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Reviewed: 03/31/14

Screw you guys, I'm going home.

South Park is a show that I hold very dear to my heart. I have seen every episode and own many of the seasons on DVD. I used to watch it while I fell asleep every night. You can put me in the middle of almost any episode and I could tell you which one it was within a few seconds. It goes without saying that when this game was announced I was ecstatic. This was a game that I had waited a long time for. I knew there were previous games featuring the “quiet little mountain town” but this felt different. It was going to be on powerful consoles with a pretty good development team (Obsidian) behind it. Then came the delays, it began to worry me. Then like a dagger to the heart THQ went under; but yet South Park rose from the ashes and was given a release date. I pre ordered it immediately and the wait began.

When I finally began playing Stick of Truth it was an odd feeling; it really did look just like the show, it was near perfect, with a few frame rate issues. It is a hilarious game with the smart remarks the fans love. Being penned by Trey Parker and Matt Stone should have given us all little doubt as to how offensive, raunchy, and just down right wrong this game should be. There were moments when I knew that there was no other way this material was getting shown, it would never be allowed on TV, which is saying something considering some of the stuff they get away with. Playing through the game felt like I was watching a really long episode, only this time I had control of what happened. We, the fans, are finally given a map of what the town really looks like. From City Wok to Toms Rhinoplasty there are all sorts of nods to seemingly little parts of the town. That may have been my favorite part of the game, to finally know exactly how this town was set up, where everything was supposed to be. It was a nice thing to finally figure out.

The gameplay itself is very fun. For me it was my first time playing an RPG with the style of combat featured. I was used to an open world first person RPG much like The Elder Scrolls series. Nevertheless South Park features many of the traditional RPG elements. You are able to customize your appearance as well as pick a class. The class options are; warrior, thief, mage, and Jew. The classes seem a bit arbitrary; the only major difference is what your special attack is. The class you choose has no effect on the weapons in the game. All of the weapons can be used by any class with no change in damage done, because of that there is little reason to go back to play again just to try a different class. However I still plan to replay it. There are tons of collectables that are mission locked and easily missed. Also I just found it really fun and worth another run.

The combat is also very fun; it was a change of pace for what I was used to. I always had a pre disposition to turn based RPG games but this has me contemplating expanding my horizons. My one complaint with the combat was that if you use your weapons correctly you could win near every battle with little to no effort. Early on in the game it was challenging but as you go and get you handle on things you can breeze through almost every confrontation. I am sure this can be countered by upping the difficulty; I played it on “normal”. Even though the combat isn’t always difficult it is usually pretty funny. Between the magic farts and summoning special characters to help (I will save what they actually do for you to find out) there is always a chance for a few laughs.

To conclude I think that this game is fantastic. It is on a very short list of games that I really hope has DLC. With such a great world to take from the possibilities are seemingly endless. I have no issue giving them more money because, quite frankly, they earned it. As a longtime fanatic of the show I would recommend this game to almost anyone. However there is one flaw with recommending it to people. There are plenty of people who just really don’t find it funny. If you are one of those people I would hesitate to suggest it to you. I do not think this game is enough to make someone become a south park fan. I think it could work the other way around, if you are not a huge gamer I think playing this could turn you on to playing a bit more and experiencing different genres. The only noteworthy issue I had with the actual game was occasional frame rate issues, which, I assume, could be fixed with a patch. It is fun, funny, and just an overall enjoyable experience leaving the player wanting more. Hopefully within the coming months they can give us a little more South Park to explore. I know I would love to run around with Coon and Friends or join in on the Good Times with Weapons.

Filled with Easter eggs to the show that fans will be sure to love
Fun and easy to grasp gameplay
Looks great

If you don’t like the show you probably won’t care for the game
Occasional frame rate issues

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: South Park: The Stick of Truth (Grand Wizard Edition) (US, 03/04/14)

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