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Game Script by Shotgunnova

Updated: 01/10/14

    _____ _   _ _____   _          ____ _____   _____ _____   _   _ ____
   |_   _| | | |  ___| | |    /¯\ |  __|_   _| |     |  ___| | | | |  __|
     | | | |_| | |_    | |   /   \| |__  | |   | (¯) | |_    | | | | |__
     | | |  _  |  _|   | |  ( (¯) )__  | | |   | | | |  _|   | | | |__  |
     | | | | | | |___  | |__|  ¯  |__| | | |   | (_) | |     | |_| |__| |
     |_| |_| |_|_____| |____|_|¯|_|____| |_|   |_____|_|     |_____|____|
 Game Script by Shotgunnova (P. Summers) / Email: shotgunnova(a+)gmail(d0t)com

   01) Prologue - Hometown ............................................. GS01
   02) Summer - The Quarantine Zone .................................... GS02
   03) Summer - The Outskirts .......................................... GS03
   04) Summer - Bill's Town ............................................ GS04
   05) Summer - Pittsburgh ............................................. GS05
   06) Summer - The Suburbs ............................................ GS06
   07) Fall - Tommy's Dam .............................................. GS07
   08) Fall - The University ........................................... GS08
   09) Winter - Lakeside Resort ........................................ GS09
   10) Spring - Bus Depot .............................................. GS10
   11) Spring - The Firefly Lab ........................................ GS11
   12) Epilogue - Jackson .............................................. GS12
   13) Updates & Contributions ......................................... UPDT
   14) Legality ........................................................ LGLT

01) HOMETOWN                                                  [PROLOGUE] [GS01]

[Setting: Texas. Joel walks into his house late at night, on the phone.]

Joel: Tommy, I-...Tommy. Tommy, listen to me. He's the contractor, okay? I
      can't lose this job. I understand... Let's talk about this in the
      morning, okay? We'll talk about it in the morning. Alright, goodnight.

[He turns on the light, waking his daughter on the couch.]

Sarah: Hey.

Joel: Scoot.

Sarah: Fun day at work, huh?

Joel: What are you still doing up? It's late.

Sarah: Oh crud. What time is it?

Joel: It's way past your bedtime.

Sarah: But it's still today.

Joel: Honey, please not right now. I do not have the energy for this.

[She gets out a small gift box from nearby.]

Sarah: Here.

Joel: What's this?

Sarah: Your birthday.

[He opens it.]

Sarah: You kept complaining about your broken watch... So I figured, you know.
       You like it?

Joel: Honey, this is...

Sarah: What?

Joel: It's nice, but I-...I think it's stuck. It's not...

Sarah: What? No, no, no, no.

[She sees he's just kidding her.]

Sarah: Oh, ha, ha.

Joel: Where did you get the money for this?

Sarah: Drugs. I sell hardcore drugs.

Joel: Oh, good. You can start helping out with the mortgage then.

Sarah: Stsh - yeah, you wish.

[Joel watches TV for awhile, then carries Sarah to bed.]

Joel: Goodnight, baby girl.

[Later that night, the phone rings. Sarah answers.]

Sarah: Hello?

Tommy: Sarah, honey, I need you to get your daddy on the phone.

Sarah: Uncle Tommy, what time is it?

Tommy: I need to talk to your dad now. There's some--

[The line goes dead.]

Sarah: Uncle Tommy? Hello?

[She hangs up.]

Sarah: What was that all about? Dad? Daddy? You in here?

[She walks into his empty bedroom. A TV report is on.]

Reporter: It appears that what we initially reported as riots seem to be
          somehow connected to the nationwide pandemic.

Sarah: Where the heck are you?

Reporter: We've received reports that victims afflicted with the infection
          show signs of increased aggression and--

Sarah: That's nearby.

[In the report's background, a cop talks to his unit.]

Cop: There's a gas leak. Hey -- move!

Reporter: There's some commotion coming from beh--

Cop: Get out of here!

Reporter: Lady, get the hell outta here right--

[An explosion causes the feed to go dead.]

Sarah: Uh...what was that?

[Sarah sees the smoke from her window.]

Sarah: Dad? Dad?! What is goin' on?

[Downstairs, she hears his cell vibrate.]

Sarah: There's his phone. 8 missed calls?

[She reads Tommy's messages.]

Sarah: "Where the hell are you? Call me!," "On my way"...

[In the den, Joel bursts in, quickly shutting the door.]

Sarah: There you are.

Joel: Sarah. Are you okay?

Sarah: Yeah.

Joel: Has anyone come in here?

[He roots around in a drawer for his gun.]

Sarah: No. Who would come in here?

Joel: Don't go near the doors. Just...just stand back there...

Sarah: Dad, you're kinda freaking me out... What's going on?

Joel: It's the Coopers. Somethin' ain't right with 'em. I think they're sick.

Sarah: What kinda sick?

[An infected Cooper bangs into the sliding glass door, startling the two.]

Joel: Jesus. Jimmy!

Sarah: Dad?

Joel: Honey, c'mere, c'mere.

Sarah: It's okay...

Joel: Jimmy.

[He crashes into the room.]

Joel: Jimmy, just stay back. Jimmy, I am warning you.

Sarah: Oh my god...

Joel: Don't!

[Joel puts down Jimmy as he charges.]

Joel: Go. Go.

Sarah: You shot him...

Joel: Sarah.

Sarah: I saw him this mornin'.

Joel: Listen to me, there is something bad going on. We have got to get out
      of here. Do you understand me?

Sarah: Yeah.

[He sees headlights flash through his curtains.]

Joel: Tommy. C'mon.

Sarah: Okay.

Tommy: Where the hell you been? You have any idea what's goin' on out there?

Joel: I got some notion. C'mon, baby. Get on in there.

[He puts Sarah in the SUV.]

Tommy: Holy shit. You got blood all over you.

Joel: It ain't mine. Let's just get outta here.

Tommy: They're saying half the people in the city have lost their minds.

Joel: Can we just please go?

Tommy: Some sort of parasite or somethin'. You gonna tell me what happened?

Joel: Later.

Tommy: Hey, Sarah. How you holdin' up, honey?

Sarah: I'm fine. Can we hear what's on the radio?

[They pull out of the driveway.]

Tommy: Yeah, sure thing.

Sarah: Thanks.

[He tries the stations.]

Joel: No cellphone. No radio. Yeah, we're doin' great.

Tommy: Minute ago, newsman wouldn't shut up.

Joel: They say where to go?

Tommy: He said, ah... Army's puttin' up roadblocks on the highway. No gettin'
       into Travis County.

Joel: That means we need to get the hell out. Take 71.

Tommy: 71, that's where I'm headed.

[They wait for cops to pass, then start toward the city.]

Sarah: Did they say how many are dead?

Tommy: Probably a lot. Found this one family all mangled inside their house.

Joel: Tommy.

Tommy: Right. Sorry.

Joel: Jesus Christ, how did this happen?

Tommy: They got no clue. But we ain't the only town. At first they were saying
       it was just the South. Now they're going on about the East Coast, the
       West Coast... Holy hell.

[They pass by a burning farmstead.]

Joel: That's Louis' farm.

Tommy: I hope that son of a bitch made it out.

Joel: I'm sure he did.

Sarah: Are we sick?

Joel: No. No, of course not.

Sarah: How do you know?

Tommy: They said it's just ah, people in the city. We're good.

Sarah: Didn't Jimmy work in the city?

Joel: That's right, he did.

Tommy: We're fine. Trust me.

Sarah: Alright.

[They see some people standing on the roadside.]

Tommy: Let's see what they need.

Joel: What the hell do you think you're doin'? Keep drivin'.

Tommy: They got a kid, Joel.

Joel: So do we.

Sarah: But we have room.

Passerby: Hey!

Joel: Keep drivin', Tommy.

Passerby: Hey, stop! Stop!

[They drive past.]

Joel: You ain't seen what I seen. Someone else'll come along.

Sarah: We shoulda helped them.

[They make it into the city, only to find a traffic jam on the 71.]

Tommy: Oh, this is bad. Everyone and their mother had the same damn idea.

Joel: Well...we could just backtrack and--

[A motorist gets out of his car to complain at the cars ahead of him.]

Motorist: Hey, what the fuck, man? Let's go!

[An infected person sprints over and starts killing him.]

Tommy: Holy shit.

Sarah: Oh my god.

Motorist: Get away!

Joel: Turn us around. Tommy. Tommy!

Tommy: Holy shit.

[They barely turn themselves around before the infected gets to 'em.]

Joel: What the fuck just happened? Did you see that?

Tommy: Yes, I saw it.

Joel: Goddamn. Turn here. Turn here.

[They turn onto a side street, finding it flooded with escaping citizens.]

Tommy: Come on, people. Move.

Sarah: What are they runnin' from?

Joel: Get us outta here.

Tommy: I'm tryin'.

[They almost run a guy over.]

Sarah: Oh no.

Joel: We can't stop here, Tommy.

Tommy: I can't fuckin' drive through 'em, Joel!

Joel: Then back up then!

Tommy: They're behind me too!

Joel: There. There! There!

Tommy: Hold on!

[They get around the obstructing motorhome.]

Sarah: Look out!

[They get t-boned by a high-speed vehicle. Sarah comes to first.]

Sarah: Daddy? Hey. Hey.

Joel: What? Get back, baby. Get back. Look. I'm okay...

[He frees himself from the wreck. An infected attacks, but Tommy rebuffs it.]

Sarah: Dad?

Joel: I'm here, baby. I'm here. Come on, gimme your hand.

[She stumbles getting out.]

Joel: What is it?

Sarah: My leg hurts.

Joel: How bad?

Sarah: Pretty bad.

Tommy: We're gonna need to run.

Joel: Oh my god.

[He gives his pistol to Tommy.]

Tommy: You keep us safe. Come on, baby.

[He picks up Sarah as they flee.]

Joel: Now hold on tight.

Sarah: Okay. Daddy, I'm scared.

[A person falls out of a wreck nearby.]

Tommy: He's dead!

[Another person gets attacked.]

Tommy: Joel -- watch out!

[A gas station explodes.]

Sarah: Oh my-- Oh my god...

Tommy: Keep running!

Sarah: Those people are on fire.

Joel: Don't look, Sarah.

Sarah: Okay.

Joel: Just keep looking at me, baby.

Tommy: Over there!

[They turn towards an exit, but a pileup prevents further progress.]

Joel: We're gonna get outta this. I promise.

[Another pileup prevents access to the local theater.]

Tommy: Get back! There's too many of 'em. This way! Through the alley! Go!

[Tommy kills an infected who attacks.]

Joel: Jesus.

Tommy: He's dead!

Joel: Goddammit. We're almost there. We're almost there, baby.

Tommy: They're gettin' through the fence!

Joel: Keep going! Find a way outta here!

Tommy: C'mon!

[They rush into a bar's back door. Tommy can barely keep pursuers at bay.]

Tommy: Get to the highway!

Joel: What?

Tommy: Go -- you got Sarah! I can outrun 'em!

Sarah: Uncle Tommy!

Joel: I will meet you there.

Tommy: Hurry!

[They escape the bar]

Sarah: Daddy, we can't leave him.

Joel: He's gonna be fine. We're almost there.

[They run down a dirt road to the highway's bridge.]

Sarah: They're gettin' closer. Dad?

[Infected chase them, but they're killed by a soldier nearby.]

Joel: It's okay, baby. We're safe. We're safe. Hey! We need help.

Soldier: Stop!

Joel: Please. It's my daughter. I think her leg's broken.

Soldier: Stop right there!

Joel: Okay...we're not sick.

[The soldier picks up his radio.]

Soldier: Got a couple of civilians in the outer perimeter. Please advise.

Sarah: Daddy, what about Uncle Tommy?

Joel: We're gonna get you to safety and go back for him. Okay?

Soldier: Sir, there's a little girl. But... Yes, sir.

Joel: Listen, buddy, we've just been through hell. Okay, we just need--

[He sees the soldier raise his rifle to shoot them.]

Joel: Oh, shit.

[He fires and they both fall back down the hill. The soldier follows.]

Joel: Please, don't.

[Tommy kills the soldier before he can fire again. Sarah is crying nearby.]

Tommy: Oh, no...

Joel: Sarah! Okay. Move your hands, baby.

[He sees she got shot.]

Joel: I know, baby. I know...

[He presses on her wound.]

Joel: Listen to me, I know this hurts, baby. You're gonna be okay, baby. Stay
      with me. Alright, I'm gonna pick you up. I know, baby. I know it hurts.
      Come on, baby, please. I know, baby. I know.

[She dies in his arms.]

Joel: Sarah... Baby... Don't do this to me, baby. Don't do this to me, baby
      girl. Come on... No, no... Oh no, no, no... Please. Oh, God. Please,
      please, don't do this. Please, God...

02) THE QUARANTINE ZONE                                         [SPRING] [GS02]
[As the credits roll, various newscast soundbytes bleed into one another.]

Clip: The number of confirmed deaths has passed two hundred. The governor has
      called a state of emergency...

Clip: There were hundreds and hundreds of bodies lining the streets.

Clip: Panic spread worldwide after a leaked report from the World Health
      Organization showed that the latest vaccination tests have failed.

Clip: ...with the bureaucrats out of power we can finally take the necessary
      steps to...

Clip: Los Angeles is now the latest city to be placed under martial law. All
      residents are required to report to their designated quarantine--

Clip: Riots have continued for a third consecutive day and winter rations are
      at an all-time low.

Clip: A group calling themselves the Fireflies have claimed responsibility for
      both attacks.

Clip: Their public charter calls for the return of all branches of government.

Clip: Demonstrations broke out following the execution of six more alleged

Clip: You can still rise with us. Remember, when you're lost in the darkness...
      look for the light. Believe in the Fireflies.

[A knocking on Joel's door wakes him from a deep sleep.]


Joel: I'm coming.

[A woman walks in and quickly pours herself a drink.]

Tess: How was your morning? Want one?

Joel: No, I don't...want one.

Tess: Well, I have some interesting news for you.

Joel: Where were you, Tess?

Tess: West End district. Hey, we had a drop to make.

Joel: We. We had a drop to make.

Tess: Yeah, well, you wanted to be left alone, remember?

[Joel looks at her face's wound as she dabs it with a rag.]

Joel: So, I'll take one guess. The whole deal went south, and the client made
      off with our pills. Is that about right?

Tess: Deal went off without a hitch. Enough ration cards to last us a couple
      of months -- easy.

Joel: You want to explain this?

Tess: I was on my way back here, and I got jumped by these two assholes,
      alright? Yeah, they got a few good hits in. But... Look, I managed.

Joel: Gimme that.

[He starts cleaning the wound.]

Joel: Are these assholes still with us?

Tess: Now that's funny.

Joel: Did you find out who they were?

Tess: Yeah, look, they were a couple of nobodies -- they don't matter. What
      matters is that Robert fucking sent them.

Joel: Our Robert?

Tess: He knows that we're after him. He figures he's gonna get us first.

Joel: That son of a bitch, he's smart.

Tess: No. He's not smart enough. I know where he's hiding.

Joel: Like hell you do.

Tess: Old warehouse in Area 5 -- can't say for how long, though.

Joel: Well, I'm ready now. Yeah?

Tess: Oh, I can do now.

[They walk outside.]

Tess: The checkpoint's still open.

Joel: Only got a few hours left until curfew.

Tess: We better hurry up then.

[They walk onto the street.]

Loudspeaker: Attention. Citizens are required to carry a current ID at all
             times. Compliance with all city personnel is mandatory.

Tess: Look at that. Ration line hasn't opened yet. Must be running low again.

[They pass by the ration line and some citizens getting arrested.]

Tess: Seems like more people are gettin' infected.

Joel: That just means more people are sneakin' out.

[Joel sees an acquaintance nearby.]

Man: S'up, Joel?

Joel: Nothin'.

Man: Hear they took Marianne?

Woman: What happened?

Man: Snatched her in the middle of the night. Said she was a Firefly. Can you
     believe that shit?

Woman: Better not mention the Fireflies too loudly. You don't want the wrong
       person hearing you.

Man: Yeah...yeah, you're probably right.

[They reach the checkpoint.]

Tess: I got us all new papers. They shouldn't give us any static up there.
      Just play it cool.

Guard: Let me see your IDs.

Joel: There you go.

Guard: What's your business here?

Joel: Got the day off. Visiting a friend.

Guard: Alright, move on through.

Joel: Thanks.

[A sudden explosion occurs.]

Tess: Oh shit.

Guard: Get outta here! Go!

Guard 2: Close it up!

[They shut the checkpoint gate.]

Guard: Fireflies!

Guard 2: Fuckin' shoot 'em!

Guard: They're running! Call for backup!

Tess: Joel, come on. Let's get outta here. Let's go. C'mon.

Guard: Goddamn Fireflies.

Loudspeaker: Attention. Checkpoint 5 is now closed until further notice. All
             civilians must clear the surrounding area immediately.

Tess: Looks like the coast is clear. C'mon.

[They take refuge in an apartment.]

Tess: Fuck...so much for the easy route. Patch yourself up, alright?

[Joel nurses his minor injuries.]

Tess: They're gonna close all the checkpoints. We're gonna have to go around
      the outside.

Joel: Outside the wall?

Tess: Or we could just let Robert go.

Joel: Cute.

Man: Hey Tess, you see that shit?

Tess: I was there. Hey, how's the east tunnel looking?

Man: It's clear. I just used it. No patrols. Where you off to?

Tess: Gonna pay Robert a visit.

Man: You too?

Tess: Who else is looking for him?

Man: Uh, Marlene. She's been asking around, trying to find him.

Tess: Marlene? What do the Fireflies need with Robert?

Man: You think she'd tell me?

Tess: Well, what did you tell her?

Man: The truth. I got no idea where he's hiding.

Tess: Good man. Hey, you stay outta trouble, alright? Military's gonna be out
      in force soon.

Man: Yeah -- see you around.

Tess: Marlene lookin' for Robert? What do you make of that?

Joel: I don't like it. We better find him before the Fireflies do.

[They enter a far apartment.]

Tess: This is us.

Man: Hey guys. How's it going?

Tess: Shit's stirring up out there? How we lookin' over here?

Man: Ah, it's been quiet. No signs of military or infected.

Tess: That's what I like to hear. Joel, give me a hand with this.

[They move an entertainment center that hides tunnel access.]

Man: Y'all take it easy out there.

[They jump down.]

Tess: Agh, this place reeks. They need to watch what they throw away down here.

[She turns on the generator.]

Tess: Let there be light. Let's grab our gear. Our backpacks are still here
      from last time.

[They loot the workbench.]

Joel: Not a lot of ammo.

Tess: Well, make your shots count. Alright, Texas. Boost me up. You ready?

Joel: Yes, ma'am.

Tess: C'mon.

[She pulls him up over the wall. They exit into an old shop.]

Joel: Go on.

Tess: Got it.

[They put the cover over the hidden exit.]

Joel: Be careful.

Tess: When am I not?

Joel: That a trick question?

[They walk out into the overgrown, abandoned suburb.]

Joel: Ain't been out here in awhile.

Tess: It's like we're on a date.

Joel: Well I'm the romantic type.

Tess: You got your ways. Where's the ladder?

Joel: It's gotta be around here somewhere. Got it.

Tess: Great. Bring it over.

Joel: Ladies first.

Tess: Lady? You must be thinking of someone else.

Joel: It's all relative.

[They climb into the old apartment complex.]

Tess: This way. Down through here. You think Robert's still got our guns?

Joel: For his sake...he better.

Tess: Look, once we get our merchandise back, it should be easy to unload.

Joel: Speaking of merchandise, when's the next shipment due?

Tess: Well, we're meeting Bill next month, more pills, lots of ammo,

Joel: Yeah, well he always shows up with somethin'. Should keep us busy for
      a while.

[They find a passage filled with fungal spores. They put their gas masks on.]

Tess: Hold up. Spores.

Joel: Where the hell are all these comin' from? Place was clear last time.

Tess: They're coming outta somethin'. Stay alert.

[They find an infected corpse in a far corner.]

Joel: There's our culprit.

Tess: Body's not that old. Better keep your eyes and ears open.

Joel: We should be able to fit through here. Oh, shit.

[He moves a vertical support and the roof partially collapses.]

Tess: You okay?

Joel: Yeah. Damn ceiling's falling apart. Be careful. This way. Easy...

[They find an infected person trapped by the rubble. He reaches out to them.]

Joel: Jesus. Watch it. Watch it.

Infected: Help me... My mask broke. Don't...don't leave me to turn. Please.

Tess: What you want to do?

[If Joel puts him out of his misery:]

Tess: Poor bastard.

[If Joel leaves him be:]

Infected: Come back... Don't leave me like this. Come back.

[They hear a noise further on.]

Tess: Up ahead. You hear that?

Joel: Shh, shh, shh.

System: Hold R2 to focus Joel's hearing.

Tess: How you wanna handle it?

[The duo ends up killing the infected enemies.]

Tess: Alright, that's all of 'em.

Joel: Let's hope so.

Tess: Let's head back into the city.

[They exit the spore-filled building back into the sunlight.]

Tess: Ahhh...some fresh air. That's the one thing I love about the outside.
      Fuckin' hate the smell of the city.

Joel: Why don't you ask Bill to get you some of them air fresheners?

Tess: Hey, if they weren't expired, that'd be a good idea. Through here.

[They pass through a false wall.]

Tess: Cover the entrance.

Joel: I got it.

[Their makeshift bridge from before is...]

Tess: Damn it. Plank fell down. Be a dear, would you?

Joel: I'll get it.

Tess: Here. Pass it to me.

Joel: It's a bit heavy.

Tess: I think I can handle it.

Joel: Alright.

Tess: Get your ass up here. Let's move.

Joel: Bossy today.

[They reach a street near their destination.]

Joel: Let's make sure there aren't any soldiers around.

Tess: It's clear. Come on.

[They enter a corner apartment.]

Tess: Shut it. Pick up that ammo. I'm sure we'll need it.

[She knocks on a far door. A child acting as a lookout approaches.]

Tess: Hey, little man. Make sure the coast is clear. No soldiers. None of
      Robert's men. Yeah?

[She pays him with a ration card.]

Joel: You know he's expecting us.

Tess: Well, that'll make it more interesting.

[The lookout signals them.]

Tess: Good to go. C'mon.

[They enter a more civilized part of town. An acquaintance accosts her.]

Man: Hey Tess, hey Tess. Hey, pretty lady, how you doin' today?

Tess: Not right now, Terence.

Man: No, no, it's good.

Tess: Not...now. You hear me?

Terence: Okay. I can do that. Don't get all huffy-puffy about it.

[They continue on.]

Man: Tess, it's been awhile. You don't visit us any more.

Woman: Who the hell is that?

Man: None of your damn business.

[They need to pass through an old bus to continue.]

Man: Where do you think you're goin'?

Tess: Malick. Sit back down.

Malick: Oh sorry, Tess. Didn't realize you two were together. Go ahead.

Joel: Who's that?

Tess: An old headache. Don't ask.

[They go up to a man standing near a gate. She hands him a ration card.]

Tess: I'm lookin' for Robert. He come through here?

Man: Half hour ago. He went back to the wharf. He's there now.

[They soon encounter some of Robert's goons.]

Joel: Here we go.

Tess: Let us through.

Goon: You guys need to turn around and head back if you know what's good for

Tess: Our beef isn't with you. We just want Robert. You don't want to do this.

Goon: Turn the fuck around and leave now.

Tess: I'm not going anywhere without Robert.

Goon: Bitch, I will bash your skull unless you turn around and get your dumb
      ass outta here.

Tess: Fuck this.

[She shoots him in the face.]

Goon 2: Take cover!

Tess: You ready?

Joel: Yeah.

Goon 3: I'm gonna fuckin' kill you!

Tess: I'll cover you. Get the angle on them.

[They slaughter the remaining foes.]

Tess: Nicely done, Texas.

Joel: You too. How the hell did he get all these guys?

Tess: If Robert's good at one thing, it's writing blank checks. Let's go put
      an end to that. Shit. Not goin' through here. Hey. Boost me up.

Joel: Alright, c'mon...

Tess: Gimme your hand. There you go.

Joel: Alright.

Tess: Over here, Joel.

[They get past the locked stairway and find more sentries.]

Tess: More of Robert's guys.

Joel: Shit, I see them.

Sentry: How do you know they're comin'?

Sentry 2: Two of our guys died trying to take Tess out. I guarantee that she
          and Joel are on their way, right now, to get Robert.

Sentry: Jesus, we shouldn't have taken this job.

Sentry 2: Not our call. Let's spread out and make sure no one's creeping around

Tess: Nice and quiet, Texas.

[She silently eliminates one of them.]

Tess: Move up, move up.

[They move closer to the remaining sentries.]

Sentry 3: I meant to tell you, I was down on Jordan Street, and all these
          soldiers showed up with a group of about five civs, all in handcuffs.

Sentry 4: Let me guess, Fireflies?

Sentry 3: Yup, they lined 'em up against the wall and bang, bang, bang, they
          just executed all of 'em.

Sentry 4: Holy shit.

Sentry 3: Yeah, I hear it's like that all over the city. They're cracking down
          on 'em hard.

Sentry 4: I got a cousin with 'em.

Sentry 3: Seriously?

Sentry 4: Yeah. Idiot thinks he's gonna save the world. Hope he's alright.

Tess: You take one out, I'll take the other.

[They silently eliminate both.]

Tess: Good to have you around. Let's search the area.

[They enter the far garage, also occupied by enemies.]

Guard: Hey, we consolidated the crates in the south warehouse. Supplies are
       locked up.

Guard 2: Good, let's do another once-over and then head out. It's getting too
         close to curfew.

Guard: What about Robert? Who's he holing up with tonight? Guy's too paranoid
       to stay here by himself.

Guard 2: Fuck if I know. We'll check in with the others and come up with

Guard: Okay.

[They kill all the guards.]

Tess: We shoulda brought more people.

Joel: They'd just slow us down.

Tess: Yeah, you're right. C'mon, the docks are this way. Let's do this.

[They enter the wharf area and see Robert.]

Tess: There's our boy. That cocky son of a bitch.

Joel: Let's go wrap this up.

Sentry: Shipments have been dry for a long time.

Sentry 2: Yeah, well we lost our contacts in the North, lost our contacts in
          the South. Shit. I don't know who's left out there to sell us stuff.
          Guess this is why we're taking shitty protection jobs.

Sentry: Fucking Robert. This rat better be good for it.

Sentry 2: Even if he is, then what? I'm telling you, this zone is done for. We
          better think of an exit strategy.

Sentry: You're insane. Going outside the wall is suicide.

Sentry 2: Plenty of other smugglers do it. What do you think's gonna happen
          here once supplies run out?

Sentry: I'd still take my chances in here.

Tess: That office. Robert must've run in there. Let's not wait around.

[They dispatch the lackeys and enter Robert's office.]

Robert: Oh shit! Get back! Get the fuck back!

Tess: We just wanna talk Robert.

Robert: We ain't go fuckin' nothin' to talk about.

Tess: Put your gun down!

Robert: Go fuck yourself!

[He throws his empty gun and takes off.]

Tess: He's running!

Joel: Robert!

Robert: Screw you, Joel!

Tess: Joel, this way! C'mon, he ran in here!

[Joel takes off after him.]

Tess: We almost got him.

Joel: C'mon, c'mon.

Tess: Joel, he's right there.

[They corner Robert near a fence he can't jump.]

Robert: Come on.

Tess: Hello, Robert.

Robert: Tess. Joel. No hard feelings, right?

Tess: None at all.

[Tess clubs his kneecap as he tries to bolt past her.]

Robert: Ahh...goddammit!

Tess: We missed you.

Robert: Look, whatever it is you heard, it ain't true, okay? I just want to

Tess: The guns. You wanna tell us where the guns are?

Robert: Yeah, sure, but...it's complicated. Alright? Look, alright, just hear
        me out on this. I gotta--

[Joel kicks him in the face and stands poised to break his arm.]

Robert: Fuck... Ah, stop, stop, stop!

Tess: Quit your squirmin'. You were saying?

Robert: I sold 'em.

Tess: Excuse me?

Robert: I didn't have much of a choice. I owed someone.

Tess: You owed us. I say you bet on the wrong horse.

Robert: I just need more time. Just gimme a week.

Tess: You know, I might've done that if you hadn't tried to fucking kill me.

Robert: C'mon, it wasn't like--

Tess: Who has our guns?

Robert: I can't. Just gimme a couple days--

[Joel breaks his arm.]

Robert: Fucking...

Tess: Who has our guns?

Robert: It's the Fireflies. I owed the Fireflies.

Tess: What?

Robert: Look, they're basically all dead. We can just-- Just go in there,
        finish 'em off. We get the guns. Whaddya say? C'mon. Fuck those
        Fireflies. Let's go get 'em.

Tess: That is a stupid idea.

[She shoots him in the head.]

Joel: Well, now what?

Tess: We go get our merchandise back.

Joel: How?

Tess: I don't know. We explain it to them. Look, let's go find a Firefly.

Voice: You won't have to look very far.

[A woman from the wanted posters shows up, wounded.]

Joel: There you go: queen Firefly.

Marlene: Why are you here?

Tess: Business. You aren't looking so hot.

Marlene: Where's Robert?

[Tess steps back to reveal his corpse.]

Marlene: I needed him alive.

Tess: The guns he gave you, they weren't his to sell. I want them back.

Marlene: Doesn't work like that, Tess.

Tess: The hell it doesn't.

Marlene: I paid for those guns. You want 'em back? You're gonna have to earn

Tess: How many cards are we talking about?

Marlene: I don't give a damn about ration cards. I need something smuggled out
         of the city. You do that...I'll give you your guns and then some.

Joel: How do we know you got 'em? Way I hear it, the military been wiping you
      guys out.

Marlene: You're right about that. I'll show you the weapons.

Voice: Search the area.

Voice 2: Yes, sir.

Marlene: I gotta move. What's it gonna be?

Tess: I wanna see those guns.

Marlene: Follow me.

Tess: We gotta get out of here -- now!

Voice 1: Find the door!

Voice 2: They locked it!

Marlene: You want this deal, we gotta move. Through here. I know a way around
         this. C'mon.

[She leads them onto the rooftops. They hear an explosion a few blocks away.]

Tess: Holy shit. Is that your people?

Marlene: What's left of them. Why do you think I'm turning to you guys? This

Joel: So why now?

Marlene: We've been quiet. Been planning on leaving the city, but they need a
         scapegoat. They've been trying to rile us up.

Joel: Looks like they did.

Marlene: We're trying to defend ourselves.

[They hop into a warehouse.]

Marlene: Joel, give me a hand with this.

Tess: Hey, how you holding up?

Marlene: I'll live.

[They approach a guarded bridge.]

Marlene: Hold up. Soldiers. That's the way out. The door under the bridge.

Joel: Ain't a big fan of these odds.

Marlene: We can sneak by them, even though I know that's not your style.

Tess: We'll see how it goes. Let's get moving.

[They come across some guards.]

Guard: Damn, we missed all the action.

Guard 2: Justice waits for no one, private.

Guard: Ah, whatever.

Tess: I'll get this one. Go around and get the other.

[They neutralize the guards.]

Marlene: Good, stay quiet.

[They approach the far guards.]

Marlene: Okay, watch yourselves.

Tess: They're out in numbers today.

[They eliminate the foes and enter the room beneath the bridge.]

Marlene: Go on. Get inside.

Tess: Where are we going, Marlene?

Marlene: This way. It's not far now.

Tess: How you holding up?

Marlene: I'm running on fumes -- but I'll make it. The place is right up ahead.

Loudspeaker: Attention. Curfew is now in full effect. Anyone caught outside
             without the proper authorization will be arrested and prosecuted.

Tess: Shit. We need to hurry.

Joel: What the hell are we smuggling?

Marlene: I'll show you. Joel, give me a hand with this.

[They enter a back room of a warehouse. Marlene stumbles.]

Joel: Whoa, whoa, whoa... Come on now, get up.

Girl: Get the fuck away from her!

[A girl appears with a knife, but Tess catches her before anything happens.]

Tess: Hey, hey, hey.

Marlene: Let her go.

Joel: You're recruitin' kind of young, aren't ya?

Marlene: She's not one of mine.

[The girl sees her wound.]

Girl: Shit. What happened?

Marlene: Don't worry. This is fixable. I got us help...but I can't come with

Girl: Well then I'm staying.

Marlene: Ellie, we won't get another shot at this.

Joel: Hey -- we're smuggling her?

Marlene: There's a crew of Fireflies that'll meet you at the Capitol Building.

Tess: That's not exactly close.

Marlene: You're capable. You hand her off, come back, the weapon are yours.
         Double what Robert sold me.

Tess: Speaking of which, where are they?

Marlene: Back in our camp.

Tess: We're not smuggling shit until I see them.

Marlene: You'll follow me. You can verify the weapons, I can get patched up.
         But she's not crossing to that part of town. I want Joel to watch over

Joel: Whoa, whoa. I don't think that's the best idea.

Ellie: Bullshit! I'm not going with him.

Marlene: Ellie...

Ellie: How do you know them?

Marlene: I was close with his brother, Tommy. Said if I was ever in a jam I
         could rely on him.

Joel: Was that before or after he left your little militia group?

Marlene: He left you too. He was a good man.

Tess: Look, just take her to the north tunnel and wait for me there.

Joel: Jesus Christ.

Tess: She's just cargo, Joel.

Ellie: Marlene...

Marlene: No more talking. You'll be fine. Now go with him.

Joel: Don't take long. And you -- stay close. Let's go.

[Ellie and Joel set off together. They immediately find Firefly corpses.]

Ellie: Whoa...I heard all the shooting, but... What happened?

Joel: The Fireflies. Same thing's gonna happen to us if we don't get off the

Ellie: You're the pro. I'm just following you.

Loudspeaker: Attention. Harboring or aiding wanted criminals is punishable by
             death. Do not place yourself at risk. Report any suspicious
             activity immediately.

Joel: Down here.

[They take a small stairway next to the street.]

Joel: C'mon, keep up.

Ellie: I am.

[They enter a deserted apartment yard.]

Ellie: Where are we going?

Joel: Up there, that'll get us to the north tunnel.

Ellie: How are we supposed to reach that?

Joel: Just gimme a minute.

[He uses a dumpster as a makeshift stepping stone.]

Ellie: This tunnel...you use it to smuggle things?

Joel: Yep.

Ellie: Like illegal things?

Joel: Sometimes.

Ellie: You ever smuggle a kid before?

Joel: No. That's a first. So what's the deal with you and Marlene, anyways?

Ellie: I don't know. She's my friend, I guess.

Joel: Your friend, huh? You're friends with the leader of the Fireflies.
      What're you, like twelve?

Ellie: She knew my mom, and she's been looking after me. And I'm fourteen, not
       that that has anything to do with anything.

Joel: So where are your parents?

Ellie: Where are anyone's parents? They've been gone a long, long time.

Joel: Hm. So instead of just staying in school, you decide to run off and join
      the Fireflies, is that it?

Ellie: Look, I'm not supposed to tell you why you're smuggling me, if that's
       what you're getting at.

Joel: You wanna know the best thing about my job? I don't gotta know why. Be
      honest with you, I could give two shits about what you're up to.

Ellie: Well great.

Joel: Good.

[They make it to the apartment rendezvous point.]

Joel: This is it.

[He reclines on the couch and closes his eyes.]

Ellie: What are you doing?

Joel: Killing time.

Ellie: Well, what am I supposed to do?

Joel: I am sure you will figure that out.

Ellie: Your watch is broken.

[Joel wakes up later. It's nighttime and raining. Ellie looks out a window.]

Ellie: You mumble in your sleep. I hate bad dreams.

Joel: Yeah, me too.

Ellie: You know, I've never been this close. To the outside. Look how dark it
       is. Can't be any worse out there. Can it?

Joel: What on earth do the Fireflies want with you?

[Tess arrives.]

Tess: Hey. Sorry it took so long. Soldiers fuckin' everywhere.

Ellie: How's Marlene?

Tess: She'll make it. I saw the merchandise. It's a lot. Wanna do this?

Joel: Yeah.

Tess: Let's go.

Joel: Don't you think it's a bit strange that they're askin' us to do their

Tess: Marlene wanted to do it herself. We weren't the first choice, or the
      second for that matter. She's lost a lot of men. Beggars can't be

Joel: Yeah, let's just hope there's someone alive to pay us.

Tess: Someone'll be around. Come on.

[They start up a small elevator.]

Joel: Who's waitin' for us at the drop-off?

Tess: She said there's some Fireflies that have traveled all the way from
      another city. Girl must be important. What is the deal with you? You some
      bigwig's daughter or something?

Ellie: Something like that. How long is this all gonna take?

Tess: If everything goes as planned, we should get you to them in a few hours.
      Ellie, once we get out there, I need you to follow our lead and stay

Ellie: Yeah, of course.

[They make it to the Outskirts entrance.]

Tess: Climb up and check if the coast is clear.

03) THE OUTSKIRTS                                               [SUMMER] [GS03]

[Joel climbs up and spots a far patrol, moving away.]

Joel: Now hold up. There's a patrol up ahead. Alright, we're good. Come on up.
      C'mon, kid. Watch your step.

[He covers the passage.]

Joel: This rain ain't gonna do us any good.

Ellie: Holy shit, I'm actually outside.

Joel: Up this way.

[They pass through a trailer, but two guards are waiting. One hits Joel.]

Guard: Don't do anything stupid.

Guard 2: Move.

Guard: Turn around. On your knees. You scan 'em. I'll call it in.

Guard 2: Alright. Put your hands on your head.

Guard: This is Ramirez at Sector Twelve. Requesting pickup for three
       stragglers. Understood.

Tess: Look the other way. We can make this worth your while.

Guard 2: Shut up. I'm getting tired of this shit.

[He starts scanning them for infection.]

Guard: Mm-hmm.

Guard 2: What's the ETA?

Guard: Couple a minutes.

Ellie: Oh man, oh man.

[She stabs the male guard with her knife.]

Ellie: Sorry!

[They overpower and kill the two guards in the confusion.]

Ellie: Oh...oh fuck. I thought we were just gonna hold them up or something.

Tess: Oh, shit. Look.

[Tess throws the infection scanner to Joel. It's flashing positive.]

Joel: Jesus Christ. Marlene set us up? Why the hell are we smuggling an
      infected girl?

Ellie: I'm not infected.

Joel: No? So was this lying?

[He throws her the scanner.]

Ellie: I can explain.

Tess: You better explain fast.

Ellie: Look at this!

[She rolls up her sleeve. There's a bite mark on it.]

Joel: I don't care how you got infected.

Ellie: It's three weeks old.

Tess: No. Everyone turns within two days, so you stop bullshitting.

Ellie: It's three weeks. I swear. Why would she set you up?

Joel: I ain't buying it.

[A patrol SUV approaches.]

Ellie: Oh, shit.

Joel: Tess, run. RUN!

Tess: Go. Go! Move!

[She takes Ellie down the embankment just as the officers arrive.]

Patrol: Holy shit.

Patrol 2: I got two dead uniforms. I repeat, two casualties in Sector Twelve.
          Requesting immediate backup.

Patrol: We just talked to them a minute ago.

Patrol 2: Those fuckin' stragglers are around here somewhere. Secure the area.

Patrol: Yes, sir.

Tess: Follow me. Quickly.

Joel: Shit, they're going to be out in numbers.

Tess: I know.

[They hide behind debris.]

Tess: Alright, Ellie. When I give you the signal, we run. Now. Run. Stay away
      from those lights. Ellie, it's gonna be another sprint. You ready?

Ellie: Sure, yeah.

Joel: Goddammit! They're everywhere.

[They pass through a culvert.]

Tess: Soldiers. Right there.

Joel: I see 'em, I see 'em.

Soldier: They must've gotten through. Check the trenches!

Joel: Just stay back.

Soldier 2: I don't see anything down there. Are you sure they came this way?

Soldier: Unless we're told otherwise, we just keep scanning.

Joel: Stay down. Don't let them see you.

Tess: Come on, kid. Follow Joel.

[They evade the flashlight beams as they navigate the trenches.]

Ellie: Man, too close.

Joel: You see anything?

Tess: Clear back here. How's it look up ahead?

Joel: So far, so good.

Ellie: Okay...

[They make it through an old building.]

Joel: Shh, shh, shh. I hear 'em up ahead.

Guard: Ops said they took out a couple of our boys.

Guard 2: It's gotta be those fucking Fireflies retaliating.

Guard: We'll be done with them soon enough.

Tess: Go, go.

Guard: Fuck it. Let the clickers get 'em.

Joel: We can get through here. Down through here.

Tess: C'mon, Ellie.

Ellie: Okay...

[They pass through a garage into a military-filled ruin.]

Soldier: Yeah, sergeant!

Tess: Oh, shit. Another patrol. Everybody get down.

Soldier 2: C'mon. Follow my lead. You, check those buildings.

Soldier: Roger.

Ellie: Come on up, Joel.

Joel: I'm coming, I'm coming.

Ellie: There's so many of 'em out there. How are we supposed to get past 'em?

Joel: They ain't spotted us yet, let's go around.

Tess: How's it look?

Joel: There's too many, Tess?

[They move to a corner of the ruin.]

Ellie: Oh shit, they're in here with us.

Tess: See if you can distract 'em.

Joel: Alright.

[He throws a brick to get the squad off their trail.]

Ellie: I see more lights.

Joel: Shit.

Tess: Up there.

Ellie: Are they gonna follow us down here?

Joel: We ain't stickin' around to find out.

Tess: Stay low, keep quiet.

[They finally escape into a drainage area.]

Joel: That was too damn close, Tess. You better be worth it, kid. Tess, you
      got any idea which way?

Tess: Uh...it looks so different.

Joel: Hang on. Let's see where this leads.

Tess: Yeah, this looks right. Stay close.

Joel: Well, at least we're out of the rain.

Tess: How's it look?

Joel: I think we can squeeze through here.

[They pass into another trench.]

Soldier: Charlie Squad, report.

Joel: Shit, shit. I got more soldiers.

Soldier 2: Target's still on the loose, sir!

Soldier: Break off pursuit and report back to Sector Eleven.

Joel: I don't think they see us.

Soldier 2: Acknowledged. Get to your vehicles!

Joel: Stay in the shadows.

[The gunmen withdraw. They make it to a ruined basement.]

Joel: Alright.

Ellie: Are we safe?

Tess: No, they're still around. Look, take a moment to catch your breath. Joel,
      see if there's anything we can use in here.

Joel: Sure thing, boss. Tess, up through here, through this pipe. I think we
      can make it through here.

Tess: Stay very close, Ellie.

Ellie: Okay.

[They can see military vehicles on the grate above their passage.]

Joel: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang on, hang on. Jesus.

Soldier: Gather up, they're calling us back. We're returning to the wall!

Soldier 2: You heard the man. Load them up. Let's go! Let's go!

Joel: Come on.

[The trio makes it out of the drainage trenches. They all stop to rest.]

Joel: Alright, they're gone.

Tess: Look, what was the plan? Let's say that we deliver you to the Fireflies,
      what then?

Ellie: Marlene... She said that they have their own little quarantine zone.
       With doctors there, still trying to find a cure.

Joel: Yeah, we've heard that before, huh, Tess?

Ellie: And that...whatever happened to me is the key to finding a vaccine.

Joel: Oh, Jesus.

Ellie: It's what she said.

Joel: Oh, I'm sure she did.

Ellie: Hey, fuck you, man. I didn't ask for this.

Joel: Me neither. Tess, what the hell are we doing here?

Tess: What if it's true?

Joel: I can't believe--

Tess: What if, Joel? I mean we've come this far, let's just finish it.

Joel: Do I need to remind you what is out there?

Tess: I get it. This way. If we cut through downtown, we can hit the capitol
      building by sunrise.

Joel: We hope.

[They finally get a good look at the skyscrapers in the distance.]

Ellie: Holy moley. I guess this is what these buildings look like up close.
       They're so damn tall. So, what happened here?

Tess: They bombed the hell out of the surrounding areas to the quarantine
      zones, hoping to kill as much of the infected as possible.

[They hear a weird cry in the distance.]

Ellie: Ahhh, what the hell was that?

Joel: Tess, do you hear that?

Tess: Yeah. Sounded pretty far away though.

Joel: Shit.

Ellie: Are we safe?

Tess: For now. Come on.

[The road ends at a giant bomb crater.]

Ellie: Damn. That's quite a drop.

Joel: Well, there's the capitol building.

Tess: Yeah, we need to get around this mess.

Ellie: This is the downtown area?

Tess: It was. Now it's a giant wasteland.

Joel: Over here.

[Joel spots a ruined skyscraper nearby.]

Joel: You find anything over there?

Tess: No.

Joel: Keep looking.

Ellie: Should I do anything?

Joel: You just stay close to her for now.

Ellie: Roger dodger.

Joel: Hey, Tess.

Tess: Comin'.

[They enter the Goldstone Building, immediately finding a mangled cop.]

Tess: He's been ripped apart.

Joel: Yeah...

Tess: Body's pretty fresh.

Ellie: Is that bad?

Tess: Yeah, might be... Let's not stick around.

[They find another corpse in the stairwell.]

Tess: Another one. Shit.

Joel: Looks like these guys died waiting for backup.

[They find a weird infected corpse.]

Joel: Goddammit. Clicker.

Ellie: Geez. What's wrong with its face?

Tess: That's what years of infection'll do to you.

Ellie: So what, are they...blind?

Tess: Sort of. They see using sound.

Ellie: Like bats.

Tess: Like bats. If you hear one clicking, you gotta hide. That's how they
      spot you.

[The building groans in the storm.]

Ellie: Shit.

Joel: Whole building feels like it's about to fall apart.

[The building shakes again, shifting some of the furniture.]

Ellie: Totally cool. Everything is totally cool.

Joel: Gimme a hand with this.

[They push open a wedged door, alerting a clicker to their presence.]

Ellie: Joel!

[Tess pushes it off and kills it.]

Joel: Thanks...

Ellie: You alright?

Joel: It's nothin'.

Tess: Let's search for supplies.

Ellie: Shit! Oh, that was so intense.

Tess: You said it. Here, patch yourself up.

Joel: C'mon. Let's get the hell outta here.

Tess: Up there, look.

Ellie: Yeesh...

Joel: Just see if there's a way through.

Tess: Okay... It's clear. C'mon, Ellie.

Joel: Alright, kid, you're up.

Tess: Come on. You got it. There you go. C'mon, big guy. Gimme your hand.

[She pulls up Joel. They hear a particular noise.]

Ellie: Clickers?

Tess: Oh, shit. Go, go, go.

[They quickly hide in a cafeteria.]

Tess: That's our way out, over the scaffolding.

[They escape.]

Tess: I think that's it. Ellie, you okay?

Ellie: Other than shitting my pants...I'm fine.

Tess: Let's go.

Joel: Gimme a second.

[He clears the stair.]

Joel: Here you go, ladies.

Tess: All right, come on.

Ellie: The stairwell's blocked. Should we go back up?

[Tess climbs out the window onto a rusted window-washing rig.]

Tess: Ahh, this is crazy. Just don't look down.

Ellie: Wha--? Are you serious?

Tess: C'mon, Ellie.

Ellie: Yeah... Don't look down. Don't look down.

Tess: You're okay. We got a way through.

Joel: Oh boy...

[They pass back into a corner window and find more infected.]

Tess: Runners.

Joel: I'll go check it out. Stay with the girl.

[Joel systematically kills all the enemies below.]

Joel: Alright. Come on down.

Tess: I'm impressed, Joel.

Joel: Pssh. Let's just get outta here.

[Joel clears door blockage.]

Joel: Alright. Tess, go.

Tess: Alright, hold on. Here -- this'll work. Alright, gimme a hand, Ellie.

Ellie: Yeah.

[They prop the door open for Joel.]

Ellie: Okay... Alright, that should do it.

Tess: There, see? We're doin' alright.

Joel: Mm-hmm.

[They find a part of the building where the floors have caved in.]

Ellie: Whoa.

Tess: Down we go.

Joel: Let's get to it. We can get through here. Watch your back.

[They descend.]

Tess: You know, I was thinkin'...after we get back, we can take it easy for a
      little while.

Joel: You want to take it easy?

Tess: Hey, you're the one who's always going on about layin' low.

Joel: And you always brushed me off.

Tess: Well, I won't this time.

Joel: I'll believe it when I see it. Through here.

Tess: Joel, over here.

[They reach a subway. There's a corpse nearby.]

Tess: Look at his sleeve. Firefly.

Joel: These guys aren't doin' too well in or out of the city. Let's hope
      there's someone alive to meet us at the drop-off. 

[He finds a map.]

Joel: They're from the quarantine zone.

Tess: See...they're not our guys.

[They find more clickers ahead.]

Joel: Over there, see it?

Tess: Shit. God, we're almost out. Okay, Joel, you take point. I'll watch the
      rear. Ellie, no matter what, you stay right on his heels.

Ellie: Sure.

Joel: This way. We're almost out. C'mon.

Tess: Yeah, go over there. Quick, before it comes back.

Joel: Alright. C'mon.

[Tess drops a ladder down.]

Joel: Get up here.

[They all exit the abandoned subway area into the downtown proper.]

Ellie: Holy shit. We actually made it.

Joel: Everyone okay?

Tess: Yes. Let's move.

Ellie: You guys are pretty good at this stuff.

Joel: It's called luck, and it is gonna run out. Which way we goin', Tess?

Tess: Uh...capitol building's in this direction. How do we get up over this
      truck? Let's see what we can find.

[Joel fetches a dumpster.]

Joel: Climb on up. Maybe we can cut through here.

Ellie: Yeah, that worked out great last time. Sorry -- I'm just sayin'.

[They try entering the garage. A noisy cry rings in the distance.]

Tess: Shhh-shh.

Joel: What? I don't hear anything.

Tess: Okay, double time.

Joel: Oh, shit....

Ellie: Oh -- they're coming.

Joel: I know.

Tess: Okay, that's good, that's good. Go.

Ellie: Okay, Joel.

Joel: Drop it!

[Joel manages to get inside the garage before the girls slam it shut.]

Ellie: Oh...you got something on your shoe.

[He kicks off the infected's cut-off arm.]

Ellie: Gross.

Joel: Okay. How do we get out of this place?

Tess: Let's find out. So Marlene thinks your immune?

Ellie: Well, that's what she believes.

Tess: Well, how were you bitten? I mean you must've been somewhere you
      shouldn't to find an infected in the zone.

Ellie: Yeah, I'd sneak out. I was in this military boarding school.

Tess: You'd sneak out?

Ellie: You know, explore the city. I was in the mall when I ran into infected.

Tess: That place is completely off-limits. How the hell did you get in there?

Ellie: I...had my ways. Anyways, one of those -- what you guys call runners
       -- bit me. And that was that.

Tess: I see. Were you with Marlene when you were bitten?

Ellie: No. I went to her for help afterwards.

Tess: Knowing her, I'm surprised she didn't shoot you.

Ellie: She almost did. Hope she's alright.

Tess: I told you. She's gonna be fine.

[They enter the adjoining museum. Ellie knocks something over.]

Ellie: Ow. Shit. Sorry, sorry. That was me.

Joel: Tess.

Ellie: Sorry!

Tess: C'mon. Stay close to me.

Ellie: What is this place?

Tess: It's an old museum. Some of these things are hundreds of years old.

Ellie: Really? Wow.

[Joel lifts up debris for the girls to pass under.]

Joel: Alright, watch your head. Hurry. Go, go, go. Shit...sonofa...

[The debris breaks, separating the two from him.]

Tess: Joel. Joel!

Joel: I'm alive. I'll make my way around to you.

Ellie: Oh... Look they're here!

Joel: Tess?

Tess: Run. Run!

Joel: Shit.

[The clickers chase the girls off.]

Joel: Tess.

[He goes upstairs, bursting into a room where Tess is fighting off infected.]

Tess: Ellie, stay back!

Joel: Tess!

Tess: I'm fine.

Ellie: Guys, get in here!

Tess: The girl!

Joel: Shit.

[They fight off more infected to save Ellie.]

Joel: That was too damn close.

Tess: Oh shit.

Joel: Tess, how're you holdin' up?

Tess: Just a bit winded. This way. This'll get us to the roof.

Joel: How 'bout you, kid? You okay?

Ellie: Define okay.

Joel: Are you still breathing?

Ellie: Do small, panicked breaths count?

Joel: Yeah, they count.

Ellie: Alright. Then I'm okay.

[They meet Tess on the rooftop.]

Tess: We gotta find a way across. There she is. That's our building.

[He places a plank for them to cross the gap.]

Joel: Alright. Now watch your step as you goin' up 'cause it's gonna be a

Ellie: Pssh.

[Ellie brushes his advice off and crosses easily. They look at the Capitol.]

Joel: Well, is that everything you hoped for?

Ellie: Jury's still out. But, man...you can't deny that view.

Tess: C'mon. This way. Hey! Pick it up. Look, we're almost done. Stay focused.

Joel: Yes, ma'am.

Tess: It's right around this corner. C'mon.

Joel: Let's keep moving, kid.

[They cross a hurdle and move to a swampy street nearby.]

Joel: There we go. Home stretch, Tess.

Ellie: Um...just so it's out there. I can't swim.

Tess: Look, it looks like it's shallow on the right side. Follow me.

Ellie: I'm glad Marlene hired you guys.

Tess: What do you mean?

Ellie: I know you guys are getting paid for this -- but I'm trying to say

Tess: Yeah, sure thing.

[They enter the capitol building and find the Fireflies dead.]

Tess: No. No, no.

Ellie: What happens now?

[Tess frantically searches a corpse's pockets.]

Joel: What are you doing, Tess?

Tess: Oh, god. Maybe they, ah, maybe they had a map or something to tell us
      where they were going.

Joel: How far are we gonna take this?

Tess: As far as it needs to go. Where was this lab of theirs?

Ellie: She never said. She only mentioned it was someplace out west.

Joel: What are we doing here? This is not us.

Tess: What do you know about us? About me?

Joel: I know that you are smarter than this.

Tess: Really? Guess what, we're shitty people, Joel. It's been that way for a
      long time.

Joel: No, we are survivors!

Tess: This is our chance--

Joel: It is over, Tess! Now we tried. Let's just go home.

Tess: I'm not...I'm not going anywhere. This is my last stop.

Joel: What?

Tess: Our luck had to run out sooner or later.

Joel: What are you going on about--

Tess: No don't-- Don't touch me.

Ellie: Holy shit. She's infected.

[Joel takes a step back.]

Tess: Joel...

Joel: Let me see it.

Tess: I didn't mean for this--

Joel: Show it to me.

[She pulls back her collar to reveal a fresh bite wound.]

Joel: Oh, Christ.

Tess: Oops, right? Give me your arm.

[She rolls up Ellie's sleeve where her bite mark is.]

Tess: This was three weeks. I was bitten an hour ago and it's already worse.
      This is fucking real, Joel. You've got to get this girl to Tommy's. He
      used to run with this crew. He'll know where to go.

Joel: No, no, no, that was your crusade. I am not doin' that.

Tess: Yes you are. Look, there's enough here that you have to feel some sort
      of obligation to me. So you get her to Tommy's.

[They hear a noise outside.]

Ellie: Shit.

Tess: Oh...

[A military vehicle pulls up.]

Guard: Watch the exit!

Tess: They're here.

Joel: Dammit.

Tess: I can buy you some time, but you have to run.

Ellie: What? You want us to just leave you here?

Tess: Yes.

Joel: There is no way that--

Tess: I will not turn into one of those things. Come on. Make this easy for me.

Joel: I can fight--

Tess: No, just go! Just fucking go.

Joel: Ellie.

Ellie: I'm sorry, I didn't -- I didn't mean for this.

Joel: Get a move on.

[Joel and Ellie move out. Tess stays behind.]

Guard: We know you're in there! Drop your weapons and come out with your hands

[Meanwhile, Joel locks the door into Tess' room.]

Ellie: What the fuck! I can't believe we did that.

Joel: Stop.

Ellie: We just left her to die.

Joel: Stop. You stay close to me. We need to move.

[They can hear Tess fighting nearby.]

Ellie: Oh man...

Joel: Just keep pushing forward.

[From the balcony, they can see Tess' body.]

Ellie: Oh my god. Tess...

Guard: Target neutralized. She took out two of my men. Copy that. You, take
       out that door. You, with me.

Guard 2: Yes, sir.

Ellie: They're gonna be here soon.

[They continue their frantic escape into a new wing.]

Joel: We're through.

Ellie: What do we do? Joel?

Joel: I got this.

[He kills the squad and they move to the ground floor.]

Ellie: What're we doing? Joel, how're we gonna get outta here?

Joel: Alright. We're gonna have to go through that hall.

Guard: They had to come through here. Comb the area.

Joel: Stay down. I don't know how many more there are.

Guard: They still haven't found the last two.

Guard 2: I heard one of 'em was a kid.

Guard: Does it matter? They took out a bunch of our guys.

Guard 2: Jesus. Well hey, after today this whole Firefly bullshit will be
         behind us.

[They kill all the guards.]

Ellie: Joel, there's the exit.

Joel: I see it.

Ellie: There's stairs over there.

Joel: Stay low.

[They enter an abandoned subway.]

Guard: They're going into the subway! Stop 'em!

Joel: Shit.

Ellie: They're following us!

Joel: Goddammit.

[Joel follows her into a spore-filled area. She pulls him down behind cover.]

Ellie: Get down.

Guard: No target. I repeat, no target.

Ellie: There's a soldier over there.

Radio: Understood. Hold your position and wait for reinforcements.

Guard: Copy that. Holding position.

Joel: How the hell are you breathin' in this stuff?

Ellie: I wasn't lying to you.

Guard 2: Did you spot 'em?

Guard: No, place is empty.

Guard 2: Let's find them and get the hell out of here before clickers show up.

[Joel kills 'em and they move onto a submerged portion.]

Ellie: Hey, uh, I can't swim.

Joel: We'll figure something out.

[Joel off. Ellie follows clumsily, climbing debris and finding a flashlight.]

Ellie: Hey look, it still works.

Joel: There's a ladder. Maybe we can use that.

[He find a floating crate pallet.]

Joel: Get on.

Ellie: Really?

Joel: Ellie.

Ellie: Okay, okay. Ah, be careful.

Joel: I gotcha.

[She pushe a ladder off the platform.]

Joel: I got it. Alright, let's get outta here.

[They exit back into fresh air. Joel takes a breather.]

Ellie: Hey, look, um...about Tess... I don't even know what to--

Joel: Here's how this thing's gonna play out. You don't bring up Tess -- ever.
      Matter of fact, we can just keep our histories to ourselves. Secondly,
      don't tell anybody about your condition. They'll think you're crazy or
      they'll try to kill you. And lastly, you do what I say, when I say it.
      We clear?

Ellie: Sure.

Joel: Repeat it.

Ellie: What you say, goes.

Joel: Good. Now, there's a town a few miles north of here. There's a fella
      there that owes me some favors. Good chance he can get us a car.

Ellie: Okay.

Joel: Let's get a move on.

04) BILL'S TOWN                                                 [SUMMER] [GS04]

[They walk the highway until they can see Lincoln's distant water tower.]

Joel: Now there we go... Yeah, it'll be faster to go through here.

[They hop into railing into an overgrown area.]

Ellie: Man...

Joel: What?

Ellie: Nothing. It's just...I've never seen anything like this, that's all.

Joel: You mean the woods?

Ellie: Yeah. Never walked through the woods. It's kinda cool.

[They keep walking.]

Ellie: Why don't you just take me back to Marlene?

Joel: If she was up to the task, why'd she drop you off on us?

Ellie: Well, maybe she's better now.

Joel: Kid, I don't mean to upset you, but your friend's chances of survival
      weren't too high to begin with.

Ellie: She's a lot tougher than you think.

Joel: It don't matter. 'Cause I doubt I could get either one of us back into
      the city in one piece. Trust me. I wish there was some other option.

[A rabbit runs by.]

Ellie: Whoa. Hey, buddy.

[They arrive at the town's far gate...the locked gate.]

Joel: Well, shit.

Ellie: Should we climb it?

Joel: No, wire on top of it. We gotta find a way to go around.

Ellie: Whoa, look. Fireflies. I mean, real fireflies.

Joel: Yeah, I see that.

Ellie: Sorry, I...I lost myself for a sec.

[He spans a gap between two buildings with a plank.]

Joel: Here we go.

[Off in the horizon is rising smoke.]

Joel: That you, Bill?

Ellie: Where do you usually meet him?

Joel: Huh? Different places.

Ellie: You've never been here, have you?

Joel: I know this is where he lives, but...no, I ain't never been here

Ellie: And that smoke, you think that's him?

Joel: Sure as hell better be.

Ellie: Well, let's go check it out then.

Joel: Alright, come on. Down here. Watch your step; it's a good drop.

[They walk into a building to forage. Ellie makes blowing sounds.]

Joel: Are you alright?

Ellie: I'm trying to learn how to whistle.

Joel: You don't know how to whistle?

Ellie: Well does it sound like I know how to whistle?

[They come to another gate.]

Joel: Oh, shit. It's jammed from the other side.

Ellie: Here, boost me up.

Joel: No, that's not such a good idea.

Ellie: Well, I can't boost you up. How else are we gonna open it?

Joel: Alright. Gimme your foot. Now just open it. Nothing else.

Ellie: Sure thing.

Joel: Careful.

Ellie: Okay. Ah, let's see. Okay. Ta-da.

Joel: Good job.

Ellie: Thank you. So, let's say we get a car from this buddy of yours. Then

Joel: Well, then we go find Tommy.

Ellie: Marlene said he's your brother.

Joel: And more importantly he was a Firefly. He'd know where to take you.

Ellie: Oh, okay.

Joel: He lives far from here which is why we need the car.

[They walk into a yard.]

Ellie: Hey, look. Gnomes.

Joel: Yeah. Those are gnomes.

Ellie: Man, I had an art book filled with these. I always thought they were
       super cute. Not fairies though. They creep me out.

Joel: Alright, then.

[They walk into an old pizzeria. There's an old arcade machine there.]

Ellie: Oh...look at that.

Joel: What, you play this before?

Ellie: Nah. But I had a friend that knew everything about this game.
       Apparently, there's this character called Angel Knives who'd...what was
       it? She'd punch a hole through your stomach before kicking your head

Joel: Well, I was never a big fan of these things.

Ellie: I wish I could play it.

[An old sign sits on main street.]

Ellie: "Mandatory evacuation." Evacuate to where?

Joel: Where you think? Quarantine zone. See, some places got a head's up
      before the infection showed up. Most didn't.

Ellie: Man, must be hard. Just...leaving all your stuff behind like that.

Joel: That ain't the hard part.

[They find a makeshift barbwire barricade blocking off a side street.]

Joel: Hmm. Yeah, that's Bill's handiwork.

Ellie: Anybody else live in this town?

Joel: Far as I know, it's just him.

[Joel finds a Firefly pendant.]

Ellie: Fireflies were everywhere, huh?

Joel: Yeah, they were. Hoping to restore the country to what it was.

Ellie: Well...with a vaccine, maybe they will.

Joel: Maybe.

[They find a clicker in the alley, but it stumbles into a bomb's tripwire.]

Joel: Jesus!

Ellie: Whoa, Nelly. Wha--? What the hell was that?

Joel: That...would be one of Bill's traps.

Ellie: Your friend a bit paranoid, maybe?

Joel: Now that's putting it lightly.

Ellie: What's the deal with this guy?

Joel: Well, he helped us smuggle stuff into the city. He's... He knows how to
      find things.

Ellie: Well let's hope we don't blow up trying to find him.

Joel: Just watch your step. You'll be fine.

[They find an infected corpse stuck full of arrows.]

Ellie: Geez. Bill good with a bow?

Joel: I reckon he is.

[They climb onto a trailer. A bow sits by a chair, obviously a lookout spot.]

Joel: Hey... Look at that.

Ellie: Let me use that. I'm a pretty good shot with that thing.

Joel: How 'bout we just leave this kind of stuff to me.

Ellie: Well, we could both be armed. Cover each other.

Joel: I don't think so.

[Joel finds a plank to cross more buildings.]

Joel: Here, we can actually use this. It's all clear, come on up.

Ellie: Alright.

[They find a clicker.]

Joel: Let's give this baby a whirl.

[Joel snipes it perfectly.]

Ellie: Oh fuck.

Joel: Now, listen. Bill ain't exactly the most stable of individuals. So when
      we get there, you let me do the talkin'. You understand?

Ellie: I understand.

Joel: We gotta be clear on this. He... He don't take too kindly to strangers.

Ellie: Alright.

Joel: Bill's a good guy, he just definitely needs some time warming up to you,
      that's all.

[They come across another tripwire bomb.]

Joel: See that wire? Stay underneath it okay? Just keep your head low and
      you'll be fine.

Ellie: Alright.

[They hear something banging on a door.]

Ellie: You hear that?

Joel: Yeah.

Ellie: Oh, shit, you're gonna go in there?

Joel: I wanna see what we can find.

Ellie: You're gonna find my body when I die from a heart attack.

Joel: Don't worry. I got this.

[Joel kills the infected in the upstairs apartment.]

Ellie: Geez. That thing scared the shit outta me.

Joel: Well, while we're here, let's search the place.

[They finish.]

Joel: C'mon, let's get the hell outta here.

Ellie: Okay.

[They find two tripwire bombs blocking a door.]

Joel: Shit. Look at this. Alright, stand back.

Ellie: Alright.

[He trips the bomb.]

Joel: That's one way to do it.

Ellie: Oh, shit. Those things are kinda awesome.

Joel: Yeah, see that? Get back.

[He trips another IED.]

Joel: Come on. Just stay close. Ellie, come on, just...

[He opens a door and sets off a weight trap, stringing him by his leg.]

Joel: Oh, shit!

Ellie: Joel!

Joel: God...

Ellie: Here...I got you.

Joel: Goddammit, Bill...

[She steadies him.]

Ellie: What just happened?

Joel: It's another one of Bill's stupid traps! There, that fridge. It looks
      like that's the counterweight.

Ellie: Okay.

Joel: Cut that rope and it'll bring me down!

Ellie: On it!

[Infected start approaching.]

Ellie: Joel?

Joel: Shit, here they come!

Ellie: Joel!

[Like a badass, Joel starts killing them while suspended upside-down.]

Joel: Just tend to the rope! Ellie, how's it looking?

Ellie: I'm going as fast as I can!

Joel: Ellie!

Ellie: Agh, I just need a bit more time!

Joel: Oh, fuck! Anytime, Ellie.

Ellie: Hold on.

[She drops the fridge, but it only strings Joel higher, putting her at risk.]

Joel: You alright?

Ellie: Yeah!

Joel: C'mon. You can do it.

Ellie: Okay... Here, catch.

[She tosses him some ammo.]

Joel: Thanks.

[He fights off her attackers.]

Joel: Hurry, you're gettin' close.

[She finally cuts the counterweight, dropping Joel hard.]

Ellie: Okay.

Joel: Dammit...

Ellie: Joel, watch out!

Joel: Alright--

[A man machetes the attacker's head off.]

Bill: Get off your ass and on your feet!

Ellie: Wha--?

[He leads them out of the garage. More infected lurk nearby and chase.]

Bill: Ah, goddammit! Back! Get back!

Ellie: Oh, fuck!

Joel: Which way?

Bill: Alright -- we'll ah... We'll cut through. C'mon, here! Oh, goddamn.

Ellie: I'm going.

Bill: Where's that goddamn key?

Ellie: Guys -- behind us!

Joel: Bill, come on!

[They barely manage to hide in a laundromat.]

Bill: Don't slow down. This place ain't secure.

[They fight off some infected.]

Bill: Alright, come on -- we're almost there. Follow me.

[There's more outside.]

Joel: Oh, shit.

Bill: Goddammit! They're coming from all over! C'mon! They're gettin' through.
      Keep going -- this way, through the truck! Alright.

Joel: Move, Ellie, move!

Ellie: I'm going, I'm going!

Bill: It's open, c'mon!

[They take refuge in a bar.]

Ellie: Man...that was close. Uh...thanks for the heroics and all.

[She offers him a handshake.]

Ellie: Uh, Ellie.

[He puts handcuffs on her.]

Ellie: Hey, what are you-- Joel?

Joel: Bill.

Ellie: What are you doing?

Joel: Bill!

Ellie: Let me go!

[He handcuffs her to a pipe and turns his gun on Joel.]

Bill: Turn around and get on your knees.

Joel: Just calm down a second.

Bill: Turn around and get on your knees!

Joel: Alright!

[He knees Joel.]

Bill: Don't test me!

Joel: Just...ah, take it easy.

Bill: You got any bites?

Joel: No.

Bill: Anything sprouting?

Joel: No, goddammit, I'm clean!

Bill: Well, I see so much as a twitch--

[Ellie frees herself and hits him with the pipe he chained her to.]

Bill: Ow!

Joel: Stop!

Bill: Son of a bitch!

Joel: You done?

Bill: Am I done...? You come into my house, you set off all my traps, you damn
      near break my shootin' arm. Who the fuck is this punk and what's she
      doing here?

Ellie: I am none of your goddamn business, and we're here because you owe Joel
       some favors. And you can start by taking these off.

Bill: I owe Joel some favors, is this some kind of joke?

Joel: I'll cut to the chase. I need a car.

Bill: Well, it is a joke. Joel needs a car. Well, if I had one that works,
      which I sure as hell don't, what makes you think I'd just give it to
      you? Huh? Yeah, sure Joel, go ahead, take my car. Take all my food too
      while you're at it.

Joel: By the looks of it, you could stand to lose some of that food.

Bill: You listen to me, you little shit--

Ellie: No, fuck you! You handcuffed me--

Joel: I need you to shut up. Alright?

Bill: Whatever favors you think I owe ya, it ain't worth that much.

Joel: Actually, Bill, they are.

Bill: Well, it don't matter 'cause I don't have a car that works.

Joel: But there is one in this town.

Bill: Parts. There are parts in this town.

Joel: Meaning that you could fix one up.

Bill: Alright. If I'm gonna do this, there's some gear I'm gonna need.

Joel: Alright.

[He gets out a map full of annotations and margin scrawlings.]

Bill: It's on the other side of town. Now you help me go gather it, and maybe,
      I can put something together that runs. But after this, I owe you

Joel: That's fine.

[Bill put the handcuff key on the table.]

Joel: Couple days from now, we'll probably be dead anyway.

Bill: Good. Follow me. Whole goddamn town's booby-trapped, best stay right on
      my ass.

Ellie: Can't miss it.

Joel: Knock it off.

Bill: Alright. Whatever supplies you may want or need, I suggest you grab them.

Joel: Alright, thank you. Ellie, take a look around and see if there's
      anything we can use.

Ellie: Alrighty.

[They split up to search. Ellie follows Joel into a back room.]

Ellie: Man, he's got a fuckin' stick up his ass.

Joel: Just...stay out of his way.

[Ellie finds a chessboard on one of the tables.]

Ellie: Hey, you know how to play this?

Joel: Yeah. Pretty badly, yeah.

Ellie: I always wanted to learn.

Bill: Hey, Bobby Fischer -- don't touch anything on that board!

Ellie: Bobby what?

Joel: Just let it go.

Bill: Found everything you need?

Joel: We're good. Alright, Ellie. Come on.

Bill: Don't leave the door open.

Joel: I got it.

Bill: We have to cross to the other building. Up the stairs. Let's move it.

Ellie: Psh.

Joel: Just stay with me.

Bill: Can't believe you agreed to this bullshit, Bill. What you shoulda done
      was just left them back there.

Ellie: You weren't kidding about him.

Joel: Yeah, he's one of a kind. I'm gonna take a look around up here.

Bill: Nothin' in there that I need. Go ahead, take whatever you want.

Joel: Thanks.

Bill: So what kind of trouble are you in? Where the hell's Tess?

Joel: It's a job. A simple drop-off.

Bill: What are you delivering? That little brat?

Ellie: Haha. Fuck you, too.

Bill: Y'know, I hope you know what you're doin'.

Ellie: Are you kidding me with this guy?

Joel: So, where we goin', Bill?

Bill: My other safehouse. It's more of an armory.

Ellie: Wait, I thought we were gonna fix up a car?

Bill: We? You know how to fix a--

Joel: Bill, just...

Bill: It's like I said, what I need is on the other side of town. Now, that
      side I don't ever go to 'cause it's filled with infected. So, we're
      gonna need more guns.

[They continue into a new building. An infected howls nearby.]

Joel: Shhh. There's one inside

Bill: Oh...I've been meaning to take care of that. Relax, it's nothin'. So
      you didn't answer my question about Tess. I mean, I thought you two were

Tess: She's busy.

[He walks over to an infected in one of his traps and starts chopping.]

Bill: Yeah, sure...busy. Sounds to...me...like might be trouble in paradise.

Ellie: Aw, gross.

Joel: Yeah, somethin' like that. 

Bill: Alright...here we go.

[He opens a door to the parking lot.]

Ellie: So...why don't you fix one of these cars?

Bill: Oh my god, you're a genius. I mean the whole time, why on earth hadn't I
      thought about fixin' one of these cars?

Ellie: Okay...don't be a dick.

Bill: Their tires are rotted and their batteries are dead.

Ellie: Are you done?

Bill: Can't even begin to think what the inside of the engine blocks look like.
      Only ones making new car batteries are the military.

[Infected start attacking.]

Joel: Goddammit.

Ellie: Infected!

[They fight 'em off.]

Bill: Alright... You gotta check the barricades again. You neglect the simple
      shit and now you're paying for it. You know what that means...taking all
      the supplies from the warehouse and lugging it to the east fence...again.
      Then it'll take you--

Ellie: Okay, well now he's talking to himself.

Joel: Yeah...Bill?

Bill: Joel? This way.

[He leads them through a gate toward his safehouse.]

Bill: And up we go.

Joel: You picked a hell of a place to hole up, didn't ya?

Bill: You know, as bad as those things are, at least they're predictable. It's
      the normal people that scare me. You of all people should understand

Ellie: What does that mean?

Joel: Nothin'. You sure that gate's gonna hold 'em?

Bill: Well, I locked it. They don't have a key.

[They come to a church's backyard.]

Joel: So, which way?

Bill: We're here. It's in the cellar. Alright, down here.

[They enter his hideaway.]

Bill: Well, here we are. You. Don't touch anything. And you close the door.
      Let's gear up.

[Joel stops Ellie from following them to the workbench.]

Joel: Uh-uh.

Ellie: What? I need a gun.

Joel: No you don't.

Ellie: Joel, I can handle myself.

Joel: No. Just...stay here.

Ellie: Fine. I'll just wait around for you two to get me killed.

Bill: This goes on record as the worst fucking job you've ever taken.

Joel: It's up there.

Bill: How in the hell is Tess okay with this suicide mission?

Joel: It's actually her idea.

Bill: Really? Well, the broad's not as smart as I thought she was. But...fuck
      her. Seriously, you gotta take that kid back to where ya found her.

Joel: Bill, I can't just take her back.

Bill: Then send her packing, let her find her own way. Let me tell you a story.
      Once upon a time I had someone I cared about. It was a partner. Somebody
      I had to look after. And in this world that sort of shit's good for one
      thing: gettin' ya killed. So, you know what I did? I wisened the fuck up.
      And I realized it's gotta be just me.

Joel: Bill, it...it ain't like that. It's--

Bill: Bullshit. It is just like that.

[He sees Ellie near some of his CDs.]

Bill: Hey! What did I say to you when we walked down the steps? What did I say?

Ellie: I'm just fixing your stupid pile.

Bill: Don't touch!

[She flips him off.]

Bill: Goddamnit. You keep babysitting long enough and eventually it's gonna
      blow up in your face.

Joel: Bill. Can we please just get on with it?

[He tosses him a shotgun.]

Bill: Here. Let's get on with it. Alright, before we go any further, I got
      somethin' I gotta show you.

Joel: Whatcha got?

Bill: New toy from the toy box. This...is a nail bomb. You gotta be really
      careful. This thing blows, it shreds anybody standing nearby.

Joel: Yeah, I've seen your handiwork.

Bill: Pretty good, huh?

Joel: So we got shotguns and bombs. What the hell are we doing with 'em?

Bill: Well, every few weeks this military caravan rides through town. I assume
      they're out looking for supplies. I mean, you'd be amazed at the shit
      they overlook. Anyway. Few months back, they were rolling through and
      they get overrun by this horde of infected. They were all over the truck.
      It plows right into the side of the high school. Still sitting there with
      the battery in it.

Joel: So we take that battery and put it in another car.

Bill: Bingo. I wanted to get it, but it seemed to dangerous with all the
      infected in that part of town. But, fuck it...Joel needs a car.

Joel: What if it's damaged?

Bill: Nah. Those trucks are like tanks. It's just sittin' there.

Joel: Actually might work.

Bill: Kid, I swear to god...if you took anything--

Ellie: Hey, man. I don't need any of your shit. Trust me.

Bill: Joel, you are keeping an eye on her, right?

Joel: Like a hawk.

[They walk upstairs into an large church sanctuary.]

Ellie: Wow.

Joel: Nice place you got here.

Bill: Well, if you got anything to confess, this'd be the place to do it.

[They look around.]

Bill: That's not the confessional booth, that's my room.

Joel: Alright, I'm not touchin' anything. Just...

[They go to the window exit.]

Bill: Alright...time to sack up.

Joel: Ellie, c'mon.

Bill: Look. There's the school.

Joel: Alright.

Bill: Ready?

Joel: Guess we'll find out.

[They head for the graveyard area. There's a pile of infected bodies nearby.]

Ellie: Oh, man.

Joel: C'mon, you don't need to be lookin' at that.

Ellie: I've seen worse.

Bill: Let's get a move on.

Joel: Alright then.

Bill: Past this gate, it's all new territory to me.

Joel: I'm on it.

Ellie: Hey, hey. You guys hear that?

Joel: Keep quiet.

[They move past some clickers to a courtyard gate.]

Joel: Ah, shit... Locked.

Bill: Hold up. I got a key for that gate. I suggest we move quietly.

[They enter a residential neighborhood's alley.]

Ellie: Runners!

Joel: Easy, easy.

[They kill the foes nearby.]

Joel: You weren't kiddin' about this place, were ya?

Ellie: If you guys would give me a gun, I could help you kill some of these

Bill: Shut up. Just shut up.

Joel: This way.

[He tries to get through a garage door.]

Joel: It's tied on the other side.

Ellie: What about going through here?

Bill: What, the doggy door?

Joel: Be very careful.

[He pries the planks off the lower flap.]

Ellie: Of course.

Bill: Maybe you should've given her a gun.

Joel: Okay, Bill.

[She unlocks the door.]

Ellie: There's more of those clicker things inside the house.

Bill: Oh, shit.

Joel: They ain't seen us yet. Just stay down.

Ellie: Careful.

[They make it through the house.]

Bill: Alright, c'mon, let's get up. On the RV and over. We should be clear.

[They cross a plank to a treehouse.]

Ellie: Who the hell left this here? You got friends in town?

Bill: No. Although I have some idea who mighta come through here. School's on
      the other side of this house. Let's get inside.

Joel: C'mon, Ellie. Alright, I think we're good.

Bill: For now. Goddamn those things. Nobody's bitten, right?

Ellie: Nope. I'm good.

Joel: We're all fine. Let's just keep going.

[They enter the house to explore. Joel and Ellie go upstairs.]

Ellie: Hey, you got a second?

Joel: Yeah?

Ellie: I...I just want to say I'm sorry. About Tess. That's it. I won't bring
       it up again.

Joel: Ellie, you don't need to worry about me. We should go check on Bill.

Ellie: Okay.

Bill: Hey, Joel!

Joel: Yeah?

Bill: Gimme a hand with this.

[They raise the garage door and come to the school.]

Bill: What'd I tell ya. There's that truck, sticking outta the school right
      there. C'mon. There's a bunch of 'em up there, so try not to make a

[They make it through the mass of infected.]

Bill: Well, that was easier than I thought it'd be. They must be holed up
      somewhere else.

Joel: Well, let's not test our luck. How do we get inside?

Ellie: Someone left a ladder on the bus. Here, get me up there and I'll drop
       it to you.

Bill: Don't get killed up there.

Ellie: Thanks, Bill.

[She drops the ladder down.]

Bill: We're okay. We just need to get to the hood of the truck. Shit. You hear
      that? They're coming! Move it, kid! Alright, we're gonna get in quick.
      We're gonna get the battery. We're gonna get the hell outta here.

Ellie: Oh, fuck. They're piling over this fence over here. It's not gonna hold!

Bill: The door's locked!

[Joel finds a window nearby.]

Joel: Go, go, go, you two! Go!

[Joel pushes them in but gets caught by a clicker.]

Ellie: Joel!

Joel: Shit.

Bill: Alright, come on!

[Bill tosses Joel through the window, then kills the clicker.]

Ellie: That's not gonna hold.

Joel: Bill, make it fast! Grab this.

[He and Ellie barricade the main door.]

Joel: Please tell me you're done!

Bill: It's empty.

Joel: What?

Bill: It's fuckin' empty!

Ellie: Guys!

Joel: Bill, where to?

Bill: Uh.

Joel: Bill, where?!

Bill: Anywhere but here.

Joel: Get ready to haul ass. C'mon.

Bill: They've broken through!

[The team scrambles into the high school corridors, escaping the horde.]

Bill: Let's, um... We'll sneak out the back.

Joel: You two, follow me. I'll get us outta here.

Bill: Be my guest.

[They continue through a lab.]

Bill: There's a way through. We gotta make it past these guys.

Joel: Help me open this.

Bill: Alright. Ready? One more time.

Joel: C'mon.

Bill: Shit. There's more on the way. Barricade the doors.

[Finally, they reach the basketball court.]

Bill: This ain't gonna hold them for long.

[They hear a weird noise.]

Joel: That doesn't sound good.

[A large, grotesque infected comes from the equipment room.]

Bill: Oh, no...

Ellie: What the fuck is that?

Bill: It's a goddamn bloater!

Ellie: A what?

Joel: Ellie, take cover! I got this.

[They take down the armored foe.]

Bill: There.

Ellie: Aw, geez...what was up with that big guy?

Joel: He's been infected for a long time. We call them bloaters.

Ellie: Bloater... Okay, got it.

Bill: I hate to interrupt your little biology lesson, but can we get the fuck
      outta here? Please? Let's get on top of these bleachers. Gimme a boost,

[He starts boosting them up.]

Joel: Let's go, people.

Bill: Alright.

Joel: Here we go.

Bill: Alright, c'mon, c'mon.

[Ellie and Bill get out of harm's way, but some infected appear.]

Bill: Joel, behind ya!

Joel: Son of a bitch!

Bill: You're down to the last one. Finish it off already!

[They finally put 'em down.]

Ellie: Oh, I fucking hate those things!

Bill: Alright, you got 'em. Let's go. Come on up.

Joel: Pull me up. There.

[They egress out the bleacher window.]

Bill: This way! We're sittin' ducks here.

Ellie: There's another ladder over here!

Joel: Keep going, I'm right behind you!

Bill: Hurry, Joel!

[They climb the fence and make for refuge in the nearest dwelling.]

Bill: Inside the house. Now!

Ellie: So, that worked out well.

[Joel gives her an exasperated look.]

Ellie: Okay, ah. I'll go check this side of the house.

Joel: Bill?

Bill: Somebody had the same idea. They stole my shit.

Joel: Then what the hell is plan B?

Bill: You oughta be thankful you're still drawing breath. That was plan A, B,
      C, all the way to fucking Z. And furthermore, tell Tess that she can take
      this job--

Joel: Don't you bring Tess into this!

Bill: --she can shove it right up--

Joel: She's got nothin' to do with--!

[They stop arguing as they see someone's hanged themself nearby.]

Joel: Jesus. What? Do you know this guy or something?

Bill: Frank.

Joel: Who the hell's Frank?

Bill: He was my partner. He's the only idiot that would wear a shirt like that.
      He's got bites. Here. And...

Joel: I reckon he didn't want to turn so he...

Bill: Yeah. I guess not. Well fuck him.

[They hear the sound of a pickup starting up. They rush to the garage.]

Ellie: Look what I found. It's got some juice in it.

Bill: That's my battery. That fuckin' asshole. Get out. Get out.

Ellie: Okay, geez.

[He tries the ignition.]

Bill: Battery's drained but the cells are alive.

Joel: Meaning?

Bill: Meaning we push it, get it started and the alternator will recharge the

Joel: Is that your guess?

Bill: Look, you wanted a "plan B." This is as good as it gets.

Ellie: What're you thinking?

Joel: Thinkin' you drive and we push.

Bill: Jesus...that's more of my stuff. You just...just gonna steal my stuff
      and run off? That it, Frank? You should probably search the house. I'm
      sure there's more supplies.

Joel: That's a good idea.

Bill: Let me know when you're ready to finish this thing!

Joel: I'll give you a holler.

[Joel goes over to Ellie, who's in the driver's seat.]

Joel: You gonna be okay with this?

Ellie: Yeah, not a problem.

Joel: You're doin' a good job. I figure you should know that.

Ellie: I won't let you down with this.

Joel: Alright...

Bill: Ready?

[He gives Bill a letter from Frank.]

Joel: Bill, I uh...I found this in there and I...I figured you should have it.

Bill: That's how you feel. Well, fuck you too, Frank. Fuckin' idiot. You ready
      to go?

Joel: Alright, Bill, let's do it.

Bill: Alright, put 'er in first.

Ellie: Already did it.

Bill: Just keep your foot on the clutch and when we get to roll...

Ellie: I know how to pop a clutch.

Bill: How the hell do--? Y'know what, I don't care. Just don't fuck it up!

Joel: Alright, Ellie, get ready... Now! Now, hit it. Hit it!

[The pickup only gets as far as the deserted street before dying.]

Bill: Perfect. Hey -- good job, kid.

Joel: Bill, not helpin'. Ellie -- we're gonna give it another go. Stay focused!

Bill: Jesus. Just keep turning right. Let's get to the hill at the end of the

[They kill some infected.]

Bill: Alright, we're good. Back to the truck.

Ellie: We gotta go faster!

Bill: Look, if we just make it to the hill. We just get it over the edge...

[They slay even more infected.]

Bill: C'mon, back to the truck. We don't have much time. You have really
      fucked my day up, you know that, Joel, huh? We gotta break. We'll get
      'er to that hill.

[They dispatch a third wave.]

Joel: Alright, Ellie, get ready... Alright, Ellie, start it up!

[It works.]

Joel: You hear that sound, Bill?

Bill: Yeah, well it means the infected hear it, too. Let's get in the fucking
      truck. Go, go! Floor it!

[They drive out of Lincoln. Later on, near dusk, Bill signals Ellie.]

Bill: Alright, this'll do! Stop!

Joel: Just keep it running, alright?

Bill: That girl nearly got us killed.

Joel: You gotta admit -- she did hold her own back there.

Bill: You ain't gonna make it. Oh, oh, ah... Here.

[He tosses Joel a siphon.]

Joel: What's this?

Bill: You'd be amazed at how many cars still got gas in 'em.

Joel: Appreciate it. Look, Bill, um, about your buddy back there. Uh... That's
      a tough deal. And I'm, ah...

Bill: We square?

Joel: We're square.

Bill: Then get the fuck outta my town.

[They drop Bill off and hit the highway. Later on...]

Ellie: Oh, man.

Joel: Hey, what happened to sleeping?

[She holds up a comic.]

Ellie: Okay, I know it doesn't look like it, but this here is not a bad read.
       Only one problem. Right there. "To be continued!" I hate cliffhangers.

Joel: Where did you get that?

Ellie: Uhh, back at Bill's. I mean all this stuff was just lying there.

Joel: What else did you get?

Ellie: Well...

[She proffers a cassette.]

Ellie: Here. This make you all nostalgic?

Joel: Y'know, this is actually before my time. That is a winner though.

[He puts on the country music tape.]

Joel: Oh, man...

Ellie: Well, better than nothing. Oh, I'm sure "your friend" will be missing
       this tonight.

[She takes out a porno mag.]

Joel: Mm-hmm.

Ellie: Light on the reading, but it's got some interesting photos.

Joel: Now, Ellie, that ain't for kids.

Ellie: Whoa. How...how the hell would he even walk around with that thing?

Joel: Get rid of that. Just--

Ellie: Hold your horses. I wanna see what all the fuss is about. Oh...why are
       these all stuck together?

Joel: Um...

Ellie: I'm just fucking with you. Bye-bye, dude.

[She throws it out the window and climbs into the passenger seat.]

Ellie: You know what? This isn't that bad.

Joel: Why don't you try and get some sleep, alright?

Ellie: Pft -- I'm not even tired.

[Cut to later. Ellie's sound asleep as they arrive on Pittsburgh's highway.]

05) PITTSBURGH                                                  [SUMMER] [GS05]

[The freeway is clogged up with abandoned cars.]

Joel: Oh, no, no, no, no. Well, perfect.

Ellie: Now what?

Joel: Screw it.

[He continues down the turnpike and stops when a man approaches their truck.]

Ellie: Easy.

Man: Please...help...

Ellie: Holy shit... Are we going to help him?

Joel: Put your seat belt on, Ellie.

Man: Help me...

Ellie: What about the guy?

Joel: Oh, he ain't even hurt.

Man: Oh, fuck! Go, go, go!

[Joel guns it as the faker's buddies all start shooting.]

Ellie: Jesus. Oh, not good!

[An overturned bus t-bones them.]

Joel: Hold on!

[They crash in a storefront.]

Ellie: I'm okay. I'm okay.

Joel: Then get out quick.

[A hunter comes over and grabs Ellie.]

Hunter: C'mere, you!

Joel: Shit!

Ellie: Let go of me, you chickenshit! Joel!

[Joel kills the hunter who pulls him out of the cab. The other hits Ellie.]

Hunter: I'll show you. I'll show you.

Ellie: Get off of me!

[Joel knocks the would-be strangler off and kills him.]

Ellie: Motherfucker.

Joel: Come on.

Ellie: What's wrong with these guys?

Joel: Catch your breath. We're leaving.

Ellie: 'Kay... Watch out!

[Other foes start shooting.]

Joel: Shit! Stay down!

[Reinforcements arrive soon after.]

Hunter: This motherfucker's dangerous. He killed all of them.

Hunter 2: Shit. Spread out.

Hunter 3: Damn. This tourist got some scrap in him.

[Joel kills 'em all.]

Joel: Alright...I think that's the last of 'em. You OK?

Ellie: Yeah. I guess so.

Joel: Good, 'cause we need to get the hell out of here. You know the drill.
      Look around, see if there is anything we can use.

Ellie: Roger that. Agh. Hey -- maybe we can go through here.

Joel: Well, we sure as hell ain't going back this way. Aggh...c'mon...Alright,
      go. See if you can get it propped open with somethin'.

Ellie: Um... There's some pretty gnarly stuff in here.

Joel: Ellie!

Ellie: Right. Okay, go.

[Joel ducks into the gas station's garage.]

Joel: Okay, I got it, I got it, I got it.

Ellie: Look.

[Other dead tourists and their possessions are laying around the room.]

Joel: Fucking hunters. See, this could've been us.

Ellie: Man, that is a lot of people that didn't make it.

Joel: I knew I should've turned the damn truck around.

Ellie: We lived.

Joel: Barely. C'mon, let's get outta here.

Ellie: How did you know?

Joel: Know what?

Ellie: About the ambush.

Joel: I've been on both sides.

Ellie: Oh. So, ah, you kill a lot of innocent people?

[Joel sighs.]

Ellie: I'll take that as a yes.

Joel: Take it however you want.

[They come to some rudimentary quarters.]

Ellie: I guess this is where the assholes sleep. I mean slept.

[Outside, they find more rotting bodies.]

Ellie: Oh, I don't think these guys were infected.

Joel: It don't matter. Let's just keep moving.

[Ellie jumps down ahead of Joel.]

Joel: Hey, Ellie, slow down. Wait for me.

Ellie: What? I'm right here.

Joel: How 'bout you let me go first? And keep your voice down.

Ellie: Okay.

[They start walking. Ellie starts whistling.]

Ellie: I'm whistling.

Joel: Oh, good. Something else you can annoy me with.

Ellie: That's awesome.

[Ellie finds an old corpse hanging out of a car.]

Ellie: What happened here? Your fellow hunters do this?

Joel: Cute. And no, my money's on the military.

Ellie: Why would they mow down all these people?

Joel: Can't let everyone in.

Ellie: So they killed them?

Joel: And dead people don't get infected. You sacrifice the few to save the

Ellie: It's kinda shitty.

Joel: Yeah.

[They hear a gunshot nearby and find hunters near a barricade.]

Ellie: What was that?

Joel: I don't know. Ellie, get down.

Hunter: Where did you learn to shoot?

Hunter 2: Man, screw you.

Hunter: You had an entire flock and hit nothing.

Hunter 2: I'm about to hit you.

Hunter: Wow...yeah, you're really upset. Well if you want some lessons, I'm
        more than willing to help you out.

Hunter 2: Yeah, whatever.

Hunter 3: Where the hell are those guys? They're supposed to be here.

Hunter: They're on the highway shift. Wouldn't be surprised if they caught
        another batch of tourists.

Hunter 3: Spot's a goldmine. Lucky bastards.

Hunter: See if there's anything you can forage while we wait for them.

Hunter 3: Ain't nothin' here. Let's keep going.

Hunter: Screw this. I ain't waiting any longer. Let's go see what those
        assholes are up to.

Hunter 2: They pull this crap every time. I swear to god, if they're holding
          out on us again...

Hunter: Yeah. And you'll do what?

Hunter 2: You'll see.

Hunter: Yeah, I will see.

[The hunters leave.]

Ellie: Hey, we can climb the bus right here. Okay, we need to lighten the
       mood. Ready? "It doesn't matter how much you push the envelope -- it'll
       still be stationary."

Joel: What is that?

Ellie: A joke book. No Pun Intended: Volume Too by Will Livingston.

Joel: Let's keep going.

Ellie: "What did the Confederate soldiers use to eat off of? Civil ware."

Joel: Uh-huh.

Ellie: "What did they use to drink with? Cups. Dixie cups." "I walked into my
       sister's room and tripped on a bra. It was a booby-trap." "A book just
       fell on my head. I only have myself to blame." Oh wait, I said it wrong.
       Hold on, let me read it again. "A book just fell on my head...I only
       have my shelf to blame." Heh...ruined it. "What is the leading cause of
       divorce in long-term marriages? A stalemate."

Joel: That's awful.

Ellie: You're awful.

Joel: Do you even understand what that means?

Ellie: Nope. Doesn't matter. Alright, I'm done...for now.

[They make it to an old quarantine zone checkpoint.]

Ellie: That bridge looks pretty far.

Joel: We'll get there.

Ellie: Whoa. It's strange seeing a checkpoint with no soldiers.

Joel: This is what most zones look like. This place has been abandoned for a
      while now.

[Ellie finds some graffiti.]

Ellie: "Give us our rations." Why wouldn't they give them their food?

Joel: Sometimes they ran out. Most times they just held onto it.

Ellie: That never happened in Boston.

Joel: Trust me, it happened all the time.

[They go through the processing turnstile.]

Ellie: I hear hunters.

Joel: Yeah, me too. Let's keep it down while we're going through this area.

Hunter: Oh...I'm so fucking tired. We were up all night chasing this tourist.

Hunter 2: Oh, you were part of that? I heard about this.

Hunter: Yeah, this one chick, she would just not give up. I've never seen
        anyone with so much fuckin' energy. It took a couple of minutes to
        snuff everyone else and fucking five hours to hunt her ass down.

Hunter 2: Jesus. Sometimes you gotta earn your keep.

Hunter: Yeah, I guess. We were about to give up when she started shooting at
        us. Stupid, she coulda got away. I had two other guys keep her busy.
        I took out my rifle, lined up her little head in the crosshairs, and
        pow. That was that.

Hunter 2: Damn. Maybe you shoulda kept her. Y'know, made her one of us.

Hunter: No, no way. That girl -- she'd a killed us all in our sleep.

[They come across more guards in the warehouse.]

Hunter 3: Bossman says we're getting big enough to expand.

Hunter 4: New head honcho...same bullshit talk.

Hunter 3: I don't know. Now that we have enough people watching all the exits,
          he says we can set up a larger perimeter.

Hunter 4: What is that really gonna give us?

Hunter 3 : I don't know, maybe we find some more gas, get some more generators
           going. I'd really like to restore one of those old projectors. Maybe
           watch movies or something.

Hunter 4: That shit ain't happening. I've heard that expansion talk way too
          many times...and every time we try, it ends up with a bunch of us
          getting killed.

Hunter 3: How do you know? Maybe things'll be different now.

Hunter 4: Keep your expectations in check, youngun. You'll live longer.

[They dispatch all bookstore hunters.]

Joel: That was too damn close.

Ellie: The edge of the universe and back. Endure and survive.

Joel: Excuse me?

Ellie: Savage Starlight. That comic I've been reading? It's what the hero says
       after a big battle.

Joel: Endure and survive?

Ellie: Yeah.

Joel: Okay.

Ellie: Man, look at all these books. I wish I had more room in my backpack.

Joel: So you're a reader, huh?

Ellie: Well, when I'm not running away from hunters or infected? Yeah, I read
       all the time. Okay, it's time to lighten the mood. "Bakers trade bread
       recipes on a knead-to-know basis." Knead.

Joel: I get it.

Ellie: "A moon rock tastes better than an earthly rock...because it's meteor."
       Oh man, that made me hungry. "A backwards poet writes inverse."

Joel: Do you even get that?

Ellie: Of course not. "I used to be addicted to soap, but I'm clean now."

Joel: Alright, I've actually never heard that one.

Ellie: That's it...that's all I got. Now what?

[They leave the bookstore and find corpses hanging by a warning sign.]

Ellie: Man, you'd gotta be crazy to string up soldiers.

Joel: You get people desperate enough, they'll do just about anything.

Ellie: And the people that rose up...they're the ones we've been fighting here?

Joel: That'd be my bet. Let's see where this leads us. Watch yourself on these

[They enter a flooded street. Hunters are nearby.]

Joel: Down, down, down, down. There's more of 'em.

Hunter: Careful with that plank.

Hunter 2: Let's get outta here.

Joel: Alright. I don't think they saw us.

Ellie: Whew. There's our bridge. We're a little closer, I think.

Joel: Let's keep at it. C'mon.

[Ellie finds an old store's supermodel poster.]

Ellie: That girl is so skinny. I thought you had plenty of food in your time.

Joel: We did. Some just chose to not eat it.

Ellie: Why the hell not?

Joel: For looks.

Ellie: Pssh. That's stupid.

[Ellie whips out her jokebook nearby.]

Ellie: I think we can use some good ol' pun humor. "3.14% of sailors are pi

Joel: 3.14...

Ellie: "I stayed up all night wondering where the sun went. Then it dawned on

Joel: I get it.

Ellie: "What did the mermaid wear to her math class?"

Joel: What?

Ellie: "An algae bra."

Joel: Terrible.

Ellie: "Why did the scarecrow get a promotion?"

Joel: Alright.

Ellie: "Because he was outstanding in his field."

Joel: That'll do. Put that thing away.

Ellie: Okay. I'm all joked out.

[They go to the flooded section where the hunters moved the plank.]

Joel: I can't make that jump.

Ellie: If you get me up there, I can move that plank.

Joel: Wait here! Let's see where this goes.

[They see a heavily armored military pass nearby, then gunshots.]

Joel: What the hell? Oh, this place is bad.

Ellie: What the hell was that all about?

Joel: Get on. We're cuttin' through the hotel.

Ellie: Um...okay...

Joel: Set that plank like they did.

[Joel uses a floating pallet to move Ellie into position.]

Ellie: Alright. Now you just need to find a way up.

[Joel rendezvous with her in an old coffee shop.]

Ellie: Oh, this place stinks.

Joel: Yeah, wood's all rotten.

Ellie: Did you go to coffee shops a lot?

Joel: I did. All the time.

Ellie: And what would you get?

Joel: Just...just coffee.

Ellie: Do you think those hunters are gone?

Joel: We're about to find out.

[They enter the large hotel the hunters went into.]

Joel: It's clear, Ellie. Come on down.

Ellie: Whoa...this is fancy. Ever stay in a place like this? Before it all
       went to shit, I mean.

Joel: No...no, this is too rich for my blood.

Ellie: Oh. I bet it was nice. I bet we can get up there.

Joel: No, it's too high. Let's see what we can find.

[He finds a coffee maker broken on a back counter.]

Joel: Ahhh, I really miss coffee.

[Ellie goes over to the concierge desk.]

Ellie: Oh, I'll be checking in for one night and I'd like your finest suite

Joel: The hell are you doin'?

Ellie: Why yes, you can take my luggage upstairs.

Joel: You are a weird kid.

[Joel finds a way past the broken stairway.]

Joel: Come on up. Watch your step.

[Ellie gets out a jokebook while she waits.]

Ellie: Okay, it's time to lighten the mood. "I tried to catch some fog earlier.
       I mist." "Do you know what's not right?"

Joel: Left?

Ellie: Yeah. That's awesome. "What does a pirate say while eating sushi?"

Joel: I don't know, what?

Ellie: "Ahoy! Pass me some soy!" I don't get it. "People are making up
       apocalypse jokes like there's no tomorrow..." Too soon. That's it,
       that's all I got.

[They cut through a window onto a low roof. Hunters are scrounging in rooms.]

Joel: Oh shit. Get down, get down.

Hunter: Grr, this tourist put up a hell of a fight. It took two of us to put
        'em down.

Hunter 2: Wait, how many is that now?

Hunter: Hmm, five just this week. But hey, I'm not complaining.

Hunter 2: I bet you're not. We done here?

Hunter: We got another floor to check, man.

Hunter 2: Check for what? I ain't seen a clicker in weeks.

Hunter: That's 'cause we're thorough. We're gonna keep being thorough. Now
        let's wrap this up, right?

Hunter 2: Alright, whatever.

Hunter 3: Hey, how 'bout we take a little food break?

Hunter 4: Nah, maybe in like an hour or so. We can eat something before heading
          back to camp.

Hunter 3: Sounds good.

Hunter 4: Got some extra dried fruit if you want.

Hunter 3: I'll take you up on that.

[They kill the hunters. Later, they find two corpses in a bathtub.]

Ellie: Oh, creepy. Guess they took the easy way out, huh?

Joel: It ain't easy -- for many it was better than letting a clicker or hunter
      do it for 'em. Trust me. It ain't easy.

[They make it to an elevator. They climb on top of it.]

Joel: Let's see where this goes.

[She shuts the trapdoor.]

Ellie: Just in case.

Joel: It's gonna be a tight fit, but come on.

Ellie: Okay.

[They sidle to the other shaft.]

Joel: You find something to climb on. Okay, here we go.

Ellie: Alright...

Joel: Here we go.

[He boosts her up but the lift falls. Joel falls into the flooded basement.]

Ellie: Oh shit! Joel! Joel!

Joel: I'm alright! Are you okay?

Ellie: No! You scared the shit outta me! I'm...I'm gonna climb down there,

Joel: No! Stay up there. I'll make my way up to you!

Ellie: Don't do anything stupid!

Joel: I'll try.

[He navigates the flooded B1 level.]

Joel: Maybe that way. That could be it.

[The door becomes blocked by debris.]

Joel: Goddamnit. I don't think I tried over there yet.

[He swims further.]

Joel: Over there. I need to find a way around this gate. Well, maybe that
      doorway. Oh, damn it. Spores.

[He hears a loud splashing sound nearby.]

Joel: Oh shit.

[He finds stalkers who alert the others nearby.]

Joel: I hate these things.

[Joel restarts a generator, which attracts more stalkers]

Joel: Goddammit!

[At a keycard door, Joel tries using the keycard he found.]

Joel: Made it. Ah, so much for that. I gotta find Ellie.

[In a restaurant kitchen, he finds more hunters killing a clicker]

Hunter: It's down. Finish it!

Hunter 2: I got it.

Hunter: Nicely done. You bit?

Hunter 2: Not today. You?

Hunter: Not today. Alright...spread out and make sure we didn't miss any more
        of these fuckers.

[Joel kills them. As he tries climbing a ladder, a hunter kicks him off. He
 almost drowns before Ellie picks up his pistol and caps the assailant.]

Ellie: Man...I shot the hell outta that guy, huh?

Joel: Yeah, you sure did.

Ellie: I feel sick.

[He takes the pistol back.]

Joel: Why didn't you just hang back like I told you to?

Ellie: Well, you're glad I didn't, right?

Joel: I'm glad I didn't get my head blown off by a goddamn kid.

Ellie: You know what? No. How about "Hey, Ellie. I know it wasn't easy, but it
       was either him or me, thanks for saving my ass." You got anything like
       that for me, Joel?

Joel: We gotta get going.

Ellie: Lead the way.

Joel: We need to get back out. Find that bridge.

Ellie: Just tell me where to go.

Joel: I hate this crap.

[They reach a deserted ballroom. Ellie gravitates to a beach photo backdrop.]

Ellie: Wow, look at that.

Joel: That's a backdrop. People would take their pictures in front of it.

Ellie: Yeah, I know what it is.

Joel: Okay, then. Something on your mind, Ellie?

Ellie: I wasn't trying to disobey you back there. You were taking a really
       long time and I thought, maybe he's gotten into trouble.

Joel: It don't matter what you thought. I need you to listen to me.

Ellie: I do. It's just that... Whatever, Joel.

Joel: That door looks like a way out. Hey, you see a way to get up there?

Ellie: Nope.

[He starts pushing a piano toward the balcony.]

Joel: Might be able to get through with this. Alright... Goddamn, this is
      heavier than I thought. Hey, how 'bout a hand?

Ellie: You sure you can trust me with that?

Joel: Ellie... Push.

Ellie: I am.

Joel: Push harder!

Ellie: There. How's that?

Joel: Let's go.

[They exit the hotel onto some scaffolding. Below, hunters are patrolling.]

Joel: Oh, shit.

Hunter: They haven't gotten back yet. What the hell's taking them so long?

Hunter 2: I don't know. They went to check on 'em. For now, we wait.

Joel: C'mere, keep your head down. Alright now...I'm gonna jump down there and
      I'm gonna clear us a path.

Ellie: What about me?

Joel: You stay here.

Ellie: This is so stupid. We'd have more of a fucking chance if you'd let me

Joel: I am.

[He hands her a rifle laying nearby.]

Joel: Now you seem to know your way around a gun. You reckon you can handle

Ellie: Well, uh, I sorta shot a rifle before...but it was a rats.

Joel: Rats?

Ellie: With BBs.

Joel: Well, it's the same basic concept. Lift it up. Alright now, you're gonna
      wanna lean right into that stock, 'cause it's gonna kick a hell of a lot
      more than any BB rifle.

Ellie: Okay.

Joel: Go ahead and pull the bolt back. Grab it right there. Just tug it. There
      you go. Now as soon as you fire, you're gonna want to get another round
      in there quick. Listen to me -- if I get in trouble down there, you make
      every shot count, yeah?

Ellie: I got this.

Joel: Alright. And just so we're clear about back there...it was either him or

[He jumps down.]

Ellie: You're welcome.

Hunter: Asshole should've known better. If you're gonna steal, you better make
        sure you get away with it.

Hunter 2: Right? I would've done--

Hunter 3: They're all dead! They're all fucking dead!

Hunter: The hell's he yappin' about? Take a breath. Who's dead?

Hunter 3: The whole crew. The 76 lookout guys. Some fuckin' tourist killed 'em,
          killed all of 'em.

Hunter: Shit. Have you talked to the boss?

Hunter 3: Yeah. He wants everyone to hold their ground, watch the gate.

Hunter 2: Alright, you heard him. Search the area. Do not let anybody through!

Hunter 4: He's gotta be wrong.

Hunter 5: About the crew being dead?

Hunter 4: I don't see some tourists taking out the entire crew.

Hunter 5: What if they did? Maybe it's the military coming back.

Hunter 4: Don't be an idiot. Military doesn't give a damn about this place.
          Look, if anything some tourists got lucky.

Hunter 5: We'll find them. We always do.

Hunter 4: I hope you're right.

[Joel kills them all with Ellie's help.]

Joel: Alright, come on down.

[He takes a corpse's pistol.]

Ellie: How'd I do?

Joel: How 'bout something a...little more your size.

[He hands her the pistol.]

Joel: It's for emergencies only.

Ellie: Okay.

Joel: Now, the safety's on. Do you know how to switch it off?

Ellie: I do.

Joel: Okay, you just...you gotta respect it. This is not--

Ellie: Joel, I'll be careful.

Joel: Okay.

[They see a body hanging from a tree with a "thief" sign around the neck.]

Ellie: Whoa, nelly. Harsh punishment.

Joel: Shit. It ain't that much different from what the military does back in

Ellie: I guess not.

[Joel lifts up a garage door.]

Joel: Alright, do your thing, Ellie.

Ellie: On it. Come on. Stupid chain is stuck. Hold on.

Joel: I am.

[She moves a large cart under the door as a stopper.]

Ellie: There.

Joel: That's good thinkin'.

Ellie: How 'bout you get me up there?

Joel: Help me open this.

Ellie: Here.

Joel: I got it.

[He moves the door cart towards the high-up opening. They climb over.]

Voice: Run!

Joel: Oh shit, get down, get down.

Voice: Keep running!

[He see tourists running from a military vehicle. They're gunned down.]

Ellie: What do we do?

Joel: Nothing.

Dying Woman: No...

[They hunters finish her off and check the corpses.]

Hunter: Busy couple a days, huh?

Hunter 2: Whatever, man. Damn. No food, old pair of shoes. They got nothin'.
          Let's go.

Hunter: Alright.

[The vehicle with the military turret drives off.]

Ellie: Oh man...

Joel: There ain't nothin' we coulda done.

Ellie: I know...it's just...oh man.

Joel: Let's just get to that bridge.

Ellie: Okay.

[They sneak upstairs to find more hunters.]

Hunter: Well, at least they finally killed that couple. I was sure they made
        it out of the city. Now all we need to find is this fucking pickup
        truck duo.

Hunter 2: There better've been an army in that truck. How the fuck did they
          wipe out an entire crew over there?

Hunter: Let's keep searching. I wanna wrap this up by sundown.

[The hunters are slain as the team head deeper into the financial district.]

Hunter: Got word from the east side crew -- they ain't seen shit.

Hunter 2: What about Market Street?

Hunter: Yeah, they're driving through that area now. Who knows, maybe they'll
        flush 'em out.

Hunter 2: I pray to god these tourists show their faces.

Hunter: Fuck, they gotta show up somewhere...I think this'll be your lucky day.

Ellie: Joel, there's a guy up on that second floor, right there.

Joel: Yeah, I see him. Stay low.

[They kill all the street hunters.]

Ellie: Oh man. Endure and survive.

Joel: What? Oh, right...the comic book thing.

[Ellie finds some bodies killed along a wall.]

Ellie: Geez. I guess this is how it ended for this zone.

Joel: Well, every battle's got a losing side.

Ellie: What if they had families?

Joel: Everyone has a family. Best not to dwell on it.

Ellie: How can you not? Hey -- get me up there. Come on.

Joel: There ya go.

[He boosts her up to knock down the fire escape ladder.]

Joel: We're almost there.

[They jump down near a prep school.]

Ellie: I stayed at a place like this. Back in the Boston QZ.

Joel: "Military Preparatory School".

Ellie: Yeah, nice way of saying orphanage. I wonder what happened to all these

Joel: This place has been out for a good stretch. They ain't kids no more.

Ellie: Meaning they're either hunters trying to kill us, or they're dead.

Joel: Or they got away.

Ellie: But you don't believe that?

Joel: I believe in getting out of this city. Come on.

Ellie: There's another one.

[She fixates on an old werewolf movie poster.]

Ellie: These posters are everywhere.

Joel: I saw this right before the outbreak.

Ellie: You did? Did he totally gut her by the end?

Joel: Nobody gets gutted. It's a dumb teen movie.

Ellie: Who dragged you to see it then?

Joel: I don't know. Let's just stay focused, alright?

Ellie: Alright.

Joel: Let's get through the alley.

[They can hear the military humvee and hunters near the grocery store.]

Ellie: Agh, it's that fucking truck.

Joel: It's alright, keep your head down.

Hunter: Six.

Hunter 2: Nope.

Hunter: Seven.

Hunter 2: Not even close.

Hunter: Ten.

Hunter 2: Keep going.

Hunter: I don't know, twenty.

Hunter 2: Try twenty-five.

Hunter: Bullshit.

Hunter 2: Swear to god.

Hunter: You have twenty-five cans of bacon?

Hunter 2: Well, twenty-four. I just finished one.

Hunter: How the hell do you have twenty-four cans of bacon?

Hunter 2: Military locker in the hotel, from back in the day. Me and Reuben
          stumbled upon it. Split it right down the middle.

Hunter: And that shit's still good? When are you making some more?

Hunter 2: Why?

Hunter: Why do you think? I want some.

Hunter 2: Yeah, I bet you do.

Hunter: Man...I saved your ass from that clicker last week.

Hunter 2: I'll think about it.

Hunter: I shoulda let your ass die back there.

Hunter 2: Oh, Jesus. I'll make you some if you quit bringing that up.

Hunter: It better be as good as you say it is.

Hunter 2: It's bacon; of course it's good.

[The humvee sees them and starts firing with its massive emplacement.]

Ellie: What the fuck are they shooting at us with?

[They evade the vehicle and hear it drive off.]

Joel: I think we lost 'em.

[They move along a 2F ledge toward another apartment. The vehicle reappears.]

Ellie: Oh shit.

Joel: We're okay. They can't see us.

[As they climb into a window, a young man grabs Joel and tries to kill him.]

Joel: Oh, shit.

[He knocks Ellie down, surprised to see her.]

Man: What the fuck?

Joel: Sonofa--

[Joel overpowers him and gives him some gut punches.]

Ellie: Joel.

Man: Wait. Wait!

Ellie: Joel, stop! Look.

[They see a kid nearby with a gun nearby.]

Man: Leave him alone.

Joel: Easy, on. Just take it easy.

Man: It's alright. They're not the bad guys. Lower the gun. Man, you hit hard.

Joel: Yeah, well, I was trying to kill you.

Man: Yeah, I thought you were one of them too. Then I saw you. If you haven't
     noticed, they don't keep kids around. Survival of the fittest.

Kid: You're bleeding.

Man: Ah, it's nothing.

Henry: I'm Henry. This is Sam. I think I caught your name was Joel?

Ellie: Ellie.

Joel: How many are with you?

Sam: They're all dead.

Henry: Hey, we don't know that. There were a bunch of us. Someone had the
       brilliant idea of entering the city, look for supplies. Those fuckers
       -- they ambushed us. Scattered us. Now it's all about getting outta
       this shithole.

Ellie: We can help each other.

Joel: Ellie.

Ellie: Safety in numbers and all that.

Henry: She's right. We could help each other. We got a hideout not too far
       from here. Be safer if we chat there.

Joel: Alright, take us there.

Henry: Follow me.

Sam: Sorry about the whole gun thing.

Ellie: Don't worry. I would've probably done the same thing. Where you from?

Sam: All the way from Hartford.

Ellie: Really? I heard some bad stuff going on down there.

Sam: Yeah, the military abandoned the zone. It's why we left. Place probably
     looks like this by now.

Henry: We gotta be careful. We're right next to one of their lookout areas. Is
       it just you and your daughter?

Ellie: We're not related, we're more like, um...

Joel: I promised someone I'd look after her.

Henry: Yeah, I can appreciate that.

[They enter a toy store and hear the humvee approaching.]

Henry: Wait, wait. Everyone be quiet. Get away from the windows.

Joel: They're gone.

Henry: Man...that fuckin' truck. It's been hounding us ever since we got in
       this damn-- Sam, what are you doing?

[He's looking at a robot toy.]

Sam: Nothing.

Henry: Get rid of it.

Sam: My backpack is practically empty.

Henry: What's the rule about takin' stuff?

Sam: It weighs like nothing.

Henry: The rule -- what is it?

Sam: We only take what we have to.

Henry: That's right. Now come on.

Joel: How far is this place?

Henry: We're close. Real close.

[They exit out toward the hunter lookout point.]

Joel: Shit. Ellie, you watch our back.

Ellie: Of course.

Henry: Sam, stay with her.

Hunter: What'd you find?

Hunter 2: Nothing... Looks like someone was up there, but they're long gone.

Hunter: So where are the others?

Hunter 2: They wanted to give it another once over. Make sure we didn't miss

Hunter: Alright...keep an eye out over there. I'll check this area.

[The team kills 'em.]

Henry: We did it. Not bad, old timer. Come on, up on this truck. Oh shit,
       more guys up there.

[They enter an apartment after.]

Henry: Through this door.

Joel: Are you sure it's safe being so close to them?

Henry: I'm the only one with the key, man.

Joel: And where'd you get that?

Henry: I killed one of 'em. He won't miss it now. Everybody through.

Sam: It's back here. So...how old are you?

Ellie: Me? Fourteen. How old are you?

Sam: Ah...the same.

Henry: Oh, you're fourteen, huh?

Sam: I'm close.

Henry: Alright.

Sam: I am.

[They pile into the architectural offices' suite.]

Henry: Here we are. Welcome to my office.

Ellie: How long have you guys been holed up in here?

Sam: A few days. We found a bit of food, though. Here.

Henry: Blueberries. Found a whole stash of 'em. You want some?

Joel: No.

Henry: Hey, man, relax. We're safe.

Joel: So why haven't you left?

Henry: Been waiting for the right opportunity.

Joel: And?

Henry: Here. Check this out.

[He shows Joel the hunter checkpoint on the street below.]

Henry: Look at these sons of bitches. Everyday they congregate down there,
       guardin' that damn bridge. Come nighttime, it's down to a skeleton crew.
       After sunset, that's our window. With most of them gone, sneak right
       past them.

Joel: That could work.

Henry: Oh, it'll work. It'll definitely work. Wow...

[The kids play with their food, tossing it up and catching it in their mouth.]

Sam: Ready?

Ellie: Ow.

Sam: A blueberry hurt you?

Henry: It's been awhile since that boy even cracked a smile. She doesn't seem
       bothered by all this.

Joel: So where were you headin'?

Henry: Heard the Fireflies are based out west somewhere. We're gonna join up
       with them.

Joel: Yeah...

Henry: Somethin' funny?

Joel: Just seems like there's a lot of people putting their stock on the
      Fireflies these days.

Henry: Yeah, maybe there's a reason for that.

Joel: So you don't know where they are and you're just gonna drag him across
      the country to find 'em?

Henry: I tell you what, how about I worry about my brother and you worry about
       you girl?

Joel: Easy. We're looking for the Fireflies too.

[Henry digs out a rudimentary map.]

Henry: This is us. There's an abandoned military radio station, just outside
       the city. Any survivors from our group were supposed to meet us there
       -- tomorrow. You and your girl, you want to join us, it goes down

Joel: I guess we best rest up then.

[That night, Ellie rouses Joel from his sleep.]

Ellie: He says it's time to go.

Henry: Now, we're gonna be moving fast, okay? So no matter what, you stick to
       me like glue.

Sam: Like glue. Got it.

Henry: Like glue. Good, good. Alright, y'all ready?

Joel: Yeah.

Henry: Okay. Alright, y'all stay close, okay?

Joel: You tried this before?

Henry: Uh, yeah.

Joel: That's comforting.

Henry: Relax, old man.

Joel: I just hope you know the way.

Henry: This way.

[He leads them to street level, near the checkpoint.]

Henry: Okay, let's try to take them out quietly. Hey, I'll follow your lead.

Joel: Alright.

Hunter: Hey...how you doing?

Hunter 2: Just trying to keep warm. How's it looking out there?

Hunter: We put down some infected, but no sign of those tourists.

Hunter 2: Think they're still in the city?

Hunter: Yeah, they're still around. Alright...I'm gonna do another round.
        Watch your back.

Hunter 2: Yeah, you too.

[They go outside to see a hunter spotlighting infected for his buddy to snipe.]

Hunter: Hey, you hear that? Clicker.

Hunter 2: Yeah, I hear it, but I don't see shit! Woo! Nailed it! Did you see
          that shit?

Hunter: Not bad. Hold up, there it is! There!

Henry: Yo, Joel, there's a guy on that light up there.

Joel: I see 'em.

[They slay the skeleton crew.]

Henry: Alright, we did it.

Joel: Henry, give me a hand with this.

Henry: Alright. You ready?

[They see the humvee approaching the checkpoint.]

Henry: Ah, shit. Go!

Joel: Oh, no. Hurry, c'mon.

Henry: Wait, wait, wait!

Hunter: Hey! They're over here!

Henry: Got 'em. Come on, everyone.

Joel: Keep your eyes open, we ain't outta this mess yet.

[Joel gets in boost position.]

Joel: Alright, check it out.

Henry: We're good. Sam, let's go.

Joel: Alright, kid, c'mon. There you go.

Henry: Come on.

[The humvee rams the barred gate.]

Hunter: Open the gate!

Henry: Ah, shit!

Joel: Hurry, hurry!

Hunter 2: They locked it!

[The ladder they've been using breaks when Ellie gets up.]

Joel: Ellie!

Henry: Gotcha.

Hunter: Go!

Hunter 2: Move outta the fucking way! We gotta ram it!

Ellie: Okay, we gotta get him up.

Henry: Ah...I'm sorry. We're leaving.

Sam: What?

Ellie: What? This is bullshit!

Hunter: Hey! Now!

Ellie: What the fuck, Henry?

Joel: Oh shit.

[Henry and his brother amscray; Ellie jumps back down to Joel.]

Ellie: We stick together.

Hunter: One more time. Punch it!

[Joel lifts up a garage door.]

Joel: C'mon, into the building! Let's go!

Ellie: Okay! Okay...

Joel: Go...

[Joel barely makes it out of the turret's sights.]

Ellie: Oh, fuck.

Hunter: Go around to the other side!

Ellie: Agh. How the fuck do we get outta here?

[They slip into a hunter-filled pub.]

Hunter: The hell is going on back there?

Hunter 2: Sounds like they found 'em. Spread out. They might come through here.

[They slip out the chain-locked door.]

Joel: Alright, let's get underneath it.

[The humvee rams a gate nearby.]

Hunter: Fuckin' open it! Go! There! They're running to the bridge! Go, go, go!

Ellie: Joel!

[They slip past the impediments, only to find the bridge has long been broken.]

Joel: Oh, shit.

Ellie: Oh, fuck.

Joel: How many bullets do you have left?

Ellie: They're gonna kill us.

Joel: What other choice do we have?

Ellie: We jump.

Joel: No, it's too high and you can't swim. I'll boost you up, you run past

[The humvee rams the blockage, sending some cars into the water.]

Ellie: Oh, shit.

Joel: Oh my god.

Ellie: You'll keep me afloat.

Joel: Ellie.

Ellie: No time to argue.

[She jumps off the broken highway into the river.]

Joel: Ellie! Ah, damn it!

[Joel follows after her, but the current is surprisingly strong.]

Ellie: Joel!

Joel: I got you! No, no, no, no...

[The current rams him into debris and he loses consciousness.]

06) THE SUBURBS                                                 [SUMMER] [GS06]

[Joel wakes up on the beach.]

Sam: Henry! He's awake.

Ellie: Hey, you. We're alive. Okay.

Henry: See? What'd I tell you, huh? He's good. Everything's fine. You know,
       Sam's the one who spotted you. You guys had taken quite a bit of
       water when--

[Joel knocks Henry over and gets out his gun.]

Henry: What the fuck's wrong with you?

Sam: Henry!

Joel: Get back, son!

Henry: It's fine! Hey, hey, hey, hey... He's pissed but he's not gonna do

Joel: You sure about that?

Sam: Stop!

Ellie: Joel.

Joel: He left us to die out there.

Henry: No. You had a good chance of making it, and you did. But coming back
       for you meant putting him at risk. Stay back. If it was the other way
       around, would you have come back for us? I saved you.

Ellie: He saved me too. We woulda drowned.

[Joel throws the pistol back in the sand.]

Henry: It's fine though. I'm okay. Y'know, for what it's worth, I'm really
       glad we spotted you. Now, that radio tower is on the other side of this
       cliff. Okay? Place is gonna be full of supplies. You're gonna be really
       happy you didn't kill me. Hey, we're gonna search this area. See what we
       come up with.

Ellie: That was intense. You cool?

Joel: Yeah. Let's go find that radio tower.

[They split off into two groups.]

Ellie: For a second there, I thought you might shoot him.

Joel: Yeah...almost did.

Ellie: They're alright. I think it's good to have 'em around.

Joel: I think you're right.

Sam: Um, do you trust him?

Henry: Yeah, I do. Hey, don't worry about it. We're fine now, okay?

Sam: Yeah.

Henry: You gotta believe me on this, Sam, alright?

Sam: Sure.

Ellie: Hey, maybe we can find something in that boat over there.

Henry: Keep your eyes peeled!

Joel: Way ahead of you, kid.

Ellie: Whoa.

Joel: What?

Ellie: First time on a boat.

Joel: Well, it's a little bit different in the water.

Ellie: One step at a time.

Sam: Hey, Ellie. I think we found something!

Ellie: Let's go see what it is.

[They climb up to a large sewer grate in the side of the cliff.]

Henry: Hey, I bet this goes all the way through. Gimme a hand with this.

Joel: Alright, same time. Come on.

Henry: Let's do it.

Joel: Alright, c'mon, kids, go.

Henry: Alright. Here we go.

Joel: You go in.

Henry: Okay.

[They all scramble in.

Henry: Hey, flashlights out. Sam, stay--

Sam: Stay close, I know.

Henry: Someone's finally learning.

Ellie: See anything?

Joel: Uh-huh. Gotta find a different way.

Ellie: Joel, we should see what's over here.

Joel: It's blocked.

[Joel finds a loose vent cap.]

Ellie: If you can get it open, I can crawl through and clear that door. Oh,
       yeesh. That is a big rat. And...voila

[She opens the door.]

Ellie: Do you think they'll join us all the way to Tommy's?

Joel: Well, I don't know. We're just gonna have to see how everything pans out.

Henry: This way. Yeah, looks like there's a path up ahead. Right here.

[They come to a flooded cistern.]

Sam: Can we get out this way?

Henry. Nah, there's no way to reach that.

Sam: Well, I can't swim.

Ellie: That makes two of us.

Henry: Alright, Joel, how do we get across?

Joel: Guess we gotta figure somethin' out.

Henry: Hey, this thing's on some kinda track. Maybe there's a way we can use
       it. Hey, maybe this'll lead to somewhere.

Ellie: Look, a generator.

Henry: It's jammed!

[Joel unclogs the sluice.]

Joel: Henry, give it a shot!

Henry: Alright! Here we go. Yep -- it's working!

Joel: I'll go have a look. You keep an eye out.

Henry: Joel! You okay?

Joel: Yeah! Still in one piece.

[Joel returns with a pallet.]

Ellie: Oh -- this thing again.

Joel Let's go Ellie.

Henry: Oh, there you go. That's smart.

Ellie: Ahh, I can't wait to get outta this place.

Joel: Alright, see if that generator's still got some juice.

Ellie: Here goes nothin'. Alright!

Sam: Huh. I can't believe that actually worked.

Henry: Yeah, don't jinx us.

[He pulls Joel out of the water.]

Henry: I gotta say, I'm impressed with you two.

Ellie: Pssh...we're pros at this by now.

[They come to a door with childish drawings by the door.]

Ellie: Uh...what's up with this?

Sam: You think there's people inside?

Henry: Maybe.

Ellie: Are we really going in there?

[They open the door, but it sets off a trap that drops glass bottles.]

Joel: Oh shit.

Henry: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Sam: It's a sound trap.

Ellie: A what?

Joel: It's a sort of alarm.

Ellie: I don't hear anything.

Joel: Someone used to live here. Don't look like that's the case anymore.

Sam: Who would stay in here?

Henry: Well, someone who thought they could keep a place like this safe.

Joel: Ugh.

[They come to a corner with a soccer net drawn on the wall.]

Ellie: Oh, awesome.

Joel: Ellie, don't--

Ellie: Ah, calm down. Sam, stand by those posts over there. Yeah.

Sam: Okay.

Ellie: Ready?

Sam: Oh, Henry, did you see that?

Henry: Let's keep it down, buddy, okay?

Sam: Yeah. Sorry.

Ellie: You hear that? Infected.

Joel: Shh, shhh. Quiet.

[The enemies start attacking.]

Henry: There's three more heading our way!

[They put down the infected.]

Ellie: Well, I guess we know what happened to these people.

Joel: Seeing as how there was a clicker, they must've been gone for awhile.

Henry: We keep moving forward. All we can do is hope that there aren't any
       more of 'em. Doubtful, I know.

[They come to a room with a balcony.]

Ellie: Hey. You think that leads out?

Henry: Could be. It's too high for a boost. Maybe there's another way to get

Joel: Oh shit. Get back!

Ellie: What?

[The door Joel opened drops a partition, separating him from Ellie and Henry.]

Henry: Sam!

Sam: Yeah, I'm cool.

Joel: That was me. I must've triggered some sort of safety gate or somethin'.
      Henry, see if we can lift this.

Ellie: So...this is awkward.

Sam: Yeah, I know. It's like every time--

Ellie: Clickers!

Joel: What?

Henry: Hey, this thing isn't budging, man.

Joel: Just go, get outta here.

Henry: Sam, you stay close to him.

Ellie: Henry, we gotta fucking move!

Henry: You keep him safe!

Joel: Go! Shh, shh, shh.

[He watches as they're chased off by clickers.]

Joel: We're gonna be fine.

Henry: Yeah, yeah I know.

Joel: Alright, come on, kid. See if we can find a way outta here, yeah?

Henry: Okay.

[Joel kills a massive horde of infected by himself.]

Sam: You did it.

Joel: We're gonna keep going. You good?

Sam: Yeah. I bet there were a lot of them here. People, I mean.

Joel: Looks like it.

[They venture further into the compound.]

Sam: Look at this place. It's like a classroom. Why couldn't they keep it safe?

Joel: Son, I wish I knew. God knows they didn't deserve it. You think you can
      knock that ladder down?

Sam: Yeah.

Joel: Go ahead.

[He boosts him up the ledge.]

Sam: There we go.

Joel: Good job, kid.

Ellie: Fucking thing!

Sam: Is that Ellie?

Joel: C'mon.

[They enter a new room, just as Henry and Ellie do the same.]

Sam: Joel, that's them.

Henry: Sam!

Ellie: Oh thank god. We gotta keep running.

Henry: Doorway -- over there! Sam!

Ellie: Run! There's too many of 'em!

[They flee into a new room.]

Joel: Ellie! Get away from the door!

Henry: Maybe if we push it together.

[Sam crawls through a duct.]

Ellie: Sam! He just crawled through!

Henry: He what? Sam, what the hell are you doin'?

Sam: Getting us outta here!

Henry: Well, hurry up then!

[Sam unjams the door.]

Joel: Alright, go.

Henry: Everyone, upstairs. Let's go!

[They scramble upstairs to the final exit, but...]

Henry: Damn thing's stuck!

Ellie: Gimme a boost! I can get through that window.

Henry: Open it from the other side.

Joel: Make it fast!

Henry: C'mon, Sam, you're not staying in here.

Sam: What about you?

Henry: I'll be fine. C'mon. Go.

[He boosts the kids out the door to safety.]

Joel: Get ready!

Henry: Fuck. Here we go!

[They fight for awhile, until the kids open the door.]

Ellie: We got it!

Joel: Alright, move! Let's go, let's go!

[They quickly slip outside and barricade the door again.]

Henry: Fresh air...

Joel: Oh...

[They see a graffiti warning on the exterior, warning of infected inside.]

Ellie: Wha--

Sam: Look at this.

Ellie: Oh, are you fucking kidding me? Thanks for the warning on the other
       side, guys.

Joel: So, where's this tower?

Henry: We're close. C'mon, let's go. Hey. How you doin', little man?

Sam: That was a close one, huh?

Henry: Yeah. Not one of our finest moments, but we made it out.

Sam: Yeah.

[The military radio tower's off in the distance.]

Henry: Hey, look at that. Yep, what'd I tell you, huh?

Joel: Let's find a way around to it. What about you, how you holdin' up?

Ellie: Business as usual, right? When I was with Henry, I took out a couple of
       infected by myself. You'd be proud.

Joel: Yeah.

[They walk into an old suburb.]

Sam: It was pretty intense back there, huh?

Ellie: Yeah. Totally.

Sam: How'd you two end up together?

Ellie: Oh...a friend of mine, Marlene, asked him to take me to the Fireflies.

Sam: You seem to get along well.

Ellie: Yeah, well...now I just boss him around. Isn't that right, Joel?

[They walk back onto the street.]

Ellie: What was this place like without infected? Tsh...I can't even imagine

Sam: "Will shoot on sight." Lots of friendly people lived here.

Henry: First few months after the outbreak, they had a lot of lootin'.
       Everyone got paranoid. You remember any of that, Joel?

Joel: Everyone barricaded themselves in their homes, then supplies started
      running low. That's when you saw what people are really capable of.

Henry: I was just five when the cordyceps hit. My memory's pretty hazy, but I
       remember living in a neighborhood just like this.

Ellie: What do you remember?

Henry: Uhh...barbecues. Parents, they would throw these crazy big barbecues
       and invite a ton of people. You know, I remember the smell more than
       anything. Weird.

[Ellie spots some dogs.]

Ellie: Oh. Doggies.

Joel: You're gonna want to stay away from those. It's not like it is in the
      zone. These are wild.

Ellie: What is this?

Sam: Oh, this is an ice cream truck.

Ellie: An ice cream truck?

Sam: Yeah, Henry told me about these. They'd sell ice cream out of the truck.

Ellie: What? No way. Joel?

Joel: It's true. This thing would drive around and play real loud, creepy
      music and kids would come running out to buy ice cream.

Ellie: You're totally fucking with me.

Joel: Um-mmm. Serious.

Ellie: Man, you lived in a strange time.

Sam: Told you so.

Ellie: Agghh...is anybody else hungry?

Sam: Yes.

Henry: Hey guys -- we break when we get to the radio tower.

Sam: Alright.

[The kids play darts in one of the houses.]

Sam: Darts.

Ellie: Right.

Henry: Hey, Sam...be careful.

Sam: Yeah...okay. Alright, I'll go first. Damn it.

Ellie: Oh.

Sam: Alright, your turn.

Ellie: Okay. Just throw it?

Sam: Yeah.

[Her throw's good.]

Ellie: Boosh, I am a natural.

Sam: Luck.

Ellie: No it wasn't.

Sam: That was luck.

[He scores well.]

Ellie: Alright, get outta here. You're getting cocky. Here we go. Fuck.

Sam: Horrible.

Ellie: Alright...it's a tie.

Sam: No, no, you clearly got destroyed.

Ellie: How did I clearly get destroyed? That's practically a tie!

Sam: Yeah, okay.

[The kids quit, but Joel throws the last dart. He misses terribly.]

Henry: There'll come a day when kids can just be kids again.

Joel: Let's go.

[They find the far street blocked by debris. A Firefly symbol's nearby.]

Henry: Fireflies were here.

Joel: Yeah, by the looks of it.

Sam: How're we gonna find them?

Joel: I know a guy. My brother, actually. He was a Firefly. Last I heard he
      was in Wyoming. We get there, we find him. We find the Fireflies.
      Whaddya say, you in?

Henry: Sounds like a good plan, man.

Ellie: Ah, okay. You guys are killing me with your downer talk. It's joke
       book time.

Sam: What is that?

Ellie: Just bear with me. "You wanna hear a joke about pizza? Never mind, it
       was too cheesy."

Sam: I don't get it.

Ellie: Yeah, me neither. "What did the green grape say to purple grape?
       Breathe, you idiot!"

Sam: That's so stupid. Alright, I got a joke for you.

Ellie: Let's hear it.

Sam: Why can't your nose be twelve inches long?

Ellie: I don't know, why?

Sam: Because...then it would be a foot.

Ellie: That's so dumb. I love it.

[They head toward a far cul-de-sac, but a sniper opens fire almost at once.]

Joel: Oh shit! Get down.

Ellie: Oh shit...

Henry: Fuckin' sniper... Did you see where it came from?

Joel: Somewhere down the street. Alright now...y'all stay here.

Ellie: No.

Joel: Before you start -- I need you guys to keep him busy. I'm gonna go
      around and see if I can't get the angle on him.

Ellie: Okay. Hey. Be careful.

[Joel knifes the sniper, then takes over his turret to kill more foes.]

Joel: Come on, guys... Oh, no, no, no.

[The armored humvee from the bridge level appears on the street.]

Hunter: It's those damn tourists from the city.

Joel: Come on, Henry.

Hunter 2: Thought you could get away from us, huh?

Hunter: We're back, motherfucker!

[The humvee approaches Henry and the kids, throwing molotovs. Joel snipes the
 guy as he's about to throw, causing the interior to catch flame and the truck
 to crash gloriously.]

Ellie: Shit! Oh, that was so intense!

Henry: You alright Sam?

Sam: Yeah, I'm okay.

Ellie: Thanks, Joel.

Henry: Alright. We did it.

Ellie: We should move.

[A few infected swarm at them, one pinning Sam down.]

Sam: Henry!

Joel: Shit.

[Joel helps snipe them.]

Henry: Sam, are you okay?

Sam: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Henry: You sure? You seem funny.

Ellie: C'mon, c'mon.

Henry: Let's move!

Joel: Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up. Oh, no, no, no, no. Oh god...

[They wave of infected is too big. The survivors all regroup.]

Ellie: Joel, you're okay.

Joel: Still here. Anybody hurt?

Sam: Uh-uh.

Henry: No, we're good.

Joel: Alright, I think it's time we quit this place. C'mon.

Henry: Let's go.

[They make it to the radio tower to rest up and chit-chat over dinner.]

Henry: Shut the hell up.

Joel: Dead serious. It was Tommy's birthday. That's all he wanted to do is
      just -- rent two Harleys and drive cross country.

Henry: Ah, man. I could die happy if I could just drive one around the block.
       What was it like?

Joel: It was good. It was real good.

Henry: Good? Can you believe this guy? C'mon, man, gimme details. Describe it.

Ellie: You know what? You two deserve a little privacy.

Henry: No, no, Ellie, Ellie, this isn't just any regular motorcycle, okay? You
       get on that bad boy, you feel that engine. Nothing like it.

Ellie: Oh yeah? How would you know?

Henry: I've seen it in my dreams... Vroom, vroom, vroom...

Ellie: Okay.

[Ellie goes to see what Sam's up to.]

Henry: I don't think anyone from our group's gonna show up.

Joel: Yeah.

Henry: Worst part about it all -- explaining it to Sam.

[Meanwhile, in the other room, Ellie finds Sam sitting at an old desk.]

Ellie: Well, it's safe to say those two have officially bonded. What're you

Sam: Taking stock of all the food we found today.

Ellie: I see... And how are we doing on canned peaches?

Sam: Did Henry send you?

Ellie: No. Why would Henry send me?

Sam: To make sure I'm not fucking up somehow.

Ellie: Psshhh. I'd say we all did pretty good back there -- especially you.

[He silently goes to the window.]

Sam: Well...

Ellie: Is everything alright?

Sam: Everything's fine.

Ellie: Okay... Well... Have a good night.

Sam: How is it that you're never scared?

Ellie: Who says that I'm not?

Sam: What're you scared of?

Ellie: Let's see...scorpions are pretty creepy. Um...being by myself. I'm
       scared of ending up alone. What about you?

Sam: Those things out there. What if the people are still inside? What if
     they're trapped in there, without any control over their body? I'm scared
     of that happening to me.

Ellie: Okay, first of all, we're a team now. We're gonna help each other out.
       And second, they might still look like people, but that person is not
       in there anymore.

Sam: Henry says that, "they've moved on". That they're with their families.
     Like in heaven. Do you think that's true?

Ellie: I go back and forth. I mean, I'd like to believe it.

Sam: But you don't.

Ellie: I guess not.

Sam: Yeah...me neither.

Ellie: Oh...all this serious talk, I almost forgot.

[She takes the robot from the Pittsburgh toy store out of her pack.]

Ellie: There. If he doesn't know about it, he can't take it away. Alright, I'm
       pooped. I'll see ya tomorrow.

[He throws the toy on the ground when she leaves. He looks at the wound on his
 leg, sustained on the sniper's street. Next morning, Henry makes breakfast.]

Ellie: Damn. That smells good.

Joel: Good morning.

Ellie: Where's Sam?

Henry: I let him sleep in for once.

Ellie: Oh.

Henry: Well if you want him to join us, you can go wake his ass up.

Ellie: Okay.

[She goes into Sam's room.]

Ellie: Sam? Sam!

Joel: What the hell?

[Sam runs at Ellie, tackling her into the grown-ups' room.]

Joel: Shit! He's turnin'!

[Henry fires a warning shot when Joel reaches for his gun.]

Henry: That's my fucking brother!

Ellie: Sam!

Joel: Screw it!

[Henry fires again, this time killing Sam.]

Ellie: Oh, shit...

Joel: Ellie? Ellie, are you alright?

Ellie: Uh-huh. Oh my god.

Henry: Sam?

Ellie: Oh no...

Henry: Sam...

Joel: Henry. Ellie, stay here. Henry.

Henry: Henry, what have you done?

Joel: I'm gonna get that gun from you, okay?

Henry: Sa...Sa...Sam...

[He points the gun at Joel.]

Joel: Whoa. Okay, okay, easy.

Henry: It's your fault.

Joel: This is nobody's fault, Henry.

Henry: It's all your fault!

Joel: Henry! Henry, no...

[Henry turns the gun on himself.]

Ellie: Oh my god.

07) TOMMY'S DAM                                                   [FALL] [GS07]
[Ellie and Joel make it to Wyoming. They see a sign on their mountain trail.]

Ellie: Jackson County. That means we're close to Jackson City, right?

Joel: Shouldn't be more than a few miles.

Ellie: You ready to see your dear old brother?

Joel: I'm just ready to get there.

Ellie: You nervous?

Joel: I don't know what I'm feeling.

[The road washes out ahead.]

Ellie: So much for this road.

Joel: We just follow the river. It'll lead us straight to Tommy's. C'mon.

Ellie: What happened between you two?

Joel: What do you mean?

Ellie: You and Tommy...you're not together, so clearly something went down.

Joel: We just had a bit of a disagreement, that's all.

Ellie: Oh, here we go...so what was it about?

Joel: Tommy saw the world one way, I saw it the other.

Ellie: And that's why he joined the Fireflies?

Joel: Yeah, your friend Marlene promised him hope. That kept him busy for
      awhile, but just like Tommy, he eventually quit that too.

Ellie: How was it, the last time you saw him?

Joel: I believe his last words to me were "I don't ever want to see your god
      damned face again."

Ellie: Geez. But he's gonna help us?

Joel: I suppose we're gonna find out.

Ellie: Well, with or without his help, we'll get there.

Joel: Let's just keep going.

[They come to a large structure spanning the river.]

Ellie: Whoa, what's that?

Joel: That there is a hydroelectric power plant.

Ellie: A...hydra who?

Joel: It, uh...uses the river's movement and turns it into electricity.

Ellie: How's it do that?

Joel: Look. I know what it is, I don't know how it does it.

Ellie: Alright...how are we getting across?

[Joel turns a crank to make one half of the thin bridge appear.]

Ellie: Well, that gets us halfway. If we get the other one up, we'll make it

[Joel salvages a pallet stuck to a sunken building.]

Joel: Alright, Ellie, I need you to--

Ellie: I know, step on the fucking pallet.

[He ferries her to the other crank.]

Joel: Go on, give it a spin.

Ellie: Hey, be careful crossing that thing.

Joel: I will.

Ellie: Teamwork.

[He high-fives at her request.]

Ellie: Yeah.

[Nearby is a dirt mound with a teddy bear on it.]

Joel: That's too small of a grave.

Ellie: I forgot to leave that stupid robot on his grave. What should I do with

Joel: Ellie...

Ellie: What? I want to talk about it.

Joel: No.

Ellie: Why not?

Joel: How many times do we need to go over this? Things happen...and we move

Ellie: It's just--

Joel: That's enough.

Ellie: You're right. I'm sorry.

Joel: Let's get to Tommy's.

Ellie: Aughh, I'm so hungry.

Joel: I know, I am too.

Ellie: Alright, next squirrel I see, I'm totally shooting it.

Joel: Let's get past this place, then we can scrounge up some food.

Ellie: Well, if I starve, you're responsible.

[They go around the dam, but the road leading out is blocked by equipment.]

Ellie: Uh...should we head in?

Joel: Ah, ain't no way around... Gonna have to cut through the plant.

[Joel tries to open the large doors, but survivors with guns appear.]

Woman: Don't even think about reaching for your weapon. Tell the girl to drop
       her's. Now.

Joel: Ellie, do as the lady says.

Ellie: Okay.

Woman: Please tell me you're lost.

Joel: We didn't know the place was occupied. We're just trying to make our way

Woman: Through to where?

Voice: They're alright.

Woman: What, you know these people?

Voice: I know him.

[The gate opens.]

Tommy: He's my goddamn brother.

Joel: Tommy.

Tommy: Holy shit.

[They hug.]

Joel: How you doin', baby brother?

Tommy: Goddamn.

Joel: Yeah.

Tommy: Let me look at you. You got fucking old.

Joel: Easy -- it's gonna happen to you too.

Tommy: This is Maria. Be nice to her, she sorta runs things around here.

Joel: Ma'am. Thanks for not blowing my head off.

Maria: Would've been embarrassing, considering you're my brother-in-law.

Tommy: We all gotta get wrangled up at some point.

Maria: Ellie, right?

Ellie: Yeah.

Maria: What brings you through here?

Ellie: Uh...it's kind of a long story.

Tommy: Why don't we bring 'em inside?

Maria: Yeah. You hungry?

Ellie: Starving.

[Tommy lets everyone into the dam compound.]

Maria: False alarm. They're friendlies. We've been dealing with raids. Lot of
       bandits in this area.

Tommy: It's been quiet for a few days.

Joel: What the hell are you doin' here? I thought I'd find you in Jackson.

Tommy: Been trying to bring the plant back to life.

Maria: We had it working before, but one of the turbines went south.

Tommy: We have electricity, Joel...had. We'll get it running again.

Ellie: No way. You guys have horses.

Tommy: We got a whole lot of 'em.

Man: Hey, Tommy, gimme a hand with this.

Tommy: Sorry. I'll be right back.

Ellie: Can I?

Maria: Yeah, of course. He likes when you pet his ears. You ever ride one?

Ellie: I actually have.

Joel: When have you ridden a horse?

Ellie: Winston, this soldier back in the zone. He gave me lessons.

Maria: You know, if you want, we can take him riding later.

Ellie: That'd be awesome.

Tommy: There!

Man: Hey thanks, Tommy.

Tommy: No sweat. All right, let's continue the tour.

Maria: Earl?

Earl: Yeah?

Maria: Why are you here? Weren't you supposed to head back this morning?

Earl: Still waiting on Houser and the rest of the boys to relieve me.

Maria: We'll be fine. Just...go home to your family.

Earl: It's just a couple more hours. I'll tough it out.

Maria: Alright, well take it easy.

Radio: Maria.

Maria: Yeah, go ahead.

Radio: We're in the control room. Steve's about to start it back up. Do you
       wanna come check it out?

Maria: I'd rather eat with Ellie.

Tommy: It's my turn anyway. I'll go.

Joel: I'll come with you. Go with Maria and put some food in you.

Ellie: Joel?

Maria: C'mon, Ellie. Let's give the boys some space. I'm sending Tommy over.
       Stand by. C'mon.

[Tommy leads Joel on the tour.]

Tommy: This'll be the sixth time of them trying to get the turbines back
       online. We've been here just a week, but it feels like forever. Uh...I
       got something for you. Last year I went back to Texas -- back home. Most
       of our stuff was long gone. Most of it. Here.

[He gives Joel a photo of him and Sarah.]

Tommy: It's a little faded but it still looks pretty good.

Joel: I'm good.

[He gives it back.]

Tommy: You sure? I mean...

Joel: I said I'm good.

Tommy: Okay. Well, I'll hold onto it for you.

Joel: Tommy, I...I need to talk to you. Privately.

Tommy: Yeah, okay. Let me just check on my guys real quick. C'mon. I don't
       know what you heard, but you should see the town. We're over twenty
       families strong now. It was Maria and her father, they set up this
       place that had the idea of being self-sustained. We got crops and
       livestock. Remember how we thought that no one could live like this
       anymore? Well, we're doing it.

Man: Give it up. You ain't savin' that turbine.

Man 2: Oh, I'll get it. Been at it for too long to give up now.

[Joel finds a woman on sentry duty.]

Woman: You're new around here.

Joel: Yeah, Joel. I'm Tommy's--

Woman: Brother. Word travels quickly around these parts.

Joel: Apparently.

Woman: I kind of see the resemblance.

Joel: I see.

Woman: It's a compliment.

Joel: It's a pleasure meeting you.

Woman: You too.

[He starts the tour back up.]

Joel: What do you do for protection?

Tommy: The adults take turns guarding the perimeter. We even got an
       electrified fence -- when the plant's up and running.

Joel: You still gotta deal with those infected though, right?

Tommy: Who doesn't? But that's the world we live in.

Joel: Well, maybe you don't have to be.

Tommy: You sound like Marlene.

[They arrive at the far turbine station.]

Tommy: These two geniuses are gonna bring this plant back to life.

Man: We think we got it this time.

Man 2: You don't believe us?

Tommy: I didn't say that.

Man: I bet you a million bucks it works.

Tommy: Sure. Make it two.

Man 2: We're almost ready. They just need to finish putting the shield back on.

Tommy: No rush.

Man 3: To the left! Watch it!

Man 4: Okay, that's good. Lower it. Slowly!

Man 3: Alright...that's good.

Man 4: Tommy's here. We good to go?

Man 2: Gimme one second. Okay, good to go.

Man 4: You ready?

Man 2: Go ahead. Hit it.

Man 4: Here we go.

[The electricity comes back on.]

Man 3: Goddamn! We did it, boys!

Tommy: Nice work, boys. Somebody get on the horn and give Maria the good news.
       You see that?

Joel: It's pretty impressive. Looks like you're out two million bucks.

Tommy: Alright, Joel. Let's go talk.

[They enter a far office.]

Joel: That's quite the crew you got here.

Tommy: They're good men. This place gives 'em a second chance. It gives us all
       a second chance. So, why'd you leave Boston?

Joel: I've been on quite the adventure, little brother.

Tommy: I reckon it's got something to do with that girl.

Joel: Oh, it's got everything to do with that little girl.

Tommy: Well, go on then.

Joel: She's immune.

Tommy: Immune to what? Oh, c'mon.

Joel: See, I know...I've seen her breathe enough spores to take down a dozen
      men and nothing. I wouldn't have believed it neither, but I can show

Tommy: Alright. I'll bite. Why bring her here?

Joel: I was supposed to deliver her to the Fireflies... The way I figured it,
      they're your boys, you finish the job and collect the whole damn payment.

Tommy: I haven't seen a Firefly in years.

Joel: But you know where they are. Now I'm not asking for much, Tommy. I just
      want some simple gear -- enough to set me on my way.

Tommy: What makes you think I'd do this for you?

Joel: This isn't for me, Tommy. This is for your damn cause.

Tommy: My cause is my family now. You ain't talking about some walk in the
       park here.

Joel: Jesus, boy...have Maria get some of your born again friends to do it.

Tommy: They got families too.

Joel: Tommy, I need this.

Tommy: You want some gear, sure. But I ain't taking that girl off your hands.

Joel: This is how you gonna repay me...huh?

Tommy: Repay you?

Joel: For all those goddamn years I took care of us.

Tommy: Took care? That's what you call it? I got nothing but nightmares from
       those years.

Joel: You survived because of me.

Tommy: It wasn't worth it.

[He pushes Tommy against a filing cabinet.]

Joel: I bring you the cure for mankind and you wanna play the pissy little

Tommy: We ain't back in Boston. You lay your hands on me again it won't end
       well for you.

[A siren goes off.]

Joel: The hell is that?

Tommy: We're under attack. You still remember how to kill, right?

Joel: Yeah...

Man: Shit! Bandits!

Man 2: Stop 'em! Don't let them into the building.

Tommy: Let's get a move on!

[They take out the local foes.]

Tommy: You guys see anything?

Man 2: We got 'em.

Tommy: Let's get to the bridge.

[Maria radios in.]

Maria: Tommy! Bandits, they're breaking into the building.

Tommy: Can you get out of there?

Maria: No, we're trapped.

Tommy: We're gonna come to you, just stay--

Maria: They're here. Ellie, hide!

Tommy: Maria! Goddamnit.

Hunter: They're fighting on the bridge! Let's go!

[They eliminate the bridge insurgents.]

Man: That's all those sons of bitches!

Tommy: We gotta get to the girls!

Man 2: Right behind you!

Tommy: Joel, do your thing.

[They kill the enemies in the cafeteria.]

Ellie: They're all dead.

Maria: Tommy?

Tommy: Maria!

Maria: I'm alright. The kid's with me!

Joel: That was too damn close.

Tommy: You okay?

Maria: Yeah, yeah. I'm fine, I'm fine.

[They watch Joel checking on Ellie.]

Ellie: Joel! Oh man... They were coming in from every direction--

Joel: Okay.

Ellie: --then Maria was like "We gotta run!"--

Joel: Listen.

Ellie: --and so we dove over these tables and this huge guy blasts in with a

Joel: Slow down, slow down. Listen--

Ellie: And then--

Joel: Hey, hey, are you hurt?

Ellie: No.

Tommy: Goddamnit. I need to talk to you.

[Cut to the compound yard, after Tommy explains the situation.]

Maria: Absolutely not. You tell him to go find somebody else.

Tommy: Maria, I can't have this hanging over my head.

Maria: Do you have any idea how many men we lost here today?

[Ellie and Joel watch them argue.]

Ellie: Hey, what's that all about? Does that have anything to do with me?

Joel: We'll talk about it later.

Ellie: Did he tell you where the lab is?

Joel: We'll talk about it later.

Ellie: Later... Right.

Maria: It takes one. One fuck up. One fuck up and then I turn into one of
       those widows, okay?

Tommy: I have to do this. I don't know what else to say.

Maria: Fine.

Tommy: Maria. Maria!

Joel: Here we go.

Maria: You. If anything -- anything at all happens to him, it's on you.

[Maria storms off.]

Tommy: She's thankful, you know.

Joel: Yeah, I know.

Tommy: I'll take that girl of yours to the Fireflies. You don't have to worry
       about it.

Joel: It's best this way.

Tommy: Maybe some real good will come of this.

Joel: I need to talk to Ellie.

[Tommy picks up his radio.]

Tommy: Say again, I didn't hear ya. Joel!

Joel: What, what is it?

Tommy: That girl of yours, she took one of our horses and rode off.

Joel: Damn it. Which way?

Tommy: C'mon.

[They go to the gate.]

Man: I saw her riding on outta here.

Tommy: Go back inside. Help the others clean the place up.

Man: Okay. Be careful out there.

[They get on the horses to pursue.]

Joel: Easy, easy.

Tommy: There.

Joel: Yeah.

Tommy: See the tracks? C'mon.

[They ride down the deserted, overgrown highway.]

Tommy: She couldn't have gotten far. We'll find her. Don't worry.

Joel: Stubborn kid.

Tommy: She usually pull these stunts?

Joel: Nothing like this. I don't know what's going on.

Tommy: She didn't go down this way. Horse tracks. She went into these woods.

Joel: Ellie, what're you thinking? There. More tracks.

Tommy: Okay, good.

[They come to a hunter encampment. A molotov spooks the horse, bucking Joel.]

Joel: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Tommy: I got your back. How many do you see?

Joel: Too goddamn many.

Tommy: Go around. I'll cover you.

[They eliminate the hunters.]

Tommy: That's all of 'em.

Joel: C'mon. Back to the horses.

[They ride past the encampment.]

Joel: Tracks keep going this way. Just hope they didn't get to her.

[They find a mountain ranchhouse.]

Tommy: Look, by the ranch. That's our horse. She's gotta be there.

Joel: Area looks clear.

Tommy: Be careful.

Joel: Ellie? Ellie?!

Ellie: I'm up here.

Joel: Jesus Christ.

Tommy: I'll keep an eye out. Reckon you guys need to have a chat.

[Joel finds her in a girl's old bedroom upstairs.]

Ellie: Is this really all they had to worry about? Boys. Movies. Deciding
       which shirt goes with which skirt? It's bizarre.

Joel: Get up, we're leaving. C'mon.

Ellie: And if I say no?

Joel: Do you even realize what your life means? Huh? Running off like that.
      Putting yourself at risk...it's pretty goddamn stupid.

Ellie: Well, I guess we're both disappointed with each other then.

Joel: What do you want from me?

Ellie: Admit that you wanted to get rid of me the whole time.

Joel: Tommy knows this area better than--

Ellie: Agh, fuck that.

Joel: Well, I'm sorry, I trust him better than I trust myself.

Ellie: Stop with the bullshit. What are you so afraid of? That I'm gonna end
       up like Sam? I can't get infected. I can take care of myself.

Joel: How many close calls have we had?

Ellie: Well, we seem to be doing alright so far.

Joel: And now you'll be doing even better with Tommy.

Ellie: I'm not her, you know.

Joel: What?

Ellie: Maria told me about Sarah. And I--

Joel: Ellie. You are treading on some mighty thin ice here.

Ellie: I'm sorry about your daughter, Joel, but I have lost people too.

Joel: You have no idea what loss is.

Ellie: Everyone I have cared for has either died or left me. Everyone fucking
       except for you. So don't tell me that I would be safer with someone
       else -- because the truth is I'd just be more scared.

Joel: You're right... You're not my daughter, and I sure as hell ain't your
      dad. And we are going our separate ways.

Tommy: Get it together. We're not alone.

[They see two hunters prowling outside.]

Joel: I got two walking in.

Tommy: There's more inside already.

Joel: Hang back.

Tommy: Watch yourself.

Joel: Alright...house is clear.

Tommy: Let's get back to the horses.

[Joel checks outside.]

Joel: We're clear.

[Ellie gives him the silent treatment.]

Tommy: You want a hand up?

Ellie: I got it. C'mon...

[They ride to a far hill overlooking Jackson.]

Tommy: Easy...easy... Whoa... There she is. Kids'll be watching movies tonight.

Joel: Where is this lab of theirs?

Tommy: It's all the way out -- University of Eastern Colorado.

Joel: Go Big Horns. Ellie, get off your horse, give it on back to Tommy. I'm
      gonna hang onto this fella, if that's alright with you. Go on. Don't make
      me repeat myself.

Tommy: What are you doin'?

Joel: Your wife kinda scares me. I don't want her coming after me.

Ellie: Sorry for stealing your horse.

Tommy: Look, come back to town, let's discuss it at least.

Joel: Eh, you know me. My mind's all made up.

[He helps Ellie onto his saddle.]

Joel: University Eastern Colorado. How do I find this lab?

Tommy: It's in the science building, looks like a giant mirror, you can't miss

Joel: You take care of that wife of yours.

Tommy: There's a place for you here, you know.

Joel: You good?

Ellie: I'm good.

Joel: Adios, little brother. C'mon.

08) THE UNIVERSITY                                                [FALL] [GS08]

[Sometime later, Joel's horse walks toward the university's campus.]

Ellie: So, let me see if I get it straight. If you mess up your fourth down,
       then you give the ball to the other team?

Joel: Right, it's called turnover.

Ellie: And if you clear the ten yards then you're back at...first down?

Joel: First down, that's right.

Ellie: Man, it's confusing.

Joel: You just gotta play it a couple of times. It'll all make sense.

[They ride into the parking lot.]

Ellie: Okay. None of these buildings look like a mirror to me.

Joel: Well, we'll head to central grounds. Should be able to see most of the
      campus from there.

Joel: Stay, Callus. What kind of name is Callus anyway?

Ellie: Not my fault you forgot to ask Tommy his name.

Joel: Callus.

Ellie: So, these places...people would live here and just study? Even though
       they were all grown up?

Joel: Yeah, study, party, and find themselves. Figure out what they wanted to
      do with their lives.

Ellie: What they wanted to do with their lives.

Joel: There was a lookout here.

Ellie: That's a good sign.

[Ellie looks at the campus' old mascot banner.]

Ellie: That's a giant ram. You guys were like some idol worshippers.

Joel: When it came to sports? Hell yeah.

Ellie: Ooh...it's getting chilly.

Joel: It's that time of year.

[They see a shiny building in the distance.]

Ellie: Hey, over there. Is that it?

Joel: Hmm. It does look like a giant mirror.

Ellie: How many people you think are there? Fireflies, I mean.

Joel: Reckon it takes quite a crew to run that operation.

Ellie: You think there'll be other people my age?

Joel: Ahh...I'm not sure.

[The horse spooks.]

Joel: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...what is it, boy?

Ellie: Sounds like runners.

Joel: Stay with the horse. I'll go check it out.

Ellie: Are you sure?

Joel: Yes. I don't want him runnin' off. I'll be right back.

[He sees a generator-powered gate.]

Joel: Huh, looks like someone jerry-rigged this thing. No juice. I'll see if
      I can get the power back on.

[He kills the infected in the generator room.]

Joel: And that's that.

Ellie: Hey, I was thinking...I would've wanted to be an astronaut.

Joel: That a fact?

Ellie: Yeah. Can you imagine being up there all by yourself? Would've be cool.
       I'm just sayin'. What about you? What'd you want to be?

Joel: Oh...well, when I was a kid I used to want to be a...a singer.

[Ellie laughs.]

Ellie: Shut up.

Joel: I'm serious.

Ellie: Sing something.

Joel: Ah, no.

Ellie: Come on. I won't laugh.

Joel: I don't think so.

Ellie: Joel. Please.

[They reach the university's center. Creatures scamper around.]

Ellie: Aww...are those monkeys?

Joel: Yeah, a whole mess of 'em.

Ellie: That was kind of awesome.

Joel: First time seeing a monkey?

Ellie: First time seeing a monkey.

[They ride farther in.]

Ellie: Should we have seen someone by now?

Joel: Uh...maybe these guys like to keep a low profile.

Ellie: Yeah. Maybe.

[Ellie spots a Firefly symbol on a wall.]

Ellie: Hey, look. Fireflies. Joel, look!

Joel: I see it.

Ellie: This is good. First sign of Fireflies.

[They come to a large locked gate.]

Joel: Alright, let's try that gate.

Ellie: There it is. This won't budge.

[Joel ducks into the dorms.]

Ellie: Watch yourself.

Joel: You too. Oh, damn it. Spores.

[Joel jumps down into a clicker nest and barely manages to escape.]

Joel: Shit...

Ellie: Joel! Are you OK? What happened in there?

Joel: More infected. I'm fine!

Ellie: Here, come open the gate.

[He plugs in the generator and gets it working.]

Joel: Alright. Let's try the gate.

Ellie: You did it!

Joel: Yeah. Come on through. Scootch.

Ellie: Those clickers -- you think they were Fireflies?

Joel: No...no, I don't think so.

Ellie: Why would they have infected so close to the lab?

Joel: Bill used them as a form of defense. Maybe they're doing the same.

Ellie: Yeah...I could see that.

[They make it to the science building grounds.]

Ellie: No guards. No nothing.

Joel: Yeah...I'd expect to see someone by now. Let's get inside.

Ellie: Have you ever been to one of these?

Joel: What? A university?

Ellie: Yeah.

Joel: No, not as a student at least.

Ellie: Why not?

Joel: Uhh...I had Sarah when I was pretty young.

Ellie: Oh...were you married?

Joel: For a while.

Ellie: What happened?

Joel: Okay.

Ellie: Too much?

Joel: Too much.

Ellie: Are we ever gonna find living Fireflies?

Joel: We better.

[Ellie spots a hole in the science building's upper floor.]

Ellie: Hey, what about over there?

Joel: Yeah. That looks like a way in.

[He tries the gate.]

Joel: It's rusted shut. We'll have to find another way.

Ellie: Maybe we can get over it.

[Joel gets a dumpster to try, but it slides down the slope, crashing through.]

Joel: Whoa. Alright, not what I had in mind, but it'll do.

[They climb up.]

Joel: Alright, we're inside. C'mon, kiddo, gimme your hand. There you go.

Ellie: Thanks. Let's look around.

[The pair starts searching the area.]

Ellie: How will they do it?

Joel: Do what?

Ellie: Get the cure from me? You think it'll hurt?

Joel: No, no. They'll probably just draw some blood –- it don't hurt.

Ellie: I've gotten shots before. They vaccinated us at school. It sucked.

[They start scavenging.]

Ellie: Hello? Where are they?

[They continue searching.]

Ellie: Yoohoo! Fireflies? Cure for mankind over here! Anyone?

Joel: Let's keep it down until we figure out what's going on.

[They find some Firefly equipment near a stairwell.]

Ellie: Nothing useful.

Joel: Ain't nothin' here but a bunch of medical mumbo-jumbo.

Ellie: I don't get it.

Joel: Looks like they all just packed up and left in a hurry.

[A sudden noise occurs upstairs.]

Ellie: Maybe not all of 'em.

Joel: Stay close.

[They search the third floor.]

Ellie: There are no bodies. That's good, right?

Joel: If we find out where they went.

[Another noise occurs.]

Joel: Shit!

[They find the source of the noise: monkeys.]

Joel: Jesus. Well, at least it ain't clickers.

Ellie: Yeah. No Fireflies either. Well, maybe in all that research they turned
       into fucking monkeys.

Joel: Just keep searching, we'll find something.

[They bust into a lab office with a suicide victim. Joel picks up a recorder.]

Voice: If you're looking for the Fireflies, they've all left.

Ellie: Yeah, no shit.

Voice: I'm dead...or I will be soon. Got me some time to reflect.

[Joel fast-forwards over the boring parts.]

Voice: ...been years that felt like we were!

Voice: ...fucking thing was a giant waste of ti--

Voice: ...not going to do this anymore...

Joel: Come on.

Voice: ...looking for the others, they've all returned to Saint Mary's Hospital
       in Salt Lake City. You'll find them there, still trying to save the
       world. Good luck with that.

Ellie: Do you know where that is?

Joel: I know the city.

Ellie: Is it far?

Joel: It ain't close. I mean on horseback--

Ellie: What?

[They see a light in the distance below.]

Ellie: Fireflies?

Joel: Get down!

[They narrowly miss being shot.]

Ellie: Who the fuck are these guys?

Joel: It don't matter. We know where to go, let's get the hell outta here.

[They descend. Joel opens a balcony door, only for someone to fling it open.]

Hunter: Got you, asshole.

[They fall off the balcony. The foe dies, but Joel is impaled by some rebar.]

Ellie: Oh shit. Oh man...

[She rappels down a generator cable.]

Ellie: What do you want me to do?

Joel: Move...

Ellie: What?

Joel: Move!

[He guns a foe who bursts through a low door. Ellie gets the other.]

Ellie: Oh man...Joel? Oh...

Joel: I'm gonna need you to pull.

Ellie: Okay. Alright, you ready? One, two, three.

Joel: Pull!

[He's pulled free, but can barely stand.]

Joel: Just get to the damn horse.

Ellie: Okay. I don't see anyone. Let's go! Joel, how are we doing?

Joel: I'm fine...I'm fine.

Ellie: Can you handle the window?

Joel: Yeah.

Ellie: Okay.

[He falls over the classroom's window, due to the injury.]

Ellie: Jesus. Come on, move!

Hunter: I see you!

Ellie: Shit.

Hunter: Come on, man.

Ellie: Alright, just stay here. I'm gonna flank this asshole.

Joel: Ellie.

[The hunter inches towards Joel's position.]

Hunter: Those were my friends you killed, asshole. Come on out. You want to
        do this the hard way?

[Ellie shoots him.]

Hunter: You little bitch.

[She finishes him off. Joel starts blacking out due to blood loss.]

Joel: Shit.

Ellie: Oh man, we gotta get you out of here.

Joel: I'm okay.

Ellie: You're not okay, Joel! Now come on! Move it. There's no one here. Hurry.

[He slowly follows her, about to double over any minute.]

Ellie: You're doing good, just keep at it.

Joel: I'm coming.

Ellie: Through these double doors. Oh man. Here, lean on me.

Joel: No.

Ellie: Well can you walk?

Joel: Yes.

Ellie: Then fucking walk. Come on. There's the exit. Just a little bit more,
       come on. Hey, hey! Joel!

Joel: Behind you!

Ellie: What?

Joel: Ellie!

Hunter: The kid's got a gun! Watch out! Hey!

Ellie: Stay the fuck back!

[She guns one down down.]

Ellie: Oh shit, oh shit.

Hunter 2: You little shit!

[He clubs her, but she still caps him.]

Ellie: Joel. Here, stand up. I swear to god, I get you out of this, you are so
       singing for me.

Joel: You wish.

Ellie: Wait here. I'll get the door.

Joel: Take your time.

Ellie: Come on. There you go.

[He makes it outside, but rolls down the steps near a hunter taking Callus.]

Hunter: What the fuck? Ah, shit!

[Ellie puts him down.]

Ellie: Come on.

Joel: Just...get the horse.

Ellie: Alright... Can you get on?

[They both get in the saddle.]

Joel: Go.

[They ride a ways out of town.]

Ellie: I think we're safe. Joel. Joel.

[He falls out of the saddle, unconscious.]

Ellie: Ah, shit. Joel -- here. Get up, get up, get up... You gotta tell me
       what to do. Come on... You gotta get up... Joel?

09) LAKESIDE RESORT                                             [WINTER] [GS09]

[In the snowy mountains, Ellie kills a rabbit with her bow.]

Ellie: Oh, this won't last very long.

[She sees a deer nearby and ties Callus to a tree.]

Ellie: You'll just startle it.

[She starts tracking it.]

Ellie: Where'd you go? There he is.

[She chases the buck and wounds it. It spooks again afterwards.]

Ellie: Shit, he heard that.

[Eventually she gets in another good shot, but it still runs off.]

Ellie: Oh man. How are you still alive?

[She finds an old mining camp.]

Ellie: What is this place? Everything's cool. This place is not creepy at all.

[The stag is dead nearby. She goes to check but hears a footstep.]

Ellie: Who's there? Come out!

[Two other hunters are also there. She readies her bow.]

Man: Hello...we just want to talk.

Ellie: Any sudden moves and I put one right between your eyes. Ditto for
       buddy boy over there. What do you want?

David: Um, name's David, this here's my friend James. We're from a larger
       group -- women, children. We're all very, very hungry.

Ellie: So am I -- women and children -- all very hungry too.

David: Well maybe we could, ah, trade you for some of that meat there. What do
       you need? Weapons, ammo, clothes--

Ellie: Medicine! Do you have any antibiotics?

David: We do. Back at the camp. You're welcome to follow us--

Ellie: I'm not following you anywhere. Buddy boy can go get it. He comes back
       with what I need, the deer is all yours. Anyone else shows up--

David: You put one right between my eyes.

Ellie: That's right.

David: Two bottles of penicillin and a syringe. Make it fast. Go on.

[James runs off.]

Ellie: I'll take that rifle.

David: Of course.

Ellie: Back up.

[She swaps out her bow for his rifle and holds him at gunpoint.]

David: He's probably gonna be awhile. You, ah, mind if we take some shelter
       from the cold?

Ellie: Bring him with us.

[David drags the deer inside and they build a fire.]

David: There. You know you really shouldn't be out here all on your own.

Ellie: I don't like company.

David: I see. What's your name?

Ellie: Why?

David: Look, I understand it's not easy to trust a couple of strangers.
       Whoever's hurt, you clearly care about them. I'm sure it's gonna be
       just fine.

Ellie: We'll see.

[A clicker enters the house. David grabs a nearby gun and kills it mid-lunge.]

Ellie: You had another gun?

David: Sorry.

[More infected approach.]

David: Okay, I'd really like my rifle back now.

Ellie: No, you have your pistol.

David: I hope you know how to use that thing.

Ellie: I've had some practice.

[He shuts the door and puts a tarp on the deer.]

David: No matter what, we have to keep them out. Let's hope they don't find
       him. Cover the windows.

Ellie: Okay.

David: Make every shot count now.

Ellie: I've done this before.

David: You weren't kidding. You're a better shot with that thing than I am.
       Gimme a hand with this.

Ellie: Agh, c'mon, c'mon.

[They barricade a window, but a clicker grabs Ellie. David saves her.]

Ellie: Oh shit.

David: Nothin' over here. Oh lord, there's a whole lot of 'em comin' at us.
       Don't let 'em come through the windows.

[The infected keep coming.]

David: Screw it. We're gettin' outta this room!

[He kicks down a boarded-up door nearby.]

David: Alright, kid. This way.

Ellie: Fucking infected.

David: C'mon. I'll block their path. Cover the stairs!

[He barricades the stairway.]

David: Follow me. Through here.

Ellie: Okay. Do you know where you're going?

David: I've never set foot in this place.

Ellie: Oh. Great.

David: It's clear. This way.

Ellie: Right behind you.

David: How you holdin' up?

Ellie: You don't need to worry about me.

David: Alright. Stay close.

Ellie: Oh shit!

[He hops a catwalk barricade safely, but Ellie falls down to the ground floor.]

David: Hey, kid -- you alright?

Ellie: I'm fine...

David: More clickers. Get outta there!

[She climbs back up a ways. David kills a clicker to open her path.]

David: You alright?

Ellie: Oh, there you are.

David: C'mon -- door's this way. There. That ladder could work.

Ellie: Here. C'mere, boost me up.

David: Okay, ready?

Ellie: Hang on...

David: Alright. You be quick...keep a lookout for those things.

Ellie: I know.

[She kills a clicker on the catwalk.]

David: What's goin' on up there? Everything alright?

Ellie: Yeah, it's okay. Alright. Here you go.

[She drops the ladder down.]

David: C'mon. Alright, look out. Through here. Come on, kid! We need to find
       a way outta here. There's gotta be a way outta here.

[In a far elevator room, Ellie finds a corpse.]

Ellie: Geez. Looks like someone already fought those things and lost.

David: Ah, Lord. I've been lookin' for these boys. Doesn't matter. Grab their
       gear. I'm gonna look for an exit. Keep your eyes open for anything we
       can use!

Ellie: See anything?

David: It's a dead end. How on earth did they use this building?

Ellie: So what do we do?

David: We hold our ground.

Ellie: Is there any other choice?

David: We die. Get ready.

Ellie: You hear that? They're on the roof!

David: I know!

[They fight off the rooftop wave.]

David: We're doin' fine, kid.

Ellie: It doesn't feel like it.

David: Just stay focused. We'll make it. Here come more!

Ellie: How many of these things are there?

David: I have no idea. Just keep at it.

[They hear an odd infected noise.]

David: That doesn't sound good.

Ellie: It's a bloater!

David: A what?!

Ellie: One of those big fucking guys.

[They slay the bloater.]

David: Hey, kid!

Ellie: Yeah?

David: You know, I think we did it.

Ellie: Like we killed all of 'em?

David: Don't sound so disappointed.

Ellie: More like disbelief.

David: I'll check the bridge.

[They go to the bridge.]

David: Listen.

Ellie: No infected.

David: No infected. What'd I tell ya? Alright. Let's head on back, check on
       that buck of ours.

[They return to the deer cabin and crouch by the fire.]

David: You handled yourself pretty nice back there. Ha, whew, I say we make a
       pretty good team.

Ellie: Psshh. We got lucky.

David: Lucky? No, no...no such thing as luck. No, you see I believe that
       everything happens for a reason.

Ellie: Sure.

David: I do. And I can prove it to you. Now, this winter has been especially
       cruel. A few weeks back, I ah...sent a group of men out -- nearby town
       to look for food. Only a few came back. They said that the others had
       been, ah, slaughtered by a crazy man. And get this, he's a crazy man
       traveling with a little girl. You see? Everything happens for a reason.

[She puts him back at gunpoint.]

David: Now don't get upset. It's not your fault. You're just a kid. James,
       lower the gun.

[Ellie turns around to see James has had her in his sights the whole time.]

James: No way, David. I'm not gonna let her go.

David: Lower the gun. Now give her the medicine.

[He tosses the parcel on the floor.]

James: The others won't be happy about this.

David: Yeah, well, that's not your concern.

Ellie: Move the fuck out of the way.

David: You won't survive long out there. I can protect you.

Ellie: No thanks.

[Medicine in hand, Ellie runs back to Callus.]

Ellie: Let's get outta here. Come on.

[Eventually she returns to the lakeside resort she's been holed up in.]

Ellie: Come on. Okay...

[She goes to the room where she's been nursing a feverish Joel back to health.]

Ellie: Joel? Oh... I only managed to get a little bit of food. But...I did get
       this. Move your arm. Oh... Here we go.

[She gives him the injection, causing him to whinge.]

Ellie: Sorry. All done. That's it. You're gonna make it.

[She lays beside him and gets some sleep. In the morning, she hears hunters.]

Ellie: Oh, fuck. They tracked me. I'm gonna draw them away from here. I'll come
       back for you.

[She leaves the garage, lowering the door quietly.]

Ellie: Easy... Go... C'mon...

Hunter: Are you even sure she's here?

Hunter 2: Man, there were horse tracks down the fucking street. She's here.

[She tries sneaking by on Callus, but gets blindsided by a hunter.]

Hunter 3: Hey! I got her! Get your ass ov--

[She stabs him in the throat.]

Hunter 2: What are you waiting for? Shoot her!

Hunter: But David said--

Hunter 2: Fuck David. Shoot her now!

Ellie: Go!

[She rides through the deserted resort, evading hunters' gunfire.]

Hunter 4: There!

Hunter 5: Grab her!

Hunter 6: Aim for the horse! Don't let her through!

Hunter 7: Get your ass off that damn horse!

Hunter 8: Shit! She's running!

Hunter 9: She's getting away!

Ellie: Come get me, you fuckers!

Hunter 10: Shoot the horse! Shoot the fucking horse!

[She almost makes it out, but Callus is shot, throwing them both down a bank.]

Ellie: Oh man... No... Oh shit. Okay...

Hunter: She fell down the hill somewhere. I don't see her though.

Hunter 2: She's running for the cabins!

[Ellie takes refuge in a cabin nearby.]

Hunter: Are we really killing her? David said he wants her alive.

Hunter 2: He doesn't get to make that call. James to me it's the girl from
          the university. How many of our guys were killed there?

Hunter: Oh shit. I didn't know that was her. Screw David, then. I ain't taking
        a chance with this.

Hunter 2: I just want to finish up and go home. I'm freezing my ass off.

[She kills the rest and finds the exit along a broken cliffside path.]

Ellie: Nature track... Okay, that should get me out of here. You got this,
       Ellie. Okay, don't fall in the water. Don't fall in. Oh, shit... Okay.

[She finds blockage at a culvert.]

Ellie: Here we go. I got this. Agh...

[She finds a large hunting lodge on the riverbank.]

Ellie: That's the way back. Hang in there, Joel.

Hunter: Cover the grounds! Make sure she's not hiding somewhere over here!

[She kills the searchers.]

Ellie: How do I get outta here?

[She finaggles herself into the lodge.]

Ellie: I don't wanna get trapped in here. Agh, where's the way out?

Hunter: She's on this side of the lodge!

[She kills the last pursuers and tries to exit, but David sneakily grabs her.]

David: Relax... Keeping you alive here. There you go. There you go.

[He knocks her out with a sleeper hold. She wakes up later in a cell. There's
 a hunter chopping up a corpse nearby.]

Ellie: Oh...

David: How are you feeling?

[He appears with a dinner tray.]

Ellie: Super.

David: Here. You should eat. I know you're hungry -- been out for quite some

Ellie: What is it?

David: It's deer.

Ellie: With some human helping on the side?

David: No. No, I promise. It's...just the deer meat.

Ellie: You're a fucking animal.

[She gobbles down some of the food.]

David: Oh...you're awfully quick to judgment. Considering you and your friend
       killed how many men?

Ellie: They didn't give us a choice.

David: And you think we have a choice? Is that it? You kill to survive...and
       so do we. We have to take care of our own. By any means necessary.

Ellie: So now what? You gonna chop me up into tiny pieces?

David: I'd rather not. Please tell me your name.

[She shoves the food plate out of her cell.]

Ellie: You're so full of shit.

David: On the contrary, I've been, ah, been quite honest with you. Now I think
       it's your turn. It's the only way I'm gonna be able to convince the

Ellie: Convince them of what?

David: That you can come around. You have heart. You're loyal. And you're

[He runs his hands over hers in a very creepy manner.]

Ellie: Oh...

[She puts her hand on his, then breaks his finger. She tries to grab his cell
 keys, but he knocks her head into the cell door.]

Ellie: Oh, fuck...

David: You stupid little girl. You are making it very difficult to keep you
       alive. What am I supposed to tell the others now?

Ellie: Ellie.

David: What?

Ellie: Tell them that...Ellie is the little girl that broke your fucking

David: How did you put it? Hmm? Tiny pieces? See you in the morning, Ellie.

[Meanwhile, Joel finally comes to back in the resort cabin.]

Joel: Ellie? Ellie?! Where the hell are you?

[He goes outside.]

Joel: Ellie! Where'd she run off to?

Hunter: Oh shit! He's over there!

Joel: Shit.

Hunter 2: Move it! Don't let him get ya!

[He slaughters the hunters. Later, he's grabbed by one as he enters a street.]

Hunter: Gotcha, asshole. Finish him off!

Hunter 2: Hold him still!

Hunter: Oh shit!

[Joel kicks one guy in the nads, then headbutts the other.]

Hunter: Son of a bitch!

Joel: You come with me. Come on...

Hunter 2: Let me go. I'll...fuck you up...

[Joel brings them to a basement and starts beating them for information.]

Hunter 2: What do you want? What the fuck?

Joel: You wait here. Now...the girl...is she alive?

Hunter: What girl? I don't know no girl.

[He stabs him in the leg.]

Hunter: Fuck...

Joel: Focus right here. Right here. Or I'll pop your goddamn knee off. The

Hunter: She's alive. She's David's newest pet.

Joel: Where?

Hunter: In the town. In the town.

[He puts the bloody knife in the merc's mouth and holds up a map.]

Joel: Now you're gonna mark it on the map. And it better be the same exact
      spot your buddy points to. Mark it.

Hunter: It's right there. You can verify it. Go ask him. Go on. He'll tell ya.
        I ain't lyin'. I ain't lyin.

[Joel chokes him until his neck snaps.]

Hunter 2: Fuck you, man. He told you what you wanted. I ain't telling you shit.

Joel: That's alright. I believe him.

Hunter 2: No, wait!

[Joel kills the second guy. Meanwhile, a Ellie's still in her cage.]

James: Wake-y, wake-y. Come on.

Ellie: Let go!

James: Get--

Ellie: Stop!

[She bites David's hand when he draws near, earning a knee in the stomach.
 They lift her onto the slaughtering table.]

David: I warned you.

[He raises his cleaver.]

Ellie: I'm infected! I'm infected!

David: Really?

Ellie: ...and so are you. Right there. Roll up my sleeve. Look at it!

David: I'll play along.

[He sees the old wound and grows quiet.]

Ellie: What'd you say? Everything happens for a reason, right?

James: What the hell is that?

David: She would've turned by now. It can't be real.

James: Looks pretty fucking real to me!

[Ellie quickly takes the cleaver and cuts into James' neck, rolling off the
 table towards the doorway. David fires a few rounds but misses. Ellie grabs a
 switchblade from a nearby cabinet before jumping out into the blizzard.]

Ellie: Okay. Shit. Oh man. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

David: Where you going, Ellie? This is my town!

[Ellie takes shelter in a nearby storage room.]

Ellie: I need a gun. Okay, I can do this.

[She moves to the front of the store.]

Hunter: We heard gunshots!

David: Infected!

Hunter: What?

David: The girl. She's infected and she got out.

Female Hunter: This is bad, David.

David: Alright, I need you to round up everyone who isn't armed and get 'em
       to clear outta here. We're gonna find that girl and we're gonna kill

Female Hunter: Oh my god. I'll take the kids to the shelter.

[David and the woman split up; more hunters are nearby.]

Ellie: Oh fuck.

Hunter: Tired of this shit. He's crossed the line this time.

Hunter 2: I've been saying this for months.

Hunter: We've indulged him enough. This girl killed our men and now she's

Hunter 2: Let's clean this mess up...then we can have a town meeting. Put his
          leadership up to a vote.

Ellie: They're everywhere.

[Ellie eludes the predators and heads deeper into town.]

Hunter: What if she bites someone?

Hunter 2: Relax. She's not biting anybody.

Hunter: I'm saying we could have a real situation here.

Hunter 3: We already have a situation and we're gonna take care of it. Now
          stay focused. Let's find her.

[She infiltrates a restaurant. David is waiting at the far exit.]

David: You're easy to track.

[He wrestles the gun away from her.]

David: How did you do it?

[Ellie escapes when David's attention notices the building catching on fire. He
 taunts Ellie as he hunts her in the restaurant.]

David: That's alright. There's nowhere to go! You want out? You're gonna have
       to come get these keys. I know you're not infected. No one who's
       infected fights this hard to stay alive. So what is it, Ellie? I gotta
       admit, you had me back there. For a second, you shook my faith. But
       only for a second. Oh, hey, Ellie? I'm sorry about your horse. I truly
       am. I hope you take comfort in knowing we won't waste any part of him.

Ellie: Ah, you fuck.

David: You know, I...I wish you hadn't killed James. He's a good kid -- just
       doing his job. In fact, all those people you killed. It's just gonna
       make our group stronger. Fewer mouths to feed. Stronger survivors.
       Ellie! Ellie, come on. I know you're dying to say something to me.

Ellie: Creepy piece of shit.

David: No? Nothin'? Sure about that? Alright then.

[She ambushes him, stabbing him in the neck. His point-blank shots miss by
 some stroke of fate.]

David: That was good, kid. It's gonna be alright.

[He puts his gun away and takes out a machete.]

David: You know, you keep surprising me. It's a shame you wouldn't come around.
       Give up now and I promise to be quick. Promise.

Ellie: Yeah, go fuck yourself.

David: Okay then. Don't say I didn't give you a chance. You know, I love how
       you think that you're better than this. Better than us. But you're not.

Ellie: Ah, you crazy fuck.

David: It didn't have to be this way, you know. You brought this on yourself.
       You did.

[Ellie ambushes him a second time, this time stabbing his stomach.]

David: Run, little rabbit, run.

[Ellie ambushes him a third time. David knocks her unconscious before slumping
 over himself. Meanwhile, Joel approaches Silver Lake's outskirts.]

Hunter: This is pointless. I can't see a thing.

Hunter 2: Just keep searching. If she comes through here, we gotta catch her.

Hunter: We should be guarding the shelter. We got an infected running around
        in the town and we're guarding the damn exit.

Hunter 2: Look. This kid is deadly and we don't know where she's gonna turn
          up. Just keep your eyes and ears open.

[Joel kills the guards and takes refuge inside. He finds Ellie's backpack.]

Joel: What is this? Why is Ellie's stuff here?

[He steps into a meat locker...filled with corpses.]

Joel: Oh, Christ. I gotta find her. I gotta find her.

[He steps onto main street, seeing the burning building.]

Joel: Holy shit. Ellie...

[Meanwhile, Ellie awakens. She reaches for a knife, but David kicks her hard.]

David: I knew you had heart. Y'know, it's okay to give up. Ain't no shame in
       it. I guess not. Just not your style, is it?

[He kicks her again, then crawls on top of her, pinning her down.]

David: You can try beggin'.

Ellie: Fuck you.

David: You think you know me? Huh? Well, let me tell you somethin'. You have
       no idea what I'm capable of.

[She grabs the machete and slashes him, then crawls on him to stab him more.]

Joel: Ellie! Stop. Stop.

Ellie: No! Don't fucking touch me!

Joel: Shhh. Shhh.

Ellie: No--

Joel: It's okay. It's me, it's me. Look, look. It's me.

Ellie: He tried to--

[He embraces her.]

Joel: Oh, baby girl... It's okay, it's okay.

Ellie: Joel...

Joel: It's okay now.

[They say more, but the viewer can't hear the conversation. They leave the
 restaurant, letting the camera linger on the machete, presumably planted in
 David's face.]

10) BUS DEPOT                                                   [SPRING] [GS10]

[Joel's all better by the springtime, and leads Ellie into Salt Lake City via
 an old turnpike. A distracted Ellie looks at a deer emblem on the wall.]

Joel: Ellie! Did you hear me?

Ellie: No. What?

Joel: Look. Hospital. This is where we get off. Let's go, kiddo. Heh. Feel
      that breeze, huh? I tell you, on a day like this, I'd just sit on my
      porch, pick away at my six string. Yeah, once we're done with this whole
      thing, I'm gonna teach you how to play guitar. Yeah, I reckon you'd
      really like that. Whaddya say, huh? Ellie, I'm talkin' to you.

Ellie: Huh? Oh, yeah, sure, that sounds great.

[They continue walking.]

Ellie: I dreamt about flying the other night.

Joel: Oh yeah?

Ellie: Yeah.

Joel: Go on, tell me about it.

Ellie: So, I'm on this big plane full of people. And everyone is screaming and
       yelling 'cause the plane's going down. So I walk to the cockpit, open
       the door, but there's no pilot. I try to use the controls but...I
       obviously have no clue how to fly a plane. And right before we crash, I
       wake up. I've never been on a plane. Isn't that weird?

Joel: Hmpf. Well, you know, dreams are weird.

[They see a warning sign where the off ramp ends.]

Joel: Look at that. Another city, another abandoned quarantine zone. There's
      that hospital the Firefly mentioned. C'mon, kiddo.

[They hop the QZ gate and enter a bus terminal.]

Joel: Maybe we cut through here, huh? Everything all right?

Ellie: Yeah, I'm fine.

Joel: You just kinda seem extra quiet today.

Ellie: Oh, sorry.

Joel: No, it's not...it's fine.

[He finds a ladder on a balcony.]

Joel: Well, we could use that ladder. Here we go.

[Joel gets into boost position, but Ellie is still distracted.]

Joel: Ellie. Ellie.

Ellie: What?

Joel: The ladder, c'mon.

Ellie: Right... Okay... Oh my god. Whoa.

[She drops the ladder and runs off.]

Joel: What is it? Ellie? Ellie!

Ellie: Oh...you gotta see this.

Joel: What is it? I don't see anything. What the hell is--?

Ellie: Are you kidding me? C'mon, hurry up.

[He sees what's got her so wide-eyed: a wild giraffe roaming around.]

Joel: What in the Sam Hill?

Ellie: Whoa. You see this?

[They find another giraffe eating right by a hole in the building.]

Ellie: Shhh...don't scare it.

Joel: I won't...I won't...

[He goes to pet it.]

Ellie: What are you doing?

Joel: It's alright. C'mere, c'mere. Hurry up, c'mon. Go on.

Ellie: Hey there. So fucking cool. Aw, where's it off to? Here, c'mon... Let's
       go. Come on.

Joel: Slow down, kiddo.

Ellie: Hurry up. C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!

[From the roof, they can see the old zoo and a whole heard of giraffes.]

Ellie: Oh man...wow. Look at those things.

Joel: So...this everything you were hoping for?

Ellie: It's got its ups and downs, but...you can't deny the view though.

[They just watch the giraffes a spell before heading on.]

Joel: We don't have to do this. You know that, right?

Ellie: What's the other option?

Joel: Go back to Tommy's. Just...be done with this whole damn thing.

Ellie: After all we've been though. Everything that I've done. It can't be
       for nothing. Look, I know you mean well...but there's no halfway with
       this. Once we're done, we'll go wherever you want. Okay?

Joel: Well, I ain't leavin' without ya, so let's go wrap this up.

[They exit the terminal and into the old quarantine zone processing area.]

Joel: Well, this place takes me back.

Ellie: How so?

Joel: It was right after everything went down. I ended up in a triage just like
      this. Man, everywhere you looked, you just...saw families torn apart. The
      whole damn world seemed to have turned upside-down in a blink.

Ellie: Is that after you lost Sarah?

Joel: Yes, it was...

Ellie: I...can't imagine losing someone you love like that. Losing everything
       that you know. I'm sorry, Joel.

Joel: That's okay, Ellie.

Ellie: Hey, Joel. I got somethin' for you. Here. Maria showed me this to me
       and I, uh...I stole it. I hope you don't mind.

[She gives the picture of him and Sarah that Tommy showed months back.]

Joel: Well, no matter how hard you try, I guess you can't escape your past. 
      Thank you.

[They clear the QZ and enter an abandoned traffic tunnel.]

Ellie: This time it's gonna be different. I just know it.

Joel: What do you mean?

Ellie: They're gonna be there -- the Fireflies, I mean. I'm sure of it.

[They find tons of infected in the tunnel.]

Joel: Oh, shit.

Ellie: Holy shit!

Joel: Stay quiet.

Ellie: Oh my god. There's so many of them.

Joel: I know. Let's just keep it at.

[They find a bloater and more infected ahead.]

Joel: Stay back.

[Joel puts 'em down.]

Joel: We killed 'em...I think we got all of 'em.

Ellie: I think you're right.

Joel: Endure and survive. Alright, you think you can shove that crate down?

Ellie: No sweat. Okay... Look out below!

[They hop over a trailer towards a flooded portion.]

Joel: Watch your step. That water looks pretty deep.

Ellie: Hey, that's what we can do once we're done.

Joel: What's that?

Ellie: You can teach me how to swim.

Joel: You got it.

[Joel swims ahead.]

Joel: I'm on the other side!

Ellie: Cool. Drop that ladder down for me!

Joel: Alright, hold on.

[He positions the ladder.]

Joel: Alright, just stick to the edge. It's shallow over here.

Ellie: Oh, it's freezing!

Joel: And another jammed door. Alright. Gimme your foot.

Ellie: Okay...

Joel: C'mon. Get that door open.

[He boosts her through a gap in the fence, and kills an attacking clicker.]

Joel: You okay?

Ellie: Yeah...it just surprised me. Man, I can't wait for those things to be
       wiped out. Watch your head.

[They can see Saint Mary's Hospital nearby.]

Ellie: Hey, look. There it is.

Joel: Just stay put.

Ellie: I'm not goin' anywhere.

[Joel swims around and climbs in the ductwork to find a pallet.]

Ellie: You made it! Alright, come on, get me across.

Joel: Alright, get on.

Ellie: Okay. Okay, there. I'm on it. Be careful.

Joel: I gotcha.

Ellie: Stand back!

Joel: Oh shit.

[The ladder breaks when Joel gets on.]

Ellie: Wha...what just happened?

Joel: Damn ladder broke off the wall.

Ellie: Now what?

Joel: I'll figure somethin' out.

[Joel uses the broken ladder to span a gap.]

Ellie: Oh, I see...good idea.

[The next flooded tunnel has a fast-moving current.]

Ellie: Oh boy.

Joel: Let me go ahead and you follow my lead.

Ellie: Okay. Right behind you.

[He jumps across a gap.]

Joel: Okay. Come on -- jump.

Ellie: You're gonna catch me?

Joel: I got you. See? You didn't even need me.

Ellie: Let's get the hell off this thing.

[The bus they're walking starts to shake in the current.]

Ellie: Oh shit!

Joel: Ellie -- Ellie, move! Oh shit, I got it!

[They run to the opposite ledge, but it starts breaking under Joel's weight.]

Ellie: Joel?! Here, c'mon!

[The shifting bus knocks Joel inside it.]

Ellie: Joel!

Joel: Son of a bitch! Aw, shit!

[The current pins Joel firm. Ellie jumps back onto the bus. She tries a door.]

Ellie: I made it! I fucking made it! Okay! Open, you piece of shit!

[She opens the door, smacking Joel in the face.]

Ellie: Here we go! C'mon, let's get you-- Oh shit, oh shit. Joel!

Joel: Ellie, gimme your hand! Gimme your hand before...

[The bus churns, sending both underwater. Joel pulls Ellie to safety.]

Joel: C'mon.

[He starts doing CPR.]

Joel: C'mon...c'mon... C'mon...c'mon...

Man: Hands in the air!

Joel: C'mon. She's not breathing.

Man: Hands in the fucking air!

Joel: Come on, Ellie!

[He continues CPR until the man knocks him out with the butt of his rifle.]

11) THE FIREFLY LAB                                             [SPRING] [GS11]

[Joel wakes up in a hospital bed. Marlene sits at his bedside.]

Marlene: Welcome to the Fireflies. Sorry about the... They didn't know who you

Joel: And Ellie?

Marlene: She's alright. They brought her back. You came all this way... How'd
         you do it?

Joel: It was her. She fought like hell to get here. Maybe it was meant to be.]

Marlene: I lost most of my crew crossing the country. I pretty much lost
         everything. And then you show up and somehow we find you just in time
         to save her. Maybe it was meant to be.

Joel: Take me to her.

Marlene: You don't have to worry about her anymore. We'll take care of--

Joel: I worry. Just let me see her, please.

Marlene: You can't. She's being prepped for surgery.

Joel: The hell you mean, surgery?

Marlene: The doctors tell me that the cordyceps, the growth inside her, has
         somehow mutated. It's why she's immune. Once they remove it, they'll
         be able to reverse-engineer a vaccine. A vaccine.

Joel: But it grows all over the brain.

Marlene: It does.

Joel: Find someone else.

Marlene: There is no one else.

Joel: Listen, you are gonna show me where--

[Her attendant knocks him down.]

Marlene: Stop. I get it. But whatever it is you think you're going through
         right now, it is nothing compared to what I have been through. I knew
         her since she was born. I promised her mother I would look after her.

Joel: Then why are you letting this happen?

Marlene: Because this isn't about me. Or even her. There is no other choice

Joel: Yeah...you keep telling yourself that bullshit.

Marlene: March him outta here. He tries anything, shoot him. Don't waste this
         gift, Joel.

[She leaves.]

Firefly: Get up. I said get up. Go on. Move. I said move. Gimme an excuse.

Joel: Which way?

[He sees his backpack sitting on a counter.]

Firefly: What the fuck you doin'? Keep walking. I said keep walking.

[He overpowers the guard and takes his gun.]

Joel: Where is the operating room? I ain't got time for this.

[He shoots him.]

Joel: Where?

[Joel shoots him a third time.]

Joel: Where?

Firefly: Top floor. The far end.

[He puts the last bullet in his head.]

Voice: Gunshots! Search the floor!

Joel: Oh shit.

[Joel hides as guards come.]

Firefly: Oh shit. He killed Ethan.

Firefly 2: What?

Firefly: Ethan's dead.

Firefly 2: We got a man down. The smuggler's escaped.

Radio: Locate the target and eliminate him. We'll search the other floors.

Firefly 2: Yes, sir. Search the floor. Find that smuggler and shoot him on

[Joel kills the Fireflies in his way and hides when he hears reinforcements.]

Firefly: Down this way. Stay alert! Oh dear god. It's a fucking massacre over
         here. Search every inch of this floor. Find this guy now!

Firefly: What's going on down there? Did you hear what I-- Oh shit! He's over

[Joel makes it to a stairwell and locks it with a chair.]

Joel: Oh shit. There.

[From 6F, Joel can see the surgery wing's lights active.]

Joel: Yeah, that's it. I'm comin', Ellie.

Firefly: They're not responding. Take up positions. No matter what, he doesn't
         get through here. Go!

Firefly 2: Who the hell is this guy?

Firefly 3: He brought the kid all the way from Pittsburgh, that's all I know.
           Marlene insisted on questioning him herself.

[Joel kills another group of Fireflies, then barricades a door.]

Joel: There. C'mon... That should buy me some time.

[He makes it to the surgery prep room. Ellie is konked out on the able.]

Joel: Sweet Jesus.

Nurse: Doctor?

Doctor: What're you doing here? I won't let you take her. This is our future.
        Think of all the lives we'll save. Don't come any closer. I mean it.

[Joel kills the doctor.]

Nurse: No! You fucking animal!

Doctor 2: Kari, shut the hell up!

Nurse: Please. I don't wanna die. Oh god...oh god...

[Joel disconnects the tubes, lifts Ellie and starts making his escape.]

Joel: Come on, baby girl. I gotcha... Oh shit. Get back!

Firefly: He's carrying her towards pediatrics!

Firefly 2: Come on, man. We just want the girl. Get up here. Now!

Joel: Shit.

Firefly 3: He's over here!

Joel: I'm getting you outta here, girl. I got you. I got you.

Firefly 4: Cover the exits!

Joel: Come on. Goddamnit, which way?

Firefly 5: You got nowhere to go.

Firefly 6: Go around to the other side!

Joel: We're okay, we're okay, we're okay...

Firefly 7: This is your last chance. Drop her now!

Firefly 8: I got him in my sights.

Joel: I said get back!

[He makes it to the elevator safely.]

Joel: C'mon, c'mon.

Firefly 9: Hey! Stop!

[The lift starts moving.]

Joel: Oh god.

[He gets out at the lower parking garage. He presses the elevator stop button.]

Joel: Okay. Come on, come on.

[Marlene is there and points a gun at Joel.]

Marlene: You can't save her. Even if you get her out of here, then what? How
         long before she's torn to pieces by a pack of clickers? That is if she
         hasn't been raped and murdered first.

Joel: That ain't for you to decide.

Marlene: It's what she'd want. And you know it. Look...

[She starts lowering her gun.]

Marlene: You can still do the right thing here. She won't feel anything.

[The scene fast-forwards. Joel is driving out of town as Ellie wakes up.]

Ellie: What the hell am I wearing?

Joel: Just take it easy...drugs are still wearing off.

Ellie: What happened?

Joel: We found the Fireflies. Turns out there's a whole lot more like you,
      Ellie. People that are immune. It's dozens actually. Ain't done a damn
      bit of good either. They've actually st-- They've stopped looking for a
      cure. I'm taking us home. I'm sorry.

[Flashback to the parking garage. As Marlene lowers her gun, Joel shoots her.
 He quickly piles Ellie into the nearby pickup.]

Marlene: Wait! Let me go. Please.

Joel: You'd just come after her.

[The flashback ends as he shoots her in the head.]

12) JACKSON                                                   [EPILOGUE] [GS12]

[Outside of Jackson, the car breaks down. Ellie look at her bite mark as Joel
 checks the engine.]

Joel: Well, looks like we're walking. Should be a straight shot through here.

Ellie: Alright.

Joel: Actually kinda pretty, ain't it?

Ellie: Yeah.

Joel: Alright. Now watch your head going through.

Ellie: Here...got it.

[They go through a barb wire fence.]

Joel: Oh... Feelin' my age now. Hmpf. Don't think I ever told you, but Sarah
      and I used to take hikes like this. I think, ah...I think the two of you
      would've been good friends. Think you really would've liked her. I know
      she woulda liked you.

Ellie: I bet I would've.

[They climb to find a vista of Jackson in all its springtime glory.]

Joel: Wow. Look down there. Just a little bit further now. Shit. Here, I got
      you. Gimme your hand.

[He helps her up the ledge.]

Joel: Alright, come on.

Ellie: Hey, wait. Back in Boston -- back when I was bitten -- I wasn't alone.
       My best friend was there. And she got bit too. We didn't know what to
       do. So...she says "Let's just wait it out. Y'know, we can be all poetic
       and just lose our minds together." I'm still waiting for my turn.

Joel: Ellie--

Ellie: Her name was Riley and she was the first to die. And then it was Tess.
       And then Sam.

Joel: None of that is on you.

Ellie: No, you don't understand.

Joel: I struggled for a long time with survivin'. And you-- No matter what,
      you keep finding something to fight for. Now, I know that's not what you
      want to hear right now, but it's--

Ellie: Swear to me. Swear to me that everything you said about the Fireflies
       is true.

[There's a short pause.]

Joel: I swear.

Ellie: Okay.

[The credits roll. The end!]

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