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Walkthrough by vhayste

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/18/14

                         SOUTH PARK: THE STICK OF TRUTH

                            W A L K T H R O U G H

                        AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)
                          CONTACT: vhayste@gmail.com



                         [  C O P Y R I G H T  ]

  | This document is copyrighted to me, Vhayste®. It is intended for    |
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  | possible.                                                           |

                      T A B L E   OF   C O N T E N T S

001 ---------- The New Kid in Town
002 ---------- Call the Banners
   002A ------ Gate Crashers
   002B ------ Hot Coffee
   002C ------ Detention Sentence
003 ---------- The Bard
004 ---------- It's Late
005 ---------- Alien Abduction
006 ---------- Gain New Allies
   006A ------ Recruit the Goth Kids
   006B ------ Nonconformists
   006C ------ PTA Problems
007 ---------- Attack the School
008 ---------- Go Back Home
009 ---------- Defeat the Underpants Gnome
010 ---------- Forging Alliances
   010A ------ Recruit the Girls
   010B ------ Pose as Bebe's Boyfriend
011 ---------- Heading North
012 ---------- O Canada
013 ---------- Beat Up Clyde
014 ---------- Betrayal From Within

015 ---------- Collectibles
   015A ------ CHINPOKOMON
   015B ------ FRIEND LIST
   015C ------ EQUIPMENT
   015D ------ WEAPON STRAP-ONS

                      [  I N T R O D U C T I O N  ]

For a thousand years, a neverending war has been waged. Humans and drow
elves are locked in a battle to hold the much coveted artifact, The Stick
of Truth which has the power to control the universe. But the tides of war
are soon to change as word of a new kid spreads throughout the land. This
young hero will rise, destined to be South Park’s savior.

From the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, comes an epic
quest to become… cool.

001 || The New Kid in Town ||

When starting a new game, you'll have to customize your character. After
confirming, you'll start in your new home. Inside your room, you can get a
small amount of money and baseball card from your closet. The Toy Chest by
your bed will serve as your storage chest. You can dump items from your
inventory there and retrieve them for later use.

Exit your room and go to the bathroom to the left. Check the drawers to
find some items. You can also take a dump in the toilet. Just keep
displayed key before time runs out to successfully take a dump and for you
to get a Shit Nugget. This item can be used as a combat consumable item
that can inflict the status ailment “Grossed Outâ€￾ to the enemy. Once
done, leave the bathroom and go downstairs. Enter the kitchen to the left
and open the cabinets under the sink for more items. Pick up your allowance
in the counter to the left then leave the house.

Check the garage to the right and go up the ladder. There's a chest that
you can open there for some items. Head to the right to find Butters
fighting off some kid in an elf costume. Approach the kid and attack him
assist Butters. He'll be your registered as your first friend.

Follow Butters to Cartman's house. Once inside, check the drawer beside the
sofa to find some loot, including Cartman's Garage Key. Continue to the
left of the screen to reach Kupa Keep.

*Sidequest: Flower for a Princess                                           *
*Go to the left side of the Keep to find a flower near the fence. Pick it up*
*to trigger this quest. Just talk to Princess Kenny and hand him the flower *
*to complete the quest. He will be added to your Friends list as well.      *

Next, talk to Scott Malkinson and Clyde to add them as your new friends.
When you're ready, talk to Cartman. Here, you'll be asked to enter your
name. However, you'll still end up with the name “Douchebagâ€￾.

% Trophy/Achievement: Acceptance                                           %
%You accepted your fate and chose the name Douchebag yourself.             %
%                                                                          %
%During the part where Cartman asks you to confirm if you want to call     %
%yourself Douchebag, answer yes to both his questions to unlock this       %
%trophy/achievement.                                                       %

After that, you'll need to select your class. For more information about
each class’ abilities and skill tree, please refer to this guide’s
Classes section.

After selecting your class, purchase a weapon fit for your class from
Clyde's armory. After buying a weapon, equip it and you'll be thrown in a
mock battle against Clyde shortly after. Just follow the tutorial, until
Cartman tells you to finish off Clyde.

Once the tutorial battle is over, enter the tent to see the Stick of Truth
itself. Drow elves will attack the keep shortly and you have to drive them
back. To engage the enemies, you have to attack them. Attacking them first
will allow you to get the first turn. You can also shoot them with arrows
to stun them before hitting them so that they’ll enter the battle

Each of the battles will allow you to learn the other basics of combat.
Entering combat to the one near the stables will give you a tutorial on how
to counterattack and use items. Time your blocks to reduce damage and to
protect yourself from status ailments accompanied by those attacks. Block
all enemy attacks and counterattack when you get the chance. Don't hesitate
to use items since you can use an item and act at the same turn. Don't
forget to loot the body of the unconscious enemies and fart on them to
unlock an achievement.

%Trophy/Achievement: Stay Down                                             %
%Fart on 10 enemies in the world when they're knocked out                  %
%After defeating enemies in combat, they’ll be unconscious on ground for   %
%you to loot and of course, fart on. Do this on 10 enemies to unlock this  %
%trophy/achievement.                                                       %

Next, attack the one to the upper left who is hurting the kitty. This
battle will introduce you to an enemy that will use Riposte and Reflect.
Riposte mode will automatically counter your melee attacks. When prompted,
switch to your bow and snipe the enemy archer. Now the elven defender will
switch to Reflect stance. This allows him to counter ranged weapons. Use
melee attacks to damage him. Take note you can use abilities without
getting countered by either stances.

Lastly, hit the one who's attacking Butters. This time, you’ll have to
battle one of the enemies that have a shield. Use your normal attacks or
abilities with multiple hits to quickly wear down and destroy the shield.
Armored opponents tend will have more damage protection so normal attacks
won’t be that effective on them. You can also use a power attack to deal
massive damage to them.

The elves will retreat after you defeat the last batch of enemies. The
quest will be complete afterward.

002 || Call the Banners    ||

You should have leveled up already from the last mission. You can use your
ability point to upgrade one of your moves. Take note that you’ll only
get one ability point per level up. The level cap of the game is 15 so
you’ll have to carefully choose the abilities that you want to level up.

%Trophy/Achievement: Mastery (15 points)                                   %
%Unlock all the upgrades for one of the New Kid's abilities.               %
%Each ability can be leveled up to 5 ranks. Just focus on one ability to   %
%unlock this.                                                              %

The first fast-travel flag will be enabled and another sidequest will be

* Sidequest: The Timmy Express                                              *
* Unlock all 12 fast-travel flags                                           *
* For the location of all the fast-travel flags, kindly refer to this link: *


Enter Cartman's house and Butters will be unlocked as a buddy and you'll
also obtain his House Key. You can also talk to Cartman's mom to add her as
a new friend. You can also open the cabinet near the door to get a Speed

Head upstairs and enter Eric's room. Loot his drawer for items. Next, you
can also enter Mrs. Cartman's room to find some interesting junk including
an underpants here which is a quest item.  You can then raid the bathroom
and find more loot. You can also use the toilet here to produce another
sh*t nugget if you want. Leave the house afterward.

Once outside, you can use the garage key you got earlier to open Cartman's
garage. You'll find your first Chinpokomon, Pengin. (For the locations of
all Chinpokomon, refer to this guide’s Chinpokomon page) The sidewalk
heading east is blocked by a swarm of rats so head to the left for the
meantime. You’ll find a kid named Dougie to add him as a new friend. You
can now enter Butters' house since you got the key from him earlier.

Talk to Mrs. Stotch to add her as new friend. You'll find Mr. Stotch a bit
to the left so talk to him as well to register him as a friend. At this
point, you should have 7 friends already which will give you one Perk
point. Perk points give you permanent beneficial bonuses that will greatly
help you in combat. There’s only a limited number of Perk Points you can


For a list of all 121 friends in South Park, you may consult this link
as well:


Head upstairs and enter Butters' room. You can find the Chaos Lair Key in
one of the drawers and another chinpokomon, Monkay located in the eastern
side of the room. Next, check Butters' parents' room to the left and you'll
be able to find the Stotch Garage Key. You can raid the bathroom again and
produce another healthy sh*t nugget. Leave the house and open Stotch Garage
to find items inside, including a pair of Druid Gloves.

Continue west you’ll find another chinpokomon (Chu-chu Nezumi) from the
tree. Knock it out using your ranged weapon. Now you can go back to your
house and talk to your mom to add her as a new friend. Your parents' room
should also be unlocked at this point so you can enter it and loot the
items inside. Once done, leave the house and destroy the obstacle in the
sidewalk to reach the Bus Stop.

A fast-travel flag is located here. Simply standing on it will update
Timmy's quest. (The Timmy Express 2/12) There are some elves who are hiding
behind a snowman and they will ambush you when you get near. Defeat them
with ease. From hereon, you can pretty much explore the available areas at
the moment to find new friends, unlock new friend quests and get more

This main quest is divided to three sub-quests. You can tackle them in any
order you want.

   * Gate Crashers
   * Hot Coffee
   * Detention Sentence

002A ||   Gate Crashers    ||

Head to Jimbo's shop in the northwest side of town and purchase a gas mask.
You can also receive a new sidequest from him by buying the Hunter's Guide
for $5.00

* Sidequest: Big Game Huntin' with Jimbo                                    *
* You have to go to the marked locations and use the “baitsâ€￾. You have to
* report back to Jimbo after defeating the targets.                         *

For more information about this quest, please follow this link.

Head to Dark Meadows Estate and talk to the guard. The pepper spray won't
work on you so you'll have to defeat him in battle. You'll get the Billy
Club of Smithing after defeating him. Head inside the estate to find
another chinpokomon on the second floor window of Token’s house.
(Velocirapstar) Knock it down using your ranged weapon. Knock on Token’s
to deliver the letter. He’ll be added to your friends list as well.

002B ||     Hot Coffee     ||

Head to Tweek's coffee shop. You can befriend his parents by purchasing a
Ultra Speed Potion from them. Enter the backroom to find him. Speak to him
he’ll ask you to get the store’s delivery from Kenny's place. Leave the
shop and go to Kenny's place. Mrs. McCormick will hand over the garage key
so you can open the McCormick garage and speak with the “tenantsâ€￾. Once
inside the meth lab, talk to one of the meth heads there to deliver the
letter. You'll have to defeat them in battle afterward.

%Trophy/Achievement:  Heisenberg                                           %
%Defeat the Meth Tweekers while wearing the Evil Cartman goatee and the    %
% bald cap.                                                                %
% Before fighting the meth heads, you can equip a bald cap and the Evil    %
% Cartman goatee. You can get the former from Romper Stomper’s cell in the %
% Police Station and the latter can be found in Cartman’s room. Defeat them%
% while wearing this disguise to unlock the trophy/achievement.            %

After knocking them down, shoot the cracked ceiling so you can access the
ladder leading to the attic. Open the chest there to get Kenny's Bloody
Club. Climb back down and retrieve Tweek's package in a paper bag on a
shelf near the door. You can also get a Wife Beater from the chest behind
the stove. Turn off the LPG tank so you can get past the stove.

Deliver the package to Tweek. He'll be added as your friend and you'll get
his stash key as reward. Use the key to loot the chest in the back of the
room. Head back to the keep this time.

Back in the Keep, Cartman will teach you a new magic: Dragonshout. Just
follow his instructions until you’re able to perform the move
successfully. The next quest will become available. Kenny will be unlocked
as a buddy as well.

002C || Detention Sentence ||

After entering the school, defeat the first ginger hall monitor and loot
items in this area. Head to the hallway to the east. You’ll find a
barricade there so clear it using your newly learned Dragonshout. Remember
to loot the lockers along the way. There’s one locker that you need to
come back later after getting the specific key. Now before going north,
shoot the grate on the ceiling to get chinpokomon (Poodlesaurus). Follow
the path until you reach the area near the counselor’s room.

There’s a lone ginger her that you can take down without fighting. Simply
shoot the telephone to make it ring and get the ginger’s attention then
wait for the ginger to get near before shooting the stack of chairs. Loot
his body and continue forth until you reach another blockade.

Set Kenny as your buddy then order him to lure nearby enemy. Next, check
out janitor's room to find more items. Continue to the right to find
another barricade with ginger hall monitors. Wait for one of the gingers to
join another under under the bulletin board then shoot it to knock out both
of them. Now defeat the other enemy and don’t forget to loot loot the
Dodgeball and the Brass Key from the enemies.

Backtrack and go to the faculty office. Use Brass Key to open it. Shoot the
ashtray to light up some fireworks to knock out one ginger. Next, shoot the
stack of books when a ginger moves beside it. Finally, use Dragonshout to
clear the path and take out the other two gingers. Heal up the captive with
Butter’s help to get the Silver Key. Loot the items in this room before

Next, head over to the Counselor's Room and use the Silver Key. Loot some
items behind Mackey's desk then shoot the Gold Key from the shelf. Now head
back to the cafeteria door and face the boss.

% Day Walker (15 points)                                                   %
Defeat the Boss Hall Monitor while wearing freckles.                       %
%You have to defeat the Hallway Monitor Boss wearing some freckles. You can%
%get it from the defeated gingers. The first one you’ll encounter outside  %
%Mr. Mackey’s (Counselor’s) Room will have one.                            %

Defeating the boss isn’t that hard. Take out his reinforcements and block
his attacks. Heal up as needed then use abilities that will stun him to
stop him from using his channeling move. After defeating him don't enter
cafeteria yet. Loot his body then open the locker to the lower left, in the
first hallway to get the Mace of Restoration. Open the cafeteria door to
proceed with the story. Craig will also become your friend afterward.

Head back to Kupa Keep and talk to Cartman. Head to the training grounds to
learn a new magic from him. Once the training is complete, the quest will
be complete and a new one will start.

003 ||      The Bard       ||

Use Cup-a-spell on the first barricade. Open the window to let Craig in.
Wait for the two elves to get near each other then blast the nearby burning
lamp with Cup-a-spell. The last elf will cower so you can finish him off
with a Cup-a-spell as well. You'll receive an Elvish Shortbow after
clearing the basement. Order Butters to heal up Craig then leave the

Go to the kitchen and shoot at the lamp on the ceiling to take out two
enemies. Defeat the remaining elf then order Butters to revive Cartman.
Loot the cabinets here and head to the main room.

Shoot the lamp above the elf past the barricade then use your fart to blow
up the hazards along the path. Continue to the right and shoot the kerosene
lamp to expose the flame then blow it up with Cup-a-spell to let your
allies in.

Destroy the barricade and defeat the elves. The elf with the gas mask will
be immune against Grossed Out status. Just attack it with other status
ailments like Burning and Bleeding. You'll also get a Wood Elf armor from
the defeated elves automatically. Go upstairs and loot Jimmy's garage key
from the drawer between the rooms.

Enter the room to the left and loot the drawer and cabinet. Shoot the
shelf, the destroy the damaged leg of the furniture. Use it to climb on top
of it then shoot the decoration on the wall to act as a ladder. Shoot the
hanging bulb next then continue to the right. Destroy the obstacle and
interact with the wire to zip to the bed and knock down the elf holding the
princess hostage. Free Princess Kenny then leave the room.

Lure the elf on the attic using Princess Kenny then climb up. You have two
ways to get past the barricade; you can blow up the candle to the south,
taking down the patrolling elf with it or smash the crate with the
skateboard to the north. Just use cup-a-spell to take one of the rats and
the other elf. Loot the Wood Elf Gloves from his body then pick up the
chinpokomon nearby. (Roidrat)

Loot the item bag nearby then shoot the rack to make the chest fall down,
creating a hole on the floor. Jump to the hole to face Jimmy.

Take out his rats first then prioritize inflicting several status ailments
on him. If you can stun him, you can prevent him from making dangerous and
damaging moves. He will attempt to put you to sleep with his song but you
can resist it by mashing the shown button. After defeating him, loot the
Crutch of Weakness from his body then loot the other items in his room as
well. When you're ready to leave, talk to Cartman.

004 ||      It's Late      ||

Just return home and access your storage to dump off unnecessary items to
clear up the clutter. Sleep in your bed and watch the following scenes.
Once you're in the alien ship and getting probed, mash the button shown to
resist the probe and destroy them. You'll be free and you'll start a new

005 ||   Alien Abduction   ||

After getting free, select the alien probe then use it to get out of the
barrier. You can also shoot the orange things on the wall and the floating
light bulbs to get some microchips you can sell later. Once you're out,
operate the panel to the right to reveal a chest. Teleport there and loot
its contents. Teleport out then head to the left. Loot the items from the
chest to the left, including an Alien Helmet. Change out of your pajamas
and leave the room.

Enter the room next to where you're held and loot the chest there. Head to
the right then shoot the exposed cable on the ceiling. This will shock and
burn one alien. Now use cup-a-spell on its burning body to take out the
other aliens. Teleport past the barrier and take out the remaining aliens.
Loot the Alien Ray Gun from one of their bodies. Head to the elevator and
use the probe to activate it.

In the next area, loot the chest nearby to get some items and an Alien
Suit. Teleport to the central platform. The panel to the left moves the
upper platform while the one to the right moves the lower platform. Don't
push anything yet; teleport to the lower platform first. This will get you
in range of the blue panel. Use it to kill one alien standing on the
trapdoor on the floor.

Return to the central platform then activate the panel on the right. Now
teleport to the lower platform to the left then teleport again to reach the
lowest platform. Activate the controls there to power up the ventilation
fan and kill the other alien.

Now teleport to the tube and head to the right. Climb up the stairs to
reach the items on the ledge then go back down and deactivate the barrier
by using the probe on interact with the blue panel. Loot the items and
interact with the nearby console. Just follow the color-coded presses; if
you pressed it wrong, Randy will suffer your mistakes.

Make your way back to the central platform then operate the console on the
left. Teleport to the upper platform then loot the chest. Wait for the
alien to stand near the alien device then use your probe to operate the
nearby blue panel. This will disintegrate the poor bastard.

Return to the middle platform and operate the console again. Make your way
to the upper hallway. Interact with the blue panel to the left to reveal a
hidden chest. Continue to the right and then use Cup-a-spell to blow up the
flaming device and knock out the alien beside it.

Go to the far right then activate the button there to enable you to
teleport to the lower room and loot the items. Backtrack to the middle of
the topmost hallway and activate the console there. Continue to the left,
loot the chest and operate the console. The first code is easy but the next
two codes are tricky. Don't worry, if you didn't get it right, the last one
will do it and connect a bridge leading to the area's control room.

Make your way back to the elevator and carefully head to the left. You can
shoot the broken console and the live wire behind it to take out the two
aliens. Save your game and fight the alien mini-boss. If you haven't used
any of your summons yet, you can use them in this battle. Otherwise, you'll
have to block all of his attacks and exploit their weakness against
lightning attacks. You can also rely on other helpful status ailments like
Burning and Bleeding.

After defeating the alien security chief, loot his body to get a pair of
Alien Gloves. Next, operate the console to deactivate the ship's alarms.
Take the elevator to return to the holding area. Once there, don't enter
the room yet. You can now take the ladder down in the middle. Save your
game since there's an Alien Conspiracy Hobo you can fight there. After
defeating it, you'll get the Tinfoil Hat.

Return to Randy and activate the console near him. Enter the correct codes
three times to free him. He'll be added to your friends list afterward. Now
pick up the White Power Crystal and leave the room. Loot the chest along
the way to get an Alien Probe and other items. Place the White Power
Crystal on the slot in the elevator then activate it using your anal alien
probe. Take the elevator next.

Loot the chest to the right then shoot the chinpokomon on the LCD screens
to the right. (Beetlebot) Save your game and enter the cockpit to fight the

For the first turns, block their attacks and do some basic attacks. Once
you can target the defensive matrix, drink some speed potions and take out
it immediately. Once it is taken out, keep using potions to heal up as
necessary then inflict status ailments on the your enemies before taking
them out with your damaging offensive moves. Once they're defeated, watch
the following scenes and the quest will be complete.

006 ||   Gain New Allies   ||

The next morning after the alien abduction, attempt to leave the house and
Cartman will barge in. He will send you off to another quest to gain the
assistance of the goth kids.

This quest consists of the follow sub-quests:

  * Recruit the Goth Kids
  * Nonconformist
  * PTA Problems

Kindly refer to the individual walkthrough pages for more details. After
successfully recruiting the goth kids, you’ll have to decide which side
you'll assist; Kyle's elves or the humans led by Cartman.

006A || Recruit the Goth Kids ||

Head to the school and enter the school from the side. You'll find the goth
kids there, hanging out. Talk to them and another sub-quests will become
available. This will also lead to yet another sub-quest that's connected to
the main quest.

    * Nonconformist
    * PTA Problems

After successfully recruiting the goth kids, you’ll have to decide which
side you'll assist; Kyle's elves or the humans led by Cartman. After
reporting to Kyle or Cartman, more cutscenes will follow. Both groups will
end up meeting up in a battle at school. Depending on who you sided with,
Cartman or Kyle will be added to your friends list as soon as the next
quest starts.

006B || Nonconformists ||

You need to get the following items to show the goth kids how "goth" you

    *Goth Cap
    *Goth Gloves
    *Goth Outfit
    *Dark Roast Coffee
    *Pack of Cigarettes

Find a pack of smokes somewhere in South Park.
Find a group of kids in the alley beside Jimbo's shop and attack them. Beat
them up to get their cigarrettes.

Goth Cap, Gloves and Outfit
You can buy these from the hobo in front of U-Stor-It

Dark Roast Coffee
You can get this from Tweek Bros.

After getting all the requirements, the elves will surround you and invite
you to come with them. You can fight them if you want but you'll still be
taken away.

Once you've reached the elven kingdom, Jimmy and Stan will be unlocked as
buddies. The last fast-travel flag is located here as well. Talk to Dogpoo,
Jimmy and Stan to unlock new sidequests. You can also check for some new
gear from the shop. Refer to the guide's sidequests section for more

Once ready, head back to the goth kids, equip the Goth Cap, Gloves and
Outfit and speak with them. They'll now ask you to head to the PTA meeting
in the community center.

After the scene, Randy will tell you to meet him in the bathroom. This
quest will be put on hold since you need to help Randy first in the next
quest before you can put the insulting sign on the PTA table.

Once you've successfully completed the quest "PTA Problems" and got the
picture of the insulting sign with the PTA members, head back to the goth
kids. Talk to them again with the goth getup and they'll finally ask you to
"dance like a goth" in the guise of a rhythm mini-game. Once done, you'll
get their help and all four of them will be added to your friends list.

After reporting to Kyle or Cartman, more cutscenes will follow. Both groups
will end up meeting up in a battle at school. Depending on who you sided
with, Cartman or Kyle will be added to your friends list as soon as the
next quest starts.

006C ||  PTA Problems  ||

Before heading to the bathroom, you can talk to Mackey to start the
sidequest “Wasted Cacheâ€￾. Head to the bathroom to learn a new magic from
Randy: the Sneaky Squeaker. After successfully learning it, get the
chinpokomon (Gophermon) on the last cubicle in the bathroom. Leave the
community center then go to the South Park Mall parking lot.

After the scene, use the Sneaky Squeaker (SS) to distract the guards then
quickly run towards the gate. Once inside, stand on the left where the
switch is, then use SS to lure the soldier to the puddle of water. Pull the
switch to electrocute him. You may want to wait for the power to turn off
before looting the body. Loot the items inside the van then teleport to the
rooftop. Don't forget to loot the chest as well. Once done, enter through
the vent.

After the scene, you'll be out of the vent but the nazi zombie will kill
the two nearby SWAT officers. Defeat the nazi zombie and loot the bodies of
the SWAT officers. Head to the conference room next. Loot the cabinets and
don't forget to shoot the chinpokomon on top of the cabinet to the left.

Pick up the recording device on the table then leave the building. There
will be nazi zombies outside. Defeat them or run away from them. While
you're at it, make sure to visit the police station to start a missable
sidequest and friend request by talking to Sgt. Yates.

Once done, report back to Randy to complete the quest and your pic taken
with the goth kid's insulting sign and the PTA members. Make sure to talk
to all the people here as well to add them to your friends list.

007 ||  Attack the School ||

Enter the back alley of the school. If you sided with the elves, you'll
need Jimmy's help by ordering him to get past the special handicap passage.
If you sided with the humans, you'll have to order Butters to heal Pete to
get him out of the way.

Once inside, turn on the stove then blow it from a distance using
Cup-a-spell. Pick up the chinpokomon (Donkeytron) Loot the items and
continue to the next door. Once you've reached the next room, head to the
right past the food counter to find Chef's PO Box Key with some other items
from the closet.

Head to the next room then loot the body of the kid in the far right to get
a Basketball. Continue to the left, shoot the leaking water pipe to wet the
floor then shoot the lamp above to electrocute the two enemies. Take out
the cowering guy then enter the vent.

% Trophy/Achievement: Dragon Wrath                                         %
% Hit 3 enemies with a single fart outside of combat.                      %
% Enter the vent but don't destroy the cover. Use the Sneaky Squeaker to   %
% lure the enemies towards the torches then use Cup-a-spell to blow them up%
% at the same time. After defeating them, loot the enemies to get a        %
% Necromancer Gloves from one of them.                                     %

In the next hallway, you'll find another barricade. The electric fan will
prevent your fart from igniting the torch. You can shoot the water
sprinkler on the ceiling to short circuit it. Once the fan is taken down,
you can use your cup-a-spell to take out the guard.

You can also shoot the vent on the ceiling which will you allow you
teleport inside and loot the items (and a chinpokomon if you haven't
acquired it yet during the Detention Sentence quest) Shoot the cable to
snap and for the lamp to fall over the head of the enemy below. Climb down
and loot the nearby locker before going to the basement. After the scene,
you have to defeat the nazi ginger zombies.

% Trophy/Achievement: Gingivitis                                           %
% Let Gingers bite you 3 times without blocking.                           %
% When fighting ginger nazi zombies in the school's basement, you have to  %
% let them use Zombie Bite on you three times to unlock this. It will be   %
% better to save your game and reload it after getting the achievement so  %
% you won't waste recovery items.                                          %

After defeating them, you'll receive the Holy Hammer of Smiting. Head to
the next room. Destroy the pipe then climb the ladder. Turn off the red
valve then destroy the vent cover. Head inside and wait on the other side.
Destroy the cover to make it fall over the head of the ginger below then
wait for the other one to walk nearby. Shoot the electrical panel below
then use cup-a-spell on the flame and blast out the unsuspecting ginger

Backtrack and climb down the ladder. Go past the pipe and destroy the
wooden cover to reach the generator. Turn it off then quickly go past the
puddle. Defeat the ginger and permanently turn off the ventilation
generator by pulling the nearby lever. Don't forget to loot the bodies of
the enemies here to get a new patch and a Necromancer Robe.

Next, enter the Boiler Room to the north then examine the laboratory dishes
on the table. Place the bait there to fight the Mutant Bacteria, a part of
Jimbo's sidequest. Like the other bosses, pummel it with layers of status

Leave the Boiler Room and destroy the wooden barricade beside the stairs.
Loot the bag under the stairs and leave the basement. Loot the bodies and
lockers here then continue to the exit. In the next room, use the alien
probe to reach the upper balcony then head to the right side and go down.
You can wait for the wooden plant to catch fire before blowing it up with
your fart. Now engage the other enemies to battle. You can use your ranged
weapon before engaging them to stun them in the first turn.

Once Cartman breaks in, operate the sling to set the blockade in the main
door to fire then blow it up with your fart to let your reinforcements
inside. Wait for your ally to open the door then enter it. Depending on
what side you chose to help, you'll either face Stan and Sparky or Butters.

Loot the bodies to get a new weapon then go upstairs. Engage the enemies
surrounding your allies then loot the Necromancer Hood from one of them.
Check out the lockers to the right to find a missable chinpokomon.
(Pterdaken) Head to the left to your other allies. You'll get Bill and
Fosse added to your friends list.

Continue along the hallway and enter the 5th Grade Room. Find Lemmiwinks on
the floor and interact with him to add him as a friend. Loot the cabinets
then enter the 4th Grade room to find Kyle or Cartman.

Before picking a side, head over to the left and loot the chest. You'll get
a Star Wand there and a Ninja Sticker. Just damage your enemy whether its
Kyle or Cartman and they'll be forced to use a special attack where you
have to mash the displayed button to overpower him. After the battle, watch
the following scenes and the mission will be complete.

008 ||    Go Back Home    ||

Simply return home and go back to your bed. If you wandered any longer,
your parents will find you and drag you home. After the scene, you'll have
to fight the underpants gnomes. The first round is very easy but in the
second round, they'll shrink you and you'll have to fight them on their own

009 || Defeat the Underpants Gnome ||

After defeating them, they'll run inside the mouse hole. Before following
them, loot the bodies of the gnomes to get a pair of Gnome Gloves and a
Miner's Patch. A new quest will start afterward. Change out of your PJ's
and follow them.

Go around the mousetrap to the left the climb the stapled wires on the wall
to reach the item bag. Get the Gnome Helmet, Super Bouncy Ball and some
goodies inside. Continue to the left then destroy the pipe then shoot the
live wire to startle the rat. This will make it run to the mouse trap and
get killed. Continue to the left this time.

In the next area, climb the wire and destroy the partition to the left.
Cross the fuses when they're not firing electricity then loot the bag to
find Gnome Clothes and Gnome Pickaxe Head. Continue to the right and shoot
the broken part of the pipe to create a pathway.

Continue to the right but a rat will block your way. Climb the wire then
shoot the partition above. The insulation that will fall down will catch
fire. Blow it up using your fart to get rid of the pesky rat blocking the
way. While you're at it, destroy the partition to the right and smash the
pipe to make a sharp shard of it fall down on another rat below. You can
now go down and take out the remaining rat with ease.

Loot the bag to the right to get a Gnome Pickaxe. Climb up and exit through
the wall.

% Trophy/Achievement: Perverted                                            %
% You watched your parents have sex for 60 seconds.                        %
% After exiting the wall, just stay still and watch your parents do it     %
% until the achievement appears.                                           %

After that, head to the right to find the gnomes. You have to fight them
again. Once done, take the wire down and you'll have to face the warlock.
His high armor will prevent you from dealing that much damage. However, you
can use the tried-and-tested method of inflicting several debuffs like
Bleeding, Burning and Grossed Out until his HP is worn down quickly. In the
battle, your dad's balls will swing towards you so press the displayed
button to evade it.

You'll wake up the next day with a new ability in your disposal: Gnome
Dust. It allows you to shrink down your normal size and enable you to
access previously inaccessible areas. Talk to the nearby gnome in your room
to start a new sidequest (Phase 1)

010 ||   Forging Alliances  ||

Head to Kyle's place to update this quest. After the scene, some new
sub-quests will become available. Kyle and Cartman can be set as buddies
now. Depending on the who you sided with the last time, either Cartman or
Kyle will be added to your friends list at this point. Don't forget to talk
to Chris Donnely as well to add him as your friend.

To complete this quest, you have to get the girls to join your group. Refer
to the "Recruit the Girls" page for more details.

010A ||  Recruit the Girls  ||

Meet up with Annie in the town hall. You have to complete the following
sub-quests to update this quest:

   * Pose as Bebe's Boyfriend
   * Unplanned Parenthood

After completing Unplanned Parenthood, you need to bring the records back
to Kyle. After showing the document to the boys, another sub-quest will
become available.

   * Heading North

After successfully translating the documents and completing the sub-quest
“O Canadaâ€￾, return to Annie. After the scene, you'll get the support of
the girls. Wendy, Bebe and Red will be added to your friends list. While
inside the Sparkle Chamber, you can talk to the girls to add more friends.
There's a chinpokomon (Mouse-tik) nearby and a chest containing the full
Valkyrie set. If you're after the completion of the equipment, they also
have a shop here. Talk to Red to access the girls' inventory. Once ready,
meet up with the boys. Make sure to save your game at this point since you
won't be able to leave until you finish the last quest.

010B || Pose as Bebe's Boyfriend ||

Head to the park and find Monica sitting on the bench. After the scene,
you'll have to face her boyfriend. Pummel her boyfriend and she'll be added
in your friends list after the battle. Report back to Annie.

010C ||   Unplanned Parenthood   ||

Before starting the quest, you'll have to go through a makeover. Select the
matching hair, accessory, makeup and getup until you score at least 60,000
points. Once done, select the check mark on the bottom right to confirm and
start the quest.

After the scene, Jessie Rodriguez will be added to your friends list. Enter
the clinic and take to the receptionist then enter the door. Make sure to
loot the drawer on the way to Operating Room A where you'll find a new
weapon patch and a new ranged weapon. Enter the operating room. Once
inside, mash the displayed button to clench your sphincter muscles and burn
out the vacuum machine. Once the doctor is out, go to the right and pick up
the Surgical Scrubs set. Wear the cap, scrubs and gloves then leave the

Enter the Records Room and loot the cabinets. Examine the 2013 records next
to trigger more scenes. Use the gnome dust and go inside the hole in the
wall. There will be nazi zombie rats here. Shoot the pipe above them to get
the soldier's attention and shoot the floor, killing the two rats.

Head to the right and do the same; this will kill the two nazi zombie
gnomes. Destroy the bottle and the fetus blocking your path. Take out the
last enemy and don't forget to loot the item bag nearby to get a new weapon.
Head to the circuit box then slash the cable to set it on fire. Slash the
cable then blow the path out using your fart. Climb up to the next room

You'll find Randy disguised as a patient here. Loot the nearby drawer then
put on your disguise again in case you removed it. Talk to him and you'll
need to perform an abortion on him. Just follow the onscreen instructions.

After that, leave the room. The area will be compromised with a new kind of
enemy. Once you're back in control, your buddies will now join you. Start
by attacking the nazi zombie fetuses nearby. You can also unlock an
achievement/ trophy by farting on them after defeating them.

% Too Far                                                                  %
% You farted on the corpse of an aborted Nazi Zombie fetus.                %

Once done, you can shrink and use the nearby medical supplies cabinet as a
shortcut. However, if you want to get the loot and kill the rats with ease,
head to the left instead. Go to the left past the soldier's open torso then
shoot the hanging wood piece. Loot the cabinet there then climb on top of
the cabinet.

Enter the hole in the wall and blow up the burning circuit box. Climb up
then head to the far right. You should be able to shoot the cracked metal
piece that will crush the two rats below. Climb down then enter the vent to
the left. Continue to the end of the vent to reach the other side of the

The path is guarded by an auto-turret. Before making moves to take it out,
loot the item bag to the right then shoot the grenade out of the dead
soldier's hand. When the path is cleared, go inside the hole and continue
to the left to find a chinpokomon. (Fetuswani)

Backtrack then use the alien probe to reach the red water valve on the
wall. After turning it off, teleport to the pipe. Don't forget to loot the
item bag near the edge then continue to the left. Shoot the cable to make
the lights fall down the turret, setting it ablaze. Go back to the floor
and use cup-a-spell to destroy the obstacle.

If you move to the left, several nazi zombie fetuses will attack you. Make
sure to land the first strike then take them out. Once done, continue to
the left and loot the last drawer. Once you're out, another scene will
trigger and after that, a boss battle.

When fighting this boss, take out the umbilical cord first before pummeling
it with status ailments. It has high HP but doesn't have any shields or
armor so it should be easy. After the battle, return to Annie to complete
the quest.

011 ||   Heading North  ||

Head to Photo Dojo to have your passport picture taken. Once inside, talk
to the photographer then enter the next room. Step into the light and
follow the photographer's instructions. You'll have to fight the pedophile
and defeat him in battle. After getting your passport, loot the pedophile
and the cabinet to the right.

Once ready, head to the Lost Forest and keep heading north four times to
reach the Canadian Border. Enter Ottawa. If you're after collecting all
equipment, each city in Canada will sell items unique to their shops. The
currency here is different so you need to exchange your current money to
the bank in Ottawa.

To proceed with the story, talk to the prince and princess inside the
Ottawa Castle. After talking to him, the quest will be completed.

012 ||   O Canada  ||

Leave the castle through the gift shop to the southeast and the guy there
will make you choose the size of the photo souvenirs you want to get.
Choose any then leave the castle and Ottawa. Travel to Winnipeg to the

Once there, talk to the Earl and he'll ask you to defeat the dire bears
terrorizing his town. Head to the northeast part of the town and defeat the
dire bears. Return to the Earl with their pelts. He'll be added to your
friends list afterward. Make your way back to Ottawa and talk to the

After talking to the prince, he'll now ask you to kill the bishop of Banff.
Travel to the town and check out the shop items if you want. Enter the
cathedral and destroy the vase in the room to the left. Step on the
pressure plate then loot the chest to the right.

Once done, go to the bishop and attack him to start the battle. After
defeating him, he'll beg for his life. Spare him and he'll be added to your
friends list. Return to Ottawa to report back to the Prince to complete
this objective.

The princess will then send you to Vancouver. Once you're in the city, talk
to the Duke to update your objective and add him as your friend. Before
leaving, destroy the wall on the upper left side to access a chest
containing a new weapon and equipment.

Head to the southeast part of the town and cross the river. You'll find
Terrance and Philip inside the cottage. Use all the fart magic you know on
them and they'll teach you the last magic: Nagasaki. Like the other magic
tutorials, you have to follow the onscreen instructions. Once done, they'll
be added to your friends list.

Now head to the Catacombs and destroy the rock using Nagasaki. There's a
lot of animals waiting so fight them and defeat them in battle.

% Truth to Power                                                           %
% Fart on the Mayor, Father Maxi, Principal Vic, & Prime Minister.         %

Loot the chest on the left side before talking to the minister. If you
want, you can also fart on him for an achievement/ trophy. Once ready, talk
to him to translate the papers. After this, the Princess of Canada and the
Minister himself will be added to your friends list. The quest will be

Before leaving, don't forget to exchange your unneeded Canadian dollars
since you won't be able to use them back in South Park. To return, go back
to the Lost Forest and go south four times.

/////////// IMPORTANT!!!!!!  IMPORTANT!!!!!! IMPORTANT!!!!!! ///////////
/////////// IMPORTANT!!!!!!  IMPORTANT!!!!!! IMPORTANT!!!!!! ///////////

Make a backup save since you won't be able to leave Clyde's
castle until you finish the game. Refer to the achievements section to know
what achievements /trophies you'll miss without this backup save.


/////////// IMPORTANT!!!!!!  IMPORTANT!!!!!! IMPORTANT!!!!!! ///////////
/////////// IMPORTANT!!!!!!  IMPORTANT!!!!!! IMPORTANT!!!!!! ///////////

013 ||  Beat Up Clyde  ||

As soon as the quest starts, have Butters heal up Wendy to receive a
Superhero Patch. Next, use Nagasaki to bring down the drawbridge. You have
two entry points here. The first one is through the front gate and the
other one is the through a mouse hole past the destructible barricade to
the east.

To take out the guards, use the alien probe to teleport in front of them
but just right as to not touch the water puddle. They'll charge at you and
get electrocuted instead. Now teleport beside the generator and turn it
off. You can now destroy the gate and head inside.

Your objective here is to loot the chest and head back out. Don't stay too
long otherwise the firework trap above will be used against you. Leave the
front gate and take the alternate path instead.

Loot the item bag along the way then enter the through the hole after
shrinking yourself. Heal the gnome there for him to take out the rat then
shoot the lighter to produce some flames. Blow it using your fart to kill
the rat. Loot the bag behind the rat then continue to the northwest path.
Shoot the floor above then go to the surface.

Defeat the guards here and loot the item bag nearby as well. Shoot the
ladder and climb up. Fight the cyclops  and don't forget to loot the
Knight's Gloves from one of them. Climb the ladder to reach the next floor.

There are nazi zombies and kitties here. You can use the environmental
hazards or just destroy the barricade to fight them all. Remember to hit
them first to get first strike. The easiest way is to lure them towards the
lamp using Sneaky Squeaker then switch quickly to Cup-a-spell to blow most
of them up. Destroy the one of the wooden platform's supports then use
Nagasaki to destroy the wooden platform. Go up the debris and wait for the
pirates to bring down a ladder for you. Climb to the next floor.

In the next floor, don't engage the cyclops. Blow him up by farting on the
firecracker Ike lit up. Doing this will knock him down and make Ike your
new friend. This is missable so make sure to defeat the cyclops using this
method. Now use the alien probe to reach the topmost balcony. This is where
you'll find a missable Chinpokomon. (Shoe)

To destroy the tower to the right, you just need to use Nagasaki on it to
make it crash down on the cyclops inside. Don't forget to loot the chest
nearby to get another equipment. Turn the wheel to lift the door halfway.

For the next tower, you can shoot the lamp to set the enemy below aflame
then blow the two of them using cup-a-spell. If you want to defeat them and
loot their bodies, just teleport near them and take them out. Loot their
bodies and the nearby item bag them turn the wheel to fully open the gate.

Next, you'll be facing Craig. He'll raise the third nazi zombie cow but you
can take out the two. First, go to the left and wait for Stan to throw a
lamp inside. Shoot the lamp then detonate it using Cup-a-spell. Next, head
to the right clear the window using Nagasaki for Ike to get in. Wait for
him to set the next lever on fire then blow it up as well.

Once done, you'll have to face Craig and his surviving nazi zombie cow.
After defeating the cow and severely damaging him, Craig will summon a
group of clones. He will appear to be healed and all-party attacks won't be
able to target them all. Just use single target special attacks. You'll
notice that you have the original if that attack just damages him. Once you
found the original, concentrate your attacks on him to end the battle.

Go upstairs to trigger a scene. Once done, sniff some Gnome Dust then enter
Mr. Slave's ass. Continue forth until you run into a condom. Destroy it and
take out the bacteria waiting in the other end. Climb the corn cob to the
left and your path will be blocked by a broken fuse. Set Stan as your buddy
and have him short-circuit the fuse.

% Trophy/Achievement: Inside Joke                                          %
%While inside Mr. Slave, you summoned Mr. Slave.                           %
% Complete Mr. Slave’s sidequest “Mr. Slave’s Packageâ€￾ to unlock him
% as a summon. When you're inside his a$$ in “Beat Up Clydeâ€￾, summon him   %
% during a battle there to unlock this trophy / achievement.               %

Continue to the right and wait for the bacteria to move under the swollen
membrane. Shoot the membrane to kill the bacteria and reveal an alien probe
device. Teleport to the next area and continue along the intestine. Climb
Mr.Hat along the way and it will be added to your friend list.

Continue to the right and blast the billiard ball with Nagasaki which will
kill the nearby bacterium too. Continue to the next screen and you'll find
a phone. When it rings, answer it by pressing the main button to register
Big Gay Al to your friends list.

Defeat the bacteria along the way but before moving forth, loot the
bacteria's body to get a missable weapon and equipment patch. Don't forget
to loot item bag to the right. Continue to the left this time until you
reach a flashlight. Climb on it then go down the ramp so you can fix the
batteries. Now step on the switch to turn the light on and drive away the
bat, clearing up the path.

Loot another missable equipment and patch from the chest then climb up to
the left. You'll find the Sparrow Prince along the way. You'll have to
defeat him before you can proceed.

After defeating the Sparrow Prince, continue to the right and destroy the
skeleton. Use Nagasaki to destroy another stuck  billiard ball then climb
up the vibrator. Clear the white stuff and teleport on top of the bottlecap
to reach the vibrator's switch. Turn it on to clear the path.

Continue to the right and you'll find two SWAT officers. Defeat them in
battle then loot their bodies then continue to the next screen. After the
scene, loot the bag to the right then set Jimmy as your buddy. Have him
open the snuke. Once open, interact with the snuke and play the abortion
mini-game again. It is exactly the same as what you did with Randy. Follow
the onscreen prompts and make sure not to suck the wrong circuit.

After successfully deactivating the snuke self-destruct sequence, you'll
finish be out of Mr. Slave's disgusting body. Catatafish, Sparrow Prince
and the Frog King will be added to your friends list and you'll obtain the
the Crown of Anal Pleasure. Leave the room and head to the evil throne

You'll have to fight the undead Chef. His attacks are slow and predictable
so you don't need special tactics to get rid of him. Just use Burning
damage since he's immune to Grossed Out and Bleeding damage. Heal up as
necessary and when he's about to die, Clyde will set Chef on fire. Blow him
up with your fart when prompted to end the battle.

After the long, unskippable scenes, the quest will be complete. You can buy
the last set of equipment patches and weapon strap-ons in this quest. Buy
some consumables if you need to. When ready, leave the shop to face the
game's final boss.

014 ||  Betrayal From Within  ||

For the first battle, just do the normal. Stack up several status ailments
on Kenny. Keep attacking him until he is defeated. After the first round,
Kenny will drink the green goo, transforming him to a nazi zombie. Make
sure to block his rainbow attack. It deals heavy damage even when blocked.
When he's about to be defeated, Princess Kenny will attempt to drink the
goo again. Your buddy will make a move to stop it so press the displayed
key until you successfully stop his attempt.

Your buddy will leave and another one will swap in after this. Keep
attacking like before and Kenny will keep reviving. Wait until he uses a
special attack. Mash the displayed key to prevent the attack which will
make your current buddy sit the rest of the battle out. Another one will
come in and you have to kill Kenny once more. Once a scene is triggered
where Cartman grabs Princess Kenny, use a magic fart attack to take him out
once and for all.

You'll be back in your room the next day and congratulations for finishing
the game!

015 ||  Collectibles  ||

For illustrated collectible locations, detailed equipment locations,
weapon strap-ons, equipment patches, trophy/achievements, kindly follow
the links below. Kindly combine the URLs below since this guide's text
format has a length-restriction to 79pt.

015A ------- CHINPOKOMON

015B ------- FRIEND LIST

015C ------- EQUIPMENT






                        SOUTH PARK: THE STICK OF TRUTH

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