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FAQ/Walkthrough by Absolute Steve

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 02/17/14

|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯| |¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|    S  T  R  A  T  E  G  Y     G  U  I  D  E
|_     _| |   | |   | |    ___|
  |   |   |   | |   | |   |                               B Y
  |   |   |   |_|   | |   |___
  |   |   |         | |       |    A  B  S  O  L  U  T  E     S  T  E  V  E
  |   |   |         | |    ___|
  |   |   |   |¯|   | |   |
  |   |   |   | |   | |   |          GAMERGUIDES ENHANCED VERSION FOUND HERE:
  |   |   |   | |   | |    ¯¯¯|
  |   |   |   | |   | |       |           gamerguides.com/the-last-of-us
   ¯¯¯     ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|¯¯¯|     .´¯¯¯¯¯`.  .´¯¯¯¯¯¯`.|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|   |    |         ||    __    |_     _|
|   |    |    _    ||   |  |___| |   |
|   |    |   | |   | `.  ` .     |   |              VIDEO SUPPORT:
|   |    |   | |   |   `.    `.  |   |
|   |    |   | |   |      `.   | |   |supercheats.com/walkthrough/the-last-of-us
|   |    |    ¯    ||¯¯¯|  |   | |   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   |    |    _    ||   |  |   | |   |  
|    ¯¯¯||   | |   ||    `´    | |   |  
|_______||   | |   | `.______.´  |   |  
          ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯               ¯¯¯
 .´¯¯¯¯¯`. |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|   |¯¯¯| |¯¯¯| .´¯¯¯¯¯¯`.
|    _    ||       |   |   | |   ||    __    |
|   | |   ||   |¯¯¯    |   | |   ||   |  |___|         F A C E B O O K
|   | |   ||   |       |   | |   | `.  ` .    
|   | |   ||    ¯¯¯|   |   | |   |   `.    `.     facebook.com/absolutesteve
|   | |   ||       |   |   | |   |      `.   |    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   | |   ||   |¯¯¯    |   | |   ||¯¯¯|  |   |
|   | |   ||   |       |   | |   ||   |  |   |
|    ¯    ||   |       |    ¯    ||    `´    |
 `._____.´ |___|        `._____.´  `.______.´

            G U I D E   O F   T H E   M O N T H   J U L Y  2 0 1 3

                      1 0 0 %   S P O I L E R - F R E E !

            ____  _____  ______  ____  _     _  _____  ______  ____
           |  __||  _  ||  __  ||  __|| |   | ||  _  ||  __  ||    \
           | |   | | | || |  | || |   | |   | || | | || |  | || |\  |
           | |__ | | | || |__| || |__ | | _ | || | | || |__| || | | |
           |  __|| | | ||    __||  __|| || || || | | ||    __|| | | |
           | |   | | | || |\ \  | |   | || || || | | || |\ \  | | | |
           | |   | |_| || | \ \ | |__ | || || || |_| || | \ \ | |/  |
           |_|   |_____||_|  \_\|____||_______||_____||_|  \_\|____/
Post-apocalyptic settings in media are popular nowadays. The destruction of
human civilization has been envisioned in many different ways, ranging from
aliens to zombie-viruses, from self-inflicted nuclear destruction to an all-
destroying meteor slamming into our planet. The Last of Us picks a variation of
the 'virus nearly wipes out human life as we know it' scenario, choosing the
Cordyceps fungus and applying it to human brains instead of ants.

Interestingly, we live in an age in which we're apparently enlightened enough to
start reflecting on the possibilities of how our species could come to their
end. Calling playthroughs of videogames with post-apocalyptic scenery
'reflection' might be a bit of a stretch, but developers nonetheless plunge
into a reflective activity, crafting situations in which players (otherwise
known as 'mass society') can start feeling what it's like living in a lonesome
world full of threats.

Even if a playthrough of The Last of Us cannot properly be called reflection,
perhaps it can act as an encouragement to initiate such an activity. It may be
fun to *play* in (ultimately unrealistic) virtual post-apocalyptic lifeworlds,
but to physically inhabit such a world or ones similar to it - no matter how
hard it is to truly imagine the human condition under those circumstances -
surely has to be awful.

Idealism appears to be a foul word these days, but though defeatism is one of
its enemies, it still seems that good ideas - combined with bare truths -
ultimately have to steer our global village through the 21st century. The Last
of Us could, if only on a relatively small scale, inspire people to start
reflecting on more realistic scenarios for the late 21st century. We have a
great responsibility - both on an individual and collective level - to leave the
world as a better place for our lineage (any reasonable person at least has the
*intention* to do so), and one can seriously question if we're doing enough,
facing what seems to have been turned into a 'liability' by some.

There's more to wealth than just economic growth (ecological pollution equals
'growth', since the cleaning up of wastes equates generating jobs), there's more
to politics than just politicians talking (depending on how extreme a viewpoint
the one end of a political spectrum takes, the closer 'moderate' parties can get
to these extreme viewpoints without it being noticed by most people; a dangerous
development that requires citizens to become more politically involved). Even
though I certainly hope that you as my reader don't agree with everything I say,
this foreword has been written first and foremost to present the game you're
about to play in a light that is pretty much absent from the videogame industry.

Games are 'supposed to be' fun and entertaining, they 'shouldn't contain too
much realistic political themes' but mere caricatures of real policies instead,
so the argument goes. I would instead argue that narrating videogames,
especially as they rapidly replace literature and a wide diversity of other
cultural activities and phenomena, are *exactly* the right place to sketch real-
world problems, existential and ecological problematique, and that developers
have a socio-cultural responsibility to actively explore those themes that are
underrepresented in our current Western social consciousness.

A developer's refusal to do so (in the case of videogames strongly driven by
narrative) would be an insult to the intelligence of any adult gamer. Arguments
'considering the current market' reflect the hidden hollow ideology of many
mainstream developers; the argument essentially states that 'companies are
paying attention to what gamers want, isn't that great?' That's the world upside
down; one should create something great in order to attract a (new) audience,
not create something because it is conforms to the expectations of a market! The
latter means the creator doesn't have ideas of their own but 'fortunately' does
know which existing ideas are popular under the currently dominant gamer age
(and gender) demographic. I'd say that if you don't have any ideas of your own,
you have no place in any creative industry. Year after year, new 'blockbuster
titles' replace their mindless predecessors, whose stories have been long
forgotten, just as the majority of identical 'new' stories will be forgotten.

But there's hope still for intelligent 'adult' (18+) gamers. It seems that with
the aging of 'older generations' of gamers, a new 'adult' market is slowly
opening up, of which developers are only slowly becoming aware. While a
promising thought for the future, it remains foolish should an entire segment of
the gaming industry's market (women included) be put away in the freezer for
twenty years; after a few years, most of it will be rotten.

For the time being we'll have to take our individual responsibility to move
beyond videogame narratives and explore the most urgent societal themes all by
ourselves, or perhaps with a little help from our friends of the declining
literary world. As such, hopefully The Last of Us manages to inspire beyond
being a mere captivating experience.

 ______  ______  _  _     _  _______  _  _     _  _____
|  __  ||  __  || || \   | ||__   __|| || \   | ||  ___| A recent poll showed 
| |  | || |  | || ||  \  | |   | |   | ||  \  | || |     that some people still
| |__| || |__| || ||   \ | |   | |   | ||   \ | || | __  print out FAQs. I will
|  ____||    __|| || |\ \| |   | |   | || |\ \| || ||  | hereby kindly request
| |     | |\ \  | || | \   |   | |   | || | \   || | | | that if you prefer to
| |     | | \ \ | || |  \  |   | |   | || |  \  || |_| | print out (parts of)
|_|     |_|  \_\|_||_|   \_|   |_|   |_||_|   \_||_____| this FAQ that you use
 ______  _____  _     _  ____  _     _   recycled paper from certified and
|  __  ||  _  || |   | ||  __|\ \   / / sustained sources, such as the FSC
| |  | || | | || |   | || |    \ \ / / (Forest Stewardship Council)
| |__| || | | || |   | || |     \ v / certification indicates. Obviously we
|  ____|| | | || |   | || |      | | will want to continue enjoying real forests
| |     | | | || |   | || |      | | besides digital nature, and I'm sure you've
| |     | |_| || |__ | || |__    | | heard of that substance called oxygen.
|_|     |_____||____||_||____|   |_| Turns out to be quite crucial for your
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  brain functions.

        ____   _____  _     _  _____  _______  _  _____  _     _  _____
       |    \ |  _  || \   | ||  _  ||__   __|| ||  _  || \   | ||  __ |
       | |\  || | | ||  \  | || | | |   | |   | || | | ||  \  | || |  \|
       | | | || | | ||   \ | || |_| |   | |   | || | | ||   \ | || |___
       | | | || | | || |\ \| ||  _  |   | |   | || | | || |\ \| ||___  |
       | | | || | | || | \   || | | |   | |   | || | | || | \   |    | |
       | |/  || |_| || |  \  || | | |   | |   | || |_| || |  \  ||\__| |
       |____/ |_____||_|   \_||_| |_|   |_|   |_||_____||_|   \_||_____|

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              _______  _____  _____   _     ____      _____  ____
             |__   __||  _  ||  __ \ | |   |  __|    |  _  ||  __|
                | |   | | | || |  ) )| |   | |       | | | || |
                | |   | |_| || |_/ / | |   | |__     | | | || |__
                | |   |  _  ||  _ (  | |   |  __|    | | | ||  __|
                | |   | | | || | \ \ | |   | |       | | | || |
                | |   | | | || |__) )| |__ | |__     | |_| || |
                |_|   |_| |_||_____/ |____||____|    |_____||_|
         ____  _____  _     _  _______  ____  _     _  _______  _____
        |  __||  _  || \   | ||__   __||  __|| \   | ||__   __||  __ |
        | |   | | | ||  \  | |   | |   | |   |  \  | |   | |   | |  \|
        | |   | | | ||   \ | |   | |   | |__ |   \ | |   | |   | |___
        | |   | | | || |\ \| |   | |   |  __|| |\ \| |   | |   |___  |
        | |   | | | || | \   |   | |   | |   | | \   |   | |       | |
        | |__ | |_| || |  \  |   | |   | |__ | |  \  |   | |   |\__| |
        |____||_____||_|   \_|   |_|   |____||_|   \_|   |_|   |_____|
  Use Ctrl+F to find what you're looking for, and copy/paste the brackets [].

               I.    CONTROLS, BASICS & TIPS [BSC]
               1.1   Controls .......................... [BSC-1]
               1.2   Menu Options ...................... [BSC-2]
               1.3   Difficulty ........................ [BSC-3]
               1.4   Movement .......................... [BSC-4]
               1.5   Healing ........................... [BSC-5]
               1.6   Crafting/Item Upgrades ............ [BSC-6]
               1.7   Parts & Workbenches ............... [BSC-7]
               1.8   Melee Combat ...................... [BSC-8]
               1.9   Basic Enemy Tactics ............... [BSC-9]

               II.   WALKTRHOUGH [WLK]
               2.1   Hometown: Prologue ................ [WLK-1]
               2.2   The Quarantine Zone: 20 Years Later [WLK-2]
               2.3   The Quarantine Zone: Outside ...... [WLK-3]
               2.4   The Quarantine Zone: The Slums .... [WLK-4]
               2.5   The Quarantine Zone: The Cargo .... [WLK-5]
               2.6   Outskirts: Outside ................ [WLK-6]
               2.7   Outskirts: Downtown ............... [WLK-7]
               2.8   Outskirts: Museum ................. [WLK-8]
               2.9   Outskirts: The Capitol Building ... [WLK-9]
               2.10  Bill's Town: The Woods ............ [WLK-10]
               2.11  Bill's Town: Safehouse ............ [WLK-11]
               2.12  Bill's Town: Graveyard ............ [WLK-12]
               2.13  Bill's Town: High School Escape ... [WLK-13]
               2.14  Pittsburgh: Alone and Forsaken .... [WLK-14]
               2.15  Pittsburgh: Hotel Lobby ........... [WLK-15]
               2.16  Pittsburgh: Financial District .... [WLK-16]
               2.17  Pittsburgh: Escape the City ....... [WLK-17]
               2.18  The Suburbs: Sewers ............... [WLK-18]
               2.19  The Suburbs: Suburbs .............. [WLK-19]
               2.20  Tommy's Dam: Hydroelectric Dam .... [WLK-20]
               2.21  Tommy's Dam: Ranch House .......... [WLK-21]
               2.22  The University: Go Big Horns ...... [WLK-22]
               2.23  The University: Science Building .. [WLK-23]
               2.24  Lakeside Resort: The Hunt ......... [WLK-24]
               2.25  Lakeside Resort: Cabin Resort ..... [WLK-25]
               2.26  Bus Depot: Highway Exit ........... [WLK-26]
               2.27  Bus Depot: Underground Tunnel ..... [WLK-27]
               2.28  The Firefly Lab: The Hospital ..... [WLK-28]
               2.29  Jackson: Epilogue ................. [WLK-29]

                     LEFT BEHIND WALKTHROUGH [WLK-LB]
               2.30  Back in a Flash ................... [WLK-30]
               2.31  Mallrats .......................... [WLK-31]
               2.32  So Close .......................... [WLK-32]
               2.33  Fun and Games ..................... [WLK-33]
               2.34  The Enemy of My Enemy ............. [WLK-34]
               2.35  Escape from Liberty Gardens ....... [WLK-35]

               III.  APPENDICES
               3.1   Trophies .......................... [APX-1]
               3.2   Optional Dialogue ................. [APX-2]
               3.3   Training Manuals Locations ........ [APX-3]
               3.4   Comic Books Locations ............. [APX-4]
               3.5   Firefly Pendant Locations ......... [APX-5]
               3.6   American Dreams Comics Story Recap  [APX-6]
               3.7   Left Behind Trophies .............. [APX-7]
               3.8   Left Behind Optional Dialogue ..... [APX-8]
               3.9   Left Behind Artifact Locations .... [APX-9]
               3.10  FAQs .............................. [APX-10]


           ____  _____  _     _  _______  ______  _____  _     _____
          |  __||  _  || \   | ||__   __||  __  ||  _  || |   |  __ |
          | |   | | | ||  \  | |   | |   | |  | || | | || |   | |  \|
          | |   | | | ||   \ | |   | |   | |__| || | | || |   | |___
          | |   | | | || |\ \| |   | |   |    __|| | | || |   |___  |
          | |   | | | || | \   |   | |   | |\ \  | | | || |       | |
          | |__ | |_| || |  \  |   | |   | | \ \ | |_| || |__ |\__| |
          |____||_____||_|   \_|   |_|   |_|  \_\|_____||____||_____|

            _.——————._     PS3 GAME CONTROLS [BSC-1]      _.——————._
           |    L2    |    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     |    R2    |
          /|—´¯¯¯¯¯¯`—|\                                /|—´¯¯¯¯¯¯`—|\
         //|    L1    |\\______________________________//|    R1    |\\
       //'               `.        S  O  N  Y        .´               '\\
      /'       .——.        '                        '        .——.       '\
     /         |UP|         \   ____        ____   /        ( /\ )        \
    (     .——.  \/  .——.     ) [ SL ]      [ ST > (    .——.  `——´  .——.    )
    |     |LT >    < RT|     |  ¯¯¯¯        ¯¯¯¯  |   ( [] )      ( () )   |
   .(     '——'  /\  '——'     )_       .——.       _(    `——´  .——.  `——´    ).
     \         |DN|            `.    ( PS )    .´           ( >< )        /
  ´   `.       '——'      .´¯¯`.  \    `——´    /  .´¯¯`.      `——´       .´   `
  |     `._             .  LA  .  )          (  .  RA  .             _.´     |
  |        ¯—._____.—.  '  L3  '  |__________|  '  R3  '  .—._____.—¯        |
  |                  /\  `.__.´  /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\  `.__.´  /\                  |
  |                 /  `._    _,´              `._    _,´  \                 |
  |                /      ¯¯¯¯                    ¯¯¯¯      \                |
  '              .´                                          `.              '
   \           .´                                              `.           /
    `._     _.´                                                  `._     _.´
       ¯¯¯¯¯    .´¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯`.    ¯¯¯¯¯
                |   UP = UP            |   /\ = TRIANGLE       |
                |   DN = DOWN          |   [] = SQUARE         |
                |   LT = LEFT          |   () = CIRCLE         |
                |   RT = RIGHT         |   >< = CROSS          |
                |                      |                       |
                |   L1 = L1 TRIGGER    |   R1 = R1 TRIGGER     |
                |   L2 = L2 TRIGGER    |   R2 = R2 TRIGGER     |
                |                      |                       |
                |   LA = LEFT ANALOG   |   RA = RIGHT ANALOG   |
                |   L3 = L3 (PRESS)    |   R3 = R3 (PRESS)     |
                |                      |                       |
                |   SL = SELECT        |   ST = START          |
                |                      |                       |
                |            PS = PLAYSTATION BUTTON           |

      | FIELD COMMAND:               | ACTION:                          |
      | Left Analog                  | Movement                         |
      | Right Analog                 | Adjust Camera                    |
      | L3 (Press Left Analog)       | Look (situational)               |
      | R3 (Press Right Analog)      | Flashlight Toggle                |
      | Shake Controller             | Temporarily recharge flashlight  |
      | Directional pad (Left/Right) | Select Weapons                   |
      | Directional pad (Up/Down)    | Consumable Items                 |
      | Left Analog (back) + Cross   | 180 turn                         |
      | Cross                        | Climb                            |
      | Square                       | Melee Attack                     |
      | Circle                       | Crouch/Get up                    |
      | Triangle                     | Interact/Pick-up                 |
      | R1                           | Reload (without aiming)          |
      |                              | Arc throw (while holding a bottle|
      |                              | or brick + while aiming)         |
      |                              | Blind throw (while holding a     |
      |                              | bottle or a brick)               |
      | R2                           | Listen mode (hold)               |
      | L1                           | Aim                              |
      | L2                           | Sprint/Break free                |
      | L1 + R1                      | Aim + Fire/Throw                 |
      | L1 + R2                      | Shoulder Switch                  |
      | START                        | Pause                            |
      | SELECT                       | Craft                            |

                     _____   _____  _____  _  ____  _____
                    |  __ \ |  _  ||  __ || ||  __||  __ |
                    | |  ) )| | | || |  \|| || |   | |  \|
                    | |_/ / | |_| || |___ | || |   | |___
                    |  _ (  |  _  ||___  || || |   |___  |
                    | | \ \ | | | |    | || || |       | |
                    | |__) )| | | ||\__| || || |__ |\__| |
                    |_____/ |_| |_||_____||_||____||_____|

GAME: [DIFFICULTY: Easy/Normal/Hard/Survivor]
¯¯¯¯¯ [SUBTITLES: On/Off]
      [GAME HINTS: On/Off]
      [STRATEGIC TIPS: On/Off]
      [TUTORIAL HINTS: On/Off]
      [GORE: On/Off]
      [LISTEN MODE: On/Off]
      [MELEE PROMPTS: On/Off]

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ [AIMING; HORIZONTAL: Normal/Flipped]
          [AIMING; VERTICAL: Normal/Flipped]
          [CAMERA; HORIZONTAL: Normal/Flipped]
          [CAMERA; VERTICAL: Normal/Flipped]
          [SHOW CONTROLS]
          [RESET DEFAULTS]


AUDIO: [VOLUME; SFX: Adjustable Bar]
¯¯¯¯¯¯ [VOLUME; MUSIC: Adjustable Bar]
       [VOLUME; SPEECH: Adjustable Bar]
       [VOLUME; MOVIE: Adjustable Bar]
       [OUTPUT; FORMAT: Default/Stereo Speakers/Stereo Headphones/
                        Dolby Pro Logic II]
       [OUTPUT; CENTRE SPEAKER: Small/Large]
       [OUTPUT; DYNAMIC RANGE: Default/Maximum/Wide/Normal/Narrow/Midnight]

LANGUAGE: [TEXT: English/Francais/Italiano/Deutsch/Español/Dansk/Português/
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       Nederlands/Suomi/Norsk/Svenska/Russian/Polski/Greek/Cesky/Türkce
          [SUBS: English/Francais/Italiano/Deutsch/Español/Dansk/Português/
          [SPEECH: English/Francais/Italiano/Deutsch/Español/Português/Russian/

TUTORIALS: Depending on how far you've progressed in the game, various tutorials
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ appear here. If you're a beginner it's worthwhile to check all new 
           entries in this section.

RESTART ENCOUNTER: Restarts the game from the last checkpoint. Especially handy
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ when you're discovered by enemies while you wanted to do a
                   full stealth run.

Depending on the difficulty, you'll find more or less items during your quest
for survival. The harder the difficulty, the less items you'll find. You'll
still be able to find all collectibles regardless the difficulty you're playing

Note: Not all items disappear on harder difficulties. Weapons, Skill Pills,
      Parts, Training Manuals, Comics and Artefacts can be gotten during any of
      your playthroughs.

The harder the difficulty, the more damage you take from enemy blows. Some enemy
attacks (such as a Clicker grapple) retain their instant-kill effect on all
difficulties. Enemies will also notice you considerably more quickly the harder
the difficulty.

The Easy difficulty also has an additional option for 'Lock On Aiming', which
makes it easier to shoot targets.

The Survivor difficulty doesn't have a Listen Mode nor Melee Prompts for in-game
combat. You'll want to be very familiar with the game before attempting it.

Joel can crouch/sneak, walk, run and dash. Compared to running, other movements
are either slower (sneaking, walking) or faster (dashing). As a rule of thumb:
The faster you move, the more noise you make. Sneaking/moving while crouched is
very quiet, but not completely silent, and Clickers will still be able to hear
you when getting (very) close.

| Sneaking while aiming     | 3.5x slower                  | Very quiet        |
| Listen Mode               | 2.75x slower                 | Very quiet        |
| Walking while aiming/     | 2.75x slower                 | Very quiet        |
| preparing to throw        |                              |                   |
| Sneaking (crouched)       | 0.4x slower                  | Very quiet        |
| Walking (slow - fast)     | 2x - 3.5x slower             | Quiet             |
| Running                   | Nominal speed                | Noisy             |
| Dashing                   | 0.25x faster                 | Very noisy        |

Avoid making unnecessary sounds. The 'click' of an empty gun, or the sound of
reloading can trigger enemy responses, especially from Clickers.

Joel starts the game with five health bars. You can increase his maximum health
by collecting Skill Pills and purchasing the 'Maximum Health' skill.

If you're injured there are several ways to patch yourself up. Health Kits can
be crafted (by combining a rag + alcohol); Health Cans and Bars can be found in
various places but cannot be placed in your inventory - you'll have to use them
right away.

          | HEALING ITEM: | HEALS: | HOW TO GET:                   |
          | Health Kit    | 3 bars | Found; Crafted: Rag + Alcohol |
          | Health Can    | 1 bar  | Found                         |
          | Health Bar    |1/2 bar | Found                         |

The following items can be combined or used to create the following:

Health Kit                 = Rag + Alcohol
Shiv                       = Blade + Binding
Molotov Cocktail           = Rag + Alcohol
Nail Bomb                  = Blade + Explosive
Smoke Bomb                 = Blade + Explosive
Melee Weapon Modification  = Melee Weapon + Blade + Binding

It (initially) takes two seconds to craft these upgrades.

The Nail Bat grants one instant-kill bar, which appears underneath the (four)
smaller bars, which indicate how many regular slashes you have left. More
importantly, this instant-kill attack is also a stealthy attack; nearby enemies
are not alarmed when you use your upgraded melee weapon.

A Runner typically takes four slashes, or one normal Wooden Stick. The Lead Pipe
has nine regular bars and allows you to take down two Runners (and have one bar

Collect Parts to upgrade your weapons at Workbenches.

There are various ways to take out enemies. Especially on higher difficulties
it's worth the trouble to defeat enemies by stealthily strangling them, or
alternatively killing them with bricks to conserve your scarce ammunition.

Approach an enemy from the back by sneaking towards them, the press triangle to
grab them. After this you can either kill them with a Shiv (triangle) or
strangle them (Runners only, press square).

If you're discovered, use walls and other strong objects to your advantage.
Should a Runner grab Joel while close to a wall, there will be more time for you
to input the button presses. If Joel attacks Runners or Marauders while close
to walls or objects he's likely to perform deadly moves, especially when you
corner your foe against a wall or big object.

If you sneak up on a Runner with the intention of strangling them or killing
them with a Shiv and they turn around the instant you wanted to grab them, Joel
will throw them on the floor and crush their head with his foot. This is an
instant kill, but unlike a stealthy strangle/Shiv move, this does alarm any
nearby enemies, so it's not the preferred action.

Killing enemies with bricks or bottles helps to conserve ammunition, but is not
soundless. Equip a brick to smash your enemy's head; in the case of a Clicker,
quietly approach it from the back and smash it three times. You can also stun
enemies by throwing bottles/bricks at them; rushing towards them allows you to
get several melee punches in, but be careful around Clickers - they might grab
you if you're not fast enough. The stun effect from a bottle/brick lasts 5

Equip melee weapons (Wooden Sticks, Lead Pipes) to kill your opponents more
effectively. Melee weapons break down and have bars to indicate how many
(enemy-hitting) slashes you have left. Some melee weapons, such as the Wooden
Stick can be upgraded (in a Nail Bat for example); this grants an instant-kill
bar which can be used on one enemy. This (slightly bigger) bar appears under
the regular bars. Most importantly, it is also a stealthy attack; other nearby
enemies won't be alarmed when you kill an enemy with your upgraded melee weapon!

  | SITUATION:                                                  | SECONDS: |
  | Input time after grabbing a Runner                          |    4     |
  | Time it takes to strangle a Runner                          |   6.5    |
  | Time it takes to shiv a Runner                              |   2.5    |
  | Time-frame to break free from Runner grapple                |   2.5    |
  | Time-frame to break free from Runner grapple (against wall) |    5     |
  | Time-frame to break free from Clicker grapple               |   ~1     |

Infected Runners: These are in the earliest stage of the fungal infection and
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ haven't lost their vision yet, so stay out of their sight.
Runners are just as fast as a dashing Joel and are usually encountered in
groups. If a group of Runners overwhelms Joel, press R2 to break free from their
slashes and dash to safety. All types of attacks (Ranged, Melee or Stealth) are
effective against Runners, but try to conserve your scarce ammunition.

Infected Stalkers: Stalkers are in the second phase of the fungal infection.
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ They are very fast and will actively hunt Joel; there's no
sneaking around once they have detected you. If they grab you, quickly press
square (as with Runners) to free yourself, then quickly melee them to death.
The same combat tactics apply to Stalkers as Runners.

Infected Clickers: Clickers are in the third stage of the fungal infection and
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ have fully lost their sight. They compensate their lack of
vision by using echolocation clicks, pinpointing the exact location of even the
slightest noises. Clickers are much harder to take down than Runners and cannot
be strangled; the only way to kill them stealthily is by using a Shiv. Never
approach a Clicker up front or they'll grab you; in order to break free you'll
have to use a precious Shiv.

Alternatively you can distract Clickers by making a noise (throwing a brick or
bottle will do the trick). Should it come to (ranged) combat, note that it takes
at least two headshots to down a Clicker. Should you manage to land a first
headshot, the Clicker will be briefly stunned, allowing you to take the second
headshot slightly more easily.

Killing a Clicker with a brick is best done by approaching it from the back
(never from the front, or it'll grab you); once the triangle button appears,
instead quickly tap square. Bashing the brick against its head three times will
do the trick.

An alternative method to kill a (sole) Clicker is to stun it by throwing a brick
(or bottle) at it. IF, and only IF the Clicker is stunned, QUICKLY dash towards
it and rapidly melee it to death. This is a dangerous method and you need to be
ruthless during the melee spree or the Clicker could grab you. Alternatively
you can hit it three times, back away, stun it again, then finish it off. In
either scenario, be warned that this is a tricky method to pull off correctly.

Clickers are not as fast as Runners but are almost as fast as a running/jogging
(not dashing) Joel.

Infected Bloaters: These large foes are in the final stage of the fungal
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ infection and move rather slowly. They can sustain a lot of
damage; Molotov Cocktails and Nail Bombs are effective on them. Do not get close
to them and do not try to sneak up on them; any kind of close contact means
instant death. The Bloater will also hurl dangerous spore bombs at you, which
you'll naturally want to avoid.

 _     _  _____  _     _    _  _______ _   _  ______  _____  _   _  ____  _   _
| |   | ||  _  || |   | |  / /|__   __| | | ||  __  ||  _  || | | ||  __|| | | |
| |   | || | | || |   | | / /    | |  | | | || |  | || | | || | | || |   | | | |
| | _ | || |_| || |   | |/ /     | |  | |_| || |__| || | | || | | || | _ | |_| |
| || || ||  _  || |   |   (      | |  |  _  ||    __|| | | || | | || || ||  _  |
| || || || | | || |   | |\ \     | |  | | | || |\ \  | | | || | | || | ||| | | |
| || || || | | || |__ | | \ \    | |  | | | || | \ \ | |_| || |_| || |_||| | | |
|_______||_| |_||____||_|  \_\   |_|  |_| |_||_|  \_\|_____||_____||____||_| |_|

IMPORTANT NOTE: This walkthrough was written for the 'Hard' difficulty. It is
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ in any case recommended that you play the game on Hard your
                first time through, or it may very well be much too easy.
                Only if you're an inexperienced gamer and have difficulties
                with the controls should you play on Normal (or Easy). The most
                notable difference between difficulties is the amount of items
                you'll find during your journey. The harder the difficulty, the
                fewer items you'll find. It's thus quite likely you'll find
                items not listed in (the current version of) this guide when
                you're playing on Normal or Easy, although you'll still find
                everything else just fine (which should be more than enough).

                The following notation is used (in item checklists) to
                indicate which difficulties grant an item: (E/N/H/S). A ?-mark
                indicates that it's still being researched whether or not the
                item is available on that difficulty or not.

           H  O  M  E  T  O  W  N:  P  R  O  L  O  G  U  E  [WLK-1]
After the scene you'll get out bed as Sarah. You can inspect the phone one more
time, but it doesn't do much good. It's also possible to check out the birthday
card on the desk. After this, head through the door and search the bathroom to
read a newspaper which has a frontpage article about the infected.. Inspect
Joel's bedroom to find used tissues everywhere indicating his single man's life
and .. Well, actually not, he cleaned them up of course, just like the saying. A
wise man knows when to clean up his tissues. (Immediately. ALWAYS.) In any case
it looks like the city's in big trouble according to the journal.

Head downstairs after this and check the ringing cellphone in the kitchen; Uncle
Tommy again. Looks like dad left a note on the fridge saying he's home late.
Well, life happens, right? Maybe he's in his working room on the other side of
the house? Indeed, a long scene triggers soon after you enter. While you're in
the car you can look around and zoom in by pressing L1.

When you're required to do so, press square multiple times to get out of the
car. After this, run down the street while staying close to Tommy. Do not wander
too far off or you'll be instantly killed. Should you get grabbed by one of the
Runners walking in the street, you'll have a chance of pushing them away. Follow
the street and head around the right corner; move past the fire truck and go
into the alley on the right side of the street when Tommy tells you to.

Push away the Runner and follow Tommy through the back alleys. Quickly head
inside the restaurant, then move to the far end of the hill to conclude the

                 _____  _   _  _______  _______  ____  ______
                |  __ || | | ||       ||       ||  __||  __  |
                | |  \|| | | || || || || || || || |   | |  | |
                | |___ | | | || || || || || || || |__ | |__| |
                |___  || | | || ||_|| || ||_|| ||  __||    __|
                    | || | | || |   | || |   | || |   | |\ \
                |\__| || |_| || |   | || |   | || |__ | | \ \
                |_____||_____||_|   |_||_|   |_||____||_|  \_\

   T H E  Q U A R A N T I N E  Z O N E:  2 0  Y E A R S  L A T E R  [WLK-2]
Walk close towards the couple and overhear their conversation, then follow Tess
through the main street. If you bump into one of the security guards, they'll
push Joel down on the street; do it a second time, they'll kill him. You can see
what happens with infected people at the corner of the street; needless to say,
that's not what you want.

Speak with the couple on the right side of the street to trigger an optional
conversation. If you move closer to the security guards in the armored vehicle
you can overhear their conversation; the same applies to the two guys standing
at the corner of the building around the corner. When you're ready, follow Tess
to the gate, then head inside the building she's headed towards. Move to the
back and help Tess move a cabinet out of the way.

         T H E  Q U A R A N T I N E  Z O N E:  O U T S I D E  [WLK-3]
  [ ] 9mm Handgun (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 4 Handgun Ammo (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 3 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (David Michael Vigil - 102) (ALL)
  [ ] 2 Handgun Ammo (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Note To Brother (ALL)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Ben Glueck - 106) (ALL)

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/noczteg
Drop down and move around the corner to get your gear (backpack, flashlight and
[9MM HANDGUN + 4 AMMO]). Boost Tess up at the wooden planks and head inside the
building. Outside you can have a short optional conversation with Tess; follow
her to the other side of the area and look for the ladder behind the car. Place
it against the building and go inside. Inside the kitchen you can find [3 PARTS]
(which are used for upgrading weapons, something that can only be done at
Workbenches). Search the other room to find a [FIREFLY PENDANT (DAVID MICHAEL
VIGIL - 102)].

Head downstairs and go through the hall. Whenever there are spores, Joel will
automatically put on his gasmask, so you don't have to worry about him getting
infected. Move through the hole in the wall in the next room and remove the
beams to continue. In the next room, grab the [2 HANDGUN AMMO] and either kill
or ignore the guy that got stuck. Not too far up ahead you'll encounter three
Runners. You'll have to strangle the first one by sneaking up behind it and
pressing triangle to grab it, followed by square to strangle it. Ignore the
two feasting Runners and move inside the kitchen, where you can find a [HEALTH
BAR]. You can't take it with you, so if you're not injured simply ignore it.

Head upstairs and enter the room behind the closed door, but remain crouched so
that the two Runners below can't hear you. Here you'll find a [NOTE TO BROTHER]
and a [HEALTH BAR]. Sneak over the wooden planks and drop down, then follow Tess
inside another building. Move through the hole in the wall and get the plank for
Tess, then go up and move across. You can find another [HEALTH BAR] at the end
of the catwalk, should you need it.

Drop down and at the end of the alley, move underneath the fire escape to reach
a small square. Look at the tree directly in front of you; it has a [FIREFLY
PENDANT (BEN GLUECK - 106)] hanging in it, which you'll need to shoot in order
to collect it. Enter the building Tess goes into, then enter the market area.

        T H E  Q U A R A N T I N E  Z O N E:  T H E  S L U M S  [WLK-4]
  [ ] Drafting Notice (ALL)
  [ ] Wanted Poster (ALL)
  [ ] Warehouse Key (ALL)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Health Can (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Health Kit (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Shiv (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Shipping Manifest (ALL)
  [ ] Shiv (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Docks Note (ALL)
  [ ] Wooden Stick (E/N/H/-)

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/qex7wpw
You can get more optional dialogue by going over to the stores to the right.
Follow Tess through the market when you want to continue with the story. Move
through the bus and you'll reach a small square. Before continuing, look for
the [DRAFTING NOTICE] near store in the left corner. You can also find the
[WANTED POSTER] next to the fence, featuring Marlene of the Fireflies.

Follow Tess and you'll bump into a couple of hired goons of Robert. You don't
have a lot of ammo, so make every shot count and loot their bodies afterwards.
If you run out of ammunition completely, you'll have to take them out with melee
attacks, but this could cost you some of your health instead. Follow Tess
through the alleys until you have to drop through a hole in a fence. Here,
quickly move down the street to sneak up on the patrol outside to strangle him,
then move close to the windows of the building.

When the two guards inside are done conversing, sneak up on the one closest to
the window and strangle him; Tess will kill the other one. Loot his body for
the [WAREHOUSE KEY] and search the other room for a [HEALTH BAR] should you need
it. There's also a [HEALTH CAN] next to the trash near the doorway.

In the next area, wait for the guy standing in the doorway to stop looking your
direction; he'll actually only do this once, so you can strangle him fairly
quickly. Do wait until the other guy heads upstairs. Hide behind the door and
follow the guard upstairs so you can strangle him here. Don't touch anything
that could make a sound and continue over the walkway, but don't come too close
to the railing or the guard downstairs could spot you. Grab the [HEALTH KIT] at
the corner and hide behind the wall until one of the two guards comes walking
your direction. He'll just turn his face against the wall - the dumbest AI move
ever - so you can safely strangle him.

Head back and go around the other way - again stay away from the opening in the
railing - and look for a [SHIV]. Now head back the way you came, go back down
and quietly approach the guy below, but beware of the guy on the first floor.
You can strangle the guy whenever the guard on the first floor starts moving
away so that you're just out of sight. With him gone, go back up, head left and
strangle the final guard. Open the garage door on the ground floor by pulling
down the chain.

In the shipment area are quite a lot of guards on patrol, so you'll want to take
a sneaky route to take out every single one of them without wasting precious
ammunition. Head left and move beyond the containers until you reach one of the
guards; he'll soon be walking away from you inside a container, so strangle him
there. Now move towards the hangar, but make sure you're not spotted. There are
two guards on patrol here, and several standing on watch. It's possible to take
them all out by stealth, and one such way to do it is the following.

First you'll want to hide behind the small brown container next to a green one.
There are to the left of a stacked pile of containers, to the right of a large
shipment container you can walk through, and one of the guards will be standing
next to it every once in a while. That's the perfect time to strangle him, but
only when the second guard on patrol is already about to lean back against the
larger stack of crates; at that time, strangle the first guard, immediately
sneak to the second and take him out as well. It may require a short wait, but
it's definitely a safe and sound method for doing it.

You can now go back outside the way you came and move behind the guard standing
on watch there. Search nearby the railing to also find the [SHIPPING MANIFEST].
It's also worthwhile to search between the containers you snuck past at the very
beginning to find a [SHIV] between the ones in the middle. If you head back
inside and search the right side of the hangar, you can find the [DOCKS NOTE]
behind a small container. There's also a [WOODEN STICK] here if you hadn't
already gotten one from the guard you strangled.

Move to the other side of the hangar and go sneak through the container to
strangle the guard standing on watch nearby. Although the coast *looks* clear,
it's actually not. One last guard is standing behind the crates right before the
office. If you want to take him out with a melee move, there's no other choice
but to hurl a bottle or brick to the left side of the area and approaching him
from the back as quickly as you can.

        T H E  Q U A R A N T I N E  Z O N E:  T H E  C A R G O  [WLK-5]
  [ ] (1/2) Binding (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 7 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Wooden Stick (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] 3 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Philip Liu - 105) (ALL)

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/qg36tdb
Enter the office and chase Robert as quickly as you can; if he gets away you'll
have to try again. When you've caught up with him, a scene plays. Afterwards,
search the table in the middle of the area for [(1/2) BINDING], [(1/4) BLADES]
and [7 PARTS]. There's also a [WOODEN STICK] near the car wreck should you need
it. Follow Marlene through the alley and go up the fire escape's ladder. Drop
down through one of the roof's windows that Marlene enters and search this room
for [3 PARTS]. Help open the heavy blue door and follow Marlene outside.

You'll have to sneak past (or strangle) several guards in this area. Go upstairs
and sneak into the building. When you strangle the one guard, Marlene will take
care of the other. Search one of the cabinets in this room for [(1/2) BLADES]
and move to the far back. Hop through the window to sneak up on the guard
standing close to the crates (not the one further away) and stay crouched. A
guard in the distance will execute someone and stand in the middle of the
street. There's also one final guard who patrols the stairs. Whenever he's
going back down, first dispatch the guard closest to you (also near some crates)
and then take out the other guard out in the open. Wait for the last guard to
return while hiding behind some crates near the stairs and sneak up on him; and
that's that! You can have an optional dialogue with Marlene if you walk towards
the bodies of the executed Fireflies on the bridge.

Head downstairs and follow Marlene through the building until a scene plays.
After that, Ellie will join you. Check on one of the bodies in the street to
find a [FIREFLY PENDANT (PHILIP LIU - 105)]. Move down the steps and head
through the alley. In order to reach the fire escape, pull the container near
the fence towards it. Simply head up and make your way to the room at the end
of the halls.

               T H E  O U T S K I R T S:  O U T S I D E  [WLK-6]
[ ] Tess' List (ALL)
[ ] Patrol Routes Map (ALL)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/2) Binding (E/N/H/-)
[ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/S)

When you wake up, check the small table with the lantern in the other room to
find [TESS' LIST]. Go inside the other room, have a word with Tess, then
activate the generator in the hidden room by pressing triangle at the right time
three times in a row. Ride the elevator down and search the right side of this
room for the [PATROL ROUTES MAP]. Head through the tunnel and go up the ladder.
Outside, simply head through the truck up ahead to trigger a scene.

Move through the hole and hide behind the vehicle. Run and hide behind the
car to the left and from here, quickly drop down the trench. Dash towards the
end, then move through the sewage pipe and drop down. Hide behind the wall and
move left; you'll want to avoid being seen by any of the guards, and it'd be a
massive waste of ammo trying to kill them (which isn't possible, you don't have
enough ammunition for all of them). Stay out of their search beams and move 
close to the rock wall of the trench, then curve around the corner and make a
run for the second sewage pipe. Move through and quickly drop down to the left.

Quickly climb up and move to the right side before going up the hill to find
[(1/4) BLADES]. When you reach the top, hide behind the wooden planks and head
for the stairs. Drop down and hop through the windows at the end, then search
the desk to find [(1/2) BINDING]. Head through the garage door afterwards.

Move towards the car and sneak to the right side of the area. As you proceed,
one guard will start searching this section, so try moving behind him to perform
a stealthy takedown. Press onward and hide behind cabinets and desks, then hop
in the truck and make your way to the end of the street. Crawl through the
sewage pipe and follow the linear area until you reach a hole in the wall.

Continue down the hall and stay low on the left side. The room to the left, at
the end of this hall contains [5 PARTS] on a desk and [(1/2) BLADES] in one of
the lockers. Head down the other tunnel and you'll soon enough reach the next

             T H E   O U T S K I R T S:  D O W N T O W N  [WLK-7]
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Evacuation Leaflet (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Joseph Lenz - 113) (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Parts + 1 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Field Ops Log (ALL)
  [ ] 2 Handgun Ammo (E/N/-/-)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/-/-/-)
  [ ] (1/4) Binding (E/N/-/-)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/-/-)
  [ ] (3/4) Binding (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Rag (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Alcohol (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Binding (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/-/-)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/-/-/-)
  [ ] 5 Handgun Ammo (E/N/-/-)
  [ ] 25 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 10 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (3/4) Alcohol (E/N/-/-)
  [ ] Rag (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Health Kit (E/N/-/-)
  [ ] Wooden Stick (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] Revolver (ALL)
  [ ] Shiv (E/-/-/-)
  [ ] Lead Pipe (E/N/-/-)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/-/-/-)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] Health Can (E/N/-/-)
  [ ] Wooden Stick (E/N/-/-)
  [ ] Health Can (E/N/-/-)
  [ ] Wooden Stick (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/-/-)
  [ ] 2 Revolver Ammo (E/N/-/-)
  [ ] 1 Revolver Ammo (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] (3/4) Binding (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 4 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Molotov (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Rag (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] Firefly Map (ALL)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] Wooden Stick (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] Note to Derek (ALL)
  [ ] 50 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Can (E/N/H/S)

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/pbud5qq
Move underneath the viaduct and start climbing it. There's a hole in the fence
allowing you to drop down to a closed-off area. Search the flowers close to the
car wreck near the viaduct to find [5 SKILL PILLS (E/N/H/S)]. Crawl back
underneath the structure following the stream, then head up and keep going until
you reach an intersection. A little further down the street you'll notice
several sheets of paper lying on the ground; search here to find the [EVACUATION
LEAFLET (ALL)]. You can safely ignore the dead end street to the left as there's
nothing to be found, so head down the road following Tess and Ellie.

Before traveling up, search the truck immediately left of this path to spot [5
PARTS (E/N/H/S)]. Follow Tess and Ellie, then move through the nearby building.
Before entering the Goldstone building, travel to the square in the far back of
the area, which has several trees in it. There's a [FIREFLY PENDANT (JOSEPH LENZ
- 113) (ALL)] hanging in the tree to the far end. Instead of wasting ammunition,
look for a brick or bottle behind it and throw it at the pendant to make it drop

Enter the building and ignore the room to the left, which doesn't contain any
items. Inspect the fresh corpse, then head through the closed door next to the
stairs and search the long table to find [5 + 1 PARTS (E/N/H/S)]. Head upstairs
and grab the [FIELD OPS LOG (ALL)] from nearby the body, as well as [2 HANDGUN
AMMO (E/N/-/-)]. Ignore the doorway on level 5 for now and head all the way up
to find [(1/4) BLADES (E/N/H/-)], [(1/2) BLADES (E/-/-/-)] and [(1/4) BINDING

Back downstairs at level 5, remove the dead Clicker who's blocking the door and
search the drawer in the back of this room to find [(1/4) BLADES (E/N/H/-)].
There are [5 SKILL PILLS (E/N/H/S)] in the cabinet closeby. Crawl underneath the
fallen cabinets to reach the adjacent office. Before heading through the next
door, search the other sides of the desks to spot [(1/4) BLADES (E/N/-/-)] and
[(3/4] BINDING (E/N/H/S)]. Unlock the door with the help of Tess and a short
scene will play. Note: It is impossible to die in this scene.

You can find a [RAG (E/N/H/S)] and some [ALCOHOL (E/N/H/S)] in the next room,
although Tess will grab one of these and hand it over to you the second you grab
the other item. These can be combined into Health Kits. It's not recommended to
use a Health Kit to patch yourself up at this time (even though Tess tells you),
as you'll run into a couple of healing items soon enough.

The closed door in the adjacent room can only be unlocked by using a shiv, but
there are plenty of items inside the storage room behind it, so it's well worth
the trouble: [(1/2) BINDING (E/N/H/-)], [(1/2) BLADES (E/N/-/-)], [(1/4) BLADES
(E/-/-/-)], [5 HANDGUN AMMO (E/N/-/-)] and [25 PARTS (E/N/H/S)] can be found in
the cabinet to your immediate left, and [10 SKILL PILLS (E/N/H/S)] in the one
behind it. Head through the main hall and enter the room at the end; here, boost
Tess up, then climb up yourself with her help.

After the scene, there are several ways to deal with the Clicker. Your goal is
to get to the scaffolding at the other side of the hall; this isn't too hard
since you can easily distract the Clicker by throwing bottles or bricks across
the room. There are, however, some items you might want to collect in this area,
so killing the Clicker (or avoiding it while searching, which is scarier) has
its benefits.

One way to kill the Clicker would be to use your gun, but that would be a plain
waste of ammunition; the preferable dispatching method here is crushing its head
with a brick. In order to do this you must equip a brick and sneak close behind
the Clicker (until the triangle 'grab' prompt appears; do NOT press triangle
though, it's not much use here). When you're close enough behind it, press
square several times to crush its head. You may want to distract the Clicker
first by throwing a bottle down one of the hall's doorways to approach it more
easily from behind. With the Clicker out of the way, feel free to search the
place thoroughly.

You can find a [HEALTH BAR (E/N/H/S)] in one of the desks inside the main office
(along with various bottles and bricks). If you've already got full health, this
won't be of use. The restroom contains more useful supplies: [(3/4) ALCOHOL
(E/N/-/-)] and a [RAG (E/N/H/-)]. Should you have lost any more health, a
[HEALTH BAR (E/N/H/S)] in a cabinet near the ledge you climbed up should help
balance things out. With all said and done, climb over the scaffolding to

A [HEALTH KIT (E/N/-/-)] can be found next to the body. Hop downstairs and pull
the cabinet up to clear the passage. Follow Tess and Ellie outside to reach the
lower (4th) level. Head through the doorway and turn right to find a [WOODEN
STICK (E/N/H/-)]. To the left you'll find a [REVOLVER (ALL)] with 6 bullets
inside. Make your way to Tess and Ellie and the situation you're in becomes
apparent; you'll have to go down to clear the area, meaning four Runners and one
Clicker need to be killed.

There are several ways to do this, and while it's certainly possible to rush
into the action guns blazing, that's definitely not recommended seeing how
scarce ammunition is. A more stealthy approach is definitely advisable: Start by
dropping down and picking up the [LEAD PIPE (E/N/-/-)] and [SHIV (E/-/-/-)] near
the corner straight ahead. Crouch and move around the corner to spot a Runner
with his back turned towards you. It's a 100% safe and supplies-saving stealth
kill if you sneak up on him and strangle him by first pressing triangle as it
comes up, followed by square. You can find a [HEALTH BAR (E/-/-/-)] on the
concrete block he was standing next to.

Move back to the corner you came from and check the distant hall for a Runner
who patrols it; he'll head through the doorway to the left of the far end of
this hall and come back out of another one closer to you. As soon as he exits
that room, move down the hall until you reach the intersection; stay in the hall
you're currently in and when no one is looking, move behind the nearby desk.
When the runner returns (in the hall) and heads inside the room at the end of
this hall, follow him inside to strangle him; do this when he's standing still,
or a split second after this for the safest result. In this room you can find a
[HEALTH BAR (E/N/H/-)], a [HEALTH CAN (E/N/-/-)] and a [WOODEN STICK (E/N/-/-)].

(Alternatively you can also choose to first kill the Runner in the main hall;
 the nearby Clicker won't notice a stealthy strangle - your choice.)

When the coast is clear, move back to the desk in the hall you previously hid
behind, and closely monitor the Runner that regularly stands close to the nearby
doorway; when he turns his back on you, quickly sneak up and strangle him. (Be
warned though, he'll first turn around, so wait until he starts walking further
away from you for a guaranteed stealthy strangle - Clickers do not hear this
type of takedown, so you're safe.) 

This leaves us with only one more Runner and Clicker. There's a [HEALTH CAN
(E/N/-/-)] on the nearby cupboard should you need it (now or later). Head back
inside the hall you came out of and sneak to the far end; don't move too close
to the corner however. When the Runner in the area around the corner turns his
back on you and starts walking away, take your chances and sneak up on him for
some strangling fun. If done correctly, only the Clicker is left, standing still
in the middle of the area. Grab a brick from nearby the concrete pillar, quietly
approach it (until the triangle button prompt appears, which you don't want to
press) and melee it to death with it.

If something goes wrong during all of the above, you can either restart the
encounter or take out the remaining foes and cherish the fact that you've
already conserved some ammunition. You can find a [WOODEN STICK (E/N/H/S)] near
the same concrete pillar where you found the above brick, and a [HEALTH BAR
(E/N/-/-)] on the desk in the nearby corner. There's also [2 REVOLVER AMMO
(E/N/-/-)] near the body in the main area. With the lobby thoroughly explored,
head up the concrete path to find another body with [1 REVOLVER AMMO (E/N/H/S)].
Move the cabinet out of the way so Tess and Ellie can pass, then hop over and
explore this room to find [(1/2) ALCOHOL (E/N/H/-)], a [HEALTH BAR (E/N/H/S)]
and [(1/4) BLADES (E/N/H/-)].

Tip: If you haven't crafted anything so far, now's an excellent time to do so.
     Craft a Shiv and a Health Kit to make room in your inventory, allowing you
     to collect more supplies.

Head down by going sideward and crawl underneath the concrete floor to reach a
relatively spacious area. Descend further down and crawl underneath the opening,
then turn left and move through the tunnel with the skeleton. Proceed until you
reach a large sign that reads 'Oliver LLF'. Instead of going down immediately,
follow the upper path and move along the wall to the right in order to find [5
SKILL PILLS (E/N/H/S)] and [(1/2) BLADES (E/N/H/-)]. Head down to find [(1/4)
BLADES (E/N/H/-)] and [(3/4) BINDING (E/N/H/S)], then head down and search the
blue bench to find [1 PARTS x4 (E/N/H/S)]. You can find [5 SKILL PILLS
(E/N/H/S)] next to the phones on the left side of the area. The dead Firefly
leaves you with a [MOLOTOV (E/N/H/S)] and a [RAG (E/N/H/-)]. You can find the
[FIREFLY MAP (ALL)] near the escalator.

Proceed by moving through the opening on the other side of the room, near the
vending machines. The room ahead is crawling with Clickers; fortunately you can
find a Shiv in the cabinet to your left. If you already have three Shivs you can
grab the nearest Clicker (but *only* from behind) and use a Shiv to dispatch it
stealthily. Sneak towards the left to spot a female runner feasting on a body;
curve around and grab her from the back to silently strangle her.

You can find a [HEALTH BAR (E/N/H/-)] and a [WOODEN STICK (E/N/H/-)] in the
nearby destroyed general store, as well as the [NOTE TO DEREK (ALL)] by going
behind the counter. Further down this hall, a Runner is standing still in the
corner, but this leftmost hall is also guarded by a Clicker. It's best to turn
back and head for the entrance. From here, make your way to the right side of
the area, avoiding the Clicker in the right part of the main area. When you've
reached the rightmost hall, you can either continue onward to the far end or
optionally collect some items.

It just so happens that the safe you found a note about is located in the shop
to your (initial) right, in the corner of the area, but it also just happens to
be the home of a Runner who's standing in front of it, faced towards you. While
you can still grab it and perform a melee move on it, Clickers will hear this
and come investigate. Quickly grab the [50 PARTS (E/N/H/S)] from the safe,
sprint to the other side of the area and hide until things have settled down.
When you're ready, make your way back to the rightmost hall and move to the far
end. The Clicker here can be killed by using a brick (from its back). If you're
heard, either sprint for safety and hide, or grab the nearby ladder to access
the next area - in either way that's where you'll need to go.

Tip: Keep a brick with you before heading up the ladder; you never know when it
     may come in handy (hint: soon enough).

Note: If you've lost health, you can find a [HEALTH BAR (E/N/H/?)] in the middle
      of the Clicker-infested area, and a [HEALTH CAN (E/N/H/S)] in the store to
      the upper right (not too far from the final exit). Both are fairly risky
      places, so be warned.

            T H E  O U T S K I R T S:  T H E   M U S E U M  [WLK-8]
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] Wooden Stick (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Medical Pamphlet (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 1 Revolver Ammo (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] (3/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant - Michael Kiper 109 (ALL)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Can (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] 4 Handgun Ammo (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Alcohol (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] 3 Revolver Ammo (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Rag (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 10 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 25 Parts (E/N/H/S)

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/k6tgvoa
Once you're back outside, head up to reach the downtown area. You'll need to
climb over the truck to the right, but that's impossible without some sort of
boost. Unfortunately, the house nearby contains the cabinet you're looking for,
along with three (inactive) Runners. Sneak inside (through the destroyed wall
near the truck) and strangle the first Runner to your left. Head back outside
and enter the house from the other side to strangle the second Runner. The third
one poses no real threat after this, and can again be killed with a melee move.
Also search this house for [(1/4) BLADES (E/N/H/-)], found inside one of the
drawers on the wall. Push it against the truck, then climb over. Turn around and
search the inside of the truck to find a [WOODEN STICK (E/N/H/?)] and a [MEDICAL
PAMPHLET (ALL)]. Open the garage door up ahead to trigger a scene.

In this room, search the inside of the red truck container for [5 SKILL PILLS
(E/N/H/S)], then check out the Workbench next to the door in the left corner.
Workbenches can be used to upgrade your weapons by using parts you've scavenged
along your journey. You cannot upgrade/craft and holsters right now (since those
also require 1 Tool), but you upgrades for your 9MM Pistol and Revolver are

Tip: You can get all first upgrades for both your 9MM Pistol and Revolver if
     you've collected all possible Parts up until now. Save your Skill Pills
     for later; Skills like Maximum Health, Weapon Sway and Shiv Master are more
     useful than what you can currently boost.

In the next room, grab the [1 REVOLVER AMMO (E/N/H/S)] from the desk and head
inside the door on the other side; in this small room, look for [(1/2) BLADES
(E/N/H/S)] in one of the desks, then enter a large room. Inspect the right side
of this room, underneath the collapsed floor, to find [(1/2) BLADES (E/N/H/-)]
and [(3/4) ALCOHOL (E/N/H/-)] next to some crates. Head up by moving over the
collapsed floor and hop on the left side of the floor and, while standing with
your back against the wall, move to the far end to find a [FIREFLY PENDANT

Head upstairs and make your way through the rooms. Before going through the
doorway next to a broken showcase with an antique suit on a mannequin, check the
nearby cabinet for a [(1/4) BLADES]. Lift the beam up ahead for Tess and Ellie,
then follow the tunnel to reach an area with Clickers. If you've still got a
brick in your inventory, equip it to waste the first Clicker (by approaching it
very slowly and carefully from the back). Retreat inside the tunnel and wait
for the other Clickers to back away. (Be sure to back away far enough, or they
will pull you back out).

Unless you want to sneak past it, and assuming you've still got a Wooden Stick,
the second Clicker can be dealt with by waiting for it to come close enough to
Joel (to get the Triangle button prompt, which you don't want to press) and
quickly smashing it four times. If you don't want to use your Wooden Stick (or
don't have it), you'll want to collect a brick from the large room to the right.
Remember that it's better to have them approach you as you're crouched in
silence (approaching them is always risky). The third Clicker can be either
avoided or killed by using a brick (or hurling one at it, then going for a rapid
(and somewhat dangerous) melee spree).

If you're injured, check the cafeteria on the left side of the hall to find a
[HEALTH CAN (E/N/H/-)] in the cabinet in the far right corner. You can also find
[(1/2) BLADES (E/N/H/-)] on the counter. The door in the cafeteria (immediately
to your right as you enter) is locked and can be opened with a Shiv; inside the
storage room you can find [4 HANDGUN AMMO (E/N/H/S)], [ALCOHOL (E/N/H/-)], [3
REVOLVER AMMO (E/N/H/S)], a [RAG (E/N/H/S)], [10 SKILL PILLS (E/N/H/S)] and [25

When you're done scavenging, follow the main hall to a staircase and go through
the door on the next floor. Kill the Runner at the end of this hall (for example
by stunning him with a thrown brick, then rushing over to melee him to death),
then head through the door. After the short scene, prepare yourself for a big
fight; rush over to Ellie and waste the Runner. Many more emerge, so grab a
bottle or brick from around the room and kill them as soon as possible; you'll
probably want to shoot a couple of them as well (and if you've been saving on
ammunition, this shouldn't be too much of a problem). 

Tip: On the 'Survivor' difficulty you'll want to use a Health Kit before going
     up so you're good to go health-wise. The best way to defeat all the Runners
     is to go on an absolute melee frenzy, moving from single target to single
     target. Don't stop mashing the square button until your opponent is dead,
     and stay away from groups of Runners by dashing through the room like a

After defeating all the Runners speak with both Tess and Ellie for optional
conversations. Head through the window in the corner of the area and make your
way to the roof afterwards. Place one of the large wooden planks on top of the
iron railing (of the staircase) to trigger a scene.

   T H E  O U T S K I R T S:  T H E  C A P I T O L  B U I L D I N G  [WLK-9]
  [ ] 2 Revolver Ammo (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Firefly Orders (ALL)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Melinda Davidson - 214) (ALL)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (3/4) Rag (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] (1/2) Binding (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Hunting Rifle (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Rag (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (3/4) Binding (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/-)
  [ ] Smuggler Note (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 4 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Shiyao Jiang - 178) (ALL)

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/n8zdbq5
Head downstairs and collect [2 REVOLVER AMMO (E/N/H/S)] plus the [FIREFLY ORDERS
(ALL)] from near the body next to the stairs. Move the container to the gate and
head over to proceed. Simply follow the main thoroughfare and wade through the
shallow water until the Capitol Building rises up to your right. Before
going that way, hop over the fence of the chapel to spot a [FIREFLY PENDANT
(MELINDA DAVIDSON - 214)] in the water. Head inside the building to trigger a

In the next hall, search the table for [(1/2) ALCOHOL (E/N/H/S)] and [(3/4) RAG
(E/N/H/-)], then head up the left stairs. Move through the hall, past the
balcony and make haste from this point onward. In this room, collect [(1/4)
BLADES (E/N/H/-)] from the left side near the windows and [(1/2) BINDING
(E/N/H/-)] from behind the desk to the far right, along with [5 SKILL PILLS
(E/N/H/S)] on top of it, then drop down to enter the adjacent building. Collect
the [HUNTING RIFLE (E/N/H/S)] from the body and move into the hall.

Two enemies will start searching this hall. Hide behind the crates to the left
and wait for the first to move into the room to your left. As soon as he's gone
into that room, move around the left side of the pillar in the center of the
main hall and wait for the second guard to pass (past the right side); curve
around to strangle him quietly, then head inside the room to the left in which
the first guard went looking.

Depending on if you make a sound or not (for example by touching the object
behind the cases) the guard will inspect this room faster; you can strangle him
if you do everything correctly, and the same applies for the other guard who
will soon inspect these rooms. That leaves just the one last guy in the hall;
dispatch him however you please. Don't forget to collect the [5 SKILL PILLS
(E/N/H/S] from the desk in the small room furthest down the hall (still on the
initially left side of the main hall). At the end of the hall, head downstairs
and drop down.

In this area, quickly collect a [RAG (E/N/H/S)] and [(3/4) BINDING (E/N/H/-)],
then head inside the first doorway and enter the room to the right to find a
[HEALTH BAR (E/N/H/S)]. Move to the end of this room and hide behind the table
until one of your enemies enter the room; curve around the room quietly to
strangle him. Soon enough, a second one will enter this room so prepare yourself
for it and strangle him as well. One other will investigate the halls, allowing
you to take him out fairly easily.

Approach the next hall from the right side of the area; there are three more
enemies searching the place, one of whom is usually in the room to the right; he
can be strangled fairly easily by hiding behind the bookcases (but be sure not
to kill him too close to the exit furthest away, or one of the others will spot
him). There's also a [HEALTH BAR (E/N/H/S)] on one of the benches here. You can
sneak by the remaining two enemies, but if you must, sneak behind the one
closest to you as he's walking away from you and while the other is further
away. Do take out the last one quickly.

Tip: Don't bother healing Joel with a Health Kit, especially not if you're
     playing on Survivor. His wounds will be healed not too long from now.

Back outside, head down the subway stairs on the left side of the street/river
and rush down. In the corner immediately to your right, collect the [(1/2)
ALCOHOL (E/N/H/S)] and [(1/2) BLADES (E/N/H/-)], then move down. As soon as one
of the guys closes in on Joel, curve around the object to strangle him. The
other guy will come to inspect this place soon enough, so be prepared to take
him down as well.

Follow the subway tube until you reach a flooded part where Joel will need to
swim to continue onwards. Ellie will take the small walkway on the side of the
area. Soon enough, once you've dived underneath various heaps of rubble, you and
Ellie meet back up and she'll find a working flashlight. Grab the [SMUGGLER NOTE
(ALL)], then dive and swim through the small hallway and climb back up to find
[5 SKILL PILLS (E/N/H/S)]. The flooded storage room contains [PARTS x4

In order to continue, head back to the main tube and grab the raft floating
somewhere in the middle of the area in order to transport Ellie to the other
side; she'll in turn lower a ladder for you. Simply head upstairs around the
corner to exit the subway.

Note: All of Joel's injuries will be healed after the next scene.

              B I L L ' S  T O W N:  T H E   W O O D S  [WLK-10]
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Lead Pipe (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 2 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 2 Handgun Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Pills Note (ALL)
  [ ] Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 15 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 3 Rifle Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Lead Pipe (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 10 Skill Points (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 8 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 8 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Hui Wang) (ALL)
  [ ] Note to Bob (ALL)
  [ ] 50 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 10 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 3 Rifle Ammo
  [ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Perimeter Note (ALL)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 25 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (3/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 15 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 2 Arrows (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Bow (ALL)
  [ ] Arrow (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Note to Rachel (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills
  [ ] 8 Revolver Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 8 Revolver Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Baseball Bat

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/q54og4p
After the scene you'll be in the woods. Take the right path and you'll come
across some [5 SKILL PILLS]. There's some [(1/2) ALCOHOL] near the sewage pipe
to the far right as well. Continue until you reach a closed fence; go around to
find a wooden plank and place it against the small building closeby, which can
be climbed. Grab the plank again and use it as a bridge to reach the other
building, crossing over the fence. Certainly grab the [LEAD PIPE]; you can
upgrade melee weapons from this point on.

Drop down on the other side and search the stacked barrels to find [(1/4)
BLADES] (as well as a brick, if you haven't got one already). Drop down the next
area and head down the small steps near the cabin - QUIETLY! There's a Clicker
hiding inside this cabin, so grab out a brick and slowly approach it to dispatch
it. A second Clicker will come investigate, so retreat and grab the brick near
the barricaded door (or near the cabin, if you wish) and hurl it at the
creature, then use your new lead pipe (with upgrade) to finish it off. The cabin
contains a [(1/2) RAG].

Enter the larger building and search the hall for [5 PARTS] and [5 SKILL PILLS].
The office contains [(1/4) BLADES], [2 PARTS] and [2 HANDGUN AMMO]. You can also
find the [PILLS NOTE] on the floor. Head back outside and drop down near the
building's stairs. There's a closed door here which requires a Shiv to open;
inside you can find [ALCOHOL], [10 + 5 SKILL PILLS], [10 PARTS] and [3 RIFLE

When you're done exploring, boost Ellie up to access the main street (the fence
was blocked with a [LEAD PIPE] which you can now pick up, if it's better than
what you currently have). Head down the left and explore the area behind the
fence (with the gnomes) to find [10 SKILL POINTS], [(1/2) BLADES], [(1/2)
BINDING] and [5 + 1 + 1 + 1 PARTS].

Back in the main street, approach the police cars and head up the emergency
stairs of the nearby building; at the top you'll find [5 + 1 + 1 + 1 PARTS].
You can find a further [5 PARTS] near the rubbish on the ground floor, nearby
the blue container. Enter the house and trigger an optional dialogue by talking
to Ellie when she's standing near the arcade videogame 'The Turning'. Search
the kitchen for [(1/2) BLADE).

Head further down the street and take note of the safe near the red pickup for
later. Climb up the long camper to find another [FIREFLY PENDANT: HUI WANG].
At the end of the road, the [NOTE TO BOB] is attached to the barbed wire; it
contains the safe's code, so head back and open it up. Inside are [50 PARTS],

Continue down the street and enter the record store near the end. Inside you can
find a [(1/4) RAG] inside the cabinet behind the counter, [(3/4) BINDING] and
a [PERIMETER NOTE] in the room behind this, and [10 PARTS] inside the restroom.

Head back outside and move through the alley.. Up ahead, look for [(1/4) RAG]
near the blue container. There's another closed door nearby, at the small steps.
The storage room behind it contains [(1/2) BLADES], [25 PARTS] [(3/4) ALCOHOL],
and [5 + 10 SKILL PILLS]. Further down the street you'll find [2 ARROWS]
sticking out a dead Runner. Grab the nearby ladder and place it against the
truck, on which you'll find the [BOW] plus another [ARROW].

Move over the wooden plank and grab it after Ellie's crossed it as well, then
place it against the building, climb up, grab the plank and place it as a bridge
to reach the next building. There's an inactive Clicker standing on the lower
level; a well-aimed arrow at its head will do the trick, and you can re-collect
the arrow. Move over the next two roofs and drop down, then move underneath the

Enter through the door to your left and go upstairs; the bedroom contains [(1/2)
RAG]. Equip a brick as you enter the next room, as you'll be attacked by a
Runner. After wasting it, search the room for a [NOTE TO RACHEL] and grab [5
SKILL PILLS] from the toilet.

Back outside, grab a bottle and hurl it at the double-trap stuck to the fence.
Move through and pick up the [8 REVOLVER AMMO]. Head back to grab another bottle
and hurl it at the low-placed trap up ahead, then collect the brick and move
around the corner. Inside the building you'll find [8 REVOLVER AMMO] in the
desk's drawer (how generous; hmm, suspicious, no?). Head through the door and..
Well, you're in trouble!

Joel will need to shoot any incoming Runners (and Clickers) as Ellie tries to
free him. Should one of them reach Joel, tapping square will give you another
shot. In the second phase of this scene, protect Ellie from various Runners and
Clickers until she finally manages to get you loose.

Follow the man, then head inside the building, deal with the Clicker and
Runners. There's a [HEALTH BAR] near the seats, and [(1/4) ALCOHOL] plus [(3/4)
RAG] in the cabinet room. Near the exit you can find a [BASEBALL BAT], which
makes for a decent temporary replacement (if your lead pipe is beginning to wear
out). Do not upgrade it though, you'll soon find something better.

              B I L L ' S  T O W N:  S A F E H O U S E  [WLK-11]
  [ ] Lead Pipe (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Bill's Map (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 3 Revolver Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Fences Note (ALL)
  [ ] (1/4) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Shiv: Sharpening Training Manual (ALL)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Hunters Note (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 4 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Lead Pipe (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Alex Raymond Vincent - 256) (ALL)
  [ ] (1/2) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/ld463be
Make your way across the streets until you reach a safe building and a scene
will play. Search the place for a [LEAD PIPE], [BILL'S MAP], and in the back
room [5 PARTS], [3 REVOLVER AMMO], [(1/4) BLADES] and the [FENCES NOTE]. You can
also find [(1/4) BINDING], [(3/4) ALCOHOL], and the [SHIV: SHARPENING TRAINING
MANUAL] on the counter.

Now is also an excellent time to upgrade some skills, such as Shiv Master, which
will definitely come in handy soon enough. If you still have skill points left,
Maximum Health is rather useful as well.

When you're all set, follow Bill upstairs and look for [(1/2) BLADES] and the
[HUNTERS NOTE] in the bedroom, as well as [5 SKILL PILLS] on the furnace.
Follow Bill into another building and look behind the desk to find [PARTS x4].
Keep following him until you're back on the streets.

A set of Runners (including two Clickers) will assault you! Use your Lead Pipe
to kill several and aim for the Clickers' heads; should one of them grab you,
use a Shiv to escape its grapple. When you've defeated them, search the right
side of the street for a new [LEAD PIPE]. The first car in the street (with a
skeleton hanging out) has a [(1/4) BLADES] laying nearby.

You'll also want to look out for a tricky-to-spot [FIREFLY PENDANT (ALEX RAYMOND
VINCENT - 256)] hanging from one of the lanterns on the far right of the street,
right besides the green roadhouse sign.

Follow Bill to the gate on the left side of the area and head inside to find
[(1/2) RAG]. Head upstairs and search the left side of the area to find [10
PARTS]. Head inside the cellar to trigger a cutscene.

              B I L L ' S  T O W N:  G R A V E Y A R D  [WLK-12]
  [ ] Shotgun (ALL)
  [ ] 6 Shells (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Nail Bomb (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Tool (Level 1) (ALL)
  [ ] 15 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Bombs Note (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Wooden Stick (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Peter Mrozik) (ALL)
  [ ] 7 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Health Can (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 3 Arrows (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Bow (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 13 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 5 Handgun Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (3/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Boy's Diary (ALL)
  [ ] 2 Arrows (E/N/H/?)

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/ogtydxl
You'll receive the [SHOTGUN] plus [6 SHELLS] from Bill, and he also gives you a
[NAIL BOMB], and you can now craft them as well (Blade + Explosive). Search the
back of the room to find [(1/4) BLADES], [(1/2) RAG], [BINDING], and [(1/4)
ALCOHOL]. There's also a Workbench here, but you'll want to check the left side
of the room first, which contains a [TOOL (LEVEL 1)] and [10 + 5 PARTS].

Tip: The weapon holsters drastically decrease the time it takes to swap between
     weapons and are highly recommended upgrades.

Follow Bill to the staircase and search behind it to find a (fairly useless)
Wooden Stick. Head upstairs and move through the main church hall. Head inside
Bill's room to find [5 SKILL PILLS] and the [BOMBS NOTE]. Follow Bill through
the window and proceed through the graveyard; the fireplace could very well
remind you of John Carpenter's The Thing...

In any case, there are five Clickers in the area up ahead. If you've got a brick
be sure to equip it to waste the first Clicker with it. With a Lead Pipe upgrade
you can instantly take out the second one as well, which leaves us with three
more Clickers. The Lead Pipe works wonders (especially with some creative use
of bottles and bricks to stun them, combined with running over for an instant
finisher with the Lead Pipe), but you can deal with them in any way you please;
Bill will occasionally aid you. Since some Clickers drop Nail Bombs, consider
using one of those (when you've maxed them out in your inventory, for example).

There are two more Clickers in the area with the round square so dispatch them,
then search the corner next to the steps for [5 SKILL PILLS], and look for a
[WOODEN STICK] on one of the benches, should you need it. 

Bill will unlock the gate for you, after which you'll be back on the streets.
There are two Runners standing at the intersection; sneak up on them to strangle
one of 'em; the other will be killed by Bill. There's also a Runner down the
left alley that you can kill with a melee attack from behind.

The field behind the fence contains a Clicker (best downed with a brick + melee
finished) and two Runners. The house's garage contains [10 PARTS] and [(1/4)
BLADES], the kitchen [FIREFLY PENDANT (PETER MROZIK)]. As you proceed through
the area, search the house on the left for [5 + 2 PARTS]. There are two Runners
and a Clicker in the next field; deal with them (by now you pretty much know how
to conserve ammunition, and if you've been doing that you're probably loaded).

As you head through the next backyard, look for a [HEALTH CAN] on the barbeque
next to the house on the right. Search the shack to find [3 ARROWS], a [BOW] 
and [13 PARTS].

Head back to the street and head through the building near the truck; Ellie will
go through the doggy door and unlock the door for you. In this backyard, two
Clickers are standing underneath the roofing, but there are two more Clickers
inside the house. One way to deal with the two Clickers outside is to shoot both
of them in the head with an arrow (which you can usually pick back up again).
The other two Clickers inside the house can be shot with an arrow and killed
with a brick respectively. Check one of the bedrooms for [(1/2) RAG] and [(3/4)
BINDING]. There are [5 PARTS] in the storage room.

Head outside and climb the camper, then drop down from the hut and check the
corner to the left of this backyard for [5 SKILL PILLS].  Enter the house and
search the drawer in the hall for [5 HANDGUN AMMO]. Upstairs the closet contains
[5 PARTS] and [(3/4) RAG], the baby room [5 SKILL PILLS], and a [BOY'S DAIRY] in
the children's bedroom. Ellie will come into that room as well and you can have
an optional conversation with her. Head back downstairs and search the garage
for [2 ARROWS], then help Bill with the garage door.

      B I L L ' S  T O W N:  H I G H  S C H O O L  E S C A P E  [WLK-13]
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 8 Shotgun Shells (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 9 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Note from Frank (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Siphon Hose (ALL)

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The next area is infested with Runners, which you'll want to take out in a
stealthy fashion. The first Runner up ahead will soon enough walk towards the
concrete block in the middle of the road; hide behind it, then strangle her as
the opportunity rises. Hide behind the car next to the school bus and wait for
the next Runner to turn its back on you, then move in for the kill. Hide behind
the low wall, then move to the next Runner in the backyard to dispatch it. From
here, move between the school buses and hide behind the concrete roadblocks
until you have a chance to take out the Runner girl in this area.

Unfortunately, as soon as you move through the next few buses, a group of
Runners will assault you. One way to deal with the effectively is to dash
towards the black vehicle slammed in a wall up ahead, climbing on top and
dealing with the Runners one by one (melee combat included). After defeating
the group, boost Ellie up at the school bus, allowing her to grab a ladder.
Drop down and follow Bill to the window around the corner to trigger a scene.

Inside the building, sneak to the main hall, grab the brick and strangle the
nearby Runner when possible (but sneak VERY quietly). At the top of the (mostly
destroyed) stairs you can find [(1/2) BLADES] and [(1/2) ALCOHOL]; leave the
nearby Clicker alone.

There's a Clicker standing in the doorway up ahead who will start walking out
when you get a little closer, but there's also a Runner down the hall which you
don't want to seen by. When the Clicker (and the Runner) are moving away, enter
the classroom and look for a [HEALTH BAR] on the lecturer. Should you be
detected, backtrack into the hall and take out your enemies one by one before
proceeding through the classroom.

Sneak through the classroom undetected (or take them out). In any case, the
Runners in the final hall will need to be killed. You can wait for them to
sneak into the classroom to ambush them. Head through the door at the end of the
hall to trigger a scene.

It's your lucky day; you've encountered a Bloater, very damage resistant foe
that not only instantly kills you should you come close, but also hurls
dangerous spore-like objects at you. First kill the two Runners, then focus on
the Bloater, using (strategically placed) Nail Bombs and Molotovs to down it.
You can find [(3/4) RAG] near the stacked crates near the door the Bloater came
out of, along with [10 PARTS] in a cabinet (from that small room). 

Boost Bill up at the container near the windows, then waste three more Runners
and climb up yourself. Drop down, kill any Runners coming at you and move past
the pickup, then climb the ladder to trigger a scene.

Inside the house, grab the [8 SHOTGUN SHELLS] from the corner, then search the
bedroom on the other side to find [(3/4) BINDING], [(1/2) ALCOHOL], [(1/2)
EXPLOSIVE], [9 PARTS] and a [HEALTH BAR]. There's a [NOTE FROM FRANK] on the
small table. Head inside the kitchen to find [5 SKILL PILLS], then get to the
car and have an optional conversation with Ellie before moving to the back and
push the car.

You'll be attacked by Runners and Clickers twice. Fight them off and when the
car's up and running, hop in the back (ignore the remaining enemies). Several
scenes will play. Bill will give Joel a [SIPHON HOSE]; check it out in your
inventory to 'add it' to your collectibles.

       P I T T S B U R G H:  A L O N E  A N D  F O R S A K E N  [WLK-14]
  [ ] Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Can (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 2 Revolver Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 8 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/4) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Tool (Level 2) (ALL)
  [ ] Smoke Bomb (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Tourist Manifest (ALL)
  [ ] 6 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Medical Manual Volume 1 (Training Manual) (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Handgun Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 2 Arrows (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Ambush Map (ALL)
  [ ] 7 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 3 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Termination Shock (Comic) (ALL)
  [ ] (1/4) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Lost Hill Note (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Traitors Flyer (ALL)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Mazden Risk) (ALL)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Applicant Checklist (ALL)
  [ ] Abandon Zone Note (ALL)
  [ ] (1/4) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 4 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Sugar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Sugar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Handgun Bullets (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 50 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Lead Pipe (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Lost Areas Map (ALL)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 2 Arrows (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Mother's Letter (ALL)
  [ ] Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 15 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (3/4) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 3 Rifle Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 50 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 2 Revolver Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Stash Note (ALL)
  [ ] (1/4) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)

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After the scenes, save yourself, followed by Ellie, and prepare for a shootout.
Stay low and take out the Marauders one by one. A group of three Marauders will
inspect the area soon enough, so take those out as well. Search the shop for
some [ALCOHOL] in the corner, a [HEALTH BAR] from one of the racks and a [HEALTH
CAN] in one of the cupboards underneath the soda machine next to the entrance.
Lastly, [2 REVOLVER AMMO] can be found in the bar's drawer, under the cash
register. There should be plenty of Wooden Sticks laying around as well.

Search the building across the street for [(1/4) BLADES] (inside a drawer in the
larger room), [3 PARTS], [5 PARTS] and [(1/4) BINDING]. Open the garage door to
enter the next room.

Inside you can find [TOOLS (LEVEL 2)], a [SMOKE BOMB], [(1/4) BLADES], [(1/2)
RAG] and the [TOURSIST MANIFEST]. One of the lockers also contains [6 PARTS],
[(1/2) BINDING], and [(1/4 ALCOHOL]. Head upstairs and inspect the room to your
kit upgrade +33%), [5 HANDGUN AMMO] and [(1/2) BLADES]. The blue door at the end
of the hall leads to a small storage room with [5 PARTS], [2 ARROWS], an [AMBUSH
MAP] and a Workbench.

Head outside, go upstairs and drop down until you reach the main street. You can
find [7 PARTS] in the corner to your left and [3 PARTS] in the other corner.
[5 SKILL PILLS] are laying close to the red car, and the bus up ahead contains
[TERMINATION SHOCK], a comic for Ellie. [(1/4) EXPLOSIVE] and [(1/4) RAG] can be
found in an opened suitcase near one of the cars past the bus. Stand close to
the car to the right (with a skeleton hanging out) to have an optional
conversation with Ellie.

Continue down the road until you head a shot, then hide behind the car to the 
left of a rusty van. When the Marauders continue, sneak past the car by its left
side to proceed unnoticed. At the end of the road, Ellie will crack some jokes;
climb the bus afterwards. 

At the checkpoint, inspect the right booth for the [LOST HILL NOTE] and
[5 PARTS]. You can also have a short optional conversation with Ellie here. As
you proceed into the 'abandoned' quarantine zone, several hunters will be
spotted by Ellie and Joel in the distance. One of the will start patrolling the
left side of the area and can be taken out as he moves past the bus. The other
two can also be taken out stealthily by hiding behind cars or other objects.

As you head in the alley to the initial right, near the checkpoint, a
conversation between three hunters can be overheard. One of them can be taken
out; this is best done when he's on the left side near the iron cabinets. There
is a second guy patrolling the other side of the area; try to sneak up on him as
well by going via the street side. There's a third marauder near the staircase
on the far left side. Once you've killed these three men, search the place (but
beware; the other area still has more enemies). You can find a [TRAITORS FLYER]
hanging on the wall of the checkpoint maze you came out of; the wall is close to
and directly opposite of the tent where the three hunters were first having a

There's a [FIREFLY PENDANT (MAZDEN RISK)] in the alley to the right, and you can
find [(1/2) BLADES], [5 PARTS] and [(1/2) RAG] in one of the cupboards near the
street side (under the cash registers), and the [APPLICANT CHECKLIST] underneath
the staircase on the right side (closest to the street side). 

The office on the far right side is patrolled by one of the marauders; dispatch
him and collect the [ABANDON ZONE NOTE] from the desk. There's a [(1/4) BINDING]
inside the locker. The storage room beyond this contains [4 PARTS] (from a
locker), [(1/2) BLADES] and [(1/4) SUGAR].

Head past the burning barrel and go upstairs. There are four more marauders in
this area; the one with a shotgun is closest to you - immediately to your right
next to a burning barrel. It's wise to kill him with an arrow headshot. From
here, move to the right side of the area and kill the marauder. Move to the
back to waste the third, then curve around the area to finish the fourth, all
the while staying behind bookcases and other hiding places.

One of the bookcases near the last marauder contains a [HEALTH BAR] and you can
find [(1/2) BINDING] and [SUGAR] at the cafeteria's cupboards (close to the
stairs you used). There's also a locked storage room next to it; use a Shiv to
unlock it. Inside you'll find [5 HANDGUN BULLETS], [EXPLOSIVE], [50 PARTS], a
[LEAD PIPE], the [LOST AREAS MAP], [(1/4) BLADES], [5 SKILL PILLS] and some
[ALCOHOL]. Ellie will also crack some more jokes (if you let her).

Head past the burning barrel (where the guy with the shotgun was standing) and
head downstairs. You can find [(1/2) ALCOHOL] laying next to the blue container
close to the stairs. Follow the street, head up the stairs and drop back down
on the other side. There's some [5 SKILL PILLS] next to the container that you
might want to grab before continuing.

Follow the alley until you reach a large street. Head to the right and look for
a poster with a relatively anorexic girl on it to trigger an optional
conversation. Ellie will also crack some more jokes soon enough. Check out the
door with the red cross next to the blue truck; it's locked and can be opened
with a shiv as usual. Inside you'll find [2 ARROWS], the [MOTHER'S LETTER], a
[RAG], [15 SKILL PILLS], [(3/4) BINDING], [3 RIFLE AMMO], [50 PARTS] and [2
REVOLVER AMMO]. You'll also find a semantic inconsistency; Joel could've easy
destroyed the window with a brick. The lower part should've at least been

At the end of the main street, swim over to the raft and dive to find [10
PARTS] at the bottom, then swim over to Ellie and have her climb up the bus.
Move through the nearby container and swim to the stairs to reach the second
floor. Near the mattress you can find the [STASH NOTE] (concerning a stash you
have already found). The bookcase contains [(1/4) BINDING], [5 SKILL PILLS],
and [(1/2) BLADES].

Drop down to the first floor to learn that Joel was a stoner back in his day
(weren't we all at some point? - it's kind of part of growing up, really).
Move over the planks to reach the hotel.

             P I T T S B U R G H:  H O T E L  L O B B Y  [WLK-15]
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (3/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Note to Staff (ALL)
  [ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 4 Revolver Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 50 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Shiv: Reinforcement Training Manual (ALL)
  [ ] (3/4) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Baseball Bat (ALL)
  [ ] Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Can (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Sugar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 7 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Can (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills
  [ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 10 Parts
  [ ] Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 25 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Shiv (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Can (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 3 Rifle Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Wooden Stick (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Hotel Keycard (ALL)
  [ ] 10 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 2 Revolver Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Sugar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 13 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Acretion (Comic) (ALL)
  [ ] (1/2) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Colby Reed) (ALL)
  [ ] Melee: Knots Training Manual (ALL)
  [ ] (1/4) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 4 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (3/4) Alcohol
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (3/4) Binding (E/N/H/?)

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/nr2unfg
Drop down and search the right side to find [5 SKILL PILLS] on the counter.
There's a safe in the behind the concierge counter, but you require a
combination first. On the left side of the area you'll find [(3/4) ALCOHOL] on
the counter. Inspect the coffee machine for a short optional line from Joel. The
ladder can be found against the nearby scaffolding.

Before placing it against the wall in the corner (to reach the stairs), place
it against the side of the nearby scaffolding to find [10 PARTS] on top. After
climbing the ladder to reach the stairs, first head past the destroyed stairs
to your right by walking close to the wall; this leads to a suitcase in the
corner on the other side of the area with a [NOTE TO STAFF] that includes the
combination of the safe found below. The safe contains [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE],

Finally head upstairs and go outside. Sneak past across the roof and enter the
window on the other side; immediately push forward and go around the corner to
strangle the marauder while he's still behind the desk; he should drop a Lead
Pipe - possibly useful for later. Move down the hall when the coast is clear and
strangle the marauder in one of the rooms to the right when he's not looking.
The cabinet with the TV on top contains [(3/4) BINDING] and [(1/2) BLADES].

There's a [HEALTH BAR] in the destroyed vending machine in the main hall. Head
down the other hall to the (initial) left and strangle another marauder inside
one of the rooms - this shouldn't be too hard and yes, the guy playing at E3
sucked at this game (yeah, it was just for 'show', but he sucked nonetheless).
One other marauder is searching the other set of rooms, so dispatch him too
before searching the place.

The set of rooms on the left side of this hall (with the open window) contain
[(1/4) BLADES] and some [(1/2) ALCOHOL]. The other room(s) contain a [HEALTH
BAR] and grant access to a balcony with a [BASEBALL BAT], [EXPLOSIVE] and a
[HEALTH BAR]. Head back to the main hall and go around the corner, then head
upstairs. Wait for one of the marauders to come close, then dispatch him and
move down the hall.

There's another marauder searching the rooms to your left (even though there's
not much to be found, other than a [HEALTH CAN]). Proceed through the hall and
strangle another marauder in one of the rooms across the large hall. Search them
for [(3/4) RAG], [(1/2) SUGAR], [7 PARTS] and [5 SKILL PILLS]. Head outside and
hop through the window, then hide behind the bed until the nearby marauder
passes by, then strangle him. Search the rooms for [(1/4) BLADES] and a [HEALTH
CAN], then proceed through the hall. At the intersection you can optionally
head back to the main hall and move to the far end to explore more rooms (and
kill more marauders). Inside these rooms you can find [(1/4) BLADES], [5 SKILL
PILLS], [(1/4) RAG], and you can start an optional conversation with Ellie in
the bathroom. You can find [10 PARTS] in the room with the hole in the floor.

Head back to the main hall and move towards the burning barrel, then turn left
and head upstairs to reach a room with an open elevator. The suitcase in this
room contains [ALCOHOL] and [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE]. Open the elevator doors, then
move down on the elevator and boost Ellie up to trigger a scene.

Dive down to find [10 PARTS], then proceed through the doorway. The right path
leads to a storage room with [(1/4) BLADES] and the doors to your left lead to
nowhere, so you have no other choice but to move straight onward through the
doorway with the exit sign next to it. Wade into the water and dive, then move
through the doorway, swim through this room with bodies and emerge in a larger
room on the other side.

The smaller doorway leads to a storage room with [25 PARTS] and a [SHIV], the
larger doorway (with the 'West Tower B1' sign) leads to a closed gate. Head back
to the large area and position Joel so he's facing the large doorway, then dive
and swim through the tunnel to move beyond the gate. Proceed through the next
tunnel and head inside the first room to your left to find a [HEALTH CAN],
[(3/4) EXPLOSIVE], [(3/4) RAG] and [(1/4) ALCOHOL]. The room on the right side
of the hall contains [(1/2) BINDING] and [3 RIFLE AMMO].

Unfortunately, as soon as you activate the generator in the adjacent room,
several Stalkers and a Bloater will close in on your position, so you might
first want to head up (via the destroyed concrete floor) and search the desk
in this room to find [5 PARTS]. The restroom contains a [WOODEN STICK]. The room
across the hall contains the [HOTEL KEYCARD], though you'll be assaulted by
several Stalkers once you grab it. These terrible creatures will actively hunt
you; sneaking past is not an option, so you'll have to kill them as soon as you
spot them.

Proceed through the other hall, adjacent to the destroyed floor, and search the
laundry room to find [10 SKILL PILLS]. The doorway to the left leads to some
stairs that bring you back from where you came from; the big doorway at the end
of the hall, however, with the exit sign above it, leads to a hallway with
spores; at the end of this hallway is a (locked) door that is your exit. What
you'll need to do is activate the generator in the room on the lower level and
make your way to this door (provided you have the Hotel Keycard). Unfortunately,
a Bloater will pretty much block this hallway, so you'll want to 'lure' it to
the laundry room, then rush to the exit. First use the keycard reader, then
head through the door; once you do that you're safe. Alternatively you could
try taking out your enemies, but that would drain your resources more heavily.
You'll probably only need one Health Kit after making your escape to patch
yourself up.

Head upstairs and search the restroom for [2 REVOLVER AMMO]. The adjacent room
contains [5 SKILL PILLS] and [5 PARTS] (the parts are in the desks' drawer),
plus a Workbench, so take your time to upgrade some of your weapons. The room on
the opposite side of the hall (the door of which is initially closed) contains
[10 PARTS] and a [(1/2) BLADES], should you need some additional parts for

When you're all done, head through the door at the end of the hall and sneak
behind the fridge as two marauders enter the area. The first one will soon
enough investigate the nearby storage room, which is an excellent moment to
strangle him. Inside you'll find [5 PARTS], [SUGAR] and [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE]. The
second marauder will soon inspect the main kitchen, so sneak behind him (don't
trip over anything that could make a sound) to dispatch him quietly. You can
find a [HEALTH BAR] in the corner next to the microwave.

Two more marauders are searching the lounge area. Wait for the one closest to
you to inspect the right side of the room and strangle him when he's turned his
back on you. The other can now be taken out rather easily by approaching him
from the back as well. Search the benches in the far right corner for [5 PARTS],
then place the ladder in the opposite corner against the wall to continue. As
you climb up, a scene will play; be sure to tap square at the appropriate times.

After the scene, move through the rooms and turn left, then move close to the
wall in order to reach the area beyond the destroyed floor to find [13 PARTS],
[ACRETION (COMIC)], [(1/2) RAG] and [(1/4) BLADES]. Head back to the hall and
go downstairs. Inspect the second room to your left - the women's restroom - to
find a [FIREFLY PENDANT (COLBY REED)]. Further down the hall you can find the
[MELEE: KNOTS (TRAINING MANUAL)], which increases the amount of times a melee
upgrade can be used by 1. Search one of the drawers near the intersection to
find [(1/4) EXPLOSIVE].

Continue by hopping over the table down the hall. Enter the stage/diner room
and check the corner with the light screen to find [4 PARTS] and [(3/4) 
ALCOHOL], then move over to the piano. Joel can 'play' the piano, but its real
use is to reach the balcony on the other end of the stage, so push it in that
direction and climb up. Move all the way around the balcony to find [5 PARTS]
and [(3/4) BINDING] at the other end. Move through the last room and go outside
to trigger a scene.

      P I T T S B U R G H:  F I N A N C I A L  D I S T R I C T  [WLK-16]
  [ ] 3 Rifle Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Sugar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Sugar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 1 Arrow (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Fireflies Note (ALL)
  [ ] 3 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 25 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Rag (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Final Attack Note (ALL)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Mob Attack Note (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 2 Shells (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Truck Note (ALL)
  [ ] (1/2) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Can (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 10 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Sugar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 4 Handgun Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 50 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Lead Pipe (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 2 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (3/4) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/nskwopg
Back outside, move to the left and follow the first marauder until you can take
him out behind the car so his body stays out of sight. Move behind the large
concrete bench with grass and a lantern on it and curve around it as the second
marauder comes close; take him out once you've fully circled around. You should
know that there's a marauder on the balcony of the balcony up ahead, so you
cannot take out the guy outside right now. Move closer to the building on the
right side (the cafeteria) and take out the marauder inside, who first needs to
come down; he'll start walking to the other exit where you can safely strangle

In this cafeteria, head upstairs and move towards the emergency exit in the
corner. Follow the balcony to reach the vantage point where one of the marauders
is keeping watch; an excellent opportunity to dispatch him stealthily. Go back
downstairs via the cafeteria and move closer to the building further down the
street; a marauder patrols it. When he moves to the storage room in the back,
quickly follow him (but make sure the other marauder outside isn't looking) to
dispatch him. The marauder patrolling outside can now be taken out without any
problems arising; he's got a Lead Pipe you may want to grab.

This leaves us with just one other marauder in the building across the street.
You'll want to take him out when he's inspecting the back alley, so move behind
the wall in the middle of the building and curve around. Unfortunately, as soon
as you take him out, a new group arrives who'll start searching the area. Hide
behind the wall in the middle of the building again and dispatch the marauder as
he checks out the alley (and possibly spots his comrade).

It's difficult to stay hidden during this part, and it's not really necessary
either; they already know you're here. Move back to the streets and try to take
out one or two more marauders in a stealthy fashion. The others can be taken
care of in any way you want; Ellie will help out. After defeating the last of
them a scene will play.

Grab the [3 RIFLE AMMO] afterwards, then start searching the entire area. The
ground floor of the cafeteria contains a [HEALTH BAR], [(1/4) ALCOHOL], [(1/2)
BLADES] and [(3/4) SUGAR]. The cafeteria's first floor doesn't house any items
but connects to the balcony of an office which contains [[(1/2) EXPLOSIVE], a
[RAG] and [1 ARROW]. The store below doesn't contain anything except the
[FIREFLIES NOTE] in the storage room with the decayed bodies.

The building across the street only contains [3 PARTS]. Move to the far end of
the street and search the table behind the truck to find [25 PARTS]. Open the
garage door on the left to continue. You can find [10 PARTS] in the cabinet and
a [RAG] among the trash. Move the cart over to the opening in the corner to
climb up. In this room you can find [5 SKILL PILLS] and a Workbench, so if any
of your weapons need upgrading, now's a good time to spend some parts on them.

Continue to trigger a scene. Make your way through the hall and go upstairs
afterwards, then immediately hide behind the door and let the two hunters pass
you. The office up ahead contains a [HEALTH BAR] and the [FINAL ATTACK NOTE].
Exit the building by dropping down from the truck and head down the street,
where you'll run into more hunters - lucky you. One of them is on the second
floor in the building across the street. You'll want to be careful of the
various Nail Bomb boobytraps around here; move inside the building close to you
and search the place to find [(1/2) BLADES].

Go back outside and hide behind the cars and concrete road blocks while making
your way across to the building with the hunter, and be careful of traps. Enter
through the doorway next to a police car; there's a burning barrel inside the
building. Sneak upstairs to find out there are in fact THREE hunters inside this
room, complicating matters somewhat. It's rather difficult to perform three 
stealth strangles here, although it certainly can be done. Be warned, however,
the timing is fairly precise and does require skill.

As you head upstairs, the first hunter will move to watch over the streets. Hide
behind the desk and wait for him to move to the right; IMMEDIATELY sneak behind
him and strangle him, then immediately sneak behind the right side of the first
desk in the room up ahead. The hunter closest to the street side will notice his
buddy in the other room has decided to take a nap and will walk towards him to
investigate; quickly move behind him to perform the strangle. The third guy in
the corner can now be taken out without too much trouble. Again, the timing of
all of this is rather precise. 

Note: Alternatively you can skip this room, or enter through the other entrance
      and just collect the unique collectible behind the counter.

On top of one of the desks you can find [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE] and you can find the
[MOB ATTACK NOTE] behind the counter around the corner.

Head back to the building across the street and go down the hall, moving under-
neath the trap wire, but wait with going outside until the hunter outside end
their conversation. Whenever the hunter in the distance is looking away, move
behind the nearby car. When the hunter closest to you is standing on the right
side of the armored vehicle (close to the other hunters, move behind this
vehicle and wait for him to come back over to this side so you can strangle him

Move to the front side of the armored vehicle and closely monitor the two
hunters across the street (on the left side). Unfortunately, there's a third
hunter all the way across the other street at the intersection, so you'll have
to sneak past a rather specific route to take both guys out unnoticed. The good
news is; it *can* be done.

When the patrolling hunter starts walking away from you, quickly move towards
the concrete roadblocks and hide behind the orange block. If done correctly, the
other hunter won't notice. When the patrolling hunter gets close to your
position, wait for him to turn around, then hop over the concrete roadblocks and
immediately strangle him. The other guy can now be taken out easily from behind,
and you can now sneak through the nearby building to take out the other guy
down the street.

Search the ground nearby the bodies underneath the 'Death for Freedom' graffiti
to find [5 PARTS]. Search the building for [2 SHELLS], the [TRUCK NOTE], [(1/2)
BINDING], [(1/2) RAG], a [HEALTH CAN] and a closed door (requiring a Shiv to
open) that leads to a richly filled storage room containing [10 SKILL PILLS],
[SUGAR], [EXPLOSIVE], [(1/4) BLADES], [(3/4) RAG], [4 HANDGUN AMMO] and [50
PARTS]. Not too shabby!

When you're all done exploring, boost Ellie up to the fire escape ladder at the
end of the street to get to the other side of the wall. You can have an
optional conversation with Ellie by standing close to the Military Preparatory
School's gate. Search the garbage on the other side of the area to find [(1/2)
ALCOHOL] and a [RAG].

Proceed down the alley and you'll soon hear more hunters converse; the military
vehicle you saw early is out on the streets, so you'll need to be careful. The
building's office contains [(1/2) ALCOHOL], but the area that the two hunters
are searching doesn't contain anything (on Hard), so it's not worth the trouble
investigating it (although you certainly can take out both guys without getting
seen). Instead, simply continue through the alley and pick up a [LEAD PIPE] near
one of the cars around the corner and strangle the hunter.

Carefully move behind the car in the middle of the street, but only when the
gunner of the vehicle is looking away (as indicated by the turret's direction).
Enter the building and kill the hunters inside; the small office can be searched
for [(1/4) BLADES] and [(3/4) RAG]. Move through the back alley and waste the
two hunters coming at you, then head inside the building at the far end.

Head upstairs and search the first room to your left for [ALCOHOL]. Use the
fire escape to go up one more level, then use the ridge to get across an open
window of the building across the street. Inside this bedroom, check the small
cabinet for [2 PARTS] and [(3/4) BINDING]. Check the bathroom for [5 SKILL
PILLS], followed by the living room, which houses [(1/4) BLADES]. Move through
the window and make your way across the wall to end this part of the chapter.

          P I T T S B U R G H:  E S C A P E  T H E  C I T Y  [WLK-17]
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Molotov: Construction (Training Manual) (ALL)
  [ ] (1/2) Sugar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 25 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 2 Rifle Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Deep Phase (Comic) (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 4 Handgun Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Lucas Rios) (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Trial Note (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Explosive (E/N/H/?)

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/p7zavjq
Afterwards, check the kitchen for [5 PARTS] and the [MOLOTOV: CONSTRUCTION
(TRAINING MANUAL)], which increases the radius of your Molotovs by 1.5x. The
living room contains [(1/2) SUGAR]. Head down one floor and open the closed door
with a Shiv; this house contains [25 PARTS], [2 RIFLE AMMO], [BINDING], the
[DEEP PHASE] comic, [5 SKILL PILLS], a [RAG], [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE] and [4 HANDGUN

Head downstairs and search the toy store for .. well, not for any items, but you
can spot a Jak & Daxter Boardgame, as well as an Uncharted Boardgame; I want one
of those!

Continue and hide behind the crates as three more hunters start searching this
area. Move to the right and hide behind the crate; wait for the other two
hunters to move away and strangle this guy when he gets close again. After this,
hide behind the van in the middle of the area and dispatch the hunter on the
left side; by this time the third will probably have found the body of the first
hunter, so quickly sneak up on him for the final takedown. If this doesn't work
out, simply finish them however you want.

There's a cabinet near the toy store that contains [10 PARTS], [(1/2) ALCOHOL]
and [(3/4) EXPLOSIVE]. To continue with the story, climb the truck to reach the
roof of one of the buildings. Two hunters have to be taken out on the next roof,
so sneak close to the wallside and they (somehow) won't notice. In the building,
FIRST search the restroom to the left for a [FIREFLY PENDANT] (LUCAS RIOS)].
Head inside the architect office and search the counter for [5 SKILL PILLS].
You can find the [TRIAL NOTE] inside the meeting room. Enter the next room to
trigger a scene.

Afterwards, move through the hall and check out the storage room to the left to
find [5 PARTS]. Go downstairs and quickly sneak up on the two hunters standing
by the burning barrel; strangle one of them while the other is being taken care
of by your partner. Hop over the counter to find [10 PARTS], [(1/2) BLADES] and
[[(3/4) ALCOHOL].

Move behind the concrete roadblocks and hop over, moving closer to the gate
whenever the spotlight's beam is moving away. You can curve around the right
side of the street without being spotted by the guard above, and the patrolling
hunter can be taken out stealthily. Once you deactivate the searchlight's
generator, quickly rush down the street to hide behind the blue object, as a
fairly large group of hunters will start investigate the area. You can take out
two of them with relative ease, but the others you'll have to kill by brute
force. When you've taken care of every single one of them, open the gate.

Proceed down the street and take care of the hunter (who can also be shot by
your partner), then boost Henry and the others up to trigger a scene.. After
this, quickly open the nearby garage door. In this room, search the cabinets
for [(3/4) BINDING] and [(3/4) EXPLOSIVE]. Once you reach the next room, several
hunters come looking for Joel and Ellie. The first one can be taken out in a
stealthy fashion by hiding behind the counter, hopping over as the guy inspects
behind the counter, hiding behind the pool tables and curving around to take
him out from behind. The other (three) hunters up ahead are best dealt with by
shivving the first (provided you have upgraded Shivs that allow for multiple
hits) and meleeing the other pair to death. 

Exit the area by pulling the cart away from the glass doors and moving through.
After this, quickly run down the road to trigger a scene soon enough.

                 T H E  S U B U R B S:  S E W E R S  [WLK-18]
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Josh Scheffler) (ALL)
  [ ] (3/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Antiparticles (Comic) (ALL)
  [ ] Boat Note (ALL)
  [ ] Wooden Stick (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Robert Righetti - 219) (ALL)
  [ ] 10 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (3/4) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 50 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Sewers Note (ALL)
  [ ] Sugar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Eddie Fuentes) (ALL)
  [ ] (3/4) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 25 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Health Can (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Trading Note (ALL)
  [ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Tool (Level 3) (ALL)
  [ ] (1/2) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Shorty (ALL)
  [ ] Bomb: Containment (Training Manual) (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Rain Catcher Note (ALL)
  [ ] 3 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Cornered Note (ALL)
  [ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 2 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Health Can (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 10 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Sugar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Nail Bat (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Kid's Drawing (ALL)
  [ ] Lead Pipe (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Molotov (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Baseball Bat (ALL)

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/otx85eo
You can find [(1/4) BLADES] in the nearby sloop, and the shipwreck up ahead
contains a [FIREFLY PENDANT (JOSH SCHEFFLER)] inside the hull. Move on top of
the ship and open the door to find [(3/4) RAG], [(3/4) BINDING], the
[ANTIPARTICLES] comic, and the [BOAT NOTE]. There's a [WOODEN STICK] to the far
end of the beach, but other than that there's nothing of interest. 

Climb the cliffs to reach a sewage pipe. When you exit the pipe, keep your eyes
open for an opening to the right side of the tunnel, out of which water is
streaming. Move through to find a [FIREFLY PENDANT (ROBERT RIGHETTI - 219)
inside this room, then head back.

At the intersection, head right. Open up the small fence so Ellie can unlock the
storage room's door for you. Inside you'll find [10 SKILL PILLS], [(3/4)

Follow Henry down the other path until you reach a flooded area. Dive in the
water and inspect the ground near the vehicle to find a [FIREFLY PENDANT (EDDIE
FUENTES)]. The gate to the right is jammed; dive to see what's stuck and pull it
out so that Henry can raise the gate. Swim underneath it to access a new area;
climb the steps then crawl through the hole on the right side to find [(3/4)
BINDING] and [(1/2) BLADES].

Climb the ladder and drop the wooden raft down. Optionally you can explore the
storage room behind the door, but there are two Clickers you'll have to take
down. It's best to down the first one by grabbing it and using a Shiv (provided
your Shivs have higher durability at this point), then killing the other with a
brick, should you have one. Search the place to find [25 PARTS], a [HEALTH CAN],
the [TRADING NOTE], [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE] and [(3/4) RAG]. Bring the raft back to
get Ellie across; she'll activate the generator so everyone makes it to the
other side.

Follow the tunnel and inspect the first room to your left to find [5 SKILL
PILLS], [TOOL (LEVEL 3)] and [(1/2) RAG]. Move through the double doors and hop
over barricade, then inspect the table to your left to find the [SHORTY], a new
weapon. In one of the cabinets further down you can find the [BOMB: CONTAINMENT
(TRAINING MANUAL)], which gives bombs a 1.5x larger blast radius. You can also
find [5 SKILL PILLS] and a [RAG] here.

Proceed down the other hall and go through the door; several Runners and a
Clicker will attack you, so waste them with a combination of melee and gunfire.
Head inside the nearby room to find the [RAIN CATCHER NOTE], then head upstairs
afterwards and check the nearby cabinet for [3 PARTS]. Be sure to head through
the door to your immediate left to find the [CORNERED NOTE].

After heading back downstairs, check underneath the stairs to find [(1/4)
ALCOHOL] and [(1/4) RAG]. Move through the door to trigger a scene.

After this, collect [5 + 5 PARTS] close to the door, along with [(1/2) ALCOHOL],
then proceed through the hall. Two Clickers will approach you; a very effective
way to defeat them is to throw a Molotov at the first Clicker. If done correctly
the second one will catch fire from the remaining flames and die as well.

There are a lot of Stalkers in this area, so grab out your handgun and start
taking them out one by one. A headshot will instantly kill them, but is rather
difficult to pull off. A one-on-one melee fight is pretty much a surefire win
for Joel as well, but you'll want to be careful others don't interfere. Stay on
the move and heal up when it's absolutely necessary to do so. After defeating
all Stalkers in this area, search the place.

The room beyond the yellow doorway contains [2 PARTS] in a locker and [10 PARTS]
in a cabinet. There's a [HEALTH CAN] near some barrels in the main area, and
you can find [10 SKILL PILLS] in the small room adjacent to the right hall. The
cabinet next to the stairs at the end of this hall contains [SUGAR], and you can
find a [NAIL BAT] in the large bedroom. Continue to the other side of the area
and search the laundry in the water recycle room for [(1/4) RAG]. Look for a
[KID'S DRAWING] in the cabinet in the classroom, then have Sam drop the ladder
down for you and continue to trigger a scene.

Rush to the end of the hall, then help Henry push. When the door is finally open
you can choose to pick up the [LEAD PIPE], although the Nail Bat you already
have isn't that bad either (considering it's got an upgrade). Head upstairs and
search the room at the end of the hall for a [MOLOTOV] and [BASEBALL BAT] (which
you should wait with grabbing for now). The door is locked and a horde of foes
is coming at you; you'll have to wait for Ellie and Sam to open the door from
the other side.

Wait for the first enemies to appear and be ready to throw a Molotov at the
doorway, mostly blocking the first wave. Have your Nail Bat ready to waste two
to three more enemies, then grab the Baseball Bat and keep dispatching enemies.
When the door's unlocked, immediately dash towards it to trigger a scene.

                T H E  S U B U R B S:  S U B U R B S  [WLK-19]
  [ ] 13 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 1 Part (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Looting Note (ALL)
  [ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Can (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Sugar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 4 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Father's Note (ALL)
  [ ] Melee: Techniques (Training Manual) (ALL)
  [ ] 10 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 7 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Messenger Particle (ALL)
  [ ] Survivor's Note (ALL)
  [ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Matchbook (ALL)
  [ ] 2 Arrows (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 10 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 4 Shorty Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 50 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Matthew White - 118) (ALL)

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/moeahsl
Search the van for [13 PARTS], then enter the town. The second house can be
searched for [1 PART], [(1/2) BLADES] and [5 SKILL PILLS]. The basement contains
[(1/2) ALCOHOL], the first floor contains [(1/4) BLADES], [(1/2) RAG],
[10 PARTS] and the [LOOTING NOTE]. Head back to the first street and move to the
far end to trigger an optional dialogue with Henry.

Enter the house with the 'U loot I shoot' paint on it to get more optional
dialogue; inside you can find [(1/4) ALCOHOL], a [HEALTH CAN] and [(3/4) SUGAR].
Move further down the street to trigger an optional conversation with Ellie
regarding the ice cream car. There's a Workbench in the building next to the
pickup, so do some weapon upgrading before you continue.

The house next to it contains [(1/2) BLADES], [4 PARTS], the [FATHER'S NOTE],
and you can boost Ellie up to the ceiling to get the [MELEE: TECHNIQUES
(TRAINING MANUAL)], which increases melee upgrades' durability by one more bar.

The next house can also be searched for supplies; inside are [10 SKILL PILLS]
and [7 PARTS]. The bathroom upstairs contains the [MESSENGER PARTICLE] comic,
the bedroom contains the [SURVIVOR'S NOTE]. The other room houses [(1/2)
EXPLOSIVE] and a safe for which you don't have the combination yet. Pay a visit
to the attic to counter this; you'll find the [MATCHBOOK] note there, along with
[2 ARROWS] and [(3/4) RAG]. The safe contains [10 SKILL PILLS], [4 SHORTY AMMO]
and [50 PARTS] (so should you want to upgrade your weapons a bit more, head back
to the Workbench to do so).

Head back to the street you came from and look for a brick in the yard next to
the house you came out of; there are two small children's playhouses in this
yard. Look up at the tree; here's a [FIREFLY PENDANT (MATTHEW WHITE - 118)
hanging from one of the tree branches, about in the middle between the two small
play houses. At the end of the street, inspect the firefly logo around the
corner to trigger an optional conversation. Move through the backyard of the
houses and hop down the small steps to enter the second part of town.

You'll have to make your way across without getting killed. Move to the left and
stay low whenever possible, but dash between cover to minimize the chance of
getting shot. Hop down to reach a house, then move around the left corner. At
this point, several marauders will come for Joel, so grab a gun and dispatch
them. Many more will have to be dealt with; be sure to grab any supplies you
come across, because you won't be coming back to this area anymore (details in
this guide will follow later).

Make your way to the house with the sniper and head all the way up, then waste
him and move behind the sniper rifle to aid your friends. When the armored
vehicle shows up, aim for the Molotov thrower. After this, dispatch as many
Runners and Clickers as you can; a couple of scenes will play afterwards.

                            ____  _____  _     _
                           |  __||  _  || |   | |
                           | |   | | | || |   | |
                           | |__ | |_| || |   | |
                           |  __||  _  || |   | |
                           | |   | | | || |   | |
                           | |   | | | || |__ | |__
                           |_|   |_| |_||____||____|

       T O M M Y ' S  D A M:  H Y D R O E L E C T R I C  D A M  [WLK-20]
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] El Diablo (ALL)
  [ ] Foreign Element (ALL)
  [ ] 10 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (3/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 50 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 5 Handgun Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 2 Arrows (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 10 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (3/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Power Plant Map (ALL)
  [ ] 10 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (3/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Smoke: Chemistry (Training Manual) (ALL)
  [ ] Lead Pipe (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 2 El Diablo Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 35 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Ryan Oliverio - 194) (ALL)
  [ ] Plant Schematics (ALL)
  [ ] Handaxe (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 4 Handgun Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 3 Rifle Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Sugar (E/N/H/?)

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/lrlwjgw
Follow the road until you reach a dead end; search the soil near the car to find
[(1/2) BLADES] and [(1/2) ALCOHOL], as well as the [EL DIABLO], a scoped
handgun. Drop down and follow the trail until you get fairly close to the
bridge, then look for a vehicle to your right and collect the [FOREIGN ELEMENT]
comic. Travel underneath the bridge until you reach a hydroelectric power plant.

Upstairs is a valve which creates half of the improvised walkway. The closed
door can be unlocked with a Shiv; inside are [10 SKILL PILLS], [(3/4) ALCOHOL],
[50 PARTS], [5 HANDGUN AMMO], [EXPLOSIVE] and [2 ARROWS]. Back outside, hop over
the railing and dive inside the reservoir. Swim inside the cabin and grab the
raft - which is part of its roof - to get Ellie across the reservoir. She'll
turn the valve allowing you to cross as well. Give her a high five for the

Search the grassy field for [BINDING] near the rubbish and check the grave to
trigger an optional conversation. Head up and move underneath the tree, then
search behind the bulldozer for [10 SKILL PILLS]. Search the cabin for [(3/4)
RAG], [5 PARTS] and [(1/4) BLADES], as well as the [POWER PLANT MAP]. Check the
Plant's gate to trigger a scene.

Proceed to the horses, then go inside the building and approach Tommy; talk to
him for a conversation, then head upstairs. Check the room to the left for
[10 SKILL PILLS], [(3/4) ALCOHOL], [10 PARTS] and [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE]. Head
outside and follow Tommy to the other side. If you walk to the right side of
the overlook you can have an optional conversation (a flirt?) with a woman on
watch. When you've reached the other side, search the crates in the far right
corner for [5 PARTS], then pet the nearby dog if you wish, then continue.

Inside, steal the [5 SKILL PILLS] and [(1/4) BLADES] from the table and look for
the [SMOKE: CHEMISTRY (TRAINING MANUAL)] on the nearby machines, which makes
Smoke Bombs last 10 seconds longer. There's also a Workbench in the other room.
Head all the way downstairs and move towards the back of the generator room to
reach a storage room that contains a [LEAD PIPE], [2 EL DIABLO AMMO], [10 + 25
PARTS] and a [FIREFLY PENDANT (RYAN OLIVERIO - 194)]. Follow Tommy inside the
room near the stairs to trigger a scene.

Afterwards, start taking out the bandits one by one. In the room where two guys
were previously standing over a table, grab the [PLANT SCHEMATICS] after wasting
all bandits first. You can find a [HANDAXE] outside, which is a pretty good
weapon, but your Lead Pipe is probably slightly better (especially when you've
upgraded it). There are several bandits out on the bridge, so take cover and
start making your way through them; this is best done by moving via the lower

Inside the building, dispatch even more bandits downstairs and look for
ammunition any of them dropped. You can also find [4 HANDGUN AMMO] and [3 RIFLE
AMMO]. The other room can be searched for [SUGAR], then a scene triggers.

            T O M M Y ' S  D A M:  R A N C H   H O U S E  [WLK-21]
  [ ] Arrow (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Can (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 10 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (3/4) Sugar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Can (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 4 Shorty Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Brent Pino - 317) (ALL)
  [ ] Zero Point (Comic) (ALL)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/mbjbkyk
After the scene, ride the horse down the road, followed by the linear trail in
the woods until you reach a group of bandits. Start taking them out, but be
careful of the sniper in the distance. After defeating the last of them, search
the large house for an [ARROW] and a [RAG]. There's a [HEALTH CAN] near the
barbeque outside. Hop back on your horse to continue, you'll reach a ranch soon

Inside, search the toilet to your left for [10 SKILL PILLS], then inspect the
kitchen to find [(3/4) SUGAR] and a [HEALTH CAN]. The adjacent backroom contains
[4 SHORTY AMMO] and a [RAG]. Search the trophy room (adjacent to the living
room) for a [FIREFLY PENDANT (BRENT PINO - 317)].

Head upstairs and check the bedroom to the left for [ZERO POINT], another comic.
The work room contains [(1/4) BLADES] and [(1/2) BINDING], while the bathroom
contains [(1/4) ALCOHOL]. Move towards the door at the end of the hall to
trigger a scene; afterwards, clear the house of bandits and exit.

        T H E   U N I V E R S I T Y:  G O   B I G   H O R N S  [WLK-22]
  [ ] Free Radicals (Comic) (ALL)
  [ ] Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Sniper's Nest Log (ALL)
  [ ] Flamethrower (ALL)
  [ ] 8 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Hope Pino - 318) (ALL)
  [ ] Wall Panel Note (ALL)
  [ ] 12 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Alex Rohner - 260) (ALL)
  [ ] 3 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 10 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 11 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Health: Sterilization (Training Manual) (ALL)
  [ ] 2 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 10 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 7 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] UEC Campus Map (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Student's Journal (ALL)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Joe Warren) (ALL)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 2 Arrows (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Newspaper Clipping (ALL)
  [ ] 10 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 11 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 7 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 8 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Erik Griggs)

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/lnr3h94
Right at the start of this chapter, turn around and gallop to the far end of
the street. You should spot a wrecked car with a truck crashed into it here;
look for the [FREE RADICALS] comic on the hood of the car.

Head over to the university but don't have Callus - indeed, what a name - jump
over the roadblocks just yet. Instead, inspect the building to your right;
there's a closed door leading to a staircase that brings you to a balcony.
Search the corner for [ALCOHOL], [EXPLOSIVE] and the [SNIPER'S NEST LOG]. Head
back down and thoroughly search the garage for the [FLAMETHROWER], [5+3 PARTS],
[10 PARTS], [5 SKILL PILLS], and another [5 PARTS], as well as a workbench.
Move down the street and at the intersection turn right. Closely inspect the
tree with the yellow leaves to spot a [FIREFLY PENDANT (HOPE PINO - 318) hanging
from one of its branches; shoot it off, then collect it and enter the building
to the left of the intersection.

Unlock the gate at the end and inspect the gate panel to the right; also grab
the [WALL PANEL NOTE] right next to the panel. There are [12 PARTS] on the
nearby desk. Head up the stairs closest to the doors you came from and look for
[5 SKILL PILLS] on the bench halfway down the hall upstairs. Sneak on (as there
are six Runners in the room on the other side).

If you approach the hall on the other side very quietly you should be able to
strangle one Runner who will walk through a part of it. And if you've got the
guts (although you don't have much of a choice), very quietly sneak behind the
second walking Runner inside the room to strangle her as well. With four
inactive Runners remaining, the easiest way to take care of them is to grab out
your bow and perform four headshots on them. Give the generator a good boost,
then be on your way.

Right before you hop over the barricades blocking the large square, check the
building to your right; use the container to get inside and search this room

As you enter the large square with the statue in the middle move to the right
side and dismount Callus; head upstairs, move through the window to reach a roof
that connects to a large room and hop inside to search it for supplies. Inside
you can find [3 PARTS], [5 PARTS], [10 SKILL PILLS], [10 + 1 PARTS], the
[HEALTH: STERILIZATION (TRAINING MANUAL)] (which increases the effectiveness of
Health kits by another 33%), [2 PARTS] and [10 SKILL PILLS]. Not bad!

Move further through the campus until you reach a gate. Be sure to check the
left side of the street for a Firefly logo, which can trigger an optional
dialogue. In any case, the gate is jammed, so head through the dormitory (the
half-blocked doorway) and search the place for [5 + 2 PARTS], the [UEC CAMPUS
MAP] and [5 SKILL PILLS]. Go upstairs and check out the rooms to you left to
find [5 SKILL PILLS] and a [STUDENT'S JOURNAL]. Room 203 contains [10 PARTS].

There are spores at the end of the hall, but you'll still need to drop down.
Four Clickers and a Bloater are roaming this area, so hopefully for you, you've
found the Shiv training manuals earlier in the game, and have a couple of Shivs
left so you can take out the Clickers by stealth. Obviously the last Clicker can
be stunned by throwing a bottle at it, followed by you meleeing it to death. In
any case, start with the Clicker on the left side of the hall, the move through
the room behind it (or waste the Clicker who enters the room you dropped down in
- it doesn't really matter).

The Bloater is a bullet sponge, and if you've got two Nail Bombs left, now is an
excellent time to hurl them at the Bloater. Should he still be alive after that,
use Molotovs or your Shotgun to finish him off. Be sure to collect the [FIREFLY
PENDANT (JOE WARREN)] from its body (or close to it) after you've defeated it.
Search the area for supplies; the room to the far left contains [(1/4) BLADES]
and [BINDING], the room next to it [(1/2) BINDING] and [(1/4) BLADES] and the
one next to this [2 ARROWS].

Move through the double doors at the end of the hall and head upstairs. You can
search Room 209 for a [NEWSPAPER CLIPPING] and [10 SKILL PILLS], while Room 208
contains [(1/2) BINDING], [5 PARTS] and [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE]. Head outside by
moving to the back of the hall and going through the door, then search the
opposite side of this square to find [(1/2) BLADES] and [(1/2) ALCOHOL] among
the rubble. Open the gate by moving the generator cart close to the wire next
to the gate and activating it.

Hop back on Callus and be on your way. As you reach the square with the tents
and a view at the Science Center, check inside the first tent you come across
to find [(1/4) BLADES] and [(1/2) ACOHOL]. The other tent closeby contains
[10 PARTS]. There are two more tents further ahead that contain [10 + 1 PARTS]
and [5 + 2 PARTS]. One of the tents in the left corner of the area contains
[5 + 3 PARTS] and a [FIREFLY PENDANT (ERIK GRIGGS)]. Head towards the gate at
the end of the road to find out it's locked. Move the nearby cart towards the
gate to continue, then move the cart next to the truck to enter the building.

    T H E   U N I V E R S I T Y:  S C I E N C E   B U I L D I N G  [WLK-23]
  [ ] 25 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/4) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Tool (Level 4) (ALL)
  [ ] Molotov: Deployment (Training Manual) (ALL)
  [ ] 4 Handgun Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 20 Flamethrower Fuel (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 50 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 15 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Office Recorder (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 4 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 2 El Diablo Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] 10 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 2 Revolver Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 10 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Fungal X-Rays (ALL)
  [ ] Lab Recorder (ALL)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant (Sadie Pearle Hickman - 231) (ALL)
  [ ] 5 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Firefly's Recorder (ALL)

The room to your initial left contains [25 PARTS] inside a locker, as well as
a Workbench. In the hall, the cupboard next to the entrance of the meeting room
contains [(1/2) BLADES], [5 PARTS] and [(1/4) EXPLOSIVE]. The meeting room
itself contains [(1/4) BLADES] and [5 SKILL PILLS]. Before you head through the
closed door across the meeting room, go to the end of the hall and search the
room to the left to find [10 PARTS] inside a locker. The room across the hall
is locked and requires a Shiv to open. It houses a [TOOL (LEVEL 4)], the
[MOLOTOV: DEPLOYMENT (TRAINING MANUAL)] (which increases the radius by 2x in
total), [4 HANDGUN AMMO], [20 FLAMETHROWER FUEL], a [RAG], [50 PARTS], and
[10 + 5 SKILL PILLS].

Move through the closed door halfway down the hall and proceed to the stairs,
but first read the sheet of paper on the crates Ellie will start to search.
After this, head upstairs and open the door to the left to enter a hall. You
can find an [OFFICE RECORDER] (which you can play) in the room to the immediate
left, and [5 SKILL PILLS] in some drawers in the adjacent room. The next houses
[4 PARTS] in a drawer, and the desk in the hall contains [2 EL DIABLO AMMO] and
some [BINDING].

You can find a further [5 PARTS] in the desk up ahead. Search the last rooms to
your left to find [10 SKILL PILLS], a [HEALTH BAR], [2 REVOLVER AMMO] and [10
PARTS], then move towards the doorway that reads 'exit'. At the end of this room
you can find the [FUNGAL X-RAYS]; head through the door in the corner to
continue. The next room contains a [LAB RECORDER] on one of the tables. Search
the cabinet on the right side of this room to find a [FIREFLY PENDANT (SADIE
PEARLE HICKMAN - 231)]. The next office contains [5 PARTS], [(1/2) ALCOHOL],
[(3/4) RAG] and [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE]. Enter the last room to trigger a scene. This
adds the [FIREFLY'S RECORDER] to your inventory; it can be accessed and listened
to via the menu.

After this you'll have to make you way back outside, but several hunters have
entered the building, so you must fight your way through them. The best weapon
of choice here is a combination of the Hand Axe (dropped by many of your foes)
combined with the El Diablo; however, you'll want to make every shot count
considering it's clip size and scarceness of ammunition. The Shotgun also works
well up close. When you reach the hall of the first floor, a scene will play.
After this, you'll still have to kill a few hunters, but the path is rather

                  _     _  _  _     _  _______  ____  ______
                 | |   | || || \   | ||__   __||  __||  __  |
                 | |   | || ||  \  | |   | |   | |   | |  | |
                 | | _ | || ||   \ | |   | |   | |__ | |__| |
                 | || || || || |\ \| |   | |   |  __||    __|
                 | || || || || | \   |   | |   | |   | |\ \
                 | || || || || |  \  |   | |   | |__ | | \ \
                 |_______||_||_|   \_|   |_|   |____||_|  \_\

           L A K E S I D E   R E S O R T:  T H E   H U N T  [WLK-24]
  [ ] No Pun Intended (ALL)
  [ ] No Pun Intended: Volume Too (ALL)
  [ ] To Get To The Other Side (ALL)
  [ ] Riley's Pendant (ALL)
  [ ] Sam's Robot (ALL)
  [ ] Walkman (ALL)
  [ ] Note From Mom (ALL)
  [ ] Switchblade (ALL)
  [ ] Joel And Sarah Photo (ALL)
  [ ] Uncertainty (Comic) (ALL)
  [ ] (3/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Kit (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant - Travis Kristoff (283) (ALL)
  [ ] Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 5 Handgun Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Nail Bomb (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 2 Arrows (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Molotov (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Firefly Pendant - Paul D. Braun (153) (ALL)
  [ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Negentropy (Comic) (ALL)
  [ ] Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/H/?)

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/kh59hjh
You'll now control Ellie, and you're hunting a deer. Open your backpack and
examine the collectibles that Ellie's holding: [NO PUN INTENDED], [NO PUN
PHOTO]. Press triangle to flip these items when you're given the option. Ellie
will comment on some of these items.

Follow the deer and sneak up on it; try to hit with an arrow (it doesn't matter
where) so you can get it to bleed, making it easier to follow. Eventually, the
trail will lead you to an abandoned house. Immediately move into the room to
your left and search the desk to find the [UNCERTAINTY] comic and [(3/4) RAG].
Move through the house and a scene will play.

Afterwards, search the locker inside the room for a [HEALTH KIT], then take out
any of the Infected coming through the window - do indeed make every shot count,
as you don't have that much ammunition. You'll head upstairs after a while;
search the corner of this room for a [HEALTH BAR]. Outside, check inside the
green cabin to your left for [(1/4) BLADES]. Follow your partner until Ellie
drops down.

Move to the right to find [EXPLOSIVE] plus [(3/4) RAG]. Wait for the Clicker to
walk away, then follow it, but beware of the inactive Clicker at the end of this
path; knife him by quietly approaching him, then drop down as soon as possible.
Follow this small tunnel to the other end, but stay quiet. If any Clickers
followed you, shoot them in the head with an arrow. At the other end of this
small tunnel you can find [(1/2) BLADES] and [ALCOHOL]. Look for a ladder on
the left side of the area and climb up to re-unite with your partner. In this
area, search the left side for [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE] and the right side for [(1/2)

Have your partner boost you up at the right side, then follow the catwalk and be
sure to grab a brick from the corner. A Clicker will soon appear at the other
end, so throw the brick at him, then dash in his direction to knife it. The
storage room it came out of contains a [FIREFLY PENDANT (TRAVIS KRISTOFF -
283)], a [RAG] and [(3/4) ALCOHOL]. Drop the ladder down and follow your partner
through the hall.

In this room, head up the small steps and search around for [EXPLOSIVE], [(1/2)
BOMB], [2 ARROWS], a [MOLOTOV], a [RAG] and [(1/2) BLADES]. Be sure to craft
some Health Kits and Nail Bombs; a large amount of Runners and Clickers will
soon enter this room and you'll have to defeat every single one of them. Be sure
to keep searching enemy bodies for (hunting rifle) ammo, and keep the Nail Bombs
for until a Bloater shows up. After defeating all of them, talk to your partner
and a few scenes will play.

When you're back in control of Ellie, ride the horse down the hill and prevent
any of the hunters to climb the horse (which is truly impossible in real life).
At the end, run for the cabin and hop through the window. When you reach the
living room, several hunters will start to search the area. You can find [(3/4
ALCOHOL] and [(1/4) BLADES] in one of the drawers.

It's rather hard to remain stealthy, so it's advisable to just kill the hunters
one by one with firearms and your bow. Search the wooden hut to the right of the
cabin you were in for a [FIREFLY PENDANT (PAUL D. BRAUN - 153)]. The cabin up
ahead contains a [HEALTH BAR], [(1/2) BLADES] and [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE]. The next
cabin also contains [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE] and [(1/2) BLADES]. The 'Sadie's' building
close to the water contains a [RAG].

Proceed through the village and more hunters show up; dispatch them with your
rifle or bow. The restroom to the right side of town contains [(1/2) ALCOHOL]
and [(1/2) ALCOHOL]. Simply head for the destroyed walkway at the very end of
the path and follow the trail; eventually you'll have to move through a pipe.
Look for the [NEGENTROPY] comic on a bench (up the small steps) in the area
beyond it.

At the gate, grab the garbage container and pull it in your direction, then
head around the corner and move through the pipe; the path is cleared now. As
you approach what is called 'Bear Creak Lodge', several hunters start searching
the area. Take them out and move around the lodge. What a luck! That gate looks
perfectly climbable! Simply climb over to safety and .. No, actually not. 

Pull the two containers out of the way to reveal a small opening; hop through
and search this room for a [RAG] and [(1/2) ALCOHOL]. In the restaurant, search
the tables for [(1/2) ALCOHOL] and look for [(1/2) BLADES] on the floor next to

Move through the glass door and more hunters will soon show up; shoot the one
at the window, then search the place for supplies. You can find [(1/2)
EXPLOSIVE] and [(1/4) BLADES] on the counter. As you move into the hall to the
left, two more hunters will try to flank you; be sure to put them out quickly
or they'll grab you. Once you've reached the exit, a scene will play.

       L A K E S I D E   R E S O R T:  C A B I N   R E S O R T  [WLK-25]
  [ ] 2 Revolver Ammo (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Rag (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Lake Resort Map (ALL)
  [ ] Health Kit (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Kit (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Kit (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Kit (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Health Kit (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (3/4) Binding (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] 10 Skill Pills (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Smoke: Shaping (Training Manual) (ALL)
  [ ] 50 Parts (E/N/H/S)
  [ ] Explosive (E/N/H/?)
  [ ] Ellie's Backpack (ALL)
  [ ] Meat Ledger (ALL)

Look for [2 REVOLVER AMMO] in the room you wake up in, and search the garage
upstairs for a [RAG]. Go outside and kill the hunters in the distance; it's best
to hide behind the van on the left side, then move onwards. Once you curve
around the cabin, a scene will play. You get the [LAKE RESORT MAP] automatically
after this scene; access it via the menu when you gain control of Joel later.

Move through the alley and go around the corner (the other door is blocked) to
enter the building. Inside, crawl behind the cabinets to find a [HEALTH KIT],
then pull the cart away from the doorway to continue. Move through the abandoned
store, cross the alley by hopping through the window to the left, then in the
next building, turn left and search the drawers for a [HEALTH KIT].

Drop down the window in the restroom and hide in the alley; after the hunter up
ahead is gone, cross the street and move past the burning barrels. Here, curve
around the left side of the area (or go through the hole in the wall past the
vehicles to head upstairs. There are more hunters here; wait until the coast is
clear and proceed down the street until you can move through a destroyed fence.
A little further down the road, enter the back alley on the left and head
through the hole in the house at the end. Wait for the guys to move to the back,
then hop through the window to the immediate left.

Cross the street and hide behind the car, then head in the direction of the
burning barrel and move down the street. Head into the alley to the far left
side, moving past several vehicles; at the end, hop onto a container and drop
down into the building.

The nearby cabinet contains a [HEALTH KIT], and there's another [HEALTH KIT] in
the kitchen. One more [HEALTH KIT] can be found on top of some crates with a 
lantern on top of them, at the (inaccessible) restroom entrances. When you try
to exit through the door at the other side of the restaurant, David shows up.
A cat and mouse game begins; you'll have to sneak up on him a total of three
times to hit him with your knife. You'll want to avoid moving over and broken
plates, or he'll hear you. The first time is easiest, but during the second
phase he'll grab out his blade so you'll want to sprint away and hide again.
In the third phase, David will crouch and sneak through the area, making it more
difficult to spot him. After hitting him a third time, a short scene plays after
which you're back in control of Joel.

Enter the store to your right and waste the hunters. Search the place for [(3/4)
BINDING] and [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE]. Move across the street and enter the house near
pickup; move all the way around the back and check the alley to find a locked
door that requires a Shiv to open. Inside this shack you'll find [10 SKILL
PILLS], the [SMOKE: SHAPING (TRAINING MANUAL)] (which makes the smoke last a
total of 20 seconds longer - combined with the other smoke bomb manual),

Back in the main street, head underneath the barricade after killing the hunters
on top of it, then move around the corner while defeating three more hunters.
Move through the alley with the burning barrel at the end and go through the
open door at the end. Inside you'll find [ELLIE'S BACKPACK] and the [MEAT
LEDGER] note. Move through the building and a scene will play.

As Ellie, the only thing you'll have to do is crawl forward and a scene will

                   _____  ______  ______  _  _     _  _____
                  |  __ ||  __  ||  __  || || \   | ||  ___|
                  | |  \|| |  | || |  | || ||  \  | || |
                  | |___ | |__| || |__| || ||   \ | || | __
                  |___  ||  ____||    __|| || |\ \| || ||  |
                      | || |     | |\ \  | || | \   || | | |
                  |\__| || |     | | \ \ | || |  \  || |_| |
                  |_____||_|     |_|  \_\|_||_|   \_||_____|

             B U S   D E P O T:  H I G H W A Y   E X I T  [WLK-26]
Search the camper on the highway to find the [FAMILY PHOTOGRAPH]. Move to the
end of the highway and search the road near the van to find [4 PARTS]. Head down
the road and move past the bus, then immediately hop over the railing to your
left and search the ground near the orange barrels next to the car to find a

Search underneath the collapsed highway to find another [5 PARTS]. Climb the
vehicles to get past the gate. Enter the building and check the lockers in the
corner for [10 PARTS] and [10 SKILL PILLS]. One of the bags on the other side,
near the info-point contains [(1/4) BINDING] and a [NOTE TO WIFE]. You can also
find [(3/4) RAG] on the pile of cloth nearby.

When you've searched this place, move to the far right side and ask Ellie to
grab the ladder; she'll reluctantly do so. After this, simply follow her to
the roof to trigger a scene. Go downstairs and search the restroom for the
[PRECIPITATE] comic. In the main area, look for [10 PARTS] and [(1/2) SUGAR]
near the vending machines. You can also find [(1/2) ALCOHOL] on the other side
near the fallen ATM.

Outside, check the ground near the toilets to the left to find [5 PARTS]. The
nearby tent contains [(1/4) ALCOHOL], [(1/2) BINDING] and [(1/4) BLADES]. Inside
the large tent next to it you can find [(1/4) BLADES], [4 SHORTY AMMO], [10
SKILL PILLS] and a [TOOL (LEVEL 5)]. There is one more tent with supplies at the
far end of the area; inside you can find [(1/4) RAG], [3 EL DIABLO AMMO], [25
{ARTS], [1 ARROW], the [SALT LAKE Q.Z. MAP] and a Workbench. Now that you have
all five tools, you can upgrade all your weapons provided you found the previous
tools and have enough parts.

You can also find another [FIREFLY PENDANT (NICOLE HOO - 201)] in this area.
While standing next to the large Fedra tent (having it on your left side),
continue walking straight on until you've passed the tents. The large lantern
next to the green tent in the corner has the pendant hanging from it.
Move to the nearby bus and Ellie will halt Joel for an optional conversation.

       B U S   D E P O T:  U N D E R G R O U N D   T U N N E L  [WLK-27]

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/mvmjt67
Head through the bus and hop out of its window. Head down and check the wheel of
the green car near the bus to find [2 ARROWS]. Check behind the bus on the road

Enter the tunnel and move over the truck. In this area, search the walkway to
the right to find [(1/4) ALCOHOL] near a truck. Look in the far left corner of
the walkway on the left side of the tunnel to find [10 PARTS], [(1/2) BLADES]
and [(1/4) RAG].

The next area contains several infected; a Bloater, three inactive Runners (more
like 'Standers'), and a Clicker. Stay on the right side of the tunnel. You can
take out the two nearby Runners with stealth strangles, but you'll have to
approach them VERY quietly, and the one in the middle of the tunnel is best
approached by hugging the wall while staying as far away as possible from it
until the triangle button prompt appears. An alternative stealth takeout can be
done with arrow headshots. With these two out of the way, leave the others
alone and sneak further down the tunnel.

Search the right side of the walkway to find [50 FLAMETHROWER FUEL]. The room to
the right contains [(1/2) ALCOHOL], [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE], [(1/4) BLADES] and
[3 PARTS]. There are three Runners in the hall up ahead. The first can be
strangled by approaching it very quietly, but it doesn't seem to be possible
for the other two, so you'll want to down them with arrow headshots, or, if
that's not an option for you, with melee attacks; if done correctly, the
attention of any other enemies is not drawn. You could also choose to sneak past
them by moving through the other hall. Search the room up ahead for [(1/4)
BLADES], [25 PARTS] and [(3/4) BINDING].

Note: You can find the [BOMB: PROXIMITY MINES (TRAINING MANUAL) from the top of
      the truck on the left side in this area. You can sneak towards it, or
      alternative you can try clearing the area first.

As you move further down the tunnel you'll spot two Bloaters, two Clickers and
two inactive Runners. Search the walkway on the right side of the tunnel to
find [(1/4) ALCOHOL], a [RAG] and [2 EL DIABLO AMMO] at the end. It's advisable
to sneak past these infected. The best way to do so is to move to the end of the
walkway you're currently at (where you found the above items), wait for the
roaming Clicker to move away to the left side, hop over the walkway railing,
sneak towards the two Bloaters and quietly climbing the car wreck behind them,
hugging the rock wall all the time, then quickly continuing down the tunnel.
Boost Ellie up and she'll drop down a crate for you, allowing you to move over.

In the next tunnel, swim underneath the truck at the end and lower the ladder
for Ellie at the yellow lines of the walkway. Move over the upper left air
ventilation walkway to reach the [CATALYSIS] comic. Head down and check the
corner of the walkway to find [5 REVOLVER AMMO] next to the skeleton. Inspect
the door, then boost Ellie over to the left side and kill the Clicker. Search
the room for [(1/2) BLADES] and upgrade your weapons at the Workbench if you

The closed storage room to the right requires a Shiv to open; inside you can
find [10 SKILL PILLS], [50 PARTS], [(3/4) EXPLOSIVE], an [ARROW] and [(3/4)
SUGAR]. When you reach the reservoir, dive in, take a deep breath and move
through the doorway, go around the right corner and swim to the far end to reach
a new room. Here climb up to reach the ventilation shafts and make your way to
the upper catwalk, where you can drop down the raft to get Ellie across. When
the ladder breaks, place it against the wall so you can reach the upper walkway
again and take it with you to the other side to create a bridge.

In the next tunnel, move over the improvised walkway until Joel falls into the
bus. Press triangle to move forwards, then try to get out; after this, quickly
swim over to Ellie and swim to the surface to trigger a scene.

       T H E   F I R E F L Y   L A B:  T H E   H O S P I T A L  [WLK-28]

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/mahadvy
Hop through the window and grab [(1/4) BLADES] and [(1/2) ALCOHOL] from the
nearby table, then move to the end of the room, hop through the window and
quickly turn left; collect [(3/4) BINDING], then move through the window leading
to the balcony and hide underneath the window. When the guard moves away, go to
the other side of the balcony and wait for a guard to come near to strangle him.
When the coast is clear, loot Ethan's dead body for [3 REVOLVER AMMO] and move
inside the room across the hall (with the yellow suits). Wait here until one
of the guards moves in the direction of the guard you just killed, then move
behind him to strangle him stealthily as well. The other two guards will usually
inspect this hall soon enough (presumably because they've heard you), so repeat
the same tactics to kill the other two.

The room next to the info desk contains [(3/4) RAG] in the toilet while the lab
room at the end of the hall contains [5 SKILL PILLS] and [(1/4) BLADES]. Once
you hop through the window of the lab room, four more fireflies spawn, so hop
back to hide. Soon enough they'll take certain positions in the upcoming rooms,
and you'll want to take a stealthy approach considering the force of their
weapons. Besides, a firefight will result in more backup Fireflies, which is
something you'll want to avoid. Strangle the nearby Firefly as he walks to the
room across the hall, then strangle the next as you sneak around while he checks
on his dead mate. Be sure to take out the other two stealthily as well; it saves
you quite some ammunition.

In any case, The area just beyond the lab room contains [(1/2) BLADES], [SUGAR]
and a [HEALTH CAN] on a table. Also be sure to check the room in the center of
this area's section to find [(1/2) ALCOHOL], [(1/4) BLADES] and [(1/2) BINDING].
The small room behind the counter at the intersection contains [(1/4) EXPLOSIVE]
on a desk.

Move through the West Wing hall and hide behind the counter to let three Firefly
guards pass. You can also find [(3/4) ALCOHOL] and [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE] here. As
soon as you enter the next area, a Firefly will come out of the doors up ahead
and spot you. However, it *is* possible to immediately hurl a brick at him,
wasting him with a couple of melee attacks, without drawing the attention of
any other Fireflies. It's worth a shot, and if it doesn't work out you'll at
least have killed him; take down any others after this.

The small office in this area contains [(1/2) BINDING] and a [(1/4) RAG]. You
can also find [5 SKILL PILLS] on one of the chairs in the hall. Head through the
doors the Firefly came out of and go upstairs. You can find the [SURGEON'S
RECORDER] on the counter. Search the room to the right of the hall to find
[MARLENE'S RECORDER 1], [(1/2) ALCOHOL], [(1/4) BLADES] , [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE] and
[(1/2) BINDING]. 

There's a closed door right behind the counter that requires a Shiv to open,
[(1/2) EXPLOSIVE]. In the next area, search the surgery tent for [(1/2) ALCOHOL]
and another item, along with [MARLENE'S JOURNAL].

Continue down the hall and sneak past the doorway to the other side whenever
the Firefly guard in the hall around the corner is looking away; if done
correctly you can barely sneak past. Head inside the nearby room and sneak past
when the Firefly up ahead is looking away. But instead of killing him, hide
behind the desk in this hall and wait for a second Firefly to come close;
strangle him first, followed by the other one.

Now while it appears you can just sneak all the way to the back and take out
all guys by approaching them from the back, this isn't actually possible. Two
last Fireflies are hiding behind the room's last barricade and they'll always
spot you if you enter the hall just like that (or try to strangle someone). It
*is* however possible to take out the remaining guards by using arrow headshots
(and starting with the guy in the back). This leaves only the last two guards,
which you should be able to handle. If you have a molotov left you can hurl it
at the last barricade down the hall (through the open window in the last room,
but beware of being seen).

After going through the door, head inside the room to your right and search it
to find [MARLENE'S RECORDER 2]. After this, move to the end of the hall and go
through the door. Without spoiling anything, simply make your way to the end of
the area; it's easy enough and you won't miss any items. After this, several
scenes will play.

               J A C K S O N:  E  P  I  L  O  G  U  E  [WLK-29]

  VIDEO SUPPORT: tinyurl.com/kgs7krz
In the woods, follow Joel and go underneath the barb wire. Look for a pickup
near the rock wall at the right side of the rocks to find the [SINGULARITY]
comic. Follow Joel over the rocks, cross the river and have him hoist you up on
the other side.

 C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!  Y O U ' V E  F I N I S H E D  T H E  G A M E!
 You can now begin a New Game+, or start a new game on a higher difficulty,
 such as the Survivor difficulty (provided you've finished on Hard).

  |  _     ____  ____  _______  |   _____   ____  _   _  _  _     _  ____   |
  | | |   |  __||  __||__   __| |  |  __ \ |  __|| | | || || \   | ||    \  |
  | | |   | |   | |      | |    |  | |  ) )| |   | | | || ||  \  | || |\  | |
  | | |   | |__ | |__    | |    |  | |_/ / | |__ | |_| || ||   \ | || | | | |
  | | |   |  __||  __|   | |    |  |  _ (  |  __||  _  || || |\ \| || | | | |
  | | |   | |   | |      | |    |  | | \ \ | |   | | | || || | \   || | | | |
  | | |__ | |__ | |      | |    |  | |__) )| |__ | | | || || |  \  || |/  | |
  | |____||____||_|      |_|    |  |_____/ |____||_| |_||_||_|   \_||____/  |

Left Behind is a story companion to The Last of Us, consisting of a prequel as
well as parts that detail Ellie's adventure during parts of the main game, set
during the winter.

    |                      BACK IN A FLASH [WLK-30]                        |

[ ] Combination Note (ALL)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Pharmacy Key (ALL)
[ ] Pharmacist's Note (ALL)
[ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/2) Sugar (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/2) Rag (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Salon Note (ALL)
[ ] Health Kit (E/N/H/S)

After the opening cutscenes Ellie finds herself in an abandoned shopping mall.
Ellie only starts out with two and a half health bars, regardless of what
difficulty you're playing on, and needless to say, this isn't all that much so
you'll want to stay on the lookout for health bars. This guide has got you
covered. In any case you may want to save any health kits for later - it'd be a
waste to pass up on health bars while full on health, since you can't take them
with you.

Head upstairs via either the escalators, stairs, or by climbing some boxes on
the right side of the area, then proceed onwards and head down a long hall.
You'll come across a closed shutter of a store named 'American Princess'. Be
sure to grab a brick as you turn right and continue. Move underneath the shutter
at the end of this hall to enter the pharmaceutical store.

The shelves on the left seemingly contain some pills, but it turns out to be an
empty bottle. In fact, the whole left part of the store contains a further three
misleading non-items. Visit the right part of the store instead and look behind
the counter to find a the [COMBINATION NOTE] for the American Princess store.
Head back to this store and head inside. You can find a [(1/4) BLADES] and
[(1/4) RAG] behind the counter, but more importantly you'll find the pharmacists
body in the far corner. He's got the [PHARMACY KEY] on him, as well as a mildly
touching [PHARMACIST'S NOTE]. As you head back to the pharmacy, a Clicker
appears in the main hall. It's very easy to sneak past him if you want, but
don't do any crazy running.

Tip: If you kill the Clicker (by throwing a brick at it for a stun effect, and
     then quickly using your knife for a melee finisher) you're rewarded by a
     [(1/2) ALCOHOL] it's got on him.

Note: On Easy/Normal you can find some extra items in the pharmacy. You can
      grab some [(1/4) ALCOHOL] from the far right corner, and there's a 
      [(1/2) BLADES] in the counter's drawer.

In the pharmacy, use the newly acquired key to open the door behind the counter
and finally get access to some medicine! Or maybe not. In any case, be sure to
check the room to the right of the window before hopping through, to find [(1/2)
SUGAR]. Yummy, decades-old candy.

Note: On Easy/Normal, you can find an additional [(1/2) RAG] in this room.

Hop over the window and head right; there's no other way to go anyway. As you
continue through this collapsed store, you may try the left tunnel but it'll
collapse, leading to Ellie's immediate death... No, it actually just collapses,
but it still blocks you from going further. Instead just use the other tunnel,
more to the right side of the shop.

Move to the shutter on your left side and search the nearby shelves to find
[(1/4) RAG], [(1/4) BLADES] and [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE]. Since this is a dead end,
take one of the other paths to proceed and enter the Nail Polish Salon. You'll
find a corpse with the [SALON NOTE] on it, along with a [HEALTH KIT]. Head out
to the main hall and go down the stairs, then hop over the railing.

    |                          MALLRATS [WLK-31]                           |

[ ] Wanted Poster (ALL)
[ ] Warning Note (ALL)

Follow Riley upstairs and move through the hall. At the end, crawl underneath
the door to enter an apartment. You can find a [WANTED POSTER] (of Marlene) on
the large table near the windows. Continue into the next, wet room and climb all
the way up. Move to the back of this room and inspect the firefly graffiti logo
on the wall before crouching through the hole in the wall to the right.
Inspecting the logo triggers an optional conversation.

Move through the laundry room and go upstairs in the adjacent room, then drop
to the roofs, still following Riley; you'll now be outside. Continue over the
roof, drop down, move over the plank, then make your way to the far right corner
of this big roof and drop down the hole.

Head down the escalators and immediately turn right. The hall behind you is a
dead end up if you inspect the big 'Affordable Getaways' poster you'll trigger
another optional dialogue. Move down the hall via the left side and inspect the
blue poster with the watergun in the middle of the hall to trigger another piece
of optional dialogue. Go down the escalators afterwards and speak with Riley
to trigger another optional dialogue.

You'll now be in the hall where (if you read the 'American Dreams' comics) Ellie
first met Winston. Head inside the tent, inspect the cabinet and drink the booze
to complete the optional dialogue here. After this, walk straight ahead out of
the tent and inspect the saddle laying on the bench to trigger yet another
optional dialogue. Move to the back of the area and help Riley lift the bar.
When that fails, boost her up at the nearby double doors to your right.

Move to Riley and roar as she asks your to by tapping Triangle. In this room,
also be sure to check out the purple Skeleseer stand to the left. Inspect it up
to eight times for a series of funny remarks, and then Riley will also give the
skull a go. There's also a green Frankenstein-like mask in one of the central
shelves. Put the mask on and talk to Riley for more optional dialogue. After
this, move to the far left corner and Riley will put on a Dracula mask. She'll
also comment on the cart. In this corner, you can find an Uncharted 2 and a Jak
costume package - you can't pick them up or anything, but they're references to
these games from developer Naughty Dog. Be sure to also check out the Triple
Phoenix mask in one of the shelves (close to the side where Skeleseer also lies)
to trigger more optional dialogue. One last optional dialogue can be triggered
by inspecting the pot of fake eyeballs in the far right corner. If you stick
around long enough and follow Riley around, she'll make remarks about pretty
much everything in the room. If you're interested, stick around, otherwise move
through the doors on the left.

In this hall, Riley challenges you to a game of smashing car windows with
bricks. The red car is yours and you have to smash seven windows in total (two
on each side, one on the back, one on the front, and one on the roof). There
are more than enough bricks laying around, and if you aim steady you can easily
beat Riley. Doing so grants you the [BRICK MASTER] bronze trophy, as well as a
question out of the following options:

Why did you leave?
Why did you lash out?
Did Marlene mention my mom?
Forget it.

Note: Replay this chapter afterwards to also get the answers to the other
      questions in the form of more optional dialogue.

Continue through the nearby door and follow Riley through the hall, then go
downstairs. Enter the first room to your left to find a [WARNING NOTE]. After
this, enter the next room and flip the switch. Follow Riley to the end of the
hall to trigger a short scene.

    |                          SO CLOSE [WLK-32]                           |

[ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (1/4) Sugar (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Atrium Note (ALL)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (1/2) Explosive (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (1/2) Sugar (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Pistol Ammo x2 (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (3/4) Explosive (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Pistol Ammo x4 (E/N/H/-)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Pistol Ammo x6 (E/N/H/-)
[ ] Pistol Ammo x4 (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Pistol Ammo x3 (E/-/-/-)
[ ] Health Bar (-/N/-/-)
[ ] Pistol Ammo x3 (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Health Can (E/-/-/-)
[ ] Health Can (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Pistol Ammo x3 (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Generator Note (ALL)
[ ] (3/4) Explosive (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (3/4) Explosive (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Health Can (E/N/H/-)
[ ] Molotov Cocktail (E/-/-/-)
[ ] Health Kit (E/-/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Explosive (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (3/4) Explosive (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Atrium Recorder (ALL)
[ ] Medical Supplies (ALL)

Check out the right side of the area and jump over the 'Noodle Bowl' counter to
find [(1/2) ALCOHOL]. The counter to the right of it contains [(1/4) SUGAR].
You can find an [ATRIUM NOTE] in a small pool of blood in the nearby corner as
well. [(1/4) RAG] and [(1/4) BLADES] can be found by checking out the boxes
close to this corner, just slightly to the right. This is near the Weapon Notice
board. You can also find a [HEALTH BAR] on the tables. The shelves across the
counter of the Bob's Burger Club (to the right of the Noodle Bowl) hold [(1/4)
RAG] and [(1/2) EXPLOSIVE]. Besides all this you can also find another [HEALTH
BAR] in the far left corner of the area (from where you dropped off the railing,
it's left).

Note: On Easy/Normal, you can find quite a lot of extra supplies in this area.
      For starters, there's a [(1/2) SUGAR] to be found inside the Noodle Bowl
      (hop over the counter). If you check out the barracks left of here, you'll
      come across quite some goodies near the beds: [HEALTH BAR],[(1/4) BLADES],
      [1/4) RAG] and [PISTOL AMMO x2]. Around the corner, the shelves near these
      barracks contain a further [(1/4) BLADES] and [(1/4) ALCOHOL]. Lastly, you
      can find an extra [(3/4) EXPLOSIVE] in the far left corner of the area
      (facing the hall you're supposed to go next, it's in the far left corner).

Before moving through the door with 'Maintenance' above it, collect the [PISTOL
AMMO x4] here. Move through the hall and wade through the water to reach a large
abandoned, flooded hall. Before you inspect the generator in front of you it's
a good idea to scout ahead for items.

The white truck up ahead contains a [HEALTH BAR], and you can also find [PISTOL
AMMO x6] right before attempting to open the (locked) doors at the far end of
the hall. Finding ammo is usually a bad sign in games where ammo is meant to be
relatively scarce.. right?

Something that players on easier difficulties (especially 'Easy') may want to
note is that Ellie's pistol ammunition is capped at 20. However, you can reload
your gun and make room for 6 more rounds, extending the cap to 26. As mentioned,
this does not apply to the harder difficulties, considering you won't find
enough ammunition to reach the max amount.

Note: On Easy/Normal you can search the area for the following additional items.
      [PISTOL AMMO x4] can be found nearby the generator (Easy only). You can
      also find [PISTOL AMMO x3] (or [HEALTH BAR] on Normal) on the white box
      in the far back, fairly  close to the pickup near the exit doors. An extra
      [PISTOL AMMO x3] can be found on the left walkway (adjacent to the trucks)
      and (on Easy only) even an additional [HEALTH CAN]. You'll also find an
      extra [HEALTH CAN] and a [(1/4) RAG] inside the white truck. The pickup in
      the back of the area (near the exit doors) contains [PISTOL AMMO x3].

Head back to the first part of this hall and climb the platform to try to
activate the generator... Turns out there's no juice. Also grab the [GENERATOR
NOTE] lying next to the generator. Turn around and grab the gas can behind you,
next to the fence. It's empty, so you'll have to look for it first.

At this point, two Stalkers enter the hall. I'll outline two ways to deal with
them, the first strategy mainly involving your gun, the second using melee

The first way to deal with them is to, for example, sneak towards the white
truck by moving via the left path of the hall. Do not drop down in the water,
and do not run in it, as this will make too much noise. You can find a health
bar inside the white truck if you hadn't already, but in any case you can throw
a brick at one of the stalkers as it passes by; then shoot it. This will spawn
two more stalkers (so now there are three left). But this is a relatively decent
spot to kill them; be sure to aim for their heads as they enter the truck.
Should they grab you, melee knife them to death, and if you get low on health,
use a health kit. In any case, be sure to collect any ammo from their bodies as
you'll most definitely need it, if only to waste the remaining stalkers.

Another way to deal with the Stalkers (especially on Survivor) is to collect a
brick from near the generator, drop down into the water, make some noise to lure
the (two) Stalkers towards you, climb back on the platform and have your brick
ready to throw. Ellie will auto-aim the brick at the first incoming Stalker, so
hit it with the brick and immediately move in for the finisher with your knife.
The second stalker is probably very close by now, so rush away to the dry
walkway on the left side of the area, adjacent to the trucks, and collect a
brick from here. Move to the corner (with the shutter) and wait for the Stalker
to arrive, then perform the same trick by throwing the brick and knifing it to
death. The last two Stalkers can be dealt with in the same fashion; look for
another brick here and prepare yourself as the next enemy comes at you. This
greatly saves you ammunition.

The white truck also contains the gas you're looking for. Inspect its right side
to siphon it out and return to activate the generator. Head through the fenced
door (on Easy/Normal you can find [(3/4) EXPLOSIVE] behind the fence) and climb
the ladder, then move over the left ventilation shaft. When you're over the red
truck, drop down onto it and check out the front to find [(1/4) RAG] and [(1/2)
ALCOHOL]. Drop down on the other side and check out the shutter switch in the
corner. There's a cart inside, so drag it out. (On Easy/Normal there's [(1/2)
ALCOHOL] lying behind the cart.) Before doing anything with it, check out the
second shutter switch nearby to find [3/4) EXPLOSIVE] and [(1/4) RAG].

Now move the cart with the two boxes underneath the second shutter. This allows
you to climb the low box nearby and move over the second shutter (it would
otherwise drop back down as Ellie tried moving over it). This grants you access
to the last set of ventilation shafts leading to the now unlocked door.

But there's no reason to party just yet; the pet shop behind this door is
infested with runners and even two clickers. The runners are standing still, but
the clickers are roaming, so watch them. When the first clicker is further away
from you, slowly sneak up behind the runner to your immediate left and knife
him. You can find [(1/4) ALCOHOL] in the shelves where he was standing. There's
also a [HEALTH CAN] in the shelves on the right side of this main hall, but you
may want to collect it later, after dealing with all enemies.

Note: On Easy, you'll find a [MOLOTOV COCKTAIL] as well as a [HEALTH BAR] in
      full sight near the first box you come across as you enter this area.

Note: Taking a runner out from behind by using your knife shouldn't attract
      the attention from the Clickers as long as they're relatively far away.
      However, Ellie will automatically stand up after performing the takedown,
      meaning she is no longer crouched even if she was in the crouching
      position before. Be advised that walking/running directly after a takedown
      can thus attract unwanted noise and attention. It's therefore advisable to
      stay still and don't move right the second after the takedown, and first
      move back to the sneaking position to avoid making any sound.

Wait until the coast is clear and jump over to the next room, hugging the left
side of the area. (If you're quick you can find [(1/4) BLADES], [(1/4)
EXPLOSIVE] and [(1/4) RAG] in this room, before continuing. On Easy/Normal there
is an additional (1/4) RAG] here.) When the clickers are moving away from you,
sneak upon the second runner (from his back, mind you) and knife him as well.
Around this time, the second clicker will probably be on his way back to you, so
carefully sneak towards the other side of the room. While you're here, you'll
probably want to grab the [(1/2) ALCOHOL] and [(3/4) EXPLOSIVES]. Wait until the
coast is clear and approach the final, third runner, near the shutter, and knife
him as well (but beware if the nearby Clicker is still closeby; if he is, he'll
turn around and Click like a mofo, so you'll want to wait for him to move behind
the racks to stay safe). After wasting this last Runner, hop over the nearby
counter (where you killed the last, third runner) to find [(1/4) BLADES] behind
it. (On Easy/Normal there's an extra (1/4) RAG] here.

On a completely unrelated note, there was this one time where that second
Clicker Made me wish I had that remote control from 'Click' (that decent Adam
Sandler movie) and use it to freeze time and do a multi-fart in its face, David
Hassellhoff-style). Yes, that was pretty unrelated, but you know. Freudian free
associations-theory and such. The sad thing about it is that Clickers can't even
smell, but no matter.

You have two options at this point. You can either open the shutter when the
clickers are far away enough for Ellie to have just enough time to move
underneath. Alternatively you can grab a brick and knife them to death one after
the other. You'll just want to be sure they're stunned when you knife them, but
the technique is the exact same as with the Stalkers (or Runners, or any enemy
for that matter). Anyhow, open the shutter move underneath, and prepare for
another intense episode.

There are again two ways to handle the following situation. Two Clickers enter
the area, and once you press the greenly lit button to open the door, two
Runners join the fun. You can walk/run (but not dash) towards the button, press
it, quickly open the door, and then dash up the escalators, looking to your left
for the [ATRIUM RECORDER] and then move the other way, making your way over the
'fragile' glass towards the helicopter. (That's right, you'll find it good to
know that the windows will in fact never break.)

Alternatively, you can wait with pushing the button and take out the two
Clickers first. The area is pretty big, so you can find a brick or a bottle,
hurl it at one of them and perform the by now well-known knife-finisher on them
one by one. When you press the door button now, no Runners appear and you can
whistle-walk up the escalators, taking your time to collect the Atrium Recorder
on the left side and make your way to the helicopter sluggishly slowly.

Note: After completing this chapter you'll automatically have collected the
      [MEDICAL SUPPLIES] artifact.

    |                       FUN AND GAMES [WLK-33]                         |

[ ] Kitchen Note (ALL)

Approach the carousel and ride it, then joke around (until you're all out of
jokes) with the No Pun Intended book Riley gave you. Check out the 'Fast Burger
Pickup' kitchen on the side to find a [KITCHEN NOTE] inside. Be sure to check
out the sharesnap behind the escalators as well. The whole facebook advertising
is pretty upsetting (and as if that's going to be the only large social media
company ever - fortunately a naive thought), but other than that, the scene is
well thought of.

Head up the escalators on the other side of the hall and enter the arcade.
*Before* you play the game Riley is standing next to, first check out the other
'playable' arcade race game in the corner (another reference to ND's Jak). If
you inspect this you'll automatically gain the [NOBODY'S PERFECT] trophy.

Now play the fighting game. It's not hard to win as long as you remember that
the + sign indicates that you're supposed to press the grouped buttons together.
You have a time bar for each combo and the game's fairly generous. You'll want
to give it your best and try not to get hit even once (get all combo's correct
in one go). If you manage to never get hit you'll receive the [ANGEL KNIVES]
trophy. After this a scene plays.

Move through the hall and enter the hall with mannequins. You can push the one
standing in the light, then move through the exit doors. After the scene you'll
have to soak Riley wet. Tap the R1 button and quickly aim and shoot at her with
your water gun. After this you'll play hide and seek, where the first one who
hits the other person with a burst of water wins. If you win (twice) you'll get
the [SKILLZ] bronze trophy. More scenes will play...

    |                    THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY [WLK-34]                    |

[ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Crew Photo (ALL)
[ ] Bow (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Arrows x3 (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Arrow (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Sugar (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Arrows x2 (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Pistol Ammo x2 (E/N/H/-)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/-)
[ ] Duct Recorder (ALL)
[ ] Pistol Ammo x3 (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (3/4) Explosive (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Arrows x2 (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Health Can (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/2) Rag (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Sugar (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Sugar (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Explosive (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Explosive (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Sugar (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Pistol Ammo x2 (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Explosive (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Health Bar/Can (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Pistol Ammo x3 (E/-/-/-)
[ ] (1/2) Blades (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/2) Sugar (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (3/4) Explosive (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/2) Alcohol (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Pistol Ammo x2 (E/-/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (1/4) Sugar (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Arrow (-/-/H/S)
[ ] Arrows x2 (-/N/-/-)
[ ] Arrows x4 (E/-/-/-)
[ ] Pistol Ammo x2 (E/-/-/-)
[ ] Pistol Ammo x2 (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Health Bar (E/-/-/-)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/S)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (3/4) Explosive (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/H/-)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/-)
[ ] Health Can (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/H/-)
[ ] Pistol Ammo x2 (E/N/H/S)
[ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Rag (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Arrows x3 (E/-/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Pistol Ammo x2 (E/-/-/-)
[ ] Health Can (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Arrows x2 (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Health Bar (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Blades (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/-/-)
[ ] Health Can (E/N/-/-)
[ ] (1/4) Alcohol (E/N/-/-)

Note: On Easy/Normal you'll find [(1/2) ALCOHOL] and [(1/4) RAG] straight ahead,
      near the green crates at the beginning.

In the hall, enter the doorway to your right and check the body around the
corner to find the [CREW PHOTO].

Continue and hop over the crates, then grab the [BOW] as one of the men is
assaulted by a Clicker. Do NOT approach them for now, but wait until they spread
out. When they do, immediate move diagonally right (towards the Clicker body)
and grab the [ARROWS x3] from it (the other Clicker body also contains [ARROWS].
Follow the guy in blue (on the right side) and wait for him to stand still at
the restrooms down the hall, then quickly sneak up on him and knife him to
death. One of the other guys will soon check out his body, so back away in the
main hall and wait for one of them to arrive, then sneak up on him and knife him
too. The third one sometimes arrives rather quickly, so either shoot him or if
you can, sneak up on him too.

Note: On Easy/Normal, the record store contains some extra items. Search the
      left side to find [(1/4) ALCOHOL] on the floor near the counter, and
      [(1/2) BLADES] inside. There's also [(1/4) SUGAR] and a [HEALTH BAR] on
      top of it. The other counter on the other side of the shop has an extra
      [ARROWS x2] laying on it.

In any case, the store they were searching contains [PISTOL AMMO x2] and a
[HEALTH BAR] if you search the counter (underneath the register). You can also
find [(1/2) ALCOHOL] and [(1/4) RAG] in the corner next to the restrooms. Move
through the air duct at the end of the hall and collect the [DUCT RECORDER] from
the skeleton inside (just follow the blood trail).  Exit the duct and you'll
find yourself in a new situation; infected are in the same room as regular human
enemies. When a wave of humans enters the room far ahead, hurl a brick in their
direction so the two clickers and the runner directly below you will assault
them. They'll most definitely win - the infected, that is.

Note: On Easy/Normal, the room below contains some extra items. Search the
      nearby shelves as you drop down to find [PISTOL AMMO x3] + [(1/4 ALCOHOL],
      while you can find an extra [(3/4) EXPLOSIVE] in the middle of the room.
      The next room contains an additional [HEALTH CAN] laying in the circle in
      the middle of the room. There are also [ARROWS x2] on the right side of
      this room. The counter on the left, finally, contains [(1/4) BLADES] and
      [(1/2) RAG] in the drawer.

Drop down and look for a [(1/4) RAG] in the nearby shelves, [(1/4) ALCOHOL] in
the left corner (nearby to where you drop down) as well as [(1/4) BLADES] in the
middle of this room. You can probably also find [PISTOL AMMO] and [ARROWS] on
the bodies of the deceased men. Your only problem now is that the infected are
still 'alive'. Move to the counter on the left side and grab a brick; hurl it to
the far right side of the room and if done correctly at least the two clickers
will take the bait. You'll now only have to avoid the runner outside.

Note: On Easy/Normal you can find [(1/4) SUGAR] twice, nearby the Colorado
      Mountain Plaza sales stand.

At the end of the hall, climb up on the right side and collect [(1/4) RAG]
and [(1/4) ALCOHOL] from this platform. Drop down and find a [HEALTH BAR] on the
nearby counter, as well as a [(1/4) EXPLOSIVE]. There are a bunch of infected
waiting in the room to your right, but you don't have to engage them yourself.
Grab a bottle and continue down the hall; a couple of scavengers will enter the
hall. Back up and hide behind some crates, then hurl the bottle in their
direction as they get closer. They'll now battle it out with the infected.

It depends on who wins how to deal with this area, but it's likely the
scavengers win since it's a relatively open area. Collect a [(1/4) ALCOHOL] from
some shelves in the room the infected were standing in, as well as a [(1/4) RAG]
and (1/4) EXPLOSIVES] from a locker in the adjacent room (but stay low).

You can either sneak up on the guys (start with the one in the right corner) or
take them out any way you want (or even sneak past them). In any case you can
find a [(1/4) ALCOHOL] on one of the dead Clickers, and [(1/4) SUGAR] on the
lower left side of the area. There's [PISTOL AMMO x2] and [(1/4) EXPLOSIVE] in
the counter's shelves (under the registry) on the far left side. Lastly, a
[HEALTH BAR] can be found lying on top of a cabinet near the 'home theater'

Note: On Easy/Normal there are of course several additional goodies to be found.
      From the start of the area (where you dropped down), the counter on your
      right hand contains an extra [HEALTH BAR] and [HEALTH CAN/BAR] (depending
      on Eas/Normal respectively?). On Easy, the counter's drawer also contains
      [PISTOL AMMO x3] and you can find [(1/2) BLADES] on both difficulties
      underneath the counter.
      Then there's the storage room on the right, which contains an extra [(1/4)
      RAG] and [(1/4) BLADES] in the lockers. The shelves in this room also
      house an additional [(1/4) RAG], [(1/2) SUGAR] and [(3/4) EXPLOSIVE].
      In the main room you can find an extra [HEALTH BAR] (near the customer
      service room entrance). There's an extra [(1/2) ALCOHOL] laying in the
      main room's lower left side (down the small steps). On Easy, there's even
      an extra [PISTOL AMMO x2] near to where you have to climb up.

To continue, climb up. Before you go underneath the shutter, first search this
room for [(1/4) BLADES], since once you open the shutter there's no turning
back. (On Easy/Normal you can also find [(1/4) SUGAR] near the desk. Also check
the other side of the hole to find an extra [(1/4) RAG].)

As you backtrack to Joel, you'll unfortunately come across a large group of
scavengers. First grab a [(1/4) RAG] and an [ARROW] from the dead scavengers on
the left side of the path. 

Note: On Easy you'll find an extra [HEALTH BAR], an additional [PISTOL AMMO x2],
      [PISTOL AMMO x2] and [ARROWS x4] (instead of one). On Normal you'll only
      find an additional [ARROWS x2] and only one extra [PISTOL AMMO x2] (on
      both dificulties you'll of course also find the above rag).

You'll definitely want to put those rags and alcohol bottles you found to good
use now and craft a Molotov cocktail. Carefully aim and hurl it at the two guys
who are trying to open the shutter door down below; a well thrown cocktail
should take them both out. Now aim for the guy in the room to your right;
perhaps an arrow shot or otherwise a few gunshots should do him in. Remember
that you can always throw a brick and then quickly move in for a knife melee if
you run out of options. This room also contains a [HEALTH BAR], [HEALTH BAR] and
[(1/4 RAG].

Since the scavengers have noticed you by now, take out the remaining ones with
your bow, pistol, or knife (preferably of course only after stunning them with a
brick or bottle). Get behind cover at all times and take the guys on one by one.
The area contains several more items should you need them: The upper left
walkway contains [(3/4) EXPLOSIVES], the room on the right (below) contains a
[(1/4) RAG] and [(1/4) BLADES]. The other (left) side of the lower area (the
side of the escalators) contains [(1/4) ALCOHOL], [(1/4) RAG], and you can find
a [HEALTH CAN] and a [(1/4) RAG] near the stairs in the corner. Lastly you can
find [PISTOL AMMO x2] in the far back of the area, beyond the statue, lying on a
table. You'll come across most of it as you traverse the area anyway, and all in
all it should provide you with enough gear to also take out the remaining
scavengers, including any who continue to dare fiddle with the holy shutter

Note: Before you open the shutter door you'll want to search the entire area
      for any remaining items.

Note: On Easy/Normal, the following *additional* items can be found in this area
      (alongside the other items noted above, which are also available). Head
      up and act as if you're entering the area again from the hall. You can
      find [(1/4) ALCOHOL] and [(1/4) RAG] on the counter to the immediate left.
      On Easy there are also [ARROWS x3] on some crates on this left walkway.
      The upper left walkway also contains [PISTOL AMMO x2] (Easy only) and
      [(1/4) BLADES] (both). There's also a [HEALTH CAN] at the end.
      The upper room of the store on the other/right side of the area contains
      something extra as well: [ARROWS x2]. The lower area of this clothes store
      contains an additional [HEALTH BAR], [(1/4) BLADES] and [(1/4) ALCOHOL],
      as well as an extra [HEALTH CAN]. Lastly, you can find an extra [(1/4)
      ALCOHOL] in the main plaza, on a table behind the statue (this is the same
      location as where you can find pistol ammo).

When you try to open the shutter door, naturally more scavengers show up, and
even some infected join the crowd. You'll definitely want to loot all bodies
you've dropped so far to get more ammunition, and even a [HUNTING RIFLE]. Use
bricks and bottles to set the infected up against the scavengers whenever you
can, and wipe them all out, using whatever you need. When you've done so you can
finally open the shutter and patch Joel up.

    |                 ESCAPE FROM LIBERTY GARDENS [WLK-35]                 |

There's not much to this part except to escape from the infected! You'll have to
help Riley out by opening the shutter in the mannequin room and then put a cart
underneath it. Quickly continue to follow Riley through the halls; the rest is
rather self-explanatory. Enjoy the ending scene of the game!

Note: You'll also get the 'Don't Go' Trophy for all difficulties you've
      completed the game on (so you'll also get Easy and Normal, for example,
      if you've finished on Hard).

             _______  ______  _____  ______  _   _  _  ____  _____
            |__   __||  __  ||  _  ||  __  || | | || ||  __||  __ |
               | |   | |  | || | | || |  | || | | || || |   | |  \|
               | |   | |__| || | | || |__| || |_| || || |__ | |___
               | |   |    __|| | | ||  ____||  _  || ||  __||___  |
               | |   | |\ \  | | | || |     | | | || || |       | |
               | |   | | \ \ | |_| || |     | | | || || |__ |\__| |
               |_|   |_|  \_\|_____||_|     |_| |_||_||____||_____|
|NAME:                        |TYPE:|DESCRIPTION/REQUIREMENT:                  |
|It Can't Be For Nothing      |  P  |Obtain all other The Last of Us trophies. |
|Firefly                      |  G  |Complete the Firefly Journey.             |
|For Emergencies Only         |  G  |Fully upgrade all weapons.                |
|Hunter                       |  G  |Complete the Hunter Journey.              |
|No Matter What (Survivor)    |  G  |Complete the game on Survivor.            |
|Scavenger                    |  G  |Found all collectibles.                   |
|The Last of Us (Survivor+)   |  G  |Complete the game on Survivor+.           |
|Everything We've Been Through|  S  |Fully upgrade Joel with supplements.      |
|I Want to Talk About It      |  S  |Engage in all optional conversations.     |
|It Was All Just Lying There  |  S  |Find all Artifacts.                       |
|Look for the Light           |  S  |Find all Firefly Pendants.                |
|No Matter What (Hard)        |  S  |Complete the game on Hard.                |
|No Matter What (Normal)      |  S  |Complete the game on Normal.              |
|The Last of Us (Easy+)       |  S  |Complete the game on Easy+.               |
|The Last of Us (Hard+)       |  S  |Complete the game on Hard+.               |
|The Last of Us (Normal+)     |  S  |Complete the game on Normal+.             |
|Endure and Survive           |  B  |Collect all Comics.                       |
|I Got This                   |  B  |Find all Training Manuals.                |
|Knowing the Basics           |  B  |Win a game of Supply Raid and Survivors in|
|                             |     |Find Match.                               |
|Let's Gear Up                |  B  |Craft every item.                         |
|Master of Unlocking          |  B  |Unlock all shiv doors.                    |
|No Matter What (Easy)        |  B  |Complete the game on Easy.                |
|Populace                     |  B  |Build your clan to 40 people in Factions. |

                  O P T I O N A L   D I A L O G U E  [APX-2]
| The Quarantine Zone  | After moving through the main street in the QZ you'll |
|                      | reach a square (near the checkpoint). Talk to the     |
|                      | couple on the right side of the street.               |
| The Quarantine Zone  | When you're going outside for the first time, head out|
|                      | through the front door (where Tess is standing) and   |
|                      | talk to her.                                          |
| The Outskirts        | After Joel wakes up, speak with Tess as she's looking |
|                      | out the window.                                       |
| The Outskirts        | When entering the giant Goldstone Building, inspect   |
|                      | the torn apart soldier in the hall.                   |
| The Outskirts        | In the museum you'll have to fight quite some Runners;|
|                      | ask Tess if she's okay afterwards.                    |
| The Outskirts        | Do the same with Ellie (after the fight).             |
| Bill's Town          | There's an arcade machine inside the pizzeria. Talk to|
|                      | Ellie when she's standing close.                      |
| Bill's Town          | After meeting Bill, inspect the chessboard and have a |
|                      | short chat about it with Ellie.                       |
| Bill's Town          | When you drop down from the treehouse, enter the house|
|                      | and go upstairs. Ellie will come up too when you enter|
|                      | the room of the kids; have a conversation here.       |
| Bill's Town          | Before moving behind the pickup to push, talk to      |
|                      | Ellie (who's already inside the pickup).              |
| Bill's Town          | After finding Frank's note in his house, hand it over |
|                      | to Bill.                                              |
| Pittsburgh           | When you've defeated the first hunters in town, go    |
|                      | outside and into the garage; talk to Ellie here.      |
| Pittsburgh           | On the highway, stand still at the car with a skeleton|
|                      | hanging out to talk about this with Ellie.            |
| Pittsburgh           | When you're crossing the long highway you'll reach a  |
|                      | checkpoint eventually. Check out the graffiti on the  |
|                      | right wall, which is after you've dropped off a bus.  |
| Pittsburgh           | In the flooded street, move to the far (non-flooded)  |
|                      | end to spot an advertisement poster with an anorexic  |
|                      | model; talk to Ellie about it.                        |
| Pittsburgh           | When you've dropped down in the hotel's lobby, check  |
|                      | out the left side and interact with the coffee machine|
|                      | behind the counter for an optional line.              |
| Pittsburgh           | When you reach the third floor of the hotel, search   |
|                      | one of the rooms to find a deceased couple; for more  |
|                      | details see the walkthrough section.                  |
| Pittsburgh           | In the hotel's ballroom (with the piano on stage),    |
|                      | move to the far right corner and talk to Ellie here.  |
| Pittsburgh           | Defeat all hunters in the plaza, then stand near the  |
|                      | hung man to talk about this.                          |
| Pittsburgh           | After moving over a wall in the streets by using a    |
|                      | fire escape, check out the right side of the area to  |
|                      | talk about the military school.                       |
| Pittsburgh           | In the same square, visit the parking lot with the    |
|                      | large 'Dawn of the Wolf' film poster and talk to Ellie|
|                      | when standing close.                                  |
| The Suburbs          | At the end of the first street in the village, stand  |
|                      | near the house that has the 'Will shoot on sight'     |
|                      | paint on it; Joel and Henry will discuss looting.     |
| The Suburbs          | Proceed through the next street and approach the ice  |
|                      | cream cart to trigger another conversation.           |
| The Suburbs          | Still further down the same street, enter the last    |
|                      | house to the left. Inside, don't immediately continue |
|                      | but watch Ellie and Sam play darts. Grab the dart     |
|                      | yourself when they've finished to try your luck.      |
| Tommy's Dam          | After crossing the water, inspect the far left side of|
|                      | the trail to find a grave; have a conversation here.  |
| Tommy's Dam          | When you reach the horses, talk to Ellie.             |
| Tommy's Dam          | On the dam's catwalk, when following Tommy, speak with|
|                      | the woman patrolling the right side of the walkways.  |
| The University       | When you move past a football logo, on the left wall  |
|                      | right after jumping over the barricades in the road,  |
|                      | Joel and Ellie can shortly converse about it.         |
| The University       | When you've reached the dormitory you'll need to open |
|                      | a gate. In the street before this, check out the      |
|                      | Firefly graffiti sign on the wall to the left of the  |
|                      | gate to trigger a conversation.                       |
| The University       | Inside the Science Building, move through the walkway |
|                      | in the atrium and check the Fireflies baggage.        |
| Lakeside Resort      | After escaping from the maze-like environment with    |
|                      | Clickers, and right before the large wave of infected |
|                      | storms the well-supplied building, stand near the     |
|                      | bodies and talk about it with David.                  |
| Bus Depot            | At the start of this chapter, Joel will talk to Ellie.|
|                      | Since she's not responding, press triangle when given |
|                      | the option.                                           |
| Bus Depot            | Right before heading down the highway, check out the  |
|                      | airline banner on the bus to your right to speak with |
|                      | Ellie about it.                                       |
| Bus Depot            | Enter the bus station; Joel can tell Ellie that the   |
|                      | ladder can get them up to the higher walkway.         |
| Bus Depot            | Follow Ellie after climbing up the ladder to see what |
|                      | she's all enthusiastic about, and pet the animal at   |
|                      | the end.                                              |
| Bus Depot            | At the roof with the magnificent view, take a second  |
|                      | to share this moment with Ellie.                      |
| Bus Depot            | After moving through the area with the large Fedra    |
|                      | tent, Ellie will halt Joel right before moving through|
|                      | a bus; she wants to give something to him.            |

          T R A I N I N G   M A N U A L   L O C A T I O N S  [APX-3]
| TRAINING MANUAL NAME: | LOCATION:                                            |
| Shiv: Sharpening      | [Bill's Town: Safehouse] In the beginning of this    |
|                       | chapter, look for this training manual on the bar's  |
|                       | counter.                                             |
| Health: Splinting     | [Pittsburgh: Alone and Forsaken] At the beginning of |
|                       | this chapter, open the garage in the corner of the   |
|                       | street and head to the second floor. Search the      |
|                       | shelves to the left side of the room where the       |
|                       | hunters used to sleep.                               |
| Shiv: Reinforcement   | [Pittsburgh: Hotel Lobby] After moving through one of|
|                       | the city's flooded main streets, drop down into a    |
|                       | hotel lobby and check behind the counter to locate a |
|                       | safe. The combination for it can be found by climbing|
|                       | the stairs (by finding the ladder) and moving across |
|                       | the destroyed part of the stairs.                    |
| Melee: Knots          | [Pittsburgh: Hotel Lobby] After proceeding through   |
|                       | the restaurant section near the end of the chapter,  |
|                       | (and after reuniting with Ellie) make your way across|
|                       | the hall a floor lower to find it on a table.        |
| Molotov: Construction | [Pittsburgh: Escape from the city] Search the counter|
|                       | in the kitchen of the apartment you meet Henry and   |
|                       | Sam for the first time.                              |
| Bomb: Containment     | [The Suburbs: Sewers] After moving through a door    |
|                       | that triggers a sound trap, head up to the corner    |
|                       | and search the shelves for this manual.              |
| Melee: Techniques     | [The Suburbs: Suburbs] After heading around the      |
|                       | corner at the end of the first street, search the    |
|                       | house on the left as you enter the second street. Go |
|                       | to the top floor and check the attic access panel.   |
|                       | After this, boost Ellie up to collect this manual.   |
| Smoke: Chemistry      | [Tommy's Dam: Hydroelectric Dam] Follow Tommy to the |
|                       | complex' generator room; right before this, inside   |
|                       | the control room with two foremen standing over a    |
|                       | map on a table, look for this manual on the control  |
|                       | panels in the corner.                                |
| Health: Sterilization | [The University: Go Big Horns] When you reach the    |
|                       | large square with a statue in the middle, head to the|
|                       | right side of the area and go upstairs; go through   |
|                       | the window to cross the roof to another room inside  |
|                       | which you'll find this manual.                       |
| Molotov: Deployment   | [The University: Science Building] On the second     |
|                       | floor of the science building, unlock the locked door|
|                       | with a shiv to find this training manual in the room |
|                       | behind it.                                           |
| Smoke: Shaping        | [Lakeside Resort: Cabin Resort] As you gain control  |
|                       | of Joel again at the end of the chapter, move through|
|                       | the snowy streets and enter the house with a pickup  |
|                       | standing closeby; move towards the back and enter the|
|                       | alley to locate a locked shack. Open it by using a   |
|                       | shiv to find this manual inside.                     |
| Bomb: Shrapnel        | [Bus Depot: Underground Tunnel] Move through the     |
|                       | tunnel and you'll soon come across the infected. Move|
|                       | past the two Clickers beyond the first wave of       |
|                       | enemies and climb the long truck placed vertically   |
|                       | in the tunnel to find this manual on top.            |

              C O M I C   B O O K S   L O C A T I O N S  [APX-4]
| Force Carrier        | Automatically received after finishing the 'Bill's    |
|                      | Town' chapter.                                        |
| Termination Shock    | [Pittsburgh: Alone and Forsaken] After dropping down  |
|                      | on the main street, check inside the first bus you    |
|                      | come across.                                          |
| Accretion            | [Pittsburgh: Hotel Lobby] After moving through the    |
|                      | restaurant near the end of this (sub)chapter, move    |
|                      | across the gap on the upper floor right after you've  |
|                      | reunited with Ellie to find this Comic on the other   |
|                      | side.                                                 |
| Deep Phase           | [Pittsburgh: Escape the city] After meeting Henry and |
|                      | Sam you'll soon head down this building's stairs; one |
|                      | floor lower is a locked door. Unlock it with a shiv   |
|                      | and search the apartment to find this comic.          |
| Antiparticles        | [The Suburbs: The Sewers] On the beach, search the    |
|                      | large fisherman's boat's main room on deck to find    |
|                      | this comic inside.                                    |
| Messenger Particle   | [The Suburbs: Suburbs] In the second main street, move|
|                      | past the ice cream truck and enter the house on the   |
|                      | left. Head upstairs and search the bathroom to find   |
|                      | this comic book.                                      |
| Foreign Element      | [Tommy's Dam: Hydroelectric Dam] At the start of the  |
|                      | chapter, make your way down and follow the river.     |
|                      | Before moving underneath the gigantic bridge, follow  |
|                      | the trail to the right to find this comic next to a   |
|                      | corpse.                                               |
| Zero Point           | [Tommy's Dam: Ranch House] This comic can be found in |
|                      | the bedroom to the immediate left (upstairs inside the|
|                      | ranch house).                                         |
| Free Radicals        | [The University: Go Big Horns] At the very start of   |
|                      | this chapter, turn around and ride all the way back   |
|                      | to find this comic on top of a car.                   |
| Uncertainty          | [Lakeside Resort: The Hunt] When following the deer's |
|                      | blood trail into a wooden house, inside head the room |
|                      | to the left to find this comic on a desk.             |
| Negentropy           | [Lakeside Resort: The Hunt] When approaching the large|
|                      | cabin resort by the lake you'll have to move through  |
|                      | a pipe. After doing so (the first time), head left and|
|                      | search the benches to find this comic.                |
| Precipitate          | [Bus Depot: Highway Exit] After finding out what got  |
|                      | Ellie all enthusiastic, head downstairs. In this room,|
|                      | search the restroom to the right to find the comic on |
|                      | the ground in the corner.                             |
| Catalysis            | [Bus Depot: Underground Tunnel] After moving past the |
|                      | infected in the tunnel, swim underneath the vehicle   |
|                      | and climb on top. You're supposed to drop a ladder    |
|                      | down for Ellie here. Move over the ventilation shaft  |
|                      | on one of the tunnel walls to find this comic at the  |
|                      | very end.                                             |
| Sigularity           | [Epilogue] Follow Joel through the woods but head     |
|                      | slightly right to spot a pickup against the rock wall.|
|                      | You'll find the last comic here.                      |

 Note: Be sure to flip the comics in your inventory and 'read' them. That should
       get you the trophy. Don't forget the first one either!

         F I R E F L Y   P E N D A N T S   L O C A T I O N S  [APX-5]

              T H E  Q U A R A N T I N E  Z O N E:  O U T S I D E
.—————: PENDANT #1: David Michael Vigil ;——————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `———————————————————————————————´                                     |!|
|!| After going outside with Tess, search for a ladder behind a vehicle, then|!|
|!| enter the building. The room in the back on this floor contains the      |!|
|!| pendant.                                                                 |!|

.—————: PENDANT #2: Ben Glueck  ;——————————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `———————————————————————´                                             |!|
|!| After dropping down from a fire escape, follow Tess through the alley.   |!|
|!| Move underneath an obstacle to reach a small square with a bench. Inspect|!|
|!| the tree to spot this pendant hanging in one of the branches; shoot it to|!|
|!| pick it up.                                                              |!|

            T H E  Q U A R A N T I N E  Z O N E:  T H E  C A R G O
.—————: PENDANT #3: Philip Liu ;———————————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `——————————————————————´                                              |!|
|!| When Ellie first joins you, check the Firefly bodies in the street to    |!|
|!| find this pendant on one of the bodies.                                  |!|

                  T H E   O U T S K I R T S:  D O W N T O W N
.—————: PENDANT #4: Joseph Lenz ;——————————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `———————————————————————´                                             |!|
|!| Before entering the large Goldstone Building, move to the back of the    |!|
|!| area and look at the furthest tree; spot the pendant hanging in one of   |!|
|!| the branches. Throw a nearby brick at it to collect it.                  |!|

                T H E  O U T S K I R T S:  T H E   M U S E U M
.—————: PENDANT #5: Michael Kiper ;————————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `—————————————————————————´                                           |!|
|!| In the museum, inside the room with the collapsed ceiling (there's also  |!|
|!| a giant bell in this room), head up and immediately climb up on the LEFT |!|
|!| side, then keep hugging the while moving to the end to find this pendant.|!|
|!| Show those Uncharted moves, Joel!                                        |!|

       T H E  O U T S K I R T S:  T H E  C A P I T O L  B U I L D I N G
.—————: PENDANT #6: Melinda Davidson ;—————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `————————————————————————————´                                        |!|
|!| Right before you reach the Capitol Building, wade through the water and  |!|
|!| move to the left side of the street. Hop in the gazebo to find the       |!|
|!| pendant inside.                                                          |!|

.—————: PENDANT #7: Shiyao Jiang ;—————————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `————————————————————————´                                            |!|
|!| At the flooded subway section where you're supposed to get Ellie across  |!|
|!| the tunnel by using a raft, check out the flooded tunnel to the left side|!|
|!| of the area; the flooded room contains this pendant.                     |!|

                   B I L L ' S  T O W N:  T H E   W O O D S
.—————: PENDANT #8: Hui Wang ;—————————————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `————————————————————´                                                |!|
|!| At the town's main street, climb the large camper and look for this      |!|
|!| pendant on top of it.                                                    |!|

                   B I L L ' S  T O W N:  S A F E H O U S E
.—————: PENDANT #9: Alex Raymond Vincent ;—————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `————————————————————————————————´                                    |!|
|!| Follow Bill to an open area with several carwreck. After clearing this   |!|
|!| place from the infected, move to the far right side of the area and look |!|
|!| up at the green roadhouse sign; this lantern has the pendant hanging from|!|
|!| it. Shoot it in order to collect it.                                     |!|

                   B I L L ' S  T O W N:  G R A V E Y A R D
.—————: PENDANT #10: Peter Mrozik ;————————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `—————————————————————————´                                           |!|
|!| After moving through the graveyard you're back on the streets. Move      |!|
|!| through the first backyard and check this house to find the pendant in   |!|
|!| the kitchen.                                                             |!|

            P I T T S B U R G H:  A L O N E  A N D  F O R S A K E N
.—————: PENDANT #11: Mazden Risk ;—————————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `————————————————————————´                                            |!|
|!| When you reach the quarantine zone's checkpoint, head through and defeat |!|
|!| the hunters in the area with the tents (and inside the bookstore). This  |!|
|!| pendant can be found in the alley next to the bookstore, at the far end  |!|
|!| of the area.                                                             |!|

                  P I T T S B U R G H:  H O T E L  L O B B Y
.—————: PENDANT #12: Colby Reed ;——————————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `———————————————————————´                                             |!|
|!| After you go through the restaurant and meeting up with Ellie again, but |!|
|!| before entering the ball room, inspect the women's restroom to find this |!|
|!| pendant.                                                                 |!|

               P I T T S B U R G H:  E S C A P E  T H E  C I T Y
.—————: PENDANT #13: Lucas Rios ;——————————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `———————————————————————´                                             |!|
|!| After meeting Henry and Sam, follow them and climb up a truck and roof,  |!|
|!| then enter the building. In here, BEFORE entering the architects' office,|!|
|!| check the restroom to the left to find this pendant.                     |!|

                      T H E  S U B U R B S:  S E W E R S
.—————: PENDANT #14: Josh Scheffler ;——————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `———————————————————————————´                                         |!|
|!| At the end of the beach you'll reach a large fisherman's boat. Search    |!|
|!| inside the hull to find this pendant.                                    |!|

.—————: PENDANT #15: Robert Righetti ;—————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `————————————————————————————´                                        |!|
|!| When you enter the sewers, walk a couple of meters and keep a look out   |!|
|!| for a small opening to your right side with water coming out of it. Head |!|
|!| through and search for the pendant in the room on the other side.        |!|

.—————: PENDANT #16: Eddie Fuentes ;———————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `——————————————————————————´                                          |!|
|!| In the area where you have to move Ellie across the water with a raft,   |!|
|!| dive into the water and inspect the ground near the wrecked vehicle on   |!|
|!| the left side of the area.                                               |!|

                     T H E  S U B U R B S:  S U B U R B S
.—————: PENDANT #17: Matthew White ;———————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `——————————————————————————´                                          |!|
|!| Cross the streets until you reach a dead end (you'll already have passed |!|
|!| the ice cream car). In the yard next to the last house in the street you |!|
|!| can spot a few small houses the children used to play with. Inspect the  |!|
|!| tree to find the pendant hanging from one of it's branches.              |!|

            T O M M Y ' S  D A M:  H Y D R O E L E C T R I C  D A M
.—————: PENDANT #18: Ryan Oliverio ;———————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `——————————————————————————´                                          |!|
|!| Follow Tommy to the generator room and head downstairs. Before talking   |!|
|!| with him, head to the far end of the area and search the cabinet in this |!|
|!| storage room to find this pendant.                                       |!|

                 T O M M Y ' S  D A M:  R A N C H   H O U S E
.—————: PENDANT #19: Brent Pino ;——————————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `———————————————————————´                                             |!|
|!| When you reach the ranch by horse, search the trophy room in the far back|!|
|!| to find this pendant.                                                    |!|

             T H E   U N I V E R S I T Y:  G O   B I G   H O R N S
.—————: PENDANT #20: Hope Pino  ;——————————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `———————————————————————´                                             |!|
|!| After hopping over some barricades and passing the football graffiti     |!|
|!| logo you'll reach an intersection. Head right and check the tree with the|!|
|!| yellow leaves to find the pendant hanging in it.                         |!|

.—————: PENDANT #21: Alex Rohner ;—————————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `————————————————————————´                                            |!|
|!| After moving through the library you'll reach a large square with a      |!|
|!| statue in the middle of it. Right before jumping over the road blocks to |!|
|!| reach this square, look to your right and climb the container next to the|!|
|!| building to reach a room with this pendant.                              |!|

.—————: PENDANT #22: Joe Warren  ;—————————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `————————————————————————´                                            |!|
|!| In the infected part of the dormitory, defeat the Bloater and loot his   |!|
|!| body (or close to it) for this pendant.                                  |!|

.—————: PENDANT #23: Erik Griggs ;—————————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `————————————————————————´                                            |!|
|!| In one of the tents in the corner of the square, right before the Science|!|
|!| Building you can find this pendant. The tent is in the far (intially)    |!|
|!| left corner.                                                             |!|

         T H E   U N I V E R S I T Y:  S C I E N C E   B U I L D I N G
.—————: PENDANT #24: Sadie Pearle Hickman ;————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `—————————————————————————————————´                                   |!|
|!| In the room where you discover where the sounds came from, search the    |!|
|!| cabinet in the far right corner to find this pendant.                    |!|

                L A K E S I D E   R E S O R T:  T H E   H U N T
.—————: PENDANT #25: Travis Kristoff ;—————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `————————————————————————————´                                        |!|
|!| After moving through the maze-like environment with Clickers, Ellie will |!|
|!| be boosted up by David to reach some catwalks. In the corner of this area|!|
|!| is a storage room; a Clicker will come out of it. Avoid or defeat it and |!|
|!| search the room for this pendant.                                        |!|

.—————: PENDANT #26: Paul D. Braun  ;——————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `———————————————————————————´                                         |!|
|!| After dropping down the hill and going through the first house, head     |!|
|!| right and check the wooden gazebo to find this pendant inside.           |!|

                  B U S   D E P O T:  H I G H W A Y   E X I T
.—————: PENDANT #27: Katerina Perich ;—————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `————————————————————————————´                                        |!|
|!| Head down the highway's exit and move past the bus; drop down to the left|!|
|!| railing (or walk around the vehicle) and search the ground near the      |!|
|!| orange objects to find this pendant.                                     |!|

.—————: PENDANT #28: Nicole Hoo ;——————————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `———————————————————————´                                             |!|
|!| In the area with the large Fedra tent, stand with this tent on your left |!|
|!| side and walk to the near end of the area until you pass a portable      |!|
|!| toilet. Look up at the lights standing near the green tent and shoot the |!|
|!| pendant off.                                                             |!|

            B U S   D E P O T:  U N D E R G R O U N D   T U N N E L
.—————: PENDANT #29: Natalie Hoo ;—————————————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `————————————————————————´                                            |!|
|!| After moving through the bus, back on the streets pass the long bus and  |!|
|!| look behind it to find this pendant.                                     |!|

                           T H E   F I R E F L I E S
.—————: PENDANT #30: Bryony Stewart-Seume ;————————————————————————————————————.
|!|    `—————————————————————————————————´                                   |!|
|!| After heading upstairs to reach the final part of the area, look for a   |!|
|!| closed door behind the counter which requires a Shiv to open (this is    |!|
|!| also the last door in the game that requires a Shiv). Crack it open to   |!|
|!| find the last Firefly pendant.                                           |!|

             _____  _______  ____  ______  _  ____  _____  _     _
            |  _  ||       ||  __||  __  || ||  __||  _  || \   | |
            | | | || || || || |   | |  | || || |   | | | ||  \  | |
            | |_| || || || || |__ | |__| || || |   | |_| ||   \ | |
            |  _  || ||_|| ||  __||    __|| || |   |  _  || |\ \| |
            | | | || |   | || |   | |\ \  | || |   | | | || | \   |
            | | | || |   | || |__ | | \ \ | || |__ | | | || |  \  |
            |_| |_||_|   |_||____||_|  \_\|_||____||_| |_||_|   \_|
                  ____   ______  ____  _____  _______  _____
                 |    \ |  __  ||  __||  _  ||       ||  __ |
                 | |\  || |  | || |   | | | || ||  | || |  \|
                 | | | || |__| || |__ | |_| || || || || |___
                 | | | ||    __||  __||  _  || ||_|| ||___  |
                 | | | || |\ \  | |   | | | || |   | |    | |
                 | |/  || | \ \ | |__ | | | || |   | ||\__| |
                 |____/ |_|  \_\|____||_| |_||_|   |_||_____|

      A M E R I C A N   D R E A M S   (C O M I C   S E R I E S)  [APX-6]
The 'American Dreams' comic series consists of four issues of which the last was
released on July 31st 2013. It's a prequel to the events of the main game and
also predates Left Behind. It tells the story of Ellie living in the Quarantine
Zone, where she soon meets a new friend.

It's not at all essential for the main game's story and even for an indepth
background narrative it's relatively uneventful. What follows below is a summary
of the events in the comics should you want a quick recap of the story in this
mini comics series.

"It has been nineteen years since a parasitic fungal outbreak infected and wiped
out the majority of the world's population. In Boston, one of the last remaining
quarantine zones, a young girl named Ellie is being transferred to a military
prep school that all orphaned teenagers must attend upon turning thirteen."

As Ellie arrives at the Boston QZ by bus, while looking out the window she sees
a citizen being scanned for infections and arrested afterwards. As she gets out
of the bus, one of the QZ guards tells Ellie she can't pull any of her stunts
here since he won't be around to look after her, as he's got his own family to
take care of. Ellie doesn't take this lightly and tells him he simply won't
(instead of can't) take care of her anymore. She tells herself she can take care
of herself anyway.

Some time passes and Ellie is hit by a fist coming out of nowhere. She's being
bullied by two dudes who want to snatch some of Ellie's stuff. As she's about
to get hit for the second time, a girl shows up who beats the two guys with
ease; they quickly run off. She asks Ellie what they wanted; she dusts off her
walkman. The girl advises Ellie to make some friends, but Ellie tells her she
didn't ask for any advice. Before the girl runs off, she advises Ellie to do the
same, but Ellie's already in trouble as the head of the QZ wants to see her in
his office. He tells her that him and the soldiers are the ones keeping the
place secure, and that the renegade group (The Fireflies) is not to be trusted.

As punishment, Ellie has to clean a jeep. Here she discovers that the girl who
'helped' her actually stole her walkman. Ellie also notices a soldier's finger
next to some bullet holes on the jeep, which apparently got shot off in a
firefight, presumably against Fireflies. The next day Ellie confronts the girl
about her having stolen the walkman and she's given it back.

Later that night, as Ellie's lying in bed she hears footsteps coming from the
hall; it's the girl. She follows her and taps on her back, then says she wants
to learn how to sneak out of the QZ. The girl is hesitant at first but then
agrees and calls Ellie by name. Ellie's surprised as she never told the girl
her name. As they climb over the QZ's fence she says her name is Riley.

"Thirteen-year-old Ellie is the new kid at a military boarding school in one of
the last remaining quarantine zones sheltering survivors from a deadly fungal
outbreak. Ellie hasn't made any friends yet, but has taken an interest in fellow
student Riley. When Riley sneaks out beyond the school walls one night, Ellie
joins in..."

Ellie and Riley move over several roofs which notably exhausts Ellie. Riley asks
her if she's ever thinking about her future, about what she's going to do with
her life. Ellie says she doesn't and Riley tells her that's exactly what the
QZ's military prep school wants kids to believe and that she's not about to live
a life in which you're supposed to become a soldier for the city at the age of
sixteen. Riley turns sixteen in three months, so that's a bit of a problem.

They move into an abandoned shopping mall where Ellie notices an old arcade.
She's pretty excited about the 'Triple Phoenix' arcade machine but Riley tells
her it's just a game for kids. She moves to 'The Turning', a fighting game with
'insane' final boss fights. As Ellie moves out of the arcade she visualizes it
with kids playing all the games before and after the cordyceps outbreak.

Still inside the mall, Riley and Ellie soon enough reach a tent with an old man
named Winston; Riley introduces Ellie and the man asks if they've brought
something for him. She's brought fine booze for him and he gladly accepts it,
although he's still edgy about Riley bringing Ellie. Riley asks him if he can
teach Ellie how to ride a horse. As Ellie's petting the horse she asks Riley
whether she's trying to get kicked out of the QZ, but Riley tells her that's
not the answer. You'd just get a shitty job outside of the QZ along with too
few rations.

As Ellie and Winston go round the mall, Riley sneaks into Winston's tent,
clearly looking for something. Meanwhile, Ellie asks Winston what the place was
like before the outbreak. Winston tells her he used to skip school, failed to
make out with a girl he had a crush on and assures her the mall was always
packed with people always looking to buy stuff.

When they get back to the mall, Winston tells them to go back to the QZ when ...
BOOOOM! Smoke and fire rise from a distance and Winston quickly gets on his
horse saying he has to find his unit and commanding Riley and Ellie to get back.
When he's gone, Riley grabs a (stolen) walkie-talkie from her pocket and Ellie
is about to get furious as she realizes that she's been used as a distraction
when all of a sudden a voice breaks out of the device. Riley wants to use the
walkie-talkie to find the Fireflies! Ellie tells her she's nuts, Riley runs off
and Ellie - after a brief moment of hesitation - runs after her anyway.

"Following Riley out of their military boarding school, thirteen-year-old Ellie
finds herself in the ruins of a shopping mall beyond the quarantine zone. There,
a soldier named Winston gives Ellie a horse-riding lesson while Riley ransacks
Winston's tent. When a series of explosions go off outside, Riley's newly stolen
walkie-talkie says it's the handiwork of the Fireflies..."

Over the walkie-talkie, Riley and Ellie hear the Fireflies, and Riley wants to
go check it out even though Ellie is hesitant. They quickly move over several
rooftops and sneak up on both the Fireflies and the QZ troops they're fighting.
Riley suggest they toss a smoke grenade at the QZ troops since the Fireflies are
trapped. She rhetorically asks Ellie if she wants to be pushed around in the QZ
for the rest of her life, or if she wants something else. In a quick decisive
moment Ellie grabs the grenade and hurls it at the QZ troops. The Fireflies
escape and Riley cheers hurray, causing the QZ troops to notice them. They
quickly flee over the rooftops as they're shot at.

When they're far away and out of sight, hiding behind a container, Riley
explains she stole the smoke grenades from Winston. But as they're conversing,
Ellie mentions someone's watching from a nearby doorway... The person slowly
approaches and there's some doubt first, but then Riley knows: it's an infected
woman. Before they know it she's jumped at both of them, holding them down on
the ground. Riley just barely manages to push the infected runner away with her
legs, allowing Ellie to get loose. Riley grabs a nearby rock and smashes it into
the infected runner's face, but at this same time the infected munches on her
wrist. Ellie quickly comes to the rescue with a wooden stick and strikes at her
back but this only causes the infected to turn to Ellie now. She's grabbed and
right at the moment she's about to lose, Riley pierces the throat of the runner
with the stick, killing her.

Ellie and Riley catch their breath and Ellie demands to see Riley's wrist. She
shows it (hesitantly) and it turns out there's no bite; she got lucky as the
teeth didn't fully cut through her jacket, although there's quite a rip in her
sleeve. At this discovery they hug, but there's not much time for a peaceful
moment. Behind them two other runners show up and they find themselves hunted.
When they run into a nearby alley it turns out to be a dead end. Fortunately,
before the runners reach them they're shot by a group of people from a distance.

The people get closer and Riley is about to thank them when a man grabs a stun
gun and zaps Riley with it, leaving her unconscious on the ground. Ellie wants
to assault the man but he smacks her down. He wants to stun her too but a woman
stops him and asks: "Ellie? What are you doing here?" She tells the men to put
bags over their heads and then they all leave together.

"Overhearing explosions outside the deserted mall they were exploring, Ellie and
Riley seek out the scene of the battle. On the way they barely survive an
encounter with several infected, but ultimately arrive in time to aid Firefly
insurgents. However, the Fireflies are not amused by Riley's enthusiasm and take
the girls captive..."

As Ellie wakes up she's laying on the ground and three fireflies are discussing
what went wrong in their fight against the QZ troops. Ellie reaches out for a
shard of glass but it's unnecessary as she's cut loose by the woman who enters
the room (the same who took them captive). Riley is also cut loose and the woman
hands an envelope to Ellie, telling her to open it once she's back in the QZ.

Riley doesn't want to go back at all and tells the woman that she knows her name
is Marlene and that she's the leader of the Fireflies. The two heavily discuss
as Riley wants to join the Fireflies but Marlene absolutely doesn't give a damn
and thinks it's way too dangerous. A few moments later a shotgun blast makes
everyone turn around towards the tunnel.

A few smugglers claim the tunnel is theirs and that they want the toll; everyone
must hand over their weapons. Marlene declines and tells them she'll give them
some ration cards, but not their weapons. The smuggler is not amused and blasts
a shell right through the second Firefly, instantly killing him. Marlene swiftly
responds by grabbing her gun and shooting one of the three smugglers. Everyone
hides behind cover.

Ellie points to a way out, but Riley instead reaches out for a gun on the floor.
The smuggler with the shotgun turns around and notices her, grabs her, but Ellie
hurls a rock at his head, throwing him off balance. As he's about to shoot her,
Riley shoots him in his arm. Marlene (who apparently has already dealt with the
second smuggler) puts a gun to his head and executes him in cold blood. Riley
tells her it's the second time they've saved her. Marlene doesn't take this
comment lightly and throws Riley on the ground, shouting at her that she doesn't
know anything about the world. But Riley replies that she knows enough; she saw
her father turn and rip her mother apart and then she killed her own father.
Marlene tells her that she's not special but that almost everyone in the world
has been through that or something similar.

Marlene then shows Riley the dead Firefly and rhetorically asks if she wants to
become like *that*. Otherwise she could also offer to cripple her; maybe that
would make her Firefly enough? Marlene looks as if she means it and grabs her
gun, but Ellie (who's held by an other Firefly) munches on the hand of the man
holding her and grabs his gun. As she holds him and Marlene under fire she
tells them to back up. Marlene again names her Ellie, telling her to take it
easy, but Ellie shoots a hole in the wall, inches from Marlene's head; she's
serious too and asks her how on earth she knows her name.

Marlene then answers her: the envelope she gave Ellie is a letter from Ellie's
mom, who gave it to her before she died. She also mentions that Ellie ran away
from her last school seven times, and that she has been in a dozen assaults or
so. Then there apparently was that one time where she stabbed a kid in his knee
with a compass. Marlene tells her she was looking out for her, because she
promised her mom she would. Ellie asks Riley what she should do, and Riley tells
her that Marlene is telling the truth. 

Ellie asks Marlene what the name of her mother was. "Anna", she tells her.
Her mother gave up everything for Ellie, so she'd better respect that instead of
throwing it away. Just before Ellie and Riley leave the room by climbing a
ladder leading up to an alley nearby their school, Marlene gives Ellie a
switchblade that belonged to Anna. 

Back on the street, Ellie is pretty upset and tells Riley that they should just
leave the whole city. But Riley has landed back on her feet and knows that the
only realistic picture for them is to stay; they would just get killed outside
of the QZ. They climb over the fence and head back to their dorm. The final page
shows Ellie after having read the letter, cherishing the switchblade. 

Note: The letter is actually in the game as well, under Ellie's collectibles.

                 L E F T  B E H I N D  T R O P H I E S [APX-7]
|NAME:                        |TYPE:|DESCRIPTION/REQUIREMENT:                  |
|Don't Go - Easy              |  B  |Finished Left Behind on Easy.             |
|Don't Go - Normal            |  B  |Finished Left Behind on Normal.           |
|Don't Go - Hard              |  B  |Finished Left Behind on Hard.             |
|Don't Go - Survivor          |  S  |Finished Left Behind on Survivor.         |
|BFFs                         |  B  |Listened to all optional conversations.   |
|Picked Clean                 |  B  |Found all collectibles.                   |
|Brick Master (secret)        |  B  |Win the brick throwing contest.           |
|Nobody's Perfect (secret)    |  B  |'Played' Jak X Combat Racing.             |
|Angel Knives (secret)        |  B  |Defeat Black Fang without getting hit.    |
|Skillz (secret)              |  B  |Win the water gun fight.                  |

       L E F T  B E H I N D   O P T I O N A L   D I A L O G U E  [APX-8]
| Mallrats      | When you've followed Riley upstairs, after moving across the |
|               | destroyed floor, but before moving through a hole in the wall|
|               | you'll notice a firefly logo. Inspect this for the dialogue. |
|               |                                                              |
| Mallrats      | After moving over the roofs and dropping down into the mall, |
|               | move down the escalator and immediately turn right. The hall |
|               | behind you contains a big poster picturing a beach. Inspect  |
|               | it to trigger this optional dialogue.                        |
|               |                                                              |
| Mallrats      | Right after the previous optional dialogue, move through the |
|               | mall's hall, but stay on the left side and keep your eyes out|
|               | for a big blue poster with a water gun on it. The poster is  |
|               | located roughly in the middle of the hall.                   |
|               |                                                              |
| Mallrats      | After moving through the hall, follow Riley down the         |
|               | escalators. Riley asks you about Winston. Talk to her to     |
|               | trigger this optional dialogue.                              |
|               |                                                              |
| Mallrats      | Enter Winston's tent in the middle of the mall and inspect   |
|               | the cabinet to find his photograph. Drink the booze.         |
|               |                                                              |
| Mallrats      | Walk straight out of Winston's tent and inspect the horse    |
|               | saddle laying on the bench right ahead to trigger this       |
|               | optional dialogue.                                           |
|               |                                                              |
| Mallrats      | When you enter the Halloween shop, put on the Werewolf mask  |
|               | as Riley asks you to, and ROAR!                              |
|               |                                                              |
| Mallrats      | Still in the Halloween shop, put on the green witch mask and |
|               | converse with Riley.                                         |
|               |                                                              |
| Mallrats      | Yet again in the Halloween shop, inspect the pot with fake   |
|               | eyeballs in the upper right corner (viewed from the point of |
|               | initial entry) to trigger some more optional dialogue.       |
|               |                                                              |
| Mallrats      | While still in the Halloween shop, move to the upper left    |
|               | corner and watch Riley put on the Dracula mask to trigger    |
|               | another optional piece of dialogue when you talk to her.     |
|               |                                                              |
| Mallrats      | Again in the Halloween shop, put on the Triple Phoenix mask  |
|               | and converse with Riley.                                     |
|               |                                                              |
| Mallrats      | A whole series of optional dialogue can be triggered by      |
|               | fiddling with the Skeleseer skull in the Halloween shop,     |
|               | which is laying on a purple cushion in the left corner as    |
|               | seen from your initial point of entry. Use the skull up to   |
|               | eight times and then watch Riley interact with it for another|
|               | optional dialogue.                                           |
|               |                                                              |
| Mallrats      | Exit the Halloween shop and save your game. Riley will       |
|               | challenge you to a game of brick throwing. Win the game and  |
|               | choose one out of three questions. Play on to the end of the |
|               | chapter, then reload your save or replay the chapter to also |
|               | hear the dialogue from the other options.                    |
|               |                                                              |
| Fun and Games | Approach the carousel and ride it to trigger dialogue and a  |
|               | scene.                                                       |
|               |                                                              |
| Fun and Games | After Riley hands you the 'No Pun Intended: Volume Too' book,|
|               | keep cracking jokes until Ellie puts the book away. This will|
|               | naturally grant you all optional dialogue from the booklet.  |
|               |                                                              |
| Fun and Games | Enter the sharesnap photo booth and perform any combination  |
|               | of choices given.                                            |

      L E F T  B E H I N D  A R T I F A C T   L O C A T I O N S  [APX-9]

                          CHAPTER 1: BACK IN A FLASH
| ARTIFACT NAME:    | HOW TO FIND:                                             |
| Combination Note  | Found behind the counter in the pharmacy store.          |
|                   |                                                          |
| Pharmacy Key      | Found inside the closed American Princess store.         |
|                   |                                                          |
| Pharmacist's Note | On pharmacist's body in American Princess store.         |
|                   |                                                          |
| Salon Note        | Found on the body in the Nail Salon.                     |

                              CHAPTER 2: MALLRATS
| ARTIFACT NAME:    | HOW TO FIND:                                             |
| Wanted Poster     | Follow Riley upstairs through the first halls and move   |
|                   | through a hole in the door. The poster is laying on the  |
|                   | large table in the back of this room.                    |
|                   |                                                          |
| Warning Note      | After the Brick game, towards the end of the chapter,    |
|                   | follow Riley downstairs in a rather dark area. In the    |
|                   | hall downstairs, enter the first room on your left and   |
|                   | search it for this note.                                 |

                              CHAPTER 3: SO CLOSE
| ARTIFACT NAME:    | HOW TO FIND:                                             |
| Atrium Note       | Found in the far right corner of the area in a small pool|
|                   | of blood. This corner is to the right of the Noodle Bowl.|
|                   |                                                          |
| Generator Note    | Found next to the generator. Easy enough.                |
|                   |                                                          |
| Atrium Recorder   | After opening up the door in the main hall, head up the  |
|                   | escalators and turn left. Search this tent to find the   |
|                   | recorder.                                                |
|                   |                                                          |
| Medical Supplies  | Rewarded when you finish this chapter.                   |

                           CHAPTER 4: FUN AND GAMES
| ARTIFACT NAME:    | HOW TO FIND:                                             |
| Kitchen Note      | Search the kitchen to the right side of the area (when   |
|                   | facing the carousel initially). Just search the damn     |
|                   | kitchen and you'll find it.                              |
|                   |                                                          |
| No Pun Intended:  | Ride the carousel and Riley will hand you this book.     |
| Volume Too        | Check it out in your inventory to be sure.               |

                       CHAPTER 5: THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY
| ARTIFACT NAME:    | HOW TO FIND:                                             |
| Crew Photo        | At the start of the chapter, move a few steps towards the|
|                   | hall and you'll notice a doorway on the right side. Enter|
|                   | and you'll find the Crew Photo on the body at the end.   |
|                   |                                                          |
| Duct Recorder     | Follow the blood trail inside the air duct to find this  |
|                   | recorder on the body.                                    |


                      This chapter contains no artifacts.

                           ____  _____  _____  _____
                          |  __||  _  ||  _  ||  __ |
                          | |   | | | || | | || |  \|
                          | |__ | |_| || | | || |___
                          |  __||  _  || | | ||___  |
                          | |   | | | || | | |    | |
                          | |   | | | || |_/\||\__| |
                          |_|   |_| |_||___\ \|_____|
                           ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ \/[APX-10]

Q1: Is there a New Game+ in TLOU, and how does it work?
A1: Yes, there's a New Game+ option, which is unlocked once you've finished the
    game. It's also unlocked for all lower difficulties than the one you've
    completed. For example, if you finish the game on 'Hard', you'll not only
    unlock the trophies for finishing the game on 'Easy' and 'Normal', but also
    the possibility to play a New Game+ on those difficulties, along with the
    'Hard' difficulty.
    In New Game+, Joel keeps all his Skills, Skill Points, Training Manuals and
    Weapon Upgrades. You do, however, still need to find the weapons in the
    regular order of the game; the game would be way too easy otherwise. You
    cannot change the difficulty of the game during a New Game+ playthrough.

    If you're serious about getting all trophies, the quickest way to do is by
    playing through the game on Hard, then on Survivor, and then start a New
    Game+ on Survivor.
    But only if you can finish the game on Survivor without dying or restarting
    any encounter even once, you may call yourself a true The Last of Us pro.

Q2: Do you indeed think it's really lame some people basically purchased 1000
    points of karma by paying for GFAQs t-shirts?
A2: Yes, I do think that was lame, and so does more than half of GameFAQs.

                             _    _  _____  _____
                            | |  | ||  ___||  ___|
                            | |  | || |    | |
                            | |  | || |    | |
                            | |  | || |    | |
                             \ \/ / | |    | |
                              \  /  | |___ | |___
                               \/   |_____||_____|
14 June 2013 - [v1.00] - Walkthrough complete.
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19 June 2013 - [v1.02] - Added lists for the most important collectibles.
09 July 2013 - [v1.03] - Updated some item lists in the walkthrough section.
15 July 2013 - [v1.04] - Small update (item lists), more updates will follow.
17 Feb. 2014 - [v1.10] - Left Behind DLC fully integrated. Contains in-depth
                         tips, American Dreams story recap, item listings for
                         ALL difficulties, and pretty much everything you would
                         want or expect.

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