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FAQ/Walkthrough by Mafiafun

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/20/14

		   &&&&&&&&&-----SOUTH PARK: THE STICK OF TRUTH-----&&&&&&&&&

				          /0000/0000/	______
				         /0000/0000/   /00/00/
				        /0000/0000/   /00/00/
				       /0000/0000/   /00/00/ 
				      /0000/00000\  /00/00/

1. Intro (0001)
Hi, I am Pavlo, known here as Mafiafun, I play under the name SuperFriends in
most games. I have been using G Faqs since about '99 when I was a youngling
and decided to try writing my own FAQ, hoping to collect the bounty on this 
game. But was not able to complete it first. So hopefully, I am able to 
provide a well-rounded guide that people will use the most.

Type of Guide: Complete Walkthrough
Platform played on: PC
Version: 1.00, released on 3/29/2014.
Author: Mafiafun. <SuperFriends1337 (at) gmail (dot) com>
Copyrighted to: (c) Mafiafun. - All rights reserved.

2. Updates (0002)
- Version 1.00 (3/29/2014)
The stick of truth is by any-which-way, an easy game to beat. There are few 
difficult parts and for the most part, the game is linear. Althrough the game
is easy, it is not always too clear in which direction to go in. So the
purpose of this guide if to provide the player a guide on where to go to 
continue with the game. 

3. Legal Info: (0003)
This document is copyrighted to me, Pavlo (Mafiafun). The only authorized use 
of this document is for personal, private use and cannot be altered in any 
way. It cannot be used in ANY distributed form by a commercial business. It 
cannot be given away freely as part of an extension of a previous offer. It 
cannot be used for profitable or promotional purposes, regardless of the 
situation. Breaking any of these rules is in direct violation of copyright 

This doucment is protected by copyright law and international treaties. 
Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of this document or any portion 
of it may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be 
prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. Any characters, 
names, places or other miscellaneous objects are copyright of their 
respective companies. 

This document may only be hosted on the following website:


4. Table of Contents
	Intro			(0001)
	Updates			(0002)
	Legal Info 		(0003)
	Button Config 	(0004)
	Tips			(0005)
	Findables		(0006)
		Underpants		(00U1)
		Chinpokomon		(00C1)
		Timmy Express	(00T1)
		Friends			(00F1)
		Homeless Locations (HOM0)
		Kindergartners	(KND0)
	Walkthrough		(0007)
		Main quests:
			Day 1 (0DY1)
				The New kid in town 
				Call the Banners
					Hot Pickup (HTPU)
					Gate Crasher (GTCR)
					Detention Sentence (DTST)
				The Bard (BRD1)
				It's Late

			Night 1 (0NT1)
				Alien Abduction (ALNA)

			Day 2 (0DY2)
				Gain New Allies
					Recruit the Goth Kids (RTGK)
				PTA Problems (PTAP)
				Attack the School (AKTS)

				Night 2 (0NT2)
				Go Back Home
				Defeat the Underpants Gnomes (DTUG)

			Day 3 (0DY3)
				Forging Alliances
					Recruit the girls (RCTG)
						Pose as Bebe's Boyfriend
						Unplanned Parenthood (UNPA)
						Heading North (HDNO)
						O Canada (OCND)
				Beat up Clyde! (BTUP)
				Betrayal from within (BTFW)
		Optional Quests:
				Flower for a princess (FFAP)
				Timmy Express (00T1)
				The Homeless Problem (HOM0)
				Mr. Slave's Package (SMSP) 
				Hide 'n' Seek (KND0)
				Wasted cache (WSTC)	
				ManBearPig (SMBP) (EMBP)
					Unfriend Al Gore (UNAL)
					Stop ManBearPig (TMBP)
				Mongolian Beef (SMGB)
				Big Game Huntin' with Jimbo (BGH0)
					Rabid Junkyard Dog (BGH1)
					Farm Cow (BGH2)
					Penis Mouse (BHG3)
					Bloodsucking Fruit Bat (BGH4)
					Mutant Bacteria (BGH5)
					Canadian Barking Spider (BGH6)
				Rats in the Cellar (RITC)
				Vulcan Around (SVNA) (EVNA)
				Find Jesus (SJES) (EJES)
				Dropping the Kids off (SDOK) (EDOK)
				The She-Ogre (SSGR) (ESGR)
				Magical Songs (SMS0) (EMS0)
				Restore the Balance (SRB0) (SRB1)
	Outro (0008)		


5. Button Config (0004)

WASD: Move Up, Left, Down, Right
Q: Change action
E: Change spell
F: Use action
G: Use spell
I: Open Inventory
O: Open Home page
P: Open Party
J: Open Quest page
V: Show HUD
N: Open Abilities page
M: Open Map
Left SHIFT: Holding it down makes you run
Space: Use button.
Arrows: Used to pass the dancing portion of the Goth quest.


6. Tips (0005)
	1. You can destroy most things in the environment: clocks, vases, chicken 
	buckets... Destroying these items might drop junk such as cog-on-a-
	spring, fractured bulb, chicken bones, crumpled paper and ceramic shards.
	They can all be sold for some extra cash.
	2. You heal inbetween fights, so if you are about to finish the battle, 
	save your regeneration items.
	3. Each enemy on the screen will drop loot after a battle, be sure to 
	pick it up.
	4. Before entering battle, shoot each enemy with the bow to stun them. 
	When you enter battle, you will get two turns in a row.
	5. Mana does not regenerate, you have to use items to refill it for use 
	6. Status effects are ridiculously strong, use them on tough opponents.
	7. Just because a weapon does more damage than another, does not mean it 
	is better right off the bat. If it can cause multiple targets to take 
	stacks of bleeding, it might be better than raw damage. 
	8. To dance like a goth, use the arrow keys, not the movement keys.
	9. If you are having a lot of trouble with a particular enemy, come back 
	to him later after you leveled up a bit and got some better gear.


7. Findables (0006):
	a. Underpants (00U1): 
					1. Mrs. Cartman's Room.
					2. Kevin Stoley's Room.
					3. Stan's Room.
					4. Stan's Parent's Room.
					5. Kyle's Room.
	b. Chinpokomon (000C1): 
					1. Penguin: Cartman's Garage.
					2. Monkay: Butter's room.
					3. Chu-chu Nezumi: Tree between Butter's and Douchebag's
					4. RabbiTech: Police station's Evidence Room.		
					5. Sna-Kat: In the tree to the left of City Hall.	
					6. Furrycat: To the right of Kyle's House, near the trees.
					7. Flowerpotamus: Shoot it on the shelf near the back of
					Skeeter's Bar.
					8. Lambtron: 2nd Floor of Tower of Peace.
					9. Velocirapstar: The 2nd flr window outside of Token's
					10. Roo-stor: Inside of Professor Chaos' lair, sitting on 
					the vent near the top of the screen.
					11. Poodlesaurus Rex: In the first hallway of the school. 
					It is located in the vent just above the hallway monitor's
					12. Brocorri: In front of the Tower of Peace. Use 
					dragonshout on the flame to free it from ice.
					13. Roidrat: In Jimmy's attic.
					14. Beetlebot: On the Alien spaceship in hallway 2. The 
						room you reach after using the white crystal. He can be
						found inbetween the television sets on the right side
					of the room; left side of the TVs.
					15. Gerbitoad: Near Mr. Hankey's house in the sewers lvl 2
					16. Cosmonewt: Stark pong. Use teleporter to reach it.
					17. Stegmata: In Kyle's garage.
					18. Gophermon: Community Center bathroom, third stall.
					19. Vamporko: Community Center basketball court.
					20. Donkeytron: In the School's faculty room oven. You can 
						reach it the second time you are at the school.
					21. Pterdaken: In the second floor hallway of the school.
						Get it after saving tweak, it will be to the right of 
						him	in the top locker. 
					22. Terrorbovine: Use the gnome dust to make yourself 
						small and grab it from underneat the bench in front of
						the Coffee Shop. 
					23. Fatdactyl: On top of the ticket selling booth at the
						theater. May appear only later in the game when zombies 
						break out. 
					24. Accountafish: Located in the South Park gazette 
						building. There will be a breakable vent, you need to 
						shrink down to go inside the vent. 
					25. Fetuswami: In the abortion clinic. The hallway where 
						the gatling gun is located. 
					26. Mouse-Tik: Located at the girl's hideout.
					27. Shoe: On the 3rd floor of Clyde's fortress use the 
						teleporter above you to go up two more platforms.
					28. Biebersaurus: In the crab people cave. There is a huge
						rock blocking the path to the crab person beating the 	
						drum, this chinpokomon will be found on the way to him 	
						after breaking the rock.
					29. Ferasnarf: In storage 221 on the top shelf.
					30. ?
	c. Timmy Express Locations (00T1): 
					1. Bus stop.
					2. Neighborhood to the right of the community center.
					3. School.
					4. Church.
					5. Restaurant Row in front of the Tower of Peace. 
					6. Downtown in front of the Post Office.
					7. Downtown in front of the Photo Dojo. 
					8. In front of Token's house.
					9. In front of the U-Stor-It.
					10. Cartman's Backyard.
					11. Kyle's Backyard.
					12. In front of Kenny's House.
	d. Friends (00F1): At the end of the game, I had 103. But there are more 
	that I missed. So following this guide, will not net you every friend.

					1. Crab Person: He is beating the drum in the sewer cave 
					under the theater. Use Nagasaki to break the rock and talk
					to him.
					2. Kelly Rutherford: Sitting on the bench left of the 
					bus stop. She only firnds you if you have a lot of friends.
					3. Ned: at Jimbo's store. Complete [Big Game Huntin' with
					4. Jimbo: at Jimbo's store. Complete [Big Game Huntin' with
					5. Frog King: Escape from Mr. Slave's Rectum.
					6. Sparrow King: Escape from Mr. Slave's Rectum.
					7. Catatafish: Escape from Mr. Slave's Rectum.
					8. Mr. Hat: Will be added when you find him.
					9. Ike: Help him with the cyclops at Clyde's Fortress.
					10. Jessie: Complete [Unplanned Parenthood] and talk to her
					at the girls hideout. 
					11. Allie Nelson: Complete [Unplanned Parenthood] and talk 
						to her at the girls hideout. 
					12. Heidi: Complete [Unplanned Parenthood] and talk to her
					at the girls hideout. 
					13. Nelly: Complete [Unplanned Parenthood] and talk to her 
					at the girls hideout. 
					14. Red: Complete [Unplanned Parenthood] and talk to her at
					the girls hideout. 
					15. Bebe: Complete [Unplanned Parenthood] and talk to her 
					at the girls hideout. 
					16. Wendy: Complete [Unplanned Parenthood] and talk to her 
						at the girls hideout. 
					17. Minister of Montreal: Gotten during the quest [O 		
					18. Princess of Canada: Gotten during the quest [O Canada].
					19. Terrance: Gotten during the quest [O Canada].
					20. Philip: Gotten during the quest [O Canada].
					21. Duke of Vancouver: Gotten during the quest [O Canada].
					22. Prince of Canada: Gotten during the quest [O Canada].
					23. Bishop of Banff:  Gotten during the quest [O Canada].
					24. Earl of Winnipeg:  Gotten during the quest [O Canada].
					25. Jessie Rodriguez: Complete [Pose as Bebe's Boyfriend].
					26. Monica: Complete [Pose as Bebe's Boyfriend].
					27. Lola: Inside the post office, need a lot of friends 
					before she adds you.
					28. Leroy Mullens: Roof of South Park Gazette.
					29. Esther: Inside of the South Park Gazette. 
					30. Chris Donnely: Talk to him in Kyle's Backyard.
					31. Kyle: Will add you when the KKK and Elves work
						together at the start of [Recruit the Girls].
					32. Bradley: Kid hiding behind the bushes near Cartman's 
					house. Reach him by shrinking yourself.
					33. Dad: Will add you after you have a lot of friends.
					34. Underpants Gnome: Outside of Clyde's Fortress go around
					to the back, you will find a hole you can shrink into where
					you will find a hurt Gnome. Use Butters to heal him.
					35. Lemmiwinks: The second time you are at the school, go
					to the 5th grade classroom.
					36. Fosse: The second time you are at the school you will 
					see him and Bill fighting an Elf, help them and they will
					friend you.
					37. Bill: The second time you are at the school you will 
					see him and Fosse fighting an Elf, help them and they will
					friend you.
					38. Cartman: Complete [Recruit the Goth Kids] and choose to
					fight for the Humans.
					39. Firkle: Complete [Nonconformist]. 
					40. Pete: Complete [Nonconformist]. 
					41. Michael: Complete [Nonconformist]. 
					42. Henrietta: Complete [Nonconformist]. 
					43. DogPoo: Complete [Restoring the Balance].
					44. Stan: Complete [The She-Ogre]. 
					45. Jimmy: Complete [Magical Songs]. 
					46. Timmy: Complete [The Timmy Express]. 
					47. Jason: Talk to him in Kyle's Backyard. He is the one 
					near the shop.
					48. Douglas: Use the teleporter on the building left of the
					Photo Dojo to get inside and find him. 
					49. Sally: Complete [Hide N' Seek].
					50. Billy: Complete [Hide N' Seek].
					51. Jenny: Complete [Hide N' Seek].
					52. Quaid: Complete [Hide N' Seek].
					53. Flora: Complete [Hide N' Seek].
					54. Filmore: Complete [Hide N' Seek].
					55. Mayor McDaniels: Complete [The Homeless Problem].
					56. Santa: Use the teleporter on the police station to get
					onto the roof and find him there.
					57. Mrs. Hankey: Complete [Dropping off the Kids].
					58. Mr. Hankey: Complete [Dropping off the Kids].
					59. Cornwallis: Complete [Dropping off the Kids].
					60. Amber: Complete [Dropping off the Kids].
					61. Simon: Complete [Dropping off the Kids].
					62. Randy: Free him from the probing room. 
					63. Craig: Complete [Detention Sentence]. 
					64. General Disarray: Talk to him in the Chaos Lair located
					in one of the rooms of U-Stor-It. 
					65. Tweek: Complete [Hot Pickup].
					66. Mrs. McCormick: Clear out her garage of drug dealers. 
					67. Token: Talk to him for the first time when you are 
					doing the quest [Call the Banners].
					68. Jesus: Complete [Find Jesus]. 
					69. Priest Maxi: Complete [Find Jesus]. 
					70. Mr. Kim: Complete [Mongolian Beef].
					71. Mr. McCormick: Talk to him to th left of Skeeter's Bar.
					72. Bartender: Complete [Rats in the Cellar].
					73. Skeeter: Complete [Rats in the Cellar].
					74. Damien: Talk to him inside of the theater.
					75. Al Gore: Complete [ManBearPig]. 
					76. Mrs. Tweek: Complete [Hot Pickup].
					77. Mr. Tweek: Complete [Hot Pickup].
					78. Mr. Slave: Complete [Mr. Slave's Package].
					79. Karen: Kenny's sister, talk to her in Kenny's house.
					80. Mr. Broflovski: Talk to him outside of Kyle's house.
					81. Francis: He is the kid building a snowman just outside
					of Kyle's house. Destroy his snowman then talk to him.
					82. Millie: Behind the pink building near Unplanned 
					83. Mrs. Marsh: Talk to her at Tom's Rhinoplasty.
					84. Officer Barbrady: Talk to him in front of Tom's 
					85. Mrs. Biggle: Sitting onthe bench near the post office.
					86. Annie: Protect her from the bullies in front of City 
					87. Romper Stomper: Free him from the cell in the Police
					88. Kevin Stoley: Complete [Vulcan Around].
					89. Pete: Near Kevin Stoley's house is a brown house, Pete 
					is in the garage's attic.
					90. Kelly Gardner: She is outside of the orange house near
					Jimmy's house.
					91. Mom: Talk to her after gaining a few friends.
					92. Mr. Scotch: Talk to him in Butter's House.
					93. Mrs. Scotch: Talk to her in Butter's House.
					94. Dougie: Outside of Butter's house.
					95. Mrs. Cartman: Talk to her inside of Cartman's House.
					96. Kenny: Complete [Flower for a Princess].
					97. Scott Malkinson: Talk to him in Cartman's Backyard.
					98.	Butters: Beat up the first elf you see who is fighting
					99. Mr. Mackey: Complete [Wasted Cache].
					100. Mr. Garrison: Talk to him after completing [PTA 
					101. Principal Victoria: Talk to her after completing [PTA 	
					102. Mr. Adler: Talk to him after completing [PTA 
					103. Mrs. Broflovski: Talk to her after completing [PTA 
	e. Homeless locations (HOM0): 
					1. To the right of Kenny's House. (HOM1)
					2. Back of U-Stor-it truck. (HOM2)
					3. Sewer. (HOM3)
					4. Sewer. (HOM4)
					5. Sewer. (HOM5)
					6. Sewer. (HOM6)
					7. Near the bus stop. (HOM7)
	f. Kindergartener's locations (KND0):
					1. Sally (KND1)
					2. Billy (KND2)
					3. Flora (KND3)
					4. Quaid (KND4)
					5. Jenny (KND5)
					6. Filmore (KND6)					

8. Walkthrough	(0007)																	
------------------------------- Day 1 (0DY1) ---------------------------------

	After you create your character, you find that you are the new kid in town
who has just moved into South Park. Your dad tells you to go outside and make
some new friends. [The New Kid in Town] quest is given.

*If you don't leave the house within several minutes your dad will come up to 
you and kick you out of the house, so move fast.

Building: Your house
(Your room) 	Cash 0.50 and Baseball Card.
(Parent's room) The room just left of yours is locked.
(Bathroom) 		The room all the way to the left on the second floor.
		 		Cash 0.10, Old Sponge and Rusty Pipe, Shit Nugget.
(Kitchen) 		Cash 0.50, fork, Eye Black, small HP pot, Cash 2.00.
(Living room)	Pigtails Wig.

Go outside and your only path is on the right, where you will see Butters 
getting beat up by an Elf. Punch the elf to save Butters and gain your first 
friend. Follow him to Cartman's House.

When you move to the left, you will be taken to Cartman's backyard, known as 
the Kupa Keep. Talk to the boy inside the stables to have Scott Malkinson 
added as a friend. Talk to the boy near the armory to have Clyde added as a 
friend. Go all the way to the left, there is a flower here. Pick it up, 
Daffodil has been added to your inventory and you just discovered the quest 
[Flower for a Princess] (FFAP). Go talk to Kenny to give him the flower, 
completing [Flower for a Princess] and gaining him as friend.

Talk to Cartman now to pick your name. You will automatically be called 
Douchebag regardless of what you have entered. Next, you will pick a class. 
You'll now be prompted to talk to Clyde to purchase a weapon and then go 
through a battle tutorial. Once complete, Cartman will tell you to follow 
him inside of the tent.

Building: War Tent
	To the left and right are buckets of chicken, attack them to gain some 
	Chicken Bones.

Go outside now to help with the fight against the elves. There are three 
battles here where you will learn more about battling. Be sure to pick up 
the loot each kid drops after the fight.


This next chunk is designed to explore all of South Park and complete as many 
optional quests as soon as possible. You can use this search code to continue 
on with main quests:  

(GTCR) - Getting Token
(HTPU) - Getting Tweak


[The New Kid in Town] quest is complete. Gained: [Call the Banners] and [The 
Timmy Express]. Talk to Scott Malkinson to sell off all your junk and purchase 
a better weapon and some armor. Go inside of Cartman's house and you will 
instantly get Butter's House Key. Talk to Mrs. Cartman to get her as a friend.

Building: Cartman's House
(Kitchen)		Speed pot.
(Living room)	Evil Cartman Goatee, Cartman's Garage Key, Cash 1.00, Okama
(2nd Flr Hall)	Ceramic shard.
(Cartman's room) "Fatty Doo Doo" DVD, Crank Prank Time Phone, Strength Pot,
				Double chin, coon poster, Faith +1 CD, Cash 0.90, Small HP pot,
				Super Phun Thyme Tickets, Bradd Pitt Survival Gear Kit.		
(Parent's room) UNDERPANTS, Cash 1.50, Black Thunder, Purple Passion, 
				Jack Rabbit, Crack Pipe, Blunt Wig, Purple dye, Antonio 	
				Banderas Love Doll, The milkman, fractured light bulb.
(Bathroom)		Cherokee Hair Tampon, AIDS, Packet of Sea People, Cash 0.25,
				Pubes and Shit Nugget.
Once you're done collecting all this loot, go outside and open the garage to 
the right.

(Garage) Gray dye, Wizard Beard, PENGUIN CHINPOKOMON.

Now go to the house to the left, which is Butter's House, you will see a 
ginger kid outside. Talk to the ginger to have Dougie added as a friend. 
Now go inside Butter's House.

Building: Butter's House.
(Kitchen)		Small HP pot, Cash 1.00, Spoiled Clamato Juice.
(Living room)	Spoon, Fork, Pubes, The Poop that Took a Pee (2x), USB Drive, 
				Cash 0.15, Inspector Butters Badge.
				Talk to Mr and Mrs Stotch to have them added as friends.
(2nd Flr Hall)	Mahalo Rewards card, DMV Literature.
(Butter's room) Star Facepaint, Cash 0.25, Hawaiian ID Card, Raisins Girl 
				Picture, Chaos Lair Key, Cash 2.00, Small HP Pot, Chinballs,
(Parent's room) Stotch's Garage Key, screwdriver, Cash 0.35, Okama Gamesphere, 
				Cash 0.50.
(Bathroom)		Soap on a rope, Butter's creamy goo, Pink dye, rusty pipe, Shit
				Nugget, bottle cap.

Leave Butter's House and open his garage.

(Garage)		Cash 1.00, Speed pot, Bangs, Lvl4 Druid Gloves, Wild Wacky
				Action Bike.
Now go to the left, there will be a tree with an orange stuffed figure in the 
tree. Shoot that to knock it down and pick it up for a CHU-CHU NEZUMI 
CHINPOKOMON. Now go back to your house, to the left of it is a pile of snow. 
Hit that pile of snow with an attack to break it, revealing a path to a 
duffelbag with a small HP pot and Power pot. Go inside of Douchebag's house.

Building: Douchebag's House.
(Living Room)	Talk to your mom to add her as a friend.
(2nd Flr Hall)	Cash 0.50, Old baseball glove.
(Parent's room)	Screwdriver, Cash 0.50, cloth fragment, The poop that took a 
				pee, No. 2 Pencil, Cash 1.00.

Now go to the sidewalk and melee the sign that is blocking your path to destroy
it and move to the next screen to find your second warp point. Move further to
the left, near the snowman some elves will pop out and you'll enter a battle
against four elves. After defeating them, don't forget to pick up the loot. 
Continue to the left, you'll see a bird's nest in the trees to the left of the 
girl sitting on the bench. Go behind this tree and take note of the path behind
it. Skip it for now.

Continue moving left, destroy each trash can for an item. Move past Jimmy's 
purple house and to the orange one. Talk to the girl standing in front to 
have Kelly Gardner added as a friend. Go inside the orange house. :-)

Now the orange garage.

(garage) 		Shredded plastic, cure pot, water balloon, monk's tonsure, wild
				wacky action bike.

Continue to the brown house, it is locked and you can't do anything with the
boy in front. So go to the garage.

(garage)		Shit Nugget.
				Shoot the glowing handle to knock down a ladder and climb it.
				You will find a boy hiding, talk to him to have	Pete added as a
				friend. To the left of him is a treasure chest: Cash 1.50 and 
				Lvl 4 Druid Crown.

Continue to he left and enter the first house, Craig's House. You find out he 
is in detention, so we will come back later. Open his garage.

(garage)		Shredded Plastic.

Continue to the next house which is Kevin Stoley's House. Enter it.

Building: Kevin Stoley's House.
(Kitchen)		Broken sword hilt, Strength pot, fork, cure pot.
(Living room)	Broken sword hilt, The poop that took a Pee, Cash 0.25,
				Baseball Card, cash 0.35.
				Talk to Mr and Mrs Stotch to have them added as friends.
(2nd Flr Hall)	Ceramic shard.
(Kevin's room) 	UNDERPANTS, Cash 2.00, small HP pot, USB driver (2x), 
				microchip, Cash 2.00, video game, Klingon Beard.
				Talk to Kevin to have him add a quest [Vulcan Around] (SVNA).
(Parent's room) Locked.
(Bathroom)		Cash 0.35, Bottle cap, shit nugget, cardboard roll.
Leave Kevin's house and open his garage to find nothing in there... Go to the
next house which should be teal in color. :-P Open his garage. 

(garage)		Water Balloon, Cure pot, Wild Wacky Action bike, Shredded
				plastic. Shoot down the handle to find another ladder, climb it
				to find an alien-like device that you cannot do anything with,

Continue to the left. You will see two newspaper stands that can be destroyed 
for money and a group of trees behind it. Go around the trees to find a 
treasure chest: War paint and Waterballoon. Go further left into the parking 
lot. Between the two cars on the right is a backpack with: small HP pot and 
S'mores Schnapps. To the left of the boy who is texting are some logs you can 
destroy to open the path to the duffelbag with: teal dye and Cash 0.35. 

Continue further left and you will find South Park Elementary School. Move 
further and up to reach Stark's Pond. Move to the right, there will be a log 
blocking a path. Destroy the log and take that path to find a backpack with: 
Side Bow Wig, Sunshine sparkle stickers, toy horse, Cash 0.35. This time, move 
left past the Starks Pond sign. There is another backpack behind a tree with: 
Power pot, small HP pot, Generic sunglasses, untidy wig, spoiled city sushi, 
and Wing CD. If you look at the background in the water, there is another 
alien. Now head right to find yourself near the church. 

To the right of the church are two trees, a gap and more trees. Go toward the 
gap and behind the trees to find an iPad. Before we go return the iPad, go 
inside the church.

Building: Church
(Office room)	The Hollywood Beard, cure pot, cash 0.90, St. Peter, Lvl 4 
				Ghost Patch, Faither +1 CD, Boy-sized Leash, Large HP pot.
Return to Kevin's house and talk to him to give back the iPad and ending the 
quest [Vulcan Around] (EVNA) and adding him as a friend. Return to the church 
and continue to the right, you will not be near the Park County Police Station.
The parking has three cars, the one closest to the camera has a chest that 
can be reached by attacking it for a Large Power Pot. Enter the Police 

Building: Police Station
(Main entrance)	USB Drive, Randy's DUI Record, Speed Pot, Penis Composite
				Sketch, small HP Pot, No. 2 Pencil, Cash 0.35.
(2nd Floor Hall) Cash 0.10, Small HP Pot, Toilet paper, No. 2 Pencil, Pubes,
				Cash 0.25, Wad of Web.
				Climb up the boxes onto the filing cabinet and shoot the trophy
				stand to create a pathway to the vent which leads to the locker
(Locker Room)	Large HP pot, Soap on a rope, cash 0.25, Jail Cell Key, Wire
				Frame Glasses, Cash 0.50, Large Power pot, Beardstache, Lvl 2
				Skull Sticker, Speed Pot, Small HP Pot, Large Power Pot.
(Evidence Room)	Cure pot, Cash 1.00, RABBITECH CHINPOKOMON, Bandit facepaint,
				Shadow, Lvl 1 Bling, Lvl 3 Buckyball Magnets, Pubes.
(Cell room)		Broken Sword Hilt, Bindle, Bald Cap, Teardrop Tattoo. Use the
				key to unlock Romper Stomper's cell and talk to him to add him
				as a friend.
Leave the Police Station and move right. You will see Priest Maxi who will give
you the quest [Find Jesus] (SJES). Continue to the right and you will find some
 girls bullying Annie. Beat up the bullies to have her added as a friend. Move 
 toward city hall then to the left behind the second lamp post, continue left 
 and behind the tree you will find a backpack with: Small HP pot, Cash 0.60. 
 Further left is another treasure with: Messy Face Paint, Bird's Nest and Cash 
 1.75. Now move to the left of Annie and shoot an arrow into the tree at the 
 Chinpokomon up there to knock it down. Pick it up to get SNA-KAT CHINPOKOMON.
  Now enter City Hall.

Building: City Hall
(Mayor's Room)	Monocle, Strength pot, Cash 1.00. Talk to Mayor
				McDaniels to get the quest [The Homeless Problem].
Leave City Hall and continue to the right. Just to the left of the Post Office 
is a rock, break it and go behind the building to get the duffel bag: Rapper 
Beard and Power Pot. Near the Post Office is a bench with a lady texting, talk
 to her to have Mrs. Biggle added as a friend. Enter the Post Office.

Building: Post Office
(Main Entrance)	White dye, 50s Shades, small HP pot, News Office Key, small HP
				pot, Speed pot, MR. SLAVE'S PACKAGE (starts [Mr. Slave's 
				Package] quest (SMSP)), Cash 3.00, Large Mana Pot, Afghani
				Goat, Large Power pot.
Leave the post office and go to the right to the next screen.

In front of Tom's Rhinoplasty is Officer Barbrady. Talk to him to add him as a
 friend. Enter Tom's Rhinoplasty.

Building: Tom's Rhinoplasty
(Lobby)			Business office key, bob wig, Cash 0.50, wad of web, Retro glam
				Talk to Mrs. Marsh to add her as a friend. 
Exit Tom's Rhinoplasty, destroy the snowman to the right and go behind the 
building to find a duffelbag filled with: Sporty glasses, Large HP pot, Cash 
0.75. Now enter the Bank.

Building: Bank
(Lobby)			Cash 1.00, Speed pot, Margaritaville Deluxe Margarita Blender.
				If you talk to the teller, you can invest 20$ which will be
				lost instantly. This does nothing as far as I can tell.
Exit and continue to the next screen on the right, enter Unplanned Parenthood. 

Building: Unplanned Parenthood
(Lobby)			Power pot, Cure pot, Big Mamba Condoms, Lil' Minis Condoms, 
				Cash 0.60, Screwdriver, Fractured bulb.

Exit unplanned parenthood. See the pink building to the right? The right window
is cracked, shoot it with your bow to reveal an alien. Destroy the snowman and 
talk to the girl on the phone behind the buildings. Millie will be added as a 
friend. Don't bother entering the photo dojo, there is nothing there for now. 
Continue right, just right of the quick travel flag is a duffel bag: small HP 
pot, Cure pot, Bun wig. Continue right, you will find yourself at the 
basketball courts.

Talk to the kid standing underneath the right basket, Philmore will invite you 
to play hide and go seek with the rest of the kindegarteners. [Hide 'n' Seek] 
will be added to your log. In the pirate ship are two treasure chests, one 
with: cure pot, small HP pot and long hair wig. The other with Cash 0.75 and
Water Balloon. Climb the center to find a bag with: Skull facepaint and The 
mexican Staring Frog. Now, instead of going to the right, go down and you will
 be taken to the area that you could not access at the start of the journey.

You will see a boy building a snowman, everytime you talk to him he will say 
his frost giant is invincible. Show the kid he is wrong and he will be amazed
by your strength and become your friend, Francis is added. To the right is a 
pile of logs with a chinpokon hiding behind the tree, destroyh the logs and 
grab catch that chinpokomon! FURRYCAT CHINPOKOMON is added. Just to te left is
a jew shoveling snow, talk to him to have Mr. Braflovski added as a friend. 
Continue further to the left and go inside of the green house; the one with a 
kid hiding in the bushes near. This is stan's house.

Building: Stan's House
(Living room)	Nothing.
(Kitchen)		Pan Flautist, Speed pot, Small HP Pot, Large HP pot.
(2nd Flr Hall)	The Poop That took a pee, Sarcastaball trophy, Okama
				Gamesphere, Cash 0.50.
(Stan's Room)	UNDERPANTS, Cash 2.00, small HP pot, School Book, Calculator,
				STANground Scause, Picture of Wendy, Stan's Mudbeard, Sparky's
				Leash, Sea-Man Action Figure.
				Note for the Annual Blood Orgy (Right, Up, Right, Down, Right).
(Shelly's Room)	Nothing.
(Bathroom)		Cherokee Hair Tampon, Cash 0.35, Old sponge, Rusty Pipe.
(Parent's Room)	Shake Weight, Cash 0.75, The sword of a Thousand Truths, Major
				Mustache, Medical Marijuana Card, UNDERPANTS, Cash 2.00, small
				HP pot.

(Stan's garage)	Shoot the lever to let down the ladder which leads to a chest 
				with Druid Robes.
Okay, Exit Stan's house. And move all the way to the right to the other side of
town. You will find Kenny's House, go inside.

Building: Kenny's House
(Living room)	Talk to the girl watching TV to had Karin added as a friend.
(Kitchen)		Cure pot, Pubes, Cash 0.05, White Trash in Trouble VHS, 
				"Guzunga's" Gentleman's Magazine.
(Kenny's Room)	Cash 0.05, Water Balloon, NASCAR Members Club ID, BFF Necklace,
				Rosy Cheeks, Toy Horse, Purity Ring, Coffin Glasses, Alabama
Exit his house, skip past his garage as we don't have the key for the door 
inside it. This is the area that mayor was talkin about. The bums you see 
around here are going to attack you, be careful they are fairly strong, but 
you should be able to take them. The first bum (HOM1) is just right of Kenny's
 house near the broken red car. After you defeat him, check the left to find a
  chest with: Cash 0.15, Used syringe, Bindle, Lvl 4 Shit-Stained Badge, and 
  Disheveled Wig. Currently, this is as far as we can go, turn around and head 
  back to the pirate ship then move to the right. 

On this screen, you will see a kindergatener hiding behind a tree on the left 
side. Talk to her to find Sally (KND1). Right now, you're in front of Mr. 
Slave's House go inside.

Building: Mr. Slave's House
(Living room)	Power pot and S'mores Schnapps.
				Talk to Mr. Slave to give him his package and end the quest
				[Mr. Slave's Package]. He will reward you with Rawhide Whip.
				This is a consumable tha summons him in battle. You can 
				replenish it by talking to him again.
(Kitchen)		Spoon, Old sponge, cure pot, 
(Mr. Slave's room) Small Locket, Anchor Beard.

Exit his house and move onto the next house, go inside. Lol. Yea... Move to 
the right then up to the next screen.

Another bum! But you don't fight this one, talk to him and you will find out
he is a street merchant. Go to the right and you will see a truck. There are
boxes stacked up like a staircase that leads inside of the truck, go in there
to find  a dirty hobo (HOM2) hiding behind some trash. Fight him and save the 
image of South Park! Past the hobo is a ladder, climb it to find: Yellow Orange
dye. Go up to the farm.

At the farm near the left you will find Billy (KND2). Head back out of the farm
 and go to the left to the next screen. You will find yourself in front of 
 Tweak's coffee shop. Head inside. 

Building: Tweak's Coffee Shop
(Entrance)		Striped Straw (2x), small HP pot. 
				Buy a Speed Potion Ultra to have Mr and Mrs. Tweak add you as
(Back room)		Spoon, Spped pot, Bags.
				Talk to Tweek to try to recruit him. Tweek will give you a
				quest, [Hot Pickup].

Exit the coffee shop. We will ignore the quest for now, so continue to the 
left. Al Gore will call you over. Go talk to him and he will warn you about Man
Bear Pig, add you as a friend and give you the quest [ManBearPig] (SMBP). Go 
inside of the theater, you do not need to pay despite what the attendant says
from his booth. 

Building: Movie Theater
(Theater)		This theater is a bit of a maze, you cannot pass through people
				who are sitting, so create a path by destroying chairs from the
				fourth row on the left. One chair in the front row can also be 
				knocked down.
				3D Glasses, Asses of Fire 2 poster, Terrance Action figure, 
				Philip Action figure, pubes, 80's Action Hero Wig, 80's Action
				Shades, Revive pot, Lvl 3 Action Hero Badge, Large Power pot,
				Phil Collins' Oscar.
				Talk to the kid sitting in the top right to have Damien added
				as a friend. 
Alrighty, exit the theater and continue left to find yourself in front of Dark
Meadows, Token's Estate. Talk to the Security Guard to find out you cannot 
enter, receive quest [Gate Crasher]. You will need to visit Jimbo's shop to buy
a mask to protect yourself from the pepper spray. Continue to the left past the
mall and to the Tower of Peace. Another kid is hiding behind a light pole, talk
to her to find Flora (KND3). Go inside of City Wok.

Building: City Wok
(Entrance)		Behind the counter: Reddish-Brown dye, Cash 1.00.
				Talk to Mr. Kim to find out that he was conquered by the
				Mongolians and wants to get rid of them, gain quest [Mongolian
				Beef] (SMGB). 
We will come back to this quest, for now, lets finish exploring the town. Move 
let to Jimbo's Guns and go inside.

Building: Jimbo's Guns
(Entrance)		Talk to Jimbo and buy the equipment Gas Mask and the Hunter's
				Guide to South Park Wildlife to start the quest [Big Game
				Huntin' with Jimbo] (BGH0).
Exit the shop and continue to Skeeter's Bar.

Building: Skeeter's Bar
(Bar)			Talk to Skeeter, he will give  you the quest [Rats in the 
				Cellar] (RITC). Go to the left and open the door into the 
				cellar.	This will be an easy quest. At the back of the bar is a
				flower looking thing on the shelf, shoot it to knock it down 
				and find that it is FLOWERPOTAMUS CHINPOKOMON.
(Cellar)		Revive pot, Speed pot, S'mores Schnapps, Metrosexual Hair Gel,
				Bowling Trophy, 
				There are four rats you need to kill here to end the quest.
Return to Skeeter to end quest [Rats in the Cellar] and have Bartender and 
Skeeter added as friends. They will also give you the power ranged weapon, 
Lvl 3 Bar Darts. Exit the bar and to the left of it is Mr. McCormick, talk to 
him to add him as a friend. Head back to the Tower of Peace.

Building: Tower of Peace
(Entrance)		Shoot the circular thing at the top of the screen to bring down
				the stairs.
(2nd Flr)		On the right side behind the wall is the Mongolian Treasure
				Key. Further to the right is LAMBTRON CHINPOKOMON. Go around
				the first wall to reach the treasure chest: Lvl 3 Flaming Sword
				Patch and Mongorian Beard.
(3rd Flr)		Shoot the Dragon Tail on the hook all the way to the right to 
				have it drop. Place the tail onthe dragon on the left then 
				shoot both of their eyes to unlock the door.
(4th flr)		Mongolian Horde... HP 509 Armor 14. After you defeat them, 
				fight your way back down and return to City Wok for your reward.
[Mongolian Beef] (EMBP) complete, you get Mr. Kim added as a friend and he will
give you a miniature gong to use in fights. Now, let us finish some optional 
quests! Head back to the church to find jesus. Return to Priest Maxi to be told
to find him once more. Head back to the church. Shut of the lights usin the 
switch on the back right and move both lights to point at the center. You can 
now see Jesus' shadow. Go to the pedestal to find him and complete the quest 
[Find Jesus] (EJES). Jesus and Priest Maxi will be added as friends, Jesus 
will also give you a consumable to summon him in fights. Exit the church and 
go left to Stark Pond.

Continue left until you see a wooden sign with an arrow and some colors on it,
that is the fire danger sign. Attach a ManBearPig detector on it. Now travel 
to the post office. To the left is a manhole cover that is opened, go down 
into the sewers to find another kid, Quaid (KND4). Now head back to Stark's 
pond using the entrance near the church. Take the path that leads up and to 
the right, Jenny (KND5), another kindergartener, is hiding there. Now head  
to the bank, the final kindergartener, Filmore (KND6) is hiding on the top left
of the room. Go to the basketball court [Hide N' Seek] is complete and they all
friend you.


That's it for now, head back to Token's House and equip the mask you bought at
Jimbo's. Talk to the security guard now and kick his ass for macing you 
earlier! [Gate Crasher] complete! Go around the gate to pick up a Revive pot 
from the bag. 

(Token's Garage) Lvl 3 Friar Cap, Cash 0.75, Water Balloon, Token Wig, Barry 
				 Bonds Bat, Okama Gamesphere, Bass Guitar, Lion King DVD.
Grab VELOCIRAPSTAR CHINPOKOMON from the window on the top left of the house. 
Token will be added as a friend when you open the door.


May only be hosted on G F A Q S


Now return to Kenny's House to give the mail to Mrs. McCormick. She will then
give you the key to the garage and inform you that letter is for them. Enter
the garage to find some cooks making meth in the garage. They will become
suspicious of you and think you're a cop. Whoop their asses for calling you a

(Kenny's Garage) Cash 2.00, small HP pot, Lvl 1 Wife Beater. Destroy the roof 
				to reveal a ladder, upstairs you can place a ManBearPig antenna
				and there is also a chest containing Lvl 2 Kenny's Bloody Club.
				The package you are looking for is on the ledge on the left	
				side of the screen, that brown bag.
Go back inside Kenny's house and talk to Mrs. McCormick to add her as a friend.
Return to Tweak to recruit him and add him as a friend. You will also get his 
stash key. His stash is in the back of the grind room of the Coffee Store. It
contains: Lvl 3 friar gloves, Lvl 3 Friar Robes, Cash 2.00, Round Rim Shades,
Large power Pot, and a speed pot. 

(BGH2) Now head back to the farm and place cowbell on the string in the front 
of the farm. This will call a cow over, whack it to kill the cow and one of 
Jimbo's wildlife.  The final ManBearPig detector goes on top of the barn, climb
up there using the two ladders on the outside. Now return to Al Gore, he will
give you his stash key. Now go right to the next screen.

Go to the hobo, just to the right of him is a ramp on some trash bags that 
leads to the top of a dumpster. Climb it then shoot down the ladder. Go up the
ladder and then down on the other side. Do not go into the U-Stor-it yet, go up
and to the right to where the storage compartmanets are located.

Unlock door number 223 to find Professor Chaos' lair. 

Building: Professor Chaos' Lair
(Lair)			Cash 1.50, Head ofthe Powell Statue, Bruce Vilanch Headshot,
				Mysterious Picture, Butters' Squirrel Nose, Cash 1.00, Speed 
				pot, Roll of tin foil.				
				Talk to the boy sitting on the right, General Disarray will be 
				added as a friend. Climb the wodder ladder to the ledge and 
				shoot that toy sitting on top of the vent, ROO-STOR
				CHINPOKOMON. Climb the ladder in the vent to reach the roof
				which contains: Indigo Dye, Cash 3.00, Lvl 4 Red Cross Badge. 

Exit the lair and go into storage unit 204 to find Al Gore in there. He will 
notify you the sensor in the sewers went off and wants you to check it out. Go
back outside to the previous screen, enter the U-Stor-It building and hit the 
button all the way on the left to unlock the gate outside. It is time to 
continue with the main quest. Head back t othe Kupa-Keep. 


[Detention Sentence] is gained. You have now learned to use the power of magic. 
Buy and sell what you need right now. You can also go to Jimbo's shop to check
out his wares. Head to the school when you are ready.

Building: School
(Entrance)		Small HP pot, cure pot, small manapot, empty glue bottle,
				Ginger Boy is going to engage you, whoop his soul-less ass.
(Hallway 1)		Cash 0.25, power pot, toy car, toy truck, small hp pot, small
				mana pot, "What happened to my school?", Highlighter, glee wig
				Destroy the vent above the hallway monitor locker to find 
(Hallway 2) 	Nothing
(Hallway 3)		Cash 0.25, Bottle of sunscreen, safety scissors, power pot, 
				ginger fro, cash 0.15, revive pot, speed pot, cure pot, 
				Ike's Love drawing, cash 0.35, philip action figure, "What 
				Happened to my school?," Turd sandwich ballot. 
				You will not learn about buddy commands. Kick all the ginger
				kids' asses to retrieve the key to the Faculty lounge.
(Janitor's Closet) Cash 0.25, Lvl 3 Healer's Patch, Bottle of sunscreen, GSM 
				button, Ginger bowltop. 
(Faculty Lounge) Cash 0.20, Marker, highlighter, No. 2 Pencil, The hammer, The 
				backdoor Tickler, Francis wig, Cash 0.10, The picture of Mr. 
				Adler's Fiance, Screwdriver, Five-fingered Fister, Strange
				tamer. Shoot down the ash tray and use gragonshout to get 
				through the barricade. Switch to Butters and use his command
				to heal the boy. He will give you the silver key. This unlocks
				the counselor's room in hallway 2.
++++++++++++++++ From this point on, I will stop listing Junk +++++++++++++++++

(Counselor's room) Small hp pot, cash 0.15, power pot, Charms facepaint, 
				Strength pot, Lvl 3 Cheerleader's patch. 
				The gold key is on the mantle above the desk, shoot it to knock
				it to the floor. The gold key unlocks the cafeteria, prepare 
				to fight the boss. 
(Hallway 1)		Be sure to use Butters, gingers are weak to Holy attacks. He 
				will drop the Hallway monitor locker key, the locker is located
				just to the left. The locker contains: Cash 0.60, Lvl 4 Mace of
				Restoration, Black Eye.
(Cafeteria)		[Detention Sentence] complete. 

Before you head back to the Kupa Keep, go to the Tower of Peace. In front of it
is a frozen chinpokomon. Use dragonshout on the flame to melt it. BROCORRI 
CHINPOKOMON is found. Return to the Kupa Keep to continue with the quest. You
will be taught another spell.

If you are having trouble with the spell, when you are doing the A and D part,
there is a little arrow around the window that appears. Put that arrow on the
right side to make sure the line become squiggly, and then launch the spell 
with the right click.


[The Bard] is gained. Leave the Kupa Keep to be taken to where the Bard is 

(Bard's Room)	Cash 0.25, Lvl 2 Small Needle, 
				Continue to the left to find out The Bard is Jimmy, who is 
				working with the elves. 
(Living room)	Go save cartman in the kitchen.
(Kitchen)		Cash 1.00, speed pot, Lvl 4 Arrow patch, small HP pot, Power 
				pot, small mana pot.
				There is a light over all the enemies, use that to eliminate
				some of them.
(Living Room)	Cash 0.75, Large HP pot.
				Use cup-a-spell to burn down anythin in the way and open 
				the front door. 
(2nd Flr hall)	Cash 1.00, Jimmy's Garage key, lvl 2 Wooden Crossguard.
(Parent's room)	Cash 2.00, Lvl 3 Sparkly Heart Sticker, Large HP pot.
				Keep looking out for parts of the background that shine. You 
				will use the bow and destroy things to make a ramp to get on 
				top of the cabinet and zipline onto the bed.
(2nd Flr Hall)	Use Kenny to lure down the kid in the attic.
(Attic)			Lvl 2 Bow and Arrow patch, Cash 1.75, small mana pot, large 
				Shoot the trunk on the right to create a hole in the floor.
(Jimmy's Room)	You will fight Jimmy. Becareful, do not let him put you to 
				Cash 1.25, Lvl 4 Wood Elf Cap, Cash 5.00, small HP pot, mana
				pot, Large HP pot, strength pot.

Talk to Cartman to return to Kupa Keep. The stick of truth is back where it 
belongs. [The Bard] Is completed. Congratulations, you have beaten the game!

------------------------------ Night 1 (0NT1) ---------------------------------

Just kidding. [It's Late] has begun, that was just the first day. Go outside 
and your parents will find you and ground you for being out so late. Go to bed
 and your next adventure will begin.

[Alien Abduction] (ALNA) begins. 

(Probing room L) Lvl 4 Alien Helmet, large HP pot, power pot, speed pot, large 
				HP pot, small HP pot, Large power pot. 
(Hallway 1)		Go to the other door.
(Probing room R) Large HP pot, Speed pot. 
(Hallway 1)		To the right is a teleporter, use it to get past the shields 
				then probe those aliens' asses. That'll teach 'em. Or, you can
				shoot the pipe above them to get an environmental kill.
(Platform room) Lvl 4 Alien suit, small mana pot, large hp pot, power pot, 
				speed pot, strength pot. 
				Teleport to the center platform and activate the left console. 
				Teleport to the top panel to reavch the chest. Then teleport to
				the bottom right to hear the next Hobo record. Teleport back to
				the center and move the top platform back to the left and go up
				all the way to the top. Use cup-a-spell on the fire doll to 
				kill one alien. All the way onthe right near the hobo log is
				a switch, hit it to reveal a teleport doll underneath you which
				leads to a chest of: Lvl 5 Shattered anal probe, mana pot, cure 
				pot. All the way onthe left is another switch, you need to hit
				the pattern that lights up. Another chest just to the right
				with: power pot and large power pot. 
				Teleport back to the center platform and move the bottom 
				platform to the right. There is a panel inside the tube that
				removes the floor the alien is standing on, killing him. Now 
				move that panel to the left and teleport as far down as you can
				to the panel with a * on it. Use that to kill the other alien. 
				Now go inside the tube and to the right. The chest up top has a
				small mana pot. Use the panel on the other side of the energy 
				screen to reach the treasure chest: lvl 5 energy crystal, 
				speed pot, strength pot and water balloon. Play the next follow
				the colors game and watch Randy get probed hard :-( Then move 
				back to the new room that you just opened. You can kill both of
				the chief's security guards by shooting that that broken 
				screen. The chief is easy, you should not have trouble with
				him. Take down the ship's security systems with that panel you
				are near and go back to the elevator.
(Hallway 1) 	Head all the way to the left to find a Lvl 5 Alien probe and 
				Lvl 5 Cult pamphlet. Now take the ladder on the center to the
				lower deck.
(Lower Deck)	Go all the way to the right, see that pile of trash? The Hobo
				who left all those logs is hiding behind it. Kick his ass, he
				has gone crazy and is a Nazi. After defeating him, go upstairs
				and enter the right probe room.
(Probing room R) You can listen to the last tape to find out what happened to 
(Probing Room L) The shields are now down. Hit that panel and play the final 
				game to free Randy Marsh and gain him as a friend.
(Hallway 2)		Small HP pot, small mana pot, power crystal, Large hp pot, 
(Cockpit)		Tough battle. Probably toughest so far. Take out the defense 
				matrix first, otherwise you do minimal damage to the aliens. 

------------------------------- Day 2 (0DY2) ----------------------------------

You wake up in your bed to realize it was all (not) a dream. [Alien Abduction]
complete. Go downstairs to your kitchen. Then watch the news in the living 
room. Try to leave your house, and Cartman will barge in to give you the quest
[Gain New Allies], [Recruit the Goth Kids]. Before we do that, lets finish up
some side quests. 

This upcoming chunk deals with exploring new areas using the teleportation 
ability and completing some sidequests. Search the following code to continue 
with the main quest: (RTGK)

(BGH1) Go to Kenny's house. To the right of his garage is a red car. If you 
look below of where the front wheel should be, there is a blue circle. Put
the moldy sausage there to lure out the rabid junkyard dog! Kick its ass, 
cause "It's comin' right at me!" This is an easy fight, a strategy is not
needed, use your best attacks and it will go down. Stop by Token's house and 
climb the ladder in the garage, use the teleporter to reach the roof and break
the chimney to reveal a treasure: Lvl 6 Squire Armor, Longflip Wig and Lvl 10
Wooden Grip.

Go to the sewers and use your new ability to go to the other side and grab the
Lvl 8 Valkyrie Patch. Head to the right and take the ladder downstairs. 

(Sewers Lvl 2)	Cash 1.00, Shit Nugget. To the right is a generator. Put the 
				defibrilator on it. Go around the back to find another area of
				the sewer.
(Back of sewer lvl 2) Hit the switch near the house to find a GERBITOAD 
				CHINPOKOMON. Use an action on Mr. Haneky's house to get 
				[Dropping the kids off] quest. Continue heading to the left,
				you will find one of the kids but you cannot get her out until
				you shut off that sewage. So for now, take that ladder up.
(Back of sewer lvl 1) Cash 0.50, Speed pot, shit nugget. 
				Move all the way to the left and turn the wheel to shut off the
				sewage that is pouring over the ladder. Climb down that ladder
				to save the first kid, Amber who will also friend you. Now head
				to the right. 
				Head right and turn the wheel, go around the wall in the back 
				to reach the grate full of treasure. Go further to the right 
				and engage that hobo (HOM3). Continue right until you see a
				ladder, skip it for now. Go to the switch and pull it and climb
				up the ladder. 
(Sewer lvl 0)	(BGH3) Cash 2.00. Place the fromunda cheese on the wooden plate
				to lure out the ferocious penis mouse! Fire and charming does 
				effect the penis mouse. Head back down the ladder after you
				defeat it, then take the ladder on the right to some hobos. 
(Sewer Lvl 2)	The hobos (HOM4) have cornwalis trapped, save him! He will add 
				you	as a friend. To the left is a revive pot. Head back and 
				take the final ladder.
(Back of sewer Lvl 2) Free spirit wig, rod of waste.
				Continue right and hit that switch to lower sewage levels. 	
				Follow the new path until you find another hobo (HOM5). Move to
				the right until you find a ladder, climb up.
(Back of sewer lvl 1) Move left and break the wall. Further on you will find 
				one of the kids. Defeat the mama rat to save him and get a 
				chest with: Cash 1.00, small HP pot, lvl 9 Butane Torch, Shit 
				nugget. He will also friend you. Back track to Mr. Hankey's 
				house to complete the quest [Dropping off the Kids] (EDOK) and
				gain Mr. and Mrs. Hankey as friends. Now move to the door you 
				passed which will take you to the back of the screen. To right
				is a a switch. Hit it and run straight for that newly unlocked 
				door as it is on a timer. Now you are in the part of the sewer 
				you were at earlier. Hit that level to create a ramp to head 
				back. To the right is a backpack with: Cash 2.00 and mud. The
				grate contains Cash 1.00 and a shit nugget. Take the ladder.
(Back of sewer lvl 2) To the right is a chest with cash 1.25, large hp pot,
				mana pot. To the left is a sneaky bum (HOM6). Do not let him
				catch you off guard! The grate contains Cash 2.00 and shit 
				nugget. Move into the final door and continue with the linear 
				path to find the crab people cave. There will be a chest 
				containing: cash 0.75, damien wig, pentagram tattoo. 
(Crab people cave) (BGH4) To the right will be a chest with large HP pot and a
				revive pot. Continue on for more treasure: batframe glasses,
				grandpa vampire wig, goth skull makeup, Lvl 7 Exoskeleton patch
				and cash 5.00. Now, go down and destroy the rock blocking your
				way to come up ona pile of turd. Put the orange there and hunt
				the bloodsucking fruit bat. Climb up the ladder at the end of 
				the cave to find yourself near the theater. 
Go back to Al Gore to turn the quest in. [ManBearPig] is complete. After you 
walk around for a bit, you will receive the quest [Unfriend Al Gore] (UNAL). 
Before we deal with him, lets stop by Jimbos to get our rewards. Okay, now go
back to Al Gore and have a talk with him. *WARNING* He is the toughest boss so
far. He accuses you of being ManBearPig. Those are fighting words where I am 
from, kick his ass. 

Al Gore strategy: On his second turn, he will summon the secret service to 
protect him. Combined, the four of them are tough. The best way to beat them is
to get the Broken Bottle and use it to stack bleed on the enemies. You can also
try your luck using Butters. If you are able to get life drain using the 
professor chaos ability, you can knock out most of the secret service in one 
turn. If you still cannot defeat him, wait a bit before fighting him to get 
better items and more levels. 

After you defeat him, go to the police station and climb the ladder on the 
outside. Use the teleporter to reach the roof and talk to Santa to add him. A
 chest is up here containing: lvl 6 demon sticker, lvl 5 samurai warrior and 
 large power pot. You should be gaining [Stop ManBearPig] (TMBP) quest now. Go
  to the church. Go to the top left of the screen, well look who it is. It is
   Al Gore. Always wanting attention... He is not as tough as before without 
   his Secret Service, so kick his ass one last time. [Stop ManBearPig] ends.

Go to Stark pond and use the teleporter to find COSMONEWT CHINPOKOMON and Lvl 7
 Circuit Patch. Now let's finish the [The Homeless Problem]. 

Move back to the bus stop. Remember that path we skipped over near the girl 
sitting on the bench? Go there two find the final bum (HOM7). Near them is a 
chest containing: Houselord braid, power pot, power pot, small hp pot. Before
you head back to city hall to give the quest in. Move to the left, the first 
building there is Jimmy's garage, open it and grab: Lvl 7 Jester's cap, Cash 
2.00, Lvl 2 Small Shield sticker and a mana pot. Continue all the way to the 
left until you reach the teal house past Kevin Stoley's house. Knock over the
grill and fart on it to destroy the path to the chest: Lvl 4 Duelist's patch,
dubstep wig, chin beard, mana pot, mana pot, small mana pot. Now return to 
city hall. Talk to Mayor McDaniels to gain her as a friend and complete [The 
Homeless problem]. 

Lets grab some items with this teleporter. Head downtown and to the bank, 
the roof has a teleporter. Go up there, and then onto Tom's Rhinoplasty to get:
Beatnik Mustache, Lvl 6 Squire gloves and Cash 3.00. Now go to the Photo-Dojo,
the building to he left has a teleporter too. Use it to get inside and friend 
Douglas. Teleport onto the photo-dojo to get: mana pot, lvl 6 snowflage patch,
power pot, and cash 0.90. 


hit up the school and talk to the goth kids on the right side of the school. 
Talk to them to gain the quest [Nonconformist]. Okay, time to continue with the
main quest. Go to the hobo who sells goods near the U-Stor-It and buy the goth 
clothes: Goth clothes, goth cap and goth gloves. Now go to the coffee shop and
buy Tweek Bros. Dark Roast. When you leave the coffee shop, you get ambushed by
some elves who give you the choice to fight or go with them. If you fight 
them, you will win but they will cheat at the game and force you to go 

Now, you will be taken to the Elf King, not possible since he is a Jew. Jimmy
and Stan will both join your quest. Talk to Stan to get the quest [The 
She-Ogre] (SSGR). Talk to Jimmy to gain [Magical Songs] (SMS0). Go to the shop
and check out what they sell. Jason will be added as a friend. Talk to the kid
near the Well of insight to gain quest [Restoring the Balance] (SRB0). Touch 
the final fast travel flag to complete [The Timmy Express]. There is a chest to
the left of Jimmy containing: Cure pot and lvl 6 Elvish Loyalty Patch. Climb 
the tree to find Blue dye in the tent. There is a chest to the left of stan, 
inside the tent containing: lvl 5 Warrior's axe, power pot and cash 1.00. Leave
to enter Kyle's House.

Building: Kyle's House
(Kitchen)		Large HP pot, cure pot, power pot, lvl 6 Ice cube.
(Living Room)	Cash 0.75.
(Second Flr Hall) Sidelocks. 
(Bathroom)		Cash 0.10, Acne.
(Parent's Room)	Cash 0.15, Broflovski Garage key, Cash 1.05, Cure pot, 
				barbarian wig. 
(Kyle's Room)	UNDERPANTS (5/5), Cash 2.00, small HP pot.

Leave the house and open the garage.

(Kyle's Garage)	Kyle's Muttonchops, lvl 7 Small Magnet, STEGMATA CHINPOKOMON.

Let's do some side quests now, so let us go to the Ranch to satisfy Jimmy's 
muscial desires. Turns out the rancher is having trouble with the cows ever 
since they turned into nazis. Go into the barn and kill them. On the second
floor is the flute. Use dragonshout to burn whatever hay is in the way. Talk to
the rancher [Magical Songs] (EMS0) is complete and Jimmy becomes your friend.

(SRB1) Now, the banners. Go to Mr. Slave's house, on his front yard is a 
banner, whack it. Go the the basketball courts, to the right of the right 
basket is the banner. Now take the path that leads down and go to Stan's house,
once inside, go inside Shelly's room, make sure Stan is in your party. After 
you beat her down, you will gain Stan's respect and have him added as a friend,
ending the quest [She-Ogre] (ESGR). Go to Kevin Stoley's house and destroy the
banner. The one in the church is located to the left, near the defeated
ManBearPig. Go to the pond do destroy the final banner, and return to Dogpoo to
friend him. [Restoring the Balance] completed.

Go to Jimbo's place to find that the 6th graders will not give you some
cigarettes. Whoop their asses and take them from them. Afterwards, head back to
the school and impress the goth kids. Now go inside the community center,
located to the right of the school. 

Building: Community Center
(Event Hall)	Nothing in here, you can talk to the parents if  you want.
(Bathroom)		Third stall has GOPHERMON CHINPOKOMON. Once you put down the 
				sign, the game will recognize that you picked up Gophermon.
(Event Hall)	Go to the main table and press the action button. Randy will
				talk to you and give you the quest [PTA Problems]. 
(Bathroom)		Meet Randy there to be taught another fart. 

Exit the community center and go to the right. Move closer to the basketball 
court and use the teleporter onto the right side of the building to get on the
court and pick up VAMPORKO CHINPOKOMON. Now head to the mall, which is where
the new taco bell is being built.

Use the new fart you learned to move both guards away from the center. You may
have to do this using two farts. Once past the main gate, lure the guard into
the water and use the transformer on the left to kill him. Inside the truck is:
Revive pot and Lvl 8 Moon Rock. Use the teleporter to reaach the roof and get 
the Lvl 7 Stone hammer. Now move to the vent to get inside. 

Building: Taco Bell
(Hallway 1) 	The Nazi breaks free and kills both guards. Defeat the nazi. 
				Then head into the room it broke free from.
(Secret Gov Room) Str pot, flat top wig, Lvl 8 Tesla coil and Cash 1.10. Take
				the recording device and exit the building. You will see the
				nazi zombies are expanding. 
Return to Stan in the community center to reveal what is going on to the PTA. 
They will realize  that Taco Bell is trying to build the world's biggest Taco 
Bell, those sons of a guns think they can do whatever they want! Not in South 
Park! [PTA Problems] is completed. Head back to the goth kids to convince them
to play. As a final test, you are going to have to dance like a goth to gain
their loyalty. You have to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to do the 
dancing, not WASD. [Nonconformist] complete. They will all add you as friends.
[Recruit the Goth Kids] is complete. Now you have to make a choice. Either 
fight for the elves or fight for the humans. At this point, I made a second
save so I can go back and play the other side if I want to. I sided with


Allying the Kupa Keep Kingdom (KKK).

Talk to Cartman and then climb the tower to call all the recruits to the KKK. 
Congratulations, you are promoted to Commander Douchgebag! Cartman is now 
your friend. [Attack the School] begins. (AKTS)

You will find yourself outside of the school. Go to the right and try to flank
through the alley. You will find the goth kids hanging out there again. Use 
Butter's ability to heal Pete. 

Building: South Park Elementary
(Faculty Room)	Speed pot, Cash 0.50.
				Turn on the oven then use cup-a-spell to blow it up and take
				the DONKEYTRON CHINPOKOMON. Go to the next room.
(Cafeteria)		Power pot, small HP pot, small Hp pot, Lvl 7 Chef's Skewer,
				Chef's Old PO Box Key. 
				All of the above is reached behind the counter. Go down to 
				reach the sitting area. On the right is a downed person, loot
				him for the lvl 8 Basketball. Go into the "In" portion of the 
				cafeteria to get a strength pot. Becareful on the left side of
				the sitting area. The Elves are barricaded with a boiling 
				water hose. Shoot the pipe to shut off the pressure on their 
				hose. Now shoot the light to electrocute them. To the left of 
				the vending machine is a vent. Break it and climb in to flank 
				the rest of the elves. Destroy the next barricade using 
				cup-a-spell. Exit out the left door.
(Hallway 1)		Before you deal with the barricade. Shoot the vent to reveal
				a teleporter. Use it to get inside the vent. Bait the rat into
				the trap. There is a chest: Lvl 7 South Park Cows Patch, mana 
				pot, Large HP pot, strength pot. Use the next teleporter to 
				reach the bag which has a Lvl 7 snowball patch. Shoot the 
				cables to kill the elf below. Now head back to the barricade.
				Use your farts to weaken it and  then destroy it with an 
				attack. Go into the basement.
(Basement)		You will find Cartman near a Ginger who is infected by the 
				zombies. Get ready for a tough fight. Move to the next room.
(Boiler room hall)	Cash 1.50, Large HP pot, mana pot. 
				Climb the ladder and go through the vent, wait for someone to
				stand beneath the vent and then knock it down for a free kill.
				Shut off the water using the valve then climb down and break
				through everything to reach the generator. Shut it off to shut
				off the electricity. Move quickly as it is on a timer. Go all
				the way to the right to get a Lvl 8 Battery label and cash
				2.00. Go into the boiler room.
(Boiler Room)	(BGH5) Cash 2.00. Use the rubbing alcohol to lure out the Big 
				Game, Mutant Bacteria. It is a very easy fight at this point of
				the	game. Leave the room and exit the hallway using the door up
				the stairs on the right.
(Hallway 2)		Clover facepaint, Cash 0.35. Take the exit on the right. 
(Lobby)			Use the  teleporter to get on the second floor for: small hp 
				pot, cure pot, small mana pot. Then move to the right to find
				a rope. Use it to climb down and flank those elves. Eventually
				the barricade catches fire. This is your chance to use cup-a-
				spell to destroy it and finish those elves off. Stan runs away
				and Cartman enters. Man the catapult, its the only thing on 
				fire. The rest of the KKK will come in and unlock the next 
				room. Go in and fight stan. Go upstairs.
(2nd Flr hall)	Moon Facepaint, Cash 0.50, revive pot, falsetto wig. 
				Find Tweak getting attacked by three elves, save him. To the 
				right in the top locker is PTERDAKEN CHINPOKOMON. To the left
				are to KKK members fighting an elf. Help them out. Afterwards,
				Fosse and Bill will friend you. There is nothing in the boys
				room, skip it and move to the left.Pick up the Preppy wig from
				the locker. Go into the 5th grade room.(5th grade class) Tribal
				tattoo, totally metal mohawk, lvl 7 drill bit. That rat on the
				floor is Lemmiwinks, talk to it to add as a friend. Go to the
				4th grade class. 
(4th Grade class) You will once again have to pick your side. Go left and grab
				the chest containing: Lvl 9 Ninja sticker, large hp pot, mana 
				pot, lvl 9 laser sword. There is a small hp pot in the filing
				cabinet. Pick a side by attacking either Kyle or Cartman.
							BUG ALERT
There is a bug that commonly happens that freezes the game during
the cutscene of the kids going to Clyde's backyard. Just reload and keep trying
to pass it. Otherwise you are going to have to skip the scenes.


I chose to fight Kyle and whooped his Jew ass. Afterwards, you will find a huge
plot twist. After reloading and fighting Cartman, it turns out whatever your
choice is the result is the same. 

------------------------------ Night 2 (0NT2) ---------------------------------

[Attack the school] is complete, [Go Back Home] is started. Go back home and 
sleep in your bed. 

The underpants gnomes come to your room and try to steal your underpants. Get 
ready for battle. They are easy and take a lot of damage because you are so 
big. So they shrink you. [Defeat the Underpants Gnomes] (DTUG) is started. 
Remember all those mousehole looking holes? Gnome holes. 

(Gnome Hole in your room) Those wires near the mouse trap create a ladder, 	
				climb up and to the right is a chest: Lvl 9 Gnome Helmet, large
				HP pot, power pot, Lvl 10 Super Bouncy Ball! Go left and break
				the pipe, shoot the wire to shock the mouse. It will charge 
				right into the mouse trap. 
(Vent)			Watch as your parents get it on... lol... 
(Crawlspace)	Climb the ladder and destroy the wall on the left. Run past the
				circuits when the electricity is off and grab the treasure 
				containing Lvl 9 gnome clothes and Lvl 10 Gnome pickaxe head. 
				Go back to the right, the pipe above can be broken to create a
				path. Climb the next ladder up and break the pipe on the right.
				This will kill one mouse, now knock the piece of insulation 
				down to create a fire. And use it to cook the second mouse. The
				final mouse you have to fight. At the end of this path is a 
				Lvl 9 Gnome pickaxe and cash 0.90. Climb up the final ladder 
				and pull out those cables. 
(Parent's room) Whelp, this is just awkward. Cash 1.25. Move right and you will
				catch up with the gnomes. Go all the way to the right and climb
				down the ladder after your first battle, to confront the 
				warlock. After you defeat him he will explain that all they 
				wanted to do was protect themselves from the green goo. He will
				give you some dust that will change you from big to small. 
[Defeat the Underpants Gnomes] has been completed. [Forging Alliances] begins.

----------------------------- Day 3 (0DY3) ------------------------------------
To skip to the main quest search the following code: (RCTG)

Talk to the gnome in your room to get the quest [Phase 1]. If you have been 
following this guide, you should have all the underpants already and the quest
will complete when you talk to him again. Before we continue on, lets use our 
new power to get some things we missed before. 

Go in front of the coffee shop, there is a bench there with some items 
underneath. Grab TERRORBOVINE CHINPOKOMON and lvl 12 gaunlet patch and lvl 8 
Witch's hat from the chest. Now move to the left until you reach the theater.
On top of the seller's booth is FATDACTYL CHINPOKOMON. Remember the kid hiding
behind those bushes thinking he is invisible? Go to the screen right of
Cartman's house to find him there. Talk to him to have Bradley added as a 

Now go to the screen with the sewer opening (the original opening). Behind it
was a locked building we never went into. Use the key we obtained to open it 
and go inside.

Building: South Park Gazette
(Office)		Cash 1.00, Small HP pot. Talk to the girl, Esther is added as a
				friend. Break the vent to the right of her and shrink down to 
				go inside. You will find ACCOUNTAFISH CHINPOKOMON and a 
				treasure containing: lvl 12 fencing patch and Imperial Beard. 
				Climb the ladder inside the vent to reach the roof. Talk to the
				kid to have Leroy Mullens added as a friend. 
Exit the building and stop inside the post office for one second. Talk to the 
girl inside to have Lola added as a friend. She would not add us earlier due to
a lack of popularity. Continue to the right and to the left of Tom's 
Rhinoplasty is an office building. Use your key to enter the building. 

Building: Office Building
(Office)		Cash 3.00, Buzz cut, large power pot and revive pot. 

Now exit and go to the bank.

Building: Bank
(Lobby)			Behind the table of papers is a hole we can go inside using
				the gnome dust. You will find yourself behind the counter,
				grab the treasure: Cash 3.00, Lvl 12 Golden Ticket. Equip 
				money+ items and then slap the investor for losing all your 
				money (if you did invest).	Kicking his ass will give you back
				your money. 
Finally, purchase whatever weapons you need from Jimbo. Now that that is out of
the way, go to Kyle's Backyard for a meeting. [Recruit the Girls] is given. 
Talk to Annie in front of City Hall and she will take you to the girls. The 
girls will join your game, only if you help them. So they give you the quest
[Pose as Bebe's Boyfriend]. 

Go to the basketball court to meet with Monica. You will find her on the right
side of the court, sitting on the bench. You will find that she is a 
manipulative whore and her boyfriend does not take kindly to you trying to nail
his girlfriend. Return to Annie who will take you back to the girls. It turns
out Monica was not a two-faced bitch and that  the real culprit might be Heidi 
Turner... what a slut! 

The girls will give you a makeover, you can only wear what they like. There 
will be a heart over the clothes that they approve of. Jessie Rodriguez adds
you as a friend, [Pose as Bebe's Boyfriend] complete, and [Unplanned 
Parenthood] (UNPA) begins. 

Building: Unplanned Parenthood
(Hallway)		Small HP pot, Lvl 11 IV needle, small mana pot, speed pot, Lvl
				11 Poison Grenades.	Go into the Operating room.
(Operating Room) Mash S and prevent him from giving you an abortion. On top of
				the cart just to the right of the chair are some scrubs, grab 
				them and put them on. Leave the room then head into the records
(Records Rooms)	Biohazard Tattoo. Search through the 2013 files and watch
				as a huge plot twist begins to unravel! 
				Turn yourself small and go inside the hole in the wall.
(Underneath the flr) Shoot the cable up top to shock the water and use the 
				sneaky fart to lure them in. Or shoot the water pipe and 
				the soldiers will fire at the mice. Once you pass them,
				fight whatever is left and continue on. Use dragonshout on the
				cable to clear a path and then go up. 
(Operating Room) Cash 0.75 and Lvl 12 Wire Hanger. Randy is on the chair, this
				is not good. You are going to have to give Randy an abortion to
				prove that you are not a nazi zombie. 
(Hallway)		Cash 0.35, Lvl 11 Wad of Liposuction Fat. 
				Sweet, your good friend Butters proves to be reliable. He 
				actually managed to break in to help you. Move to the left 
				until you see a dead soldier with a hole in the center of him.
				You need to use the dust to become small and go through that.
				The drawer past him contains: cure pot, small hp pot and Side
				Swept Wig. Climb the ladder onto the drawer and go behind the 
				wall. Use Cup-a-Spell to clear a path in the wall. You will 
				find an Old Dutch Beard when you are up top, after the ladder 
				on the inside of the wall. Move all the way to the right and 
				shoot the pipe that is revealed above the mice to kill them. 
				Climb down and go inside the vent to the left.
(Vent system)	Just keep moving to the right to learn that the fetuses are 
				completing owning the agents. 
(Hallway)		To the right is a chest with revive pot and strength pot. Stay
				small and use the teleporter to reach the red valve behind the 
				wall. Shoot the grenade to create a hole in the wall. Follow it
				to find FETUSWAMI CHINPOKOMON. Switch out your party member
				to Stan. Use the buddy command on the Gatling gun. Fart on a 
				few fetuses to gain the Gone too Far objective. Before the exit
				is a small HP pot. 
(Boss)			You will fight the super fetus. Both, the Zombie fetus and 
				umbilical cord will revive shortly after their deaths. So
				try to take them out at the same time. They are a pretty easy 
				fight. Just keep attacking them with your best attacks and 
				spells and they should not last long. Exit the abortion clinic.

Return to Annie at City Hall and go to the girls. Now we have to translate
these documents... Sweet. Return to Kyle's backyard and talk to Kyle. They will
tell you to head to the Kingdom in the North. 

[Heading North] (HDNO) begins. Oddly, it cannot be anything but Wyoming, as
that is to the north of Colorado. 

Go to the Photo Dojo and talk to the guy to get your picture taken for the 

Building: Photo Dojo
(Back room)		Cash 0.l0 and Lvl 12 High Voltage Warning Label. 
				You are going to be forced to change outfits... Lol. Beat him 
				and the real cameraman will come out. 
Head to the farm and into the forest, keep moving north, five times. Turns out
we are goin to Canada. Show the Guard the passport to get inside Canada. The 
game now turns into a 8-bit SNES game. 


Ottawa:			The shops here offer some decent items. If you need money, 
				head to the '$' which is a bank, they exchange money. 
				Go inside the palace and talk to the prince and princess. You
				will also find a chest containing a Lvl 12 Joy Buzzer and large
				mana pot. He will tell you to head to Winnipeg. [Heading North]
				complete, [O Canada] (OCND) is given. 

Canada:			(BGH6) See the spiderweb on the top right? Go to it and place 
				the Poutine to call out Barking Spider. You will get the 
				barbarian gloves after its fall. Walk toward the chest located
				on that	island from the docks in the south. You will find that
				you can travel on water here. In the chest is: Barbarian 
				Mullet, Lvl 12 Frozen Maplw Syrup, cure pot and Large HP pot.
				Head to winnipeg.

Winnipeg: 		Talk to the Earl of Winnipeg who will confirm that the writing 
				is in Canadian. He will ask you to clear the city of Dire Bears
				and will in exchange, help you. After killing the bears return
				to the Earl and give him the pelts. Earl of Winnipeg adds you
				as a friend. He will tell you to go back to the Prince in 
				Ottawa to get permission to speak to the Minister of Montreal.
Ottawa:			The prince of Canada wil ltell you to kill the Bishop of Banff
				and bring his balls as proof of the deed. 
Banff:			This town has its own shop too. Buy what you need. In the
				church, clear the right vase in the small room on the left to
				open the door on the treasure room. The treasure contains:
				Lvl 12 Discus of Bleeding, Lvl 13 Ranger Patch, large power
				pot and a revive pot. Attack the bishop and beat him. He will
				offer you a deal. I do not know what difference the choice 
				makes. I chose to save him, Bishop of Banff is added as a 
Ottawa:			Give the prince the balls and he will back out of his deal as
				his power to the throne is now secure. Prince of Canada is 
				added as a friend. The princess will tell you to go see the
				duke of Vancouver. 
Vancouver:		Go to the Duke's house and to the left. Destroy the cracked
				wall to reach the treasure which contains: Lumberjack beard,
				Lvl 11 Serrated Axe of Rending, Lvl 12 Barbarian Helmet, 
				strength pot, and large power pot. Talk to the Duke and he will
				friend you and advise you to talk to the Monks located in the 
				South East of town. You will learn that it is Terrance and 
				Phillip. They doubt your magic, so dragonshout Phillip to
				prove them wrong. Dragonshout Kyle also to get an achievement.
				Next, use cup-a-spell on Terrance to show you are adept in 
				magic. Finally, use the sneaky squeaker behind Phillip to show
				that you are worthy of their training. You will be taken into
				the Matrix to train. Point the arrow to the bottom to reach the 
				maximum frequency.  Terrance and Phillip will friend you. 
Canada: 		Go to the cave.
Cave:			Go up to the rocks and hold G until the rocks are destroyed. 
				The treasure chest contains a Lvl 12 Barbarian Armor and speed
				pot. Talk to the Minister of Montreal. The minister of Montreal
				and Princess of Canada friend you. [O Canada] is complete. 
				Leave the strange lands of Canada and return the list to the
It turns out Heidi Turner was the traitor. But because she is really sorry, 
they forgive her. They now join the faction. Red, Bebe and Wendy friend you. 
[Recruit the Girls] is completed. Talk to all the girls: Nelly, Heidi Turner,
Allie Nelson and Jessie all friend you. Near the chest is MOUSE-TIK 
CHINPOKOMON. Inside the chest is: Lvl 14 Valkyrie Headband, Lvl 14 Valkyrie
Armor and Lvl 14 Valkyrie Gloves. Turns out, you were in the park Girls room
this whole time... Go to Jimbo's and finish the quest [Big Game Huntin' with 
Jimbo]. At the city sushi, use the gnome dust to go inside to find: Topknot
Wig, Cash 1.10, Lvl 12 Katana Patch, and Lvl 10 Self Defense Patch. Head to
the theater and climb down the sewer there. Use your new spell to break the 
rock on the left to reveal a path to the crab person. On the way you will find
BIEBERSAURUS CHINPOKOMON. Take the treasure behind him: Lvl 13 Crab Helmet, Lvl
13 Crab Carapace, Lvl 13 Crab Pincers, and Lvl 12 Jellyfish. Talk to the Crab
and Crab Person will be added as a friend. Then  Return to Kyle's backyard and
talk to Kyle. 

[Forging Alliances] complete. [Beat up Clyde!] begins. 


[Beat up Clyde!] (BTUP)

(Entrance)		Switch to Butters and use his buddy command on Wendy for a 
				Superhero Patch. Use Nagasaki on the blockade to destroy it 
				then run to the right, past the front entrance. You will find a
				chest with Cash 0.75, small hp pot, large power pot, cure pot 
				and brutish wig. Use the tleporter to turn off the generator, 
				thus making the pool of water safe to traverse. Then get on top
				of the entrance and hit the spike holding the sign on the left
				to knock out one opponent. Go around to the back where the 	
				backpack was, there is a hole in the wall, shrink yourself and
				go inside. 
(Gnome hole)	Use Butter's Buddy command on the gnome to heal him. He will
				take revenge on one mouse for his brothers. Shoot the lighter
				and use Cup-a-Spell on the lighter to kill the other mouse. To
				left is a treasure:  Cash 0.75, Lvl 13 Dairy Council Patch and 
				large HP Pot. On the top left you can shoot the piece of wood
				to create a bridge to the surface. Take the pipe on the right.
(Fortress Lvl 1) You will come up on the right side of the second floor. Shoot
				the fold-up ladder to drop it down then go to the left and
				beat down both cyclops. Go downstairs and shoot the piece of 
				wood holding the bowling ball to knock out at least one enemy.
				Move to the left to grab a treasure: Lvl 13 Lawn Dart, cash 
				0.35, Lvl 13 Berserker Patch. And the treasure on the right:
				Cash 0.25, Lvl 14 Jewpacabra Claw, and mana pot. Take the 
				ladder to the top.
(Fortress Lvl 2) You will see a bunch of Nazis here with some cats. Use 
				squeaky sneaker near the lamp and then cup a spell to take out
				at least two enemies. The cats will become free. Shoot down 
				that tire to try to knock out another nazi. Break through the 
				barricade and finish off any survivors. Break down the platform
				and ladder usin Nagasaki, then the pirates will drop down a 
				ladder to help you to the next level. 
(Fortress Lvl 3) Use cup-a-spell to take out the cyclops and save the pirates.
				Ike will friend you. Use Nagasaki to take out the entire 
				building on the right and another cyclops. Inside of that 
				destroyed structure is a chest containing: Cash 0.50, Large
				mana pot and Lvl 13 Knight Helm. Use the teleporter above in
				the center to get onto the 2nd platform above you. You will 
				find SHOE CHINPOKOMON. Go down to the platform with the 
				telporter and shoot down the lamp on the left to burn one kid.
				Now throw a cup-a-spell in there to finish them. Inside the 
				destroyed left shelter is a treasure: Lvl 14 Shard of the Dark
				Lord's Crown, Revive pot and power pot. Activate both wheels
				on the left and right sides to open the central gate. Go 
(Fortress Lvl 3 Inside) Move toward stan who will throw a lamp inside. Shoot 
				the lamp and then throw a fart on it to create an entrance. Use
				Nagasaki on the right to let Ike in. He will start a fire so 
				you can use cup-a-spell. Get ready to fight Craig and some 	
(Boss Craig)	Craig starts out with whatever cows are left over, should be
				one if you followed the above. The cow will suicide and do 
				damage to the whole party, so make sure you use attacks on 
				multiple targets to knock it out before it can attack. Craig 
				will then split into 5. Look at each Craig's life and whichever
				is different from te rest, is the real Craig. He is immune to
				splash damage, so if you use abilities which hit multiple
				targets, you have to make sure you aim at the real one if  you
				want it to do damage to him. Grab the treasure on the second
				floor: Lvl 13 Knight Armor, large power pot, water balloon, 
				and Cash 2.50. Move up and into the Throne Room.
(Throne Room)	You will meet Randy on the way and he will tell you everything
				he found out about the Taco Bell. You are going to have to 
				shrink yourself down and enter Mr. Slave's asshole. If you 
				attempt to leave this room, South Park blows up and you get the
				credits. So shrink yourself down and enter that asshole.
(Mr. Slave's rectum) Keep followin the tunnel until you reach the electricity.
				You need Stan to shut it off. There will be some dung blocking
				your path, shoot the white semen on the back to reveal a 
				teleporter. Use it to get past the obstacle and continue on.
				You will eventualyl find Mr. Hat, who friends you. Use 
				Nagasaki to destroy the pool ball and obstacle. 
				Continue to the right, past the bacteria is a chest with a 
				strength pot and a revive pot. Continue goin down the path.
				Use the turd as a rampe to climb onto the flashlight. Use the
				turd to get back down and move the battery inside the light. 
				Hit the power button to get the bat out of the way. Just past
				where the bat was is a treasure: Cash 1.10, Lvl 13 Condom Cap,
				and Lvl 12 Ghost pepper. Climb the anal beads and you will 
				eventually find the Sparrow Prince who warns you that you must
				defeat his angry spirit. After the sparrow's defeat you will 
				be blocked off by more shit. Use Nagasaki to destroy the pool
				ball and create a ramp onto the vibrator. Destroy the sperm
				on the left to reveal a teleporter, use it to reach the bottle
				cap and turn on the vibrator. This will clear a path and you 
				will find some Government Guards. 
				Past them you will find yourself in the Stomach and in front of
				the trigger for the snuke. Grab the treasure to the right: 
				Revive pot and Lvl 13 Brown Badge of Courage. Switch to Jimmy
				and use his buddy command on the snuke. Now perform an abortion
				on it to save South Park. Frog King, Sparrow prince and 
				Catatafish are added as friends, you have also gained the Crown
				of Anal Pleasure. Go into the throne room. 
(Throne Room)	Clyde has gone insane and tries to raise an army of dead. So
				he revives Chef, as a Nazi. You are going to have to finish him
(Boss Chef)		He is not too difficult. Block his chocolate salty balls that 
				he starts out with then begin pummeling him. He will eventually
				try to bite you, prevent this by mashing the buttons shown. He
				will eventualyl begin realizing who he is and come back to his
				regular self. But Clyde will set him on fire, put Chef out of 
				his misery with a fart. 
(Throne Room)	Cartman will banish Clyde from space and time. The Big Bad 
				Government Guy will storm the fortress and take the Stick of 
				Truth. He goes crazy from the stick's power. Huge plot twist
				occurs and Morgan Freeman comes to tell the story of why 
				Princess Kenny betrays you! [Beat up Clyde!] complete.
[Betrayal from Within] (BTF) begins. Continue on, buy and sell what you neeed
				at the shop and then go confront Kenny. 

(Boss Kenny)	Just use a speed potion on Douchebag and keep attacking. He is
				easy if you are using the sweet Katana. Kenny will drink the 
				green goo to become a nazi.
(Boss Nazi Kenny) Similar fight as before. Use speed potions and heal when you
				have to. When your party gets low, switch out. If you switch
				to Butters, Kenny will summon Death on Butters. But Professor
				Chaos will come out and claim that Death is his servant. Mash
				the correct button and death will disappear, whoever you
				tried to switch out will come back with full PP. After you
				defeat Zombie Kenny, he will get back up again with full HP.
				If you switch to Jimmy, Kenny will summon furry friends. Jimmy
				will play the flute if you mash correctly and get rid of the
				rats. Kenny will once again get up if you defeat him. His armor
				will remain the same if you have been lowering it. Keep 
				switching your party to get some action sequences. All your
				friends will remain behind  you when you are complete. It will
				end with you and Stan against Kenny. Once you defeat Kenny,
				a FMV will occur where the kids realize that Kenny does not 
				stay dead. Cartman will suggest that Douchebag will have to 
				break the Gentlemen's Code. Fart on Kenny's balls. Cartman
				will grab Kenny and hold him while you charge your fart and
				shoot it. This will defeat Kenny and restore all the zombies 
				back to normal. 
[Betrayal from Within] complete. Congratulations, you have saved South Park and
will finally talk for the first time. 

---------------------------- Wasted Cache (WSTC)-------------------------------

You can still play from your completed save to complete any missed quests. This
is the one quest I missed.

Go to the Community Center and talk to Mr. Mackey to get [Wasted Cache]. Head
to the U-Stor-it and open door 221.

Building: Storage 221
(Entrance)		Inside you will find everything Mr. Mackey has horded. Shoot
				the chinpokomon on the top shelf to get FERASNARF CHINPOKOMON.
				Start swinging your way through it to find the ramp. Once
				you reach the top, use the teleporter to reach the chest on the
				right for: Wings Facepaint, Large HP pot, and Mackey's PO Box
				Key. See where all the monitors are near the entrance? Use the
				action button there to drop off the monitor. His PO Box 
				contains: Cash 2.00 and Lvl 6 Small Battery. 
Return to Mr. Mackey to have him added as a friend, [Wasted Cache] completed.


Outro (0008)

Thank you for using this guide. It is my first guide so if you have
constructive feedback, please send it to <SuperFriends1337 @ gmail . com>. If
there are any major errors or have something to add to the guide that I have 
missed, please email me also. I will give you credit for the information.

I would like to thank the following for making this FAQ possible:
GameFAQs for giving me something to do when I am bored.
FAQ Contributors - General board for answering all my questions on making a
Matt Stone and Trey Parker for making South Park.

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