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Collectible Guide by Kairi

Version: 1.06 | Updated: 07/18/13

                  The Last of Us Collectibles Location Guide
                                  By: Kairi
                               Copyright: Kairi
Table of Contents

Version History						[VH]
0. Introduction						[000]
I. Disclaimer						[001]
II. Chapters						[002]
	Video Guides					[C01]
	The Quarantine Zone				[C02]
	The Outskirts					[C03]
	Bill's Town					[C04]
	Pittsburgh					[C05]
	The Suburbs					[C06]	
	Tommy's Dam					[C07]
	The University					[C08]
	Lakeside Resort					[C09]
	Bus Depot					[C10]
	The Firefly Lab					[C11]
	Jackson						[C12]
III. Ellie's Jokes					[003]	 
IV. Special Thanks					[004]
V. Contact						[005]

Version History								 [VH]

July 30th, 2014 [VERSION 1.06]
-Fixed location description for Abandoned Zone Note in Pittsburgh.  Switched
order of collectibles in Bill's Town, to reflect order of discovery.

July 17th, 2013 [VERSION 1.05]
-I keep getting messages about Conversations that don't count towards the
Optional Conversations Trophy, particularly the one in the Financial District
(even though it's added in the video guide!).  So I added it so people can 
stop messaging me about it. All the conversations to unlock the Trophy are
already covered.  

June 23rd, 2013 [VERSION 1.04]
-Fixed a small error in the Table of Contents.  Added additional info for 
artifact completion (Lakeside Resort).

June 22nd, 2013 [VERSION 1.03]

-Corrected some conversations in Tommy's Dam, and The University.  Added
additional info to conversation in The Suburbs.

June 21st, 2013 [VERSION 1.02]

-Corrected placement of collectibles in the Museum to reflect order.  

June 20th, 2013 [VERSION 1.01]

- Fixed small error in Table of Contents.  Added Ellie's Jokes.  Added more
information on Training Manual titles & collectible completion requirements.

June 18th, 2013 [VERSION 1.00]

- Guide is created and submitted on GAMEFAQS

0. Introduction								[000]

Hello and welcome to my collectibles guide for The Last of Us.  This guide
will cover all the locations of all the Artifacts, Firefly Pendants, Comics,
Training Manuals, as well as the Optional Conversations, Shiv Doors, and
Tools.  I have to give a warning that there may contain possible spoilers
in this FAQ, so it's best to go after these collectibles in the New Game+,
unless you don't care about spoilers.  

You can select specific Chapters of the game by going to the Chapter Menu in
the Main Menu of the game.  Once selected, the game will list how many 
Artifacts, Firefly Pendants, and Comics you have collected for that 

Unfortunately, there is no way of keeping track of which Optional 
Conversations, Shiv Doors, or Tools you have collected for a specific 
Chapter.  You can find out how many of them you have collected in
the Statistics Menu, but that won't give you much to go on.  Training
Manuals can be found and examined in your backpack (press 'Select' Button).

The game has an auto-save feature, but make sure to save manually from time
to time, because the game has a possibility of not auto-saving some
collectibles if you quit out the game before it has a chance to.  

You do not need to complete the entire Chapter in order for the collectible
or completion percentage to be saved.  Just make sure to save your progress
before exiting out of the game.  For the Optional Conversations, you'll need
to make sure to check your Stats menu from the pause screen to see if the 
number of your Conversations has increased accordingly.

I. Disclaimer								[001]

This guide is written by Kairi @ GFAQs. This may be not be reproduced under 
any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on 
any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written 
permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any 
public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

II. Chapters								[002]

The Chapters are separated by sections.  Collectibles are listed in the order
in which they are found.  Each Chapter will include a link to a video guide
to help assist in locating the collectibles.  Chapter 1: Hometown has no

Also, I've shortened and tagged the type of collectible for easier 
identification and cleanliness.  Here are the corresponding tags:

[CONV] = Optional Conversations
[ART] = Artifacts
[FF] = Firefly Pendants
[COMIC] = Comics
[MAN] = Training Manuals
[SHIV] = Shiv Doors
[TOOL] = Tools

	Video Guides							[C01]

Here is a quick reference to all the video guides, with all collectibles
in the order that they are found.  I still get a few people contacting me
on where this or that particular collectible is, and they keep forgetting
that I have provided videos to help locate them.  

CHAPTER 2: The Quarantine Zone - http://youtu.be/cPW4xqVxR3U
CHAPTER 3: The Outskirts - - - - http://youtu.be/KSTWIXz_7A4
CHAPTER 4: Bill's Town - - - - - http://youtu.be/Tw40c2gN7mI
CHAPTER 5: Pittsburgh - - - - -  http://youtu.be/GuLaVRaODu0
CHAPTER 6: The Suburbs	- - - -  http://youtu.be/257baoIHPTQ
CHAPTER 7: Tommy's Dam - - - - - http://youtu.be/TWeCXcvqRS4
CHAPTER 8: The University - - -  http://youtu.be/HZ9inU0tdG8
CHAPTER 9: Lakeside Resort - - - http://youtu.be/zBQ-9xu1koY
CHAPTER 10: Bus Depot - - - - -  http://youtu.be/AGUxsoYQhFU
CHAPTER 11: The Firefly Lab - -  http://youtu.be/IMOYoZgrkbU
CHAPTER 12: Jackson - - - - - -  http://youtu.be/dPB-mnTYBfc

All Ellie's Jokes - - - - - - -  http://youtu.be/ojQz_EjJzUs

	Chapter 2: The Quarantine Zone					[C02]

CHAPTER 2 VIDEO GUIDE: http://youtu.be/cPW4xqVxR3U

[CONV] - Follow Tess out towards the street, and when you get to a 
clearing, a large armored vehicle will approach and stop.  Look to the right
by the newspaper stands for a couple to speak to.

[ART] Boston Q.Z. Map - You get this once Joel picks up his backpack.

[ART] Military Phamphlet - You get this once Joel picks up his 

[CONV] - When you emerge into a Pizza Shop from the underground tunnels, 
Tess will stop at the entrance and give you an opportunity to converse.

[FF] - Once you emerge from the Quarantine Zone, you'll have to find a 
ladder to enter a house on the 2nd floor.  Before heading down the stairs
with Tess, explore the bedroom to find a firefly pendant on a table.

[ART] Note to Brother - After encountering the Runners, go up stairs and 
there is an office to the left. On the right side is a table with the note.

[FF] - Following Tess through some alleyways, you'll go under a broken
railing into the next clearing.  There is a tree here that has a pendant
you'll need to knock down with a bullet, bottle, or brick.

[ART] Drafting Notice - Walking through the Slums, you'll come aboard a bus.
Before going through the gate, look to your left near some tables to find
the notice.

[ART] Wanted Poster - A few feet in front of the Drafting Notice, on a wall
is another artifact.

[ART] Warehouse Key - You get this artifact automatically from an enemy.

[ART] Shipping Manifest - When you get to the Shipping Yard where Robert
is, head right next to a dumpster wit a No Fishing sign.  

[ART] Docks Note - Up ahead of the last artifact, behind a dumpster is the
Docks Note.  Just stay to the right and you should find it on the ground.
You'll probably have to deal with some of Robert's thugs.

[FF] - When Joel and Ellie head off for the first time, you'll find 3 dead
bodies in the streets.  The one closest to the newspaper stands has a 
pendant near him.

	Chapter 3: The Outskirts					[C03]

CHAPTER 3 VIDEO GUIDE: http://youtu.be/KSTWIXz_7A4

[CONV] - At the very beginning, talk to Tess at the window.

[ART] Tess' List - After Tess comes back from checking the guns, once you 
get control of Joel, turn around and on an end table with a lantern will be
the artifact.

[ART] Patrol Routes Map - After starting the generator to ride the lift 
down, Tess will tell Ellie to stay close.  In this room you emerge into, on
the far right brickwall will be the artifact next to a pallet.

[ART] Evacuation Leaflet - You will reach downtown, with some giant 
buildings.  Look on the ground once you reach the intersection, next to a
pole for the leaflet.

[FF] - Before entering the Boylstone Building, go all the way to the end
past the buildings sign to an overlook of the area you crossed previously.
A firefly pendant can be found to the left on a tree.

[CONV] - Once inside the Boylstone Building, talk about the dead soldier
in the hallway.

[ART] Field Ops Log - Artifact is next to the dead body in the Goldstone 
building, after the first flight of stairs before level 5.

[SHIV] - After being attacked by the Clicker and saved by Tess, Tess will 
tell you to look for supplies.  Go left of the room Tess and Ellie are in,
and ahead will be a door that you can open with a shiv.  Secret Cache Tag.

[ART] Firefly Map - Aftering finding a dead Firefly member and getting the
Molotovs, walk up ahead and up some nearby stairs is another dead Firefly
agent.  Near him on the floor is the artifact.

[ART] Note to Derek - When you reach the Orange Line, and have to traverse
an area filled with Clickers, head left into Minute Pick store.  Behind 
the counter in a drawer is the artifact.

[ART] Medical Pamphlet - After moving a big desk to climb over a semi-truck,
turn around and go search inside.  The artifact is lying on the ground, 
next to a melee weapon.

[FF] - Inside the old museum, when you ascend to the next floor by walking
on part of the the caved-in flooring, stay on the left and climb up on the
wall/ledge.  Hug the wall and shimmy over to the other end where you can 
find the pedant on a broken display case.

[SHIV] - Once Joel gets separated from Tess and Ellie, he'll have to crawl
through the rubble and meet up with some Clickers.  Head left and look
for a door that requires a shiv.

[CONV] - After Ellie is mobbed by a group of Infected in the Museum, save
her and proceed to the window.  Tess and Ellie will wait for you here, with
conversations for Tess first, and then Ellie second (after you've spoken 
with Tess)

[CONV] - After Ellie is mobbed by a group of Infected in the Museum, save
her and proceed to the window.  Tess and Ellie will wait for you here, with
conversations for Tess first, and then Ellie second (after you've spoken 
with Tess)

[ART] Firefly Orders - After using a plank to cross the rooftops, you'll 
come down the other side, and proceed down two sets of stairs.  Once you
reach ground floor, turn and look at the side of the stairs you just came
down.  Next to the body is the artifact.

[FF] - Going through the flooded street with the green murky water, before
entering the Capitol Building, climb up the gazebo directly across from it.

[ART] Smuggler's Note - When swimming in the underground subway tunnel, 
you'll separate with Ellie for a bit.  When you rejoin her on a platform,
there should be a dead body nearby with an artifact next to it.

[FF] - When you rejoin with Ellie after swimming in the underground subway
tunnel, you'll find a dead body with an artifact nearby.  Beyond the 
artifact, is an area you can access by diving underneath the rubble, and
swimming to an underwater room.  On one of the shelves is a pendant.

	Chapter 4: Bill's Town						[C04]

CHAPTER 4 VIDEO GUIDE: http://youtu.be/Tw40c2gN7mI

[ART] Pills Note - When you get to an area that has two Clickers, enter the
building in the area and inside you'll find some desks.  On the floor in 
between the two desks is the artifact.

[SHIV] - Before going beyond the fence to the main street, look on the left
side for a building that has a door to use a shiv on.

[CONV] - Once you get on the main road to look for Joel's friend Billie, 
across the street is Anthony's Pizzas and Subs.  Go inside this restaurant,
and Ellie will remark about the arcade machine, The Turning.  

[FF] - Right in front of Mary's Famous Jazz Club is a mobile home which has
rammed a sheriff's car.  Climb the car to get to the roof of the mobile home
which has the pendant.

[ART] Perimeter Note - Inside the Marquis Music Store, you'll find an 
artifact in the back room next to a printer.

[ART] Note to Bob - Past the Marquis Music Store is a blockade.  On some 
barbed wire is an artifact.

[SHIV] - In the back alley of the Marquis Music Store, you'll run into 
Bill's wire traps.  In this back way, there is a door that can be opened
with a shiv.

[ART] Note to Rachel - After avoiding another one of Bill's tripwire traps,
you'll hear banging from a door down the way.  Open that door and go up the
stairs to explore.  In the kitchen area, on a wall will be the name Rachel.
The arrow pointing downward from it is the artifact.

[ART] Bill's Map - Once you meet up with Bill, he'll tell you to grab 
anything you need to resupply.  Turn around to grab his map to get another

[MAN] Shivs Upgrade #1 (Sharpening) - Once you meet up with Bill, he'll 
tell you to grab anything you need to resupply.  On the bar, right near 
him, is the first training manual.

[ART] Fences Note - Once you meet up with Bill, he'll tell you to grab 
anything you need to resupply. Turn around and go into his backroom.  
On a small table is the artifact.

[CONV] - Once you meet up with Bill, he'll tell you to grab anything you need
to resupply. Walk up ahead a few feet and look to your left towards the 
booths.  On one of the tables is a chess board.  

[ART] Hunters Note - When Bill leads you out of the bar area, you'll go up a
flight of stairs.  Once you reach the top, turn around and go into the back
room to find an artifact on a round table.

[FF] - After Bill leads you out his bar, you'll head towards his other
hideout, the Graveyard.  Right before that, you'll be attacked by Infected
including Clickers.  After the battle, search the far end of the street
to find Hardtail Hank's estabishment.  On the electric pole near, is the
hanging pendant.

[TOOL] - After Bill gives you the shotgun, he'll tell you he as something to
show you.  Follow him, and then make a left.  There will be a metal shelf 
with a toolbox here, with the Tools.

[ART] Bombs Note - When Bill leads you up to the Church area, go into the 
room on the right.  That's Bill's bedroom he'll say.  On a table is the 

[FF] - You will reach a fork in your path in which one way has two 
infected, and the other has one.  They are both facing away from you.
In this area is a house that is surrounded by a wooden fence all around.
Explore inside this house -- one of the small rooms on the first floor has 
a washing machine and dryer which lies a Pendant on top of it.

[ART] Boy's Diary - You'll reach a house that has a treehouse and a swimming
pool in the backyard.  Go upstairs to the 2nd floor into the boy's room to
find an artifact.

[CONV] - In the boy's room where you found the artifact (Boy's Diary), Ellie
will prompt you for a conversation.

[ART] Note from Frank - Once you reach Frank's house, search the far end of
the house for a room.  Inside that room is an artifact on a table.

[CONV] - Once you reach Frank's house, you can speak to Ellie when she's in
the driver's seat.

[CONV] - After speaking you find the Note from Frank artifact, you can speak
to Billie for a conversation.Ellie, you can speak with Billie in front of
the car.

[ART] Note from Frank - Pick up the note again when Bill crumples it up.

[ART] Siphon Hose - You get this automatically when Bill gives it to you.

	Chapter 5: Pittsburgh						[C05]

CHAPTER 5 VIDEO GUIDE: http://youtu.be/GuLaVRaODu0

[COMIC] - You get this automatically during the cutscene.

[CONV] - After crashing the truck, proceed to the next area by lifting the 
heavy metal grate.  After viewing the "gnarly stuff" in there, Ellie will 
pause allowing you to engage in conversation.

[ART] Tourist Manifest - In the same room where you engage with Ellie in 
conversation, you can find an artifact on a toppled movable shelf storage 

[TOOL] - In the same room where you engage with Ellie in conversation, you 
can find a toolbox on a metal shelf next to the metal shutter door.

[MAN] Health Kit Upgrade #1 (Splinting) - Up the stairs where the 
"enemies sleep" or "slept", as Ellie will mention, is a metal shelf where
a training manual lies.  It's on the bottom shelf.

[ART] Ambush Map - Beyond the area where the "enemies" slept, is another room
that has a workbench you can use to upgrade your weapons.  Before leaving 
this room, check the wall beside the door to find this artifact.

[COMIC] - When you begin to make your way to the yellow bridge, you'll jump
down to an area/road that has a large bus in your path.  On that bus is the
comic.  If 3 enemies appear, you've gone too far.

[CONV] - After going around the bus where you found the comic, stick the 
right and look down at the corpses.  Ellie will have something to say.

[CONV] - After climbing onto of the bus to get to the empty checkpoints, 
Ellie will read some writing on the concrete wall about rations.

[ART] Lost Hill Note - After climbing onto of the bus to get to the empty
checkpoints, look into the far right checkpoint booth for an artifact.

[ART] Traitors Flyer - After taking out the 3 enemies in the tented area, 
look for a flyer pinned on a wall inside the tent.

[FF] - After the checkpoint area, you will see a giant building, the 
Kingston Bookstore.  Before heading inside, check the furthest alleyway for 
a pendant hiding behind a toppled bookshelf.

[ART] Applicant Checklist - Enter the Kingston Bookstore, and to the right 
of the opening is a staircase that leads up to the second floor.  Stay on 
the ground floor, and look underneath the staircase for the artifact.  
The Abandoned Zone Note can be found on the ground floor in the room North
of that staircase.

[ART] Abandoned Zone Note - From the last artifact (Applicant Checklist),
proceed deeper into the bookstore into the enclosed area up ahead.  On the 
desk is the artifact.

[SHIV] - On the 2nd floor of Kingstons Bookstore, is Rivers Cafe.  To the 
right of this restaurant is a door that can be opened with a shiv. 

[ART] Lost Areas Map - On the 2nd floor of Kingstons Bookstore, is Rivers 
Cafe.  To the right of this restaurant is a door that can be opened with 
a shiv.  Inside is an artifact.

[SHIV] [ART] Mother's Letter - After leaving the Kingston Bookstore, you'll
come to a main road again and a cutscene will happen.  You'll have full view
of the bridge you need to get to.  Before you go further, turn to the 
building on your right, and locate the Regal Apartments.  It should have a
purple raincover entry. Inside this shiv door is also an artifact: 
Mother's Letter

[CONV] - After using the shiv on the Regal Apts, head back the opposite 
direction away from the bridge.  Ellie will comment on the girl on the 

[ART] Stash Note - When Joel goes swimming to grab a pallet for Ellie to use,
look to the left buildings.  The River Cafe is on this side, and you can 
enter it through the back of a truck that has one back-side door open.  
Head to the 2nd floor of this building to find a note on a small shelf.

[CONV] - Once inside the Hotel Grand, head to the left to find a bar.  
Joel can converse with himself once you face the coffee maker.

[ART] Note to Staff - Inside the Hotel Grand, after you use the ladder to 
climb up a floor, head to the other side of building by making your way 
across the middle set of stairs and debris, and you can find an artifact 
in an opened suitcase.

[MAN] Shiv Upgrade #2 (Blade Reinforcement) - After finding the previous
artifact on the 2nd floor which has the combination, you can go back to 
the first floor lobby and open the safe behind the counter, which has a
training manual.

[CONV] - Once you are on a rooftop area, Joel will duck and crouch when he
overhears some Hunters.  After you have cleared this area, move on ahead and
proceed until you go up a floor.  Inside a bathroom is a bathtub with dead
bodies.  Ellie will comment on them.

[ART] Hotel KeyCard - After Joel gets separated from Ellie, he'll go 
underground and reach and area where he has to use his gas mask.  Some rats
will flood out.  Search the upper floor of this area for a security room,
which has a Hotel Keycard.

[COMIC] - Once you reunite with Ellie, climb the ladder.  Before dropping 
down a floor, look to the left, and you can see there is a bar area.  Hug 
the wall and shimmy over and on a table with surrounding chairs, is the 

[FF] - After dropping down a floor, you'll find some bathrooms on the left 
side wall.  Head inside the Women's room, and in the far stall there is a 
pendant on the ground.

[MAN] Melee Weapon Upgrade #2 (Knots) - After dropping down a floor, 
you'll find some bathrooms on the left side wall. Keep going past these,
and on some tables in front of you will be a training manual.

[CONV] - When you enter a big room with a piano on stage, there is a camera
and oceanic backdrop in the corner of this room.  Go there, and Ellie will
have 3 conversation options, one right after another.

[CONV] - After Joel gives Ellie her own gun, examine the hung hunter by 
the tree.

[ART] Fireflies Note - Joel will give Ellie a rifle to watch his back.  
After eliminating the enemies, there go into the Don Fiocchi Subs shop on
the right.  In the back room are 3 corpses, with an artifact.

[ART] Final Attack Note - Once you get into a building, there will be two 
Hunters coming your way.  After taking them out, look into one of the areas
with a lot of desks.  At the far end, is a desk that has an artifact on the
floor by it's chair.

[ART] Mob Attack Note - You'll reach and area where there a couple of 
Hunters talking to each other on the 2nd floor of a walled out building.
There should be some big lettering, "Schmidt Surplus Outfitter" next to them.
Go where they are, and in one of the backrooms there is an artifact behind
the desk.

[ART] Truck Note - Inside the HS&L Credit Union, on a counter will be the 

[SHIV] - Inside the HS&L Credit Union is a Shiv door.

[CONV] - Outside the HS&L Credit Union there is graffiti that says 
"Death for Freedom" right next to the fire escape taking you to the 
next area of the game. Ellie will stand next to the three dead soldiers 
and her and Joel share some words. 

[CONV] - You'll have to climb up a building railing and hop onto a van to get
past a concrete wall.  On the other side, look on your right - there will be
a Military Prep School gate.  Ellie will have something to say.'

[CONV] - Just a ways further from the Military school is a big billboard
with an advertisement for a Wolf movie.  Ellie will have something to say
about it.

[MAN] Molotov Upgrade #1 (1.5x radius) - After Joel and Ellie get through
a window to escape the military gun equipped vehicle, they'll meet up with
Henry and Sam.  After the cutscene, search the kitchen in this apartment 
for a manual.

[SHIV] - While heading down the stairs after meeting the Henry and Sam, there
will be a shiv door down one of the floors.  Inside is also a comic.

[COMIC] - While heading down the stairs after meeting the Henry and Sam, 
there will be a shiv door down one of the floors.  Inside is also a comic.

[FF] - Before heading into Suite 3000 safehouse, go explore the left side 
area to find a bathroom.  On top of a toilet tank is a pendant.

[ART] Trial Note - Once inside Suite 3000, go into the 302 Conference room.
In the corner is an artifact.

	Chapter 6: The Suburbs						[C06]

CHAPTER 6 VIDEO GUIDE: http://youtu.be/257baoIHPTQ

[FF] - Explore the beached ship at the start.  You can crouch through the 
hole on the side of the ship to find a pendant in the nets.

[COMIC] - When you find yourself on the beach, search the nearby ship's cabin
for a comic book and ship note.

[ART] Ship Note - When you find yourself on the beach, search the nearby 
ship's cabin for a comic book and ship note

[FF] - After entering the sewers, look on the right side for some water
draining into the current area.  You can climb up and into this waterway, 
and find a pendant in the next area.

[ART] Sewer Note - While in the sewers, Joel and Ellie will split from Henry
and Sam, taking the right path at a fork.  There is a fenced area that is 
blocked, which Ellie can go through the nearby small gate.  An artifact is 
on a table in this area.

[FF] - When Joel has a chance to swim and dive in a watered area, dive down
the area where the light is shining through the broken roof above.  Next
to a sunken car, is a pendant.

[ART] Trading Note - When Joel is in the sewer area to get knock the pallet
into the water, there is a door nearby that has two Clickers inside.  In this
room is an artifact.

[TOOL] - After Ellie starts the generator so the group can get to the other 
side, hug the left wall to find an equipment storage room.  Inside is the 

[MAN] Nail Bomb Upgrade #1 (Proximity 1.5x radius) - After triggering the
sound alarm, make your way forward.  You can pick up the Shorty gun, then
proceed further to another shelf which has the manual.

[ART] Rain Catcher Note - After being ambushed by the Infected, head right 
into the makeshift laundry room.  There is an artifact on a table.

[ART] Cornered Note - Make your way past the laundry room, and pay attention
to the left wall.  There should be a door you can open to go in and find
some corpses, with an artifact.

[ART] Kid's Drawing - When Joel and Sam make their own way through the 
sewers, they'll come to a makeshift classroom.  On a bookshelf in this room 
is an artifact.

[ART] Looting Note - Once Joel and Ellie get outside and reach the Waverly
Township, enter the first house that you are able to on the right.  Head 
upstairs into one of the rooms which has an artifact.

[CONV] - At the curve in the road, there is a house caved-in revealing a 
kitchen.  Go inside for a conversation from Henry.

[CONV] - Opposite of the kitchen conversation about BBQs, go in the opposite
direction to the house at the end that has "Will Shoot On Sight" written
on it.  Henry has something to say.

[CONV] - Ice Cream truck conversation with Ellie, hard to miss.

[MAN] Melee Weapon Upgrade #2  - see below

[ART] Father's Note - When you are at the Ice Cream Truck, head into the 
house on the left that has a fence.  Go up the stairs, and inside one of the
bedroom's is an artifact.  Then, proceed to the small hallway, still on the
2nd floor, and interact with the ladder that leads the the roof crawlspace.
Have Ellie boosted up there, and she'll get Joel another manual.

[ART] Survivor's Note - See below

[ART] Matchbook - See below

[COMIC] - Head inside the next house, to the right of the fenced house where
you found the manual (when facing it from the street).  On the 2nd floor is
a bedroom, and on the desk in that room is an artifact just below a poster of
'The Bash'.  Also in that room is an adjoining bathroom which has a comic. 
On the 3rd floor is a Matchbook artifact. 

[CONV] - Go inside the house at the dead end, and go up the stairs.  Once
you come back down, Ellie and Sam will start playing darts.  You'll need
to let them finish, and then throw a dart yourself when the prompt comes 
up, for the conversation to count.  

[FF] - Towards the end of the street where it ends at a deadend, search the
backyard of the house there to find some small child-houses.  In the tree
above is the pendant in the tree.

	Chapter 7: Tommy's Dam						[C07]

CHAPTER 7 VIDEO GUIDE: http://youtu.be/TWeCXcvqRS4

[COMIC] - When you head down the riverbed, before going reaching the bridge,
climb the rocks on the right to find a comic.

[SHIV] - Once you reach the hydroelectric power plant, you can use a shiv on
the door near the running water.

[CONV] - Once you cross the running water on the hydroelectric plant, instead
of going right, head left down the bank the direction of the running water.
Hop over a log to find a grave with a teddy bear to initiate a conversation.

[ART] Power Plant Map - Crouch to get under a fallen log, and then past the
bulldozer on the left, you can find a brick outpost up ahead.  Inside is an

[CONV] - Enter the power plant, Ellie will spot a pair of horses.  You'll 
have a chance to enter into conversation after she talks about having riden 

[CONV] - After Tommy tries to give you a picture, follow him outside on a 
metal catwalk.  On this catwalk, head right instead and you will see a 
woman on patrol with a rifle.  Forget about Tommy, and take the chance
to converse with her.

[MAN] Smoke Bomb Upgrade #2 - After you have a chance to pet the dog Buckley,
you'll enter the main turbine room where Tommy will introduce two geniuses.
On the console behind as them is a manual.

[FF] - When following Tommy to check on the Turbines, instead of following
him through the control room and onto the walkway on the right, head left.
There will be stairs leading down a floor.  Go down and enter a small room
in front of the stairs.  Inside a cabinet is the pendant.

[ART] Plant Schematics - When the power plant is under attack, fight your way
through and back where the two geniuses were, you can find an artifact to 
pick up.

[FF] - Enter the Golden Pines Corral, and enter the house to look for 
Ellie.  In the back rooms on a desk is the pendant.

[COMIC] - In the house searching for Ellie, head up the stairs and go into 
the first room on the left.  There is a comic here by a window near some 
board games.

	Chapter 8: The University					[C08]

CHAPTER 8 VIDEO GUIDE: http://youtu.be/HZ9inU0tdG8

[COMIC] - Before entering the Unversity grounds, turn the horse around and
go back the direction you arrived from.  At the end on the hood of a car is
the comic.

[ART] Sniper's Nest Log - Just beyond the main gate you can find an area on
the right where you can find a flamethrower.  You can go up the stairs to
the top level to find a sniper nest with a log.

[CONV] - Pass the main gate, jump over a concrete barrier and immediately 
look at the large building on the left.  Up high you can activate a 
conversation with Ellie about football.

[FF] - Before heading inside the caved-in buildings, look to the opposite
direction of the Science building and search for a tree which has a pendant.

[ART] Wall Panel Note - When you reach the university campus, head towards 
the Science Building.  You will see a building with a caved-in wall.  Head 
through here, through the gates where you will separate with Ellie.  Next to
the wall panel that powers another gate blocking your path, is an artifact.

[FF] - After opening the first gate with the generator, ride Callus out and
before jumping over into the main courtyard, explore the right side for a 
dumpster you can climb up into the side building. 

[MAN] Health Kit Upgrade #2 (33% stronger) - Once you jump over the barrier
and encounter monkeys, head to the right, and look for a way to climb up the
roof and enter the open window.

[CONV] - Continue riding with Ellie until you get a point where some monkeys
run past.  Keep going beyond the next building structure, and then pay 
attention to the wall of the building in front of you.  There should be a
fireflly symbol spray painted on there, which will engage a conversation.

[ART] UEC Campus Map - You'll come to another gate that needs a generator to
work.  Head into the adjoining building by crouching under some furniture and
find the artifact on the desk.

[ART] Student's Journal - Head up the 2nd floor of the dormitory into Room 
202.  Inside a drawer is the artifact.

[FF] - Joel reaches the spore infested area of the dorms, kill the Bloater
there to reveal a firefly pendant.

[ART] Newspaper Clipping - After going around the bloater in the dorm, you'll
had back up to the 2nd floor and take off the gas mask.  Go right into room 
209 to find the artifact.

[FF] - Once you have reached the Science Building perimeter, you'll see a 
few tents pitched up.  Go inside one of the tents located in the corner 
of this area to find a pendant.

[SHIV] - See below

[TOOL] - See below

[MAN] Molotov Upgrade #2 (2x radius) - Once inside the Science Building,
head all the way down the hall to the end, where you can find Room 104,
Lecture Room on the right.  This is a Shiv Door, where you can find a 
manual and tools kit inside.

[CONV] - Before using the stairs to head up to the next floor, examine
the luggage for Joel to review the medical clipboard and chat with Ellie.

[ART] Office Recorder - Go up to level 3 of the Science Building, and head to
the left rooms.  Room 101 Storage room has an artifact in front of a picture
of a woman with her dog. 

[ART] Fungal X-Rays - Proceed through an area on the 3rd floor that is 
tented, you'll come to a room where you can find an artifact on a counter.

[ART] Lab Recorder - In the area with the monkeys, search this room for a
table that has the recorder on the edge.

[FF] - In the area with the monkeys, search this room on the far wall on a 
shelf for the pendant.

[ART] Firefly Recorder - You get this one automatically.

	Chapter 9: Lakeside Resort					[C09]

CHAPTER 9 VIDEO GUIDE: http://youtu.be/zBQ-9xu1koY

[ART] No Pun Intended - See below

[ART] No Pun Intended: Volume Too - See below

[ART] To Get to the Other Side - See below

[ART] Riley's Pendant - See below

[ART] Sam's Robot - See below

[ART] Walkman - See below

[ART] Note from Mom - See below (Need to 'FLIP' the note for it to count!)

[ART] Switchblade - See below

[ART] Joel & Sarah Photo - Now as Ellie, look into your backpack and examine
each Artifact.

[COMIC] - When Ellie follows the deer's blood trail into a spooky cabin,
head left into a room that has a comic inside the desk drawer.

[FF] - When Ellie gets a boost to go get a ladder, there is a Clicker inside
a small room.  Inside that room on top of a crate is the pendant.

[CONV] - The old man will tell Ellie to watch her language as you cross a 
bridge of sorts, and inside the next area will be two dead corpses.  
Getting near them will trigger a conversation option.

[FF] - After separating from your horse and running into a cabin, take out 
the enemies in this area.  Then, directly to the right is a small gazebo 
where a pendant is in.

[COMIC] - Ellie will take the 'Nature Path', and shimmy alongside the wall to
take a side route.  After crawling through a small tunnel, look left and 
around on a seperate area that has green benches.  On one of them is a comic.

[ART] Lake Resort Map - You get this one automatically when interrogating
the Hunters.

[SHIV] - See below

[MAN] Smoke Bomb Upgrade #2 (20 seconds longer) - As Joel, when you are 
moving through the snowy blizzard, you'll come to the take shelter inside a 
Motel.  Head to the bathroom, and out the window.  Turn left, to find a shiv
door, and manual.

[ART] Ellie's Backpack - Joel gets this one automatically when playing 
through the story.

[ART] Meat Ledger - Next to where you got Ellie's backpack, look to the right
to find an artifact.

	Chapter 10: Bus Depot						[C10]

CHAPTER 10 VIDEO GUIDE: http://youtu.be/AGUxsoYQhFU

[CONV] - Spring time.  Joel will talk about teaching Ellie six-string guitar.  

[ART] Family Photo - Walk up a ways and on the left side is an RV with an 
open door and a corpse laying on the steps.  Inside is an artifact.

[CONV] - After grabbing the items in the RV, you'll find Ellie outside in
front of an advertisement for an airline.  Speak to her about her dreams.

[FF] - When you get off the Freeway Exit, you'll see a school bus on the 
left side.  Go around it to where the concrete wall ends, and find some
orange barrels.  

[ART] Note to Wife - Inside the bus station where you get the ladder, 
opposite of the ladder is some luggage with a note in it.

[CONV] - Joel and the ladder inside the bus station.

[CONV] - Interact with the giraffe.

[CONV] - In the next scene when Ellie is watching the landscape with the 
giraffes, you can interact and get a conversation and a cutscene.

[COMIC] - After viewing the giraffes, Joel will tell Ellie she can change
her mind.  The next scene shows them going down some stairs, and then 
going left.  Go right instead, and you'll find restrooms.  Inside the 
Men's restroom is the comic.

[TOOL] - When you reach the triage area, inside of the tents is the tools.

[FF] - When you reach the triage area, head down and stick to the left
near the tents.  Before going through the bus into the next area, locate
a giant light stand which has the pendant hanging from it.

[ART] Salt Lake Q.Z. Map - In the triage area in the far corner of this
area, is a workbench area.  On a table is the map.

[CONV] - Automatically trigger this once you reach the bus in the triage
area.  Ellie will give you a photo.

[FF] - Before going into the tunnel, search the front of the bus that is 
stopped at the entrance.  

[MAN] Nail Bomb Upgrade #2 (1.5 radius) - Going through the dark area with 
Infected and Clickers, you can climb atop a truck to find a manual.

[COMIC] - After setting up the ladder so Ellie can climb up, there is a 
ventilation shaft on the left side.  Go all the way to the end to find a 

[SHIV] - Making your way past the workbench, and instead of heading left,
go right.  At the end is a door you can use a shiv on.

	Chapter 11: The Firefly Lab					[C11]

CHAPTER 11 VIDEO GUIDE: http://youtu.be/IMOYoZgrkbU

[ART] Surgeon's Recorder - Once you reach the 6th floor of the Hospital, you
can find an artifact as you enter the floor, right at the counter in front

[ART] Marlene's Recorder 1 - On the 6th floor, turn right and enter the 
open door into the small room.  On the counter is the recorder. 

[SHIV] - See below

[FF] - On the 6th floor, the pendant can be found inside the room where a 
Shiv is needed to open the door.

[ART] Marlene's Journal - On the 6th floor, you'll come to a quarantine area
with tents.  Search one of them for an artifact.

[ART] Marlene Recorder 2 - After going through some military troops, you'll 
barricade the door behind you with a blue cart.  You'll then see your path
as a long hallway.  Look on the right and enter the room numbered 608.

	Chapter 12: Jackson						[C12]

CHAPTER 12 VIDEO GUIDE: http://youtu.be/dPB-mnTYBfc

[COMIC] - After climbing in between the barbed wire, you'll walk through
some fields with Joel.   Veer off into the right and find a broken down car.

III. Ellie's Jokes							[003]

Ellie's Jokes VIDEO GUIDE: http://youtu.be/ojQz_EjJzUs

During a few times in in Chapter 5, and once in Chapter 6, you can prompt
Ellie to pull out a joke book to tell some jokes.  Listening to all jokes
will unlock the 'That's all I got' Gold Trophy.  You also unlock a few tags.

There are 5 instances in which Ellie can tell a set of jokes. 

Jokes #1:
Chapter 5: Pittsburgh - Alone and Forsaken
When you pass through the Hunters Camp, exit out of that area into the 
street where you can find a bus (with a comic).  walk up the street a bit
further and three Hunters will appear, after trying to shoot a flock of 
birds.  After they've left, Ellie will say that you can climb the bus into
the next area.  Wait a bit, and then she should pull out her book.

Jokes #2:
Chapter 5: Pittsburgh - Alone and Forsaken
Inside the bookstore, after you've killed all the enemies, wait around for a
couple of minutes, and Ellie will lighten the mood with some of her jokes.

Jokes #3:
Chapter 5: Pittsburgh - Alone and Forsaken
Once Joel and Ellie reach the flooded streets and find the bridge they need
to head to, go in the opposite direction to find a dead end.  Ellie will 
comment on a poster there.  Wait here for a bit, and Ellie will patrol the
perimeter, and at the end she will tell a few more jokes.

Jokes #4:
Chapter 5: Pittsburgh - Hotel Lobby
Inside the Hotel Lobby, after putting the ladder up to go to the 2nd floor,
head right instead and shimmy over to the other side of the 2nd floor. 
Inside an open luggage, is an artifact with a combination for the safe
on behind the reception desk on the 1st floor.  You'll need to go grab the 
contents of the safe, and then head back up the ladder.  Once you've climbed
up the ladder, wait here for Ellie to tell more jokes.

Jokes: #5:
Chapter 6: The Suburbs - Suburbs
This last set of jokes is in the Suburbs, with Henry and Sam.  You'll need
to activate a few conversations:
1) Go to the caved-in house with the exposed kitchen, and Henry will talk 
about barbeques.
2) Opposite that kitchen is a house with some writing spraypainted in the 
front.  Go here and Sam will read the sign, and Henry will also have 
something to say.
3) The 3rd engagement is about the Ice Cream truck, which is hard to miss.
4) The last bit is to discuss the red Firefly symbol found at the dead end 
of the road.  

Once all of these conversations have happened, wait a bit for Ellie to tell
her last couple of jokes.  The trophy should then unlock.  Sam will tell
a joke of his own.

IV. Special Thanks							[004]

Credit to 'kasplat360' for recommendations for improvement. (v1.01) 
Credit to 'Baconator96' for notifying of a correction. (v1.02)
Credit to 'llirakallo' for additional conversations. (v1.03)
Credit to 'LazyJ519' for correction in ToC (v1.04)
Credit to 'jamey1119' for info on 'Note to Mom' artifact (v1.04)
Credit to 'Redfield_67','thegreatestguru','bhbs' (v1.05)

If you want to help me please do and you will be credited in my guide.  
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Sharing this guide with others will also be helpful.  These guides take a
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V. Contact								[005]

If you got any tips or see any errors, you can contact me by sending a PM
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