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Guide and Walkthrough by dark52

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/05/2015
FAQ of the Month Winner: October 2012

             | This guide has a 59.09% GameFAQs approval rating. |
             o----------------o                o-----------------o
                              | 52 Yes / 36 No |  (01/06/2018)

         ____   _   _  _   _  _   ___  ___   ____   ____  ____    ____
        /    \ | | | || | | || | /   ||   \ |    \ |  __||  _ \  /    \
       |      || | | || | | || ||    ||    || | | || |__ | | | ||      |
       |  ||  || |/ / | | | || || || || || || | | ||  __|| |_| ||  ||  |
       |  ||__||   /  | |_| || ||    || || || | | || |   |  _  /|  ||__|
       |  |__  |   \  |___  || || || || || || | | || |__ | | | \|  |__
       |     \ | |\ \     | || ||_||_||_||_|| | | ||____|| | | ||     \
        \__   || | | | ___| || |___________ | |_| | _____| | | | \__   |
        __ |  ||_| |_||_____||_____________||____/ |_______| |_| __ |  |
       |  ||  |   _______  __   ______  ______   ______  _____  |  ||  |
       |  ||  |  |   ____||  | /  _   ||   _  \ |_    _||   __| |  ||  |
       |      |  |  | ___ |  ||  | |  ||  | |  |  |  |  |  |__  |      |
        \____/   |  ||   ||  ||  |_|  ||  | |  |  |  |  |__   |  \____/
                 |  |_|  ||  ||   _   ||  | |  |  |  |   __|  |
                 |_______||__||__| |__||__| |__|  |__|  |_____|

              |   WALKTHROUGH   |
          |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-TABLE OF CONTENTS-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|
          |  1 - Introduction.............................[010000]  |
          |      i - Controls.............................[010100]  |
          |     ii - Experience...........................[010200]  |
          |    iii - Upgrades.............................[010300]  |
          |     iv - Stats................................[010400]  |
          |      v - Quests...............................[010500]  |
          |     vi - Hats.................................[010600]  |
          |    vii - Heroic Challenges....................[010700]  |
          |   viii - Elemental Gates......................[010800]  |
          |     ix - Star Rating..........................[010900]  |
          |      x - Adventure Packs......................[011000]  |
          |     xi - Battle Packs.........................[011100]  |
          |  2 - Walkthrough..............................[020000]  |
          |      i - Chapter 1: Time of the Giants........[020100]  |
          |     ii - Chapter 2: Junkyard Isles............[020200]  |
          |    iii - Chapter 3: Rumbletown................[020300]  |
          |     iv - Chapter 4: Cutthroat Carnival........[020400]  |
          |      v - Chapter 5: Glacier Gully.............[020500]  |
          |     vi - Chapter 6: Secret Vault of Secrets...[020600]  |
          |    vii - Chapter 7: Wilikin Village...........[020700]  |
          |   viii - Chapter 8: Troll Home Security.......[020800]  |
          |     ix - Chapter 9: Kaos' Kastle..............[020900]  |
          |      x - Chapter 10: Aerial Attack!...........[021000]  |
          |     xi - Chapter 11: Drill-X's Big Rig........[021100]  |
          |    xii - Chapter 12: Molekin Mountain.........[021200]  |
          |   xiii - Chapter 13: The Oracle...............[021300]  |
          |    xiv - Chapter 14: Autogyro Adventure.......[021400]  |
          |     xv - Chapter 15: Lost City of Arkus.......[021500]  |
          |    xvi - Chapter 16: Bringing Order to Kaos!..[021600]  |
          |   xvii - Chapter 17: Empire of Ice............[021700]  |
          |  xviii - Chapter 18: Pirate Seas..............[021800]  |
          |    xix - Chapter 19: Darklight Crypt..........[021900]  |
          |     xx - Chapter 20: Dragon's Peak............[022000]  |
          |  3 - Heroic Challenges........................[030000]  |
          |  4 - Frequently Asked Questions...............[040000]  |
          |  5 - Updates..................................[050000]  |
          |  6 - Contact..................................[060000]  |
          |  7 - Copyright................................[070000]  |
               |                                    |
               | Author: dark52                     |
               | Version: 1.0                       |
               | Updated: 31/10/12                  |
               | Website: http://www.darkspyro.net/ |
               | Email: dark52(at)darkspyro(dot)net |


Welcome to my complete Walkthrough to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and Wii
U versions of Skylanders: Giants. This walkthrough is based off the PlayStation
3 version primarily so some parts may be slightly different if you're on other
consoles, however the majority of things should be identical.

The walkthrough itself tries not assume you have any specific Skylanders and
will mention when you need a certain element or ability to complete a task. The
only requirement to get through the story is to have a Skylanderm any element
or size will do. The more Skylanders you have the easier it'll be and the more
you'll be able to do.

 ,--------,                      ,----------,                       ,--------,
| [010100] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Controls  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010100] |
 '--------'                      '----------'                       '--------'

   |      ACTION      |       PS3        |       360       |     WII      |
   | Pause            | Start            | Start           | +            |
   | Info Menu        | Select           | Back            | -            |
   | Move             | Left Analog/Dpad | Left Stick/Dpad | Analog Stick |
   | Primary Attack   | X                | A               | A            |
   | Secondary Attack | Square/R1/R2     | X/RT/RB         | B            |
   | Special Attack   | O/L1/L2          | B/LT/LB         | Z            |
   | Interact         | Triangle         | Y               | C            |
   | Shake Open       | Triangle         | Y               | Shake Remote |
   | Skip Dialog      | Triangle         | Y               | C            |

 ,--------,                     ,------------,                      ,--------,
| [010200] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Experience  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [010200] |
 '--------'                     '------------'                      '--------'

Every time you kill an enemy they will drop a load of small glowing dots,
collect them by walking close. These will fill up the dashed bar at the bottom
of your Skylander's portrait, once it reaches the edge your Skylander will
level up. Levelling up has a few side effects, one is that some enemies around
you may be killed by the powerful burst of energy released, your Skylander's
maximum health will increase and you will also regain full health.

Your attacks and powers do not get stronger with a higher level character, only
your health. To increase your other stats you will need to complete the Heroic
Challenges or wear a Hat.

Each level requires more and more experience to earn, in Skylanders: Giants you
can go up to a maximum of level 15. This new level cap also applies to any
Series 1 Skylanders you used in Spyro's Adventure so they're not stuck behind
the newer characters in terms of health.

 ,--------,                      ,----------,                       ,--------,
| [010300] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Upgrades  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010300] |
 '--------'                      '----------'                       '--------'

Throughout the levels you will find many coins in various shapes, sizes, and
values to pick up, these are stored on your Skylander and can only be used by
the Skylander that picked them up. Coins can be found in various smashable
items such as barrels, bones, carts, and vases.

You can also find coins in larger quantities in special Treasure Chests that
are limited to four per level, these are usually hidden off the main path and
require you to explore or solve an optional puzzle to reach. You may need a
specific element Skylander or a Giant to reach some of these.

Once you have reached the second chapter of the game you will be able to visit
Persephone on Flynn's ship. She can upgrade your Skylanders' abilities if you
pay her. A single Winged Sapphire can be found in each level (except Adventure
Pack levels), each of these reduce the cost by 2%. There are also four to be
found on the Dread-Yacht that appear at certain points in the story.

Each Skylander has four basic upgrades before you have to choose a path to go
down, these paths usually mean focusing on one of the Skylander's core
abilities and making it even stronger. This choice is permanent so choose
carefully except for Series 2 Skylanders (but not LightCore), once you've
selected a path Persephone will give you the option to switch whenever you
visit her.

For the toys that cannot switch paths in-game the only way to switch paths
after choosing one is to fully reset the toy. This loses all experience, coins,
upgrades, quests, hats, heroic challenges and its nickname. Not ideal.

There is also a special upgrade that requires you to find that Skylander's
"Soul Gem". A Soul Gem is a token that you will find hidden somewhere in a
specific level - selecting the ability on Persephone's upgrade screen will tell
you which. Unfortunately you will still need to spend some coins with
Persephone to use the upgrade, it's not free. You can collect Soul Gems for
Skylanders that you don't own (yet) and preview them in a short video. You only
need to find Soul Gems for the 16 new Skylanders, all of the ones for the
original set of toys are unlocked for you already.

Series 2 toys (not LightCores) also have access to an extra ability compared to
their Series 1 counterparts, this "Wow Pow" costs 5000 gold and can be bought
at any point - though some do require another specific upgrade to be bought

After Chapter 2 you will start to find Auric in each level selling items, one
of which is Fairy Dust. If you spend the 50 gold on it you will go straight to
Persephone's upgrade screen where you can purchase a single upgrade (provided
you have the cash). Unfortunately this cannot be used to switch a Series 2
Skylander's path, you'll need to actually visit Persephone to do that.

 ,--------,                        ,-------,                        ,--------,
| [010400] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Stats  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [010400] |
 '--------'                        '-------'                        '--------'

Each Skylander has a base set of stats.

  | [010401]      Max Health      [010401] |

This is the maximum amount of health that your Skylander has. To improve this
simply level up your character. It will mean you can take more hits before

  | [010402]      Speed      [010402] |

How fast your Skylander walks around. Improve this with a Hat and by doing
certain Heroic Challenges. This stat also affects abilities such as flying or

  | [010403]      Armor      [010403] |

This does not reduce the amount of damage taken, you just have a higher chance
to block an attack. You'll see a yellow shield icon appear instead of the
damage when it works. Improved by Hats and certain Heroic Challenges.

  | [010404]      Critical Hit      [010404] |

The higher this is the more often your attacks will hit with a larger number
than usual. When it does take effect your attack will be 1.5 times its normal
number. So something that would usually hit for 26 damage would on a crit hit
for 39 damage. Improved by Hats and certain Heroic Challenges.

  | [010405]      Elemental Power      [010405] |

Increases how much extra damage your Skylander does in their elemental area as
well as against their equivalent element in PvP battles. The number appears to
simply apply as a percentage of your attack. So for example if you do 80 damage
normally and have 50 Elemental Power you will do 40 damage extra in your
elemental zone. Improved by Hats and certain Heroic Challenges. The bonus
damage done using the Luck-O-Tron also uses this stat.

  | [010406]      Heroics      [010406] |

The number of Heroic Challenges your Skylander has completed.

  | [010407]      Playtime      [010407] |

The time you've spent with your Skylander in hours and minutes.

 ,--------,                       ,--------,                        ,--------,
| [010500] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Quests  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [010500] |
 '--------'                       '--------'                        '--------'

Each Skylander keeps track of its progress through nine individual "quests".
Five of them are the same for all characters, three specific to the Skylander's
element and one specific to the character.

If you complete three quests your Skylander gets access to a Bronze Top Hat. 6
gets you a Silver Top Hat. All nine and you get the coveted Gold Top Hat. It is
also claimed that the Magic Moment changes but all I can see is the element
icon getting a fancy border.

 ,--------,                        ,------,                         ,--------,
| [010600] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Hats  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010600] |
 '--------'                        '------'                         '--------'

In each level you can find at least two hats, these are special items that
boost your Skylander's stats slightly when worn. Most hats are found behind
elemental gates so you will need a Skylander of specific elements to get a lot
of the hats. You can also buy hats from certain stores in specific levels.

 ,--------,                  ,-------------------,                  ,--------,
| [010700] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Heroic Challenges  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [010700] |
 '--------'                  '-------------------'                  '--------'

Each orange base Skylander will unlock a Heroic Challenge that when completed
by a Skylander will permanently boost their stats slightly. To unlock a Heroic
Challenge simply place your orange based Skylander on the portal. If this fails
to unlock the challenge then you need to claim ownership of the Skylander,
simply go into the Info Menu, select Manage, then select Ownership.

To take part in a Heroic Challenge you need to first complete the second
chapter, Junkyard Isles, you will then be able to talk to Cali on the
Dread-Yacht who will start the challenges.

Each Skylander can complete every single challenge themselves, it's just that
some may find it certain tasks difficult than others. It is generally advised
to do the challenges early on in your Skylander's career as certain upgrades
can actually make challenges that require precision more difficult.

Please note that the characters that have multiple toys, like Pop Fizz, Punch
Pop Fizz, LightCore Pop Fizz, will unlock only one Heroic Challenge between

    * Crit +5
    * Speed +4
    * Armor +5
    * Elemental +5

The bonuses for the old Heroic Challenges from Spyro's Adventure  have been
retroactively modified, so your old characters will see a stat change compared
to their stats in the previous game (if you've done Heroic Challenges).

 ,--------,                   ,-----------------,                   ,--------,
| [010800] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Elemental Gates  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010800] |
 '--------'                   '-----------------'                   '--------'

In each level you will find a few elemental gates, these are entirely optional
and by skipping them you do not hinder progress through the story. To open an
elemental gate simply stand near to it with a Skylander of the corresponding

If you are playing co-op and one player goes through a portal with a whirlpool,
whirlwind, or exhaust vent the other player will be dragged in too. You do not
need both characters to be the matching element, just one will do.

Behind elemental gates you will usually find a small puzzle or set of obstacles
to get past to reach a Present with a Hat inside and often a Treasure Chest

A variation of the Elemental Gates are areas which you must use a Giant to
access. These are fairly common so keep a Giant at hand.

 ,--------,                     ,-------------,                     ,--------,
| [010900] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Star Rating  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010900] |
 '--------'                     '-------------'                     '--------'

When you finish a chapter you will be shown a summary screen of your completion
of the level's objectives. Each checkmark only needs to be gotten once and then
it stays checked permanently, there's no need to get every single thing in one

The first star is pretty much a given that you'll earn upon completing a level.

The second star is how well you've done in the level itself.

    * Enemy Goal is how many enemies you've killed, if you have managed to kill
      a certain number you will be awarded with this.
    * No Lives Lost is given to you if you complete the level without having
      any of your Skylanders die. You can switch all you like but if a single
      Skylander runs out of health you will not gain this checkmark.
    * All Areas Found means that you've been to every area that has its name
      pop up on the screen, there are named areas behind elemental gates so if
      you don't have the correct element you won't be able to get this.
    * Cleared in Under, you have to race through the level as fast as you can
      trying to finish it in the time given. The summary screen in the Pause
      Menu has the current time in it so you can check how you're doing.

The third star is collections. Each level has one Soul Gem to find, a Legendary
Treasure, one, two or three Hats, four Treasure Chests, a Story Scroll, a
Luck-O-Tron Wheel and a Winged Sapphire. Many of these will be hidden behind
elemental gates so don't get too stressed looking for them if you do not have
the element required for the gates in the level. Many will need a Giant to get
to either through a Feat of Strength or simply picking up a boulder.

 ,--------,                   ,-----------------,                   ,--------,
| [011000] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Adventure Packs  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [011000] |
 '--------'                   '-----------------'                   '--------'

The Adventure Packs released with Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure also function
within Skylanders: Giants and unlock a slightly modified version of the same
level as before, for the most part they're identical. They come with a
Skylander, a Location Piece and two Magic Items.

The Location Piece when placed on the Portal of Power will unlock a brand new
level as well as a battle arena for your PvP fights. It can then also be used
as a weapon, place it on the Portal during a fight and you will get some kind
of special attack that is usually quite deadly. This ability will work once in
a level, resetting when you go into another one.

The Magic Items do not unlock anything but instead temporarily provide your
Skylanders with something special.

The main thing is to remember to actually use them.

  | [011001]      Empire of Ice      [011001] |

Empire of Ice unlocks the "Empire of Ice" level as well as the PvP arena
"Icicle Isle". Its other use is that once per level you can use it as a super
attack. For a few seconds it will rain down icicles around you before blasting
all the nearby enemies with 999 damage. This also unlocks the Sky-Iron Shield
powerup for PvP arena battles.

Anvil Rain brings down a rain of anvils that can damage nearby enemies.

Sky-iron Shield creates a pair of shields that swirl around your character that
partially prevents you from taking damage, it's not complete protection so you
should still be careful if you're low on health.

  | [011002]      Pirate Seas      [011002] |

The Pirate Ship, along with unlocking the Pirate Seas level and the Pirate
Grotto PvP arena, will cause a blast of cannonfire to cover the area near your
Skylanders. To gain access to the level you simply have to walk down to the
docks where you'll find the Pirate Ship. This item also unlocks the Ghost
Swords powerup for PvP arena battles.

The Hidden Treasure will bring up a radar that will lead you to an extra
Treasure Chest buried somewhere in the level. The circles around the treasure
icon indicate how close you are, the more that are green the closer you are. If
you're standing right on the spot where it indicates a Winged Treasure Chest
will appear which you can shake open. This can only be used once per
playthrough of a level.

The Ghost Swords cause a couple of giant swords to fly around the screen
attacking nearby enemies, this only lasts for a few minutes per level so take
it off the Portal while you're not attacking anybody.

  | [011003]      Darklight Crypt      [011003] |

The Darklight Crypt unlocks both the Darklight Crypt level and The Necropolis
PvP Battle Arena. Just like the Pirate Ship the Darklight Crypt also doubles up
as a weapon of mass destruction. To find the level simply go to the northern
end of the Ruins near to Flynn's Balloon. This item also unlocks the Healing
Exlixir powerup for PvP arena battles.

Time Twister slows down nearby enemies for a while. Duration indicated by green
circle around icon.

Healing Elixier heals your Skylanders, it can only heal so much per level so
use wisely - it will still count down even if your Skylanders are at full

  | [011004]      Dragon's Peak      [011004] |

The Dragon's Peak toy unlocks both the "Dragon's Peak" level, found next to
Persephone, and the PvP arena "Cube Dungeon". Dragon's Peak's attack is to rain
down fire balls before exploding for the usual 999 damage to each enemy. This
also unlocks the Winged Boots powerup for PvP arena battles.

Winged Boots make your Skylander incredibly fast for about fifteen seconds.

Sparx the Dragonfly buzzes around your Skylanders shooting things using his
fire attack. Enemies that he kills turn into butterflies that you can eat to
regain a small amount of health.

 ,--------,                    ,--------------,                     ,--------,
| [011100] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Battle Packs  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [011100] |
 '--------'                    '--------------'                     '--------'

A slightly less exciting version of the Adventure Pack item, instead of
unlocking a level this simply unlocks an extra PvP Battle Arena.

  | [011101]      Dragonfire Cannon      [011101] |

Unlocks the PvP Arenas "Docks of Doom" and "Frost Fight".

In addition to the two above the Golden Dragonfire Cannon also unlocks the PvP
Arena "Ultimate Wheel of Power", a reskinned version of the regular Wheel of
Power PvP Arena.

As a Magic Item the Cannon follows your character around occassionally blasting
nearby enemies.


 ,--------,            ,-------------------------------,            ,--------,
| [020100] |~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 1: Time of the Giants  |~-~-~-~-~-| [020100] |
 '--------'            '-------------------------------'            '--------'

   1. Meet Norticus
   2. Free the Mabu Slaves

    * Cleared in Under 04:20
    * Enemy Goal 40
    * All Areas Found 12
          o Forgotten Path
          o Mountain Peak
          o Turtle Falls
          o Hungry Plateau
          o Ancient Mines
          o The Broken Bottom
          o The Hungry Depths
          o Zucchini Groto
          o Arkeyan Work Site
          o Windy Work Site
          o The Planks
          o Cursed Construction
    * No Lives Lost

    * Soul Gem
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats 3
    * Treasure Chests 4
    * Story Scroll
    * Winged Sapphire
    * Luck-O-Tron Wheel

  | [020101]      Forgotten Path      [020101] |

Place your first Skylander on the portal, the type doesn't matter but for the
purposes of the walkthrough I would suggest a Giant. Tree Rex most likely.
Smash through the grate in the wall to find the very first collectable of the
game, a Winged Sapphire. These you may recognise from Spyro's Adventure, they
give you a small discount on your upgrades, not that you can upgrade yet.

Head left up the slope following the little goats, go around the corner and
continue upwards past some debris that Eon will suggest you attack to clear. As
a Giant you can also just walk straight through it and you'll smash it
automatically. Go through the wooden fence blocking the path and onto a
slightly more open area.

  | [020102]      Mountain Peak      [020102] |

To find a few coins you may want to pick up the large rock using a Giant,
underneath is a bounce pad which will take you up to a small wooden platform
above you. Drop back down and continue down to the right following the path of

Giants can't just smash everything, even they'll sometimes need help. The
blockage here requires you to fire the cannon opposite.

  | [020103]      Turtle Falls      [020103] |

Push the turtle three or four times to get past, then push the next turtle all
the way to the left off the side so you can use it to reach the Treasure Chest.
Shake the chest open and return to the main path, push the remaining turtle off
to the right to use it as a bridge too.

  | [020104]      Hungry Plateau      [020104] |

Follow the path down onto some bamboo platforms and then further down to the
ground where you'll see a Mabu being attacked by a gang of Bone Chompies.
Attack them or, if you're a Giant, simply walk over them. The littlest enemies
you can just squish. Once you've saved Norticus head inside the cave.

  | [020105]      Ancient Mines      [020105] |

Catch up with Norticus and then use a Giant to pick up one of the two boulders
to the left, throw it anywhere you like and go up the ramp on the other side to
pick up Shroomboom's Soul Gem "Self-Slingshot". Drop off and follow Gigantus
past the boulder he picked up, ignore the Giant Jump for the moment, first head
down the slope and in the corner on the right is a boulder blocking your path
to the second Treasure Chest.

  | [020106]      The Broken Bottom      [020106] |

Continue on down to the bottom and smash through the wooden fence to pick up
the Story Scroll.

Walk all the way back up to the Giant Jump spot and smash through the floor
below. A normal Skylander can still continue, you just need to drop through the
hole that Gigantus made. As a Giant however you will find the third Treasure
Chest, a normal Skylander would drop down out of reach to the right, go there
too and enter the Chompy Pit.

  | [020107]      The Hungry Depths      [020107] |

Once you've killed the 20 Bone Chompies that appear an Arkeyan Jouster will
jump down and attack, avoid his overhead swing attack as you kill him. Once
he's defeated the Monster Gate will open. Use the bounce pad to get up to the
first level, then again to a second. Instead of following the Bounce Pads left
go to the right (as long as you have a Giant that is) and pick up the rock
blocking the path. Jump down into the Chompy Pit again. Defeat another 20
Chompies to exit. Nothing special yet. Go up and around circle back around into
the Chompy Pit for a third time, this time upon completion you will be rewarded
with a Luck-O-Tron Wheel, this one's for Experience. You should also have
reached the number of enemies killed for the Enemy Goal "Dare" as you only
needed 40. Unfortunately you can't have another go in the Chompy Pit, if you
circle round again nothing happens.

Anyway, this time follow the Bounce Pads to the left up to Norticus. Before you
exit the cave go to the left where there's a Mabu called Rizzopolus standing
next to a section marked with a Life Element marker. You might have guessed but
you need to be a Life Element Skylander to go through, luckily Tree Rex is such
an element so this one you should be able to do no matter which pack of the
game you bought. Remember that you can also use your Skylanders from Spyro's
Adventure, they too can unlock the elemental areas. One odd new feature of the
elemental areas is that if you keep the matching element Skylander active
you'll restore 5 health every few seconds, perhaps useful if you happen to have
a low health matching Skylander.

 | Zucchini Groto                                                            |
 | Push through the turtle and you'll be introduced to a Root Runner.        |
 | Similar to the Chompy Pods of Spyro's Adventure these things spit out     |
 | Chompies, there is one major difference but not one that you can see      |
 | here. Unless you have a Skylander with a long ranged attack you may not   |
 | be able to kill it, if not then just ignore it and push the turtle back   |
 | to where it was. Go up the ramp on the left side and cross over the       |
 | turtle to get to the Present. Inside the Present is a Flower Fairy Hat,   |
 | this gives you a small movement speed boost if you put it on.             |

  | [020108]      Arkeyan Work Site      [020108] |

Leave the cave and you'll be shown the Conquertron, Norticus will ask you to
destroy some chains to defeat it. Over to the left however is an air element
area, if you got the Starter Pack you'll have Jet-Vac. If not and you don't
have any other Air Element Skylanders then just carry on to the right.

 | Windy Work Site                                                           |
 | The fourth and final Treasure Chest is right below the entrance, shake it |
 | open and then bounce up on the Bounce Pad. Going left you'll see some     |
 | jets of steam rotating around, these are harmful so don't go walking into |
 | them if you're low on health. Instead follow them around anti-clockwise   |
 | and drop down the left side where you'll find the Present and your brand  |
 | new Turban, this hat gives you a small amount of extra armor. Use the     |
 | Bounce Pad on the right to leave the area.                                |

Go towards the first chain that the giant robot is attached to, you can either
attack it or use a Giant to pick up the stake holding it in place.

  | [020109]      The Planks      [020109] |

The gate to the right will open, walk down the wooden path squishing a couple
of Bone Chompies along the way, push the two blocks out of the way and approach
a bamboo platform section with two Arkeyan Jousters to defeat, killing them
will cause a Bounce Pad to appear over where there's a purple crossed swords
icon on the floor. Ignore the pad for the moment and go the left in the corner
of the bamboo platform, you'll see some Mabu up on a platform. Go around that
platform to meet Rizzopolus again and find an Undead area (the Series 2 Cynder
in the Starter Pack is of course perfect here).

 | Cursed Construction                                                       |
 | Walk left down the slope and through some spikes to the Present with the  |
 | Paper Fast Food Hat inside. Just a small area this one, turn around and   |
 | head back out again.                                                      |

Use the Bounce Pad and go up the bamboo platforms to the right. The Conquertron
will smash down a section of it that will let you past. Instead of going for
the chain, first go to the bottom right corner and drop off the side behind
some barrels, you'll find the level's Legendary Treasure "Starry Night Paint
Job" down there. Bounce back up and then take care of the chain.

Proceed onwards to a Monster Gate with a few Bone Chompies and three Arkeyan
Jousters to defeat, after that it's the final chain. Watch out for his laser
attack, after a bit he'll clear the chain of some rocks and allow you to break
it and finish the level. The game will now award you with your star rating,
hopefully if you've followed the walkthrough you should have two of them, with
only the time limit "Dare" remaining (unless you're super fast!). To attempt to
get that you just select the level on the Chapter Select and rush through
ignoring all the side stuff like the Elemental Areas. Skipping text is not
necessary (although you'll probably want to) as the counter pauses during

 ,--------,              ,---------------------------,              ,--------,
| [020200] |~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 2: Junkyard Isles  |~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020200] |
 '--------'              '---------------------------'              '--------'

   1. Find the Music Box
   2. Buy the Engine
   3. Find the Compass

    * Cleared in Under 05:30
    * Enemy Goal 60
    * All Areas Found 21
          o Dread-Yacht
          o Persephone's Cabin
          o Rotten Moorings
          o Walled Ruins
          o Rotten Bottom
          o The Cave
          o Crumbling Remains
          o Hephaestus Chain
          o Lonesome Drow Landing
          o Barker's Knob
          o Forger's Basement
          o Bottleneck's Keep
          o Soda Square
          o Bottleneck's Soda Shop
          o Bottle Top Inn
          o Forgotten Reach
          o Long Walk Pier
          o Stone Stronghold
          o Under Mines
          o Boiling Cavern
          o The Last Stand
    * No Lives Lost

    * Soul Gem
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats 2
    * Treasure Chests 4
    * Story Scroll
    * Winged Sapphire
    * Luck-O-Tron Wheel

  | [020201]      Dread-Yacht      [020201] |

There's only one place open in the Dread-Yacht at the moment, Persephone's
Cabin to the left near Cali.

  | [020202]      Persephone's Cabin      [020202] |

If you've got enough money you can now start upgrading your Skylanders, and
even though the game hasn't yet told you what the Winged Sapphires are for you
can still get the 2% discount for the one you found in Chapter 1.

  | [020203]      Rotten Moorings      [020203] |

Leave the boat and step onto the land, over in the distance you'll see a Root
Runner and some Bone Chompies, on the right is a bomb to pick up.

  | [020204]      Walled Ruins      [020204] |

Throw it at the wall with the purple bomb icon at the bottom of it, or if
you're using a Giant you could also just simply attack the wall yourself as
bombable walls can be destroyed by Giants. On the other side are a pair of Root
Runners spewing out Bone Chompies, kill them and destroy the next wall with a

  | [020205]      Rotten Bottom      [020205] |

At that point you'll probably smash the little brick wall to the left, go
through that gap and jump off the side down to a cave.

  | [020206]      The Cave      [020206] |

If you don't have a Giant then you'll need a fast character to take a bomb with
you from above. Inside you'll find a wall to blow up and behind that is a
Treasure Chest.

  | [020207]      Crumbling Remains      [020207] |

Bounce back up and smash down the last wall on the left. Eon will introduce you
to the concept of elemental bonuses, if your element matches the area's then
you get an increase in damage in line with your Elemental Power stat. The first
one is Undead. There's no requirement to switch or anything like that, you can
use whatever you like, it is just the game encouraging you to use a wide
variety of Skylanders.

To the right is a stack of blocks, push them all off the edge and then,
standing on the near one, push the third forwards. Cross over it and go up the
slope to the bomb. Of course as a Giant you could have just smashed through the
wall but there's some coins up here too. Blow up the two walls to the left and
to the north, then drop down and go through the gap.

Time to meet the Drow Lance Master. Very similar to the Arkeyan Jousters from
the previous chapter. Once they're dead a Bounce Pad will appear.

  | [020208]      Hephaestus Chain      [020208] |

Using a Giant ignore it and go to the left where there's a Boulder blocking the
path, throw that out of the way and walk over to the chain and begin to pull it
in for a Feat of Strength. All there is on the island is a Treasure Chest.

Turn around and go use that Bounce Pad you ignored to get to the Octophonic
Music Player and finish this first section of the level.

  | [020209]      Lonesome Drow Landing      [020209] |

Step off the ship again and approach the Bark Demon, this kind of enemy eats
Chompies to heal. Luckily there aren't very many Chompies around. Avoid the
underground attack it sends out as it'll come up and hit you quite hard if you
get in its way. Other than that just attack it without staying too close for
too long. Once it's dead the Monster Gate will open and let you pick up the key
for the gate.

  | [020210]      Barker's Knob      [020210] |

As you approach the Mabu being attacked by Drow Lance Masters they'll get
distracted and come after you. As a Giant you could just smash through the wall
on the right to get the key but for a normal Skylander you'll need to get a
bomb from the building here next to the Bark Demon and Root Runner.

  | [020211]      Forger's Basement      [020211] |

Either way you'll want to go inside as, behind a bombable wall, there's the
Legendary Treasure "Propeller Pilot House Roof". Take the bomb and head back
out to blow up the wall to your right. Grab the key and unlock the door.

  | [020212]      Bottleneck's Keep      [020212] |

As you go through the gate you'll be introduced to the first Drow Archer, these
imp-like fellas fire from range, you can see their targetting icons on the
ground so you know where to move. If you can't hit them back from range you'll
have to wait for it to jump down, you get this to happen by killing the other
enemies on the ground already.

A Giant can cut the fight short by throwing the nearby boulders at the doorways
of the keep behind the archer. Otherwise keep killing until the camera angle

  | [020213]      Soda Square      [020213] |

Cross the bridge towards the next group of Chompies and you'll inadvertantly
rescue another Mabu. Go into the first house.

  | [020214]      Bottleneck's Soda Shop      [020214] |

There's nothing of real interest in here but you need the location. Turn around
and go into the second house.

  | [020215]      Bottle Top Inn      [020215] |

Inside you'll find a key and a Mabu named Bert who wants to play Skystones with
you. Unfortunately at this point you don't know how to play Skystones so you'll
perhaps want to come back here once you do (it's not actually necessary for
completing the 3 Stars). Go outside and the area will be full of enemies again.
After killing the Bark Demon you'll be able to use a Bounce Pad to reach the
Drow Archers on the ledge. Up top you'll find another couple of Archers and the
second key.

  | [020216]      Forgotten Reach      [020216] |

As a Giant push the large block forward to create a bridge, on the island is a
Treasure Chest.

Turn around and go back down along the left side, use the higher bounce pad to
reach a small floating platform with another bounce pad on which will take you
to the Story Scroll. This one's a hint for the previous chapter's hidden Chompy
Pit prize.

With your two keys go over and unlock the gate to reach Moneybags himself,
Auric. Talk to him again to look at his shop.

                            | Cowboy Hat   | 125 |
                            | Plunger Head | 125 |
                            | Kufi Hat     | 125 |

You can't get these hats elsewhere in the game so you might as well buy them if
you can afford them. They will still be here if you use Chapter Select later
on, the unique items he sells are unique to each shop so the next chapter's
shop will have a different assortment of unique hats or other items. Pick up
the engine to finish this second section of the level.

  | [020217]      Long Walk Pier      [020217] |

Forwards off the Dread-Yacht again, if you haven't been to talk to Persephone
yet the game will leave the gangplank up until you do, kill the two Bark Demons
and the Root Runner to open up the Monster Gate.

  | [020218]      Stone Stronghold      [020218] |

On the other side is a trio of Drow Archers you'll want to kill as well as a
load of Drow Lance Masters. Go off the righthand side to drop down next to a
mole called Harvey. Head into the cave if you have an Earth Skylander.

 | Under Mines                                                               |
 | An Earth Skylander would find it much easier in here thanks to all the    |
 | rocks, everyone else will have to use the provided Minig Pick. Clear the  |
 | rocks to the north first, then go up the ramp on the right there, drop    |
 | south to where there's a bomb waiting. Even Giants will need bombs to     |
 | break through the Tzo Crystals, although not Crusher and Prism Break can  |
 | break them too.                                                           |
 |                                                                           |
 | First blow up the Crystals to your left then run a bomb directly across   |
 | to another pair. This path leads to a locked gate, you don't have the key |
 | yet. Take another bomb north-west and throw it at the Tzo Crystals in the |
 | corner (this one's just coins so not essential). Then grab the bomb and   |
 | throw it from the bottom of the ledge you first jumped off up towards the |
 | Tzo Crystals. As long as you don't hit the candle it should be able to    |
 | reach (and if you do hit the candle just keep trying, it'll eventually    |
 | slide far enough away).                                                   |
 |                                                                           |
 | Go up the ramp and through the smashed crystals to get a key. Now in the  |
 | top-right corner there is also another Tzo Crystal behind which you'll    |
 | find a Treasure Chest. To smash that one grab the bomb and quickly run    |
 | into the ramp room and throw it from the ledge beneath the Crystal. You   |
 | should just be able to make it.                                           |
 |                                                                           |
 | With the key go up the left corridor back at the start and open the       |
 | Present with a Police Siren Hat inside. Head out of the cave and bounce   |
 | back up to the main path.                                                 |

Finish off any enemies you left here and then jump into the turret. Not
entirely sure what the point of the reticle placing is but point at the circle
and then get firing at the three padlocks. Go through the now open gate and, if
you have a Fire Skylander, drop down the far side to a cave below.

 | Boiling Cavern                                                            |
 | It might look odd but you can use any Skylander on the lava, it doesn't   |
 | have to be a fire one (you just need a Fire one to open the gate). Shake  |
 | open the Present to get your Biter Hat. Just a short area, go back out    |
 | and bounce back up.                                                       |

  | [020219]      The Last Stand      [020219] |

Bounce up to a row of blocks and you'll meet Persephone again. She'll introduce
you to the Winged Sapphires, you'll be picking that one up in a moment. Push
the left block forwards three times then get on the other side of it and push
it back into line with the other two. Go up the wooden slope to the right,
smash and grab the Soul Gem for Hot Head, "Hot Rod", if you have a Giant, if
you  don't then there is a very tough way to smash it but you need an Earth
Skylander and a fast Skylander. Go back to the Under Mines area and grab the
bomb, quickly rush outside and throw it south-east, if you're lucky you'll
smash the wall.

Carry on around to where Persephone was and grab the Winged Sapphire. Cross
over the block bridge you made and jump into the turret. Use it to shoot the
Windmill to the right of the locks as well as the locks themselves. You'll
probably also want to shoot the Drow Archers that appear and perhaps the
caravan they appear out of.

Go over and pick up the Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Health that was inside the
Windmill. If you use this in the Luck-O-Tron you'll get an increased chance of
food. Pick up the Compass to finish the third and final section of the level.

  | [020220]      Cap'n Flynn's Ship      [020220] |

You're now free to roam this game's hub, after a brief chat with Auric that is.
Like earlier Persephone's Cabin is to the left, but there are also a couple of
new places open now. Cali is on the deck and will let you take on Heroic
Challenges. Next to Cali and directly opposite Persephone's is Cali's Room,
inside of which you'll find the Luck-O-Tron, use one of the Wheels you've found
to boost Experience or Food. You'll eventually be able to fit four wheels into
this thing but for now you can do only one.

The other cabin on the deck is Flynn's Cabin, in there you can customise the
ship with the Legendary Treasures you've found. Breakstone in there will tell
you what to do. If you back out onto the Main Deck go up to where Flynn is
standing you can find a Winged Sapphire if you go around the left side of the
front of the ship.

Go back down and then up to the rear of the ship, go through the door and into
the Access Tower. In there you'll find a path up to the Crow's Nest as well as
a door blocked off by a couple of Mabu. Also at the bottom is a Lock Puzzle.
Incredibly simple one:

Right, Left x 2, Right x 3, Left, Right

Perfect in 8. Go through the door that it opens and you'll find Auric in the
Game Room. You can buy some things off him.

                        | Luck-O-Tron Bulb #2 | 200  |
                        | Cyclops Square      | 1000 |
                        | Flip the Script     | 1000 |
                        | Bowler Hat          | 120  |
                        | Balloon Hat         | 120  |
                        | Happy Birthday!     | 120  |
                        | Lock Puzzle Key     | 500  |

The bulb will let you use two wheels in the Luck-O-Tron, the hats you won't
find anywhere in the game (and are in fact platform exclusive hats from Spyro's
Adventure), the Key is just a way of skipping a Lock Puzzle if you either find
it too difficult to solve or just can't be bothered, it'll remain in your
possession until you use it at a Lock Puzzle.

The PvP Battle Mode Arena is from the first game and cannot be unlocked by any
other means, you only need to unlock this in one save file. And Camo's Heroic
Challenge from Spyro's Adventure, he doesn't have a Series 2 toy so you cannot
unlock it other than by purchasing from Auric here.

All in all Auric's Store is a good way of getting rid of some of that
overloaded gold your Series 1 toys may have accumulated. And there's no rush to
buy the things, they'll still be here until you choose to buy them.

Also in the Game Room is an Elemental Door, if you use a matching attack on it
it'll open. Once you get through the various elements that it asks you to
you'll find a load of coins to pick up.

Once you're done shopping and upgrading talk to Flynn up at the front of the
ship to get on with the story.

 ,--------,                ,-----------------------,                ,--------,
| [020300] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 3: Rumbletown  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020300] |
 '--------'                '-----------------------'                '--------'

   1. Locate the Hermit
   2. Win the Arena

    * Cleared in Under 08:40
    * Enemy Goal 185
    * All Areas Found 20
          o Sky Drifter's Jetty
          o Stink Breeeze Point
          o Moldy Retreat
          o Cavern of Echoing Nibbles
          o Quigley's Grotto
          o Shadow Grove
          o The Practice Pit
          o Noggin-knock Village
          o Toebiter's House
          o Weed Whisper Home
          o Guarded Tower
          o Flap Jack Inn
          o Watching Tower
          o Bridge Belly Dumps
          o Sour Sink Lodge
          o Toebiter's Keep
          o Lost Well
          o Loglifter's secret place
    * No Lives Lost

    * Soul Gem
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats 2
    * Treasure Chests 4
    * Story Scroll
    * Winged Sapphire
    * Luck-O-Tron Wheel

  | [020301]      Sky Drifter's Jetty      [020301] |

Walk down the wooden path towards the land filled with little green Chompies.
You'll meet an Armored Lance Master, these are similar to the Drow Lance
Masters but they have armor on them. You must first smash the armor off them
before you can start actually damaging them. There's a few coins off the edge
but nothing else of interest, but near that edge is a stack of three blocks
forming a totem, push it to the right once.

Go to the right up the slope, kill the Root Runner and the Lance Master to open
the Monster Gate, go to the right where there's an Undead area.

 | Stink Breeeze Point                                                       |
 | Drop off the edge down to a bombable wall. While there is no bomb nearby  |
 | that you can get right now, you can find one a bit later in the level     |
 | that can be used here, opening the undead blockade now is helpful for     |
 | that. Or you can just use a Giant to smash the wall in. Mash open the     |
 | Present for the Pilgrim Hat.                                              |
 |                                                                           |
 | There's also a ghost called Spoooky that wants to play Skystones, you     |
 | don't yet know how to so put that in your diary for later.                |
 |                                                                           |
 | Leave via the south exit and pick up the key.                             |

If you don't have an Undead then you can simply jump down the ledge next to it
and grab the key. Drop down to the left and make your way up and around through
the monster gate again to the left and to the top of the totem you pushed
earlier, you'll need to drop off the path next to the locked gate to get to it.
Push the top block off it to the left and you can now reach the cave in the

  | [020302]      Moldy Retreat      [020302] |

Kill the three Root Runners and the Life Spell Punk that's healing them,
ideally go for the Spell Punk first. Once they've been defeated the Monster
Gate will open and you'll be able to pick up the Luck-O-Tron Wheel, this one
gives you bonus damage.

Go back out and all the way up to the locked gate again, this time go through.
Kill the Life Spell Punk and the two Armored Lance Masters it's helping. After
that go talk to Quigley to learn of a nearby Life zone, not nearby enough
though as you'll still need to travel a fair distance to get to it. Head right
up the slope to the end where you'll be attacked from a distance by a few
Archers up on the ledge. If you can't hit them ignore them and go left up to a
set of blocks.

Push the south block to the left twice, then get around it and push it down off
the side so that you can get to the cave in the wall below.

  | [020303]      Cavern of Echoing Nibbles      [020303] |

Kill the two Root Runners that are sending out loads of Chompies at you, behind
the one on the floor is a Treasure Chest.

Leave the cave and get back up to the blocks, to the left is that nature area
Quigley was talking about. But before you do go in push the bottom of the three
remaining blocks to the left once, the right one up once and then the top left
block left as far as it'll go.

 | Quigley's Grotto                                                          |
 | Once you've opened the Life area continue pushing that block to the left  |
 | until it stops, then push it up so that it fills the gap so you can reach |
 | the Story Scroll. Kill the Root Runner and then talk to Quigley who's     |
 | somehow made it here before you.                                          |
 |                                                                           |
 | Drop down off the left side and a life bridge will appear over the gap    |
 | filled with coins, follow it through past an open gate and into a wide    |
 | open area. AMBUSH!                                                        |
 |                                                                           |
 | Shadow Grove                                                              |
 |                                                                           |
 | Three evil versions of Stealth Elf will suddenly appear and it's your     |
 | task to kill them. Their attack pattern is simple, they'll spot you, run  |
 | in a straight line with their daggers up and perform a strike attack.     |
 | After that they'll vanish in a puff of smoke, reappear in a different     |
 | place and start their run again. The idea here is to move out of the way  |
 | and attack them as they go past, either while they're still moving or the |
 | brief moment they pause after the attack.                                 |
 |                                                                           |
 | The problem is of course that there's three of them at the same time, be  |
 | very careful about when you attack as the others usually take that as a   |
 | chance to hit you. When you kill one the game will slow down and show you |
 | it exploding into a burst of experience and a piece of food. Kill all     |
 | three and the Monster Gates will open. Use neither gate for the moment.   |
 |                                                                           |
 | Instead approach the line of coins going across an empty space, another   |
 | life bridge will appear. Go up past a couple of blocks and kill a Root    |
 | Runner, then drop down behind the blocks and push the right one down      |
 | once. Push the left one left and then get around the other side of the    |
 | right one and push it into place next to the left block to form a bridge. |
 |                                                                           |
 | Cross over the blocks and a life bridge will appear, cross that to reach  |
 | a bomb, take it back along the life bridge and over the blocks to throw   |
 | it up to the left at a wall blocking off the Present, you obviously can't |
 | reach the Present just yet. Go back to the bomb and throw it at the       |
 | floating reddish brown sphere directly north of you. This will open the   |
 | gate to your left, go through it and a life bridge will appear.           |
 |                                                                           |
 | On the left on the other side of that bridge is a Lock Puzzle. Perfect in |
 | 18.                                                                       |
 |                                                                           |
 | Right x 2, Left, Right x 3, Left x 8, Right x 4                           |
 |                                                                           |
 | Pick up the Winged Sapphire as a reward. Turn around and drop down        |
 | following the path of coins, use the bounce pad to get up to the area     |
 | with the walled off Present and, if you blew it up (or have a Giant to do |
 | so now) your prized Carrot Hat awaits. If you didn't blow it up you can   |
 | just drop off to the right and try and use the bomb again.                |
 |                                                                           |
 | Use the teleporter to get back to the start of the area. Make your way    |
 | all the way up to the very start of the life zone again and continue      |
 | north past the blocks that you pushed out of the way before.              |

Kill the Archer and, if you clear some debris, there's a Bounce Pad that'll
take you up to a small collection of coins. The bomb on the ground here is for
the undead area before, if you didn't have a Giant then take the bomb and
quickly drop straight down the ledges and you should easily make it there to
blow up the wall and get the hat.

Go left along the path and into a small circular area with a few enemies inside

  | [020304]      The Practice Pit      [020304] |

After killing the Armored Lance Masters and the Drow Archer you'll meet Brock,
he'll send in a few waves of enemies for you to defeat.

  | [020305]      Noggin-knock Village      [020305] |

Go right through the opened gate and down to the right onto a wooden section.
Go into the first building.

  | [020306]      Toebiter's House      [020306] |

Kill the Armored Lance Master and the Life Spell Punk to open up the Monster
Gate and grab the key.

There's another house nearby, go to the left to get to it, there's a Life area
inside it.

 | Weed Whisper Home                                                         |
 | After killing the Chompies and their Root Runner you should have a go on  |
 | the Lock Puzzle. Perfect in 5.                                            |
 |                                                                           |
 | Right x 2, Left x 3                                                       |
 |                                                                           |
 | Open the Treasure Chest and then leave the building.                      |

The land outside has been filled with a few enemies again, kill them and grab
the key up top next to the Life Spell Punk. If you drop off to the left to a
ridge above the Practice Pit you can enter a another building.

  | [020307]      Guarded Tower      [020307] |

This first one has Quigley guarded by a couple of Drow Archers, kill them and
talk to Quigley. He wants to play Skystones so come back later when you've
learnt how to, but not too soon as he's got some quite advanced stones.

Go back out and into the practice pit, go north to the locked gate and into the
building to the left of it.

  | [020308]      Flap Jack Inn      [020308] |

Nothing of real interest in here but you need it for All Areas Found.

Go through the locked gate.

  | [020309]      Watching Tower      [020309] |

You can hit the switch here but you'll need to do something else before
actually going through the gate so there's no point. Go down to the gate and
push the blocks to form a bridge across, do that by first pushing the near one
to the right, then pushing the far one down. Push the near one back to the left
and then forwards over the far one.

What is your reward? The Legendary Treasure "Eagle Pilot Roof House" of course.
Go back up to the switch and quickly run down through the gate it opens. Kill
the Archers and the Spell Punk to open the Monster Gate and gain access to the

  | [020310]      Bridge Belly Dumps      [020310] |

Ignore the house next to the locked gate for the moment, you will need to go in
there before opening the locked gate when you have the key.

Go right and push the two blocks off the side to form a bridge, push the block
on the other side once, go around and push the block behind it off the side, go
back around and push that previous block again and then over the block you just
pushed off. You'll reach a key. Take the key and drop off the side on the near
of the blocks you just walked over. Push the left one up until it stops then
left as far as it'll go. Now, with the key, go into the house next to the
locked gate to your left. Do not open that locked gate!

  | [020311]      Sour Sink Lodge      [020311] |

Use the key on the locked gate inside this building, behind there you'll find
Hot Dog's Soul Gem "Ding Dong Ditch" and another key. This key you should use
on the locked gate outside.

Push the set of three blocks down to form a bridge and the third all the way
across the platform and off the other side to form a bridge with the block you
pushed into position earlier.

Kill all of the Root Runners and Archers here to open up the Monster Gate.
Cross the bridge to the right.

  | [020312]      Toebiter's Keep      [020312] |

Instead of opening the gate go south to a large circular area. You'll find
Auric's Store here.

                       | Elemental Elixir Charm | 400 |
                       | Elf Hat                | 250 |
                       | Fancy Hat              | 250 |
                       | Birthay Hat            | 250 |
                       | Regeneration Power Up  | 100 |
                       | Lock Puzzle Key        | 500 |
                       | Fairy Dust             | 50  |

The Elemental Elixir Charm is a one time purchase that boosts the healing you
get in elemental areas. Normally it's just five health but after you purchase
this charm it is 20. The Regeneration Power Up is essentially like the Healing
Elixir Magic Item that you get with the Darklight Crypt Adventure Pack. From
the moment you buy it your Skylanders start regaining health. This lasts a
total of 90 seconds and heals 10 health every five seconds. The Fairy Dust
gives you a single access to Persephone's upgrades, you can then spend some
more gold to buy one upgrade. If you wish to upgrade another thing you have to
buy another Fairy Dust. They're unlimited stock so the only limit is your gold.
Also it only appears if you have upgrades left to buy, a fully upgraded
Skylander will not see this item.

Still not quite ready to go through that gate, head further south and you'll
come to a Giant Jump spot. Jump off and smash through the ground.

  | [020313]      Lost Well      [020313] |

In here, aside from a few coins, is a Treasure Chest. Exiting the cave will
take you to another Giant spot, this time a Feat of Strength to clear some
fallen logs.

  | [020314]      Loglifter's secret place      [020314] |

All there is is the final Treasure Chest. That should finish off the
Collections portion of the Objectives.

Bounce up and make your way to the gate with the two switches near Auric.
Perhaps buy a Regeneration Power Up if you're currently low on health.

Time for an Arena Battle! Falling off the edge is possible and it does a small
amount of damage to your. The first round is made up of Chompies and Drow Lance
Masters. Defeat four waves of them to get the the second round.

During Round Two the central area heats up and will damage you if you step on
it. It also damages enemies who step on it so you can use it to your advantage.
They also add in a few more enemy types like Drow Archers and Life Spell Punks.

Round Three is Brock himself, a Goliath Drow. He'll create a forcefield in
front of him and start charging at you. Move out of the way and attack once he
passes you. He also gets help from other enemies, first a set of three Life
Spell Punks that will heal him so make sure to take them down. After you've
beaten those first three more will appear along with some Archers. Once you've
killed them it's much simpler to take down Brock and finish the fight (you can
kill him before the others if you're in a rush).

  | [020315]      Cap'n Flynn's Ship      [020315] |

What's new on the ship? Well you can now go talk to Brock and fight in the
Arena Battles. Complete each set to earn a Charm.

The Crane Deck is also now open, each time you come back here you'll find a
large gem.

And the elemental doors in the Game Room have closed again and added a new
element; Fire.

 ,--------,            ,-------------------------------,            ,--------,
| [020400] |~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 4: Cutthroat Carnival  |~-~-~-~-~-| [020400] |
 '--------'            '-------------------------------'            '--------'

   1. Repair the Ship

    * Cleared in Under 08:15
    * Enemy Goal 80
    * All Areas Found 18
          o Loading Platform 1
          o Janitor's Lounge
          o Concessions
          o The Oar and Plank
          o The Batson House
          o Loading Platform 2
          o House of Cards
          o The Promenade
          o The Boat House
          o Loading Platform 3
          o Swirling Vista
          o The Galleon
          o Pirate Prison
          o Pirate Island
          o Undead Wastes
          o Quartermaster's Cabin
          o Batson's Summer House
          o The Crow's Nest
    * No Lives Lost

    * Soul Gem
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats 2
    * Treasure Chests 4
    * Story Scroll
    * Winged Sapphire
    * Luck-O-Tron Wheel

  | [020401]      Loading Platform 1      [020401] |

Go through the entrance of the carnival onto a ship. If you go up to the wheel
and use it the little boat between the platforms will move around. Don't cross
over it yet, instead go down and around the section with the wheel on to the
left and you'll find a purple arrow pointing at a door. Go inside.

  | [020402]      Janitor's Lounge      [020402] |

On the far side is a Treasure Chest.

  | [020403]      Concessions      [020403] |

Go out and cross over the small boat that you just moved. You'll encounter the
Mohawk Cyclops. These little guys carry an axe and will start spinning towards
you with it. While they're spinning they're completely invulnerable so just get
out of their way. They'll get dizzy after a moment, your cue to attack. On the
left is a building to go in.

  | [020404]      The Oar and Plank      [020404] |

If you have a Giant just smash through the bombable wall on the far side and
you'll find a Treasure Chest. If not then you'll be coming back in a moment.

Go back out and up the slope where there was briefly a Monster Gate. Kill the
Drow Archers and the other Mohawk Cyclopses that attack. That'll cause a Bounce
Pad to appear, use it to get the key.

  | [020405]      The Batson House      [020405] |

To the left of the locked gate is this building. Inside you'll find a bomb that
you can take into The Oar and Plank if you don't have a Giant.

Outside again and go through the locked gate.

  | [020406]      Loading Platform 2      [020406] |

Your first Armored Chompies, like regular Chompies but with armor on them. Once
you've defeated them you'll talk to Blobbers over by another of those little
boat platforms. Go up to the Ship's Wheel and turn it once, push the block on
the right onto it, turn the wheel again, and go push the block off towards the
locked gate.

Need the key still so go back up to the wheel and move it again so you can push
another block out of the way on the right. Kill the Armored Chompies before
heading up the slope to a couple of buildings, only one of which you can go

  | [020407]      House of Cards      [020407] |

Talk to Fangs on the far side and you'll finally learn how to play Skystones.
The idea here is to have the most stones at the end of the game, which is when
the 3x3 board is full. You each take turns placing a stone wherever on the
board you like, trying to both take the opponent's stones and making it
difficult for them to take yours. Fangs here only has Spiderlings, the most
basic of stones with just one spike on its right side.

As the game is partially random it is difficult to tell you exactly where to
place things to guarantee victory so I'll just give some tips on what kind of
blocks you may want to use and how. The Spiderlings stone is especially weak as
it has three blank sides and only one spike, wherever it's placed on the board
it's vulnerable to attack. Try to avoid leaving a left side blank unless you
can get it back from another square. Another tactic is to block in your own
stones so that your opponent can't even try to take them, once a square has
been surrounded on all sides it's unable to be taken.

If you are really bad at this mini-game you can, later in the game, purchase an
item from Auric when you find him that lets you skip them just like you can
skip Lock Puzzles. To use it you press the Pause button and choose to Cheat
from there. There are a few games of Skystones that you'll be required to win
to get through the story but a lot of them are completely optional. This one is

For beating Fangs he'll give you a free Skystone to add to your collection. The
Enfuego Chompy 3 stone, for the moment the Fire Element icon is meaningless.

Behind Fangs you'll find the key you were looking for as well as a Story Scroll
on the right. Head out and you'll be attacked. Move out of the way of the
charging Goliath Drow and attack him as he pauses. Once you've killed him the
Monster Gate will open and let you go attack those Drow Archers that were
firing on you.

Go and open up the locked gate that Blobbers was pointing you towards, on the
way he'll give you a free Skystone, "Mace Major 2". A fairly strong stone for
this point in the game. Anyway, go through the gate.

  | [020408]      The Promenade      [020408] |

Time to get attacked. A trio of Mohawk Cyclopses will be the first to appear,
after killing them you'll get the three Goliath Drows one by one, along with a
few back up smaller enemies. After killing the third of the Goliaths any
remaining enemies will jump down to let you attack them and open up the Monster
Gate in the top left where you'll meet up with Cali.

You have an option here, you can use a Giant to pull the chain in and perform a
Feat of Strength or you can go into the building to the left and win a game of
Skystones. Both will result in the Galleon being pulled in closer. If you're
going for the trophy/achievement then don't do the Feat of Strength.

  | [020409]      The Boat House      [020409] |

The house is empty if you did the Feat of Strength, otherwise you get to play
Chance at Skystones and win his "Drow Lance Master 2" stone. He uses
Spiderlings, Drow Lance Masters, and Drow Lance Master 2s. The 2 version is
more powerful than the first one as it has double spikes on the left and top
instead of single. You won't have three spiked sided stones yet so the only way
to take that is by attacking the empty sides. Try to avoid leaving a right side
with one or zero spikes open for attack.

Go out again and head down the left path, if you miss the corner you'll pick up
Swarm's Soul Gem "Bee is for Butt Stinger". Follow the path further along

  | [020410]      Loading Platform 3      [020410] |

Go up to the Ship's Wheel and, if you have an Air Skylander, turn it once. If
you drop off the left side you'll find the Winged Sapphire, push the block out
of the way.

 | Swirling Vista                                                            |
 | One of the least exciting of elemental areas, pick up the Present for the |
 | Lampshade Hat inside. Leave and head back to the Galleon you pulled in    |
 | before next to Cali.                                                      |

  | [020411]      The Galleon      [020411] |

Up on the right side (the front) of the ship you'll find a Treasure Chest. Up
the left side is a cannon to fire. Go back down through the Monster Gate and up
to the gate you just blew up. Kill the Mohawk Cyclopses.

  | [020412]      Pirate Prison      [020412] |

Woof wants you to have a fuller deck before he'll let you proceed. As a Giant
you can skip all this cannon pushing business and just smash down the walls.
But otherwise push the cannon on the tracks to the left once or twice and fire
it. This will open up a switch to flip. Push the cannon left another few times
all the way to the end, fire it again. Behind that wall you'll find a path
leading to a Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Wealth.

If you didn't before then flip the switch, this will cause the turntable to
align with the tracks properly. Push the cannon so that you can fire it at the
last remaining prison cell.

To get Bandit's Skystones you'll have to beat him at Skystones. The unique
feature of this board is that there's a square that you can't use. Exciting.
Change your stones and replace the Chompy stone with either the Mace Major 2 or
the Blaster Troll stone. I'd go with the Mace Major 2.

Bandit has Chompy stones that have a single spike on the left, Blaster Troll
stones with one on the left and the right, as well as "Blaster Troll 2" stones
that have two spikes on the left and two on the right. They're vulnerable to
attack from the top or bottom. For winning you get the Blaster Troll 2 stone
and Woof will let you through.

  | [020413]      Pirate Island      [020413] |

The Axecutioner will be introduced, this ogre is quite deadly. He'll throw his
axe at you from a distance and swing it around if you get near. He also likes
to teleport away from you. If you're a melee attacker wait just out of range
for him to throw the axe and as it passes by run in and start attacking, he
shouldn't be able to attack back until he gets his axe again.

Go up the slope on the right side opposite Cali, kill the enemies there until
the Monster Gate opens up. If you go to the right you'll find T-Bone standing
next to an Undead area.

 | Undead Wastes                                                             |
 | If you've played Pirate Seas you might recognise this first little        |
 | puzzle. Go up the slope and step on the left button before dropping down  |
 | next to the brown block in front of you. Push it to the left and then     |
 | down into place next to the block you just raised up. Go around and up    |
 | the slope to cross over the top of the blocks to hit a button on the      |
 | left. Now move the brown block all the way round the central platform to  |
 | put it next to the block on the right side, go back up the slope and      |
 | press the button to raise the block and form a bridge to the button on    |
 | the right.                                                                |
 |                                                                           |
 | Finally move the brown block into position in the middle and go up and    |
 | over it. Bounce up. On the left is a bombable wall that a Giant can smash |
 | through to get to the Treasure Chest. No bomb here just yet though, go    |
 | through the rotating blades and on the right of the third blade (the      |
 | first one you bounce up to) you can drop off to the side and find a bomb  |
 | to throw at that wall if you don't have a Giant usable. The bomb's got a  |
 | longer than normal timer on it but you'll still need to move quickly to   |
 | get in range fast enough.                                                 |
 |                                                                           |
 | Keep on going through the rotating blades up to the top where you'll find |
 | the Present with the Mariachi Hat inside. Step into the teleporter to     |
 | exit the area.                                                            |

Push the block behind the Monster Gate off the side, then go left over another
block to where three Mohawk Cyclopses are. Kill them then push the block in the
left corner off onto the ground below. Jump down and go left through the gap
and into the building.

  | [020414]      Quartermaster's Cabin      [020414] |

In here you'll find Auric set up with his shop. There's a button under the
items in the bottom left corner too, this opens up a gate outside.

                       | Drow Archer 2          | 100  |
                       | Gargantula             | 1200 |
                       | Charm Hunt             | 3000 |
                       | Viking Helmet          | 350  |
                       | Fez                    | 320  |
                       | Invincibility Power Up | 250  |
                       | Lock Puzzle Key        | 500  |
                       | Fairy Dust             | 50   |

That Gargantula Skystone is quite a powerful one, with four spikes on the
bottom there's nothing it can't take for a good long while yet. Of course
lacking any spikes on the other sides means it's very vulnerable though that is
both good and bad. Bad in that your opponent will likely try to take it, good
in that you will be able to take it back if there's room. The Drow Archer 2
stone is is a more powerful version of the Drow Archer stone you already have.

The Heroic Challenge is Wham-Shell's old one, this is the only place where you
can get it in this game.

Go back out and go through the door in the centre of the area that you just

  | [020415]      Batson's Summer House      [020415] |

All there is in here is the Legendary Treasure "Skull Masthead" and a load of

Step outside and push the block on your left to the left until it lines up with
the path. Go up the slope next to Cali and defeat the enemies that appear,
after the Monster Gate opens go and pick up the key.

Once again go up the right side of the area and, instead of going left over the
block, go forwards and then up the slope to the Drow Archers and the locked

  | [020416]      The Crow's Nest      [020416] |

Before you can actually play the game of Skystones you're going to have to
defeat the waves of enemies that Dreadbeard sends at you. First it's a few
Mohawk Cyclopses, some Drow Archers and a Axecutioner from the left side. He'll
then send in another wave from the right. He adds into the mix a few Chompies
and Goliath Drows. Once they're all gone you can play that Skystones game.

This board has a fire square, that means that if you place a stone that isn't a
Fire Element it will break. It also won't take anything before it breaks so it
is something that you should probably avoid doing. At this point your Enfuego
Chompy 3 is what you'll have to put there if required.

Dreadbeard has a Mohawk Cyclops, similar to the Drow Lance Master except with
the side spike on the other side. He also has Spiderlings and an Arkeyan
Jouster that is essentially the Inhuman Shield flipped vertically. He won't use
that until the end and will give you it as a reward for beating him.

You'll be glad to hear that games of Skystones don't take up any of the
"Cleared in Under" time limit.

  | [020417]      Cap'n Flynn's Ship      [020417] |

New on the ship is that Dreadbeard has taken up residence in the Game Room near
to Auric, you can go play him at Skystones whenever you like. You can win new
stones off him or some coins. Auric also has a Skystone for sale, an Arkeyan
Duelist, it is just like the Gargantula except flipped vertically. The
elemental door has again closed, the new element added this time is Water.

Other things to do are to switch in that Luck-O-Tron wheel if you like money,
upgrade your Skylanders, change up the ship's decor, and grab a few gems. Go
talk to Flynn to move on to the next level.

 ,--------,              ,--------------------------,               ,--------,
| [020500] |~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 5: Glacier Gully  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020500] |
 '--------'              '--------------------------'               '--------'

   1. Find the Giant Robot

    * Cleared in Under 07:40
    * Enemy Goal 75
    * All Areas Found 15
          o Snow Bump
          o Icy Remains
          o Magical Happening
          o Noodles' Cold Plate
          o Crystal Shards
          o Windy Reach
          o Frozen Cactus Shrine
          o Frozen Toe
          o Fiery Thumb
          o Burnt Depths
          o Phoenix Rising
          o Chilled Bowl
          o Icy Drain
          o Snow Drift Gate
          o Island of Ice
    * No Lives Lost

    * Soul Gem
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats 2
    * Treasure Chests 4
    * Story Scroll
    * Winged Sapphire
    * Luck-O-Tron Wheel

  | [020501]      Snow Bump      [020501] |

Go to the left of Cali and Flynn to drop down off the side. Pick up the bomb
and throw it at the round building to the north, you can't reach it right now
but later on you'll be able to pick up that collectible. Bounce back up.

  | [020502]      Icy Remains      [020502] |

Some Frigid Chompies up ahead, smash through the small wall to get to them.
These are just like regular Chompies except their attack freezes you in place
momentarily, breaking out of it is just a matter of waiting as the action
required doesn't seem to make it any quicker. Smush them all and talk to the
little ghost called Machine Ghost.

Drop off the little ledge and go to the right towards the screen. There's a
Magic area.

 | Magical Happening                                                         |
 | Push all the blocks once and then the remaining block left into position. |
 | Go up the slope and open the Present to earn yourself a Purple Fedora.    |

Go back on path and go left where you'll be shown a giant ice block, there's a
light beam right next to it. Simply pull the lever three times and it'll melt
the block for you.

  | [020503]      Noodles' Cold Plate      [020503] |

Go on through the gap and down the slope to an area blocked off with a Monster
Gate. Kill the two Mohawk Cyclopses and a Axecutioner will appear, kill him and
then some more Mohawks to open the gate.

If you smash a snowman on the left side you can get to a gap where you can drop
down and pick up the Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Experience you liberated back at the
start of the level. Bounce back up and continue.

  | [020504]      Crystal Shards      [020504] |

Slide the refracting crystal two spaces north then pull the lever on the right
once. Smash through another small wall and then another to the left to pick up
the Story Scroll. Use a Giant to grab the boulder and then jump down the gap
behind it. Push over the statue in a Feat of Strength.

  | [020505]      Windy Reach      [020505] |

Tiny island with a Treasure Chest on it.

Bounce back up to the set of crystals and lights. Push the crystal in here to
the right so that it hits the active beam of light to melt the block on the
right. Once it's fully melted push the crystal back two spaces and then down
twice. Then pull the lever in the space behind the melted block.

  | [020506]      Frozen Cactus Shrine      [020506] |

Do not kill the Bag O'Boom as the bombs that he throws are needed, avoid his
initial throw and you'll be able to pick up the bomb and throw it at something,
namely the building up on the ledge to the left. If you miss then that's fine,
just make sure not to hit the Bag O'Boom.

Follow him and, still not killing him, smash the vases on the platform section
he's run to, underneath you'll find a teleporter. Grab a bomb if you still need
it and teleport over there. Destroy the building and grab the Legendary
Treasure "Floral Reef Paint Job". Drop off the side and go kill Bag O'Boom and
the Mohawk Cyclopses to trigger some Armored Mohawks to drop in. Just like all
the other armored enemies you'll need to smash the armor off before you can
kill them.

  | [020507]      Frozen Toe      [020507] |

Go through the Monster Gate and onto a platform with two large chains attached,
go up the one to the right to reach a Fire area where you'll meet Smoltergeist.

 | Fiery Thumb                                                               |
 | You don't need a Fire Skylander just to walk on the fire, you can switch  |
 | back to any you like. Follow the lava around and off the lavafall to meet |
 | the Enfuego Chompies. These are another variety of Chompies, instead of   |
 | biting they run up and initiate a self destruct, you have a few seconds   |
 | to either kill them or get out of the way.                                |
 |                                                                           |
 | Smash through the orange crystals and drop down the lavafall to a large   |
 | semicircular area. Drop off the largest gap nearest the screen and then   |
 | off the left side of that next pool.                                      |
 |                                                                           |
 | Burnt Depths                                                              |
 |                                                                           |
 | Smoltergeist down here has an optional game of Skystones for you. The     |
 | board has a fire spot in the top left so don't forget your Enfuego Chompy |
 | stone. He uses "Mace Major 2", "Chompy 2", 2 "Mace Major", and a new      |
 | stone "Boom Fiend" for his fire stone. And that Boom Fiend is your reward |
 | for beating him. His tactic seems to be to start from the right side as   |
 | nearly all of his stones are blank on the right.                          |
 |                                                                           |
 | He's also the first Skystone player you can rematch and randomly win      |
 | either another stone or some coins. See the Skystones section for more    |
 | details.                                                                  |
 |                                                                           |
 | Bounce back up and drop off the right side down a two stream lavafall.    |
 | Drop off the south side of that all the way down a line of coins above a  |
 | bounce pad. Go left and you'll find a Treasure Chest behind some orange   |
 | crystals in the corner. Bounce back up and drop off the north edge to     |
 | drop down into a pool with two blocks and a light crystal. Push the       |
 | blocks but don't push them off, push the light crystal off the edge to a  |
 | puzzle below.                                                             |
 |                                                                           |
 | Push the block in the middle to the right and then up once, then the      |
 | crystal you just pushed off south twice and right once. Push the crystal  |
 | in the south down once and one right. Push the block north of it right    |
 | once. Then push the top crystal down twice, the right crystal down once   |
 | into the beam of light then left once to complete. This will open up the  |
 | gate and give you access to a teleporter.                                 |
 |                                                                           |
 | Phoenix Rising                                                            |
 |                                                                           |
 | And this teleporter takes you to an Ambush! An Evil Sunburn will attack,  |
 | he's fast and teleports around so watch out for him getting behind you    |
 | and quickly blasting you with strong shots of fire breath. Long distance  |
 | attacks will do better but even then you need to be fast to move out of   |
 | his way when he teleports.                                                |
 |                                                                           |
 | Once you've defeated him the gate will open and allow you access to a     |
 | teleporter. Oh and a Present for the Fireman's Helmet. Teleport back to   |
 | the start of the area and walk back up the chain.                         |
Slide down the left chain. Squish the Frigid Chompies that attack you and then
the waves of enemies that attack. Use the bombs to blow up the Bag O'Boom
that's up high. Don't push the moveable block, leave it where it is. Just use
the Bounce Pads and bounce up into an ice bowl.

  | [020508]      Chilled Bowl      [020508] |

Use your momentum to slide off the bottom side of the bowl just left of where
you entered. If you left the block where it was you can gather Thumpback's Soul
Gem "Blowhard". If not then push it back, don't push it off the side yet. Now
jump down to the right and push the block left, go back up to the ice bowl and
slide back off the same section. Push that block off the side and mash open the
Treasure Chest.

Bounce up and enter the cave on the left.

  | [020509]      Icy Drain      [020509] |

This is where you'll find Auric.

                        | Propeller Cap         | 400 |
                        | Top Hat               | 450 |
                        | Frigid Chompy 2       | 100 |
                        | Arkeyan Jouster 4     | 800 |
                        | Regeneration Power Up | 175 |
                        | Skystone Cheat        | 500 |
                        | Lock Puzzle Key       | 500 |
                        | Fairy Dust            | 50  |

Bounce back up into the ice bowl and slide to the top left, smash through the
brick wall and pick up the key. Slip back into the bowl and go to the top right
through a brick wall. Through another brick wall to the north is a second key.
Slide out of the tiny bowl to the right into a second large bowl. Go off the
south-east exit to find the Winged Sapphire. Jump off the left and make your
way back into the second ice bowl again.

Go to the north-east exit through a brick wall.

  | [020510]      Snow Drift Gate      [020510] |

Here's the locked gate but you're still missing one key. If you've got a Giant
then perform a Feat of Strength with the chain on the right side of the area.

  | [020511]      Island of Ice      [020511] |

Just to get a Treasure Chest.

Drop off the bottom edge of the area with the gate to find the third key and
get into a fight with several waves of enemies and Axecutioners. Once they're
all dead a bounce pad will appear. Take it up and go through the locked gate.

Time to thaw out the giant robot. Push the near block to the right and then the
crystal next to it down. Pull the lever on the light seven times to melt a
block in the distance. After that's melted turn it again five times to melt the
nearest ice block. Go and push the block behind that ice block out of the way.
With the last block melted you now need to use the bounce pad to the left and
pull that lever up top twice.

  | [020512]      Cap'n Flynn's Ship      [020512] |

Auric now has a new item in his shop.

Brawny Barbell Charm|900

Buying this Charm means that your Giants can more quickly pick up boulders,
useful in the heat of battle when you want to throw stuff at enemies.

The Magic Element has been added to the Elemental Doors. Oh and there's now a
Winged Sapphire up on the Crow's Nest.

Talk to Flynn to get to the next level.

 ,--------,         ,------------------------------------,          ,--------,
| [020600] |~-~-~-~|  Chapter 6: Secret Vault of Secrets  |~-~-~-~-| [020600] |
 '--------'         '------------------------------------'          '--------'

   1. Unlocked the East Dam
   2. Unlocked the West Dam
   3. Opened the Arkeyan Vault

    * Cleared in Under 13:10
    * Enemy Goal 50
    * All Areas Found 15
          o Sunrise Canyon
          o East Dam Approach
          o East Dam Controls
          o Forgotten Caverns
          o Flood Gulch
          o West Dam Approach
          o Logger's Corner
          o West Dam Cliffside
          o Gorge of the Ancients
          o Vault Approach
          o Vault Control Platform
          o Vault Inner Workings
          o Vault Access Area
    * No Lives Lost

    * Soul Gem
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats 2
    * Treasure Chests 4
    * Story Scroll
    * Winged Sapphire
    * Luck-O-Tron Wheel

  | [020601]      Sunrise Canyon      [020601] |

The level starts out walking along a preset path as an Arkeyan Robot, the
actual controls are just like the turrets you've seen earlier. Move the cursor
and shoot. First off are some Autogyros, one will briefly appear on the right
up ahead but won't attack (if you're going for the trophy/achievement you do
need to destroy it, if you miss then restart the chapter as you pretty much
can't die in this bit). Another will pass you by and circle around, it'll then
let out some small copters that'll also attack you, shoot them and it to try to
avoid damage.

Punch through the bridge, no need to shoot the Arkeyan Ultron on it, it'll die
with the bridge. Three more copters will popup, shoot them and then get to
punching the stuff along the right side. There's a pylon in the middle of it,
this gives you a shockwave attack that you can use to blast the surrounding
area. Best used when there's a load of copters approaching and you don't have
time to shoot. Immediately after that right section there's another of those
easy to miss Autogyros in the distance, you won't have much chance to attack it
so be quick and accurate.

Next on to smashing the left, since the shockwaves will just get reset in a bit
you might as well use one of them here. Punch the pylon and then the bridge in
your way. One more Autogyro comes around to fire some copters at you, destroy
them all and you've finished the first walking section.

  | [020602]      East Dam Approach      [020602] |

An Arkeyan Bomber is up ahead, these guys sit around throwing a green and
purple bomb at you, unlike the Bag O' Booms' bombs this doesn't damage you
immediately, instead it allows you to pick it up and throw it at enemies, hold
it too long though and it'll explode and hurt you. They don't sit around on the
floor for too long before exploding by themselves either and they're quite
powerful. Overall the Arkeyan Bombers can be a great help against the larger
enemies but you need to pay attention to when you've picked one up.

Go kill the Bomber and the Chompies in front of it, then hit the two switches
on each side to open up the door. Head over to the pylon and mash it down. To
cross over the dam you'll need to watch the pattern of the electricity, start
walking as it zaps away from you, and as it starts to come back wait next to a
dark spot as that won't get electrified.

An Arkeyan Jouster waits next to a Monster Gate in the middle of the dam, kill
him to continue on through another set of electricity.

  | [020603]      East Dam Controls      [020603] |

On your left you'll see a couple of Jousters and up to the left an Arkeyan
Bomber. You can use the bombs it throws to help with the Jousters but they
shouldn't be too much trouble. Pick up the key where the Bomber was sitting,
then use the Bounce Pad that appeared when you killed all of the enemies. Go up
to the right, you can ignore the witches for the moment, and use the Giant Jump
spot right before the last switch.

  | [020604]      Forgotten Caverns      [020604] |

Behind you is a Treasure Chest and on your right is a Weapon Master hologram
that wants to play Skystones with you. He has 2 "Spiderlings 2", 2 "Chompy 3",
and an "Arkeyan Jouster 3". You'll win the Arkeyan Jouster from him on your
first win. Head out the door to end up on the slope down below the previous

Go up to the left and hit the switch on the ground level before working your
way up to the right hitting the switches as you go. Grab the key from behind
the door that you open. Open the Treasure Chest while you're up here. Jump down
and open up the locked gate.

An incredibly simple Lock Puzzle blocks your progress now, perfect in 5.

Left x 5

  | [020605]      Flood Gulch      [020605] |

Another Arkeyan War Machine walkathon now. An Autogyro will fly past straight
away, it'll hang around to deploy some copters and shoot at you. Smash up the
left side of the canyon, there's immediately another Autogyro taking off in the
distance. If you miss and you're after the trophy/achievement then just let
your self be killed by the robot up ahead. Otherwise smash up the right side
and then destroy the bridge.

Time for a robot fight, this is very straightforward, when the game prompts you
to punch, punch. Otherwise do nothing. Should just take three hits and you win.
If you mess a punch up then just wait it out, don't try to punch again until
the prompt appears again, you'll just end up stunned and then quickly defeated.

Just before you reach the bridge a set of four copters will appear, shoot them
down then smash the bridge. After that there'll be some more copters and an
Autogyro will fly in to attack you. Smash the right side and then the left.
After the bridge you'll be attacked by one more Autogyro before reaching your

  | [020606]      West Dam Approach      [020606] |

Follow the path to the right into an area with a Bark Demon and several Arkeyan
Jousters. Try to use the Arkeyan Bomber's bombs to destroy the Bark Demon. Once
you've cleared the area out hit the three switches to open the gate.

On the right of the gate is a path leading off to the right, as you walk down
there you'll spot a Feat of Strength for a Giant to perform.

  | [020607]      Logger's Corner      [020607] |

Throw the logs out of the way and open up the Treasure Chest.

Turn the pylon to switch on the dam's electricity. The first section of the dam
is pretty much the same pattern as before, follow the electricity to the middle
where it gets a little different. You'll need to wait on one side in the middle
for the electricity to pass behind you as otherwise you'll get caught in it.
The remaining section of the dam is the same as the first.

  | [020608]      West Dam Cliffside      [020608] |

A Lock Puzzle in front of you. Perfect in 11.

Left x 2, Right x 6, Left x 3

Behind there is Bouncer's Soul Gem "Fists of Destruction".

Go right up to a fork in the path, to the left are some enemies but go to the
right first. You'll find the Story Scroll at the end there. Turn around and go
take on those enemies, the two Bark Demons are best fought with the bombs from
the Arkeyan Bomber, it shouldn't take more than a couple of direct hits to down

An Arkeyan Shield Juggernaut will join the fight, these are large enemies that
fire a powerful laser beam. When they prepare that attack by bringing their
shield to their front, get out of the way. Best bet is to try to get behind
them but don't go running straight at them, instead try to circle around them
to avoid the beam best you can. Don't stay too close for too long though as
they have a strong melee attack too. The Arkeyan Bomber's bombs are a good help
on this guy too.

Once you've killed it and the Bomber the Monster Gate will open. Follow the
path to the left, hitting each of the five switches as you go. Through the gate
and you'll see an Arkeyan Jouster, he'll run off so follow. Defeat him and the
other two that join him, go to the right of the Monster Gate and drop down to
the Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Health.

Bounce back up and go along the path upwards to the Lock Puzzle. Perfect in 7.

Right, Left x 2, Right x 2, Left x 2

  | [020609]      Gorge of the Ancients      [020609] |

There's an immediate Autogyro up ahead, destroy it quickly before you turn to
smash the left side. After that a Autogyro will pass you by to come around for
an attack, destroy it and then a second one a short moment later. A third
Autogyro will fly in just before you reach the platform with the Ultron on it.
After smashing the Ultron it's time for a fight with a robot again. Same
procedure as before, three hits to win. There's a second robot fight straight

An Autogyro will pass you by as you approach the platform with a pylon on it.
Shoot it down and punch the pylon. Destroy the bridge with a shockwave to get
the copters that pop out. Two more Autogyros and you're done with the walking.
If you've shot them all you should get the trophy/achievement at this point, no
need to finish the level for it to register.

  | [020610]      Vault Approach      [020610] |

At the fork go down to the left to go talk to Auric.

                       | Aqueduct              | 2500 |
                       | Spy Gear              | 500  |
                       | Tropical Turban       | 550  |
                       | Arkeyan Ultron        | 1000 |
                       | Regeneration Power Up | 200  |
                       | Lock Puzzle Key       | 500  |
                       | Fairy Dust            | 50   |

The Skystone is decent but not overly powerful, buy it if you're lacking in

Follow the other path now and on the right you'll see a selection of vases,
smash through them to find a teleporter. That'll take you over to the Legendary
Treasure "Stripes Ahoy Paint Job" that you may have noticed a moment ago.

Spin down the pylon to get moving across the dam. Like before follow the zaps,
you'll need to move carefully towards the end as it gets a bit close together.

  | [020611]      Vault Control Platform      [020611] |

There's a gap in the fence here, drop off onto a bounce platform and then head
into the cave if you have a Tech Skylander.

 | Vault Inner Workings                                                      |
 | Talk to the Clam-Tron 4000 if you like, walk on by towards a large yellow |
 | clockwork key in the ground. Don't use it just yet, instead walk past and |
 | on the left over the circular platform you'll be able to grab an actual   |
 | key. Go back and turn that clockwork key. Go to the right onto the second |
 | circular platform, at the right of it is a second key to turn.            |
 |                                                                           |
 | Go and unlock the locked gate with the key you have, turn the clockwork   |
 | key in the floor on the other side, this will spin the previous platform  |
 | and let you get access to the Winged Sapphire on the left. Use the bounce |
 | pad next to the key.                                                      |
 |                                                                           |
 | Cross over the next circular platform and onto some rocks where there's a |
 | trio of Arkeyan Bombers waiting. Defeat them and follow the path around   |
 | onto another yellow circular platform. Go left onto one right next to it  |
 | and then up onto the platform next to the locked gate. Turn the key and   |
 | open the Treasure Chest.                                                  |
 |                                                                           |
 | To get down simply drop off the side of the circular platform onto the    |
 | circular pathway to the right. Go down to the right and turn the key,     |
 | after that go left and pick up a real key next to another clockwork one.  |
 | Turn that key and you'll be able to reach the locked gate and the Present |
 | beyond, that new "Officer Hat" is all yours.                              |

Bounce back up to the path again. Go left up to the next Lock Puzzle and defeat
the enemies standing about next to it. Perfect in 7.

Right x 3, Left x 3, Right

  | [020612]      Vault Access Area      [020612] |

Cross over the dam through one last set of electric beams, if you carry on
towards the screen at the curve in the path you'll find a drop where you can
get a Present with an "Archer Hat" inside.

Bounce up and defeat the Arkeyan Shield Juggernaut, with the help of the two
Arkeyan Bombers of course. Kill off the remaining enemies and solve the last
Lock Puzzle to finish the level. Perfect in 11.

Right x 3, Left x 4, Right, Left x 2, Right

  | [020613]      Cap'n Flynn's Ship      [020613] |

The only thing new is that the Elemental Door has added Tech.

 ,--------,             ,----------------------------,              ,--------,
| [020700] |~-~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 7: Wilikin Village  |~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020700] |
 '--------'             '----------------------------'              '--------'

   1. Enter the Wilikin World
   2. Clear out all the Monsters
   3. Beat the Chompy Mage

    * Cleared in Under 11:15
    * Enemy Goal 95
    * All Areas Found 22
          o Isle of the Wilikins
          o Facadeville
          o The Abandonded House
          o Doll Day Care
          o Rutherford's Game Room
          o Carlton's House
          o Hamilton Landing
          o Helena's Home
          o Stephanie's House
          o Catherine's House
          o The Mud Flats
          o Planer Plateau
          o The Wing Caves
          o The Cliffside Path
          o Roc's Elbow
          o The Perilous Coil
          o Logger's Ascent
          o Lower Facadeville
          o The Wood Shop
          o Kate's Keyroom
          o Evie's Puzzle Place
          o The Green Room
    * No Lives Lost

    * Soul Gem
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats 2
    * Treasure Chests 4
    * Story Scroll
    * Winged Sapphire
    * Luck-O-Tron Wheel

  | [020701]      Isle of the Wilikins      [020701] |

Pass by the trio of lifeless dolls and on the left is a large cardboard picture
of a wall, smash it down and pick up the Treasure Chest. On the right next to
another couple of the dolls is a switcher to activate. This takes you into the
Wilikin World, a mechanic similar to the one in Darklight Crypt.

Go back towards Flynn and Cali, to the right of them is a bridge that you can
cross to collect the Winged Sapphire.

  | [020702]      Facadeville      [020702] |

Cross over the bridge into the town and some Chompies and Mace Majors will
attack. Once you've killed them a bounce pad appears. But first time to explore
the village.

  | [020703]      The Abandoned House      [020703] |

First building on the left, this one's all but empty.

  | [020704]      Doll Day Care      [020704] |

Second on the left, there's three Wilikins to talk to in here but nothing else
of interest.

  | [020705]      Rutherford's Game Room      [020705] |

Third on the left, you need to beat Rutherford at a game of Skystones in order
to open up the gate and earn a key. He has "Frigid Chompy 2", "Chompy 2",
"Spiderlings 3", "Enfuego Chompy 2", "Life Spell Punk". You'll win the Life
Spell Punk stone when you beat him.

  | [020706]      Carlton's House      [020706] |

First on the right, two Wilikin to talk to.

  | [020707]      Hamilton Landing      [020707] |

Second on the right, another two Wilikin inside.

  | [020708]      Helena's Home      [020708] |

Third on the right, there's a Lock Puzzle in here. Perfect in 23.

Left x 2, Right, Left, Right x 4, Left, Right x 3, Left x 6, Right x 4, Left

There's a second Wilikin to talk to on the other side as well as a Treasure

  | [020709]      Stephanie's House      [020709] |

There's another two Wilikin in the house at the end.

If you bounce up using the bounce pad that appeared after you killed those
enemies earlier then you can enter the last house of the village.

  | [020710]      Catherine's Home      [020710] |

Catherine in here wants to play Skystones with you, this is one of those
optional ones that gives no reward except some coins or a random Skystone. Her
deck consists of 2 "Drow Archer 3" and 3 "Bark Demon".

Now that you've been in all the houses you can go get that second key, use the
switcher in the middle of the village and then bounce back up next to
Catherine's House again, this time the wall on the left is made of wood so you
can smash through it. Take the key to the right side of the village and open up
the gate.

On the right is an earth zone.

 | The Mud Flats                                                             |
 | You need to stay with an Earth Skylander for this one, the place is full  |
 | of rocks but there's no Pick to smash it with. Instead use your Earth     |
 | Skylander's attacks and break through to the Present with the "Toy        |
 | Soldier Hat" inside.                                                      |

Still in the real world, smash through the wooden brick wall and kill all the
Enfuego Chompies on the other side. After that use the switcher on the left to
get into the Wilikin World. This will let you use the bridge ahead.

  | [020711]      Planer Plateau      [020711] |

Use the switcher to the right, near a large metal covering on the wall. A
little further on you'll find the Story Scroll. After that smash through the
wooden wall by the switcher, there's a large rolling bomb behind there. Push it
towards the metal covering next to the switcher. You can go inside the cave but
there's nothing that you can do yet.

Instead push another bomb to the left and blow up the covering near to the
bridge you used before. Go up the slope behind it to a large area above where
there's a Bark Demon, a load of Chompies and a Root Runner. If you don't want
to bother with the Bark Demon you can simply use the switcher behind it and
then in the real world it's much easier to destroy.

Using a Giant pick up the boulder in the middle of the area, underneath is a
hole you can drop through.

  | [020712]      The Wing Caves      [020712] |

Directly ahead there's a Treasure Chest, if you go to the bottom corner of the
platform you'll find a bounce pad, this will take you across the divide to the
level's Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Wealth.

If you're still in the real world then the blue dots running along the floor
will heal you, if you're in the Wilikin World they'll be red and hurt you. So
drop down careful to avoid them if they're red, exit through the entrance.
There is a Wilikin at the entrance that you'll want to talk to. What happens if
you didn't blow up the exit earlier? Nothing. It gets destroyed automatically.

Go back up and go to the Wilikin World. Step onto the lift.

  | [020713]      The Cliffside Path      [020713] |

Now for some patient waiting, although if you're lucky you can just drop off
the lift straight on top of the first set of blocks. The first pattern is
fairly simple, the two either end will raise, the two in the middle will raise,
the two at the ends will lower, wait under the middle ones, then the two at the
ends will raise again and let you out.

In the alcove between the first and second set of blocks is a Treasure Chest.
The second set is just a pair so run through as soon as they both go up. The
third set is four again, these will raise and lower in alternating pairs, you
can use the alcove to get out of their way if you find yourself with a block
coming down onto your head.

Drop off the end and you're in a fight. A Grenade General will be introduced,
these guys throw grenades at you. They'll roll along the floor towards you and
explode for a fair bit of damage so try to avoid standing close when they
detonate. Once you've killed all the enemies a bounce pad will appear.

The next set of blocks while it looks like it's nine blocks it's actually two
sets of four with one stationary one in the centre. Use that to help time your
run through. Before you push the stone blocks off if you have a Giant go up the
ramp at the back, use it to get on top of the moving blocks and walk along them
to the left (try to avoid walking on them while they're actually moving, you
can fall through them).

From the end step down onto the grassy platform behind and make your way to the
right. Using your Giant pick up one of the boulders and then collect the
Legendary Treasure "Eagle Engine". Drop down, hit the switcher and enter the
cave below.

If you don't have a Giant available then just push off the blocks to the right
of the ramp. Cross over them and start a run under a row of seven blocks.
There's no safe block this time but it's a lot easier to run through in one go.
Use the switcher and go inside the cave.

  | [020714]      Roc's Elbow      [020714] |

There's a Wilikin to talk to at the start so maybe you'll actually want to be
in the Wilikin World to begin with. Go through the blue magic to the other end
of the cave.

  | [020715]      The Perilous Coil      [020715] |

Go up the ramp to the right and use a Giant to lift some logs.

  | [020716]      Logger's Ascent      [020716] |

There are some pictures of trolls at the end, smashing them while they're in
this state doesn't give you any experience but it does still count towards the
Enemy Goal. Either way continue upwards to the left to collect Pop Fizz's Soul
Gem "Shake it!". Drop off the side of the cliff.

Push the Megabomb down the hill, you'll squish the enemies that are in your
way, and blow up the covering at the bottom. Switch into the Wilikin World
using the switcher next to it.

  | [020717]      Lower Facadeville      [020717] |

Go explore the houses first.

  | [020718]      The Wood Shop      [020718] |

In the left building is where Auric has set up shop.

                       | Luck-O-Tron Bulb #3    | 2500 |
                       | Rocker Hair            | 600  |
                       | Eye Hat                | 600  |
                       | Bag O' Boom            | 500  |
                       | Invincibility Power Up | 225  |
                       | Lock Puzzle Key        | 500  |
                       | Skystone Cheat         | 500  |
                       | Fairy Dust             | 50   |

  | [020719]      Kate's Keyroom      [020719] |

The middle house has a key and a Wilikin to talk to.

After grabbing that key and heading outside you'll be attacked by a group of
Mace Majors and Grenade Generals. Kill them off and pick up the key from the
island over the bridge to the left. Kill the next group that jumped in near the
locked gate and you'll switch to the real world. A couple of Bark Demons are on
the left but first kill the Root Runners on the right to stop them from healing
at all. Use the bounce pad to get the final key.

Switch back to the Wilikin World to enter the final house.

  | [020720]      Evie's Puzzle Place      [020720] |

Along with the two Wilikin in here there's also a Lock Puzzle. Perfect in 23.

Right x 3, Left, Right, Left x 4, Right x 2, Left x 7, Right x 5

Collect the Present and your Fishing Hat as a reward.

Head outside and use your three keys on the locked gate.

  | [020721]      The Green Room      [020721] |

Switch into the real world and then drop down onto the large platform to face
the Chompy Mage. Avoid the Enfuego Chompies as much as you can and wait for the
Giant Chompy to suck them in, they'll damage it. If you didn't switch into the
real world then kill the green Chompies and attack the giant one when you can,
when it sucks in air try to stay away as far as possible. Any green chompies
left will heal it. After a bit of damage the Chompy Mage will reveal himself.

Time for some spell dodging. The blue stuff will actually heal you but the red
hurts. You'll need to keep sharp to step through the waves successfully. After
that he'll summon a massive circle of red to wipe you out, luckily you'll be
given a device that you can use to switch between worlds at will. Press the use
button and the red magic becomes blue magic, a circle of healing.

This switching device will now help you survive the many waves of spell
attacks, you'll need to keep switching back and forth between the worlds to
stay alive, using it just before a red spell hits you, remember that the blue
waves turn red just as the red ones turn blue.

After that he'll turn back into the Giant Chompy form and start running around
again. Use the switch to turn the green chompies into red chompies and leave
them alive, then when he sucks them in instead of healing he'll get damaged. No
need to actually attack him this time.

Another set of magic attacks even more intense than before. After each break in
magic make sure to switch back to the world where the chompies are red. He'll
eventually die by himself.

  | [020722]      Cap'n Flynn's Ship      [020722] |

You now have a brand new mini-game to play on the Dread-Yacht. If you go down
the hatch to the left you'll reach the Gun Deck and get to play with a turret.
For now you can only play it once, to stop a sheep invasion, but you'll get a
new game after each chapter from now on. The gem rewards are a bit pathetic

The only other thing new is that Auric has a new Skystone for sale.

                            | Jawbreaker 3 | 500 |

And that's about it. But remember to go sort out the Luck-O-Tron if you bought
that extra bulb.

 ,--------,           ,--------------------------------,            ,--------,
| [020800] |~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 8: Troll Home Security  |~-~-~-~-~-| [020800] |
 '--------'           '--------------------------------'            '--------'

   1. Trigger the Explosives
   2. Take Out the Big Cannons
   3. Destroy the Shield Gun

    * Cleared in Under 07:05
    * Enemy Goal 115
    * All Areas Found 14
          o Crumbling Edge
          o Circle Run House
          o Coal Stack
          o Shell Shock Bastion
          o Failing Fields
          o Anchored Island
          o Puzzling Cavern
          o Cheese Cavern
          o Frightful Filtration Pools
          o Secret Cave
          o Tilting Tower
          o The Battlements
    * No Lives Lost

    * Soul Gem
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats 2
    * Treasure Chests 4
    * Story Scroll
    * Winged Sapphire
    * Luck-O-Tron Wheel

  | [020801]      Crumbling Edge      [020801] |

Approach Flynn over the bridge then go inside the building to his left. A Giant
could use the Kaos Statue on the left to throw at the wall but you'll want to
go into the house anyway.

  | [020802]      Circle Run House      [020802] |

Kill the trolls to open up the Monster Gate, grab the bomb and walk down the
ramp going to the right, you'll find a wall to throw it at, there's a Present
behind it with a Sombrero inside.

Grab the bomb again and head outside, throw it at the wall next to Flynn. Kill
the two Mace Majors on the other side as well as the Enfuego Chompies that
appear out of the furnace. Drop down onto the grass and some more trolls will
jump down to attack, kill them all. Use the bounce pad that appears to reach a
platform with another bounce pad on, use that one to jump into the chimney on
the left.

  | [020803]      Coal Stack      [020803] |

Kill the Enfuego Chompies inside here and then pick up the Luck-O-Tron Wheel of

Leave and bounce back up, going forwards on the second bounce pad instead. Drop
off the far edge to find a Winged Sapphire. Bounce up and go left to where Cali
is waiting. Blow up the dynamite.

  | [020804]      Shell Shock Bastion      [020804] |

Clear the area of trolls, including the new D. Riveter. These fire a burst of
three bullets then immediately another three bullets before taking a break to
reload. If you get close they will often set down a mine a run off, this will
then explode after a few seconds. If they don't manage to get far enough away
it can actually damage them too.

Watch out for the bombs embedded in the ground, they'll explode if you hit them
too much (or just brush against them as a Giant). You can use it to your
advantage though as the explosion does affect enemies. Once the first lot of
trolls are wiped out another bunch will come in from the north, take them out
and a Chompy Bot 9000 will make its debut on the left.

These large machine will fire Chompies at you, some of which will survive and
start attacking so watch out for them. If you're quite close then the Chompy
Bot will fire over your head and you can safely melee attack, don't hang around
after it's done shooting though as it'll jump up and perform a stomp attack.
It's quite a high health enemy so just keep on attacking. Watch out for the
Chompies that emerge afterwards.

Time to solve a Lock Puzzle. Perfect in 10.

Left, Right x 2, Left x 7

Press the button to open the gate.

  | [020805]      Failing Fields      [020805] |

Kill all the Enfuego Chompies and then push the left of the stone blocks. This
will let you get behind and up to where the trolls are attacking from to attack
them back. Kill off the remaining trolls and Chompies up here before going back
to those stone blocks.

Push the righthand one forward once, then the pile of two to the left once.
Push the right on back into place and go up around the rocket and push the top
block off to form a bridge. Use that to get over to a chain for a Giant to

  | [020806]      Anchored Island      [020806] |

All there is on the island is a Treasure Chest.

Go back over the block bridge and go to the left of the Monster Gate that
opened when you killed all the enemies just now. You'll see a stone block just
off the edge, drop down next to it and push it left and then left again. You
now have access to two caves.

  | [020807]      Puzzling Cavern      [020807] |

In here is just a Lock Puzzle. Perfect in 15.

Right x 2, Left, Right, Left x 2, Right x 3, Left x 4, Right x 2

A Treasure Chest is behind it.

  | [020808]      Cheese Cavern      [020808] |

Kill the Enfuego Chompies to entice a couple of trolls down so you can open up
the Monster Gate. Bounce up to the left and grab the Story Scroll.

Go back out and up to meet up with Flynn and Cali next to a Lock Puzzle. If you
have a Giant you can skip the puzzle and instead grab one of the rockets from
the ammo dispenser on the right, throw that at the cannon. The Lock Puzzle is
Perfect in 9.

Right x 2, Left x 6, Right

Grab the bomb and take it to the right, throw it at the large cannon to destroy
it. You'll be introduced to the Inhuman Shield. These guys spin their shield
around and slam it down into the ground when you approach, if you're too close
you'll get damaged. They keep their shield in the ground for a few seconds
giving you time to get around their back and attack them, they're quite weak
enemies so should go down quickly.

To the south of the cannon, in a small stone U shape, is a Treasure Chest.
After that use the bounce pad to the right of the cannon to get into a water

 | Frightful Filtration Pools                                                |
 | Push the crystal to the right to activate the blades. Follow the first    |
 | one around, ignore the bounce pad and drop off to the right. You'll be at |
 | another small light puzzle. Push the top crystal left, the middle block   |
 | left and then the bottom block up three times. Go around and continue to  |
 | push the same block to the right four times - this will allow you to      |
 | access a cave. Bounce up using the left bounce pad and then up using the  |
 | pad you ignored before. Drop down off this stationary section onto the    |
 | block you pushed and enter the cave in the waterfall.                     |
 |                                                                           |
 | Secret Cave                                                               |
 |                                                                           |
 | Gurglefin is in here, defeat him at Skystones to gain access to the       |
 | Legendary Treasure "Fire Sale Paint Job" behind him. He's not exactly a   |
 | push over and has 2 "Drow Lance Master 3", 2 "Mace Major 2", "D. Riveter  |
 | 3", you'll probably do okay though as long as you have several stones     |
 | with three spikes on the edges. You win the D. Riveter 3 as well.         |
 |                                                                           |
 | Back to the crystals outside. Push the bottom crystal to the left once    |
 | and the top crystal to the right once. That'll get the rest of the blades |
 | spinning. Bounce up and then up again to the right, and up one more time  |
 | to the highest point. Drop off it to the right down a trail of coins.     |
 |                                                                           |
 | Ambush! A trio of evil Gill Grunts will attack. They jetpack around       |
 | firing a triple shot of harpoons, you can avoid the harpoons by walking   |
 | to the side as they fire them, you should get inbetween two of them.      |
 | Getting close just means you lose the chance to avoid the attack. After   |
 | you kill one they start double firing and once it's down to one he'll     |
 | fire three times in a row each time.                                      |
 |                                                                           |
 | With the ambush over you can collect the Present which is a Pants Hat.    |
 |                                                                           |
 | Bounce all the way up to the highest point again and this time drop left  |
 | off it. Kill the trio of trolls and a Monster Gate will open to let you   |
 | get to a Treasure Chest. Leave the area and approch the trolls at the     |
 | base of the tower if you missed them before.                              |

Kill the Grenade Generals at the base of the tower and a bounce pad will
appear. Before going up you can go around the other side of the tower to play a
game of Skystones with Fangs if you want, it's optional and there's no reward
except the Skystone. There's a Water square so watch out for that. 2 "Enfuego
Chompy 2", 2 "D. Riveter", "Armored Chompy". The Armored Chompy is yours for

  | [020809]      Tilting Tower      [020809] |

Bounce up and go right onto the first of the tilting platforms, if you stand on
one end it'll tilt down and up the other. So if you've got a slow mover wait
for a few seconds at the near end before walking along it as otherwise the
platform will dip down and you'll be unable to cross.

Use the switch in the corner and then bounce up onto the next tilting platform.
Kill a Grenade General before hitting another switch and bouncing onto a
smaller tilting platform. The next one requires dropping down onto a bounce pad
and bouncing up onto the last of the tilting platforms. Kill the last two
trolls before bouncing up to meet Cali and Flynn.

  | [020810]      The Battlements      [020810] |

Follow them over the bridge, if you have a Giant pick up the Kaos Statue on the
left and throw it at the large cannon. If you miss don't worry, there's a load
of rockets that you can pick up too. Underneath that statue however is a
teleporter. This takes you a short distance to the left where you can pick up
Crusher's Soul Gem "Rockslidin' Out". Teleport back.

Solve the Lock Puzzle, Perfect in 8.

Left, Right x 5, Left x 2

Just past that gate is a bomb that you can use to destroy the cannon ahead. You
can also use it to destroy the cannon to the left near the Enfuego Chompies if
you didn't have a Giant to do so. It's not entirely safe to follow Cali and
Flynn as just before the safe zone there's a spot where three cannon blasts
pass by. If you only have regular Skylanders then pick up the bomb again and
follow them. If you have a Giant then just follow them and pick up the rocket
there. Throw it at the next cannon to continue.

They'll ask you to detonate some more explosives, do so and then kill the
Chompies, Inhuman Shields and Grenade General behind it. Make your way along
the path to the left, each cannon has three blasts so wait for the third to
pass before venturing onwards. The scorch marks on the ground should help you
to see where each cannon fires.

At the left end a trio of Grenade Generals will drop in, kill them to open the
Monster Gate. Keep going to the right, each cannon now only blasts once. Just
after the final cannon is a couple of embedded bombs blocking your path, attack
them to set them off and stand back. Advance once you can.

Past the bombable wall you'll find Auric.

                        | Sudsy Soap Charm    | 5000  |
                        | This Bomb's For You | 10000 |
                        | Moose Hat           | 850   |
                        | Trojan Helmet       | 750   |
                        | Chompy Bot 9000     | 150   |
                        | Damage Power Up     | 250   |
                        | Fairy Dust          | 50    |

The charm is quite interesting as it boosts damage against troll enemies. The
heroic challenge is Ghost Roaster's old one. The Skystone is pretty pathetic,
only buy it if you're trying to collect all of them or something.

If you have a Giant just smash through the wall. Otherwise push the blocks down
to the right of the wall down, use the ramp behind them to grab the bomb above.
Chuck that at the wall.

Kill the trolls here before a set of Inhuman Shields and a Chompy Bot 9000
arrive. Once they do take out the shields and then focus on destroying the Bot
to finish the level.

  | [020811]      Cap'n Flynn's Ship      [020811] |

Aside from the Elemental Door restocking you also have a new turret level, this
one's shooting down artillery shells. This is the trophy/achievement version of
the mini-game so just quit and reenter if you get hit. If you won but got hit
don't worry, at the end of the game you can just keep playing the turret levels
again and again so it'll come up again.

 ,--------,               ,-------------------------,               ,--------,
| [020900] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 9: Kaos' Kastle  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020900] |
 '--------'               '-------------------------'               '--------'

   1. Enter the Castle
   2. Remove the 2 Arena Door Locks
   3. Defeat the Arena Master

    * Cleared in Under 11:50
    * Enemy Goal 110
    * All Areas Found 24
          o Cliffside Castle Approach
          o The Raven Court
          o The Pool
          o Game of Chance
          o Shackled Island
          o Secret Passage
          o Mechanized Whirlygig
          o Secret Passage: Pushblock Challenge
          o Forgotten Sepulcher
          o Cliffside Terrace
          o The Ethereal Ballroom
          o Castle Green
          o Secret Passage: Balcony
          o The Great Hall
          o Auric's Overhang
          o Sodaworks
          o The Aviary
          o The Windswept Tower
          o The Sewing Room
          o The Man Cave
          o East Gallery
          o Needlepoint Nook
          o Adept's Alcove
          o Arena
    * No Lives Lost

    * Soul Gem
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats 2
    * Treasure Chests 4
    * Story Scroll
    * Winged Sapphire
    * Luck-O-Tron Wheel

  | [020901]      Cliffside Castle Approach      [020901] |

Bounce up to the front of Kaos' Kastle.

  | [020902]      The Raven Court      [020902] |

Defeat the gaggle of Chompies that attacks you before moving forwards to take
on some trolls. A few Armored Mohawks will jump in from the platform on the
left, kill them and a new type of enemy will appear. The Arkeyan Crackler.
These robots create duplicates of themselves and then sit there doing nothing.
If you melee attack the copies then they'll explode damaging you, it's fairly
easy to spot the real one as it'll be the only one swinging its arms about a
bit differently. Killing the copies is fairly pointless as the real one will
just immediately spawn some more, so focus on the real one to defeat it.

Killing the Crackler will open the Monster Gate on the left. Of note to
trophy/achievement hunters, the tiny figures on the right outside the castle's
front door are the types of statues of Kaos that count. Anyway, go left into
the pool.

  | [020903]      The Pool      [020903] |

Step on the button to lower the three bounce pads so that you can reach them.
Push the left block to the right as far as it'll go, then use the right bounce
pad to bounce up along the higher bounce pads.

  | [020904]      Game of Chance      [020904] |

The Wilikin here, Kensington, wants to play Skystones. This is an optional one
with no reward other than a random Skystone or some money. He doesn't have much
variety, just 5 "Frigid Chompy 3"s.

Drop off and push the two blocks all the way to the left as far as they'll go.
Use the left bounce pad to get up them.

Bounce up to the chain and use a Giant to pull in the island.

  | [020905]      Shackled Island      [020905] |

As usual all there is is a Treasure Chest.

Drop back into the pool and slide the two blocks into position in the middle of
the track. Use the centre bounce pad to rid them up. If you want to get that
Spyro Rubber Ring you just go around back and use a bounce pad. It is worth 100

Smash through the bricks to get inside.

  | [020906]      Secret Passage      [020906] |

To your left is a small tech zone.

 | Mechanized Whirlygig                                                      |
 | To cross the saws wait for the outer one to pass by then run into the     |
 | middle. Wait for the outer to pass by again before making a run for the   |
 | Winged Sapphire. Same procedure on the way out again.                     |

Wait for each set of saws to go by before crossing their paths, the third one
you should wait for it to go to the right end otherwise you'll just get hit as
it comes back.

  | [020907]      Secret Passage: Pushblock Challenge      [020907] |

Kill the little Cyclops at the top of the ramp throwing barrels at you. The
puzzle here is fairly simple, just push the blocks into the gaps at the side.
The near one goes to the right, the right one goes upwards several spaces
before going to the right. The top one goes directly left, the left one goes
directly down, and the remaining middle one goes down and then left.

Once all the blocks are in position use the teleporter and walk around the edge
of the area, careful not to get hit by the spike traps. Step on the button to
lower the bounce pad below. Drop off the left side of where you bounce up to,
follow that up to a Giant Jump.

  | [020908]      Forgotten Sepulcher      [020908] |

Down here you'll find a Present with a Princess Hat inside. There's a ramp at
the bottom to get out.

Use the bounce pad again to get up and pass by a Wilikin on the way out of the
cave. You can't get that Soul Gem just yet so don't worry about that.

  | [020909]      Cliffside Terrace      [020909] |

On the side nearest the camera there is a large drop you can go down, there's
nothing except coins down here but the Pirate Treasure does sometimes lead

Bounce up to the left and then up again to a larger platform with a Wilikin on
it. To the left is a Magic zone.

 | The Ethereal Ballroom                                                     |
 | The switch here turns on and off the gravity for the stone blocks, you're |
 | going to need to move them into position to cross over the gaps. First    |
 | jump down forwards from the switch and push the block there to the left   |
 | and then down into place next to another stone block. Move that other     |
 | stone block down and then back into place to get past. Use the bounce pad |
 | to get back up to the switch, hit it and cross over to get the Treasure   |
 | Chest.                                                                    |
 |                                                                           |
 | Drop back to the ground and push the right of the two blocks back where   |
 | it was to begin with. Then push the left block forwards and to the right  |
 | into position north of the first block. Up to the left there's a third    |
 | block, push that right three times. Go back up to the switch and cross    |
 | over your new bridge. Kill the trolls to unlock a new bounce pad on the   |
 | floor.                                                                    |
 |                                                                           |
 | Push all three of the blocks to the right twice and then bounce up to the |
 | second switch using the new bounce pad. Cross over and claim the Present  |
 | of a Graduation Hat.                                                      |

Bounce up using the bounce pad next to the Wilikin.

  | [020910]      Castle Green      [020910] |

Drop off the corner platform and head right, at the end you'll see a bounce pad
and the Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Experience. Now drop down into the central area
and get fighting.

After the Armored Chompies some Armored Mohawks will drop in, a Grenade General
and a few Mace Majors will join the fight too. After those are dead a new enemy
will approach, you can see it off in the distance. The Troll Stomper M5. This
is a turret that has legs but doesn't actually walk anywhere. It'll start
spinning up the gattling gun on the front before it starts firing, move behind
the boulders or just walk about a bit. Attack but watch out for the jump and
stomp it performs afterwards. Watch out for the Grenade Generals that also

After defeating those last enemies a bounce pad will appear on the left. Use it
and then drop off the left side. Story Scroll.

Go inside the doorway.

  | [020911]      Secret Passage: Balcony      [020911] |

All there is in here is Ninjini's Soul Gem.

Bounce back up and then bounce onto the large button to open the castle's front
gates. Drop down and go inside.

  | [020912]      The Great Hall      [020912] |

Time for a big fight, Mohawks, trolls, Cracklers, eventually two Troll Stompers
will appear - kill off the enemies on the floor to get them to jump down into
battle properly. Once they're dead all you need to do is finish off any
remaining trolls and you're done. The gate opens. Go up and take the left path.

At the end of the red carpet there are some blocks to the south. Push them down
and cross over to get to Auric.

  | [020913]      Auric's Overhang      [020913] |

He's sitting in his shop as usual.

                       | Mushroom Grove        | 2000 |
                       | Dancer Hat            | 900  |
                       | Shadow Duke           | 500  |
                       | Regeneration Power Up | 275  |
                       | Skystone Cheat        | 500  |
                       | Fairy Dust            | 50   |

The PvP Battle Arena is another of those from Spyro's Adventure that you might
remember. The Skystone is one that can take anything as it has four spikes on
the bottom, but the rest of the sides being blank means it is vulnerable to
being taken.

Jump back down and go up the left path again.

  | [020914]      Sodaworks      [020914] |

Smash through the barrels, not the metal ones - you can't smash those, and then
bounce up to a ramp with three barrels rolling down it. You'll need to smash
the smashable ones as you can't otherwise avoid them. Kill the three cyclopses
at the top throwing them.

On the left is a Feat of Strength.

  | [020915]      The Aviary      [020915] |

Just a Treasure Chest.

Bounce up onto another ramp with three barrels, you'll need to avoid the spiked
metal ones as usual. Kill the Cyclopses and talk to the Wilikin.

  | [020916]      The Windswept Tower      [020916] |

Butterworth has a game of Skystones to play. He has 3 "Drow Lance Master", 2
"Trog Wanderer" an undead Skystone that'll fil the Undead spot on the board
nicely. And appropriately you win the Trog Wanderer off him too, it's a rotated
Boom Fiend in essence.

Press the button on the other side of the gate and then step into the
teleporter, it'll take you back to the door inside the castle. Go up the right
path this time.

  | [020917]      The Sewing Room      [020917] |

Wait for the saw to go to the right before running past to the safe spot. There
wait for the next saw to start going right, follow it and quickly move into the
gap at the end. Let the right saw go to the right before running past and into
the gap between the two saws, follow the second saw as it goes left to get by.

Up the steps to a block puzzle. Press the button and then push the block into
the hole. Step on the button again and push the other block into the hole next
to it too. Cross over it.

  | [020918]      The Man Cave      [020918] |

In the bottom corner of the room you'll find the last Treasure Chest of the
level. Go through the door on the left, the Wilikin next to it has an optional
game of Skystones for you if you want. Conlan's deck consists of 2 Inhuman
Shield 2, Drow Archer 2, Drow Lance Master 2, and a Goliath Drow, a powerful
Skystone with four along its top edge. You win the Goliath Drow.

  | [020919]      East Gallery      [020919] |

Just the Legendary Treasure "Dragon Engine" in here. This treasure is
particularly noteworthy as using it unlocks an extra area on the Dread-Yacht.

Turn around and go back to the block puzzle. Step on that switch once more and
make your way through the blocks to the left this time.

  | [020920]      Needlepoint Nook      [020920] |

This time the gaps have spike traps in them, so long as you don't hang around
for a second pass of the saws you should be fine.

  | [020921]      Adept's Alcove      [020921] |

Step on the button and push the block into the hole. Step on the button again
and then push the crystal two spaces up. There's a button behind the gate you
just opened, stand on it and then take the teleporter back to the door in the
Great Hall.

  | [020922]      Arena      [020922] |

Walk forwards over the bridge, if you want to be extra careful then wait for
each set to fall before crossing it when it comes back up. Certainly don't step
onto one if it's glowing yellow, quickly reverse course if the one you just
stepped onto starts glowing yellow or just carry on if you're over halfway.

At the end you enter the arena.

Knock the armor off the Life Spell Punk and kill it. Then take out the Chompies
pouring in from the right. Some Mace Majors will jump in from the left. Once
they're dead another assortment of enemies will appear - some Mohawks and
Grenade Generals on the left and a couple more Generals on the right. Crossing
the middle can be a bit dangerous at this point, you'll probably need to wait
in the centre before you can fully cross. The next set of enemies are some more
Grenade Generals on the right and some Mace Majors on the left along with an
Armored Life Spell Punk. After that Brute will speak and it'll be time for
round two.

You get some food thrown at you by the crowd so eat that if you've taken
damage. A trio of Grenade Generals will take up residence along the top edge,
there's only a single bit of floor to reach them that quickly disappears again.
A Troll Stomper will also appear in the middle of the arena at the same time,
destroy them all to bring on the next set. More and more enemies will start to
pour in, kill them and Brute starts off the final round by jumping in himself.

He's a Jawbreaker. These guys put their fists up and create a forcefield in
front of them, they'll then back up and run a punch at you. If he misses, which
he should do if you step out of the way, he'll fall flat on his face letting
you attack. You'll probably want to kill off all the Life Spell Punks that
appear but if you're in a rush you can easily power down his health and ignore

  | [020923]      Cap'n Flynn's Ship      [020923] |

Finally the second of the Arena Battles has unlocked, you can go talk to Brock
to fight in Kaos' Royal Flush, complete all seven to win the charm.

In the Game Room you can now find a Winged Sapphire, it's to the right, near

                          | Inhuman Shield 4 | 1500 |

And the turret has opened again for a fight with some barrels or something.

If you equip the Dragon Engine then you can drop down off the side of the ship
and enter a room below deck.

                        | Straw Hat            | 120  |
                        | Pan Hat              | 120  |
                        | Flower Hat           | 120  |
                        | Jester Hat           | 120  |
                        | Coonskin Cap         | 220  |
                        | Miner Hat            | 550  |
                        | Bone Head            | 550  |
                        | Vintage Baseball Cap | 1500 |
                        | Lil Devil            | 1800 |
                        | Showtime Hat         | 2500 |

 ,--------,             ,----------------------------,              ,--------,
| [021000] |~-~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 10: Aerial Attack!  |~-~-~-~-~-~-| [021000] |
 '--------'             '----------------------------'              '--------'

   1. Survive the Attack
   2. Destroy the 2 Turrets
   3. Sink the Dreadnaught

    * Cleared in Under 13:30
    * Enemy Goal 135
    * All Areas Found 14
          o Dread-Yacht
          o Gun Deck
          o The Ghost Ship
          o Ghost Ship Bilge
          o Fishy River Rapids
          o Fishy River Cavern
          o Fishy River Grotto
          o The Spectral Dreadnought
          o Tiger's Citadel
          o Propeller Array
          o Dragon's Tower
          o Freewind Flats
          o Machineworks
          o Phoenix's Maw
    * No Lives Lost

    * Soul Gem
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats 2
    * Treasure Chests 4
    * Story Scroll
    * Winged Sapphire
    * Luck-O-Tron Wheel

  | [021001]      Dread-Yacht      [021001] |

A pirate airship will arrive and drop off a few enemies, including an Armored
Archer. The armor is pretty useless though and only takes one hit to knock off.
Once you've taken care of this first lot of ghostly enemies go down into the
hatch on the left and jump into the turret.

  | [021002]      Gun Deck      [021002] |

First task in the turret is to shoot four mines, easy enough. Then 20 Pirate
Strafers, the little enemy attack ships. These will appear from the sides, turn
and come at you firing. Kill them early enough and they'll do no damage. You
can use the mines floating by to help take them out. Once you've shot down 20
of them you'll be tasked to take down 3 of the larger variety, these take a few
more hits than the small ones but not many more. Don't ignore the miniships
while you're taking on the large ones, they can pack a pretty hefty punch if
you let them.

Get back up on deck and kill the Armored Archers that have appeared. One more
small pirate ship will drop off another set of enemies, this time with a
Jawbreaker. Once they're dead a larger one will dock with you.

  | [021003]      The Ghost Ship      [021003] |

On the deck of this ship you'll meet an Armored Goliath, just like the regular
Goliaths but with armor of course. They have quite a bit of armor so will take
a few hits before you can start damaging them properly. The game will suggest
you go down to the Gun Deck again but it's time to explore the Ghost Ship.

At the front of the ship, the left, there's a Treasure Chest. If you have a
Giant go to the back and use the Giant Jump to smash down beneath deck.

  | [021004]      Ghost Ship Bilge      [021004] |

In the middle of the room is a water zone.

 | Fishy River Rapids                                                        |
 | Push the bomb down the river through a couple of trolls. At the bottom    |
 | you'll see a fish statue spewing out water, smash it to let the bomb      |
 | past. Do the same for the next two statues and push the bomb into the     |
 | cover at the end. On the right there behind the boulders you can grab a   |
 | Treasure Chest if you haven't somehow lost your Giant.                    |
 |                                                                           |
 | Drop off the waterfall that you just blew up. Go to the right and walk    |
 | into the cave.                                                            |
 |                                                                           |
 | Fishy River Cavern                                                        |
 |                                                                           |
 | Just a Treasure Chest in here. Turn around and teleport back up.          |
 |                                                                           |
 | Push the bomb down to the left, smashing another couple of fish statues   |
 | at the bottom. Blow up the grate to drop down again.                      |
 |                                                                           |
 | You'll find yourself fighting a set of Archers and some Armored Goliaths, |
 | to make it easier for yourself try pushing the Megabomb into the          |
 | Goliaths. They go down just as easily as all of those other enemies       |
 | you've been rolling through. Push the bomb to the right, the little       |
 | alcove is of little importance so ignore it. Smash another fish statue    |
 | and go into the building at the end.                                      |
 |                                                                           |
 | Fishy River Grotto                                                        |
 |                                                                           |
 | And here you'll find the Story Scroll.                                    |
 |                                                                           |
 | Back outside again, push the bomb around the bend towards the Monster     |
 | Gate, smash the fish statues in your way and then use the Megabomb to     |
 | smush the enemies that try to attack. Once through destroy the grate      |
 | blocking the Present and your precious new "Sailor Hat".                  |
 |                                                                           |
 | Use the bounce pads on the waterfall to get up to a teleporter out of     |
 | here.                                                                     |

Back in the ship you'll need to leave via the door straight ahead, there are a
few enemies in the way that you haven't been formally introduced to yet. These
are Trog Wanderers and get smaller the more you attack, they also get faster.
If you don't attack them for a bit they also start to heal and regain their
size. What fun. Just avoid their attack and you should eventually kill them.

Go back to Flynn's Ship and man the turret again.

This time your goal is to shoot five of the large ships. And once again there
are still smaller ships to annoy you, and every once in a while there's an
asteroid with a large gun placed on it for you to destroy.

  | [021005]      The Spectral Dreadnought      [021005] |

If you go to the right around the back you'll find the Winged Sapphire. Go left
after that and you'll step onto the lift.

  | [021006]      Tiger's Citadel      [021006] |

Take out the Mace Majors that attack and then another bunch will arrive with a
Jawbreaker and a Bag O' Boom. Don't kill the Bag O' Boom, instead use his bombs
to blow up the cannon. If you do accidentally kill him early then he'll just
respawn. Once that's down and the enemies are dead you can go left.

  | [021007]      Propeller Array      [021007] |

On the opposite side of the first rotating blade is a button, press it. This
will lower one half of a gate. Continue around the blades to the opposite side
of the ship where there's a second cannon to destroy.

  | [021008]      Dragon's Tower      [021008] |

This one's guarded by an Armored Goliath, a single bomb from a Bag O' Boom will
smash all of his armor off but that won't arrive until the next ship drops in
some more enemies. If you kill the Mace Majors that'll trigger it. He's not
along though as he brings along another Armored Goliath, throw a bomb at that
one too. If you leave the cannon till last then the Bag O' Boom will keep

On the opposite side of the blades here is a second button to hit. Go to the
central blades and go left towards the now opened gates. You'll find Ermit and

                       | Chompy Chomp-Down     | 5000 |
                       | General's Hat         | 1000 |
                       | Spiked Hat            | 1000 |
                       | Chompy Bot 9000 2     | 180  |
                       | Regeneration Power Up | 300  |
                       | Fairy Dust            | 50   |

And on the left is an Air zone.

 | Freewind Flats                                                            |
 | Step into the clouds to be whisked to the next island. If you drop off    |
 | the right side here you'll make your way down to the Legendary Treasure   |
 | "Skull Roof". Bounce back up and then on the large island bounce to a     |
 | switch between the two gates. This will open the left gate.               |
 |                                                                           |
 | Just one Bag O' Boom on this island, move on to the next through the      |
 | teleporter. Nothing on this one, take the wind down to a larger island    |
 | with some things on it.                                                   |
 |                                                                           |
 | Kill the enemies and a bounce pad will appear on the left. Bounce up      |
 | twice to a button. This opens the second gate and creates a teleporter to |
 | take you back there.                                                      |
 |                                                                           |
 | Going right, kill the enemies and then bounce up to Fright Rider's Soul   |
 | Gem "A Real Drag". Back near where you landed you can also find the       |
 | Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Health. Use the teleporter on the ground to get to   |
 | another large open area with a few enemies in it. Use the bombs to        |
 | destroy the Armored Goliaths easier. Once they're dead you can bounce up  |
 | to a teleporter back to an island where there's a Present with the        |
 | Nefertiti Hat inside. Step in the teleporter to the left to exit.         |

Go straight forwards through the propellers through an opened Monster Gate to a
bunch of enemies. Go down the ramp to get started with the fight properly. On
the left between the ramps is a Treasure Chest. Keep killing the waves of
enemies until the Monster Gate on the right opens up at last. There's two
Chompy Bots before then.

  | [021009]      Machineworks      [021009] |

Go through the smashing blocks and out the other side.

  | [021010]      Phoenix's Maw      [021010] |

One final cannon to destroy now. Keep killing the Mace Majors until a Bag O'
Boom turns up, then throw their bombs at the cannon a few times to destroy it
and finish the level.

  | [021011]      Cap'n Flynn's Ship      [021011] |

The only thing new is a new part of the turret mini-game has been unlocked.

 ,--------,            ,-------------------------------,            ,--------,
| [021100] |~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 11: Drill-X's Big Rig  |~-~-~-~-~-| [021100] |
 '--------'            '-------------------------------'            '--------'

   1. Defeat the Drill
   2. Find the Big Drill

    * Cleared in Under 08:00
    * Enemy Goal 85
    * All Areas Found 22
          o Utility Deck
          o Machine Retrofit Assembly
          o Drawworks
          o Aux Hanger
          o Aux Storage Area
          o Riley's Tube
          o Lower Transition Station
          o Spore Works
          o Middle Transition Station
          o Southern Rig Platform
          o Golem's Fortune
          o Ventilation Platform
          o Gas Refinery
          o Rock Works
          o Upper Transition Station
          o Middle Auxiliary Deck
          o Centrifuge
          o Aux Piston Platform
          o Aux Control Room
          o Landing Deck
          o Triple Piston Trouble
          o The Apex
    * No Lives Lost

    * Soul Gem
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats 2
    * Treasure Chests 4
    * Story Scroll
    * Winged Sapphire
    * Luck-O-Tron Wheel

  | [021101]      Utility Deck      [021101] |

Drop off the south side of where you start to pick up the Winged Sapphire. Then
bounce back up and go forwards past the Molekin.

  | [021102]      Machine Retrofit Assembly      [021102] |

Down the conveyor belt and left under the crushing thing to go down another
conveyor belt. Kill off the Enfuego Chompies and the D. Riveter, some more
Chompies will pop out of the pipe, you'll need to kill them before the Monster
Gate will open. Go down the next two conveyor belts and under another crusher
before stepping into a teleporter.

  | [021103]      Drawworks      [021103] |

Go down the path to the right of the Molekin and use a Giant to smash through
the wall.

  | [021104]      Aux Hanger      [021104] |

Criggler is on the other side who has an optional game of Skystones for you. He
uses 2 "Inhuman Shield 2", 2 "D. Riveter 3", "Boulder Bowler". Naturally you
win his Boulder Bowler, whatever that is.

Drop off the edge behind Criggler to get to a Lock Puzzle. Perfect in 23.

Left x 7, Right, Left x 6, Right x 4, Left, Right x 4

  | [021105]      Aux Storage Area      [021105] |

In the middle of the room is a Treasure Chest.

Bounce back up and go down the slope to the left of Pitts the Molekin. Aside
from a few Enfuego Chompies your target here is the Arkeyan Bomber up on the
button, throw his bomb back at him if you can't otherwise hit him. Once he's
dead the Monster Gate next to Pitts will open.

Go under the crushers and then down onto the button the Bomber was standing on.
This will lower a piece blocking your path above. Go back under the crushers
and around the corner on the conveyor belts. Go up past another couple of
crushers and then off the side when you get to the blockage.

  | [021106]      Riley's Tube      [021106] |

A group of Inhuman Shields will attack, get around them and destroy them from
behind. Kill off the two Arkeyan Bombers next to the Monster Gate.

  | [021107]      Lower Transition Station      [021107] |

Go down the slope and you'll meet your first Blaze Brewer in the main game.
These large enemies use a flamethrower to attack, you can see him prepare to
fire by the small amount of fire that appears on the flamethrower. After this
you just need to either move out of range or get up behind him so you can
attack while he's stuck flaming away at nobody. Stay too close after he's done
flaming and he'll jump up and smash down to face you - damaging you in the
process. Kill him to open up a Bounce Pad at the far end.

Step on the button to lower the blockage that you got stuck at earlier. Drop
down on the left and make your way through the crushers and conveyor belts to a
Life zone.

 | Spore Works                                                               |
 | Bounce up onto the platform as it gets close, wait it out to the opposite |
 | side and step off to get the Present with the Safari Hat inside. Leave    |
 | and continue left.                                                        |

  | [021108]      Middle Transition Station      [021108] |

Kill the two D. Riveters and all the Enfuego Chompies, don't use the Bounce Pad
just yet. In the bottom right corner there's a conveyor belt that you can walk
along in the wrong direction.

  | [021109]      Southern Rig Platform      [021109] |

Nothing but coins here.

Go back to the previous platform and push the blocks on the left with a Giant.

  | [021110]      Golem's Fortune      [021110] |

A single Treasure Chest is what awaits you here.

Now you can use that Bounce Pad.

  | [021111]      Ventilation Platform      [021111] |

A few D. Riveters will jump out of the holes in the floor here, kill them and
the two Arkeyan Bombers to open the Monster Gate at the other end.

  | [021112]      Gas Refinery      [021112] |

Another Blaze Brewer now, he's helped by a few Inhuman Shields but should be
taken out the same way as before. Go up the ramp and you're near the Earth

 | Rock Works                                                                |
 | Cross over the two earth bridges and go up the right slope, go under the  |
 | crushers past the locked gate and onto a conveyor belt. After the first   |
 | two crushers on there there's a button to press. This activates the       |
 | central platform. Continue down the conveyor and use the Bounce Pad to    |
 | get up onto the moving platform. From there jump off to the right to grab |
 | the key.                                                                  |
 |                                                                           |
 | Go back up the slope next to the bridges and open up that locked gate.    |
 | The Present contains the Traffice Cone Hat. To get out use the conveyor   |
 | belts and walk over the bridges.                                          |

  | [021113]      Upper Transition Station      [021113] |

Go up the conveyor belt under a load of crushers to reach a place with a bounce
pad already active between the two walls. Bounce up and go right, ignoring the
stuff behind the barrier. Cross over the moving platforms, then around the
corner drop down off the right side, don't use the bounce pads just yet.

  | [021114]      Middle Auxiliary Deck      [021114] |

Drop off the southern edge to reach Sprocket's Soul Gem "Landmine Golf". On the
left side of this area is an opening.

  | [021115]      Centrifuge      [021115] |

Keep tapping the buttons until the two platforms are aligned so that they meet
in the middle. You can do this by waiting for them to both face away, tap the
left button, wait for it to get halfway back and then tap it again. Now wait
for the platform to get close to you so you can bounce up onto it, walk over to
the other platform and then to the Treasure Chest at the other end.

Exit and bounce up onto the raising platform, then step onto the deck above.
Use the bounce pad to get up to the left and take the bounce pads up there to
the right.

Going down past Dusty drop off to the left at the corner in the ramp, go along
the conveyor belt and stand on the button. This not only lowers the barrier
directly in front of you but if you bounce up and drop off the north side you
can get into the blocked off bit beneath the platform where the Luck-O-Tron
Wheel of Power is.

Bounce back up and over to Dusty again.

  | [021116]      Aux Piston Platform      [021116] |

Go all the way down the ramp and play the Lock Puzzle Perfect in 15.

Right x 3, Left x 5, Right x 3, Left, Right x 3

  | [021117]      Aux Control Room      [021117] |

Stand on the button and then head outside again.

Your first Crystal Golem appears. These guys are surrounded by small purple
crystals, until they're all smashed the Golem is a lot more resistant to your
attacks. Circle him attacking the crystals as you go, he should be too slow to
turn fast enough to hit you. Either go with or in the opposite direction to the
crystal rotation, you'll eventually smash them all and be able to attack him

Go up the ramp to Dusty and use the bounce pad next to him to get across to the
right. At the junction go down to the right, you'll see Auric with his store.

                       | Unerring Arrow Charm  | 25000 |
                       | Combat Hat            | 1000  |
                       | Beret                 | 1000  |
                       | Chompy Bot 9000 3     | 650   |
                       | Regeneration Power Up | 325   |
                       | Lock Puzzle Key       | 500   |
                       | Fairy Dust            | 50    |

A very expensive charm there, I wouldn't really say it's worth it but if you
have the money left over from Spyro's Adventure then why not? The Skystone is
okay, not amazing but decent enough.

Giant Jump on the left.

  | [021118]      Landing Deck      [021118] |

Treasure Chest in the middle, go up around the room to exit. Make your way back
up the bounce pads again. Going north drop off the end where you can see an
arrow on the floor, do not go left into the boss fight just yet. Up the ramp is
the Story Scroll. Go inside.

  | [021119]      Triple Piston Trouble      [021119] |

Bounce onto either of the moving platforms and drop off to hit the button.
Repeat for the other side. Then bounce onto the platforms and cross forwards to
the Legendary Treasure "Propeller Engine".

Outside again and teleport back up to the entrance to the boss fight.

  | [021120]      The Apex      [021120] |

Quickly into Drill-X's song you can start moving, try to get behind one of the
pipes sticking up out of the floor. Note that these are the things that you'd
throw at him for a trophy/achievement with a Giant. Anyway, watch where he
brings down his drill by the large red X and you should notice a green zone on
the other side of the pipes to it, stand there and you should be safe from the
debris that flies off when he first smashes down.

Once it's safe start attacking the drill. Run away once the laser gets near,
and watch out for enemies that spawn in from the sides. Repeat until he gets
annoyed and smashes the pipes.

The drill will light up and he'll start bringing it across the area, to avoid
it use the bounce pads to jump over it. Once you're clear turn around and
quickly run towards it to start attacking once it reaches the other side.
Repeat until he starts singing again.

This next section is a little more difficult to avoid getting hit. He smashes
down three parts of his drill and they all blast out fire, to avoid you need to
use the bounce pads to land in the middle of one of the parts and then you
still need to avoid the blasts from at least one of the other drill bits. Once
that's done just attack any of the pieces. Avoid the triple laser when it
appears and repeat until Drill-X is defeated.

  | [021121]      Cap'n Flynn's Ship      [021121] |

Nothing of any interest this time, talk to Flynn to get going again.

 ,--------,            ,------------------------------,             ,--------,
| [021200] |~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 12: Molekin Mountain  |~-~-~-~-~-~| [021200] |
 '--------'            '------------------------------'             '--------'

   1. Rid the Village of Bad Guys
   2. Overthrow Pipsqueak

    * Cleared in Under 10:40
    * Enemy Goal 140
    * All Areas Found 15
          o Allegory Pathway
          o Sunrock Quarry
          o Titan Crossing
          o The Dirt Room
          o Sunrock Village
          o Cogwheel Housing
          o Sunrock Peak
          o The Cleft of Bone
          o Sunrock Overlook
          o Trappe Hut
          o Crystalsong Mines
          o Razor Box
          o Under Mountain Mechanogear
          o The Mechinarium
          o Mincemeat Mayhem Arena
    * No Lives Lost

    * Soul Gem
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats 2
    * Treasure Chests 4
    * Story Scroll
    * Winged Sapphire
    * Luck-O-Tron Wheel

  | [021201]      Allegory Pathway      [021201] |

Go to the right down the slope. Just a few Enfuego Chompies before you get to
the Story Scroll.

  | [021202]      Sunrock Quarry      [021202] |

Now go back up and continue past the Molekin towards the blocks ahead. Kill the
Chompies that attack before pushing the near block to the right twice. Then
push the right block forwards once, then push the first block down to move it
out of the way. Of the three blocks near the edge push the bottom one to the
right twice, push it up two spots so that it is on the little crane's deck.
This will raise up another crane platform nearby with a Luck-O-Tron Wheel of
Experience on it.

Now just push the remaining two blocks to form a bridge in the gap next to
them. Bounce over the fence to fight an Arkeyan Crackler. After killing it and
the Armored Mohawks that drop in a bounce pad will appear, ignore it for a
moment and instead push the large block on the right with a Giant. Watch out
for the Grenade Generals above.

  | [021203]      Titan Crossing      [021203] |

There's a Treasure Chest on this island.

Now use that bounce pad on the left and make your way through a path of bounce
pods, if you brush against one it'll send you flying a little. There are also
exploding pods, these do hurt if you get too close. Wait for them to explode by
themselves or hit them from range.

At the end of the path you'll get to kill those pesky Grenade Generals, but
you'll also be joined by a Blaze Brewer and then some more Grenade Generals. If
you are using a Giant you can pick up a boulder and throw it at the house
they're coming out of, this will stop them from spawning and just leave you to
deal with the ones already out.

On the right is a Giant Jump spot.

  | [021204]      The Dirt Room      [021204] |

A load of gems and a Treasure Chest can be found in here. Bounce up and make
your way back to the Monster Gate.

Go left through the Monster Gate.

  | [021205]      Sunrock Village      [021205] |

Keep going until the end but instead of using the bounce pad drop off the
bottom edge. Go into the cave down here.

  | [021206]      Cogwheel Housing      [021206] |

Turn the wheel to rotate a bridge above. No Giant necessary. Go back out and
bounce up to the path. Use the bounce pad up there this time.

Kill the Armored Mohawks and the Grenade Generals before crossing that bridge
you just rotated below.

  | [021207]      Sunrock Peak      [021207] |

Smash open the chest then turn around and go through the Monster Gate on the

Block pushing task now, push the stack of two blocks down onto the glowing
button next to them. This will lower a block and allow you to push the left
block into the gap in the bridge. Cross over it to get to an Undead zone.

  | [021208]      The Cleft of Bone      [021208] |

Push the block out from the path and then back in again once you're on the
other side of it. Cross over it to the Present with the Battle Helmet inside.
Teleport back out of the zone.

Go back to that last block puzzle outside the zone, push the two remaining
blocks to form a bridge going right.

  | [021209]      Sunrock Overlook      [021209] |

After getting through the pods go inside the building.

  | [021210]      Trappe Hut      [021210] |

Auric is set up inside here.

                        | Luck-O-Tron Bulb #4 | 5000 |
                        | Troll Factory       | 3000 |
                        | Dangling Carrot Hat | 1300 |
                        | Rocket Hat          | 1100 |
                        | Chompy Bot 9000 4   | 1200 |
                        | Blaze Brewer        | 1200 |
                        | Damage Power Up     | 350  |
                        | Skystone Cheat      | 500  |
                        | Fairy Dust          | 50   |

That's the last of the extra Luck-O-Tron Bulbs, you'll be able to fit four
wheels to it once you get back to the ship.

You can't get the Legendary Treasure behind Auric just yet, go outside and step
into the teleporter.

The introduction of the Slobbering Mutticus. These large dog-like creatures
spit out a blob of green slobber, if you get caught in it you'll be slowed down
and the Mutticus can more easily attack you. Its actual attack is to rear up on
its hind legs and slam down on the puddle. After a bit of damage its rider will
be dislodged and the Mutticus will become more wild, it will no longer spit and
will instead dart around clawing at the air, to avoid it circle around rather
than trying to walk out of range as it has a larger reach than it looks.

Kill all the other enemies that also spawn and the Monster Gate will open. You
could also have thrown the boulders at the buildings at either end of the area.

  | [021211]      Crystalsong Mines      [021211] |

Go forwards and talk to the Mohawk Cyclops, Quick Draw, he actually just wants
to play a game of Skystones with you. A Giant can skip this and just smash
through the wall to your left though. Blaster Troll, 3 Jawbreaker, D. Riveter
4. You win the D. Riveter 4.

Take the key and unlock the gate next to the entrance to the area, there's a
bomb behind there that you can throw at the wall next to Quick Draw. Past the
Enfuego Chompies there's a tiny Tech zone.

  | [021212]      Razor Box      [021212] |

Cross the saws and you'll get the Winged Sapphire.

Carry on left and you'll get to a fight with a load of Armored Mohawks. Once
you've killed all of them a pair of Slobbering Mutticuses will arrive.

A regular Skylander will need to take the bomb outside with them, a Giant can
ignore it. Chuck the bomb north but do not go into the cave just yet. Instead
go south onto the chimney of the building where you met Auric before.

  | [021213]      Trappe Hut      [021213] |

Now that you're on the other side of the hut you can pick up the Legendary
Treasure "Eagle Masthead". Use the teleporter at the fireplace to get back out
again, you can talk to Auric if you like.

  | [021214]      Under Mountain Mechanogear      [021214] |

Cross the saws and bounce up to a Molekin, on the right is another Tech zone.

 | The Mechinarium                                                           |
 | This area has vertical saws and rotating floors, cross over the first set |
 | and bounce up to the next lot. After the third rotating plate here you    |
 | need to go to the right and push a block out of the way. Behind there is  |
 | the Present that you're looking for, the hat is a Trucker Hat.            |
 |                                                                           |
 | All there is left in this zone is a gem and the teleporter out of it.     |

Don't drop down the ledge in front of you, instead turn around and go through
the spike traps, drop off the end and at the left end down here you'll find a
Treasure Chest. Bounce back up and go through the spikes again.

Drop down the tiny little ledge that's enough to stop you from going back and
stand on the little glowing button in the block puzzle area. Push the right
block so that it's as far as it'll go. Bounce up onto it and press the button
on the side. Press the new button on the floor and then continue pushing the
blocks into row so you can reach the last button up on the side.

Don't jump off the side just yet, instead push the middle block of the three
off to the left and off the side. Follow it down. Push the stack of two blocks
to the right, go up the ramp and push the top block forwards until it falls
into a hole. You should then be able to reach Tree Rex's Soul Gem "Woodpecker
Pal". Go right and onto the circular lift out of here.

  | [021215]      Mincemeat Mayhem Arena      [021215] |

Time for an Arena Battle, a few sets of different Chompies will start you off
coming from the left and right. After that you'll get a few Grenade Generals
jumping in from over the stands, then a set of Mohawk Cyclopses will attack.
That'll end the first round.

In the second round the edge of the arena will get a sawblade, so avoid that -
however it does hurt enemies too so if you can knock them into it they'll die
instantly. Loads more enemies now, mostly Mohawks and a couple of large
Slobbering Muticuses before the third round kicks in.

In round three the central area becomes a razorsaw: avoid. More Grenade
Generals, Mohawks, Chompies, and a few Blaze Brewers to kill this time.

Attack Pipsqueak briefly and then set your sights on the Shadow Duke. Its
attack is just to slam its sword into the ground in front of it. Easy to avoid
but really quite harmful if you do get hit. Keep attacking him until he dies to
win the arena and finish the level. You can pretty much ignore any other
enemies that appear if you're quick enough.

  | [021216]      Cap'n Flynn's Ship      [021216] |

Brock now has the third and final Battle Arena for you to play, you win a nice
new charm for beating all seven.

Instead of talking to Flynn you need to talk to Barnsy to move on.

 ,--------,               ,------------------------,                ,--------,
| [021300] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 13: The Oracle  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [021300] |
 '--------'               '------------------------'                '--------'

   1. Pass the Oracle's Trials

    * Cleared in Under 05:25
    * Enemy Goal 50
    * All Areas Found 14
          o Trial of Courage: Spiders
          o Trial of Courage: Chompies
          o Octavius' Lair
          o Trial of Heart: Big Fish
          o Trial of Heart: Little Fish
          o Trial of Element: Fire
          o Trial of Element: Water
          o Trial of Valor: Catch
          o Trial of Valor: Princess
          o Trial of Knowledge: Reflection
          o Trial of Knowledge: Puzzle
          o Trial of Strength: Speed
          o Trial of Strength: Power
          o Titan's Digs
    * No Lives Lost

    * Soul Gem
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats 2
    * Treasure Chests 4
    * Story Scroll
    * Winged Sapphire
    * Luck-O-Tron Wheel

You actually have a choice in which path to take through this level, the
choices you make affect what paths there are later on in the level. You can't
double back and do all the paths in one go through the level, you'll have to
come back later to collect everything. Choose whichever path you like and
follow the section below for it:

  | [021301]      Trial of Courage: Spiders      [021301] |

This trial will introduce you to some spider enemies, Spiderlings and
Gargantula. The Spiderlings are like tiny versions of the Enfuego Chompies,
they run up to you and start glowing, they then explode. The pods in the room
are what keeps spawning them, destroy them to stop the Spiderlings from

In the middle of the room is a Gargantula, a massive spider that fires out a
shot of web, if it hits you it'll try to reel you in to do even more damage.
Shake free before you get too close. Keep on attacking it until it finally
dies. On the left side there's also a pair of Jawbreakers to kill.

Once they're all dead the Monster Gates will lower, on the left side you can
pick up the Winged Sapphire. Go through the teleporter to finish this trial.

  | [021302]      Trial of Courage: Chompies      [021302] |

Drop off the left side of the top area to find the Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Wealth.
Bounce up and then take out all of the enemies, the Chompy Bots are the most
dangerous of them obviously. Teleport out at the bottom once you've killed

  | [021303]      Octavius' Lair      [021303] |

Another choice, this time the Trial of Heart. This choice actually makes a
difference to what you get next, Big Fish leads to the trials of Element and
Knowledge, Little Fish leads to the trials of bah and blah.

  | [021304]      Trial of Heart: Big Fish      [021304] |

You're suddenly massive and all the enemies are tiny. Even a Giant will feel
bigger here. Kill the enemies in this first section (the columns here are for
the trophy/achievement) and go north. Make your way through the folding blocks
to another small set of enemies.

Kill them to open up the Monster Gate and continue through some more folding
blocks. After that there's another group of enemies, this time quite tough
ones. The two Gargantulas will make it difficult for you to avoid them both at
the same time. But once you've killed all the other enemies you can circle one
of the spiders while watching the other one prepare to attack, avoid that when
it does and you should be fine.

Cross over another two sets of folding blocks to reach the end, before stepping
into the teleporter you should grab Eye-Brawl's Soul Gem "You'll Shoot Your Eye
Out" on the other side of it.

  | [021305]      Trial of Heart: Little Fish      [021305] |

You're suddenly tiny and all the enemies are massive. Even a Giant will feel
smaller here. On the bottom right corner you'll find the Story Scroll. Kill the
enemies in this first section (the columns here are for the trophy/achievement)
and go north. Make your way through the folding blocks to another set of
enemies, this time with a couple of Jawbreakers.

Go through the Monster Gate and the giant folding blocks to get to another
bunch of enemies with two D. Riveters and a pair of Jawbreakers. Go through
another set of folding blocks before reacing a giant teleporter, stand directly
in the middle to actually use it.

Choosing Big Fish will let you choose the Trial of Element, neither trial has
anything in them to collect so it's really up to you this time.

  | [021306]      Trial of Element: Fire      [021306] |

An Ambush! Two evil Eruptors will attack, these throw fireballs out of their
hands as they walk and erupt a circle of lava when they stop moving. Quite
difficult for melee attackers to get close enough to safely damage them as the
eruption is really fast and they'll do it as soon as they stop. Try to keep
your distance and watch out for those bouncing balls of lava.

There are no collectibles in this trial.

  | [021307]      Trial of Element: Water      [021307] |

An Ambush! Three evil Zaps will attack. These zoom around leaving behind a
trail of movement slowing slime and then fire off zaps of electricity, just
keep circling them and attacking. Once one has gone the other two will fire two
bursts each time, then after the second is down the last one'll fire three

There are no collectibles in this trial.

Choosing Little Fish will instead let you choose the Trial of Valor, the
Princess trial has a collectible in it.

  | [021308]      Trial of Valor: Catch      [021308] |

Run towards the key ahead of you, it'll start moving off and dropping a
fireball behind it every few seconds, avoid that and quickly cut left around
the block, the key should go right and you should be able to immediately grab
it. If you missed it then you'll have to try to cut it off further along but if
you get too far behind you'll get taken back to the start of the area and be
able to try again.

Go forwards, when you get to a point where there's a D. Riveter up on a block
go right. Kill the pair of D. Riveters that jump out at you and carry on up the
slope past some Chompies and one final pair of D. Riveters before getting to
the locked gate and the teleporter out of the trial.

There are no collectibles in this trial.

  | [021309]      Trial of Valor: Princess      [021309] |

Drop down and push the block forwards twice, then push the block on your left
to the left three times before pushing it back into position. Go up the ramp
and over the block, standing on the first block push another block forwards
once and then the right block to the right once. Go around and up the ramp to
the Princess standing at the top, this opens up the exit but first go to the
right and behind the Root Runner is a Treasure Chest.

If you chose the Big Fish trial you now get the Trial of Knowledge. Despite the
lock on the Puzzle trial being a Lock Puzzle you do still use up the key.

  | [021310]      Trial of Knowledge: Reflection      [021310] |

Push the block with a crystal on it on your left up once, then push the block
on the right up once then left once. Go up the ramp and left. On the south side
of the section with two blocks and a crystal you'll find a Treasure Chest.

Push the left block down once and then to the right, push the crystal to the
left and down twice. Push that previous block back to the left and then the
other block up once. Push the crystal to the right four times to complete the
light circuit and open up the exit.

  | [021311]      Trial of Knowledge: Puzzle      [021311] |

The entrance puzzle is Perfect in 3.

Right x 3

Go left and solve the puzzle on the gate there. Perfect in 8.

Left x 4, Right x 4

Grab the key but don't bother opening the locked gate. Instead double back and
go to the right side of where you started. Perfect in 10.

Left, Right x 2, Left, Right, Left x 2, Right, Left x 2

Go forwards past the Root Runners (kill them if you like) and solve another
puzzle. Perfect in 8.

Left x 3, Right x 4, Left

Grab the key and smash open the Treasure Chest. Drop off to the left and use
the two keys on the exit. There are also a couple of other puzzles you skipped,
here are the solutions to those:

First one directly ahead of the entrance, seems to have a lot of leeway for
perfection but the best Perfect I can see is in 3.

Right x 3

Left side of the central area. Perfect in 10.

Right, Left x 2, Right, Left, Right x 3, Left x 2

If you chose the Little Fish trial you now get the Trial of Strength.

  | [021312]      Trial of Strength: Speed      [021312] |

This can be quite damaging if you're not very careful and fast. Go through the
rolling spikes starting off on the left side and moving as the first one rolls
to the right. Quickly get past the first three and then wait a moment for the
other three to simultaneously roll right and let you through. Be quick!

The second set of rolling spikes is even tougher to get through uninjured but
not impossible. Stand on one side and advance forwards as soon as the one
directly in front of you has rolled by, wait in its path for the next one to
get out of your way and quickly step into that gap to avoid the previous one
from hitting you. Repeat until you're past it.

Go right at the block to find a Treasure Chest.

After that carry on forwards and run along the right side as fast as you can.
Hopefully you'll just be able to make it before the last rolling spike gets

If you carry on straight you can play a game of Skystones with Clam-Tron 4000.
He has "Spiderlings 3", 2 "Inhuman Shield", 2 "Arkeyan Bomber". You win an
Arkeyan Bomber Skystone.

Take the right path at the junction you just passed and start going up the
slope, quickly double back at the spiked circles to get them to move inwards,
run past as they make their way back to their default positions.

Keep to the near edge as you go up the ramp with the rolling spikes, until the
end there's no need to cross the stream. So at the end cross that stream and
make your way up to the exit teleporter.

  | [021313]      Trial of Strength: Power      [021313] |

If you have a Giant you can go left through the log blockage and up the ramp.
Don't use the Giant Jump just yet. A non-giant will have to smash through some
brick walls and kill some enemies to get up around to the top of the ramp.

Drop off onto the teleporter on the ledge below, this will take you up onto a
larger ledge to the right. Here you can find a Present with the Umbrella Hat
inside. Push the three blocks off the side and jump down onto them. Push the
last block off to the right. Before going into the teleporter you can go left
into a cave.

  | [021314]      Titan's Digs      [021314] |

Auric is down here.

                         | Crown of Light    | 1200 |
                         | Tiki Hat          | 800  |
                         | Chompy Bot 9000 5 | 1400 |
                         | Lock Puzzle Key   | 500  |
                         | Skystone Cheat    | 500  |
                         | Fairy Dust        | 50   |

The Skystone is really quite good.

Go outside and use the teleporter to finish the trial.

That's the end, choose the Reward of Knowledge to get a Present with a Bowling
Pin Hat inside. Wealth just gives you 500 coins.

On your second go through also choose the Reward of Knowledge, it'll have the
Legendary Treasure "Dragon Roof" inside it.

On further goes through both doors just have 500 gold on the other side so
choose whichever you like.

  | [021315]      Cap'n Flynn's Ship      [021315] |

Talk to Flynn to start the next level.

 ,--------,           ,--------------------------------,            ,--------,
| [021400] |~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 14: Autogyro Adventure  |~-~-~-~-~-| [021400] |
 '--------'           '--------------------------------'            '--------'

   1. Reached the Machine
   2. Unlocked the Gate to Arkus
   3. Escaped the Caverns

    * Cleared in Under 14:50
    * Enemy Goal 40
    * All Areas Found 15
          o The Caverns
          o Forgotten Hollows
          o Hidden Crypt
          o Cold Storage Area Z
          o Neverending Falls
          o Maze of Myth
          o The Source
          o Auric's Hidden Vault
          o Hall of Silence
          o Cold Storage Area A
          o Cold Storage Area B
          o Gear Box
          o The Long Hall
          o The Machine
          o Final Tour of Duty
    * No Lives Lost

    * Soul Gem
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats 2
    * Treasure Chests 4
    * Story Scroll
    * Winged Sapphire
    * Luck-O-Tron Wheel

  | [021401]      The Caverns      [021401] |

Climb into the copter and you'll start flying down the corridor. Avoid the
obstacles and you'll reach a blue door with yellow circles on where you'll go
into Hover Mode. During this mode you can fire, hit the yellow circles until
they smash and the door opens.

In the next short section there are some purple glowing things, these are speed
boosts. If you hold down the firing button you'll speed up, go through several
in a row whilst speeding and you get a bonus to your coin count. Once you get
into Hover Mode again you'll need to shoot the Arkeyan Ultron when it jumps out
from behind the shield, the damage that it does to you isn't all that
significant at the moment but try to avoid it if you're already badly damaged.

Once it's destroyed you'll land on the platform. Out of the autogyro will spew
whatever coin reward you've collected during the journey, pick it up. Then pick
up the large floating circular thing and take it over to the recepticle on the
other side. Once it's in the door will open. Get back into the copter.

Just on the other side of the door is a platform with a blue arrow on it, this
is an optional landing place, land by flying over it if you have an Undead

 | Forgotten Hollows                                                         |
 | Kill all of the little green Trog Pincher enemies and bounce up at the    |
 | far end. At the top is a block puzzle. Push the bottom block left once,   |
 | the middle block up once and the left block left twice. Drop down onto    |
 | that block and go into the cave under there.                              |
 |                                                                           |
 | Hidden Crypt                                                              |
 |                                                                           |
 | Just a Treasure Chest in here.                                            |
 |                                                                           |
 | Drop off and get back up to the blocks again. Enter the large circular    |
 | area to be ambushed by a pair of evil Chop Chops. These attack by jabbing |
 | and then performing a spin attack, they'll break for a moment after that  |
 | so there's your chance to do a bit of damage. Ranged attacks will do best |
 | here.                                                                     |
 |                                                                           |
 | Once the ambush is over a bounce pad will appear. Use it to get up to a   |
 | set of rotating blades, bounce through them and you'll reach the Present  |
 | with the Future Hat inside.                                               |

Get back into the copter.

Opposite a giant robot is the next optional landing spot.

  | [021402]      Cold Storage Area Z      [021402] |

A trio of Arkeyan Duelists are waiting for you in here, these swing their
swords up close and charge from afar, and they do a lot of damage so watch out.
If they smash their sword into the ground and start glowing then you have a
brief moment to attack them, they are becoming invulnerable and if they turn
yellow then they won't be damaged by the next attack, but after that attack
they turn back to normal and you can damage them again. The three of them will
be joined by a Blaze Brewer and an Arkeyan Bomber, kill them all to open up the
Monster Gate.

Another Blaze Brewer is up to the right, kill him then collect the Legendary
Treasure "Propeller Masthead". Turn around and head back to the copter again.

Just to the left you'll spot the very next landing spot, it's a Water zone.

 | Neverending Falls                                                         |
 | Just a Present in here. Open it up for the Bottle Cap Hat.                |

Not far to the next shooting segment. Destroy the little thing that pops out of
the ground and it'll drop a rocket icon, collect that and fire it at the
shield, you can now damage the Arkeyan Ultron so you can land.

  | [021403]      Maze of Myth      [021403] |

The game will introduce you to the Arkeyan Duelist this time, kill the first
one and another two will turn up. Remember not to run directly away from them
if you're close by.

Go right and pull the lever next to the light puzzle. Pull the second lever
five times and wait for the platform to get pulled in. Pick up the item and
head back to where you fought the Duelists. Go left up the ramp and kill a few
little Trog Pinchers, on the left is a hologram of the Weapon Master who you
can play a game of Skystones with.

This board has several elemental icons on it, you can't really do very well
without choosing things to match otherwise you'll just get broken stones. He
has "Arkeyan Bomber", "Armored Chompy", "Boulder Bowler", 2 "Boom Fiend". You a
"Dragonet" Skystone despite the fact he didn't actually use one.

Go right and put the item in the recepticle. Afterwards a Blaze Brewer and two
Arkeyan Bombers will appear to the left, kill them to open up the Monster Gate
and make your way back to the copter.

  | [021404]      The Source      [021404] |

No landing points for a bit, continue onwards until you get to a Hover Mode
section. Shoot the small copters that pop out of the ground to get rockets,
unless you already still have two, and fire them at the forcefields on the
door. Destroy the yellow circles as before to open up the gate.

After the giant robot there's a landing platform on the left.

  | [021405]      Auric's Hidden Vault      [021405] |

There's a Treasure Chest up front, and surprisingly enough Auric is up to the

                       | Robot Repellant Charm | 8000 |
                       | Anvil Hat             | 1200 |
                       | Chompy Bot 9000 6     | 1350 |
                       | Regeneration Power Up | 400  |
                       | Fairy Dust            | 50   |

This charm boosts your damage against robotic enemies, quite useful in this
level and further. The Skystone is really good, one of the best in the game.

There's no more landing spots up until you get to another forced one. Destroy
the forcefields and the Ultron behind them.

  | [021406]      Hall of Silence      [021406] |

Approach the Arkeyan Bomber and it will be joined by an Arkeyan Shield
Juggernaut and another Bomber. Throw the bombs at the Juggernaut. With that
dead go right, up the slope and into a fight with a couple of Duelists. Here's
where their yellow protection helps them as the bomb from the Arkeyan Bomber
won't damage them if they're yellow. Once they're dead go left and pull the
lever four times.

Go right and up to a fight with two Duelists and a Juggernaut, no Bombers
unfortunately. Try leading the Duelists down the steps towards the left so that
the Juggernaut's laser fires over your head and you no longer need to worry
about it. Once they're dead go tackle the Juggernaut.

Go down to the light beams and push the crystal to the left twice. Go pick up
the item and take it back to the recepticle to the right of the lever. As you
head towards the exit a couple of Duelists should suicide against the light
beam crossing the path, all that's left is another Juggernaut. You can just
ignore it and leave if you really want.

Almost immediately to the left is a landing spot.

  | [021407]      Cold Storage Area A      [021407] |

Apart from some jars you'll find the Story Scroll and a Treasure Chest in here.

And on the left again is another landing spot.

  | [021408]      Cold Storage Area B      [021408] |

Bounce up to Jet-Vac's Soul Gem "Eagle-Air Battle Gear".

Nothing else until the required shooting spot.

  | [021409]      Gear Box      [021409] |

Watch out for the Trog Pinchers at the start of this place as they swarm
towards you even during the cutscene bit. Go over to the lever and pull it
seven times. This will bring the Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Power to you. Pull the
lever two more times to point it at a platform in the distance.

Go right and pull the lever up by the large rotating gear. That'll turn it off
and allow the platform with the item on it to be pulled in. Kill a new load of
Trog Pinchers and grab the item, take it up to the right to the recepticle. A
Crystal Golem will appear on the way out, you can just skip him if you're in a

  | [021410]      The Long Hall      [021410] |

A nice long flight with no landing zones. For a trophy/achievement you're going
to want to grab all of the boosts here. You should have them all by the time
you switch to Hover Mode. Shoot the little robots that pop out of the ground to
get rockets to destroy the forcefields on the door so you can destroy the
yellow circles.

Follow the coins through the next room, if you go left instead of right you can
find an extra x2 multiplier. Destroy the shield to vanquish the last Arkeyan

  | [021411]      The Machine      [021411] |

Go up the slope on the left and follow the Arkeyan Bomber into a fight with
three Duelists. A few Blaze Brewers will join in after them, try to keep the
Bombers alive until then to use their bombs. Activate the recepticle on the

Up the next ramp go right through the objects to a teleporter. This will take
you to the last Treasure Chest of the level. Teleport back and drop down to the
block puzzle.

Go to the bottom right side of the blocks and step into the teleporter. Push
the block north of you up once, the block to the left of that one up once, the
block to the left of the bounce pad left once, the block south of the bounce
pad right once, the block south of that down once, and the block to the south
of the teleporter on the left left once. Don't use the teleporter just yet,
instead go around the left side of the blocks and push the top block back in
diagonal to the bounce pad.

Now use the inner teleporter, this will take you up onto the blocks. Cross them
diagonally around to the Winged Sapphire on the south edge. Go to the bounce
pad and jump up to a fight with a Crystal Golem. This will open up the gate on
the right where there's another recepticle to activate.

Now down a slope to a pair of Juggernauts. Kill them to open up a gate to the
final fight. Kill off the Blaze Brewer as quickly as possible and a Juggernaut
will jump in, take him and one final Blaze Brewer out to end this. Activate the
final recepticle and then teleport back to the copter.

  | [021412]      Final Tour of Duty      [021412] |

Do you need to use the speed boosts? Well, yes. As soon as you see the door to
Arkus you're going to need to be boosting to get through it before it closes.

  | [021413]      Cap'n Flynn's Ship      [021413] |

Out on the Crane Deck you can now find the fourth and final Winged Sapphire on
the Dread-Yacht.

 ,--------,           ,--------------------------------,            ,--------,
| [021500] |~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 15: Lost City of Arkus  |~-~-~-~-~-| [021500] |
 '--------'           '--------------------------------'            '--------'

   1. Enter the Palace

    * Cleared in Under 06:40
    * Enemy Goal 55
    * All Areas Found 23
          o The Beginning of the End
          o Elliptical Arena
          o Water Cliff Terrace
          o Hidden Slide Entrance
          o Azure Slide
          o Hazard Path
          o Fractured Ledge
          o A Pit With Possibilities
          o Pit Puzzler
          o Hazard Bridge
          o Turquoise Tomb
          o Inside the Tomb
          o CAUTION: Rolling Hazards Ahead!
          o Hidden Ledge
          o Cannon Fodder
          o Fire Battle
          o Batterson's Stovetop
          o Hazard Despository
          o Upper Arena
          o Downhill Challenge
          o Gate Crasher Battle
          o Treasure Cave
          o Reflection Locking Mechanism
    * No Lives Lost

    * Soul Gem
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats 2
    * Treasure Chests 4
    * Story Scroll
    * Winged Sapphire
    * Luck-O-Tron Wheel

  | [021501]      The Beginning of the End      [021501] |

Your formal introduction to the Trog Wanderer. This guy you should recognise
from the Aerial Attack level, as you do more damage they get smaller and get
faster. They also heal themselves if you stop attacking them. Cross the bridge
and go right with the rolling barrels.

  | [021502]      Elliptical Arena      [021502] |

Intro to the Trogmander, if you kill him then his creation will shrink back
down to the normal Trog Pincher size. After they're all dead grab the bomb and
try to throw it at a wall down to the left, you might accidentally talk to the
Weapon Master hologram but keep trying. Now ignoring that for a moment go into
the Water zone.

  | [021503]      Water Cliff Terrace      [021503] |

Step into the teleporter and then bounce up the waterfall. At the top you'll
find a Present with the Funnel Hat in. Drop off the waterfall to the right down
a long trail of coins.

Cross the rolling barrels and you're back where you fought the Trog Wanderers,
drop off the right to get into the cave you opened up earlier (or use a Giant
to smash it if you didn't).

  | [021504]      Hidden Slide Entrance      [021504] |

Step into the teleporter.

  | [021505]      Azure Slide      [021505] |

Slide down past the spike traps all the way to the Story Scroll. This will drop
you all the way back at the beginning of the level.

Make your way down to where you fought the Trogmander and continue onwwards
through the Monster Gate.

  | [021506]      Hazard Path      [021506] |

Before you drop down if you don't have a Giant then go and pick up that bomb
again, take it (or your Giant) down off the side near the spikes.

  | [021507]      Fractured Ledge      [021507] |

If you don't manage to make it in time there is another nearby bomb that you
can use, throw it from the corner where the barrels roll. Anyway, behind the
wall is Freebot. He wants to play Skystones. "Chompy 2", 4 "Jawbreaker 4". His
Jawbreaker 4 Skystone is now yours.

Bounce back up, avoid the spikes and follow the barrels to the right, then left
at the end before going straight through another line of barrels.

  | [021508]      A Pit With Possibilities      [021508] |

Drop into the hole here.

  | [021509]      Pit Puzzler      [021509] |

Go up the slope on the left and kill the Cyclops pushing the barrels, cross the
spikes to the right corner and kill a second Cyclops. Step on the button at the
end. Now go back through the spikes and pick up the Luck-O-Tron Wheel of

Head out and push the nearest block to the right once. Go left down the barrel
path and push the block with the bounce pad on it north into the hole you were
just down. If you have a Giant just go straight up otherwise take that bomb.

  | [021510]      Hazard Bridge      [021510] |

Grab the key and destroy the wall to your left. A Giant can just smash the
second wall but a regular Skylander will need to go back and get another bomb
so you can reach Chill's Soul Gem "Call the Narwhal!".

Using the key unlock the door on the right on the floor.

  | [021511]      Turquoise Tomb      [021511] |

A new enemy, the Arkeyan Sniper. These guys hide in those yellow circles on the
floor and shoot a powerful sniper at you, you can see their line of sight by
the laser that they use. To attack them simply attack the circle when it's
looking for you and then attack the Sniper himself when he's out of the ground.
He may go back under another circle so go attack him there too.

The other problem here is the vast horde of Trog Wanderers, it can be tough to
keep them all damaged but try to focus on one particular one at a time and you
should get some collateral damage while doing so. Don't stick to the front of
the pack for too long as they'll take a nice powerful swipe at you.

Once they're all dead you can bounce up and talk to Auric.

                       | Napoleon Hat           | 1000 |
                       | Wabbit Ears            | 1200 |
                       | Arkeyan Sniper         | 250  |
                       | Invincibility Power Up | 425  |
                       | Skystone Cheat         | 500  |
                       | Fairy Dust             | 50   |

The Skystone for sale is a good one, it has four spikes on the left although
none elsewhere, you'll need this to take Skystones with three spikes.

And underneath Auric is a Magic zone.

  | [021512]      Inside the Tomb      [021512] |

Push the right block forward three times, then bounce up and cross over it.
Push the block to its left down, drop down next to it and push it south three
times, go around the first block and push that back to where it started.
There's a bounce pad at the top to get up onto the platform to cross over those
two. Push the last block down and grab the Treasure Chest.

The teleporter here will take you back to the beginning of the zone, exit.

  | [021513]      CAUTION: Rolling Hazards Ahead!      [021513] |

Go right up the steps and jump off where the massive barrels fall.

  | [021514]      Hidden Ledge      [021514] |

On your left is the Legendary Treasure "Skull Engine". Bounce back up once
you've got it.

Keeping to the left side once a barrel goes past you should be able to avoid
the second barrel. Then cross the path and head right. Go up the single small
barrel path to kill the Cyclops throwing them, cross the massive barrels to get
to a Fire zone.

 | Cannon Fodder                                                             |
 | Smash through the orange crystals and then fire the cannon. This will     |
 | destroy one block of a large tower. Go right down a curved path but stop  |
 | at the bomb, throw it down at the purple crystal but don't follow it,     |
 | instead drop left following a path of coins and go into the cave beneath. |
 |                                                                           |
 | Fire Battle                                                               |
 |                                                                           |
 | Ambush! Three evil versions of Flameslinger. They'll each fire a single   |
 | flaming arrow that leaves a trail of fire (aka Napalm Tipped Arrows) and  |
 | then a single normal arrow that just goes further. Kill one of them and   |
 | they'll start firing two of those long range arrows. These guys are hard  |
 | to get close to to damage without getting hit so long range characters    |
 | are going to be very useful here.                                         |
 |                                                                           |
 | Once the third one is dead the Monster Gate will open and you'll be able  |
 | to grab the Treasure Chest behind it. Walk forwards to the purple arrow   |
 | to exit.                                                                  |
 |                                                                           |
 | If you didn't blow up the purple crystal with the bomb then bounce back   |
 | up to it and try again. Push the cannon one space to the left and then    |
 | fire it. Drop down to the right and smash through some crystals, instead  |
 | of bouncing up smash through another crystal and drop off the edge.       |
 |                                                                           |
 | Batterson's Stovetop                                                      |
 |                                                                           |
 | And here's the Winged Sapphire. Under the crystals you'll find the bounce |
 | pad to get back up.                                                       |
 |                                                                           |
 | Now bounce up again and go right to a block puzzle. Push the first one    |
 | into position, then the second two spaces out of line, push the remaining |
 | two into line with the first and then get around the second and push it   |
 | into line with the rest. Go up the slope and take the bomb across the     |
 | bridge you've built to throw at a line of purple crystals on the ledge to |
 | the right.                                                                |
 |                                                                           |
 | Bounce up and fire the cannon there. Grab the bomb and throw it at the    |
 | purple crystals ahead. Grab another bomb and drop down to the left, smash |
 | through some orange crystals before throwing the bomb at a purple one.    |
 | There's just some coins behind it, nothing all that important. Anyway, go |
 | around to the last cannon and fire it. Inside the Present is an Atom Hat. |
 | Once you've got that use the teleporter that appears to leave the Fire    |
 | zone.                                                                     |

If you look carefully you should see a hole under where the large barrels are
coming from, jump down there when it's safe to do so.

  | [021515]      Hazard Despository      [021515] |

Watching out for the massive barrels rolling by and the spikes in the middle,
cross over to the Treasure Chest at the other end of the room. Leave the same
way you came in.

Go left past the massive barrels up a slope with bounce pads, you'll want to
use them to leap over the metal barrels that a Cyclops is rolling at you.

  | [021516]      Upper Arena      [021516] |

A fight with some enemies now, first off is a trio of Arkeyan Duelists who are
backed up by an Arkeyan Sniper. Take them all out and another trio of Duelists
will appear. After those a pair of Trogmanders will come in from the ledge
above, if you take out their Trog Pinchers quickly they won't be able to
actually turn them massive. Kill the Trogmanders to finish this fight.

  | [021517]      Downhill Challenge      [021517] |

Go down the slope next to the large ball and stand on the button, this will
lower the block beneath the Roboto-ball to allow you to push it. Push it down
the slope to where there's a couple of Duelists, if you roll it into them it'll
squish 'em. Once they're dead a bounce pad will appear. Bounce down to the
right and go press a button in the corner.

Go up the slope and push the two blocks out of the way so that you can roll the
Roboto-ball further down. Push it right down to the bottom next to the bounce
pad, step on the button again to raise the platform and it will roll further
onwards. If it hasn't quite made it by itself bounce up and give it a little
nudge to destroy the barrier.

  | [021518]      Gate Crasher Battle      [021518] |

Big fight now, kill the large Trog Pinchers and the Trogmander. Once they're
dead two Arkeyan Shield Juggernauts and two Arkeyan Duelists will jump in to
fight you. WIth them dead you just need to kill one more Duelist and a final

A Giant should pick up the boulder in the corner to reveal a teleporter.

  | [021519]      Treasure Cave      [021519] |

Avoid the spikes and open the last Treasure Chest.

  | [021520]      Reflection Locking Mechanism      [021520] |

Go forwards up the slope and then left, watch out for the spikes and push the
crystal here north into the light beam. Further round there's a lever to pull,
pull it four times before pushing the crystal block right once.

Now go back to the front of the palace and go right. If you step on the button
wait and step on it again to raise the block up. Go right over it and push the
right block left and then down. Cross that and push the stack of blocks up and
then left twice. Push the crystal on top down once. After that go stand on the
button to fully open the palace.

  | [021521]      Cap'n Flynn's Ship      [021521] |

Time to prepare for the final level.
 ,--------,         ,-------------------------------------,         ,--------,
| [021600] |~-~-~-~|  Chapter 16: Bringing Order to Kaos!  |~-~-~-~| [021600] |
 '--------'         '-------------------------------------'         '--------'

   1. Destroy the Fist of Arkus
   2. Find the Arkeyan Throne Room

    * Cleared in Under 08:50
    * Enemy Goal 65
    * All Areas Found 15
          o Arc of Faith
          o The Bomb Hole
          o Arkeyan Foyer
          o Secret Alcove
          o The Machinery
          o Observation Platform
          o Arkeyan Well
          o Golem's Retreat
          o Arkeyan Vault
          o Hall of the Ancients
          o Crumbling Vista
          o Magician's Lighthouse
          o Hall of Archives
          o Stone Cutter's Vault
          o The Arkeyan Throne Room
    * No Lives Lost

    * Soul Gem
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats 2
    * Treasure Chests 4
    * Story Scroll
    * Winged Sapphire
    * Luck-O-Tron Wheel

  | [021601]      Arc of Faith      [021601] |

Down the slope hit the button on the right to spawn a Roboto-ball. Knock it
down the curve and quickly bounce up and cut it off at the barrier. Knock it
into the barrier. Go left down a hole at the bottom of the track.

  | [021602]      The Bomb Hole      [021602] |

Kill the Chompies and then head south to the last Winged Sapphire of the game
next to the exit. If you've followed the walkthrough you should now have the
full 40% discount. Go back out.

Head up the slope and spawn another Roboto-ball. Cut it off again and push it
through the gap where the barrier used to be, roll it to the far side where
there's another barrier to smash with it.

  | [021603]      Arkeyan Foyer      [021603] |

Kill the enemies there including a load of Chompies, a few Arkeyan Snipers and
an Arkeyan Shield Juggernaut, if you didn't quite smash the barrier then that
Roboto-ball can be quite handy. Go through into the cave it opened up.

  | [021604]      Secret Alcove      [021604] |

A few Chompies and a Treasure Chest.

Go up the slope to the right through the Monster Gate.

  | [021605]      The Machinery      [021605] |

Step onto the conveyor belt and ride it up to a spot with two dots in the
floor, these will flame out at you so be careful when crossing them. Step on
the button just off the side to lower the first barrier. Continue on past
another fire trap then left and into a spot in the middle with a button and
some food. Press the button.

This lowers the other two barriers on that junction, go straight over past
anothe fire trap and onto a conveyor going in the wrong direction. Keep walking
to another button near the end of it. Go up the slope at the end, then left
past a closed barrier and get inbetween two fire traps. From there use the
bounce pad to jump to a button. This will open up that closed barrier so drop
down and get around to it again.

Bounce over and follow the conveyors down to another button that'll open a
block barrier to the left. Follow the coins along and over some tilting
platforms. Throw the Arkeyan Bomber's bomb back at it and the Arkeyan Jousters.
Kill another group of Jousters to reveal a bounce pad. Ignore the middle one
and use the right one to get down to the right.

  | [021606]      Observation Platform      [021606] |

Here you'll find Flashwing's Soul Gem "Crystal Lighthouse". Go into the cave.

  | [021607]      Arkeyan Well      [021607] |

There's another of those Freebots in here, he'll play Skystones too (no
trophy/achievement though). 3 "Life Spell Punk", 2 "Arkeyan Crackler". Prize
for winning is the Arkeyan Crackler Skystone.

Bounce back up and use the proper bounce pad in the middle. If you now smash
through the objects to the left you can drop down next to an Earth zone.

 | Golem's Retreat                                                           |
 | Kill the Crystal Golem and then using a Giant smash down the wall. If you |
 | don't have a Giant then you can use the Roboto-ball that you're about to  |
 | get and roll it down here to smash the wall. The Present has a            |
 | Scrumshanks Hat.                                                          |

Press the button to open the barrier and bounce back up. Press the switch to
spawn a Roboto-ball, push it left if you need to smash the wall in the Earth
zone otherwise push it right along the moving platforms, ideally towards the
wall so you can push it better at the other end.

After smashing the barrier turn around and get another Roboto-ball, roll it
across to a second barrier on the opposite side of the steps.

  | [021608]      Arkeyan Vault      [021608] |

Behind there is the final Legendary Treasure "Dragon Masthead".

  | [021609]      Hall of the Ancients      [021609] |

Go up the steps and defeat the next set of enemies, first some Jousters and a
Juggernaut and then some Duelists too. Over in the left corner you'll find a
path behind some objects to a cave.

  | [021610]      Crumbling Vista      [021610] |

Kill the Jouster and the Bomber before opening the Treasure Chest.

Outside use the bounce pad that appeared to get up to the right. To the right
up here is a Magic zone.

 | Magician's Lighthouse                                                     |
 | Teleport and bounce up. Go right up the slope and then left up the next   |
 | slope to a lever, pull it fives times to align the light beam off centre. |
 | Go down through that barrier behind you and drop down to a large area     |
 | with a Treasure Chest at the end.                                         |
 |                                                                           |
 | Bounce back up and pull that lever another seven times to line it up      |
 | straight. The other barrier should now be open so go down and through it. |
 | Continue around the corner to an area with some blasters firing at you    |
 | from the ground, push the blocks along as cover and then destroy the      |
 | blaster. Quickly get around and smash the next blaster too. Carry on down |
 | the path pushing and destroying to open up the gate at the end.           |
 |                                                                           |
 | Use the bounce pads to land on the other bounce pads, if you hit a        |
 | teleporter you end up at the bottom of the steps again. Go right past a   |
 | load of spikes to reach the end where you can drop down and open the      |
 | Present to find the Rasta Hat.                                            |
 |                                                                           |
 | Drop off and make your way back to the entrance to teleport out.          |

Step onto the rotating platform when it gets into position and press the button
in the middle to change its direction. Step off to the left.

Use the Arkeyan Bombers' bombs to blow up this Arkeyan Shield Juggernaut, then
cross the revolving platforms behind it to bounce up to the Bombers. Killing
them will create a bounce pad on the central rotating platform. Don't use it
just yet though, isntead go down to the right and kill another Juggernaut,
behind him is a door.

  | [021611]      Hall of Archives      [021611] |

Defeat Freebot 002 in a game of Skystones to unlock the door and find the
Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Health. He has 2 "Grenade General", "Arkeyan Ultron", "D.
Riveter 5", "Axecutioner". You win his Grenade General for winning.

Now use that bounce pad and get to the top of the rotating platforms. Step off
to the right and you'll change the direction as well as lower a block. Step
back on and get past that block.

  | [021612]      Stone Cutter's Vault      [021612] |

Get by the fire traps and through the blade to drop down next to a Crystal
Golem and some Chompies. Use the Bombs to blow up the crystals surrounding the
Golem and also to kill the Bombers themselves. Bounce up and tilt the platform
so that you can reach the Story Scroll on the right.

Now tilt it to get past a blade, then bounce up through some more blades to
reach Auric.

                       | Caesar Hat            | 1800 |
                       | Unicorn Hat           | 2500 |
                       | Wizard Hat            | 2000 |
                       | CONQUERTRON           | 6500 |
                       | Regeneration Power Up | 650  |
                       | Fairy Dust            | 50   |

That's the best Skystone in the entire game, four spikes on each edge will let
you take any other Skystone (other than ones with four too).

To the right you'll find the final Treasure Chest. And to the left is the path
to the final boss fight.

  | [021613]      The Arkeyan Throne Room      [021613] |

Run towards the camera non-stop, ignore any enemies you find and just keep
going until you reach the button. Move towards the teleporter...

Kaos will leave his fist vulnerable to attack, so attack it. Dodge out of the
way once he lifts it up and a red marker appears on the ground. Get back to
hitting it, a group of Jousters and a Juggernaut will be brought in to help
Kaos. Destroy them and Kaos's fist once more.

Kaos will next summon an object that casts those red and blue spells you saw in
the Wilikin Village chapter. Avoid the red and attack the conduit in an attempt
to destroy it. When it sends out a circle of red and an inner circle of blue
make sure to get through the red and gather up the blue ones before it can use
them to heal itself. Keep attacking it and dodging its spells as Kaos and the
other robot fight on.

Once it has been destroyed Kaos will once again start putting his fist too
close to you, attack it again. yet more Arkeyan enemies will turn up, another
load of Jousters and a couple of Juggernauts. If that wasn't enough Kaos will
now start to use his eye lasers too, keep out of the red. Destroy them and keep
hitting the fist.

Kaos will once again recoil and then give you a chance to attack his head,
he'll also bring in some more reinforcement Jousters and Juggernauts. Destroy
them and attack his head until he brings in another magical conduit. Attack
this one the same as the last, all the way to the point where it brings in
loads of blue spells to try to heal. Intercept them as best you can before
finishing it off. Now just focus on the fist to defeat Kaos once again and
finish the game.

  | [021614]      Cap'n Flynn's Ship      [021614] |

The mini-game on the Gun Deck is now unlocked properly and will continue to
cycle through the different levels each time you reenter the area.

The Crane Deck now has a whole load of coins for you as a reward for defeating
Kaos, make sure to use them wisely and definitely use all four Wheels of Wealth
if you can.

 ,--------,              ,---------------------------,              ,--------,
| [021700] |~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 17: Empire of Ice  |~-~-~-~-~-~-| [021700] |
 '--------'              '---------------------------'              '--------'

   1. Destroy the Wall
   2. Find Catapult parts

    * Cleared in Under 10:10
    * Enemy Goal 50
    * All Areas Found 7
          o The Frozen Wastes
          o Ice Crater Lake
          o Maze of Obelisks
          o Altar of Eyes
          o The Sunken Garden
          o The Pits
          o The Winter Wall
    * No Lives Lost

    * Hats 2
    * Treasure Chests 4

  | [021701]      The Frozen Wastes      [021701] |

Haldor will ask for your help getting rid of the Ice Ogres that have invaded
his home, to do that you'll need to collect the pieces to a catapult from all
throughout the level. To start head up to the left and kill the two Frigid

The floor beyond them is slippery, you'll have to get used to it as a lot of
the level is like this. Go up past the frozen cactus to some normal ground and
a few more Frigid Chompies before slipping down the slope going right. At the
bottom you'll see what looks just like a Bag O' Boom to the right, these guys
throw a large snowball at you that rolls along the ground quite slowly.

After killing the Bag O' Boom and the Frigid Chompies in front of him, smash
through a pile of frozen vases and barrels at the bottom of a stone slope on
your left, go up to find an Undead Gate.

 | Ice Crater Lake                                                           |
 | A mini Heroic Challenge awaits you. Your task now is to collect all 20 of |
 | the magic skulls that are dotted about the frozen lake, problem is that   |
 | the lake is sloped and slippery as well as being home to a few large      |
 | snowballs that when nudged will knock you backwards. If you're finding    |
 | you keep missing one over and over then try circling the entire lake to   |
 | give it another go rather than doubling back - you could also use the     |
 | snowballs to help quickly change direction.                               |
 |                                                                           |
 | Once you've got them all you'll be thrown back out and given a Present    |
 | that you can shake open to collect the Santa Hat.                         |

Walk back down the slope and go down onto the slippery ice, head down to a

  | [021702]      Maze of Obelisks      [021702] |

What you've got here is a simple maze, as you can see pretty much all of it
there's not much you can do to get lost, the ice might not help though. In the
bottom left corner is a Treasure Chest, just smash the breakable items blocking
it. Now you're going to need to find the switch that opens the exit. Take the
right-hand path, smash the barrels to continue right, down and around up to the
top right corner where you'll find the small square button that you're looking

Now just exit as there's nothing more in this maze.

Go forwards past that undead ramp from before and kill the Frigid Chompies
standing next to a monster gate. Slip and slide along the ice around some cacti
until you get to another group of Frigid Chompies and an icy version of the
Axecutioner enemy.

  | [021703]      Altar of Eyes      [021703] |

Kill them to open up the monster gate nearby. Slide on through to meet up with
Haldor again. He'll point out a key further on and the lock it's for. Continue
along the ice around to the other side of the altar so you can get up it.
There's a large gang of Frigid Chompies but innstead of going into the stone
enclosure keep on circling around and you'll find a Treasure Chest.

Turn around and enter that enclosure, go up the slope in the centre of it and
pick up the key as well as the odd looking Story Scroll nearby. Kill the Bag O'
Booms that have been throwing snowballs at you before dropping down off the
side to reach the locked gate to the right (pretty much at the base of the
Undead Gate teleporter).

Behind the locked gate is the first of the four pieces of the catapult. Walk
into it then walk forwards off the small ledge towards the broken catapult. Go
left after the conversation down the path. Ignore the purple bomb icon for now,
you don't have access to a bomb just yet. Instead go left at the end where
you'll find a few more Frigid Chompies and a Mohawk Cyclops, behind them is a
small slope down onto an icy section.

  | [021704]      The Sunken Garden      [021704] |

Slide to the left along the ice, avoid the cacti and kill the two Bag O' Booms
standing about. On the left side beneath some breakable items there's a switch
to open a tiny section with a small amount of money in, not particularly earth
shattering. Go down to the right from there, kill a few Frigid Chompies, a Bag
O' Boom and an Axecutioner to open up the monster gate at the end. There is the
second piece of the catapult, step into the teleporter to get sent into a maze.

  | [021705]      The Pits      [021705] |

This maze is made trickier by the introduction of holes. Fall into one and you
get teleported back to the start of the maze. There's nothing to collect in
this one so all you need to do is hit the button in the bottom left corner and
leave via the teleporter at the top. To get there go forwards along the only
safe bit of ice, left at the stone block, up, then left and then up and
immediately left. Down then right should take you to the button. Once you've
pressed the button go left then north, right then up before you fall into the
hole, right at the cactus and then up before the hole again, right at the next
hole then up at the gap.

Another maze, even trickier now as they've removed the stone blocks that may
have helped you out before - it's all just holes and cacti. There are two
things to collect this time, a piece of the catapult and a Present. First you
might as well hit the switch, slide down and go right at the large hole, then
up and right to the Present to get your Cossack Hat.

Turn around and go down, left at the hole, up and around the central hole to go
left and up to the catapult piece. Once you've got that step on the button
north of you and then go to the centre and head north to the teleporter back to

To your right is now a bomb, pick it up and run left down to where you earlier
saw a purple bomb icon. You may need a fast Skylander as a slow one may not
quite reach it in time. Behind the wall down there you'll find a bounce pad
that'll jump you up the pathetically small ledge where you'll find a Treasure

Return to the catapult and pick up another bomb, take it north and blow up the
wall that Haldor showed you.

  | [021706]      The Winter Wall      [021706] |

Walk down the path and smash through the brick wall that's in your way. You
should notice a yellow aiming marker trying to target you, this is actually a
very helpful thing as you can trick it into destroying the blockages ahead.
Stand next to the blockage at the end and the marker will centre on you and
stop, move out of the way and it'll safely only damage the barricade and not
you (although the damage is does do if you're not quick enough is tiny).

Step on through the new gap onto some ice. There's an optional barricade to
trick the target into destroying, you can however just go around it. Kill the
Frigid Chompies and the Axecutioner that's walking about there. Smash the next
barricade in the same manner as before, slide down the slope and defeat another

Down at the very bottom is the wall and an Axecutioner that you'll need to kill
to open up a monster gate north of it. Walk up the slope behind the monster
gate and blow up another barricade, you'll find the final Treasure Chest beyond
a few barrels. Keep on going around the ledge, blow up one more barricade, and
you'll find the final catapult piece.

Getting back is as simple as carrying on in the same direction as you were
before, drop down and follow the path back out of the area to the catapult

Destroying the wall is a simple process, aim for the lowest parts and hit them
again and again - don't bother winding the cannon back at all if you're going
for speed as taking out the bottom takes out the upper parts too. You'll need
to hold the attack button for a second or two to build up enough pull to hit
the dam but not really too long. Dodge the incoming barrels and grab the
incoming food if you're running low on health, but otherwise keep focused on
one section of wall at a time and you'll be done in no time.

 ,--------,               ,-------------------------,               ,--------,
| [021800] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 18: Pirate Seas  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [021800] |
 '--------'               '-------------------------'               '--------'

   1. Defeat the Pirates
   2. Destroy the Island Defenses
   3. Defeat Dreadbeard

    * Cleared in Under 05:35
    * Enemy Goal 63
    * All Areas Found 6
          o The Docks
          o Shipwright's Square
          o Pirate Training Grounds
          o Fountain Square
          o Mayor's Office
          o Coconut Islands
    * No Lives Lost

    * Hats 2
    * Treasure Chests 4

  | [021801]      The Docks      [021801] |

Walk backwards down the dock it immediately pick up the level's Story Scroll.
Go onto land and to the right, there's a small group of red Chompies that'll
attack, these are pretty much the same as the green ones. Once you destroy the
Chompy Pod they're coming from you'll be able to advance through a monster
gate, this will take you to an open area with a new type of enemy, the Seadog

  | [021802]      Shipwright's Square      [021802] |

The Seadog Skippers are much the same as many other enemies, they'll turn
towards you and start their firing animation, this gives you plenty of time to
move out of the way of the cannonball. Once you've killed them and the Chompies
talk to he pirate standing behind the small blue table.

Fangs will introduce you to the sport of Pirate Cards, all you have to do is
find matching pairs. The Anchor Deck is only six cards so it shouldn't take too
long to beat but they give you 55 seconds anyway. The Shipmaster that you free
will tell you where you can find Mayor LeGrand, up at the top of the hill.

Before you go there though go behind the area that the cage is on and towards a
Life Gate.

 | Pirate Training Grounds                                                   |
 | If only you had a key. Go around the circular walled area and up onto a   |
 | small raised platform with two glowing buttons on it. You might as well   |
 | just stand on both of them, this will raise up the blocks on the left and |
 | right, drop down and push the moveable block left once, then down twice.  |
 | Walk around and then up the steps again to use the blocks as a bridge to  |
 | another button which you should now stand on.                             |
 |                                                                           |
 | Jump back down and push the block up twice and right three times, then    |
 | push it down twice. Again go back around and press the button up on the   |
 | platform there. Push the block in-between the newly raised pair to go     |
 | north. Bounce up twice and walk forwards.                                 |
 |                                                                           |
 | Use the bounce pad in the middle of the spikes to bounce up to the right, |
 | keep bouncing along until you get to the end where there's a Treasure     |
 | Chest and a bomb. There's also a button here you might want to press,     |
 | it's not really necessary. Anyway bounce up to the bomb and grab it, now  |
 | bounce back along to the left hopefully with just enough time to throw    |
 | the bomb at the wall. Grab the key and step into the teleporter.          |
 |                                                                           |
 | Now it's a simple case of going up to the Present and collecting your     |
 | Pirate Hat.                                                               |

Return to where you played Pirate Cards and go down to the south keeping to the
left, you should pass by a Present on the right, you'll have to wait a bit
before reaching that. Right before the next monster gate is a lone Seadog
Pirate, these guys simply attack with a sword in a jabbing motion.

Through the gate and you'll meet a Captain K9, a large enemy that smacks the
ground with an anchor. Once you've killed him and the rest of his gang behind
him proceed towards the far left where you'll spot a turret sitting there. Hop
in. Shoot the ship enough and you'll be thrown out to open a Treasure Chest
that appears.

  | [021803]      Fountain Square      [021803] |

Follow the path along until you reach a fountain in the middle, head south of
that to a bounce pad. Use the bounce pad to jump all the way back across to the
Present and Treasure Chest you passed by earlier. The Pirate Doo Rag is yours.
Return to the fountain and continue on along the path, kill the ambush of
enemies that are standing near a closed drawbridge.

Go up the slope on the left.

  | [021804]      Mayor's Office      [021804] |

There's a whole host of enemies up here including a Life Spell Punk to heal
them up a bit. Once you've killed them all go talk to the pirate standing next
to a table. Bandit's Cannon Deck ups the game by having nine cards on the
table. How you do match nine cards into pairs? Well one of them is a Wild Card
which when flipped will take both of the other card you flip off the table.
Leaving you with a nice even number left to complete in 1 minute. The game will
also introduce cards that extend your time limit, they'll simply say +8 or some
other number and that amount of seconds will be added onto your time when you
match the pair.

Once you've beaten that go back down the slope to the drawbridge you saw
earlier, it's now occupied by a pirate named Chance who has a Pirate Curse
Deck. The Pirate Curse Deck has twelve cards in it, including a brand new pair
the Pirate Curse. If you match the Pirate Curse the entire deck will shuffle
around causing you to lose track of the position of cards you've previously
turned over. Because of that and due to the fact that it doesn't even count as
one of the pairs needed for completion, try and save them for last.

  | [021805]      Coconut Islands      [021805] |

Crossover the drawbridge and go left towards a couple of Seadog Skippers and a
couple of Chompy Pods. Guarding the bridge on the right is yet another pirate,
this one, going by the name of Woof, has the Mermaid Deck. Fifteen cards this
time, that means there's a Wild Card in there along with the Pirate Curse
cards. There's also a Peekyboo pair, if you get them both the game will show
you each card in the entire deck one by one. Very useful but obviously it can
be tough remembering them all from that showing if there are a lot left on the

Cross the bridge and destroy the Chompy Pod, and before you know it you'll be
playing another deck. Doggerts' deck is the Lookout Deck, there's nothing new
this time just more cards. Eighteen of them to be precise.

There's a whole line of enemies up ahead, smash your way through them and then,
if you've got a Skylander that can go over water, cross the water on the left
and go north under a grassy bridge where you'll find the level's final Treasure
Chest. Return to land and walk up the slopes, kill the enemies up there and
cross that same grassy bridge going left.

Dreadbeard has a game for you. Pirate Cards! The Skull Deck is made of 21 cards
and you get two minutes to beat it.

Circle the island firing at the towers and the ships, every two towers you
destroy a new cannon will appear and start firing at you up to three. There's
not much you need to worry about, it's only if you're sitting still for too
long that you're likely to actually get anywhere near being destroyed. Remember
that you can immediately turn around and go back if you miss fully destroying a
tower, no need to circle the entire thing again.

Once you've finished off the towers and the ships you'll have to play one last
game of Pirate Cards with Dreadbeard. The Poop Deck. There are 24 cards in this
one and you're given 2:10 to finish it. With only 10 pairs needed there are two
Wild Cards in there as well as the Pirate Curse pair. You've also got a new
card, the Remove Curse card, if you match them the Pirate Curse cards will be
removed from the table.

 ,--------,             ,-----------------------------,             ,--------,
| [021900] |~-~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 19: Darklight Crypt  |~-~-~-~-~-~| [021900] |
 '--------'             '-----------------------------'             '--------'

   1. Find the Undead Customer
   2. Find and defeat Occulous
   3. Talk to Gallant

    * Cleared in Under 12:30
    * Enemy Goal 75
    * All Areas Found 11
          o Haunted Courtyard
          o The Dark Labyrinth
          o Forest Walk
          o The Parapets
          o Haunted Village
          o Coffin House
          o Haunted Inn
          o Ghostly Abode
          o Hedge Maze
          o Beyond the Maze
          o Hidden Nook
    * No Lives Lost

    * Hats 2
    * Treasure Chests 4

  | [021901]      Haunted Courtyard      [021901] |

The game will introduce you to the level's unique mechanic, switching between
the Real World and the Ghost World. This will be used extensively throughout
the level to solve all of the obstacle puzzles.

You start off in the real world but there's nothing you can do really so go
straight over to the Spectral Shifting Platform and switch to the Ghost World.
If you didn't destroy the red flowers while in the Real World you'll see the
Trog Pinchers. Note that you only get experience from killing an enemy if
they're alive at the time, so destroying the flowers in the Real World will net
you nothing, not even Enemy Goal credit.

In the Ghost World the big door is wide open, go through it and kill a few more
Trog Pinchers that approach. Continue forwards, past a couple of coins floating
in the air on the left, to a bend in the path where you meet Occulous. Carry on
along to the right where you can drop down next to a moveable block.

Push the block two spaces north into the gap. There's a Shadow Duke here, in
the Real World it's a harmless suit of armor, but obviously that's no use to
you so kill him here in the Ghost World before switchinf to the Real World with
the Shifting Platform next to him.

The blocks that were blocking your way to the right are now hanging in the air,
run quickly underneath them or they'll squish you. If you go past the Shifting
Platform and follow the path down to the right you'll find the Story Scroll.
Once you've got that head back up to the row of blocks again.

Switch into the Ghost World and kill the Shadow Dukes (unless you smashed the
armor in the real world of course) Go left and up the steps, cross over the
stone blocks and go north towards a large open gate, ignore the gate though and
continue going left, you should walk over the block you pushed into position
earlier now. At the end of the path you'll find a translucent chest, a sign
that you need to be in the Real World, luckily there's a Shifting Platform
right next to you. Shake open that Treasure Chest and then switch back into the
Ghost World. Go back along the path you just came from and go through that
large door you ignored.

There's a Shadow Duke there as well as a new variety of lock puzzle. Instead of
just the green Lockmaster Imp you have to contend with a red fiery imp too. It
acts just like the green one and will fall as you'd expect when you rotate the
puzzle but it doesn't unlock things and if the green imp crosses paths with it
you have to start over. Perfect in 8.

Left x 3, Right x 5

  | [021902]      The Dark Labyrinth      [021902] |

On the other side of the gate is a load of Trog Pinchers and a few Shadow
Dukes. Go down the steps past a dead tree and through an open gate to a
Shifting Platform, go into the Real World. The open gate you just went through
is now a locked gate and you can now push the blocks to the south. Push the
first one down once and then the one to the left left twice. Go through the gap
and then push the next block left three times. The block north of your position
should be pushed up three times to get to a bounce pad. Bounce up onto the
blocks and go left, go up the steps and push the block at the top off, this
will open up a Fire Gate.

 | Forest Walk                                                               |
 | For some reason it's gone dark here, kill the Chompies and the Chompy     |
 | Pods spawning them, walk along the corridor until you get to a couple of  |
 | blocks that vanish when you bump into them. Just beyond them is a button  |
 | to stand on, a little further than that is a Bark Demon. These are large  |
 | enemies that look like dead trees in the real world. There's a block in   |
 | the wall on the south side a couple before the end that does the same. On |
 | the other side of it is another Bark Demon. On the southern edge of the   |
 | room is a single pushable block, push it down twice and then left off the |
 | edge twice.                                                               |
 |                                                                           |
 | Push the block to your right in so that you can get into the room behind  |
 | it, kill the Chompies and the Chompy Pod before pushing the block back    |
 | out and then to the left over the blocks below. Step onto the button,     |
 | although you won't actually be able to see it thanks to the darkness it   |
 | does open up another part of the gate in the middle.                      |
 |                                                                           |
 | Return to the central area and brush against the northern wall, just to   |
 | the right of the button you should find a block that vanishes. Kill the   |
 | Chompies and the two Chompy Pods in here, to the left is a Treasure       |
 | Chest. Along the right wall in the corner is another block that vanishes, |
 | push the block behind it down once and then right three times so that it  |
 | falls in a hole. Stand on the button to finish opening the middle gates.  |
 | Kill the Bark Demons and claim the Present with the Chef Hat inside.      |
 |                                                                           |
 | To exit just walk back down the main corridor and teleport out.           |

Collect the key and go back down the steps, push the block right twice to get
back to the bounce pad which you can now use to get up onto the blocks again
and this time go right, unlock the door and you'll go through to where there
are some Bark Demons in place of the dead trees.

  | [021903]      The Parapets      [021903] |

Head right along a brick path underneath some hanging blocks, these will lower
as you pass so keep on moving until you get out the other end onto a bit of
grass. Kill the Bark Demons, the Chompies and the Chompy Pods to open up the
Monster Gate behind which you'll see a row of blocks lowering and raising all
by themselves. Spooky!

Ideally you'd run through when they all move together but you can go through
bit by bit waiting for the next in line to rise up. At the end there's a closed
gate, go up the steps and on top of those very same blocks all the way back
along them to a Shifting Platform. Go along the blocks and through the now open
gate where you'll immediately want to go back to the Real World using the
Shifting Platform to the south.

There's another (shorter) line of green blocks to get through but once you've
done so climb up the steps to a cannon, fire it at the moving blocks, ideally
when they're all in a single line. Go back to that last Shifting Platform and
reenter the Ghost World. In the Ghost World walk over the smashed blocks and
approach the Lock Puzzle to the north. Perfect in 6.

Left x 2, Right, Left, Right, Left

  | [021904]      Haunted Village      [021904] |

Step into the first house.

  | [021905]      Coffin House      [021905] |

Kill the Trog Pinchers in here, there's not much else other than Lugubrious and
some coffins to smash. Go outside.

After speaking to Gallant walk forwards and up to another Lock Puzzle, this
one's optional though as behind it all you'll find is a few coins. Perfect in
18, just make sure to wait for the red imp to finish moving each time.

Left x 2, Right, Left x 5, Right, Left x 2, Right, Left x 2, Right x 4

Go inside the house to the left of Gallant, the one near to Arcane.

  | [021906]      Haunted Inn      [021906] |

Use the Shifting Platform at the far side of the room to get into the Real
World. Go back outside and kill the Stump Demons that have come alive out here,
once they're dead go back in and go back to the Ghost World. You should find
that the dead trees that were blocking your way in the Ghost World are now

While in the Ghost World go into the final house beyond those now gone trees.

  | [021907]      Ghostly Abode      [021907] |

There's a Lock Puzzle in there that'll let you access a Treasure Chest. To open
the lock you need to be in the Ghost World but to open the chest itself you
need to be in the Real World so go back out and to that previous house to
switch again once you've solved it. Perfect in 20.

Left x 7, Right x 3, Left, Right x 6, Left x 2, Right

  | [021908]      Hedge Maze      [021908] |

In the Real World go down the long path out of the village and down into the
maze, push the right-hand block forward twice to get around it. Next to the
locked gate ahead you'll see another moveable block, push it left twice to get
past and into a hedge lined path with a Chompy Pod in the way, kill that and
the next before winding your way up to a teleporter at the bottom of the
Lighthouse, it'll take you up to a key. Teleport back down and go off to that
locked gate you passed by near the blocks.

Use the Shifting Platform on the other side and go north to some Haunted
Knights, to the left of them is a block you can push. Push it up once and then
work your way around by going right and through an open gate, kill the Haunted
Knights that attack. Push that block left twice and then down twice so that it
drops into a hole. Go back to the previous Shifting Platform to return to the
Real World and go through the gap you just created, if you go left at the point
where you pushed the block into the hole you'll find the last Treasure Chest
next to a Bark Demon. Cross over the block to kill a Stump Demon and grab the
first key.

Again return to the Shifting Platform and enter the Ghost World. Head back out
of the gate you just unlocked and then to the right through the open gate (in
the Ghost World). There's a few more Haunted Knights in here as well as a
teleporter that you can't use in the Ghost World, so use the Shifting Platform
that's also in here to return to the Real World.

Kill that Bark Demon that springs to life and then use the teleporter. This
will take you over to some steps, go down them and kill the two Bark Demons
that you find, you'll also find the second of the three keys. Down from there
you'll see a block that you can push to the left, push it twice and you'll find
yourself near the triple locked gate. Go left and grab the key floating next to
it. Open that gate.

  | [021909]      Beyond the Maze      [021909] |

A simple process, just approach the green things and they'll move out of the
way. Keep heading forwards all the way to the boss (ignore the middle bit for
now). If some of them fail to open then turn around and keep trying, walking
slowly towards them to try to trigger them to open. It should eventually open
and let you through.

Go left and use the Shifting Platform next to the ghost to enter the Ghost
World. Gallant will tell you how to damage Occulous. Simply run around the
arena to the purple pole thing and rotate it. This will pull Occulous fully
into the Real World where you can use the cannons on him now. He'll unleash a
few Bark Demons on you and start an attack that slowly circles the area. Once
he stops firing you should go back to the Shifting Platform and repeat this
process for a total of three cannon blasts.

  | [021910]      Hidden Nook      [021910] |

Don't talk to Gallant right away, instead go to the right to where you first
entered the boss area, you should find a bounce pad on the ground that'll let
you get back up to the path where those green blocks were, some of them are
gone now and in the middle you can now walk off to the right and pick up a
present with a Pumpkin Hat inside. That's it for the level, go back and talk to
Gallant to finish it off. Batterson's promise of pies actually works this time,
levels will now have extra food in them.

 ,--------,              ,---------------------------,              ,--------,
| [022000] |~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 20: Dragon's Peak  |~-~-~-~-~-~-| [022000] |
 '--------'              '---------------------------'              '--------'

   1. Find the Dragon's Throne
   2. Defeat Vathek's henchmen

    * Cleared in Under 10:35
    * Enemy Goal 79
    * All Areas Found 8
          o Skylands
          o Crystal Falls
          o Obstacle Course (Air)
          o The Library
          o Dragon Cliffs
          o Sunburn's Rest
          o Path of Challenges
          o Elder Dragon Throne
    * No Lives Lost

    * Hats 2
    * Treasure Chests 4

  | [022001]      Skylands      [022001] |

Walk down the steps towards the first few enemies of the level, these are just
those Chompies you've grown to love. Roll through and kill them and their
Chompy Pods. Bounce up to kill a few more Chompies and an Arkeyan Jouster

After killing the Jouster and the Chompies you'll meet Ramses who'll tell you
how you're going to progress through the level; by flying on Flavius's back. Go
over to the Dragon Horn to hop aboard for your first flying sequence. These
don't really get any more complicated, all you need to do is move to avoid the
large stationary boulders and to fire at the Sky Mines as you fly towards them.
Gather the gems if you want but it's not really worth much coin to do so.

  | [022002]      Crystal Falls      [022002] |

Head over the shallow water to the left to find the Story Scroll. You don't
need any kind of water or flying Skylander to reach it. Kill the Chompies and
the Chompy Pod whilst avoiding the Boom Fiends, these new enemies you can just
knock back a little and they'll start exploding. Once they're all dead the
Monster Gate will open to let you reach another Dragon Horn.

The next platform is home to your first meeting with the Dragonets, these blue
insects fire a fireball at you that you'll want to avoid - also avoid the
remains of the fireballs that sit burning on the floor. There's also a Boom
Fiend along to help try to kill your Skylanders. On the left is an Air Gate.

 | Obstacle Course                                                           |
 | Exactly what the name suggests. Go to the left up onto a bounce pad, then |
 | up the slope to the right over some spikes and down off the end. There    |
 | should be a bomb just there, pick it up and run north to the bounce pad   |
 | which you'll need to use to go up onto the walkway to the north, down     |
 | diagonally left over a bounce pad onto another walkway with some spikes   |
 | to where you can throw the bomb up north. Watch out for the dragon heads  |
 | there though as they blast a stream of fire at set intervals, just wait   |
 | for them to stop (although no need to wait to throw the bomb) before      |
 | walking past and picking up the key from behind the smashed wall.         |
 |                                                                           |
 | After you've got the key stand on the button to the left of the bounce    |
 | pad on this section, this will lower some blocks. Bounce to the right and |
 | then go up the slope to get to an area with dragon heads along the path,  |
 | get past them to the locked gate behind which is a Present with the       |
 | Winged Hat inside.                                                        |
 |                                                                           |
 | Leave via the teleporter that brought you in back at the start of the     |
 | obstacle course.                                                          |

Go north over the shallow river to a bounce pad, on the next platform you will
want to go left off the edge to another bounce pad, this will take you high up
to a small platform with a dragon horn on it. After the uneventful flying
section you'll reach a slightly larger platform with some Chompies on it.

  | [022003]      The Library      [022003] |

Kill them all and a bounce pad will appear. This one requires a bit of timing,
watch the rotating platform above so that you land on the bounce pad side of it
rather than the spiky side. This will take you up to a dragon horn that takes
you right back to where you just came from.

Drop off the right to get into a fight with an Arkeyan Jouster and a few
Dragonets. Killing these will open up a Monster Gate and allow you to access a
Dragon Horn.

  | [022004]      Dragon Cliffs      [022004] |

Walk past the first set of fiery dragon heads and head right, you'll be going
through a whole load of them now, the last of them being in a large circle -
avoid these by waiting for them to turn off as with the rest of them. Past them
you'll get to a grassy section with some Chompies, use the bounce pad here to
get onto the rotating bounce pad and up above.
First go onto the near side and use the Dragon Horn there.

  | [022005]      Sunburn's Rest      [022005] |

The area you reach simply has a few Dragonets and a Treasure Chest. Use the
dragon horn.

Get back up and go to the left side this time, use the bounce pad on the near
platform if you landed there, and make your way around to where there's a
couple of Boom Fiends standing by a Monster Gate. Avoid their explosions and as
you approach the gate you should notice on the left a bounce pad, use that to
get up onto the ledge to the left where you'll find a Treasure Chest.

Now you may want to go north and kill the two Jousters and a couple of
Dragonets standing by the gate and use the Dragon Horn.

  | [022006]      Path of Challenges      [022006] |

Go right down the path behind it, you'll find a Treasure Chest and an Arkeyan
Jouster guarding it. Turn around and go the other way through a couple of sets
of dragon heads before reaching a circle of them, a circle that just so happens
to be spinning. Just wait for them all to turn off before crossing it and
you'll be fine.

Walk past some more heads along the next bit of path, watching not to get too
close as they do slightly move side to side. At the end is a spinning circle
with a bounce pad on it, use the pad when it's next to the columns on the far
side, that should let you bounce up onto the platform above.

Kill a couple of Dragonets and then proceed onto another spinning circle, get
between the two dragon heads to use the bounce pad. The next one has a few more
dragon heads on it, bounce up from the left side. Try not to move too far to
the left as you jump upwards though as the next on will be firing too and you
only need to stay on the righthand side to step onto the teleporter.

  | [022007]      Elder Dragon Throne      [022007] |

Walk forwards to the grassy section and get fighting, there's just a few
Chompies and a few Arkeyan Jousters in this bit, walk over to the sides nearest
them if they don't jump down. Once you've killed them all you'll get another
bit of a talking to and a bounce pad will appear. Use it to jump up to the
right, ignoring the rotating bounce pad platform for the moment. On the right
side you'll find the fourth and final Treasure Chest.

Drop back off and then use the pad to get up the rotating platforms to a
Present just off to the left, beneath the start of the throne section. Inside
is the Royal Crown. Again drop off and this time use the platforms to reach the
throne area to get into the final fight against Vathek's minions.

Keep on fighting until all the enemies are dead to finish the level, ending
with a ton of Chompies.

|~-[030000]~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-HEROIC CHALLENGES~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-[030000]-~|

There is one Heroic Challenge for each Skylander. The different versions of
each character unlock the same challenge, so, for example, Dark Spyro will
unlock the same challenge as Spyro and Legendary Spyro.

The individual stat increases are as follows:

    * Speed +4
    * Armor +5
    * Crit +5
    * Elemental +5

And here is a table listing the challenges with the character that unlocks them
and the type of reward.

   | 1  | Chompy Chomp-Down         | Auric Chapter 10 (5000)  | Elemental |
   | 2  | This Bomb's for You       | Auric Chapter 8 (10000)  | Crit      |
   | 5  | Lair of the Giant Spiders | Prism Break              | Crit      |
   | 10 | Dungeoness Creeps         | Chop Chop                | Elemental |
   | 11 | Mining is the Key         | Ignitor                  | Speed     |
   | 15 | Save the Purple Chompies! | Drobot                   | Speed     |
   | 16 | Spawner Cave              | Terrafin                 | Crit      |
   | 17 | Arachnid Antechamber      | Default                  | Speed     |
   | 18 | Hobson's Choice           | Trigger Happy            | Crit      |
   | 19 | Isle of the Automatons    | Eruptor                  | Elemental |
   | 22 | Lobs O' Fun               | Whirlwind                | Elemental |
   | 24 | Charm Hunt                | Auric Chapter 4 (3000)   | Crit      |
   | 25 | Flip the Script           | Auric Dread-Yacht (1000) | Speed     |
   | 31 | Chemical Cleanup          | Slam Bam                 | Elemental |
   |    | S.A.B.R.I.N.A.            | Tree Rex                 | Speed     |
   |    | The Sky is Falling        | Pop Fizz                 | Crit      |
   |    | Nort's Winter Classic     | Jet-Vac                  | Armor     |
   |    | Baking with Batterson     | Shroomboom               | Armor     |
   |    | Blobber's Folly           | Bouncer                  | Elemental |
   |    | Delivery Day              | Fright Rider             | Speed     |
   |    | Give a Hoot               | Crusher                  | Speed     |
   |    | Shepherd's Pie            | Zook                     | Speed     |
   |    | The Great Pancake Slalom  | Chill                    | Speed     |
   |    | Shoot First, Shoot Later  | Swarm                    | Crit      |

|~-[040000]~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-[040000]-~|

      Q: What do the stats on the Trading Cards mean?

A: The stats on the cards do not correspond to any of the in-game statistics
but this is what the icons mean:

    * The fist is Attack.
    * The shield is Defense.
    * The running figure is Agility.
    * The clover is Luck.

      Q: The Heroic Challenges aren't staying unlocked, what's wrong?

A: The Skylander must be in your collection to unlock their heroic challenge,
to do this you must claim ownership of the Skylander. Go to your Skylander's
Info Menu, select the Manage option and then select Ownership.

      Q: Do the Adventure Packs make up any of the percentage complete

A: No, the Adventure Packs are purely extras and do not contribute to you
completion percentage.

      Q: Do the Heroic Challenges add any percent complete?

A: No, the Heroic Challenges, while useful in improving your characters, are
not required for 100% completion.

      Q: So just the elemental gates?

A: Yes, getting 3 Stars in each of the 16 main levels will get you 100%
completion. Each star is worth just over 2.08%.

      Q: But what about the accolades!?

A: No, the accolades do not have any part in the percentage.

      Q: Do the Legendary Skylanders unlock their own Heroic Challenges?

A: They unlock the same Heroic Challenge as their normal counterparts. The same
applies to characters like Punch Pop Fizz and Gnarly Tree Rex.

      Q: Where do I find the entrances to the Adventure Pack levels?

A: You need to use the Chapter Select to access the Adventure Packs.

      Q: My Portal of Power / Skylander isn't working! What do I do?

A: You will probably need to contact Activision Support through one of the
following channels:

Activision Customer Service:





      1-800-225-6588 (U.S. & Canada) Seven days a week from 7am - 7pm Pacific
      Time except for national holidays.

Self Service Warranty Site:


Check the Customer Service page of your manual for local information.


      v1.0 - 31/10/12
      Completed the walkthrough.

      v0.5 - 25/10/12
      Halfway through the walkthrough.


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