How I rise charm level correctly?

  1. I'm raising charm level for the true ending but Terse, Bipolar and Sadist are not raising their charm level and Ego and Hyper are gaining charm level when they already are at 20% (The rest of the forms are raising their charms levels without "much" troubles). Can someone say me where I can level up the charm for those three forms of Chou-Chou?

    User Info: bright-dark

    bright-dark - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I do not know the answer to this question because increasing charm level is not easy to explain since certain forms require a combination of 2 different Shampurus in order increase charm levels and each Shampuru have different values for increasing charm.

    It's not that charm levels increase randomly, but the enemies and the amount you fight will not be the same as everyone else. There is no way to increase certain forms, when you raise charm levels, they will most likely increase randomly depending on what kind of Shampurus you have.

    I cannot provide an easy answer, but I can provide tips:

    Most people farm Chestnut Heads in Land of Legends because they drop in very high amounts. They might not be high tier Shampuru, but it helps a little.

    If 9999 Chestnut Heads aren't enough, higher tier Shampurus would increase the charm levels of forms so if you're strong enough, you can try to do the highest possible bet Mugen Field you can do and reach floor 100. What will stop you will most likely be ship battles.

    If this is your first run, getting 20% charm on every form is going to be harder than someone doing an NG+, getting continent rewards and moe killing bosses. A lot of the continent rewards give powerful shampurus in high amounts and the bosses give a lot of Shampurus if Moe Killed (5x Shampurus) or Frenzied (3x Shampurus). Sometimes the only way to get certain Shampuru is through New Game+.

    User Info: gozial

    gozial - 6 years ago 0   0

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