• Trophies

    There are 39 Bronze Trophies, 9 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    A Robot that Dreams[Another Story] Clear stage 5.Bronze
    A Satisfying Strike[Karula] Land a critical hit with “Tyrant Edge.”Silver
    Beyond a Rival[Another Story] Clear stage 7.Bronze
    Blast!![Oboro] Defeat an opponent with “Kage nui Bakumetsu-dan.”Bronze
    Clumsy Samurai[Touka] During a single round have 2 or more unsuccessful “Kokoro Akira Sen” attempt.Bronze
    Congratulations![AquaPazza] Earn all trophies in Aquapazza.Platinum
    Crack Crack Crack[Tamaki] Land 10 hits using the strong version of “Iron Claw.”Bronze
    Deep Bond[Network - Ranked Match] Collect all titles for one character.Gold
    Endure for Your Pride[Hakuoro] Endure over 4000 points of damage during “Tonburuchi Ointment.”Bronze
    Feeling Great![Network - Ranked Match] Win 3 times in a row.Silver
    Guidance of the Celestial Star[Riannon] Hold “Stella Maris” for more than 10 counts of the timer.Bronze
    Hawawawah[Multi] Slip on your own “I’m Only Good at Cleaning.”Bronze
    HMX-12[Story] Clear stage 5.Bronze
    Hurry, Slowly[Training] Play for 5 minutes or more.Bronze
    I Finish my Prey in a Single Strike[Konomi] While in emotion high defeat an opponent with “Mom’s Deadly Curry!!”Bronze
    I Think I've Met You Before[Another Story] Clear stage 3.Bronze
    I'd Rather be Napping[Arawn] At the start of a round enter emotion low within 4 counts of the timer.Bronze
    Ingenuity of a Demon King[Arawn] Using “Rubedo” or “Magic Hunter” completely deplete an opponent’s power gauge.Bronze
    Joint Crusher[Morgan] During a single round successfully land “Bone Crusher” 2 times.Bronze
    Major Debut[Network - Ranked Match] Earn the C grade with a character.Silver
    Making Progress[Network - Ranked Match] Win your first game.Bronze
    Mastery of Combat Maneuvers[Story] or [Another Story] Clear either mode with normal controls.Bronze
    Material Guard[Sasara] During a single round successfully block 3 attacks using guard points.Bronze
    My True Skill![Network - Ranked Match] Defeat an opponent with a splash art.Bronze
    Nice Assist![Network - Ranked Match] Defeat an opponent with an assist from your partner.Bronze
    Nice to Meet You[Network - Player Match] Play for the first time.Bronze
    Now Destroy the Ma-Brigade[Story] Defeat every version of the final boss.Silver
    One Hit Kill![Network - Ranked Match] Defeat an opponent with a super attack.Bronze
    Parry![Sasara] During a match successfully pull off a “Parry.”Bronze
    Precious Ones[Story] Clear stage 7.Bronze
    Proper Presentation[Network - Ranked Match] Set 2 titles and play a match.Bronze
    Punishment Time![Tamaki] Successfully land 25 hits without the aid of your partner.Gold
    Raging Sword Dance[Karula] Successfully perform a combo with “Roaring Fang.”Bronze
    Really Busy[Manaka] During a single round go from attacking to front or back step 5 times.Bronze
    Reunion with Friends[Story] Clear stage 3.Bronze
    Righteousness of the Evenkuruga[Touka] Successfully get all just frames on “Kikyo” and land a “Raikou mu Kagekiri.”Silver
    Sheep~ Sheep~ Sheep Meat~?[Konomi] Cancel “Bag Upper” and combo into “Let’s Make 1192 Genghis Kahn?”Bronze
    Spine Chilling[Chizuru] During a single round make the opponent enter emotion low 3 times.Bronze
    Stardust Arrow Rain[Oboro] During a single round call Dori and Gura 3 times.Bronze
    Ta-da~![Manaka] Use “My Secret Home” to escape a corner.Bronze
    That's One Matter Out of the World[Story] Defeat the final boss.Silver
    The Assistant Hunter Doesn't Look Ahead[Morgan] Run out of arrows during a single round.Bronze
    The Story of Yata no Kagami[Another Story] See the opening demo.Bronze
    The Threat of Elokuu[Score Attack] Encounter the final boss.Silver
    This is, Victory[Multi] Defeat an opponent with Serio, the final hit of “Great Parade of Little Sisters.”Bronze
    Welcome to AquaPazza[Story] See the opening demo.Bronze
    What a Bothersome Command[Riannon] During a match perform “Battle Mage,” “Elemental Cycle,” and “Activation.”Silver
    Where Water Gathers[Network - Ranked Match] Play for the first time.Bronze
    Wishes, the Happiness of People[Another Story] Defeat the final boss.Silver
    Witsuarunemitea[Hakuoro] Defeat an opponent with “Witsuarunemitea.”Bronze

    Contributed By: Seth0708.

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