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by Berserker_Blade

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Berserker_Blade

Version: 2.50 | Updated: 01/09/15

Table of Contents

  1. I. What's New
  2. II. Copyright
  3. III. Contact Info
  4. IV. Introduction
  5. V. Character Profiles
    1. Ludger Kresnik
    2. Jude Mathis
    3. Leia
    4. Rowen
    5. Alvin
    6. Elize
    7. Milla
    8. Gaius
    9. Musét
  6. VI. Gameplay
    1. Controls
  7. VII. Cross Double Raid - Linear Motion Battle System (XDR-LMBS)
    1. Link Artes
    2. Weapon Swap System (Ludger Only)
    3. Chromatus Transformation (Ludger Only)
    4. Attribute Exploitation
    5. Misc. Battle Features
    6. Allium Orbs
    7. Debt Collecting
    8. Choices
    9. Character Intimacy
    10. Custom Order
    11. Kitty Dispatch
  8. VIII. Tips and Tricks
  9. IX. Walkthrough: Chapter 1: The Cogs of Fate
    1. Spirius Training Grounds
    2. Trigleph
    3. Stribog Line
  10. Chapter 2: New Friends, New Debt
    1. Duval
  11. Chapter 2: Misc
    1. Alest Highroad
  12. Chapter 3: It all falls apart
    1. Trigleph
  13. Chapter 3: Misc
    1. Kitty Dispatch: Part I
    2. Torbalan Highroad
  14. Chapter 4: The Monster in the Alleyway
    1. Marksburg
    2. Duval
  15. Chapter 4: Misc
    1. Torbalan Highroad: Veywind Eye (Event Monster)
  16. Chapter 5: Spyrite Goes Haywire
    1. Helioborg Fortress
    2. Aladhi Seahaven
  17. Chapter 5: Misc
    1. Kitty Dispatch: Part II
    2. Rusalle Highroad
    3. Tatalian Abyss
    4. Dimensional Breach
    5. Aladhi Trail
    6. Hamil
    7. Galia Trail
    8. Kijara Seafalls
    9. Nia Khera
    10. Nia Khera Spiritway
    11. Milla's Shrine
    12. Nia Khera Hallowmont
    13. Zagut Floodmeadow
  18. Chapter 6
    1. Aladhi Seahaven
    2. Spirius Corporation
  19. Chapter 6: Misc
  20. Chapter 7: Destroy the Fractured Dimension
    1. F4216: Oscore Plant
    2. Elympios Fields and Dimensional Breach
    3. Nia Khera Spiritway (Alternate)
    4. Milla's Shrine and Nia Khera Hollowmont
    5. Nia Khera: The Aftermath
  21. Chapter 7 Misc
    1. Kitty Dispatch: Part III
    2. Sapstrath Seahaven
    3. Sapstrath Highroad
    4. Sapstrath Deepwood
    5. Sharilton
    6. Culmar Trail
    7. Bermia Gorge
    8. Talys Highroad
    9. Rusalle Highroad: Graddic Claw
  22. Chapter 8: Gaius' Test
    1. Mon Highlands: F4221
    2. Kanbalar (Alternate)
  23. Chapter 8: Misc
    1. Kitty Dispatch: Part IV
    2. Lakutam Seahaven
    3. Lakutam Highroad
    4. Xian Du
    5. Royal Hunting Grounds
    6. Labari Hollow
    7. Mon Highlands
    8. Kanbalar
    9. Xailen Woods Temple
    10. Xailen Woods
    11. Nala Lava Tubes
    12. Silea Tundra
    13. Kukhar Ice Caverns
    14. Tulea Tundra
    15. Fezebel Marsh: Dark Teagle
    16. Sapstrath Deepwood: Ghastly Stump
    17. Culmar Trail: Arrow Folzam
  24. Chapter 9: A Song Echoes Through the Falls
    1. F4227: Kijara Seafalls
  25. Chapter 9 Misc
    1. Kitty Dispatch: Part V
    2. Leronde
    3. Voltea Woods
    4. Felgana Mines
    5. Old Vicalle Mines
    6. Drellin
    7. Catamar Heights and Epsilla Ruins
    8. Labari Hollow: Exoplasma
    9. Dimensional Breach: Veywind Stinger
  26. Chapter 10: Distant Thunder
    1. F02548: Catamar Heights
    2. Epsilla Ruins (Alternate)
  27. Chapter 10: Misc
    1. Kitty Dispatch: Part VI
    2. Fennmont
    3. Orda Palace
    4. Laforte Research Center
    5. Barnauer Highroad
    6. Arklund Quag
    7. Fezebel Marsh
    8. Tatalian Abyss: Fortune Stepper
    9. Catamar Heights: Wind Racer
    10. Felgana Mines: Hammerzamm
    11. Barnauer Highroad: Krudis Eye
  28. Chapter 11: Milla Maxwell
    1. Spirius Corporation to Marksburg
    2. E.S.S Pelune
  29. Chapter 11: Misc
    1. Kitty Dispatch: Part VII
    2. Fort Gandala
    3. Nia Khera Hollowmont: Goddess Touch
    4. Kukhar Ice Caverns: Hydro Blade
  30. Chapter 12: Elle and I
    1. F41DB: Sharilton
    2. Sapstrath Seahaven to Drellin
    3. Lake Epsilla
  31. Chapter 12: Misc
    1. Talys Highroad: Vampiric Plant
  32. Chapter 13: The Promised Land Appears
    1. Return to Marksburg
  33. Chapter 13: Misc
    1. Arklund Quag: Cthulhu Demon
    2. Gaius Dumplings Location
  34. Chapter 14: The Mission Complete
    1. Spirius Corp.
    2. Underground Training Grounds
  35. Chapter 14: Misc
    1. Nala Lava Tubes: Magma Dragon
    2. Xailen Woods: Snow Cougar
    3. Random Location: Siennabronc
  36. Chapter 15: Brothers Forever
    1. Bad Ending
    2. Showdown at Marksburg: Rieze Harbor
  37. Chapter 15: Misc
    1. The Shrinemaiden's Request
    2. Kitty Dispatch: Final
  38. Chapter 16: The Gates of Judgment
    1. Land of Canaan
  39. Postgame
    1. Illusionary Darkness
    2. Grade Shop and New Game+
  40. X. Character Episode Walkthrough
  41. Jude Mathis
    1. Episode 1: Idealism and Reality
    2. Episode 2: An unexpected Reunion
    3. Episode 3: Jude's Duty
    4. Episode 4: Celsius' Request
    5. Episode 5: Where Dreams Once Thrived
  42. Leia Rolando
    1. Episode 1: Leia's Mission
    2. Episode 2: What Might Have Been
    3. Episode 3: Leia's Big Scoop
    4. Episode 4: The Hard Truth
  43. Alvin Vint Svent
    1. Episode 1: Alvin the Salesman
    2. Episode 2: Business Partners
    3. Episode 3: The Price of Betrayal
    4. Episode 4: Farwell and Resolutions
    5. Episode 5: Cheers to a Better Future
  44. Elize Lutus
    1. Episode 1: Elize's Friend
    2. Episode 2: The Great Bunnykins Race
    3. Episode 3: Unrequited Sentiment
    4. Episode 4: Before My Feelings Could Reach You
  45. Rowen Ilbert
    1. Episode 1: Rowen and Marcia
    2. Episode 2: Rowen's Secret
    3. Episode 3: The Fellowship and the Oath
    4. Episode 4: To the Edge of Eternity and Back
  46. Milla Maxwell
    1. Episode 1: Milla's Soup
    2. Episode 2: Master Chef Milla
    3. Episode 3: The Milla We Know
    4. Episode 4: Milla the Traitor
    5. Episode 5: Servant of Maxwell
    6. Episode 6: Undying Resolve
  47. Gaius
    1. Episode 1: A Meeting With Gaius
    2. Episode 2: The Ties that Bind
    3. Episode 3: The Sights of Rieze Maxia
    4. Episode 4: What the King Must Do
  48. Musét
    1. Episode 1: The Spirit Radio
    2. Episode 2: From Musét with Love
    3. Episode 3: The Union Army Marches On
    4. Episode 4: Musét's Big Score
  49. Bonus Chapter: The Meaning of Trust
    1. Marksburg and Sharilton
  50. XI. Character Artes
    1. Ludger's moveset
    2. Jude's Moveset
    3. Milla's Moveset
    4. Alvin's Moveset
    5. Leia's Moveset
    6. Gaius' Moveset
  51. XII. Allium Orb
    1. Gaius' Allium Orb
  52. XIII. Extractor Locations
  53. XIV. Shop List
    1. Trigleph Shoplist
  54. XV. Trophies
    1. Overview
  55. XVI. Misc
    1. Poker Minigame
  56. XVII. Credits
    ########    ###    ##       ########  ######      #######  ########
       ##      ## ##   ##       ##       ##    ##    ##     ## ##
       ##     ##   ##  ##       ##       ##          ##     ## ##
       ##    ##     ## ##       ######    ######     ##     ## ######
       ##    ######### ##       ##             ##    ##     ## ##
       ##    ##     ## ##       ##       ##    ##    ##     ## ##
       ##    ##     ## ######## ########  ######      #######  ##

              ##     ## #### ##       ##       ####    ###          ##########
               ##   ##   ##  ##       ##        ##    ## ##         ##     ###
                ## ##    ##  ##       ##        ##   ##   ##               ###
                 ###     ##  ##       ##        ##  ##     ##         ########
                ## ##    ##  ##       ##        ##  #########        ###
               ##   ##   ##  ##       ##        ##  ##     ##       ###
              ##     ## #### ######## ######## #### ##     ##       ##########

                              Tales of Xillia 2
                             FAQ and Walkthrough
                                Version 2.50
By: Black Murasame63 (c)2014-2015

E-mail address: Suikofreak@gmail.com

I. What's New

January 9, 2015

2.50: Woo, first update in a long time! Sorry, it took too long. Anyway, I completed Alvin's moveset and completed most of the extractor locations. I just need to write up the ingredient lists for the custom orders

II. Copyright

All trademarks are property of their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without my permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your website, making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own, or making reference to any material contained within. If you do, I'll send a pack of bloodhounds after you.

(c)2014 Black Murasame63

III. Contact Info

Anything to suggest to improve the faq infrastructure will suffice. Also, if you found errors or want to add anything in the FAQ, please send me an email to the link below you. If I approve your suggestions, you'll be definitely be credited for the next revision.

E-mail address: Suikofreak@gmail.com

The following sites below are allowed to post my FAQ to their website. The two sites I mentioned are the only ones that can post my FAQ.

Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com)
Supercheats (www.supercheats.com)

Be sure when the adminstrator of the respective site upload my FAQ. You must let me know once you uploaded the faq. For everyone else, sorry guys. These are the only two sites that I allow them to post my FAQ. Also, any E-Mail that does not contain any constructive criticism whatsoever or just simply trolling, I will not bother reading it, and it will be deleted.

IV. Introduction

Hey, everyone. I'll admit that I struggled to find motivation on my last FAQ. So, I decided to try again in FAQ writing. This time, no more procrastination on my end and I will strive for writing an exceptional guide. With that being said, I intend to keep spoilers as minimal as possible.

Ludger Kresnik

 /Initial Stats                         \
|                                         |
|Innate Ability: Weapon Swap,             |
|Chromatus Transformation                 |
|                                         |
|Character Skill: Mirror                  |
|Initial Extractor: Droplet               |

Oh my god, how do I start this? Ludger is pretty much a one man army. He has a ton of stuff that's considered overpowering. He's the only one that can shift into three different weapons; each with different movesets and stat attributes. For example, his dual swords have slash attributes and has good combo potentials. His sledgehammer has strike attributes and has strong offensive capabilities. His dual pistols on the other hand has long ranged capabilities with different elements. He has so much options to choose from, it's hard to decide which style fits you the best. His character skill is Mirror which mimics the linked character's skill. For example, if Milla links up with Ludger, then he will use Bind against the targeted enemy. He'll use anyone's character's ability as long he's the support character. However, this doesn't stop there, he's the only character that can transform into his power-up form. It has its own gauge, and has multiple artes to choose from. Also, he gains the most Mystic Artes out of everyone in the group. He has 4 individual and 8 Linked Mystic artes to choose from. Lastly, all of his starts are above average, he's awesome in most battle situations.

Despite of his god-like abilities, you need to deal with his drawbacks. For starters, you need to deal with the negative aspects of Weapon swap for example, his dual pistols drastically cuts down his agility while his dual swords makes him vulnerable to physical attacks. Also, by the time you have all 3 weapons, it might be difficult to pull off a combo which involves weapon change. Be aware that his god-like abilities does not occur right away. His abilities are slowly introduced as you progress through your game. Overall, Ludger is a exceptional fighter. Beginners should not feel overwhelmed if they focus on one weapon at a time. His transformation abilities and his expansive moveset is what set apart from everyone else from the roster.

Jude Mathis

 /Initial Stats                         \
|                                         |
|Innate Ability: Snap Pivot               |
|                                         |
|Character Skill: Restore                 |
|Initial Extractor: Shine                 |

General overview from Tales of Xillia

He is the second main protagonist to use his fists as his main weapon. If you are familiar with Senel from Tales of Legendia or any fist users, then you should have no problem using Jude. Most of his artes are useful in most situations. For instance, he have his healing artes like Healer or Recovery Ring for you to use. His offensive artes is exceptionally useful because it focuses on swift yet powerful strikes. Talon Storm, Swallow Dance, Demon Fist, and etc. are all examples of really good non-elemental attacks. Also, his elemental attacks are awesome as well. Aqua Sweep can knock-down enemies real easily. Also, Cerberous Strike can deal significant damage against enemies who are weak against earth. He also have support artes that can strengthen Jude's offensive capabilities like Coil and Steel. Because he was the main character in the previous game, he has access to numerous link artes in the game. No matter who he chooses as his link, he has tons of options of unleashing link artes.

Other than his offensive capabilities, he is exceptionally agile. Naturally, his overall agility is the best out of all the characters. With his exceptional agility, he can free-run and not get hit at all. His innate ability is snap pivot; when he backsteps at the right time, he goes behind the opponent and pummels the crap out of them. Although the timing can be fairly difficult, attacking from your opponent's blindside is a great way to punish attacks. It also helps that his skills revolve around his quick movements. For instance, he has moving assault where Jude can sidestep and attack his opponent at the same time. He also have assault step to damage your opponent while he performs a front step. As a support character, he has restore where he picks up his ally from being knocked-over. It also works when you are incapacitated in battle. It's really good for enemies who like to stun them to he floor. His only drawback is that his innate ability is fairly difficult to pull off.

Tales of Xillia 2

While Jude retains his abilities from the first game, be warned that his agility is much slower than his Xillia I counterpart. He won't be the nimble striker early on. keep on raising his combat parameters by building up his Wind Allium Orb. This helps agility tremendously. Other obvious additions are his new artes. He has Frost Breaker, Morning Glory, and Rampaging Dragon to add in his repetoire. In addition, he has another Mystic Arte specifically for Jude; it does significant damage and covers a wide area. Despite of Jude's agility was toned down early on, he can still be a powerhouse if you take the time to invest. Anyone who likes using Snap Pivot will be well-rewarded by seeing the blindside animation and beat the crap out of your opponents.


 /Initial Stats                         \
|Innate Ability: Elongating Staff         |
|                                         |
|Character Skill: Item Steal              |
|Initial Extactor: Glacier                |

General overview from Tales of Xillia

She have several physical artes to use as well as her healing artes. In contrast to Elize's group healing artes, Leia uses healing that targets a single ally. She also have some support artes like barrier and sharpness to buff your character's stats temporarly. She also have a unique arte called Elemental Impulse where she embues elemental properties onto someone's weapon. This will help your ally to attack the enemy's weakness regardless of what move you used against the enemy. Leia can be a great use in numerous boss battles because of her Elemental impulse. Next, she is really good using items in battle. She has several passive skills which drastically improves her item using capability. For example, two of her skills removes cooldown time after using an item and she can increase the effect of using items. Her innate ability is elongating staff. Like Jude, back step at the right time and her staff becomes much larger; giving you extensive range in her attack. Finally, most of her physical artes have aerial properties. Compared to Milla's aerial artes, Leia's moves are much easier to pull off because her attacks sends her enemies airborne. Even attacks like Darting Claw and Cerberous Strike have aerial properties. Use that to your advantage.

Her character skill is Item Steal. Obviously, she steals items after your character knocks down the enemy. It's certainly useful for finding materials or healing items. Her key stat in her lillum orb is Stamina. Unfortunately, her stamina stat does not seem to stand out as much as the other characters. The problem with Leia is that her overall capabilities is average. For example, Elize can cast healing magic as quickly as Leia, but Elize can accomodate with a small group. Even though Leia has an easier time to pull off aerial combos, Leia's combo potential is limited. Despite her setback, Leia is still a great character to use. Her item capabilities and her support magics can go a long way.

Tales of Xillia 2

Leia got a massive buff in this game. To start off, Leia gains a ton of New martial Artes; and most of them are great in combat. One of the early artes in this game is called Shining Spiral. She lunges mid-air and strike down her enemies. It's useful for large, and aerial enemies alike. Tempest Spiral on the other hand, can pull in enemies while damaging them. She can use it to do a follow-up attack. These are two attacks that continue to be useful throughout the game. Also, she now gains an area of effect healing called, Spirit Cirulation. It heals up in fairly moderate amounts but initiate the healing animation very quickly. While she tries to be an all-around character, she can be a powerhouse thanks to a wide array of new artes.


 /Initial Stats                         \
|                                         |
|Innate Ability: Arte Tuning              |
|                                         |
|Character Skill: Auto-Magic Guard        |
|Initial Extractor: Soot                  |

General overview from Tales of Xillia

His innate ability is Arte Tuning. After he casts magic, he can do several follow-up attacks. For example, after casting fireball, press the arte button four more times to unleash more fireballs. Other Magical artes like Splash or Diffusional drive can expand area of effect with the left stick. Most of his magical artes is interactive; so it's never boring to cast magic. His physical attacks on the other hand is another story. He can throw his knives at medium range. His close ranged-artes, not so much. Why use physical artes when Rowen has ways to attack his opponents. As the token offensive magic user, he has plenty skills that will improve his magic casting. For instance, the skill conductor can quicken his casting time after tuning. Also, there's a skill where Rowen cannot get staggered while he is casting. By the time you are halfway through the game, Rowen is already a powerful ally.

His character skill is auto-magic guard. When the enemy is about to cast a magic attack, Rowen will automatically raise the magic barrier. Best of all, you can still move around and attack while you are protected against magic attacks. His primary stat is intelligence. Naturally it makes sense because he is the offensive mage of the group. Overall, don't expect Rowen to kick ass at close range. Instead, utilize his Tuning artes and take advantage of his diverse elemental magics. Rowen is an awesome character to have around.

Tales of Xillia 2

Rowen gains numerous Martial artes. For example, he has Soaring Symphony which uses his Spirit-powered paper airplane to strike down his foes. Sadly, he does not gain any Magi Artes; so rely a lot on his arte tuning. Other than that, his playstyle is still applicable to Xillia 1. Emphasize on his Arte Tuning artes.


 /Initial Stats                         \
|Innate Ability: Charge Artes             |
|                                         |
|Character Skill: Breaker                 |
|Initial Extractor: Spark                 |

General overview from Tales of Xillia

Alvin wields two weapons: A broadsword and a gun. With a unique combination of weapons, he can dish out significant damage against his foes. Alvin's unique ability is that he can charge his base artes. It's mainly an altered version of the arte with more damage and hits. Best of all, the TP cost remains the same. For you to use his charge artes, you must perform a base arte. After you perform the base arte, hold the "X" button and watch him glow. After he charges his attack, you can hold it until you perform his artes. Even if he gets hit after his charge animation, he will not lose the ability. Initially, he can charge his attack one at a time. However, as you go through the Lillum orb, you will find abilities that will make him hold more charges. While the benefits of executing charge attacks are great in battle, he is vulnerable during his charge animation. While Alvin is charging up for his attack, someone can interupt his charging animation. It's best to use ranged attacks like Demon Fang before you perform your charge animation.

His stats focuses on Strength and defense. Because of this, he can withstand heavy hits from his opponents. Like most physically brute characters, Alvin movements and attacks are much slower than everyone else. However, don't let that deter you from using Alvin. He can also deal heavy damage as well. Aside with his broadsword artes, his gun artes deal a lot of damage as well. Some of his artes where he shoots from his gun can range from quickshots or delayed shots. As a support character, his character skill is Breaker. Alvin can destroy the opponent's guard by unleashing a powerful slash. This can be useful in battles where the enemies like to guard like there is no tommorrow. Overall, despite his usual weakness as a powerful yet slow character, his unique playstyle is what stands out from all the others.

Tales of Xillia 2

Alvin is a great character to use because he has all of the element and physical attributes available. It's all thanks to his new artes he gained in Xillia 2. He now have an arte that gives him a charge after he uses it. While his core gameplay remains the same, he can exploit weaknesses very well.


 /Initial Stats                         \
|Innate Ability: Teepo Switching          |
|                                         |
|Character Skill: Teepo Drain             |
|Initial Extractor: Undertow              |

General overview from Tales of Xillia

Elize is your token healer in the game. Her healing artes consists of healing in a group like Healing Circle, Pixie Circle, and Nurse. She also have the usual recovery artes like Recover and Ressurection. She also have couple offensive artes like Negative gate and Dread Wings. Suprisingly, she also have several physical artes in her repertoire. With the exception of Pow Hammer, her physical attacks involved using Teepo in battle. Her innate ability involves Teepo in battle. She can summon her doll at will. For instance, when Teepo is flying around, Elize's physical capabilities increases. When Teepo is on Elize's back, Elize's magic capability increases. Also, during Teepo off, Elize can attack from medium range. It's interesting that her physical artes involved knocking away from opponents. This can be used to cast offensive magic artes from the distance.

Her character skill is Teepo Drain. While you are pummelling your enemies, Elize can siphon the enemy's HP and TP. This is a valuable tool to use because you have more options to manage your TP meter. Her primary stat is Mind which gives her the option to have so much defense against magic attacks. The only setback for Elize is that she have poor physical defense and her offensive magic artes are limited. Overall, Elize is a fine example of contrasting abilities. There are several options for her; from healing to Dark magic to defensive physical artes, it's surprising that Elize is an interesting take on the healer role.

Tales of Xillia 2

Not much has changed for Elize other than gaining a few physical and elemental artes. With using Teepo as a way to bolster her attack, she can be powerhouse if used correctly.


 /Initial Stats                         \
|Innate Ability: Spirit Shift             |
|                                         |
|Character Skill: Bind                    |

General overview from Tales of Xillia

Milla Maxwell's playstyle is quite unique from all the tales characters. She has regular magic artes and the short-range version. Her spirit artes are mainly for area of effect attacks like Rock Triad, Arrivederci, and cyclone. Her short ranged attacks like Flare-bomb, Wind Blade, and Lightning are used for single enemies. Her spirits artes are used in a typical fashion with an incantation time while her magi artes are quick hits. They can be used depending how you press the arte button. Then you have her physical artes which is great to use. Her attacks like Whirling Assault, Sigil Spear, and Shimmer Spin are awesome to use. They do decent damage and they can transition to magic artes very easily. Also her summon artes count as a physical artes. She can unleash Undine, Gnome, Effeet, and Sylph instantly and have great area of effect. Her aerial combat is excellent. Most of her Magic artes are capable of doing aerial attacks. For instance, she can launch her opponent in the air and do several follow ups with Lightning or Wind Blade. Unfortunately, her flexible attacks do come with a hefty price. Most of her attacks consume substantial amount of TP. Mashing the Arrivederci or Cyclone version of Wind Blade can eat up so many TP that your TP meter is almost zero. Also, her summons cost a whopping 40 TP per use can takes it toll as well. You really need to equip an accessory where TP consumption is cut by half or set up certain skills where Milla's TP is not used when she casts Spirit artes from her magic artes. Like Jude, Milla also benefits of having all sorts of link artes from the other characters. So, don't be afraid of using Link artes.

Her stats and her special attacks focuses primarily on Strength and Intelligence because her playstyle easily transtions from physical to magical attacks. When she acts as a supporting character in battle, her skill is bind. She will randomly bind your opponent by giving you free hits. Great skill to use if you love your combos. She has so many skills to use depending your play style. I do implore you to take full advantage of her aerial skills because this is Milla's primary strengths. Having her to utilize aerial attacks will definitely aid you in battle. Overall, her "Magic Swordsman" playstyle is awesome because her attacks are not compromised. She can transition from a mage to a physical attack in manner of seconds. However, I do want to note that her TP consumption is quite steep. Other than that, she is a really fun character to use.

Tales of Xillia 2

For story reasons, she does not gain her summon abilities until late in the game. In the mean time, she gains access to all elements and physical attributes for you to mess around with. Plus she gains more martial artes to add in her repetoire. Finally, she gains an arcane arte which utilizes her spirit shift arte. Her forcefield is her short cast version while Luminous Chamber is her long cast version. Milla is quite the powerhouse towards the end of the game. You cannot go wrong with her well rounded abilities.


 /Initial Stats                         \
|Innate Ability: Retribution              |
|                                         |
|Character Skill: Chivalry                |
|Initial Extractor: Aurora                |

Gaius plays similarly to other Tales characters with the classic moveset. He has access to Demon Fang, Tiger Blade, Sonic Thrust, Beast and etc. Don't think that he is just another swordsman Tales character. He has power based artes that deal heavy damage such as Light of Ruin, Dragon's Maw, Dragon Swarm or Obliteration Cross. He also has retribution as his innate ability. If an enemy come into contact with Gaius while he is guarding, his hands glow red. During that small time frame, you can dash forward to unleash a powerful blow. It's a great way to start the combo. He also has Calamity Stance which works like a normal reversal. Gaius will attack as soon as the enemy come into contact with Gaius. A bit of a tricky timing, but very rewarding. It also helps that he is very tanky by nature. His high physical defense plus his high HP can benefit him to withstand heavy blows from his enemies. He also has Chivalry where Gaius will help you out just when you are about to get stunned. You'll also gain extra AC Points in the process.

As much I feel super-biased towards Gaius, he does have flaws. Gaius' Chivalry has a weird way to activate it. It only occurs if you set the AI as act together and you must be on the verge of getting stunned. Plus, he eats up too many TP if you are not careful. Lastly, because he specializes on light-based artes, he has doesn't have a lot of other elemental artes on the side. He really needs someone else to start off the damage multiplier. Overall, Gaius is a great character to use. His artes do heavy damage plus he has several reversals to use. For a character that leans more on the classic playstyle, he certainly deviates himself from the rest.


 /Initial Stats                         \
|Innate Ability: Support Warp             |
|                                         |
|Character Skill: Emergency Warp          |
|Initial Extractor: Cavern                |

Musét is another interesting character to play as. Some of Musét's martial artes are very unique. For example, she has soul absorption to whittle away her opponent's TP. Her Sweet Hearts is similar to Raven's Love Shot. It comes off fairly slow start up, but heals moderately. Aside from that, some of her martial artes have a very quick start-up time. For instance, her Sharpened Roots does moderate damage but comes off almost instantanously. Other than her martial artes, Musét has access to most of the elements with the exception of light element. Her arcane arte is quite unique because she has access where she can throw fire, water, wind, and Earth elements into one attack. She has Gravity Well to do heavy Dark damage. Aside from her offensive capabilities, she also has the ability to revive people. Her true strength lies with her mobility. Her warp abilites can traverse from one end of the arena to the other instantanously. She can even use her ability when someone does a combo against her. Her warp ability works effectively to get out of danger.

Although her abilities are extraordinary, she has the worst physical defense in the game. She can die very easily if you are not careful. Plus, her HP is far below average compared to other magic users like Rowen and Elize. Despite of that, Musét is definitely worth playing if you know her setbacks.


Field Controls
Triangle:Main Menu
L1:Center camera
R1:Open Map
L2:Call Nova
R2:View Objective
Left Stick:Move Character
Right Stick:Adjust Camera

Battle Commands

Field Controls
X:Normal Attack
Triangle:Battle Menu
Hold L1 + O:Launcher
Hold L1 Up/Down (Left Stick) + O:Sidestep
Hold L1 + D-PadCharacter leader switch
Hold R1:Analyze Enemy/Toggle enemy target
Hold L1 + R1/R2:Weapon Shift (Ludger Only)
R1Analyze Enemy
R2:Perform Link Artes
Left Stick:Move Character
Right Stick:Adjust Camera
L3 + R3Corpse Shell (Ludger Only)

VII. Cross Double Raid - Linear Motion Battle System (XDR-LMBS)

The battle system in Tales of Xillia 2 is identical to the first Tales of Xillia with several modifications. Assuming that you learned the basics from the game tutorial, I'm going to tell you the changes and new additions found in Tales of Xillia 2.

Link Artes

The basic concept of link artes remains the same. However, in Tales of Xillia 2, all playable characters now possess common link artes. You can perform an arte, and a blue link arte icon will show-up. To illustrate, say you are using Jude and Ludger. You perform Healer and a link arte icon will show up. Press R2 to perform a common link attack. Basically, it's the same concept except it can be performed on any artes.

Weapon Swap System (Ludger Only)

This is a throwback to Tales of Graces style shift system. At some point of the game, Ludger will possess 2 more weapons in addition to his dual blades. To perform a weapon shift, tap R1 or R2. He will change into another weapon instantanously. Each of his weapons has its own moveset and different stat attributes. These two combinations could create interesting combo potential.

Chromatus Transformation (Ludger Only)

This is Xillia's equivalent to Accel mode in Tales of Graces. If you look at the meter on lower right, that's your Chromatus Transformation gauge; it will fill up over time. When the gauge is full press L3 and R3 to unleash your power up. While the timer is going down, you can perform numerous attacks by pressing several buttons. For example, pressing circle will unleash Azure Edge while pressing up + circle will give you Dark Projection. I'll have to warn you that getting hit will shorten duration. Beside that, you can go all crazy.

Attribute Exploitation

Basically, if you use attacks that target theenemy's weakness, the damage output increases and vice versa. In Tales of Xillia 2, three more attributes were added alongside with the six magical elements. The three new attributes are: Slash, Shot, and Strike. Anyway, if you attack the enemy with its weakness, the damage multiplier activates. Continue to use its weakness and watch the number go up. Exploiting weaknesses is very important in Tales of Xillia 2 because the enemy HP is exceptionally high.


Taking yet another page from Tales of Graces is sidestepping. To sidestep, hold L1 then press up/down on the left analoge stick and hold circle. If you did it correctly, your character will move around your opponent. It's a great way to evade your opponent's attack.

Character Switching

Just to be very blunt, you no longer have the ability to switch your inactive party members in battle. Also, you can't switch characters while in a dungeon. You can only switch characters while you are inside a town. To take this even further, there are moments where you have to have to use certain party members in a dungeon. It really sucks; but you'll pull through. =

Allium Orbs

For plot purposes, Lillum Orbs in Xillia 1 will not be used in Xillia 2. Anyway, to learn skills or artes from the Allium orbs, you must equip elemental extractors. After you equip an extractor, go to battle and gather up elemental cores. They show up at the end of the battle. Anyway, whatever element you equipped, the energy cores will count towards that extractor. If you reached a certain amount, you'll learn a new skill. Also, keep in mind that certain extractor will hold more than one element. Numerous skills require energy cores from two adjacent elements. I know it sounds complicated, but everything will be self explanatory once you get used to the system.

Debt Collecting

In Xillia 2, you need to pay off your debt one way or the other. If you refuse to pay your debt, then you cannot progress through the plot. Press L2 to summon Nova and pay your debt. Don't try to be cheap and pay her 1 Gald because she will annoy the crap out of you until you pay a hefty sum. It sucks, but that's how it goes. Anyway, if you pay off your debt, not only this will count towards your trophies, but you get a special ending as well. =D


In Xillia 2, you will see a ton of choice making decisions. They impact your relationship with other people in your party. Gameplay wise, you'll see occasional game changing outcomes which impacts your ending. Anyway, let's be real, it's a JRPG; it's ideal to make choices based on the story's circumstances.

Character Intimacy

Because Ludger is present throughout the game, it's important to rack up intimacy points to your party members. To check their intimacy status, select Ludger on the status screen and press square. The scale go from one to ten. You can build intimacy by choosing the desired decision from your conversations, spend a considerable time linking to a particular character, or finish a character episode. As you level up, you might get some goodies from other members in your party. If you are able to increase your intimacy to its highest potential, you'll unlock a dual mystic arte for that character.

Custom Order

At some point of the game, you will have access to synthesize or create new equipment altogether. All you need to do is to gather up the required materials for the equipment and viola! You got a new weapon! Aren't you glad that the materials are finally useful other than raking up material points.

Kitty Dispatch

Early on in the game, someone will approach you and ask you to gather up all of the cats throughout Elympios and Rieze Maxia. These cats will help you throughout the game by gathering unique items not found in treasure boxes. Plus, this will count towards your trophies as well.

VIII. Tips and Tricks

1)Don't be callous in front of your peers...

For a game that emphasizes on choices, a lot of them seem to have a right or wrong answer. You are encouraged to pick the answers that lead to a positive outcome or reflects the character's personality. Consequently, you might be rewarded with being closer with your allies. However, choose the wrong answer and it will lead to callous responses. The wrong choices are very obvious to identify.

2)Take advantage with the weakness system...

All of the bosses have insane amount of HP. If you can get the weakness attack going, you can continue to increase your damage until you finish your combo.

3)Monster hunting are surefire way to pay off your debt

If you really want to finish off your debt as quickly as possible, do these Event Monster missions. Kill them off and you'll be rewarded tremendously with tons of Gald

4)The amount of wealth comes with a price!

If you have an excess amount of Gald, Nova will harass you frequently. To reduce the annoyance, make sure your Gald is below your debt. For example, if you have 100,000 Gald, and your next payment installment is 40,000, just spend your money below the amount. If you spent it on your debt, Nova will continue to bug you. This will be important if you are in a middle of an important task.

5)It's good to pay off your debt even if you not transitioning to the next chapter...

When you hit a certain number on your debt remaining, you are rewarded with unique items, skills, or equipment. If you pay it all off, you get a special ending. So, keep paying off your debt

NOTE:Throughout the game, it's important to make correct choices when you are interacting with the other playable characters. You'll be rewarded on how well you respond to your peers. Also, you need to prioritize on making the NPC characters happy as well. When you interact with Elle, Bisley, and Julius, make sure you give out appropriate responses as well. It may not show their character portrait, but cool weapons will be handed to Ludger near the end of the game if you make the right choices with the three NPCs.

Also, for keeping the spoilers as minimal as possible, I bolded the outcome of the decisions on the list. If you want the actual response, just read my walkthrough carefully.


L1: +Ludger RelationshipThis is a statement.R1: Incorrect response
    • The ones that are bolded is the correct response. The + _____ means that your response is favorable towards that ally.
    • The word Neutral means that nothing happens when you make that response

Spirius Training Grounds

  • Treasures
    • Orange Gel x3
    • 500 Gald
    • Melange Gel
    • Life Bottle
L1: NeutralDid you know this is the entrance examination?R1: Neutral
L1: NeutralSomething bugging you?R1: Neutral
L1: Skip the boss battleWhat will you do?R1: Fight the boss

At the start of the game, you will be plunged immediately into battle. You'll go through a battle tutorial. After you finished the tutorial, you'll lose against the shadowy figure by unleashing his mystic arte, ouch! Anyway, after your conversation with Julius, head towards the save point and go right at the split path. From there, head right again and you should find 500 Gald. Anyway, head to the opposite path. You should end up at a sandy beach. Head northeast and you'll find a Life Bottle. Now, head to the northwestern end of the sandy beach and you should find three orange gels. Right by the orange gels, go north and crawl inside the tunnel. It should lead you to a treasure box which contains a Melange Gel. After you found all the treasures, exterminate five monsters. Once you have done that, head back and talk to Julius. You can choose to help the woman. Either way, it'll lead to the same outcome. After your training is over, you'll soon head back to your hometown.


  • Skits
  • The Boy Aims for the Station
    • Left: +Jude relationship
  • Treasures
    • Sage* (Examine the plant next to the elevator on the first floor of Freres Apartment)
    • Beautiful Insect Wings* (Examine the flowers at the apartment square)
    • Beautiful Feathers* (Examine plant at the outside entrance of Freve Apartments)
    • Apple Gel x3* (Examine item at Roda Apts. room 102)
    • "Ex Machina" Whiskey* (Examine the liquor shelf in Roda apts room 306)
L1: +JuliusListen to your brother's pep talk?R1: -
L1: +JuliusWhat's the Special?R1: -
L1: NeutralAccept a gift to celebrate your new job?R1: Neutral

At the start of the conversation with Julius, pick I'd appreciate that Julius and Tomato Omelettes. The third choice on the other hand is a neutral response; so you can decide your own response. After finding the items, head out of the apartment and proceed towards the crossroad. You'll see Jude at the center of the crossroad.

L1: +JudeI don't even know which train is in the ceremony?R1: -
L1: NeutralWhat are you doing?R1: Neutral
L1: -What will you do? (Timed)R1: +Elle

Your first interaction with Jude will show two choices. If you chose the dialogue on the left, you should see a character portrait. This indicates that you have gained some relationship points with your character. After that, head north towards Trigleph's central station. At this point, you can explore anywhere in Trigleph but the Spirius corporation. For now, continue to proceed to the next part of the story. The first choice is neutral. But choose Flee the scene for raising Elle's relationship.

Stribog Line

  • Skits
  • Who is that girl?
  • Why is Elle Alone?
    • (Right: + Elle)
  • The mysterious figure...
  • Treasures
    • Trenchcoat
    • Knitted Hat
    • 200 Gald
    • Life Bottle
    • Pudding Cake (Small)
    • 800 Gald
L1: +ElleWhat will you do? (Timed)R1: -
L1: +BisleyWhat will you do?R1: -
L1: +ElleWhat will you say?R1: +Bisley
L1: NeutralWhat are you doing here?R1: Neutral
L1: +ElleLook out! (Timed)R1: +Bisley
L1: -'What will you say?R1: +Julius
L1: NeutralLet Julius handle thisR1: Neutral
L1: +JuliusHurry and finish thisR1: -

After you get on the train, choose, fight back. After several cutscenes, you'll fight against a soldier. When you talk to Bisley, choose Shake hands and introduce yourself. The next choice will go either way. Choose I'll stop the train and Elle will respond or If you stop the train, will you hire me?' then it'll go under Bisley's favor. Once you talk to Bisley Bakur, Jude will join your party. This is place is straight forward because you can only go forward in one direction. Along the way, you should find a Trenchcoat. As you go forward, you'll fight a series of mandatory battles. At the second area, you'll find a knitted hat''. Continue to go forward, and you'll meet Nova and Bisley. Elle will accompany you as well. At this point, you'll find more battle tutorials about the systems new in Xillia 2. Soon, you'll fight the next boss.

Boss: JuliusStrong: NoneWeak: Slash and WindDrop: Tomato Omelette (Small) Quill Pen

Julius mirrors Ludger in several ways. For example, he uses the same weapon as Ludger and shares the same artes such as Time Disintegration, Swift Strike and Azure Edge. This boss will test your ability on hitting weaknesses. If you are able to hit him with slash damage, and continue to deal damage, the damage multiplier will increase. Be aware that your resources are limited. You have to rely on your items or Jude's Healer for healing. I recommend that you use Ludger because he's the only one that has slash artes. Other than that, you'll be fine.

After the battle, you'll see a cutscene choose left I can't kill Julius. This is the end of chapter one!


  • Skits
  • Repaying your debt
    • (Right: + Elle)
  • Treasures
    • Brandy "Noir Rare"(Examine the shelf near the TV inside the bar)
    • Bourbon "Moonlight" (Examine the rack of liquor iniside the bar)
    • Onion (Examine the barrel northeast of the bar in Duval alleyway)
L1: NeutralNasty business, thatR1: Neutral
L1: -Give back the watchR1: +Elle
L1: NeutralShe works for the Verland BankR1: Neutral
L1: NeutralWill you sign the contractR1: Neutral
L1: +ElleShe's lost, Huh?R1: -
L1: NeutralWas that really your older brother?R1: Neutral

The first choice is neutral. After you awakened, examine the liquor case to get Bourbon: Moonlight and near the TV to get Brandy: Noir Rare. Talk to the guy in red. ok After that, talk to Elle, and choose Are you okay? No injuries? The third and fourth choice is neutral. After that talk to Rideau again near the door. This is the part where the debt system will come in. You owe the company 20 MILLION GALD. Fortunately, the balance does not come with interests = D. Then, choose, Want to come with us? for Elle's relationship points. Anyway, head to the Duval train station and examine the ticket booth. This marks the end of chapter 2. At this point, feel free to roam around until you pay off your first payment. In the meantime, you are going to do some sidequests to gain money.

The next payment is 5000 Gald. After you finished your first installment, go to the ticket booth in Duval Station and go to Trigleph.

Chapter 2: Misc

Payment Required5000 Gald

  • Skits
  • Elle's Feelings
  • A Relief
  • Call from Nova (1)

Just going through a quick explanation. New quests and places are available after completing the main chapter. You can take on multiple sidequests, but only five at a time. There are also three types of quests: Monster, gather, and deliver. Monster is basically exterminate a number of enemies. The missions marked in white are infinite because they are randomly generated. So, if you finished the monster extermination the first time, a second set will appear. The only difference that the monster required to kill is doubled.

More importantly, you focus on the event quests marked in red. Some of these missions will only show up on certain chapters. Gather is collecting a certain number of a particular item. Finally, deliver is having a certain item, and deliver it to a certain person. Be aware that some of the requests require you have a certain item in possession before turning in your material. As you continue to play the game, different types of quest will pop up. Lastly, the more you complete the sidequests, the higher your ranking. With that in mind, you can take on more difficult sidequests. Anyway, here are the sidequests below for you to take on.

Chapter II Sidequest List
NameTypeInformationReward (Gald)PointsItemNote
The Girl's GiftEventDeliver 10 Pretty Feathers and present it to her in Duval Central Station800280-290Elle's Cap AttachmentMissable Sidequest, Jude and Ludger must be present in your party
Jolyne's Plea: Part IGatherDeliver 10 Fossilized Shells800280-290Party Hat AttachmentRequires Wood Badge Title
Precise MeasurementsGatherObtain two Fossilized Shells800100-110Breeze absorberN/A
Beautiful FeatherGatherObtain two Pretty Feathers51090-105N/AN/A
Leaf MoldGatherObtain a Beast Dung51090-100N/AN/A
Old ShellGatherObtain two Fossilized Shells800100-110N/AN/A
Grandfather CrabGatherObtain two Terra Crabs51390-105N/AN/A
MagnetismGatherObtain two Iron Sand511100-110N/AN/A
Horse StudiesMonsterExterminate four Alest Horses495135-145N/AN/A
Want to take a Risk?MonsterExterminate four Alest Butterflies464130-140N/AN/A
Defeat Alest PlantsMonsterExterminate five Alest Plants505140-150N/AN/A
Alest Ribbit SmashMonsterExterminate five Alest Ribbits500130-145N/AN/A
You on an AdventureMonsterExterminate five Alest Chirpee468135-140N/AN/A

Alest Highroad

  • Treasures
    • 400 Gald
    • Weird Fragment
    • Round Straw Hat

There's only two areas out there for you to explore. Starting from the entrance from Duval, hug the walls on your right and move west. There should be only one tunnel in the area, and it contains 400 Gald. There should be another tunnel at the south end of of the north region. It should contain Weird Fragment. From there, there should be another tunnel at the north side of the area near the save point. It contains Round Straw Hat. For the most part, there should be enemies around needed for your sidequest mission.

BTW, if you are having trouble finding Fossilized Shells, find the shiny gathering points and keep examining it.


Kitty Cat

  • Carol


    • Quill Pen*
    • Cape*
    • Eggs x3*
    • Seafood Set*
    • Veggie Set*
    • Ludger's Pajama Costume*
    • Key to the Kitty Room
    • Pebble absorber
    • Spirius Blades
    • Apple Gel x3
    • Orange Gel x3
    • Life Bottle x3
    • 2500 Gald
    • Rice Bowl (Small)
    • Cloak
L1: NeutralIs this Julius' home?R1: Neutral
L1: -Tomatoes are grossR1: +Elle
L1: +BisleyTomatoes are grossR1: -

After you finished your first installment, go back to Trigleph. Enter your apartment, and the first choice is neutral. The second choice, pick Okay, I won't put tomatoes in. Lastly, for the third choice, pick fine, I'll catch Julius. THAT'S IT! You are done with Chapter 3.

Before you set off, be sure to grab all the hidden items throughout Ludger's apartment. Check Ludger's closet to find Cape, Feather, and Ludger's costume. Go to the kitchen and examine the fridge to get eggs, Seafood, and Veggie set. Once you are done, go down to the first floor. Once you are outside, head to Roda apartment and find several items inside. On the first floor, there's a apple gel at the desk. On the third floor at room 303, you'll find a Whiskey Bottle. After chapter 3 ends, head out of the apartment, and the cat lady will show up in front of you. She'll ask you to find all 100 cats. She'll also give you a key item called, Key to the Kitty Room. This is an important task because not only this will give you access to the cat dispatch option. If you release your kitties, you'll find rare items exclusive to Kitty Dispatch. There's a trophy for it as well. Also, don't ignore Ivar since he'll give you Pebble absorber, Spirius Blades, x3 Apple Gels, x3 Orange Gels, and x3 Life Bottles.

If you are wondering what's the next payment, the balance is 7000 Gald. After paying 7000 Gald, you have the option to go to Helioborg Fortress or Marksburg. Don't worry about the choices you make because you will go both locations. In this FAQ, I went to Marksburg first.

Chapter 3: Misc

  • Skits
    • Ivar and I
    • Call from Nova (2)
    • A simple Question....

Two new types of sidequests now appear on the quest list. They are: Event Monster and Kitty. In Event Monster missions, defeat the Event Monster and you'll reap the rewards. The Event Monster missions are the ones that help you pay off your debt. So, do this if you are strong enough to take it on. The next one is kitty missions. If you find a kitty lost in the wilderness, sometimes it'll drop a name collar. You need to return the collars to the quest giver and you'll recieve your reward. Lastly, some of the gathering missions require you to use Kitty Dispatch to get the item. So, it's important to find more kitties.

Payment Required7000 Gald

Chapter III Sidequest List
NameTypeInformationReward (Gald)PointsItemNote
Sting of Terror: ScorpactusEvent MonsterKill Scorpactus in the West Region of Alest Highroad60001800N/ASee Alest Highroad: Scorpactus (Event Monster)
What could have beenEventDeliver Tomato Omelette (small) and present it to him in Trigleph Central Station1100345-360Minestrone Soup (Small)Jude and Ludger must be present in your party
Kitty Sightings 1KittyFind Luke in Duval and recover his collar800500Kitty KrispsSee Kitty Dispatch: Part I
Kitty Sightings 2KittyFind Ruby in Alest Highroad and recover her collar800500Kitty KrispsSee Kitty Dispatch: Part I
Kitty Sightings 3KittyFind Suzu in Trigleph and recover her collar800500Kitty KrispsSee Kitty Dispatch: Part I
Jolyne's Plea: Part IIMonsterExterminate Ancient Cat in Torbalan Highroad800280-290Mystery Hat AttachmentRequires Wooden Seal Title
Let's TradeGatherUse kitty dispatch and find a Tanned Leather in Torbalan Highroad800100Sunbeam absorberKitty Dispatch Required
Fossil FishGatherUse Kitty dispatch and find two Ancient Fish Scales in Alest Highroad700-720135-150N/AKitty Dispatch Required
One for AllGatherUse Kitty dispatch and find Noir Rare Brandy in Duval705-730130-150N/AKitty Dispatch Required
Dangerous TailGatherObtain a Scorpion Tail715140N/AItem Drop from Scorpactus
It's okay to cryGatherObtain two onions700-730130-150N/AIt's a hidden item found in Duval near the alleyway

Kitty Dispatch: Part I

Kitty Dispatch
Cats AvailableLocation
1. CarolTrigleph
2. SuzuTrigleph
3. LukeDuval
4. RubyAlest Highroad
5. TiltonTorbalan Highroad
6. WinnieKitty Dispatch: Trigleph
7. EthosKitty Dispatch: Trigleph
8. YorkKitty Dispatch: Duval