• Final Fantasy X Trophies

    *There are 3 secret trophies. show

    A Journey's CatalystView "Eternal Calm"Silver
    A Talent for AcquisitionSteal successfully with Rikku 200 timesBronze
    All TogetherAll party members come togetherBronze
    Blitzball MasterUnlock all slot reelsSilver
    Chocobo LicensePass all chocobo trainingBronze
    Chocobo MasterGet 5 treasure chests during the Chocobo Race at Remiem Temple and win the raceSilver
    Chocobo RiderWin a race with a catcher chocobo with a total time of 0:0:0Bronze
    CompletionObtain all available trophiesPlatinum
    Delta Attack!Obtain Magus SistersBronze
    Feel the PainObtain AnimaBronze
    HeartstringsView the "Underwater Date" sceneBronze
    It's All About the MoneyObtain YojimboBronze
    Learning!Learn to use all enemy abilitiesSilver
    Lightning DancerDodge 200 lightning strikes & obtain the rewardBronze
    Master LinguistFind all 26 Al Bhed PrimersGold
    Mega StrikeDeal 99999 damage with one attackSilver
    Messenger from the PastObtain all Jecht SpheresBronze
    Overcoming the NemesisDefeat NemesisGold
    Overcoming the Past (secret)Defeat YunalescaBronze
    Perfect Sphere MasterComplete the Sphere Grids for all main charactersGold
    PerseveranceDefeat PenanceGold
    Power StrikeDo 9999 damage or more in a single attackBronze
    Show Off!Win a blitzball tournamentBronze
    Speaking in TonguesFind 1 Al Bhed PrimerBronze
    Sphere MasterComplete a Sphere Grid for one characterSilver
    StrikerLearn the Jecht shotBronze
    Summon MasterObtain all AeonsSilver
    Teamwork!Win a blitzball matchBronze
    The Destination of Hatred (secret)Defeat Seymour OmnisBronze
    The Eternal Calm (secret)Defeat Yu YevonGold
    The Right ThingClear the Besaid Cloister of TrialsBronze
    Theater EnthusiastBuy every sphere at the Luca TheaterBronze
    Under the TableSpend 100,000 gil or more in bribesBronze
    Weapon MasterObtain all Celestial WeaponsSilver

    Contributed By: Myrddin_369 and Silver_Dragon_.

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  • Final Fantasy X-2 Trophies

    Final Fantasy X-2 Trophies 35: 1 Platinum, 5 Gold, 7 Silver, & 22 Bronze

    *There are 2 secret trophies. show

    AlchemistUse Mix 30 timesBronze
    Almost ThereReach the 60th floor of Iutycyr Tower & defeat the bossBronze
    Chocobo WhispererCatch the Amazing ChocoboSilver
    Complete AbilityComplete the ability set for one dressBronze
    Complete EpisodeComplete an episode in Chapter 5Bronze
    CompletionObtain all available trophiesPlatinum
    Dancing QueenObtain Magical Dances, Vol. IISilver
    Defeating an Old Friend (secret)Defeat BahamutBronze
    Dousing the FireDefeat ZalamanderBronze
    Dressed for the OccasionChange Dresspheres on Yuna, Rikku, & Paine in one battleBronze
    Excellent NegotiatorUse Bribe 30 timesBronze
    FounderDefeat TremaGold
    Full ChainAchieve a 99 chain attackSilver
    Gambler's DreamRoll the same number on all the Gambler's DiceBronze
    Giant TowerReach the 80th floor of Iutycyr Tower & defeat the bossGold
    Good ListenerListen to all of Maechen's storiesBronze
    Just StartingReach the 10th floor of Iutycyr TowerBronze
    LearnerLearn 5 Blue Bullet skillsBronze
    Lifetime SupportView one complete fiend taleBronze
    Machine of War (secret)Defeat VegnagunBronze
    Midway ThroughReach the 40th floor of Iutycyr Tower & defeat the bossBronze
    MillionairePay off O'aka's debtBronze
    Monster MasterComplete Shinra's BestiaryGold
    OverkillDeal 99999 damage with one attackSilver
    SpecialtyObtain one special dressBronze
    Sphere BreakerWin 10 times at Sphere BreakBronze
    Sphere HunterObtain all DresspheresBronze
    Still a WaysReach the 20th floor of Iutycyr Tower & defeat the bossBronze
    Sweet PerfectionComplete 100% of the main storyGold
    Teamwork!Win a blitzball matchBronze
    The GunnerReach the highest level (LVMAX) in Gunner's GauntletSilver
    Tonberry's TreasureObtain treasure in the Tonberry areaSilver
    Treasure HunterOpen the chest that includes the Ribbon in the Bevelle UndergroundBronze
    Tricky TrapperHelp Clasko catch a chocobo by the end of Chapter 3Bronze
    Zeroed OutDefeat YSLS-ZeroBronze

    Contributed By: Myrddin_369.

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