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FAQ/Walkthrough by Strangesounds

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/01/12

100% Completion Guide for Lego Batman 2: DC Heroes

Author: Steve Abramson
E-Mail: StrangesoundsLV@gmail.com

Version: 1.00 - July 1, 2012
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All Story Mode Chapters Completed
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100% of the game complete - Everything you need is here!



GameFAQS.com is the only website permitted to publish this guide.  I
exclusively use this site for my only gaming purposes; and have found this
site to be the most comprehensive for all games in all systems.  I will not
tolerate theft of this guide to be used elsewhere!  If anyone see this guide
listed anywhere else; please notify me immediately at the address at the top
of this guide.



Hello everyone!  I'm Steve and this is my second attempt at a guide for
GameFAQs.  My previous guide was written two years ago for "Lego Harry 
Potter: Years 1-4" but I was never fully satisfied with it.  It was more a
checklist than anything else, and I felt bad that I never followed through
with expanding it.  This time around, I intend to fully flesh this one out.  
Not as a fully detailed walkthrough as the Lego games are pretty easy to
play through, but rather a more detailed guide as to when to do what; where 
to find what, etc.  

I noticed when playing this game when it first came out, that this was
probably the hardest Lego game I've played (I have every single one for the
PS3) and when going online looking for help, there was an abundance of "help
me's" on the same points of the game.  Hopefully this guide will answer all 
questions and help the reader achieve 100% while still being able to have fun
without reading a strict step-by-step guide on what to do.  Half of the fun
of the Lego games is to simply explore and discover on your own; this guide 
will just be the helpful hand when needed.

If you see any grammatical or spelling errors, or if you see something that 
can be better explained; please don't hesitate to contact me via the address
at the top of this guide.  Furthermore, if you have any questions that aren't
explained in this guide; also don't hesitate to contact me as I will try my
best to answer those in a timely manner.  Any updates to this guide (or 
questions, or other information) will credit those who  brought it to my
initial attention.

Please note that I am playing the PS3 version purchased at Wal-Mart so I don't
have any of those pre-order packages with additional characters, as I am aware
that different formats of this game have slightly different things.  
Furthermore I am playing this in one-player mode and playing through the game
as I type this guide.  (The two-player trophy will be detailed later on when 



The best thing about playing the Lego games is the general freedom to play 
however you like.  Unlike most platform games, there tends to be a more 
freestyle when it comes to roaming around; the order you can play things, etc.
Most people tend to go for the stud multiplier as quickly as possible before
completing Story Mode.  Some tend to play through all of the Story Mode before
general collection.  There is no one way to play a Lego Game, and this one is
no exception.

The way this guide will read is how I will play the game through.  I will be
doing all of the Story Mode chapters before touching the Free Play Mode.  
Roaming around in the hub will be explained when I do it while writing this
guide; however that is where the general freedom comes about.  If you feel 
that there is a better way to achieve something (a quicker way to find 
something, etc); again, please don't hesitate to bring it to my attention with
any future updates acknowlindg the reader's suggestion.

There isn't going to be a Table Of Contents with cross-referencing using 
letter codes in parenthesis that most guides have.  Instead this will read
like a book with each chapter of this guide covering a chapter in the game
and/or roaming.  Hopefully, this will be enough of a help for any questions
that may come up while you play the game.



Yes, they talk!  I understand how many people would be disappointed with that
as it is rather comical to hear the characters speak "blah blah blah".  
However, I think that in this particular game it is quite useful as this is
(as far as I know) an original story.  It's easier to have them speak in 
babble for established stories (I never saw the "Pirates Of The Caribbean" 
films yet the game was detailed enough that when I finally saw 2 of the 
movies, I actually understood what was going on before it happened.  It may 
not be Oscar-caliber voice acting, but I think it's a step in the right 
direction as it allows the gamemakers to create more original stories due to
the success of these games!

The one thing that I am very disappointed in (and I'm sure many will agree
with me) is the fact that the game is basically 5-characters (Batman, Robin, 
Joker, Superman and Lex Luthor).  The whole DC Heroes thing seems more like a
marketing ploy as a handful of the characters don't make appearances until the
end of the game with the rest of the characters being purchased in the hub.  
And yes, there will be some spoilers in this guide - sorry.

Fortunately, these additional characters have many cool abillities which makes
Free Play and general Hub roaming more enjoyable as you can kick Batman and
Robin out of the party a lot of times.  (Personally I enjoy a duo of Green 
Lantern and the Flash - first for flight; second for fight).  I won't be 
listing a fully detailed list of everyone's abilities except for those of 
importance which can make the game playing easier.  Certainly there are 
characters which are more appealing to some as opposed to others.

Studs aren't an issue in the game like in prior Lego games.  The multipliers 
are cheaper to buy, but aren't available until much later than usual.  The 
first time I played this game I achieved "True Hero" in 11 of the 15 Story 
chapters.  This guide will hopefully help you reserve your stud funds and 
utilize them best.  Fortunately studs regenerate within the hub so in between 
chapters you can collect the same things, destroy the same things, etc.  

One major stanfu that the makers of the game made is character selection 
during Free Play Mode.  In all previous Lego games, during Free Play the AI 
would automatically give you any unlocked characters that are necessary to 
complete the puzzles.  If you needed a high jumper it would give you one; a 
small character, it would appear.  Not this time.  I believe that this is one
of the major reasons why people will have difficulties completing the game to 
100%.  Fortunately during Free Play (and later on in the Hub) you can switch 
characters using the triangle button bringing up the character pallette and 
choosing whoever you want.  There are three examples I can think of where the 
AI leaves you empty handed.  Two of them involve Aquaman and one involves the 
Penguin; all cases needing their very handy abillities.  In this guide when 
detailing the location of Minikits I will mention the characters needed (or 
at least abilities).

***GLITCH WARNING*** - I haven't seen anyone mention this, so I am unsure if
this is my game, or more widespread.  During Free Play Mode in my initial 
runthrough, the game froze on me 4-5 times during the same operation.  
Everytime I used the Heat Ray ability (Superman or similar character), the 
game would freeze.  Each time there was a lot of stuff going on at the same 
time, so it was almost information overload (flying, attacking, multiple
enemies).  So just a heads up there.

There is an in-game map for the hub which is rather huge.  At first most of 
the map is blacked out (and of course off-limits; very Grand Theft Auto); but 
will open up the further you get into the game.  You have the ability to scan
the map and in the general area of that scan you will get markers appearing on
the map.  These markers will show you Gold Bricks (gold icon), Red Bricks (red
icon), Citizens In Peril (purple icon), Golden Arches (door icon), Vehicles to
purchase (vehicle icon), Boss Battles (large white circle; also visible in 
the actual Hub by large beams of light towards the sky).  Unfortunately the 
map is shockingly unhelpful as the sense of direction is off.  Regardless of 
whatever direction you're facing, the map will have your character facing 
south.  Chances are you will be heading the wrong direction until you get a 
better grasp of the hub visually.  When the indicators are purchased; they can
be more helpful but there can be a LOT of them on screen, so it's really a 
matter of preference.  I will explain more about the map at certain times in 
this guide.

Finally, during game play in the Hub, there is a radar indicator in the top 
left hand corner.  I honestly could not figure out how to read this; so there
will be no mention of that here.  If someone can explain it to me in details 
and I find it helpful, it will be added in an update with proper recognition.

All additional game instructions (such as how to jump, fly, attack, etc) will 
not be discussed here.  There is a manual in the game included plus it's 
pretty basic haha.



Let's face it, the Lego games are all about finding things.  Here is a list of
all the things you want to locate throughout the game.

1. Red Bricks - As always, the Red Bricks represent the "cheats" in the game.
There are 20 of them located throughout the hub.  Access to the Red Bricks
require the usage of The Joker (4 Bricks), The Riddler (8 Bricks), Lex Luthor
(4 Bricks) or Any character (4 Bricks).  Obviously, the 4 latter Bricks will 
be grabbed as soon as we can.  Access to The Joker and Lex Luthor doesn't 
become available until after Story Mode is complete (where you need The Flash
to unlock them, and he doesn't become a player until the story is finished).
At the time I write this, I'm not sure when the 8 Riddler Bricks are up for

2. Gold Bricks - There are a whopping 250 Gold Bricks located throughout the
entire game.  60 of them are earned through the 15 Game Chapters (15 for each
of the following: completing the story, rescuing the Citizen In Peril, earning
"Super Hero", completing the Minikit).  The other 190 of them are located 
throughout the Hub.  These are found from completing one of three tasks 
(rescuing more Citizens In Peril, smashing several similar objects in close
proximity to each other, solving puzzles with Batman and Robin to rooftops).
With the rooftop Gold Bricks, I am going to hold off getting them until later
in the game when many of the Bosses become available as they have similar 
abilities needed to solve the puzzles and makes it much simpler (and faster) 
to solve. - Fun Note!!! - After you have found a Gold Brick in the hub for
either the rooftop puzzle or the smashing puzzle, a purple (10,000) stud will
be in its' place each time you return to the Hub.  You have to solve those
puzzles again, but it's a good place to find money when in a pinch (notably
in the Amusement Park where there are several in close proximity to each

3. Citizen In Peril - There are 50 men (apparently the women went on strike
when this game was in production) that are in trouble throughout the game.
Fifteen of them are located in the Story Chapters (1 per Chapter), the other
35 are found throughout the Hub.  The ones in the Hub you can usually hear
when you are close to them as they start screaming "Help me! Help me!" (rather
funny actually).  There isn't much variety as to their problems as they keep
getting stuck in the same situations (several stuck in plants, several frozen
in ice cubes); and I think it's the same guy over and over again (with two
notable exceptions).

4. Characters - There are a total of 60 playable characters in the game.  Ten
of them are self-made creations (you can tweak them in the Batcave later on);
the other 50 are either unlocked during the Story (only a handful), or found
in the hub.  Those found in the hub are either Boss Battles (found through
Remote Terminals), Goons (found by attacking several in a row) or Good Guys
(purchased by building doors which can be unlocked after earning X amount of
Gold Bricks).  All of these characters must be purchased.

5. Vehicles - There are 3 types of vehicles in the game: Air, Land and Water.
For each type, five of them are built with the Minikits in the Story Chapters
(and MUST be driven after completion to earn a trophy).  The other ones are
either unlocked (only a handful) or purchased throughout the hub.  There are
a total of 15 Air, 25 Land and 15 Water vehicles.

6. Minikits - The Lego standard.  Each of the 15 Story Chapters have 10 
Minikits to locate (which of course require puzzle solving in Free Play for
many of them).  When all 10 Minikits in a Chapter is found, a vehicle is
created (no purchase require).  So there are only 150 Minikits to locate.

7. Trophies - There are 38 trophies that can be unlocked in the game; with 
one of them being a 2-player trophy (which I will explain when is the best
time to do this if you have a second controller).  Most of them are unlocked
at obvious times; with a handful being unlocked at any time based on the 
player and whether you follow my guide to the letter.



Since this is not a regular type of walkthrough, I will be focusing on
details of where to find all the collectibles (when applicable), as well as
general information that you may need for more difficult puzzles, etc.  As
of now, the guide will look something like the information below with some
of it being weeded out as the game progresses.  Furthermore, I will only
list the "categories" that apply to each section.  The most important thing is
that I don't want to spoil all of the fun in the solving of the game, but
just help you with locating the collectibles as well as helping you not get
a headache from the more difficult spots.

Story Mode / Free Play:

Goal - This is the task you need to complete; these will be my "checkpoints".
To Do - Anything you might need to do that may be difficult to figure out.
Can't Do - I will mention things you can't do (1st time only) until Free Play.
Ignore - In the rare case there is a red herring that might nag you otherwise.
Minikits - Listed in the order and area that you would find them.
Citizen In Peril - Listed in the area that you would find him.
New Suit - Listed the first time you encounter the suit for Batman or Robin.
New Abilities - Explanations to the abilities you get for the new suits.
Trophy - Any trophies earned throughout the Chapter.
Gold Bricks - Any Gold Bricks earned after the Chapter is finished.
Total Studs - Approximation of how much you can accumulate by this point.
Total Percentage - An indication of how much closer you are to 100%

The Hub:

Red Bricks - Where and how to find the 20 Red Bricks.
Gold Bricks - Where and how to find the 190 Red Bricks.
Citizen In Peril - Where and how to find the 35 Citizens In Peril.
Characters - Where and how to find the X amount of Characters to purchase.
Vehicles - Where and how to find the vehicles to purchase.
Trophies - Whenever relevant.
Total Studs - Approximation of how much you have accumulated by this point.
Total Percentage - An indication of how much closer you are to 100%
***Don't forget that studs regenerate in the Hub.  So each time you return to
the Hub from a Chapter the studs are back.  And any Gold Bricks that have been
collected through problem solving will generate a purple (10,000) stud in
every subsequent visit.

Numbers (x/x) represent a running count of the collectibles.  There will not
be a breakdown of Minikits within a chapter, meaning I will do a running 
count of all 150 and not a running count for just the 10 within that chapter.

Ready to start?  Turn on your PS3.  Update it.  Load the trophies.  Begin.



Goal - Defeat Harley Quinn
Can't Do - Destroy silver metal (you need Batman's Power Suit or The Penguin).
Can't Do - Use wall poles (you need Robin's Acrobat Suit).
Can't Do - Manipulate shiny black metal (you need Lex Luthor's Deconstructor).
Citizen In Peril (1/50) - In the far left of the room there is a man on a 
   table being harrassed by a goon.  Save him.
Total Studs - 48,340

Goal - Defeat The Riddler
To Do - The Riddler is hiding inside the tuba.  Attack the tuba a few times
   to make him appear.
Can't Do - Destroy gold metal (you need Superman's Heat Ray or any similar
Can't Do - Pull orange handle (you need Batman's Power Suit, Superman or any
   other strong character).
Ignore - Where the band is playing you can only partially destroy the piano.
Ignore - That giant green (octopus?) arm is useless; don't worry about it.
Minikit (1/150) - Behind the giant green arm are three windows.  The Minikit 
   is hidden behind the middle; just jump in and grab it.
New Suit - Batman's Sensor Suit
New Abilities - Invisibility - This is EXCLUSIVE to Batman's Sensor Suit.  
   This is important to note especially in The Hub where some puzzles require
   you to pass by those laser detectors.
New Abilities - X-Ray Vision - Non-exclusive as Superman and other characters
   possess this ability.
Total Studs: 73,060

Goal - Defeat Two-Face
Can't Do - Freeze water (you need Robin's Ice Suit, Superman's Ice breath
   or Mr. Freeze's weapon).
Can't Do - Shatter glass (you need Batman's Sonic Suit or a couple of other
Minikit (2/150) - After you defeat Two-Face, use the Acrobat Poles on the 
   right wall on the top of the stairs (the poles on the left side lead to
   a purple stud).
New Suit - Robin's Acrobat Suit
New Abilities - Acrobat Poles - This is EXCLUSIVE to Robin's Acrobat Suit
   which like Batman's Sensor Suit is necessary to solve several puzzles in
   the Hub.  However, the ability to high jump is given to all women.  That
   becomes irrelevant once you have access to any of the flying characters.
New Abilities - Acrobat Ball - This is EXCLUSIVE to Robin's Acrobat Suit and
   again becomes very relevant in the Hub.
Total Studs - 101,250

Goal - Defeat The Joker
Minikit (3/150) - Smash up the 3 green windows along the back wall.
Trophy (1/38) - "Theatrical Pursuits" given for completing Chapter 1.
Gold Brick (1/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 1.
Gold Brick (2/250) - Given for rescuing the Citizen In Peril in Chapter 1.
Character (1/60) - Batman unlocked
Character (2/60) - Robin unlocked
Total Studs - 115,000



After each Chapter you are dropped into the Main Hub.  Access within the Hub
is limited at first; but will become more wide-ranged as the game progresses.
This is where each player has the opportunity to alter the course of how they
want to play (within limits); whether they choose to go straight to the next
chapter, whether they want to collect studs or collectibles.  For the sake of
this guide, I am going to reserve my studs until we need them and limit the
collecting until it can be done on a more mass-scale.

Like the "Lego Harry Potter" games, you can follow the trail of ghost studs to
your next mission.  Unfortunately, there is no "collect ghost studs" Red Brick
so there is a lot of "lost studs" to be had (hadn't?).  

Gold Brick (3/250) - When you are facing the theater, look to your left and
you will see six red fire hydrants in a circle with one of them hopping.  This
is one of the similar puzzles you will find throughout the hub.  The object is
to smash X amount of similar items in close proximity to each other.  If you
do it quick enough, you earn the Gold Brick.  If you don't do it quickly, the
items you destroyed will regenerate and you have to start over again.  So go 
ahead and earn this Gold Brick.  Take note (as mentioned before), each time
you return to the Hub, these fire hydrants will be here and if you smash them
again you will earn a purple (10,000) stud.  You will visually be able to see
it but you won't be able to collect it without smashing them first.

In the corner of the building near those fire hydrants is a blue bat signal
which leads to a grappel point.  This is one of many "climb to the roof" 
puzzles but we will be holding off on these until later in the game where we
have access to a variety of characters (saves time really as well as allowing
you to get greater usage for most of the other characters which go unused).

There is no way to re-enter the theatre to replay Story Mode or go into Free
Play.  The only way to do this is inside the Bat Cave which we'll get to later

On the other side of the theater you will see a Joker Box.  There's a Red 
Brick hidden in there.  There are similar boxes scattered throughout the Hub
for either The Joker or The Riddler (Lex Luthor's "boxes" are glowing black
bricks similar to the ship in the first part of Chapter 1).  So this will 
wait for quite awhile.

To access the next chapter follow the ghost studs to the giant bat signal.  
Smash the items to build Batman's Sensor Suit then ultimately get Robin's
Acrobat Suit.  

You now have a Remote Terminal.  There are 23 of these terminals located
throughout the Hub.  One of them is inside the Bat Cave where you will access
Story Mode (for replay purposes) or Free Play.  The other 22 (including this
one) grant you access to a vehicle (Air, Land or Water depending on its'
location) as well as a map.  Later on, accessing the map will give you a 
cutscene of a Boss (22 terminals, 22 bosses) and their location close to the
terminal.  We will be accessing these terminals and cutscenes as soon as 
possible since it will open up the map (which is not available yet anyway).
When ready, pick Robin's Helicopter through the terminal and enter it to 
trigger the next mission.

Vehicle (1/55) - Robin's Helicopter
Total Studs - 127,220



Goal - Do everything on the ground; build 1 of 3 parts to Robin's Helicopter.
Minikit (4/150) - Blow up the left spotlight and build/ride the bicycle.
Minikit (5/150) - Blow up the award sign that the left spotlight was shining.
Minikit (6/150) - Destroy the 5 placards for the awards banquet.
   1. Found to the right of the helicopter's tail
   2. Found in front of the left side of the theater
   3. Found in the far left of the area
   4. Found in the left alleyway all the way in the back
   5. Found by manipulating the two blue magnetic objects with Robin's suit
Citizen In Peril (2/50) - In the front right of the area you will see two 
   goons harrassing him.  Rescue him.
New Suit - Batman's Power Suit 
New Suit - Robin's Magnetic Suit
New Ability - Bombs (Batman's Power Suit will allow you to blow up silver
   metal; you need to use him for silver items that are not on the ground.
   For metal on the ground you can later use The Penguin).
New Ability - Super Strength (Batman's Power Suit will allow you to pull
   orange handles; there are many characters, notably Superman, that can do
   this as well).
New Ability - Magnetic Wall Climbing (Robin's Magnetic Suit will allow you
   to walk up walls; a power that becomes unnecessary in The Hub when you
   have flying characters).
New Ability - Magnetic Manipulation (Robin's Magnetic Suit will allow you to
   move magnetic items; there is at least one other character that you can
   use later on).
Total Studs - 48,910

Goal - Do everything on higher ground; build the other 2 Helicopter parts.
Minikit (7/150) - When using the zipline towards the left, you will see a 
   grappel hook going up.  Stop!  Use the ladder going down first, walk 
   around to the blind spot and snatch it up.
Minikit (8/150) - When pulling the orange lever on the top right, don't jump
   down right away.  Walk around to the blind spot and grab it.
Total Studs - 97,570 ("Super Hero" achieved somewhere around 90-95K)

Goal - Defeat the Joker's Boat
Minikit (9/150) - While fighting the boat you will fly over the rollercoaster
   in two locations; in both places you will see a car riding the tracks.
   Make sure you destroy them before you reduce the boat's hearts.
Total Studs - Oops, I forgot to write it down.

Goal - Defeat The Joker
Minikit (10/150) - Destroy four cars; each one is located around each of the
   corners of the parking lot.
Minikit (11/150) - In the front left corner is a bumper car.  Ride it.
Trophy (2/38) - "Harboring A Criminal" given for completing Chapter 2.
Gold Brick (4/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 2.
Gold Brick (5/250) - Given for achieving "Super Hero" in Chapter 2.
Gold Brick (6/250) - Given for rescuing the Citizen In Peril in Chapter 2.
Total Studs - 268,620



The in-game map is still not available yet.  You will be located in the
parking lot for the Amusement Park.

Gold Brick (7/250) - Break the 9 traffic cones in a circle
Vehicle (2/55) - Batmobile
Vehicle (3/55) - Bat Bike
Vehicle (4/55) - Robin's Motorbike
   All 3 of these vehicles are given to you free when accessing the terminal).

Hop onto the motorbike and destroy the five silver statues to allow further
access.  Since the map is still not available; instead of perusing around for
collectibles, I suggest following the trail of ghost studs to the Bat Cave.

While in the Bat Cave, you will be able to access the main terminal.  This is
where you can access Story Mode (replay) or Free Play.  Furthermore, the in-
game map is now available.  You will see many areas blacked/clouded out.  We
will clear most of these sections later on (requiring the other terminals in
The Hub).  Highlight the next mission to be kicked out of the Bat Cave.

You are now back in the Hub again with map accessibility.  For now, just 
follow the trail of studs to the next mission.

Total Studs - 273,990
Total Percentage - 3.1%



Goal - Defeat Catwoman's Motorbike
To Do - In spite of the overwhelmingness of this giant maze, your task is
   pretty straightforward (much of the maze won't be accessed until you
   reach Free Play).  If you can't figure out what to do next; walk back
   and forth in the areas you can access; it's not too difficult.
Minikit (12/150) - Blow up the giant statue next to the Power Suit pickup.
Total Studs - 20,920

Goal - Defeat Two-Face's Truck
To Do - To find Batman's Bat Suit, head to the top left corner of the maze
   and blow up both the metal on the wall and the metal object on the left.
   Turn Robin into an Acrobat Ball and manipulate the pickup to the ground.
Minikit (13/150) - South of the Acrobat Ball roller is a glass wall (head
   down and walk around the wall).  Use Batman's Sonic Gun to shatter it.
New Suit - Batman's Bat Suit
New Ability - Shatter glass (the Sonic Gun on Batman's suit will allow you to
   do this; later on there are two characters that can do this as well).
New Abilities - Gliding (the Bat Suit allows you to glide across great 
   distances; but becomes irrelevant once you have flying characters).
Total Studs - 30,280

Goal - Defeat Bane's Mole Machine
To Do - To find Robin's Ice Suit you will find some glass on the ground.
   Shatter it then have both of you grapple onto the hooks to your left.
   This will flood the ground with water releasing the pickup.
New Suit - Robin's Ice Suit
New Ability - Freeze water (easier to do later on with Superman's breath).
New Abilily - Shoot Ice (you can also do this later on with Mr. Freeze).
Trophy (3/38) - "Arkham Asylum Antics" given for completing Chapter 3.
Gold Brick (8/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 3.
Gold Brick (9/250) - Given for achieving "Super Hero" in Chapter 3.
Total Studs - 51,150 (for Chapter) /// 325,140 (cumulative)
Total Percentage - 4.4%



You will be inside Arkham Asylum.  Chances are, without this guide, you
would make the same mistake I made.  Going up to Commissioner Gordon and
hitting the circle button triggers the next mission.



Goal - Solve the puzzles with Batman above ground and Robin underwater.
Minikit (14/150) - While underwater with Robin, there is a point where you
   have to break a fan on the back wall.  Instead of going right, go left
   instead to snatch the one in plain sight.
New Suit: Robin's Hazard Suit (The LAST Batman Suit you'll find)
New Suit: Batman's Electricity Suit (The LAST Robin Suit you'll find)
New Ability: Extinguish fires, Wash away toxic waste, Fill liquid tubes,
   Walk under water, Collect toxic waste (these are all abilities you can
   use with Robin's Hazard Suit; all of these can be done by other 
   characters except collecting toxic waste which is EXCLUSIVE to this suit).
New Ability: Walk through electrical fields, Use electrical outlets (Batman's
   Electricity Suit acts like a battery - if it's not sizzling, you need to 
   find an outlet that is to charge him up - he can then charge up a non-
   powered outlet - and vice versa.  Walking through electric fields is
   EXCLUSIVE to this suit; using the outlets regardless of charges can also be
   used by The Joker).
Total Studs - 38,290

Goal - Reach the room with Mr. Freeze in an ice prison
To Do - Solving this puzzle is a little hard once you get to the prison room.
   First climb up the electric wall with Batman and use the outlet.  Then
   climb up the wall with Robin and scale the wall to the right over the ice.
   Once you get to the right side by the charge, fall through the hole (which
   is hard to see).  Falling in the hole will release a spinner.  Turn the 
   spinner to turn off the ice blowers.  Reclimb the wall with Batman and
   get to the charger on the right.  Reclimb the wall with Robin and freeze
   the water to join Batman.
Can't Do - Igloos (you need The Penguin's toys to access these).
Total Studs - 88,320

Goal - Reach the room with multiple bridges to cross
To Do - Whenever you use a suit pickup the previous suit you were wearing will
   be in it's place.  The first instance occurs when you are wearing Robin's
   Ice Suit.  You will hop into the Acrobat Suit (you need the ball).  You 
   will need the Ice Suit again, so return to the pickup to switch outfits 
   back.  This will only work with the last outfit you had on in combination
   with the suit you pick up.
Can't Do - Graffiti (you need Aquaman for this; shockingly Robin's Hazard Suit
   will NOT work with these... also this is one of the cases I mentioned early
   on about how the AI doesn't give you a character automatically.  Even if 
   you have Aquaman unlocked, during Free Play, he's not always given to you).
Can't Do - Travel through plants (this is an exclusive Poison Ivy ability).
Total Studs - 115,720 ("Super Hero" achieved at 105K)
***Note: Are there any Final Fantasy fans who play this game?  This isn't the
   first Lego game I've seen this, but those goons that are released when you
   get Batman's Sensor Suit look awfully a lot like Cloud Strife from FF7 lol.

Goal - Defeat Scarecrow (against Mrs. King's approval)
To Do - You may have had the opportunity to do this before, but this is the
   best, earliest possibility to earn a trophy.  When attacking a bunch of 
   enemies you will notice a circle button over some of them.  That allows you
   to make a finishing move.  You will also notice a multiplier flashing on
   the screen when you defeat an enemy.  To earn the trophy, you MUST make
   the finishing move once a 10x multiplier flashes on screen (which will
   double the multiplier giving you a 20x and some studs).  In the third phase
   of the Scarecrow battle there are enough enemies on screen to get the 10x
   multiplier.  Once you see that, the next enemy will flash a circle (they 
   will flash beforehand - ignore the circle; wait for the 10x to show up).
   Hit the circle button for your last move and you'll get the trophy.
Trophy (4/38) - "Combo Hero" - Complete a finishing move with a 10x multiplier
   already on screen (see above for details).
Trophy (5/38) - "Asylum Assignment" - given for completing Chapter 4.
Gold Brick (10/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 4.
Gold Brick (11/250) - Given for achieving "Super Hero" in Chapter 4.
Total Studs - 119,760 (Story) /// 444,900 (Cumulative)
Total Percentage - 5.8%



This section is going to be rather LONG since we're going to do our first
major exploration within The Hub.  I can't emphasize enough just how much
freedom the player has as to where to go, etc.  However, in the interest
of this guide, I would suggest being careful going off book and gathering
things I don't discuss, because later on if you're off by one, looking for
something, you might not know where in the guide to look.  Hopefully, my
directions (north, west, left, right) will make sense.

First thing you want to take notice of is that Alfred has activated all of
the Batcomputer Remote Terminals.  There are 23 in the game, all of which 
show up as white circles on your in-game map.  We've already been to three of
them (at the Theater, Amusement Park and in the Bat Cave).  These terminals
will access Boss Battles as well as clearing up the map allowing you to scan
for all of the collectibles.

If the beam of light is red (like the one you're in front of), that means the
terminal has not been activated.  If the beam of light is blue, it's already
been opened up.  A few of the terminals have to be opened with Superman's Heat
Ray ability.  Activate the one you're standing in front of and you will get a
cutscene for a Boss Battle, in this case for Captain Boomerang.  Now access 
the map and scan it.  In the general vicinity of where you scan the map you 
will get the following icons:
White Circle - The terminal you're at (in this case "Arkham Asylum")
Gold Icon - Representing a Gold Brick near the entrance to the Asylum
Red Icon - Representing a Red Brick near the entrance to the Asylum
Face Icon - Representing a Boss Battle you can have to purchase the character
Door Icon - Representing a Golden Arch you build for a good character

Right now we are going to skip ALL of this.  Both bricks are located on the 
roof of the Asylum, while both characters require studs to purchsae them.  
We'll tackle these later on in the guide.

If you scan the map in your general area, you will notice a handful of blips
on the left side of the road you're standing on (going north/northeast).  
Let's tackle these blips (these are the only ones we'll do in isolation, as 
the rest we'll do in bulk later on) just to give you practice reading the
map and locating the icons in person.  Follow the ghost studs and keep an
eye out on the map for when you're close to the icons scanned on the map.

Citizen In Peril (3/50)
Gold Brick (12/250) - Looking at the map, you will find a little purple blip.
   The purple blips represent a Citizen In Peril.  Find him (or listen for 
   his screams) and you will see Audrey II (from "Little Shop Of Horrors")
   eating him (impressive he can scream inside the plant's throat).  To free
   him, just attack all three of his arms.  Saving a Citizen In Peril also 
   grants you a Gold Brick.  Please note that there are several Citizens in
   plants that need rescuing.

Gold Brick (13/250) - Continue following the left side of the road you are
   on (remember we're only looking on the LEFT side of the road!), you will
   find 5 shrubs that need to be annihilated.  Make it so.

You will notice that there is chaos on the street and you will be attacked by
a variety of goons.  Some of them are purchasable; others are not (cake 
throwers, hammer holders).  To purchase some of them, you have to fight off
five or so similar characters back-to-back.  While you are perusing the Hub,
you'll no doubt run into them.  As to when and where may very well vary from
game to game so the order I am listing them and the time I list them may 
change - but hopefully by the time we start collecting a lot of characters,
you will have caught up to the ones I found/fought.  There are, to my 
knowledge, only five of these characters.  I DO suggest purchasing them as
soon as you encounter them; because I'm not sure how easy it is to find the
opportunity on purpose.

Character (3/60) - Mime Goon (75,000 studs) - I got attacked by these guys 
   around Gold Brick 13.  They look like mimes (French berets, black and white
   striped shirts).  Fight 'em off and around the fifth one or so, a circle
   will show up allowing you to purchase him.  Congratulations.  You own a 
   useless mime.

Citizen In Peril (4/50)
Gold Brick (14/250) - Further along on the left side of the road is a hill for
   you to climb.  Lo and behold, another plant.  Smash it!  By the way, right
   near the plant is a rock with a purple stud so you might as well take it.

Gold Brick (15/250) - Right near that Citizen is a hill going down with five
   trees you need to knock down.  At the top of the hill is a vehicle and I 
   suggest you hop in it.  The trees regenerate fast and aren't the easiest
   to knock down.  Roll 'em like bowling pins (if you miss one, turn around
   and try again).  Freeing the five roots grants you the Brick.

Character (4/60) - Clown Goon (50,000 studs) - Right around Gold Brick 15, I
   got attacked by a bunch.  They of course look like clowns, down to the very
   bad wigs.  Fight 'em and Buy 'em.

Continue to follow the trail of ghost studs.  If you look at the map, you will
notice that you will start heading south.  You want to reach that first fork
which will turn around and start heading back north which will lead to the
Amusement Park parking lot (which is where we ended up after Mission 2).  Go
back there for some fun.

Looking at the map you will see a large icon which represents a vehicle for
purchase.  All the vehicles for purchase have a different icon which looks
like the actual vehicle.  Strangely enough, there are two vehicles available
here in the parking lot, but the other one won't show up on the map for awhile.
Ignore the vehicles for now.  

Now take a look at the traffic cones you smashed up earlier and you will see a
purple stud in the middle.  You can't grab it, can you?  Smash the traffic 
cones again to earn that stud.  

Now while you're hear, switch into Batman's Electrical Suit and charge up the
door to grant you access to the Amusement Park.

Character (5/60) - Two-Face Goon (25,000 studs) - I got whapped by them in
   the parking lot.  Purple and orange suits.  Destroy them!

When you first enter the Amusement Park you will be in a skinny rectangular
area with some poles heading up (I guess the girders for the roller coaster).
You are going to go counter-clockwise around this area (in other words, make
a right turn and go around the area with the kiosks on the right).  Ignore
all stairs going up or down.

Please note, that early on in the game while exploring the Hub, if you want
to make a decent amount of studs, come back here and re-do all of the games.
Each Gold Brick will be replaced with a purple stud so revisiting the
Amusement Park can net you over 200,000 studs.

Gold Brick (16/250) - Hook A Duck - Watch the hook as it slowly hovers over
   one of the three ducks.  Step on the button when it's over the duck.
   Once all three ducks are grabbed, the Gold Brick is yours.  Please note,
   all game kiosks in the Amusement Park shoot out a bunch of studs besides
   the Brick.  Try your best to grab the studs before the Brick, as the game
   saves after the Brick, and by the time you can move again, the studs are

Gold Brick (17/250) - Super Slide - Keep following the kiosks on the right
   and you will be at the bottom of the slide where there is a chair you can
   sit in.  Hop on and you will be whisked to the top.  Now slide away for
   the Brick.

Gold Brick (18/250) - Sock A Croc - You should now be heading back towards the
   entrance if you are making a circle in this area.  When the crocodile 
   passes under the whacker, step on the button.  Whack-A-Mole for the new
   millenium.  Both crocs down; one Brick up.

Gold Brick (19/250) - Bat In A Bucket - Very easy.  Use your Batarang to hit
   all four buckets (I recommend using Batman since you can target four things
   in one throw) to earn the Brick.

Any and all other kiosks can be smashed up for a few puny studs.

You are now back to where you started from.  To the left of the Bat In A 
Bucket are stairs going down.  Let's go there with the water on your left; 
kiosks on the right.

Gold Brick (20/250) - Hook A Duck.  Rinse and repeat.

If you look to your left you'll notice one of the other terminals.  You can't
access this right now (you'll need Superman's Heat Ray).  We'll tackle a bulk
of the terminals once we have our Flying Hero in our party.

Gold Brick (21/250) - Bat In A Bucket.  Preferably there than in your attic.

Gold Brick (22/250) - Sock A Croc.  Steve Irwin wouldn't like this.

Ignore the stairs on your right.  Ignore the giant pumpkin.

Gold Brick (23/250) - Ferris Wheel.  Once it stops, hop on and go for a ride.
   You will make two loops around to earn the Gold Brick.  Hope you're not 
   scared of heights.  On a side note, for anyone who is a fan of Ratchet
   And Clank, I think they had the BEST Ferris Wheel on the planet of Mukow.

Return to the stairs you passed a moment ago.  Head to the top of the stairs
and then go around counter-clockwise (right turn).

Gold Brick (24/250) - Bumper Cars.  I'm not sure if you have to hit the
   opponent X amount of times, or what.  Just keep attacking him until you
   earn the Brick.

Citizen In Peril (5/50)
Gold Brick (25/250) - Following on the right there is a blind alley just 
   before the Clown Spray booth.  You'll find this man being held hostage by
   two of The Penguin's little toys.  How cute.  Snuff 'em!  You will also
   notice a Joker box that can't be touched for quite some time.

Gold Brick (26/250) - Clown Spray.  To the left of the booth is Robin's
   Hazard Suit and to the right of the booth is a pool of water which you'll
   need to refill.  Aim for the mouths and after all 3 clowns have drunk their
   fill, a Brick awaits you.

Gold Brick (27/250) - Bat In A Bucket.  Does Bruce Wayne have stock in this
   Amusement Park or what?  This is the last kiosk on the perimeter.  Let's
   handle the center of this area now.

Gold Brick (28/250) - Teacups.  Make sure you don't eat cotten candy before 
   you attempt this ride since I will not be cleaning up the vomit.  Just go
   round and round and round and round.  

Gold Brick (29/250) - Rocket Ride.  Round and round and higher and higher.  
   Barf.  Sorry, I ate.  My bad.

To leave this area you will see giant purple legs (octopus legs perhaps?).
To the left are the stairs you came in.  To the right are stairs leading to
water.  Look somewhere in between the two for a blind exit.

Gold Brick (30/250) - Roller Coaster.  WHEE!!! Splash! Splash? SPLASH???  
   What the heck kind of roller coaster is this? For the spills and thrills,
   you will be rewarded with a hard earned Gold Brick.

Return back to the prior exit I mentioned and head to the last and final
pier area with all kiosks to the right and water to the left.

Gold Brick (31/250) - Hook A Duck
Gold Brick (32/250) - Clown Spray
Gold Brick (33/250) - Bat In A Bucket
Gold Brick (34/250) - Clown Spray
Gold Brick (35/250) - Sock A Croc
Gold Brick (36/250) - Bat In A Bucket (right past the stairs).

You noticed the red beam across the way next to a boat.  Accessible WAY much
later in the game.  The beam that will lead you to Lex Luthor himself.

Go back up the stairs you just passed between Gold Bricks 35/36 and you are
back to the first area of the Amusement Park.  Leave here and you will notice
the purple stud regenerated with the traffic cones (if you smashed them before
you entered).  Go ahead and do it again (if you want).  And of course, 
returning to the Amusement Park in future visits between Chapters will net
you 200,000 studs and more (not including multipliers).

Hop in a car and let's follow the ghost studs.  Looking at the map you will
notice a few obvious blips in your path.  None of them are accessible right
now.  Head to the next mission.

Character (6/60) - Riddler Goon (30,000 studs) - While getting a car to drive
   off into the sunset, I was attacked by a bunch of goons wearing green suits
   with question marks.  Get 'em now.  Also if you grab a car from the 
   terminal, it will trigger the Harley Quinn Boss Battle (similar to when
   you triggered Captain Boomerang).  We'll tackle her later on.  You will
   again notice that the beam changed from red to blue meaning the Boss has
   been unlocked.  Furthermore, turning the beam to blue and unlocking the
   boss unclouds that section of the map.  At our earliest opportunity, we
   will unblock the map using the terminals.

Total Studs - 380,370
Total Percentage - 12.2%



Goal - Collect all five bottles
Can't Do - Height (There are a couple of spots in this long area where
   you either need a high jumper or a flyer).  This should be the last
   "Can't Do" that I will list as every ability is known, learned or have
   been explained already.
Ignore - There's a forklift in the final section which suggests you drive
   it with the other character being hoisted.  Unnecessary as you can just
   jump on the pipes manually.
Total Studs - 137,780

Goal - Get to the elevator
Minikit (15/150) - Extinguish 5 fires with Superman's breath
   1. In the first area with Superman (before you fly up to the handle)
   2. On the catwalk that you use the pull handle
   3. By the 3 pools (1 orange toxic, 2 water)
   4. Right after you use the first shaped laser beam gold puzzle
   5. On the right side of the elevator
Trophy (6/38) - "It's A Bird, It's A Plane" given to you automatically the
   first time you fly with Superman (although I got it to trigger when I was
   actually using the Pull Handle).
Total Studs - 320,990 ("Super Hero" achieved at around 314,000) 

Goal - Find out what those liquids are for
Minikit (16/150) - Destroy 5 gold cabinets with Superman's Heat Ray.
   1. In first area where you start
   2. In first area where you start
   3. Above the first area where you start (fly in the sky; look to the left)
   4. In the second area past the Ace sign
   5. At the end of the level past the two silver girders you will blow up
Trophy (7/38) - "Chemical Crisis" given for completing Chapter 5.
Gold Brick (37/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 5.
Gold Brick (38/250) - Given for achieving "Super Hero" in Chapter 5.
Total Studs - 376,810 (Chapter) /// 757,180 (Cumulative)
Total Percentage - Oops, I forgot.

Miscellaneous Notes (Spoilers Galore!) - For starters, what the heck is
Batman's problem with Superman.  No wonder that Robin has a serious man-
crush on Superman, since Batman is such a grouch.  However, you'd think he'd
be after Green Lantern (who came out in recent comics), or The Flash (cool
costume), or Aquaman (who's a cute blonde).  Oh nevermind.



You're back in the Hub, but you will notice on the map everything is still 
pretty much blackened out.  You can venture to many places you want, but you
still can't use the scan option.  Therefore, it'd be pointless to try to 
guide you through collecting things since you can't use that function.  We're
going to have access to Superman after Chapter 7, so once we do, we'll do 
some venturing around.

For now, we'll continue on to the next mission.  Hop in a vehicle and either
follow the Bat Signal (the vehicle you're chasing is moving), or stay put if
you want and wait for the vehicle to come back.

If you want more studs, feel free to go back to the Amusement Park to scoop
up 200,000 studs by replaying all the games and such.  Just remember that if
you start collecting other miscellaneous Gold Bricks, Citizens In Peril, etc.,
then following this guide will become difficult as you won't be able to follow
my instructions.

Ready?  Get into the Bat Signal

Total Studs - 762,360
Total Percentage - 13.5%



Goal - Chase the vehicle and board it
To Do - For the following two minikits, make sure you get them before you
   knock the vehicles' health down to zero
Minikit (17/150) - You will see a giant sign straight over the middle of the
   road.  It is between two metal girders holding up one of the giant metal
   pipes surrounding the city.  You really can't miss it.  Shoot it.
Minikit (18/150) - You will see a similar sign overhead to the right side of
   the road.  It is underneath a giant butt.  No, I am not kidding.  If you
   make another circle around you will see in the distance a giant butt with
   legs.  The sign is under it for you to shoot (there are several of these
   large people around the buildings; very odd).
Total Studs - 41,340

Goal - Finish the chapter
Minikit (19/150) - On the 1st floor of the vehicle where you released the
   ball using Robin's Magnetic Suit is a Minikit.  Just redo what you did with
   the ball to the Minikit.
Minikit (20/150) - Once you reach the roof of the vehicle, make your way to 
   the front.  Now commit suicide by jumping in front of it.  The Minikit is
   by the bumper.
Citizen In Peril (6/50) - Once you reach the roof of the vehicle, look at the
   back of it.  You will see two goons holding him hostage over the back 
   bumper.  Give him a helping hand, won't you?
Trophy (8/38) - "Chemical Signature" given for completing Chapter 6.
Gold Brick (39/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 6.
Gold Brick (40/250) - Given for rescuing the Citizen In Peril in Chapter 6.
Total Studs - 82,620 (91% of your goal; those front and back bumpers will kill
   you plenty of times reducing your total)



Rinse and repeat from the last time you were in the Hub.  Everything is still
blackened out on the map.  If you look straight ahead you will see a giant 
beam.  That's the Bat Cave.  Head on to it and prepare yourself for a shocking
twist in the story line (at least it was for me.)  Please note that the mere
description of what to do is a massive spoiler.

Total Studs - 845,660
Total Percentage - 14.6%



Goal 1 - Defend the Bat Cave
Minikit (21/150) - You need to destroy 3 crates hanging by balloons.
   1. While on the Bat Bike; destroy it BEFORE attacking The Joker
   2. While on the Bat Plane; destroy it BEFORE attacking The Joker
   3. While on the Bat Boat; destroy it BEFORE attacking The Joker
Total Studs - 25,460

Goal 2 - Find a way out of the Bat Cave
Minikit (22/150) - Destroy 3 large Joker cards
   1. At the top of the elevator shaft near the Power Suit is one
   2. Behind the silver rock above Robin's Magnet Suit to your left
   3. Inside the right cage where Robin's other Magnet Suit is
Minikit (23/150) - Behind the gold rock in the upper right by the zipline
Minikit (24/150) - Destroy the gold nugget under the metal dinosaur after you
   move it around
Citizen In Peril (7/50) - One of only two Citizens in the entire game that is
   not the same guy recycled and in a situation that is one of a kind.  To
   the left of the metal dinosaur are some fires you can extinguish.  Oh my
   God.  It's a bird.  It's a bat.  Oh, wait, it's just Alfred.  Holding a 
   tray of drinks.  Couldn't he just put out the fire himself?  Guess Batman's
   an alcoholic and that's what started the fire LOL.
Trophy (9/38) - "Unwelcome Guests" given for completing Chapter 7.
Gold Brick (41/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 7.
Gold Brick (42/250) - Given for achieving "Super Hero" in Chapter 7.
Gold Brick (43/250) - Given for rescuing the Citizen In Peril in Chapter 7.
Total Studs - 127,450 (Chapter) /// 967,110 (Cumulative)
Total Percentage - 16.2%



Congratulations!  You now have access to Superman.  Oddly enough, his
character isn't officially unlocked for you (that will happen at the end of
the next chapter).  Furthermore, you can't access the character palette to
swap around.  Still, there is plenty we can do.

Right now, the initial goal is to clear up as much of the map as possible.
We are going to ignore all the collectibles; but rather just unblacken the
map so that when you scan it, you can see where all the items are located.
To do so, we are going to tackle the 22 terminals throughout the Hub.

Once you have control over Superman, fly up into the air and just pan around.
You will see two beams of blue light (the two terminals we unlocked showing
the Boss Battles and their faces on the map) and a bunch of red lights.  We're
going to tackle those red lights and unlock as many as we can.

Each terminal unlocked (turning the light from red to blue) places the boss' 
face on the in-game map and unblacked that section of the map allowing you to
scan it for collectibles.  There are only TWO of the red lights we will not
be able to convert until the end of Story Mode Chapter 15 (end of game).

Since studs do regenerate within the hub and we're just tackling the beams 
right now, while flying all over the city (hopefully helping you learn the
Hub by sight), feel free to collect any studs on rooftops, etc.  I'm not going
to go out of the way to collect studs since I'm near a million studs right now
and we're still not going to purchase anything just yet.

Note that some of the terminals require you to use Superman's Heat Ray 
ability.  No big deal.  And again, I can't emphasize that we are NOT going to
actually battle any of these bosses; as they all cost studs that we aren't 
going to spend just yet.  The only goal is to clear up as much of the map as
possible and learn the general areas of Gotham City.

We'll tackle the beams/terminals in as best in order as humanly possible.

Northern Island:
Beam 01 - Captain Boomerang - Arkham Asylum - ALREADY REVEALED
Beam 02 - Harley Quinn - Amusement Park Parking Lot - ALREADY REVEALED
Beam 03 - Scarecrow - Amusement Park Proper 
   I pointed this one out while collecting Gold Bricks in the Amusement Park.
   He'll show up in the pumpkin which I also told you to ignore.
Beam 04 - Mad Hatter - Theater
   Go to the original starting point in the Hub (after Mission 1) where you 
   build Robin's Helicopter and check the map. 
Beam 05 - Lex Luthor - The Yacht Club
   NOT APPLICABLE - This is one of two terminals you will not be able to 
   access just yet.  In order to build the terminal you need The Flash and
   you will not unlock him until after Chapter 15 (end of Story).
Beam 06 - Ra's Al Ghul - Metro Station (North)
   This beam is southwest of the Mad Hatter. 
Beam 07 - Poison Ivy - Botanic Gardens
   West of Wayne Manor (which is in the center of the Northern Island).  The
   circle for Wayne Manor is the 23rd terminal which you can only access the
   Story and Free Play Modes.  

Central Island:
Beam 08 - Killer Croc - Water Works
   South of Ra's Al Ghul; it looks like a little island shutting out from the
   main island.  PLEASE NOTE - When we go back to fight all these Bosses later
   on, you will NOT be able to collect Poison Ivy or Killer Croc.  Both of 
   these Boss Battles require access to Robin's Hazard Suit and we won't have
   Robin back in The Hub for awhile.
Beam 09 - Killer Moth - Power Station
   The most easternmost beam on the central island.  
Beam 10 - Sinestro - Metro Station (Central)
   You'll find this beam southwest of Killer Croc (Beam 08).
Beam 11 - Braniac - Gotham Park
   You can't miss the giant park (Central Park anyone?).  Remember this 
   location as this is where the infamous Bonus Level is.
Beam 12 - The Joker - Ace Chemicals
   NOT APPLICABLE - This is the other terminal we can't access without The
   Flash.  How convenient that both The Joker and Lex Luthor is needed to 
   access 8 of the 20 Red Bricks.  Evil computer programming geniuses.  The
   beam is in the SW part of the island in a large tong that sticks out when
   looking at the map.
Beam 13 - Bane - Gotham Beach
   A little north of Beam 12 and very near the next Story Mission marker.  Be
   careful NOT to fly into that marker yet if you want to unlock everyone
   else yet.
Beam 14 - The Penguin - Gotham Zoo
   South of Braniac/Gotham Park.  Logical location for him, huh?

Southern Island:
Beam 15 - Two-Face - City Hall
   His beam is SW of the Penguin (and the NW most beam on this island).
Beam 16 - Hush - Gotham Hospital
   This terminal is located just southeast of Two-Face.
Beam 17 - Catwoman - Police Station
   South of Wayne Tower (the tallest building in the game; you can't miss it).
Beam 18 - Mister Freeze - Gotham Observatory
   The little island off of the southeast coast.
Beam 19 - General Zod - Metro Station (South)
   Didn't expect him in the game.  Find him north of Mister Freeze.
Beam 20 - Clayface - Gotham Bank
   Mr. Hankey's long-lost relative.  His beam is northeast of General Zod.
Beam 21 - Man-Bat - Gotham Cathedral
   You'll find him just northwest of General Zod.
Beam 22 - The Riddler -  Wayne Tower
   So Bruce Wayne=Donald Trump?  Sad, so very sad.  Fly to the rooftop for
   him.  And FINALLY we can unlock one boss needed for the Red Bricks (his
   boxes unlock 8 of the 20 Red Bricks - just can't do it for awhile).

Character (7/60) - LexBot (50,000 studs) - While on the rooftop of Wayne
   Tower and collecting all the studs on the roof, I got attacked by them.
   As far as I know, this is the only place you can really find them.
   Furthermore, as far as I remember, this is the last of the 5 find-em-and-
   buy-em characters.  So do so now.

My goal as mentioned before was a million studs (just seems like a nice 
amount to have).  Done so.  Now click on the map and start scanning random
areas.  Look at those icons!  Especially around Gotham Park.  There is a LOT
of stuff to find and collect.  Some of it we could do right now; but I would
prefer to do them in sets (i.e. All the Citizens, All the Red Bricks or 
similarly).  So for now, let's hold off and go to the next mission.

Total Studs - 1,004,180
Total Percentage - 16.4%

Let's fly into that giant spaceship and continue on with the story.

***PLEASE NOTE*** - We are about to start Chapter 8.  After Chapter 8, I will
have us collect the four Red Bricks that we are able to do.  NOW is the first
time you can actually do it.  If you must absolutely get them now instead of
waiting (two of them are multipliers), then go ahead and scroll down to the 
Post Chapter 8 Hub section to look for those Red Bricks.  Obviously total
studs and percentages will be off.  If you can wait just a few moments, then
hold on to your hats and join me, will you?



Goal - Land on the ship
Minikit (25/150) - When passing the front of the ship, you will see two 
   golden marks that look like number signs; maybe they are headlights?  Zap
   them quickly.
Total studs - 41,840

Goal - Finish the level
Minikit (26/150) - In the first room once you enter the ship, break open
   the two crates on the right wall to build a lever.  Use the level to 
   free the Minikit.
Trophy (10/38) - "Destination Metropolis" given for completing Chapter 8.
Character (8/60) - Superman unlocked
Gold Brick (44/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 8.
Gold Brick (45/250) - For achieving "Super Hero" in Chapter 8.
Total Studs - 171,310 (Story) /// 1,175,490 (Cumulative)
Total Percentage - 17.7%



It's still going to be awhile before we can choose the characters we want in
roaming mode; but there's still plenty to do.  Let's start off with the
Citizens In Peril.  You will see them as purple icons on the map don't forget.

Also, don't hesitate to collect studs while running around.  Don't collect
other Gold Bricks (i.e. smashing up several bouncing items) as you won't be
able to keep up with my guide if you go off book.  Sorry; that's the 
disadvantage to writing a guide for a game with a lot of freedom.

There are 32 Citizens In Peril remaining in the Hub.  There are a total of 50
in the game; 15 in the chapters and 35 in the Hub.  We already rescued three
in the Hub (2 leaving Arkham Asylum and 1 at the Amusement Park).  I will now
help you collect 31 of them (the downside to the map not being completely
uncovered; I couldn't find all of them).  We'll start in the northeast corner
of the game by the theater where you first started and hopefully you'll be
able to follow along with my directions.  Just look for the purple blips. 
Don't forget you also earn a Gold Brick with each Citizen In Peril you save.

Northeast Island:
Citizen In Peril (8/50)
Gold Brick (46/250) - Right near the theater's terminal and the Joker box is
   a large ice cube.  Use Superman's Heat Ray on it.

Citizen In Peril (9/50)
Gold Brick (47/250) - Go to Metro Station (North); on the map, each of the 
   three train stations are larger dark circles.  Across the street from the
   station is a fire hydrant spewing water with the Citizen on top of it.  Use
   Superman's ice breath on the water to save him.

Citizen In Peril (10/50)
Gold Brick (48/250) - Go to the terminal for the Botanic Gardens and just past
   the parking lot's barrier is another man-hungry plant.  Delicious.

Citizen In Peril (11/50)
Gold Brick (49/250) - South of the Botany Gardens (and south of Poison Ivy's
   facial icon) is another plant.  This man must be covered in honey.

Central Island:
Citizen In Peril (12/50)
Gold Brick (50/250) - Here is one that you will NOT find on the map.  Look for
   Bane's icon on Gotham Beach.  Southeast of him is a round corner 
   intersection heading northeast and southeast.  On that corner is yet
   another man-eating plant (listen for the "Help Me!" with this one)

Citizen In Peril (13/50)
Gold Brick (51/250) - Now look for the purple icon just northeast of Gotham
   Beach.  It's initially hard to find but tucked away behind a building next
   to a barrier wall is a Penguin toy holding this fool hostage.

Citizen In Peril (14/50)
Gold Brick (52/250) - Due east of where you are (and northwest of Gotham Park)
   is another man who thought he'd quench his thirst from a fire hydrant.

Citizen In Peril (15/50)
Gold Brick (53/250) - Look at the map and you will see another purple icon
   northeast on the same city block.  Fire Hydrant + Citizen = Gold Brick.

Citizen In Peril (16/50)
Gold Brick (54/250) - Continue further east along the northern most road (and
   southwest of Water Works) and you will find another man-flavored icicle.

Citizen In Peril (17/50)
Gold Brick (55/250) - Go south one block from where you are and there will be
   another man going for a free swim on a fire hydrant.

Citizen In Peril (18/50)
Gold Brick (56/250) - Further east and a little south on the main road and you
   will find another fire hydrant (insert cool joke here).

Citizen In Peril (19/50)
Gold Brick (57/250) - Much further south and east of the main road is yet
   another fire hydrant.  Yet no Lego children laughing at the man in trouble.

Citizen In Peril (20/50)
Gold Brick (58/250) - Follow the southern border of the Central Island west
   past the bridge and you'll find a carnivorous plant having his lunch.

Citizen In Peril (21/50)
Gold Brick (59/250) - Go two blocks due north and behind a construction type
   fence/wall is a solitary Penguin having a lovers' quarrel.

Citizen In Peril (22/50)
Gold Brick (60/250) - Due west of you is a "V" shaped fork just east of Gotham
   Park.  This guy thought he'd try sprinkling the park's lawn with a hydrant.

Citizen In Peril (23/50)
Gold Brick (61/250) - On the northwest corner of the same block you're on is
   a man who is suffering from hypothermia thanks to the ice cube he's in.

Citizen In Peril (24/50)
Gold Brick (62/250) - West of Gotham Park (and southwest of the Red Brick icon
   withinn Gotham Park) is another icicle.  With a gooey middle surprise.

Citizen In Peril (25/50)
Gold Brick (63/250) - Head south from here and you'll find a purple icon that
   isn't as bright on the map (thanks to the Ace Chemicals map blackout).  
   To your surprise and amazement you will find an original man-in-a-cube.

Citizen In Peril (26/50)
Gold Brick (64/250) - South of your current location is another not-so-bright
   purple icon.  This plant decided to take a walk and got lost behind
   a building.

Southern Island:
Citizen In Peril (27/50)
Gold Brick (65/250) - The northwestern most block's purple icon will award you
   with yet another terrorist penguin.

Citizen In Peril (28/50)
Gold Brick (66/250) - Head due east from your current location to find another
   Citizen inspired by the movie "Cube" as he slowly dies in his own ice tray.

Citizen In Peril (29/50)
Gold Brick (67/250) - Head southwest of the Two-Face icon and show that plant
   just how we roll in the hood.

Citizen In Peril (30/50)
Gold Brick (68/250) - On the block east of the Two-Face icon you'll find 
   another Penguin taking a walk when he was unfairly harrassed by a human.

Citizen In Peril (31/50)
Gold Brick (69/250) - Head one block south of you and in the northeast corner
   you'll find a Penguin asking for help filling his water pistol.

Citizen In Peril (32/50)
Gold Brick (70/250) - Continue further south (and southwest of Catwoman) and
   you will find another Manwich (Sloppy Joes is plant's favorite food).

Citizen In Peril (33/50)
Gold Brick (71/250) - Continue along the southern shore heading east and near
   the pier and golden icon in the water is a plant ready to vomit a man up.

Citizen In Peril (34/50)
Gold Brick (72/250) - Head due north (north of The Riddler/Wayne Tower) and
   you will find at the bottom of the cathedral stairs a plant that simply 
   does not appreciate a man using weed killer on it.

Citizen In Peril (35/50)
Gold Brick (73/250) - Head northeast (just west of the easternmost bridge) and
   you will find an ice cube you do not want to put into your cocktails.

Citizen In Peril (36/50)
Gold Brick (74/250) - Look for the Clayface icon on the map and you'll find in
   the same alleyway as him a Penguin looking for a private place to urinate.

Citizen In Peril (37/50)
Gold Brick (75/250) - Head to the southeast section of the Southern Island and
   you'll find a man getting a fire hydrant enema.

Citizen In Peril (38/50)
Gold Brick (76/250) - Head due west from where you're at to find another man
   in a cube.  Bet he'll never lick metal in the winter again!

We're missing one Citizen In Peril in the Hub.  The one by Ace Chemicals I 
found by running around listening for him.  I'm not sure if there is another
one by him or by the Yacht Club.  The one by Poison Ivy I swore there was
not an icon the first time around and didn't show up until I was almost done
with this section.  Regardless; once I find the final Citizen, I may consider
updating this section if I do another playthrough (as the percentages would
be way off).

I have been writing this Guide as I have been playing my second runthrough.
At this point, I decided to check the Red Bricks to see what I could get now
and which ones required which Boss.  I mentioned before Chapter 8 that you 
could get them then, and in a future update, I may very well move these up
there.  However, it hasn't been THAT long since you COULD get them anyway,
so I don't think it's the worst mistake I can make haha.

I'm going to discuss with you each of the 20 Red Bricks; their locations,
who you need to unlock them or what you need to do to get them now.  Any
unlocked Red Bricks we will get to as soon as humanly possible (I'm not
sure when switching characters is possible in the Hub; it may not happen until
after Story Mode is over - because The Riddler has 8 boxes I want to free up).
Clearly you don't need to travel to all 20 of them; I just did that myself
to see which ones I could unlock and figure I'd share the information.

Northern Island:
01. Theater District - You need The Joker
02. Amusement Park - You need The Joker
03. Botany Gardens - You need The Riddler
04. Arkham Asylum (Rooftop) - You need The Joker 
05. Bat Cave - You need Lex Luthor
06. Southeast area of Northern Island - You need Lex Luthor

Central Island:
07. South of Water Works - You need Lex Luthor
08. Power Station - AVAILABLE NOW!!!
09. West of the Power Station - You need The Riddler
10. Metro Station (Central) - You need The Riddler 
11. Gotham Park - AVAILABLE NOW!!!
12. Gotham Zoo - You need The Riddler
13. Gotham Beach - You need The Riddler
14. Ace Chemicals (Blacked out on map) - You need The Joker 

Southern Island:
15. Southwest Pier of Southern Island - AVAILABLE NOW!!!
16. City Hall - You need The Riddler
17. East of Catwoman - AVAILABLE NOW!!!
18. Wayne Tower (Rooftop) - You need The Riddler
19. Gotham Cathedral - You need The Riddler
20. By Clayface - You need Lex Luthor

Red Brick 1/20 - Studs x2 (100,000 Studs) - Located at the Power Station
   You play a Mini-Game of "Smash Cars".  Watch as you put a quarter into
   the machine.  Now drive your truck around smashing up the other vehicles.
   After about 15 KO's, you get the brick as well as a lot of studs.
   This goes without saying but turn the multiplier on immediately!
Red Brick 2/20 - Minikit Detector (50,000 Studs) - Located at Gotham Park
   You play a Mini-Game of "Smash Boats".  Like the previous game, this one
   occurs with boats and torpedos.  You sunk my battleship!  Purchase it,
   even though we won't need this if you follow my guide.
Red Brick 3/20 - Red Brick Locator (50,000 Studs) - SW Pier on Southern Island
   Another game of "Smash Boats".  Purchase it.  Now at this point you will
   have a better way of finding those Red Bricks discussed above.  It will
   also help you (if you choose to do so now) find Red Bricks 14 and 19 (from
   my list above) since you can't see the icons on the map (one obscured by
   the blackout; the other by a face icon).
Red Brick 4/20 - Studs x4 (200,000 Studs) - East of Catwoman's Icon
   Another game of "Smash Cars".  Purchase.  Turn on.  Immediately!

Congratulations, you now have an 8x Multiplier.  

You can also play these four Mini-Games over and over again and the studs
will keep regenerating, so in my opinion, the easiest/quickest one is "Smash
Boats" (I use the one in Gotham Park; easy to remember where it is since the
Red Brick icon is now GONE).  Each time you play it, you'll get the 
equivolence of a purple stud (exactly 10,000) or if you have the multipliers
(80,000).  Very easy money, huh?  You can scoop up a million studs in a
matter of minutes.

At this point in the game, studs should no longer be an issue.  "Super Hero"
should be easily achieved in every Story Chapter.  Purchases won't be so
wallet-hurting.  And if at anytime you want/need more studs, play these
Mini-Games OR go to the Amusement Park (approximately 20 purple studs at
80,000 a piece is 1.6 million if I did my math correctly).

I currently entered the next mission with a little over 2 million studs.
Furthermore, I am retiring the "Total Studs" count in this Guide.  I'm not
sure if it was really ever relevant since it varies from person to person; 
game to game, but I'm trying to be detailed here.

Total Percentage - 26.3%



Goal - Defeat the (misunderstood) evil secretary
Minikit (27/150) - To the left of the left escalator is a gold bar you can use
   Superman's Heat Ray to free it.

Goal - Get past the Kryptonite traps
Minikit (28/150) - Destroy 5 flashing signs on the walls
   1. To the left of the elevator past the first two Kryptonite traps
   2. To the left of the same elevator after you get off of it
   3. Above the fan after you fly up it
   4. Past the third circular platform near the Bat Suit
   5. On the right wall where you land after flying with the Bat Suit
Minikit (29/150) - On the second circular platform (before the 4th sign listed
   above) where you use the orange pull handle, walk behind to the blind spot.

Goal - Defeat the LexCorp Prototype Robot
Minikit (30/150) - After defeating the robot, fly to the one in plain sight.
Trophy (11/38) - "Research And Development" given for completing Chapter 9.
Gold Brick (77/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 9.
Gold Brick (78/250) - Given for achieving "Super Hero" in Chapter 9.



I earned over 2 million studs in the last Chapter with the 8x multiplier, so
studs are definitely not an issue.  Now is a good time to go around town and
purchase all these Bosses we unlocked awhile ago.  If you need more studs,
I suggest the "Smash Boats" in the northwestern section of Gotham Park.

If you can't find the Bosses (or can't remember where they are), go to the
terminal near the icon and click on the map.  Then click on the characters'
icon and the cutscene will show again helping you locate them.

I would suggest using Superman to fight these battles (unless otherwise 
noted).  If you haven't noticed by now, using Superman makes you invincible.
Furthermore, you need him to reach several of the Bosses.

Tackling the characters in general map order:

Character (09/60) - Hush (100,000 Studs) - Gotham Hospital
Character (10/60) - Two-Face (125,000 Studs) - City Hall
Character (11/60) - The Riddler (125,000 Studs) - Wayne Tower
Character (12/60) - Catwoman (125,000 Studs) - Police Station
Character (13/60) - Mr. Freeze (500,000 Studs) - Gotham Observatory
Character (14/60) - General Zod (500,000 Studs) - Metro Station (South)
   Make absolute certain that you defeat him as Superman
Character (15/60) - Clayface (100,000 Studs) - Gotham Bank
Character (16/60) - Man-Bat (500,000 Studs) - Gotham Cathedral
   You have to use Superman's Heat Ray to destroy the bell to release him
Character (17/60) - The Penguin (500,000 Studs) - Gotham Zoo
Character (18/60) - Brainiac (500,000 Studs) - Gotham Park
Character (19/60) - Bane (125,000 Studs) - Gotham Beach
Character (20/60) - Killer Moth (100,000 Studs) - Power Station
   Use the switch on the right to turn off the light bulb to fight him
Character (21/60) - Sinestro (125,000 Studs) - Metro Station (Central)
Character (22/60) - Captain Boomerang (100,000 Studs) - Arkham Asylum
   You must use Batman and his Batarang in this battle
Character (23/60) - Harley Quinn (125,000 Studs) - Amusement Park
   Again, only the Batarang will work in this fight
Character (24/60) - Scarecrow (125,000 Studs) - Amusement Park
   Batman's Batarang is needed to destroy the 6 targets before hurting him
Character (25/60) - Mad Hatter (100,000 Studs) - Theater
Character (26/60) - Ra's Al Ghul (100,000 Studs) - Metro Station (North)

Once Robin returns to the main party in the Hub, we'll go back and get both
Killer Croc and Poison Ivy.  Now did you use Superman like I suggested?  If

Trophy (12/38) - "Kal-El Last Son Of Krypton" - Given to you when you defeat
   General Zod using Kal-El (Superman).

You should be at Metro Station (North) if you followed my list.  If not, go
there or any of the three Metro Stations.  You might have to unlock them
with Superman's Heat Ray.  Now go down the stairs and follow the arrows until
you pass through the turnstiles.

Trophy (13/38) - "Subway Hero" - Given to you for successfully riding the
   subway (which you should do now since the subways becomes unaccessible
   in Chapter 11).

There's still so much more to do in the Hub.  Unfortunately we won't have 
access to Robin for awhile.  I would rather collect all the Gold Bricks at
once (but need to unblack the map still).  Vehicles are too expensive.  Not
enough Gold Bricks have been collected for all the Golden Arches.  So we're
going to hold off doing more collecting for awhile.  The Hub will be just a 
place to pass through until the next missions.

Once you're ready, go chase after the Mecha-Joker-Bot

Total Percentage - 31.6%



Goal - Land on the Mecha-Bot
To Do - The level is pretty easy.  While you're fighting the helicopters, you
   will notice in the distance coming to you crates hanging by balloons.  Each
   of these contain a Minikit.  Make absolute certain you destroy these
   before tackling the flying Bot's feet.
Minikit (31/150) - Take out a balloon/crate before attacking the first foot
Minikit (32/150) - Take out a balloon/crate before attacking the first foot
Minikit (33/150) - Take out a balloon/crate before attacking the second foot
Minikit (34/150) - Take out a balloon/crate before attacking the second foot
Minikit (35/150) - Take out a balloon/crate before attacking the second foot
Citizen In Peril (39/50) - During either of these phases of battle (before
   destroying the first foot or second foot), on occassion a helicopter will
   fly by from left to right or right to left.  It will be chased by a LexCorp
   VTOL.  Shoot the LexCorp vehicle.  The Citizen In Peril is the News 
   Helicopter Pilot (but not sure if the Citizen In Peril icon will pop up
   on screen).  You should probably automatically get this if you just start
   shooting everything in sight.

Minikit (36/150) - Destroy the gold on the right foot and build the weapon.
   Once the helicopter is automatically shot down, you earn the Minikit.
Minikit (37/150) - After releasing the first pull handle, 3 guns will appear.
   One on it's butt (what is with this game and butts?) and two near its'
   shoulders.  Destroy all three.
Trophy (14/38) - "Down To Earth" given for completing Chapter 10.
Gold Brick (79/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 10.
Gold Brick (80/250) - Given for achieving "Super Hero" in Chapter 10.
Gold Brick (81/250) - Given for rescuing the Citizen In Peril in Chapter 10.

Total Percentage - 33.2%



You now have lost the ability of flight.  And as mentioned in the Post
Chapter 9 Hub section of this guide, I stated why I'll hold off on more
collecting.  Just follow the ghost studs to your next mission (and use
the Heat Ray to destroy the lock to the wall blocking the Southern Island).



Goal - Complete the entire level
To Do - You will notice that this is a rather lengthy level with several
   sections I could have easily broken this into.  Unfortunately, there is
   absolutely nothing you can collect right now.  No Minikits or Citizen.
   Obviously, we have a lot to collect later on in Free Play.
Trophy (15/38) - "Underground Retreat" given for completing Chapter 11.
Gold Brick (82/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 11.
Gold Brick (83/250) - Given for achieving "Super Hero" in Chapter 11.
Total Percentage: 34.5%



I'm starting to sound like a broken record.  No flight ability.  No chance
to switch characters for free roaming.  Prefer flight to do mass collecting.
Follow the ghost studs to your next mission.



Goal - Finish the level
Minikit (38/150) - Destroy 5 Lex Luthor signs at the rally
   1. To the left of the podium near the silver spotlight type object
   2. To the right underneath the giant billboard near the TV van
   3. Behind the podium and up the stars leading to the City Hall doors
   4. On the thigh of the giant statue near the left billboard (look up)
   5. On the thigh of the giant statue near the right billboard (look up)
Minikit (39/150) - Between the legs of the giant statue near the right
   billboard (you can see the Minikit glowing near the guy standing there)
Trophy (16/38) - "Underground Retreat" given for Completing Chapter 12.
Gold Brick (84/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 12.
Gold Brick (85/250) - Given for achieving "Super Hero" in Chapter 12.
Total Percentage - 35.8%



Superman is out; Robin is back in.  Back in the Post Chapter 9 Hub, we
fought the Bosses that we unlocked through the terminals.  Back in the
Post Chapter 7 Hub, I explained that there were two we weren't going to be
able to do until Robin is back in the party.  He's back.  Guess what we're
going to do?  You are correct, we are going to complain that we can't choose
characters and do more general collecting haha.  Seriously, though.  Before
we start into the next mission, hop into any vehicle on the street (you can't
fly now) and head back towards the north to scoop up the final two Bosses.

Character (27/60) - Killer Croc (125,000 Studs) - Water Works
   By the terminal there is a Hazard Suit for you to snap into.  Drop down
   to the rocks and make sure you suck up all of the hazardous waste for the
   Croc to make his fateful appearance
Character (28/60) - Poison Ivy (125,000 Studs) - Botany Gardens
   To enter the Gardens you have to clean off all the waste on the doorway.
   Her battle is the most "complicated" of them all as you have to climb your
   way around (follow the indicator arrow if you need help).  Phase 1 is on
   the "second floor" while the other 2 phases are on the top floor.

Vehicle (5/55) - Multi-Colored Batmobile
   While the game doesn't show this to you as being unlocked; going to any
   terminal (I looked at the ones at both Bosses above) and there it was.
   Presumably we JUST earned it (I haven't looked at the terminals in some
   time) since it looks remarkably like the vehicle Robin was driving when
   he made his return at the end of the Story Chapter 12.

Now look for the Bat Signal on the map to go to the next mission.  The robot's
surprisingly not there - follow the ghost studs; you'll stumble into him at 
some point.

Total Percentage - 36.3%



Very important to note!  It is very possible to get all 10 Minikits in the
initial runthrough.  Unfortunately with everything going on so fast, it is
very possible to get a Minikit without knowing what you're hitting.  
Be very VERY careful.  There are 3 metal boxes throughout the level that will
cause a statue to crumble down triggering the battle with the Joker-Bot.  Try
your absolute hardest to collect the Minikits before hitting a metal box.  If
you DO hit one; make sure you finish off the Minikits before attacking the 

Goal - Phase 1 of a 3-phase battle with the Joker-Bot
Minikit (40/150) - As soon as the level starts, aim around his feet and
   a Joker Car will make an appearance.  Shoot it fast.
Minikit (41/150) - After a little while, another Joker Car shows up around
   his feet.  Shoot it fast before this one disappears (sometimes it doesn't
   show up so make sure you aim around his feet until it shows up before
   worrying about the other Minikits)
Minikit (42/150) - There are 10 black spotlights on either side of the street
   that you really can't miss.
Minikit (43/150) - ??? ??? ??? (I had a Minikit show up without knowing what
   I hit.  I will try to research this and update this later on.  If someone
   can tell me what it is; credit goes to them)
Minikit (44/150) - Large sign on the upper left side of the street.
Minikit (45/150) - Large sign on the upper right side of the street.

Goal - Phase 2 of a 3-phase battle with the Joker-Bot
Minikit (46/150) - There are 5 purple and yellow outhouses on both sides
   of the street.  Shoot 'em down.
Citizen In Peril (40/50) - I noticed that I had gotten him.  Don't know
   when.  Don't know how.  Anyone know?  Automatic?  Presumably in an
   outhouse.  If you know, please let me know and get credit on the guide.

Goal - Phase 3 of a 3-phase battle with the Joker-Bot
Minikit (47/150) - There is a helicopter hovering in the upper right of
   the screen as you're driving around.  Look for it and shoot it.  If you
   miss, wait til you drive around in a full circle again.
Trophy (17/38) - "Core Instability" given for completing Chapter 13.
Gold Brick (86/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 13.
Gold Brick (87/250) - Given for achieving "Super Hero" in Chapter 13.
Gold Brick (88/250) - Given for rescuing the Citizen In Peril in Chapter 13.
Total Percentage - 37.8%

I missed 2 Minikits in the initial runthrough.  I'll catch them in Free Play.
Hopefully I will be able to deduce what I snagged up with the "???" with some
online research.

Only AFTER I finished Chapter 15 (writing this in later than the rest of this
section obviously) did I remember I had the Minikit Detector.  Smacks head.
Rolls eyes.  Ah well.  I, personally, HATE to use that cheat until absolutely
necessary.  Any future updates will take that into effect.  My bad.  My total



It's obvious we're not going to have any free roam with other characters until
the Story Mode is over.  We have two chapters left in the game and look what
we have here.  Other characters have made their apperances.  It's about time!
Let's go straight to Mission 14 and see what's going on.



Goal - Make it through the "1st" floor
Minikit (48/150) - Using Cyborg's Laser Eye, destroy the gold object in the
   back left corner.

Goal - Make it through the "2nd/3rd" floor
Minikit (49/150) - Ride the Mini Bat-Plane for the Minikit to show up.

Goal - Make it through the "4th/5th" floor
Minikit (50/150) - Behind Batman's Electricity Suit pick-up is a blindspot
   in the mini cafeteria.  Find it back there.

Goal - Make it through the rooftop 
Minikit (51/150) - Using Robin's Hazard Suit fill the first tank with water
   (aim for the blue circle that's on the right).  That will fill the
   other tank up and release the Minikit 
Citizen In Peril (41/50) - In the final phase of the battle where you use
   a giant gun, have Green Lantern fly to the 3rd floor of the mini-
   structure to rescue him from a couple of goons.
Minikit (52/150) - Smash up the machinery on the floor below the Citizen
   In Peril.

Goal - Finish the level
Character (29/60) - Cyborg Unlocked
Character (30/60) - Green Lantern Unlocked
Trophy (18/38) - "Tower Defiance" given for completing Chapter 14.
Gold Brick (89/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 14.
Gold Brick (90/250) - Given for achieving "Super Hero" in Chapter 14.
Gold Brick (91/250) - Given for rescuing the Citizen In Peril in Chapter 14.
Total Percentage - 39.4%



We're almost done.  Now I realize that once we finish the final Story Mode,
the game is finished and the other 60% of the game is just collecting stuff.
Still, that's what this guide is for, right?  

The mission is right in front of you, so let's just wrap things up so we can
REALLY get things started! (That, and we still can't do anything right now).



Goal - Finish the story
Minikit (53/150) - Use the orange pull handle in the front left of the area.
Character (31/60) - The Flash
Character (32/60) - Wonder Woman
Trophy (19/38) - "Heroes Unite" given for completing Chapter 15.
Gold Brick (92/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 15.
Gold Brick (93/250) - Given for achieving "Super Hero" in Chapter 15.
Total Percentage - 40.7%



Congratulations!  You have finished the game.  And is that a cliffhanger we
see?  Personally, I couldn't tell you, since I'm unfamiliar with several of
these characters (I'm not a comics or superhero fan; just a lover of Lego
games haha).

And Gotham City Free Play has been unlocked!  We can now do EVERYTHING.
So what order shall we do it, huh? 

Of course, this is where the player truly has freedom to do whatever they
want; but since this is a guide to help with the collectibles, I'd be 
careful going off book.

I say first and foremost, let's get the last two Bosses in the game.
You are currently playing as Wonder Woman and The Flash.  I personally
prefer Green Lantern (for flight) and The Flash (for fight).  Choose 
whoever you want.  Either way, head over to The Yacht Club near the
Amusement Park.

Character (33/60) - Lex Luthor (250,000 Studs) - Yacht Club
   As mentioned awhile ago, you need The Flash to build the unit for the
   terminal.  Once you do so, kick his butt and claim that much needed
   weapon of his.

Now let's wrap this up.

Character (34/60) - The Joker (250,000 Studs) - Ace Chemicals
   How dare you zap me.  Take that!  BAM!  WHAP!  KAPOW!  OK I do know
   some Batman references LOL

And look what happens next...

Trophy (20/38) - "Super-Villain" - Given to you for unlocking all the Bosses
   in the game.  Yippee!

Our character pallette is more full than you realize.  If you look at it
(hold triangle) you'll see 5 blank spaces in the left column and 5 blank
spaces in the right column.

Character (35/60) - Custom A
Character (36/60) - Custom B
Character (37/60) - Custom C
Character (38/60) - Custom D
Character (39/60) - Custom E
Character (40/60) - Custom F
Character (41/60) - Custom G
Character (42/60) - Custom H
Character (43/60) - Custom I
Character (44/60) - Custom J

The first five of those are the left column; the other five are the last
column of your palette.  To customize these characters, you need to go to
the Batcave.  To your far left where the elevator is, are floor buttons
along that left wall.  I'm not sure how to trigger them (anyone help me
on this please?).  There you can customize them.  I never bother with it
unless I need it for a trophy.

Speaking of trophies... Pick ANY of the Custom characters.  You don't need
to make them.  Just pick one.  Now use him in a fight (Custom A is Batman).

Trophy (21/38) - "Test Hero" - Test any of your custom characters

That was easy, huh?

One more thing I think we should do in the Hub that is of absolute great
importance.  RED BRICKS!!!  Now you can turn on that indicator of yours if
you want.  We'll tackle them in the order I looked at them earlier.  Of
course purchase all of them.  If you need studs; go to Gotham Park for a
few healthy rounds of "Smash Boats".  As far as which cheats to use, it's
up to you, but my recommendations come along with the purchase.  And of
course you should know whether you need The Joker (his box), The Riddler
(his box), or Lex Luthor (black glowing boxes).

By the way; if you haven't figured out already, you can go to the Bat Cave
directly from the menu.  Do that when you want Red Brick 9.  To get Red
Brick 10, instead of using a vehicle (we'll tackle that soon enough), go
to the terminal and highlight Metro Station (North) to get there instantly.

Northern Island:
Red Brick (5/20) - Fall Rescue (50,000) - Theater 
Red Brick (6/20) - Beep Beep (50,000) - Amusement Park
Red Brick (7/20) - Regenerate Hearts (50,000) - Botany Gardens
Red Brick (8/20) - Disguises (50,000) - Arkham Asylum
Red Brick (9/20) - Attract Studs (50,000) - Bat Cave
Red Brick (10/20) - Studsx8 (400,000) - Metro Station (North)

Central Island:
Red Brick (11/20) - Studsx6 (300,000) - Northwest of Power Station
Red Brick (12/20) - Super Build (50,000) - Southwest of Red Brick 11
Red Brick (13/20) - Character Studs (50,000) - Metro Station (Central)
Red Brick (14/20) - Extra Toggle (50,000) - Gotham Zoo
Red Brick (15/20) - Gold Brick Finder (50,000) - Gotham Beach
Red Brick (16/20) - Vine Grapples (50,000) - Ace Chemicals

Southern Island:
Red Brick (17/20) - Extra Hearts (50,000) - City Hall
Red Brick (18/20) - Invincibility (200,000) - Wayne Tower
Red Brick (19/20) - Peril Finder (50,000) - Gotham Cathedral
Red Brick (20/20) - Studsx10 (500,000) - Gotham Bank

Congratulations.  You have unlocked and purchased all Red Bricks!!!

Trophy (22/38) - "Extra! Extra" - Unlocked for unlocking and purchasing all
   of the Red Bricks.

If you go to your extras menu, you will see that the cheats are in three
colors.  I have all the pink ones off (they're just for aesthetics, but
it's up to you).  I have all the blue ones on (money, money, money).  I
have all the green ones on but I'm using them to find things for you the

Take note that the Peril Finder (we're still missing one in the Hub and I
can't find the darn blip) will show up like a Gold Brick finder, so he'll
turn up sooner or later.

We're going to now tackle Free Play for the first chapter, but before we
do - let's do a couple of quick things.

Change one of your characters to Green Lantern and the other to Sinestro.
Now playing as Green Lantern, kill, destroy, defeat and murder Sinestro.

Trophy (23/38) - "Green Lantern's Light" - given to you for defeating
   Sinestro as The Green Lantern.

Now change your characters to Braniac and LexBot.  Now as Braniac, destroy
the LexBot to smithereens.

Trophy (24/38) - "Inferior Machines" - given to you for defeating the LexBot
   as Braniac.

Total Percentage - 48.2%

OK.  Return to the Bat Cave.  Go to the terminal and go back to Chapter 1
for your first Free Play mode.  (We will systematically clean up The Hub
in between Free Play chapters).



You should note a couple of major important things here.  For starters,
the game will now have the Batman and Robin suits in different locations
if they are needed to solve Minikit puzzles.  I say, screw that.  Use them
only if you have to.  We were forced to play as Batman and Robin for most
of the game, so I say take advantage of all the other characters now.

That's the other thing.  I will tell you how to get the remaining Minikits
and which characters I used.  You can use other characters, but this is
who I will choose and I'll list 'em, blah blah blah.

Oh, and a funny note.  I used General Zod to defeat both Harley Quinn and
The Joker (zap him before he zaps you haha).

For this chapter, we need 7 Minikits and "Super Hero" status.  The latter
will happen almost instantaneously if you have your multipliers and stud
magnets on.

Minikit (44/150) - Before battling Harley Quinn, use Lex Luthor and his
   Deconstructor to zap away the front of the Bat Plane.
Minikit (45/150) - Before battling Harley Quinn, use The Penguin to release
   his bomb goons on the 3 silver tables.
Minikit (46/150) - Before battling Harley Quinn, have Robin slip into the
   Acrobat Suit and follow the poles on the right wall.
Minikit (47/150) - Before battling The Riddler, you've got a big puzzle to 
   solve.  This one has caused a lot of people grief.
   1. As General Zod - destroy the gold lock
   2. As Cyborg - manipulate the blue bike in the closet to make a hole
      fall into the hole - now walk to the left and climb the ladder
   3. As Man-Bat - shatter the glass
   4. As Joker - walk into the cage (looks like you can't, but you can)
      and use the charger
   5. As any character - step on the piano keys one at a time - step on
      then step forward - then move on to the next key - the order of the
      keys are RED / GREEN / YELLOW / BLUE / GREEN / RED / BLUE - if you
      want to know why, look on the wall behind the piano and follow the
      colors from left to right
Minikit (48/150) - Before battling The Riddler, use Lex's Deconstructor on
   the large black block then use The Joker for the charge.  Ride the horse
   to release the Minikit.
Minikit (49/150) - Before battling Two-Face, have General Zod fly up to 
   the right balcony.  Have him smash the item up there and build the
   zipline.  Zip on over to the left.
Minikit (50/150) - Before battling Two-Face, have Man-Bat smash the glass
   cage and then have General Zod use his Heat Ray on the golden stuff.

All Minikits are complete.  Of course, you can use other characters for these
problems.  Batman's Power Suit instead of The Penguin.  Superman instead of
General Zod.  Etc.  Switch it up.  Mix it up.  Ban Batman and Robin when
possible haha.

Vehicle (6/55) - Harley Quinn's Monster Truck (Minikit)
Gold Brick (94/250) - Given for achieving "Super Hero" in Chapter 1.
Gold Brick (95/250) - Given for building the Minikit in Chapter 1.

Couple more notes.  We only have one more "Super Hero" to achieve.  Yay!

Finally, once you're finished with the level (of course finish it out to the
end with the Joker battle), you'll be back in the Bat Cave.  You must ALWAYS
ride the Minikits that you create.  All 15 of them must be driven for you to
earn one of the trophies.  So the best thing is to ride them after each 

For land vehicles, go straight ahead to the middle and select Harley's Truck.
Now take it for a drive.  You don't have to go far; but you must ride it.

Total Percentage - 49.3%



So what should we do now that we have absolute freedom?  Well, I think we
should track down the remaining characters that we can.  Aquaman is floating
around here somewhere and we MUST get him for some of the Free Play chapters.
Problem is I'm not sure where he is.  He's behind one of the golden arches.

We currently have 44 of the 60 characters.  The remaining characters are
purchasable (you don't have to fight them) by building those Golden Arch Doors
that I pointed out way back when outside of Arkham Asylum.  Unfortunately, 
each Door requires X amount of Gold Bricks, so several of them may not be
available just now.  If anything, I think it's not a half bad idea to go 
around and collect who we can; and find out what we need for those that we
can't.  Make sense?  Hope so.

I'll do them in the best order on the map as possible.  So keep looking
at the map for the Arch icons.  Note, that ALL of them are high up on the
buildings and all are passed during the Batman/Robin Gold Brick puzzles.
We're going to ignore those puzzles for the moment and just snatch up
the characters themselves.

Some of these are going to be very difficult to locate (since I'm bypassing
the puzzles for the Gold Bricks) but when you are looking at the map you
know you're close if your Gold Brick indicator is on since they are in the
same place.

Character (45/60) - Dick Grayson (125,000) - Theater
Character (46/60) - Lois Lane (125,000) - Yacht Club
Character (47/60) - Policeman (25,000) - Arkham Asylum

Trophy (25/38) - "Halfway Through" - If you're following my guide to the
   letter you'll get it now for making it to 50% of the game!

Character (48/60) - Huntress (125,000) - East Of Metro Station (North)
Character (49/60) - Hawkman (125,000) - South of the bridge connecting
   the Northern and Central Islands
Character (50/60) - Batgirl (125,000) - Power Station
Character (51/60) - Aquaman (125,000) - West of the northwest corner of
   Gotham Park (YAY! - We need this one)
Character (52/60) - Hawkgirl (125,000) - Northwest of Gotham Zoo
Character (53/60) - Bruce Wayne (125,000) - Wayne Tower
Character (54/60) - Vicki Vale (125,000) - Gotham Bank

Now here is where I have mud on my face and will have to admit that an
update for this guide is necessary later on.  We're missing six

1. South of Metro Station (North) - You need 150 Gold Bricks here
2. North of Gotham Park - You need 175 Gold Bricks here
3. Southeast of the "V" fork next to Gotham Park - You need 250 Gold Bricks
4. Northwest of City Hall - You need 100 Gold Bricks here

There are still two arches I can't find.  Hopefully they will turn up later.

There IS an additional 175 Gold Bricks Archway in Gotham Park by the
terminal but that leads to the bonus round.

So now that we've (almost) gotten that out of the way, return to the Bat Cave
and let's tackle the next chapter in Free Play!

Total Percentage - 51.5%



We only need 2 Minikits for this level.  You want a very fast way of ripping
through the first part of this level?

In the first section when you have to rebuild the helicopter, fly up the
right side of the theater to where the second part is.  Use Cyborg to free
it up with his metallic powers.  Then fly straight up to the right tower
and super-strength the third part down.  Rebuild.  You're done with the
first part.  None of that climbing, grappling, etc.

Minikit (61/150) - BEFORE you do all of what I just suggested, use General
   Zod to zap away the golden spotlight in the back right on the ground.
Minikit (62/150) - In the final part of the level where you fight The Joker,
   you need to zap away the two golden locks on the bulldozer.  You can only
   do this AFTER you build the spinner and knock The Joker's heart down by
   one.  After you free the bulldozer, drive it to the truck in the front
   right.  Build the ramp and drive the bulldozer on top of it.  Voila.

Gold Brick (96/250) - Given for building the Minikit in Chapter 2.
Vehicle (7/55) - Joker's Speedboat (Minikit)
   Once you're in the BatCave, take this one for a spin.  The water vehicle
   terminal is to the right.  Unlock it with your golden powers.  Did you
   take it for a ride?  Good.

By the way...

Vehicle (8/55) - Batboat
Vehicle (9/55) - Robin's Watercraft
Vehicle (10/55) - Batman's Watercraft
Vehicle (11/55) - Robin's Submarine
Vehicle (12/55) - Batwing
Vehicle (13/55) - Batcopter
Vehicle (14/55) - Whirly-Bat
Vehicle (15/55) - LexCorp Mini-VTOL

These 8 vehicles above were always available; or rather have been available
for awhile (don't know when).  They're free, they're in your selection.
They're now credited on the tally.  Sorry.

Total Percentage - 52.2%



Let's keep up the theme of vehicles.  We can get most of the rest of the
vehicles in the Hub.  All of them will have icons on the map.

Please note that almost all air and water vehicles have a Gold Brick race
associated with them (noted with an asterisk (*)).

Also, if it's a land vehicle, it will be on the ground.  If it's a water
vehicle, it will be near water.  If it's an air vehicle, it will be on
a rooftop.

Northern Island Vehicles:
Vehicle (16/55) - Giant Dodgem (500,000) - LAND
   Amusement Park Parking Lot
Vehicle (17/55) - Harley Quinn's Monster Truck (1,000,000) - LAND
   Amusement Park Parking Lot
Vehicle (18/55) - LexCorp Limosuine (1,000,000) - LAND
   Yacht Club
Vehicle (19/55) - Bat Dodgem (75,000) - LAND 
   Metro Station (North)
Vehicle (20/55) - Pumpkin Car (50,000) - LAND
   Southeast Corner Of Northern Island

Northern Island Vehicular Races:
Gold Brick (97/250) - Bat Cave Air Race 
   Go to the Bat Cave and unlock the Air Vehicles from the leftmost terminal.
   You can pick any vehicle.  Personally, I choose the UFO (which you haven't
   gotten yet; use it later if you are stuck on this one).  Hop in the vehicle
   and as soon as you exit the Bat Cave, hover around - don't fly about too
   much.  It helps if you put your Gold Brick indicator on.  There's an arrow
   pointing to nothing by the trees.  That's the trigger for the race.
   All of the other air races are much easier, so if you're unsure of what 
   you're looking for, or stuck finding the starting point, etc - come back
   to this one after you get the rest of the vehicles.

Central Island Vehicles:
Vehicle (21/55) - Killer Croc's Speedboat (750,000) - WATER
   Water Works
Vehicle (22/55) - LexCorp Micro-VTOL (1,000,000) - AIR*
   Water Works
Vehicle (23/55) - Bane's Mole Machine (1,000,000) - LAND
   North of Gotham Park
Vehicle (24/55) - Joker's Speedboat (750,000) - WATER*
   Gotham Beach
Vehicle (25/55) - Joker Digger (150,000) - LAND
   Ace Chemicals
Vehicle (26/55) - Joker's Helicopter (250,000) - AIR*
   East of Ace Chemicals
Vehicle (27/55) - Brainiac's UFO (750,000) - AIR*
   Northwest of Gotham Zoo
Vehicle (28/55) - News Helicopter (150,000) - AIR*
   Northeast of Gotham Park
Vehicle (29/55) - Catwoman's Motorbike (150,000) - LAND
   East of Gotham Park
Vehicle (30/55) - Police Helicopter (200,000) - AIR*
   East of Gotham Park 

Citizen In Peril (42/50) 
Gold Brick (98/250) - While looking for the last two vehicles, you probably
   heard some screams.  After you purchase the Police Helicopter, you will 
   now see a purple blip on the map (southeast of the "V" fork next to Gotham
   Park).  The helicopter icon was covering it.  This is the last Citizen in
   the Hub.  Celebrate by rescuing him from the assassin Penguin.

Vehicle (31/55) - Sports Fishing Boat (450,000) - WATER*
   Southern shore of the Central Island
Vehicle (32/55) - Speedboat (450,000) - WATER*
   Power Station

Central Island Vehicular Races:
Gold Brick (99/250) - Hop into the LexCorp Micro-VTOL (Vehicle 22)
Gold Brick (100/250) - This race is actually triggered at the other end of
   Gotham Beach.  You get the Joker's Speedboat on one end; but the race is
   triggered from the Gotham Beach Terminal, so go to that and order any
   boat to start the race. (Vehicle 24)
Gold Brick (101/250) - Hop into Joker's Helicopter (Vehicle 26)
Gold Brick (102/250) - Hop into Brainiac's UFO (Vehicle 27)
Gold Brick (103/250) - Hop into the News Helicopter (Vehicle 28)
Gold Brick (104/250) - Hop into the Police Helicopter (Vehicle 30)
Gold Brick (105/250) - Hop into the Sports Fishing Boat (Vehicle 31)
Gold Brick (106/250) - Hop into the Speedboat (Vehicle 32)

Southern Island Vehicles:
Vehicle (33/55) - Clown Goon Boat (100,000) - WATER*
   Western shore of the Southern Island
Vehicle (34/55) - Penguin's Submarine (150,000) - WATER*
   Southeast shore of the Southern Island
Vehicle (35/55) - Police Car (100,000) - LAND
   Southeast corner of the Southern Island
Vehicle (36/55) - LexCorp Juggernaut (1,000,000) - LAND
   Gotham Bank
Vehicle (37/55) - Fire Engine (100,000) - LAND
   North of Gotham Cathedral
Vehicle (38/55) - Police Riot Truck (100,000) - LAND
   South of Gotham Cathedral
Vehicle (39/55) - Ambulance (100,000) - LAND
   Gotham Hospital
Vehicle (40/55) - Two-Face's Truck (250,000) - LAND
   City Hall

Southern Island Vehicular Races:
Gold Brick (107/250) - Like the race at the Bat Cave, this one isn't triggered
   by a purchase; but rather just exists and you've seen it already.  Go to 
   the top of Wayne Tower and order an air vehicle (again I recommend the 
   UFO).  This is the last air race I believe.
Gold Brick (108/250) - Hop into the Clown Goon Boat (Vehicle 33)
Gold Brick (109/250) - Hop into the Penguin's Submarine (Vehicle 34)
Gold Brick (110/250) - Go to the Observatory (the little island southeast
   of the Southern Island) and go to the terminal.  Order up any boat and
   complete the race.  This is the last boat race I believe.

Naturally, I AM missing an extra vehicle.  Of the 15 vehicles left to obtain,
13 of them are built from the Minikits.  1 of them is not obtained until you
reach 100%.  That's 1 left.  I believe it's a School Bus.  I just can't find
it.  Hopefully later.  I really need to redo this guide once I have found
everything to place things where they belong!

Furthermore, while I stated that I think all air and water races are done,
there is at least one Gold Brick in a very odd location.  On the map there's
one over the water northwest of Arkham Asylum, yet flying over there shows
no indicator.  Maybe there's another race, but I'm not sure where it's from.
I'll figure it out.  I have to; otherwise this guide is pointless, huh?


Character (55/60) - Clark Kent (125,000) - Northwest of City Hall
   You have enough Gold Bricks to build this one
Character (56/60) - Alfred (125,000) - Wayne Manor
   It didn't look like an arch icon; but now you can have him fetch you drinks

Pretty much everything else to do is either part of Free Play in the chapters
or Gold Bricks in The Hub.  Let's tackle chapter 3 in Free Play then return to
the Hub to start wiping out the Gold Bricks by section.

Total Percentage - 61.3%



For this level we are still missing 8 Minikits as well as the Citizen In

The way I am going to conquer this giant maze is to have you fly up into the
air (I suggest General Zod) and look at the maze.  There are several "layers"
as I would call it.  The 1st layer is the outer perimeter.  The 2nd layer
is the paths closer to the center sharing a wall with the outer perimeter.
The 3rd layer is closer in; 4th layer even further; and finally the center
area.  What I am doing is listing off the items from bottom left corner
and going counter-clockwise (around the right) throughout the entire 1st
layer then slowly spiralling my way inwards.  And if that doesn't help,
turn on your Minikit Detector.

Also, you should know that there were characters I needed that the AI did
NOT automatically give me.  At least THREE characters were needed that I
had to manually select from the palette instead of switching the ones that
were given to me.

Minikit (63/150) - In the front left corner/1st layer is a gold wall you 
   should zap with General Zod.  Switch to Green Lantern and play a round
   of bowling for your Minikit.
Minikit (64/150) - In the front right corner/1st layer is a plant that you
   need to switch to Poison Ivy to traverse.  Once inside, switch to Joker
   (the AI didn't give me him) and hit the charger.  Switch back to Poison
   Ivy to return to the Minikit and use General Zod to pull the orange tab.
Minikit (65/150) - Freeze the 5 water fountains and break them.
   1. Back right corner/1st layer
   2. Left wall/1st layer 
   3. Front side/3rd layer
   4. Left side/4th layer
   5. Center area
Minikit (66/150) - Back left corner/1st layer is a switch you have to push
   (ironically it's the red side; you always have to push the green sides
   in the Lego games).  That will open up a drain underwater.  You can use
   The Penguin but I prefer Aquaman.
Minikit (67/150) - Left side/1st layer finds you four golden flowers.  Zap 
   them with General Zod then switch to Aquaman and walk under the evil
   plant arms.  Get up on the other side and switch back to Zod to zap the
   four little golden things.  Build the buttons and get the ball out of the
   maze.  Break the plant and you're done.  Aquaman can return you safely.
Citizen In Peril (43/50) - On the right side/2nd layer is the poor fool 
   being bothered by two goons.  Murder them please.
Minikit (68/150) - On the left side/2nd layer are 2 levers you can jump up
   and pull down.  This will allow you to walk under the metal grate.  You
   need to switch to Cyborg (another character not given by the AI) to
   manipulate the metallic piece out of your way to reach the Minikit.
Minikit (69/150) - On the front side/2nd layer is a black statue that you 
   need to deconstruct with Lex Luthor.  Build the lever and pull it down
   to release a platform that you can stand on.  Switch to Man-Bat (yet again
   another character the AI declined to give us) to break it free.
Minikit (70/150) - On the front side/4th layer is an orange pull handle.
   This one's easy

Vehicle (42/55) - Two-Face's Truck Minikit
Gold Brick (111/250) - Given for rescuing the Citizen In Peril in Chapter 3.
Gold Brick (112/250) - Given for building the Minikit in Chapter 3.

Total Percentage - 62.2%

Once you return to the Bat Cave, pull up that Minikit and ride it around
outside giving you one step closer to a trophy.



Now that we're back in the Hub, let's start cleaning out some Gold Bricks
and see what fun we can have.  I would suggest using General Zod since he
flies and has Heat Ray.  (This way Superman can be alone with Robin).

This is entirely up to you, but if you feel that you might get lost
solving some of the rooftop puzzles, you might want to turn your stud
collector OFF.  Each of these puzzles has a trail of studs from start to
finish allowing you to trace where you have to go (or go backwards from
Gold Brick to start).  If you have the stud collector ON, then all the
studs will be swept into your bankroll and you might be unsure where to
go next.  The puzzles are NOT that hard; but you'll see...

Let's start in the theater area

Gold Brick (113/250)
Gold Brick (114/250)
Gold Brick (115/250)
Gold Brick (116/250) - If you look at the map you will see 4 Gold Brick
   icons jutting out on either side of the theater.  If you look at the
   theater itself you will see giant statues blowing horns.  Each of these
   four horns (two on either side) has a gold blockade.  Zap 'em and inside
   the horns are your Golden Bricks.
Gold Brick (117/250) - There is a dome on the top of the smaller roof of
   the theater that is golden.  Zap 'it to free it.

Look at your map and you will see that the main road from the theater goes
southwest.  The northwest/left side is the yacht club where the one gold
icon we'll tackle is next.

Gold Brick (118/250) - Look around the grounds of the building for Batman's
   Sensor Suit.  Once you found it, follow the trail of studs up towards the
   rooftop until you free the Brick.  In instances like this, you only have
   one suit.  In other instances, you may have to switch suits (if so, there
   will be a "changer" on your path).  If your studs are gone because you
   have the stud collector on, just know as you climb up, the next step is
   ALWAYS there whether it be a wall to climb, a zipline to slide down,
   a grapple to hook onto.  Something.  So don't panic, just look to see
   where you have to go.  If all else fails, go to the roof to where the
   Brick is and try to see how the path goes backwards.

Look at your map again.  We are now going to tackle the Gold icons that are
on the southeast side of that main road.  Working from north to south.

Gold Brick (119/250) - Look around the ground for Robin's Acrobat Suit.  You
   need him to parlay your way to the Brick.

Look at the map again.  You'll see two gold icons close to each other in a
diagonal.  Top right/Bottom left.  We'll tackle the top right first, and
then the bottom left next.

Gold Brick (120/250) - You can go straight to the roof and switch to The 
   Penguin to free the Brick and not bother with the puzzle.
Gold Brick (121/250) - On the ground are four shrubs surrounding a fountain.
   Destroy all four shrubs quickly to have the Brick appear.

Look at the map (instructions I'll be giving often during the Hub now) and
you'll see the white circle representing the Metro Station (North).  There's
a Gold icon next to it.  Go there.

Gold Brick (122/250) - Look for Batman's Sensor Suit on the grounds and climb
   your way to the top.

Would you be so kind to look at your map please?  What do you mean no?  Do it!
East of you are two more Gold Icons next to each other.  We'll tackle the one
on the left first and then the one on the right after.

Gold Brick (123/250) - Go straight to the Brick and switch to Man-Bat and
   shatter the glass.  On a side note, I thought glass shattering was best
   when Philip did it in the "Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean".  It's much
   better to sing it broken, then EEK EEK EEK haha.
Gold Brick (124/250) - Look on the ground for Robin's Magnetic Suit then
   work your way to the top eventually switching into his Acrobat Suit.

One more looky-loo at the map and you will see this part of the island sticks
out.  We're going to tackle the golden icon in the northeast corner of this
outlet (in other words east of your current location).

Gold Brick (125/250) - Look on the grounds for Batman's Electricity Suit.  As
   you work your way up, you'll switch to the Power Suit and then back again
   to the Electricity Suit.

I'm thinking each visit to the Hub, we'll tackle around 10 Gold Bricks or so
after each chapter (give or take; break up the monotony).  For starters, I am
typing all this so my fingers could use a little rest.  Secondly, 100 Gold
Bricks in one section of this walkthrough is daunting.  Thirdly, gameplay
shouldn't be a long search-and-collect, you know?  We'll pick up where we left
off after the next chapter.

Total Percentage - 65.0%



To finish up this level we need a whopping 9 Minikits as well as the Citizen
In Peril.  Unfortunately you do have to do the split-up puzzles; this time
I chose the Joker (he can do the charges) and Aquaman (he can walk under
water and I told you I'm leaving Robin and Superman alone; they need their
special time).

Minikit (71/150) - After you release the Killer Croc, you can just switch
   over to General Zod and fly over the fence to get the one in plain sight.
Minikit (72/150) - While underwater as Aquaman, before you go above ground,
   pull the handle to release the Minikit.
Minikit (73/150) - After the team rejoins, you will notice there is a little
   spot to the right you can go down to which has a Joker Box.  Use him to
   open the box, build a pull handle, jump up to grab it, and voila.
Minikit (74/150) - In the far right section there is a metallic lock you need
   to manipulate with Cyborg.  Afterwards, you'll use Green Lantern to build
   a hand that punches a hole in the floor where the Minikit is hiding.
Minikit (75/150) - In the room with the igloo, use The Penguin to release a
   bird bomb into it, coming out inside the room with Mr. Freeze.  It'll blow
   a hole in the wall allowing you to get the Minikit (and kill Mr. Freeze).
Minikit (76/150) - In the room where you have to use the Acrobat Ball to 
   get the Sensor Suit, there is a Minikit up in the air.  Either use the
   Acrobat Suit or just fly to it.
Minikit (77/150) - Aquaman is needed to wash away 5 pieces of graffiti.
   1. In the room with the Acrobat Ball right above the charger
   2. After you pass the sensor beam it's in the distance as you walk there
   3. Blow up the right prison cell in the large room to find it
   4. On the left side of the stairs leading to the Scarecrow battle
   5. On the right side of the stairs leading to the Scarecrow battle
Minikit (78/150) - As soon as you enter the large room, immediately drop
   down in front of you and use Lex's Deconstructor to break the door down.
Minikit (79/150) - Also as soon as you enter the large room, look back
   towards the left side of the room (before the X-Ray wall) and you'll see
   a plant.  Fly over there then switch over to Poison Ivy to get the Minikit.
Citizen In Peril (44/50) - In the back right of the room are two silver prison
   cells.  The left one has this not-so-innocent Citizen being trapped in the
   same cell as two men who just want to be his "friend".  Help him I guess.

Vehicle (43/55) - Scarecrow's Biplane (Minikit)
Gold Brick (126/250) - Given for rescuing the Citizen In Peril in Chapter 4.
Gold Brick (127/250) - Given for building the Minikit in Chapter 4.

You're back in the Bat Cave.  Go to the terminal and fly that Minikit out of
there.  Done?  Now let's go back to Gold Brick hunting.

Total Percentage - 65.9%



We're going to pick up exactly where we left off which is in the southeast 
corner of the Northern Island

Gold Brick (128/250) - There are 4 shrubs around a fountain for you to 
   pull from the ground.

You will see on the map the terminal for Metro Station (North).  South of
that is a Gold Icon (which is east of the Golden Arch icon).  Unfortunately
the pickup for Robin's Acrobat Suit is west of the Golden Arch icon.  There's
some travelling to be done with this Golden Brick.  Either look around the
area west of the Golden Arch icon for Robin's Acrobat Suit OR go to the 
Golden Brick icon east of the Arch icon and work your way backwards until
you find it.

Gold Brick (129/250) - Do the puzzle using Robin's Acrobat Suit (d'uh)

The final Gold Brick icon in this area is west of the Arch icon

Gold Brick (130/250) - There are 4 trees in a circle on the ground

Look at the map again and you'll see the direction I'm going to go.  We're
going to start with the icon just east of the Botanic Garden terminal.  We're
then going to go counter-clockwise - going southwest of Botanic Garden to the
icons in and on Arkham.

Gold Brick (131/250) - There are 2 rocks on the ground just east of the 
   Botanic Garden terminal
Gold Brick (132/250) - There are 5 shrubs on the ground in a circle southwest
   of the Botanic Garden terminal
Gold Brick (133/250) - There are 5 plants on a wall in a cave even further
   southwest (and northeast of Arkham Asylum)
Gold Brick (134/250) - Head inside Arkham Asylum through the front door and
   solve the maze puzzle in the order of Electric Suit, Power Suit, Bat Suit,
   and Electric Suit yet again.
Gold Brick (135/250) - On the roof of Arkham Asylum is an empty electric 
   charger you can use the Joker on.  That will release Batman's Sensor Suit.
   Use it to sneak past the beams and get the Brick (saves a little time).

There are two Golden icons left - one is northwest of Arkham Asylum and one is
southeast.  I can't figure out at the moment how to get them as there are 
still too many indicators on the screen to narrow it down.  We'll get to them
as soon as I figure it out.

Head on over to the Bat Cave for the next mission and when we return to the 
Hub, we'll start on the Central Island.

Total Percentage - 67.7%



We're working our way to 100%.  For this chapter we need 8 Minikits and a
Citizen In Peril.

Helpful hint: for the first section where you are collecting the five
bottles, play as General Zod to fly to your destinations to save a little
time.  For each of the other sections, you have to play them through to
some extent for exclusive Robin/Batman abilities.

Minikit (80/150) - Right by Bottle 1 is a gold barrier in the air.  As Zod,
   hover over to it and zap it.
Minikit (81/150) - By Bottle 2 is a glass tube with the Minikit in clear
   sight.  Hop in and fly up to it.
Minikit (82/150) - Before you get to Bottle 3 is a glass tube you walk 
   through from left to right.  In front of the right side is a little
   toxic waste.  As Aquaman, wash it away.  Switch over to Lex and use the
   Deconstructor on the metal and then build a handle.  Switch over to Zod
   and pull it for the Minikit.
Minikit (83/150) - By Bottle 4 is another Minikit in plain sight; just fly
   over the barrier.
Minikit (84/150) - In the second section of the level are three presents
   you must find and destroy
   1. Upon entering this section, look up above that fire and use Lex's
      Deconstructor to free the gift and destroy it.
   2. The 3 charges you pass with giant metal lids; the 3rd one houses
      the next gift to bop.
   3. Where the Acrobat Ball is needed, use Joker for that empty charge and
      then as Robin point to the special icon for your final gift.
Minikit (85/150) - Between the last 2 presents is a giant golden object 
   that you can't miss.  Zap it and then switch to Green Lantern to help
   free the Minikit.
Minikit (86/150) - In the third section (where you first get Superman in 
   Story Mode) is a giant plate with some blue metal on the right.  Switch
   over to Cyborg and move it.  Build the red lever.  Now step on the 
   levers in this order and watch the ball (the levers manipulate the
   colored fans moving the ball towards the exit) - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow.
   Once the ball is free, hit it to free the Minikit.
Citizen In Peril (45/50) - Before the giant electric field is a glass wall
   that you need Man-Bat to shatter.  Switch over to Wonder Woman (haven't
   used her yet) and boomerang the 3 levers to free the man on fire.
Minikit (87/150) - Inside the electric field in the back left is a flower
   bed that Poison Ivy needs to traverse.

Vehicle (44/55) - Joker's Helicopter (Minikit)
Gold Brick (136/250) - Given for rescuing the Citizen In Peril in Chapter 5.
Gold Brick (137/250) - Given for building the Minikit in Chapter 5.

Once you're back in the Bat Cave, take the Minikit for a spin.  

Total Percentage - 68.6%



We ready for some more gold digging?  Ooh, bad double entendre.  Anyhoo.
We're going to tackle a few Gold Bricks in the Central Island.  Head
straight to the Water Works terminal.

Gold Brick (138/250) - Destroy the 5 shrubs in a row

Just south of Water Works is a rounded corner block with two Golden Icons
on it - head there

Gold Brick (139/250) - The northwest icon represents 5 flower pots in a row
   for you to destroy
Gold Brick (140/250) - The south icon represents a Batman puzzle.  Right 
   next to those flower pots is his Sensor Suit.  Use it to get to the top.

From your location go to the next block west

Gold Brick (141/250) - The northern icon represents a Robin puzzle.  Just
   across the street from the bridge going back to the Northern Island is
   his pickup for his Acrobat Suit.  Use it.  Don't abuse it.
Gold Brick (142/250) - The southern icon on this block represents a statue
   with a golden head (fly way up in the sky).  Zap it to find the Brick.
   (This is similar to those 4 Bricks by the theater; there are plenty of
   these throughout the Hub).

Now go to the next block west with three icons

Gold Brick (143/250) - The northern icon represents another golden headed
   statue that must be decapitated.
Gold Brick (144/250) - The next icon south represents four chimney blocks
   to smash up on the roof.
Gold Brick (145/250) - The southern most icon on this block is simply five
   fire hydrants that need to be torn up.

Now head south to the next block; the "V" shaped intersection east of
Gotham Park and find two icons

Gold Brick (146/250) - The northern icon represents 6 light poles to destroy.
Gold Brick (147/250) - The southern icon is simply 7 shrubs that are politely
   awaiting your blatant destruction.

Look at the map and you'll see one icon on the southwest corner that houses
the Metro Station (Central) terminal.

Gold Brick (148/250) - Head to the roof and switch to Cyborg.  Use his
   manipulation powers to move the ball around to the four switches.

Now head one block south of your current location.

Gold Brick (149/250) - Way, way, way, WAY up in the sky at the top of one
   of the tallest buildings is a Brick in a golden cage.  Zod'll fix it.

Finally, head to the block east of the Metro Station (Central) terminal.

Gold Brick (150/250) - There are 4 water towers on the roof that await you.

One final task awaits.  Go back towards Metro Station (North) and look for 
that archway icon.  

Character (57/60) - Black Canary (500,000) - We finally have a female singer.

Head back to the Bat Cave for your next mission.

Total Percentage - 71.7%



We are on step closer to finding out who will become Lego's Next Top Model.
Or at least one step closer to me losing my mind.  Either/Or.  We have six
Minikits to collect as well as the final "Super Hero".

Minikit (88/150) - During the chase there are 3 taxicabs you have to make
   sure to shoot up; one on the right side of the road, two on the left.
Minikit (89/150) - On the 1st floor of the vehicle, after using the ball to
   lower the metallic ramp, a Golden "L" will be on the left (back) wall.
   Nothing General Zod can't take care of.
Minikit (90/150) - Above the back bumper (where the Citizen In Peril) was
   is a black barrier that Lex will be happy to remove for you.
Minikit (91/150) - On the 2nd floor of the vehicle, to the far right, is a
   plant on the wall.  Have Poison Ivy walk through and beat up everything
   inside the new room for the Minikit to appear.
Minikit (92/150) - On the front window (what, no steering wheel?) is a 
   Golden window.  Zod doesn't believe in "tinted" windows.
Minikit (93/150) - In the final room of this vehicle where you have the
   three spinning lasers, hover up right in the middle of it to the
   Minikit you pass over while you're on the roof.

Trophy (26/38) - "Super Hero" given to you for achieving Super Hero in all
   15 chapters.  Did you really need an explanation? haha.
Vehicle (45/55) - LexCorp Juggernaut (Minikit)
Gold Brick (151/250) - Given for achieving "Super Hero" in Chapter 1.
Gold Brick (152/250) - Given for building the Minikit in Chapter 1.

Once in the Bat Cave, make sure to ride the Minikit!

Total Percentage - 72.8%



Maybe you'll have better luck than me, but I got stuck on a Gold Brick;
all just about trying to help my readers <sigh>

Look at the map and head to the block north of Gotham Park.  You will
actually notice when you're there that it is 4 blocks (NE, NW, SE, SW)
but it isn't as clear on the map.

Gold Brick (153/250) - 4 Bicycle Racks are on the east side of the NE block
   that need your immediate attention.

The next Gold Brick in the northeast block is one I couldn't figure out.
You can't use the Joker because he gets zapped.  Trying to work backwards
it looks like a zipline goes to that rooftop, but the direction comes from
the giant statue and I can't find an origin point.  Furthermore, I can't
find a Batman Electricity Suit pickup.  I'll find it, or find my away
around somehow, just not now.

Gold Brick (154/250) - Use Black Canary on the SE block to shatter the glass
   dome housing the Brick.

Gold Brick (155/250) - There's another Golden-headed statue on the SW block.

Gold Brick (156/250) - On the south side of the southEAST block is a Robin
   Acrobat Suit pickup.  Start the puzzle from there and you will end up 
   picking up the Brick in the southWEST block.

Gold Brick (157/250) - You can free the Brick from a silver cage on the NW
   block with the help of The Penguin.

Look at the map and look directly north of this 4-block section.

Gold Brick (158/250) - Another Golden Globe - er, Dome.  Statue.  Head.  OK?

Look at the map and you want to head west from your location (or southeast 
from the Icon in the Arkham Asylum water).

Gold Brick (159/250) - General Zod can free the Brick from a Golden cage.

Gold Brick (160/250) - On the map there is an Icon southwest from your 
   location.  To get to it, go to the southeast corner of the block you just
   picked up Gold Brick 159 to find a Magnetic Suit pickup for Robin.  Climb
   on up and switch to the Acrobat Suit.  Mission Accomplished.

Head to the Bat Cave and watch it get destroyed again.

Total Percentage - 74.6%



First time around they were unwelcome; now they're just annoying.  We need
6 Minikits to finish out this level.

Minikit (94/150) - In the center terminal (where you ordinarily choose Free
   Play from), use Lex's Deconstructor to liberate the Minikit.
Minikit (95/150) - To the left (the airplane section) is a giant Bat symbol
   with some fires on it.  Extinguish the one on the left.
Minikit (96/150) - Hover in the air above the Bat Plane to find this one.
Minikit (97/150) - There is a large glass case that you can use Man-Bat to
   shatter.  Hop into the Acrobat Suit pickup as Robin.  AS ROBIN IN THIS
   SUIT, immediately smash the pickup (you can see gold underneath).  For
   some reason, no other character can smash this thing.  And the two videos
   I saw online had Robin do it with his Acrobat Pole.  So do it! - Hope in
   the pickup and smash it with Robin in his Suit.  Then destroy the gold with
   General Zod and hop in the hole.  (This is in the same section as Gold 
   Bricks 95/96 of course)
Minikit (98/150) - In the last section of the game in the back left is a cage.
   Use Lex's Deconstructor to open the door and then Man-Bat the Brick free.
Minikit (99/150) - By the exit is a Riddler box underneath some rocks.  I'm 
   feeling confident you know what to do here.

Vehicle (46/55) - Batwing (Minikit)
Gold Brick (161/250) - Given for building the Minikit in Chapter 7.
Total Percentage - 75.2%

Hop in the Minikit and go back to where we left off north of Gotham Park.  I
found the answer to that nuisance Gold icon!



Look at the map and you see the block where the Golden Icon is north of 
Gotham Park?  Well you want to go to the block EAST of that.  Somewhere
in the middle of that block is a wooden fence and behind it is a wall
you can climb with NO Suit pickup next to it.  If you climb up that,
you will come across a Power Suit and following through, you will eventually
get to an Electricity Suit.  That leads you to the mystery Gold Brick.
You can bypass the first half.  Use any character of flight and on the 
eastern border of that block you're on (again east of the block with the
icon) you will find an electric wall with a silver metal plate that needs
to be blown up.  Use the Penguin there and then finish the puzzle.

Gold Brick (162/250) - Follow the directions above.

Now let's tackle some of Gotham Park

Gold Brick (163/250) - As Aquaman, walk under water in the northwest corner
   of the lake (the icons we're working from north to south).
Gold Brick (164/250) - Stay as Aquaman and start walking east following
   the trail of studs to the next Brick.
Gold Brick (165/250) - Continue following the trail of studs further south
   to the southern part of the lake.  Now get out of the lake and hop onto
   one of the swans.  Race time!
Gold Brick (166/250) - At the southern corner of the lake is a little 
   building; a bathroom perhaps?  It's a small puzzle so go ahead and use
   the Magnet Suit pickup or just fly up there and switch to Cyborg to get it.
Gold Brick (167/250) - Where you hopped onto the ducks to start that race is
   a path going around the lake.  Look across the path and you'll see 6 trees
   huddling in a circle (probably rehearsing for the second "Lord Of The
   Rings" film).  Fire them.
Gold Brick (168/250) - A little southeast from the trees (and slightly
   southwest from the southern tip of the lake) are five rocks in a circle.
   If the trees didn't make the cut, the rocks sure as heck won't either.
Gold Brick (169/250) 
Gold Brick (170/250) - Due west of the rocks is a maze with two Gold Bricks.
   Make a right as soon as you enter and then switch to Lex to Deconstruct the
   black brick.  Switch to General Zod (last time I played it was Green 
   Lantern; this time around it's the Zodster) and fly up and look for the
   silver cage.  Use the Penguin (or Batman's Power Suit if you picked it
   up at the entrance to the maze).  You CAN walk through the maze and beat 
   up dozens of Poison Ivy's walking plants, but why bother? haha.

We're getting there.  We're getting there.  Yay.

Return to the Batcave.

Total Percentage - 77.2%



To complete this level, we need 8 Minikits and 1 Citizen In Peril, so let's
get started right away!

Minikit (100/150) - You need to destroy 3 control panels
   1. In the first room on the upper left side (next to the X-Ray wall)
   2. In the hidden room via the usage of the Joker Box 
   3. In the hidden room via the Lex Deconstructor door
Minikit (101/150) - In the first room, use Lex's Deconstructor on both of
   the large circular blockades then use it on the two smaller blocks.
   Step on the buttons to release the Minikit near the ceiling of the room.
Minikit (102/150) - In the next room where you cover up the Kryptonite is
   a Bat Suit.  Use it to shatter the glass next to it.
Minikit (103/150) - Inside the hidden room where you use the Joker Box are
   a couple of Suits for Robin.  Use the Hazard Suit to clean off the handle
   then use the Acrobat Suit to use the ball.  Shoot all 10 aliens to win
   the Minikit. (SAME PLACE AS MINIKIT 100 - PART 2)
Minikit (104/150) - The large circular room where you use a Joker Box is
   also a door for Lex to use his Deconstructor (opposite hidden rooms).
   Go in there and use Robin's Acrobat Pole (you should still have it on)
   and attack all 5 lights on the wall to release the Minikit in the middle.
Minikit (105/150) - In the same hidden room destroy the junk on the right
   side of the room and build the vehicle.  Ride it around the room to 
   release the Minikit.
Minikit (106/150) - Back in this large circular room (with the exits to the
   two hidden rooms), use the Deconstructor from Lex one more time on the
   small black box near the front right.  Green Lantern can build a tool to
   release the next Minikit.
Minikit (107/150) - In the final section is another black box for Lex to free
   a Minikit.
Citizen In Peril (46/50) - On the roof of the ship is a man on a blue pole.  
   You need to switch to Cyborg to slide the pole for his freedom.

Vehicle (47/55) - LexCorp VTOL (Minikit)
Gold Brick (171/250) - Given for rescuing the Citizen In Peril in Chapter 8.
Gold Brick (172/250) - Given for building the Minikit in Chapter 8.

Once you are back in the Bat Cave, ride the Minikit out of there

Total Percentage - 78.1%



Let's finish up Gotham Park.  Start at the southeastern corner of the Park.

Gold Brick (173/250) - Lex Luthor has a black box underneath a statue's foot.
Gold Brick (174/250) - On the roof of the bathroom right next to you is a 
   Golden cage that General Zod can destroy.
Gold Brick (175/250) - There is one Gold Brick left in Gotham Park.  Right
   next to the terminal are six light poles around a fountain.  Smash 'em.

Perfect timing.  That golden arch required 175 Gold Bricks so build it.

SURPRISE!!! - BONUS LEVEL!!! - Usually you have to finish the game to get 
this, but it's available now.  We're going to tackle it in a few minutes.

Look at your map and find the Arch just north of Gotham Park.  It also 
required 175 Gold Bricks.

Character (58/60) - Martian Manhunter (125,000 Studs)
Trophy (27/38) - "Justice League" earned for unlocking all the Justice League

Look at your map.  The two Golden blips near Arkham Asylum have disappeared!!!
What?  WHAT??? - And worst, there's a new Golden Blip north of the Park now.
I'm ignoring this.

Head on over to the Power Station (furthest east terminal on the Central 
Island).  Once you're at the terminal, head north a bit to find Robin's
Hazard Suit pickup.

Gold Brick (176/250) - Use Robin's Hazard Suit to get the next Brick.

***CONFUSION!!! - Right next to the Gold Brick is a Golden Arch to be built.
Is this where we got Batgirl earlier?  Cause I keep building it and it keeps
coming up empty.  Probably the arches can be rebuilt if they're been bought.

Head southwest from this Gold Brick

Gold Brick (177/250) - Find another statue with a golden cap.  On the map
   the icon is over 2 black bars representing the huge pipes around the city.

Head northwest from you to those two icons near each other.

Gold Brick (178/250) - The southern icon is another puzzle for Cyborg to do
   on the roof (ball, 4 switches)
Gold Brick (179/250) - The northern icon is another giant statue with a Golden
   Cover with a not-so-creamy inside.

Total Percentage - 79.9%

Head back to Gotham Park and prepare to do the Bonus Level.


BONUS LEVEL (ZZZ if you searched this from the top of the document)

I know a ton of people were having problems with this level; and while I would
have preferred to do this at the end, I figure I'll tackle it now - get it on
the guide and uploaded so it can possibly help more people.

Please note - there ARE more than a million studs available in the Bonus 
Level.  However, I would strongly, strongly urge you not to start breaking
things at random; throwing your Batarang around.  While I expect your counts
to be different than mine, the more random things you break and go off script
from my list, the better chance you have of not matching things up and missing
the ultimate goal.

Seriously, though, you CAN do whatever you want.  This is just what I did.

As soon as the level starts, DON'T MOVE! - Use your shoulder button to switch
over to Clark Kent; as we're going to use him as much as possible.

1. Step on the 7 obvious brown spots which will turn into flowers. (1,890)
2. Head onto the street without touching anything else and head towards your
   right.  At the end of the road, turn the handle to lower the bridge.
   Keep heading right and you will see a silver metal zoo.  Hop into the
   second pen ONLY (the one with the lion).  Collect the studs in that pen
   including breaking the rocks. (5,330)
3. Hop onto the lion, hop over the fence and follow the trail of blue studs.
   As you follow the trail, feel free to knock over the 7 traffic cones 
   instead of weaving in and out. (36,570)
4. Stay on the lion and head back towards the right where you will see some
   toxic waste.  You want to jump the gap towards the third section so jump
   over the gap.  You won't make it.  As you get near the third section,
   jump OFF the lion and you will make it to that area.   Build the bridge,
   destroy the 2 traffic cones, the dumpster, the 5 red and white barriers
   and the other 3 traffic cones only. (62,640)
5. At the intersection is a circle in front of a phone booth.  Hop in and 
   voila, you're Superman!!!  Walk or fly back to the first section (if you
   fly back, keep an eye out where you're going not to pick up loose studs
   if you're keeping tight stud count with me).  Now walk to the roller
   coaster to the left.  There are two blue studs hidden underneath the
   girders holding the track up.  There's another one by the platform to
   ride the coaster.  Furthermore, there are loose studs by the Riddler
   Box and the platform.  Snatch them all up and then ride the coaster.
   Whee!!! (89,270)
6. To the right of the coaster is a brown truck with 3 traffic cones.  The
   reason we want Superman is for his Heat Ray and he can destroy virtually
   anything by just walking into it.  So walk into the cones and truck (and
   get the blue stud under the truck).  Also grab the loose studs by the
   fire hydrant and knock that down too. (92,460)
7. South of the sensor beam are 9 small little poles. (93,000)
8. Hit the green switch and the rocket ride will start to spin.  Using your
   Heat Ray destroy the rockets on the ground (watch out not to hit anything
   else) and then aim for the rocket ride until there is nothing left but
   a brown/black spot on the ground.  (Do NOT destroy it just yet).

-10% done-

1. NOW destroy the brown/black spot to reveal Robin's Hazard Suit. (118,380)
2. South of that are some loose studs, 2 life preserves, 4 little poles and
   1 of the rockets from the ship (I destroyed 3 earlier; didn't see this 
   one, oops).  (124,220)
3. Put Robin in the Hazard Suit.  Now that entire lawn area that the green
   switch was on; we want to destroy everything we can.  This includes loose
   studs, flowers from stepping on the brown spots and breaking them, the
   structures (Batarang them), the clam plants (water them with the Hazard
   Suit and after they open, step on them and they eat you, destroy the 
   loose parts afterwards).  The only thing you will have left on the lawn
   are the glass windows (can't touch them yet) and the basic of metal
   structure.  Also, get the two lights, the fire hydrant and mailbox that
   are on the sidewalk of this lawn. (171,970)
4. North of this is another block with the purple good.  Clean house including
   the six lights surrounding it.  Only thing left will be the base of the
   fountain. (177,800)
5. Go left and behind the sensor beam you will see 3 flower pots.  Start your 
   way at the flower pots and destroy everything along the perimeter of this
   section clockwise until you work your way to the bridge.  (That box in
   the upper right corner requires the Batpull). (185,570)
6. Collect the loose studs in and on the two toll booths on this side of the
   bridge. (197,970)
7. Head back towards the coaster and collect the loose studs in front of the
   bumper cars (step on the toxic goo, you should still be invincible as
   Superman). (199,590)
8. Cross the bridge and collect the loose purple stud in the toll booth on 
   that side as well as building the grapple by Batman's Sensor Suit.

-20% done-

1. Just to the right where the Sensor Suit is, is another truck and some
   traffic cones.  Destroy them and pick up the loose blue. (219,870)
2. Grapple up to the Sensor Suit and put it on.  Head back to the first area
   and pass the beam to get onto the subway.  Inside the moving subway car
   are some seats you can smash up.  There is also a lever on the right to
   pull allowing you to open up the doors.  Use Superman to fly around
   outside to collect the loose studs.  When you exit the subway you will
   be in the third area.  Collect the loose studs on the stairs and go back
   on the subway.  Keep going back and forth until you have collected all
   the studs in the subway.  End up back in the first area. (249,890)
3. In the 2nd area smash up everything on the block with Batman's Bat Suit
   (and put it on). (255,510)
4. Go back to the 1st area and destroy the 5 glass windows. (259,110)
5. In the 2nd area past the zoo are two penguins.  Attack them and The 
   Penguin will show up.  Use him to place a baby penguin in the igloo.
   Now smash up everything in that corner; all the igloo parts.  There will
   still be the two small igloos, the base of the large one and the giant
   ball.  The giant ball is USELESS, so ignore it! (337,940)

-30% done-

1. As the Penguin, blow up all the parts of the metallic zoo (the gorilla
   doesn't grant you anything).  Also batarang the tree the gorilla was
   next to and smash underneath to release the metallic suit (do NOT put it
   on just yet).  Finally, destroy the light poles and fountain parts to the
   left. (358,900)
2. South of the fountain is a bunch of toxic waste.  Destroy everything 
   around there including the stuff on the small beach.  Extinguish the 
   fires.  Clean up the toxic waste.  Now as Superman, hover into the air
   and you will see a Golden item above the ACE sign.  Collect the loose
   studs and use your Heat Ray.  Once the Golden goodness is blown up, 
   step on the button to fill up the waste disposal (I guess).  Smash up
   the ACE letters on the ground and turn the dial.  You have just released
   the Megabot (which we'll use soon enough). (372,330)
3. Hop into the Magnetic Suit and return to the left side of the 1st bridge.
   Climb on up and manipulate the piece to release a zipline.  Use it to
   get to the second area. (390,430)
4. In the second area, destroy everything in the bottom left hand section
   including that little mini-block. (393,200)
5. In the second area, destroy everything else humanly possible.  Do NOT
   worry about the building just yet (so don't Heat Ray it or anything).
   In the back right hand corner, step on the buttons to make the "E" and
   the "O".  Don't worry about the "L" or "G" just yet. (401,870)

-40% done-

1. Hop into the Megabot and head to the third area.  On both sides of the
   bridge, collect all loos studs on the tool booths, in the toll booths,
   build the zip line. (438,070)
2. Walk in the Megabot straight towards the right, past the Batmobile and
   do the Deconstrucor moves on the giant bat.  Collect the loose studs and
   build the parts.  Pull the lever and build some more.  Pull the orange
   handle and then fly to the top of Wayne Tower. (514,790)

-50% done-

1. Fly back to the first bridge and raise it.  Fly back to the third bridge
   and hop into the Batmobile.  Follow the trail of studs from the third
   area to the first hopping the gap from the raised bridge. (583,790)
2. In the third area, spin the green spinner to raise the hospital.  Use
   the Penguins toys to destroy the two legs.  Now smash EVERYTHING on this
   block.  Move the wheelchair out of the way (it's useless) and ignore the
   Acrobat Suit (we actually don't need it). (633,950)

-60% done-

1. In the third area, destroy everything else possible.  For the church,
   hit the tombstones and look out for the flowers that pop up.  To destroy
   the entire building, either batarang to pieces or take the Megabot and
   walk into it.  In the bottom right is a Batarang pull; build the parts
   to build the Bat Signal.  Once the studs are given to you for it, that's
   it.  The Acrobat Ball turns it around but NOTHING comes out of it.
   Make sure you put Batman in the Electricity Suit. (740,690)

-70% done-

1. Have Robin go back into his Hazard Suit and clean up the toxic waste in
   front of the bumper car charger (bottom left of the 1st Area).  Have
   Batman suck the charge out of it.  Now go inside the cage and build the
   bumper car and ride it to the end of the path.  Now take that charge
   and plug it into one of the three empty sockets in the back left of the
   second area.  To fill the second charge, go to the bottom left of the 
   second area.  Suck and dump. (809,490)

-80% done-

1. To get the third charge, go to the third area and climb the toll booth and
   zip line to the second area to get it.  Now fill the charge.  Here's where
   most of the studs come in.  Part of the building will blow up.  Spin the
   spinner and collect the studs inside.  Fly up to the top and Heat Ray part
   of the roof of.  Now head over to the right and smash up the black pieces
   and build it to make the "L".  Now watch the "G" and once it's fully
   lit, step on the button. (978,720)

-almost done-

1. Take one of the 3 charges BACK from where you dumped it and put it into
   the socket in the bottom right socket in the third area.  That will release
   the Power Suit.  Destroy the silver horses in both area 2 and 3.  Take the
   Megabot and destroy the bases for both horses.


Gold Brick (180/250) - Earned for completing the Bonus Level
Trophy (28/38) - "Toy Gotham" earned for completing the Bonus Level

Now let's go back to Free Play mode!



For this level you need 6 Minikits and the Citizen In Peril.

Minikit (108/150) - In the room with the delighfully fun secretary, you
   should have Lex use his Deconstructor on the machine to the right of
   the right-most escalator.  Build the jetpack and the Minikit appears.
Citizen In Peril (47/50) - On the upper floor of the same room to the left
   is a guy trapped by some toxic waste.  Pull out Aquaman to set him free.
Minikit (109/150) - On the upper foor of the same room to the right is some
   silver metal.  Use the Penguin to blow it up and then jump up to the lever.
   Destroy the items in the closet and use Green Lantern to make the vacuum.
Minikit (110/150) - At the second Kryptonite trap, where you put the bomb
   on the conveyor belt on the wall; you want to have Cyborg move the blue
   metal and then switch the wheel so that the conveyor belt goes in the
   opposite direction.  Put the bomb on it and you'll get the Minikit.
Minikit (111/150) - In the next room where you have to use the Sensor Suit,
   have Black Canary sing a song to the glass then have Joker release the
   Minikit from the box.
Minikit (112/150) - In the following room with the three circular platforms,
   have Aquaman wash away the toxic waste on the ground and then have Cyborg
   break that blue metal to release your gift.
Minikit (113/150) - In the room with the Bot battle, there is toxic waste in
   the bottom right corner.  For some reason, the game would NOT allow me to
   switch to Aquaman until AFTER the glass was shattered/gold wall was broken
   (the exit to the level).  So do all the "leaving the level" stuff but DO 
   NOT LEAVE YET! - Have Aquaman wash away the gunk.  Switch to the Joker to
   use his box.  Step on the four boxes to lower a platform that only The
   Flash can use his powers to reconstruct.  Finally, our required Solid Gold
   Lego Dancers.  

Vehicle (48/55) - Police Car (Minikit)

Trophy (29/38) - "The House Of Luthor" given for earning 10,100,000,000 studs.
   Clearly this trophy will appear at different times for different people.
   As long as you keep the multipliers on at all times, you'll get this.  If
   you got it already, great.  You didn't get it yet?  Next time you're in 
   The Hub, play some rounds of "Smash Boats".  I, myself, got over 1 BILLION
   studs on this level, so you shouldn't be too far off since I'm not going
   smash crazy in every level.

Gold Brick (181/250) - Given for rescuing the Citizen In Peril in Chapter 9.
Gold Brick (182/250) - Given for building the Minikit in Chapter 9.

Total Percentage - 81.6%

Take the Minikit for a ride and then head over to the Gotham Beach terminal 
for some more search-search-search search-search-search search for booty.  
search for booty.  (sung to the tune of "Shake Your Booty" by KC and the
Sunshine Band, yes I'm old.)



Good news, I found something I couldn't earlier.  We'll get to it here.

Gold Brick (183/250) - Due east of the Gotham Beach terminal is a giant statue
   with a Golden dome.
Gold Brick (184/250) - Southeast of the Gotham Beach terminal (Northeast of
   the Ace Chemicals terminal) is another goldentop.

East of the Gotham Beach terminal is a city block with two icons.

Gold Brick (185/250) - Three statues in a row need their Golden brains eaten.
Gold Brick (186/250) - Right by that last brick you'll see a platform with
   toxic waste.  The Hazard Suit pickup is on the southwest corner of this
   city block.  It's a long puzzle but still straightforward.

Look at your map and go to the icon on the block north of you.

Gold Brick (187/250) - You can use Man-Bat to shatter the glass under the
   water tower.

Look at your map again and you'll see two icons on the block northeast of
your current location.

Gold Brick (188/250) - Mr. Freeze can help you with the western icon
Gold Brick (189/250) - General Zod can help you with the eastern icon and
   that Golden cage can be spotted from the Mr. Freeze Brick.

One more map look.  On the block south of your location, we're going to
tackle the icon in the northeast corner.

Gold Brick (190/250) - Another Golden cage for General Zod to destroy.

Vehicle (49/55) - News Reporter Van (55,000)
   My omission of this vehicle is absolutely MY fault.  If you go back up,
   you will see Vehicle (26/55) was Joker's Helicopter.  This was in the
   exact same location.  After I did the race, I noticed that the icon 
   did not disappear.  At least that's what I thought, so I never paid
   much attention to this icon.  What it was is that there were TWO icons;
   one on top of the other.  Once the helicopter was picked up, the
   van icon took its place.  So grab it now.  The ONLY vehicles left are
   the Minikit completions.  One dilemma solved - yippee!

Head back to the Bat Cave for your next round of Free Play.

Total Percentage - 83.6%



We only need 3 Minikits to complete this level; all three are found in the
final part of this level when you're standing on the Bot

Minikit (114/150) - Use Lex's Deconstructor on the black spot on his leg.
Minikit (115/150) - Use Lex's Deconstructor on the black spot on his, um,
   his derrier, let's just leave it at that.
Minikit (116/150) - After you hop into Batman's Power Suit, walk towards
   his left foot and there's a slight explosion.  You can now switch to
   Cyborg and remove the blue parts to reveal a gun you need to build.
   Hop on and destroy the 5 floating targets (ironcally, you have to shoot
   the BACK sides of the targets, not the front, go figure).

Vehicle (50/55) - Police Boat (Minikit)
Gold Brick (191/250) - Given for building the Minikit in Chapter 10.

Total Percentage - 84.3%

In the Bat Cave, don't forget to use the Minikit.  In fact STAY in it.



I think some races are unlocked for accomplishing certain feats.  There are
two we're going to do while we're in the Hub.  One is right outside of the
Bat Cave.  

Gold Brick (192/250) - As soon as you exit the Bat Cave on the Minikit, look
   around to your right to find the starting point.  I SWEAR that starting
   point wasn't always there!  Do the race.

Now head back to the block in the Central Island where you grabbed the News
Reporter Van.  There's one icon still there.

Gold Brick (193/250) - Use the Penguin on the Silver Cage.

On the map, you will see a small triangular block to the east of you.

Gold Brick (194/250) - On the northeast corner of this block is Robin's
   Hazard Suit.  Use it to complete the puzzle.
Gold Brick (195/250) - On the eastern side of this block are 5 yellow
   (recycling?) canisters needed to be broken.

On the map you will see a long rectangular block south of you with icons to
the far west and far east.

Gold Brick (196/250) - The eastern icon is a glass cage that Man-Bat will take
   care of for you.
Gold Brick (197/250) - Right around the western icon is another Hazard Suit
   pick up behind a wooden fence.  Use it for the most complicated toxic
   puzzle in the game (but a fun one).

While you're up on that roof, if you stand by the pool of clean water, you
can see the next Gold Brick inside the statue just south of you.

Gold Brick (198/250) - Decapitate that fool (again just south of the last

Look at the map and you see that one icon next to the easternmost bridge?
Go there.

Gold Brick (199/250) - Man-Bat time again!  Glass cage.  Shatter it.

Finally, head over to the Yacht Club terminal in the Northern Island.  order
up a boat and you'll have another race (when did THIS one appear; we cleaned
out the Northern Island ages ago and there wasn't an icon then).

Gold Brick (200/250) - The Yacht Club race.

Total Percentage - 86.3%

Head back to the Bat Cave - we have a LOT of cleaning up in the next chapter.



We need everything for this level - all 10 Minikits and the Citizen In Peril.

SERIOUS GLITCH WARNING!!! - I never mentioned the checkpoints and saving the
game before.  It is absolutely USELESS.  You save the game at the checkpoints
and sometimes you can return to that part with collectables saved; other times
you can't (apparently if you do anything else before returning, everything is
lost).  I went through this level THREE times compiling this guide.  The first
time I made it through flawlessly collecting everything.  As soon as I made it
to the end, I used the Joker to trigger the ending.  I got a countdown from
five to zero and NOTHING saved.  NOTHING.  I go back into Free Play and it 
says I have a save point.  It puts me back on the moving train.  I complete
the level and all it gave me was the Citizen In Peril (which was BEFORE that
scene) and the two Minikits on the moving train.  Third time around, I got it.
It pissed me off.  So be warned.  Not for the ones with high blood pressure.

Minikit (117/150) - At the start of the level, use the Penguin to blow up
   the Silver debris and pull the lever.
Minikit (118/150) - When the JokerBot first makes his apperance (and you 
   need to blow up the silver debris on the right to get the electrical
   charge on to electrify him), there is glowing black above it that
   Lex can take care of.  Hop in the hole and collect the Minikit.
Minikit (119/150) - In the exact same spot, drop down from the previous
   Minikit and use the Riddler box.
Minikit (120/150) - At the first checkpoint (where the glass tubes are
   covering the walking wall), there is a Poison Ivy plant towards the
   camera; so walk forward.  Inside that area is a Sensor Suit you need
   to use.  Pull the lever then switch to Zod to free the Minikit.
Minikit (121/150) - In the tunnel leading towards the giant room with
   the X-Ray wall is a Minikit in a tiny tunnel above to your left.
   At the start of the tunnel is some debris that you can use to climb
   up on into it (using Poison Ivy's high jump helps)
Citizen In Peril (48/50) - In the giant room with the X-Ray wall is a
   train on the left that you use Lex's Deconstructor.  Pull the orange
   tab and the Citizen is free.
Minikit (122/150) - Behind the Citizen is a blue door that Cyborg can
   remove allowing you to hop on the train for the item.
Minikit (123/150) - Aquaman has to wash away 7 pieces of graffiti.
   1. At the first checkpoint above the lever to stop the train
   2. At Minikit 120, it's on the left inside of Poison Ivy's hidden area
   3. At Citizen In Peril 48, it's to the right of the pull handle
   4. At Aquaman Graffiti 3, it's above you on the platform
   5. See number 7
   6. See number 7
   7. All the last 3 are behind the fires where you escape the Bot's hand 
Minikit (124/150) - In the same room where you escape the Bot's hand are
   two boxes on the right you need to use the Deconstructor on.  Build 
   the spinner and push the item away from you.  The Bot will pick it up
Minikit (125/150) - On the moving train, hop onto the roof and use Cyborg
   on the blue part and drop down to pick it up.
Minikit (126/150) - On the roof of the very front of the train (make sure
   you collect this before charging the empty socket which ends the level).

Vehicle (51/55) - Penguin's Submarine (Minikit)
Gold Brick (201/250) - Given for rescuing the Citizen In Peril in Chapter 11.
Gold Brick (202/250) - Given for building the Minikit in Chapter 11.

Hop into the Mini-Sub and rejoin the Hub.  Go to the Gotham Zoo terminal for
you will be partaking in the #1 funnest thing to do in this entire game (and
nauseating at the same time).

Total Percentage - 87.2%



Look at the map and you will see northeast of you (and east of the Gotham
Park terminal) is an icon (that's the 250-Gold Brick archway).  Head on
over there real quick.

Gold Brick (203/250) - Golden Cage on the roof of the building with the arch.
Gold Brick (204/250) - There's another statue with a Golden head.
   BOTH of these Gold Bricks are in the same place; the icons overlap each

Now look at the map.  There's still an icon left on this block.  However,
we need to go somewhere else.  Head to the northeast corner of the block
you are on.  Now go caddy corner (northeast of the northeast corner).
You will find a Robin Acrobat Suit pickup.  Here's the fun part.  There
are TWO choices.

One of your choices is to climb a statue and then shimmy up a blue and white
pole (looks like a Barber Shop pole).  DON'T DO THIS! - Presumably we already
got the Brick at the end of this path.

The other choice is to climb a different statue and swing from pole to pole
(the poles sticking out of walls and such) - TAKE THIS PATH!

Gold Brick (205/250) - You're going to do a lot of traveling but you'll get
   that last icon on the previous block you were on.

Look at your map and you will see two icons in the southeastern area of the
Gotham Zoo.  We're aiming for the northeastern one.

Gold Brick (206/250) - Use the Penguin to liberate it from the Silver Cage.

Drop down off the roof and you'll be by the Batman Suit pick up.  In front of
you is a cage you can open (that's the Gorilla cage).  To the right of that
is the Giraffe Cage.  Opposite the Giraffe Cage is the Lion Cage.

Gold Brick (207/250) - Open the Lion cage and hop on one.  A trail of studs
   will appear.  Follow it.  Note, you do NOT have to stay on the animals to
   collect the studs; for some reason you can hop off and walk to the Brick.

Gold Brick (208/250) - Around where you picked up the last Brick is a pen
   for the Polar Bears - look for it (on the map it is southwest of the
   Gotham Zoo terminal).  Find it?  Hop on a Polar Bear.  Same thing, follow
   the trail.

Gold Brick (209/250) - You are now back to the Gorilla cage.  But wait, go to
   the other one and open and ride the Giraffe.

Gold Brick (210/250) - Now go back to the Gorilla cage.  STOP!  Before you get
   on that gorilla, change characters to ANY WOMAN! - You can use Lois Lane 
   since she's absolutely useless (like Margot Kidder).  You can use Vicki 
   Vale since she's absolutely useless (like Kim Basinger).  Depends on if 
   you're Pro-Batman or Pro-Superman.  Screw it.  Choose Wonder Woman.  We 
   really didn't utalize her.  Switch to Wonder Woman (or any other FEMALE
   character) and hop on the gorilla.  Follow the trail of studs to the Brick.

DO NOT GET OFF THE GORILLA! - Well you can, but why bother.

Wonder Woman has her invisible plane.  But it's invisible, so how do we know 
it's there?  She wants to ride something that people can see; that we can feel
the presence of this mighty Amazon.  So let her take the Gorilla for a walk.
I do NOT recommend you do this; as this is illegal.  I repeat, do NOT attempt
this at home.  Take the gorilla to the Southern Island.  That's right ladies
and gentlemen... time to play "King Kong".

Ride the gorilla from Gotham Zoo to Wayne Tower.  On the map, there is a Gold
Icon west of the Wayne Tower terminal.  Around there is a wall on the side of
Wayne Tower you can climb.  Climb it.  Do not stop.  Do not get off.  You must
make it to the roof of Wayne Tower on the gorilla as a woman.

Trophy (30/38) - "Gorilla Thriller" - Climb Wayne Tower on a gorilla as a
   female character.

Fun, huh?  Or nauseating if, like me, you're scared of heights - seriously
don't look down haha.  Ironic since I've been flying around left and right as
General Zod, huh?

Go back to the Bat Cave.

P.S. Northern and Central Island Gold Bricks done! - Only Southern Island left

Total Percentage - 88.9%



We're winding down; and just soon we'll be down to the final 10% of the game!
For this chapter we need 8 Minikits and 1 Citizen

Minikit (127/150) - During the rally in the front left section is a Minikit
   in a cage being blocked by a Sensor Beam.  The Suit pickup is behind the
   cage.  Last time I played this game, I missed the pickup as well.  Is it
   there during Story Mode or only in Free Play?  Anyone know offhand?
Minikit (128/150) - There are 3 glass windows to shatter; Black Canary wants
   a turn.  2 are in the far left; the 3rd is in the far right.
Minikit (129/150) - In the front right is a News van.  Have Lex deconstruct
   it and then use Green Lantern to build rockets to send it away.
Minikit (130/150) - Lex is needed again for the glowing black pillar below
   the giant City Hall clock.
Minikit (131/150) - While you're standing there, switch to Cyborg and change
   the clock hands.  Very, VERY "Back To The Future"
Citizen In Peril (49/50) - In the second area (on the rooftop), use Cyborg
   again to move the flag pole and free him.
Minikit (132/150) - In the left section, use Robin's Acrobat Suit pickup and
   use the ball turner to turn the radar around to release the Minikit.
Minikit (133/150) - Aquaman wants to play.  Have him wash away 3 piles of
   toxic waste.
   1. Back left by the Batman Suit pickup
   2. Front left by the stairs
   3. Front right
Minikit (134/150) - Finally, the Penguin should join us and blow up that 
   Silver water tower by the Batman Suit pickup

Vehicle (51/55) - Mister Freeze's Iceberg (Minikit)
Gold Brick (211/250) - Given for rescuing the Citizen In Peril in Chapter 12.
Gold Brick (211/250) - Given for building the Minikit in Chapter 12.

One you get back to the Bat Cave, take the Titanic's worst nightmare for a 

Total Percentage - 89.8%



While this isn't in "order" via the map, head on over to the top of Wayne 

Gold Brick (213/250) - Where the terminal is on the roof, look for the stairs
   (it's underneath the race starting point) and drop down.  There's a giant
   gold satellite to destroy (you passed it climbing up there with the

Head on over to the Gotham Observatory

Gold Brick (214/250) - The giant statue doesn't have a Golden head, but rather
   a Gold tipped horn.  Blast it.  It's a very hard Brick to grab; so I 
   suggest landing on top of the horn and dropping into it.
Gold Brick (215/250) - On the docks of the Observatory is a box that you can
   use Lex to free the Brick.

Look at your map and see there is a Gold Icon north of you right by the Metro
   Station (South) terminal

Gold Brick (216/250) - Mr. Freeze can liberate this one.

Look at the map and you'll see an icon due north of your location

Gold Brick (217/250) - Another Silver Cage; another excuse to use The Penguin.

On the map you will see an Icon northeast of you; and southwest of the Gotham
Bank terminal

Gold Brick (218/250) - I spy with my bionic eye a glass case that Man-Bat can
   scream about.

Head east of the Gotham Bank terminal

Gold Brick (219/250) - Anyone ever watch the episode of "Star Trek: The Next
   Generation" called "I, Borg".  Well, his cousin Cyborg needs to break the
   blue metal

Finally, you'll see one blip in the northeast corner of this Island.  Look
carefully at the map and you'll see a corner intersection of road - west to
east - north to south.  On that corner is a Robin Magnetic Suit pickup.

Gold Brick (220/250) - Start with the Magnetic Suit then switch suits a 
   couple of times

We did it!

Total Percentage - 91.6%

Less then 10% to go.  Head back to the Bat Cave.



Before you start... if you're looking for 100% of this game INCLUDING the
trophies, now is the time to tackle the 2-player one.  If there are two of
you playing, then you would've gotten this trophy at the start of the game.
If you're lonely like me and going (Han) Solo, time to mix it up.  If you
have a second controller, plug it in now.  This level is strictly the 
chasing level - JokerBot chasing Batman and Robin.  You don't need to use
both controllers.  But you MUST have the 2nd controller player activated.

Here's the important thing.  Do NOT go into "Free Play".  You must, must,
MUST go into this in STORY MODE.  This is a level you can get all 10 
Minikits in Story Mode anyway.  But this trophy will only work in STORY 
MODE.  In case you didn't get the message.

Two controllers activated.  Story Mode.  Do it!

Oh and P.S. we're still missing two Minikits

Minikit (135/150) - There is a taxicab on the left side of the road.  
   Show those cabbies what we do to those who overcharge us!
Minikit (136/150) - Destroy three metal barriers causing the JokerBot
   to be vulnerable (more of that in a moment)

Note 1. The Minikit I grabbed in Story Mode was a key that a statue is
   holding.  As you turn a corner, there is a statue with his arm out.
   The key is in his hand; and that was the Minikit I zapped earlier.
Note 2. This is one of the two problems people are having.  One of them
   is getting both Joker cars to appear.  This is the other one.
   There are three metal barriers.  They MUST be destroyed IN PROPER
   ORDER.  What I would suggest doing is start the level (you can do this
   in Free Play mode if you want; or Story Mode; either or) and DO NOT
   SHOOT ANYTHING!!! - Make sure your Minikit Detector and Invincibility
   Cheats are on.  Now drive around.

A. 1st Metal Barrier will be on the right side of the road
B. On the right side of the road will be a giant sign up in the air (this is
   one of the Minikits)
C. 2nd Metal Barrier will be on the right side of the road
NOW get prepared.  Keep your eyes peeled on the left side of the road
D. 3rd Metal Barrier will be on the left side of the road.

The metal barriers must be destroyed - 3rd, 2nd, 1st.
Once you destroy the 3rd one (the one on the left), the JokerBot will be
   vulnerable.  Shoot him down.  Now you have to make sure you shoot
   the right metal barrier on the right.  Hopefully you're not blindly
   shooting around.  As long as you do NOT shoot that sign on the right
   you can tell if you're getting the right barrier or not.

Hopefully this all makes sense.  After this guide is done to 100%, I will
hopefully when motivated clean up parts of this guide including this section
to make things easier.

Trophy (31/38) - "Dynamic Duo" earned for completing a Story Level in 
   2-Player Mode
Vehicle (52/55) - Batmobile (Minikit)
Gold Brick (221/250) - Given for building the Minikit in Chapter 13.

Return to the Bat Cave and ride the Minikit (this is the LAST land vehicle
you have to drive).

Total Percentage - 92.3%



Head to the Gotham Bank terminal and you'll see a blip northwest of you.

Gold Brick (222/250) - On the northwest corner of that blip is a pickup
   for Robin's Acrobat Suit.  So many times I can say that without it
   getting redunant and boring haha.

Head west along the northern shore of the Southern Island

Gold Brick (223/250) - Mr. Freeze is who you need for the blip west of the
   easternmost bridge.

Continue heading west 

Gold Brick (224/250) - At the major intersection with the middle bridge
   connecting the Central and Southern Islands is a Magnetic Suit pickup
   for Robin; use that if you don't mind.

Look at your map and you'll see two blips inside of Gotham Cathedral 
south of you

Gold Brick (225/250) - 5 shrubs in a circle on the east side
Gold Brick (226/250) - 5 shrubs in a cirlce on the west side

Now if you look at the map again, you'll see you're north of Wayne Tower.

Gold Brick (227/250) - There's a Golden Cage on a rooftop in the northeast
   corner of this section

Head south of that brick

Gold Brick (228/250) - Use Mr. Freeze on the roof then switch to Robin for
   his Hazard Suit

Now fly up the eastern side of Wayne Tower towards the top.

Gold Brick (229/250) - There's a golden satellite up towards the roof on
   the Eastern side of the Tower similar to the one we passed when we 
   climbed up here with the gorilla.

Now head under Wayne Tower.

Gold Brick (230/250) - You will see a Batman pickup.  This is a long puzzle
   with multiple Suit changes.  No need.  Look for the glass cage and shatter
   it with Man-Bat then use the Sensor Suit pickup for the Brick.

Total Percentage - 94.2%

Closer and closer we go.  Head to the Bat Cave for the next to last mission.



Five Minikits is what we're missing here.  

Minikit (137/150) - On the first floor of the level, you will find on the
   left side a large item for Lex to deconstruct.  You then need the Flash
   to build a castle (Wayne Manor?).  Finally, let's give Ivy a chance and
   have Madam Poison jump for the stuff.
Minikit (138/150) - Aquaman is required for his last time and 5 graffitis.
   1. On the far right side of the 1st floor
   2. On the far right side of the 2nd floor (next to the Lex door)
   3. On the 3rd floor (literally above #2) next to the top of the metal walk
   4. To the right of the electric charge after you ride the left elevator
   5. Inside Poison Ivy's secret room
Minikit (139/150) - As soon as you make it to the second floor, there is a 
   black door for Lex to break.  Go inside and use him again to deconstruct
   the ship.
Minikit (140/150) - After you ride the left elevator shaft, there is a Poison
   Ivy flower on the wall to the left of the electric charge.  Inside, destroy
   the four pink flower-type things.
Minikit (141/150) - In the final section of the roof battle there is a black
   box for Lex to deconstruct.

Vehicle (53/55) - Batboat (Minikit)
Gold Brick (231/250) - Given for building the Minikit in Chapter 14.

Ride the final water vehicle into The Hub and then head over to the Police
Station on the Southern Island

Total Percentage 94.9%



Gold Brick (232/250) - Southeast of the Police Station terminal are five
   phone booths lined up in a wall.  Steal their quarters!
Gold Brick (233/250) - There is a pull handle right next to the Police
   Station terminal.  Zod'll do.
Gold Brick (234/250) - A little further west on the rooftop is something
   for Cyborg to manipulate.  You can then switch over to Robin's unlocked
   Hazard Suit (saving a little time in the puzzle).

Character (59/60) - Commissioner Gordon (125,000)
   I cannon tell you HOW many times I looked for this dang icon.  I saw it.
   I could never find it.  It's on the GROUND (most of the arches are up
   in the middle of the puzzles).  It's on the front step of the Police
   Station.  When you see the icon (it looks like it crosses the street
   on the map), look for that street.  You should find it from there.

Gold Brick (235/250) - Due north from Commissioner Gordon's pickup is a
   Silver Cage on a rooftop that Penguin will take care of.
Gold Brick (236/250) - Due north of the last Brick and yet again something
   for The Penguine to do.

After collecting gold Brick 236 - don't move.  Find the west side of the 
building (look at your map and head in the direction of the icon) and just
drop down off the roof.  You'll land at the next one.

Gold Brick (237/250) - Joker time!  Don't get to use him much in the Hub.

Look at the map and head west.  In the center of that block is a Robin
Magnetic Suit pickup.

Gold Brick (238/250) - Lots of Robin... poor Superman's all alone.  
Gold Brick (239/250) - Go to the Gotham Hospital terminal and right there
   is Batman's Sensor Suit pickup.  Go for it!

Finally, look at the map for the last icon south of you.  Go to the blip.

Gold Brick (240/250) - No need to find the start of the puzzle.  Just 
   backtrack one building (you should see the stud trail leading away
   from the Brick pickup) and shatter the glass with your screamer of
   choice.  Then grab the Sensor Suit.

Total Percentage - 97.1%

I will be done with this Guide in the next couple of hours.  Everything I
couldn't find, I found.  Somehow.  Don't know how.  Miracle of the Guides
Gods I suppose.

Go back to the Bat Cave and start the final mission.



9 Minikits and 1 Citizen In Peril remain.

The first 8 Minikits can all be collected before doing a darn thing for the
plot/battle.  The last one is during the battle.

Minikit (142/150) - In the front right hand corner, use The Penguin to blow
   up the silver crate.  Use the radar and then hop onto the gun to blow
   up 10 LexBots.  By the way these LexBots are available only in Extra
   Toggle Mode.
Minikit (143/150) - Next to the Golden block holding Batman's Electricity
   Suit is an empty charge.  Have Joker plug it up.
Minikit (144/150) - Next to the hand is a Riddler Box.  Grag Aquaman (we DID
   need him again haha) and wash away the toxic waste first.
Minikit (145/150) - Speaking of Aquaman, have him wash away 5 fires all
   around the perimeter.  There are 6 fires; the 6th one is in front of the
   rocket shaped thing on the left.  We'll need it anyway.  Douse all flames.
Minikit (146/150) - Once that rocket is fire free, build the item and use
   the Bat-pull on it.
Minikit (147/150) - In the back left corner is a Joker Box for you.
Minikit (148/150) - Hover in the air and zap the gold block on the JokerBot's
   shoulder blades
Minikit (149/150) - Hover higher and zap the golden door to the Helicopter.
   It's not easy, but then walk INTO the helicopter.
Minikit (150/150) - After you use the pull handle to the right of the 
   JokerBot's face, use Aquaman to wash away the toxic waste.
Citizen In Peril (50/50) - In the front left is a car; have Man-Bat scream
   his way to health.
Vehicle (54/55) - Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet (Minikit)
Gold Brick (241/250) - Given for rescuing the Citizen In Peril in Chapter 15.
Gold Brick (242/250) - Given for building the Minikit in Chapter 15.
Trophy 32/38 - "My Hero" for rescuing all Citizens In Peril.
Trophy 33/38 - "Minikit Hero" for using all Minikits. - Please note, I had
   you ride each and every Minikit after you earned it.  I did that.  I did
   NOT get the trophy! - I then started over again and rode all 15 in a row
   and then I got it.

Total Percentage - 98.0%



Head to City Hall

Gold Brick (243/250) - In the southwest corner is a Robin Hazard Suit puzzle
   on the grounds.
Gold Brick (244/250) - In the southeast corner of City Hall are 5 shrubs in a
Gold Brick (245/250) - On the north side of the City Hall building is a Robin
   Magnetic Suit pick up; use it for a simple puzzle.
Gold Brick (246/250) - On the northeast corner of the City Hall city block is
   a Bat Suit pick up.  Use it for this Brick.
Gold Brick (247/250) - In the northwest most corner of the Southern Island is
   a Golden Cage for General Zod to zap away.
Gold Brick (248/250) - The next icon on the map south of you can be half-
   cheated.  Go to the roof where the brick is and go slightly backwards.
   There are two places where Cyborg needs to remove a blue lid.  One slightly
   higher up than the other.  Then use Robin's Hazard Suit to complete the 
Gold Brick (249/250) - Further south is a Silver Cage for The Penguin.
Gold Brick (250/250) - Last icon.  Riddler Box.  We're DONE!
Trophy (34/38) - "City Slickers" given for getting all Gold Bricks.
Character (60/60) - Supergirl (125,000)
   Look for the icon southest of the "V" intersection next to Gotham Park.
Trophy (35/38) - "Team Building" given for unlocking all Characters.
Trophy (36/38) - "Girl Power" given for unlocking all Female Characters; 
   both good and bad.
Trophy (37/38) - "The End" given for getting 100% in the game.
Trophy (38/38) - "Complete Hero" given for unlocking all other trophies.
Vehicle (55/55) - Harley Quinn's Motorbike
   There's no notification that you got it; but going to any terminal that
   you can access road vehicles shows it's now there.


Congratulations! You have now complete the "Lego Batman 2: DC Heroes" game.
There were definite pro's and con's to this game.  I certainly think that
each Lego game is a step up from the prior game and the creators haven't
really taken away from the general aesthetics that makes the Lego games fun
in the first place.

At the time I am submitting this, I am the ONLY submitter for this game in
any walkthrough format.  So hopefully people get use out of this.

For the last time, if there are any questions, comments, recommendations, 
etc., please don't hesitate to contact me.

Later on this year comes "Lego: Lord Of The Rings".  I may consider doing a
guide for that game.  Like this one; the first time I play it, I'll play it
for fun without worrying about a walkthrough.  Then I will do a second
playthrough writing the guide simultaneously.  If it's as difficult as this
one was for some people; a guide would certainly be necessary.

My determination do to it all depends on responses for this guide (only my
2nd one ever).  I'm NOT a fan of the "Lord Of The Rings" films (yeah, I'm
the only one I know haha); so it's not something I'm going gung-ho about;
BUT if the readers of this guide have found a lot of usage; then I'm happy
to do it as community service :)

I will now give my PS3 some rest as it's been on for almost 2 non-stop weeks.
I'll keep my eyes out for email responses; and then over the next few days
I may consider cleaning up this guide and/or making secondary sections
for the collectibles as well.

Thank you for your perusal of my guide and hope it helped.


Thank you's and Acknowledgments.

Adam G. --- Thank you (even if you waived credit on my Guide) for explaining
   to me who the Citizen In Peril (39) was in Chapter 10 "Down To Earth".

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