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Are some cats references to other games? Side Quest
Titles ..? Side Quest
Victor? Enemy/Boss
Why is Volt so broken? Enemy/Boss
Why Isn't Falling Snow In My Allium Orb List? Main Quest

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
Oher Milla In chapter 11? Plot 1 6 months ago
How do I leave the Land of Clockwork after I beat the final boss? Main Quest 1 11 months ago
Working Gear item? Side Quest 1 1 year ago
Victor? Enemy/Boss 1 3 years ago
Help Beating Julius at Maxbird ? Enemy/Boss 4 3 years ago
What happens when my allium orbs are maxed out? Build 1 3 years ago
Fast travel in Tales of Xillia 1? General 2 3 years ago
What are the most expensive materials on the dispatch list? General 1 3 years ago
Does EX Elite Monsters actually start later after you beaten the game? General 1 4 years ago
Jude doesn't like Milla anymore? I think so too General 2 4 years ago

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