Review by stevedfld

Reviewed: 04/10/17

The most fun I've had since paper mario, old school rpg fun with our south park boys.

Not since the days of "paper mario, N64" have I had so much fun with an rpg, this is old school turn based ridiculousness at its best. Who knew a license game for a TV show would make such an awesome RPG. We'll the truth is "I did!". When I heard this game announced and I saw the first footage I was like Yessss! Their going old school and it's right up in your face. There are so many moments that will crack you up, shock you, make you scratch your head and then crack you up all over again...

The game play is really great, you have to play smart and plan what your doing logically. For instance, what item or attack is best for the situation your in or for the particular enemy that your battling at the moment (who may have a weakness). The game does a great job of giving you many options for battle, you really need to think on your feet or you'll be dead, fast.

The story is great and the game plays exactly like the TV show, you wont see a difference in graphical quality. As the story develops, there are two rival factions(our kids and their rivals) battling for the neighborhood, while enlisting the girls and the goths to help in their battle our boys look for victory and the stick of truth... lol. This game is definitely all south park every reference, themes, scenes, artwork and voices are all licensed to perfection.

As the new kid with a mysterious background you move into town, shortly after you meet up with cartman and become one of his homeboys. You'll go through combat training, character customization and more. The game has timed attacks which the player must master, its a fun rewarding system. There are magic attacks and items to use too. All these are used as part of your arsenal to achieve your goal. Find the stick of truth! I really liked the battle system, you can pick from 4 classes to play as (mage, jew, their, fighter), plus many varied ways to execute your attacks.

The game plays just like an episode of south park and the story is complete, the writing is spot on with all the insults gestures you come to expect and unlike the tv show there is full cursing here including many "F" bombs.

For anybody who is a fan of south park or even just a fan of old school rpg style game play you should give this game a look, its dirt cheap these days. There is a sequel coming out called "fractured but hole" so once your done here, if you want a second helping its there. I really enjoyed this insane game, and I say insane in the best possible way.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: South Park: The Stick of Truth (US, 03/04/14)

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