Is this game worth battling through the problems with?

  1. I've inherited both this and the ultimate edition from my brother and it looks good.

    Thing is, i'm aware of how the lag builds up over time and becomes unbearable.
    Due to this game being so large, is it worth me sinking my time into it only to be unable to finish it.

    I was planning on playing the main game on standard version, then playing the dlc off the ultimate edition from an earlier save.

    This would hopefully keep my save file size down.

    How long can you play before hitting the 10mb save mark, and can you have fun and complete this game without being rushed?

    Did anyone complete all the side quests before hitting the 10mb lag barrier?

    Any advice would be great as I hear such great things about this game.

    I just want to prepare myself for 'how to play' it with the issues.

    Thanks all

    User Info: pipmuzzer

    pipmuzzer - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Definitely. The lag is a consistent problem for SOME users, yes, however, definitely worth playing. Very fun, immersive game, with plenty of enjoyable hours and thing to do on the side. (As with most Bethesda games). In my experience, I get laggy every 3-5 hours and a quick reset from the XMB menu (I don't even have to shut off my console) gets it running perfectly again for another few hours, lol. Well woth it IMO.

    User Info: CharlieMayhem

    CharlieMayhem - 3 years ago 0 0

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