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FFX-2: Creature Creator Guide by KADFC

Version: 1.11 | Updated: 08/18/14

Author: KADFC (Fabian Chang)
Copyright KADFC 2014
Version: 1.11
Email: New_KADFC@hotmail.com

Also available on KaddyGuides.com


I've already typed a Creature Creator guide for the International/Last Mission. However, when I went back to use it myself for the HD version, I find it to be lacking in many areas. Okay, it's crapy. I admit. All the things that I wanted wasn't in there. It does have some of the things that are great for referencing, but that's all. It doesn't really guide you from point A to point B. In other words, I couldn't really use it myself at the very beginniing. Helpful, yes, but not something I can solely rely on to get me to the end.

So with that said, I'm using many different sources to bring you this guide. It may seem that I'm just copying them and someways, in fact, I am. However, that will be the same thing as for what I did for the Item Database for FFX. On top of that, I'm confirming this myself, so you should know without a doubt, what you see here and is what I actually get. However, there one exception. I'm not going to confirm the all the capturable creatures by each chapter list. I have the Chapter By Chapter Guide and I'm doing that myself; meaning I'm personally writing it as I go.

NOTE: This guide will contain spoiler names. I'll try my best to use the spoiler tags, but still, do be warned that it will contain spoiler names. This shouldn't affect you since it has nothing to do with the storyline.

General Overview

The Creature Creator/Create is one of the most obvious additions to Final Fantasy X-2 HD. It was not included in the original FFX-2 (for PS2). It mainly serves to add replay value, but it doesn't add much story to the main storyline. There are 3 Pieces to this addition. They can be thought as seperately or combined. They can have connections if you make use of them. So from this, 3 parts

  1. Fiend Capturing on Map
  2. Fiend History + Bestiary
  3. Fiend Arena (aka Coliseum)

Fiend Capturing on Map: Under certain conditions, you are given items called Trap Pods. You can not buy or sell Trap Pods, they are given you to under certain conditions explained later on. On a map, which is the same as the list of location you see when you talk to Buddy, you can place these Trap Pods in order to capture fiends. You can place 1 Pod at each location at a time, then you "Round Up" to see if you have captured any fiends or not. Fiends that are captured can be sent to battle for you. They will replace YRP if so. There is a direct connection between fiends captured and Fiend History and Bestiary. The bottom of the map represents the number of pods you currently have to use. The top right corner of the map indicated by the word "Completion" represents your progress in terms of finishing all the fiends' endings (which is based upon how much of the Bestiary is filled up). It can range from 0% to 100% when you're fully done.

Fiend History + Bestiary: Fiend History, the name doesn't do this any justice. It should be called Fiend Viewer. Another way you can think of it is, you are looking at the Fiends' current storyline progression (history works, I guess). Fiend History lets you see ALL the fiends that you currently have in your team. You can hold up to 8. Fiends have storyline (up to 5 or none at all). If a fiend's storyline is complete and release them (letting them go into back into the wild), they will be added to your Bestiary. The Bestiary is basiscally a collection of fiends who you have released. You can simply view their history as well as their ending. Before I forget. A majority of all the fiends that you can capture has a story. It's all text with little to none dialogue, except for 1 exception. The beginning chapters is short and all text. The endings are scenes with text. These scenes can contain just about anything. Some are interesting, some aren't.

Fiend Arena (aka Coliseum): There's 2 parts. The tournament part and the battle simulator part. The tournament is just that. You compete is bracketed competition against other teams/fiends. Unlike FFX's Monster Arena, you are not fighting only 1 enemy at a time. It can vary between 1 enemy to 4 enemies. There's no fee for entering and the teams you'll be facing will be randomly generated. There are prizes for winning each match and a final prize for winning it all. The battle simulator lets you battle teams/fiends by selection. There are no prizes or rewards, but you still get the enemy's drops/exp/etc... Losing in either the tournament or the battle simulator does NOT equal a Game Over, but you simply return back to the menu screen.


The creature creator is available to you as soon as you are introduced to Shinra (or when you're done with the events at Luca/Concert); when you get passed the intro and arrive at the airship. Certain storyline events will make this option not available, but afterwards, you can use it again. When you talk to Shinra, it's always the first option on the list (it's highlighted in a different color than the rest). Besides talking to Shinra, there is no other way to access it.


The most basic question is, what's the purpose of Creature Creator? From a negative light, it's quite pointless. There's only 1 Trophy associated with this section and it's very, very optional. So basically, you can ignore this completely and still finish the game. So what's the point?

From a positive light, the purpose is 3 things.

  1. To give you more replay value.
  2. To make your life easier when you went to become godly and finish everything that there is to do.
  3. To defeat the most powerful of foes!

To be more specific in the details:

  1. You can and use fiends that you've captured to fight your foes.
  2. You can increase these fiends/human's stats with accessories and you can teach them new abilities via Items.
  3. Charm Bangle/Lure Bracer. Equipping these on fiends that are not in the active party works. Thus, saving yourself an extra accessory slot.
  4. A lof the MAIN characters of FFX will be available for you to capture and use. To give a few Lulu, Kimarhi, Seymour, Auron, Tidus
  5. IF done right, you get an automatic win without you ever needing to fight yourself.
  6. The End Garment Grid: You can fight the same types of enemies over and over again in order to Oversoul them. Thus, no need to grind/farm them out in Via Infinito.
  7. Blue Magic: A lot of the one-time-only enemies that gave you Blue Magics also appear here. So if you missed out before, you can easily get them now. On top of that, no need to randomly encounter them on the field. You can just call them up.
  8. Rare Accessories: Iron Dukes. In the OLD version, you can only get 1 Iron Dukes per playthrough. In the HD/International version, you can get Infinite Numbers of them. However, it's all based on your luck. The same goes for Key to Success, Force of Nature, AP Egg, etc...
  9. Dress Spheres: There's 3 Dress Sphere you can get. All of them one time of course, but the most important one is the Mascot. It only requires you to win the Youth League once and this isn't even the hardest Cup in the game. So if you missed Mission Complete in all areas for Chapter 5, this is your next best hope for Mascot. The other 2 Dress Spheres are Psychic and Festivalist.
  10. Most Powerful of Foes: Major Numerous (MN) is the NEW hardest enemy in the game. So if you want a challenge, there ya go. On top of that Trema will be there as well, if you want some rematches. Trema is the same as always.


Even though there's some good things about this, there are some disappointments that goes along with it:

  1. You can't control any of these captured fiends/humans. They automatically use their abilities and attack as they feel like. You have NO control whatsoever. You can control the mood with the stars, but that's about it.
  2. The AI can be quite stupid. Healing when they are not suppose to and not healing when it's needed. Among other things of course.
  3. Only enemies that you've faced in Cups/Tournments or the ones that are specially released appears on your list to fight for the Battle Simulator matches. So if you haven't fought them before, even though you see them listed, you don't get them until then. RNG plays a role.
  4. Not all Blue Magic using fiends/enemies appear in the Fiend Arena
  5. There are some missable Fiends/Humans that's forever lost, until NG+, if not careful
  6. You can NOT capture 1 Main Character from FFX: Wakka

Basics of Capturing

The game's tutorial gives you a fine overview of how the system works, but if you don't remember, I'm here to give a recap; plus some that they didn't tell you. If you already know what you're doing, feel free to skip this section completely.

Trap Pods

There are 4 Types of Trap Pods

  1. Trap Pod S = Traps (S)mall size enemies. The pod is yellow. Smallest size in comparison to others.
  2. Trap Pod M = Traps (M)edium size enemies. This pod is green. Bigger than Small, but smaller than Large.
  3. Trap Pod L = Traps (L)arge size enemies. This pod is blue. It's big, lol.
  4. Trap Pod SP = Traps (SP)ecial Form of Enemy. This can capture many types of fiends, but not all. Biggest, purple, and it has there weird design wrapped around it. NOTE: Another way to interpret this is (SP)ecies because you are selecting the type of species you want to capture.
  • SP Example: If you want to capture Yellow Elemental. Pick Elemental when using an SP Trap Pod.
  • When you first begin, you're given a Trap Pod S
  • Sometimes a fiend can be captured by both 2 different types of Trap Pods. This is normal.

Facts on Pods

  1. It doesn't matter the type, you can only hold 8 pods at a time, max. For example, 8 SP pods or 8 S pods, etc...
  2. Once you hit 8 Pods, you won't get anymore until you have 7 or less pods in possession.
  3. You can't sell your pods. So if you don't need it, just waste it.
  4. You can only place one trap pod in each area one at a time. To place more, you must "Round Up" first, then place another one, repeat.
  5. The following is a list of way to get pods
    1. Win or lose a tournment match. You can escape/flee as soon as the first match starts and still gain a pod. However, it's mostly Trap Pod S
    2. Release a fiend whose storyline you have completed. Note, fiends with no storyline being released gets you no pods.
    3. Finishing a chapter (part of the main story), also get you 3x Trap Pod SP. You get 3x Trap Pod SP at the end of Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4.
    4. When you have NO pods, exit out of the Capture Screen/Map and they'll give you a Trap Pod S or M, every single time. So technically, you can never have 0 Trap Pods ever.

Get a list of what kind of pods you need. Chances are, you don't need 8 Larges, but you may need 8 Smalls (there's tons). SPs may be great, but that doesn't guarantee everthing. If possible, 3 SPs, 3 Smalls, and 2 Large. However, if you know what you want, go with that instead.

So to give a small summarization of how to capture a fiend: 1) Press Up/Down to select a location you want to capture in. Confirm (Press X) 2) Press Left/Right to select the pod you want to capture with. Press Confirm to use the Pod. 3) NOTE: If you used an SP pod, you also need to select the type of enemy you want to capture. Only use SP Pods if you know the type of fiend you are capturing.

    • NOTE: Best to save your SP Pods for Human type characters and the fiends that require SP Pods. But of course, if you have too many SP pods, feel free to spam them.

4) Press R1 to Round Up! (aka, skip forward so I can see what fiends I've captured) 5) Go to the areas you've placed a Trap Pod and Confirm/X to see what fiends you've captured. 6) You are then given the option to keep that fiend or not.

    • If Shinra Shows up, no fiends meet that criteria, so no fiends are captured.
    • You can only hold 8 Fiends at a time, regardless of the fiend's size.
    • If you already have 8 Fiends in your possession, you either release a fiend you currently hold to replace the new one coming in or ignore the new one and continue on.

7) Press O to get a menu. Pick the 2nd option, Set Trap Pods, to continue the process of capturing Or Pick the 1st Option to get out.

Basics of Fiend History

You may read the following as fact nuggest if you like. It does go in order, so do read them one at a time.

  • Gives you an overall view of what fiends you currently have in your party. Remember, the max is 8 Fiends/Characters; excluding YRP.
  • When you select fiend and press X/Confirm a few times, you get to see their current progress.
  • Press L1/R1 to shift through the chapters, if there's any.
  • Max Chapters for each fiend possible is 5 Chapters. It can be less.
  • When it has reached it's final chapter, you can release it and watch it's ending.
  • Not all fiends have Chapters. Characters (Yaibal, Brother, etc...) and some fiends (Yellow Elemental) don't have chapters. So you're free to release them right after you've captured them.
  • There's 3 Types of Fiends
    1. Normal Fiend Tales: As you level them, you get to see their chapters unfold. Level it 5 times and release it for their bestiary addition, plus triggering their fiend ending.
    2. Fayth Fragment: These fiends do not have a story/chapters. Level it up 5 times and release it for their bestiary ending, plus a hidden flag to open the Aeon Cup.
    3. Fiend Lives to Fight: This Fiend has no ending or any special purpose.
  • Releasing certain fiends will trigger certain events.
    1. Unlock certain Tournment Cups
    2. Give you a Trap Pod if you don't already have 8
    3. Unlock certain teams in the Tournment/Cups
    4. Unlocking the Aeon Cup
    5. Unlock certain fiends to be capturable in specific areas
    6. Give you an item/accessory
  • Releasing a fiend/character will add them to your Bestiary.
  • After it's added to your Bestiary, you can view their ending, including all chapters of them. It'll be like you've never released them at all.
  • To increase a fiend's chapter, increase their current level by 1.
  • Rule of Thumb, add 4 levels to their current level to reach their max storyline level.
  • Rule of Thumb 2, Most of these fiends in the Fiend World Cup questline only need to be leveled up two times.
    • Example: Blue Element join at level 10. Blue Element's storyline level will be finished when they get to level 14.

Keep YRP's level low so that each fiend joining also has low levels. This is what I do. After YRP's intro, take YRP out of the party and put fiends in. Use fiends to defeat all storyline bosses; so that YRP don't gain any levels/experience points. I use a Chocobo (because one is needed for the Chocobo Cup) and give them Iron Duke and Key to Success. Easily kill most storyline bosses from chapter 1 to 4. Follow my Chapter By Chapter Guide to get all fiends at level 2 or 3. Raise these fiends' level by 4 (their level will be level 8+), release, rinse and repeat.

If you still want to keep YRP's level low while trying to capture a Chocobo for the Ranch, you need to have Pointless status on. Easiest way is to equip the accessory called Minerva's Plate. Under the old method, you can only get 1 of these per game. Under the new method, you just have to be lucky and win these from the Chocobo Cup; which doesn't require you to capture a Chocobo in battle.

Basics of Bestiary

There's not much to really say here. Whatever fiends you've released, as long as it's completed, will listed here along with their picture. Meaning as long as their story is complete that is or there were no story to begin with. I will list the Bestiary in a later section. How indepth it will be is undecided at this point in time. You can, if you want, re-watch their ending again as well as look through their text-based chapter (what you would've seen if the fiend was level up 5 times).

  • Captured Creatures DO transfer to NG+
    • Creatures' Level will reset to 1 (Easier to level up for monster story)
    • Creatures keep their abilities
    • Bestiary Data DO transfer to NG+ (As well as Fiend Storyline Completition Percentage)

Chapter By Chapter Guide (NG+)

The purpose of this section is provide a small guide of what monsters you can capture at the earliest time. To be honest, I did this for myself. So I'm going to put this from my perspective. I just started a NG+ and I have 3% as Fiend Story Completion. That's not a whole lot because I knew I was going to start and complete this via NG+. I also advise others to do the same, but it can be done from New Game, if you want. You just don't have to worry about the storyline completion percentage and you probably have everything already. So we are just soley concentrating on the Creature Create (CC) part of the game.

However, there is a REAL reason why it should be NG+ Only: - Many FFX Characters can ONLY be captures in NG+

At the beginning of each chapter I'll give some notes and explain anything I think that is important for consideration as you progress through the capturing, as well as the chapter itself, in terms of storyline-wise.

The table itself should be pretty much self-explanatory, but just incase. The Fiends list is the name of that fiend that can be captured for that area. Pod represents the type of pods that can be used to capture it. S = Small, M = Medium, L = Large, SP = Special. If there's a /, it means either one works. In all cases, that's SP included. The Type column indicates what type of fiend should be picked if using a SP Trap Pod. The Type section also serves as any additional notes you should consider when trying to capture this fiend. Use this in conjunction with the Fiend Notes.

At the end of each chapter, there will be a checklist based on your bestiary; page by page. Not sure if this is a good description, but think of a basic tic-tac-toe board. It's a 3 by 3 grid. X means you should have it, O means you don't have it yet. There's 21 pages and so this helps you figure out if you have the listed fiends done or not. Also at the very, I have a Percentage of what your Fiend/Monster Storyline should be at. Note, I have 3% when I first made this guide (I know, bad move), so I take that into consideration and subtract that from what I really have.

Furthermore, read the tip under Fiend History.

NOTE: In Chapter 3, there are a few Fiends that I missed, but they are still available to be captured in Chapter 5. This pertains to some of the fiends at Gagazet and maybe Bevelle as well. Regardless, following the guide will get you to 100%, rest assured.

NOTE: If you have unlocked and finished Den of Woe in your previous playthrough, you don't need to unlock it again in order to capture the special characters. Den of Woe is probably (maybe) the only place that has some CC carry value. Which is kind of weird.

Chapter 1

Fiend Notes:

  • Flame Dragon (Besaid), when released, unlocks Ifrit. Part of the Aeon Cup.
  • Yellow Elemental (Gagazet), has no storyline. May release as soon as you capture it.
  • Chocobo (Mi'hen), most likely will be the very last fiend you will catch after you've completed everyone else in Mi'hen's storyline
  • Shinra Cup Related: There's a specific order of fiends that you need to capture, level up, and release as part of this STORY
    1. Killer Hound (Bikanel)
    2. YSLZ-Zero (Zanarkand)
    3. Machina Panzer (Thunder Plains)
  • Random Sequence: Specific Order, not Cup related
    1. Haizhe (Macalania)
    2. Deep Haizhe (Macalania)
BesaidMushroom RockThunder Plains
CoyoteS/SPWolfBully CapS/SPMushroomBicocetteS/SPHelm
Flan AzulS/SPFlanTonberrySLesser DrakeM/SPDrake
SahaginS/SPDinofishYaibalSPHumanMachina Panzer #3LAfter YSLS-Zero's Release
Iron GiantM/SPOgre/Iron GiantGold ElementalS/SPElementalHaizhe #1S
PurpureaM/SPPlantMoonflowAmorphous GelM
Flame DragonLTakoubaS/MBladeDeep Haizhe #2M(After Haizhe's Release)
LuluSPHuman (NG+)XiphactinusS/MDinofishBikanel
KilikaShell ShockerLKiller Hound #1S/SPWolf
Death DauberS/SPBeeGuadosalamBolt DrakeM/SPDrake
Red ElementalS/SPElementalFlak PhythonS/SPBandoleerHrimthursM/SPOgre
Mi'hen HighroadGoonS/SPHumanCalm Lands
ChocoboSShe-GoonS/SPHumanAhrimanS/SPEvil Eye
DivebeakS/SPBirdLeBlancSPHuman (NG+)NashornS/MRuminant
Flan PalidoS/SPFlanLogosSPHuman (NG+)AdamantoiseL
Fly EyeS/SPEvil EyeOrmiSPHuman (NG+)
Proto ChimeraS/MChimera
Wild WolfS/SPWolf
Total: 9 + 3 + 820Total: 3 + 2 + 3 + 715Total: 4 + 3 + 4 + 314

White FangS/SPWolf
Yellow Elemental*S/SPElemental
KimahriSPHuman (NG+)
White ElementalS/SPElemental
YSLZ-Zero #2M/SPMech (After Killer Hound's release)
Total: 5 + 510

Grand Accumulative Total
Previous Grand Accumulative Total: 0
This Chapter: 1 (Brother) + 20 + 15 + 14 + 10 = 60
Current Grand Accumulative Total = 0 + 60 = 60

Chapter 1 Checker

As stated before in the beginning paragraph, use this to check to see if you're up-to-date with this guide

Page #1Page #2Page #3Page #4Page #5
Total: 3 + 3 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 21

Page #6Page #7Page #8Page #9Page #10
Total: 3 + 5 + 3 + 2 + 4 = 17

Page #11Page #12Page #13Page #14Page #15
Total: 1 + 5 + 0 + 0 + 3 = 9

Page #16Page #17Page #18Page #19Page #20Page #21
Total: 0 + 2 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 4 = 13
Double Checker: 21 + 17 + 9 + 13 = 60, Goal!

Chapter 2

Fiend Notes:

  • Flan Blanco (Moonflow), when released, unlocks Shiva. Aeon Cup related.
  • Vespa (Calm Lands), for insanity purposes, use SP pod

Storyline Notes:

  • MUST Side with Youth League, no exception; unless you plan to restart later on.
PeregrineS/SPBirdFlan AmarilloS/SPFlan
Chocobo EaterLSkinkS/SPReptile
Mushroom RockVertigoS/SPEvil Eye
Drowsy OchuLKukulcanM/SPBasilisk
Flan BlancoS/SPFlanYSLS-99M/SPMech
GuadosalamCalm Lands
Viper SniperS/SPBandoleerVespaSPBee
Mr. GoonS/SPHumanRukhL
Ms. GoonS/SPHumanZanarkand
Thunder PlainsGuardian BeastL
Machina HunterS/SPMachina
Guard MachinaM/SPMachina
Total: 2 + 2 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 212Total: 7 + 1 + 1 + 110

Grand Accumulative Total
Previous Grand Accumulative Total: 60
This Chapter: 12 + 10 = 22
Current Grand Accumulative Total = 60 + 22 = 82

Chapter 2 Checker

Page #1Page #2Page #3Page #4Page #5
Total: 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 7 = 27

Page 6Page 7Page 8Page 9Page 10
Total: 5 + 5 + 3 + 3 + 7 = 23

Page 11Page 12Page 13Page 14Page 15
Total: 1 + 5 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 10

Page 16Page 17Page 18Page 19Page 20Page 21
Total: 2 + 5 + 2 + 7 + 2 + 4 = 22
Double Checker: 27 + 23 + 10 + 22 = 82, Goal!

Chapter 3

Fiend Notes:

  • Barbuta (Besaid): Doesn't have a story
  • Balivarha (Moonflow): May need to finish Spine Drake's (Mushroom Rock) Fiend Tales before you can capture Balivarha.
  • Zurvan (Calm Lands): Used 3 S Pods, never god Zurvan. Used SP, got it instantly.
  • Mycotoxin (Mi'hen), when released, unlocks Valefor. Aeon Cup related.
  • Fiend World Cup: 1 Fiend evolves/transforms into others after you release them. You do need to level it up before releasing.
    • You do not need to capture them because they'll just be replaced (it evolves). You do not get any Trap Pods for their release/evolution.
    • After Jahi is released, you do need to capture Tomb from Djose to continue the story.
    1. Daeva (Kilika) -> Evolves into "Aka Manah"
    2. Aka Mana -> Evolves into "Aeshma"
    3. Aeshma -> Evolves into "Jahi"
    4. Jahi -> Mission Time: Capture the Fiend Traitor!
    5. Tomb (Djose) -> To Be Continued in Chapter 5
BarbutaS/SPHelmGreater DrakeM/SPDrakeBarongM/SPBlade
CephalotusM/SPPlantTomb *MAfter Jahi ReleasedYAC-62M/SPMech
Flan RojoM/SPFlanMoonflowYAU-71M/SPMech
MalboroLVaranS/SPImpCalm Lands
Assassin BeeS/SPBeeDr GoonS/SPHumanZanarkand
Daeva *MFem-GoonS/SPFem-GoonFlailing OchuL
HauntM/SPRevenant/ImpThunder Plains
Queen CoeurlM/SPChimeraBlue ElementalSPElemental
Mi'hen HighroadDinchtusM/SPDinofish
Machina RangerS/SPMachinaProtean GelM
Scout MachinaM/SPMachinaTentaclesM
Mushroom RockBikanel
GucumatzM/SPBasiliskCanis MajorS/SPWolf
Spine DrakeM/SPDrakePop FryL
Total: 5 + 5 + 3 + 417Total: 2 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 4 + 415Total: 3 + 2 + 16

Grand Accumulative Total
Previous Grand Accumulative Total: 82
This Chapter: 3 (Evolutions) + 17 + 15 + 6 = 41
Current Grand Accumulative Total = 82 + 41 = 123

Chapter 3 Checker

Page #1Page #2Page #3Page #4Page #5
Total: 7 + 8 + 6 + 8 + 8 = 37

Page 6Page 7Page 8Page 9Page 10
Total: 7 + 8 + 4 + 6 + 8 = 33

Page 11Page 12Page 13Page 14Page 15
Total: 1 + 7 + 4 + 5 + 6 = 23

Page 16Page 17Page 18Page 19Page 20Page 21
Total: 4 + 8 + 2 + 9 + 2 + 5 = 30
Double Checker: 37 + 33 + 23 + 30 = 123, Goal!

Chapter 4

There is only ONE fiend/character to capture and it can't be missed (Garik), so I'm just going to save it for Chapter 5. Meaning, no captures in this chapter.

Chapter 5

CAUTION: Unlike other chapters, the order that you do things (unlock new areas, progress in the storyline), matters... A LOT. When an area has a Secret/New Dungeon, there are 2 types of fiends. Type A, Fiends that can be captured BEFORE the Secret/New Dungeon is opened. Type B, Fiends that can be captured AFTER the Secret/New Dungeon is opened. So for this section, I'm giving you two options. 1, Figure it out yourself; 2, Follow my list. If you picked number 1, just read the fine notes and hopefully, you won't lock yourself out of missables. If you're using my list, note that Capture also means level them up for the storyline and release as well.

My List

This is assuming that you are totally caught up with what I had planned in the previous 4 chapters. With that said, compare what you have to the Page checker that I have for Chapter 3. If you are not caught up, hopefully they aren't missables and you can still capture them in Chapter 5. However, for this guide, I'm not providing this. You're going to have to figure it out yourself. I will try to provide chapter by chapter fiend capturables later on; Maybe. If you can capture those missed fiends, make sure it's done before the New/Secret Dungeon is unlocked.

  1. Capture all the fiends in Besaid and Gagazet
  2. Capture Dolmen from Kilika, Capture Lich from Djose, Capture Zalamander from Thunder Plains
  3. Capture Lucil and Nooj from Mushroom Rock; Capture Gippal from Djose; Capture Baralai from Bevelle
  4. Enter the Farplane, Defeat Shiva, Go back to the Airship
  5. Capture all the fiends in Djose
  6. Go through the rest of Dolmen -> Monolith -> Ultima Weapon -> Fiend Portal (I'll leave this for another time)
  7. Thuner Plains, Finish Mission, Go to Cave, Rescue Cid
  8. Capture all fiends in Thunder Plains
My List Part 2

For the rest of it, you have a few options, in no specific orders. However, I'm not going into details about these ordeals. So I hope you have a good understanding of these beforehand.

Bikanel - Cactuar Hollow

  1. Bikanel - Oasis
  2. Besaid - Beach (Long Walk)
  3. Guadosalam - Hidden Passage Chest
  4. Gagazet/Defender Z Boss, Gagazet, Walk South
  5. Thunder Plains - Macalania, Walk South
  6. Kilika - East Treetops
  7. Gagazet - Mountain Trail (Teleporter), North
  8. Kilika - Dona's House
  9. Open Cactuar Hollow, Go to Airship, and Capture All Fiends in Bikanel

Calm Land - Chocobo Ranch

  1. Get 4 Chocobos that can be raise to Level 5
  2. Send these 4 Chocobos to Calm Lands as Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4
  3. Send 3 Level 5 Chocobos to Calm Lands; Leave 1 Level 5 on Stand-by -> Amazing Chocobo Dungeon Unlocked
  4. Send a Level 5 Chocobo to Mi'ihen Highroads -> Secret Dungeon Unlocked
  5. Capture all Fiends in Calm Lands and Mi'ihen Highroads

Bevelle - Via Infinito

  • Just climb and Capture All Fiends in Bevelle as you progress toward Floor 100/Infinity; eventually finishing this place
  • Keep plenty of Trap Pod Ls and SPs in the process

Finishing Up

  • Unlock and Finish all the Fiend Arena Cups - Win Each Cup at least ONCE
    • This should add the Fiends: Ultima Weapon, Omega Weapon, and Almighty Shinra. Do remember to pick Omega Weapon when given the chance.
  • Farplane Cup: Defeat Auron, Seymour, and Tidus in the tournament and win the tournament in order to Capture them
  • Release them afterwards to add them to your Bestiary
  • Lich (Djose): Was informed that Lich was not available once you enter the Farplane. I have not verified this myself, but do take notice. Straight Bestiary Reference already has this fixed though.
  • Zalamander (Thunder Plains): Missable. Capture before unlocking the New Dungeon in the Thunder Plains.
  • Den of Woe: I started Ch 5, in NG+, and captured Nooj without unlocking Den of Woe. Nooj was in Mushroom Rock and Gippal was in Djose.
    • Nooj (Mushroom Rock): Before Den of Woe
    • Gippal (Djose): Before Den of Woe
  • Dark Elemental (Besaid): Could not capture it with SP Pod (Shrina comes out); use S instead
  • Demon's Cup: Continued
    1. Dolmen (Kilika): Level Up, Release it
    2. Monolith (Djose): Enter Farplane first, exit, Capture Monolith in Djose, Level Up, Release it -> Evolved into Ultima Weapon
    3. Ultima Weapon: Level Up, Release it -> Mission Time: Fiend Deathmatch! -> "Fiend portal" Unlocked in Fiend Arena's Tournment section
    4. Fiend Portal: Go to the Finals and Defeat Ultima Weapon
    5. Given option to pick between Ultima or Omega; Pick Omega Weapon, 2nd Option
    6. Omega Weapon: Level Up, Release it -> Mission Time: Almighty Shinra Cup!
    7. Almighty Shinra Cup: Go and Defeat Almighty Shinra -> Let Almighty Shinra Join -> Almighty Shinra Cup reverts back to Fiend World Cup, 3) Almighty Shinra -> Level, Up, Release
  • Tindalos (Besaid): Release it, they have no storyline
  • Hexapod (Mi'hen): Release it, they have no storyline

  • Machina Striker (Thunder Plains): Level Up, Release, Aeon Cup Related
  • Azi Dahaka (Bevelle): Level Up, Release, Aeon Cup Related
  • Critical Bug (Bevelle): Level Up, Release, Aeon Cup Related
  • Jumbo Cactuar (Bikanel): Level Up, Release, Aeon Cup Related
  • Aranea (Bevelle): Level Up, Release, Aeon Cup Related
    • If done correct and all Aeons has been entered, Aeon Cup should be unlocked
  • NOTE: If you win All Cups at least once, Farplane Cup will be Unlocked
  • Farplane Cup Unlocked
    • Win the Cup while at the same time, defeat Auron, Seymour, Tidus in the process
    • Have each of these 3 join Gullwings
BesaidDjose - Enter the Farplane FirstBikanel - AFTER Cactuar Hollow Unlocked
Dark Elemental *S/SPElementalLich *M/SPImp/Revenant, Before FarplaneBig Bully CapM/SPMushroom
Tindalos *S/SPWolfMonolith #2MAfter Dolmen ReleasedElder ZurvanL/SPImp
VolcanoM/SPBombClaret DragonLHeavy SalletL/SPHelm
AdamantortoiseLGippal *SPHuman,Jumbo CactuarL
Great MalboroLThunder Plains New Dungeon Mission CompletedKing TakoubaL/SPBlade
KilikaZalamander *LBefore New Dungeon UnlockedSahagin ChiefL/SPSahagin
Dolmen #1MContinue From TombMachina LeaderS/SPMachinaWasp QueenL/SPBee
Mi'hen - AFTER Mystery Dungeon UnlockedMachina SoldierS/SPMachina
CreeperSUnlock via Chocobo RanchAssault MachinaM/SPMachina
HexapodSUnlock via Chocobo RanchKiller MachinaM/SPMachina
Hug BugSUnlock via Chocobo RanchHumbabaL
King VerminMUnlock via Chocobo RanchMachina StrikerL
Mushroom Rock - Need to Side with Youth League
Total: 6 + 1 + 4 + 213Total: 5 + 712Total8

Bevelle - Via Infinito (VI)Calm Lands - AFTER Amazing Chocobo Dungeon Unlocked
DetonatorM/SPBombSahagin PrinceS/SPSahagin
Azi DahakaLAnything EatherL
BaralaiSPHumanFlan AzabacheL/SPFlan
Elder DrakeM/SPDrake; Pass VI's 1st FloorGagazet
LacertaSPass VI's 1st FloorBascinetS/SPHelm
Mushroom CloudSPass VI's 1st FloorGrim GazeS/SPEvil Eye
Critical BugMPass VI's 1st FloorGigasM/SPOgre
Insect MatriarchMPass VI's 1st FloorGarik RonsoSPHuman
Mega TonberryMPass VI's 1st Floor
AraneaLPass VI's 20th Floor
Black ElementalM/SPElemental; Pass VI's 40th Floor
ConchererLPass VI's 60th Floor
ChacLBasilisk; Pass VI's 80th Floor
ParagonLFinish Via Infinito
TremaSPHuman; Finish Via Infinito
Total15Total: 3 + 47

Grand Accumulative Total
Previous Grand Accumulative Total: 123
This Chapter: 13 + 12 + 8 + 15 + 7 + 1 (Evols Ultima Weapon) + 2 (Fiend Cup Unlocks Omega Weapon and Almighty Shinra )
+ 3 (Farplane Cup Unlocks Auron, Seymour, and Tidus) + 1 for Shinra = 62
Current Grand Accumulative Total = 123 + 62 = 185

NOTE: Shinra will only be added after all other Bestiary entries has been entered

Chapter 5 Checker Ender

This might be a no-brainer since we should be done, but previous checkers never calculated the total because empty slots are not taken into consideration. For this section though, empty slots are taken into consideration and they are indicated by the letter E (for Empty, of course)

With that said, Pages 1-13, 15, and 17 are all 9s; Page 14 and 16 are 8s; Page 18 is a 7

Page #1Page #2Page #3Page #4Page #5
Total: 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 45

Page 6Page 7Page 8Page 9Page 10
Total: 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 45

Page 11Page 12Page 13Page 14Page 15
Total: 9 + 9 + 9 + 8 + 9 = 44

Page 16Page 17Page 18Page 19Page 20Page 21
Total: 8 + 9 + 7 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 51
Double Checker: 45 + 45 + 44 + 51 = 185, 100% Storyline Complete

NOTE: Shinra will only be added after all other Bestiary entries has been entered

Basics of Fiend Arena

Just a few things you should know. Actually, it might be everything that you should know and then some more.


  1. HP/MP/Status if fully healed after each battle. Unless it's the Fiend Portal, Fiend World Cup, or Almighty Shinra Cup
  2. There's 2 Modes: Tournment and Battle Simulator
  3. Trap Pods are rewarded for competing in the Cups/Tournment; Not for the Battle Simulator
  4. Losing in these battles doesn't result in a Game Over. Unless it's the Fiend Portal

Battle Simulator

  • The Battle Simulator will initially have the 1st page filled up. The 1st page will always be filled up.
    • The Battle Simulator's list will be updated for every single battle that you got into while playing in the Tournament
    • The Battle Simulator's list of fights/teams do NOT carry over to NG+
  • You can learn Blue Magic in the Battle Simulator.
  • Unlike FFX's monster arena, it doesn't cost any gil to battle these teams/fiends repeatidly
  • It's normal to have unfilled teams in the list; since all battle are randomly given plus some teams are unlocked only after you've completed/released a specific fiend. So overall, you'll have to go through each Cup A LOT of times and hope that you get lucky.


  • When you first begin, only the Standard Cup is unlocked.
  • Each Slot that you see represents a Cup that you have yet to unlock.
  • Tournment Data (what Cups you've unlocked, times won, etc...) DO carry over to NG+
  • The conditions to unlock each Cup varies.
CupHow to Unlock
Standard CupInitially already unlocked
Standard Cup:HardWin Standard Cup 3 Times
Grand CupWin Standard Cup: Hard Once
Grand Cup: HardWin Grand Cup 3 Times
Chocobo CupDefeat "Wild Bird" In Grand Cup: Hard
Cactuar CupDefeat "Areg & Arroja" In Grand Cup: Hard
Youth League CupWin Grand Cup: Hard 6 Times
Aeon Cup *Read Below
Fiends World Cup *Read Below
Farplane Cup *Read Below

How Cups Are Unlocked

A majority of the cups are unlocked by winning the cups before them a certain number of times. However, the last few cups are based on a chain of events. So a few words aren't enough to explain the entire process. The Chapter by Chapter guide does states this, but we shall state it here as well; since some may not find the need to use the Chapter by Chapter guide.

Chocobo and Cactuar Cup

Even though you can easily unlock these 2 Cups, meeting the requirements to participate in the them in a different matter. Both the Chocobo and Cactuar makes great fiends to battle with, if you set them up properly. With this duo, I managed to defeat all storyline bosses with ease.

ChocoboS1-5Mi'hen Highroad, Before Mystery Cave
S1-5Calm Lands, Before Amazing Chocobo Dungeon Unlocked
CactuarS5Bikanel, After Cactuar Hollow Starts

Chocobo Cup: You need a Chocobo in your current active party. Looking at the availability, it seems to be not missable, but in truth, it's a Soft Missable. Once you've unlocked both the Mystery Cave and Amazing Chocobo Dungeon (via Chocobos), the only way is to go through Luca.

Cactuar Cup: You need a Cactuar in your current active party. Sad thing is, it can only be captured in Chapter 5 along with Cactuar Hollow sidequest.

Aeon Cup

To put it simply, you have to obtain certain fiends, increase their level by 5, and release them. Each of these fiends will have "Fragment of Fayth" associated with their story. So when release, an Aeon enters the Fiend Arena. You can fight these Aeons in the Battle Simulator; before the Aeon Cup is unlocked. The earliest you can unlock this Cup is Chapter 5; assuming New Game.

NOTE: I will include Luca, but be warned, chances of you getting it from Luca is really LOW.

Flame Dragon1 to 4BesaidLIfrit
Flan Blanco2 to 5MoonflowS/SPShiva
3 to 5MacalaniaS/SPFlan
2 to 5BevelleS/SP
2 to 5Calm LandsS/SP
Mycotoxin3 to 5Mi'hen HighroadS/SPValefor
3 to 5ZanarkandS/SPMushroom
1 to 5LucaS
Machina Striker5Thunder PlainsLIxion
Azi Dahaka5BevelleLBahamut
Critical Bug5BevelleMYojimbo
Jumbo Cactuar5BikanelLMagus Sisters

Fiend Notes

  • Flame Dragon: Looking at the chapters, this fiend is MISSABLE unless you want to try Luca. If so, have fun.
  • Flan Blanco: Not missable. Flan Type. If from Bevelle, S is done before Via Infinito. If after VI starts, use SP. If from Calm Lands, do it before Secret Dungeon is opened.
  • Mycotoxin: Not missable. If doing it Mi'hen, use SP before the New Dungeon is unlocked. Use S after new dungeon is unlocked
  • Machina Striker: New Dungeon in Thunder Plains needs to be unlocked. Only possible in Chapter 5.
  • Azi Dahaka: Is available before and after Via Infinito is unlocked. Only possible in Chapter 5.
  • Critical Bug: Is available after Via Infinito is unlocked. Only possible in Chapter 5.
  • Aranea: Via Infinito's Level 20 boss must be defeated. Only possible in Chapter 5.
  • Jumbo Cactuar: Bikanel's Cactuar Hollow must be unlocked. Only possible in Chapter 5.

After the last fiend is released and the last aeon enters the Fiend Arena, the Aeon Cup will be unlocked. If not, you messed up somewhere.

Fiend World Cup

Both Fiend Portal and Almighty Shinra Cup (ASC) will eventually turn into Fiend World Cup at the very end. So basically, Fiend Portal and the Almighty Shinra Cup are actually Fiend World Cup is disguise. They are unlocked just for the Storyline Mission associated with it. They end when the storyline part of it is complete. Then it shifts to the next cup. The order goes like this:

  1. Fiend Portal (Cup)
  2. Almighty Shinra Cup
  3. Fiend World Cup

NOTE: Fiend Portal = Almighty Shinra Cup = Fiend World Cup

  • Unlike previous tournaments, the music will differ.
  • NOTE: On top of that, your party's HP/MP will NOT be fully restored after each battle.
  • NOTE: If you lose even 1 match, you will get a Game Over screen and be sent to the opening menu

Fiend Portal (Cup)

You need to capture 1 Fiend and it evolves/transforms into others after you release them. You do need to level it up before releasing (evolving) it. Remember, increase their level by 5 before releasing.

  • You do not need to recapture them because they'll just be replaced (it evolved).
  • You do not get any Trap Pods for their release/evolution.
  • After Jahi is released, you do need to capture Tomb from Djose to continue the story.

  1. Daeva (Kilika) -> Evolves into "Aka Manah"
  2. Aka Mana -> Evolves into "Aeshma"
  3. Aeshma -> Evolves into "Jahi"
  4. Jahi -> Mission Time: Capture the Fiend Traitor!
  5. Tomb (Djose) -> To Be Continued in Chapter 5
  6. Dolmen (Kilika): Capture, Level Up, Release
  7. Monolith (Djose): Capture, Level Up, Release -> Evolves into Ultima Weapon
  8. Ultima Weapon: Level Up, Release it -> Mission Time: Fiend Deathmatch! -> "Fiend portal" Unlocked in Fiend Arena's Tournment section
  9. Fiend Portal (Cup): Go to the Finals and Defeat Ultima Weapon (Ultima Weapon will always be the very last opponent that you will face; at the finals.)
  10. When given the option to pick between Ultima or Omega; Pick Omega Weapon, 2nd Option
  11. Omega Weapon: Level Up, Release it -> Mission Time: Almighty Shinra Cup!

NOTE: Everything AFTER Tomb (Djose) is only available during Chapter 5.

1 Daeva3 to 5KilikaM
3 to 5LucaM
5 Tomb3 to 5DjoseM
6 Dolmen5KilikaM

Almighty Shinra Cup

In continuation from the Fiend Portal (Cup). The next few steps are simple.

1) Almighty Shinra Cup: Go and Defeat Almighty Shinra

  • Almighty Shinra will always be the very last opponent that you will face; at the finals.

2) Let Almighty Shinra Join 3) Almighty Shinra -> Level Up, Release -> Fiend World Cup Unlocked