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FAQ/Walkthrough by odino

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/16/08


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 #xX   Xx#   x  #     Xx   #xx#   #x  ##  x##x Xx   x#XX#   Xx x#   #X#   ##
 xx    x##x  # X#   x x#  Xx  #   #          x  #   #   X   #X X#    #xx ##
 xx         ## x#   xX #  #x x#   #         xxx #  xXxx #   X# X#x    #xX#
 ##X##X     ##  #X  x# #  #x x#   #x#x      xxX #x #X x #  Xx   xX     xx
   #######  XX  X#  x# #Xx#  X#   ##X ####   x# ## x# X #  # xxxxX     x X
       x #  XX##x#  x#  x #  X#   #    #    xx#  X xX # #  Xx###x#    #XXXX
x##x     X XX   X#  x#  ###  X#   #    #    xx#  #x#  # # Xx#   XX   ##  XX
 #xXx  Xx# ##    #  x#  ##  xX#   #  xX#    XX#  ###  #x# #XX x XXX x#x  #XX
 ######### ##    #x ##       ##   ######     ##       ### ##     ## ##    #####

              _____                              _______
             / ____|                            |__   __|
            | (___   ___  __ _ ___  ___  _ __      | |_      _____
             \___ \ / _ \/ _` / __|/ _ \| '_ \     | \ \ /\ / / _ \
             ____) |  __/ (_| \__ \ (_) | | | |    | |\ '  ' / (_) |
            |_____/ \___|\__,_|___/\___/|_| |_|    |_| \_/\_/ \___/

PC 2008

Version:        1.0     released on the 15th of November 2008
Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.

| .========================================================================. |
| |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
| '========================================================================' |
| 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
| 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
| 03.) Characters                                                |   G0300   |
| 04.) Walkthrough                                               |   G0400   |
|      Episode 1: Ice Station Santa                              |   G0410   |
|      Episode 2: Moai Better Blues                              |   G0420   |
|      Episode 3: Night of the Raving Dead                       |   G0430   |
|      Episode 4: Chariots of the Dogs                           |   G0440   |
|      Episode 5: What's New, Beelzebub?                         |   G0450   |
| 05.) Items                                                     |   G0500   |
| 06.) Pimp Le Car                                               |   G0600   |
| YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
| ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |

01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100

Welcome to 'Sam & Max: Season Two' for the PC, an adventure game series
released by Telltale Games.

In case you are interested, the game is also available on disc from the
Telltale store. It includes a huge amount of extras, outtakes and behind-the-
scenes material. You can still download the individual episodes from the
website, even if you purchase the season disk. (Note that some of this
information can get outdated rather quickly, keep in mind when I wrote this.)

Suggestions, comments or errors - email me about it. Enjoy!

02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200

The game is controlled with the mouse. Simply click on objects to interact with
them, the game will automatically choose the action whether it is to take, to
look, to talk or to use as applicable.

The cardboard box in the bottom left corner is your inventory, click on it to
open up a view with the rest of your items.

Several times you will find yourself driving in the car (Desoto). Click on the
road to move over to the sides. Use the icons to switch and the Office icon to
return to the main area of the game. While on the road you can also interact
with the icons on the left, depending on the situation.

The menu is at the top of the screen. Open it by either clicking on the small
cog or pressing ESC. There are four choices, Load/Save, Options, New Game or

The game also auto-saves in certain location. You cannot die or get stuck,
there is always a way to advance in the story.

Note: The game is quite easy, and most fun is in exploring on your own. By
following the walkthrough you will miss out on plenty of humor and details the
game has to offer.

03.)                    CHARACTERS                                   G0300

Here are just some of the common characters featured in Sam & Max Season Two:

 Sam is the leader of the duo, and tends to be the voice of reason.

 Max is a "hyperkinetic rabbity thing" who is rather hyper and violent in his
 approach to problem solving, tending to only look out for himself, but always
 loyal to Sam.

Jimmy "Two-Teeth"
 The rat that lives and runs various shady businesses out of his hole in Sam
 and Max's office. There are also several of his relatives popping up here and

 Bosco owns and runs "Bosco's Inconvenience", a small store at the end of the
 Sam & Max's block. Bosco is extremely paranoid of everyone and everything,
 although he places a certain degree of trust in Sam and Max.

Mama Bosco
 She used to run the shop back in the 60s.

Sybil Pandemik
 The owner of the store near Sam and Max's office. She used to have a lot of
 different businesses, but now only wants to have a relationship (with Abe if

 Stinky took over the diner from her grandfather and re-opened it. Grandpa
 Stinky used to run the diner in the 80s.

The Soda Poppers
 Three ex-child stars from the 1970s TV series "Soda Jerks", the vertically-
 challenged triplets Whizzer, Peepers, and Specs are still familiar icons in
 the modern world.

 COPS are a bunch of electronic devices, working together to run a 'Pimp Le
 Car' garage.

 This guy used to run hell but was ousted by his bosses. He would like to get
 back in charge, naturally.

 Since his appearance in the first season, Abe has become a series regular. He
 now dates Sybil.

 Originally just a dark lord in Stuttgart, he is very flexible when it comes to
 adapting to the work environment.

 Runs the Workshop at the North Pole, which creates Toys. The guy goes a little
 crazy sometimes, apparently.

 Superball is a secret agent employed by the government, yet it appears that he
 also does all sorts of security jobs around the world.

Mariachi Band
 The musical band consists of three guys who also have their individual traits.
 They like to entertain at birthdays and partys.

Jurgen's Monster
 Similar to Frankenstein's Monster, this creation was pieced together from
 several items.

Hugh Bliss
 The evil mastermind from the past now works in hell, very fitting.

Mr Featherly
 He is a huge TV star, surprisingly.

Stinky's Grandpa
 The original Stinky owner, now only serves in the back to keep an eye on
 things. Stinky wears the trousers in the family now.

Brady Culture
 Another icon from the previous season, he does not have a big role this time
 around and his backstory will be explained in the game.

Shambling Corporate Presence
 I am not sure how to explain this "thing" in words, it was created by a spell
 or something.

 There are lots of these guys with different jobs, I guess they are kind of
 like worker ants.

04.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0400

                        Episode 1:                                   G0410
                        Ice Station Santa

Once you have had the usual fun checking out everything around the office,
leave the office.

Talk to Maimtrom 9000.
*I have a question.
*Why do fools fall in love?
Return to the office and use the wind-up key you can spot outside the window.
Leave the office again to finish the introduction.

North Pole:
Enter Santa's Workshop.

Pick up the WORLD'S SIMPLEST MAZE and the BOXING BETTY from underneath the
Christmas tree. Talk to the elf in green.
*What are you doing?
*We could make you cry.
*<Sam> Santa isn't real.
Pick up the WATERING CAN he dropped. Leave the workshop.

Walk to the left and use the watering can on the tiny topiary to turn it into
a giant one. Climb it to get inside Santa's Room.

Pick up the PARCHMENT from the podium, then take out the RECORD from the left
shelf. Go back up the chimney to leave.

Talk to the elf in red inside the workshop.
*Do you have any horsemen?

Leave the north pole.

Go to the left side and talk to Jimmy at the Maimtrom 9000 wreckage. Afterwards
use the boxing betty doll on the innards to start the boxing game.

The controls are very easy, but can be a little awkward as well. You swing the
mouse left and right to dodge, use the mouse buttons or A/D to punch. You can
only hit the opponent at certain moments, more on that in a second. If you lose
a match you can re-fight it as often as you want.

Round 1:
 This is really easy, you do not even have to dodge for now. The opponent will
 raise his arm to show where the next attack is coming from. At this point
 there will not be any attack coming for a long time, giving you ample time to
 punch at that side of the rat. You should have no trouble with this.

Round 2:
 Here is gets slightly trickier, now you have to learn dodging. The opponent
 will still raise his arm from where the attack is coming from, but this time
 he will also attack. Time your dodge well with the same side (the other side
 will not dodge it) and once the attack hits air, counter with a hit on that

Round 3:
 Jimmy himself is pretty hardcore. His big glove will knock you out instantly.
 Thus you will need to have the dodging learnt by now. The fight is almost the
 same as the previous round, but Jimmy has more health and that glove. If you
 did not have a problem with that one then this should be pretty
 straightforward as well.

Once you beat Jimmy you will get the HORSEMAN OF WAR.

Enter Bosco's for a short conversation.
*What's in the package?
*Your package is the bomb?
Leave and go to Stinky's on the right.

Talk to Stinky herself.
*How's business?
*Your feet hurt?

There are three people aside you playing the trivia quiz, and your aim is to
get everyone to have different answers so that the last answer (yours) will be
marked as the winner. As you may notice, Stinky does not want anyone to win so
she will just say everyone has the wrong answer. If all four answers are
different, somebody is ought to have had it correctly. The quiz question is
always different, you will have to know the answer (the questions are easy).
As for the three players:
The Stinkbug will always choose answer 'D'.
Sybil will always go for the correct answer. Talk to her to confirm.
Abe is clueless and will follow your advise. Tell him which one to pick.
For example, if the correct answer is 'B', Abe will go for 'A' if you tell
him so, Sybil will go for 'B', Stinkbug for 'D', thus you will for to the last
option, 'C'.
To play, pick up the trivia card on the left table. You will win the HORSEMAN

Leave the diner and open the garage on the right. Talk to the gang inside.
*Can you pimp my ride?
*We want that horseman.
*Yes, please!

What would a Sam & Max episode be without a driving sequence? This one is the
easiest game to beat. All you have to do is aim the Desoto to hit enough dolls
in the alloted time. You will finish with plenty time left if you do it just
all right even.

After you finish this the horseman will be on the Desoto, so walk over there
and take the HORSEMAN OF DEATH.

Return to the north pole.

North Pole:
Enter the workshop and pick up the GIFT TAGS from the desk. Use the green
computer screen and pick the 'Obsess-o-matic stopwatch' from the list. Add a
gift tag and send it to Bosco. Use the computer again, select 'Foot bath and
Piranha aquarium', add a gift tag and send it to Stinky.

Return to the office area.

Enter Stinky's. After the scene, pick up STINKY'S SOCK from the bar. Next up
enter Bosco's for a short scene where you 'receive' the HORSEMAN OF FAMINE.

North Pole:
Inside the workshop, check out the slimy crate and the red computer screen
before using all four horseman action figures on the north pole sign in the
back. Play the satanic record on the record player and fill in the lines:
*Like Gelatinous Goo!
*In Lower Manitoba!
*Like Mimesweeper!
*Hey, Shambling Corporate Presence!

Enter Santa's Room and use Stinky's sock on the stocking stuff. You will
automatically get the SPIRIT BOTTLE from the safe as well. Leave the workshop.

Your aim now is to please the three spirits so they return to the bottle and
you can defeat the shambling corporate presence.

Enter the gate on the left for a scene. Return to the north pole and use the
sock full of coals with the sleigh's boiler.

Pick up a RECLAIMED SNOWBALL from the designated area. Quickly enter the gate
and use the snowball on the father bug. If you have done it right he will be
doing his speech.

Use the maze on rathole and switch on the TV to trap Mary. Return to the
workshop and drive away with the Desoto. In front of the office, use Mary with
Jimmy up on the ledge. Return to the portal and give Jimmy the glove you have
just retrieved.

Back at the workshop, use the spirit bottle on the presence for a scene.

Use the green computer screen to get a parcel out. Pull out the gun and shoot
the button on the right to stop the bomber flying around above. You need to
time it right so it stops just above the trampoline. It will take a few goes.
When you think it is lined up correctly, shoot the cannon to load the bomber.
Once you are at this point, shoot the button again to make the bomber fly its
rounds again. The next time you shoot the button the bomber should stop over
Santa and drop the cannonball on him...sort of. All it takes is yet another
timed shot.

                        Episode 2:                                   G0420
                        Moai Better Blues

Office Area:
Go inside Bosco's to talk to him:
*How do we stop the triangle?
*How do we talk to the triangle?
Exit the store and enter Stinky's Diner at the other corner. Remove the STOP
SIGN from the wall and leave again. Use the stop sign on the triangle when it
comes by.

Easter Island:
You will automatically talk to the stone heads:
*What do you want us to do?
*What's the prophecy?
*We'll take the case!

Walk left and across the small bridge and you will soon be stopped by Baby
Hoffa. End the conversation and enter Tiny Tiki's on the left instead.

Pick up the TIKI GLASS from the bar and use it on the water dispenser. Pour
this into the tea pot over the fire. Fill the tiki glass with paci-fire and
use that on the fire itself. Re-fill the glass with anything you want and also
pick up the MALLET before you leave.

Attempt to give the glass to Baby Hoffa but it will fail. Return to the bar.

Use the newly acquired waitress tray on the surfboard game "Wipeout!" to play.

This game seems hard if you do not figure out how it works, but it is very
short. The surf board will automatically tilt and you will have to counter-tilt
with Sam so the glass on top of your head does not drop down. This means that
whenever there is nothing thrown at you, you will want to be making sure the
glass does not drop down. You will have to let it slide a little while dodging
the objects. As I said before, you only have to do this for a short time.

Return to Baby Hoffa and show him the tray. Enter the triangle at the right
side to return to the office.

Office Area:
Walk right to the garage where the COPS gang is waiting with their
entrepreneurship. Talk to them.
*Tell us about your game?
*Can we play your game?
*Let's do it!

This is very similar to the game you had to play in the previous episode, but
this time you need to hit a few more bagpipes or your meter drops down to 0.
If you hit them correctly you will get a nice music tune, else it will sound
bad. Overall easy, you should beat this in one attempt.

Easter Island:
Return through the portal and to Tiny Tiki's. Use the newly acquired horn on
Baby Glenn Miller near the fire to get a CONCH.

Back in the main area, hit the blue gong next to the left stone head to make
the mini-portal appear there. Hit the yellow gong on the very far right side,
near the fountain of youth, and then use the conch on the middle stone head. It
will start whistling. Use your gun to shoot the stone head on the left for a
sequence of events. The piranhas in the fountain should be dead now. Use the
glass on the fountain water and give this glass to Baby Hoffa. You may now
enter the "secret" cave.

Inside you will talk to the chimps.
*Enough of these lies.
*Got it.

Your next task is to fulfill three signs to show that Max is the chosen one.
For starters, go right and pick up the red-oozing snail. Run left and check out
the radio inside the plane wreckage. Switch frequency until you hear Bosco
saying "I know you're out there." and select the speaker to reply:
*We are observing your earth."
Switch it off and leave the entire area.

Office Area:
Enter Bosco's to find he is gone. Take a BANANG on the left of the counter and
enter Stinky's next.

Throw the red-oozing snail at the large gong on the wall. Shoot the gong with
your gun and enter the portal. Use the glass with the fountain of youth, then
re-enter the portal quickly and talk to Stinky.
*We'd like the special.
Return through the triangle portal and wait for the effect to wear off.

Easter Island:
Give the sandwich to the right stone head to make him, well, stoned. Talk to
This should have loosened the stalactite in the cave beneath. Hit the blue gong
right of the middle stone statue's ear.

Go down into the cave and pick up the STALACTITE up. Use it on the Maxish clam
to fulfill the first sign. Next, use the banang on the ceremonial urn to fill
another one. Hit the yellow gong nearby and then talk to the chimps:
*The feet shall now anoint Max!
While Max is standing there, use the conch on the yellow triangle to have the
feet wiggle around at the ceiling. This will take care of the third sign.

After some scenes, push the red button behind Sam and Max. Enter the machine
pod and when you get down, pick up the MEDALLION. Use the medallion on the red
snail trail and leave the cave.

Do not panic, you have all the time in the world to finish off this last task.
Use the mallet to hit the gong on the right side of the right (stoned) stone
statue, left of where the triangle portal used to be. Also whip out your gun
and shoot the tiny yellow target on the island in the background. Finally, use
the medallion on the blue triangle.

                        Episode 3:                                   G0430
                        Night of the Raving Dead

Office Area:
Go right to the garage where COPS hang out, talk to them.
*Ever heard of the Zombie Factory?
*We just want to pimp our car!
*We must have an upgrade!
*We want that antenna!

***Zombie Paperboy***
This minigame is a little different than the other Desoto arcade games you have
encountered so far. This time the view is slightly angled towards the houses on
both sides. You can switch around but it makes more sense if you just stick to
the one you are more comfortable with aiming. The aiming itself takes a little
practice but once you have finally managed to hit those guys you will find it
is actually quite easy. The trick is also to get close to them without driving
them over. Overall it is very easy to achieve the requirement amount within the
time limit.

Enter Stinky's Diner and talk to Stinky herself.
*What's with the sunlamp?
*Can we have the sunlamp?
She will agree so take the SUNLAMP BULB with you.

Ride the Desoto to the Zombie Factory.

Zombie Factory:
Outside of the castle are a bunch of zombies lined up to get inside. There is
no point to wait for them so walk past to the right and search the open grave
to find a BRAIN. Walk left and throw the brain up onto the gargoyle above the
queue. This will get rid of the zombies. Check the trashcan near the door for
some GARLIC CLOVE CIGARETTES. Knock on the door and tell Superball to
*Let us in!

Inside you will meet Jurgen. First walk to the bottom left and grab the WATER
on the little bar. Interact with the DJ booth and press all the colored buttons
in the middle to hear their voicetag. Once you have clicked on a button it will
have a label for later. Press the sequence 'death, sepulcher, embrace, letters'
to open up the nearby coffin (you may need to read the coffin's inscription
before this works). Go inside the coffin and at the other end, replace the
spotlight with the sunlamp bulb. Back at the DJ booth, press the fourth button
from the left to have it shine on Jurgen. This drops his coolness factor by a
little. Go and talk to him now.
*Midtown Cowboys is big here?

Take the Desoto to the TV studio.

TV Studio:
Place the cigarettes into the bag in the middle of the room, then tell the
director to
*Let's film!
Leave the studio when you are done.

Office Area:
Inside your office, pour the water into the ceremonial urn and you will have
some HOLY WATER instead.

Zombie Factory:
Drop the holy water into the trashcan (else you cannot go inside). Enter the
discotheque for a scene with Jurgen smoking and losing yet more coolness among
his zombie minions. Go back outside and take the holy water back from the
rubbish bin. Use it on Max to give him a halo. Dump the water back into the
trash and get back to Jurgen.
*You ain't all that.
*Oh, it's on!
Use the following rhymes to win the challenge:
*Count Cryptwind Deathgrasp
*Baron Bat-Anguish Von Nightmare
*We'll Knock You Out Deader Than Bela Lugosi!
*Out World Is Endless Torment And Sorrow
*'Cause All Creation Ends In Death And Decay
You should beat Jurgen and make him look uncool yet again, the final straw for
him. Follow him down into the fireplace for a scene.

Afterwards, drive the Desoto back to the office.

Office Area:
You should see a scene with the zombie Jesse James. Enter Stinky's Diner for
another scene. What you need to do here is to stand on the left side and click
on the hand so it shoots and the force kicks him back a notch with each shot.
Eventually the hand will get stuck near the cover. When this happens, talk to
Stinky and the hand will reposition itself. Click on it one more time to
finally get stuck in the goo. Take the hand with you.

Visit Sybil and have a quick chat. She is looking for a new suitor, good to

Zombie Factory:
Attempt to enter the castle but Zombie Lincoln will talk to you for a second.
Stop the conversation if you do not wish to listen to more, then enter the
disco with him in tow. Inside there will be a scene when you get close to the
fireplace. Ignore the events for now and go down to the dungeon.

Pick up the BOLT CUTTERS on the right, then look at the painting on the left
of the fireplace elevator.

Back on the disco level, use the DJ booth to enter the sequence 'abyss, razors,
pain, parents'. Enter the opened bookshelf to arrive on the other side and get
LINCOLN'S BRAIN. Step outside for a moment to cut the SUPER ANTENNA with the
bolt cutters.

Down in the dungeon, use the antenna on the power socket of the alchemy machine
and insert the hand and the brain into the Monster. Use any of the body parts
lying next to it as the heart. Flip the switch (twice?) to give the Monster
life. Talk to it.
*What's the problem?
*We've got the perfect bridge...
*Let's go meet Sybil.
*Let's go.

Office Area:
Sybil wants you to choose the question cards. Pick the first, then second and
then the third. While Harry is thinking about his answer for the third, attempt
to take the chocolate heart next to him. Once he is gone, take the CHOCOLATE
HEART and talk to the monster.
*Let's go back to the dungeon.
*Yeah I miss the dungeon.

Zombie Factory:
Throw the chocolate heart into the alchemy machine to receive a HEART OF GOLD
in return. Use the body parts to get to the place-parts-into-Monster screen
and place the heart of gold into the chest. Talk to the Monster.
*Let's go to Sybil's again.
*Let's go.

Office Area:
Pick question card one and three to see a scene. Pick up the SOUL MATER from
the desk.

Zombie Factory:
Give the soul mater to the Monster, then hit the lever at the soul sucker and
quickly run inside it to die. When you regain control, get a stake from the
wall on the left and use it on Jurgen.

                        Episode 4:                                   G0440
                        Chariots of the Dogs

Jump over the counter and collect the TOY MAOI HEAD. Jump back over to the
other side and use the Moai head on the X-Ray machine on the left side. You
will get an XRAY in return. Place them on the XRay Viewer above the counter
to know the code. Return over the counter and use the keypad, then jump to
the front and enter the open bathroom.

Open the stall door and get the wine bottle (VINEGAR). Pull out your Big Gun
and shoot at the Industrial-Sized Baking Soda. Pour the vinegar into the soda

End the conversation and click on the central device in the back.
*50 System Settings
*70 Terminate
Enter the elevator (time machine) on the left. Select the Bosco time card.

Bosco's 1963.1025:
Grab the MODIFIED CARBON DATER and the CHEMICAL SAMPLER and enter the bathroom.
Pick up the wine bottle to get the CORK. Return to the front of the store and
use the carbon dater on Sam, Max and Mama Bosco. She will automatically talk
to you, just end the conversation.

Insert the three new time cards into the elevator slots, then attempt to use
the elevator.

After the scene, enter the elevator again and click on the Oval Office card.

Oval Office 1963.0917:
Use the carbon dater on Superball to get another time card. Use it on the
elevator slots as well. Click on the Office time card (this is the last time I
will mention how to use the time machine, it should be obvious my now!).

Office 2008.0906:
Pick up the Boxing Betty Remote to get an EGG instead. Insert the cork into the
homemade volcano in front of the rat hole.

Intergalactic Freelance Police 2108.0303:
Read the notice board for a mentioning of "Bitumen". Also grab the OBITUARY
hanging there.

Stinky's 1980.0710:
Pick up the SCREWDRIVER near the jukebox. Use it on the Letter Display further
right to get the PRESIDENT'S LETTER. Use the Chemical Sampler on the tar cake
on the counter.

Oval Office 1963.0917:
Give the Tar Cake Sample to Superball and mention "Bitumen". Give him the
President's Letter. After the scene, use the Chemical Sampler on the envelope
on the desk to get the PRESIDENT'S SAMPLE.

Stinky's 1980.0710:
Show the Patent to Stinky, then pick up the PORTABLE AI that fell down. Give it
to Little Sam.

Bosco's 1963.1025:
Place the President's Sample on the open sample in the baby maker. Use the
elevator's 'Home' button to return to the spaceship.

After the scene, go through the exit door and get the EMBARRASSING IDOL TIME
CARD. Insert this card into the elevator slot as well.

Oval Office 1963.0917:
Interact with the calendar and move the post-it note to the 6th. Talk to
*Is today your birthday?
Before the Mariachi finishes the song, quickly enter the time machine elevator.

Embarrassing Idol 2006.1221:
*We came for that contract.
*Let's get out of here.
Speak with the other Sam.
*You need a time traveling phonebooth.
*Ask Agent Superball in the future.
Talk to the other Sam again.
*You need a screwdriver.
*We've got one.

When you return to the Spaceship, give the Recording Contract to the Captain
Mariachi. Walk into the door on the right and show the OBITUARY to the Old
Mariachi. Click on the printer (on the left) twice, then return to the central
area of the spaceship. Interact with the central computer.
*60 Print Time Card
*70 Terminate
Grab the BLANK TIME CARD and insert it into the last elevator slot available.
Click on this card to travel.

Walk a bit to the right and use the egg on MR FEATHERLY.

Enter the other room and use Mr Featherly on the Old Mariachi. Go over to the
machine on the right and press the 'Bridge' button. Go to the left machine and
push the "Suck" button. What you want to do next is quickly put the Tar Cake
Sample into the Time Control gears and run over to Bosco's corpse. If you are
too slow then you have to restart this sequence with the 'Suck' button
pressing. If you succeed, the episode ends.

                        Episode 5:                                   G0450
                        What's New, Beelzebub?

Office Area:
Continuing from the previous episode, speak with Mr Featherly so that he leaves
and follow him right and up the ladder.

Outside, walk left and throw the Egg you suddenly have into the Office Window.
Use the Portable AI on the broken Maimtron 9000 and then use the Boxing Betty
Remote to control it. As the robot, walk right and check out Bosco's Window
atop the store. You will receive a SOUL TRAIN TOKEN.

Enter the manhole to return to the sewers, then insert the Soul Train Token
into the Gumball Machine. This will take you to hell.

After the short conversation, enter the door on the right to find the main
office. Walk right a bit and grab the KEY CARD outside the cubicle of Brady
Culture. Continue right to the back room doors.

Use the Key Card on the Card Reader to access the Dioramas. You will have to do
this each time you want to enter one, I will not mention it again to save
repeating myself. Click the 'Exit Diorama' icon whenever you need/want to leave

>Theater Diorama<
Pick up the NITROUS OXIDE from the stage.

Outside, use the Nitrous Oxide on the Street Diorama to place it into the

>Street Diorama<
This is almost like the other racing games, but very, very short. Steer to the
side where the ramps are, click the Nitrous Oxide icon to get a boost and jump
over the ramp. This takes care of the last Desoto event in the season.

>Toy Factory Diorama<
Talk to the Elf.
*What are you doing?
*Let us help with your toy.
*Commando style!
*Acid for blood.

>Santa's Workshop Diorama<
Use the Big Gun to shoot the Christmas present near Santa. This will result in
a scene.

>Cooking Show Diorama<
Pick up STINKY'S BABY BOOK from the book display on the left, then talk to the
rat guests watching the show.

Someone's opened up a nearby file drawer, so go get JIMMY'S FILE from there.

Office Area:
Enter Sybil's and shoot Jurgen's Monster with the Big Gun. Leave and go to the
Pimp Le Car garage. Place Jimmy's File into Timmy's File lying on the ground.

>Cooking Show Diorama<
Talk to Timmy in the audience.

Return to the main hell office for a scene.

After the events, pick up the BONE SAW on Max's desk and fling the Key Card
into the hole in the wall on the left side.

There will be another scene and some talking.
*Who put you in charge?
*Why do you hate us?
*Explain the attack on Santa.
*What have you got against Satan?
*We've had enough!

Office Area:
Satan is standing around until the manhole. Go through his stuff to get a few

Enter Stinky's and pick up the FRUIT CIDER off the counter. Give Grandpa Stinky
Stinky's Baby Book to transform her.

Go left and use the Paper Clip Chain on the crack between your office and
Bosco's to fish out a MIMESWEEPER CARTRIDGE.

Enter Bosco's to find the party underway already. Pour the Fruit Cider into
the cooler and then use the Bone Saw on Jurgen's Monster to get the MONSTER'S

Walk all the way right to the Pimp Le Car garage and use the Mimesweeper
Cartridge on Chippy. This takes care of the first Popper.

Return to Stinky's and use the Monster's Rib on the cake to transform Stinky
once again. This takes care of the second Popper.

You need to undertake one more short trip back to hell. In the main office,
replace the list hanging in Hugh Bliss' cubicle with Satan's Grocery List.

Office Area:
Go all the way left and talk to Timmy.
*Glad to be back from hell?
*What's Peeper's real name?

Enter Sybil's and talk to Peepers to get rid of the final Popper as well. When
you leave Sybil's you will automatically see a scene.

Pick up the COFFEE CUP FROM HELL in the Shambling Corporate Presence's cubicle.
Use the BIG GUN on the bell on the ice cream van, then interact with it to get
some ICE CREAM. WAlk right and grab the CANDLE lying around near the left Soda
Popper. Enter the kitchen area in the back (near the bulletin board). Throw
the Tar Cake Sample, the Coffee Cup From Hell and the Ice Cream into the water
cooler in the corner. This will create a familiar cake. Place the candle on the
cake, pick it up and give it to the #^&@ Poppers.

                                   The End?

05.)                    ITEMS                                        G0500

Ice Station Santa:
ITEM:              DESCRIPTION:
BIG GUN            "I never get tired of looking at this baby."

                   You start out with this. Always used to shoot something at
                   some point or another.
BOXING BETTY       "A remote-controlled boxing toy."

                   Found underneath the tree in Santa's Workshop. Used to play
                   the boxing challenge.
BOXING GLOVE       "Jimmy's lucky boxing glove."

                   Recovered after reuniting Jimmy and Mary. Given to Jimmy in
                   the past to please the spirit.
                   "To exorcise the demon it says we'll need to:
                   Collect the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse action figures...
                   Place the horsemen around a magnetic pole...
                   Then draw the demon out using the friendly demon song."

                   Found inside Santa's Room on a podium. Without the
                   instructions you do not know what to do next.
GIFT TAGS          "We can use these to mail presents to our friends."

                   Found inside Santa's Workshop. Used to send gifts from the
                   green computer to selected people.
HORSEMAN OF DEATH  "The horseman of death."

                   Won by beating the Pimp Le Car challenge. One of the action
                   figures required for the exorcism.
HORSEMAN OF FAMINE "The horseman of famine."

                   Originally sent to Bosco but can be stolen while he is
                   distracted by a ticking package. One of the action figures
                   required for the exorcism.
                   "The horseman of pestilence."

                   Won at Stinky's trivia quiz. One of the action figures
                   required for the exorcism.
HORSEMAN OF WAR    "The horseman of war."

                   Won by beating Jimmy in the boxing competition. One of the
                   action figures required for the exorcism.
MARY TWO-TEETH     "Luckily for both of us, Jimmy's wife fits comfortably in
                   my pocket."

                   Jimmy's wife, trapped with the maze in the past and used to
                   reunite them in the present.
RECLAIMED SNOWBALL "A bleached snowball."

                   Available outside of Santa's workshop. Used nearby the
                   father stinkbug to build a little podium.
SATANIC RECORD     "A record of satanic Christmas music, including the friendly
                   demon song!"

                   Found inside Santa's Room, stuck with other records. Played
		   on the record player to start the exorcism.
SPIRIT BOTTLE      "The home of the three Christmas spirits."

                   Found inside the safe in Santa's Room. Each spirit will
                   return to the bottle after you please them. Once they are
                   all in the bottle it can be used on the Shambling Corporate
STINKY'S SOCK      "Stinky's sock."

                   Available on the counter inside the diner after sending
                   Stinky the foot bath.
STOCK FULL OF COAL "Stinky's sock is full of coal."

                   Using Stinky's sock on the stocking stuffer in Santa's Room
                   will fill it up with coal. The coals will fire up Santa's
                   sleigh when thrown into the boiler, which in turn rescues
                   Sam & Max in the future and pleases the spirit.
WATERING CAN       "The elf tears that made that Christmas tree grow."

                   Picked up after the green elf starts crying. Used on the
                   tiny topiary outside Santa's Workshop to make it a giant
                   "The world's simplest maze. For mental ages 3 to 6.

                   Found underneath the tree in Santa's Workshop. Used to trap
                   Mary, Jimmy's wife, in the past.

Moai Better Blues:
ITEM:              DESCRIPTION:
BANANG             "Mmmm! Banang powdered drink mix."

                   Taken from Bosco's after scaring him off. Used on the urn
                   in the cave.
                   "Stinky's Basalt Sandwich, for the little ones."

                   Given to you by Stinky while you are in youth-mode. Given to
                   the stone head.
BIG GUN            "Sometimes I just like to look at it."

                   You start out with this. Used to shoot stuff as usual.
CONCH              "It's a recording of the latest toe-tapping Glenn Miller
                   tune, in a decorative shell.

                   Received by Baby Glenn Miller after giving him the Desoto
                   horn. Used on the stone head for it to whistle.
DESOTO HORN        "It's a gimmicky electronic musical car horn we got from the

                   Won by beating the Pimp Le Car Music Challenge. Used on Baby
                   Glenn Miller to get the conch shell.
DIAPER RASH        "It's a glass of that diaper rash drink."

                   A tiki glass filled with diaper rash at Tiny Tiki's. Used
                   on Baby Hoffa.
                   "It's a glass of water from the fountain of youth."

                   A tiki glass filled with water from the fountain of youth.
                   Given to Baby Hoffa to enter the cave.
                   "It's the high priest's octagonal medallion."

                   Found in the cave after certain events, used with the red
                   snail trail.
MALLET             "Equally suitable for concussions and percussion."

                   Found at Tiny Tiki's. Used to hit stuff, naturally.
PACI-FIRE          "It's a glass of that Pacifire drink."

                   A tiki glass filled with paci-fire at Tiny Tiki's. Used on
                   the fire nearby.
STOP SIGN          "Stop!"

                   One of the many signs hanging in Stinky's Diner. Used on the
                   Bermuda triangle.
TIKI GLASS         "It's an empty glass."

                   Found at Tiny Tiki's. Can be used with several liquids.
RED-OOZING SNAIL   "It's a red-oozing sea snail."

                   Found inside the cave. Thrown at the gong inside Stinky's.
STALACTITE         "An eerily familiar stalactite from the ocean chimp's cave."

                   This falls down after you make the stone head, stoned and
                   shake the ground. Used on the Maxish clam to open it up.
WAITRESS' TRAY     "Let's see if I can balance this on the bucking surfboard."

                   Given to you by Baby Hoffa as a test to join the union.
WATER              "It's a glass of water."

                   A tiki glass filled with water at Tiny Tiki's. Used to fill
                   the tea kettle nearby.

Night of the Raving Dead:
ITEM:              DESCRIPTION:
BIG GUN            "I never get tired of looking at this baby."

                   You start out with this. Always used to shoot something at
                   some point or another.
BRAIN              "A plump, juicy brain we dug up from that grave."

                   Found outside of the castle gates in Stuttgart, in the open
                   grave. Used to lure away the zombies at the gate to the
                   Zombie Factory.
BOLT CUTTERS       "It's the bolt cutters Jurgen used to help build his

                   Available in Jurgen's dungeon. Used to cut off the super
		   antenna attached to the Desoto.
CHOCOLATE HEART    "It's a chocolate heart, loaded with calories and love."

                   Available at Sybil's, but first you have to make Harry
                   disappear. Used to get a heart of gold later.
                   "Gilroyals brand garlic clove cigarettes."

                   Found in the trash can outside the Zombie Factory. Used on
                   the Midtown Cowboys set to make Jurgen start smoking.
HEART OF GOLD      "A 24-karat heart of gold."

                   Received by using the chocolate heart in the alchemy machine
                   in Jurgen's dungeon. Used on the Monster.
HOLY WATER         "It's a bottle of water sanctified by high priest max."

                   Basically just the water you found at the Zombie Factory,
                   dipped into the ceremonial urn for a second. Used on Max to
                   give him a halo. This in turn will make Jurgen unable to
                   draw powers from Max.
JESSE JAMES' HAND  "Jesse James' shootin' hand."

                   At some point later in the game, the hand will escape its
                   owner and hold Stinky hostage in the diner. You can trap it
                   in goo and take it along for the Monster.
LINCOLN'S BRAIN    "It's Zombie Lincoln's brain."

                   Received after the Zombie Lincoln is shot. Used on the
SOUL MATER         "It's Sybil's Soul-Mater."

                   Sybil bought this to choose her next steady boyfriend, but
                   she never used it and you can take it once she has left the
                   office. This device enables you to return to your original
SUNLAMP BULB       "It's the UV bulb from Stinky's sunlamp."

                   Stinky has one, but does not even know what it is. When you
                   ask about it she will give it to you. Replaces the spotlight
                   in the Zombie Factory.
SUPER ANTENNA      "It's the super-high powered antenna we won from the COPS."

                   You win this by beating their latest video game, but you can
                   only use it as an item once you cut it off with the bolt
                   cutters. Used to power the alchemy machine.
TYPEWRITER RIBBON  "It's a useless typewriter ribbon."

                   It really is useless, it is only a homage to the 'Resident
		   Evil' series.
WATER              "It's a bottle of Turgid Springs brand water."

                   Available at the Zolmbie Factory. Used on the ceremonial urn
                   in the office to make it holy water.
WOODEN STAKE       "A wooden stake from one of the fearless vampire hunters."

                   Available in Jurgen's dungeon. Not useful at first, but a
                   stake will be vital later on in the game.

Chariots of the Dogs:
ITEM:              DESCRIPTION:
BIG GUN            "I never get tired of looking at this baby."

                   You start out with this. Always used to shoot something at
                   some point or another.
BLANK TIME CARD    "It's a blank time card."

                   Printed from the central device after checking out the
                   printer in the other room. Used in the elevator slots.
CHEMICAL SAMPLER   "It's for taking chemical samples of people's spit, and
                   other things."

                   Found in Mama Bosco's store, used for what Sam says.
CORK               "?"

                   A cork from the bottle of wine found in the back of Mama
                   Bosco's store in the past. Placed on the model volcano in
                   your office.
EGG                "It's the mysterious egg we got from ourselves in the

                   When you pick up the Boxing Betty Remote in the Office, you
                   will get asked to exchange it for the egg by your future
                   you. Exchanged with Mr. Featherly in the blank space.
                   "It's a time card for the embarrassing idol show."

                   A time card received after the scene with the Mariachi band
                   and returning to the central area of the spaceship. Used in
                   the elevator slots.
                   "It's a time card with a inspiringly futuristic version of
                   our logo."

                   A time card received when using the carbon dater on Sam.
                   Used in the elevator slots.
                   "It's our old carbon dater, with Bosco's printer

                   Found in the Bosco's in the past. Used on people to get a
                   time card.
MR FEATHERLY       "Al right in there, Mr. Featherly?"

                   Taken from the blank space in exchange for the egg. Used on
                   the old Mariachi.
                   "It's a time card for the oval office at the white house."

                   A time card received when using the carbon dater on Mama
                   Bosco. Used in the elvator slots.
OFFICE TIME CARD   "It's a time card for our office."

                   A time card received when using the carbon dater on Agent
                   Superball. Used in the elevator slots.
OBITUARY           "Local Mariachi Pedro died this week, due to complications
                   from inhaling ink ribbon fumes." - "What a waste."

                   Found in the future on the notice board in your office.
                   Shown to the old Mariachi.
PATENT FORM        "It's an official patent form for Stinky's gooey molasses
                   tar cake".

                   Given to you by Superball after showing him the tar cake
                   sample and giving him the right ingredient name. It is then
                   shown to Grandpa Stinky to stop him from making any more
                   tar cake.
PORTABLE AI        "It's the spaceships artificial intelligence, in smaller,
                   easy-to-carry form."

                   This device drops from the wall in Stinky's diner once you
                   have altered the timeline by patenting the tar cake and
                   showing it to Grandpa Stinky. Shown to Little Sam so he
                   changes the arcade game and alters the timeline.
PRESIDENT'S LETTER "It's a letter from the president to a movie starlet named
                   Maxine Lepew back in 1963, asking for a rendevous at

                   Stolen from Stinky's in the past, was in the letter display
                   case but you would simply unscrew it with the screwdriver.
                   Shown to Superball to make him throw away the envelope.
PRESIDENT'S SAMPLE "It's a sample of the president's spit."

                   Retrieved off the envelope the presiden't letter was in,
                   after Superball throws it on the desk.
RECORDING CONTRACT "It's the first prize recording contract from 'Embarrassing

                   Traded for a screwdriver with Past Sam. Given to the
                   Captain Mariachi.
SCREWDRIVER        "A screwdriver, the kind used for screwing and unscrewing."

                   Taken away from Little Sam at Stink's in the past. Used to
                   open the nearby letter display, and later given to Past Sam
                   in exchange for a record contract.
STINKY'S TIME CARD "It's a time card for Stinky's restaurant."

                   A time card received when using the carbon dater on Max.
                   Used in the elevator slots.
TAR CAKE SAMPLE    "It's a sample of Stinky's gooey molasses tar cake."

                   Taken from the tar cake in Stinky's diner in the past, by
                   using the chemical sampler on it. Used to patent the tar
                   cake at the Oval Office.
TOY MOAI HEAD      "My first Moai head, and hopefully my last.

                   Found behind Bosco's counter. Once it is used on the X-Ray
                   machine you will only be left with an X-Ray.
VINEGAR            "It's a bottle of expertly aged white wine vinegar."

                   Supposed to be a wine bottle, but some "idiot" left the
                   cork and it turned into vinegar. Poured into the industrial-
                   sized baking soda to create an explosion.
XRAY               "It's an X-Ray of Bosco's Moai head."

                   Received automatically after placing the Toy Moai Head into
                   the X-Ray machine at Bosco's Inconvenients. It contains the
                   keycode for the pad behind Bosco's counter and must be
                   viewed in the white light above first.

What's New, Beelzebub?:
ITEM:              DESCRIPTION:
BIG GUN            "I never get tired of looking at this baby."

                   You start out with this. Always used to shoot something at
                   some point or another.
BONE SAW           "A bone saw. Good for cutting bones."

                   Found inside the office of Sam's nightmare. Used to hack
                   off a rib off Jurgen's monster.
                   "Our old Boxing Betty remote."

                   Exchanged with the Egg at the Office Window. Used to control
                   the Maimtron 9000.
CANDLE             "A ritual candle."

                   Lying around during the snowball fight between the Soda
                   Poppers and Satan. Placed on the birthday cave for the #^&@
                   "Even the coffee in hell is cold."

                   Found in the office in hell, in the Shambling Corporate
                   Presence's cubicle. Thrown into the water cooler in hell's
EGG                "Featherly laid an egg, don't ask me how."

                   You start out with this. Exchanged for the Boxing Betty
                   Remote at the Office Window.
FRUIT CIDER        "Fruit of the knowledge of good and evil cider."

                   Sitting on the counter at Stinky's. Poured into the cooler
                   at the bachelor party happing in Bosco's store to make the
                   party-goers have moral thoughts.
ICE CREAM          "A scoop of ice cream."

                   From the back of the ice cream truck. Thrown into the water
                   cooler in hell's kitchen.
JIMMY'S FILE       "Jimmy's permanent record. He's been a bad, bad boy."

                   Available in the archives in hell once somebody has opened
                   the file drawer for you. Inserted into Timmy's file to make
                   it much bigger, and thus drag down hell efficiency.
KEY CARD           "A card key for hell employees."

                   Taken from Brady Culture's cubicle in hell's office. Unlocks
                   the Dioramas in the archive section.
                   "An old Mimesweeper cartridge."
                   Fished out of the crack between Bosco's and the office by
                   using the paper clip chain.
MONSTER'S RIB      "The monster's rib."

                   Hacked away from Jurgen's monster after he is done stripping
                   at the bachelor party. Inserted into Stinky's cake to make
                   her transform back to her usual self.
NITROUS OXIDE      "A can of nitrous oxide."

                   Found in the Theatre Diorama. Placed inside the Desoto in
                   the Street Diorama for a speed boost.
PAPER CLIP CHAIN   "Proof that Satan's got idle hands."

                   Found along with Satan's stuff. Used to fish out the
                   Mimesweeper cartridge from the crack outside the office.
PORK RINDS         "I just might have to eat these myself."

                   Found along with Satan's stuff. Not used in the game, per
PORTABLE AI        "The ship's artificial intelligence still works, don't ask
                   me how."

                   You start out with this from the previous episode. Given to
                   Jimmy to fix the Maimtron 9000.
                   "It's Satan's grocery list. "Cantaloupe, Melons, Chicken
                   Breasts, Oregano, Vanilla, And Soda."

                   Found along with Satan's stuff. Replaced with the list in
                   Hugh Bliss' cubicle in hell's office.
STINKY'S BABY BOOK "I don't think anyone wants to hear about Stinky's early

                   Found in the book display in the Cooking Show Diorama. Read
                   to Grandpa Stinky in the diner to transform Stinky into a
SOUL TRAIN TOKEN   "A subway token."

                   A subway token found in Bosco's Window by remotely
                   controlling the Maimtron 9000. Used in the gumball machine
                   in the sewers to ride to hell.
TAR CAKE SAMPLE    "A sample of Stinky's gooey molasses tar cake."

                   You start out with this from the previous episode. Thrown
                   into the water cooler in hell's kitchen.

06.)                    PIMP LE CAR                                  G0600

All but one episode of Season 2 features a driving mission. They are all
explained within the walkthrough and I will not go into more detail of how to
play them. Once you have finished the mission objective you can replay it for
more Desoto upgrades.

Refer to this in-depth guide for more information regarding these features:


YY.)                    VERSION HISTORY                              GYY00

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