Customization Help and how to Unlock stuff!?

  1. I just bought Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and haven't unlocked much but I was wondering if what you see in customization section under buy is what you get for each character or do you unlock more? I looked under bob and they're no options to edit the front part of his hair! Is that something you unlock as time goes on or is what you see what you get with the game? For example I couldn't find Heihachi's classic Tiger coat or any of his Varja armor! Please help me if you have any info or input!

    I have about $20,000,000 gold and it seems characters don't have much!

    User Info: greekgod0013

    greekgod0013 - 5 years ago

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  1. Play the Offline Ghost Battle and you can get items to customize your character, character panels, and you can unlock other character endings also. You can use a tag team or solo on this mode. It is a lot faster if you go on Solo mode to get the items that you need for your character. If you are going to use a tag team, most probably the items that you are going to receive will be divided randomly to your characters :D Make sure that you choose the stronger opponent or the opponent that has the yellow highlight. It is 100% you can get ant item after defeating that opponent :D

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    FAT_FOX_0078 - 5 years ago 2 0


  1. The clothing is mostly accurate, however as I found out, Ghost Mode is for unlocking the characters you -defeat-, and Arcade is for the characters you are -using-.

    User Info: VictoriaSlywit

    VictoriaSlywit - 5 years ago 0 0

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