quickly go up the hall and take the first open right. Continue left down this hall until it veers to the left and go that way. Watch for the guard at the end of the corridor to move away from the door at the end. He is near the marker and checking side doors. When he moves away sneak by him on the right side of the hall and exit through the door at the end.

Proceed through the gate area to an area with a couple guards and a sniper. Take cover and move to the left of the screen. Our goal is to move unseen to the base of the Sniper Tower. Locate the pipe and climb up. Move to the left and climb onto the pipe leading away from the tower. Use it to reach the Dead Drop. Jump to the wall and continue around to Sam's right. When clear use a pipe to make it to the next tower. From the outside rail, shimmy all the way to the end of the walkway. You've reached the intended marker. Traverse the walkway and drop to the ground on the other side.

Turn the corner but know that there is a soldier moving away from Sam's location. Head toward the tall fence and climb on. As you wait for the discussion to end, mark the soldier on Sam's side of the guide for tracking purposes. Once the area clears move across the checkpoint. The lights come back on as you cross. Watch for the marked soldier then when safe, climb the next fence and drop to the ground. Stay near the wall to the right and move to the back of the trailer. There is an open window we can enter but not until the soldier inside vacates. Move across the building to gear up.

Rendezvous with Brigs - do not kill U.S. Soldiers

Exit the building and move to the clearing ahead. Take a left and go around where the truck is leaving. Follow the distant wall to the right and sneak through the gate. There is a warehouse door we can enter. Once in jump to the top of the shelves and work around to the open window on the wall on the left side of the screen. Hang off the edge and use Sonar to identify the soldiers. There is also a guard dog in the distance that could use a mark for tracking. When ready drop to the ground. Move to the left of the screen toward the well lit gate. I know it seems crazy to move to the light but its a good path. From here move cover to cover toward the left progressing to the front of the area. Enter the small building and exit via the back.

Go up the stairs and climb over the rail to the left just before reaching the sniper. Shimmy toward the sniper and drop down to the ground. Follow the fencing forward. Look for an opening at the base of the building to Sam's left. Go under the building. Upon safe exit on the other side, jump up to the side of the building and move to Sam's left. Find the zip line and slide across. Before sliding across though take not of the patrolling guards position. Make sure he is on the far left. Leap over the rail and land on the ground.

There are two snipers in towers and guard dog on the ground. Stay back and activate the Sonar goggles to mark the dog for tracking. Move up and head left through the dilapidated building. The exit is just on its other side. Cut through some fabric and arrive at the marker. Follow the shore line to the boat.

Neutralize Hostiles - buy time to prep for takeoff

No rest. We jump straight into the next mission. The Paladin is under attack. Race to the right side of the screen and pass by the jeep. Take cover behind some crates and wait for the High Value Target to present himself. Capture him. Continue to go around the back and look for the first hangar where the hostiles are located. Take cover behind a crate at the back of the plane. Look for the grouping of three or four hostiles to the right and toss a sleep grenade to eliminate them. As soon as you toss the grenade go further back, toward the crates next to the SUV. Briggs will be saying something about it being a small force when more hostiles approach. If you don't move they will see you and open fire. Reinforcements will come periodically. Stay behind cover and maneuver around eliminating hostiles. Really thats the best description I can give. The enemies will move as will Sam. Once the last of the enemies are gone race to the Paladin.

We control the drone again. Fire on the hostiles keeping our plane safe.