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FFX: Replay Checklist by halberder84

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/30/14

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======================= A Replayer's Guide v1.2, May 2014 =====================
================================ by Halberder84 ===============================
============= Copyright (c) Jamie Stevenson - All rights reserved =============


I have created this guide as a useful reference for anyone who has played and 
completed the excellent Final Fantasy X and wants to play through it again. It 
has been constructed in a bullet point style list and ordered in the way I
personally would tackle the game (Although the game is very linear anyway). It 
is purposefully without much detail and is meant to be viewed more as a
reminder of where the more important things are within the world of Spira. I 
hope you find it as useful as I have found it enjoyable to write. I am 
currently play testing this guide whilst playing the HD Remastered edition. I'm
sure it goes without saying that this guide contains spoilers.

What you will find in this guide :-
 - Locations of all Ultimate weapons, Crest and Sigils.
 - Locations for all Al Bhed Primers, Jecht Sphere's.
 - Ronso Rage's.
 - Boss encounters and their HP with damage required for Overkill.
 - Glossary including information on Bribe's, Rikku's Mixes, Overdrives and
   other bits of information I find useful.
 - Optional extras including Monster Arena, Stat Maxing and Dark Aeons.
 - Information on Trophies and when I obtained them

What you will not find in this guide :-
 - In depth Boss strategies.
 - In depth information on locations although I go into some detail in the 
   Via Purifico as that can be a bit of a pain.
 - A Complete list of items locations and bribes, Weapon and Armour
   customisations and a Beastiary. For more information on these please check
   out other guides available.

If you are looking for a guide with everything described in a huge amount of
detail I strongly recommend the guide by Damir Kolar (Split Infinity). It is a
brilliant guide which I have used before on many occasions.

=== Contents ===

   A Note Before You Begin
   -1- Main Story
       -1a- From Zanarkand to Bikanel Island
       -1b- From Bikanel Island to Zanarkand
       -1b- Optional Quests before Sin
       -1c- From Sin to The End
   -2- Aftergame Sidequests
       -2a- Recap
       -2b- Ultimate Weapons, Capturing and Jecht Spheres 
       -2c- Stat Maxing and Creating Good Armours
       -2d- Monster Arena Creations
       -2e- Dark Aeons and Penance 
   -3- Glossary - At A Glance
       -3a- Ultimate Weapons, Crests and Sigil locations
       -3b- Al Bhed Primer Locations
       -3c- Jecht, Auron and Braska Sphere locations
       -3d- Useful Bribes or item locations
       -3e- Sphere Locations
       -3f- Useful Armour Customisations
       -3g- Overdrive Modes
       -3h- Ronso Rages
       -3i- Rikku Mixes
       -3j- Monster Arena Rewards
       -3k- Remiem Temple Rewards
       -3l- Trophy list
   -4- Version History
   End of Guide - Thanks

=== A Note Before You Begin ===

 - Try to Overkill as much as possible especially on bosses for extra 
   experience, AP, double item drops and better weapon/armour drops.
 - Swap characters in battle often, especially on bosses so everyone earns AP.
   A simple defend/skip go is all a character needs to do to earn AP.
 - When Rikku is available make sure to steal from bosses as they often have
   useful items. Also if you are using the Standard Sphere Grid you may find it
   useful to save her SLVL until you have a Lv.2 Key Sphere so you can learn 
   Reflect at an earlier stage of the game.
 - Talk to O'aka and Wantz every chance you get so you don't miss out on 4 slot
   armour later in the game. Also you need to donate over 10000gil to get a 
   discount from him at later stages of the game.

Terminology used in this guide.
 <WEAPON>       = <> represents a weapon.
 [ARMOUR]       = [] represents armour.
 'Item'         = '' represents an item such as Potion, Grenade etc
 "KEY ITEM"     = "" represents a Key Item including Crests and Sigils
 BOSS           = Indicates a Boss fight. Name (Max HP/HP for Overkill).
 #DNM#          = Do Not Miss - Indicates an item or object that you must not
                  miss or you risk not obtaining it in your playthrough.
 Ronso Rage     = Indicates a Ronso Rage for Kimarhi to learn.
 Al Bhed Primer = Key item Al Bhed Primer location.
 * Sphere       = Jecht, Auron or Braska sphere location.
 TROPHY         = Information on trophies, these are listed as I earn them.

============================= PART 1 - MAIN STORY =============================

=== -1a- From Zanarkand to Bikanel Island ===

 - BOSS - Sinspawn Ammes (2400HP/1000HP) - Cannot overkill.

Submerged Ruins
 - Al Bhed Compilation Sphere - Amongst the ruins (Useful if this is your 2nd
 - BOSS - Geosgaeno (32767HP/32767HP - Scripted battle)
 - BOSS - Klikk (1500HP/400HP)

Al Bhed Salvage Ship
 - Al Bhed Primer #1 - On right side of screen on deck of ship.
 - TROPHY - Speaking in Tongues - Find 1 Al Bhed Primer
 - BOSS - Tros (2200HP/600HP)

Besaid Island 
 - "Moon Crest" - Besaid: Beach - In a chest to the right, in a solitary bay.
 - #DNM# - Destruction Sphere Reward - <Rod of Wisdom> - Besaid Temple
   If you miss this you will need to fight Dark Valefor later to get it.
 - Complete Besaid Temple. You can re-enter the temple if you need to.
 - TROPHY - The Right Thing - Clear the Besaid Cloister of Trials
 - Al Bhed Primer #2 - In the Crusader's tent.
 - After leaving Besaid village, re-enter. Visit the shop on the left and talk 
   to the assistant until she mentions her dog. Then go to her dog which is in
   the 3rd house on the right and check it to receive "Energy Blast" overdrive
   for Valefor.
 - BOSS - ???? (750HP/300HP).
 - Speak to people on the beach for helpful items - [Seeker's Ring].

SS Liki
 - Go to the lower deck to donate to O'aka - 1st chance.
 - Al Bhed Primer #3 - In the power room of the ship bottom right corner.
 - 'Potions' - Kick the suitcase for potions. Takes you up to 20.
 - BOSS - Sin's Fin (2000HP/1000HP)
 - BOSS - Sinspawn Echuilles (2000HP/400HP)

 - Al Bhed Primer #4 - In the Kilika Tavern.
 - Ronso Rage - Seed Cannon - Ragora - Kilika Woods - Scripted event.
 - OPTIONAL BOSS - Lord Ochu (4649HP/800HP), Use Valefor - Get an 'Elixir' from
   Luzzu after defeating Ochu or wait till after you have Ifrit to defeat it.
 - There is a 'Luck Sphere' in the woods at the back.
 - BOSS - Sinspawn Geneaux (3000HP/900HP)/Tentacles (450HP/500HP)
 - Destruction Sphere Reward - [Red Armlet] - Kilika Temple
 - Complete the Kilika Temple. 

SS Winno
 - Give more money to O'aka - 2nd chance.
 - Al Bhed Primer #5 - Control room of ship.
 - Learn the Jecht Shot. If you fail you can take the boat back to Kilika and
   try again.
 - TROPHY - Striker - Learn the Jecht Shot.

 - Al Bhed Primer #6 - Luca Stadium, underground Floor B.
 - Donate more money to O'aka - 3rd chance. He is hanging around Dock 1.
 - Search the docks for a <Tidal Spear> on Dock 1. A 'Magic Sphere' and 
   'HP Sphere' can be found on Dock 5.
 - Al Bhed Primer #7 - Luca Theater on the floor.
 - BOSS - Oblitzerator (6000HP/600HP)
 - 'Strength Sphere' - Win the Blitzball match against the Goers.
 - TROPHY - Teamwork - Win a Blitzball match. If you fail to beat the Goers you
   will be able to play Blitzball from a save Sphere's very soon.

Mi'ihen HighRoad
 - Attack Reels Overdrive - 1st Prize in Blitzball tournament. Play a couple of
   exhibition matches for the tournament option to be selectable.
 - TROPHY - Showoff! - Win a blitzball tournament
 - Status Reels and Auroch Reels - Become available in Blitzball when Wakka has
   participated in 250 and 450 battles respectively.
 - Ronso Rage - Fire Breath - Dual Horn - Also on Mushroom Rock Road.
 - Ronso Rage - Self Destruct - Bomb - Also on Mushroom Rock Road.
 - Get Valefor to Overdrive ready for...
 - BOSS - Belgemine/Ifrit (3500HP/560HP) Win for {Echo Ring}.
 - Al Bhed Primer #8 - Receive from Rin at Travel Agency.
 - BOSS - Chocobo Eater (10000HP/800HP), Knock it off cliff for 2x 'Lvl 1 Key
 - Al Bhed Primer #9 - New Road North Area.
 - Last chance to donate to O'aka on Oldroad (Make total 10001gil for 
 - "Mars Crest" - Oldroad: South - In a chest at the end of the Oldroad.
 - Donate 100 gil - <Scout>, 1000 gil - <Ice Lance>, 10,000 gil to crusader for
   a [Moon Ring].

Mushroom Rock 
 - [Tough Bangle] - Talk to the guy who appears at the entrance you just came
   from, he'll hand it to you.
 - Al Bhed Primer #10 - Mushroom Rock: Precipice - On a dead end path.
 - BOSS - Sinspawn Gui (12000HP/800HP)
 - BOSS - Sinspawn Gui's Head (4000HP/800HP)
 - BOSS - Sinspawn Gui's Arms (800HP/500HP)
 - BOSS - Sinspawn Gui (6000HP/800HP)
 - BOSS - Sinspawn Gui's Head (1000HP/800HP)
 - BOSS - Sinspawn Gui's Arms (800HP/500HP)

Djose Highroad
 - Ronso Rage - Stone Breath - Basilisk.
 - [Soft Ring] - Talk to the guy walking up the road nearest to you.
 - Al Bhed Primer #11 - Djose Highroad - Hidden behind a pillar.
 - 'Ability Sphere' x4 - In chest behind shop at Djose Temple .
 - Destruction Sphere Reward - 'Magic Sphere'.
 - Complete Djose Temple

 - 'Lv1 Key Sphere' x3 - In chest before Shelinda.
 - 'Lv1 Key Sphere' x3 and 'X-Potion' - In chests past Ronsos.
 - BOSS - Belgemine/Ixion (6000HP/924HP)
 - Magic Defense Sphere - In a chest hidden in the woods to the left. Look at
   the overhead map to see the path.
 - 5000gil - In a chest before riding the Shoopuf.
 - BOSS - Extractor (4000HP/600HP)
 - Al Bhed Primer #12 - Moonflow - North Wharf. Next to the rotation Platform.
 - TROPHY - All Together - All Party Members Come Together

 - Al Bhed Primer #13 - In the house up and to the left. 4 people in the house.
 - 8x 'Lightning Marble' - Hidden behind the wall on left "Road to Farplane".
 - "Venus Crest" - On the Farplane (After you first visit Thunder Plains).

Thunder Plains
 - "Venus Crest" - Return to Gaudosalam to the Farplane.
 - WARNING - I recommend NOT doing the 200 Lightning dodges now.
 - When entering the Agency talk to Rikku, do not enter the back. Rin appears
   then speak to him to get Al Bhed Primer... See next line.
 - Al Bhed Primer #14 - Talk to Rin and answer Okay.
 - Various items - In North area after scene with Yuna in chests.

Macalania Woods
 - <Sleepy Cait Sith> - Hidden behind a tree on the left on the first path.
 - Ronso Rage - Aqua Breath - Chimera
 - Al Bhed Primer #15 - Hidden on the path to the right of the save sphere at
   the end of the woods. You cannot see it until the high road opens after the
   next boss but you can pick it up now.
 - BOSS - Spherimorph (12000HP/2000HP).
 - TROPHY - Power Strike - Do 9999 damage or more in a single attack. I earnt
   this against Spherimorph using an Aeon's Overdrive.
 - Jecht Sphere #1 - Automatically viewed after Boss fight.
 - Jecht Sphere #8 - At Southern Entrance to Macalia Woods.
 - Jecht Sphere #7 - By a lighting rod on the right at Southern end of Thunder
   Plains. OPTIONAL but recommended to get Auron's 3rd Overdrive.
 - OPTIONAL NOTE - It is possible to backtrack all the way to Besaid to get 6 
   more Sphere's but I find it unnecessary. If you don't you will need to beat
   Dark Valefor to get into Besaid to get the Jecht Sphere found there.

Lake Macalania
 - Talk to Clasko - Answer he's better suited as a Chocobo Breeder.
 - Al Bhed Primer #16 - Other side of travel agency - Grab this first now.
 - BOSS - Crawler (16000HP/4000HP)/ Negator (1000HP/1000HP)
 - Various items - Before fight with Seymour after scenes.
 - [Shell Targe] - Talk to Tromell.
 - BOSS - Seymour (6000HP/1400HP) - Guardians (2000HP/2000HP)
 - BOSS - Anima (18000HP/1400HP)
 - #DNM# - Destruction Sphere Reward - Luck Sphere.
   If you miss this you will need to fight Dark Shiva to re-enter the temple.
 - Complete Macalania Temple 
 - BOSS - Wendigo (18000HP/1432HP) - Gaurdians (1200HP/1432HP).
 - Talk - Lulu, then Auron, Wakka, Rikku, Yuna, Wakka, Lulu. 
 - 'Lv.2 Key Sphere' - In chest next to Kimarhi.
 - <Avenger> - In chest next to Auron.
 - Talk - Kimahri, Yuna, Rikku, Auron.

=== -1b- From Bikanel Island to Zanarkand ===

Bikanel Island
 - 'Remedy' x4 - Swim to back of Oasis at start.
 - Al Bhed Primer #1 IF MISSED - Oasis - In shade to right of save sphere.
 - Al Bhed Primer #3 IF MISSED - Oasis - In tent by third party member.
 - Al Bhed Primer #5 IF MISSED - East - Near to where fourth member is.
 - Al Bhed Primer #14 IF MISSID - East - Next to chest with 4x Hi-Potions.
 - Al Bhed Primer #17 - Central - Inside a ruined house in lower area.
 - 'Lv.2 Key Sphere' - Central - In chest in lower area.
 - Al Bhed Primer #18 - Central - Before sign with "This way to Home".
 - In sand traps - Beat Sandlion for 2x 'Teleport Sphere' & 3x 'Megalixir'.
 - "Mercury Crest" - Bikanel Desert: West - In chest in Sandtrap.

Al Bhed Home - Everything here is missable, save outside. Pay attention.
 - #DNM# - Al Bhed Primer #19 - Home - Outside. After meeting Cid on the left 
   hand side.
 - Main Corridor - Walk down the steps until the camera view changes then run
   back up the stairs. Enter the door on the left.
 - In "Living Quarters" - Left Chest - You chose what you get. Elixir
 - 'Friend Sphere' - Right Chest - Pick 2nd option in 3rd row, 3rd option in 
   2nd row, 2nd option in 2nd row.
 - #DNM# - Al Bhed Primer #20 - To the right of the above chest, on the bed.
 - Back in the Main Corridor head downstairs and head right for Primer #21.
 - #DNM# - Al Bhed Primer #21 - In the main hallway down the right corridor.
 - Enter the door on the right from here.
 - 'Special Sphere' - Left Chest - Crack the code on the chest.
   Dig 1 Sum #s, Dig 2 1st# minus 2nd#, Dig 3 1st# X 2nd#, Dig 4 Sum #s.
 - 'Skill Sphere' - Right Chest - Crack the code on the chest.
   Q1 Answer #3, Q2 Answer #4, Q3 Answer #2, Q4 Answer #1.
 - When you have all the above head down the left corridor to continue.
 - 'Lv2' and 'Lv4 Key Spheres' - In room with cutscene.
 - 10000 Gil - In a chest after the cutscene about Summoners sacrifice.

The Airship
 - BOSS - Evrae (32000HP/2000HP)

 - Ronso Rage - Thrust Kick - YKT-63.
 - #DNM# - Al Bhed Primer #22 - Bevelle - Priests' Passage, you can't miss 
   this. It is in plain sight on the way to the Cloister of trials.
 - Destructions Sphere is mandatory and cannot be missed - Reward 'HP Sphere'.
 - Complete Bevelle Temple

Via Purifico
 - Kimahri - From start head right and follow the path.
 - Auron - Head up from Kimahri and follow the path.
 - Lulu - From Auron head Left, then down, then down, then right. 'White Magic 
   Sphere' in chest in room with Lulu.
 - Head down, then down, examine the strange glyth to break seal. Also chest.
 - Head up, then right to get back to the first room.
 - Head up, then up again and then take right path for 'Black Magic Sphere'.
 - In this room step on glyth pad to make a teleporter move.
 - Now head left then up, head left. Step on teleport when pointing left.
 - [Lucid Ring], 10000Gil (Hidden by the gate), 'Skill Sphere' in chests in 
   this room. Head back by stepping on the teleporter when it is pointing down.
 - Then head right, then up from the save sphere to escape.
 - BOSS - Grothia (8000HP/2550HP)
 - BOSS - Pterya (12000HP/2550HP)
 - BOSS - Spathi (20000HP/2550HP)
 - As tidus, shop to get Stone Ward on armours (30x 'Soft' for Stone ward).
 - BOSS - Evrae Altana (16384HP/2000HP) - Use X-Potions for easy win & O/Kill.
 - <Avenger> and <Rematch> - Chests under water after boss fight.

Bevelle Highbridge
 - BOSS - Seymour Natus (36000HP/3500HP) - Mortibody (4000/NO OK!)

Macalania Forest
 - TROPHY - Heartstrings - Viw the "Underwater Date" Scene
 - [Lucid Ring] - In a chest where everyone is waiting.

Calm Lands
 - Ronso Rage - Bad Breathe - Malboro.
 - Ronso Rage - Aqua Breathe - Chimera Brain. If you missed in Macalania
 - BOSS - Belgemine/Shiva (15000HP/1432HP)
 - 'Lv2 Key Sphere' - Behind the shop.
 - Al Bhed Primer #23 - Northwest area of the Calm Lands.
 - Chocobo Training - The lady is in the Northwest. Talk to her to train a
   Chocobo. Only do the first bit. You will come back to this shortly.
 - Visit Monster arena and buy capture weapons for Tidus, Wakka, Auron and
   Rikku. Customize. Give Tidus Firststrike, Wakka Sensor, Auron Piercing.
   Don't customize Rikku's just yet. I also got a second weapon for Tidus and
   stuck Initiative on it. Start capturing enemies. 
 - With Chocobo, loot chests on the Calm Lands in the lower right corner then
   head to Remiem Temple.

Remiem Temple
 - Al Bhed Primer #24 - Remiem Temple at the end of the left path.
 - Chocobo mini game winnings.
   "Cloudy Mirror" - First win - You will get this automatically from winning.
   'Elixir' - With one chest open.
   'Megalixir' - With two chests open.
   30x 'Wings to Discovery' - With three chests open - Teaches Break HP.
   30x 'Pendulum' - With four chests open - Teaches Master Thief.
   60x 'Three Stars' - With 5 chests open .
 - TROPHY - Chocobo Master - Get 5 treasure chests during the Chocobo Race at
   Remiem Temple and win the race.
 - Recommend you leave Belgemine for now, come back later. Head to Macalania

Macalania Forest
 - "Celestial Mirror" - Head into Macalania woods and speak to the woman
   standing with a child. She will mention that her husband is missing. Head
   back towards the Calm Lands and up at the cross road (Where the party were
   waiting for Yuna). Speak to the man. Go back to where the woman was and 
   speak to them both who mentions their son ran off into the woods. Take the 
   shimmering path and head up to find the boy. Talk to him for a scene where 
   the Cloudy Mirror becomes the Celestial Mirror. Once obtained head back to 
   the Calm Lands.

Calm Lands
 - Capture: Skoll, Nebiros, Flame Flan, Shred, Anacondaur, Ogre, Coeurl,
   Chimera Brain, Malboro. Stronger fiends are found more in NW area.
 - Head over to the North West corner to do some Chocobo training
 - 'Lv.1 Key Sphere' - 1st Prize, course 2 of Chocobo training - Dodger Cho.
 - 'Lv.2 Key Sphere' - 1st Prize, course 3 of Chocobo training - Hyper Dodger.
 - 'Lv.3 Key Sphere' - 1st Prize, course 4 of Chocobo training - Catcher Cho.
 - TROPHY - Chocobo License - Pass all Chocobo training
 - <Caladbolg> - Win the Catcher Chocobo race within 48 seconds or less then
   choose "I quit". The guard who blocks access to the glyth in the far North  
   West corner of the Calm Lands will have moved allowing you to go down the 
   ledge and use the "Celestial Mirror". If he hasn't moved, race again, win 
   and check he has moved. Repeat until he does.
 - "Sun Sigil" - Do the Catcher Chocobo course, win and finish with a perfect
   score of 0:0:0. The Chocobo trainer will give this to you.
 - TROPHY - Chocobo Rider - Win a race with a catcher chocobo with a total time
   of 0:0:0
 - Get Gil up to around 225K by selling and battles. Do some capturing to start
   killing 2 birds with one stone.
 - <Nirvana> - Capture at least one of each fiend in the Calm Lands and talk to
   the Monster Arena owner.
 - Chimeragiest unlocked - Reward: 60 Farplane Winds (Deathstrike)
 - I customised Rikku's Capture weapon with Deathstrike. This allows for fast
   capturing and it gets Rikku's kill count up for AP farming later.
 - TROPHY - A Talent for Acquisition - Steal successfully with Rikku 200 times
 - BOSS - Defender X (64000HP/4060HP)
 - "Rusty Sword" - From the entrance of the Cavern of the Stolen Faith walk the
   right path and follow it to the end. It is between two rocks near where a 
   guy is swinging a sword

Cavern of the Stolen Fayth - Optional but recommended (Have around 225K gil)
 - Ronso Rage - Doom - Ghost.
 - Note - Ghosts here can drop armor with No Encounters. I got lucky.
 - Al Bhed Primer #25 - To the left of a chest near the back of the cave.
 - BOSS - Yojimbo (33000HP/4060HP)
 - Items - Take path other than up on the teleporter.
 - Yojimbo Summon - Choose third option then offer him half of what he asks
   plus 1 Gil. He will ask 225K. You can haggle more or save yourself the
   the bother and offer 225K.
 - TROPHY - It's all about the money - Obtain Yojimbo
Mt Gagazet
 - Make sure you capture one of every fiend on/in Mt Gagazet for later. 
   They are: Grat, Grenade, Bashura, Bandersnatch, Behemoth, Dark Flan,
   Mandragora, Grendel, Ahriman, Splasher, Achelous and Maelspike. Some fiends
   from the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth appear on Mt Gagazet.
 - BOSS - Biran Ronso (???/2500HP)/ Yenke Ronso (???/2500HP)
 - STEAL from Biran and Yenke for 'Lv.3 Key Spheres' if you can.
 - Ronso Rage - Mighty Guard - Biran after he uses it
 - Ronso Rage - White Wind - Yenke after he uses it
 - Also other Ronso Rages from Biran and Yenke if you have missed them 
   previously including Fire Breath, Self-Destruct, Thrust Kick, 
   Stone Breath, Aqua Breath, Doom.
 - Braska's Sphere - Small path branching off to the right.
 - #DNM# - Speak to Wantz or you will miss out on armour later.
 - Buy Zombie ward armour from Wantz (30x 'Holy Waters' for Zombie Ward).
 - 'Lv.4 Key Sphere' & 'HP Sphere' - In a chest on the way up Mt Gagazet.
 - Ronso Rage - White Wind - Dark Flan inside Mt Gagazet if missed earlier
 - BOSS - Seymour Flux (70000HP/3500HP) - Mortiorchis (4000HP/NO OK!)
 - "Saturn Crest" - Check between the pillars on the left after the boss. You
   cannot see the chest.
 - BOSS - Sanctuary Keeper (40000HP, OK 6400HP)

 - Defenders here drop 'Lv.2' and 'Lv.3 Key Spheres', grab some.
 - Complete Zanarkand Temple - Cannot do Destruction sphere yet.
 - BOSS - Spectral Keeper (52000HP/8000HP)
 - BOSS - Yunalesca 1st (24000HP) - 2nd (48000HP) - 3rd (60000HP/10000HP)
 - TROPHY - Overcoming the Past - Defeat Yunalesca
 - #DNM# - "Sun Crest" - After beating Yunalesca, go down stairs at back. You
   will appear on the stairs to the left. Go back up those stairs and you will
   appear at the back of the room and the chest will appear too. Open it.
   If you miss this you will need to fight Dark Bahamut later to get it.

 - Talk to Yuna and Kimarhi then head to Highbridge in Bevelle to watch a
   some cutscenes and advance the story.

=== -1c- Optional Sidequests before Sin ===
 - Head to Zanarkand and into the temple to do the destruction sphere.
 - Destruction Sphere Reward - <Magistral Rod>.
 - Discover co-ordinates and passwords.
   Password 1 - GODHAND - Opens destination on Mushroom Rock Road.
   Password 2 - VICTORIOUS - Opens Besaid Ruins 1.
   Password 3 - MURASAME - Opens Besaid Ruins 2.
   Location 1 - X(11-16), Y(57-63) - Baaj Temple (Anima).
   Location 2 - X(39-43), Y(56-60) - Battle Site [Phantom Bangle].
   Location 3 - X(29-32), Y(73-76) - Besaid Falls <Dragoon Lance>.
   Location 4 - X(33-36), Y(55-60) - Mi'ihen Ruins <Sonar>.
   Location 5 - X(69-75), Y(33-38) - Omega Ruins. Unlock but leave for now.
   Location 6 - X(12-16), Y(41-45) - Sanubia Sands <Ascalon>.

Baaj Temple - Acquiring Anima 
 - Must have used all 6 destruction spheres and opened the chests.
 - Equip Tidus, Wakka and Rikku with Stone Ward/Proof armor as a minimum.
 - BOSS - Geosgaeno (32767HP/32767HP) - Get a Weapon Drop for No Encounters.
 - If Geosgaeno is too hard at this point, come back after powering up a bit.
   An easy strategy is just use attack reels. I took him out in one round.
 - <Onion Knight> - Baaj Temple - After defeating Geosgaeno, search under water 
   over to the right for a chest. The camera changes when you are in the right
 - Anima summon - Break all the seals and enter the Chamber of the Fayth.
 - TROPHY - Feel the Pain - Obtain Anima

Calm Lands
 - "Blossom Crown" - Head to the Monster Arena in Calm Lands. If you have at 
   least one of every fiend from Mt Gagazet you will get the "Blossom Crown".
 - <Nirvana> - If you captured one of every fiend in the Calm Lands you will 
   get this at the Monster Arena. You may already have it.

Remiem Temple - Acquiring Magus Sisters
 - "Flower Scepter" & "Moon Sigil" (Summoner's Soul, Aeon's Soul if missed 
 - Valefor (20000HP) - 1st reward 4x 'Lightning Gem', 2nd 4x 'Power Sphere'.
 - Ifrit (28000HP) - 30x 'X-Potion', 5x 'Mana Sphere'.
 - Ixion (30000HP) - 10x 'Chocobo Feather', 8x 'Power Sphere'.
 - Shiva (20000HP) - 60x 'Mega-Potion', 6x 'Star Curtain'.
 - Bahamut (35000HP) - "Flower Scepter", 8x 'Mana Sphere'.
 - Yojimbo (32000HP) - 8x 'Shadow Gem', 10x 'Power Sphere'.
 - Anima (54000HP) - 60x 'Stamina Spring', 10x 'Mana Sphere'.
 - Magus Sisters Summon - Use the "Flower Scepter" and "Blossom Crown" on the 
   door at the back of the temple to enter the Chamber of Fayth.
 - TROPHY - Delta Attack - Obtain the Magus Sisters
 - TROPHY - Summon Master - Obtain all Aeons
 - Magus Sisters (Cindy 48000HP/ Mindy 20000HP/ Sandy 35000HP) - 40x 'Shining 
   Gem', 12x 'Power Sphere'.
 - "Moon Sigil" - After defeating all of Belgemine's Aeon's send her.

Omega Ruins - ONLY If you have NO ENCOUNTERS - Equip it.
 - Al Bhed Primer #26 - In room with 4 chests. From the start head left at the
   first junction. Follow the path to the T junction and take the right path.
   Follow this down and you will reach a room with 4 chests in a circle. The
   primer is on the floor next to the left blue torch at the back.
 - TROPHY - Master Linquist - Find all 26 Al Bhed Primers
 - 99x Underdog's Secret - Speak to Rin on the airship with all 26 Primers

=== -1d- From Sin to The End ===

 - Status Reels Overdrive - Win Blitzball League - I earnt this here.
 - BOSS - Sin Left Fin (65000HP/10000HP)
 - BOSS - Sin Right Fin (65000HP/10000HP)
 - BOSS - Sin (36000HP/3000HP)
 - BOSS - Sinspawn Genais (20000HP/2000HP)
 - BOSS - Sin (140000HP/16000HP) Use Bahamut/Anima/Magus Sisters for Overkill 
   if you want it.

Inside Sin
 - Sea of Sorrow - Explore area for 'Special Sp'., [Phantom Ring], <Wizard
   Lance> and 'Lv.3 Key Sp'.
 - BOSS - Seymour Omnis (80000HP/15000HP) Summon Anima for extra scene.
 - TROPHY - The Destination of Hatred - Defeat Seymour Omnis
 - 'Lv.4 Key Sp'. - Behind 3 walls. Kill 10 fiends, then 10 more, then 15.
 - Explore for <Four-On-One>, [Defending Bracer], 'Megalixir', 20000gil, 
   'HP Sphere', 'Defence Sphere' and <Laevatein>.
 - Last save point, Tower of the Dead. Point of no return.

   This next part will finish the story, everything here will not be saved.

Inside Sin
 - BOSS - Jecht (1st 60000HP, 2nd 120000HP/20000HP)
 - BOSS - Yu Pagoda (5000HP starting)
 - BOSS - Yu Yevon (99999HP) You cannot die in this fight. Defeat Yuna's Aeons
   then finish Yu Yevon.
 - TROPHY - The Eternal Calm - Defeat Yu Yevon


======================== PART 2 - AFTERGAME SIDEQUESTS ========================
=== -2a- Recap ===

Previous Optional Sidequests
 - If you did not do the sidequests mentioned earlier then do so now.
 - Summons 
   - Yojimbo - cavern of the Stolen Faith
   - Anima - Baaj Temple
   - Magus Sisters - Remiem Temple
 - Airship passwords and locations

Getting No Encounters
 - If you do not have a No Encounters weapon or armor head over to the Monster
   Arena in the Calm lands. Either fight Ghosts (capture from Cavern of the S. 
   Fayth) or Unlock Fafnir for 30x 'purifying salts' (Capture x4 of Vouivre - 
   Mi'ihen Highroad, Lamashtu - Mushroom Rock, Kusariqqu - Thunder Plains, 
   Mushussu - Sanubia Desert, Nidhogg - Mt. Gagazer). No Encounters will be 
   invaluable for the lightning dodging, Bikanel Island and in Omega Ruins.

=== -2b- Ultimate Weapons, Capturing and Jecht Spheres ===

 - You should already have the Cloudy Mirror from Remiem Temple and you should
   have already upgraded this to the Celestial Mirror. If not head to Macalania
   and do this now.
 - I will be capturing x10 of all fiends to unlock Nemesis.
 - Once you have 10 of every fiend in an area, switch to No Encounters to 
   finish off anything else that needs doing in that area.

 - Capture: Dingo, Condor, Water Flan.
 - OPTIONAL - If you're feeling daring try Dark Valefor. Beating him will allow
   you to enter Besaid. You can get a Jecht Sphere and revisit the temple here.
 - Board the S.S. Liki from Besaid beach.
 - 'Friend Sphere' - Talk to Clasko (If you told him to be a Chocobo Breeder).
 - Jecht Sphere #4 - On the Bridge of S.S. Liki.

Kilika Island
 - Capture: Dinonix, Killer Bee, Yellow Element, Ragora.
 - Revisit Kilika Temple for some Spheres.
 - Fly to Luca.

 - Jecht Sphere #3 - Luca Stadium Basement A.
 - "Jupiter Crest" - In the Aurochs Locker room in one of the lockers.
 - Blitzball Time - Now is a good time to start getting Blitzball out the way
   I already had Attack reels and Status Reels by this point. Best thing to do
   is hire Jumal (sitting on a bench by the fountain in Luca outside the place
   Kimarhi had a fight) and Brother on the airship. I played a couple of
   matches at a time whilst capturing to break up the monotony.
 - Auroch Reels - Win Blitzball Tournament - I earned this at this point.
 - TROPHY - Blitzball Master - Unlock all slot reels.
 - <World Champion> - Luca - Speak to the bartender where Kimarhi had a fight.

Mi'ihen Highroad
 - Capture: Mi'ihen Fang, Ipiria, Floating Eye, White Element, Raldo, Vouivre,
   Bomb, Dual Horn. Some fiends from Mushroom Rock will appear on the Oldroad.
 - Jecht Sphere #2 - By the chest which had the "Mars Crest" at end of Oldroad.

Mushroom Rock Road
 - Capture: Raptor, Gandarewa, Thunder Flan, Red Element, Lamashtu, Funguar,
   Garuda (Precipice and Valley).
 - Be careful not to talk to the 3 people outside the entrance to the Mushroom
   Rock road as they will summon Dark Magus Sister who will cream you.
 - <Masamune> - Head up towards the beach past the entrance to the Mushroom
   Rock road and enter the dead end area. Head up a stone lift and select Yes 
   when examining the statue. Requires the "Rusty Sword" from Calm Lands.
 - Auron Sphere - Precipice - South of the rising platform/save sphere. Where
   Wakka punched Luzzu the first time you visited.

Djose Highroad
 - Capture: Garm, Bite Bug, Snow Flan, Bunyip, Basilisk, Simurgh (North end
   near sign), Ochu (Road south of Moonflow called South Bank).
 - Revisit Djose Temple for some Spheres.

 - Jecht Sphere #6 - South Wharf near the Shoopuf dock.

Thunder Plains - :(
 - Capture: Melusine, Aerouge, Buer, Gold Element, Kusariqqu, Larva, Qactuar
   (Pray to 3 stones if not already), Iron Giant (North side Thunder Plains).
 - "Jupiter Sigil" - Win Blitzball League - I earned this at this point.
 - Do not talk to the monk by a Lightning Tower or you will face Dark Ixion.
 - Jecht Sphere #7 - If Missed - South side near a lightning rod on the right.
 - <Spirit Lance> - Southern area. Activate 3 Qactuar stones then on the right
   is a broken pillar, examine it with Square.
 - TROPHY - Weapon Master - Obtain all Celestial Weapons
 - "Venus Sigil" - On the left hand side of the southern screen is an area
   where there is a crater just north of a pillar. When you enter this crater
   the lightning will try to strike you. EQUIP NO ENCOUNTERS and start dodging 
   the lighting. 200 in a row. Collect the Sigil from chest outside the agency.
   Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNjKL7aZY4E
 - TROPHY - Lightning Dancer - Dodge 200 Lightning strikes and obtain the

 - Capture: Snow Wolf, Iguion, Wasp, Evil Eye, Ice Flan, Blue Element,
   Murussu, Mafdet, Xiphose, Chimera.
 - Jecht Sphere #8 - If Missed - At the South entrance to Macalania.
 - "Saturn Sigil" - Play both Butterfly games to earn this. :(
 - Do not visit Macalania temple or you will face Dark Shiva.

Bikanel Island
 - Capture: Sand Wolf, Alcyone, Mushussu, Zu, Sand Worm, Cactuar.
 - Do not approach the NPC standing at the back of the desert. They will
   summon Dark Ifrit.
 - "Mercury Sigil" - Sanubia Desert - Cactuar Sidequest, found in a chest.
   Visit the North area of the desert and check the Cactuar stone to start.
   - Tomay - By the Oasis right at the beginning.
   - Rovivea - Running around in east Sanubia desert in westernmost dead end.
   - Chava - Find sign with '20% off' stuff on it and examine it, near Cactuar
   - Alek and Aloja - Central Sanubia desert - Where there are lots of ruins.
   - Vachella - East Sanubia desert - examine save sphere here and...
   - Robeya - Central desert's westernmost treasure chest.
   - Isrra - Leave this screen then return, Isrra can now be found in one of 
     the sink holes.
   - Elio - Go to Oasis then board the airship. He is above deck where you
     fought Evrae.
   - Flaile - Will appear at the end.
 - Once complete enter the area below that clears and raid chests.

Calm Lands
 - Capture: Skoll, Nebiros, Flame Flan, Shred, Anacondaur, Ogre, Coeurl,
   Chimera Brain, Malboro. Stronger fiends are normally encountered in NW area
   behind the shop. Malboros and Coeurls also appear in the Sunken Cave.
 - "Sun Sigil" - If missed - Do the Chocobo race, win and finish with less
   than 0.0.0 time.
 - <Caladbolg> - If missed - IMMEDIATELY after winning the race visit the NW 
   area and the guard will have moved allowing you to go down the ledge and use 
   the Celestial Mirror to acquire the weapon. If he hasn't moved, race again 
   and win and check he has moved. Repeat until he does.
 - <Nirvana> - If missed - Head to Monster Arena. You get this once you have
   captured at least 1 of every monster in the Calm lands.
 - "Mars Sigil" - Monster Arena - You should have captured enough to unlock 10
   or more Area/Species Monsters. You will get this if you have. If not come 
   back later.
 - Revisit Remiem Temple for a 'Defence Sphere'.

Power up Ultimate Weapons
 - You should have everyone's Weapons, Crests and Sigils except maybe Auron's
   "Mars Sigil" depending on whether you started capturing straight away or
   if you waited until you finished the story.
 - Head to Macalania Woods up the light path and power up everyones weapons.

Sunken Cave (Cavern of the Stolen Fayth)
 - Capture: Yowie, Imp, Dark Element, Nidhogg, Thorn, Valaha, Epaaj, Ghost, 
   Tonberry (Rare). Nidhoggs often appear on Mt Gagazet
 - You can use the teleport pad to visit the back of the cave and obtain a
   strength sphere from the fayth. However make sure you return to the entrance
   using the teleport pad or you will encounter Dark Yojimbo.

Mt Gagazet
 - Capture: Bandersnatch, Ahriman, Dark Flan, Grenade, Grat, Grendel, Bashura,
   Mandragora, Behemoth, Splasher*, Achelous*, Maelspike*. * Can be found in
   the water. Many fiends appear on the Zanarkand old road so if you want 
   to listen to decent music, capture there. :)
 - Do not do the underwater minigame unless you want to face Dark Anima.

Inside Sin
 - Capture: Exoray, Wraith, Gemini (Left), Gemini (Right), Demonolith,
   Great Malboro, Barbatos, Adamantoise, King Behemoth. All enemies appear
   in the second area of sin. Also, Great Malboros and Demonoliths appear in
   the Omega Ruins but Malboros always ambush you there.

Omega Ruins
 - ESSENTIAL - Make sure to equip a weapon with First Strike (aka Tidus 
   capture weapon) to avoid ambush by Great Malboros. Return Spheres teach
   this ability and Auron's Masamune has it when powered up.
 - Capture: Zaurus, Floating Death, Black Element, Halma, Puroboros, Spirit,
   Machea, Master Coeurl, Master Tonberry (Rare), Varuna.
 - Whilst capturing I made an armour for Tidus, Wakka and Auron with;
   Auto-Haste, Stoneproof, Confuseproof. This will be sufficient until you 
   need to create better armour.
 - With that you should have 10 of every fiend in the game.
 - Al Bhed Primer #26 - In case you didn't pick this up earlier. In room with 4
   chests. From the start head left at the first junction. Follow the path to 
   the T junction and take the right path. Follow this down and you will reach 
   a room with 4 chests in a circle. The primer is on the floor next to the 
   left blue torch at the back.
 - Save before Ultimate Weapon (Use No Encounters).
 - BOSS - Ultimate Weapon (99999HP/13560HP).
 - Again, save before heading to Omega Weapon.
 - Ronso Rage - Nova - Omega Weapon.
 - BOSS - Omega Weapon (999999HP/13560HP) - This shouldn't be too hard if you
   have ultimate weapons. Confuse/Stoneproof will come in handy.
 - TROPHY - Learning! - Learn to use all enemy abilities

Check progress.
 - Ultimate weapons - Should have all updated.
 - Fiend captures - Check Monster Arena if you are missing any.
 - Jecht Sphere #5 - In Besaid, blocked by Dark Valefor. Will come to later.
 - Movie & Music Spheres - Head to the Luca Theatre. You can buy these spheres
   if you want to.
=== -2c- Stat Maxing and Creating Good Armours ===

 - I usually start levelling Tidus, Wakka and Auron first with Yuna trailing
   a little behind. Having Yuna level up powers up her aeons.
 - These are my character recommendations. Feel free to do your own thing.
 - Visit Monster Arena to collect rewards for unlocking Monsters. See Glossary.
 - Also note, pretty much everything from here on is is for reference. You can
   approach all of this in whatever way you like.

Money Making tips
 - Fight Mimics in Omega ruins with Rikku equiped with Godhand.
 - Fight One-eye and sell weapons and armour drops.
 - Fight Kottos for Healing Springs to customise Auto Regen armour and sell.

Getting Ultimate Armour and Additional Armour
 - 4 Slot armour is available from Wantz at south entrance to Macalania if you
   spoke to him on Mt Gagazet. I hope you did.
 - Primary Armour
   - Auto-Haste - 80x Chocobo Wings - Bribe Machea.
   - Auto-Protect - 70x Light Curtains - Defeat Fafnir for 20/Unlock 
     Juggernaut/Steal from Iron Giant/Fight Tanket.
   - Auto-Potion - 4 Stamina Tablets - Unlock One Eye/Bribe Defender.
   - Def+20%- 4 Blessed Gems - Rare steal Barbatos
 - Reserve Armour 2 - (Auto-Haste, Auto-Protect, Confuseproof, Stoneproof).
   - Sleepproof - Bribe Skoll - Dream Powders.
   - Stoneproof - Bribe most lizard types - Petrify Grenade.
 - Other Good armours to consider.
   - Auto-Haste, Auto-Protect, Auto-Potion, Ribbon.
   - Break HP Limit, Auto-Haste, Auto-Regen, Ribbon.
   - Auto Haste, Auto-Protect, Auto-Potion, Auto-Pheonix.
   - Ribbon - 99x Dark Matter

Getting AP Gaining Weapons and AP trick
 - Equip characters with Reserve Armour 2 to counter status effects.
 - Fight One-Eye until you have a weapon with Triple AP with 2 spare slots for
   all 7 characters. Or until you get bored. If One-Eye is too difficult max
   out strenth then come back. He goes down in 2 hits with Max strength.
 - Add Overdrive->AP to each weapon (10x Door to Tomorrow).
 - Add Triple Overdrive to 3 weapons (30x Winning Formula).
 - Add Double Overdrive to 3 more weapons (30x Underdog's Secret).
 - For the last weapon just stick SOS Overdrive on it (20x Gambler's Spirit) or
   collect more Underdog's/Winning Formula to customise Double/Triple 
 - Set Overdrive mode to Stoic/Comrade or Ally to earn big AP.

Stat Maxing
 - Note - While I was maxing characters I paid Besaid a visit and defeated
   Dark Valefor to get Auron's last overdrive and visit the temple.
 - Dark Valefor (800000HP/99999HP)
 - Jecht Sphere #5 - Next to Besaid Temple.
 - TROPHY - Messenger from the Past - Obtain all Jecht Spheres
 - It is handy to have your main 3 character's learn Entrust Skill so you can 
   give overdrives to Wakka.
 - Find a good location to start from on the Sphere grid and move one character
   to it (Use a Warp Sphere if you have one).
 - Use Friend Spheres to move all characters to that same node.
 - Getting Sphere's - Use distillers or extract on Kottos or Fafnir for 20/40.
 - Sphere's you may find useful;
   - Clear Sphere's - Bought from Monster Arena.
   - Return Sphere - Bribe Dark Element, defeat Chimerageist.
   - Friend Sphere - Bribe Coeurl, defeat Vorban.
   - Warp Sphere - Bribe Master Coeurl (130000Gil).
   - LV.1 Key Sphere - Common Drop of Master Coeurl.
   - LV.2 Key Sphere - Common Drop of Defender Z (Zanarkand), Bribe Behemoth.
   - LV.3 Key Sphere - Bribe Demonolith, Rare drop Defender Z.
   - LV.4 Key Sphere - Bribe Chimera Brain.
   - Attribute Sphere - Bribe Maelspike. 200000 gil
 - Start harvesting. (40/41 - Amount required for Standard/Expert Sphere Grid).
   - Actual required amount will be slightly less depending on spheres you have 
     already collected throughout the game.
   - Once you have maxed strength go kick Dark Valefors butt to get the last
     Jecht Sphere.
   - Keep an eye on your stock of Dark Matters, you may get 99 before you 
     finish so you can customize another armour with Ribbon.
   - The amounts given here are if you plan to clear all nodes that are not +4
 - 40/41x Strength Sphere - Juggernaut (1200000HP/15000HP) - Primary Armour.
 - 51/53x Defence Sphere - Tanket (900000HP/10000HP) - Reserve Armour 1.
 - 59x Accuracy Sphere - Hornet (620000HP/99999HP) - Reserve Armour 1.
 - 44/47x Agility Sphere - Defeat Fenrir (850000HP/99999HP) - Reserve Armour 1.
 - 47/46x Magic Def. Sphere - One-Eye (150000HP/15000HP) - Reserve Armour 2.
   If you farmed Triple AP weapons you may already have enough Mag Def Spheres.
 - 44x Evasion Sphere - Pteryx (100000HP/99999HP) - Primary Armour.
 - 58/59x Luck Sphere - Greater Sphere (1500000HP/99999HP) - Primary Armour.
 - Fortune Sphere - Earth Eater (1300000HP/99999HP) - Bribe Maelspike 
 - 45/42x Magic Sphere - Jumbo Flan (1300000HP/99999HP) - Use Anima's Pain.
 - 18/19x MP Sphere - Vidatu (950000HP/10000HP).
 - 33x HP Sphere - Ironclad (2000000HP/99999HP) - Fill to 9999 - Primary 
 - Max out Tidus, Wakka and Auron first and work on Yuna.
 - TROPHY - Sphere Master - Complete a Sphere Grid for one character
 - You can max Rikku, Lulu and Kimarhi now but I'll do them later before

Getting Ribbon armour - OPTIONAL
 - If you want a full set of Ribbon armour for your characters there are 3 ways
   you can get them.
   1 - Fight Monster Arena creations and hope for rare drops of Dark Matter.
   2 - Farm Dark Matters from Penance Arms - Requires defeating all Dark Aeons.
   3 - Fight Dark Yojimbo over and over and hope for 4 slot armour with Ribbon.
       Fight him 4 times, save, quit and reload. This will reset his fight
       count as you have to battle him 5 times to defeat him.

=== -2d- Monster Arena Creations ===

 - I fought pretty much everything with my primary armour of Auto-Haste, Auto-
   Protect, Auto-Potion, Def+20%. I have included status defences if you are
   having trouble.

Area Creations
 - Stratoavis (320000HP/10000HP) - Darkproof
 - Malboro Menace (640000HP/12000HP) - Stone/Confuse/Beserk/Poison/Darkproof
 - Kottos (440000HP/15000HP)
 - Coeurlregina (380000HP/10000HP) - Curseproof/Confuseproof
 - Jormungand (520000HP/10000HP) - Stoneproof
 - Cactuar King (100000HP/10000HP)
 - Espada (280000HP/15000HP)
 - Abyss Worm (480000HP/12000HP)
 - Chimerageist (120000HP/10000HP) - Water Eater/Fire Eater
 - Don Tonberry (480000HP/10000HP)
 - Catoblepas (550000HP/10000HP)
 - Abaddon (380000HP/10000HP) - Curseproof/Poisonproof
 - Vorban (630000HP/10000HP)

Species Creations
 - Fenrir (850000HP/99999HP) - Confuseproof
 - Ornitholestes (800000HP/99999HP) - Poisonproof
 - Pteryx (100000HP/99999HP) - Curseproof
 - Hornet (620000HP/50000HP) - Curseproof/Deathproof/Poisonproof
 - Vidatu (95000HP/10000HP)
 - One-Eye (150000HP/15000HP) - Curseproof/Confuseproof
 - Jumbo Flan (1300000HP/99999HP) - Use Anima's Pain
 - Nega Elemental (1300000HP/15000HP)
 - Tanket (900000HP/10000HP) - Beserkproof
 - Fafnir (1100000HP/13000HP)
 - Sleep Sprout (98000HP/10000HP) - Beserkproof
 - Bomb King (480000HP/10000HP) - Fire Eater
 - Juggernaut (1200000HP/15000HP) - Fire Eater/Deathproof
 - Ironclad (2000000HP/99999HP) - Start with Auron's Banishing Blade

Original Creations
 - Earth Eater (1300000HP/99999HP)
 - Greater Sphere (1500000HP/99999HP)
 - Catastrophe (2200000HP/99999HP) - Poison/Confuse/Curseproof
 - Th'uban (3000000HP/99999HP) - Confuse/Sleepproof
 - Neslug (4000000HP/12000HP) - Poison/Curseproof
 - Ultima Buster (5000000HP/99999HP) - Poison/Zombieproof
 - Shinryu (2000000HP/99999HP) - Stoneproof
 - Nemesis (10000000HP/99999HP) - Poisonproof. May want Break HP Limit on 3
   main fighters if you are really struggling but can be defeated with 9999HP.
 - TROPHY - Overcoming the Nemesis - Defeat Nemesis

=== -2e- Dark Aeons and Penance ===

Dark Valefor - Besaid Island - At entrance to the village
 - Dark Valefor (800000HP/99999HP)
 - Jecht Sphere #5 - Next to Besaid Temple.
 - Revisit Besaid Chamber of Fayth for more Spheres although useless by now.

Dark Ifrit - Sanubia Desert - Last screen talk to woman
 - Dark Ifrit (1400000HP/99999HP)

Dark Ixion - Thunder Plains - North of Rins Agency - Need to fight twice
 - Dark Ixion (1200000HP/99999HP)

Dark Shiva - Macalania Temple
 - Dark Shiva (1100000HP/99999HP)
 - After defeating her leave the area to escape the Guado, then re-enter to
   visit the temple for some spheres.

NOTE - For all the following Dark Aeons it is better to have armour with
   Auto-Haste, Auto-Protect, Stoneproof and whatever else you want. I just used
   my Stoneproof/Confuseproof armours

Dark Bahamut - Zanarkand Temple
 - Dark Bahamut (4000000HP/99999HP) - Stoneproof/Slowproof

Dark Yojimbo - Cavern of the Stolen Fayth - Need to fight 5 times to defeat.
 - Dark Yojimbo (1600000HP/99999HP) - Stoneproof/Slowproof

Dark Anima - Mt Gagazet
 - Inside Mt Gagazet do the underwater ball hit trial to raise Dark Anima.
 - Dark Anima (8000000HP/99999HP) - Stoneproof/Sleepproof

Dark Magus Sisters - Mushroom Rock Road
 - When you encounter the 3 sisters and take control of Tidus run to the exit
   on the left and play the minigame so you only face one at a time.
 - Dark Sandy (2500000HP/99999HP) - Stoneproof
 - Dark Mindy (2000000HP/99999HP) - Deathproof
 - Dark Cindy (3000000HP/99999HP) - Sleepproof

Penance - Airship Option
 - Penance (12000000HP/99999HP) - Auto-Protect/Haste/Potion, Def+20%
 - Right/Left Arm (500000HP/99999HP)
 - TROPHY - Perseverance - Defeat Penance

Finishing Trophies
 - TROPHY - Theater Enthusiast - Buy every sphere at the Luca Theater
 - TROPHY - Perfect Sphere Master - Complete the Sphere Grids for all main
 - TROPHY - A Journey's Catalyst - View "Eternal Calm"
 - TROPHY - Completion - Obtain all available trophies

======================= PART 3 - GLOSSARY - At A Glance =======================
=== -3a- Ultimate Weapons, Crests and Sigil locations ===

 - Cloudy Mirror - Remiem Temple - Chocobo game.
 - Celestial Mirror - Macalania Forest - Near the entrance, do small quest for
   missing husband.
 - Tidus 
   - Caladbolg - Calm Lands - Complete Chocobo racing and challenge the trainer
     to a race. Win the race with 48 seconds or less and visit far north of 
     Calm Lands. Guard will have moved away from path to seal.
   - Sun Crest - In Temple of Zanarkand where you fought Yunalesca.
     IF YOU MISSED THIS you will need to fight Dark Bahamut to retrieve.
   - Sun Sigil - Win the Chocobo race with 0.0.0. on the clock.
 - Wakka
   - World Champion - Luca - After winning some Blitzball matches speak to the
   - Jupiter Crest - In the Aurochs Locker room.
   - Jupiter Sigil - 1st place reward from Blitzball league after you have
     acquired all of Wakka's overdrives and he has fought in 450 battles.
 - Auron
   - Masamune - Rusty Sword - Entrance to Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.
   - Masamune - Mushroom Rock road (approach from Djose Highroad). Up stone 
     lift and select Yes when examining the statue.
   - Mars Crest - Mi'ihen Oldroad. Right at the end in a chest.
   - Mars Sigil - Unlock 10 Species/Area Creations in Monster Arena.
 - Kimahri
   - Spirit Lance - Southern Thunder Plains. Activate 3 Qactuar stones.
     On the right is a broken pillar, examine it with Square.
   - Saturn Crest - Mt Gagazet - Where you fought Seymour Flux, further up
     between some pillars on the left.
   - Saturn Sigil - Macalania Woods - Complete both Butterfly games Urgh!
 - Yuna
   - Nirvana - Calm Lands - Capture at least one of every fiend on the Calm
     Lands then open the chest at the Monster Arena.
   - Moon Crest - Besaid - Small alcove on the beach in a chest.
   - Moon Sigil - Remiem Temple - Defeat ALL of Belgemine's aeons then choose
     to send her.
 - Lulu
   - Onion Knight - Baaj Temple - After defeating Geosgaeno, search under water
     for a chest.
   - Venus Crest - Farplane (Guadosalam) - It is not there on your first visit.
   - Venus Sigil - Thunder Plains - Dodge 200 lightning bolts then open the 
     chest outside the travel agency. Have No Encounters equiped.
 - Rikku
   - Godhand - Airship Password.
   - Mercury Crest - West Sanubia Desert - In one of the sandpits.
   - Mercury Sigil - Sanubia Desert - Cactuar Sidequest, found in a chest.
     - Tomay - By the Oasis.
     - Rovivea - Running around in east Sanubia desert in westernmost dead end.
     - Chava - Find sign with '20% off' stuff on it and examine it, near
       Cactuar stone.
     - Alek and Aloja - Central Sanubia desert - Where there are lots of ruins.
     - Vachella - East Sanubia desert - examine save sphere here and...
     - Robeya - Central desert's westernmost treasure chest.
     - Isrra - Leave this screen then return, Isrra can now be found in one of 
       the sink holes.
     - Elio - Go to Oasis then board the airship. He is above deck where you
       fought Evrae.
     - Flaile - Will appear at the end.

=== -3b- Al Bhed Primer Locations ===

 - Primers 19, 20, 21 and 22 are missable.
 - Primer #1 - Salvage Ship - On right side of screen on deck of ship.
 - Primer #1 IF MISSED - Bikanel Oasis - In shade to right of save sphere.
 - Primer #2 - Besaid Village - In the Crusader's tent.
 - Primer #3 - S.S Liki. - Power room of the ship far side of the screen.
 - Primer #3 IF MISSED - Bikanel Oasis - In a tent.
 - Primer #4 - Kilika - In the Kilika Tavern.
 - Primer #5 - S.S Winno - Control room of ship.
 - Primer #5 IF MISSED - Bikanel: East - On the main route.
 - Primer #6 - Luca Stadium - Underground Floor B.
 - Primer #7 - Luca Theater - Counter.
 - Primer #8 - Mi 'ihen Highroad - Receive from Rin at Travel Agency.
 - Primer #9 - Mi 'ihen Highroad - New Road North Area.
 - Primer #10 - Mushroom Rock: Precipice - Past big curve.
 - Primer #11 - Djose Highroad - Hidden behind a pillar.
 - Primer #12 - Moonflow - North Shore after Shoopuf ride.
 - Primer #13 - Gaudosalam - In one of the houses with 4 people in it.
 - Primer #14 - Thunder Plains -  Answer Rin with "Okay" (First option).
 - Primer #14 IF MISSID - Bikanel: East - Next to chest.
 - Primer #15 - Macalania Woods - Past entrance Auron creates.
 - Primer #16 - Macalania Lake - Other side of travel agency.
 - Primer #17 - Bikanel Central - Inside a ruined house in lower area.
 - Primer #18 - Bikanel Central - Before sign with "This way to Home".
 - Primer #19 - Al Bhed Home - After meeting Cid on the left hand side.
 - Primer #20 - Al Bhed Home - To the right of a chest, on the bed.
 - Primer #21 - Al Bhed Home - In the main hallway down the right path.
 - Primer #22 - Bevelle - Entrance to the Cloyster of Trials.
 - Primer #23 - Northwest area of the Calm Lands.
 - Primer #24 - Remiem Temple.
 - Primer #25 - Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.
 - Primer #26 - Omega Ruins - In room with 4 chests by left one.
 - 99x Underdog's Secret - Speak to Rin on the airship with all 26 found.

=== -3c- Jecht, Auron and Braska Sphere locations ===

 - Jecht Sphere #1 - Macalania - Received after defeating Spherimorph.
 - Jecht Sphere #2 - Mi'hen Highroad - At the end of the Old Road.
 - Jecht Sphere #3 - Luca Stadium - Basement A.
 - Jecht Sphere #4 - S.S. Liki - Bridge.
 - Jecht Sphere #5 - Besaid - Next to the temple. Blocked by Dark Valefor.
 - Jecht Sphere #6 - Moonflow, South Wharf - Near Shoopuf Dock.
 - Jecht Sphere #7 - Thunder Plains - South area near lightning tower on right.
 - Jecht Sphere #8 - Macalania Forest - South side right at the entrance.
 - Auron's Sphere - Mushroom Rock Road - Precipice south of the rising 
 - Braska's Sphere - Mt. Gagazet - Mountain Road between two graves.

=== -3d- Useful Bribes or item locations ===

 - X-Potion - Bribe Valaha
 - Mega-Potion - Bribe Grendel
 - Turbo Ether - Bribe Funguar, Thorn, Exoray
 - Elixir - Bribe YKT-11
 - Megalixir - Bribe Xiphos, Varuna
 - Mega Phoenix - Bribe Ghost (Auto Phoenix)
 - Healing Water - Bribe Anacondaur
 - Tetra Elemental - Rare steal from Master Tonberry
 - Petrify Grenade - Bribe most lizard types (Stoneproof)
 - Farplane Wind - Bribe Epaaj, defeat don Tonberry (Deathproof)
 - Dark Matter - Fight in Monster Arena, unlock Ultima Buster, Penance arms
 - Chocobo Wing - Bribe Machea (Auto Haste)
 - Light Curtain - Defeat Fafnir (Auto Protect)
 - Purifying Salt - Steal from Abaddon (No Encounters)
 - Stamina Tablet - Bribe Defender (Auto Potion)
 - Twin Stars - Bribe Spirit
 - Three Stars - Bribe Behemoth King (One MP Cost/Aeon Dualcast)
 - Musk - Bribe Floating Eye, Buer (Confuseproof)
 - Hypello Potion - Bribe Murussu, Mafdet, Shred (Berserkproof)
 - Pendulum - Get from Chocobo challenge in Remiem or bribe Master Tonberry.
 - Designer Wallet - Bribe Defender Z (Gillionare) - (Get Godhand)
 - Door of Tomorrow - Bribe Mech Scouter (Overdrive->AP)
 - Wings to Discovery - Bribe Malboro, Great Malboro (Triple AP)
 - Winning Formula - Bribe Sand Worm (Triple Overdrive)

=== -3e- Sphere Locations ===

 - Fortune Sphere - Defeat Earth Eater
 - Skill Sphere - Bribe Zu
 - LV.1 Key Sphere - Common Drop of Master Coeurl
 - LV.2 Key Sphere - Common Drop of Defender Z (Zanarkand), Bribe Behemoth
 - LV.3 Key Sphere - Bribe Demonolith, Rare drop Defender Z
 - LV.4 Key Sphere - Bribe Chimera Brain
 - HP Sphere - Defeat Ironclad
 - MP Sphere - Defeat Vidatu
 - Strength Sphere - Defeat Juggernaut
 - Defence Sphere - Defeat Tanket
 - Magic Sphere - Defeat Jumbo Flan
 - Magic Def Spere - Defeat One-Eye
 - Agility Sphere - Defeat Fenrir
 - Evasion Sphere - Defeat Pteryx
 - Accuracy Sphere - Defeat Hornet
 - Luck Sphere - Defeat Great Sphere (NIGHTMARE)
 - Clear Sphere - Buy in Monster Arena once unlocked Ultima Buster
     Requires capturing 5x of every fiend in the game.
 - Return Sphere - Bribe Dark Element, defeat Chimerageist
 - Friend Sphere - Bribe Coeurl, defeat Vorban
 - Attribute Sphere - Bribe Maelspike
 - Teleport Sphere - Bribe Barbatos, defeat Sleep Sprout
 - Warp Sphere - Rare Steal from Nemisis, Bribe Master Coeurl

=== -3f- Useful Armour Customisations ===

 - Auto-Pheonix - 20 Mega Pheonixes - Unlock Pteryx - Bribe Ghost
 - Auto-Potion - 4 Stamina Tablet
 - Auto-Med - 20 Remedies
 - Pick Pocket - 30 Amulets
 - Master Theif - 30 Pendulums
 - Break HP Limit - 30 Wings to Discovery
 - No Encounters - 30 Purifying Salts - Unlock Fafnir - Steal from Abaddon
 - Silenceproof - 10 Silence Grenades - Non rare steal from Fungi
 - Sleepproof - 8 Dream Powders - Bribe Bandersnatch
 - Poisonproof - 12 Poison Fangs - Bribe Bee/wasps - Unlock Malboro Menance
 - Stoneproof - 20 Petrify Grenades - Unlock Jormungand - Bribe any lizard
 - Deathproof - 60 Farplane Winds - Bribe Epaaj
 - Zombieproof - 10x Candle of Life - Steal from Fallen Monk (Zanarkand)
 - Curseproof - 12 Tetra Elementals - Rare steal from Master Tonberry
 - Confuseproof - 48 Musks - Bribe Floating Eye
 - Beserkproof - 32 Hypello Potions - Bribe Murussu, Mafdet, Shred
 - Auto-Shell - 80 Lunar Curtains - Steal from One-Eye, Juggernaut
 - Auto-Haste - 80 Chocobo Wings - Bribe Machea
 - Auto-Protect - 70 Light Curtains - Defeat Fafnir, Steal from Tanket
 - Auto-Regen - 80 Healing Spring - Defeat Kottos
 - Def+20% - 4 Blessed Gems - Rare steal Barbatos, Defeat Cactuar King
 - Ribbon - 99 Dark Matter (Farm from Penance if you want this)
 - Ultimate armour - Auto Protect, Ribbon, Auto Pheonix, Auto Haste
 - Secondary armour - Auto Protect, Auto Haste, Defence +20%, Auto-Potion
 - Stat Armour - Curseproof, Stoneproof, Confuseproof, Beserkproof
=== -3g- Overdrive Modes ===

 - Stoic - Initial
 - Warrior - Damage fiends
 - Comrade - When Ally takes damage
 - Healer - When Ally heals an Ally
 - Tactician - Inflict status on fiend
 - Dancer - When character evades attack
 - Avenger - When Ally is KO-ed
 - Slayer - Defeat an enemy
 - Hero - Defeat enemies with 10000+HP
 - Victor - When party wins battle
 - Coward - When character flees battle
 - Ally - When character gets a turn
 - Sufferer - Take a turn under negative status
 - Daredevil - Fight while in Yellow HP
 - Loner - Fight with one chr while other two are KO-ed
 - Rook - Magically block attacks
 - Victim - Get afflicted with negative status

=== -3h- Ronso Rages ===

 - Jump - Initially learnt
 - Fire Breath - Dual Horn, Grendel, Yenke Ronso - Mi'ihen Highroad
 - Seed Cannon - Ragora, Grat - Kilika Forest
 - Self-Destruct - Bomb, Grenade, Puroboros, Biran Ronso - Mi'ihen Highroad
 - Thrust Kick - YKT-11, YKT-63, Biran Ronso - Bevelle
 - Stone Breath - Basilisk, Anacondaur, Yenke Ronso - Djose Road
 - Aqua Breath - Chimera, Chimera Brain, Yenke Ronso - Calm Lands
 - Doom - Ghost, Wraith, Biran Ronso - Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
 - White Wind - Dark Flan, Spirit - Mt Gagazet
 - Bad Breath - Malboro, Great Malboros, - Calm Lands
 - Mighty Guard - Behemoth, Behemoth King, Biran Ronso - Battle with Biran
 - Nova - Omega Weapon, Nemesis - Omega Cave

=== -3i- Rikku Mixes ===

 - Grenade - Fire Gem (Bribe Flame Flan) + Ice Gem (Bribe Ice Flan)
 - Frag Grenade - Power Sphere x2
 - Pineapple - Power/Mana Distiller + Map/Rename Card (Bribe Zaurus)
 - Potato masher - Fire Gem + Lighting Gem (Steal from Imp)
 - Cluster Bomb - Bomb Fragment/Core + Shining/Blessed Gem (Bribe Grenade/
   R. Steal from Barbatos)
 - Tallboy - Bomb Fragment/Fire Gem/Bomb Core + Supreme Gem (Bribe Halma)
 - Blaster Mine - Antidote/Soft + Grenade/Frag Grenade
 - Hazardous Shell - Healing Water/Tetra Elemental + Grenade/Frag Grenade
 - Calamity Bomb - Grenade + Master Sphere/Lv.3/Lv.4 Key Sphere
 - Chaos Grenade - Grenade + HP/MP/Strength/Defence Sphere
 - Heat Blaster - Antidote/Soft + Bomb Fragment/Core (Bribe Bomb)
 - Firestorm - Fire Gem + Antidote/Eye Drops/Soft/Echo Screen
 - Burning Soul - Bomb Fragment + Master/HP/Lv.3/Lv.4 Key Sphere
 - Brimstone - Bomb Fragment + Sleeping/Dream Powder/Silence Grenade/Smoke Bomb
 - Abaddon Flame - Bomb Fragment/Core + Chocobo Feather/Wing/Dream Powder
 - Tunderbolt - Antidote/Soft + Electro/Lightning Marble (Thunder Flan)
 - Rolling Thunder - Lighting Gem + Antidote/Eye Drops/Soft/Echo Screen
 - Lightning Bolt - Electro Marble + Master/HP/Lv.3/Lv.4 Key Sphere
 - Electroshock - Electro Marble + Sleeping/Dream Powder/Silence Gr./Smoke Bomb
 - Thunderblast - Lightning Marble + Sleeping/Dream Powder/Farplane Shadow/Wind
 - Waterfall - Antidote/Soft + Fish/Dragon Scale (Steal Aqua Flan)
 - Flash Flood - Water Gem (Br. Aqua Flan) + Antidote/Eye Drops/Soft/EchoScreen
 - Tidal Wave - Fish Scale (Steal Blue Elem.) + Master/HP/Lv.3/Lv.4 Key Sphere
 - Aqua Toxin - Fish Scale + Sleeping/Dream Powder/Silence Gr./Smoke Bomb
 - Dark Rain - Dragon Scale + Dream Powder/Farplane Shadow/Wind
 - Snow Flurry - Antidote/Soft + Antarctic/Arctic Wind (Steal Ice Flan)
 - Icefall - Ice Gem + Antidote/Eye Drops/Soft/Echo Screen
 - Winter Storm - Antarctic Wind (St. Snow Flan) + Master/HP/Lv.3/Lv.4 K Sphere
 - Black Ice - Antarctic Wind + Sleeping/Dream Powder/Silence Gr./Smoke Bomb
 - Krysta - Arctic Wind + Dream Powder/Farplane Shadow/Wind
 - Nega Burst - Any Distiller + Shadow Gem (Steal/Unlock Abyss Worm)
 - Black Hole - Shadow Gem + Master/Warp Sphere/Pendulum/Amulet
 - Sunburst - Gambler's Spirit/Underdog's Secret + Underdog's Secret/Winning
   Formula (Underd. x99 when you have all 26 Primers from Rin, Bribe Sand Worm)
 - Ultra Potion - Potion + Any Potion
 - Panacea - Any Potion + Antidote/Eye Drops/Soft/Echo Screen
 - Ultra Cure - Power Distiller + Sleeping/Dream Powder/Silence Gr./Smoke Bomb
 - Mega Phoenix - Phoenix Down + Any Potion
 - Final Phoenix - Mega Phoenix + Any Potion
 - Elixir - Antidote + Any stat Sphere
 - Megalixir - Potion + Elixir/Blessed/Shining Gem/Farplane Shadow
 - Super Elixir - Potion + Megalixir/Supreme Gem/Attribute/Special Sphere
 - Final Elixir - Hi-Potion + Dark Matter/Attribute/Special Sphere
 - NulAll - Potion + Elemental Item ie Fire Gem
 - Mega NulAll - Hi-Potion + Elemental Item ie Fire Gem
 - Hyper NulAll - Lunar Curtain + Mana/Soul/Stamina Spring/Purifying Salt
 - Ultra NulAll - Chocobo Feather/Wing + Healing Water/Tetra Elemental
 - Mighty Wall - Antidote/Soft + Lunar/Light/Star Curtain
 - Mighty G - Any Distiller + Any Distiller
 - Super Mighty G - Bomb Core/Fire Gem + Light/Lunar/Star Curtain
 - Hyper Mighty G - Light Curtain + Gambler's Spirit/Underdog's Secret
 - Vitality - Hi-Potion/X-Potion + Hi-Potion/X-Potion
 - Mega Vitality - Potion/Hi-Potion + Stamina Tablet/Three Stars
 - Hyper Vitality - Any Potion + Stamina Tonic
 - Mana - Ether + Any Potion
 - Mega Mana - Turbo Ether + Any Potion
 - Hyper Mana - Potion/Hi-Potion + Mana Tablet/Mana Tonic
 - Freedom - Ether + Mega Phoenix/Farplane Wind/Remedy
 - Freedom X - Any Potion + Twin Stars (Bribe Spirit)
 - Quartet of 9 - Bomb Core + Amulet/Pendulum/Door of Tomorrow
 - Trio of 9999 - Door of Tomorrow + Wings to Discovery/Underdog's Secret/
   Gambler's Spirit OR Gambler's Spirit x2
 - Hero Drink - Potion + Designer Wallet/Fortune/Luck Sphere
 - Miracle Drink - Ether + Luck Sphere/Designer Wallet
 - Hot Spurs - Shining Gem + Mana Tablet/Stamina Tonic
 - Eccentrick - Megalixir + Strength/Magic/Defence/Magic Def Sphere

=== -3j- Monster Arena Rewards ===

 - Stratoavis - 1x each from Besaid - 99x Stamina Tonic
 - Malboro Menace - 1x each from Kilika - 99x Poison Fang
 - Kottos - 1x each from Mi'ihen Highroad - 99x Soul Spring
 - Coeurlregina - 1x each from Mushroom Road - 99x Candle of Life
 - Jormungand - 1x each from Djose Road - 99x Petrify Grenade
 - Cactuar King - 1x each from Thunder plains - 99x Chocobo Wing
 - Espada - 1x each from Macalania - 60x Shining Gem
 - Abyss Worm - 1x each from Bikanel island - 99x Shadow Gem
 - Chimerageist - 1x each from Calm Lands - 60x Farplane Winds
 - Don Tonberry - 1x each from Sunken Cave - 40x Silver Hourglass
 - Catoblepas - 1x each from Mt. Gagazet - KEY ITEM - Blossom Crown
 - Abaddon - 1x each from Inside Sin - 99x Lunar Curtain
 - Vorban - 1x each from Omega Ruins - 60x Designer Wallet
 - Fenrir - 3x each type of wolf - 99x Chocobo Feather
 - Ornitholestes - 3x each type of lizard - 99x Stamina Spring
 - Pteryx - 4x each type of bird - 99x Mega Phoenix
 - Hornet - 4x each type of Bee/Wasp - 60x Mana Tonic
 - Vidatu - 4x each type of Imp - 99x Mana Spring
 - One-Eye - 4x each type of Eye - 60x Stamina Tablet
 - Jumbo Flan - 3x each type of Flan - 60x Twin Stars
 - Nega Elemental - 3x each type of Element - 99x Star Curtain
 - Tanket - 3x each type of Tank - 99x Gold Hourglass
 - Fafnir - 4x each type of Dragon - 99x Purifying Salt
 - Sleep Sprout - 5x each type of Mushroom - 99x Healing Spring
 - Bomb King - 5x each type of Bomb - 60x Turbo Ether
 - Juggernaut - 5x each type of Dual Horn - 99x Light Curtain
 - Ironclad - 10x each type of Giant - 60x Mana Tablet
 - Earth Eater - Unlock any 2 Area Creations - 60x Three Stars
 - Greater Sphere - Unlock any 2 Species Creations - 60x Supreme Gem
 - Catastrophe - Unlock any 6 Area Creations - 99x Door to Tomorrow
 - Th'uban - Unlock any 6 Species Creations - 99x Gambler's Spirit
 - Neslug - Unlock all Area Creations - 99x Winning Formula
 - Ultima Buster - 5x every fiend - 99x Dark Matter
 - Shinryu - 2x each under water fiends - 30x Megalixir
 - Nemesis - 10x every fiend and defeat all creations - 10x Master Sphere
=== -3k- Remiem Temple Rewards ===

 - First Win - Cloudy Mirror
 - One Chest - Elixir
 - Two Chests - Megalixir
 - Three Chests - 30x Wings to Discovery (Break HP Limit)
 - Four Chests - 30x Pendulum (Master Thief)
 - Five Chests - 60x Three Stars 

=== -3l- Trophy List ===

 - Platinum - Completion - Obtain all availble trophies
 - Bronze - Speaking in Tongues - Find 1 Al Bhed Primer
 - Bronze - Teamwork! - Win a blitzball match
 - Bronze - The Right Thing - Clear the Besaid Cloister of Trials
 - Bronze - A Talent for Acquisition - Steal successfully with Rikku 200 times
 - Bronze - All Together - All party members come together
 - Bronze - Heartstrings - View the "Underwater Date" scene
 - Bronze - Show Off! - Win a blitzball tournament
 - Bronze - Striker - Learn the Jecht Shot
 - Bronze - Chocobo License - Pass all chocobo training
 - Bronze - Overcoming the Past - Defeat Yunalesca
 - Bronze - The Destination of Hatred - Defeat Seymour Omnis
 - Bronze - Lightning Dancer - Dodge 200 lightning strikes and obtain the 
 - Bronze - Feel the Pain - Obtain Anima
 - Bronze - It's All About the Money - Obtain Yojimbo
 - Bronze - Delta Attack! - Obtain the Magus Sisters
 - Bronze - Theater Enthusiast - Buy every sphere at the Luca Theater
 - Bronze - Chocobo Rider - Win a race with catcher chocobo with a total time
            of 0:0:0
 - Bronze - Power Strike - Do 9999 damage or more in a single attack
 - Bronze - Under the Table - Spend 100,000 gil or more in bribes
 - Bronze - Messenger from the Past - Obtain all Jecht Spheres
 - Silver - Mega Strike - Deal 99999 damage with one attack
 - Silver - Chocobo Master - Get 5 treasure chests during the Chocobo race at
            Remiem Temple and win the race
 - Silver - Sphere Master - Complete a Sphere Grid for one character
 - Silver - Blitzball Master - Unlock all slot reels
 - Silver - Learning! - Learn to use all enemy abilities
 - Silver - Summon Master - Obtain all Aeons
 - Silver - Weapon Master - Obtain all Celestial Weapons
 - Gold - Master Linguist - Find all 26 Al Bhed Primers
 - Gold - Perfect Sphere Master - Complete the Sphere Grid for all main
 - Gold - Perseverance - Defeat Penance
 - Gold - Overcoming the Nemesis - Defeat Nemesis
 - Gold - The Eternal Calm - Defeat Yu Yevon
 - Silver - A Journey's Catalyst - View "Eternal Calm"

=========================== PART 4 - Version History ==========================

 - V1.2  - May 2014
         - Finished. All I have left to do is watch Eternal Calm to earn the
           Platinum so I consider this guide done.

 - V1.12 - May 2014
         - Finished the story. On to capturing fiends. Captured everything up
           to and including the thunder plains.

 - V1.11 - April 2014
         - Finally have my copy of the HD Remaster and am now playing through 
           and following my guide making adjustments as I go.
         - Adding in the points when I earn trophies and added a place in the
           Glossary for the Trophy List.
		- 21st April - Guide verified up to defeating Seymour Natus on
                  Bevelle Highbridge. Somehow managed to miss Al Bhed primer
                  #11 in Djose so will pick that up when I have the airship.

 - V1.1  - January 2013
         - A few small revisions including adding in terminology shortcuts to
           get a more uniform look with another guide I wrote.
         - Corrected a few small spelling mistakes and added a few more

 - V1.0  - August 2012
         - Completed first version. All sections filled in. Played around with
           formatting until I was happy. Guide currently untested but I'm
           confident it is pretty accurate.

================================= END OF GUIDE ================================

With thanks to; 

Square-Enix for such a wonderful game
Split Infinity for a brilliantly in-depth "Spoiler free" Walkthrough
Gamefaqs.com for always being a well of gaming information

(c) Jamie Stevenson - 2012-2014 - Halberder84 (PSN)

All rights reserved. This guide or any portion thereof may not be reproduced
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