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by Malduke

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Guide and Walkthrough by Malduke

Version: 1.4.0 | Updated: 04/15/2013


Welcome and thanks for reading my guide for Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk. Like the Arland series, Atelier Ayesha is a game that is focused on item synthesis and time management. There is a time limit of three years and the game will automatically end once it is reached. This is actually quite a lot of time and you will be able to achieve all endings and still have time to explore and play around with alchemy.

Getting the platinum trophy is possible in a single a playthrough, but there are a couple missable events that could prevent you from doing so. One is the treasure contest that is held twice a year during months six and seven and again during months twelve and one. You need to win all six for an ending. The other missable event involves the character Keithgriff Hazeldine. After he joins, you must complete his series of events before fighting the final boss. Other than that, you shouldn't worry too much about missing anything.

The Walkthrough was written to get you through the main quest of the game in a short amount of time. I would say the main quest was designed to be completed in about two years, but the guide will allow you to complete it within 17 months. Thus, the dates listed do not need to be followed and are only a reference. If you do not wish to use the walkthrough, you can refer to the Characters and Events section to find out where you may be with respect to a character's storyline.

Exploration System

There are three types of areas in Atelier Ayesha: towns and workshops that you can safely explore, monster-filled areas full of raw alchemy ingredients and the world map that connects everything together. While in a town, you can speak with local residents, buy and sell items at stores and discover story related events. Alchemy workshops will allow you to perform item synthesis, write memories in a diary and access a journal to rest or save your game.

Leaving town will lead you to the world map where you can travel to other areas of the world. New areas will appear as you progress with the story and you can also find traveling merchants to purchase items from. Saving your game is also possible on the world map. While walking on the world map, HP and MP will recover slightly.

Visiting dangerous areas will allow you to gather ingredients for alchemy and battle monsters for experience and loot. Most areas are only a single screen, but some larger dungeons are comprised of multiple screens. You can see areas that are interconnected on the world map via dotted lines.

Calendar System

Similar to the previous PS3 Atelier games, Atelier Ayesha takes place over a period of three years, where each year consists of twelve months and each month consists of thirty days. The game starts on Year 1, Month 4, Day 1 and the final playable date is Year 3, Month 3, Day 30 (The year counter increments on Month 4, Day 1).

Several different actions will cause time to flow. First, traveling between areas on the world map and item synthesis via alchemy can cause several days to fly by. Second, when exploring areas outside of towns, gathering alchemy ingredients and battling monsters will take time, but at a slower rate. While exploring, each day is made up of ten units of time. Harvesting ingredients for alchemy uses two units for each attempt and a battle will use one unit, but only if Ayesha gets a turn. Any left-over units of time are lost when you leave the area.

Although the game automatically ends once you reach Year 4, three years is plenty of time for exploration, battles and alchemy. The platinum trophy is achievable in a single playthrough and I had additional time to unlock all effects for almost all items plus create Ultimate Equipment for all characters.

Notebook System

Ayesha will keep a notebook that records Goals, Tasks and a Log of completed goals. Important story-related goals will be marked with stars and should be your main guide throughout the game. Other notable goals are labeled (Search), (Travel), (Info) or (Alt).

(Travel) goals involve defeating all or a certain number of enemies as well as gathering a number of times. Completing these is necessary for some areas to open up new ones. (Search) goals are the same as (Travel) except they do not open up new areas. (Info) goals cause a new and usually powerful monster to appear in an area, while (Alt) goals do the same but allow new ingredients to be harvested as well. These enemies will respawn so you can farm them for rare items.

The date indicator in the upper right corner of the screen also has a vine graphic around it. The vine will grow flowers as you gain memory points and complete tasks and will have a large red rose once all tasks are complete. Some tasks you may need to go out of your way to complete include fulfilling all Requests, synthesizing every item, collecting all flyers and the Nearby Forest (Search) goal.

Memory Diary System

Various actions including completing tasks, requests, synthesis and even speaking to people can grant memory points. These points can then be used to write memories into a diary at any of your workshops.

Diary entries must first be obtained by completing story events, then they can be written into the diary for an additional bonus. Most of the bonuses are stat increases for Ayesha, but some are alchemy recipes or other effects such as equal experience for characters not in battle or additional items from syntheses.

Requests will be a constant source of memory points, but tasks later in the game will also provide a good amount as well. Keep up with requests and pick up any flyer you come across and you shouldn't have to worry about points very much.

Shop System

There are various shops in this game and they each have a unique inventory of items to sell. Party members also have their own shops but are only available during the Bazaar event held on the 10th through the 19th of every month. Some shops also allow you to register specific categories of items that they will then be able to sell back to you. Since shops restock their items every 1st, 11th and 21st of every month, you can effectively duplicate your items.

Each shop has a level associated with it that raises as you buy from them. As you raise the shop level, additional slots will become available for registered items. Overwriting a registered item is slightly bugged because you can't overwrite an item that is sold out, meaning you'll have to wait until the next restock.

As you complete characters' events, their shops will expand their inventories. Sometimes this will allow you to obtain some items that you won't be able to synthesize or find for a while, and other times they'll sell extremely rare ingredients.

Battle System

The battle system in Atelier Ayesha is turn based with some character positioning for an added strategic element. Each character has the Attack, Move and Flee commands plus unique Skills except for Ayesha who can use Items instead.

Battle Positions

            Battlefield Diagram

        | A |          ABCD: Party Members
    +---+---+---+         E: Enemies
    | B | E | C |
        | D |

Battles take place on a field where enemies stand in the center and each party member stands in one of four surrounding zones. Attacking an enemy from behind will guarantee a critical hit, so that is the best way to win battles. When using area attack skills, only the primary target has to be facing away in order to gain a back attack bonus against all enemies in the area of effect.

Characters' attacks are also short or long ranged which will provide a bonus indicated in the upper-right corner of the screen if the target is at the correct distance. Press up on the right analog stick during targeting to get a better view of the field.

Items and Skills

Ayesha can use items in her basket and all other characters have their own set of skills. Items will be consumed after use so you must restock your basket whenever you have a chance. Ayesha's MP might seem useless early on, but some high level items have an effect that drains her MP. If she doesn't have sufficient MP, the used item will have a reduced effect. Other characters will use their MP for skills and many are area attacks that make it easy to clear out groups of enemies.

Active Commands

When you perform an action with one character, another character can support them with an Active Command. The support gauge below a character's HP/MP is built up with any action and consumed when using an active command.

Each character has Pursuit and Back Attack which are basic follow-up attacks that can only be used if the supporting character is in the same zone as the initial attacker. The Defend command is also available to all characters and is usable from the same or adjacent zones the character being attacked is in. Each character also has two unique active commands that can only be used if the initial and supporting characters are in separate zones.

Super Moves

Each character except for Ayesha learns their Super Move at level 30. A new gauge below the support gauge will increase during any action or when receiving attacks and will allow the super move to be performed once it reaches 100%. Super moves do large physical damage, and if one is used to finish a battle, a unique song and animation will play.

Alchemy System

Alchemy! In the beginning, synthesis will be very basic as all you can do is choose your ingredients and how many copies of the item you want to create. As Ayesha raises her alchemy level, she will gain new synthesis skills that will give you more control over the process. Press Start during synthesis to see explanations about the synthesis screen and press Select to read descriptions of stockyard traits or properties.

Unlike the previous games, alchemy no longer consumes MP, which renders Ayesha's MP stat almost useless. Instead, Ayesha has a certain amount of CP to be used for each synthesis which is two times her alchemy level. An extra 20 points can be gained from the History of Alchemy diary entry (Keith's Events) and alchemy goal (synthesize 150+ unique items) allowing you to reach a maximum of 120 CP.

Each time an ingredient is added during synthesis, CP equal to the ingredient's level is used and if you run out during the process, the item will no longer change quality, elemental values, traits or properties. The synthesis will still be successful if you run out of CP, so it only matters when trying to unlock specific item effects or properties.

Elemental Values

Each item has fixed fire, water, air and earth values. As ingredients are added during synthesis, so are the ingredients' elemental values. After all ingredients are added, the final elemental values will determine which item effects are activated. Additionally, each item has an innate elemental value (except for equipment) that is used to trigger certain traits.


Traits are used during synthesis to modify elemental values, quality, gained properties and CP consumption. Ingredients can have up to two traits and, like elemental values, are fixed. When ingredients are added, their traits are pushed onto a stockyard that can hold up to five traits, and its effect will be activated each time a new ingredient is added.


During synthesis, the four elemental bars displayed will show the required values for unlocking each effect. Effects for attack and healing items can change how much damage/healing they do and accessory effects can completely change their function. Note that an item's quality will have a big impact on an item's effects, so keep that in mind when synthesizing items you plan on using.


Properties are bonus effects that can be added to your items. Until Ayesha gains the Power Transfer synthesis skill, only an item's innate properties can be placed on a particular item. The property gauge in the lower right corner of the screen will indicate when a new property will pop up and will increase an amount equal to the ingredient's level. Note that some properties are restricted to specific types of items such as attack/heal/support items or equipment.

Tip: You can also easily search through your items by going to your container, pressing select to display all items, then pressing triangle and selecting the specify option. This will allow you to quickly find if you have any items with a specific trait, property or of a particular category.

Some traits and properties can combine to create more powerful versions. Usually, two lower tiers of a trait or property will combine to form a higher tier. For example, Good w/ Liquids and Nice w/ Liquids will create Great w/ Liquids, and HP +10 and HP +15 create HP +25. The trait Heighten Power is special and can combine with most lower tier traits.

Synthesis Skills

Synthesis skills play an important role when trying to craft items with specific effects or properties. They can cost CP to use but provide powerful effects during synthesis. When choosing the order of ingredients, press left or right on the d-pad to use them. Only one skill can be used per ingredient.

Draw Power (5 CP) - Use this with the next ingredient to increase the gain to the property gauge by 15. This will allow you to unlock properties with a high unlock level using low level items.

Power Pour (10 CP) - This skill allows you to "duplicate" an ingredient for a cumulative 50% increase in CP cost each time it is used. This is useful for getting traits onto the stockyard or to manipulate elemental values.

Power Transfer (5 CP) - Using this skill will allow you to transfer the properties of one ingredient onto your item. This will be used to craft Ultimate Equipment and items.

Power Denial (0 CP) - Deleting properties is necessary when trying to craft items with specific properties. Since only five properties can exist on an item, deleting ones you do not want is needed to prevent ones you do want from being pushed off.

Tip: Using Power Pour can easily drain all of your CP. You may want to do this intentionally to lock the item's quality, elemental values and properties in place. Since Power Denial costs zero CP, you will still be able to delete properties even after draining all your CP.

Recursive Synthesis

Items and accessories can have duplicate properties on them. One way to get two or more copies of a single property is through recursive synthesis. The Tonic item, for example, can be used as the (Nutritional) ingredient in its own synthesis. Get a property you want onto one of the other ingredients, like the Distilled Water, and transfer it onto the Tonic. Then you can create another Tonic using the same Distilled Water and one of the newly created Tonics and transfer the properties from both to get two copies of the property. Repeat the process until you have however many copies of the property you want.

Whetstones and Dyes

Weapons and armor are found from enemies rather than crafted this time. Instead, whetstones and dyes made via alchemy are used to transfer properties to equipment. The easiest way to make ultimate equipment is to create multiple whetstones/dyes that transfer one or two properties rather than making one that contains all desired properties.

Depending on its effect, whetstones and dyes can transfer up to five properties per use. Weapons and armor cannot have duplicate properties, so you'll have to take that into account when choosing which properties you want. When using a whetstone or dye, the properties at the top of the list are the first to transfer. If your whetstone/dye has unwanted properties then it'll make things tricky, but using the Power Denial skill to delete unwanted properties can make it easier.

Here are some of the more useful properties. Although the ingredients they're found on are only available late in the game, some can be found earlier from request rewards or shops.

  • Red Power - Aurora Stone from (Alt) Steinfeder
    • +10% Fire, Ice, Lightning damage
    • +3% Damage done absorbed as HP
  • Spirit Power - Spirit Magnet from Wilbell event boss and her bazaar shop afterwards (limited)
    • +15% Fire and Ice damage
  • Soul Words - Word Stone-Man from (Alt) Yggdrasil-Flower Gate
    • +4 to HP, MP, ATK and SPD
    • Attacks decrease all stats of target
  • Skill Enhance LV3 - Combine Skill Power +12% and Skill Usage -25%
  • Stats +6 - Combine Stats +2 and Stats +4
  • HP +25 - Combine HP +10 and HP +15

Red Power can also be found on the White Obsidian reward from the Elegant Lady's request in Hornheim. Word Stone-Man is also a request reward from the Old Gentleman in Vierzeberg. Ranun sells a Success Ring with Spirit Power and a Diamond Ball with Stats+6 and Skill Enhance LV3. To get the Spirit Power off of the Success Ring you can go Success Ring -> Glass Tiara -> Fortune Card -> Nimbus Stone -> Polish Powder -> Training Dye/Expert Whetstone.

Expert Whetstone and Training Dye are the only items capable of transferring a single property, so use those. Getting a whetstone property onto a dye can be done by using the whetstone on a spare Ayesha or Wilbell weapon -> Supplement-Green -> Cow Cream -> Hard Skin -> Dye. Alternatively, whetstone -> Genug Blessing Pot -> Dye is faster, but requires somewhat rare items. Going the other direction is much easier by using the dye on a metal armor which can be used to make the whetstone.

Most effects cap out at 100 so you might not need the same effects on all pieces of equipment. Depending on your accessories, fire and ice damage could hit 100 early making four Spirit Powers wasted. Choose alternative properties that you find useful.

Weapons and Armor

The best weapons and armor are dropped by bosses or high level mini-bosses. I found the mini-boss Leader in (Alt) Decayed Ruin Island to be the best because they come in a group of three, but it takes four days to get there. Since weapons and armor only drop if the characters in your party can equip them, you would have to make multiple trips. Another method is to fight Tank in (Alt) Riesengang-Middle, but it can be pretty tough and only drops a single piece of equipment per fight.

The highest level weapons include Fairy Queen Staff, Spirit Broom, Diamond Pickax, Angel Sword, White Fang, Rainbow Ring and Single Mixer. The highest level armors are the Rainbow Shirt and Meteor Plate. They can be registered at Linca's bazaar shop if you want to duplicate them.

The quality of equipment also has an effect on its base stats. Each point above 50 quality increases the base stats by 1%, meaning there's a 70% boost at 120 quality. Weapons and armor quality can be raised by using high quality whetstones/dyes and won't go down if you use low quality ones. Because of this, you can change the quality before or after adding your desired properties, but if you do it after, you should use Artisan's Whetstones or Polish Dyes since they do not transfer any properties.


Creating 120 quality accessories with the effects and properties you want can be difficult. Accessories can be registered in Regina's bazaar shop, so use that to obtain multiple copies. I will just list recipes for the Dragon Scale Icon and Soul Trap Chain from the Japanese wiki because those are quite useful in terms of damage.

Accessories can have duplicate properties on a single item, but that would require you to obtain the properties through recursive syntheses rather than using whetstones and dyes.

Dragon Scale Icon:

Land Dragon ScaleF Pursuit
Melt SteelI Pursuit
Pretty OreL Pursuit
Polish PowderRuler Possession

First create a high quality Melt Steel with your desired properties. The Melt Steel uses a (metal) ingredient so put your properties on a metal weapon or armor and transfer the properties to the steel. Some high quality Polish Powder is also needed.

For the actual process: add Land Dragon Scale -> add Pretty Ore -> add Polish Powder -> Power Transfer Melt Steel. If quality isn't 120, use Power Pour on the Polish Powder for additional increases. Requires 88 CP minimum.

Soul Trap Chain:

Crystal ClawDamage Chain
Steel Yarn BallAbsorption Power
Soul Slag StoneSlag Specific
Word Stone-SeaWit Overflow

Put your desired properties onto a spare Ayesha or Wilbell weapon and make Supplement-Green -> Cow Cream -> Steel Yarn Ball. When making the chain add the Crystal Claw, Word Stone-Sea and Soul Slag Stone in that order. Now use Power Pour on the Steel Yarn Ball until you reach the desired elemental levels and finally use Power Transfer.

Ayesha Alternatives

Ayesha doesn't have any attack skills so some might say giving her equipment with properties such as Red Power and Spirit Power would be "doing it wrong." Although she would be able to one-shot regular enemies, her normal attacks won't measure up to her skill-based allies against bosses. To give Ayesha a chance to improve her damage output, she will need some alternative equipment.

Items are affected by Ayesha's Power stat, so giving her equipment with Skill Enhance and Skill Power properties will increase her items' effectiveness. Her Critical stat will also have an effect, so using Dragon Scale Icon and Soul Trap Chain accessories with critical boosting effects, or properties such as All Soul Pour will help. You don't have to worry about her Skill Cost stat (MP Usage) since it doesn't have an effect on items that drain MP.

Other more defensive properties that can be useful are Virtual Image and Moon Power. These two boost evasion by 15 and 10 respectively, and raising Ayesha's evasion to 100 will allow her to evade around 80%-90% of all normal enemy attacks. Unfortunately, bosses have a higher than normal hit rate that even 100 evasion won't be effective against, but there is an item property that can buff evasion even further (See Healing and Support Items). If you do not care for evasion, you could just stack HP +25 properties instead.

Useful Items

Once you've equipped your characters with Ultimate Equipment, you'll rarely have a need to use items during battle again. But since this is an alchemy game, here are some of the best end-game items. Using these, in combination with Ayesha Alternatives and a little luck, you could solo the Grand Dragon.

One of the main things you need for good items is to create them with a 120 quality rating. The quality of an item has a major impact on the item's effects so you should use high quality ingredients or manipulate quality increasing traits (Well-Made, Nicely Made, Amazingly Made) during synthesis.

Some properties that are useful on all items are High Speed LV3, Critical LV3 and Stable Effect 50%. High Speed will reduce the wait time after using an item and Critical will increase the chances of the item having a critical effect. You can stack two Critical LV3 properties on a single item giving it a 100% chance for a critical. Stable Effect will prevent an item's damage or healing from fluctuating which I find more useful on attack items. Choose whichever properties you want since they're all quite useful.

Healing and Support Items

Aside from the properties listed above that can be useful to all items, you can add healing and support only properties that can buff your characters. Not all buffs are stackable and can actually overwrite each other, but the ones listed below should be able to work together.

  • Gold Honey - Gold Hive
    • Heals HP and MP - useful when using a lot of MP draining items
  • Keen Sense - Crystal Claw
    • Increases evasion and critical - works well with 100 evasion against bosses
  • Explosiveness - Ruler's Claw
    • Can trigger Quick effect, shortening wait time between turns
  • Reinforce Body - Gold Meat
    • Raises ATK, SPD and all RES
  • Mythic Potency - Time Guard Flower
    • Level Up buff - additional stats buff

God's Miracle Drug: One of the best healing items since it targets the entire field. You will want to add the Time Power property that comes from the Time Guard Flower which is one of the ingredients. This property will give the item three timed effects like Continuation LV3, but without reducing its power. Mythic Potency, also from Time Guard Flower, increases your characters stats, but it's not very noticeable. To get other properties onto the miracle drug, get them onto a Body Energy Powder to use as the (Elixir) ingredient.

Forbidden Capsule: Force Backup, the high water effect on this item, will give your characters the ability to perform three actions on their next turn. When Ayesha uses it on herself, she'll be able to immediately do two additional actions on her current turn as well as her next. Make sure to remove the capsule's side effects by having a high enough earth value during synthesis. Any buffing properties you did not put onto your God's Miracle Drug should be placed onto this.

Attack Items

I decided to give all my attack items the same properties: High Speed LV3, Stable Effect 50%, two Critical LV3's and Spirit's Anger (from Element Core). You can choose other properties, but according to testing done by afreaknamedpete, properties like Force +XX% don't seem to work. Anyways, to get the properties onto most of these items, I suggest you use a Corundum since it's both a (Jewel) and (Precious Ore).

Magic Square and Mirage Mirror: Both of these are timed items and will deal major damage over time. A total of three timed items can be in effect during battle, so these two plus God's Miracle Drug (with Time Power) will be the ones to use. The Mirage Mirror does a random bomb effect whenever it triggers including Magic Square, Black Eclipse and Exa-Bomb, but also Eis Bomb Ice, Lightning Stern and Divine Oracle. Once the timed effects have run out, make sure to use another item to get them back up.

Black Eclipse and Exa-Bomb: These two items will be your direct damage items. After getting Magic Square and Mirage Mirror up and running, use these when you don't need any healing. Since Black Eclipse uses MP, you should use Exa-Bombs when Ayesha's MP is low.

Remember: The listed dates are quite strict and may be difficult to stick to, but you only have to follow them until you complete the first treasure contest. Once you reach that point, it's not absolutely necessary to follow the dates, but it may affect bazaar shopping and locations of characters on the world map.

Ayesha's Sister Nio

Date: Year 1, 4/1 After watching the two introduction scenes, one which grants the What were you doing? trophy, you will gain control of Ayesha in her workshop. The workshop journal will allow saving/loading, the ability to change the game's background music and the ability to rest. The Notebook System will keep track of goals, tasks and collected flyers. Your first goal will be to gather *Medicine Materials* outside.

Glowing spots will indicate gathering points for synthesis ingredients. Approach one and press X to crouch down, then press X again to gather. Each gathering attempt will cause two units of time to pass, but this tutorial is just for demonstrative purposes. Draw some water from the well (50 is plenty) then gather all ingredients from the three gathering points.

Back inside the workshop, examine the cauldron to start synthesis. Craft some Riesen Ointments using the freshly gathered ingredients and you'll complete *Cauldron Combine*. Now, leave the workshop and enter the World Map. Travel north to the Altugle Herb Garden. There are no monsters or gathering spots yet, so go north through the Corridor and into the Depths.

Complete *Herb Garden* by watching the scene. You will meet Keithgriff Hazeldine who will offer some advice to finding Nio. At Ayesha's workshop again will be a short tutorial about the Memory Diary System. Write the Nio was There! memory into the diary to continue.

Going on a Journey

After the opening credits movie, a new path will open up on the world map. Follow it and you will make a stop at Dry Valley where a tutorial on the Battle System will occur. The Fruit Hamster will run away after four turns, so Ayesha will need the first turn to defeat it with just attacks. I suggest saving your Scent Bags for alternative uses. Harvest the four gathering spots and return to the world map. Continue traveling to reach the *Nearby Village*.

Regina Kurtis will greet you upon entering Riesengang and invite you to her house. Speak with everyone you come across because you may earn some memory points for doing so. Inside the house near Pana you can find two Baguettes and three Dried Roots. At the Village Plaza will be a short scene involving a woman with short black hair. After speaking with everyone, enter Regina's House.

Ayesha will explain why she's going on a journey and Regina will offer her help. Regina's House will be available as a workshop from now on and she will also join your party. Party members will assist with gathering by finding additional items. Return to the world map and travel north *To Vierzeberg*. Along the way will be the Nearby Forest where another battle tutorial will occur. Win the battle and find the six harvest points.

Continue traveling north on the world map to find yourself at a Tunnel. After the scene, find the five gathering points, then continue to Vierzeberg. You should reach the town on 4/23. Proceed forward to Bazaar Street where you will meet Wilbell Voll-Ersleid, then enter Hill Plaza to complete *Up the Hill Meeting*. Marietta Muir and Harry Olson will introduce themselves and offer a room to use for a workshop.

Leave Harry's Room for a scene involving Wilbell and the Amusing Ayesha trophy. Requests will now be available and are a major source of money and memory points. But first, grab the flyer nearby and enter the Black Cat's Path shop next to it. Shops will sell various ingredients, as well as alchemy books. You can also register certain items that they will then restock, effectively allowing you to duplicate items.

Enter Bazaar Street to find Harry explaining the bazaar, an event that is held on the 10th to 19th of every month. Other party members will open shops during this time where they sell unique items and you can register items Marietta's shop does not. Shortcuts will also be available via the Start button allowing you to travel around towns quickly. Pick up the flyer on the left side of Bazaar Street and head to Vierzeberg Bridge for a scene with Wilbell. Find her at Hill Plaza to add her to your party.

Vierzeberg Requests

Draw some Muddy Water from the well next to the workshop and synthesize some Pulp Paper and Dried Medical Herbs. Always use ingredients that you have the most abundance of. When registering items, always remember to immediately buy it back. Register the paper at Marietta's shop and complete the following requests:

  • Black Cat's Path
    • Preservatives - Dried Medical Herb x3
  • Vierzeberg Bridge
    • A Blessing! - Baguette x3
  • Bazaar Street
    • Replenishing Paper - Pulp Paper x3
    • The Inspection - Scent Bag x3

Write A Little Witch? memory into the diary and purchase the two alchemy books from Marietta plus a Beast Meat:

  • General Goods - 500 Cole
  • Huntsmen's Life - 900 Cole
  • Beast Meat x1
  • Beehives (if you do not have enough)


  • Wax - register with Marietta
  • Flame Aqua
  • Zettel - register with Marietta

Register the Wax and Zettel before synthesizing more:

  • Honey
  • Medical Patches
  • Anti-Sick Powder
  • Pressed Oil


  • Wax x3 (registered, Marietta)
  • Zettel x3 (registered, Marietta)

Complete the following requests:

  • Hill Plaza
    • Let's Play Low - Wax x3
    • The Love Sickness - Anti-Sick Powder x3
    • Pursuit of Beauty - Pressed Oil x3

Leading the Way

Date: Year 1, 5/2 Now that you've had fun with alchemy, time to continue the story. You should be able to arrive back at Vierzeberg on 6/18 after this trip. It is important to return to Vierzeberg at this time to attend the Bazaar event and to compete in the first Thrilling Treasure Contest that ends after month 7. You'll need two Riesen Ointments for a request in Riesengang, so buy them if you used up your initial stock.

Head east and enter Riverside Way to formally meet Marion Quinn and her bodyguard Linca. They will request help to show them around the *Herb Path*. After the scene, defeat all the monsters and find all the gathering points to clear the (Travel) goal.

Battle Tips: Strike enemies on the field to start the battle with all characters in one zone plus the initial turn for Ayesha. Target the enemy whose turn is coming up if you think you can defeat it before then. Regina and Wilbell have strong support Back Attacks and a single Attack+Back Attack combo should be enough to defeat one enemy.

Regina has the highest HP out of the group, so use her to defend the others. Don't worry if your characters fall in battle though, they will revive with 1 HP at the end.

Continue to Riesengang and if Regina has 20+ friendship, the *Prospector Party* goal will open up. Save this event for a later date. Remember to pick up more Baguettes from the House near Pana.

Riesengang Requests

Complete requests:

  • Village Plaza
    • Injured - Riesen Ointment x2
    • Wants to Design - Zettel x3
    • Back Pain - Medical Patch x3
    • Test of Courage - Flame Aqua x2

Back on the world map, if Riesengang-Upper shows up, walk there for a free flyer. Head east, skipping past Dry Valley, to Altugle Herb Garden. Clear the first area of enemies and find all five harvest points. The Tree Elementals have 18 HP and are the toughest in the area. Continue into the Corridor for more monsters and harvesting, then into the Depths to complete *Leading the Way*.

Return to Ayesha's Workshop and drop off your items. You can also write The Promise into your diary for an HP boost and some healing. Travel to Riesengang (skipping Dry Valley again) to pick up more bread, then travel north. Ernie should be at the Nearby Forest where a scene will occur. Talk with him to purchase the following:

  • Water Crystal x3
  • Pale Clay x3
  • Bean Soup x3
  • Leather x5
  • Polish Powder x5
  • Coarse Salt x5
  • Honey x3

An Old Dam

Date: Year 1, 5/28 Continue north to find yourself at Half-Florescent Field where you will meet Nanaca Gruden. The Heavy Skin enemies have 28 HP and quite powerful attacks. They also come with a bunch of weaker enemies, so area attack skills are preferred. Heal between battles with ointments and bread, if necessary.

Battle Tip: When using area attack skills, start the battle with Ayesha doing a Attack+Back Attack combo. The next character's turn will be able to target one of the enemies from behind which will guarantee a critical hit for all enemies targeted.

When you're finished with the area, leave and travel north to find a blockage at the end of the Tunnel. Nanaca will show up again, this time with her brother Juris Gruden. Find the six harvest points and check the middle inspection point at the northeastern wall to complete *Seek An Exit*. Checking the other two will cause the harvest points to come back and you should have time for one additional harvest.

Travel back south to Tunnel then north to Tunnel-Broken Bridge on the world map (this is just to appear at the correct exit). Harvest the two points around the Regina, then follow the path southeast. There are a couple enemies in the way, but if you skip past them you will eventually find a treasure chest at the very south for a Fortune Card accessory. It has the property Fairy Power that regenerates 4 HP each turn. Equip it on whomever is low on HP and switch whenever HP is full.

The Mini-Slags in the area have 20 HP but aren't very powerful. Heavy Skins are still the greatest threat. Follow the path until you reach the Old Dam. Since you've already harvested in this area, skip past everything to reach the Dried Waterway. Defeat all the enemies here and find the harvest points. A flyer and a treasure chest holding the Fragrance Guide is also in the area. You will also need to fight one more battle in a previous area to complete the (Search) goal.

Bazaar and Treasure Contest

Date: Year 1, 6/18 You're just in time for the Bazaar event. Marion and Linca should be waiting for you to give you Alchemy Basics. If you raised your alchemy level higher earlier, Wilbell would have given you the book instead. Enter Bazaar Street to get the Bazaar! trophy. You can register the Fortune Card at Regina's shop, which I suggest you do.

Write Fellow Travellers into the diary then synthesize a Craft (buy some Pulp Paper or Zettel and some Beehives from Marietta if you need them). You should have alchemy level 10 now, so pay a visit to Marietta and new alchemy books will be available. Afterwards, visit Marion's Office and Linca will be able to join your party. Make sure to write A Strong Bodyguard into the diary since it increases battle experience gained for characters not in your party. Keep Wilbell and Regina in your party for now.

Vierzeberg Requests

Complete requests:

  • Vierzeberg Bridge
    • It's Necessary - Coarse Salt x3
  • Hill Plaza
    • Construction Work - Pale Clay x3


  • Word Stone-Star x5 (Regina)
  • Word Stone-Moon x3 (Regina)
  • Polished Crystal x3 (Regina)
  • Fire Stone x5 (Wilbell)
  • Dragon Tail x3 (Wilbell)
  • Living Tail x3 (Wilbell)
  • Living Clay x3 (Wilbell)
  • Dried Medical Herb x3 (Wilbell)
  • Dry Herb x3 (Wilbell)
  • Tea Leaf x3 (Wilbell)

Purchase the following from Marietta:

  • Medicinal Cooking - 1,200 Cole
  • Life Necessities - 1,400 Cole
  • Zettel x5 (registered)
  • Pulp Paper x5 (registered)
  • Wax x5 (registered)


  • Supplement-Red (2 batches because they take 0.5 days to make)
  • Bomb
  • Supplement-Blue (2 batches)
  • Ice Bomb (use Water, not Muddy Water, and register at Marietta's)
  • Detergent
  • Strong Yarn
  • Fur Gloves

Complete requests:

  • Bazaar Street
    • Fire Creatures - Living Tail x3
  • Hill Plaza
    • The Good Life - Detergent x3
    • Burning Love - Ice Bomb x3
  • Black Cat's Path
    • Keep Away the Cold - Fur Gloves x1

If you visit the Black Cat's Path, the Thrilling Treasure Contest should now be occuring (once the Bazaar event ends). The Gold Object rewarded from one of the requests should win, but it depends on who the judges are. Save your game beforehand and hope you get favorable judges. Get first place and you will receive a cash prize of 3,000 Cole plus some healing items. Thrilling Treasure Contest and First Victory! trophies will also be obtained.

The Glass Ruins

Date: Year 1, 6/26 Return to your workshop after the contest and make a Handmade Pot. Harry should now visit and mention a new ruin. Head to the Glass Factory skipping past Harvestful Forest. The enemies here are too strong for you right now, so I recommend avoiding them. Keep to the sides and grab the harvest points quickly. If you don't think you can dodge them, initiate a battle then flee. You have limited invulnerability after a battle, so move quickly. On 2F, lure the flying enemy far to the left because there are two others to the right.

After the event on 3F, watch out for an enemy that is pretty close to you. Grab the Glass Factory Info book from the chest and continue right. Make sure you harvest up at least four Prisma Crystals for a request. Avoid two more slags at the top and bottom of the stairs to reach the core. Climb up the stairs, avoiding the slags on the sides to reach the end. If you have extra time units left, try winning some battles for the experience.

Return to Vierzeberg (meeting Ernie at Riverside Way to buy more Water Crystals) and visit Harry at Harry's HQ to complete *Glass Ruins Report*. Write The Glass Factory into the diary for the recipe for Corrective Glasses. Wilbell should have 20+ friendship points and her event will trigger at Hill Plaza. Her events will continue as you synthesize.

Making Corrective Glasses

These glasses will reduce harvesting time in half, so making a pair will be a top priority. It requires alchemy level 21, so it's time to do some major synthesizing. The Bazaar should be active now (7/13), so buy the following:

  • Polished Crystal x3 (Regina)
  • Word Stone-Star x5 (Regina)
  • Word Stone-Moon x3 (Regina)
  • Soft Metal Rod x3 (Regina)
  • Dragon Tail x3 (Wilbell)
  • Living Tail x3 (Wilbell)
  • Tea Leaf x3 (Wilbell)
  • Dry Herb x3 (Wilbell)
  • Dried Medical Herb x3 (Wilbell)
  • Fortune Card (registered, Regina)
  • Zettel x5 (registered, Marietta)
  • Pulp Paper x5 (registered, Marietta)
  • Ice Bomb x5 (registered, Marietta)

Register and re-buy a Strong Yarn at Wilbell's shop and Marietta's shop should be at LV 2. Register a regular Bomb and Detergent with her. Complete the following requests:

  • Vierzeberg Bridge
    • Getting Water - Zettel x4
  • Bazaar Street
    • Ancient Language - Word Stone-Moon x3
  • Hill Plaza
    • Facinating Fruit - Thin Fruit x6
    • So Happy, It's Scary - Prisma Crystal x4

Now craft the following:

  • Soft Metal Rod
  • Squash Tea (register at Marietta's)
    • Tea Leaf -> Water -> Spiky Fruit -> Handmade Pot for good results
  • Distilled Water
  • Memory Ink (register at Marietta's)
  • Body Energy Power
  • Polish Powder
  • Coarse Salt
  • Leather
  • Polished Crystal
  • Clean Pollen
  • Glass Powder
  • Glass Rod (register at Marietta's)
  • Aroma Mist
  • Half Paper
  • Potpourri (use spare cloth armor instead of leather)
  • Dry Herb
  • Tea Leaf
  • Supplement-Green (2 batches)
  • Supplement-Gold (2 batches)
  • Steel Yarn Ball
  • Poison Aqua

You should reach alchemy LV 21 with this. Register Squash Tea, Memory Ink, Detergent and Glass Rod with Marietta. Make the glasses and equip them on Ayesha.

Village Investigation

Date: Year 1, 8/9 Now that you've got that out of the way, travel north and clear out Pasture Way and then Old Coal Mine. The enemies are all ones you've seen before and shouldn't be a problem. Return to Vierzeberg and buy more Ice Bombs as well as a Fortune Card from the bazaar and make sure they're in your basket. Replace Regina with Linca, since her friendship should be near 50.

Battle Tip: Linca is quite high leveled when she joins and her skills are very powerful. Using Adrenaline Dance or Valkyrie Dive from behind can completely clear the field, but she has a very small MP pool. Buy some of the registered Squash Tea from Marietta to refill Linca's MP.

Travel south and clear Mountain Way to open the path forward. The first of Linca's events will also occur here. Continue south to Fragrant Wind Meadow. You will meet Ranun Etts and a couple new enemies appear here: the Flesh Eater and Poison Squirrel, but should be no problem with Fortune Cards on your characters. In Spring Water Forest, the enemies will be difficult to see because of the camera angle, but there are only three. Once that's cleared, head to Hallos Village.

Date: Year 1, 9/1 Flesh Eaters, Poison Squirrels and Butterfly Lizards commonly appear in groups here, but your Ice Bombs can handle them easily. Use them sparingly because this place consists of three zones. Take the right path and examine the water for a scene with Pana. Return to the left path and you'll find a Deserted House holding the Original Crafts book. Next, continue north to reach the Residences.

In this area are two more Deserted Houses with one containing a chest holding a Mystery Talisman. Defeat all the enemies and continue to the Plaza. After the scene with the villagers, clear all the enemies and harvest all the items first to complete the (Search) goal. When you're finished, check the object to the far left. With Linca in your party, an "unwinnable" battle will occur. There's no benefit to winning other than different dialogue and the enemy's entry in the library, so I suggest doing it in new game+. Traveling back to Vierzeberg, you will get a scene if you bump into Ernie at Riverside Way.

Back at Vierzeberg, several different events will occur. Ranun will have a short chat once you arrive and he will now appear on the world map. His events are inconsequential so I won't be mentioning them. Visit Marion to finish *Hallos Village Report*, then return to Harry's Room and Ayesha will examine the flower petals she's been collecting (requires alchemy LV 15). Visit Hill Plaza and Black Cat's Path for a couple scenes involving a baker and a homunculus wanting to buy "sparkles." Write My First Alchemy and Hallos Village into the diary for the important Nomadic Shoes recipe.

Bazaar Shopping

Register a Steel Yarn Ball at Wilbell's and purchase some Strong Yarns too. Restock on Ice Bombs and Squash Tea from Marietta.

Date: Year 1, 9/14 A (Scale) item will be needed to craft a pair of Nomadic Shoes. Head to the Old Coal Mine to the northwest to find a Fairydrake that spawns from the (Info) Mine Lizard goal. Defeat it for a Shining Scale and load your game if it doesn't drop. Since it's near, travel south to Grassland Hill to complete the *Right Now, Nanaca is?* goal. The Yellow Elementals in the area are quite tough (78 HP) but there are only two battles in the area. Go all out with Linca and use your Ice Bombs.

Return to the world map and Ernie will be there triggering an event. East at Mountain Way is Ranun from whom you should buy some Moonlight Grass, Ghost Cloths and Bone Fossils. A Flesh Eater is also in the area for the related (Info) goal. Complete it and harvest if you have spare time, then return to Vierzeberg.

Making Nomadic Shoes

Complete requests:

  • Vierzeberg Bridge
    • House Architecture - Eiche x13 and Charcoal Pieces x6
  • Hill Plaza
    • A Passionate Gift - Polished Crystal x2
    • Spicy and Beautiful - Bitter Tree Seed x6


  • Madder Iron (Wilbell's request)
  • Nomadic Shoes (remember to equip)

Write Bell Doesn't Learn into the diary. Make sure to stock up on bombs and MP recovery items.

A scene should have occurred where Ayesha wants to know more about alchemy books. Visit the person who gave you the Alchemy Basics book, then speak with Harry. Make sure you also see an event at Black Cat's Path involving a homunculus wanting to buy "sparkles" if you haven't seen it yet.

Prospector Party

Date: Year 1, 9/30 Head east and you will meet Ernie at Riverside Way. Continue east and complete the (Info) goal at Half-Florescent Field, but don't spend more than a day here. Enter Riesengang and replace Wilbell with Regina (remember to remove accessories).

Riesengang Requests

Pick up the two Baguettes in the House and complete the following:

  • Village Plaza
    • Has a Chill - Squash Tea x3
    • To Make Clothes - Leather x2
    • The Real Deal - Junk x2

Now, head into Riesengang Ruin. Start clearing out the enemies, but harvest all the gather points before finishing off the final group. Don't waste any MP for these guys. The Mini-Slags will barely scratch you and the Guards can be defeated in a single turn with Linca's Back Attack.

After the final group, you will then be moved to Riesengang-Middle. This time Guards and Butterfly Lizards will appear, but you already out-level them. Grab the harvest points first then clear the room. Write Exterminating Slags into the diary, pick up more bread, then return to the world map. You can travel back to Riesengang-Middle for an optional scene with Regina and maybe a flyer.

Since you're near, head to Dry Valley and clear out Ravine Way and the Lake Bed. A flyer is found at Ravine Way and the enemies here are just Heavy Skins and Stray Dogs. Defeat enough monsters and harvest enough ingredients to complete the (Search) goal then return to Riesengang to pick up more bread. Return to Vierzeberg.

Date: Year 1, 10/18 If you've seen Ernie four times on the map, he will visit with a request. Find him at the bridge and deliver 5 Riesen Ointments. A gift will also arrive from Wilbell's teacher at your workshop. Choose the vegetables because you will get some Red Devil peppers which is needed later. Enter Hill Plaza and the baker Fred Rodfork will have opened his bakery.

Vierzeberg Requests

Buy the following from Fred's Bakery:

  • Intro to Baking - 500 Cole
  • Baking at Home - 700 Cole
  • Festive Baking - 1,200 Cole
  • Grain Miracles - 2,300 Cole
  • Bitter Muffin x3
  • Baguette x10
  • Grain Powder x10

Wilbell's and Regina's bazaaar shops will have new inventory since you've completed their events. Register a Distilled Water with Wilbell and buy the following:

  • Strong Yarn x3 (registered, Wilbell)
  • Steel Yarn Ball x3 (registered, Wilbell)
  • Dry Herb x3 (Wilbell)
  • Tea Leaf x3 (Wilbell)
  • Pretty Ore x3 (Regina)
  • Silver Liquid x3 (Regina)
  • Prisma Crystal x3 (Regina)

Complete requests:

  • Hill Plaza
    • Hooray to Health! - Baguette x10
  • Vierzeberg Bridge
    • Quality of Life - Dry Herb x10

Alchemy Library

Date: Year 1, 10/18 Travel south past Hallos Village to reach Evershade Woods. Enemies in the area include Flesh Eaters, Fairydrakes and Poison Squirrels. The eaters and drakes have the most HP so focus on them and use area skills to take out the rest. Once the area is cleared, the path to the library will open. But first, enter Wayward Forest along the way.

The Steel Skin monsters in this forest have 152 HP and are quite powerful. Use Linca's and Regina's skills to take them out quickly and replenish your MP between battles. After clearing the area, return to the world map and travel to Zweiteturm. Enter the *Strange Building* and you will meet Odelia. After the scene you will be able to purchase items from her.

Zweiteturm Shopping

Purchase the following from Odelia:

  • Useful Bombs - 1,800 Cole
  • Alchemy Perfection - 2,300 Cole
  • Mineral Powder x3
  • Black Powder x2

Walk further back and down the stairs into the Archives. A battle will occur with Carriers and Guards. Use well placed skills and Ice Bombs to take them out. The Carriers do two actions per turn, so you'll want to take them out quickly. Return to the previous area for a scene, then you will be able to proceed deeper into the archives.

The enemies here drop equipment frequently, so check to see if any are upgrades to your current gear. Be careful though, your basket will fill up very quickly which will prevent you from harvesting new ingredients. When fighting, attack a Carrier with Linca's Back Attack and she will be able to use her Adrenaline Dance to clear practically the whole field. One Carrier might remain, but Regina will be able to handle it. As long as you do not run out of MP items, you should be fine.

In Archive 3, the red Watchmen will be a challenge since their Siren skill will weaken your characters. You might want to avoid them using the limited invulnerability after a battle, but if you fight them, use both items and skills. At Archive 4 will be a long conversation with Keith. Afterwards, fight the Carriers and harvest the gathering points. You may need to fight one Watchmen group to achieve the (Search) goal.

Leave the Zweiteturm and an event will occur at the entrance. Travel all the back to Vierzeberg to read the *Borrowed Book*. Linca should have 20+ friendship points by now and an event will occur at Spring Water Forest. Her next events will occur 10 days apart and at various locations on the map.

Date: Year 1, 11/12 At Vierzeberg Ayesha will read the library book and plan to search for more flowers. Multiple goals will appear in your notebook, but the *Centennial Flower* will be the one to reach for next. Keep visiting the different parts of Vierzeberg for various events, but the important ones to see is Marietta having trouble finding the "sparkles" for the homunculus customer and Ernie visiting your workshop.

Treasure Contest

Since the next contest is coming up soon, let's spend some time with alchemy. Craft:

  • Veggie Soup
    • Complete request Natural Life in Black Cat's Path
  • Bean Milk
  • Black Baguette
  • Worker Compress
  • Black Powder
  • Sunset Broth
  • Mineral Powder
  • Feather Pin

You'll reach alchemy LV 25 and gain the Power Pour synthesis skill. With this, you can create a Basket with the best effects. Make one using this procedure:

  • Add Eagle Feather (from a previous request)
  • Add Strong Yarn
  • Add Leather
  • Power Pour Pulp Paper
  • Add Pulp Paper

Synthesize more stuff:

  • Lightning Bomb
  • Ice Aqua
  • Bright Craft (Register with Marietta overwriting Ice Bombs)
    • Power Pour Supplement-Green
    • Add Supplement-Green
    • Add Dried Root
    • Add Craft
    • Draw Power Soul Slag Stone
  • One Drop Recovery
  • Medical Earring
  • Mental Extract
  • Himmel Schenk
  • Magic Dye
  • Soul Whetstone

You should reach alchemy LV 30. For the treasure contest, craft a Glass Tiara for a guaranteed win. Harry will visit your workshop for a scene afterwards.