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Win your first race (Single player)
Done and done
Win the last Tournament race (complete the tournament)
The day I won it all
Win all races in all tournament cards including Offroad Elite races
I can’t stop!
Collect 100 boost tokens
Mad skillz, I has them
Perform 250 Stunts
Goon riding, hah!
Perform 100 Stunts
Runway runaway
Land in the target zone 50 times
Power Extreme!
Activate Recharge 66 times
Activate a Shortcut 50 times
Racing nobility
Win all "Offroad Elite" events
Feel the connection
Win a multiplayer race
Here for the long ride
Achieve level 10 in multiplayer
DLC Trophies
Achieve a 3-star rating in all "High Stakes" and "Balance of Forces" races
Alpha and Omega
Reach driver level 15
Keep on sharing
Win 10 multiplayer races on tracks from "High Stakes" and "Balance of Forces" events

Originally Contributed By: Guard Master

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