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Final Fantasy X HD Trophy Guide by msulik1

Version: 2 | Updated: 07/04/2016
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Final Fantasy X 
HD Platinum 

Table of Contents

Feel free to hit Ctrl F to search for specific sections.


1. Introduction (ffxintro) 
2. Trophy List (ffxtrlst) 
3. Final party Discussion (ffxfpdis)
4. Chocobo Master Trophy. (ffxchm)
5. Celestial Weapons (ffxcwdis)
  5a. Celestial Mirror (ffxcwm)
  5b. Lulu's Celestial Weapon (ffxcwlulu)
  5c. Wakka's Celestial Weapon (ffxcwwakka)
  5d. Tidus's Celestial Weapon (ffxcwtidus)
  5e. Kimhari's Celestial Weapon (ffxcwkimhari)
  5f. Yuna's Celestial Weapon (ffxcwyuna) 
  5g. Rikku's Celestial Weapon (ffxcwrikku)
  5h. Auron's Celestial Weapon (ffxcwauron)
6. Monster Catching (ffxmoncat)
7. Stat Maxing (ffxstatmax)
8. Dark Aeons (ffxdkan)
9. Penance (ffxpnc)
10. Sphere Master and Perfect Sphere Master (ffxphr)
11. Raising Gil (ffxgil)
12. Loose Ends (ffxlooseends)
  12a. Eternal Calm (ffxetclm)
  12b. Theater Enthusiast (ffxthrenst)
  12c. Learning! (ffxlng!)
  12d. Messengers from the Past (ffxmftp)
  12e. Master Linguist (ffxlngst)
13. Acknowledgements (ffxack)

Introduction (ffxintro)
So you've decided to shoot for platinum on Final Fantasy X HD? 
Good for you! This game will always have a special place in my 
heart. When I heard that there was going to be a re-release 
with trophies, I got excited. Before it's release I googled 
the trophy list and a few immediately jumped out as what I 
knew would be challenging, but fear not; I have all kinds of 
tips and tricks that will help you achieve plat in no time.  
That being said, even with a focused approach, I still sunk 
110 hours into this game to get platinum. Trophy hunting in 
this game is for the patient and the wise. If you're up to the 
challenge, follow me...
I am aware that I am writing this guide well past the release 
of this game and that it is far from relevant at this time. 
However, there are loads of people (myself included) that like 
to go back and replay games. This is the type of game that 
requires you to look things up on the internet. It's just too 
big and too detailed for one person to organically find all 
the information like bribe amounts without some sort of a 
guide. My wife likes to call guides like this one cheating, I 
say it is research. While playing and doing my own research I 
became increasingly frustrated at the existing information 
online. It's scattered and fragmented and overall lacking in 
sound advice. I wrote this guide because I felt there was a 
need that wasn't being met. I hope you find it useful.

To be clear, this guide begins mostly after you have beaten 
the game. The main campaign is not all that challenging and if 
you really need help getting past Sin and Yu Yevon, then buzz 
the monster catching and stat maxing sections. I will break 
this guide into different sections but feel free to achieve 
greatness in whatever order you want. If I may make a 
suggestion, I would highly recommend spending an afternoon 
with a warm cup of cocoa and reading this entire document. 
While I will try to present this guide in an organized, linear 
fashion, the truth is that you will be doing several of these 
things simultaneously. For example, while monster catching you 
will be gaining exp and gil. How should you spend that exp and 
gil? I will give tips later that might benefit you throughout 
your journey on how to properly spends huge amounts of gil. 
Early tip: save your money for bribing! You could be efficient 
by visiting the Thunderplains only once and acquiring Lulu's 
sigil, monster catching, stealing choco feathers, and getting 
Kimhari's Spirit Lance all in one fell swoop if you wanted. 
The only way to know that is to read the whole thing. So, what 
trophies will we be gunning for? Here's a list of all the 

Feel free at any time to hit ctrl F to search for specific 

Trophy List (trlst)

Completion. Obtain all trophies. This is the Platinum we're 
all striving for!
Speaking in Tongues. Find one Al Bhed Primer. You'll get this 
as part of the story.
The Right Thing. Clear the Besaid Cloister of Trials. You’ll 
get this as part of the story.
A Talent for Acquisition. Steal with Rikku 200 times… Kinda 
All Together. When Rikku joins the party finally, this will 
Heartstrings. Watch the water date scene with Tidus and Yuna 
and try not to cry.
Show Off!. Win a Blitz Tourney. See my tips under Wakka's 
celestial weapon section.
Striker. Acquire the Jecht Shot. See Wakka's Celestial weapon 
Chocobo License. Pass all chocobo training. See Tidus's 
celestial weapon section.
Overcoming the Past. Beat Yunalesca.
The Destination of Hatred. Beat Seymor Omnis... crazy rat 
Lightning Dancer.  Dodge lightning 200 times without fail on 
the Thunderplains. See Lulu's celestial weapon section.
Feel the Pain. Acquire Anima. See Yuna's celestial weapon 
It's All About the Money. Acquire Worthless- er I mean 
Yojimbo. See Yuna's celestial weapon section.
Delta Attack. Acquire The Magus Sisters. See Yuna's celestial 
weapon section.
Theater Enthusiast. Buy all spheres at the Luca Theater. See 
the Loose Ends section.
Chocobo Rider. Beat Chocobo Trainer with a time less than 
0.00. See Tidus's celestial weapon section.
Power Striker. Do 9999 damage.
Mega Strike. Do 99999 damage. See stat maxing section.
Under the Table. Spend more than 100,000 in bribes... Yeah, 
this won't be hard to do...
Messenger from the Past. Obtain all Jecht Spheres. See Loose 
Ends section.
Chocobo Master. Open 5 chests and win the Remiem Temple 
chocobo race. See the celestial weapon section.
Sphere Master. Complete the entire sphere grid with one 
character. See Sphere Master section.
Perfect Sphere Master. Complete the entire sphere grid with 
all seven characters. Ugh… See Sphere Master section.
Blitzball Master. Acquire all slot reels for Wakka. See 
Wakka's celestial weapon section.
Learning! Get all of Kimhari's overdrive blue magic abilities. 
See Loose Ends section.
Summon Master. Get every aeon. See Yuna's celestial weapon 
Weapons Master. Get all of the celestial weapons (they don't 
need to be powered up by the crests or sigils). See the 
celestial weapons section.
Master Linguist. Obtain all Al Bhed Primers. See Loose Ends 
section. *Note only missable trophy*.
Perseverance. Defeat Penance. Aptly named trophy is all I have 
to say. See the Penance section.
Overcoming the Nemesis. Beat Nemesis in the monster arena.
The Eternal Calm. Beat Yu Yevon and the game. 
A Journey's Catalyst. View the Eternal Calm video.
Final party Discussion (ffxfpdis)
Picking your Final Party
First off, let’s talk about which characters you should pick 
to be your final party. We will talk more about stat maxing 
later but suffice to say for now, it is time consuming. You 
could max all seven characters, but that would require a major 
time commitment that I wouldn't advise. Plus it's redundant 
and unnecessary. What I would advise is maxing at least 3 
characters (not Yuna-I'll explain later). A fourth is ideal in 
case the proverbial shit hits the fan; you have one ace in the 
hole that can stand their own until you get your feet back 
under you. So let's discuss the 7 characters. Endgame, all 
characters can do all skills and can max all stats so the only 
thing differentiating a character is their overdrives. One 
could also make an argument that their final weapons also 
separate them, but I mostly disagree. Magic is overrated and 
not used by endgame and counters are really inconsequential by 
the time you reach Penance. So let’s review each character in 
detail from least appealing to most:
Kimhari:  I feel bad for Kimhari. Every other character has 
their own niche except for the Blue Bomber. The only thing 
that makes him unique is his Blue Magic or enemy skill magic. 
Late game, magic of any kind is no longer used. Enemies have 
way too high a mag def and are immune to most elements or 
status effects. Most of Kimhari's moves are either element 
based or status effect inducing which thereby makes his moves 
underpowered or completely nullified. Also, there are no 
multi-hitters. I read once that if you can fix the code on 
your game (I have no idea how people do this) to allow damage 
over 99,999, then Kimhari's Nova does the most damage from one 
hit in the game. Still, not worth it. He's a worthless 
character and I have no love for him. 
Lulu:  Early game and almost up to the end, Lulu is one of 
your best characters. She has really high evade and her magic 
spells are some of your biggest damage outputs early on. Yes 
she's slow, but Tidus can help there. Yes she has really low 
HP but Auron can help there. Yes her boobs are ridiculous to 
behold and her victory pose is over the top. However by late 
game, she falls to the wayside.  Since magic is her overdrive 
forte, in order to get the most out of her overdrive, you 
would need to max her magic, which is a feat I wouldn't 
recommend. Yes it multi-hits, but at a fraction of its normal 
power. Most of her magic is elemental as well, which a lot of 
enemies have super high mag def or immunities. Overall, not 
impressed. Moving on...
Yuna: No love lost for Yuna, but I have specific plans for her 
which needs her to not be in the party. The thing that 
differentiates her from the group is obviously her summoning. 
However, late game even buffed up aeons that you took some 
time bolstering will still likely get owned by the 
superbosses. That's ok though because they will serve another 
purpose: my meat shields! There will be times where it will be 
clear the enemy is about to do some devastating move that will 
wipe your party off the map. For example, you can see Dark 
Bahamut's overdrive bar is now full and you know his next move 
will be mega flare which you can't survive. At the last 
instant, bring in Yuna, summon something and let it get it’s 
faced wiped off. As far as stat maxing, Yuna should have max 
agility (speed) and a ring with auto-haste. That way, she can 
get in, summon, and get out as fast as possible so the real 
studs can get back to doing their business. 
Auron: Remember how I said you should consider having four 
completely maxed people? Auron is my fourth. Throughout the 
game, he is easily one of the strongest characters. He has 
incredible strength and max hp. His speed is a little lacking 
but late game that can be fixed. The only nod in his favor is 
one of his overdrives, Tornado, can hit twice, which is more 
than others can say. Other than that, he's kind of a badass 
and I just like having him around. Plus his first strike 
ability on his celestial weapon frequently comes in handy. If 
you neglected to get Tidus's Sun Crest after Yunalesca right 
away, then I'd move Auron up to the third position. Lulu or 
Kimhari should be your fourth then.
Tidus: That leaves your main final party including Tidus. 
Tidus is never good or bad at anything. One common theme in 
all the Final Fantasies is that power is derived from the 
manipulation of time. Multi-hitting moves are an example of 
this being applied. Of course time manipulation is best seen 
with Tidus's best move, haste. By the end, the thing that 
helps him stand out is his overdrives. Specifically, Slice and 
Dice and Blitz Ace can multi-hit 6 and 8 times respectively. 
Plus he's the main character and this "is his story" so he 
might as well be around. However, if you missed his Sun Crest 
after Yunalesca then you won't be able to power up his 
celestial weapon until after you beat Dark Bahamut, which is 
the second hardest thing in the game. If you didn't then Tidus 
should not be one of your final party people. Again, I would 
swap in Auron and have Lulu or Kimhari be the fourth. 
Rikku: Unfortunately, Rikku joins very late in the game with 
dangerously low max hp so a lot of people dismiss her as an 
asset. Do this at your own peril because she is an amazing 
tool when used correctly! Remember how I said time 
manipulation is power? Well, Rikku in a handful of turns can 
place shell, protect, haste, autolife, double ap, zero mp 
cost, triple overdrive, etc she can do anything when used 
right. Google a mix list and learn to use it. One prime 
example is her overdrive Ultra NulAll which Casts NulAll(5x 
Cheer, 5x Focus, 5x Aim, 5x Reflex). In other words, in one 
turn she can accomplish what would otherwise take 20 turns to 
do. This is just scratching the surface too. There are other 
guides that highlight how to beat the game using only Rikku. 
She's that good and that versatile. You just need to learn to 
use her the right way. All the good stuff you'll need for 
mixing will be acquired from monster catching and beating 
monster arena monsters; both of which we have to do anyways so 
you should be good to go. You literally need her against 
Penance so learn to love her like I did.
Wakka: Ahhh Wakka... So amazing what you can do. High accuracy 
paired with decent strength make him an ideal striker. What 
more could you ask for? And the Hair! His Attack Reels can do 
12 unfiltered hits in one turn. This is the most damaging move 
in the whole game and it’s easy to do! Very few things can 
survive 99999x12=1199988 damage. Of the ones that can, only 
the dark aeons, Nemesis, and Penance can survive it more than 
once. This makes all that Blitzball well worth it. The timing 
isn't that hard, so figure it out and you will become dynamite 
in a bottle! Overall, no matter how you spin it, Wakka is the 
man, ya!

Celestial Weapons (ffxcwdis)



Celestial Weapons
I'm going to start with the celestial weapons. Having these 
weapons opens the door for most other challenges. Many tasks 
can be done simultaneously and you could be doing many of the 
celestial weapon side quests alongside monster catching or 
other quests. I'll go into more detail later but in general, 
having double AP weapons for monster catching is ideal and 
some of the celestial weapons have that. I'll begin by 
starting the argument for why you should go through the 
trouble of doing these crazy quests. First off, since this is 
a platinum guide, many trophies are tied into these weapons. 
More importantly, the break damage limit is an absolute need. 
It can be crafted manually onto a weapon but getting 99 dark 
matters is a huge undertaking. Finally, even if you manually 
make a weapon with break damage limit, it will always be 
weaker than the celestial counterpart. This is because all of 
the celestial weapons calculate damage without taking into 
account an enemy’s defense, making them far more powerful. 
With enemies having crazy high stats endgame, this is also an 
absolute need.  Each weapon is divided into three parts: the 
weapon itself, which is useless without the corresponding 
crest and sigil. The weapons are easy to round up and the 
crests are in chests scattered throughout Spira. The sigils 
are the hard part. Suck it up, they aren't impossible to get 
and I'll help you through it.
Celestial Mirror (ffxcwm)
First things first, we need the mirror. I don't quite 
understand why the mirror is needed logistically for the 
celestial weapons... but it is. Perhaps the glow from the 
stars is so amazing that it must only be viewed as a secondary 
source or some bullhockey, I don't know? The mirror requires a 
little footwork. After leaving the Thunderplains and entering 
the Macalania Woods, there is a fork in the road: The right 
takes you toward Bevelle and the Calm Lands, the left take you 
up a sparkly path to the treetops. Near that bifurcation, 
there are some people standing there. Talk to them a couple 
times until they complain that the husband is missing. Well 
fear not, he is close. Go down the right path. Pass by the 
guys gaurding the entrence to Bevelle and at the next screen, 
go up. Talk to the dude there who talks about his missing 
family (communication failure much?).  Go back to the family 
and talk to them a couple times. Leave the screen and come 
back and talk to them a few more times until the kid is gone 
and now the Parents of the Year lost their stupid kid. Fear 
not, he too is close. This time, take the sparkly path up to 
the treetops, you'll find the kid up there. After reuniting 
the happy, yet dysfunctional family, they give you a rusty 
mirror. Why would anyone gift anyone else that? People are 
odd. Now, onto the Calm Lands! Find the lady riding a chocobo. 
I found her in the northwest corner of the Calm Lands. 
Complete enough training that she says you can now ride 
chocobos. Take that beautiful bird back to the entrance of the 
Calm Lands but don't go to Macalania Woods instead go to the 
right where you will see a choco feather. Whilst riding the 
bird, examine the feather which will cause the bird to jump to 
the ledge below. This will lead you to the Remiem temple. 
Inside, Yuna will have some things to do but we are interested 
in the chocobo race outside. Go to the left of the temple and 
examine the sphere that explains the rules (grab the Al Bhed 
Primer while you're at it) then go to the chocobo on the right 
to start the race. For the first time you run this race, don't 
get too excited about the treasure chests, just win the race. 
As long as you aren't too greedy, winning is the easy part. 
Basically there are a bunch of winding paths which eventually 
converge and end in the middle at the bottom. Winning changes 
the Rusty Mirror into the Celestial Mirror. Now you can open 
chests which contain celestial objects. Since you're here, 
this is a fine time to get the Chocobo Master trophy.
Chocobo Master Trophy (ffxchm)
The above race can be repeated as many times as you want.  The 
more chests you get AND win the race, you get prizes. These 
prizes can only be unlocked once. None of them are 
particularly game changing so don't lose sleep over getting 
them all. If you happen to clip any of the poles, then you 
simply win a potion. To unlock the trophy, you need to open 5 
chests AND win the race. This is actually pretty challenging 
to do if you are trying to avoid the poles. To be clear 
though, the trophy doesn't say anything about the poles. So 
cutting corners and plowing through the poles, and getting 5 
chests isn’t that hard. Getting 5 chests, hitting no poles, 
and winning the race is. So on one run, plow through the poles 
just to get the trophy. After that, if you feel so motivated, 
then you can try to get the chests and its contents without 
hitting poles. What makes this hard is that if you don't keep 
the bird in the middle of the path, then it 'rubs' the wall 
and slows down. This is further impeded by the ridiculous 
camera angles and wonky controls of the bird. As for the path 
you should take, go to YouTube and Google Remiem chocobo race. 
I could try to explain it in words, but a video is much better 
in this case. There’s lots of good stuff out there so just 
pull up your laptop, watch it once or twice and then do your 
best to copy that.
Lulu's Celestial Weapon (ffxcwlulu)

The weapon: The Onion Knight
After you can control the airship, input the coordinates; X11-
16: Y57-63. This will take you to the Baaj Temple. Soon you’ll 
have to fight a battle with Geosagno, the cage fish thing from 
the beginning of the game. Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku have to 
take this one since it’s an aquatic fight. He's not that hard 
but have some stone ward/proof ready and let Wakka's attack 
reels do the talking. Save before you fight because this is a 
great opportunity to get a no encounter weapon as a random 
prize. That's right I said weapon! This is the only chance to 
have a weapon with no encounters on it. If you don't get a 
weapon with it, soft reset (press L1,L2,R1,R2, start, and 
select all at once) and try again. If you missed your chance 
at it, monster catch 5 dragons from each area that has one and 
the monster arena will give you a boatload of purifying salts 
to make some; but on an armor. Some of the following quests 
are sped up with no encounters and some absolutely need it. 
While you can swim around prior to the fight, the chest 
containing the Onion Knight can only be found after you win 
the fight. Dive to the bottom, on the circular map swim toward 
the 8 o clock position roughly to the right by some rocks and 
mash the x button.  As far as I can tell, there is no visible 
treasure chest which leaves me to wonder how anyone without a 
guide would ever find it. Square...
Mars Crest
Simply go back to the Farplane outside of Guadosalam and find 
the chest on the left. You can also enjoy some optional 
cutscenes while you are here. 
Mars Sigil and Lightning Dancer Trophy
Ahh the dreaded Lightning Dodge quest. Go to the Thunderplains 
and dodge 200 consecutive lighting strikes without fail. Then 
return to the Al Bhed Travel Agency in the Thunderplains and 
open the chest outside (you need the celestial mirror). I 
remember doing this on the PS2 and hating it then. I was able 
to do it for completion’s sake but I mostly avoided it since I 
never used Lulu. When I heard ffxhd was coming, I googled the 
trophy list in hopes that I wouldn't have to do this but alas, 
there is a specific trophy for it. Blast! I read somewhere 
that with the invention of HD and wireless controllers, the 
delay from seeing the bolt of lightning and you being able to 
respond is actually smaller than the ps2 days which make this 
even harder than before! Just doing the best I could and 
shooting from the hip, the best I could get was 35 dodges in a 
row. Fear not, I have a tried and tested, surefire method to 
get us through this. 
Go to the southern part of the Thunderplains, there is an 
alcove to the right with a treasure chest in it. Across and a 
little below that on the left side of the screen there is a 
lightning rod that you can stand under and no lightning will 
hit you. Just above that lightning rod and a little to the 
right is a black crater. What you're going to do is run from 
the rod to the crater. The instant you get to the crater, 
lightning will strike. Dodge, then return to the rod and then 
return to the crater and dodge again. You must go back to the 
rod to reset everything. What's nice about this is you dictate 
when the strikes happen since you know exactly when it’s 
coming. You can learn and anticipate when they happen and 
develop a bit of a rhythm. Again there are several videos of 
this on YouTube to see it done if you would like. Sounds easy, 
right? This is still tricky but here are a few tips to help 
you succeed:
1. Equip No Encounters. Absolutely must have this on. If you 
didn't already, read the above Onion Knight section to see how 
to get that ability. The random battles would ruin your 
timing. You have to have this on.
2. I've heard that some people like to dim the lights in the 
room so the lightning flashes are easier to pick up and 
respond to.
3. Turn the music way down or off. You might find yourself 
following the rhythm of the Thunderplains music instead of the 
rhythm of the lightning dodging. Trust your eyes, not your 
4. Make sure you have at least 20 minutes minimum to try this. 
It should take around that if you go without a break. However,
5. Take breaks. Maybe every 50 dodges or so, take a breather 
and stand up and walk around the room or go get a snack or 
something. After successfully dodging, when standing under the 
safety of the rod, hit pause. This way you can relax a little. 
After you establish the rhythm needed to succeed, the hardest 
part of this challenge is controlling yourself. You get 
anxious. Your heart starts to race. You start sweating. 
Especially the higher your count gets, the more you start to 
freak out. Find your inner Zen Buddhist. Get into a zone and 
stay there but if you need to, please take a break. I'd rather 
take a 5 minute respite, then have to start all over.
6. Count out loud. Yes you'll sound and look like a dork but 
it’s easy to lose count. The repetitive nature of the 
challenge wears on you after a while. It’s easy to trip 
yourself up. Wouldn't you hate to think you were done and you 
zone out go to the chest at the Al Bhed travel agency when in 
truth your count was 199. Guess what, tough shit, now you have 
to start over. I count out loud and I go to like 215 just in 
Using these techniques you still aren't guaranteed success. It 
takes supreme concentration and reflexes. It can be done, hang 
in there. I tried for a while and got 107. Later I got 124.  
If I looked at the challenge instead as get to 100, take a 
break, then get to 100, then it all seemed much more 
manageable. One of the reasons I highlighted this one first 
was that this challenge really pisses some people off. Instead 
of getting all steamed up about it, my recommendation is boot 
up your system, go to the Thunderplains, try to get this once 
or twice and if you aren't feeling it, move on. Go monster 
catch or get another celestial weapon, blitzball, something 
else. The next day when you have time to play, start at the 
Thunderplains and try again for a while. One of these days, I 
promise you'll get it. Return to Macalania to complete the 
ritual to assemble that which you will never use if you feel 
like it.
Tidus's Celestial Weapon (ffxcwtidus)

The weapon: Cadalbolg
Go to the Calm Lands and find the Chocobo Trainer, the woman 
in green riding a giant yellow bird. I found her near the 
northwest corner of the Calm Lands if you haven't already. If 
you have, she tends to be near where you enter the Calm Lands 
from. For instance from the store in the middle, just go down 
a little and she should be there if you've already trained a 
choco to riding. Now you will complete your training. Yoda's 
got nothing on this bitch...  Wobbly Chocobo is you just 
trying to make the damn bird go straight. Dodger Chocobo has 
the chocobo going in the direction that you tell it to; (more 
or less) however you must now dodge blitzballs that come 
flying out of nowhere which are aimed towards you. Getting hit 
by the blitzball will result in a penalty of 3 seconds. Beat 
the time to unlock the next exercise. Try running at angles, 
not straight. Hyper Dodger Chocobo is like the last one but 
now blitzballs and white birds from Hell are trying to get 
you. Finally, Catcher Chocobo... Most people can get this far. 
This is the meat and potatoes, this is the hard part, and this 
is what made my friend literally throw his controller at his 
TV, busting it. All you need to do to get the weapon is beat 
the trainer's time. If you get hit by a bird, time is added, 
and if you get a balloon, time is subtracted. Feasibly you can 
cross the finish line first but after calculating the 
balloon/bird bonuses/penalties, you could still lose. Beating 
her time isn't all that hard. After you win, ride your bird to 
the top and almost the NW corner of the Calm Lands where there 
will be a little path leading down. There's a guy guarding a 
hole in the wall for reasons no one understands. The only way 
to make him move is to win the race. After winning, head down 
there and examine the funny patch on the wall (must have the 
celestial mirror). For more tips on beating the trainer see 
the Sun Sigil section.
Sun Crest
I hope I'm not too late! I hope for some reason someone warned 
you to read this guide before you fought Yunalesca. After 
defeating her, the instant you can move Tidus again, you have 
one shot at this. Don't go down and out of her chamber, 
instead go up to the top of the screen where there is another 
staircase which will take you to another area that looks 
almost the same, except there will be a treasure chest there 
with the crest. This chest is at the top of the second screen. 
If you don't do that right away, then Dark Bahamut takes up 
residence here and the only way to get the crest is to beat 
him. However, in my opinion, Dark Bahamut is the second 
hardest thing in the entire game which means you would only 
have Cadalbolg (arguably the best CW) for Penance and whatever 
dark aeons you may have left. They didn't think that one 
through when making Final Mix in my opinion. I mean come on, 
he's the main character! If you neglected to get the Sun Crest 
then you should probably not have Tidus be one of your final 
party. I'd move him to the fifth position and move Auron up to 
Sun Sigil and Chocobo Rider Trophy
For much the same reason as Lulu, I put this one second 
because this one drives people crazy! Earlier we talked about 
the Chocobo Catcher race. Well that was all good and dandy 
because now it gets really hard. You have to get less than 
0.00.00 for a time. That means you need to collect loads of 
balloons- at least 12, hopefully more like 13 or 14. And you 
can hope for no birds, maybe one hit tops. I can hear you now, 
"That's impossible!" No, it's just really hard. It can be 
done; I've done this at least 4 times. It just takes patience, 
perseverance, and a few strategies:
1. Keep calm. You're going to fail over and over and over and 
over again. Try not to freak out when you get hit by bird 
after bird after bird. Or when you are mashing the left 
direction and for some reason, the stupid bird is going right. 
My recommendation is the same as Lulu's in that try it in 
small bursts. Boot up your game, try for 15 minutes or so and 
if you aren't getting into it, go try something else. Come 
back later and try again when you're level-headed.
2. When the race starts, don't aim for the first balloon, aim 
for the second. Whoever gets in front will get a bunch of 
balloons. She might get the first but you will get the next 3 
or 4. Ideally, the balloons might all favor the right side in 
which case, maybe you can get all of them on the upper ledge, 
but that doesn't happen much. Instead, just shoot for the 
second balloon and the rest that follow.
3.  Use the direction pad, not the joystick. Often taps of 
direction are better than cranking one direction or another.
4. Don't freak out.
5. Look at the bird's feet to see what direction angle you are 
actually heading. Between the funky camera work and awful 
controls, it's hard to steer the choco into a balloon 
sometimes. See which way the bird's feet are pointing and tap 
the direction accordingly. Practice, practice, practice makes 
perfect when it comes to controlling the buzzard.
6. Don't be afraid to use the Trainer as a blocker. Oh yeah 
and don’t freak out when you keep failing.
7. After getting down on the flats, you'll learn over time 
when the camera is about to flip. Try to anticipate that into 
your travels. Also you'll learn where the boundaries are. Try 
not to press up on them because the birds will hunt you down. 
I would rather miss a balloon and not get hit by a bird. A 
bird is -3 seconds and then another -1.5 seconds because your 
bird is recoiling. There are plenty of balloons out there, 
just get the next one. Or put another way,
8. Priority one, don't get hit by birds. Priority two, get 
9. Near the end of the race, favor the left side under that 
brown ledge. Sometimes, you can sneak in there and shave a 
little time and avoid the birds.
10. Don't freak out.
Mostly lots and lots of practice is needed. Eventually, you'll 
kind of get the hang of it and start getting times in the 
teens, then under 10 seconds. One time I got 00.01.00. I was 
pissed. I've read reports of people getting exactly 0.00.00 
and not getting the sigil. You'll know because she will 
exclaim something about how awesome you are and automatically 
give it to you when you earn it. You will do the same basic 
thing over and over and over again but one time, it will work. 
The ball will just bounce your way and for some reason, Mars 
aligns with Jupiter or something, and you'll get it. I didn't 
change anything drastic, it just finally worked. While dumb 
luck is certainly involved, there is no substitute for lots of 
practice.  Hang in there, this can be done!

Wakka's Celestial Weapon (ffxcwwakka)
The Weapon: World Champion
Getting the orb is easy: play lots of blitzball. After you win 
like 5 games, go to the bar in Luca where Kimhari got punched 
and talk to the bartender. Even though Wakka probably never 
played in any of those games, he will give you the ball cause 
you have bitchin’ hair or something? Check back after your 
first tournament.
Jupiter Crest
The Crest is found in the Besaid Auroch's locker room in one 
of the lockers in Luca.
Jupiter Sigil
Win the sigil playing Blitzball. Lots and lots of Blitzball. 
Using the strategy I'm about to lay out will take you around 
10 hours if you do it right. Otherwise do it the hard way and 
you could easily sink 50 plus hours into this. Some people 
really like blitz and they have these amazing characters at 
high levels. Well good for them, you and I officially don't 
care anymore because in order to do this the easy way, you 
need to wipe the slate clean and clear all the stats of all 
the players and return all the players contracts and stats to 
the default like at the start when blitz was first an option. 
I think we can both live with that, right?
Why do blitzball? Other than that there are some trophies tied 
to it? Because Wakka's attack reels and celestial weapon are 
THAT good. It's a deal breaker. You NEED to have this! It can 
be a grind sometimes, but once you get the hang of it, it can 
actually start being a little fun. Using the following 
strategy will get you what you need as fast as possible so you 
can move on to bigger and better things.
First off, if you failed to get the Jecht shot from the story, 
go back to Kilika and simply catch the ferry and select Luca 
as your destination and you’ll be able to try to acquire the 
Jecht Shot again, simple as that.   Examine the blitzball on 
the deck and press the d pad toward the text and hit x. Repeat 
a bunch. That accomplished, onto the game.
Step 1: find a save sphere, start blitz and select reset 
Step 2: recruit the team:
1. Tidus will be the first shooter.
2. Find Wedge in Luca standing guard by the blitzball stadium 
in green. (Press square to recruit for 10 games). He's your 
second shooter.
3. Find Zalitz by the Luca Theater. He's a defender.
4. Find Jumaal near the Luca bar in the town square. Goalie.
5. Find Brother in your airship. Center.
6. Finally, find Ropp in the Mihen High road travel agency. 
7. Oh and I like to recruit Wakka from the airship. He never 
plays but he is my unofficial waterboy. 
At some point, it will tell you you've reached your limit of 
how many people you can have on a team. Drop all your original 
Auroch members except Tidus. 
There are two types of games you can play: league and 
tournament. Among the first place prizes you can win are the 
Reels and Wakka's sigil. That's what we are shooting for. You 
can also win random items like elixers, abilities for blitz 
players and rename cards. The problem is that the prize is way 
too random. If you left it up to chance you would play 
tournament after tournament for prizes you don’t care about. 
Doing it my way, you will be able to “control” the tournaments 
so that the prizes are only things that you want to win.  In 
the beginning, you can only choose league so play 2 league 
games and try to level your characters up as much as possible 
(more on that later). After the end of the 2nd game, exit the 
blitz menu entirely immediately. Save your game. Reopen blitz 
and now both Tournament and League should be an option. Look 
at the prizes for the tournament. If it's a Reel or sigil, 
play for it. If not, soft reset the game (press L1, L2, R1, 
R2, start and select all at once). Reload the game and open 
the blitz menu and the tourney prize should be different. Keep 
reloading until the prize is something you want. The sigil 
doesn't unlock until you have all 4 reels so that means you'll 
have to play 4 complete tournaments eventually.
Step 3: strategy for playing:
First off, recognize that this is a role playing game within a 
role playing game; this is not a sports game. It's stat 
driven, turn-based, and a little off sometimes. That being 
said, this basic strategy works most of the time. The instant 
one of the Aurochs gets the ball, press triangle and switch 
the game mode from auto to manual A. One way or another, get 
the ball to your center, Brother. Move him to the middle of 
the screen. Pass to Ropp in the lower right of the screen. 
Have Ropp approach the lower left side of the screen. Your 
goal is to get the bottom defender that is guarding Tidus to 
pull away from Tidus to engage Ropp.  There is a fine point 
where the defender pulls away from Tidus but isn’t close 
enough to attack Ropp. Try to find that sweet spot and pass 
the ball to Tidus in the lower left and try to get as close as 
you can to the goal and shoot. Tidus can equip Jecht Shot once 
he's a level 2. When you have Jecht shot equipped, he punches 
the ball into 1 person and kicks it into a second. That means 
2 defenders are completely nullified. So your goal is to try 
to get Tidus close to the goal with maybe 3 defenders or less. 
If there are three defenders attacking Tidus, break one 
defender (allow one to attack you) and then Jecht shot through 
the second and third. Against most goalies, this should score. 
Continue this strategy until you have a 2 point lead. If they 
score, go back to this until you're up by 2 again. Yes, you 
could score over and over again but you should also be 
leveling up your defenders as well for a more well-rounded 

Another strategy is to use Brother's awesome speed. After 
Brother levels up a bit, he is heads and shoulders faster than 
everyone else. Once Brother has the ball, buzz near the 
opponent's goal and 'collect' most of the defenders as they 
feebly try to chase you. Pull away a bit and pass to Tidus or 
Wedge who should be hanging out near the goal without 

Now for some thoughts on leveling up:
Leveling up:
Tidus will level plenty scoring.

Wedge. Between attacking and occasionally scoring, he should 
level just fine. He can learn to be a powerful a scorer; even 
overpowering Tidus. Let him shoot a couple times here and 
there so he can level up.

Brother. He'll be involved in almost every series, probably 
passing a lot. He can also learn to be a darn good scorer. 
Basically, Brother rocks and he's the fastest player in the 
game. I call him The Rocket. He'll likely be the highest level 
on the team. You won't need to focus on leveling him.

Jamaal. Don't sweat trying to level him up, he'll be fine. 
Stick him in the goal and forget about him.

Ropp and Zalitz. These guys need a little work. Once you're 
winning by two, get the ball away from the other team and get 
these two as close as possible to each other and just pass it 
back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. You level by 
DOING things. If you have a passing tech, use it to pass every 
time. Using techs uses hp and you almost always have way more 
than you need, so don't be stingy. If Ropp passes to Zalitz, 
he gains 2 exp and if he uses a venom pass (despite the fact 
the two are right next to one another) he gains like 7 exp or 
something like that so you level much faster by using techs.
You can learn techniques that make your players more awesome. 
There's a ton to be said here but I'll simplify. Before the 
half, you designate what techs you want to try to learn from 
your opponent. If they do that move, in the upper left corner, 
the technique will blink. Hit x to try to copy it. You can 
only use 1 tech at first but at higher levels you can learn up 
to 5. You'll be lucky if you get to 3 by the end of the 
tournament. Learn whatever you can but prioritize the 
Tidus- 1.Jecht Shot 2. Any attack (preferably wither) 3. Any 
pass (preferably wither).
Wedge- 1. Any shooting tech (preferably wither or Nap shot but 
Sphere Shot isn't bad either). 2.Any attack (preferably 
wither). 3 Any pass (preferably wither).
Brother- 1. Any pass (preferably wither). 2 Any attack 
(preferably wither) 3. Any shooting tech (preferably wither).
Ropp and Zalitz- 1.Any attack (preferably wither). 2. Any pass 
(preferably wither). 3. Anything really.
Jumaal. Super goalie and grip gloves.
A note on luck (otherwise called the random number generator). 
Any stat is worth 50-150% at any time. Meaning an attack of 8 
might actually register anywhere from a 4 to a 12. Keep that 
in mind when choosing your actions.
One other thing to note: Don't mess with the Al Bhed Psyches. 
Their goalie has such a high block stat that it’s unfair. 
Bring your A game at all times vs. them. You may need to 
wither or nap their goalie before you can score against him. 
At low levels, you might only get one Jecht shot per half, so 
use it wisely. If you ever get a lead, you might want to get 
the ball away from all defenders and just have the player sit 
behind Jumaal. The other team will spin worthlessly in circles 
and the clock will tick along. Once your characters are good 
enough to whoop pretty much anyone, you can use the "get a 
lead and sit behind Jumaal" trick to speed this whole process 
Step 4.
After winning the prize, reset the stats again and repeat all 
the above. Don't get emotionally attached to these characters 
since you'll be wiping them clean over and over again.
Enjoy World Champion and Attack Reels! 




Kimhari's Celestial Weapon (ffxcwkimhari)

The weapon: Spirit Lance
In the Thunderplains, there are gravestone-looking glyphs with 
cactaurs on them. There are three of them in the two areas of 
the plains that are glowing. Go up to them and 'pray' to them 
with the square button. You might notice a cactaur ghost 
chasing you around. This is supposed to help you find the 
glowing ones. Two things while looking for them: No encounters 
would speed this up if you're not looking to monster catch. 
Also in the upper part of the plains, there is a soldier 
hanging out under a lightning rod. Don't go anywhere near him 
or it will trigger the Dark Ixion battle which I'm guessing 
you don't want yet. 
After you've found all three, go back to the lower part of the 
plains. Nearer the beginning, on the right there is a broken 
lightning rod. Press square on that rod and 'pray' to it too 
and the chest with the lance will appear. Again why anyone 
would ever think to do this without a guide...
Saturn Crest
On Mt Gagazet nearer the top where you fought Seymor by some 
Saturn Sigil
Complete both Butterfly Chase games in Macalania Woods. This 
is the last of the "harder" quests in my opinion. You'll have 
to do both of the butterfly games to get the sigil. While this 
mini-game can be played earlier in the game, the prizes are 
nothing important until you have access to the airship. After 
you have the airship, the sigil can be attained. Start by 
touching the colorful butterfly near the bird-harp-guy in the 
winding tree tops which will cause the game to start. The 
objective is to simply touch the blue ones and avoid the red 
ones. You need a perfect run, if you touch a red one, there 
won’t be enough time to get all 7 butterflies. This is a trial 
and error exercise. Think in terms of extremes and by that I 
mean never run down the middle of the path. Either run at the 
far top or the far bottom, the far left or the far right. Make 
note of when you need to be on which side. Even if you touch a 
red one, keep practicing for the next run. After getting the 
seventh blue butterfly, don't leave the screen or you'll have 
to do it again! A fancy noise will tell you that you got 'em 
all. Backtrack until you find the chest. Open it and move on 
to the next one. The second butterfly game (the one on the 
right) tricks you. To start, move up first, get the one blue 
butterfly, then turn around and head down and get the rest. 
Again, don't forget to backtrack to get your prize after you 
get all seven. I've seen people draw maps showing you where to 
go and there's always YouTube but good old fashion practice 
ought to do it. I think this whole thing took me only like 30 
minutes. This is also a good time to work on monster catching 
since when you touch a red butterfly it triggers a fight. 
Finally, if you don’t feel like doing this, then don’t. Other 
than collecting the Spirit Lance itself, there is no trophy 
linked with the butterfly games. Complete only if you’re going 
to use Kimhari in your final party of if you are a 
perfectionist like me.
Yuna's Celestial Weapon (ffxcwyuna)
The Weapon: Nirvana
Catch one of every monster in the Calm Lands and the monster 
arena curator will gift it to you. Missing one? Try the Ogre 
and Malboro in the NW corner.
Moon Crest
This is located on the beach at Besaid Island. To reach it, 
swim out towards the sea and go right (from the perspective of 
facing the island) and round a large rock face to get onto 
another beach with the chest that contains the Moon Crest.
Moon Sigil
This requires you to obtain and defeat every aeon at Remiem 
Temple. All eight aeons (5 given to you through the story and 
the 3 optional ones) need to be acquired. Obtain  defeat all 
aeons in the Remiem Temple with Beligimine. After sending 
Belgimine, you obtain the sigil. First, let's find them all:

Yojimbo (otherwise known as Worthless)and the It’s All About 
the Money Trophy
Yojimbo is all about the Benjamins, baby. North of the monster 
arena, there is a bridge and under the bridge a path which 
leads the cavern of the stolen faith (Sometimes called the 
Sunken Cave). At the back of the cave, a pompous faith awaits 
you to pay for his services. If you want to obtain him for the 
least amount of money, do the following:
He offers 250,000, you counter 125,001
He offers 225,000, you counter 112,502
He offers 202,500, you counter 141,752
If you triple his asking price you get 2 teleport spheres but 
frankly by the time you've amassed that much capital, it is 
better spent in other ways. Congrats you have Yojimbo... never 
use him again if you can help it... except as a meat shield. I 
know there are a lot of people that swear by Zanmato; but it’s 
cheating! Money doesn't buy happiness in real life and it 
doesn't buy happiness in Spira either. I don't want to hear 
one word about Zanmato. I'm proud to say I don't need it and 
never will. The fact that you have to fight Dark Yojimbo 5 
times in order to beat him in my opinion was the producers 
trying to get people to not rely on Zanmato and play the game 
the way it was meant to be played.
Anima and Feel the Pain Trophy
Anima requires you to have used the Destruction Spheres and 
found the treasure chests in all of the temple cloister of 
trials, including Zanarkand. If you need help with finding the 
treasure chests in each of the temples, YouTube will help you 
out. Remember, you have to revisit Zanarkand as well to get 
the treasure there too. Then return to the Baaj temple. To 
find it enter X14, Y57 in the airship coordinates. If you have 
used all the Destruction Spheres and obtained all the temple 
treasures, the seals will be released and Anima will be yours. 
This is a great aeon and it will likely be the way you achieve 
99999 damage for the first time with its overdrive. The only 
temple that will be unavailable to you after gaining access to 
the airship will be Besaid since Dark Valefore blocks your 
path. Hopefully you got that one already. If not, think long 
term and come back to this after you have characters capable 
of beating Dark Valefore. After watching the exchange with the 
fayth it makes you think about Seymor a little differently, 
Magus Sisters and the Delta Attack Trophy
Monster catch all the creatures of Mount Gagazet and you will 
be given the Blossom Crown.  Now go back to Remiem Temple in 
the Calm Lands and fight Belgimine and defeat all of her aeons 
up to and including Anima. If you're really having issues, 
prep Anima or Bahamut with the haste spell (steal chocobo 
feathers from cactaurs in the Thunderplains or Bikanel) and 
have their overdrives and Yuna's overdrive ready to go. After 
defeating the last aeon, she will give you the Flower Scepter. 
Take the Flower Scepter and the Blossom Crown to the back of 
Remiem Temple to undo the barriers. Enter the chamber of the 
Fayth for the Magus Sisters. Fight Belgimine one last time and 
defeat the Magus Sisters. Finally, send Belgimine for the Moon 

Rikku's Celestial Weapon (ffxcwrikku)
The Weapon: Godhand
Obtaining the Godhand is as easy as inputting the password 
GODHAND into the password in the airship map. It takes you to 
the lower region of the Mushroom Rock Road that was previously 
unreachable. Bring the Mirror.
Mercury Crest
The Mercury Crest is found near the end of the Bikanel desert 
in the last area before Home in one of the sandpits on the 
left. Note: don't talk to the Al Bhed near where the entrance 
to home used to be or you will trigger the Dark Ifrit fight.
Mercury Sigil
Engage the proud Cactaurs of Bikanel Desert in a game of Red 
Light/Green Light meets Hide and Seek. There is nothing 
particularly challenging about this quest, but all the walking 
around does take a while. The quest starts by talking to the 
Cactaur stone near the whirlwind at the end of the Bikanel 
Desert. It gives cryptic clues where to find each Cactaur. 
Once you find them, a game starts where you can approach them 
only when their back is turned. You get three tries to try and 
tag them. The more successful you are with this game, the 
better the prize at the end. Don't sweat it too much, none of 
the prizes are worth losing sleep over. Win or lose, take the 
sphere they give you back to large cactaur stone by the 
whirlwinds and place it and get your next clue. Rinse, wash, 
1.Tomay – Oasis, to the right of the save sphere. 

2.Rovivea – Sanubia-East, running around a treasure chest in 
the northwestern alcove. 

3.Chava – Sanubia-West, read the signpost that advertises a 
"20% off sale". The cactaur will then appear. 

4.Alek – Sanubia-Central, running back and forth in the 
northwestern ruins. Leaving Sanubia West via the exit opposite 
the Cactaur Village takes you straight to that particular 

5.Aloja – See 4. 

6.Vachella – Sanubia-East, touch the save sphere in the tent. 
The cactaur will then appear. 

7.Robeya – Sanubia-Central, inside a treasure chest in the 
southwest corner. 

8.Isrra – Sanubia-West, in a shifting sand pit. To make the 
cactaur appear, the player must leave the area after 
delivering the sphere from Robeya and return. 

9.Elio – Oasis, the cactaur will use the save sphere to 
teleport onboard the airship. The player must board the 
airship and go to the top deck and outside to find him. 

10.Flaile – Sanubia-West, appears behind the player once the 
spheres from the first nine are all taken back to the stone. 
Nothing much to getting this one once you know where they all 
are. You can either look at this as an opportunity to do a lot 
of monster catching, or put no encounters on and just get it 
over with. Once the whirlwind subsides, go down into the 
Cactus area and grab the chests down there. Note, this area 
has the highest encounter rate for cactaurs so if you want to 
steal a bunch of choco feathers to teach your aeons haste, 
this would be the place to do it.
Auron's Celestial Weapon (ffxcwauron)
The weapon: Masamune
This one requires a little footwork. First go down toward the 
Sunken Cave where you found Yojimbo but instead of going right 
into the cave, go down and left along a cliff-side path. At 
its end, examine the Rusty Sword and steal it, you clepto. Now 
move to the end of the Mihen Highroad (take a choco to speed 
things up). After you enter the near the area of Mushroom Rock 
Road where "Operation Mihen" went down, don't go left, instead 
continue along the path. There will be a woman and a girl on 
the road and you need to go around them as far as possible. If 
you get too close to them the Dark Magus Sister fight will 
happen. If you give them a wide birth, then the fight can be 
avoided for now. Take the second left which leads to an 
elevator that takes you to an alcove with a statue that seems 
to be missing its weapon. Place the Rusty Sword which 
activates the panel on the wall which gives you the Masamune. 
As always, bring the celestial mirror.
Mars Crest
Go all the way to the very end of the lower Mihen High Road to 
find a Jecht Sphere and the Mars Crest.
Mars Sigil
Nothing fancy here. Just create a total 10 Species Creations 
or Area Creations at the Monster Arena. To get species, you 
need to monster catch 5 of each type of a monster (eg each 
'hornet looking bug from all of Spira). Area Creations require 
at least 5 in each area. Truth to be told, you will likely 
need to almost finish all of the monster catching before this 
unlocks. But since I need you to complete the monster catching 
anyways, this is two birds/one stone. Once you've completed 
the requirement, the monster arena curator will give this to 
you as long as you have the Celestial Mirror. This is as good 
a time as any, let’s talk more about Monster Catching since 
we've completed the section on Celestial Weapons.
Monster Catching (ffxmoncat)
There is nothing overtly challenging about monster catching. 
It is a time consuming venture that is for sure; however, the 
rewards are well worth the effort. Many of the rewards you 
will use to make either weapons or armor. Others will be 
useful to Rikku for mixing. Finally, monster catching provides 
a good opportunity to level up. I divide character growth into 
three categories: earlygame, midgame, and endgame. Earlygame 
is the entire main story campaign. Midgame is that point where 
you realize that defeating Yu Yevon isn't a big enough 
challenge and you are ready to become truly awesome. Endgame 
is where you are achieving max stats and equipment. The middle 
step is a little fuzzy. A certain amount of grinding is 
required to be able to take that next step. Monster catching 
is the perfect way to take that next step. 
My recommendation for which characters to use for monster 
catching include Tidus, Wakka, and Auron. The reason for this 
is these three are the naturally strongest strikers at the end 
of the story campaign. If you haven’t yet, go to the monster 
arena in the Calm Lands and purchase capture weapons for at 
least your three front line characters. I would also buy 
Rikku's capture weapon too. I also chose these guys because 
they have easy to find weapons with double AP as well. This 
way you can swap back and forth between your double AP weapons 
and your monster catching weapons for maximum efficiency. 
Tidus has a sword, Ascalon, that can be found by inputting 
X15, Y42 into the airship coordinates and going to a new 
Sanubia Sands area. Wakka has his World Champion celestial 
weapon which would mean completing the Blitzball requirements 
for him (see his celestial weapon section). Auron doesn't have 
an easy to find double AP weapon so I spent the megalixers to 
craft double AP onto his monster catch sword, Beastmaster. 
Heavy price but I never really used megalixers much anyways. 
Why am I talking about double AP weapons in the monster 
catching section? Well, when you start the process of monster 
catching, you will spend 20% of your time collecting 80% of 
your monsters and then the rest will be spent fighting wave 
after wave of monsters you don't need to catch anymore. These 
extra battles are a grand opportunity to whip out those double 
AP weapons and reap the EXP (remember you can always switch 
weapons mid-battle). Also after the bulk of monsters are 
captured, it wouldn't be a terrible idea to have Rikku with 
her Godhand in the final party at the time of victory. This 
will let Gillionaire help you make extra money. Little by 
little, bit by bit, it all adds up and Lord knows you'll need 
the cash. 


I'll try and give you a few tips for each section on where I 
found the tough to find ones. My tips are my own anecdotal 
observations. What works for me may not always work for you. 
Different regions of an area sometimes have different 
encounter rates for specific monsters. So if you can't find 
one, try running around to a different region in that area and 
take note of where you are finding them. By the time you get 
the last monster caught in the Omega Dungeon, you will be 
ready to start stat maxing. I would also advise you to quick 
buzz down to the stat maxing section for tips on how to spend 
the exp you're gaining along the way. Also, don’t spend any of 
money you’ll make from all these battles until I tell you to. 
You can either print this section of the guide or go get a 
notebook and copy down each monster and leave some room by 
each name. Grab a pen and as you catch each monster, make a 
hash mark by their name. Keep going till you collect 10 of 
every single monster. It can be a grind sometimes, but that’s 
Final Fantasy for you. Grab an iphone or a laptop or something 
and play some music to help pass the time if it helps. At any 
time you can go to the monster arena and talk to the curator 
to see how many  of each monster you've caught and make sure 
your notebook matches the game's numbers.


Water Flan
Nothing difficult here. The Condors are more likely to be 
found near the beach. Don't go into town cause at the gate to 
Besaid, the Dark Valefore fight will start and you aren’t 
ready for that yet.
Killer Bee
Yellow Element
The hard one to find is Ragora. I seemed to have luck finding 
this one down the center path where you fought Lord Ochu for 
the first time. 
Mi'ihen Highroad 
Mi'ihen Fang
Floating Eye
White Element
Dual Horn
White elements, Mi'ihen Fangs and Raldos are only found on the 
first few screens prior to the Al Bhed trading post. Vouivre 
and Ipiria are the hard ones to find. I had more luck on the 
lower Old Road first few screens on the cobblestones prior to 
where it opens up by the free roaming chocobos.
Mushroom Rock Road 
Thunder Flan
Red Element
The only one that was a challenge here was Garuda. Go the full 
distance down the Mushroom Rock Road all the way to the 
elevator where Operation Mihen took place. The elevator is 
broke but every other fight will be a Garuda. Plus, there's a 
Jecht Sphere up there. To mix it up, you can also try fighting 
down below by going to the location where Rikku's Godhand was. 
One note, after exiting the Mihen High Road, the first screen 
on the Mushroom Rock Road where the road forks to go up to 
where Operation Mihen was,  there is a woman and a girl 
standing there. Go way, way around them otherwise the Dark 
Magus Sisters fight will start.
Djose Road
Bite Bug
Snow Flan
Ochu can only be found only after the Ixion temple on the 
Moonflow paths. Simurgh can be hard to find. On the path prior 
to the Ixion temple, there are splotches of sun on the rocky 
path and Simurgh will only be found in the sun in my 
experience. I had more luck in the middle of the path down a 
ways from the temple.
Thunder Plains 
Gold Element
Iron Giant
The only hold out is Iron Giant which is only found on the 
northern side of the Al Bhed trade post. Avoid the soldier 
north of the trading post entirely or the Dark Ixion fight 
will start. I stayed below him and just circled the lightning 
rod till I collected 10. 
Snow Wolf
Evil Eye
Ice Flan
Blue Element
There is a nice trick in Macalania to speed this up by using 
the Butterfly game to your advantage. First off, I would go 
for Kimhari's sigil if you haven't already and monster catch 
along the way as you learn the path to get through the two 
butterfly games. If that's already done, purposefully catch 
RED butterflies! You will fight monsters faster than just 
running around waiting for random encounters. Snow Wolf, Evil 
Eye, Ice Flan and Mafdet can only be found along the winter 
blizzard area approaching the Shiva temple. Don't get too 
close to the temple or you'll fight Dark Shiva.
Sand Wolf
Sand Worm
Doing the Cactaur game for Rikku's sigil is a great way to 
accomplish filling the list up here. Zu and Sand Worm are best 
found to the left of the large desert area in the ruins. 
Cactaur is best found in the Cactaur village after the 
whirlwind is stopped and you have the sigil. You might notice 
some Al Bhed near the top of the last screen where the 
entrance to Home used to be. Stay away from them or the Dark 
Ifrit fight will start.
Calm lands 
Flame Flan
Chimera Brain
The hard ones to find are Malboro, Chimera Brain, and 
especially Ogre. I found them more commonly in the NW corner 
of the plains; not the far corner though. If Malboro is the 
only thing you have left, move on to the Sunken Cave because 
he's there too.
Sunken Cave
Dark Element
That I am aware, there are no little tricks for this place. 
The encounter rate of Tonberry is very low. I have read 
anecdotal accounts that the path to the right where the room 
has a green tint to it yields more Tonberrys. I found some 
there too so I don't know if there's some truth to that or 
not? I seemed to find more Dark Elements near the front of the 
cave. Epaaj will always be found in the area outside of the 
cave. Be patient... you'll be here for a while... If you go 
all the way to the end and encounter Dark Yojimbo, just hop on 
the teleport pad to bypass the fight for now. 
Mt. Gagazet 
Dark Flan
Gagazet is a big area! Bashura, Grenade, and Grat are found in 
the early going while climbing the snowy cliffs. Splasher, 
Achelous, and Maelspike can only be found in the water in the 
cave. Behemoth, Mandragora, Dark Flan, and Ahriman are found 
in the cave but I would actually hunt for them in the 
Zanarkand ruins.  After you get the airship, when you come 
back here, there's an opportunity to redo the Gagazet ball 
challenge with Wakka. Don't do that yet unless you want to 
unleash Dark Anima. Dark Bahamut is found where Yunalesca was 
if you ever go that far, which you shouldn’t since there’s no 
capturable fiends that far.
Inside Sin
Great Malboro
Behemoth King
Now that double AP and Gillionaire will really start paying 
dividends. Yes you need 10 of both Geminis, but they always 
come in pairs. The only tough one to find is Barbatos. You'll 
have the rest of the list completed well before Barbatos. Stay 
close to the last save point before you reach the point of no 
return to try to find Barbatos. A little note on Behemoth 
King: After capturing 10, upon killing my 11th, I found a rude 
surprise of his final attack of a meteor which almost killed 
my entire party. Switch one of the boys to their celestial 
weapon (preferably Wakka since that has double AP and the 
others can keep their double AP weapons on too). Have Wakka 
Taunt Behemoth King which will lead to either a counter attack 
kill or an evade-and-counter kill. Basic Final Fantasy tenet: 
you can't counter a counter. That means if you kill it with a 
counter attack, he can't do his final attack. Ideally teach 
Wakka Taunt with an Ability or Skill Sphere.  Great Malboros 
are scary. Having at least one party member have 
confuse/berserk/stoneproof isn’t a bad idea. Auron's celestial 
weapon with first strike helps make sure that Auron can do 
delay buster before he gags you with his halitosis. For that 
poisonous plant just delay buster him to next week and he’ll 
never get another turn. The triple Ahriman fight is a great 
chance to steal multiple musks for confuseproof.
Omega Dungeon
Floating Death
Black Element
Master Coeurl
Master Tonberry
Be careful here if you aren’t a super high level yet. I would 
advise having at least one character have confuseproof, 
poisonproof and beserkproof and at least one but preferably 
more having stoneproof. I died a couple times here when I 
wasn't being careful. Permanently keeping Auron in your front 
party and having his first strike weapon will guarantee that 
you get at least one turn vs Great Malboro since he always 
first strikes and uses Bad Breath. Again, have Auron delay 
buster him. Always steal from the chest that comes with Zaurus 
and if a Mimic pops up, make sure Rikku (and her beautiful 
Godhand) is in the party that defeats it for big money. I had 
a hard time finding Macheas. I found them near the beginning 
of the dungeon and to the path to its immediate right. Master 
Tonberry and Varuna are somewhat rare but I found them more 
near the end where Omega was. Also in final mix, they upped 
Omega's stats so he's a lot harder than I remembered him 
being. Also don't forget to Lancet him for Kimhari's Nova for 
the Learning! trophy. This is also a great place to stock up 
on level 1,2, and 3 key spheres.
Stat Maxing (ffxstatmax)
During monster catching, all the EXP you're gaining in the 
early going is best spent having Tidus Wakka and Auron do 
Tidus, Wakka and Auron's paths. This will put the focus on 
speed and strength which is what you need for midgame 
progress. Tidus's path ends and puts him in Yuna's territory. 
You don't want to be here. Instead, use a warp, teleport, or 
even a friend sphere to get to the end of Auron's path and 
work backwards to the beginning of his path. Auron naturally 
runs into Tidus's path so work to the end of of Tidus’s path 
and warp to Wakka’s path. Wakka naturally goes into Auron's. 
If you finish the second person's path, move on to the third. 
Eventually when you can do at least 15,000 damage or so with 
celestial weapons, you're probably ready to start fighting 
monster arena creations and start farming specific rewards to 
start really building your characters. I'd probably recommend 
having at least two characters with auto-phoenix armor cause 
in the early going, you'll likely die a lot. But that's fine; 
the phoenix will take care of you (as long as you keep your 
larder full of phoenix downs). Craft some armor with mega-
In the beginning of the game, you chose either the standard or 
the expert grid. The expert has less restrictions and overall, 
less nodes to fill. The standard grid is way bigger (68 more 
nodes). As big as it is, you can't max every single stat, 
there simply isn't enough room to do it so concessions will 
need to be made. So I will begin this section by reviewing all 
the stats and telling you which ones to max and which to not 
worry about.
While monster catching I recommended that you have Tidus, 
Auron and Wakka do each other's sphere grid paths. Now that 
you can beat monster arena monsters and are ready to really go 
hog wild with stat maxing, we are going to switch strategies. 
It is important that you get all 4 characters in the same 
place. My advice is the lower left corner of the sphere grid 
where there is that triangle. Where is less than important 
than why? You need to control where they are all going to 
minimize how many spheres are needed to level everyone up in 
as little hopping around the grid as possible. I find the 
triangle corner in the outer, lower left and moving in a 
counter clockwise motion around the perimeter to be ideal. We 
are going to be using clear spheres to wipe out nodes and 
replace them with +4 this or that spheres. This is an ideal 
place because it will rip through Yuna, Rikku, and Lulu's 
areas which I can certainly do without. So use Teleport, warp 
or friend spheres to gather the crew in one place. When moving 
along the grid, complete each large circle area entirely 
before moving on to the next circle. Work with one type of 
stat sphere at a time. Meaning keep creating only +4 strength 
spheres until all four characters have max strength. Then move 
on to the next type. Use the clear spheres that you unlocked 
from the monster arena after you collected 10 of every monster 
to clear everything that isn't a +3 or a +4. Clearing 
everything isn't necessary but it will speed this process up. 
If you choose not to use clear spheres, you will have to run 
around the whole bloody thing to max your stats. I started in 
the lower left corner and cleared everything that wasn't +4 
and maxed all the stats by the time I worked my way around the 
perimeter of the grid. Take your time when moving along the 
grid and be systematic. Move in small chunks and finish a 
large circle completely before you move onto the next large 
circle area. Again, keep everybody together and take turns 
covering the same ground with each character.
The numbers represent in what order I would focus on each 
stat. Since we will be doing one stat at a time, you will find 
yourself in need of a lot of one type of strength, magic, or 
speed spheres to fill them for all 4 characters. Easy fix: 
Fight Kottos and use the corresponding Distill ability. IE 
when farming strength, you will need a bunch of power spheres 
to fill those strength sphere nodes. To do that, you would hit 
Kottos once with distill strength and then kill Kottos by any 
means and his drop will change from 20 Healing Springs (40 for 
overkill) to 20/40 of whatever type of distill you hit him 
with. In the beginning Kottos will kill you every time he 
touches you and every time you touch him. Annoying for sure 
but he is slow and Auto-Phoneix will help. With max strength, 
he still takes 5 hits to take down.
1. Strength. I know, I know, I've been harping that speed is 
power but frankly, power makes the biggest noticeable splash 
initially. Max strength, you need 255. End of discussion. Take 
a look at Rikku, Wakka, Auron and Tidus and see who has the 
lowest strength. Take that number (let’s say for example 75) 
and subtract it from 255. 255-75=175. Now divide that number 
by 4. 175/4=43.75 Which means I need (rounding up) 44 Strength 
Spheres.  Whatever the number, I'd add maybe 5 more since you 
will likely clear some +1 or +2 or +3  Strength spheres while 
replacing them with +4 Strength Spheres. Where do you get 
these you might ask? From Juggernaut at the Monster Arena, 
your new home! This is a good place to start because you can 
actually hit this guy without huge accuracy stats. Many of the 
monster arena creatures have high evasion stats but not 
Juggernaut. I find it interesting that you get strength from 
this guy considering his main weapon is a triple fireball move 
(magic, not strength). The wind can easily be taken out of its 
sails with a move that Yuna knew from the get go: Nulblaze. 
Juggernaut will charge one turn and fireball the next so you 
have plenty of time to get a nulblaze down. Ideally, have one 
of your guys learn Nulblaze with say a White Magic Sphere. 
Worst case scenario, bring in Yuna last second to cast it and 
then get her out of there. Pay the money and start the fight. 
First turn drop a hasteaga and auto life at least one person 
until you're sure you can beat this guy. Armor Break doesn't 
work all but 5% of the time, so don't bother. Spam Quick Hit 
again and again with all 3 characters. You can always just 
touch the save sphere behind the trainer to refill your mp 
after the fight. Juggernaut has 1,200,000 HP so at first, it 
will take a little time to kill it; however, the more strength 
you gather, the faster this fight becomes. It's fun to all the 
sudden go from doing 15,000 to 99,999 damage. If you work 
hard, you can get there in less than an hour!
2. Agility. In other words, speed! You need to max this one to 
255 as well. All 4 characters and Yuna as well should max 
this. You will be farming Fenrir for this one. You will 
quickly find that you probably can’t even hit this wolf. Don't 
worry, overdrives can't miss. It's time for Wakka to start 
kicking some lupine ass. Now that you can do 99,999 damage, 
one attack reels will end him since it only has 850,000 HP.  
Before the fight begins, either go out into the Calm Lands 
proper and change your overdrive setting to slayer and kill 
things with your celestial weapons (triple overdrive). Three 
kills will fill your gauge and do it for all three characters. 
Or you can stay in front of the monster arena and just pay to 
fight Dingos from Besaid to fill your drive gauge, your 
choice. Start the fight, let Wakka kill it with an Attack 
Reels. Start it again and have another character use entrust 
to give his overdrive to Wakka, kill it. Repeat again with the 
third. Then recharge everybody's overdrive gauge. Again, look 
who has the lowest agility and figure out how many Agility 
Spheres you will need to farm. Another (and probably faster) 
option is to use Wakka's solo overdrive method. See the Earth 
Eater section under Luck to see how this works.
3. Accuracy. Tired of not being able to hit things? Look no 
further than Hornet. We will be maxing this one to 255 as 
well. Again, like Fenrir, use Wakka's Attack Reels to do the 
killing. However, once you get closer to 255 accuracy, you 
won't need to use Wakka exclusively. As your stat increases, 
try attacking it with Quick Hit if you can. It has 620,000 HP, 
so 7 hits will do it. Don't get too cavalier as Hornet has 
some debilitating negative status attacks plus it frequently 
also hits with Deathstrike so if you can't kill it quickly, 
then just stick with Wakka's overdrives. Again the Wakka solo 
overdrive method works wonders here.
4. Defense. Max it at 255. Tanket will yield these. It is slow 
and it hits hard. Whoever it hits will likely die but you can 
try Auron's Sentinel move right before its turn. Or you can 
just let your auto-phoenix armor do its thing. For both 
defense and magic defense, by endgame if something touches 
you, it’s probably going to kill you since we are going the 
non-break hp limit approach. However, I need both to be maxed 
to fight Penance since I need you to be able to survive his 
hits. With max strength, agility and accuracy, this won’t be 
hard. Stick with Quick Hits for a sure victory.
5. Magic Defense. Max it at 255. One-Eye! I have a lot to say 
about One-Eye but this isn't the place for it. Suffice to say, 
you will be killing this guy a lot! His HP is only 150,000 so 
a two hit kill is in order. Have Auron's first strike ability 
and have at least one character with confuseproof just in case 
he ambushes you. 
6. Evasion. There is some discussion here. I maxed it but 
endgame, I won't lie, most dark aeons still hit me and I 
dodged very little. I maxed it at 255 and would advise you to 
do the same but don't feel like you have to. Pteryx will give 
you these. This would be another fight that without max 
accuracy would be challenging. But with max strength, accuracy 
and agility, this shouldn't be a problem. If it ambushes you 
it has a hit all three move that causes curse but that's not a 
deal breaker. At 100,000 HP, a 2 hit kill makes maxing this 
stat go quickly.
That leaves HP, MP, magic, and Luck. We can't max everything, 
that's not possible. Even if you clear every available sphere 
and replace them all with +4s. So let’s discuss what gets the 
7. HP. Running around the sphere grid will naturally and 
quickly get you 9999 health. Don't go out of your way to farm 
HP Spheres from Ironclad, it’s not necessary. Ironclad is kind 
of a bitch. Once all 4 characters have 9999, use clear spheres 
on the rest you encounter.
8. MP. Same idea as HP. Get to 999 and stop. Don't bother 
farming Vidatu for more. As soon as all 4 characters have 999, 
then clear the rest of the MP sphers you encounter. One could 
even make an argument that you don't even need 999 and they 
wouldn't be wrong. Rikku does have a mix that bestows the 
whole party with no mp casting, but I'd probably just get 999 
to keep your options open.
9. Magic. Don't need it. Don't use it. Don't care. Defeating 
Jumbo flan for magic +4s is hard enough since he's immune to 
physical attacks, so don't bother. Any magic spheres, even +4s 
you encounter, clear them. Seriously.
10. Luck. That leaves Luck. Luck requires some discussion. 
Since we aren't maxing magic, HP, or MP that leaves a lot of 
room for luck. I'd love to max it but maxing this stat 
requires a major time commitment. Make no mistake; you'll be 
at this awhile. First off, luck is unique in that you need 
Luck Spheres to create the node and then you need Fortune 
Spheres to fill them. This is the only stat that has its own 
special sphere that way.  When I beat this game before final 
mix, I never touched luck but that won't fly now. To defeat 
the dark aeons and Penance, you're going to need lots of it. 
The reason being that when the game calculates if you are 
going to hit something, it calculates: Accuracy + luck + 
random number generator vs. the target's evasion +luck + 
random number generator. So if your figure is higher than the 
target's, the attack connects. If not, you miss. The dark 
aeons have huge luck stats. That means that even if you have 
max 255 accuracy, you will still be missing with all of your 
attacks. I would advise getting around 130 luck for each 
character. This will pretty much allow you to hit anything 
when paired with max accuracy. It will also increase your odds 
of evading attacks greatly for everything except the most 
elite enemies. Hang in there because it took more time to do 
step 10, then all of step 1-9 combined.
   Luck Spheres are obtained from Greater Spheres and Fortune 
Spheres are obtained from Earth Eater. First things first, we 
need Luck spheres from Greater Sphere. The fastest way of 
beating it is probably to do Wakka's Attack Reels and then 
have your teammates Entrust their overdrives to Wakka for more 
Attack Reels. In between fights, kill One-Eye to rebuild the 
overdrive gauges (just trust me) for at least Wakka. Greater 
Sphere has a target all move that if your overdrive gauge is 
set to comrade, everybody's gauge fills up pretty quick. This 
allows for more Attack Reels. Again, look at who has the 
lowest luck and figure you're getting 4 a pop to figure out 
how many you need. This doesn't take too long but figure for 
every one Luck Sphere created, you need 4 Fortune Spheres for 
each character to fill it. This brings me to Earth Eater.
   You and Earth Eater are going to be spending lots of time 
together. First a little homework. Take Wakka and start a 
fight with a Dingo found in the monster arena- Besaid section. 
Cast haste on Wakka and slow on the Dingo. Make the other two 
characters escape the fight so that Wakka is alone. Now guard 
by pressing triangle over and over and over and over. Keep 
this up for probably two minutes until the overdrive mode 
Loner is unlocked. Loner charges when Wakka does something 
alone. Next Wakka needs armor with deathproof from 60 farplane 
winds. You obtain 60 farplane winds for finishing monster 
catching in the Calm Lands. Start the fight with Earth Eater 
and have Tidus and Auron escape as soon as possible. Have 
Wakka attack once. This will be counterattacked with a punch 
with deathstrike-but you're covered. Attack a second time and 
this time he'll flip back onto his back. Now you'll spend the 
rest of the fight staring at his ass. Any attacks now will be 
countered with flare (but you have max magdef so you're going 
to be fine). If you don't have your overdrive filled, guard 
once or twice to fill it. Once full, then do Attack Reels. 
Then guard until your overdrive is full again and then Attack 
Reel once more. Two perfect Attack Reels will do it. There are 
other ways to kill him but this is the fastest. Maybe have a 
laptop nearby to play some tunes or something so you can stay 
sane with as much as you're going to be doing this. P.S. Earth 
Eater also drops armor with auto-phoenix. Save one for each 
character as this always comes in hand.
Finally, after all of this, you will likely still have entire 
chunks of the Sphere Grid that you haven't filled out. That's 
ok for now. Don't feel like you need to finish the Sphere Grid 
and achieve the Sphere Master and Perfect Sphere Master 
Trophies. This is not the time for that. Max your stats, get 
all the abilities you need at least for you main 4 characters 
and the rest we will deal with later. Move on to the dark 
aeons and Penance and then come back later to finish the grid.
Dark Aeons (FFXDKAN)
Preparation for the dark aeons, other than the ridiculous 
amount of stat building we finally finished is actually fairly 
minimal. Bare minimum, you will need stoneproof on your armor 
for all characters. Several of them have stonetouch that also 
shatters. Auto-haste would be great but it isn't completely 
necessary.  For all the battles, begin with hasteaga if you 
don't have auto-hastes. I would also open up with at least one 
auto-life. You know all those things you've been holding back 
like megalixers and all the ingredients for Rikku's mixing? 
It's time to whip that shit out. Use quick hit every single 
time. Wakka's Attack Reels are certainly called for and then 
Tidus can Entrust his drive to Wakka for more Attack Reels. 
Rikku can either mix something awesome or entrust as well. 
With any of the aeons, if their overdrive gauge becomes full, 
last turn before theirs, bring in Yuna (with an auto-haste 
ring), have her summon something so it can die for you. Then 
after the aeon is done devastating your aeon’s face, get Yuna 
out of there and bring back the crew and the quick hits.
Dark Valefore
You will find Dark Valefore at the city gates of Besaid. 
Nothing too special here, just follow the above basic tips. 
Maybe now you can get the last Jecht Sphere, find that Al Bhed 
Primer, and redo the chamber of fayth for a few chests in 
there that you probably don't care about anymore. If you 
didn’t before, the dog at besaid has a second overdrive for 
Valefore in its mouth… um?
Dark Ifrit
You will find Dark Ifrit at the entrance to where Home was in 
Bikanel Desert. Basic tips here again.
Dark Ixion
You will find the thunder horse on the northern part of the 
Thunderplains. Approach the soldier for the first fight then 
go down to the lower area to fight him again. More of the 
same. Stoneproof is a must.
Dark Shiva
Find her at Macalania temple where you first found her lighter 
counterpart. Again basic tips apply here. Enjoy kicking more 
Guado ass on the way out.
Dark Yojimbo
Find him at the back of the Sunken Cave. You will have to 
fight him five times in order to truly defeat him. I truly 
believe that they made you fight him five times in order to 
scare people away from solely relying on Zanmato to win these 
premium fights. The odds of getting Zanmato 5 times in a row 
aren't good so that means you have to do it the hard way. 
Unless you are ridiculously loaded with gil, but what fun is 
that? His evade is quite high so Rikku's mix that casts aim 5 
times would be good if you keep missing. Stoneproof is a must. 
Search every nook and cranny of the cave until you beat him 
five times. It’s not needed but Yojimbo drops armor with 
Ribbon on it. If you want to farm him for these, beat him four 
times then go to the back of the cave and teleport to the 
front of the cave and leave. Repeat till you get what you 
want. However, if you beat him five times in one run then he 
will be gone forever. Again, this isn’t necessary, especially 
since all we have left is a few aeons and Penance and Penance 
will have his own unique armor setup. 
Dark Anima
To unlock him, you have to replay the Gagazet minigames  in 
the caves atop Gagazet like where you had Wakka peg that 
glowing ball by timing the shot. Once unlocked, he's near the 
Gagazet entrance. He has huge amounts of HP so he will be 
getting his overdrive a couple times during the fight. Let 
Yuna's aeons take the blow because you can't survive it. 
Stoneproof is a must. Make sure to have autolife on at least 
one character at all times and armors with auto-phoenix. 
Attack Reels as much as possible but prioritize autolife.
Dark Magus Sisters
You'll find the bug ladies at the Mihen High Road/ Mushroom 
Rock Road junction where a woman and a girl are standing 
there. The instant you see them, you have the chance to run 
away from them. Run up the path and work your way all the way 
up to where the elevator is at the end of the Mushroom Rock 
Road. If you are successful in running away, that will 
separate the three sisters so that you can fight them one on 
one instead of all three at once. This makes the fight 
immeasurably easier. Not to mention the fact that if you 
choose to fight all three at once they immediately ambush with 
their overdrive move Delta Attack which will, without a doubt, 
wipe your face off the face of Spira. The only thing really to 
highlight is that all three, and especially Dark Mindy, have 
really high Evades. Mindy has the highest Evade in the game! 
You may need to rely on Wakka's Attack Reels and Entrust. With 
a HP of 2,000,000, two Attack Reels will do it.
Dark Bahamut
That leaves Bahamut. Dun dun dunnnnnn. He is found in the 
chamber where you found Yunalesca in Zanarkand.  Auto-Phoenix 
and stoneproof armor are a must. If you are struggling to beat 
him, then consider the investment on auto-haste armor. You're 
going to be dying a lot. Bahamut will counter every move and 
will likely kill you. On top of that, every fifth time you hit 
it, it’s counterattack changes from a regular attack to 
Impulse, which will kill your whole party. My recommendation 
is to have auto-life on everybody at all times. Wakka's Attack 
Reels is the way to go but you need to be careful about 
Impulse and of his overdrive, Megaflare. You need to time when 
you drop the Attack Reels. After an impulse or a megaflare, 
you will need several turns to replace the auto-life and haste 
buffs. You need to be mindful at all times how many times 
you've hit him cause if you're careless, there won't be enough 
time between impulse and megaflare to replace autolife on 
everybody. Count out loud your hits or keep track on a piece 
of paper. Make your hits count. All the autolife casting costs 
a ton of mp, so be liberal with your items like megalixers. 
Hopefully you haven't been waiting for the Sun Crest this 
whole time, but if you are, take the north staircase before 
you leave the area. Congrats, in some ways, Bahamut is harder 
Penance (ffxpnc)
Defeating all of the dark aeons unlocks Penance. What I like 
about this fight is that even with max stats and the best 
armor available, without the right strategy, this guy will 
destroy you. Onto the prep:


All along, we chose to not break hp limit, so before you start 
the fight, there is a very particular set of armor for each 
character that we need to make. It will have auto-haste, 
defense +20%, auto-protect, and auto-potion. Doing everything 
that I'm about to say costs a lot of gil and if you need tips 
for making gil, see the section on gil making. First, visit 
Oaka's brother, Wantz at the entrance to Macalania Woods and 
buy four 4-slot armors. Some of what you will need, you will 
already have from rewards for monster catching.
Auto-Haste: 80 chocobo wings. There's really no easy way to 
make this other than spending lots of freaking money. Bribe 
Machea (fight one from the monster arena) for around 360,000 
gil. You can try lower amounts but probably won't get as good 
of returns. You will have to repeat this several times to 
raise enough to get 80 for each character. It's a lot of 
money, I know but what else are you saving the gil for? Again, 
see raising gil for tips on raising capital.
Def +20%: 4 Blessed Gems. You get 6 for overkilling Cactaur 
Kings. This isn't too bad.
Auto-Protect: 70 Light Curtains. Fafnir's common drop is 20-40 
Light Curtains. Considering you also got 99 from monster 
catching, you're already over a fourth done.
Auto-Potion: 4 stamina tablets. Considering you get 60 of 
these from monster catching, you're good to go. But using this 
ability right is the key. Sell all potions and high potion so 
you only have x-potions left. You will literally need over 75 
X-potions of these for Penance, so...
X-potions. 60 potions can be bribed from Valaha for 174,000 
gil. Find him in the Sunken Cave list of the Monster Arena.

This is it. This is why you maxed your stats. This is why you 
built that awesome armor. This is why you've spent countless 
hours slaving away at this game. This is probably why you 
bought a game you likely already own! It's time to pull out 
all the stops and really see what your characters can do! 
Rikku and Wakka must be in your party and honestly between 
Auron and Tidus it really doesn't matter who the third is. All 
3 characters should have the following abilities: Quick Hit, 
Auto-Life, Hasteaga, Entrust, Dispel, Use, and maybe 
Quickpockets. Enter with full overdrives set to Comrade and 
you are ready to go. Before you go hog wild, priority number 
one at all times is this: Kill the arms first! No matter what 
else is going on, the arms must die. If you are diligent about 
this, the arms will never get a turn. The arm's death is 
imperative since they are capable of a number of awful 
negative status effects and your current armor choice leaves 
you exceptionally vulnerable to attacks like stonetouch and 
shatter for example. Each arm has a HP of 500,000 so you will 
need 6 quick hits to be taken down. If time allows, you can 
quick hit both arms 5 times and throw a grenade with Use to 
shave a little time by killing both arms with one blast, but 
don't get too cute with that. The reason I said to hold your 
horses is I want you to not be too damaging in the beginning. 
Rikku needs to place a set of buffs before phase two starts. 
The arms will come back and you need to take them out as soon 
as you can but when Rikku's overdrive gauge is full there are 
a few buffs she needs to put on. In phase one he does a move 
that targets all 3 characters. Before he does that, use Ultra 
Nulall Overdrive by mixing the first ingredient of either a 
chocobo wing or a chocobo feather with either a healing water 
or a tetra element. This will place Nulall (5x cheer, 5x 
focus, 5x aim, and 5x reflex). This will help you survive 
Penance's arsenal. From now on, no one must die or these buffs 
will have to be redone and you likely won't have time for 
that. If your overdrives are set to Comrade, Rikku's Overdrive 
will fill quickly but I would hurry things up by having her do 
the Eccentric overdrive (Megalixer mixed with either a 
defense, strength, magic def, or magic sphere) to further 
speed up overdrive charging. Next I would have her do Freedom 
X overdrive to have zero mp usage for all characters. Mix a 
twin stars with a x potion. This will be imperative later when 
Penance starts draining all your mp, you can quick hit him 
(her? it?) even with zero mp. If you have all these buffs on, 
you can proceed to allow Wakka to Attack Reels and then 
Entrust further overdrives to Wakka to do more Attack Reels. 
Once phase two starts (it will be clear when this happens 
cause the board thing falls off of him), your strategy 
changes. First, cast dispel on Penance. Continue destroying 
the arms as priority one. Now Penance only attacks one person 
at a time. Whoever he targets, you need to cast dispel on that 
character as soon as you can. This will take fullbreak off of 
them. If you don't do that, the next time that character gets 
hit, he would die and then all the buffs would be gone and at 
that point you've likely lost the fight. If you do cast dispel 
on the character that Penance hit, then he can survive the 
next time he's targeted. Rinse and repeat for the next 20 
minutes. Kill the arms, cast dispel on whoever Penance just 
hit and throw in Attack Reels when you can to speed things up. 
Eventually, this uberboss will drop. Congrats! You should feel 
good about yourself! I remember I was holding my newborn baby 
daughter and she had just fallen asleep when I beat Penance 
and I wanted to whoop out loud my excitement but had to hold 
it back. It was over a half hour fight and I had to pee! 
Anyhow, feel good about this since likely beating this boss 
took over 90 hours of prepwork. I personally feel this was the 
most rewarding optional boss I've ever defeated. It even 
trumps FF12's Yiazmat and ff7's Ruby Weapon. 
Sphere Master and Perfect Sphere Master (ffxsphr)
Whoever decided this needed to be a trophy is a sick bastard. 
It should be pointed out that I will firmly recommend that 
these trophies be sought out only after you have defeated 
Penance! The reason being is that I am going to have you 
actually wipe out all of the luck spheres you so diligently 
filled. Why? Because if you didn't, then Yuna, Kimhari, and 
Lulu would also need all those fortune spheres too. If you 
want to go back to grinding the Earth Eater, you go right 
ahead, but not me. Your four main studs are probably not even 
close to filling the whole grid. The whole grid means no blank 
nodes and no key spheres. Everything, and I mean everything, 
needs filling. This is certainly doable but once again, some 
prep work is needed to make this palatable. To start off, 
everybody, all 7 characters, need special Don Tonberry weapons 
that I call Ragnarok Weapons. A Ragnarok weapon is a weapon 
that contains, triple AP, triple overdrive, and AP to 
Overdrive abilities. It is abundantly clear that the game 
makers wanted this trick to be used since when you create 
these weapons, they all have special names. Once one of these 
is used properly, you can literally gain 99 levels in less 
than 5 minutes-no joke! Sound Appealing? Let's do this:
Step 1. One-Eye farming. Remember when I said you should kill 
One-Eye? This is why. Killing One-Eye is good for a number of 
reasons. First and foremost, it can drop weapons with triple 
AP on it. What you are looking for is a weapon with triple AP 
and two blank slots. It will drop weapons with only one blank 
slot but these aren't good enough. Keep killing One-Eye until 
you have weapons with one triple AP and 2 blank slots weapon 
for each character. This will take some time but it isn't time 
wasted. Killing him is also a great way to raise gil. You only 
need one for each character so extras or ones with only one 
blank slot on it can be sold for huge amounts of gil! Also you 
will be getting mag def spheres. We will need to fill those 
empty nodes on the grid with something, anything! By the end 
you will likely have 99 of these so you'll be killing a couple 
birds with one stone here.
Step 2. Customize the triple AP weapon to add the AP to 
Overdrive ability. 10 Door to Tomorrows will do it. You earned 
99 of them from Monster Catching so that is more than enough 
to make 7 weapons, one for each character. Moving on.
Step 3. Triple Overdrive. 30 Winning Formulas will make this. 
Only way to reasonably find these is to bribe Sand Worms for a 
whopping 960,000 and you can get up to 15, but more likely, 
you'll only get like 11 or 12. I can see you doing the math in 
your head. Best case scenario 960,000X2=1,920,000 per 
character X 7 characters= 13,440,000. That's a lot of cheddar.  
See the raising gil section. You can fight Ultima Buster for 
its common drop for one if you only need a couple. Before you 
disregard this, it's well worth it, so put the work in. 
Remember the time spent raising the money to do this will be a 
fraction of the time required to grind levels to accomplish 
the same thing. In the end, you will be saving yourself loads 
of time if you put the work in up front.
Step 4. Get all 7 characters on the same node with Friend, 
Warp, or Teleport Spheres. Have every character put on their 
Auto-Phoenix armor if you have it and make sure you have 
plenty of phoenix downs. Equip the Ragnorok weapons.
Step 5. Fighting Don Tonberry. The way that battle works is 
after attacking him, he counter attacks with a move that deals 
more damage if that character has killed lots of enemies. For 
example, my boys Tidus, Auron and Wakka easily get hit for 
99,999 damage since they have killed bunches of monsters, 
whereas Yuna and Riku only get hit for a small amount since 
they hardly ever killed anything. The participants in the Don 
Tonberry fight will be divided into two categories: strikers 
and receivers. There will be one striker per fight and that 
person will be the only one hitting Donny Boy. The strikers 
should be people who have killed bunches of monsters like 
Auron, Tidus and Wakka since we want lots of damage here. The 
striker should have his overdrive mode set to stoic. The two 
receivers should have their overdrive modes set to comrade. 
The striker hits Don and promptly is killed by Everyone's 
Grudge. Either auto-phoenix does its thing or manually phoenix 
down the striker back up. Other than reviving the striker, the 
receiver's only role is to just guard and stay out of the 
fray. Rinse and repeat about 7 or 8 times. After that, simply 
select Flee and run away from the battle. You don't have to 
win the fight to reap the exp. If at any point Don doesn't 
counter after a hit, it's time to flee cause he's about to 
start knifing people like a Milwaukee mugging. If you arrange 
it properly, you can have all members with 99 levels in no 
time. You will need to fight Don Tonberry a couple times to 
get all 7 characters 99 levels. Try groupings like Tidus Yuna 
Rikku, Auron Kimhari Lulu, and then Wakka and anybody who 
might need a little more.
Step 6. So now that everyone has a boatload of levels, make 
sure everyone is on the same node somewhere on the outer 
perimeter of the sphere grid. Systematically start filling it 
up. Each area of the sphere grid is somewhat circular. Do all 
the large circles on the outer perimeter first and then start 
to work your way to the center. If you encounter an empty 
node, fill it with anything regardless of what your stats are. 
You likely have 255 mag def already and you also probably have 
99 mag def spheres from farming One-Eye. Perfect! Use your mag 
def spheres and fill it with a mana sphere. If you encounter a 
Luck Sphere, clear it, replace it with something else, and 
then fill that. If you encounter a lv whatever key sphere, you 
need to use the corresponding sphere and then fill the now 
empty node with something else and then fill that as well. 


A quick note on lv key spheres. If you spent any quality time 
monster catching in the Omega Dungeon, you will likely have 
more lv 1, 2, and 3 spheres than you need. Lv 4 spheres are a 
little rarer. Outside of a few key battles and scattered 
chests, there are only two repeatable ways to find more. The 
first is to bribe Brain Chimera from the Calm Lands and get 2 
for 196,000 gil. That's a lot of gouda so I have a better 
idea: steal them from Nemesis. To unlock Nemesis, beat 
everything in the monster arena once and have captured 10 of 
every monster in monster catching. The fight will still cost 
25,000 but you can get as many as 4 per fight, which is a much 
better investment. Have your three studs learn steal and start 
the battle with Nemesis, cast hasteaga, steal a bunch, and 
then flee. You don't need to win the fight to keep the rewards 
you stole.
Have the character all stay together and do one large circle 
area at a time. The important part is to be systematic about 
it. Take your time and fill in everything. The repetitive 
nature of this task is such that you can lose focus on who 
filled what so be mindful of what you're doing and every now 
and again, double check your work to make sure you didn't 
forget something. If you get to the end and the trophy isn't 
popping, try using a Master Sphere to locate the one you 
overlooked. Master Spheres are only earned from unlocking 
Nemesis and fights with dark aeons and Penance so you probably 
only have like 15 or 20 of them.
You will need Power, Mana, Speed and Ability Spheres and lots 
of them. Enter poor Kottos again. Hit him with the 
corresponding distil techniques and get 40 a battle. Generally 
things will go like the following: Fight Don Tonberry 3 times 
to load everybody up on levels. Fight Kottos several times to 
restock the larders and then spend the next chunk of time 
filling the grid. Rinse and repeat for the next 7 hours until 
all 7 characters are done. It is mind-numbing, repetitive 
work, especially since you really aren't advancing your 
characters stats at all by doing this for some of your 
characters. Lulu and Kimhari will finally get some love. You 
are simply doing this just for the trophy. You're this close, 
so hang in there! For a lot of people, these were the last 
trophies left for the platinum, so good work!
Raising Gil (ffxgil)
Throughout the whole game, there are very few things that you 
NEED to spend money on. Occasionally a weapon or armor might 
sound appealing but to be honest for this game, the weapon 
does not make the man. Save your money. You can very easily 
never change your weapon from start to finish and beat this 
game. Between bribing for Ragnarok weapons, auto-haste armors, 
lv 4 key spheres and purchasing Yojimbo, you need the money. 
So what's the best way to gather major moolah quickly? There 
are a couple answers:
1. In my opinion, the best way to raise funds is to farm One-
Eye. Killing him yields weapons with triple AP weapons which 
you need anyway. But you only need one of those weapons per 
character, so all the extra ones sell for 6 figures. Pros: 
It's fast and simple with maxed characters, it's a two hit 
battle. You're gathering the triple AP weapons and stocking 
mag def spheres. Rarely, you are also bagging some dark 
matters which eventually could lead you to Ribbon armor. 
Between the start and end, a round of One-Eye takes less than 
30 seconds.  Cons: It requires characters that can beat One-
Eye. He's only got 150,000 HP so two hits with max strength 
will do it. I'd put Auron and his first strike weapon in your 
group and make sure he has confuseproof on just in case of the 
ambush. Also it is an investment since the fight costs 8000. 
One-Eye also drops armor that doesn’t sell for much but on the 
whole, the investment pays off in the long run easily. A half 
an hour destroying One-Eye will yield some serious returns.
2. Farming mimics in the Omega Dungeon comes in as the next 
best idea. With a Gillionaire weapon on (think Rikku's 
Godhand), it's 100,000 a pop. Pros: Spending time in the Omega 
Dungeon yields big exp especially if you're fresh from beating 
the game and starting your journey toward having max 
characters. Fights here also yield lv1,2, and 3 key spheres. 
Defeating Mimics isn’t that hard at all. Cons: You need to 
have a character with Gillionaire, likely Rikku in the active 
party that wins the fight. If you're just starting off, Rikku 
might still be a bit of a liability since she's pretty weak 
until she really gets going. The Omega Dungeon is filled with 
enemies that can perform all kinds of debilitating status 
effects like confuse, poison and berserk that can kill a party 
if you aren't prepared properly. However the biggest con is 
that finding Mimics can be streaky. You can have 3 in a row 
and then not see any for like 10 minutes. If you don't have 
max strength, this is probably the way to go until you're 
strong enough to farm One-Eye
3. Smart customizing. Go to Kilika and find the old woman on 
the docks who sells armor and buy a boatload (save some money 
for paying for monster arena fights). Then kill Kottos (poor 
Kottos, we kill him so much...)for 40 mana springs. Customize 
one of your armors you bought with 15 mana springs and then 
sell it. The net profits add up quickly. Rinse, wash, repeat.
Pros: Kottos isn't that hard. Even with lower level 
characters, a few auto-phoenix armors make him beatable. Max 
characters can take him down in 5 hits. You have all kinds of 
items, equipment, armors that are just sitting in your 
inventory that you aren't using, so you can just put that 
useless stuff to work for you. Cons: Running back and forth 
from Kilika to the Calm Lands and going through all the 
customization is a little cumbersome. Also, you're limited by 
your inventory after a while.

Another example of this is the reward for monster catching at 
Besaid yields 99 stamina tonics. One stamina tonic adds 
hp+30%. So again buy from Kilika some armor and add stamina 
tonics and sell. Really this can be done with anything in your 
inventory. First make sure it can't make something you would 
use someday for weapon/armor customization. Then make sure 
it's nothing you would use in a Rikku mix. Finally, make sure 
it's nothing an aeon might want for abilities (although I 
almost never use aeons for anything except meat shields). If 
it's nothing you want, customize onto any armor/weapon you 
picked up along the way and sell for profits. Selling the 
armor from the Kilika woman is often hailed as the way to go. 
Her prices are low for armor with four slots, so the profit 
margin is bigger for her stuff compared to other vendors.
Loose Ends (ffxlooseends)
While this section is at the end of this list, I'm sure you've 
been doing some of these things all along. Think of this 
section as a reference for whatever is left.
The Eternal Calm (ffxetclm)
If you haven't yet, go beat the game. Take on Jecht and Yu 
Yevon (who oddly looks like a tick). Cry as you kill all 
Yuna's aeons. Assuming you have some celestial weapons, this 
should be a cinch. The aeon’s strength will be based on how 
strong they are before the fight. I had finished Yuna's sphere 
grid (which meant she had max stats but zero luck) and saved 
this for last and I had a hard time hitting my aeons but that 
was nothing that overdrives couldn't handle. For those of you 
at low levels, Yu Yevon can be challenging since he can cure 
himself up to 9999. This means you need moves that can clear 
that. Save your overdrives for him and use the multihitters 
(Wakka, Tidus, Riku) and also use Yuna's Holy. If you can't 
hack it, just consult my stat maxing section and come back 
later. You don't need God-like stats to be able to beat him 
but the celestial weapons are a big help with their break 
damage limit.
Theater Enthusiast (ffxthrenst)
First off, you need to beat the game and reload after saving 
since you need the end cutscenes. That said, you also need 
426,000 gil. Consult the gil raising section if needed. Head 
to the Luca theater and get your Pokemon on and buy them all! 
You need to buy both the movie and music spheres.
Learning! (ffxlng!)
We need to find all of Kimhari's overdrive abilities for this 
one. Use Lancet on enemies to learn these. The only real 
difficult one to find is Nova. You will see Biran and Yenke 
listed several times. You only have one fight with these guys, 
so stock up. They will only do certain moves only if they are 
alone so you can't get both Mighty Guard and White Wind from 
this one fight. Frankly it's a horse a piece since both moves 
can be learned from Gagazet monsters anyway shortly 
Jump- Have from the start.
Seed Cannon- You will automatically get this as a part of a 
tutorial in Kilika.
Self-Destruct- Bomb (Mihen Highroad), Biran Ronso (Gagazet 
boss fight), Grenade (Gagazet), Puroborus (Omega Dungeon).
Fire Breath- Dual Horn (Mihen Highroad), Valaha (Sunken Cave), 
Yenke Ronso (Gagazet boss fight), Grendel (Gagazet).
Stonebreath- Basilisk (Djose), Anacondaur (Calm Lands), Yenke 
Ronso (Gagazet boss fight).
Aqua Breath- Chimera (Macalania woods), Chimera Brain (Calm 
Lands), Yenke Ronso (Gagazet boss fight).
Thrust Kick- YK7-63 (Bevelle), YK7-11 (Zanarkand), Biran Ronso 
(Gagazet Boss fight).
Bad Breath- Malboro (Calm Lands), Great Malboro (Omega 
Doom- Ghost (Sunken Cave), Biran Ronso (Gagazet boss fight), 
Wraith (Omega Dungeon).
White Wind- Yenke Ronso (Gagazet boss fight only if Biran is 
already defeated), Dark Flan (Gagazet).
Mighty Guard- Biran Ronso (Gagazet boss fight only if Yenke is 
already defeated), Behemoth (Gagazet), Behemoth King (Sin).
Nova- Omega Weapon (Omega Dungeon boss fight), Nemesis 
(Monster Arena).
Messenger from the Past (ffxmftp)
Enjoy some messages from Braska, young Auron and Jecht from 
the days of yore. This quest is tied to Auron's overdrives. 
His last, Tornado, is only unlocked when you have them all. 
Unfortunately, the one in Besaid is only accessible if you 
have the stones to beat Dark Valefore. The spheres appear 
after your altercation with the Spherimorph in Macalania 
Woods. Apparently it is possible to walk your ass all the way 
back to Besaid at that point and get it before Dark Valefore 
takes up residence there later in the game but, that's totally 
not worth it. For help beating Dark Valefore see the stat 
maxing section and the dark aeon section. Suffice to say that 
without elite characters, Dark Valefore will easily wipe the 
floor with your pancreas. While I have done my best to 
describe their locations in words, feel free to Google other 
online resources for screenshots. A picture is worth 1000 
Jecht Sphere 1: Obtained automatically after defeating 
Jecht Sphere 2: To the right of the temple on Besaid Island. 
The only way to get to it is through Dark Valefore. See above.
Jecht Sphere 3: S.S. Liki, in the control room (find it docked 
in Besaid Island).
Jecht Sphere 4: Luca Stadium, Basement A (the locker rooms on 
the left).
Jecht Sphere 5: Mi'ihen Highroad, Old Road, all the way at the 
south end.
Auron's Sphere: Mushroom Rock Road, near the final lift 
Jecht Sphere 6: Southern shore of Moonflow, at the riding 
Jecht Sphere 7: South Thunder Plains, at base of the second-
most northern tower.
Jecht Sphere 8: South Macalania Wood, near the first save 
sphere after entering from Thunder Plains (or, head west then 
south after leaving Bevelle to find it).
Braska's Sphere: Mount Gagazet, around a steep cliff near the 
beginning on the snowy paths leading up to the cave.
Master Linguist (ffxlngst)
According to Rin, learning the Al Bhed language could, "be... 
fun?!" You can find the primers scattered throughout Spira 
from the start of the game and if you feel like starting a new 
game, you can compile from other save files so that you can 
translate the Al Bhed from the start of the game. Some of the 
early dialogue from Rikku's crew when they first meet Tidus is 
somewhat humorous. Some are easy to find and others like the 
one in the Omega dungeon I don't think you'd ever find unless 
you knew where to look. This is the only 'missable' trophy in 
the whole game. There are a few primers in the Al Bhed Home 
and one in the Bevelle temple that if you didn't get them 
while you were there, you will never be able to get them. This 
might mean a second play through for some of you just to get 
this trophy (and by extension, the platinum). A speed 
playthrough, especially if you know what you're doing can 
probably be done in 15 hours or less. You just need to get 
through the Home section and up to the Bevelle cloister of 
trials, save, go back to your main file and then compile your 
data at an Al Bhed travel agency. Not what you wanted to hear 
is it? What makes me angry is that Square was smart enough to 
spread these throughout the whole game, even places that you 
won't be able to visit again. If you missed those, many are 
later relocated to the Bikanel Desert. For example, the one on 
Rikku's boat can be found again later if missed. So to me that 
means that Square was looking in to solutions to primers 
hidden in places that are not viable post game and included a 
bunch-but not those 4. Why relocate some but not all? And then 
to add fuel to the fire, this is an HD "remaster" which means 
they had one last chance to reenter the code and fix this and 
they still didn't! I've done my best to describe where they 
are in words but a picture is worth a 1000 words. Feel free to 
Google other resources online to see screenshots of all of 
these, especially the missable ones.
Volume I- This is found on the Al Bhed salvage ship where 
Rikku takes Tidus to in the beginning of the game. As soon as 
you can walk around on the deck, check the upper right corner 
near the door. If missed, it will relocate to the Bikanel 
Desert Oasis in the NE corner.
Volume II- This is found in Besaid village in the Crusaders 
Lodge on the floor next to the reception desk. If you didn't 
get this early on, Dark Valefore will bar your entrance into 
Besaid and you will need to be able to kill Dark Valefore 
before you can reenter. This is no small task. See the stat 
maxing section and the dark aeon section and bring only top 
tier characters.
Volume III- This is found in the engine room on the S.S. Liki, 
the boat that travels from Besaid to Kilika. It's found by the 
giant chocobo wheel at the bottom of the screen.
Volume IV- This is found in the tavern in Kilika on the 
counter next to the guy sitting on the ground. You can only 
find it after Yuna performs her Sending there.
Volume V- This is found on the floor of the bridge of the ship 
that travels from Kilika to Luca, the S.S. Winno. It’s by the 
Volume VI- This is found in Luca in the left side hallway by 
the locker rooms (not the Besaid Aurochs side). Look 
carefully, it might be hiding by one of the NPC's feet.
Volume VII- This is found at the bottom of the stairs near the 
Luca Theater where you go to buy music and movie spheres.
Volume VIII- This is automatically given to you by Rin at the 
Mihen Travel Agency shortly before the Chocobo Eater battle. 
You can't miss it.
Volume IX- This is found on the MiHen Highroad, North Newroad 
section shortly after where the road makes a big loop around a 
small island formation. On your first trip there it is near 
where Maechen and Shelinda were.
Volume X- This is hidden near the end of the final rock 
platform that would lead you to the final elevator in Mushroom 
Rock Road where Operation Mihen takes place. There's a path 
that hooks around on the left. At the end of that path, mash X 
as it’s hard to actually see. 
Volume XI- This is on the Djose Highroad prior to Ixion's 
Temple. About half way down the path, it is close to the 
screen hidden behind a pillar. The camera will shift as you 
walk along and then you will be able to see it.
Volume XII- This is found at the Moonflow North side Shoopuff 
station. Climb the ramp and it’s tucked up by the machina to 
the left. Easy, Yeshh!?
Volume XIII- This is found in Guadosalam where there is a 
house to the left of the town. Inside that house, it is behind 
and a little to the left of the pillar in the middle of the 
Volume XIV- This is found when you are in the Thunderplain's 
travel agency, talk to Rikku to make Rin show up. Then talk to 
Rin and when he asks how your study of the language is going, 
respond, "It's going well" and he'll give you another. If you 
missed this one, then it relocates to the Bikanel Oasis. 
Volume XV- This is found in the Macalania Woods where Auron 
cleared the woods which led to the Jecht Sphere quest. There 
is a path to the lower right where you can find this primer. 
This one is also hard to see so mash X till you find it.
Volume XVI- This one is just outside the Lake Macalania travel 
agency to the right.
Volume XVII- This one is found in the Central Sanubia Desert, 
which is the largest area in Bikanel that has a save sphere in 
it. From the save sphere, go to the left down into the ruins. 
While in the lower ruins area, the ruins that are to the right 
of the exit have a primer in them.
Volume XVIII- This is also in the Central Sanubia Desert in 
Bikanel. From the save point, go straight up and just before 
and a little to the left of a sign, there's the other primer.
***The next four you will only get one chance to obtain. 
Either get them now or be forced to restart the game on 
another save file to obtain these***
Volume XIX- The first missable primer! As soon as you approach 
the Al Bhed Home, before going inside, check the rubble to the 
left by the fire.
Volume XX- Another missable primer! After entering the Al Bhed 
Home, you'll come to a narrow hallway and the camera will 
shift to an odd angle. Move forward until it fixes itself, now 
go back the way you came and check the door to the left. 
Inside the door you'll find two treasure chests and an ambush. 
Clear the enemies then check the bed on the right for the 
Volume XXI- Another missable primer! After getting the last 
primer, you'll come to 3-way split in the hall. The left has a 
save sphere, the middle is not what you want. The right path 
will take you to the primer in the back corner.
Volume XXII- Another missable primer! After Yuna's umm... 
wedding, you'll find yourself outside the Bevelle cloister of 
trials (How/when did she change clothes?). At the bottom of 
the stairs there is a short path before the save sphere 
outside the cloister. On the short path near the stairs, it is 
on the ground. 
Volume XXIII- This one is the far NW corner of the Calm Lands 
out on the point.
Volume XXIV- Train up a chocobo so you can ride one and run up 
to Remiem temple. If you need more info on how to do this, see 
the Chocobo License section. Outside of Remiem temple on the 
left side, you can find the primer just beyond the sphere.
Volume XXV- Within the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, there is a 
save point. To the left of that save point at the dead end, 
you will find this one. If you go to the end and trigger Dark 
Yojimbo, you can always hop on the teleport pad and zip back 
to the entrance if you aren't ready to fight him.
Volume XXVI- Deep in the Omega Dungeon, there is a large 
circular area with 4 chests facing each other. Above the 
circle in the top of the room, there are two torches. Look for 
the primer on the floor by the torch on the left. If you are 
low levels, be very careful in the Omega Dungeon. Have at 
least one character have confuse, berserk, poison, and 
Acknowledgements (ffxack)
First and foremost, I would like to thank Square for making 
such a great game. Then I'd thank Square-Enix for rereleasing 
it in beautiful HD with trophies. This guide was mostly worked 
on when my second daughter, Gemma was first born. Many 
sleepless nights I was up holding the baby so my wife could 
get some sleep; meanwhile I was working on this game guide so 
that I wouldn't fall asleep while holding the baby. What 
started as a simple exercise in self preservation to keep me 
awake and sane during those sleepless nights turned into all 
of this. I was holding her also when the platinum dropped. At 
several points I commented that you should Google something or 
go to Youtube. Those sites were referenced without permission 
and those terms were used more as a generality. Finally, I'd 
like to thank you for reading this, my labor of love.

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