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by Krystal109

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Guide and Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 1.75 | Updated: 10/23/2014

Table of Contents

  1. Tales of Xillia 2 - FAQ/Walkthrough
  2. Introduction
  3. Gameplay
    1. Controls
    2. Job Board & Side Quests
    3. Affinity
    4. Skits
    5. Character Episodes
    6. Debt Repayment
  4. Walkthrough
    1. Chapter 1
    2. Chapter 2
    3. Debt Repayment: 2-3
    4. Chapter 3
    5. Debt Repayment: 3-4
    6. Chapter 4 & 5 - Marksburg
    7. Debt Repayment: 4-5
    8. Chapter 4 & 5 - Helioborg
    9. Debt Repayment: 5-6
    10. Jude's Episode 1
    11. Leia's Episode 1
    12. Chapter 6
    13. Debt Repayment: 6-7
    14. Alvin's Episode 1
    15. Elize's Episode 1
    16. Chapter 7
    17. Debt Repayment: 7-8
    18. Jude's Episode 2
    19. Milla's Episode 1
    20. Rowen's Episode 1
    21. Leia's Episode 2
    22. Chapter 8 & 9: Trigleph
    23. Debt Repayment: 8-9
    24. Milla's Episode 2
    25. Alvin's Episode 2
    26. Rowen's Episode 2
    27. Chapter 8 & 9: Aladhi Seahaven
    28. Debt Repayment: 9-10
    29. Alvin's Episode 3
    30. Elize's Episode 2
    31. Leia's Episode 3
    32. Gaius' Episode 1
    33. Chapter 10
    34. Debt Repayment: 10-11
    35. Jude's Episode 3
    36. Muzet's Episode 1
    37. Chapter 11
    38. Debt Repayment: 11-12
    39. Milla's Episode 3
    40. Rowen's Episode 3
    41. Gaius' Episode 2
    42. Chapter 12
    43. Debt Repayment: 12-13
    44. Milla's Episode 4
    45. Alvin's Episode 4
    46. Chapter 13
    47. Debt Repayment: 13-14
    48. Jude's Episode 4
    49. Elize's Episode 3
    50. Gaius' Episode 3
    51. Chapter 14
    52. Debt Repayment: 14-15
    53. Milla's Episode 5
    54. Leia's Episode 4
    55. Muzet's Episode 2
    56. Muzet's Episode 3
    57. Chapter 15
    58. Bad Ending
    59. Chapter 15 - Cont.
    60. Debt Repayment 15-16
    61. Jude's Episode 5
    62. Milla's Episode 6
    63. Alvin's Episode 5
    64. Elize's Episode 4
    65. Rowen's Episode 4
    66. Gaius' Episode 4
    67. Muzet's Episode 4
    68. Bonus Episode
    69. Last Check
    70. Chapter 16
  5. Post-Game
    1. Illusionary Darkness
  6. New Game +
    1. Grade Shop
  7. Poker Game
    1. The Basics
    2. Poker Prizes
  8. Coliseum
    1. The Basics
    2. Tag - Novice Rank
    3. Tag - Advanced Rank
    4. Tag - Elite Rank
    5. Party - Novice Rank
    6. Party - Advanced Rank
    7. Party - Elite Rank
  9. Kitty Dispatch
    1. Cat Locations
    2. Dispatch Rewards
  10. Jobs List
    1. Standard Jobs
    2. Elite Monsters
    3. Elite Monster Guide
  11. Shop List
    1. Standard Shops
    2. Custom Orders
  12. Library
    1. Titles Checklist
    2. Enemy Data
    3. Item Data - Consumables
    4. Item Data - Dishes
    5. Item Data - Weapons
    6. Item Data - Headgear
    7. Item Data - Armor
    8. Item Data - Accessories
    9. Item Data - Fashion
    10. Item Data - Materials
    11. Item Data - Valuables
    12. Skit Checklist
  13. Extras
    1. Exclusive Maps
  14. Trophies
  15. Contact Information
  16. Version History
    1. Current Version
    2. Older Versions
  17. Copyright & Disclaimer

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Author: Krystal K. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

Current Version: Ver 1.7 - Oct. 21, 2014

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First of all, thanks for reading my FAQ.

This guide is intended to get you through the game covering all treasures and missables, including skits and character episodes. I try to make my guides without spoilers by not mentioning future events in the games, but I may reference previous events from Tales of Xillia to try and jog the memory

If you want me to add something or notice a mistake, please email me at the above address with the correct information.

Donation Info

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This game's controls are fairly similar to most other JRPG's with free control combat and almost the same as Xillia 1's controls.

ControlMapIn BattleInside Main Menu
Left AnalogMove CharacterMove CharacterNavigate Menus
Free Run (Hold L2)
Right AnalogAdjust CameraArte Shortcut-
D-Pad-Link with PartnerNavigate Menus
Change Artes Sets
XConfirm / CheckNormal AttackConfirm
Activate Mystic Arte (Hold)
OCancelPerform ArteCancel
SquareShow MapGuardSwap Characters
QuickstepToggle Info
TriangleOpen MenuBattle MenuSet Leader
Discard Item
L1Reset CameraChange Active CharacterChange Character/Category
R1Navigation HelpTarget Nearest EnemyChange Character/Category
Display Target Information (Hold)
L2Debt Repayment-Rotate Character
Change Weapon Sets
R2Dash-Rotate Character
View Linked Artes
L3Quick MenuTaunt-
R3World Map-Set Artes Shortcuts
View Elemental Points
StartPausePauseBest Equipment
Swap Lilium Orbs
Skill Sort
Auto-Items Menu
SelectView Skit-Change Control Mode
Change Weapon Sets
Allium Orb Sort Method
Auto Equip Skills

Job Board & Side Quests

The Job Board and Job Requests are the only source of side quests, outside character chapters. The board is split into two types of requests, the red Event Quests that can only be completed once and the randomly generated white quests that regenerate and can be repeated multiple times for points. Event Quests are typically added after completing a new chapter, while white repeatable quests regenerate every 30 minutes.

Jobs consist of a request for you to turn in a certain number of items or kill a certain number of enemies for a reward. For most of the Event Quests the reward consists of some Gald, Job Title points, and an item (usually an accessory or elemental extractor). Normal white quests never reward items and only give out Gald and Job Title points, but usually in higher quantity than Event Quests.

You can accept up to 5 jobs at one time, but some jobs require a certain Job Title. Job Titles are earned by earning a certain number of points for completing requests and once a certain number is met your rank will increase.

Job TitlePointsJob TitlePointsJob TitlePointsJob TitlePoints
Wooden Token1,800Bronze Token90,000Silver Token424,700Gold Token890,000
Wooden Badge5,400Bronze Badge128,500Silver Badge555,200Gold Badge1,000,000
Wooden Seal19,000Bronze Seal190,200Silver Seal690,500Gold Seal1,100,000
Wooden Medal22,400Bronze Medal307,600Silver Medal800,000Gold Medal1,300,000
Master Medal1,500,000


The new Affinity system allows you to impact the story dialogue, and sometimes events, by making choices in the midst of conversation. Every once in a while you may find the game asking you to make a choice between two answers by selecting L1 or R1. While many times the only change may be the dialogue that the characters are engaged in, some times the choice you make can grant Affinity and even impact the outcome of the events that follow.

In addition to answering the Affinity System questions correctly, you can also increase your Affinity with an ally by linking with them in combat or completing their Character Episodes.

So what is Affinity and why is it important? Well, besides the fact that there are titles and trophies for maxing your affinity with every ally, you will also gain items as you increase your Affinity with a character.

LvlAffinityReward Type
11000Skill Tome & Post battle victory pose and line
34000Skill Tome
46000Skit & Chromatus gauge fills 5% faster when linked with that character
610000Title, Skit & Post battle victory pose and line
712500Chromatus time increases by 5 secs when linked with that character
815000Can enter the post game dungeon, Illustionary Darkness together
917500Linked Mystic Arte
1020000Title, Post battle victory pose and line & Bonus scene and Skill Tome

NPC Affinity

While most of the time you can gain Affinity through linking with a character in battle, there are three NPC's who you can not party with and therefore the Affinity earned with then can only be gained through conversation decisions.

These characters are as follow:

  • Julius
  • Elle
  • Bisley

Why does Affinity matter with NPC's? Because at the end of Chapter 15 you will earn a weapon from each of these NPC's if your Affinity is high with them.

NPCAff. Req.Max Aff.Weapon
Elle100008000Pollux Twins
Julius55004000Spirius Model-4304
Bisley46504000Spirius Surrender


As with all Tales games, placed throughout the game are a multitude of Skits, funny conversations between the characters that develops the characters personality, comments on the game events, and in general is the meat of the game. These skits pop up based on conditions such as: seeing a previous event or being in the right place at the right time.

New to Xillia 2 is the fact that in some cases the skits will present you with a choice and the choice you make may result in an increase in Affinity.

Character Episodes

Character Episodes are additional story missions that give you a perfect opportunity to boost the Affinity with their respective character. After completing certain chapters you may notice green (!) on the map which indicates an available event can be started here. If you head to the town in question you should find one of you character with a red (!) over their head whom you can speak to begin their Episode. In addition to a major Affinity boost, completing Character Episodes as soon as they become available will also grant you additional bonus scenes in the Main Story.

Note that when undertaking a Character Episode you will be locked into the Episode and can not continue with the Main Story until it is complete.

Debt Repayment

Starting in Chapter 2 you will have to pay off a debt every so often to advance the story, but that does not mean you can not make a payment whenever you see it. The way Debt Repayment works is that depending on the point in the game you will be required to pay a certain amount of money to Nova. Now you may think, screw that I am going to save my money for equipment and items. Well, unfortunately Nova's job is to make sure you pay up and if you acquire too much she will force you to make a payment.

Rayment Reminders
Pay PeriodReq. #Reminder 1Reminder 2Reminder 3
Debt Repayment Chapter 2-35,0007,50010,000-
Chapter 35,0007,50010,000-
Debt Repayment Chapter 3-47,00010,50014,000-
Chapter 47,00010,50014,000-
Debt Repayment Chapter 4-510,00015,00020,000-
Chapter 510,00015,00020,000-
Debt Repayment Chapter 5-615,00022,50030,000-
Chapter 615,00015,00022,50030,000
Debt Repayment Chapter 6-750,00062,50075,000-
Chapter 740,00050,00060,000-
Debt Repayment Chapter 7-8100,000112,500125,000-
Chapter 870,00070,00078,75087,500
Debt Repayment Chapter 8-9100,00012,500125,000-
Chapter 970,00078,75087,500-
Debt Repayment Chapter 9-10150,000168,750187,000-
Chapter 10100,000112,500125,000-
Debt Repayment Chapter 10-11200,000225,000250,000-
Chapter 11120,000135,000150,000-
Debt Repayment Chapter 11-12200,000225,000250,000-
Chapter 12120,000135,000150,000-
Debt Repayment Chapter 12-13150,000168,750187,500-
Chapter 13100,000112,500125,000-
Debt Repayment After Ch. 13150,000168,750187,500-

When paying off your debt you will also gain rewards for your progress, with the complete repayment resulting in a special ending. Your reward can be picked up at the inbox in Freres Apartments in Trigleph and can be anything from Skill Tomes to Kitty Dispatch bonuses.

5,000Kitty Krisps1,680,000Skill Tome: "Reflect Damage" GS7,330,000Friendship Potion
10,000Skill Tome: "Mosquito" LU1,770,000Skill Tome: "Recall Me" MZ7,570,000Skill Tome: "Absolute Defense" LE
20,000Kitty Krisps1,860,000Friendship Potion7,810,000No Jacket (Elize)
30,000Friendship Potion1,950,000Catnip7,930,000Kitty Toy
40,000Skill Tome: "Mosquito" JD2,000,000Skill Tome: "Mosquito" ML8,050,000Friendship Potion
50,000Kitty Krisps2,050,000Skill Tome: "Body Boost" JD8,290,000Skill Tome: "Recall Me" GS
60,000Skill Tome: "Recall Me" JD2,150,000Catnip8,550,000Friendship Potion
70,000Kitty Krisps2,250,000Skill Tome: "Absolute Defense" ML8,680,000Kitty Toy
80,000Friendship Potion2,350,000Friendship Potion8,810,000Skill Tome: "Absolute Defense" MZ
90,000Skill Tome: "Mosquito" LE2,450,000Skill Tome: "Mental Strength" EZ9,070,000Friendship Potion
100,000Kitty Krisps2,510,000Catnip9,330,000Skill Tome: "Recall Me" ML
120,000Skill Tome: "Mosquito" AL2,570,000Friendship Potion9,460,000Kitty Toy
140,000No Jackit 1 (Ludger)2,690,000No Jacket (Leia)9,590,000Aglea, the Trampler
160,000Kitty Krisps2,810,000Friendship Potion9,850,000Friendship Potion
180,000Skill Tome: "Absolute Defense" AL2,930,000Catnip10,000,000Skill Tome: "Recall Me" AL
200,000Friendship Potion3,050,000Skill Tome: "Dexterity Plus" RW10,130,000Friendship Potion
230,000Kitty Krisps3,190,000Friendship Potion10,410,000Royal Feast
260,000Skill Tome: "Mosquito" EZ3,260,000Skill Tome: "Agility Blast" LE10,550,000[[Skill Tome: "Spirit Armor" ML
290,000Skill Tome: "Born Healer" JD3,330,000Friendship Potion10,690,000Friendship Potion
320,000Friendship Potion3,470,000Skill Tome: "Strength Booster" GS10,970,000No Jacket (Gaius)
360,000Gummy Fishies3,610,000Catnip11,250,000Royal Feast
400,000Skill Tome: "Recall Me" EZ3,750,000Friendship Potion11,400,000Skill Tome: "All Guard" LU
440,000Friendship Potion3,910,000Skill Tome: "Arte Amplify" MZ11,550,000Friendship Potion
480,000Gummy Fishies3,990,000Friendship Potion11,850,000Skill Tome: "Spellcaster" MA
530,000Skill Tome: "Mosquito" RW4,070,000Skill Tome: "Mind Gymnastics" ML12,150,000Friendship Potion
580,000Gummy Fishies4,230,000Catnip12,450,000Royal Feast
630,000Skill Tome: "Absolute Defense" RW4,390,000Friendship Potion12,600,000Skill Tome: "Perfect Guard" LU
690,000Friendship Potion4,550,000Skill Tome: "Guardmaster" LU12,750,000Friendship Potion
750,000Gummy Fishies4,640,000Friendship Potion13,070,000Skill Tome: "Floating Magic" EZ
810,000Skill Tome: "Ettiquette Guide" AL4,730,000Kitty Toy13,390,000Royal Feast
880,000Gummy Fishies4,910,000No Jacket (Rowen)13,730,000Skill Tome: "Frozen Field" RW
950,000Skill Tome: "Recall Me" LE5,090,000Skill Tome: "Absolute Defense" JD14,070,000Friendship Potion
1,020,000Friendship Potion5,270,000Friendship Potion14,430,000No Jacket (MUzet)
1,090,000Skill Tome: "Mosquito" GS5,450,000Kitty Toy14,790,000Friendship Potion
1,170,000Gummy Fishies5,650,000Skill Tome: "Vitality Boost" AL14,980,000Royal Feast
1,210,000No Jacket (Alvin)5,750,000Friendship Potion15,170,000Friendship Potion
1,210,000Jacketless Haircut (Alvin)5,850,000Skill Tome: "Absolute Defense" EZ15,550,000Skill Tome: "Share the Wealth" LE
1,210,000Alvin's Cap6,050,000Friendship Potion15,950,000Friendship Potion
1,250,000Friendship Potion6,250,000Kitty Toy16,150,000Royal Feast
1,330,000Gummy Fishies6,450,000Skill Tome: "Recall Me" RW16,350,000Friendship Potion
1,410,000Skill Tome: "Absolute Defense" GS6,670,000Skill Tome: "Ultra Resist" LU16,770,000No Jacket (Jude)
1,500,000Friendship Potion6,890,000Friendship Potion17,190,000Friendship Potion
1,590,000Skill Tome: "Mosquito" MZ7,110,000Kitty Toy17,590,000Royal Feast
1,635,000Catnip7,220,000Skill Tome: "Defense Wizard" LU18,000,000Friendship Potion
18,500,000No Jacket (Milla)


This game has many improvements on the previous installment, so even if you played the previous game you should check out the 10,550,000 and Tips & Strategies sections for things to help ease your transition and make the most of your game time. While some of these changes are subtle, many of them have been added to create a whole new dynamic to the game.

Chapter 1

Agent Training Facility

Item Checklist
[_] Life Bottle[_] Melange Gel
[_] Orange Gel x2[_] 500 Gald

The game begins with a battle you are not intended to win, just test out the controls during some short scenes. Ludger will wake up in his room and have to rush off to his entrance exam and the first of set of choices for will appear. In addition to Affinity sometimes earned for your choices, the conversations may change subtle aspects of the game such as dialog and battle.

In addition to Affinity sometimes earned for your choices, the conversations may change subtle aspects of the game such as dialog and battle.

While most of the time you can gain Affinity through linking with a character in battle, there are three NPC's who you can not party with and therefore the Affinity earned with then can only be gained through conversation decisions. These characters are as follow: Julius, Elle, and Bisley. Why does Affinity matter with NPC's? Because at the end of Chapter 15 you will earn a weapon from each of these NPC's if your Affinity is high with them.

Note that you want to always prioritize your NPC affinity questions over your party and in this order: Bisley > Julius > Elle.

See Affinity in the Gameplay section for more information.

Question: Did you know this is the entrance examination?

  • L1 - Yes, Julius, I know.
  • R1 - I know Brother.

Question: Something bugging you?

  • L1 - Julius, I had a dream last night that you killed me.
  • R1 - It's nothing.

After making two choices, neither of which has an Affinity attached to them, you will gain your weapons and begin your exam, starting off with the Combat tutorial. Your objective is to beat the five required enemies and return to your brother, but first there are a few treasures to collect.

Take the north path and jump down and the end and head down the southeast path to the lower level. Turn left and follow the path to a Life Bottle and then backtrack to the west side for Orange Gel x2. Directly north of the previous chest you should be able to crawl through a hole to reach a Melange Gel. Head back toward Julius' location to the west, but make sure to take the south path for 500 Gald before returning to your brother with all the kills required.

Question: What'll you do?

  • L1 - Julius, help her! (Skip Boss Battle)
  • R1 - Save the woman. (Boss Battle)

I suggest you go ahead and save the woman yourself, after all you are the hero of the story, right?

Boss: ???

Weakness: None

This boss is not difficult, provided you avoid its Thunder Breath attack and tail whip. Hold down L2 to free run away and around the beast and just block when needed while you focus your attack during its breath attack. Remember that you can drop it to the ground with a leg swipe of Artes to get long streams of combos in to take it down faster.

No matter if you win or lose, you will be destined to fail the test. After the "interesting' cutscene that follows your failure you will see the intro video to the game full of familiar faces yet to come.


Item Checklist
[_] Mini-Jude[_] Beautiful Feathers
[_] Mini-Milla[_] Beautiful Insect Wings
[_] Huggable Sophie[_] 10 Gald
[_] Danger Jr.[_] Apple Gel x3
[_] Sage[_] "Ex Machine" Whiskey
Skits Checklist
[_] The Boy Aims for the Station

Although you failed the entrance exam there are still plenty of places to work in Trigleph and it appears that Ludger got a job at the cafeteria.

Question: Listen to your brother's pep talk?

  • L1 - I'd appreciate that, Julius. (Julius Affinity +500)
  • R1 - I'll pass.

Question: What's the special?

  • L1 - Tomato omelettes. (Julius Affinity +500)
  • R1 - Mabo curry.

Question: Accept a gift to celebrate your new job?

  • L1 - I wouldn't mind that pocket watch of yours, Julius.
  • R1 - I don't really need anything.

After the scene you'll leave the apartment and encounter a data check for additional items in the game. If you have a save data file and/or clear data from Tales of Xillia and Tales of Graces f you will get the following:

  • Mini-Jude
  • Mini-Milla
  • Huggable Sophie
  • Danger Jr.

Now it's time to check out the city, though much of it will be locked until later in the game. Your destination is the Central Station, but there is still plenty to explore. Start by checking out the plant on the first floor of the Freres Apartments for a Sage and then head to the Residential Quarter and check the planter to the left of the door for Beautiful Feathers. The flowerbed in front of the Rodo Apartments, on the north side, has some Beautiful Insect Wings for you to grab before you enter the Rodo Apartments.

Inside the Rodo Apartments check the plant to the right of the door for 10 Gald, oh boy you're rich now, and then enter room 102 to find Apple Gel x3 from the nightstand. Although you can enter Balan's Apartment on the second floor, no items will appear there until later in the game. On the third floor enter room 306 to find "Ex Machine" Whiskey in the bookshelf.

Head for the plaza and you'll run into an old pal of ours, though Ludger has no idea who he is. When you gain control you will get the first skit in the game, The Boy Aims for the Station.

Question: I don't even know which train is in the ceremony.

  • L1 - Want me to show you? I'm headed to the station. (Jude Affinity +200)
  • R1 - Just head to the station. You'll figure out which train is the right one.

Question: Were you heading to the station too?

  • L1 - I work at the station's cafeteria. What about you? (Jude Affinity +250)
  • R1 - Ignore him. Maybe then he'll mind his own business.

There is plenty of people to talk to on the streets, some from Reiza Maxia and some from Elympios, but none have much to offer other than dialog and story background. When you reach the Central Station another scene will trigger and then you can check out the merchant kiosk on the right before talking to the NPC marked with a star for another scene.

Question: What are you doing?

  • L1 - Resist.
  • R1 - You don't understand! The girl lied to you!

Question: What'll you do?

  • L1 - Board the train.
  • R1 - Flee the scene. (Elle Affinity +100)

Stribog Line

Item Checklist
[_] Trenchcoat[_] Knit Cap
[_] 200 Gald
Skits Checklist
[_] Who's That Girl?

Question: What'll you do?

  • L1 - Fight back. (Elle Affinity +100)
  • R1 - Surrender.

Our buddy Jude is on board, as well as the CEO of Spirius Corp., and you should take this time to increase your Affinity with Bisley.

Question: What'll you do?

  • L1 - Shake hands and introduce yourself. (Bisley Affinity +400)
  • R1 - Refuse the handshake and remain silent.

Question: What'll you say?

  • L1 - I'll stop the train! (Elle Affinity +100)
  • R1 - If I stop the train will you hire me? (Bisley Affinity +400)

After the scenes Jude will join your party and you can head off in search of treasure and adventure...uh, combat! Head into the first dining area and get the treasure with a Trenchcoat and make sure to equip it to Ludger. Head into the next car for a fight and you'll get the tutorial for Allium Orbs and Linking, as well as Jude's special Restore ability.

After the fight continue through the car to the next door and in the dining area grab the Knit Cap and equip it. As you progress Jude will introduce the Allium Orbs in more detail, allowing you to develop your skills in a very new system. With all this in place you have all the basics of Combat and should make sure to look at your Artes, Allium Orb, and Skills.

Continue into the next dining car, where an vending machine will give you access to the item shop if you need any items. As you enter the next car you'll get a scene and then a skit Who's That Girl?

Question: Did you know that girl?

  • L1 - Just a total stranger who frame me for kidnapping.
  • R1 - Not at all. Just a chance meeting.

Head through the dining car and before entering the door grab the 200 Gald from the chest. In the next car you'll get a short scene and can then continue up the stairs for a much longer scene.

Question: What're you doing here?

  • L1 - I'd ask you the same thing, Julius!
  • R1 - What did I just see?

Question: Look Out!

  • L1 - Protect the girl. (Elle Affinity +250)
  • R1 - Protect the CEO. (Bisley Affinity +400)

Stribog Line (Fractured)

Item Checklist
[_] Life Bottle x2[_] Pudding Cake (Small)
[_] 800 Gald
Skits Checklist
[_] Why is Elle Alone?
[_] The Mysterious Figure

Looks like there is a secret to the Kresnik line we didn't know about, or at least you wouldn't if you didn't read up on this game ahead of time. I'm not gonna spoil it for you, so just deal with the strange new people you don't know and make a choice as to what you'll do.

Question: What'll you say?

  • L1 - We still have to stop the train.
  • R1 - Let's look for Julius. (Julius Affinity +500)

Head through the car to the door and then grab the Life Bottle x2 before you continue through to the next car. There are two skits here, Why is Elle Alone? and The Mysterious Figure.

Question: Elle's all alone, isn't she?

  • L1 - Probably. And it's way too dangerous to leave her by herself.
  • R1 - Her parents might have been killed by the terrorists. (Elle Affinity +250)

Continue through the car and just after the next dining car check the right seating area for a chest with Pudding Cake (Small) before you continue. There isn't much in the next car except the Item Shop, again, so head into the next car. Just past the dining car you can find 800 Gald in the second seating area on the left and then continue to the save, encountering another tutorial about elements on the way.

Question: Let Julius handle this...

  • L1 - Tell me what's going on!
  • R1 - Fine.

No matter which option you choose you will be forced into a battle.

Boss: Julius

Weakness: Wind, Slash

You need to block a lot in this fight and only focus on attacking when you see the blue (!). In addition you MUST block when you see the red (!) or take the Time Disintegration skill in the face. If you saved up your Over Limit for the boss fight you can trigger this by performing Azure Blade or Time Disintegration and then link the other arte on the end. If you can do that twice in the Over Limit time you should take down Julius easily.

After the fight you will be faced with an option, but only one seems plausible in my mind.

Question: Hurry and finish him off!

  • L1 - I can't kill Julius! (Julius Affinity +500)
  • R1 - I'll kill Julius.

Chapter 2


Item Checklist
[_] "Noir Rare" Brandy[_] Onion x2
[_] "Moonlight" Bourbon[_] Copper Ore
[_] Melange Gel[_] Apple Gel
[_] Contract[_] Iron Sand x4
Skits Checklist
[_] Repaying the Debt

Before talking to the strange man at the bar, check the television for a "Noir Rare" Brandy and then behind the bar for the "Moonlight" Bourbon...something tells me these should be given to Alvin. Next to the save is a Melange Gel that you should grab and then you can talk to the strange man. The strange man apparently is a healer, who totally insults Jude's healing abilities.

Question: Nasty business, that.

  • L1 - Where are we?
  • R1 - Who are you?

Question: Give back the watch!

  • L1 - This watch belongs to Julius!
  • R1 - Are you okay? No injuries? (Elle Affinity +250)

It appears that life doesn't come free, or cheap and Rideaux isn't a very nice guy, when it comes to business at least. You now have a big debt to repay that no matter what you say you will not get out of signing a Contract.

Question: She works for Verland Bank.

  • L1 - You arranged a loan for me?
  • R1 - I'm glad you're okay, Nova.

Question: Will you sign the contract for the loan?

  • L1 - fine. I'll sign the contract.
  • R1 - Hold on. Let me think.

After signing the contract you will now have to deal with Debt Repayment, which is pretty nasty system in which the GHS tracks your finances and it even has it's own Ending attached to it.

Leave the bar and take the left alley to check some crates for Onion x2 and then backtrack to the bar and take the south path, checking the sign on the corner of the southern building for a Copper Ore. As you head south into the next area you will get a scene.

Question: She's lost, huh??

  • L1 - Want to come with us? (Elle Affinity +250)
  • R1 - Why do you want to go to Canaan?

Question: Was that really your older brother?

  • L1 - I don't know.
  • R1 - There's no way that was Julius!

After the scene get the Apple Gel to the north of the steps, in the small alcove, and then watch the Repaying the Debt skit.

Question: What'll you say?

  • L1 - You don't need to worry about this. (Elle Affinity +250)
  • R1 - Nova's a friend of mine. She'll make this right.

Enter the marketplace to check the many shops and upgrade both Ludger and Jude's weapons and possibly armor (never buy more than 1 of an item as you are likely to get them in a treasure later). The boxes to the right of the fruit stand have an Iron Sand x4 to gather and you can then take the north exit and try to buy a ticket... great you're under house arrest.

Debt Repayment: 2-3


Item ChecklistSkits Checklist
[_] Job Certification[_] Elle's Feelings

Looks like you are stuck in Duval until you can pay off enough debt to get some of your privilages reinstated. Head back to the market to trigger the skit Elle's Feelings and then head south for a scene with a wazoo offering that introduces the Job Board and hands over a Job Certificate. These quests not only offer you a large monetary reward, they sometimes give you unique items and have skits attached to them.

Talk to the man by the bulletin board and accept any of the quests and then head for Alest Highroad.

It is worth noting that the job board has a rank system, with points earned for completing requests.

To keep your rank up to snuff with the new exclusive requests, the ones marked in red, you'll need to complete a lot of the standard white job requests. These request generally rotate every 30 minutes, although they only rotate within a small set of repetitive requests and eventually may be stuck.

Alest Highroad

Item Checklist
[_] 400 Gald[_] Round Straw Hat
[_] Weird Fragment

This is the first time on a field, which have random shining points, loot bags, elements, and treasures. Harvest points, loot bags, and elements randomly spawn and may or may not be there, but the treasures always will.

Depending on the quests you accepted you'll need to either farm the harvest points or kill enemies, or both. I suggest you return to Duval at some point, possibly after checking out the entire first area, to turn in some or your jobs and pick up new ones.

Start by hugging the northern wall as you scout the area and about halfway through the area you should find a hole with 400 Gald inside. After clearing out all the random loot, head to the western area. This larger area leads to Trigleph, but you don't need to head there just yet. Start by hugging the eastern wall for loot and when you reach the center of the northern wall you should find a hole that leads to a Round Straw Hat.

If you try to enter Trigleph you'll notice that the guards block your path, meaning you'll have to get the travel restriction removed to take the train instead. Return back the way you came along the west wall and you should find a hole on the southern section that leads to a Weird Fragment.


Item ChecklistSkits Checklist
[_] Girl's Job Report[_] Call from Nova 1

Return to Duval and turn in the Beautiful Feathers to the girl at the station, marked with a green (!), and then return to the job board and turn in the Girl's Job Report to complete the quest and earn the reward. You may also have had Nova request you to pay up your first increment of debt and received the skit Call from Nova 1. This also means that your movement restriction has been moved and you can head off to Trigleph via the train.

You'll be paying Nova back a bunch, so it's worth noting that if you always want to pay the max requirement you can simply hit left a bunch until it fills in the correct amount. This will say you a bunch of time manually entering in a certain amount.


Item Checklist
[_] Salmon[_] Potato
[_] Wild Bird Egg[_] Veggie Sticks (Small)
Skits Checklist
[_] A Relief

You should have the skit A Relief as soon as you enter Trigleph.

Question: There's something comforting about coming back here.

  • L1 - Do you have good memories of this city?
  • R1 - Comforting?

You can now access the Commercial District of Trigleph, and the port beyond for some items. In the weapon shop you can buy a new weapon for Jude, but where you really want to head is the port. Start by getting the Salmon in the northwest corner where a sailor is leaning over some crates and then check the southeast corner, below the two children on the upper level and to the left of the girl ready, for a Wild Bird Egg. Inside the Inn you can get a Potato to the right of the door and a Veggie Sticks (Small) by the man on the east side of the room.

Chapter 3


Item Checklist
[_] Quill Pen[_] Egg x2
[_] Cape[_] Seafood Set
[_] Pajamas (Ludger)[_] Veggie Set

Head for the Freres Apartments and go upstairs to Ludger's apartment.

Question: Is this Julius' house?

  • L1 - It's mine, though I'm more like a freeloader right now.
  • R1 - It feels like I haven't been back here in ages.

Question: Tomatoes are gross!

  • L1 - Don't be picky, now. Tomatoes are tasty.
  • R1 - Okay. I won't put any tomatoes in. (Elle Affinity +100)

Before you get cooking you should check out Ludger's room for a Quill Pen on the desk, a Cape in the chest, and Pajamas (Ludger) in the closet. In the living room, check the fridge for Egg x2, a Seafood Set, and a Veggie Set. Now head to the stove and get cooking Mr. Chef... that looks like Tomato Soup to me.

Question: Apprehend Julius, and everything should come to light.

  • L1 - Fine. I'll catch Julius. (Bisley Affinity +400)
  • R1 - Just hold on a second.

In order to check out either lead in Helioborg or Marksburg, you'll need to remove another travel restriction by paying off your debt.

Debt Repayment: 3-4


Item Checklist
[_] Pebble[_] Life Bottle x3
[_] Spirius Blades[_] Carol
[_] Apple Gel x3[_] Suzu
[_] Orange Gel x3[_] Suzu's Collar
Skits Checklist
[_] Ivar and I
[_] Call from Nova 2

If you have already paid off some debt you'll get the Ivar and I skit right away, but if not you will have to first pay off another level of debt. You may even have enough to pay off Nova now by pressing L2 and paying the 7k requirement. If so, you should get the Call from Nova 2 skit.

The choice you make here will decide which place becomes Chapter 4 and which becomes Chapter 5. In addition, the area you choose has a Call from Nova attached to it, either Call from Nova 3 or Call from Nova 4, meaning that you will miss one skit no matter which you choose and will have to get it in NG+.

Question: Lift the restriction on Marksburg or Helioborg?

  • L1 - Let's go with Marksburg.
  • R1 - Let's lift it on Helioborg.

I suggest you choose Marksburg for your first playthrough and then do Helioborg on your NG+ run.

Exit the Freres Apartments for a scene in the center of the Residential Quarter to meet Miss Kitty Catt. You can now visit Miss Kitty Catt on the first floor of the apartments anytime you find her cats, which you should do to take part in Kitty Dispatch.

As soon as you find some cats you can send them off in search of items and other cat buddies. Many of these items are rare and exclusive to Kitty Dispatch, so sending the cats out constantly is super important to getting some of the best stuff in the game.

See Kitty Dispatch for more information.

Let's go find those cats now, but first grab the loot bag next to Ivar in the Residential Quarter for the Pebble, Spirius Blades, Apple Gel x3, Orange Gel x3, and Life Bottle x3. Check the area in front of Ivar to find Carol and then head to Central Station to find Suzu, as well as Suzu's Collar, inside the information desk to the northeast.

Time to check out Kitty Dispatch by opening the Kitty Dispatch from the menu and selecting Location - Trigleph. Decide whether you want to reduce the travel time by putting in Kitty Krisps and then send them on their way. While you could continue with the game, let's go back to the previous areas and get the cats from there as well.

Alest Highroad

Item Checklist
[_] Ruby[_] Ruby's Collar

Head to Alest Highroad by leaving from the Residential Quarter and check the northeast side of the West Region to find the first Elite Monster.

There is Title and Trophy for defeating 18 of the Elite Monsters in 2 mins. To get this I suggest you avoid killing any Elite Monsters until Post-Game or near the end of the game and put the difficulty on Easy.

In the southwest section of the same area, near the hole that lead to the treasure chest, you should spot Ruby on the little plateaus to receive her and Ruby's Collar. Now head for Duval.


Item Checklist
[_] Luke[_] Luke's Collar
Skits Checklist
[_] A Simple Question

There isn't much to do in Duval other than watch the skit A Simple Question and then get Luke and Luke's Collar on the balcony above the job board. If you beat the Scorpactus elite monster you should check the job board for a big reward and then grab any quests you can complete right away, such as those for the cat's collars.

Question: How much lower are the prices here?

  • L1 - So low, they bleed.
  • R1 - Eh, just a little lower.

Trigleph (Optional)

Item Checklist
[_] Diner Employee's Job Report

If you grabbed the "What Could Have Been" job you can head to the train station and turn in the Tomato Omelette. If not, go to the Commercial District to grab it and then go to the train station. Return the Diner Employee's Job Report to the job board to complete the quest and then accept any Torbalan Highroad jobs.

Torbalan Highroad (Optional)

Item Checklist
[_] Dark Bottle x2[_] 1000 Gald
[_] Leather Coat[_] Tilton
[_] Boots

Head to southeast corner of Torbalan to a hole and grab the Dark Bottle x2 and then continue north. Start by hugging the right south wall to a hole in the southeast corner for a Leather Coat and then continue north along the west wall. Just north of the halfway point along the west wall you should find a hole that leads to 1000 Gald.

The next zone leads to Helioborg, but with the restriction you are blocked from entering. Despite the lack of a place to go, this area does have a few things to get, such as the cat Tilton on a rock just north of the entrance. On the north wall there is a hole that leads to Boots that you should make sure to get before you return to Trigleph and head for Marksburg.

Chapter 4 & 5 - Marksburg


Item Checklist
[_] Onion[_] Potato
[_] 1000 Gald[_] Salmon x2
[_] "Ex Machina" Whiskey[_] Prayer Pennants
[_] 500 Gald[_] Seabird Egg
[_] Thomas[_] "Moonlight" Bourbon
[_] Lithia[_] Tuna
[_] Gelatin[_] Weird Fragment
[_] Seabird Egg[_] Aphid
Skits Checklist
[_] Leia the Reporter

If you choose Heliborg as your first location skip to Chapter 4 & 5 - Helioborg.

Marksburg is full of items for you to grab before you start the main story, so ignore the NPC marked with a star for now and check the sandbags to the left of the Inn to the north for an Onion. Inside the Inn, check the small cabinet on the east side of the door for 1000 Gald and then check the barrels on the bar for "Ex Machina" Whiskey. Exit the Inn and head south onto the upper platform with some sailors and check the barrels for 500 Gald and then head down the stairs and down the small flight of stairs to the south to find Thomas. Instead of heading south toward the objective, head to the west exit to the Bridge of Unity.

Check inside the Accessory Shop to find Lithia and then exit west again to the Reiza Maxia side and head north down the stairs and check the crates for Gelatin. The potted plant to the right of the stairs to the north has a Seabird Egg while the crates of the merchant on the opposite side have a Potato. Take the stairs up and check the boxes to the right of the shops for Salmon x2 and then head north to the dead end and find the Prayer Pennants in the boxes. Inside the Inn you can find another Seabird Egg in the crates by the door, while a "Moonlight" Bourbon can be found in the crate by the main desk. Back outside, head south on the upper level and check the crates by a sailor for a Tuna and then head down the stairs and check the crates in the southeast section for a Weird Fragment and Aphid.

With the treasure all taken care of, head back to the Elympios side and talk to Leia on the south side of Elym Harbor.

Question: I need to catch it for a special assignment.

  • L1 - I'll grab the cat for you. (Leia Affinity +300)
  • R1 - This looks like a job for Rollo.

Apparently the Julius you were looking for was actually a cat...awesome. As usual, Leia will scold Jude for his knack of getting into trouble and you'll be headed off to Duval. As you head back to the station you'll run into Ivar, who as usual will challenge you to a duel.

Boss: Ivar

Weakness: Blunt

This battle actually acts as a tutorial for the Sledgehammer, so follow the battle prompts. It is not a difficult fight, as Ivar doesn't attack that much and you have Power Swing. If you can juggle him in the air with repeated attacks you'll earn a damage bonus.

It is worth noting that your weapon swaps use a whole different set of artes, so make sure to go into the Artes menu and hit L2 to change between the weapon types and set up proper Artes. You can now head to Marksburg Station and begin the skit Leia the Reporter and then head to Duval Station.

Question: Jude and Leia are like...

  • L1 - A married couple. (Leia Affinity +250)
  • R1 - A mother and daughter.


Skits Checklist
[_] The Warrant

Talk to the green haired woman at the Duval Station for a scene. If you have been doing the job board quests you will recognize the woman's name, but for now she has some valuable information. After the scene make sure to watch the skit The Warrant and then head for the northeast corner of the Downtown area.

Question: Did you see them, Ludger?

  • L1 - Oh, I saw them all right.
  • R1 - No. What were they like?

Question: Braht Agents!

  • L1 - What do you want with Jude?
  • R1 - Save Jude! (Jude Affinity +250)

Duval (Fractured)

Once again you find yourself in a strange place and when you walk north you'll encounter a familiar friend, only he isn't the kind old man that you may remember from the first game.

Boss: Rowen (?)

Weakness: Wind

Rowen is fast and he attacks primarily with spirit artes, leaving him vulnerable when he casts. Make sure to use the sledgehammer and create combos with Power Swing and Jude to do some devastating damage. The battle isn't too difficult for the most part, but when he reaches low HP he will sometimes enter Over Limit and let off some very powerful artes, so finish him fast.

When you return to your world you'll be saved by a very handsome man you may remember as the topless king of Auj Oule in the first game, as well as the real Rowen.

Question: How will you address him?

  • L1 - Thank you, Erston. (Gaius Affinity +400)
  • R1 - You've been a big help, Your Highness.

Question: Would you allow me to accompany you?

  • L1 - Certainly. (Rowen Affinity +300)
  • R1 - A geezer like you?

Debt Repayment: 4-5

Duval & Trigleph

Item Checklist
[_] Item Sphere
Skits Checklist
[_] The Evil Chancellor?!
[_] A Tale of Two Countries
[_] Call from Nova 3 or Call from Nova 4
[_] Something's Changed

Make sure you do NOT have a lot of money on hand because there is a skit only available before debt repayment. If you have too much money on hand you will be forced to pay off that debt and miss the skit.

Before running off to the next area, watch the skit The Evil Chancellor?! and then travel by train to the Marksburg Station for the skits A Tale of Two Countries. If you have enough to pay your debt of 10k, hit L2 to pay off Nova and get the Call from Nova 3 or Call from Nova 4 skit and then watch the Something's Changed skit.

You can now head to Trigleph Central Station and head for Torbalan Highroad, where you'll run into Nova on the outskirts of town and obtain the Item Sphere.

Although the Auto-Item function is great, you may find that your character use items when you really don't want them to. I suggest you turn them off for each character in the Strategy menu, but the choice it totally yours.

Chapter 4 & 5 - Helioborg

Helioborg Research Station

Item Checklist
[_] Peach Pie (Small)[_] 1200 Gald

It's beginning to feel like old times as you run into Alvin... aww where is the cool jacket!

Question: Still wanna trust me?

  • L1 - I trust you. (Alvin Affinity +300)
  • R1 - I'm not ready to trust you yet.

As the party splits up you will be left with Alvin and Jude as your party members. Enter the Business Wing and check the Archives room for a Peach Pie (Small) and then head down the hall to Sector 1 for a fight.

Boss: Ivar (2)

Weakness: Gunfire

This is another tutorial for new weapons, the Dual Pistols. These babies are great for long ranged battles in which you want to stay out of range of an enemies attacks. That being said, they are sluggish and don't feel as fluid as some of Ludger's other weapons until you gain more skill with them.

After Ivar heads off in his usual way head through the south exit to Sector 3 and get the chest with 1200 Gald in the southeast corner. Backtrack to Sector 1 and head northwest to Sector 2 and then south to Sector 4. As you enter a familiar face will blast through the area.

Question: Meet Elize and Teepo

  • L1 - She's a cute kid. (Elize Affinity +300)
  • R1 - Were those spirit artes?

Helioborg Research Station (Fractured)

Item Checklist
[_] Silk Cloak[_] Lamellar Leather
[_] 1800 Gald[_] Pretty Ribbon
[_] Iron Helm[_] 2500 Gald
Skits Checklist
[_] Teepo Vs. Rollo
[_] Alvin and Elize
[_] The Terror Group, Exodus

Once again you'll end up in a darker places, but there's no need to backtrack for treasure, so head inside the Military Research Wing and activate the Teepo Vs. Rollo skit before you enter the 1F Warehouse. This is the first time you've come across a puzzle. From the door run straight to the white marked crate and push it up twice and the run around and push it for the left so that you can use it to climb up to the Silk Cloak. You can now exit and take the elevator up to the 10F and watch the skit Alvin and Elize.

Question: Teepo's adorable, isn't he?

  • L1 - He sure is. Love those little horns! (Alvin Affinity +250)
  • R1 - Eh, he's not as cute as Rollo is.

Check the 10F Archives room for 1800 Gald and Iron Helm and then take the stairs to the 11F. Watch the skit The Terror Group, Exodus and then ignore the elevator and enter the 11F Warehouse from the east door, where you can pull out a crate and crawl under the crates for the Lamellar Leather. Take the stairs to the 12F and ignore the elevator and enter the 12F Secured Room for a Pretty Ribbon before you head up to the 13F. Ignore all the doors on the 13F and head straight for the 14F Warehouse, where you'll need to align the lower crate with the one above so you have enough room to pull the upper one out and push it over to create a path to the 2500 Gald. Return to the 13F and enter the 13F Laboratory room and save before entering the roof.

Boss: Volt

Weakness: Gunfire

You want to focus on the Djinn that Volt summons, so you are not taking any additional damage, and when you have a Linked Arte ready try and get both a Djinn and Volt in the blast. Due to Volts AOE attacks it is best to shoot Volt from a distance with your dual pistols, as they can wipe out the party fairly quickly. Set Jude to prioritize healing and lin with Alvin to keep him from running up into range.

Helioborg Research Station

Item Checklist
[_] Soda Rice (Small)[_] Leather Boots
[_] Leather Cape[_] 3000 Gald
[_] 1000 Gald[_] Bronze Circlet
[_] Copper Ore x3[_] Narcissus
Skits Checklist
[_] A Year Ago

You will return where you first shifted in Sector 4, with all the enemies gone and the ability to freely roam around collecting treasure... again!

Start by watching the skit A Year Ago and then enter the Military Research Wing again. Once again you'll want to enter the 1F Warehouse across from the elevator and move the crate to reach the chest with Soda Rice (Small) and then take the elevator to the 10F. Enter the 10F Archives for a Leather Cape and the 10F Data Center for 1000 Gald and Copper Ore x3 before heading up to the 11F. Pull the crate out in the 11F Warehouse to get the Leather Boots and then head up to the 12F. There is 3000 Gald in the 12F Secured Room that you should get before heading up to the 13F and then straight to the 14F. Get the Bronze Circlet in the 14F Warehouse and return to the 13F and enter the Labratory.

There may not be any treasure on the 13F, but the cat Narcissus is chilling on one of the bookshelves that you'll want to grab before exiting to the roof.

Question: We're still having trouble controlling spyrites

  • L1 - Spyrites are pretty dangerous, aren't they?
  • R1 - Never mind that. Tell us about Julius.

Creepy bitch is BACK! Looks like your old pal Milla has run off on another errand all alone, without any thought of asking for help.