How can i be idolized from NCR while am wearing the NCR Ranger Combat Armor or any NCR armor without reset to Neutral?

  1. I managed to obtain the NCR Combat Ranger Armor from the NCR safe house and
    i wonder...While am wearing any other non-NCR armor am liked from them [reputation lvl].
    And when i wear the NCR Combat Ranger Armor my reputation goes to neutral again...So i thought in
    the first place to try doing quests from them wearing this uniform and i managed to went Accepted
    from Neutral with the NCR Combat Ranger Armor but when i wanted to try a different non-faction uniform for a moment and puted again the NCR Combat Ranger Armor my reputation was Neutral again with this armor...So i wonder it makes sense when your reputation change when you wear this type of uniform but is there any way to raise my reputation with NCR while wearing NCR Combat Ranger Armor or any type of NCR armor without reseting it when you change them?

    User Info: Svokion

    Svokion - 2 years ago

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