Regarding multiplayer Long Gears Pro mod?

  1. It says I have to get speed camera > 100 MPH 40 times ... but does it mean going past *a* speed camera 40 times, or do I have to go past 40 *different* speed cameras in 40 different locations?

    I seem to be stuck at 18, even though I've been getting speed camera "hits" online.

    User Info: nhytfahl

    nhytfahl - 5 years ago


  1. I'm pretty sure it just means get tagged by a camera while going past 100MPH. When I was down to my last four or five, I just drove past the same one over and over until I got it.

    Remember that it has to be during SpeedLists. If the game is on Intermission, it won't count. It has to be during an active race/challenge/speedtest. Note that goals toward pro mods count while in the 'Meet Up' phase as well so use that time to your advantage.

    User Info: GForce9x

    GForce9x - 5 years ago 0 0

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