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General FAQs

  1. FAQ/Walkthrough (PC) by fenderbass86 08/08/2004, 51KB
  2. FAQ/Walkthrough (PC) by Guybrush Threepwood v.1.0, 04/10/2004, 114KB
  3. FAQ/Walkthrough (PS2) by genius of the hole v.1.2, 11/28/2008, 115KB
  4. FAQ/Walkthrough (PS2) by lmhansen v.1.01, 07/09/2004, 125KB
  5. FAQ/Walkthrough (PS2) by Shotgunnova 09/24/2011, 111KB
  6. FAQ/Walkthrough (PS2) by sparksmf v.Final, 07/06/2006, 91KB
  7. FAQ/Walkthrough (PS2) by VampireHorde v.Final, 03/07/2005, 40KB
  8. FAQ/Walkthrough (XBOX) by AzaleaStarre v.1.5, 05/05/2004, 110KB
  9. FAQ/Walkthrough (XBOX) by End of Days v.1, 01/15/2005, 67KB
  10. FAQ/Walkthrough (XBOX) by manofaiki v.XBox, 04/17/2004, 238KB
  11. FAQ/Walkthrough (XBOX) by TehSpecialVet0rz v.1.0, 04/14/2004, 114KB

In-Depth FAQs

  1. Alternate Routes FAQ (XBOX) by VampireHorde v.Final, 12/16/2004, 29KB
  2. Data Transcript (GC) by Vyascheslav v.1.00, 08/08/2006, 31KB
  3. Hard Mode Stealth Guide (XBOX) by Ghidrah v.1.6, 02/07/2013, 105KB
  4. Lethal Force FAQ (XBOX) by VampireHorde v.2.0, 07/24/2004, 18KB
  5. SWAT-Turn FAQ (XBOX) by VampireHorde v.Final, 12/16/2004, 6KB
  6. Weapons/Gadgets Guide (XBOX) by LiMpBiZkitFaN v.FINAL, 06/09/2004, 24KB
  7. XBOX/PS2 Changes FAQ (XBOX) by VampireHorde v.Final, 12/16/2004, 13KB
  8. Zero Alarm FAQ/Walkthrough (PS2) by rrhine v.1.10, 07/28/2004, 141KB

Foreign Language FAQs

  1. FAQ/Walkthrough (PC) (French) by ADK v.Final, 04/06/2004, 39KB
  2. FAQ/Walkthrough (PS2) (Dutch) by Patt3rson v.1.0 - Done, 09/04/2004, 29KB

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