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by Krystal109

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 08/02/17

The Last of Us - FAQ/Walkthrough

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Author: Stephanie B. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

Current Version: Ver 1.5 - Jul. 30, 2017


Thank you for visiting my guide.

If you find yourself on this guide, then you're likely looking for help to complete a certain task or find a certain item. I spend hundreds of hours writing guides for fun, but my ultimate goal is to help people get through these games with ease. I love it when I receive emails from people saying they were able to complete a game because of my guide or simply have a question, so please feel free to contact me via the email in the Contact Information section of this guide.

My purpose for this guide is to help you complete The Last of Us with a 100% game experience via a step-by-step walkthrough. This means it'll lead you through the story while pointing out Artifacts, Comics, Firefly Pendants, Training Manuals, and Shiv Doors, while also providing strategies for enemy encounters. I do my best to make these walkthroughs with as few spoilers as possible, so they have limited in-game event descriptions and are designed to guide you, not play the game for you.

If you want me to add something or notice a mistake, please email me.

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The controls for The Last of Us are similar to most action-adventure games, most notably the Uncharted series.

PlayStation 3PlayStation 4Command
Move character
Move camera
Up: Health Kit/Nail Bomb
Down: Brick or Bottle/Molotov/Smoke Bomb
Left: Long-range Weapon (Hold to Swap)
Right: Handgun Weapon (Hold to Swap)
Melee Attack
Aim Weapon
Fire Weapon
Reload (while not aiming)
Listen Mode
Reset Camera


The Last of Us is a survival horror adventure game that offers little in terms of a tutorial. While many things can be learned via on screen prompts, most of the feature require some knowledge of the genre to clearly comprehend what is happening. The following section covers the absolute basics of the survival features, which are key to prolonging Joel's life.


Joel has a set amount of health, indicated by the green bars around your currently selected weapon in the bottom right of the screen. When damaged is taken, the bar is depleted until it reaches 0, at which point you'll die and have to restart at the last checkpoint.

Keeping Joel's health up is a major priority for survival and can be restored by the following:

  • Scavenge health items, such as Health Bars and Cans (partial health)
  • Scavenge or craft Health Kits (full health)

Note that some enemies, such as Clickers and Bloaters, have a one-hit kill that results in instant death.

Movement & Navigation

Navigating the world and encountering obstacles is a big part of The Last of Us, as the majority of the game revolves around environmental puzzles and exploration in between the numerous encounters with foes.

Bypassing obstacles can be as easy as crouching under them by pressing , but the majority of times you'll need to climb over them. Lower obstacles can be jumped over by approaching them and pressing , but higher obstacles will require Joel to boost Ellie up with - Ellie will usually either create a new path or lower ladders that Joel can climb by pressing .

In addition to climbing, Joel can wade through bodies of water that have begun to appear in the cities due to nature reclaiming the world. Unfortunately, Ellie lacks the ability to swim and Joel will often need to dive underwater by pressing to proceed until he finds a way to help Ellie across, just make sure to resurface or air by pressing when the blue bar near his health is nearly depleted.

Equipment & Weapons

Joel carries a flashlight at all times, which can be turned on/off by pressing , and an assortment of equipment that he scavenges throughout the game. Due to his limited backpack size, Joel can only carry a limited amount of gear as follows:

  • 1 Handgun (Right)
  • 1 Long-range Weapon (Left)
  • Brick or Bottle (Down)
  • Health Kit (Up)

As Joel progresses through the game he'll scavenge new weapons to help him survive against the numerous infected and hunters and also gain the ability to craft molotovs and bombs. Joel can carry a total of 3 of each item - shivs, Health Kits, Molotovs, and Bombs - and they will be added to his quick select controls when he unlocks them. In addition, Joel will eventually gain the ability to craft weapon holsters that allow him to carry up to 2 Handguns and Long-range Weapons at one time.

Combat Basics

While traveling across the dangerous landscape of the eastern United States, in search of the Flireflies, Joel and Ellie will encounter a number of enemies, from infected to other scavengers.

Combat Strategies

Combat can be approached in two major ways: Go in guns blazing or staying stealthy and undetected. While both strategies have their advantages, stealth is generally preferred and will often save your supplies for larger encounters or encounters that MUST be completed aggressively.

Stealth & Listen Mode

When going for stealth you'll want to stay low and quiet by crouching and be aware of your enemy's location at all time by using Listen Mode. One of Joel's most useful abilities, Listen Mode is activated by holding / to identify enemies making noise through walls and obstacles and will outline them in a white glow. This is great for learning enemy patterns or checking new rooms and buildings for unknown enemies.

Grabs & Executions

If you're going for the silent approach, performing grabs and executions will save ammo and silently take down enemies that you encounter. To perform a silent execution, approach an enemy from behind and press and then either shiv them by pressing again or strangle them by pressing . Note that some enemies, such as Bloaters, can not be grabbed and only human enemies can be strangled to death.

Melee Combat

When guns make too much noise or you find yourself in a desperate situation without ammo, melee can be a good way to get yourself out of a pinch. By pressing , Joel can engage in melee combat with his fist or an equipped melee weapons. Note that melee weapons have limited uses, set by the durability of the object located by the bars beneath the melee when equipped, but they can be upgraded with Blades and Bindings to perform instant kills that do not remove the weapon's durability.

Bombs & Explosives

When faced with large groups, bombs come in handy for taking out multiple targets with limited resources. There are three types of explosives: Nail Bombs, Molotov Cocktails, and Smoke Bombs. These can be thrown by holding / to arc the item to a designated location and / to toss it once you're ready.

Nail Bombs

During Bill's Town, Bill will teach Joel how to create Nail Bombs by combining a Blade and an Explosive. Nail Bombs are essentially proximity mines that can be thrown or placed as a trap to explode when an enemy comes within range.

Molotov Cocktails

Once Joel finds the first molotov on the body of the Firefly in the Outskirts, Joel can craft them via a Rag and Alcohol. Molotovs can be tossed to create a wide fire explosion that sets anything within range on fire, as well as anything that walks into those flames, and are highly effective against infected.

Smoke Bombs

Once discovered in Pittsburgh, Joel can craft a Smoke Bomb with Sugar and an Explosive and then tossed to stun enemies and escape their clutches, but be careful since they can also stun Joel.

Scavenging & Crafting

In order to survive, Joel and Ellie will need to scavenge the wreckage of the places they encounter to try and find valuable items that can be combined and used to help aid them in their journey.

Health Items

Keeping Joel alive is the most important part of the game and there are a number of items that help keep him alive. The most common way to restore Joel's health is by finding health items, such as Health Bars and Health Cans, which will restore a percentage of Joel's health when collected. In addition, Joel can find Health Kits on rare occasions during lower difficulties, which completely heal Joel's health, or craft them with a Rag and Alcohol.

Crafting Ingredients

The majority of salvageable items in the game are used in crafting items that are then added to Joel's inventory. There are a total of five craftable items in the game, as well as a number of melee weapons that can be modified.

To craft something, hit / to bring up the menu and then choose the crafting tab. All available recipes, as well as the number of items in Joel's inventory, will be listed with a wrench, provided you have the ingredients and inventory space to craft them, and can be crafted by holding .

ItemRequired Items
Modified Melee WeaponMelee Weapon + Blade + Binding
ShivBlade + Binding
Health KitRag + Alcohol
Molotov CocktailRag + Alcohol
Nail BombBlade + Explosive
Smoke BombExplosive + Sugar

Parts & Supplements

Parts and Supplements are used for upgrading Joel's weapons and abilities. Parts can only be used at workbenches, located throughout the story, to upgrade weapons, while Supplements can be used via the menu to upgrade Joel's natural abilities.

NameDescriptionLevel Cost
Maximum HealthIncreases weapon stability.50100-
Listen Modes DistanceIncreases radius of listen mode.203050
Crafting SpeedReduces crafting times.253050
Healing SpeedUse Health Kits faster.304050
Weapon SwayIncreases weapon stability.50100-
Shiv MasterAllows you to escape a Clickers attack with a shiv and increases the shivs durability.75100-


There are four types of collectibles: Artifacts, Comics, Firefly Pendants, and Training Manuals.

  • Artifacts - Similar to documents, they give you information about the world and their owners.
  • Comics - Ellie likes comics, so naturally Joel will gather any he can find for her.
  • Firefly Pendants - There are a total of 30 dogtags dropped by Fireflies, which can be collected.
  • Training Manuals - There are a total of 12 manuals, two per craftable item, that contain info which will improve them.

Video Walkthrough

Note that I will be doing a whole Video Playthrough of this, identical to the text here, which you can watch here:

  • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVBHCZXojrJeBdTim63X_ofxO0hU7F_2y


This walkthrough is intended for Hard Difficulty, tho it can be modified for difficulties of any level. Note that on lower difficulties you'll find supplies in locations not mentioned in this guide, while higher difficulties may lack these supplies.



After the heartwarming intro, you'll be in control of Sarah, Joel's daughter. Start by checking the phone, which is dead, and then read the birthday card from Sarah to Joel on her dresser. Exit the bedroom and head across the hall, into the bathroom, where a newspaper hint at the events in the world leading up to the pandemic. Continue down the hall into Joel's room, lit by the television, to see even more events unfold and then look out the window. When you're ready to continue head downstairs.

The cell in the kitchen rings as you approach, which contains some messages from Joel's brother Tommy saying he's coming over, and there's also a note on the fridge from Joel. After viewing this, head for Joel's office nearby for a scene. After Tommy shows up and the three escape the house, watch the scene that follows until Tommy crashes the car.

As you awaken from the crash, kick open the car window by pressing and then exit for another scene. When you have control again, follow Tommy through the streets and down an alley. An infected in the alley will attack, so quickly press to hold him off while Tommy covers you, and then continue into a building where you'll be split up from Tommy.

Exit the back of the building and run across the parking lot, quickly, to the broken wall and head down the hill. Don't turn around to see what is following you, it's an infected, and keep running straight down the path until you trigger a scene.

The Quarantine Zone

20 Years Later

Tommy is nowhere to be found, but the woman named Tess appears to be friendly with Joel. Watch the scene and then follow Tess through the town, making sure to avoid walking into the soldiers - they won't hesitate to shoot you for getting in their way. Before heading for the checkpoint guards, talk to the man and woman by the news stand for your first Optional Conversation.

Optional conversations shed light on the world and lead to a trophy if you manage to hear them all.

Head for the checkpoint zone and present your ID to the guard for a scene and when you have control again, turn around and sprint after Tess into a nearby building. After learning how to patch your wounds, follow Tess and listen to the conversations to learn more about Robert and the Fireflies, a resistance group that fights against the military, and when you reach the final room, help Tess push aside the cabinet and enter the tunnels.

Beyond the Wall

Follow Tess through the tunnels to your backpack to gain the 9mm Pistol and Handgun Ammo x4. You'll also start with two artifacts: the Boston Q.Z. Map and the Military Pamphlet, which you can view from the menu. Follow Tess and boost her up the ledge, by looking up and hitting , and then follow her by hitting when she offers her hand. You can now continue up into the building and into the overgrown streets.

As you exit the pizzeria Tess will have an Optional Conversation that you should make sure to get before following her. Find the ladder behind a blue car and then move toward the brick wall and place to climb up.

Head through the living room and into the kitchen, where you can open the drawers to find Parts x3, and instead of following Tess, head into the room by the kitchen and find the David Michael Vigil - 000102 Firefly Pendant on the desk. Now follow Tess down into the lower basement and turn on your flashlight by hitting to see better in the darkness.

After placing your mask on to avoid the infested spores, head through the rooms and crouch under the broken wall and continue. Push the board out of the way and head through the gap for a scene and then choose whether to put the man out of his misery with his nearby Handgun Ammo x2. Continue through the maze of rooms until you run into some infected Runners and learn how to use Joel's hearing to see what is going on nearby. Do as the game instructs by slowly sneaking up on the nearest infected and grab him with and quickly strangle him by hitting . The other two infected can not be taken by surprise, so go in with your fists and punch them to death.

After the coast is clear, head into the area to the right of the stairs and grab the Health Bar, if needed, and then take the stairs. Instead of heading across the planks, open the door in the nearby room and grab the Note to Brother and Health Bar. Head back and drop through the destroyed wall and follow Tess through a hidden passage to proceed.

Follow Tess until she mentions a plank that fell and then drop down and grab the plank and place it on the wall near Tess, who will grab it and put it into place. Look for a small hole in the wall that leads to the adjacent room, which you passed through, and then cross the plank and grab the Health Bar on the metal walkway above the stairs before following Tess.

Continue to follow Tess over a short wall and under a broken balcony into an area with a white couch against one wall and then look up at the tree branches here to spot the Ben Glueck - 000106 Firefly Pendant. Shoot the pendant down before continuing to follow Tess into the nearby building and into the slums.

The Slums

Take a moment to listen to the interesting conversations of the slums residence and then head down the narrow alley into a bus. Upon exiting the bus, head straight and check the ground near the table with yellow containers for the Drafting Notice and the green container by the fence for the Wanted Poster. You can now turn around and walk toward the man by Tess' location to continue.

Nothing spells fight like a bunch of crates on the ground for cover, so after the cutscene stay low and slowly get the angle on them and then either melee them or shoot them (melee is obviously more dangerous, but if you time it when they are using cover you should be okay). Continue around the corner and boost Tess up the wall to the left of the locked fence and then follow and continue to the next area, where more of Robert's men await.

Two guys walk into the courtyard and two more remain in the building. Start by letting Tess take out the one to the left and let the other walk off into the distance, do not follow. Instead, make your way to the left of the doorway across the way and listen to the men inside. When the one on the right turns his back from the door, and the other is also looking away, sneak in and strangle the one on the left while Tess takes out the other. Now exit out the window to sneak up on the final guy, who drops a Warehouse Key. Re-enter the building and get the Health Bar on the desk in the back room and the Health Can on the ground near the trash cans, beneath a white board, before continuing through the door.

The AI is very dynamic and each time you play the enemies won't always respond the same way. For this reason, it's hard to write strategies for encounters, but I will try my best to get a successful run that usually works. In general, patience is a virtue and the enemies will usually come to you at some point.

Wait for the men to finish their conversation and the man to take his position by the door and grab the bottle - do not throw it. Sneak up to the crate to the left of the man at the door and grab him from his left side, making sure you pull him back to the left so you are not seen by the other men. Take cover behind the crate again, in case the other man sees the body and investigates - sometimes he'll enter the building and sometimes he'll investigate the area on the other side of the wall divider. If he investigates the room you're in, Tess should draw his attention and allow you to stealth kill him, but if he heads off to the other door you'll need to exit the building and sneak attack him.

Take cover by the stairs leading into an adjacent warehouse and make sure the man inside isn't headed your way and then sneak up on him, being careful that you don't knock over the paint cans and alert him. Draw the attention of the nearby enemies, either by using the paint cans or the bottle you picked up earlier, and then sneak up and kill them. Enter the upper level of the warehouse and check the room on the left to find a Shiv and then grab the Health Kit from the opposite room on the upper level before heading downstairs and helping Tess with the warehouse door.

After Joel jumps down, head left through the containers and grab the Shiv on the gray boxes by the orange container - after the enemy has already taken guard on the other side of the container. Do not head through the orange container and instead go around the outside to the left and sneak up on him and then continue around the outside to the left and wait for the men inside to move right behind some wooden crates. Sneak up to the same set of crates and wait for the men to split up, one exiting the building, and then sneak up on the enemy that walks left.

Ignore the enemy to the left and exit the building the way you entered and then turn left to spot the guy that was near the wooden crates. Wait for him to walk past another enemy before you sneak up and strangle the stationary guard and then follow Mr. Wooden Crates and strangle him near the yellow forklift. You can now check the ground to the right of the dumpster against the railing, next to the hull of the ship, to find the Dock Notes and the dumpster outside the building, against the railing facing a sinking ship, for the Shipping Manifest.

The final two enemies are on the other side of the warehouse, on the other side of the ship. The first is the guy you ignored previously, while the second one is hidden behind the crates near the door. Strangle the first enemy by sneaking through the nearby container and then toss a bottle or brick into the corner, to the right of the door, to draw the other enemy's attention. You can now head through the doors to find Robert for a short scene and then chase him down.

The Cargo

Instead of following Marlene up the stairs, head to the area to the right of the stairs to find 1/4 Blades, 1/2 Binding, and Parts x7 on a table. Follow Marlene to the roof for an event and then head down the sloped roof and enter one of the roof window to grab Parts x3 on the table. You can now help Marlene with the door and continue for a scene.

Sneak through the crates, sticking to the left, and head up the stairs to jump into the building on the left. Jump over a desk and strangle the guard - Marlene will take care of the one on the other side - and then enter the room and hug the far wall to find a 1/2 Blades on the cabinet next to the tool box. You can now enter the far room and jump through the window and strangle another guard.

There are three men near the bridge, two facing each other and another walking in from the right. Wait for one of the men facing each other to head downstairs and the one coming from the right to face away from the nearest enemy and then choke him out. You can now approach the other enemy and finish him before the last guy returns upstairs, but make sure to allow him to return vs. heading downstairs to kill him.

If you kill the final soldier too close to the stairs, Marlene won't head over to the dead Fireflies on the bridge and you'll miss an Optional Conversation. You can easily fix this by restarting the encounter, which won't respawn the enemies and will force her to go examine the bodies.

Enter the door beneath the bridge for a scene and then follow Marlene through the buildings and help her with a door for another scene. When you gain control, check the body by the newsstand for the Philip Liu - 000105 Firefly Pendant and then head down the stairs and into a tunnel on the right. In the back alley, look for the dumpster in the garage nearby and grab it and then move it under the ledge. You can now climb up and follow the linear path all the way back to Joel's Apartment.

The Outskirts


Before doing anything else, turn around and grab Tess's List from the living room table and then return to Tess for an Optional Conversation. Enter the small room behind the bookshelf and start the generator by hitting when the moving bar is in the lower section of the meter three times. At the bottom of the elevator, check the ground to the left of the water heaters for the Patrol Routes Map and then continue through the tunnels and up a ladder to the outside world.

This section is fairly linear, simply follow the riverbed to a back of the semi-truck and pass through it for a scene.

Follow Tess's instructions to avoid the lights and then make your way through the drainage pipes to the other side. Drop into the water and hang a left at the wall, watching out for enemy lights that indicate their view range, and then stick to the left wall to enter a building. Drop into the water and climb up on the far side of the room, where a 1/4 Blades can be found in the lockers, and then head uphill.

Immediately turn around and rush the stairs on the left, as the guards will fire on you, and then drop down into a ruined building. Head across the building to a garage door, which you can ignore, and then jump through a window to find a 1/2 Binding in the desk on the other side. You can now return to the garage door and open it to reach the main street area.

Follow Tess from the car to the tank and then into a ruined building nearby and then quickly pick up the brick nearby and throw it through the window opening to the main street, distracting the soldier in the ruins of the building and allowing you to continue through the building. Continue to the next brick on the ground and throw it past the soldier on the right to draw his attention into the street and then continue hugging the right wall, climbing through the remains of a truck to get away clean.

Drop down into the large hole in the ground and take the drainpipe into the next area and then head up the stairs and squeeze through a small hole in the wall. Stick to the left side of the area and follow it all the way to a room with 1/2 Blades in some lockers and Parts x5 on a desk and then exit and head straight across to the other side, through a large opening, and hang a left. You can now follow this path to a gate to exit the sewers and enter downtown Boston.


Follow Tess under the overpass, but when she turns left to climb up the road, head straight and jump through a gap in the fence to find a small area with Supplement x5. Crawl under the road and meet up with the others at the major intersection and then check the street pole head for the Evacuation Leaflet on the ground, near the Fourth Street West sign.

Follow Tess to the end of the street and then veer left before heading uphill to find a truck with Parts x5 inside. You can now follow Tess and Ellie up the ramp to spot the capitol building and then turn right to crawl through a tunnel to the other side of the rubble. Immediately turn right and run all the way along the path to the last tree and then knock down the Joseph Lenz - 000113 Firefly Pendant with the bottle or brick in the nearby corner.

Enter the building on your right and examine the fresh corpse for another Optional Conversation and then continue through the door and into the room next to the stairs, where you can find Parts x6. Exit and head up the stairs, grabbing the Field Ops Log next to another corpse, and then continue up the stairs to the 6th level - ignore the 5th - to find 1/4 Blades.

Return to the 5th level and remove the infected Clicker from the door to break in and then check the drawer of the desk for a 1/4 Blades and the shelf for Supplement x5. Head under the cabinets and over a desk into the office and then walk to the other side of the cubicles to get a 3/4 Binding from a desk before heading through the door.

Quickly hit multiple times to fend off the Clicker's attack until Tess can save you and then enter the room directly across from where you exited. Check the cabinet on your left for a Rag and the kitchen cabinet for some Alcohol, sometimes gathered by Tess, to allow you to craft Health Kits.

Despite Tess telling you to heal yourself, you'll find some health soon and should conserve your supplies.

Head into the adjacent room and use a shiv to open the first Shiv Door and collect the 1/2 Binding, Parts x25, and Supplement x10 and then return to the main hallway and enter the final room, where you'll need to boost Tess up and then follow yourself.

After the cutscene, watch the Clicker carefully to learn where it's headed before you do any moving. The best way to deal with this guy is to wait for him to get close and then sneak up behind him, smashing to attack with the brick when you see the Grab option. This should conserve you shivs and save ammunition and is always the best option when dealing with only one Clicker.

Once the Clicker is dead, head back to where you climbed up and follow the wall of cabinets to find a Health Bar and then hug the right wall and enter the bathroom across the hall to find a Rag. Now head right into the office of cubicles and check one of the cubicle shelves for another Health Bar and then follow Tess up and over the nearby ledge.

Hop over the railing into the blocked stairwell and move the cabinet and then drop down and continue to follow Tess and Ellie outside and across the scaffolding to enter the 4th level.

Head right to pick up a 2x4, if you want, and then follow Tess and Ellie down the hall to pick up the Revolver next to the corpse. You'll need to swap out your weapons as part of the tutorial before you continue, so quickly follow the instructions and then drop down into the room below to kill all enemies to advance - going in guns blazing is generally a bad idea.

Start by dropping down and heading straight to strangle the single infected Runner at the end of the hall and then return to the end of the hall and watch as the Runner enters a far door and exits a closer nearby door. When he passes back into the main area, and all enemies facing away, walk into the left room and hide behind the L-shaped desk in the middle of the room. Wait patiently as the Runner returns to the far door and wait for him to walk past, you'll need to be in the corner of the L-shaped desk so that he doesn't see you over it, and then grab him just before he exits the door. You can now grab the Health Bar from the desk, if you need it, and examine the enemy locations

There are two more runners, one on the left area and one by the Clicker. The one by the Clicker may seem difficult, but it's actually quite easy. Return to where you killed the first Runner and wait by the cement wall for the Runner to appear on the other side. As soon as it turns around, carefully and slowly walk up and stealth kill it - the Clicker is totally oblivious.

If you're having issue with this, consider using the blocks to wake the Clicker up from its dormant state and taking it out somewhere else, away from the Runners. This leaves you with two Runners you can fight with the 2x4 or bricks.

The one of the left is an easy kill now that there's no one to see you kill it, so return down the hall to the far side, wait for it to walk past, and stealth kill it. With only the Clicker left, make sure to grab a brick and very slowly sneak up to it and go all out with the melee attacks.

If at any time you're seen or heard, a good place to lose enemies is in the room with the l-shaped desk because it creates a sight line barrier that you can circle until they leave the room.

Once clear, Ellie and Tess will join you - thanks for the help, guys! Grab a 2x4 near the far pillar and climb up to get the Revolver Ammo from the corpse and then grab the cabinet to move it out of the way of the door. Wait for Tess to make a path for you and then climb over the machine and collect the 1/2 Alcohol, 1/4 Blades, and a Health Bar.

You'll likely need to start making room, so make sure to craft and carry Shivs and Health Kits when you have an abundance of supplies.

Continue into the next area and follow the linear path down, through a tunnel with a skeleton, until you reach a large sign that says Oliver LLF. Instead of following the path down, stay on the same level and check the corner nearby for 1/2 Blades and Supplement x5. Continue down through the building, grabbing the 1/4 Blades and 3/4 Binding from the yellow tiles, and then drop down and collect the Parts x4 on the blue bench.

Make sure to grab Supplement x5 from the pay phones before approaching the Firefly corpse and then search the body for a Molotov Cocktail and Rag. You can now approach the escalators and stairs to find the Firefly Map on the corpse on the stairs before squeezing through the hole behind the vending machines.

This area is crawling with Clickers, which means you can not take them out with melee combat. Start by grabbing the Shiv from the nearby locker, or coming back for it after you use one, and sneak up behind the nearby Clicker and shiv it with a stealth attack (press twice).

Head left and sneak up on the Runner feasting on a corpse and strangle her and then ignore the Clickers and enter the nearby store. Grab the Health Bar on the broken shelves and the Note to Derek in the counter drawer and then return toward the entrance and make your way to the right side of the area, where a Runner stands in the corner.

This guy guards a safe with Parts x50, but attacking him will draw the attention of the Clickers. Wait for as many Clickers to be as far away as possible before attacking him and finish him quickly. Ignore the parts and run all the way back toward the entrance and then crouch and silently make your way to the store, hoping they don't follow you. Once the whole fiasco has died down, the enemies positions change a bit and make it even more dangerous.

Unless you really need the health, ignore the Health Bar in the center of the Clicker infested area and make your way to the back right corner, past the safe. There's a Health Can in a room off to the right, just past the area with the safe, that you can grab and in the back corner is a final Clicker. Wait for the Clicker to head back toward the main infested area and then look up to a ledge to boost Tess up and then climb the ladder she drops to exit the area.


Back outside, Tess will indicate which direction you need to go and unfortunately you'll need to get something to boost yourself up. The only option is a cabinet guarded by three Runners in the building to the left of the bus. The good news is that all three Runners have their heads down, meaning you can sneak in and strangle them.

Start by entering the building through the broken wall nearby and strangling the first Runner on the left and then exit and make your way around the left side of the building to sneak up on another Runner. You can now take out the last one however you feel like and then grab the 1/4 Blades from the desk nearby.

Move the cabinet from the middle of the room to the bus and climb over and then turn around and search the truck for the Medical Pamphlet. You can now continue down the alley and open the nearby garage for a scene.

Inside, listen to Ellie explain how she became infected and search the back of the truck for Supplement x5. The workbench next to the door allows you to your weapons and make holsters, but at the moment you'll only be able to upgrade your guns.

Supplements can be used to upgrade your skills, but avoid using these for now.

In the next room, grab the Revolver Ammo on the counter and continue straight across the room and then take the right door to find 1/2 Blades. Take the adjacent door into a much larger room and look under the collapsed floor for 1/2 Blades and 3/4 Alcohol. Head up the collapsed floor and climb up on the side by the windows to shimmy left to the Michael Kiper - 000109 Firefly Pendant and then exit the room on the other side.

Find the 1/4 Blades in the cabinet near the suit of armor and crawl under the rubble and then move the beam to let Tess and Ellie through. Head through the newly created path to the right and wait for the Clicker to walk by before smashing it with a brick and then quickly retreat back to the beam you moved and allow the enemies to reset a bit. You can take out the second one with the 2x4 and the third with a the brick that can be found in the large room off to the right.

Enter the cafeteria on the left side of the area, where Tess and Ellie were, and grab the 1/2 Blades near the cash register and a Health Can in a cabinet. The Shiv Door in the cafeteria leads to Handgun Ammo x4, Revolver Ammo x3, a Rag, some Alcohol, Parts x25, and Supplement x10.

Head back into the hall and enter the door at the end of the hall and then make your way up the stairs to another door. The Runner here is busy trying to break into the room with Tess and Ellie, so sneak up on it and strangle it and then enter the door to find Tess and Ellie.

A bunch of Runners will come in for the attack - hopefully you've conserved your ammo. Use the Revolver to shoot the Runners when they are close together and use melee combat when you can to conserve ammo. Once all the enemies are dead, heal up, check the corpses, and talk to Tess and Ellie for 2 Optional Conversations. You can now exit through the window anc climb the fire escape the roof and then grab the wooden plank on the ground and place it on the railing to reach the other roof.

The Capitol Building

Head down the steps and collect the Revolver Ammo x2 and Firefly Orders off the corpse at the foot of the stairs and then push the dumpster against the gate to climb over. Follow the road toward the Capitol Building, but instead of going to the right toward the Capitol Building, go left and hop into the stone gazebo to find the Melinda Davidson - 000214 Firefly Pendant in the water. You can now head to the building for a scene to continue.

After the scene, grab the 3/4 Rag and 1/2 Alcohol from the table on the lower level and then head up the left stairs to the level above. Keep right and enter a room with a lot of tables and grab the 1/4 Blades from the table below the window on the left and 1/2 Binding and Supplement x5 on the podium and then jump across the nearby opening into an adjacent room with the Hunting Rifle.

As you head into the hall with the crates, take position on the left wall behind a crate and wait for the soldier to enter the room on the left and then move slightly forward and hide behind the nearby pillar. Wait for a soldier to approach on the right and walk past and then circle around behind him and strangle him. You can now enter the left room and use the cases for cover to strangle the second soldier. This should give you access to the rest of the rooms that can be used to sneak up on the final two soldiers, just be careful of their movement so that they don't sneak up on you. Make sure to grab the Supplement x5 from a desk in the back room before heading down the hall and stairs and drop to the next level.

Turn right in the next room to find a Rag and 3/4 Binding from a display case and then enter the dark room on the right for Health Bar. Hide behind the chair, on the left side of the other doorway, and wait for a soldier to enter and then strangle him by the desk. Another soldier may come in to check the location - if so, use the desk to stay out of his sight and strangle him when you find an opportunity to without others seeing.

It's possible to use this room to strangle up to three soldiers, depending on their patrol pattern.

You should now be clear to leave this room the way you entered and then head to the opposite side of the area. Here there are a few crates that you can use for cover and possibly a soldier with his back to you in a doorway - strangle him if he is. If the soldier isn't in the doorway, use the cover to stay hidden and either grab him quickly from around a corner, if he's walking toward you, or sneak up behind him and strangle him.

The final area has two soldiers in the large room with lots of cover spots and another in the room to the right with some bookcases. Approach from the left door and wait for a solider to move away and then enter the room and take position in an l-shaped cover near the pillars. When one of the soldier walks past and the other isn't looking, sneak up behind the soldier and kill him behind the crates, so the other soldier doesn't see you.

If they aren't splitting up enough, you can move forward to the next l-shaped section and grab him when he walks toward you.

The crate near you has a Health Bar you can grab, if you need it, and then focus on the final 2 soldiers. These two guys are usually far enough away from each other that you should have no problem with them, but remember to keep an eye on all enemy movement so you know where they are. There is another Health Bar in the room with the bookcases that you can grab if needed before exiting the building.

Head to the subway entrance and rush down the steps for a scene and then run inside the subway and hug the right wall to grab the 1/2 Alcohol and 1/2 Blades in the corner. Continue down the hall for another scene and then wait for one of the soldiers to approach and strangle him. Assuming the other doesn't see you, wait for him to pass one way or the other on the tracks and drop down to sneak up behind him.

Once the coast is clear, head onto the tracks to the right and follow it to a dead end with Supplement x5 and then head the opposite way down the tunnel. Follow the path until you drop into some water and dive under the obstructions until you meet up with Ellie again by a corpse with the Smuggler Note. Hop into the hallway behind the corpse and swim to the other side, where Supplement x5 hide on the surface, and collect the Parts x4 and the Shiyao Jiang - 000178 Firefly Pendant in the flooded area below.

In order to progress, head back to the main area and grab the raft from the water and use it to transport Ellie from one side to the other. Once she lowers a ladder for Joel, climb up and exit the subway around the corner.

Bill's Town

The Woods

Keep to the right on the path to find Supplement x5 in some bushes by a rock formation and then continue forward to the riverbed and check the drain pipe on the right for 1/2 Alcohol. There isn't anything else on any of the paths, so continue up the path to a fenced area with two buildings on the left.

Head behind the left-most building to grab the plank on the far wall and then lean the plank against the building opposite the wall, the one not against the fence. Circle around the building and climb the air conditioner unit to reach the roof and then pull the plank up and place it between you and the other building - make sure to pick up the modified Lead Pipe.

Drop down the other side of the building and check the stacked barrels to the left of the main gate to find 1/4 Blades and then head toward the other buildings and drop down again. The wooden cabin in the center of this area has a Clicker, so quietly approach it and smack it with your new modified Lead Pipe for an instant kill. Inside, collect the 1/2 Rag and then head down the steps and kill another Clicker with the less silent brick.

If you're running out of inventory space and already have max shivs, modifying a Lead Pipe for instant kills makes a very useful weapon.

Enter the large building via the door across from the wooden cabin and check the end of the hall for Parts x5 and Supplement x5 and then the office for 1/4 Blades, Parts x2, Handgun Ammo x2 and the Pills Note. You can now exit through the other door upstairs and head down to ground level to find another Shiv Door with some Alcohol, Supplement x15, Parts x10, and Rifle Ammo x3. You can now approach the nearby gate and check it before boosting Ellie over to continue.

Main Street

Turn left into the small parking lot to spot a a fenced area with some gnomes and then collect the 1/2 Blades, 1/2 Binding, Parts x8, and Supplement x10. Pass through the building, via the garden, and cross the street and then head up the stairs on the right of the buildings to find Parts x8 sitting on the ground. There's another Parts x5 behind this building, near the blue garbage, that you should grab and then enter the back door for an Optional Conversation with Ellie at the arcade game.

Make sure to grab the 1/2 Blades in the kitchen before returning to the main street and then head left until you reach a camper. Climb the police car to reach the top of the camper for the Hui Wang - 000197 Firefly Pendant and then grab the Note to Bob on the barb wire at the end of the street. The note contains the combination to a safe you passed, so turn around and follow the path back to a red truck on the left side, past the evacuation sign, to open the safe for Parts x50, Supplement x10 and Rifle Ammo x3.

Head back toward the barb wire and enter "Marquis Music Store" on the left and then collect the 1/4 Rag, 3/4 Binding, Perimeter Note, and Parts x10 from the behind the counter area. Back outside, head down the alley next to the music store for a scene and then grab the 1/4 Rag by the blue garbage.

There's another Shiv Door up the steps on the back of the buildings with 1/2 Blades, Parts x25, 3/4 Alcohol, and Supplement x15 that you should grab and then keep heading down the alley. Ignore the tripwired alley and collect Arrow x2 sticking out of a dead Runner and then pick up the ladder near the barricade and use it to climb up the back of the truck, collecting Bill's Bow and an Arrow at the top.

Cross the plank to an adjacent building and then grab it once Ellie crosses and then place it against the wall so that you can climb up and use it to reach the adjacent roof. A Clicker stands on the other side of this building, but a direct hit in the head with the bow will instantly kill it.

The bow is a great weapon to use for stealth kills, especially since you can sometimes pick up the ammo after killing your target. To increase your accuracy, consider upgrading Joel's Weapon Sway skill.

Cross the rooftops and head down the ladder on the other side and then crawl under the tripwire Nail Bomb. Head left and enter the door that was banging and then make your way upstairs and enter the bedroom to get a 1/2 Rag. Equip a brick or melee weapon before heading into the adjacent room and attack the Runner and then grab the Note to Rachel and Supplement x5 before heading back outside.

Head to the opposite end of the alley and throw a bottle at the double trapped fence to set off the explosive and then continue forward, grabbing the Revolver Ammo x8 near the corpse. Throw another bottle at the tripwire ahead and pick up the nearby brick and then enter the building. Make sure to collect the Revolver Ammo x8 from the desk drawer before you enter the door to trigger a scene.

There is two phases to this fight: the first phase you'll need to shoot the Runners and Clickers before they reach Joel, while Ellie tries to release you, and in the second you'll need to keep the infected off Ellie. Once you're dropped, tap to quickly get free and then sprint after Bill to escape the chaos.

Follow Bill until he stops to open a door and turn around, covering Bill until he unlocks it, and then rush inside and take cover. A Clicker comes in the far door, so let it go for your allies and then take it out with a brick or your melee weapon. You can throw a Molotov at the door, which will burn the Runners that come in after the Clicker and then deal with and remaining enemies. Before following Bill outside, grab the Health Bar by the closed door and 1/4 Alcohol and 3/4 Rag in the small room on the right and then grab the Baseball Bat by the exit if your Lead Pipe has seen a lot of action. You can now exit the building and follow the linear path to another door for safety.