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by Syrina_Inavi

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Cat Dispatch Guide by Syrina_Inavi

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/31/2014
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About this Guide

Hello everyone.

This is my first guide. I hope this will help you through your cat dispatches in Tales of Xillia 2. I started with this guide because I was in need of a guide that covers the Cat Dispatch Section in english... And I found none. So I decided to make my own.

Suggestions? Problems? Write to me: syrina.inavi@gmail.com.

Please note the Legal Terms.

General Information

So what is Kitty Dispatch? I usually refer to it as Cat Dispatch. (Rollo is no kitty anymore at all...)
You can send Rollo out, to stroll around, gather some items, and sometimes even cats!
This will give you the chance to get items, you usually don't get through the game.

This includes items you need for quests, for custom orders, a few weapons which increase the drop rate, and attachments for your chars.

For the weapons, I used this system to shorten the names, which is used by the game itself:


Cats can also be part of a quests. There are two kinds of quests:

    • Kitty Sightings. You need to get their collar to finish those quests. (You don't need the quest to obtain the cats)
    • For some cats you need a special quest to obtain them. They are not named “Kitty Sightings” like the quests above. I marked this with (Side Quest "[Quest Title]"). Keep in mind that they are missable.

If you have trouble finding a cat during a Kitty Sightings Quest this format will help you:
KSXX (XX in that case is the Kitty Sightings Number. Use Ctrl+F and enter KS00 for example.)


There are several helpful items you can give Rollo:

Item NameDescription
Kitty KrispsCuts return time by 10%
Gummy FishiesCuts return time by 15%
CatnipCuts return time by 25%
Kitty ToyCuts return time by 35%
Royal FeastTriples rare item rate

The weekday, you play on, also gives you a bonus:

MondayArea Bonus: Rieze Maxia
Tuesday2x more items obtained
WednesdayArea Bonus: All Areas
ThursdayReturn Time: Cut by 15%
FridayArea Bonus: Elympios
SaturdayReturn Time: Cut by 20%
Sunday3x more items obtained

Kitty Dispatch takes 15 minutes by default.

Cat Locations

In order to send Rollo out to a special location, you need to find a kitty there first. (For example: You want to search for Winnie or to gather items in Trigleph. So you need to find Malik first.)

Locations: Towns

TriglephMalik1F Apartment Hall (Side Quest "The Days of Our Lives", missable?)
CarolIn front of the Apartment
SuzuTrain station; behind the reception (KS03)
WinnieCat dispatch
EthosCat dispatch
DuvalLukeGo up the stairs near the Quest Board (KS01)
Catstantine the ThirdBar alley (Side Quest "Meeting with Julius", missable)
YorkCat dispatch
MarksburgLithiaAccessory shop counter
ThomasSouthern stairs at Elympios seahaven
ZagiCat dispatch
SasukeCat dispatch
HamilSchrodinger2nd Area; on the first Napple tree, climb up the ladder
SharilCat dispatch
Nia KheraBadger2nd house from the left
TriggerCat dispatch
Milla's ShrineShortyAt the altar
ShariltonNonyaInn; on the left side of the reception next to a brattice
YuniDriselle's manor; on a chair (KS05)
SparklesCat dispatch
Xian DuFlakeyNorthwestern dock; next to a dog
HarryInside Isla's house; use the southeast elevator to reach her
KyoColliseum; behind reception, on top of the stairs (KS12)
KanbalarClaire2nd area; Inside the house on the left
BreezyRoof by Gaius' castle; Enter through Xailen Woods Temples northern exit to arrive the roofs. (KS13)
CorganInfront of Gaius Castle; Next to a cage with a wyvern
EulerCat dispatch
Xailen Woods TempleWoodrowInside the temple on a bench
GuyCat dispatch
FennmontSuzukiShopping building; between Accessory and Armour Vendor
WilyInn; at the bar counter on a chair (KS24)
KahmariAt the seahaven on the right side
GazpachoCat dispatch
DrellinEnyaNext to the inn entrance
TartarosInn; counter (KS22)
IvanCat dispatch
LerondeStalloneSeahaven; north area by fence
RockyAt the Inn; when you go upstairs, inside the first room (KS20)
Aladhi SeahavenLotusInside the Inn; left of door
Sapstrath SeahavenTartBarrels between Weapon Vendor and Departure NPC
Lakutam SeahavenLiccaBox at the Armour Vendor
Spirius CooperationTiggy20F; office, on the floor next to the second table from below
Patches40F; on a bench
Orda PalaceKeele3F north room, on a chair
IrisCat dispatch
Laforte Research CenterNanalyFirst area in the upper lab (KS26)

Locations: Dungeons

Helioborg Research StationNarcissus13F; in the laboratory
BrownieCat dispatch
Agent Trainings FacilityBorisAt the Beach Area in a hole (KS28)
Kijara SeafallsLuccaFourth area; south plateau, next to treasure Chest
BilboCat dispatch
Nia Khera HallowmontSpartanOn top of the Hallowmont
Sapstrath DeepwoodMoonNorth Region; where people stand
Chi ChiSouth Region; on a ledge (KS07)
Bermia GorgeNanoCat dispatch
SalmonCat dispatch
TakaNorthwest Region; Highest Point on the left side of the map (KS08)
Fort GandalaLazyControl room
SmacksCat dispatch
Tatalian AbyssPepples1F in the middle of the map; next to a tree
TorcheB3F; east cliffs (KS09)
Dimensional BreachSwagmoNorth part of map by trees
Labari HollowSetsunaBottom area in a box
MaoAt the second level; Southern complex with 4 rooms (KS14)
Fezebel MarshNoelEnter from Arklund Quag; First map, where you jump the second time down; Next to it is a huge leaf. (KS25)
Felgana MineMelvinThird area; there are a few boxes before you enter the tunnels
CroquetteThird area; next to the save point (KS19)
Land of CanaanFauntleroyWhen you enter Canaan, you can find him next to the save point
HiroCat dispatch
Nala Lava TubesScratchyEnter through Xailen Woods; First Area, in the big 'room' before you enter the second area, next to stones
PetuniaCat dispatch
Kukhar Ice CavernsEmilThird area; east flower patch
Old Vicalle MineWhiskeyFirst area; southwest, where you need to jump down, on the right side

Locations: Fields

Alest HighroadRubyEnter from Trigleph; First map on the southwest wall (KS02)
Torbalan HighroadTiltonThird area; in the middle of the right part
Aladhi TrailFilbertWest area; Behind upper left stone; next to a few trees
Galia TrailNukeSecond area; on the southern wall
Nia Khera SpiritwayNorseFirst Area; on the southern ledge
Xagut FloodmeadowPrickly PeteSecond Area; enter a hole to get him (KS04)
Sapstrath HighroadMeowciferThird area; enter the northern hole (KS10)
Culmar TrailMichaelSoutheast
Lil ScrappyNorthwest; enter a hole (KS06)
Talys HighroadNatalinaWest Region; In the middle of the map on a ledge (KS11)
Rusalle HighroadKekeFirst area; near trees
KeishaSecond area; enter a hole on the right wall
Lakutam HighroadSir Meows-a-lotSecond area; northwest hole
KittypantsCat dispatch
Royal Hunting GroundWasabiThird area; go directly up to reach some trees
Mon HighlandsZexyzSecond area; eastern hole
HolmesSilent cave; northwest of the pillar (KS15)
TomtiCat dispatch
Xailen WoodsPrincess PurryNortheast; next to a huge stone
Sillea TundraStumblesNorth area; next to a tree (KS16)
Tulea TundraDasherSouth area; northeast of save point, next to a treasure chest (KS17)
Barnauer HighroadCannonSouthwestern map; enter a hole in the north (KS23)
LucyEnter from Fennmont; in the middle of the map
Arklund QuagCarolinaSecond Area; north of the lake (KS27)
DeltreseCat dispatch
Catamar HeightsNellyThird area; northern plateau (KS21)
Voltea WoodsMontySecond area; enter a hole in the southeast (KS18)

Obtainable Items through Cat Dispatch

Items: Towns

TriglephPotatoCarrotTuna-“Ex Machina” WhiskeyCat Tails (Weapon LU)
DuvalOnionEggChipped Claw-“Noir Rare” BrandyNoise-Cancelling Headphones (Attachment)
MarksburgSalmonSea BreamSeafood Set-Seabird EggTuna-Can Hammer (Weapon LU)
HamilOnionVeggie SetNapple-PorangeFoxtail (Weapon EZ)
Nia KheraAnimal GlueVeggie SetEgg-Rappig EarsCat Stack (Weapon ML)
Milla's ShrineNameless SeedBeautiful Insect WingsAphid King-Holy AshMilla's Bangs Replica (Attachment)
ShariltonPotatoAphidSecret Seed-Model WindmillFishing Rod (Weapon RW)
Xian DuFeatherTanned LeatherFireproof Cloth-Prayer PennantsScratching Post (Weapon AL)
KanbalarQuill PenFinest FurRainbow Lens-Gaius DumplingCatana (Weapon GS)
Xailen Woods TempleShattered BoneClariciteCantarella-Stained Glass FragmentsEarmuffs (Attachment)
FennmontWhirling SeashellQuill PenGelatin-“Moonlight” BourbonRollo Mittens (Weapon JD)
DrellinSea BreamSalmonTunaSeafood Set“Casual” TequilaSwordsman's Eyepatch (Attachment)
LerondeCrude StingerCarrotSeafood Set-Roasted ChickenGimme-Dat! (Weapon LE)
Aladhi SeahavenCrystal SeashellAnonymous SeedWhirling Seashell-“Akebono” SakeShiba Dog's Muzzle (Attachment)
Sapstrath SeahavenSharp FangCrystal SeashellSea Bream-“Floresta” WineShiba Dog Ears (Attachment)
Lakutam SeahavenWhirling SeashellTunaCrystal Seashell-“Twilight” ShochuShiba Dog's Tail (Attachment)
Spirius CorporationEggVeggie SetFireproof Cloth-Bunny DollSuperhero Belt (Attachment)
Orda PalaceQuill PenFinest FurRainbow LensGold DustWater LilyTopknot (Attachment)
Lafore Research CenterLumiciteGelatinMysterious Bead-ObsidianChirpee Head (Attachment)

Items: Dungeons

Helioborg Research StationTanned LeatherClariciteCopper Ore-Lesser Spirit DollMeow Blasters (Weapon LU)
Agent Training FacilityAphidWhirling SeashellRare Metal-Old Wooden SwordSafety Goggles (Attachment)
Kijara SeafallsTunaCrystal SeashellWhirling SeashellPearlKijara FishEmo Glasses (Attachment)
Nia Khera HallowmontSharp FangCrude StingerPuriciteSilver OreTemporal ShardKitty Pin (Weapon MZ)
Sapstrath DeepwoodSecret SeedAphid KingMushroom Powder-SmokeshroomsMandragora Head (Attachment)
Bermia GorgeFeatherNameless SeedClaricitePure White PuffballBreath of WindRage Glasses (Attachment)
Fort GandalaScorpion TailBeautiful Insect WingsSpider Web-Iron DustSheathed Dagger (Attachment)
Tatalian AbyssChipped ClawGlowfruitCantarellaWeird FragmentPink EmeraldColored Sunglasses (Attachment)
Dimensional BreachShattered BoneInsect HornGlowfruitBeast DungWild Gold DustPet Dragon (Attachment)
Labari HollowCopper ChunkAnonymous SeedLumiciteHazardous LiquidPrototype BoosterHarold Mask (Attachment)
Fezebel MarshYellow OrbIndigo OrbPuriciteMonster FluidGolden Frog EggBandage (Attachment)
Felgana MineLumicitePuriciteCopper ChunkMeadow CrystalEmpty Spirit FossilMonocle (Attachment)
Land of CanaanCantarellaRainbow LensBizarre Clump-Working GearAfro Puff (Attachment)
Nala Lava TubesYellow OrbChipped ClawFireproof Cloth-Fire Spirit's RageBlack Bunny Ears (Attachment)
Kukhar Ice CavernsIndigo OrbFinest FurCrystal Seashell-Snow ButterflyWhite Bunny Ears (Attachment)
Old Vicalle MineCopper ChunkYellow OrbLumicite-Lightshroom SporesBlack Dog's Muzzle (Attachment)

Items: Fields

Alest HighroadScorpion TailNameless SeedClaricite-Ancient Fish ScalesFull-frame Glasses (Attachment)
Torbalan HighroadTanned LeatherAnonymous SeedLumicite-Torbalan JadeBackpack (Attachment)
Aladhi TrailInsect HornYellow OrbCantarella-Aladhian BeetleSunglasses (Attachment)
Galia TrailSecret SeedIndigo OrbCopper Chunk-Galia LeafHat (Attachment)
Nia Khera SpiritwayNameless SeedSharp FangRainbow Lens-Husk of LegendElven Ears (Attachment)
Xagut FloodmeadowGelatinScorpion TailGlowfruit-DriftwoodMonkey King's Headband (Attachment)
Sapstrath HighroadAphid KingCarrotNameless Seed-Sapstrath AmberFramed Glasses (Attachment)
Culmar TrailAphidOnionAnonymous Seed-Sharilton ButterflyCollar (Attachment)
Talys HighroadFeatherAnimal GlueCopper Chunk-Talysian CactusLeather Belt (Attachment)
Rusalle HighroadShattered BoneGelatinFireproof Cloth-Light-Leaf CloverLoincloth (Attachment)
Lakutam HighroadAnimal GlueCarrotNameless Seed-Brutaur's FootprintsHalf-frame Glasses (Attachment)
Royal Hunting GroundsPotatoTanned LeatherGlowfruitPuriciteWyverns ClawGoofy Glasses (Attachment)
Mon HighlandsAnonymous SeedYellow OrbSecret Seed-PrincessiaHeadband (Attachment)
Xailen WoodsFinest FurIndigo OrbClaricite-Water Spirit's TearsSpaz Glasses (Attachment)
Sillea TundraSharp FangRainbow LensPuricite-SnowcrystalAviators (Attachment)
Tulea TundraSalmonSecret SeedClaricite-IcefishShamisen (Attachment)
Barnauer HighroadCrude StingerAnimal GlueCopper Chunk-Nightshine PlumeSly Glasses (Attachment)
Arklund QuagGlowfruitCantarellaPuricite-Golden FrogBlack Dog Ears (Attachment)
Catamar HeightsChipped ClawInsect HornFireproof Cloth-Old PickaxeBlack Dogs Tail (Attachment)
Voltea WoodsBeautiful Insect WingsIndigo OrbLumicite-Voltean GrasshopperGlowing Antennae (Attachment)



TitleDescriptionGrade Acquired
Cat-tastic!You found 100 Kitties!30
The Cat's MeowYou completed the item list for every area!50
You've gotta be kittying me!


When you found all the cats, you can go to that crazy cat woman. She tells you that somewhere in the world are hidden cat treasures. She will give you those riddles to find them:

“Unterneath where sits he who rules the snowbound keep, sealed by Maxwell's hand.”

Therapy Cat (Attachment) - Kanbalar; Examine Gaius Throne

“Beyond the most narrow crevice under the land where a magnificent frog dwells.”

Kitty Cap (Attachment) - Tatalian Abyss 3BF; at the entrance turn right and go through a hole. The chest is next to a lake.

“At the foot of a shining tree by a river that runs between daytime and nighttime.”

Cat Collar (Attachment) - Barnauer Highroad Southwest Region; One of the glowing trees at the nothern exit

Credits & Copyright

During my search for the cats I used a half japanese Guide. You can find it here: http://originfanatic.blogspot.de/ This helped me a lot. However I didn't find any ways to contact the author.
Thanks to Dillon P., who added a few things and helped me with my terrible language :D (I'm not a native english speaker)

This guide was written by me (Syrina_Inavi) for GameFAQs.
Sites that have the permission to post this guide: neoseeker.com, gamerevolution.com
You are NOT allowed to post this guide somewhere else without my permission. (Not even partial!)

If you find this guide on other than the mentioned sites, please let me know.