"Master Chou Chou" Silver Trophy?

  1. I am having some difficulty trying to find the remainder shampuru. I am currently missing the shampuru in (Row 11, Defend), (Row 12, Defend), (Row 12, Support), (Row 12, Distance), (Row 13, Defend), (Row 13, Support), and the entirety of Row 14. Any help would be fantastic! Thanks!

    User Info: elaborateutopia

    elaborateutopia - 7 years ago


  1. The 7 Worlds Redux will give all those Shampurus but may require some high Charm%.
    Mega-Strong Arena gives all Tier 11
    Galactic God Arena gives all Tier 12
    Ultimate God Arena gives all Tier 13

    A DLC Additional Battles 2, Seven Worlds Redux on Boss Returns gives all Tier 14 but it won't show up until you do the True Ending Route with 60% Ego after beating the Sun Goddess.

    User Info: gozial

    gozial - 6 years ago 0   0

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