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FFX FAQ/Walkthrough by beefybuffalo

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 11/05/14

                         #       # #    #   ##   #      
                         #       # ##   #  #  #  #      
                         #####   # # #  # #    # #      
                         #       # #  # # ###### #      
                         #       # #   ## #    # #      
                         #       # #    # #    # ###### 
                #         ##   #    # #####   ##    ####  #   # 
                #        #  #  ##   #   #    #  #  #       # #  
                #####   #    # # #  #   #   #    #  ####    #   
                #       ###### #  # #   #   ######      #   #   
                #       #    # #   ##   #   #    # #    #   #   
                #       #    # #    #   #   #    #  ####    #   

                           #     #      #     # ######  
                            #   #       #     # #     # 
                             # #        #     # #     # 
                              #         ####### #     # 
                             # #        #     # #     # 
                            #   #       #     # #     # 
                           #     #      #     # ######  

            #     # ###### #    #   ##    ####  ##### ###### #####  
            #     # #      ##  ##  #  #  #        #   #      #    # 
            ######  #####  # ## # #    #  ####    #   #####  #    # 
            #   #   #      #    # ######      #   #   #      #####  
            #    #  #      #    # #    # #    #   #   #      #   #  
            #     # ###### #    # #    #  ####    #   ###### #    # 

                     FAQ of the Month Winner for May 2014!!

           |  Guide: Final Fantasy X HD Remaster                   |
           | Author: Marc Charbonneau AKA beefybuffalo             |
           | E-mail: beefybuffalo (at) live (dot) com              |
           |Version: 1.3                                           |
           |YouTube: charbie (direct link below)                   |

Check out my new YouTube channel, which has a full beginning to end play 
through of FFX HD along with many other of my favourite games!


Copyright 2014 Marc Charbonneau 

This guide is copyright to me, Marc Charbonneau and may be not be reproduced 
under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed 
on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written 
permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This guide is only available on:

Previously I had both games covered under one guide but things got messy and it 
was hard to navigate so I chose to split them into two separate documents for 
this update. This guide will cover all the FFX HD content. With this update 
(Version 1.2) I am completely done with this game as I have covered everything 
I intended to cover. Any further updates would only involve minor revisions and 
corrections to any mistakes I have made.

(Version 1.3) I apologize to those that have sent info and missed items to me 
in the last five months, I have not been guide writing at all and thus didn't 
take the time to update this one. I thank you for your continued support and 
help in making this the most complete and accurate guide it can be.

                               Table of Contents                          |FX00
Introduction to Final Fantasy X HD Remaster                               |FX01
Main Characters                                                           |FX02
Basics of the Game                                                        |FX03
     Turn Based Combat and what you need to know                          |FX04
     Weapons, Armour and Auto-Abilities                                   |FX05
     Stats and Elements                                                   |FX06
     Sub Battle Menus (Both Character and Aeon)                           |FX07
     Overkills and Grinding                                               |FX08
Status Effects                                                            |FX09
Sphere Grids                                                              |FX10
     Standard                                                             |FX11
     Expert                                                               |FX12
Major Changes from the Original PS2 Release                               |FX13
Walkthrough                                                               |FX14
     Zanarkand                                                            |FX15
     Submerged Ruins / Salvage Ship                                       |FX16
     Besaid Island                                                        |FX17
     S.S. Liki                                                            |FX18
     Kilika Island                                                        |FX19
     S.S. Winno                                                           |FX20
     Luca                                                                 |FX21
     Mi'ihen Highroad                                                     |FX22
     Mushroom Rock Road                                                   |FX23
     Aftermath / Djose Highroad                                           |FX24
     Djose Temple                                                         |FX25
     Moonflow                                                             |FX26
     Guadosalam                                                           |FX27
     Thunder Plains                                                       |FX28
     Macalania Woods                                                      |FX29
     Lake Macalania / Macalania Temple                                    |FX30
     Sanubia Desert / Home                                                |FX31
     Airship                                                              |FX32
     Bevelle                                                              |FX33
     Via Purifico / High Bridge                                           |FX34
     Calm Lands                                                           |FX35
     Cavern of the Stolen Fayth                                           |FX36
     Mt. Gagazet                                                          |FX37
     Zanarkand                                                            |FX38
     Airship                                                              |FX39
     Battle with Sin                                                      |FX40
     Within Sin                                                           |FX41
Extra Locations                                                           |FX42
     Baaj Temple                                                          |FX43
     Remiem Temple                                                        |FX44
     Omega Ruins                                                          |FX45
     All other Password / Coordinate locations                            |FX46
Celestial Weapons                                                         |FX47
     Getting the Cloudy / Celestial Mirror                                |FX48
     Tidus' Caladbolg                                                     |FX49
     Yuna's Nirvana                                                       |FX50
     Wakka's World Champion                                               |FX51
     Lulu's Onion Knight                                                  |FX52
     Kimahri's Spirit Lance                                               |FX53
     Auron's Masamune                                                     |FX54
     Rikku's Godhand                                                      |FX55
Monster Arena                                                             |FX56
     Basics                                                               |FX57
     Capture Lists / Capture Help                                         |FX58
     Reward Lists                                                         |FX59
     Creation Battle Rewards                                              |FX60
     Nemesis Fight                                                        |FX61
Dark Aeons                                                                |FX63
     Dark Valefor                                                         |FX64
     Dark Ifrit                                                           |FX65
     Dark Ixion                                                           |FX66
     Dark Shiva                                                           |FX67
     Dark Bahamut                                                         |FX68
     Dark Yojimbo                                                         |FX69
     Dark Anima                                                           |FX70
     Dark Magus Sister's                                                  |FX71
Penance                                                                   |FX72
Customizing                                                               |FX73
     Character Weapons and Armour                                         |FX74
     Aeon Skills                                                          |FX75
Blitzball (Very Basic Overview)                                           |FX76
Overdrives                                                                |FX77
     Character Overdrives                                                 |FX78
     Overdrive Modes                                                      |FX79
Key Item Locations                                                        |FX80
Trophies                                                                  |FX81
     Trophy List                                                          |FX82
Credits                                                                   |FX83
Version History / Contacting Me                                           |FX84

Introduction to Final Fantasy X HD Remaster                               |FX01
This is a guide for the recently re-released version of Final Fantasy X. Final 
Fantasy X set the bar high for what a videogame could be and now we get to 
enjoy it all over again, this time on our PlayStation 3's with updated HD 
graphics, a remixed soundtrack and a slew of features, bosses and other changes 
that were only released in the International version (ironically only sold in 
Japan). These extras can easily spice up the game for seasoned veterans that 
have played through the original version of the game many times over.

Although the story has been around for over a decade I tried not to list too 
many spoilers but like in most of my guides I list locations and boss names 
freely so if this is your first time and you don't want to get spoiled do not 
read any further than the part of the game that you are currently in. 


My guide for the Final Fantasy X portion was written from scratch after 
purchasing the game two days after the official North American release. I never 
use other Official Guides (Brady, Piggyback ,whomever) and I don't have the 
knowhow to open up the game to reveal what stats and attack patterns enemies 
have so everything you see written is the same as you would see it yourself. I 
use sensor and/or scan to get weaknesses and HP levels for bosses, though I 
chose to leave out the Strength, Magic and Immunities. Strength and Magic felt 
like incomplete stat listings and most bosses are immune to the same things, 
instead in my strategy parts I'll mention what statuses will actually work. I 
put a lot of time and work into both this and X-2 so I hope you enjoy it and 
get something out of reading it.

Main Characters                                                           |FX02
Tidus - Tidus is the main character of the story and the only characters whose 
name you can change in the game. He is a rather balanced player except in magic 
categories and his final overdrive is one of the best in the game. He can also 
battle underwater, meaning certain parts of the game you are forced to use him.

Yuna - Yuna is a summoner on a pilgrimage to collect all the Aeons to receive 
the Final Aeon to defeat Sin. Her Agility and magic make her great for both 
healing and offensive magic's and she is the only character who can summon 
Aeons to assist in battles. She lacks in the physical departments but her high 
evasion can offset that somewhat. Her overdrive consists of summoning an Aeon 
with their overdrive bar full, allowing for the instant use of an overdrive.

Wakka - Wakka is a Blitzball player and guardian to Yuna. He uses a blitzball 
in battle to attack and is the most accurate of all the characters. He has one 
of the best overdrives in the game and overall has very balanced stats in both 
magic and physical categories. He is one of three characters that can fight 
underwater so you will be forced to use him on occasion.

Lulu - Lulu is a black mage and guardian to Yuna. She learns a variety of 
elemental spells throughout the game to go with her high evasion, magic and 
magic defense. Like most mages she lack in the physical categories and is a 
little on the slow side.

Kimahri - Kimahri is a Ronso and guardian to Yuna. Easily the most balanced of 
the characters, his stat growth depends on what path you take him down the 
sphere grid as he has no defined path of his own. He learns overdrives from 
enemies, some not that great and others very useful.

Auron - Auron is the physically strongest character in your party. By then end 
of the story he can be hitting for anywhere from 6000 - 8000 per turn, this is 
offset by a slow Agility stat however. His magic categories are low and 
although he gets some useful skills, he doesn't have much MP to actually use 
them frequently. His overdrives are average at best.

Rikku - Rikku is an Al Bhed and guardian to Yuna. The fastest character in your 
party, she has rather balanced stats when it comes to physical and magic 
categories. She starts off with the ability to Steal and Use special items, 
both of which make the game a lot easier. Her overdrive allows her to mix two 
items to create a new item or effect, some not very helpful and many that can 
turn the tide of battle. With over 60 different outcomes there is always 
something that could come in handy. 

Basics of the Game                                                        |FX03
In this section I will cover some of the things you need to understand to have 
any success in this game. Some are very basic, others require a little playing 
to help understand.

Turn based combat and what you need to know                               |FX04
So this game uses a turn based combat system. This means when a character or 
enemy has a turn no other characters or enemies can enter or execute commands. 
Many fans know this differs greatly from the PS1 final Fantasy's as well as the 
Final Fantasy's that come after this addition. Agility decides the turn order, 
which is shown in the window in the top right of the battle screen. There are 
ways to increase or decrease turns, such as using Haste to speed up characters, 
using Slow to slow down enemies and using attack with a Delay effect to push an 
enemy's turn back. Be aware that enemies can do these as well to your party and 
change the turn order themselves. 

Each character can perform one action per turn, some actions require more 
recovery time than others. Recovery time refers to how long it take after an 
action to get your turn back, this works in conjunction with Agility. For 
example after using an Overdrive it will take longer to get that characters 
next turn than if you just used the attack command. Other commands like 
Defending or switching gear have high recoveries and will result in you getting 
another turn faster. Note that Agility is the main factor, as even if a slow 
character defends that just changes their turn priority, the other characters 
Agility combined with this still determines the overall turn order. But now we 
are getting too complicated. 

Other things to note include you do not have a time limit to execute a command, 
you can leave the controller along for an hour and the same character that had 
a turn will still have it. You also HAVE to make a command, you cannot just 
skip their turn. However if you do not want to attack or use an item you can 
always Defend using the Triangle button, it reduces physical damage by 50% but 
is most commonly used as a way to pass that characters turn. If you're setting 
up an overkill sometimes you need a specific character to attack so you defend 
with the other two until the desired characters turn comes up. Pay attention to 
the order turns as enemy turns are shown as well, killing off a character that 
attacks next turn can help your party stay healthier longer.

Ambushes mean the enemies all get one turn before the natural progression of 
the turn order starts, this can be very deadly especially if you do not start 
the battle at full health. Pre-emptive Strike by contrast means your party gets 
a turn before the natural progression of the turn order occurs. Note that a 
character with first strike still gets to move first even when getting 
ambushed, giving your party a change to escape before they get wiped out (if 
they were close to dying). 

Weapons, Armour and Auto-Abilities                                        |FX05
Characters can equip one weapon and one armour in battle. These weapons and 
armour do not directly affect the attack or defense values like they have in 
previous (and future) versions of Final Fantasy but instead add abilities to 
the characters. Some of these abilities can increase stats, for example 
Strength +5% raises that characters strength value 5% while the weapon is 
equipped. Each piece of equipment has a maximum amount of slots you can have 
abilities in, but the most any piece of equipment can have is four. This means 
a grand total of eight abilities can be in effect for any one character.

Weapons typically involve Auto-Abilities that matter on offense: raising 
strength or magic stats, adding abilities that make a weapon a certain element 
or inflict specific status effects on attack or allowing you to see enemy HP 
and weaknesses. Most of these abilities are stackable, meaning they will add 
values together. A sword with Strength +3% and Strength +5% will have a total 
of Strength +8%. A weapon with Darkstrike and Siliencestrike will hit an enemy 
for both statuses, barring resistances to these statuses. Finally Firestrike 
and Icestrike work together as well. If an enemy is weak to one it does 1.5x 
damage, if they are weak to both it does 2x damage. However if they Absorb or 
are Immune to one of the two elements on a dual element weapon they will Absorb 
or Block the damage (even if the other element would hit a weakness). For that 
reason I advise against Dual or Triple element weapons.

Armour focuses on the defensive side of things, adding stats to HP, MP, defense 
or magic defense, reducing, absorbing or blocking elemental damage and blocking 
status effects. Like weapons the effects are almost always stackable ad most of 
the abilities do not conflict with each other like some on the weapon abilities 
do. The amours have a notion called SOS, which means when you HP drops below 
50% an ability will trigger. For example SOS Nul-Tide will trigger and block 
all water damage while you HP is below 50% (Yellow). When your HP goes back 
above 50% the effect disappears until it drops again. These are useful early to 
mid-game but become pointless later on. These abilities are a little clearer 
cut and it won't be until late in the game (by which point you will be a master 
with Auto-Abilities) that you start seeing more useful abilities like the Auto-
Phoenix anyways.
Stats and Elements                                                        |FX06
Each stat that see under the status menu has a specific function.

HP - How much damage you can take in battle before you are knocked out.

MP - How many points you have to perform magic and skills outside of the basic 
physical attack.

Strength - Directly relates to how much damage you deal with physical attacks, 
skills and physical based overdrives. Increase this to deal more physical 

Defense - Directly relates to how much damage you receive from physical 
attacks, the higher you defense the less damage you receive.

Magic - Relates to how much damage and/or how much healing your spells do, both 
White and Black Magic as well as any magic based overdrives. Raising this 
raises the damage / healing done by both types of magic.

Magic Defense - The higher this stat, the less damage you take from offensive 
magic's, does not lower the healing power of white magic skills cast on you.

Agility - How fast the characters are. Raising this allows them to move sooner 
and more frequently in battle. 

Accuracy - How accurate you attacks and skills are. This stat, combined with 
your luck value, determines if your attack will successfully hit the target. 
Note magic spells and overdrives cannot miss their targets.

Evasion - This represents your ability to evade physical attacks. This stat, 
combined with your luck stat, determines if an enemy attack hits.

Luck - Affects your steal rate, rare item drop rate and the Accuracy and 
Evasion stats. 

A quick breakdown on luck, accuracy and evasion: When you attack your accuracy 
stat gets added to your luck stat, if that value is higher than an enemy's 
evasion plus luck stat that attack always hits, if it is below it becomes a 
game of odds and percentages. The same goes for when an enemy attacks you, 
their accuracy plus luck goes against your evasion plus luck. Unless you're 
stat maxing this is not that significant as it is difficult to raise your luck 
due to a lack of fortune sphere before the end of the game, but none the less I 
thought it should be said.


Elements work in a sense that elemental enemies (Flans and Elementals) are 
always weak to the opposite element to them. Many other enemies have this as 
well but it is most prevalent in those two types. The opposites are:

Fire <---> Ice 
Thunder <---> Water

There are many enemies that are just generally weak to an element or by 
contrast, halve, block or absorb other elements so while the element of an 
enemy seems like a good indicator, the sensor ability is the best way to 
exploit elemental weaknesses. Note that you can also alter your characters 
elemental affinities through armour auto-abilities. 

Sub Battle Menu's (Both Character and Aeon)                               |FX07
There are five sub-menu options for characters and four for Aeons.

Overdrives - Found by pressing the left button, these are powerful abilities 
can are exclusive to each character. This icon will flash above the normal menu 
if your overdrive gauge is full.

Trigger Command - Also found by pressing left when relevant, these make up 
special context / battle specific commands. The two common ones are talk which 
allows you to talk to an enemy and raise that characters stats and Move in/Pull 
Back which are used when fighting on the deck of the airship, something you do 
quite a few times. When a trigger command is available to be used it will flash 
about the normal menu similar to how overdrives flash. If you have both, both 
with flash.

Weapon - Pressing right on the controller brings you to this menu and allows 
you to switch your weapon during battle. Useful if an enemy is strong against 
an element or you just got into a boss fight and didn't change to better 
weaponry (believe me it happens more than you think).

Armour - This option allows you to change the armour you have equipped. Useful 
if an enemy uses status attacks you can guard against or elements you can guard 

Escape - Character attempt to escape. Note each character has to escape to 
finish the battle. As long as one character escapes you will not get a game 
over so if Rikku runs away and the other two characters get KO'ed you go back 
to the field, not the game over screen. Escape is not available for bosses and 
does not work 100% of the time so keep this in mind. 

Overdrive - Overdrive works the same with characters.

Shield - Pressing right on the controller brings you to the Aeon specific sub-
menu. Shield blocks a significant amount of damage but stops the overdrive 
gauge from charging. Useful for guarding against powerful attacks and other 
Aeon's overdrives.

Boost - By contrast to Shield, boost increase the damage you receive but also 
increase the amount the overdrive gauge charges up. A great way to charge the 
overdrive gauge while fighting weaker enemies, wouldn't recommend for boss 

Dismiss - Voluntarily sends the back and revert to the basic three character 
party set up. 

Overkills and Grinding                                                    |FX08
Overkills are a great way to obtain additional AP and items as it doubles both. 
The best way to level up is to always aim for overkills by either exploiting 
elemental weaknesses or using overdrives, both character and Aeon. Aeon 
overdrives are the best way to Overkill bosses and double their AP and items, 
which are usually better or harder to obtain than regular enemies.

Grinding refers to a practice where a player stays in one area and just 
continually fights fiends for the sole purpose of leveling up. Granted you 
could grind for items to, it's mostly to level up. Regardless of which sphere 
grid you choose (more on that later) the game is designed to be played by most 
average players without too much difficulty. If you don't flee from many 
battles and at the very least rotate party members in for boss fights you 
should have no problem getting through MOST of the game. Many players start 
having trouble on Mt. Gagazet and if they do get through to the airship, they 
are to underpowered to proceed to the endgame without first doing some training 
or grinding in other areas. When you get to these area you may have to do some 
grinding but for the most part good strategy and preparation can get you 
through. Feel free to stop and grind it out whenever you feel like it, being 
overpowered is always better than being underpowered.
Status Effects                                                            |FX09
These are the major status effects that you will encounter during the course of 
the game. 

                                  | Negative |

Here I will list the major negative status effects and how to cure them.

KO - Member's HP was reduced to Zero. Cure with a Phoenix Down or Life magic.

Petrification - Turned to stone. If physically attacked while in stone there is 
a chance of that character being shattered, removing them from battle 
completely (you can't revive them) cure petrified allies with a Soft, Remedy or 

Sleep - Character fell asleep and cannot take action. Cure by being physically 
attacked, Esuna or Remedy.

Silence - Character cannot use magic. Cure with Echo Screen, Remedy and Esuna.

Darkness - Character cannot see properly, lowering the accuracy of physical 
attacks. Cure with Eye Drops, Remedy or Esuna.

Poison - Character takes 25% max HP damage after their turn. Cure with an 
Antidote, Remedy or Esuna.

Confusion - Character becomes uncontrollable and may attack allies or self. 
Cure by being physically attacked, Remedy or Esuna.

Berserk - Character will only use attack, increased strength. Cure with Remedy 
or Esuna.

Curse - Character cannot use overdrives. Cure with Holy Water or Dispel.

Doom - Starts a countdown, KO'ed when timer reaches zero. No cure.

Slow - Slows down the character, making turn come later. Cure with Haste, 
Remedy or Esuna.

Zombie - Character takes damage from healing magic and items. Cure with a Holy 
Water or Remedy.

Power Break - Lowers Strength. Cure with Dispel.

Armour Break - Lowers Defense. Nullifies Armour on enemies. Cure with Dispel.

Magic Break - Lowers Magic. Cure With Dispel.

Mental Break - Lowers Magic Defense. Cure with Dispel.

With the exception of KO and Curse all these can be inflicted on enemies, 
subject to status resistances.

                                  | Positive |
Now for the more positive status effects.

Shell - Reduces Magic damage by 50%.

Protect - Reduces Physical damage by 50%.

Reflect - Bounces magic attacks back at the caster.

Regen - Recovers HP at set intervals.

Haste - Speeds up the characters making turns come sooner, also speeds up 
character animation time.

Defend - Halves Physical damage until characters next turn.

All of these can occur on both characters and enemies so watch out for them.

Sphere Grids                                                              |FX10
With the addition of the International content comes a new Sphere Grid as well 
as a Small Revision of the Standard Sphere grid. Neither really limits the 
player in terms of final stat maxing (if your into that kind of thing, I'm not) 
so neither can be considered a bad choice. The expert grid makes it harder to 
max out on but certainly not impossible, you just have to understand how the 
stats work which would be far better explained in a stat maxing guide than 

For the average player or someone who doesn't need 99,999 HP and 9,999 MP, both 
have pros and cons as to which one to pick. Below I'll break down a few of the 
things that I have noticed, none of which are make or break mind you, just a 
matter of personal preference. 
Standard Sphere Grid                                                      |FX11
The standard sphere grid is very similar to the original version except that it 
has a few new skills added to it that were added to the International version. 
This is good as you won't lose out on extra skills because you chose this grid. 
There are ample nodes on the grid for adding extra spheres (like Strength, 
Magic spheres etc.) and more than enough to completely max out your stats. In 
addition to this each character except Kimahri has a very set path to take, as 
most of the path is blocked off by Sphere Locks. 

The pros for this grid include easy identification of a characters typical path 
and stat progression. This keeps characters useful in specific circumstances as 
the game sets you up for: Lulu does the black magic, Wakka hits the Aerial 
enemies etc. It also has more sphere nodes making adding extra spheres easier.

Cons include the inability to take a character down a different path from the 
start of the game. The stat increases also seem slightly smaller, my characters 
seemed a little more powerful on the expert grid than the standard at the mid-
game area, but that might just be me. 
Expert Sphere Grid                                                        |FX12
The expert grid is the new grid added to give a challenge to the "elite" 
players out there. It has fewer overall nodes but can still be stat maxed. It 
includes all the new skill and rearranges both where characters start their 
paths, where they end and where they can branch in between.

Pro's for this grid include the ability to move characters away from their 
paths at multiple points without requiring (or not as many) Key Spheres to 
unlock the locked nodes. The stat increases seemed larger, which makes sense 
since there are fewer nodes they would need to increase some to make some kind 
of counter balance. It is also much easier to cross train characters with this 
grid. Cross training can help prevent the need to switch in characters for 
specific enemies. 

Con's include the inability to easily identify a characters normal path and the 
ability to get lost and end up going backwards. Going backwards can be bad as 
the more you progress generally the better the upgrades per node (going from 
Strength +1 in the beginning to Strength +4 near the end) so I can see that 
getting difficult to deal with. A con with cross training that should be 
mentioned is that characters you don't use will become too weak later on to 
ever switch in. Lulu had under 1,500 HP by the end of the game because I taught 
Yuna and Rikku black magic instead and she became a complete lost cause. If you 
don't care that's fine, but for people who like balanced parties it can create 

Overall it is your choice, I like using a set three (sometimes four) characters 
so I prefer the expert grid to cross train easier but either way works just as 
Major Changes from the Original PS2 Release                               |FX13
There are several major changes between this version and the original North 
American PS2 release. The major ones include:

- Dark Aeons
- Penance
- Remixed Soundtrack
- Remodelled Characters plus HD upgrade
- Menu Background looks a lot better as do the in game battle menu's
- New expert sphere grid

Some of the more minor changes include:
- Omega Weapon's HP changed from 99,999 to 999,999 making him a lot more 
challenging. Rightfully so however as many players know he was something of a 
letdown in the original version. 
- Addition of the Ribbon ability
- New abilities including: Full Break, Nab Gil, Pilfer Gil, Power Extract, Mana 
Extract, Speed Extract, Ability Extract.
- Quick Hit needs 36 MP now
- Anima's Overdrive hits for 16 hits (of smaller power) instead of one (for 
massive power) which allows him to deal damage in excess of the upper limit of 
99,999 since each individual hit is given the upper limit and not the total of 
all hits.

Those are all the ones I have encountered so far, I'm sure I'm missing a few so 
let me know what they are and I'll add them to the list.


This game and its sequel are now also on the PS4 as (another) remastered set. 
Some addition include improved graphics of NPC characters and the option to 
switch back to the Original soundtrack instead of being forced to use the 
remastered one. Trophies and save data can be "cross-saved" between the PS3, 
PS4 and PS Vita, meaning you can't double up your trophies here but you can 
access your old save files.

As I did not bother to buy this game a third time (PS2, PS3 being the other 
two) I cannot speak about anything more added. In my opinion these upgrades 
should have been included in the initial PS3 release and while I love and 
support Square-Enix more than I probably should, I'm not spending 59.99 on a 
game I bought for 29.99 on the PS3 for slightly upgraded NPC graphics and a 
soundtrack I already own on Itunes.
Walkthrough                                                               |FX14
This is the main guide that will cover all the story aspects of the game. All 
post game material (stuff you can do after you get access to an Airship) has 
its own sections so jump down there if that falls under what you are looking 

For those interested I used the Expert Sphere grid while writing this. My party 
consisted of Tidus, Yuna and Wakka until I got Rikku, who switched back and 
forth with Wakka depending on what I was trying to do. When I got to Bikanel 
everything changed as Auron (who had only been switched in on boss fights to 
get AP) was hitting for more damage than Wakka who was in almost every battle 
until this point. From this point I taught Rikku black magic and my party 
became Tidus (who turned off his path and went down Rikku's), Rikku (who 
learned the AGA spells and the defensive white magic's like protect going down 
those paths to increase her magic) and Auron (who stayed on his path and was 
hitting for over 6,000 by Mt. Gagazet). 

I encourage you to try out whichever character you want and develop them 
whichever way you want as well. You'll have a lot more fun and get more out of 
the game by doing things your way. Many of my boss strategies do not name 
specific characters because as the nature of the game is anyone can learn 
anything with a little effort.

All that being said lets fire up Final Fantasy X and start a new game! 

Zanarkand                                                                 |FX15
When you have control of the main character move towards the crowd and talk to 
either the kids or the girls, doesn't matter which is first. You will have the 
opportunity to name the main character, his default name is Tidus (which is 
what I will use for my guide) but feel free to name him whatever you want. He 
is the only character whose name you can change in the game. Once you have 
named him talk to the other group of people (kids or girls), then try to walk 
past them for a scene. When you have control again make your way east across 
the bridge until you get to the next area. Move up through the crowd into the 
blitzball arena for a scene.

When Tidus wakes up walk down a little to find Auron. Follow him off the scene 
and watch the scenes that follow. Eventually Auron will hand you a longsword 
and you will enter a battle with some Sin Scales. They are not difficult at all 
so just get accustomed to the battle system and the screen. Eventually you will 
end up in another battle with some Sin Scales and a Sinspawn.

Sinspawn Ammes

The game will force you to use an overdrive to teach you how they work so go 
ahead and use it, it will kill off the Sin Scales, then just focus your normal 
attacks on the Sinspawn. It only uses Demi which can never actually kill you, 
meaning you can't lose this battle

After the battle you will see a save sphere. Touching these fully heals your 
parties HP and MP and allows you to save your game. Do so and proceed east to 
the next area. Another boss type battle occurs.

Attack a few of the Sinscales and Auron will tell you to aim for the Tanker, so 
keep attacking it. On the extreme off chance your HP gets low with Tidus toss a 
potion and continue attacking, don't worry about the Sinscales at all.

After the battle watch the scenes to end up in the Submerged Ruins.
Submerged Ruins                                                           |FX16
When you wake up start swimming north and keep to the right, find some stairs 
to climb up and grab the 200 Gil from the chest. Now swim all the way to the 
left side and up some stairs there to grab Potion x2 from the chest. The little 
sphere here will let you import an Al Bhed Primers you have in other save 
files, but odds are you don't have any yet. Now head north in the middle of the 
water and up those stairs to the next area. Use the save sphere and proceed 
north, taking the left turn off when you get the chance to grab a Hi-Potion. 
Now go back and keep heading north, you'll end up falling into the water. Swim 
around for a little bit to enter a battle with three Sahagin, kill two to 
trigger a boss fight. 


This boss will attack you twice before the battle automatically ends for cut 
scene purposes. The attacks do 50% of your current HP so you can't lose this 
battle either.

After the fight you end up in some kind of ruins. Walk forward into the next 
area. You'll see a fire pit and decide to try and make a fire. Taking the door 
next to the save sphere, look around here when the "examine" prompt shows up 
(press X to examine) to collect Flint (a key item). Turn around and head back 
to the hall. Cross the room and enter the door here, climb up the stairs and 
before you enter the next area look to the wall on the right (camera should 
focus in as you walk by) to collect Withered Bouquet (Key Item). Deivydshock 
added "in the door before the stairs to the withered bouquet is a chest behind 
the character, walk in the opposite direction of the stairs to find an Ether!" 
Continue into the next area to find a Hi-Potion at the end of the path. Now go 
back to the Hall, save your game and examine the wood in the middle of the room
(Red X on the mini-map) for a set of scenes and a boss fight. 

Finally a battle you can actually lose. You are basically going to trade 
physical attacks with it, use a potion when you HP drops below 200 and watch 
the turn counter to make sure he doesn't ever get two turn. After you deal 
enough damage a small scene will occur.

??? Will come and join you in your battle. She can steal and Use special items 
like grenades so steal a few and use them back. Watch her HP and help heal her 
if her HP drops below 150 or so. With two people and her grenades it should be 
an easy fight. 

Eventually you will end up on a Salvage Ship. When you get a chance to move 
look in the top right corner of the boat (opposite side from where you are 
standing) for Al Bhed Primer vol. I. You will get a Trophy "Speaking in 
Tongues" for collecting the first Al Bhed Primer. Talk to Rikku to get a 
tutorial on how the sphere grid works then talk to her again to dive into the 

Use the circle button to dive and descend into the water. The piranha enemies 
here will not pose much of a challenge to you. You need to enter the underwater 
ruins by the opening in the wall, a Red Target icon (I might call it a mission 
marker) will help you find your way on the mini-map, just make sure to descend 
all the way.

When you enter use the save sphere, then head forward and examine the panel 
looking thingy. Once you are inside keep moving to the right towards the Red X 
on the mini-map. Examine this panel thingy and try heading back where you came 
from to engage with another boss. 

Tros Attacks:
Physical Attack ~60 Single/Physical
Tentacles ~85 Single/Physical
Nautilus Charge ~165 All/Physical

This Octopus looking thing has a few different attack, the most troublesome is 
when he swims away from you. The game will teach you about trigger commands and 
let both ??? and Tidus use Stand By which will recover 50 HP. He will hit you 
with Nautilus Charge for around 165 damage to both characters. After a few more 
attacks he will try this again, but this time Tidus will get the trigger 
command Pincer Attack so select that to have both ??? and Tidus ambush him from 
both sides, preventing him from using Nautilus Charge ever again. With that out 
of the way just keep attacking until you kill him.  

After the battle swim out the hole to the north and follow the mission marker 
once you get outside, descending while you're moving towards it. You will end 
up on the Salvage Ship again. After some scenes you will get control of Tidus 
again save if you want, make sure you grabbed that Al Bhed Primer and then talk 
to Rikku again. Save your game when prompted to
Besaid Island                                                             |FX17
This time you will wash up on the Beach of Besaid Island. When you have control 
of Tidus don't go right to the beach but instead swim to the right and find a 
chest all by itself, open it to get the Moon Crest. Now head back into the 
water and talk to Wakka follow him when he runs off for more scenes. Save your 
game and head south.

Follow Wakka to the right, he will eventually knock you into the water below. 
Follow the stream around, it's not that difficult. Wakka fights underwater with 
you so you should have no problem dealing with the fiends here. You can grab a 
Hi-Potion just after you start swimming if you dive down, there should also be 
a Phoenix Down here on the south east of the map just after you land in the 
water and Antidote x2 is also underwater if you want to stay down there for a 
bit. Eventually the game will take over and you will end up on dry land. When 
you have the chance head down the slope to enter Besaid Village.

Here in the village Wakka will tell you to go to the temple. First though lets 
head to the Crusaders lodge, it's the second on the left. Talk to both and look 
on the ground (sort of hidden by Luzzu) near the person asking if you want to 
take a nap for Al Bhed Primer vol.II. Look to the south-west of the Crusader 
lodge to find a small path that will take you to three treasure chests 
containing a Hi-Potion, Potion x2 and 400Gil. Now make your way to the temple. 
Once inside walk up to the priest (the guy next to the stairs) to trigger a 
scene. After it finishes head back out and go visit Wakka, he lives in the 
second tent on the right side of the village. Take a nap, then head back into 
the temple to talk to Wakka. You will be thrust into the Cloister of Trials.

Cloister of Trials
These are little puzzles that must be completed to get to the Chamber of the 
Fayth, where the summoner is. Run up and touch the Glyph (green icon looking 
thing) that is straight ahead of where you are. Go through the opened door and 
grab the Glyph Sphere. Place it in the door at the bottom of the stairs. Gab 
the Glyph Sphere from the door that just opened and place it in the next hole 
in the wall you see on the right. Leave this for now and go around the corner, 
touching the white writing on the wall. Go inside and grab the Besaid Sphere, 
then place it in the pillar directly across from the room entrance. Now go back 
and grab the Destruction Sphere and place it where you just took the Besaid 
Sphere. Go grab the hidden treasure Rod of Wisdom, these hidden treasures are 
required to get a hidden Aeon later on in the game and doing them now save you 
a lot of time. Now go back and push the pillar forwards until the game takes 
over. When you get a chance follow everyone outside for a scene.

Eventually you will end up outside at night. Go talk to Yuna then back to Wakka 
to trigger another scene.

When you wake up in the morning Wakka will give you the Brotherhood sword, you 
can't sell this sword but you probably wouldn't want to anyways. Right now it 
only has Strength +5% but it will get upgraded later on. For now that's more 
than anything else you got so be sure to equip it when you get the chance.

When you head out of town you will have to climb up the slope. There are two 
random battles that are forced and teach you how to battle more efficiently. 
Basically Tidus can handle the dingo and Wakka can handle the condor. The 
second one will teach you about elements so pay attention to it. After those 
two head to the next area. Here you can pray if you want, then head to the 
north. Proceed a little to fight another boss.


Physical Attack ~55 Single/Physical
Jump ~115 Single/Physical

This is a pretty basic battle so just keep attacking and when you HP drops 
below 170 use a potion. His jump attack is stronger, but nothing to really 
worry about.
Basically make your way all the way down the bridge here, it's a straight path 
with nothing going on. You will fight two Garuda, one will introduce you to 
using Aeons and another will introduce you to how useful Darkness can be, 
especially this early in the game with many enemies using mainly physical 
attacks. After the two forced battles you will start encountering fiends on a 
random basis, they aren't strong don't worry (and you won't meet another Garuda 
here). See if you can get Valefor a full Overdrive bar before you leave this 
area, we'll use it in a bit. Head down the next area to the south to get back 
to the beach. Save and talk to the people here to get a variety of items 
including Ether, Seeker's Ring and 400Gil. Join Yuna on the boat to leave 
S.S. Liki                                                                 |FX18
When you have control of Tidus head downstairs, you will meet O'aka. He will 
sell you items at various points in the game. From here enter the doors to the 
south of O'aka to enter the power room. Look around on the floor here to find 
Al Bhed Primer vol. III. The door to the west of O'aka has a chest with some 
Potion's in it, I believe it gives you as many as you need to reach 20 total 
potions (Thanks to X for this). Now head back upstairs and talk to Wakka, then 
go try to talk to Yuna and listen in on the crowd, then go back to Wakka, then 
finally go talk to Yuna. After the scene a boss fight will trigger.
Sin Fin
HP = 2,000
Weakness: None

The Sin Fin can only be attacked by Magic and Wakka's ball. The sinspawn that 
accompany the boss are infinite and return after you defeat all three. The 
trick is to leave one alive then start focusing on attacking the fin with both 
Lulu and Wakka or summoning Valefor. Either way when his HP gets below 1000 
summon Valefor anyways and use an overdrive to get an Overkill here. Make sure 
to target the Fin, even though overdrives hit all this is a unique battle so 
you can attack all the sinspawn or the Fin but not both. 
Directly after that fight another ensues.
Sinspawn Echuilles
HP= 2000

Drain Touch ~55 Single/Physical/Absorbs HP
Blender ~115 All/??
Sinscale Attacks ~ 65 Single/Physical

I do not have anyone with Sensor or scan so I'm not sure about the HP for this 
boss. You fight with only Wakka and Tidus here. Use Dark Attack on the boss as 
soon as you can to help avoid its attacks. Don't worry about the sinscales as 
they attack once then disappear with new ones taking their place (they're 
infinite again) and just focus on attacking the Sinspawn. You only get two Dark 
Attacks with Wakka so you will only get six turns with the boss under Darkness 
but it's better than nothing. His drain touch steals some of your HP which is 
what we are trying to avoid, his Blender attack will always hit you. Make sure 
to toss some potions when your HP gets around 200 to stay on the safe side. 
Just keep attacking and you will be victorious, it's not a hard fight.
After the scenes you will arrive in Kilika Port.
Kilika Island                                                             |FX19
When you get off the boat save you game and head north and hang a left to go to 
the next area. Proceed forward for a scene, you will rest afterwards. When you 
wake up 

Leave the inn and take the right path back to the dock area. Enter the only 
building here to find the bar, look on the counter here for Al Bhed Primer vol. 
IV, then leave and continue right to find Wakka and the Auroch's. When they 
join you head back towards the inn but keep going and exit north to Kilika 
Forest. A little girl is in a broken down home and if you try to talk to her 
Tidus will save her, if you go back to the Inn her sister will give you an 
Ether (thanks to X for this information)

Use the save sphere here and head north a little to trigger another forced 
battle teaching you how to learn more Overdrives for Kimahri. If you proceed 
north you will have to fight an Ochu, while they are not that powerful if you 
are new to the game you might have some trouble (you can escape if things go 
bad as well). Fortunately you can take the long way around by going back to the 
save sphere and proceeding to the left, which will eventually take you around 
and behind it. Regardless of which way you go head directly north from the Ochu 
to the end and grab the Luck Sphere, then back up a little and take a path 
going right and eventually you will end up at the stairs. Start heading up and 
watch then scene, save your game when you get the chance and then proceed to 
the top for a boss fight!

Sinspawn Geneaux
HP = 3,000
Weakness: Fire
Absorbs: Water

Sigh ~125 All/Magic
Venom ~130 Single/Poison
Water ~85 Single/Magic/Water
Staccato ~120 All/Physical

Geneaux Tentacles:
HP = 450
Weakness: None
Halves: Lightning, Ice
Absorbs: Water

Physical Attack ~100 Single/Physical

You are going to want to start by taking out the two tentacle enemies, they 
only have 450 HP but they will absorb any magic attacks aimed at the boss. This 
is significant because his defense while he is in this shell mode is really 
high, your characters will only do about 50 damage per attack so you need Lulu 
or Valefor's fire spell to really do any damage to the boss. 

When his HP reaches 2,500 he will come out of his shell, which is good for your 
physical attackers because he will now take normal amounts of damage from them 
while still being weak to fire. He also gets three new attacks however with 
Venom being the most troublesome as it will poison your characters. You need to 
heal this as soon as possible either with an Antidote or Yuna's Esuna skill. As 
long as you heal the poison you shouldn't have too much trouble with this boss. 
You can always summon Valefor, he is immune to most status effects and has the 
fire skill as well.  

When it is all said and done head up the stairs to the temple area. After the 
scene enter the temple and walk up to Wakka as he is praying (pray with him or 
don't it's your choice). After you meet Dona head up the stairs towards the 
cloister of trials and try to get on the lift. When Kimahri pushes you off wait 
for the lift to come back up and step on it to trigger another (somewhat weird) 
scene. When you are downstairs head north and choose to proceed to the Cloister 
of Trials. 

Cloister of Trials
Take the Kilika Sphere from the Pillar and place it in the void by the door. 
Then take it out to open the door and proceed. In this next room place the 
Kilika Sphere in the north recess to make a Glyph appear, then place it on 
either side recess in the room. Touch the glyph that appeared to open the door. 
Move forward and grab the next Kilika sphere and place it in the previous room 
opposite of where you placed the first one. Grab the Glyph sphere and place it 
where you just took the Kilika sphere from. Step on the shiny Glyph on the 
floor, then grab a Kilika sphere and place it in the pillar. Push the pillar 
where the shiny Glyph is to open up another sphere. Grab this Kilika sphere and 
place it in the door to the north but do not remove it yet. Go grab the 
Destruction sphere from where you used the Glyph sphere and place it where you 
just took the Kilika sphere from (in the bottom area) to reveal the Hidden 
Treasure Red Armlet. Now take out the sphere in the door to the north and enter 
the doorway to finish this trial (you can take the sphere with you it will 
magically disappear). Talk to Lulu and Wakka once, then try to leave to have 
Yuna appear with your new Aeon Ifrit.

When you end up outside the temple you are going to need to head all the way 
back to the dock where you got off the boat. I trust you know your way back, so 
I'll move right along. Everyone on board the S.S Winno! 

S.S. Winno                                                                |FX20
When you have control of Tidus head up to the deck and enter the door right 
next to the stairs down. You will be in the bridge, look on the ground behind 
the guy in Yellow to find Al Bhed Primer vol. V, then head out and go try to 
talk to Yuna. When that finishes move to the left a little to find stairs going 
up to an observation area. Lulu and Wakka will be talking, keep going back 
until you don't see a cut scene (should be four times). 

Once you finish that head toward the front of the deck to find a blitzball, 
examine it to try the Jecht Shot. When a sentence appears on the screen press 
the analog stick in that direction and press X, the game will give you a small 
tutorial on it. If you are successful you will learn the blitzball technique 
Jecht Shot, which is a pretty awesome move to have at early blitzball levels. 
Regardless of how it turns out watch the scenes afterwards, then go talk to 
Yuna. Save your game here and get ready for Luca! 
Luca                                                                      |FX21
When you arrive and have control of Tidus head north to dock number 3 to watch 
another set of scenes. You can go through comprehensive tutorials for how 
blitzball works here, if you haven't played before I suggest you try it. 

Yuna will come get you and want to go looking for Auron, the guy from earlier. 
When you have control leave the locker room and go south for a scene with the 
Al-Bhed psyches. When you get to the main dock area head south to start towards 
the city. After another scene continue east across the bridge, note that going 
north here will lead you to the theatre area where you can buy movies and music 
that you have already experienced while playing the game. After yet another 
scene move north into the cafe area (red door) for another set of scenes. 

With Yuna missing and Wakka playing blitzball your party is forced to be Tidus, 
Lulu and Kimahri. Head back west to the main dock area and take the path to the 
left to get to dock 1. O'aka is here and will sell you some weapons and armour 
if you need it, but you shouldn't. Move to the north to get to dock 2 where you 
will fight some machine, they are weak to electricity so have Lulu zap them 
with a thunder spell which should one hit kill them. After dealing with them 
head to dock 3 and engage another set of machine. Beat them and head to dock 4 
to battle a series of six machine. Use the save point here and move towards the 
end of the dock to trigger a scene and a boss fight.

HP = 6000
Weakness: Lightning

The first thing you should do is the trigger command for Tidus to try and use 
the crane. Lulu will comment that it is probably out of power so have her hit 
it with three thunder spells to get it working (Tidus can haste her to speed 
things up), then use it to almost completely deplete the boss' HP. Either use a 
thunder spell or Tidus spiral cut if you have one saved up to finish the boss 
off. Note that the crane does a percentage of the remaining HP as damage, so at 
6000 HP left it will do something like 5,450 but at 3000 HP left it will do 
2,725 so you cannot use the crane to deliver an overkill.

If you insist on doing this battle the harder way (not using the crane) take 
note that the boss will counter your physical attacks with a darkness inducing 
attack, your magic with a silence inducing attack and overdrives with a sleep 
inducing attack. For the struggles you will face from the counter attacks 
(since at this point you cannot really defend against most statuses), you might 
as well just use the crane.

After the scenes you will get to play your first Blitzball game, no biggie if 
you lose but you will get a Strength Sphere if you win, and you can win this 
game. When it ends you will end up fighting 20 Sahagin creatures with just 
Wakka and Tidus. If Tidus has a Thunder Sword use cheer twice then have him 
attack them all for 20 overkills, if not then dispose of them normally. After 
that you get to use Auron again, followed by a battle with another Garuda with 
Auron, Wakka and Tidus. Make sure to use Dark Attack and Power Break to help 
make the battle a lot easier. 

A slew of scenes will occur and eventually you will get control of Tidus on 
dock 5. Follow Auron to the main blitzball area but instead of following him 
south head to the locker rooms on the left side. Look around the ground about 
midway down the hall on the left for Al Bhed Primer vol. VI. Now leave the 
locker room and head south, in this next area take the north exit to where I 
told you the Theatre is. Make your way up three screens to where the counter is 
and look around on the ground here for Al Bhed Primer vol. VII. Head back to 
the path split and head right, then take the stairs up to trigger a scene. When 
you have control again to talk to Yuna for a famously annoying scene. 
Eventually you will end up on the Mi'ihen Highroad. 

Mi'ihen Highroad                                                          |FX22
When you touch the save sphere here it will inform you that you can use it at 
any time to play blitzball and that you can recruit other players by going up 
to them and pressing the square button to see their blitz information. If you 
are interested there are a few pretty good players back in Luca that you should 
go back for, if you're not interested or are willing to wait until you can 
return there (which won't be for a while) or want to recruit on the road then 
continue ahead until a battle occurs (it is a forced battle now that you have 
Auron on the team).

South Road

You start on the South Road, move north a little past the save sphere and a 
forced battle will occur. After the tutorial on the piercing ability, which is 
quite a useful ability to know about, continue moving north along to the path. 
You will meet Machen in a scene, he pops up from time to time on your journey. 
Continue along until you meet Lucil of the chocobo knights, when the scene ends 
look for a small outlet path on the right and talk to the woman there. An aeon 
vs. aeon battle against Belgemine.

Immune to sensors

This is probably your first fight with another Aeon so let me explain a few 
things. First is that you cannot summon the same Aeon as your opponent which in 
this case means you have to use Valefor. Second is that the black bar under 
enemy aeons is their overdrive gauge, when it fills all the way up and turns 
orange they will use their overdrive attack on the next turn. Using the shield 
function from the sub menu (hitting the right arrow key) will block a 
significant amount of damage and since you will always know when to expect an 
overdrive be sure to use it properly.

For the battle itself start by using a blizzard spell and you will get a small 
tutorial of what I basically just said. Alternate using shield when you are 
expecting a meteor strike and blizzard when you are expecting a normal physical 
attack (they alternate so there are no surprises here). Continue this pattern 
until you build up an overdrive gauge but only use it if A) You will not last 
another hit or B) If Ifrit starts to look injured. If you do enough damage you 
will win, if she defeats you it will not result in a game over however so don't 
worry about it too much. You receive no AP, Gil or items from this battle, 
though she will give you an Echo Ring if you do manage to win.

After this battle head the rest of the way north to the next area. Talk to the 
first guy you see here to get a Red Ring, then move up a bit and in the small 
path to the left grab a Remedy. Talk to the little girl you see for a small 
scene. Basically you just need to make your way all the way down the road to 
the next area. Talk to the first guy you see walking in this area for a LV.1 
Key Sphere, then head further up the path. Make sure you're fighting in all the 
battle and not running away, I know it's a long stretch of road but it's fairly 
easy AP, which every two to three battles giving you a level up. Grab the 2000 
Gil of the small path on the right and make your way north until you witness a 
scene with Luzzu and Gatta, then head over and talk to them. Make your way the 
rest of the way north to get to the next area.

Rin's Travel Agency
You will arrive at Rin's travel agency a scene will occur followed by you 
resting. When you have control of Tidus use the save sphere and leave the shop 
for a lengthy cut scene. When you wake up save again start trying to leave, a 
man will give you a LV.1 Key Sphere and offer to show you a tutorial on how 
they work. Watch it if you need to, then try to leave again to run into Rin. He 
will give you Al Bhed Primer Vol. VIII and two Mega-Potions, then leave the 
shop for a boss battle.

Chocobo Eater
HP = 10,000
Weakness = Fire

First thing is first use Power Break and Darkness Attack on it to weaken it. It 
has an attack that hits your whole party and knocks them back towards the 
ravine. When it uses this you have to damage it so it falls on its back and 
then deal more damage to push it back. Use fire spells and equip any weapons 
you have with the Firestrike ability to help add to the damage. Ifrit is very 
effective here as well, and Aeons cannot be pushed back. Try to have an Aeon 
use an Overdrive attack to finish the boss off for an overkill. 

Note that if he does push you off the cliff you do not get a game over but 
instead do not gain and AP, Gil or items and have to start on the North Old 
Road, so if that happens to you jump down to that area of the guide. 

Rin will offer you a free chocobo rental for winning the battle. You can use it 
or just run along the North New Road and battle the enemies it's up to you, 
though there are a few items that you need to be riding a chocobo to get. 
Whichever you choose continue north to the next area.

North New Road
If you won the Chocobo Eater battle then you will be moving along to the North 
New Road. Move across the bridge to the next area. You should see a chocobo 
(yellow) feather on the ground as you come around the first corner, if you are 
on a chocobo examine it and the chocobo will jump up to a new area and grab you 
a Heat Lance. As soon as you land look on the ground not far from you for an Al 
Bhed Primer vol. IX. Follow the path here to the next area. In this crossroad 
area if you are still on the chocobo take the path to the right and explore the 
Old Road until you get to the end and get the Mars Crest, keeping your eye out 
for more feathers that will net you a Thunder Blade, Scout, and the semi-rare 
Fortune Sphere. Then head back to the Road Junction.

North Old Road
If you got knocked off the road during the Chocobo Eater fight you will end up 
at the end of the North Old Road area. Here at the end you can open a chest 
that contains a Mars Crest, use the save sphere are follow the path until you 
get to the road junction, you need a chocobo to get any of the other prizes.

Road Junction
Walk up to Gatta and Luzzu to trigger a scene. The guy on the left will take 
donations: 100Gil get you a Scout, 1000Gil gets you an Ice Lance and 10,000Gil 
gets you a Moon Ring. Try to advance and a guard will stop you, now try to go 
back to the highroad and a scene will occur. You will now be allowed to 
advance, so use the save sphere if need be and move forward to Mushroom Rock 

Mushroom Rock Road                                                        |FX23
Head forward and talk to the people here to get a few items. Run forward a 
little more and Clasko will tell you to go to the command center. Take the path 
to his left an exit to the next area. Use the save sphere here and head to the 
lift and activate it. The path here is very basic so follow it all the way to 
the end. 

Beware of the Lamashtu enemies as they move pretty fast and have a very strong 
physical attack and also be aware of the Funguar as they will counter-attack 
any physical attack with Pollen, which puts your entire party to sleep. Also be 
sure to grab the 1000 Gil from the chest and potion x10 from the guy standing 
next to said chest. You will see a save point in the ravine below but you can't 
get there yet so ignore it for not. Further down the path is a Remedy in a 
chest as well as a Hi-Potion further down. When you finally reach the left at 
the end use it and talk to the first guy you see for an X-Potion. Make your way 
right and find the next lift but before getting on look to the left for a small 
pathway. Take it around to find Al Bhed Primer vol. X. Now go back and get on 
the lift. Talk to the first guy you see to get a Mega-Potion, then follow and 
go talk to Gatta and Luzzu and watch the scene. Once you are done all that save 
your game and head up the large blue lift next to it.

From here you don't have to worry about random encounters, head to the next 
area and move forward a bit for a scene. Once it's done head to the red target 
marker to get to the next area, then head forward a bit for another scene. Once 
it's done make your way to the command center. You can talk to the soldier next 
to the chocobo for info on the operation, talk to O'aka just north of the save 
sphere to buy any weapons or items you feel you might need, if you can afford 
it the Avenger for Tidus has the counter-attack ability which for 8,100 Gil 
isn't too bad at this point in the game. Save your game and head into the 
command area. Watch the scenes and when you get the chance check your 
equipment, use any sphere levels you still have, grab the Mega-Potion and 
Serene Bracer from chests next to Yuna and go talk to the lead solider. A few 
scenes occur and you end up in a boss fight. 

Sinspawn Gui
(Body) HP = 12,000 Weakness: None
(Head) HP = 4,000  Weakness: None
(Arms) HP = 800    Weakness: None

Body Attacks:
Physical Attack ~700 Single/Physical
Demi - damage equal to 25% of current HP/All/Magic

Head Attacks:
Thunder ~ 220 Single/Magic/Lightning
Head begins moving suspiciously - Readying Venom attack
Venom ~550 Single/Poison

A little explanation: this boss has four different body parts: A body which is 
what you have to defeat, a head, and two arms. Each body part can be targeted 
separately and each has its own HP. The arms block attacks that are aimed at 
the body and are armoured. You will need piercing weapons or magic to defeat 
the arms to be able to attack the body. The head can only be targeted by 
Wakka's blitzball attack and magic, but it only has 4,000 HP. Only the body and 
head actually attack you in this battle. Finally the arms regenerate after some 
time and you will have to defeat them again to continue attacking the body. 

As for strategy immediately use power break on the body to help reduce the 
damage he does with his physical attack. From here you can start on the arms 
while having your magic caster start using spells on the head area. If the head 
starts moving suspiciously IMMEDIATELY attack its head with either a spell, 
Wakka's ball or Kimahri's lancet to stop it from using its venom attack. If it 
does end up using Venom use Esuna or an antidote to heal the poison as it takes 
25% of your health off every turn. This boss looks a lot harder than it really 
is as long as you are stopping the head and used power break to weaken the 
crazy strong physical attack you should make it out of this with very few 
problems. Use any and all your overdrives here but save your Aeons until the 
boss has only about 1000 HP left. Try to use an Aeon overdrive on the boss. If 
you can't that's fine, but the extra AP would have been nice.  

When you beat it a few scenes occur, followed by round two!
Sinspawn Gui (round two)
(Body) HP = 6,000 Weakness = None
(Head) HP = 1,000  Weakness = None
(Arms) HP = 800    Weakness = None

Body Attacks:
Physical Attack ~150 Single/Physical
Demi - damage equal to 25% of current HP/All/Magic

Head Attacks:
Thunder ~ 220 Single/Magic/Lightning
Head begins moving suspiciously - Readying Venom attack
Venom ~450 Single/Poison

Your party consists of Yuna, Auron and Seymour against a considerably weaker 
Sinspawn Gui. Seymour knows Fira, Watera, Thundara and Blizzara, all of which 
can easily kill both the arms and head in one shot. You can have Auron and Yuna 
attack if you want or have Yuna heal and Auron chip in on the body after 
Seymour takes out the arms, it's up to you. You would have to try pretty hard 
to lose this battle, it's more a token battle than anything else. Both his 
spells and/or an aeon overdrive from Yuna can net you overkills here.

This is the only time you battle with Seymour in your party so if you want to 
see his overdrive you are going to have to take A LOT of damage to trigger it. 
Also you cannot summon Anima here, even though he clearly knows the spell from 
the events at Luca. 

As another side note characters that participated in the first battle get AP 
from both battles, and Seymour even gets some AP and S.LV's even though you 
can't upgrade him. You should get anywhere from 3 to 6 Lv.1 Key Sphere's after 
this battle, depending on how many overkills you got on the body's.

After the scenes you will have control of Tidus. Walk around and find either 
Luzzu or Gatta (you can only find one) and talk to them to trigger a few more 
scenes. You end up in the aftermath part next.

Aftermath / Djose Highroad                                                |FX24
When you have control to Tidus go save the game and walk up to Auron. After he 
has a conversation with Kenoc go talk to him. Head up to the mission marker now 
but before you join up with the party talk to O'aka and buy a few Soft's from 
him. Then meet up with everyone and watch the scene. 

You end up on the Djose Highroad. Save your game and talk to the first guy you 
see to get a Soft Ring, this makes you Immune to Petrification. The monster 
Basilisk has a move that petrifies you so equip the Soft Ring and use those 
Softs of you need to because petrification acts like KO, if all you party 
members are petrified (or a combination of KO and petrified) it's game over for 
you. If you get into a bind do not forget that Aeons are Immune to pretty much 

As dry as this is going to sound the highroad is a long and uneventful road 
that you must travel down until you get to the end, which leads into the Djose 
temple. Along the way grab the Phoenix Down x2, Bright Bangle, Ether, Hi-Potion 
and Mega-Potion from the chests and people along the way. Also about midway 
down look for an Al Bhed Primer vol. XI on the ground behind a spiky looking 
rock on the right. It is before you get the chest with the Bright Bangle (which 
is on the left) so if you collect that go back because you went too far. When 
you get to the end and after the scene occurs take the path on the right to go 
to the Djose Temple.

Djose Temple                                                              |FX25
Make your way across the bridge and talk to Lucil. Then continue forward and 
watch the scene. Save if you like and talk to either Luzzu or Gatta (whoever 
you saw on the beach in Aftermath) on the right of the temple entrance, then 
head inside. You'll meet Issaru, another summoner, in a scene. After it ends 
head into the Cloister of Trials. 

Cloister of Trials

Again this cloister will be very matter of fact. Grab the Djose Sphere on the 
right and put it in the door in front of you, then grad the Djose Sphere on the 
left and place it in the door so the door opens. From here you will see a 
pillar in the middle of the room with a Djose sphere and two more behind it, 
one each on each side of the wall. Grab both from the wall and place them in 
the slots to the far right to charge up the pillar-thing above. Now push the 
pillar with one sphere in it underneath the charged pillar to super-charge that 
sphere. Move to the far left and step on the shiny thing to move the pillar 
into the middle of the room again. Now take out the supercharged sphere and 
place it in the hole behind the pillar on the right to open up the door. Now 
take the two Djose spheres out of the charging area and place them both in the 
pillar (it has holes on both sides). Now push the pillar forward through the 
open door and into the electric field. With two spheres in the pillar it will 
float, allowing you to cross the gap. Do so and push the pillar at the end to 
charge up another part of the ground. Now head back and step on the shiny thing 
to re-center the pillar. Take the supercharged Djose sphere out and place it 
behind the pillar on the other side to light up a third symbol on the floor. 
Now take both spheres in the pillar and put them back into the holes in the 
first room (where you had to open the first door). If you did everything right 
the symbol should be fully lit up and the pillar should have turned into a 
platform. Before going up look near the shiny thing on the ground and touch the 
Glyph on the wall to open it up and reveal the Destruction Sphere. Grab it and 
take the platform up to the next level. In this area push all five of the 
pillars back to open the final door and create another pillar. Before you leave 
insert the destruction sphere into the pillar and grab the Magic Sphere from 
the chest, then exit the trials. 

Yuna will go pray and Dona will appear for a bit. Try to leave after the scene 
and Yuna will come out. You will get Ixion for your troubles and up resting in 
the Temple. When you wake up go back inside the temple and enter the room on 
the right to grab a Mega-Phoenix, then enter the room on the left, grab the 
remedy and wake up Yuna. 

Head back to the Djose highroad and take the other (left) path to go to the 

Moonflow                                                                  |FX26
This is another of those roads where you options involve going forward or 
backwards. Not much going on in the first area here, you can talk to Shelinda 
if you like and be sure to grab the LV.1 Key Sphere x3 in the chest next to 
her. Watch out for the Ochu's here, they are stronger than the one you fought 
in Kilika, though the same strategy applies. Eventually you will run into Biran 
and Yenke, once they are done grab the X-Potion from the chest next to them and 
continue along. A small path on the right will net you another LV.1 Key Sphere 
x3. Eventually you will run into Belgemine again and she will want to battle 
your Aeons again. She will heal your Aeons as well.
Immune to Sensors

Ixion's Attacks:
Aerospark ~360 Single
Physical Attack ~300 Single/Physical
Haste - casts Haste on Itself

This time she chose to use Ixion, so I suggest you use Ifrit because of its 
higher HP and Defense. Just use attack, don't use Meteor Strike at all. If you 
see Ixion will get two turns in a row be sure to use Shield to block the damage 
from both attacks. Ixion will eventually get your HP down below 350 which is 
when you should use your overdrive. Be careful as when it uses haste it 
significantly speeds up, to the point it might get three turns to your one. As 
long as Yuna has leveled up a little (as her stats are tied to her Aeons) you 
shouldn't have much trouble here. Like the last battle if you lose it is not a 
game over.

If you win you will get Dragon Scale x2 and Summoner's Soul, a Key Item that 
allows you to teach your Aeons new abilities like Cure, Dark Attack and Fire by 
using items. The game will give you a basic tutorial when it gives you the item 
so pay attention to it. Move forward a little and take the skinny path just 
left of the battle you just fought to grab a Magic Def Sphere, then continue 
along to the next area.

Move up and watch the scene. Then head to the left to go to the next area. 
After the scene grab the Phoenix Down x2 and buy anything you need from O'aka. 
Talk to Yuna, then head left to the next area and talk to Auron. Move to the 
left again and after the scene use the save sphere, grab the 5000 Gil from the 
chest behind Lulu and go back to where Auron was. Talk to the blue guy (known 
as a Hypello) to cross on the Shoopuf. After a small scene a boss fight occurs.

HP = 4,000
Weakness = Lightning
Halves = Fire, Water, Ice

Extractor Attacks:
Aqua Shooter ~200 Single/Magic
Readying Depth Charges -prepares to use Depth Charges
Depth Charges ~380 All/Physical

If Tidus knows haste cast that on both him and Wakka, also switch to any 
lightning strike weapons you may have and if you don't have any, to weapons 
without an element as the rest only do half as much damage. For the most part 
just attack and you will do fine. When the Extractor rises up and readies Depth 
Charges attack it a few times and it should come back down. Not much of a boss 
fight, but that's because it' forcing you to use two characters you might not 
have used since Luca. You can score a Mega-Phoenix after the battle if you are 
After the fight you end up on the North Wharf. Save your game and head to the 
left. Look to the platform to the right of O'aka next to the spinning wheel for 
Al Bhed Primer vol. XII and then head left again to head to the next area. Grab 
the Ether here and continue along. Continue forward a little bit to meet up 
with Rikku who, after a few more scenes joins the party permanently. You will 
earn the trophy "All Together" after she joins. Continue further up the road 
and a forced battle will occur with Rikku showing off her Steal ability. Chest 
in the battle field can be opened to get items. Also from here on out I will be 
mentioning items to steal from either enemies or bosses that can be extremely 
useful however you should try to steal from many different enemies yourself out 
of principle. Between the Aeons that you can teach new skills and the 
customization that will open up in Guadosalam even items you might not have 
much use for will suddenly be useful. Continue along to the next area, and 
proceed all the way until you end up watching a scene about entering 
Guadosalam                                                                |FX27
When you enter you will get a scene as well as Rikku giving you a tutorial on 
weapon customization, watch it as this will become very useful later on in the 
game. Grab the mega-potion to the right of the Manor entrance, then enter the 
mansion. Walk up to the door on the first floor and Tromell will open it for 
you. While you are waiting talk to everybody in the room, when you finish that 
Seymour will show up. A series of scenes will occur. 

Eventually you will have control of Tidus. Leave the mansion and meet up with 
the party. Yuna will want to go the Farplane, which happens to be in 
Guadosalam. Head up the pathways to the top to enter the Farplane. Proceed 
through both corridors until you actually enter the Farplane.

Here start by talking to Wakka. Your Brotherhood sword will get powered up and 
now includes Strength +5%, Strength +10%, Waterstrike and Sensor which is all 
round pretty good as long as the enemies do not resist or absorb water. Next go 
talk to Yuna. 

After the scenes head down the slope and enter the house on the far left to 
grab the 3000Gil and the Al Bhed Primer vol. XIII, then leave the house and 
find the chest to the south of the house for an Elixir. Go meet up with the 
party in front of Seymour mansion. After the scene go back down and talk to 
Lulu again, and once more for good measure. After that go talk to everybody and 
try to leave to go to the thunder plains (which is left of where you entered 
from) to meet up with Shelinda again. Go and find Auron and tell him the news 
to trigger a scene. You can leave for the Thunder Plains now but first go back 
to the Farplane and open a chest of the left for a Venus Crest. You can talk to 
the two people here for a little backstory development for later. Visit the 
shop on the second level if you want, they sell Armour for the entire party 
that has Lightning Ward built in, and one would expect the Thunder Plains to 
have a lot of Lightning elemental creatures on it. When you are ready leave for 
the Thunder Plains. 

Thunder Plains                                                            |FX28
As you enter the thunder plains you will be taught how to dodge lightning bolts 
on the plains. This is actually a mini-game, though quite possibly the worst in 
the game. You get prizes based on how many successful dodges in a row you can 
string together, with the grand prize being the Venus Sigil for dodging 200 IN 
A ROW. At this point I wouldn't worry too much about it, you can get a No-
Encounters armour later on to make it easier without the battles interrupting 
you all the time.

You start off on the south plain, move up to the save sphere and save your 
game. The fiends here are tougher here so watch your HP and heal outside of 
battle if you need, an ambush here is deadly enough without being half dead to 
start with. Move up the left side of the plain and find the glowing rocks with 
a picture of a cactuar on it and press the square button to "pray" at it. This 
unlocks one of three seals and also unlocks the Qactuar enemy on the plains. 
Grab the 5000 Gil from the chest behind the rock and continue moving north, you 
can talk to Machen who is off on the right if you like. Further up from Machen, 
you can talk to Shelinda off on the left side under a lightning rod tower. If 
you look at the mini-map after talking to her you will see a small path on the 
right that looks boxed in a little. Head over there to find the second of three 
cactuar stones and a chest with a Waterball for Wakka (can be useful here) and 
continue north again, moving back to the left side and sticking with this until 
you get to the top of the map. A scene will occur and you will end up at the 
travel agency. 

When everyone starts walking away just stand by Rikku and wait until they all 
go inside. Go talk to Rikku and Rin will appear, then go talk to him. When he 
asks you how the study of their language is answer "Good" to get Al Bhed Primer 
vol. XIV from him. Then go down the hallway on the right and a scene will 
appear. When it finishes save your game and head out. Some guy will take your 
picture and drop something so pick it up to get a Yellow Shield which has the 
Lightning Proof ability on it, perfect for your remaining trek across the 
thunder plains. Exit to the north to reach the North plains. As a side note 
inside the thunder plains travel agency on the right there is a book that 
catalogues the amount of lightning bolts you have dodged and how many 
consecutively. You have to view this book to get your prizes, which appear in a 
chest outside the travel agency where you got the Yellow Shield just now. 

When you start on the North plains look to your left to find the third cactuar 
stone and pray at it, you may have to wait for this one to start glowing in 
order to pray at it but it shouldn't take long. Proceed north all the way to 
the save sphere and save your game. Keep going north a little further and a 
scene will occur. When it finishes keep heading north, grab the Remedy from the 
chest on the left and exit to the Macalania Woods.

Macalania Woods                                                           |FX29
When you enter here a scene will occur, then head up the path to the save point 
and save your game. Head up the wooded path and on the turn northward there is 
a Sleepy Cait Sith hiding behind the tree, press X a few times to get it, then 
move along. The fiends here are more manageable and give out a fair amount of 
AP so if you're feeling a little on the weaker side it couldn't hurt to stay 
here and grind out a few extra levels before proceeding. Follow the pathway to 
the next area.

Here you will find the butterfly mini-game. This is the second most annoying 
mini-game in the game (in my opinion anyways, since I love blitzball). Right 
now you can complete it for a few items but later on you will have the 
opportunity to come back and do this for the Saturn Sigil. As for now just make 
note of where it is and feel free to try it, there are two courses one south 
(where you should be now), and one north which would be the next area. 

There isn't much variation to this path so make your way through the next two 
area's (with the buttery games) until you get to a save sphere at an X-looking 
type of junction. Be sure to grab the 2000 Gil, and Remedy from the chests. 
Talk to O'aka but don't buy anything, just leave the menu. He will ask what you 
think of these prices, reply with "Too Pricy" and he will drop the prices 
considerable (at least 25% I think). Now start moving to the right near the 
path that exits to the bottom right (but stay in this area) while pressing the 
X button to pick up Al Bhed Primer vol. XV. Move forward a bit and Auron will 
take you a specific way so follow him and after a small scene you will be 
thrown into a boss battle.
HP = ~12,000 (Immune to Sensors)
Weakness  = Changes
Absorbs   = Changes

Physical Attack ~250 Single/Physical
Fire     ~ 240 Single or All/Magic/Fire
Thunder  ~ 240 Single or All/Magic/Thunder
Water    ~ 240 Single or All/Magic/Water
Blizzard ~ 240 Single or All/Magic/Ice
Press    -Does damage equal to 50% of your current health/Physical
Elemental Shift - Changes its elemental affinities

First thing is first, steal the Turbo Ether from him. This boss is immune to 
sensors so don't bother unless they are normally apart of your equipment. The 
boss' elemental weakness and absorptions change every time it uses elemental 
shift but you can tell what it is by watching what spells he counters with. If 
he uses fire than he will absorb Fire, Water and Lightning but be weak to Ice 
spells. You will need to take advantage of this because this boss's defense is 
extremely high but its magic defense is fairly low. You need to attack it 
physically to see what spell it counters with and then use your black mage to 
hit it with a spell opposite that (you should know your opposites this late in 
the game). That way it changes its elemental affinities is random so you can't 
just assume what it might be. It will change it after every successful attack 
on its weakness so just stick in there and you should have no problem. If you 
need a little more help it is not immune to Magic Break or Power Break so feel 
free to inflict those (assuming you got Magic Break with Auron). Also press is 
classified as a physical attack not a special one meaning you can guard against 
it and even cast protect to halve the damage, if you have the spell or Light 
Curtain saved up in your inventory. You get a LV.2 Key Sphere (2 if you 
overkill it) after the battle.  
You will receive Jecht's sphere and Auron will learn a new overdrive skill. 
There are nine more you can collect, three more gets you his third overdrive 
and all ten get you his final overdrive. There will be more on his overdrives 
in the overdrives section of the guide, most of them require backtracking which 
will be loads easier near the end of the game. Leave this area, going back to 
the X intersection and take the North West (top left) exit to get to Lake 

Lake Macalania / Macalania Temple                                         |FX30
Enter here and go talk to Clasko, tell him he should be a chocobo breeder, then 
enter Rin's Travel Agency and save your game. Leave the agency and look on the 
ground right next to the door for Al Bhed Primer vol. XVI, then continue to the 
left to meet up with Tromell and subsequently trigger another boss fight.
HP = 16,000
Weakness: Lightning
Halves: Fire, Water, Ice

HP = 1,000
Halves: Fire, Water, Ice 

Crawler Attacks:
Gatling Gun ~110 each hit/Eight Hits/All/Physical
Assault ~900 Single/Physical/Counter Attack
Mana Beam ~1,650 All/Magic 
Begins Charging Mana Beam - Will use Mana beam in three turns

This can be quite a tough battle. The Negator can only be attacked with Wakka's 
ball or special items like Grenades, while Negator is on the field you cannot 
use any magic or Aeons so take care of this first. Once that is destroyed you 
can start spamming Thundara on the Crawler. Switch to any Thunderstrike weapons 
you have for your physical attackers to amp up their damage. If you have 
learned either Shell and/or Protect it might be a good idea to cast them on 
your entire party for this battle so things don't get to far out of hand, using 
haste on the party never hurt anyone either. 

When Crawler starts its countdown stop attacking, make sure everyone is healed 
up and try to get Shell on everyone if you can to further reduce the damage. 
Note that shell also reduces healing spells power so use Items to heal if you 
need, you should have quite the stock of Hi-Potions by now. Be sure to revive 
any character you need to right after Mana Beam and heal back to full health 
before you start attacking again.

Alternatively you could summon an Aeon and use Shield to have them take a 
significantly reduced amount of damage from the attack and save your party 
members. This is especially useful if you don't have the ability to Shell 
characters as only two or three will have enough HP at this point in the game 
to survive that powerful of an attack. Be sure to kill off any Negators that 
pop back up as the battle progresses. Thundara is the best damage dealer here 
and unless you are not training anyone in the Black Magic parts of the sphere 
grid you should have this spell by this point in the game. You might need to 
use an Aeon overdrive to overkill it if you want. You can get an Elixir (or 
two) after the battle. 

After the battle a scene occurs and you will end up at the temple entrance, 
grab the Mega-Potion and head down, following the path all the way to temple 
doors for a scene. Once you are inside you will have a chat with Shelinda, when 
it ends another will happen. Save your game and follow the party into the room 
on the right of the stairs. Watch the sphere, grab the Remedy x2, and then head 
into the Cloister of Trials. Run straight through as the challenge actually 
begins on the return trip. You will end up in the Antechamber. After a short 
scene you will have a boss fight!
Seymour Guado
HP = 6,000
Weakness: None

Seymour Attacks:
Blizzara  ~ 750 Single/Magic/Ice
Thundara ~ 750 Single/Magic/Lightning
Watera    ~ 750 Single/Magic/Water
Fira      ~ 750 Single/Magic/Fire
Summon - Summons Anima
Blizzaga  ~ 1,500 Single/Magic/Ice
Thundaga  ~ 1,500 Single/Magic/Lightning
Waterga   ~ 1,500 Single/Magic/Water
Firaga    ~ 1,500 Single/Magic/Fire
Multi-Blizzara  ~ 800 All/Magic/Ice
Multi-Thundara ~ 800 All/Magic/Lightning
Multi-Watera    ~ 800 All/Magic/Water
Multi-Fira      ~ 800 All/Magic/Fire


Guado Guardian
HP = 2,000
Weakness: None

Guado Guardian Attacks:
Auto-Protect - Casts protect at the start of battle
Auto-Potion - Uses Hi-Potion when damaged
Shremedy - Single/Causes Confusion
Thunder ~ 150 Single/Magic/Lightning


HP = 18,000
Weakness: None

Anima Attacks:
Boost - Increases her Overdrive Gauge
Pain ~500 (when death is ineffective) Single/Magic/Instant Death effect
Oblivion ~2,000 All/Magic

As this battle starts the two Guado Guardians will cast protect on themselves 
and Seymour will cast Shell on himself. The two Guado guardians will run in 
front of and take damage for Seymour if you try to attack them physically, and 
they have the Auto-Potion ability which means they will heal themselves by 
1,000 HP. The best way to get around this is summoning an Aeon and getting them 
to use an overdrive as that should kill off both Guado Guardians. At the start 
of the battle Tidus, Wakka and Yuna will have the trigger command to talk to 
Seymour, doing so will raise Tidus' Strength and Yuna and Wakka's Magic 

As for Seymour if you have Sensor equipped in the help box it tells you he 
cycles through elemental magic in order of Ice, Lightning, Water and Fire, then 
repeats. You can use this to your advantage and have someone casting Nul-
(whichever) to negate the damage. Once the Guado Guardians are defeated he 
should not last too long after that. When his HP reaches 0 he will summon his 
Aeon, Anima.

Anima has three attacks, Boost which increases his Overdrive gauge, his 
Overdrive that you will know is coming and his most deadly attack called Pain. 
Pain instantly kills a character. Although Anima is slow this can still cause a 
problem as far as reviving and healing can go. Your best bet is to use an Aeon 
to fight him as Aeons are immune to the Instant death part of his skill. You 
just acquired a new Aeon or you can use one of your previous ones, odds are you 
will need two Summons to put down Anima even with an Overdrive from the first. 
As long as you don't let Pain's death catch up to your characters you should do 
fine here.

When you defeat Anima you will have to fight Seymour again (from full HP too) 
and his magic skills have gone from the -a to the -aga, which cause twice as 
much damage as before. He also starts using his Multi- skills to hit two party 
members in one turn. This would be a good time to hit him with a Magic Break 
attack (if you did this earlier you will have to again) to cut the magic in 
half. You can steal Turbo Ethers from him both times you encounter him. 

If you Overkill both Anima and Seymour as well as his Guards the first time you 
can net well over 7,000 AP, 2 Black Magic Spheres and quite a few different 
weapons/armour (I got Four different kinds).

After naming your new Aeon (whom I will call Shiva) you end up in the 
Antechamber again, use the Save Sphere that popped up and exit to the Cloister 
of Trials. Try to cross to trigger the trial.

Cloister of Trials

When the door on the left opens up head down, find the pillar and push it to 
the right into the snow. When it hits the snow will disappear, grab the 
Macalania Sphere on the far right (where the line to the snow was) and place it 
inside the pillar. Push the pillar north into the next snow covered area to 
reveal the bottom level. Push the pillar to the right to have it join with the 
tower (what I'm calling the large poles that need Macalania spheres to remake 
the passage across). Go back upstairs and grab the Glyph Sphere from the middle 
tower and bring it down stairs. Place it in the far left hole to revel a new 
platform upstairs with a Macalania Sphere. Go grab it and bring it back 
downstairs, placing it in the tower recess on the left. Now go upstairs and 
grab the Macalania Sphere by the ramp between the upper and lower levels and 
place it in the center tower here to complete the puzzle. If you want the 
Hidden Treasure go to the passage area and step on the shiny thing that appears 
to bring the Pillar with the Macalania sphere up to the top level (this will 
require you to get it back downstairs again but it is worth it). GRAB THE 
MACALANIA SPHERE from the pillar THEN PUSH it down the ramp and it will fire 
off into a Destruction Sphere. Go down to the lower level and step on the shiny 
thing there to bring it down to this level. From here place the Macalania 
sphere near the ramp to the lower area and take the Destruction Sphere down, 
placing it in the hole to the right of the Glyph Sphere to unlock a Luck Sphere 
and hopefully the fourth hidden prize from the temples. From here you have to 
re-do the original challenge to get all three powers powered up. Note if you 
didn't take the Macalania sphere out before you pushed it into the Destruction 
sphere you will have to leave and Re-Enter the area to reset the whole puzzle.

When you exit the Trials you will watch a scene then have to run for your 
lives. O'aka will sell you stuff outside here and you can use the save sphere 
if you like, then start running back up the path you can down earlier. The 
Guado will start chasing you and when they catch you they will initiate a 
battle and Summon some fiends to help them, none of which are powerful enough 
(or new for that matter) to do any real damage to you. When you get to the next 
area the Guado will stop chasing you but you still have to fight regular fiends 
here while making your way back up to the Travel Agency. The path is pretty 
straight forward but be sure to stick to the skinny path on the right to grab a 
LV.1 Key Sphere. Use the Save Sphere to save your game and when you get to the 
area you fought Crawler another boss will attack you.

HP = 18,000
Weakness: None

Wendigo Attacks:
Physical Attack ~1,900 Single/Physical
Guard - Sets a Defensive stance and Counter-Attacks all physical attacks


Guado Guardian x2
HP= 1,200
Weakness: None

Guado Guardian Attacks:
Auto-Potion - Uses Hi-Potion whenever damage is inflicted
Berserk - Inflicts Berserk Status on Wendigo
Blizzara ~ 290 Single/Magic/Ice
Thundara ~ 290 Single/Magic/Thunder

First thing is first if you get a chance to Summon an Aeon with an Overdrive 
take do it to take out the two Guado Guardians so they don't cast Berserk on 
Wendigo. If you can't stop them from casting Berserk you will need the spell 
Esuna or use a Remedy to heal it, when he is berserked his attack goes up quite 
a bit and as you can see above without Berserk he is still hitting for almost 
2,000 HP. Hopefully you now have access to the Protect spell or at the very 
least a few Light Curtains in your inventory to protect everybody. You will 
need protect to reduce the physical attack damage because many of your 
characters HP are not even that high when fully healed. When the Guado 
Guardians are defeated they will cast Protect and Shell respectively. On the 
off chance you have the dispel spell use it here, otherwise things just got 
even harder.

For Wendigo itself it is susceptible to Power Break and Dark Attack/Buster. 
When you do enough damage it will put its hands up in a defensive stance. DO 
NOT ATTACK during this phase as he will counter attack you, take this 
opportunity to heal, re-buff and switch in other party members to get AP. If 
all else fails just use the defend (Triangle) command and wait until he lowers 
his arms. You can still attack with Magic so if you're using your mages a lot 
(like you should be) keep attacking with them. Don't forget about Cheer and 
Reflex (special skills), since you have nothing better to do these will bump up 
your Defense and Evasion respectively. As long as he is not berserked this 
becomes a battle of patience and magic. Note that if he is berserk he will not 
take up the Guard stance because the Berserk status forces you to attack and 
only attack. No real goodies to report here item wise.
After the battle you will be under the lake. Go talk to everybody here after 
the scene go look to the south of where Kimahri is standing and hit X a few 
times to find a LV.2 Key Sphere. Then go by Auron and to his left grab the 
Avenger from another well hidden chest. Go talk to Lulu and Auron after this to 
trigger the next scene. Walk back to the middle to trigger the last scene of 
this area.

Sanubia Desert                                                            |FX31
Okay so this area is kind of large and difficult to direct in so I will be 
using the actual names of the area as found when you bring up the menu. Also if 
you missed Al Bhed Primers I, III, V and XIV they can be found here along with 
two more new ones. 

You will wake up in Oasis by yourself (Tidus, I always play through the main 
character). Go into the water and grab the Remedy x4, use the save sphere and 
move forward a little to trigger a non-boss but still difficult fight. 
HP = 12,000
Weakness: None

What makes this fight so hard is you start out with just Tidus, which isn't bad 
if you use him a lot but sucks if you don't. Use haste and defend for a few 
turns. Eventually Auron will come join you, use power break immediately to 
weaken Zu and start attacking, eventually Lulu will enter with a Thundara (a 
rather weak one at that) and she will join you to make a full party. The rest 
becomes a normal battle after this.
Move forward a little bit to find Wakka. In the chest next to him are Al Bhed 
Potion x8. These things are amazing, they recover 1,000HP, poison, silence and 
petrification to ALL PARTY MEMEBERS. Easily the best way to heal until the very 
end of the game, though they are a special item and therefore can only be used 
by characters with the Use command available. Normally that's only Rikku but if 
you moved some characters around (especially on the Expert Grid) you can easily 
have multiple characters with Use at this point in the game. In the Oasis area 
you can find Al Bhed Primers vol. I (if you missed in on the Salvage Ship) and 
III (if you missed it on the S.S. Liki), look around by where Wakka was both 
should be nearby. Exit to the North east to go to the Sanubia Desert East.

In the East area move to the right to start to find Kimahri and add him back to 
the party. Look around here for Al Bhed Primer vol. V if you missed it on the 
S.S. Winno. Follow the path to the left around until you meet up with Rikku, 
who will show you to her Home. Grab the Ether x2 and the Al Bhed Potion x8 and 
use the save sphere to save your game. Follow Rikku and a forced battle with 
two machine will occur, this battle will teach you that using Steal on Machina 
will cause terminal malfunction (instant death). Finish the battle and follow 
the path, it's pretty basic and dry. You will see a split where one path goes 
north and the other goes south (small south path), take the south path and grab 
the Al Bhed Primer vol. XIV from the hill (if you missed it from Rin in the 
Thunder Plains) and the Hi-Potion x4 from the chest. Then head north to Sanubia 
Desert - Central.

In the central area go north until you find the save sphere and use it. Now 
head west as far as you can go until you see some ruins in the area, search 
these ruins for Al Bhed Primer vol. XVII as well as a LV.2 Key Sphere and 
10,000Gil in a hidden enclave on the ruins south of the Primer. The primer is 
in the north east corner, to the right of the exit to the next area. Before you 
leave however head back to the save point but this time head north and look for 
a post in the middle of the sand. Walk up to it and look around it to find Al 
Bhed Primer vol. XVIII, then exit to the north to go to Sanubia Desert - West.

Here in the west lies the cactuar village, somewhere we will come back to later 
on in the game. For now look around the far left for a chest in a sandpit with 
no fiends in it to find the Mercury Crest. Now head north towards the target 
marker (Red marker on mini-map). If you see a few sandpits with plant like 
fiends in them you can enter and challenge the fiends for the treasure boxes 
they have. I would recommend doing all three of these battles. The Sandragora's 
are armoured and absorb water so switch out the Brotherhood and use either 
armour break, piercing weapons or magic to kill them, be sure to heal the 
confusion when it occurs as well. You will get Megalixir x3, Teleport Sphere x2 
and the third in forced as you need to beat them to be able to advance in the 
story. After you do beat the third you will advance to the Home area. 

Home                                                                      |FX31
There are three Al Bhed Primers here that you can never get back if you miss 
them so pay attention here, the first is right away.

As soon as you have control move to the far left and pick up the Al Bhed Primer 
vol. XIX, then go use the save sphere. Enter the door to the left of the save 
sphere and head forward for a battle, then follow Rikku to the next room for 
another battle. Head down the stairs and at the fork in the road take the path 
in the middle to grab Al Bhed Potion x6. Now go back the way you can and enter 
the door on the left you couldn't see earlier (you have to flip the camera 
around which is why you couldn't enter this room to begin with). After a battle 
you will see two password protected treasure chests. The one on the left asks 
you to choose and item of nine-available (though some are fiend battles), I 
would take the Elixir which is the top-middle choice. The chest on the right 
ask you enter the same word as it show you in Al Bhed, the first is the middle-
bottom, the second choice is right column middle row, third option is middle-
middle to get a friend sphere. Look on the right of this chest to grab the Al 
Bhed Primer vol. XX. 

Now go back to the fork and take the right path (opposite the save sphere) and 
grab the Al Bhed Primer vol. XXI at the end of the hall. Enter the room on the 
right here for a battle, finish it and you will see two password protected 
chests. The one on the right requires picking the third option (Yes) followed 
by the fourth option (Brother) then the second option (Bikanel Island and 
finally the first option (Al Bhed) to get a skill sphere. The chest on the left 
need a numerical password so enter 5633 to get a special sphere. 

Now go back to the save sphere and save you game. Ensure you grabbed both Al 
Bhed Primers in this area and all the goodies from the password chest and then 
enter the door on the left of the save sphere, you can't return once you pass 
this point. Walk through to watch some scenes and have a few battles. Keep 
following the party to get scenes and battles until you end up leaving Home. 
It's pretty straight forward just make sure you grab the LV. 2 Key Sphere at 
the bottom of the stairs AS WELL AS the LV.4 Key Sphere to the left of the 
screen, somewhat hidden by the stairs (thanks to Mallow and papercut for this 
tip). Grab the 10,000 Gil in the Summoner's sanctum and eventually you will end 
up on an airship.

Airship                                                                   |FX32
Once you have control of Tidus talk to everyone on the bridge including Cid, 
then go talk to Auron just outside of the bridge. Leave and talk to Kimahri and 
Issaru, then head south and find Rin, who will sell you Weapon's and Items. I 
needed to stock up on Phoenix Downs after Home so make sure you have a healthy 
supply as well (at least 20). From here go back to Cid and a scene should 
occur, after which go talk to Brother (he is the pilot at the very top of the 
screen) to find out where Yuna is. Try to leave the bridge area and you will be 
notified some fiends made it on board. Make your way south through all three 
corridors until you get to the cabin area (it has the big windows). Save your 
game here and head up the stairs. One of the guys on the left will give you an 
Al Bhed Potion x4, then move to the right and try heading north for a scene. 
Afterwards head north to the platform to take you to the deck and Rin will be 
standing there, giving you one last chance to buy something from him. If you 
have enough use the lift to head to the deck and fight the boss Evrae.

HP = 32,000
Weakness: None
Halves: Fire, Lightning, Water, Ice

Evrae Attacks: 
Physical Attack ~900 Single/Physical 
Swooping Scythe ~ 700 All/Physical
Stone Gaze - Causes Petrification
Inhales - Will use Poison breath next turn
Poison Breath ~1,650 All/Magic/Poison Status

This can be a very difficult boss. You're going to want at least one of Tidus 
or Rikku in your main party (though both can't hurt either) because they are 
the two that will have the trigger commands to move the ships closer or further 
away from the boss. When the boss is far away only magic and Wakka's ball can 
hit it so keep that in mind. 

For strategy you're going to like knowing that you can hit it with Darkness, 
though only Darkness Buster has any reliability to it. You could also toss a 
Smoke Bomb if you have a few left over from the desert as this will give him a 
permanent Darkness status from the rest of the battle, making your life a lot 
easier. Power break also works, though Magic and Armour Break do not. Don't 
bother with Mental Break if you learned it as he halves all elemental damage 
and you don't have any powerful non-elemental magic yet (drain doesn't count). 
Slow also works on this boss which I would strongly recommend if you learned 
it, you'll see why later.

Poison Breath is one of the major attacks you need to worry about. You can 
avoid it by pulling back the airship before he is able to attack you however 
there are times that Cid's next turn will come after the boss' next turn 
meaning you're taking a hit. Everyone needs to have over 1,800 HP to survive 
it. The entire party will be poisoned, however this is where Al Bhed Potions 
will come in handy. Your party recovers 1,000 HP and recovers the poison 
status. If you haste Rikku there will be a good chance she takes a turn one or 
two after a Poison Breath to heal, or if you taught someone else the Use 
command (I moved Tidus down that path on the expert grid actually) they can 
help heal a well. You should have well over 60 from the desert so don't 
hesitate to use them. These will also heal a petrified character from a Stone 
Gaze, if your Use command person is petrified you will have to use a soft or a 
Remedy though you should still have some kicking around in your inventory. 

Pulling back can be a good idea for a bit but don't stay out there too long as 
he has an attack called Swooping Scythe that hits you when he is far away and 
brings Evrae back onto the edge of the Airship (close range). You should pull 
back to avoid Poison Breath and move in afterwards. Casting Slow on him and 
Haste on your party will give you far too many turn between his allowing you to 
pull back successfully after he inhales. This will also let you get in a slew 
of attacks in a row you can easily cut 10,000 HP between his turns with Tidus 
and Auron attacking. 

When his HP drops below 11,000ish he will use Haste, you can counter this by 
either using Dispel or just making sure your characters are under Haste as well 
to match his speed. At this point use any overdrives and try hitting hit with 
Darkness again if you were unsuccessful the first time. Stay close to him with 
Darkness and the only attacks he can hit you with are Poison Breath and Stone 
Gaze, both of which just required an Al Bhed Potion to heal with. If you can 
control his speed and amount of turns you can easily control the entire battle.

As a side note if you are pulled back every now and again Cid will fire some 
rockets at him for a few consecutive hits of fair damage (like 300 each). It's 
a nice gesture but if you're staying pulled out that long odds are you're going 
to get hit with a Swooping Scythe anyways, which is harder to avoid than the 
regular physical when you are up close.

After the win you can collect a Black Magic Sphere (or two with an overkill) 
and some soft Armour for a character.
After that battle watch the scenes and eventually you will end up in Bevelle.

Bevelle                                                                   |FX33
When you land heal up and head forward. Defeat the waves of enemies here. Watch 
out for the Warrior Monks as there flamethrower attack hits the whole party for 
~450, when there are two that's 900 damage per turn between the two of them. 
Also the YKC-63 has an attack called thrust kick that ejects your character out 
of battle if it is the last enemy standing so defeat them first to avoid having 
a character lose AP. Kimahri can learn this skill actually so feel free to 
Lancet it with him to pick this up. Also the YAT-99 have a physical attack that 
does upwards of 1,800 damage so watch out for that and heal immediately. After 
five battles a scene occurs. Use the machina here to take a short cut down and 
move through where the waterfall was to get to the next area 

In this next area absolutely make sure to grab the Al Bhed Primer vol. XII that 
is on the ground just to the right of where Auron is standing when you walk in. 
DO NOT ADVANCE until you grab it as you can never come back to get it. Now move 
ahead and save the game. Head through the door to start the cloister of trials.

Cloister of Trials
Lift:  The thing Tidus rides on
Glyph: The Glyph arrows that are along the path, they work by pressing X as you 
       go by when they are pointing the direction you want to go. You don't
       always stop at them so you may need to mash X to get where you want to
Reset: When you run off the edge you end up at the start of that row

This cloister can get quite annoying. Run forwards and push the pillar in to 
create a platform that you will ride around. It will take you forward to a 
Glyph that asks you to confirm your direction. When I'm telling you what 
direction to go it will be based on where the arrows point. Go straight and 
pass the first Glyph and press X when the arrow points left on the second one. 
Take the Bevelle sphere and get back on the lift. Use the next arrow to turn 
around, then go left at the next one (which should be the opposite side that 
you got the sphere from. Place the Bevelle sphere here and get back on the 
lift. Use the arrow to turn around and go left at the second Glyph, then go 
straight at the first Glyph. Grab this Bevelle sphere and go back to the 
previous Glyph. Now go right and turn off at the third Glyph and place the 
Bevelle sphere in here. Get back on the lift and you will be reset to the start 
of this row. Now go straight and turn off on the second Glyph this time. Grab 
the Glyph Sphere here and get back on the platform. Turn off at the next one 
(the third one that you just deposited the Bevelle sphere in) and place the 
Glyph sphere in there. Grab the Destruction Sphere and get back on the lift and 
get reset again. Now go straight and turn off on the second turn and put the 
Destruction sphere where you took the Gylph Sphere from to open up the new 
path. Take the next turn (third) and remove the Bevelle sphere from the wall 
(which will destroy the path to where the destruction sphere was, we don't need 
it anymore). Now go get reset and take the first turn. Push the pillar across 
and ride it to the corner, which should let you through the new path.

In this area of the trials head up the stairs and place the Bevelle sphere you 
should be holding in the slot on the wall to activate the area to your left. 
Now open the chest on your right to get the Hidden Treasure HP Sphere. Yes that 
was the hidden treasure for the purposes of obtaining Anima later on, you can't 
miss this treasure as you will not be coming back here ever again. Now step on 
the shiny thing to transport the pillar, push it to the left to cross and 
obtain the Knight Lance. Now go back and leave the area past the shiny thing. 

You will watch a plethora of scenes and eventually end up in Via Purifico! Be 
sure to save your game here.

Via Purifico / Highbridge                                                 |FX34
                              Yuna Land Section
First off you need to find another party member as Yuna starts solo and the 
fiends are not that easy to kill yet. Run forwards and save your game. Head to 
the left path and make your way around turning north when given the chance 
until you see Lulu. In any battles you enter immediately summon Bahamut, his 
impulse attack his all enemies making it a lot easier to kill them all here. 
Once you have Lulu open the chest behind her to get a White Magic Sphere. Head 
back and take the south path here for a chest containing an Elixir. Touch the 
Glyph here (looks like a Destruction Sphere) and make your way back to the save 

This time take the right path around and go north (nothing to the south) and 
add Kimahri to your party. Grab the Mega-Potion here and make your way north 
again until you find Auron and a save sphere. Save your game. If you want to 
find a few other treasures go back to the beginning where the first save sphere 

Move north to find the warp teleporter pad. Take it in all four directions and 
return here. Alternatively you could even do this for picking up your party 
members instead of doing all that walking. Anyways once you hit all four areas 
return to the middle one and head north and a little to the right. If you found 
the Destruction Sphere Glyph earlier (by walking) it should be lit up, grab the 
Black Magic Sphere from the chest and step on the teleporter. It will launch 
the previous teleporter to an area left of where Auron was so make your way 
there and step on the pad (you can turn north as a shortcut to Auron's area 
opened up). Wait until it can teleport you west (towards the barrier) and step 
on it then. Grab the Skill Sphere and the Lucid Ring here. 

Now go back to the second save sphere and head north to trigger a series of 
Aeon battles.  



You will fight these three in separate battles but I grouped them together here 
to save space. Ifrit starts with a full overdrive gauge so summon an Aeon and 
use shield immediately to block the Hellfire. Alternatively you could summon 
Shiva and cast Nul-Blaze (or any Aeon you taught Nul-blaze too), which will 
both block the damage and charge 75% of your overdrive gauge. From here cast 
magic's and/or use normal attacks. Depending on how powerful Yuna is this could 
be a breeze or very difficult (if you have not levelled her up) since her Aeons 
stats are tied to hers. After you defeat him Valefor is up next.

You should Summon Bahamut for this because you can't summon him next round. Use 
a few physical attacks and or AGA spells. If his overdrive gauge fills up 
either Shield or fire off your own to finish him off. 

After this Bahamut is next. I like Shiva for this fight because she is the 
fastest Aeon you have so far. Bahamut will start a countdown to his Overdrive, 
watch how many turns he has and watch for double turns if any. Make sure you 
Shield beforehand to reduce the damage. He only ever counts down to his 
Overdrive so you shouldn't have too much trouble with him.

After you beat all three you get some AP for Yuna and a fair amount of Gil. 
Now you take control of Tidus. 
                                Tidus Underwater

Swim over and save your game. Swim around to the next save sphere and save 
again. Now proceed a little further and fight the boss here.
Evrae Altana
HP = 16,348
Weakness: Healing 

There are two ways to fight this boss. The first and easiest is to throw two 
Phoenix Downs at it. Each will do 8,192 damage (Half his max HP) because Evrae 
Altana is undead and suffering from the Zombie status. It nets you an Overkill 
as well. 

The second way is to use the trigger command to open the lock twice and proceed 
to the next area. He will give chase and you have to do this twice before you 
get to the end path. Here you can attack him but he cannot attack you 
physically. He can still use Stone Gaze and when you are in water not only does 
it petrify you, it also shatters you and removes the character from the battle 
complete (meaning no revive either). If you have stoneproof armour then go for 
it otherwise you can use the two turns you need opening the locks throwing 
Phoenix downs. I didn't bother with listing his attacks because you shouldn't 
be seeing them. Case in point take option one, it also gets you an overkill. 
You can get a Black Magic Sphere (or two) after the battle. 

If you threw the Phoenix downs swim forward, grabbing the Rematch and Avenger 
from the chests and keep swimming until your reach the exit to the High Bridge. 
If you fight to the third zone you will automatically enter the High Bridge and 
miss out on the two counter-attack weapons. 

After scenes save the game and head back down the High Bridge fighting enemies 
until you get to the next save sphere and save again, then charge into a boss 
Seymour Natus
HP = 36,000
Weakness: None

Seymour Attacks:
Multi-Blizzara ~1,100 Two Hits/Magic/Ice
Multi-Thundara ~1,100 Two Hits/Magic/Lightning
Multi-Fira     ~1,100 Two Hits/Magic/Fire
Multi-Watera   ~1,100 Two Hits/Magic/Water
Flare ~ 2,500 Single/Magic
Break - Causes Petrification
Protect - Casts protect on self
Banish - Instantly defeats an Aeon

HP = 4,000 then 3,000 then 2,000 then 1,000
Weakness: None

Mortibody attacks:

Blizzard ~250 All/Magic/Ice
Thunder  ~250 All/Magic/Lightning
Water    ~250 All/Magic/Water
Fire     ~250 All/Magic/Fire
Cura - Heals about 1,100 HP for Seymour
Shattering Claw ~400 Single/Physical/Shatters Petrified target.
Mortisorption - Drains HP from Seymour

First thing to tell you is that if you summon an Aeon you have one turn with 
them before Seymour uses Banish, which is an instant death spell that works 
only on Aeons. If you summon you better have an overdrive to use right away 
otherwise it is not worth it. Secondly is that every time Mortibody's HP gets 
to 0 it will absorb a set amount (in the order shown above) from Seymour. Now 
in saying that I wouldn't target the Mortibody but if you use Overdrives or 
Aeon overdrives this comes in handy as it is an extra 4,000 or 3,000 damage you 
are doing.

Use the Talk trigger command with Tidus and Auron to increase their strength 
and Yuna to increase her Magic Defense. If you have Shell apply it to your 
entire party. Don't worry too much about other buff spells because his break 
attack will petrify you and when you recover from it you will no longer be 
buffed. Speaking of which you need to heal petrification immediately because if 
Mortibody hits it's shattering claw attack on a stoned character it will 
shatter them and they will be removed from the battle permanently. Al Bhed 
Potions still work the best for recovery here. 

All Seymour's Multi-Attacks hit two characters so having armour that halves or 
blocks specific elements (even if it's just two elements) can go a long way in 
helping keep your team alive. You can steal a Tetra Elemental or two from him 
if you find the time to steal at all. He will put up protect mid-way through 
the battle. Aeons with overdrives are great damage dealers and have someone use 
Dispel on him to remove protect. You can get two (or four with an overkill) 
LV.2 Key Spheres after the battle is over.


You will end up back in the Macalania Woods. South exit and once more to find 
Yuna, go talk to her for a scene. You'll get the "Heartstrings" Trophy for 
watching this scene (not that you have a choice). When you have control head 
back to Auron. When you are ready to leave south exit, then go back and grab 
the Lucid Ring. Now leave and hang a right. Save your game if you want and 
continue forward to enter the Calm Lands.

Calm Lands                                                                |FX35
Watch the scene when you enter. In this vast expanse of grassland there are a 
few different things to do. For starters make your way left down the slope and 
start heading north, looking for the Travel Agency here. Head inside and a few 
scenes will occur. Take this opportunity to save your game, you can finally 
start playing blitzball again (I think it's been unavailable since Macalania). 

Now we are going to head for the Monster Arena, which will allow us to start 
another side-quest that will take quite a few hours to complete, plus another 
few to beat all the reactions. From the travel agency you are going to want to 
head East (right) all the way until you find the wall/cliff/whatever you want 
to call it. There should be a small inlet with a green square (the entry sign 
on the map). Enter here and speak to the guy standing there, he will tell you 
his story and then ask you to help him capture all the fiends in the Calm 
Lands. You will need to buy special weapons from him that have the Capture 
Auto-Ability, these weapons need to be equipped while delivering the final blow 
to fiends in order to capture them. Note that the final blow must be a physical 
attack, it can be a skill like Mug or Dark Attack but it cannot be any type of 
magic, item or overdrive. I have created a whole section devoted to the Monster 
Arena, for right now I just wanted you to buy some weapons to get started with 
and make life a little easier down the road. You can only customize one ability 
to each Capture weapon, make sure at least one party member has first strike as 
there are a few fiends that will always ambush you and First Strike takes 
priority over an Ambush. 

You will need to capture at least one of each fiend in the Calm Lands before he 
will open up other areas. You can do this now or skip it and come back to it at 
a later point in the game, it's up to you. The extra sphere levels you will get 
hunting down these fiends can't hurt you in the long run so if you're not in 
too much of a rush I would suggest at least completing catching one of 
everything in the calm lands. Once again because I have an entire section 
devoted to the monster arena you should check that out for help with catching 
and keeping track of all the fiends in the game.

When you have done as much as you feel like doing the target is the exit to the 
north east or directly north of the calm lands. Take note that in the far left 
corner (North-West on the map) there is an Al Bhed Primer vol. XXIII kind of 
lying near the edge of the cliff so make your way over there to grab it. It's 
left of a chocobo if you can find that. 

Speaking on that Chocobo in the North West Corner, if you talk to the person 
sitting on the chocobo she will (after a few conversation choices) let you 
train a chocobo. How to do it is rather basic and shown to you in game so I 
won't cover it here but if you complete the first training session you will be 
able to ride a chocobo across the Calm Lands. Doing this not only makes it 
easier to cross without getting into a million battles but it also open up 
access to the Remiem Temple. To get there go back to the entrance you entered 
from (Macalania Side) and look for the chocobo feather on the ground to the 
right of the entrance. Examine it to have the chocobo jump across. The pathway 
there leads to the Remiem Temple. You can't finish anything there yet so I'll 
wait to cover it in the extra locations section of the guide when you can 
finish everything there. If you really want the Al Bhed Primer head there and 
make your way across the bridge and down the path outside the temple to the 
left to find Al Bhed Primer vol. XXIV.

When you do make it to the North East corner and take the exit there you will 
end up in Calm Lands - Near Bridge. Use the save sphere and cross the bridge 
for a boss fight.
Defender X
HP = 64,000
Weakness: None

Defender X Attacks:
Physical Attack ~2,000 Single/Physical
Haymaker ~4,000 Single/Physical
Blast Punch - Counter-Attack that does 50% of current HP/Delay
Mighty Guard - Cast Protect, Shell, Null-All on self

You are going to want to cast Protect on everyone in your party, Haste doesn't 
hurt either. It's rather reasonable to assume someone in your party has the 
Protect spell by now. He hits for 2,000 and 4,000 normally so you need to help 
reduce that damage and protect is the best way to do so. Something I have not 
used yet but felt was rather useful here to help reduce damage was to have 
Auron use guard to take the damage from the other two party members. With his 
high HP (mine was over 4,000 without grinding) and protect he can easily take 
damage for the team. Then they only have to worry about healing after the blast 
punches he counters with, which can never kill you so as long as Auron (or 
someone with Guard) stays healed and Guarding the other two characters who 
should at the very least have haste can chip away at his Health. 

Armour Break goes a long way here to remove the Armour trait from the boss and 
all your characters to hit for normal damage. Mental Break can also be useful 
if you're using a mage to damage him. When his HP drops to below 10,000 he will 
use Might Guard which gives him Protect, Shell and Null-All (one time use like 
your Null-Spells). If you can use dispel, otherwise just work through it 
because you don't have many other options. Aeons are not advised here unless it 
is to use an Overdrive to get an overkill as none have over 5,000 HP yet and 
they cannot protect themselves. With his lack of attacks just keep Auron 
healthy and protected and any other two characters and defeat him without ever 
needing to recover themselves.

As usual you can get a LV.2 Key Sphere or two with an overkill after the 
The path on the right that heads down will take you to the Cavern of the Stolen 
Fayth. If you want to head down there now then by all means go for it, it's not 
mandatory but it will help in your leveling and you can have a chance at 
getting another Aeon, though you'll need at least 220,000 Gil to get them. If 
you don't want to do that head across the bridges for a scene and then proceed 
to Mt. Gagazet. 

Going down to the entrance of the cave you will see a save sphere. If you take 
the path to the bottom right all the way to the end you can find the Rusty 
Sword on the left of a Crusader swinging his sword. This is a Key Item useful 
for Auron and his Celestial Weapon later in the game. Now head inside the 
Cavern entrance to the left of the save sphere to enter the Cavern of the 
Stolen Fayth.
Cavern of the Stolen Fayth                                                |FX36
Unlike the Remiem Temple which I chose to save until the extra location 
section, you can actually finish everything there is to do here as soon as the 
area becomes available. On a side note there is a very weird enemy here called 
the Magic Urn, it never attacks and has several "eyes" that you can attack. 
Attacking the correct eye nets you an item while attacking the wrong causes it 
to self-destruct and cause about 2,000 damage to the entire party. You can run 
away at any time so unless you really want a few items (things like Phoenix 
Downs not super rare items) I would suggest you just run for now.

This area is more or less a straight path with small outlets off of the path 
that usually contain an item. If you start going along the path the first 
outlet to your right contain a Megalixir. Proceed a bit further for a scene. In 
the path split take the path on the right for a LV.2 Key Sphere. This is a good 
place to hunt for Tonberry's in the future, just so you know. Head back and 
take the left path this time, following it around until you get to a four-way 
split. Go north and grab the Fortune Sphere, then go back and take the left 
path (nothing on the right) around , grabbing the Mega-Potion x2 in the split 
before the save sphere. Tae the left path from the Mega-Potions and search the 
ground and the end to find Al Bhed Primer vol. XXV. Now save your game here and 
proceed forward to engage in a boss battle.
Immune to Sensors

Yojimbo Attacks:
Daigoro ~550 Single/Physical
Kozuka ~1,000 Single/Physical
Wakizashi ~1,800 Single/Physical
Zanmato - Instantly kills all party members, including Aeons.

The most important thing to remember here is that his Overdrive is an instant 
kill on the entire party. If you see his overdrive near full you need to summon 
an Aeon to take the hit for you, your Aeon will die but you will not get a game 
over. His HP is unknown as he is Immune to sensors but I was able to defeat him 
rather easily all things considered. Don't bother with overkills as you get no 
AP or items after the battle.
After the battle you can use the teleporter pad to move throughout the cave. 
Take the teleporter left to get a Flexible Arm, then go back and take it right 
to get an MP Sphere and X-Potion x2. Now go back and take it to the chamber of 
the Fayth. 

Here the Fayth will ask you to pay for his services. You can lower his price by 
choose the third option when you talk to him, then bidding half his asking 
price plus one Gil. He will lower his price once again so offer him half plus 
one. If you did this right he should be asking just over 200,000 Gil so offer 
him exactly 200,000 Gil to earn him as an Aeon. Note that picking the first or 
second option will cause him to start offering a higher price, but you can 
bring it down the same way. You may end up paying 225,000 with other options, I 
just felt your Gil can be better spent elsewhere. You will earn the Trophy 
"It's All About the Money" for obtaining Yojimbo. From here you can stay and 
capture monsters or leave the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth and head up to Mt. 

Mt. Gagazet                                                               |FX37
Head all the way forward until a scene occurs. Once it finishes use the save 
sphere and head forward along the path for a Kimahri only boss fight.

HP = Changes
Weakness: None

Bulldoze - Single/Physical
Thunder - Single/Magic
Blizzard - Single/Physical
Berserk - Cast berserk on self

HP = Changes
Weakness: None

Yenke Attacks:
Bulldoze - Single/Physical
White Wind - Heals Biran and Yenke
Fire Breath - All/Magic/Fire
Aqua Breath - All/Magic/Water

The difficulty of this fight changes as you progress through the sphere grid so 
if you have never leveled up Kimahri do not worry, it won't be as hard as you 
think. You will want to target Yenke first as he guards Biran. Using Lancet on 
these enemies can net you eight Ronso Rage skills if you have not learned them 
already. The nice thing too is that every time you learn a skill your Overdrive 
Gauge powers up to full so you can use an overdrive right after.

From Yenke you can learn: Stone Breath, Aqua Breath, Fire Breath, and White 
From Biran you can learn: Self-Destruct, Thrust Kick, Doom and Might Guard.
Note that they both have to use either White Wind or Might Guard for you to be 
able to learn it, use a Lancet after these skills to pick them up. This just 
leaves Bad Breath and Nova to learn to complete his overdrives.

Also on the off chance you taught Kimahri Steal, you can snag LV.3 Key Sphere's 
from both of them, this is (at least I think it is) you first opportunity to 
get one, and I'm sure this late in the game you could use a few. You can earn a 
friend sphere and return sphere (or two each with Overkills) after the battle.
After the battle watch the scene, then proceed to the next area and watch that 
scene. From here the path up the side of the mountain is extremely linear, so 
follow it while fight/capturing fiends. Take the north path after you see the 
second memorial to grab a Defending Bracer, then proceed along normally, you 
should see someone standing there. 

This is Wantz, O'aka's brother and like O'aka he will sell you stuff. You need 
to talk to him here to have him appear in Macalania later on so make sure to do 
it, you won't regret it trust me. Although both are expensive the Booster 
Cactuar can be very useful if you have been using Lulu constantly as Magic 
+10%, Magic +5% and Magic Booster will jack up the power of her Black magic 
quite considerably. Secondly Rikku's Survivor has the Alchemy ability which 
double the power of healing items. If you are using her and constantly healing 
with Al Bhed Potions, the power of each would go up from 1,000 for the entire 
party to 2,000 HP Recovery for the party and Strength +10% can't hurt either, 
with two open slots for whatever you want to put there. They are both very 
expensive and if you bought Yojimbo you probably won't have enough Gil for 
both, nor do you need to buy any even if you use both characters. I just wanted 
to point out those items because they are actually worth the Gil you will 
spend, the others are not that great. Go to the items side and buy at least 
five holy waters as well, you'll need them later. Just a little after Wantz 
look for a small path to the left (looks south on the map) and go down it to 
grab an HP sphere and a LV.4 Key Sphere. 

Make your way up to the save sphere and SAVE YOUR GAME. Proceed to the next 
area and get ready to fight the hardest boss you've faced so far. 

Seymour Flux
HP = 70,000
Weakness: None

Seymour Attacks:
Lance of Atrophy ~ 650 Single/Physical/Zombie Status
Cross Cleave ~2,500 All/Physical
Total Annihilation ~3,600 All/Magic 
Flare ~2,000 Single/Magic
Reflect - Cast Reflect on self
Protect - Casts Protect on self
Dispel - Casts Dispel on all party members, removing positive status effects
HP = 4,000 then 3,000 then 2,000 then 1,000
Weakness: None

Mortiorchis Attacks:
Full-Life -Uses on Zomibified party members to cause instant Death
Mortiorchis enter Auto-Attack Mode - 
Mortisorption - Drain's HP from Seymour (4,000 or 3,000 or 2,000 or 1,000)
Ready to Annihilate - Preparing to use on next turn

First off use talk for anyone in your party to raise their stats a little. The 
first thing you might encounter is the Zombie status, which cause all healing 
spells to do damage to you. If you are under Zombie and Mortiorchis uses its 
life spell it turns into an instant death attack and even if by some miracle 
you have Death proof on it should still do 9,999 damage which will kill you 
anyways. You could use some of those Holy Waters I told you to buy or you could 
just Phoenix Down the character afterwards. I suggest at the beginning of 
battle (Seymour HP is over 50,000 still) to just use a phoenix down, after that 
start using Holy Waters since his offense kicks up its intensity as the battle 
progresses. He still has Banish so Aeons are a no go here, except for 

The battle to 40,000 HP is not that hard and can be done with normal physical 
attacks and AGA magic. After that point you have two options. One is to cast 
protect on everyone and continue battling the way you are, recasting it every 
time he uses Dispel on your party. This is the harder of two way because you're 
still going to be dealing with Zombie every now and again. He will cast Reflect 
on himself and start casting Flare, bouncing it off himself to hit your party 
members (this gets around you casting reflect to bounce it back at him). If you 
can dispel his Reflect go for it, as he will try to Reflect himself again. He 
may even Flare himself once or twice.

When you see ready to Annihilate you need to cast Shell on everyone, Heal them 
to Full HP. Bring in all your characters with 3,000 HP or over (which might 
just be Auron at this point) to take the brunt of the damage.    

Option two is to bring in all five (minus Yojimbo if you got him) Aeons with 
Full overdrive gauges, Hasting Yuna, and summoning and Overdriving each turn. 
He still knows Banish so you only get one turn which is why you need to come 
into it with Full overdrive gauges so you can fire. Hopefully you have been 
working Yuna around the sphere grid somewhat to help with their stats. I think 
they need a magic above 45 (maybe 50) for their overdrives to hit the 9,999 
damage cap. Bahamut does not have a damage cap but he also has lower magic than 
the rest so I doubt he will even do that much, probably closer to just 9,000. 
Either way if you bring his HP down to the 40,000 to 50,000 range you can 
easily finish him off this way. Don't forget Mortisumption takes off 4,000 or 
3,000 HP each time as well since your Overdrives hit both of them. If your 
party is having trouble with Seymour use this method and then spend some 
quality time training on Gagazet because the bosses get harder from here.

You can steal Elixirs from him and you will earn a LV.4 Key Sphere (two with an 
overkill) in addition to 7,500 (15,000) AP.  

When you have control start heading forward and when you see all the pillars 
before the save sphere check between them on the left to find the Saturn Crest. 
Now go save and proceed to the next area. When you have control of Tidus 
proceed inside the only door you can see. Walk in the middle to trigger a 
scene. Follow the little boy around in this dream sequence until it ends. When 
you wake up walk through the Fayth Cluster to the Mountain Cave area.

When you enter this area move up to the save sphere and save your game. Take 
the path on the left here and enter the water, while in the water your party 
can only consist of Tidus, Rikku and Wakka. On the off chance you don't use 
either three just run away for now. Swim to the next area and take the path on 
the left to find the puzzle you need to complete. For this puzzle you need to 
throw Wakka's ball to hit the target in the middle. Throw the ball once not 
really trying to get a feel for how long it takes after hitting X to actually 
throw the ball, then try to aim. It shouldn't be too hard. When that is 
finished go back, meet up with the party and save again. 

On a side note this patch of water and the one for the next puzzle are the only 
place to capture Splasher, Achelous and Maelspike for the Monster Arena. While 
you're here try to capture five of each as it will unlock a new original 

Any who from the save point head north up the path and at the split take the 
left path first and at the next split take the right path this time, dropping 
into the water and swimming to the next area. Make your way to the end to find 
the puzzle for this area. You need to swim each character into their respective 
colours: Rikku goes into the green hole, Tidus into the Blue and Wakka into the 
Red. Grab the Fortune Sphere from the chest that appear below the puzzle area 
the head back to land. This time take the left path up to the next save sphere. 
From here you can either proceed ahead to the boss battle or go back to the 
previous save sphere and take the right bath this time (you will come from the 
left on the return trip. If you're going back save first, then enter the water 
and swim a little to get a Return Sphere and a Recovery Ring. After this you 
can continue along and fight the boss. 
Sanctuary Keeper
HP = 40,000
Weakness: None

Sanctuary Keeper's Attacks:
Physical Attack ~1,200 Single/Physical
Tail Sweep ~ 800 All/Physical/Dispel Haste Effect, Delay Effect
Photon Wings ~1000 All/Magic/Confusion, Sleep, Silence, Darkness, Curse
Mana Breath ~2,500 Single/Magic
Protect - Cast Protect on self
Regen - Casts Regen on Self
Reflect - Casts reflect on a party member
Curaga - Casts Curaga on a reflected party member to heal self

This boss has quite a few moves to it and all of them are bad for you. For 
starters don't bother with Haste/Hastega as Tail Sweep his everyone and dispels 
it, though it only dispels haste so both Protect and Shell should be used here. 
Secondly Armour break is needed here so either have Auron use it or try using a 
Frag Grenade/Mixing a Frag Grenade to get it because it will be a rough battle 
without it. 

The biggest problem with this boss is Photon Wings, which it uses quite often. 
In addition to all the status effects listed above the problem is curse. Curse 
blocks you from using your Overdrives. Funny thing about Curse is that even 
Aeons can be affected by it (It's like the only status they can be hit with). 
That wasn't funny enough? Okay how about remedies and Esuna don't cure curse, 
you actually need Holy Waters to cure it. You can fight the while battle under 
curse if you want but not having overdrives can make it a little more 
difficult. The other big problem is Mana Breath, which hits for 2,500 - 3,000 
depending on Magic Defense. You can easily heal afterwards but if you had shell 
or protect on your characters you'll have to redo those buffs if the character 

After his HP drops he will cast Protect and Regen on itself then Reflect on 
you. He will then cast Curaga on you to heal himself through reflect. If you 
can't dispel the Regen you're not going to have a fun battle and might need to 
use the Summon-Overdrive-Dismiss method with Auron attacking to have a shot at 
beating this boss, but it will be an ugly loss. You may have to go back and 
level someone up until they learn dispel before this fight.

You can steal Turbo Ethers and he drops a Return Sphere (two with overkill). 

Head forward and watch the scene. When it finishes grab the sphere that fell 
out of Yuna's (pocket?), then after the scene follow the path down to 
Zanarkand Ruins                                                           |FX38
After the scene ends, use the save sphere on the right and follow the party to 
the next area. This next road features capturable fiends from Gagazet, nothing 
new to capture but there are some Undead that you can steal Purifying Salt's 
from, they are a rare steal but these can be used as items to cast Dispel and 
30 of them are needed to add No-Encounters to an armour, you'll probably want 
that for later so see how many you can grab now while you have the chance. 
Along the way down this road grab the Fortune Sphere and Spiritual Targe from 
the chests. When you reach the dome use the save sphere, head forward into the 
Dome Interior.

In addition to the Undead Warrior Monks you'll see some of those larger Mech 
guys similar to the ones from Bevelle. You can steal three Holy Waters from 
them each time you steal, this is a great way to stock up on them as you're 
going to need them before you leave Zanarkand. Also Defender Z can drop LV.3 
Key Spheres (I think it's a rare drop though) and unless you stole some with 
Kimahri these might actually be the first ones available to you, overkill them 
for a chance a two. When you enter the area with a roof over top (and a chest 
you can see, before the save sphere) look to the right to find a small ramp to 
take you up and grab the 10,000Gil from the chest, then head back down and make 
you way to the save sphere. 

After the scene take the North West path and take the north-east small path to 
get a Friend Sphere, then head north and follow it to the Dome - Corridor.

Inside the Dome - Corridor grab the Luck Sphere and make your way to the save 
point. Enter the Cloister of Trials (yup even here). 

Cloister of Trials #1
The goal here is to step on the glowing dots to colour the blocks around them. 
Each Dot is part of a specific shape, what you need to do it A) learn the 
specific shapes and B) Learn to look at the screen and identify the ones you 
need right now. By this I mean actually walking up to the screen and examining 
it because it will pan out the camera and show exactly which ones you need by 
lighting them up on the floor, you'll see what I mean when you actually try it 
in game. Now I don't have what it takes to recreate this map in text form so 
you're going to have to try and figure this one out yourself. The first six are 
in this room, after you get them all six pillars will reveal themselves and the 
door opens. You need to push the pillars in to trigger the next puzzle. The 
goal is to get all six seals lit up to activate the platform in the second 
room. The two pillars in the first room require spheres that you can already 
see, save them for last however because you need the spheres to keep the screen 
powered up. 

After you finish those four grab the Kilika Sphere and head into the first 
room, place it in the pillar on the left, then grab the Besaid Sphere and place 
it in the Pillar on the Right. SAVE YOUR GAME, then proceed into the next room 
for a boss battle.
Spectral Keeper
HP = 52,000
Weakness: None

Spectral Keeper's Attacks:
Swipe ~ 2,300 All Frontal Targets/Physical
Berserk Tail ~1,100 Single/Physical/Berserk Status
Glyph Mine - Plants mines in three circles, will explode on their own turn. 

The bosses are getting more creative and complex, this battle has you placed on 
three of six "Circles" as they are called in game. The first thing you should 
do is use the Trigger Command Move to move whichever character is in the middle 
of your starting three across so that there is one space between each of your 
characters. He will ALWAYS counter EVERY attack with swipe which hits the three 
circles in front of him. If say Lulu attack him from behind he will not turn 
around, just attack his front so keep that in mind. Protect everyone because 
his counter attack hurts a lot.

There are a few ways to do this, the first is to cast Hastega and constantly 
move characters out of the way, attack then move then back into a one space 
between formations before he attacks again. This means you have to start and 
end every chain of attacks between his with a move. The second is to have one 
person attack (for me Auron is hitting over 7,000 so I chose him) have another 
defend and/or straight up die and a third to either heal or if the second 
character died attack or use buffs. This can be interrupted by Berserk if it is 
successful as you'll lose control of your character and require a healing turn 
to remove it, which can be easily done with the third characters but still if 
the Berserked character attacks it could mess things up a lot.

The next thing we need to discuss is Glyph Mines which are essentially bombs 
place on the circles. If it goes off and a character is on it, it is an instant 
kill for that character. You need to move off the that Circle as soon as 
possible, though sometimes you either can't move fast enough or the character 
is Berserk and couldn't move if you wanted to and you'll need to revive them.

Something else I noticed is you cannot use Guard or Sentinel for this fight, so 
if that has been a part of your strategy recently you're going to have to 
switch it up a little.

You can get a LV.4 Key Sphere (or two) and a fair amount of AP for this battle. 
Save and proceed to watch the scenes. After you meet with Yunalesca go back and 
save your game, then follow her into the doorway. Eventually you will end up in 
a major boss battle.
Yunalesca Form 1
HP = 24,000

Physical Attack ~300 Single/Physical/Dispel Effect
Absorb -Absorbs half you Max HP and heals herself with hit. 
Blind - Counters physical attacks with Darkness
Silence - Counters magic with Silence
Sleep - Counters Overdrives and Special moves with Sleep

This form is meant to annoy you more than anything else. She counters with 
something that will prevent you from successfully attacking her again. Just 
keep healing after attack and you should get her HP down to Zero in time. 

Yunalesca Form 2
HP = 48,000

Physical Attack ~250 Single/Physical/Counter Attack
Hellbiter ~350 All/Physical/Zombie
Cura - Casts on Zombified party members for ~1,400 damage
Regen - Casts on Zombified characters

Now things are getting interesting. Zombie creates a problem with healing so 
you can either constantly heal the Zombie status or heal one character fully 
(mine was Rikku) and let the other two die and revive them. I chose Rikku 
because back in Gagazet I bought the weapon with the Alchemist ability so her 
Phoenix Downs fully recover HP otherwise revive and heal quick before the next 
Hellbiter. Yunalesca will cast Cura on your characters to damage them for about 
1,400, ironically the most damage she has done to you thus far. Regen does the 
same thing but for damage each turn (usually it heals a small amount each 
turn). Note she will heal non-zombies with Cura but Regen will miss non-
zombies. You can dispel Regen from your own party members if need be, keep that 
in mind as well. 

Again don't bother with buffs because her counter-attack dispels them. When you 
get her HP close to Zero wait for a bit and make sure your characters are close 
to full Health but all in Zombie status, from this point on you CANNOT heal the 
Zombie status, I'll explain why below. Deal that final blow and let's head to 
round 3.

Yunalesca Form 3
HP = 60,000
Physical Attack ~250 Single/Physical/Dispel Effect/Counter-Attack
Hellbiter ~ 350 All/Physical/Zombie
Mind Blast ~600 All/Magic/Curse, Confusion
Absorb - Steal half of your Max HP
Osmose - Steal MP 
Mega Death - Instantly kills all non-zombie party members
Curaga - Casts on Zombie characters for ~4,200 damage

The reason I told you to keep everyone in Zombie is because her Mega-Death 
attack instantly kill all NON-ZOMBIE characters, so if no one is in Zombie it's 
game over like that. It might help to switch out a zombie character in case she 
kill off the other two and you have to revive them because then you would 
simply be hoping that a Hellbiter comes before Mega Death and that might not be 
the case. The challenge to surviving this battle is learning how to deal with 
the Zombie status. Using Aeon Overdrives can help bring her HP down without 
leaving you too exposed to her attacks.

Note that even hitting her with 9,999 does not get you an overkill here so if 
you really want have Bahamut blast her with a Giga-Flare or just accept it for 
now. You get a LV.3 Key Sphere (or two with the overkill). 
You will earn the Trophy "Overcoming The Past" for winning that fight. When you 
have control of Tidus walk to the north end of this area and head down the 
stairs, you will end up in the west side of this same area (Dome - The Beyond). 
Now run back to the north stairs and open the chest that just appeared to the 
left of the Stairs for the Sun Crest. Leave here and a scene with Auron will 
occur. Once that finishes use the lift by the save sphere. Make your way back 
through the Cloister of Trials and though the corridor in order leave Zanarkand 
and get on Cid's Airship!

Later on when you can, return here to redo the Cloister of Trials to get the 
hidden destruction sphere treasure for opening up a new Aeon later. 

Cloister of Trials #2
This time you need to find all the white squares. They are actually squares too 
not funky shapes like before. You will not get the screen to show you where 
they are this time so you are going to have to memorize them as you go along, 
there are seven in total, three in the first room and four in the second. When 
you get them the screen will open up and reveal the final destruction sphere. 
Go place it in the blue sphere recess to open up the last hidden treasure, the 
Magistral Rod. 

Airship                                                                   |FX39
When you arrive on the airship your first order of business is heading to the 
Cabin (where the glass windows are) and talking to Kimahri to trigger a 
location for you to go to. Also once you can land somewhere any save sphere 
will warp you back to the Airship. Go find Cid again and he will let you decide 
where you want to go. You can return to most major areas in the game and a few 
that you have not found yet. For now let go to the High Bridge.

When you enter walk up to the guards to trigger a host of scenes. When they end 
you will be back on the airship. 

From here there are a plethora of things to do as the game opens up now. These 

Sin - Proceeding to the end of the game (though you can come back)
Celestial Weapons
Omega Ruins
Baaj Temple
Remiem Temple
Monster Arena
Dark Aeons

And that's just what I can think of off the top of my head. I would recommend 
at least starting some of these locations, the bosses at the Omega Ruins might 
be too difficult but the normal fiends give a lot of AP, Gil (I'll show you 
how), some decent items and the dungeon itself has some nice items as well. The 
two temples have secret Aeons, I recommend you get both before you battle Sin. 
I wouldn't mess with the Dark Aeons yet but you can also capture some more 
fiends from previous areas and train for AP and Items against the area and 
species conquest monsters the monster tamer creates. If you need help with any 
of those sections you are going to need to jump down to those areas since I 
made separate sections for all those and more. When you think you're ready 
select Sin to engage with Sin's exterior, listed here as the Battle with Sin.

On a side note after you collect all 26 Al Bhed Primers speak to Rin and he 
will give you Underdogs Secret x99 for your troubles (you need to visit the 
Omega Ruins to get the final one).

Battle with Sin                                                           |FX40
Select Sin from the destination list to get a cut scene. Head to the deck 
(saving along the way) to trigger a series of boss fights. 

Left Fin
HP = 65,000
Weakness: None

Right Fin 
HP= 65,000
Weakness: None

Physical Attack ~1100 All/Physical/Delay Effect
Core Gathers Energy - Will use Gravija next turn
Gravija - All/three quarters of your current HP
Negation - Dispels all status effects from your party / Remove Armour Break
Ranged Claw Attack ~ 1500 All/Physical

You fight each fin separately but because nothing really changes from battle to 
battle I'm doing both here. You have the pull in/move out commands here again 
like the last time you fought on the airship and you will need to use them 
properly here as well to avoid Gravija.

Cast Protect and Haste on your party, then move in close to be able to use 
physical attacks on the Fin. Hit it with an Armour Break or Frag Grenade to get 
rid of the armour property and start unloading with physicals until Sin starts 
charging for his Gravija attack. Every now and again he will use Negation to 
remove your Protect and/or Haste. When you are far back and out of range for 
attacking it might be worth it to rebuff but it's your call. If you can't 
attack and don't need to heal its better than wasting a turn defending. If you 
have AGA magic use it while you are at a distance to chip away at his HP while 
he does little to you.

If you stay out of range to long he will use his ranged ship physical attack 
which does about as much as the normal one without the Delay effect so if you 
have taught a few people some strong magic it might be in your better interest 
to stay back. His negation will not be triggered so you can stay in Haste and 
Protect this way as well, nor will Gravija be used. 

When you defeat the Left Fin a scene will occur and you will get to fight the 
Right Fin. It is exactly the same fight as the Left Fin except that you won't 
be starting at full HP and MP this time around. 

You can get an HP sphere from the Left Fin and a LV.3 Key Sphere from the Right 
Fin (two with overkills). Try to end both battles fairly healed as you won't 
get a chance to heal in between. 
After that set of battles and a scene, you fight another without a break in 

Sin (Core)
HP = 36,000
Weakness: None

Gathering Energy - Will use Gravija next turn
Gravija - All/Three fourths of your current HP
Fire ~440 All/Magic/Fire/Magic Counter
Blizzard ~440 All/Magic/Ice/Magic Counter
Thunder ~440 All/Magic/Lightning/Magic Counter
Water ~440 All/Magic/Water/Magic Counter
Negation - Removes status effects from party / removes Armour Break

Sinspawn Genais
HP = 20,000
Weakness: Fire
Absorbs: Water

Waterga ~2000 Single/Magic/Water/Magic Counter
Venom ~1500 Single/Magic/Poison
Cura - Heals itself for 1500 or so HP

Your first target is the Sinspawn. It is weak to Fire but it will counter all 
magic attacks with Waterga so unless you have waterproof or Water Eater you 
might want to stick with Physicals here. When it enters its shell you will want 
to switch to magic as physicals are all but useless at that point. You will 
also want to heal up because the core will star gathering energy for a Gravija 
that you can't avoid anymore. The Cura the Sinspawn casts on itself should be 
far less than the magic you're dealing to it so don't worry about it too much. 
Once you take care of the Sinspawn you can move up to the Core.

Once you defeat the Sinspawn the Core is easy pickings as its major attack 
can't kill you and the counter attacks do piddily damage at this point. Just 
keep hitting it with physicals and it will drop soon enough. Use a Bahamut, 
Anima or Magus Sisters overdrive for an overkill here (or your celestial 
weapons if you took the time to power some up). You can get a Return Sphere and 
an MP sphere from this battle.

Now you will get a break in the battles save your game and talk to everybody on 
the bridge, then exit south and head all the way up to the Deck and talk to 
Yuna. When that ends you end up outside the bridge so go back to the Deck again 
to trigger the next boss fight. 

Sin Overdrive
HP = 140,000
Weakness: None

Gravity Attack ~800 All

This is a very unique boss as you need to defeat him before his overdrive gauge 
fills or you get a game over (you can't block it with an Aeon, its automatic). 
You will need to haste your entire party and bring out your strongest members 
to constantly attack him. Only use Aeon overdrives that can break the damage 
limit as the rest will give Sin too many turns afterwards. You will not be in 
physical attack range until the third time he pulls you in so start with 
buffing and magic until you can start delivering hits. You are going to need 
everyone hitting for over 6000 at least in order to be able to finish this on 
time, if you are doing this straight after Zanarkand you may need the second 

Alternatively you can have Rikku mix a Trio of 9999 using two Door to 
tomorrow's and have your characters start attacking that way, you would only 
need 14 hits. Throw some Fire or Water Gems at him to deal five hits of 9,999 
damage. You could also use Attack Reels, Slice and Dice or any of the Basic 
Fury overdrives (like Fire Fury). The basic ones will allow you to get more 
spins in and therefore more hits of 9,999 in. 

You will get a LV.3 Key Sphere after the battle.
When you finish that you will end up Within Sin!

Within Sin                                                                |FX41
Use the save sphere and proceed. Note that you can return to the Airship and 
the rest of Spira at any time, you're not stuck here and when you return you 
will start back here. This next area is quite possibly the most annoying area 
of the entire game. Your mini-map will fill as you walk along the path (similar 
to the Omega Ruins) but the path to actually walk on is hard to see. Your 
target is the staircase on the opposite side of where you start. It is 
extremely hard to direct you here so you are going to have to figure it out on 
your own. You want to try and head north in the middle area until you can see 
the save sphere next to the staircase, then sort of head north east after that 
in order to get there (you will end up going along the right side). 

While running around here you can find an Elixir to the North West corner, 
south from there you will find a Phantom Ring and a little further south you 
will find a Special Sphere just above a waterfall. On the right side you can 
find a LV.3 Key Sphere south from the target staircase and a Wizard Lance just 
around the corner from the Key Sphere, next to another waterfall.

If you are having trouble with the Fiends here you should seriously consider 
going back somewhere like Gagazet to level up a little more before proceeding, 
the bosses here will rip you a new one if you're struggling against the normal 

When you do get to the staircase save your game and head up. Move forward a 
little here to engage this boss for the last time!

Seymour Omnis
HP = 80,000
Weakness: Changes
Halves: Changes
Nullifies: Changes
Absorbs: Changes

Fira     ~600  All/Magic/Fire
Thundara ~600  All/Magic/Lightning
Watera   ~600  All/Magic/Water
Blizzara ~600  All/Magic/Ice
Firaga   ~2200 All/Magic/Fire
Thundaga ~2200 All/Magic/Lightning
Waterga ~2200 All/Magic/Water
Blizzaga ~2200 All/Magic/Ice
Ultima   ~3500 All/Magic
Dispel - Dispels all status effects from all party members

So this battle works a lot like the Spherimorph battle back in Macalania where 
his weaknesses, halving's, immunities and absorbing changes, this time it is 
dependent on what the four Mortiphasms are. 

Each has a colour representing an element. When all four are the same he will 
use that elements AGA magic and absorb that element while being weak to its 
opposite. When three are the same he absorbs that element and halves the 
remaining one. When they are two sets of two he blocks both elements and only 
casts second tier black magic. When two are the same he blocks that elemental 
and halves the other two and if all four are different he halves that damage. 
You can attack the mortiphasms with Wakka's ball or magic to turn them to 
another element. Basically it looks like this:

Four of the same: Absorbs element, 4 attacks of -AGA magic.
Three and one: Absorbs three element, halves the one. 3 attacks of -AGA, one 
attack of -A magic.

Two and two: Blocks both elements, 2 attacks of -A magic for each element.

Two, one and one: Blocks the two element, halves the ones. Two, one and one of 
-A magic.

All different: Halves all elements, one of each -A magic.

Just be aware that every now and again he will reset his mortiphasms back to 
four of the same element meaning you will have to move them all around again. 
It is easiest to just hit two different ones once each so that he is only using 
-A magic.


Start by using armour break to take his armour off, then throw up Shell on 
anyone who doesn't block or eat any of the four elements. If you are not immune 
to all elements then make sure to change the mortiphasm's to an element you 
like. If you're going to attack with magic inflict Mental Break as well, then 
start going to town. With Shell up (and maybe Haste too) that attacks he is 
hitting you with will not do much damage, especially if you have him using 
second tier magic. When he speaks and uses dispel get everybody as healed as 
you can because Ultima is coming, which will hit your entire party for about 
3500. Don't bother with shell as it does nothing to help (which makes him using 
Dispel beforehand kind of pointless outside of warning you it is coming).

That's covers the basics. The easiest wins here come two way, first bring your 
party of three into it with all Fireproof, since he always starts on Fire 
first. You can probably do enough damage to defeat him before the mortiphasms 
change themselves to another element. The second is if you use Rikku and picked 
up the Alchemy weapon and the Victorious from the airship passwords add 
waterproof to her armour and have her throw Al Bhed Potions every turn to heal 
for 2000. If you haste her she can get two turns in to Seymour's one which 
means healing 4,000 HP, just make sure to hit two of the mortiphasms once each 
so that he is only using second tier magic and you won't even need to heal both 
times. Obviously the difficulty of this goes down them more stuff you do 
between Zanarkand and here.

You can get a Level 3 Key Sphere here after the battle as well as the trophy 
"The Destination of Hatred".

You will end up in City of Dying Dreams, you will notice two different target 
markers. They are both going to the same area but take different paths there. 
Looking to your right just a little after you enter you will see a Glyph 
stating that ten fiends seek repose. Basically you can fight ten fiends here to 
open the door to find another door needing you to defeat ten more fiends. 
Following that you have to defeat another twelve to finally reveal a LV. 4 Key 
Sphere behind the wall.

Continue along and when you cross a blue platform thingy hit X to have it rise 
up and reveal a chest with the Four-on-One, then go back down. Now look to the 
left, there will be a blue square looking thing next to a wall. Examine the 
wall to push down a bridge with a Defending Bracer in a chest. Continue where 
you were going until you get to a large area with smaller walkway kinds of 
things go to the far left and open the door using that Glyph to grab a 
Megalixir. In this same area look to the middle to see a ramp down. Collect the 
20,000 Gil and step on the platform to have it raise up to reveal a chest with 
an HP sphere inside as well as a Defense Sphere in the chest after it. Use the 
platform at the end to go back down.

After this there will be the two way split. Taking the left path (when the 
floor starts rising up and blocking you) will take you the short way to the 
Tower of the Dead. Taking the right path (which is hidden a little before the 
rising floor part, you're looking for a slide) takes you the long way around 
which nets you Laevatein. Climb up the side here to get to the Tower of the 
Dead area.

Whichever way you come from when you reach the tower of the dead you will see a 
save sphere. This is the last save sphere of the game, moving forward from here 
will cause you to go past the point of no return. You can head back to the 
Airship from here and go do whatever you feel like doing, or if you want to 
proceed to the endgame head north and enter the tower that appears.

Equip all your strongest weapons, AP and Monster Catching no longer apply once 
you're inside the Tower of the Dead. Your goal here is to obtain ten items, 
they are the glowing rock looking things. Avoid the ice pillars as best you can 
as getting hit by them triggers a battle. You will get the following:

Prism Ball, Stillblade, Skill Sphere, Mage's Staff, Knight Lance, Infinity, 
White Magic Sphere, Attribute Sphere, Wicked Cait Sith and a Hrunting. You will 
be teleported to a new area after this. Use some of those Spheres to teach your 
party members useful skills like Quick Hit, Curaga (assuming your learned both) 
and maybe increase someone's strength or agility or something. Heal fully if 
you had a lot of battles in the tower and proceed ahead. Watch the scene and 
prepare for the boss!

Braska's Final Aeon First Form
HP = 60,000
Weakness: None

BFA's Attacks:
Physical Attack ~2200 Single/Physical
Jecht Beam ~800/Single/Magic/Petrification 
Ultimate Jecht Shot ~3800 All

You have to start with Tidus, Yuna and Auron so if these are not the characters 
you want to use you will have to switch them out pretty quickly. Protect is 
your friend here as many of his attacks are physical in nature. He can be hit 
with Power Break to further weaken him. 

The Yu Pagoda have interesting stats, every time you defeat them they will 
eventually revive with the amount of HP equal to the damage you inflicted. They 
start with 5,000 so if you deal 5,500 total damage that will be there HP when 
they get revived. For what should be obvious reason do not use weapons with 
Break Damage Limit on them or else they will have a lot of HP when they get 
revived. They will use Power Wave to heal BFA for 1,500 HP each (they will go 
twice) and recover any breaks you place him under so be sure to deal with them 
before you actually try to fight the Aeon itself. This will also charge his 
Overdrive gauge so be careful of that. When only one is working they will use 
mostly status moves like Osmose and Curse (which is curse plus poison, sleep 
and I think darkness) so make a point of taking both out to make your life a 
lot easier. 

As for the Aeon itself it hits for about 2,000 each attack, with the exception 
of its beam attack that only does 500 but can cause Petrification, so have an 
Al Bhed Potion ready or else bring Stoneproof armour. These are really its only 
two attacks outside of the overdrive for now. 

When its overdrive gauge fills Tidus can talk to him to get it to deplete but 
this will only work twice, so you might want to save it for later in the 
battle. His overdrive, the ultimate shot does around 3500-400 damage and cannot 
be blocked or reduced.  

When you hit it for 60,000 Damage round two will begin!


Braska's Final Aeon Second Form
HP = 120,000
Weakness: None

BFA's Attacks:
Physical Attack ~2200 Single/Physical 
Sword Attack ~2800 All/Physical
Jecht Beam ~800 Single/Magic/Petrification
Ultimate Jecht Shot ~3800 All

The battle continues as it was when you struck the final blow in round one, 
except now he has a sword and twice the HP. His new physical attack hits one 
person for 2000 and his sword attack hits everybody for 2500 without protect so 
get that up if you didn't already. His beam attack still tries to cause 
petrification, but no extra damage. You will still have to deal with the Yu 
Pagoda's as you were so be quick about it. It may help to have one dedicated 
healers. Use any and all items you need to here. The Adamantoise you fought on 
the way had Healing Waters that hopefully you stole so use those to fully 
recover your HP as well as any Megalixirs. You won't need them after this 

In addition to fighting him normally he can be hit with Zombie. While a Phoenix 
Down will not kill him it will do 9,999 each time you throw one. It may take 
some attempts to get it to stick but once it does just keep throwing them and 
X-Potions to deal massive damage each turn. Make sure the Yu Pagoda's don't 
heal him though as it will take the Zombie away and you'll have to try to 
inflict it again. 

Don't forget Aeons can be used to block the Overdrive if you need and you can 
mix Trio of 9999 if you are really having trouble with this boss.
After you defeat this Aeon a scene will occur, then you will fight the final 
string of battles!
Final Fights

All of these fights you will have Auto-Life on all your characters constantly, 
meaning you can't lose. You will have to fight all the Aeons you have and 
defeat them to trigger Yu Yevon to fight you. From here finish him off (try 
casting reflect on him) and enjoy the ending.
You will receive the Trophy "The Eternal Calm" for finishing that battle. This 
marks the end of a long journey. You will not be given an option to save the 
game, so the file you saved before the Tower of the Dead will still be active. 
Load it up and finish off any side quests you have yet to complete, or move on 
to FFX-2! 

Extra Locations                                                           |FX42
These locations are all extra and not required to be explored during the main 
course of the game. Many of them you have to find yourself so they could be 
quite missable during a play through as well. While on the airship you can find 
9 of these, 3 through the password section and the rest through searching 
coordinates. Enter the following passwords and coordinate location to find the 
following locations.

GODHAND = Mushroom Rock
VICTORIOUS = Besaid Ruins 1
MURASAME = Besaid Ruins 2

 X, Y
12, 57 = Baaj Temple
71, 36 = Omega Ruins
14, 43 = Sanubia Sands
33, 59 = Mi'ihen Ruins
41, 56 = Battle Site
30, 75 = Besaid Falls

The Cavern of the stolen Fayth and Remiem Temple are both found in the Calm 
Lands, the cavern is at the bottom path where you fought the Defender X boss 
and the Remiem temple requires a chocobo. When you have one go back to the main 
entrance of the calm lands (where you enter in the story) and look for the 
chocobo tracks to get it to jump across the gap. Head up the path to the north 
to find the temple. Staring off with the secret Aeons, lets visit Baaj first.
Baaj Temple                                                               |FX43
When you arrive here by airship it will look strikingly familiar, yes these are 
the ruins from the beginning of the game. Head forward and jump into the water 
to go looking for the fiend that almost ate you. Eventually he will find you...

HP = 32,767
Weakness: Fire, Lightning, Water, Ice

Stone Punch -Petrifies and shatters a character.

Stone proof here is an absolute must as his stone punch will stone and shatter 
you since you are underwater. At the very least have two character with stone 
proof. Once the threat of petrification is gone the only real attack you have 
to worry about is when he swallows a character because when he spits them out 
they will receive a lot of damage. Beyond that hit him with elemental weapons 
and magic and he will go down pretty easily. 

You can fight him normally, or you can mix a Trio of 9999 and use either Attack 
Reels or Slice and Dice to basically one hit KO this boss, it's your call. If 
you have Rikku and Tidus with full overdrives and first strike you can kill him 
before he even gets a turn this way. If you don't have (and don't want to get) 
stoneproof armour's this is probably your best bet.  

Sometimes he will drop a No Encounters weapon which is unique because it is an 
armour ability. Regardless of who gets it you only need to equip it (even on a 
reserve member) and all random battle will not occur. This is useful for quite 
a few reason including thunderbolt dodging, cactuar collecting and the like.

After you beat him you can swim freely here. In the bottom right corner you 
will find the chest for the Onion Knight, though you need the Celestial Mirror 
to open it. The camera will shift a little to show a hole in the wall, press X 
around here to find it. Now enter the temple doors underwater to pop out in a 
lobby, head up the ramp and into the Antechamber. This area shows you how many 
Hidden Treasures you have found in the six Cloister of Trials (remember you 
have to back to Zanarkand to get the Sixth and that no matter what you got 
Bevelle's since you can't return there). If you can light all six up you will 
unlock the seal and be able to claim Anima as your own. You will receive the 
Trophy "Feel the Pain" for unlocking her. Be sure to grab the Megalixir and 
Mega Phoenix x4 from the Antechamber before you leave.
Remiem Temple                                                             |FX44
When you enter this location from the Calm Lands cross the bridge to the save 
point to save your game. There are two major things here, the first is the 
temple and the second is the chocobo race. Let's look at the Chocobo Race 

Move left of the save sphere towards the chocobo there. Look around the end of 
the path first and you will find Al Bhed Primer vol. XXIV. Check the sphere on 
the ground to learn about the Chocobo races. Now move to the other side of the 
temple and get on that chocobo to start the race. The races work by you 
controlling the chocobo and trying to get to the bottom of the track the 
fastest. You in specific prizes depending on how many chests you open on the 
way down. Note you can only win each prize once. The most important is the 
Cloudy Mirror, which with a little work will turn into the Celestial Mirror and 
allow you to open chests with the almighty Celestial Weapons in them, but more 
on that in the Celestial Weapon section. 

No Chest - Cloudy Mirror
1 Chest  - Elixir
2 Chests - Megalixir
3 Chests - Wings to Discovery x 30
4 Chests - Pendulum x30
5 Chests - Three Star x60

You will really need to learn how to race the course properly to get the Three 
Stars x60 but it is one hell of a reward if you do manage to get it.

If you enter the temple you will met Belgemine again. She will battle your 
Aeons with hers. You will get a slew of prizes for beating them as you might 
each one (there are eight in total, even though you don't have them all yet. 
You start off battling Valefor and progress in the order you acquired them 
(Yojimbo before Anima since that could have been reversed). You can call Aeons 
after one is defeated but be careful as Yuna can be attacked by Aeons in 
between turns. In theory she would have to kill off all your Aeons to win the 
battle, which is difficult when you have five or more with you. I was going to 
give pointers for each Aeon fight but I'm not making a bunch of boss battle 
boxes for them. To be honest get Anima first, then use Anima until you have to 
fight Anima and use the Magus Sisters (since you can get them after Bahamut). 
You should know what to do and half the battle is just leveling up Yuna to 
increase the stats for your Aeons.

Thanks to Madness, I have the HP values of the Aeon here:
Valefor - 20,000
Ifrit - 28,000
Ixion - 30,000
Shiva - 20,000
Bahamut - 35,000
Yojimbo - 32,000
Anima - 54,000
Cindy - 48,000
Sandy - 35,000
Mindy - 20,000

This is a small list of all the items you can earn by fighting the Aeon's:

Valefor - You will receive Lightning Gem x4 the first time you win and the 
Summoners Soul if you did not beat her on the Moonflow or Aeons Soul if you 
did. After the first time you will receive Power Sphere x4.

*Aeon's soul is rewarded the first time you beat Valefor and allows you to 
increase your Aeon's stats using spheres. Watch the Tutorial on how it works, 
it pretty much shows you all you need to know.*

Ifrit - First Time: X-Potion x30
        After First: Mana Sphere x5

Ixion - First Time: Chocobo Feather x10
        After First: Power Sphere x8

Shiva - First Time: Mega-Potion x60
        After First: Star Curtain x6

Bahamut - First Time: Flower Sceptre
          After First: Mana Sphere x8

Yojimbo - First Time: Shadow Gem x8
          After First: Power Sphere x10

Anima - First Time: Stamina Spring x60
        After First: Mana Sphere x10

Magus Sisters - First Time: Shinning Gem x40
                After First: Power Sphere x12

Sending Belgemine will get you the Moon Sigil for Yuna. 

| Getting the Magus Sisters |

To get the Magus Sisters you need the Blossom Crown and Flower Sceptre. The 
Blossom Crown is obtained by catching one of each type of fiend in Mt. Gagazet. 
The Flower Sceptre is obtained by defeat Belgemine's Bahamut the first time. 
You also need to have collected Yojimbo and Anima before you can obtain these 
Aeons. You will get the Trophies "Delta Attack" for getting the sisters and 
"Summon Master" for obtaining all the Aeons in the game.

Omega Ruins                                                               |FX45
The boss at the end of the ruins has had his HP increased from 99,999 in the 
original release to 999,999 in the Remaster version. It is possible to fight 
him after the airship and win (it's a little more challenging this way) but 
getting the Celestial Weapons first would be recommended unless you already 
know what you're doing. Also know that the save sphere you start next to is the 
only save sphere in the area, meaning to leave and/or heal fully you're going 
to have to make it back here. Having a No Encounters equip could be useful in 
case you start struggling deep in the cave, you would be able to get back to 
the save sphere to recover/save/leave.  

There are chests in this area that are part of a mini-game I don't really 
understand. Madness however, has figured it out and sent me the list of prizes 
in order for this mini-game. Each chest has either a Monster or an Item, if you 
get the item you get to keep the item, if you open a chest with a monster then 
you fight a monster and the remaining chests in the area (usually four) will 
disappear. They are in order: LV.4 Key Sphere, Turnover, 2x LV.3 Key Sphere, 
Defending Armlet, 2x Friend Sphere, LV.4 Key Sphere, Phantom Ring, Cactuar 
Wizard, Warmonger, 2x Teleport Sphere, 99x Warp Sphere. Saving resets the 
counter back to zero so to get the 99x Warp Sphere you need to get all 12 chest 
in a row. Save before opening the first chest if you want to be able to try 
again. Thanks again to Madness for submitting this. 

Finally there are chests in battle that you can steal from, the problem is most 
will not have anything and instead an enemy called mimic will appear. They 
cannot be captured and are rather tough, but you can earn 50,000 Gil from them. 
If you have Rikku's Godhand you can make that 100,000 Gil per battle. They are 
slow and only have around 35,000-40,000 HP so if your leveled up and hitting 
for 9,999 often they will be no match for you. This is one of the best ways to 
earn Gil in the game.

This is a large area and you are free to explore it as much or little as you 
want. There are two goals here: capture fiends and defeat the two bosses. 
Capturing fiends I'll leave to your discretion. To get to the bosses from the 
save sphere head left immediately (it won't look like there is a path there but 
there is. Follow it around past the first two area with chests until you get to 
a left/right split. The left leads to more chest so take the right path and 
take note of the Glyph on the wall (it will not react yet). Continue along 
until you get to a purple space with four chests in a square formation. 

Head left and take the next left you can to find another Glyph, examine and 
activate this one. Now go back and activate the first one, crossing the bridge 
it creates to find a Teleport Sphere (this chest is not part of the mini-game).

Back in the purple area with the four chests look around on the ground next to 
the blue torch on the top left side of the screen to find Al Bhed Primer vol. 
XXVI. If this is the final Al Bhed Primer you needed you will get the trophy 
"Master Linguist" for your troubles. 

From here you can now take either the left or right path here (though the right 
path is shorter) as they will meet up in the same area. You are looking for a 
lift/platform type of thing on the ground. This will take you up a level. 
Proceed forward and head to the back towards the next lift thing to find this 
bad boy... 

Ultima Weapon
Immune to Sensors
Estimated HP of around 70,000

Ultima Weapons attacks:
Physical Attack ~ 2500 Single/Physical
Break - Petrifies one character

So I came into this way overpowered and didn't get to see many attacks. That 
being said if you want to have any chance at beating Omega you're going to have 
to be the same way. Use Celestial weapons to hit this guy a few times and take 
him out. Attack over 85 is recommended, as is HP over 60000. 

You can also bribe him for 1.4 Million Gil like in the original version however 
you only get 70 Pendulum (or at least that's all I got when I tried this). 1.4 
Million seems like a lot until you realize that's 14 mimic battles (which are 
fairly common) with Rikku's Godhand. You can also steal 10 Door to Tomorrow 
from him (and multiple times at that) as well as Receive 3 LV.3 Key Sphere's if 
you beat him the normal way.

Step on the teleport pad to warp to the second area. Here it is a lot lighter 
and you can see your path better. From where you start take the left path. 
Every time you enter a circled area you will encounter fiends regardless of No 
Encounters. Head all the way to the left and grab the Friend Sphere, then go 
back and take the right path. You are going to want to take on all the fiends 
here. You will eventually see a sphere of purple engulfing the last area of the 
path, this is where Omega is. When you are ready enter the purple sphere. By 
ready I mean HP at or near 9,999, strength at least over 85 as well as defense 
and magic defense over 60 with fully powered Celestial Weapons. Feel free to 
challenge yourself and fight him weaker, it should just take longer that's all.

Omega Weapon
Immune to Sensors
HP = 999,999
Absorbs: Fire, Lightning, Water, Ice

Omega's Attacks:
Physical ~ 3500 Single/Physical
Shimmering Rain ~5000 All/Magic
Core Energy ~1200 Single/Magic
Ultima ~ 7000 All/Magic
Nova ~ 9,999 All/Magic (7,200 with Shell)
Break - Petrifies one character
Confuse - Confuses one character

This bad boy has gotten a lot stronger since we last saw him over twelve years 
ago. Start the battle with Rikku mixing a Hyper Mighty G using a Lunar Curtain 
and either a Gambler's Spirit or Wings to Discovery (there are more ways to 
make it but you should have both of these and you can steal Gambler's Spirits 
from him). If you have Stoneproof and Confuseproof Armours equip them to save 
yourself the healing. From here you're just going to want to keep attacking 
with non-elemental attacks since he now also absorbs all elements. Hyper Mighty 
G ensures two things: That you will take reduced damage and heal a little bit 
of that damage each turn and that if thing go bad you will Auto-Revive. As lame 
of a strategy this seems that's about all that there is to this battle, 
preparation goes a long way here. 

The only real damaging attack is Nova and honestly it's not strong enough to 
take you out if you use the Hyper Mighty G and have over 8000 HP. 

You can steal Gambler's Spirit x30 from him. Kimahri can learn Nova from him, 
which happens to be Kimahri's strongest overdrive as well.  

You get 50,000 AP, 30,000 Gil, LV.4 Key Sphere x3 and you can get an amour with 
Break HP limit and a blank slot.
When you defeat him you will be warped back to the save sphere. Go all the way 
back and open the chest where Omega was to get a Magic Sphere. Congrats on 
defeating what might be your first opponent with a million HP! You might be 
ready to start taking on the Dark Aeons now!

All other Password / Coordinate Locations                                 |FX46
Besaid Ruins 1 - You can collect the armour Victorious (Lightning Proof, Fire 
Proof, Ice Proof, Blank) for Rikku.

Besaid Ruins 2 - Here you can collect the Weapon Murasame (Piercing, One MP 
Cost, Blank, Blank) for Auron.

Besaid Falls - You can get the Dragoon Lance (Magic Counter, Evade and Counter, 
Blank, Blank) for Kimahri here.

Mi'ihen Ruins - You can get the Sonar (Initiative, Poisonstrike, Blank) here, a 
weapon for Rikku. 

Mushroom Rock - You can get the Godhand, Rikku's Celestial Weapon, here if you 
have the Celestial Mirror.

Battle Site - Here you can receive the Phantom Bangle (Ice Eater, Fire Eater, 
Water Eater) for Lulu.

Sanubia Sands - You can get the Ascalon (Double AP) for Tidus here.

Celestial Weapons                                                         |FX47
The celestial weapons are the strongest weapons in the game. They are such 
because each has a special ability that only that weapon has, meaning even if 
you made your own custom weapon with the same abilities, it would not be as 
strong as these weapons. You will obtain the trophy "Weapons Master" for 
collecting all the weapons, you do not need to power them up either just 
collect them. 

Getting the Cloudy / Celestial Mirror                                     |FX48
To get the Cloudy Mirror you must win the chocobo race at the Remiem Temple 
without opening any of the chests, which is super easy. Look at the Calm Lands 
or Remiem Temple sections if you need directions on how to get there. 

Once you have the cloudy mirror take the airship to the Lake Macalania travel 
agency and head south to the road that had the four-way X crossing, take the 
south east path and you should be on a crystal like pathway that you haven't 
taken before. Follow it to the next area and you will see a woman standing 
blocking the north turn off, talk to her then continue along. You will end up 
at the save sphere at the beginning of the woods. Talk to the woman and child 
here to find out there dad is missing. Head to your right, past the area with 
the Bevelle guard and take the next north path (where your party camped out 
after the first Bevelle visit). Talk to the man here and tell him his family is 
over there. Go back to them and talk to them twice to find out that the Son 
wandered off. Go back up the crystal path to find that the woman who was 
blocking the way earlier has left, the boy is at the end of this path. Talk to 
him and use the Cloudy Mirror to have it power up into the Celestial Mirror. 
You can now go obtain the seven Celestial Weapons!

Note that to power up the weapons after you find them you need to return here 
with the Crest and then the Sigil. It has to be the crest first, then the 
Sigil. The crests are all found in treasure chests in Spira. I pointed them out 
during the guide but I will also list them in the upcoming sections. The Sigils 
all have to be earned by doing some specific task, those will also be pointed 
out in the upcoming sections.

Every weapon start with No AP. When you use the Crest the Weapon will have No 
AP and Double Overdrive. You cannot customize these weapons so the only way to 
add abilities is through using the Crest and Sigil. I'll list the final 
abilities of the fully powered up weapons in there sections. 

Finally powering up five of the weapons (Yuna, Wakka, Lulu, Kimahri, and Auron) 
with the Crest will allow specific Aeons to Break Damage Limit. Bahamut, Anima 
and the Magus Sisters can already do that but the other five need these half 
powered weapons to be able to do that, again it will be listed under the fully 
upgraded skills.

Tidus' Caladbolg                                                          |FX49
To get Tidus' Caladbolg you need to head to the Calm Lands and talk to the 
Chocobo trainer. What you need to do is complete the level four training called 
"Catcher Chocobo". What you need to do is win this race, then immediately take 
a chocobo to the far North West corner and look for the slope heading down 
where a guy is usually guarding the way. Head down the slope and use the 
Celestial Mirror to open the seal and reveal the Caladbolg. Note if you try the 
race again and lose the guy goes back to guarding the slope so you can't go 
down, you will have to beat her again. You will earn the Trophy "Chocobo 
License" for completing this challenge. 

To get the Crest you need to go down the steps in Zanarkand - The Beyond (where 
you fought Yunalesca) to make a chest with the Crest in it appear next to the 
stairs. I hope to god you got this while you were there after you fought her 
because now Dark Bahamut will be waiting for you when you enter the area, which 
will be a tough fight without this Celestial Weapon if you got used to using 
Tidus in your party. 

To get the Sigil you need to go back to the Catcher Chocobo challenge but this 
time you need to finish with a time better than 0:00. This is pretty hard to do 
and a part of this is pure luck with the position of the flying birds and 
balloons but stick with it and eventually you will get it. You will get the 
Trophy "Chocobo Rider" in addition to the Sigil. 

The powered up Caladbolg looks like this:
-Break Damage Limit 
-Triple Overdrive
-Evade and Counter
-Magic Counter
Hidden Ability: Does more damage the fuller his HP is.

Yuna's Nirvana                                                            |FX50
Yuna's Nirvana is inside a chest that the Monster Arena guy gives you after you 
capture one of every fiend in the Calm Lands. It is just to your left, use the 
Mirror to open it and Voila!

The Moon Crest is located on Besaid Island's beach where Tidus wakes up at the 
start of the game. Swim to the right when facing the beach (left when entering 
the water from the beach) to find a small area with a single chest on it. Open 
it up to obtain the Moon Crest.

The Moon Sigil is awarded for sending Belgemine in the Remiem Temple. To do 
this you must collect all the Aeon's yourself, then defeat all of her Aeons in 
order. When you defeat the Magus Sisters you will be given the option of 
sending her, choosing to do so will net you the Moon Sigil. If you need help 
with the Aeons look to the Remiem Temple section of the guide. 

The powered up Nirvana looks like this:
-Break Damage Limit 
-Triple Overdrive
-Double AP
-One MP Cost
Hidden Ability: Does more damage the fuller her MP is.
Allows Valefor to Break Damage Limit

Wakka's World Champion                                                    |FX51
To get Wakka's World Champion you need to head back to Luca and go into the 
Cafe (where Kimahri had his little scuffle) and talk to the guy behind the 
counter after you win five blitzball games. He will give you the World 

The Jupiter Crest is also in Luca, head back to the Aurochs locker room and 
examine the lockers until you find the Crest (you can get this as soon as the 
story stuff in Luca is done as well).

The Jupiter Sigil is a blitzball prize after you have won all three of Wakka's 
slot overdrives. You will need Wakka to appear in 450 battles (as that is the 
requirement for Aurochs Reels) and earn said Reels, then the Jupiter Sigil will 
appear as a top prize. I love blitzball, but if you don't this can be a very 
annoying and time consuming quest. A trick I don't recommend but you are free 
to use is the Reset data trick where you just keep resetting the data until you 
see the prize you want in either the tournament or league prize listing, play 
through it and reset after you win your prize until the next one you are 
looking for appears. You will consistently lose all your blitz stats but if you 
don't like playing blitz this is a lot faster than playing through leagues and 
tournaments normally. 

The powered up World Champion looks like this:
-Break Damage Limit 
-Triple Overdrive
-Double AP
-Evade and Counter
Hidden Ability: Does more damage the fuller his HP is.
Allows Ifrit to Break Damage Limit.

Lulu's Onion Knight                                                       |FX52
The Onion Knight can be obtained in the Baaj temple after you defeat the boss 
there. In the water in the bottom corner is a chest that contains the Onion 

To get the Venus Crest you need to go back to the Farplane after the storyline 
stuff is done there, open the only chest you see to obtain the Venus Crest.

To get the Venus Sigil you need to dodge 200 lightning bolts IN A ROW on the 
thunder plains. Outside of having No Encounters on I really don't know any 
other tips other than to be patient and perhaps mute the volume so that the 
background noise doesn't throw you off. You cannot touch a save sphere or leave 
the screen you're on (if you're on the North Bank stay on the North Bank!) so 
keep those in mind as well. You will also get a Trophy "Lightning Dancer" for 
getting to 200 and claiming the prize. It might actually be smart to go a few 
past 200 like 210 for example in case your counting was a little off at some 
point, it could save you the heartbreak of finding out you dodged 198 only.

The powered up Onion Knight looks like this:
-Break Damage Limit 
-Triple Overdrive
-Magic Booster
-One MP Cost
Hidden Ability: Does more damage the fuller her MP is.
Allows Shiva to Break Damage Limit

*Thanks a ton to rliberty96 from Gamefaqs for filling me in on the abilities of 
the Onion Knight, I hate dodging lightning bolts and actively chose not to do 
it, so he saved me a lot of time and frustration later on.*

Kimahri's Spirit Lance                                                    |FX53
To get the Spirit Lance you must pray at three Cactuar Stones on the Thunder 
Plains. Then head to South plain and follow the ghostly looking cactuar to a 
small leaning tower on the right side of the map, just south of the little dead 
end area with a Cactuar Stone in it. Press square to pray at this to reveal a 
chest. Open it up to obtain the Spirit Lance.

The Saturn Crest in on Mt. Gagazet. In the same area you fought Seymour it is 
hidden on the left between the pillars, just south of the save sphere in this 
area. You can grab this as soon as you defeat Seymour.

To get the Saturn Sigil you must complete the butterfly mini-game in the 
Macalania Woods twice. The first time you do it you will get a Teleport Sphere 
so do it again to get the Saturn Sigil. Just learn the path and memorize where 
everything is, many people complain this is hard but really if you just keep 
going at it you will learn where everyone is, just be sure you collect your 
prize before you leave the area as the chest will reset if you leave. And 
remember to do each set of butterfly's once, not one twice as you won't get the 
prize the second time. The second set of butterflies is harder than the first 
but don't give up and remember the first butterfly is actually behind where you 

The powered up Spirit Lance looks like this:
-Break Damage Limit 
-Triple Overdrive
-Double AP
-Evade and Counter
Hidden Ability: Does more damage the fuller his HP is.
Allows Ixion to Break Damage Limit

Auron's Masamune                                                          |FX54
To Obtain Auron's Masamune you need to collect the Rusty Sword. This is found 
in the Calm Lands, head down to the valley where the entrance to the Cavern of 
the Stolen Fayth is but follow the path on the right. When you get to the end 
examine the sword on the right to obtain the Rusty Sword. From here you need to 
take it to Mushroom Rock Road, head to the Mi'ihen highroad and rent a chocobo. 
Head all the way to the north and get to the gate leading to Mushroom Rock Road 
and enter. Here you will get ambushed by the Dark Magus Sisters so run to the 
first left and save the game. Now soft reset the game and reload (you will need 
to do this to avoid the Dark Aeons) and head back to the main road and proceed 
along. Keep going straight and take the first left after the Valley area. You 
will find a lift, take it and examine the statue. Place the Rusty Sword in it 
and examine the Glyph that appear to obtain the Masamune.

To obtain the Mars Crest head to the very end of the Mi'ihen Old road and open 
the chest there. This is easiest done with a chocobo if you didn't already nab 
it during the story.

To obtain the Mars Sigil you need to unlock any combination of 10 
area/species/original creations in the Monster Arena. Doing so will net you the 
Mars Sigil as your prize.

The powered up Masamune looks like this:
-Break Damage Limit 
-Triple Overdrive
-First Strike
-Counter Attack
Hidden Ability: Does more damage as his HP decreases.
Allows Yojimbo to Break Damage Limit.

Note you can still do max damage with this weapon at full HP with maxed out 
strength, just if you have say 150 for strength your damage will go up further 
as you take damage. It's weird like that, I guess they didn't want to penalize 
players for keeping him healed.

Rikku's Godhand                                                           |FX55
To obtain the Godhand you need to enter a password on the Airship as GODHAND to 
open up the Mushroom Rock area on the destination list. Enter it and head to 
the end of the path to find the Godhand in a chest.

You can find the crest in the Bikanel Desert on the screen labelled Sanubia 
Desert - West in a sand pit on the far left side of the screen.

To get the Sigil you will have to complete a quest in the Bikanel Desert with 
the Cactuar Stones. It is located in the same place as the Crest (Sanubia - 
West) just on the far right instead. I would recommend a No Encounters equip 
for this challenge but you could also use this opportunity to do some monster 
catching, it's up to you. You need to find ten Cactuar and defeat them to get a 
sphere to place back at the Cactuar stone you find at the south of the Cactuar 
Village. Find the southernmost entrance to the village and head southeast from 
there to find the Stone. Here are the ten locations you need to go to:

First: Oasis, by the water

Second: East, as you enter from Central go southwest into the dead end. 

Third: West, from the Stone head North West and examine the second Sign post. 
It should talk about 20% off.

Fourth: Central, where the "powerful fiends to the left" are. Use the exit 
northwest of the Stone to get here fast.

Fifth: East, use the save point here and the Cactuar will pop out. 

Sixth: Central, southwest corner. From the exit to East head directly west and 
open the chest here. 

Seventh: West, but you have to leave and come back to trigger him. He is 
hanging around one of the sand pits to the north. 

Eight: Oasis, at the save sphere find him and he will warp to the Airship. 
Board the Airship and head up to the Deck to challenge him.

Ninth: BAM! He's right behind you.

At each location you will have a little mini-game against the Cactuar where you 
need to sneak up behind them. They will yell out NEEDLETIME when they are 
turning around which is your cue to stop running. When they face away start 
running at them again. You also have a time limit to worry about. If you get to 
them you will battle them. You have three trials to get to them. After the 
battle you will get there named sphere, if you fail to sneak up on them you 
will get a Sphere del Perdedor. Either way take it back to the Stone outside 
the Village to complete that round and start the next one. There are nine total 
(one has two cactuars). You don't actually need to get any of the named spheres 
if you don't want to as you will still open up the Village, you just won't get 
a good prize. The best prize is a Friend Sphere, the rest are just recovery 
items so use that to gauge the amount of effort you put into the sneaking.

Once you can enter the Cactuar Village do so and grab the Mercury Sigil and 
whatever item you earned from the named sphere's from the chests here. That 
wraps this up.

The powered up Godhand looks like this:
-Break Damage Limit
-Triple Overdrive
-Double AP 
Hidden Ability: Does more damage the fuller her HP is.

Monster Arena                                                             |FX56
The monster Arena is a side quest that requires you to go out and capture 
fiends from all over Spira to use for training at the monster arena location. 
The monster arena is located in the Calm Lands, directly east of the Travel 
Agency sort of built into part of a cliff. The monster arena serves as a great 
area to gain AP post Zanarkand, and many of the stronger fiend creations can 
drop extremely useful equipment and items like Strength Spheres (and the 
related family). Every time you get a new creation, whether it be from catching 
all the fiends in an area, a specific number of a specific type of fiend, or 
other conditions you get a set of items and quite a few at that. 

The following sections break down the actual capturing aspects, what you get 
for each creation, and then battle help for each creation you can face.

Basics                                                                    |FX57
To start off you need to visit the Monster Arena and agree to help the old man 
catch all the fiends in Spira. From here he requires you to start in the Calm 
Lands, you must catch one of each of the nine different fiends there. 

You need special weapons (that only he sells) that have the capture ability on 
them, plus on extra open slot. What you fill this slot with is up to you but 
Piercing, First Strike, Counter Attack, Magic Counter and Evade and Counter are 
all good choices. First Strike will be important when going to the Omega Ruins 
and to a lesser extent Within Sin as many enemies will ambush you there.

To capture a fiend you must defeat it with a capture weapon equipped with a 
PHYISCAL attack. This means either using attack or a Skill with Mug, Dark 
Attack, whatever. Using magic, items or overdrives will not capture the fiend 
so keep this in mind. You might not want to use any characters with 
underdeveloped strength stats like Yuna and Lulu while doing this, unless you 
want to weaken an enemy with magic first and then finish it off with a physical 

I got a tip from "Dave" about Stonestrike. "One thing I would add though. When 
collecting monsters for the monster arena, you can customize the capture 
weapons with stone strike, which makes capturing most enemies go much more 
quickly. Just capture one anaconduar in the calm lands and steal petrify 
grenades from him in the monster arena. It took me about an hour to get stone 
strike on three weapons (I used Rikku, Wakka and Khimari), and I saved hours 
and hours collecting creatures. You may also want to warn people not to use 
stone touch, as it hardly ever hits. " Deathstrike should work as well but 
Stonestrike is effective against far more enemies. This could help make Yuna 
and Lulu more effective if you do choose to use them in monster catching.

You can capture a maximum of 10 of each fiend, and to complete the Monster 
Arena fully you will need to capture all ten of each fiend. Whether you stay in 
an area until you catch all ten of however many you need or break it up into 
waves is entirely up to you. Smaller areas like Besaid, Kilika, Mushroom Rock, 
Thunder Plains and Bikanel I like to stay and capture everything so that I 
never have to go back again, other larger areas I tend to do in waves. That's 
pretty much it for the basics. Next I'll make a list of the fiends you need to 
capture in each area.
Capture Lists / Capture Help                                              |FX58
Water Flan

Nothing too difficult to find here.


Killer Bee
Yellow Element

Also nothing too difficult to find here.

Mi'ihen Highroad

Mi'ihen Fang
Floating Eye
White Element
Dual Horn

The Vouivre, Bomb, Dual Horn and Floating Eye can all be found on the North 
roads as well as the main road to Mushroom Rock, just make sure to avoid the 
Dark Magus Sisters if you go this way. The Mi'ihen Fang, White Element and 
Raldo are only found on the three roads south of the Travel Agency. Vouivre can 
be found on the Old Road areas. I never once found an Ipiria here but they can 
be collected in the Mushroom Rock - Aftermath Area.

Mushroom Rock Road
You cannot enter here from Mi'ihen Highroad because the Dark Magus Sisters are 
waiting for you here, instead use the GODHAND password and select Mushroom Rock 
from the destination list in order to capture fiends here. A second option is 
when they start to ambush you run to the left and save your game, then reset 
and load from here, as long as you do not go back to the main road you should 
be able to catch fiends here and use the save sphere to teleport back to the 

Thunder Flan

Nothing too hard to find here except the Thunder Flans as they seem to like the 
main road (road from Mi'ihen) more than the Valley area. If you do the save and 
reload trick from above you can walk along the road as long as you don't try to 
exit the Mi'ihen way. 

Djose Highroad

Bite Bug
Snow Flan

The Ochu as well as most of the fiends listed here can also be found on the 
South Bank of the Moonflow (Ochu is only here). The Simurgh here can be very 
difficult to find, but I can't seem to find an area that they spawn in more 
frequently so just try to be patient. I have noticed they do not appear on the 
Moonflow so stick to the Djose Highroad area. 

Thunder Plains

Gold Element
Iron Giant

You need to pray at the Cactuar stones to unlock the Quactar enemy. If you pray 
at multiple stones you will fight more per battle, up to a total of three. Iron 
Giants are found on the North Plain.

Macalania Woods

Snow Wolf
Evil Eye
Ice Flan
Blue Element

The Snow Wolf, Ice Flan, Evil Eye and Mafdet are actually found in the Lake 
Macalania Area where you fought Crawler. The rest are fought in the woods area.


Sand Wolf
Sand Worm

Sandworms and Zu are easy to find in the area West of the Save sphere in the 
Central region, near the ruins and all that. The cactuars are found in the West 
region near the Cactuar Village. As well you can catch the Cactuars you battle 
as part of the Side quest to get Rikku's Mercury Sigil. 

Calm Lands

Flame Flan
Chimera Brain

As the monster tamer suggests, the Malboro, Coeurls and Basilisk are all easier 
to find in the North West region. This area is where you find Tidus' Caladbolg 
weapon as well as an Al Bhed Primer. You can also find Coeurls in the back area 
of the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth and Malboro's in the green area where you 
fight Tonberries. 

Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

Dark Element

Tonberries are easiest found in the green area which is the second right turn 
off after entering the cavern. Ghosts do not have a special place so just hope 
to get lucky finding those. 

Mt. Gagazet

Dark Flan

The Splasher, Achelous and Maelspike are only found in the swimming areas on 
the back half of the area. Mandragora, Behemoth and Dark Flan are found both in 
the back half (in the cave on land) as well as on the road to Zanarkand area, 
between where the party stops and the entrance to the dome. Ahriman and Grendel 
are also found in the cave portion and road to Zanarkand, though you can also 
catch Ahriman Inside Sin.

Omega Ruins

Floating Death
Black Element
Master Coeurl
Master Tonberry

Great Malboro's will (like 90% of the time) ambush you so make sure to have a 
character with First strike as well as protection against confusion, berserk 
and or poison (the best part is that they are not even part of this area 
collection!). You can also catch Demonolith's, Adamantoise, Gemini (Both) and 
Wraith from Within Sin here. 

For the most part your just going to be here a while looking for the rarer 
fiends as they do not come out in multiples (two in one battle). After beating 
Omega you can fight a few of the rarer fiends in the second area as the more 
common Zaurus is not found there. Black Elementals took me forever to find so 
if you seem to be running into them a lot be sure to capture ten while you have 
the chance. 

Within Sin

Gemini A
Gemini B
Great Malboro
Behemoth King

There are two types of Gemini, one has a sword and the other has a club so you 
need to catch ten of each type. Everything except the Wraith and Demonolith are 
found in both areas here, the aforementioned two are only found in the City of 
Dying Dreams area. I never once found a Barbatos here on my first round through 
Sin, but a second time I found them in the second area, City of Dying Dreams.

Rewards List                                                              |FX59
This is a list of all the rewards you will receive for completing each 
requirement to unlock a creation monster. Area creations require one of each 
type of fiend in the area to unlock while species creation requires a specific 
number of each fiend of a specific species (All Flans for example). Original 
monsters have their own unique requirements.

Area Creations
Stratoavis (Besaid Island)        - Stamina Tonic x99
Malboro Menace (Kilika Island)    - Poison Fang x99 
Kottos (Mi'ihen Highroad)         - Soul Spring x99
Coeurlregina (Mushroom Rock Road) - Candle of Life x99
Jormungand (Djose Highroad)       - Petrify Grenade x99
Cactuar King (Thunder Plains)     - Chocobo Wing x99
Espada (Macalania Woods)          - Shining Gem x60
Abyss Worm (Bikanel Island)       - Shadow Gem x99
Chimerageist (Calm Lands)         - Chest with Nirvana in it (Celestial Weapon)
Don Tonberry (Cavern)             - Silver Hourglass x40
Catoblepas (Mt. Gagazet)          - Blossom Crown (Key Item)
Abaddon (Within Sin)              - Lunar Curtain x99
Vorban (Omega Ruins)              - Designer Wallet

Species Creations
Fenrir         - Chocobo Feather x99
Ornitholestes  - Stamina Spring x99
Pteryx         - Mega Phoenix x99
Hornet         - Mana Tonic x60
Vidatu         - Mana Spring x99
One-Eye        - Stamina Tablet x60
Jumbo Flan     - Twin Stars x60
Nega Elemental - Star Curtain x60
Tanket         - Gold Hourglass x99
Fafnir         - Purifying Salt x99
Sleep Sprout   - Healing Spring x99
Bomb King      - Turbo Ether x60
Juggernaut     - Light Curtain x99
Ironclad       - Mana Tablet x60

Original Creations

Earth Eater    - Three Stars x60
Greater Sphere - Supreme Gem x60
Catastrophe    - Door to Tomorrow x99
Th'uban        - Gambler's Spirit x99
Neslug         - Winning Formula x99
Ultima Buster  - Dark Matter x99
Shinryu        - Megalixir x30
Nemesis        - Master Sphere x10

Creation Battle Rewards                                                   |FX60
These are all the items you get for beating the Creation bosses. Every Creation 
boss has a small chance of dropping a Dark Matter instead of the item listed. 
Note that these are all doubled with an Overkill.

Area Conquest
Stratoavis     - Amulet x2
Malboro Menace - Mana Tonic x2
Kottos         - Healing Spring x20
Coeurlregina   - Shining Gem x3
Jormungand     - Supreme Gem x2
Cactuar King   - Blessed Gem x3
Espada         - Rename Card x2
Abyss Worm     - Stamina Tonic x1
Chimerageist   - Return Sphere x1
Don Tonberry   - Farplane Wind x3
Catoblepas     - Three Stars x1
Abaddon        - Mana Tablet x1
Vorban         - Friend Sphere x1

Species Conquest
Fenrir         - Agility Sphere x1
Ornitholestes  - Gambler's Spirit x2
Pteryx         - Evasion Sphere x1
Hornet         - Accuracy Sphere x1
Vidatu         - MP Sphere x1
One-Eye        - Magic Def Sphere x1
Jumbo Flan     - Magic Sphere x1
Nega Elemental - Twin Stars x2
Tanket         - Defense Sphere x1
Fafnir         - Light Curtain x20
Sleep Sprout   - Teleport Sphere x1
Bomb King      - Door to Tomorrow x1
Juggernaut     - Strength Sphere x1
Ironclad       - HP Sphere x1

Original Conquest
Earth Eater    - Fortune Sphere x1
Greater Sphere - Luck Sphere x1
Catastrophe    - Designer Wallet x1
Th'uban        - Underdog's Secret x1
Neslug         - Pendulum x1
Ultima Buster  - Winning Formula x1
Shinryu        - Wings to Discovery x1
Nemesis        - Warp Sphere x1

Nemesis                                                                   |FX61
In order to unlock Nemesis you must capture 10 of every fiend that you can 
capture in the game. You also need to have defeated each of the creation 
monsters once. 

My Recommendations: 
If you have fought the Penance battle than this one will be very similar, as I 
believe they both have ten million HP. That being said you have two options, 
the first is to get enough HP spheres to get past 35,000 HP, or train Yuna so 
that her Strength, Agility, Defense and Magic Defense is at 255. Your other two 
fighters should already be at those numbers if you fought Penance, if you 
haven't done that yet then finish getting their stats that high. If you are 
doing it the high HP way you will need armour with Break HP Limit and Auto-

Personally I just maxed out Yuna's agility (because I put all the added agility 
nodes close together in one area of the sphere grid) and switched her in and 
out when an Ultra Spark was coming. I used my Dark Aeon armour with Auto-Haste, 
Auto-Protect, Auto-Phoenix and Ribbon (plus one stoneproof), though you could 
also use the Penance Armour with Auto-Potion to heal yourself after Physicals 
and Ethereal Cannon.

The Battle:
Nemesis Attacks:

Physical Attack ~7500 Single/Physical
Ethereal Cannon ~10,000 Single/Magic
Ultra Spark ~30,000 All/Special
Armageddon -99,999 All/Fixed Damage

The reason you need either insanely high HP or Yuna at equal stats is because 
of an attack called Ultra Spark which hits for 30,000 damage and a few status 
effects as well. 

So far (aside from Zanmato) the easiest way to win this battle has been to have 
Yuna summon an Aeon to block the Ultra Spark, which always comes the turn after 
Ethereal Cannon. The reason you need Yuna at equal stats (or at least Agility 
if you just want to switch her in to summon and then switch out) is to keep her 
in pace with the other party members as well as the boss, you'll lose out on 
precious turns if she is still really slow (and I doubt you would have Auto-
Haste armour as well). You can also get caught out of position with her on the 
field but with no turns coming and a strong attack on the way.

Start my making a Hyper Mighty G. From here it is all about Quick Hitting and 
keeping your HP up. In theory using this you don't even need Yuna or Break HP 
Limit, but the recovery after an Auto-Life can get messy especially when he 
uses Ultra Spark followed next turn by an Armageddon or vice-versa. If you do 
not want to use Yuna this is the next best way to go. Use as many Elixirs and 
Megalixirs as you need. As lame and basic as this strategy sounds once you get 
to know his attacks he isn't all that difficult. 

Speaking of Armageddon you need to count Nemesis' turns as well, as every eight 
turns he uses Armageddon, which does a fixed amount of damage at 99,999. This 
means game over unless you block it with an Aeon or Auto-life, though Auto-life 
makes it hard to come back as you lose your buffs and spend extra turns 
rebuffing and healing like noted above.

Once you get to know his abilities this becomes a lot easier than the Penance 
battle since you only attack him and no other targets. Ten million HP means 101 
quick hits so this will take some time, just not as much as Penance. I had 
Tidus and Rikku with a Break HP Limit (HP of 21,000ish) and Auto-Haste armour 
but not Auron just so that they could survive an Ethereal Cannon and not burn 
an Auto-Life, but if you don't want to do that just make sure to re-apply Auto-
Life manually before Nemesis' next turn.

You get the trophy "Overcoming the Nemesis" for your victory as well as a small 
scene and the Mark of Conquest key item, which does nothing but commemorate 
your victory.

Dark Aeons                                                                |FX63
This section is devoted to fighting the Dark Aeons that were added to the HD 
Remaster version. All Dark Aeons have over 1 Million HP so use that as a gauge 
for how ready you are. You are going to need the Celestial Weapons as they 
ignore defense and allow you to (eventually) hit for 99,999 consistently. 
Furthermore I would recommend changing your overdrive mode to Comrade so that 
your Overdrive Gauge charges quickly (many bosses hit for extreme amount of 

My favourite armour was both Tidus and Rikku using Auto-Phoenix, Auto-Protect, 
Auto-Haste and a blank slot that I filled in later on. Auron had Auto-Protect 
and Auto-Haste for most of the Dark Aeons. You could easily switch Wakka for 
Auron and use Attack Reels to get a 12 hit attack in every now and again and I 
encourage you to do so if you used Wakka, I liked Auron more so I stuck with 
him. I ended up adding Stoneproof to Rikku and Auron's armour while giving 
Tidus the Ribbon Accessory (I had 99 Dark Mater from unlocking Ultima Buster)

Finally you are free to use Break HP Limit whenever you like, I didn't but it's 
not like this is the only way to fight them.

All Dark Aeons will drop a Dark Mater or VERY Rarely a Master Sphere, both of 
which can be doubled with an overkill. All Dark Aeon overkill amounts are 
99,999. Each also has a small chance of dropping Armour with a Ribbon ability 
built into it. The rest of the drop will have three or four different potential 
abilities and can include both weapons and armour. Many have Break HP Limit and 
Break Damage Limit abilities, though none are particularly worth fighting them 
over and over to get. You will get 10,000-40,000 AP and no gil for each battle.

On a final note a huge thank you goes out to Madness as he was kind enough to 
email me all the HP values of the Dark Aeon's as well as a few other enemies 
that were immune to sensors. 

Dark Valefor                                                              |FX64
Estimated HP - 800,000

This Dark Aeon is found entering Besaid Village. There is no way to get into 
the Village without taking him on so if you didn't get the Hidden Treasure from 
the Cloister of Trials your screwed until you are strong enough to beat this 
guy. You also will not be able to collect the Jecht Sphere here and get Auron's 
final overdrive until you win this battle.

My Recommendations: 
Two characters with Auto-Phoenix, Magic Defense over 200 and 9,999 HP with over 
700 MP for your quick hitters. Auto-Haste would be useful here but is not 
mandatory as this is an easier battle. 

The Battle:
Dark Valefor has three attacks: A Physical that hits for 9,999 damage, Energy 
Ray that his the whole party for 7,000 at over 200 magic defense and Energy 
Blast that hits for around 30,000 at 200 magic def. What you want to do is 
quick hit him as much as possible while having Rikku use a Hyper Mighty G 
(Lunar Curtain + Gambler's Spirit is my way of making it) to get Shell and 
Auto-Life on your characters to help reduce Energy Ray's damage. You can use 
any Healing Waters you may have obtained (they can be stolen from Adamantoise) 
to heal the entire party after an Energy Ray, Auto-Phoenix will deal with the 
character killed off by the physical attack. If you can hit for 99,999 then you 
only need ten or so attacks to finish this battle, as your attacks get weaker 
the battle drags on more. If you see an energy Blast coming be sure to swap in 
Yuna (if you're not using her) to summon an Aeon to take the damage.

Dark Ifrit                                                                |FX65
Estimated HP - 1,400,000

This Dark Aeon is found in Bikanel Island, where you exited to find Home during 
the story there will a person standing there. Talk to her and offer to help 
find her kid. Walk up to the cliff to engage with this boss.

My Recommendations:
Two characters with Auto-Phoenix, Agility over 100 and the ability to hit for 
over 50,000 at half HP with all three of your attacking characters. Most other 
stats will not matter. Keep well over 80 Phoenix Downs on you as well.

The Battle:
Dark Ifrit counters any attack with his physical attack that does 99,999 damage 
to a single target. His Meteor Strike does around 20,000 damage at 200 Magic 
Def while Hell Fire hits your whole party for 30,000 damage and cannot be 
blocked with Fireproof/Absorbing equipment. Auto-Life can revive you after a 
Hell-Fire but mixing a Hyper Mighty G will not be that useful with his constant 
counter attacks. Quick Hit is pointless for this battle as will since every 
time he counter-kills you and you get revived your turn order gets redone, 
which negates quick hits effect.

Basically this battle is going to consist of you attacking, him counter-killing 
you and you getting revived by your Auto-Phoenix characters. His Meteor Strike 
will probably kill off another character that will also get revived without 
losing a turn. Only hell-fire presents any type of threat with Auto-Phoenix 
active, and even then you have Auto-Life and can even summon an Aeon to take 
the hit for you. All in all this may be an easier fight than Dark Valefor since 
he cannot hit your whole party without you knowing it is coming. 

Dark Ixion                                                                |FX66
Estimated HP - 1,200,000

Thunder Plains, North Plain. You will find it and its summoner just north of 
the travel agency, he will be standing next to a Lightning tower.

My Recommendations: 
Two Auto-Phoenix, all three with Auto-Haste and Auto-Protect. Defense and Magic 
Defense should be maxed out by now and your attack should be very close to 
maxed as well.

The Battle:
His physical attack (which he uses to counter your attacks) does around 2500 
with protect and puts you to sleep unless you have armour blocking that as well 
as inflicting Armour Break and Mental Break. Thundaja does 4000 damage every 
time and Aerospark will only hit one character for like 5000 damage (he didn't 
use Thor's Hammer in the first battle).

What you are going to need to do is attack with a character and heal their 
sleep with the next character. When that character attacks again Dark Ixion 
counter attack will do like 80,000 damage and kill them, which will cause your 
other characters to Phoenix down them. Keep doing this as a rotation and you 
will end up on top. The reason you need to heal the sleep is that your Auto-
Abilities do not activate when you are asleep so if one Auto-Phoenix character 
is asleep and the other is KO'ed they will not get revived. Also he never 
physically attacks you so the only way to wake up is to get healed. It is 
probably best to have a dedicated healer that never attacks that way they never 
get affected by Armour and Mental Break. 

After you defeat him the first time you need to head south and find the 
summoners again. This will trigger the second of two battles with Dark Ixion. 
Feel free to use the save sphere before you engage again.

The Second Battle:
During the second battle he no longer counter attacks and when he does use his 
physical attack it will confuse you instead of put you to sleep. He will also 
use Thor's Hammer as his overdrive which will hit your entire party for massive 
damage. He is actually a lot easier this time around if you are hitting for 
99,999 damage consistently. 

Dark Shiva                                                                |FX67
Estimated HP - 1,100,000

Entrance to Macalania Temple. Head back to the temple and you will be attacked 
by a Guado with this Dark Aeon.

My Recommendations: 
Two Auto-Phoenix, all three with Auto-Haste and Auto-Protect. Defense and Magic 
Defense should be maxed out by now and your attack should be very close to 
maxed as well. You should also have over 100 Accuracy and over 160 Agility.

The Battle:
She is very Evasive and her Overdrive Gauge charges rather quickly. At 135 
Accuracy and 45 Luck I was missing her at least 40% of the time. Her physical 
hits for 4500 on a protected character while her Heavenly Strike instantly 
kills a character (unless you block it with Deathproof/Ribbon). As usual 
Diamond Dust does far too much damage to the entire party to not block with an 
Aeon. She has low HP and doesn't counter so as long as you are hitting half 
your attacks you should be able to defeat her with ease. 

When you win you will get a Dark Matter and an Armour with Break HP Limit 
and/or Ice Eater. You will have to run back to the entrance the same way you 
did during the story. When the Guado catch you they will summon some normal 
fiends, again like they did earlier in the story. 

I would recommend you raise your stats too above 200 (except Luck) because the 
remaining Dark Aeons are not pushovers. Also adding stoneproof to your Armour 
will be necessary as almost all the Dark Aeons past this point can 
petrify/shatter your characters.  

Dark Bahamut                                                              |FX68
Estimated HP - 4,000,000

Dark Bahamut is located in Zanarkand - The Beyond which is where you fought 
Yunalesca. If you didn't get the Sun Crest the first time you came through here 
(right after you defeated her) you are SOL until you are strong enough to defat 
this Aeon (which might be the hardest of them all). 

My Recommendations: 
Two Auto-Phoenix, all three with Auto-Haste and Auto-Protect and Stoneproof. 
Strength, Defense, Magic Defense, and Accuracy should all be maxed out at this 
point. Luck at over 75 and Agility over 170 are recommended as well. 99 Phoenix 
Downs, 15 Healing Waters and at least 5 Turbo Ethers, this is going to be a 
long fight.

The Battle:
His physical attack does 6500 or so with Protect but he gets criticals often, 
Auto-Phoenix should take care of this anyways. Every five or six times you 
attack him he will counter your attacks with Impulse, which does around 6500 
damage and Petrification, Power Break, Armour Break, Magic Break and Mental 
Break to all characters. You need Stoneproof or Ribbon here or you will not 
last long. Remember that Ribbon does not block the breaks. Finally his Mega-
Flare does around 40,000 damage to all party members. 

Having a designated healer/dispeller would be wise for this fight since Armour 
Break and Mental Break will make the next impulse kill everyone off. I had 
Rikku always making sure that no more than one character had either the breaks 
or low HP while Auron and Tidus chipped away at his HP. 

Setting your Overdrive Mode to Comrade will give you an overdrive pretty much 
every two of his attacks. This will also help Rikku with making an endless 
supply of Hyper Mighty G mixes as you will likely face more Mega-Flares than 
you have Aeons and thus Auto-Life will be extremely important. My Rikku also 
kept making Hyper Mighty G's since she was getting overdrives often. Remember 
not to dispel anyone with Auto-Life, just let them get KO'ed instead and recast 
Auto-Life if a Mega-Flare is coming. 

Even with Accuracy at 255 and Luck at 60 he still evaded a few attacks and he 
can counter after evading as well so keep this in mind. If you are having 
trouble with Accuracy using Wakka's Attack Reels and/or Tidus' Blitz Ace could 
be useful as they cannot miss. This would require you to have Wakka and/or 
Tidus as powered up as the rest of your characters though. If you're going to 
have Yuna use Aeons to block attacks her Agility needs to be over 150 or she 
will never get a chance to switch back out for your main party members. As a 
final note do not forget about Guard/Sentinel as these skills can help you 
manipulate which character he hits with his physical attack. Knowing that he 
only has three attacks and when they are coming will be your key to victory 

Dark Yojimbo                                                              |FX69
Estimated HP - 1,600,000

Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Enter the cave and make your way to the back to 
find him. Try heading south from the teleporter to find his summoner, you need 
to walk into him to engage him so if you want to flee now is the chance. 

My Recommendations: 
Two Auto-Phoenix, all three with Auto-Haste and Auto-Protect and Stoneproof. 
Strength, Defense, Magic Defense, and Accuracy should all be maxed out at this 
point. Luck at over 75 and Agility over 170 are recommended as well.

The Battle:
You battle him five times and they are all the same except for one thing, he 
will ALWAYS ambush you on the first battle. Use Auron to get a first strike and 
have him cast auto-life on either himself or another fast character. This is in 
case he Wakizahsi's your party on his first move.

His moves go like this, Daigoro does 6000 damage, petrify/shatter and poison to 
one character, Kuzuka does about 6000 and Full Break, Wakizashi hits your 
entire party for 12,000 and Zanmato instantly kills your party with no chance 
of Auto-Life working. This is all with protect up.

You need maxed accuracy and at least 75 Luck to be able to hit him so if you 
don't have these things do not waste your time here. What you need to do is 
keep Mixing Hyper Mighty G to keep Auto-Life on your party while quick hitting. 
If he does a Wakizashi it will fully recharge Rikku's overdrive gauge allowing 
you to make another to recast Auto-life again. Use a Healing Water afterwards 
so that you have full HP again. 

If you make armour with break HP limit for this fight be sure to give it Auto-
Protect and Auto-Phoenix. This can be done without it but some people might 
prefer the extra HP over casting Auto-Life.

After you defeat him you need to search the Cavern to find him again. He slowly 
progresses south.  

Note that using the teleporter in the back of the cavern, leaving through the 
entrance or going back to the airship resets the battles, meaning when you 
return you have to start from the first battle again. You can use the save 
point but if you reload you also start from the beginning. 

Dark Anima                                                                |FX70
Estimated HP - 8,000,000

Mt. Gagazet. You need to redo the challenge with Wakka's ball in the cave part 
of the game (where you have to swim) to trigger Dark Anima to appear at the 
beginning of the Mountain where the Airship drops you off. Run into him to 
engage him. 

My Recommendations: 
Two Auto-Phoenix, all three with Auto-Haste and Auto-Protect and Stoneproof. 
Strength, Defense, Magic Defense, and Accuracy should all be maxed out at this 
point. Luck at over 75 and Agility over 170 are recommended as well. IF you can 
manage it one character (preferably an Auto-Phoenix one) should have the Ribbon 
ability. You can get 99 Dark Matter from catching five of every fiends and 
unlocking Ultima Buster in the Monster Arena, as well the Dark Aeons all have a 
small chance of dropping a Ribbon Armour, but that would require you to 
recustomize it with the other three skills. It's your call. 

The Battle:
She has four attacks: her Physical that does around and causes 
Petrification/Shatter, Poison, Curse and Zombie. Pain that kills a character 
regardless of immunities. Oblivion that hits the party for too much damage to 
survive but also does MP damage. The fourth is Mega-Graviton, an attack that 
hits you for 4374 damage and adds sleep, darkness, silence and doom. This is 
why I said bring a Ribbon equipped character as you cannot heal Doom but you 
can block it with Ribbon. Auto-Phoenix will revive a character killed by doom. 

You're going to want to try avoiding getting hit by Oblivion in the early parts 
of the battle because the MP damage will mess you up more than you think. Once 
you're down to 200 MP or so you could just Auto-Life through his Oblivion and 
use Turbo Ethers if you wanted. 

Despite being large and immobile, her Evasion is rather high even with 225 
Accuracy so a few Aims might be needed to get all your attacks to hit. Beyond 
that it is just going to be a lot of quick hitting and healing the status 
effects from the Mega-Graviton. Luckily you will revive with 4,999 and mega 
Graviton does 4374 so you will not die from it after a revival from doom. Note 
that 4374 damage is if you have 9,999 max HP, if you are breaking the HP limit 
it will do a lot more. As long as you pay attention and keep your head about 
you, you should come up with a win here. Anima has the Highest HP of any of the 
Dark Aeons so prepare for a long battle. 

Dark Magus Sister's                                                       |FX71
Mushroom Rock Road, enter from the Mi'ihen Highroad and you will get ambushed 
by three summoners who will chase you. You can fight all three at once, or you 
can run to the left (save your game/warp back to the airship) and run all the 
way back to the lift to the command center. Doing this will allow you to fight 
them one at a time starting with Sandy, then Mindy then Cindy.

My Recommendations: 
Two Auto-Phoenix, all three with Auto-Haste and Auto-Protect and Stoneproof. 
Strength, Defense, Magic Defense, and Accuracy should all be maxed out at this 
point. Luck at over 75 and Agility over 170 are recommended as well.

The Battle:

Estimated HP - 2,500,000

Equip your stoneproof armour because her physical attack causes petrification 
and shatters a character while Razzia will kill a character and nullify Auto-
Life if you have it on (luckily Auto-Phoenix still works) Her evasion is High 
but her HP is not that high so it evens out. Any Multi-Hit Overdrives would be 
useful here. Her overdrive is Mega-Graviton which hits for 4374 damage but adds 
sleep, darkness, silence slow and Doom. If you could hit Yojimbo or Anima with 
ease then her evasion will not bother you. After this battle remember to fully 
heal yourself and restore your MP if it got below 500, there are no save 
spheres around. When you are ready head back to the lift to face Mindy.

Estimated HP - 2,000,000

Her Evasion is more on par with Yojimbo's so you may be missing some more 
attacks here. Her Passido's will kill off a character. Calamity cause Full 
Break and Curse and Mega-Graviton is the same as Sandy's. To be honest I think 
I landed two regular attacks on her and had to keep using Blitz Ace and Tornado 
to get any kind of offense on her so if you are struggling perhaps raise your 
luck even further than 75. The nice thing is only Mega-Graviton can kill all 
your characters so just keep them status free and you should do fine. When she 
is defeated head down the lift and go back to challenge Cindy!

Estimated HP - 3,000,000

Finally one without crazy evasion. Her Physical Attack hits for around 5000 and 
Camiside hits for 60,000+ as well as over 1,000 MP Damage so use those Turbo 
Ethers hanging around your inventory. Finally her overdrive is Mega-Graviton 
again which does 4374 damage and various status effects including Doom. Despite 
not having much evasion she doesn't have crazy high HP either so this battle 
shouldn't take very long. 

So if you decide to challenge them all together know that all when all three 
overdrive gauges fill up they will use Delta Attack which kills your characters 
and I'm pretty sure Auto-Life will not revive them (like Zanmato) so use an 
Aeon to block the attack. They also start with a full overdrive gauge so you 
either need Yuna to summon the Magus Sisters to block the attack or kill one 
off before they get a turn (which is extremely hard). The reason you need to 
summon the Magus Sisters is because Cindy initiates the overdrive but she 
usually gets the third of the sisters turn, meaning your Magus Sisters are the 
only ones that will survive the first two attacks by the other sisters.

Penance                                                                   |FX72
Estimated HP - 12,000,000

Penance is the super boss of the game and can only be fought after you defeat 
all the Dark Aeons. After you defeat the Dark Aeons Penance will become a 
location that you can choose from the Airship menu. 

So it was brought to my attention that Auto-Potion and Defense +20% give you an 
opportunity to defeat Penance without the use of Break HP Limit. You will need 
probably close to 60 X-Potions to do this or use trio of 9,999 and a few 
regular potions to make up a set of 60. 

Once you defeat all the Dark Aeons you can select Penance from the airship 
menu, which automatically triggers the battle.

My Recommendations: 
Strength, Defense, Agility and Accuracy at 255 with Luck around 80-100. Magic 
Defense does not matter as the attacks you will get hit by are all physical in 
nature. Armour with Auto-Protect, Auto-Haste, Auto-Potion and Defense +20% and 
at least 60 X-Potions. If you can mix trio of 9,999 you may want to bring about 
30-40 regular potions as they will get used first. Any extra potions or high 
potions need to be discarded since auto-potion works by going Potion-> Hi-
Potion -> X-Potion. Your entire team should know Quick Hit, Entrust, Guard and 
Dispel. You should bring a few Three Stars into this battle as well so that 
your MP Cost for Quick Hit is reduced to zero. You could heal your MP with a 
Turbo-Ether or Elixir but you may be wasting a critical turn later on in the 
battle, where as you will have some free turns near the beginning of the 
battle. Finally have everyone's overdrive gauge set of Comrade, most of 
Penances attacks will almost fully charge the gauge each attack.

Useful Mixes Include:
Hyper Nul-All: Lunar Curtain and Stamina or Mana Spring
Ultra Nul-All: Lunar Curtain and Healing Spring
Trio of 9999: 2 Wings to Discovery
Hot Spurs: Blessed Gem and Twin Stars
Eccentrick: Mana Tonic and Gamblers Spirit

The Battle:
The first phase of this battle involves the body using the attack Obliteration, 
which hits the team for over 9,000 but below 9,500 damage. As soon as Rikku 
gets a turn use trio of 9999 so that the potions that everyone throws heal for 
9,999 instead of 200, this is why I told you to bring 30-40 regular potions 
with you. Since your entire party gets hit that three potions per a Penance 
turn and you are not using dispel yet so trio of 9999 helps save your X-Potion 
supply. Now that we have covered healing in the first phase let's talk attack 
plan. You need to destroy the arms as soon as possible every chance you get 
throughout the whole battle. Much of your success here will come from never 
letting the arms gets a single attack in. They have something like 550,000 HP 
so you shouldn't have trouble getting enough attacks in to defeat them before 
they get a turn, though you can rarely miss them. Save your overdrives for 
instances where you will not get enough turns in before the arm gets a turn as 
a last ditch effort. Blitz Ace can hit for around 300,000, Tornado can hit for 
150,000-200,000 on all body parts and Wakka's Attack Balls (if you're using 
him) hit for 20,000 each hit (and hopefully you get 12 hits with it). If the 
Arms are both alive when the body gets a turn he will use Judgement Day which 
does 99,999 damage to the party, an instant game over.

Any who start with Quick Hits from everyone targeting both arms. When they are 
destroyed throw a Three Stars to reduce MP Cost (mostly of Quick Hit) to 0 and 
start chipping away at the body. Since your Auto-healing yourself your main 
priority is to keep attacking. The arms will eventually regenerate, as soon as 
they do refocus your attacks on them. Like I said earlier you need to stop them 
from ever attacking if you want to survive this fight. One of the arms has 
Mega-Graviton and since you no longer have any Ribbons equipped it would spell 
a certain game over for you if it hits. 

You will want to mix Trio of 9999, Hyper/Ultra Nul-All and Eccentrick in that 
order with your first few mixes with Rikku. This will prep you for the long 
run. Do this while in the first phase to make life easy for you.

In the second phase his lower shell drops off and he start using Immolation, 
This is your cue to start mixing Hyper and/or Ultra Nul-all. These will give 
you cheerx5 which further raises your defense to the point of surviving this 
attack. You will need lunar curtains and either stamina, mana or soul springs 
for hyper Nul-all and healing springs for Ultra Nul-all. With these up 
Immolation hits one character for 7,000 damage, over 1000mp damage and will 
inflict Armour and Mental break on them. Dispel Penances Haste as well which he 
gets when his shell drops off. 

You will need to dispel this character so that they can survive the next 
attack. From here it is just a lot of rinse and repeating. The Cheer should 
stay on through dispels so as long as you do not get KO'ed the extra Cheers, 
Three Stars, Trio of 9999 and Eccentrick should never go away. You can also use 
Guard to ensure a certain character gets hit by immolation therefore allowing 
you to manipulate who gets hit by what and help you control your mixes, dispels 
and overdrive charges. 

Remember if you need an overdrive to help finish off an Arm to entrust your 
overdrive to Tidus and have him fire off a Blitz Ace (if he didn't have one 
already). Again only use overdrives if you absolutely must because the recovery 
time for them is massive and in the long run you will do more damage quick 
hitting than you will with the overdrive.

He has something along the line of 12 million HP and the shell drops off before 
the half way mark so you have 7-8 million HP to contend with so prepare for a 
45 minute to 1 hour long battle. The nice thing is his evasion (if he has any) 
in not an issue at this point so all your attacks hit (Though the arms might 
avoid a few) but it is still 100 plus hits against the body, which takes time. 
As long as you enter this battle with a good set-up and never let the arms 
attack you should have no trouble winning this fight. Do not forget that you 
can flee/escape from this fight and will get some items if you do (for 
defeating the arms multiple times), if things start going bad this is a better 
option that getting a game over.

Winning this fight nets you a lot of Dark Matter, some Master Spheres and the 
Trophy "Perseverance". Congrats!

Customizing                                                               |FX73
After you reach Guadosalam you will have the ability to customize your weapons 
by adding abilities to empty slots in your gear. This is a great way to help 
adapt to different situations and allow yourself to get the upper hand in 
battles. Slow character? Try adding First Strike. Constantly getting Petrified? 
Add stone ward/proof to help deal with that.

Adding abilities requires a certain amount of a specific item to be used. For 
example adding Fireward requires that you use four Bomb Fragments to add the 
ability. The two best ways of collecting items are to steal them from enemies 
once you get characters to learn the Steal/Mug Commands as well as earning them 
as prizes from the Monster Arena side quest, though this applies more to 
advanced abilities. Below I will list all the abilities I found I could 
customize and what items/how many you need to make the addition. I may have 
missed one or two but not many. Any areas left blank mean I had not earned 
enough items to learn that skill and thus are not 100% sure of the requirement.

Once you defeat Belgemine in the Moonflow (or Remiem temple if you didn't win 
on the Moonflow) you will have the option to teach Aeons new skills. These work 
very similar in that you need to use items to teach these skills to the Aeons. 
For the most part your Aeons come fairly well equipped but none the less I will 
list all the skills you can learn and what items you need.
Character Weapons and Armour                                              |FX74
| Weapons |
Sensor             |Ability Sphere x2
Piercing           |LV.2 Key Sphere x1
First Strike       |Return Sphere x1
Initiative         |Chocobo Feather x6
Firestrike         |Bomb Fragment x4
Lightningstrike    |Electro Marble x4
Waterstrike        |Fish Scale x4
Icestrike          |Antarctic Wind x4
Darktouch          |Eye Drops x60
Darkstrike         |Smoke Bomb x20
Silencetouch       |Echo Screen x60
Silencestrike      |Silence Grenade x20
Sleeptouch         |Sleeping Powder x10
Sleepstrike        |Dream Powder x16
Poisontouch        |Antidote x99
Poisonstrike       |Poison Fang x24
Stonetouch         |Petrify Grenade x10
Stonestrike        |Petrify Grenade x60
Deathtouch         |Farplane Shadow x30
Deathstrike        |Farplane Wind x60
Zombietouch        |Holy Water x70
Zombiestrike       |Candle of Life x30
Slowtouch          |Silver Hourglass x16
Slowstrike         |Gold Hourglass x30
Distill Power      |Power Sphere x2
Distill Mana       |Mana Sphere x2
Distil Speed       |Speed Sphere x2
Distill Ability    |Ability Sphere x2
Strength +3%       |Power Sphere x3
Strength +5%       |Stamina Spring x2
Strength +10%      |Skill Sphere x1
Strength +20%      |Supreme Gem x4
Magic +3%          |Mana Sphere x3
Magic +5%          |Mana Spring x2
Magic +10%         |Blk Magic Sphere x1
Magic +20%         |Supreme Gem x4
Counterattack      |Friend Sphere x1
Evade and Counter  |Teleport Sphere x1
Magic Counter      |Shinning Gem x16
Magic Booster      |Turbo Ether x30
Alchemy            |Healing Water x4
Half MP Cost       |Twin Stars x20
One MP Cost        |Three Stars x20
Double AP          |Megalixir x20
Triple AP          |Wings to Discovery x30
Overdrive = AP     |Door to Tomorrow x10
SOS Overdrive      |Gambler's Spirit x20
Double Overdrive   |Underdog's Secret x30
Triple Overdrive   |Winning Formula x30
Gillionaire        |Designer Wallet x30
Break Damage Limit |Dark Matter x60

| Armours |
Fire Ward          |Bomb Fragment x4
Fireproof          |Bomb Core x8
Fire Eater         |Fire Gem x20
Lightning Ward     |Electro Marble x4
Lightningproof     |Lightning Marble x8
Lightning Eater    |Lightning Gem x20
Water Ward         |Fish Scale x4
Waterproof         |Dragon Scale x8
Water Eater        |Water Gem x20
Ice Ward           |Antarctic Wind x4
Iceproof           |Arctic Wind x8
Ice Eater          |Ice Gem x20
Dark Ward          |Eye Drops x40
Darkproof          |Smoke Bomb x10
Silence Ward       |Echo Screen x30
Silenceproof       |Silence Grenade x10
Sleep Ward         |Sleeping Powder x6
Sleepproof         |Dream Powder x8
Poison Ward        |Antidote x40
Poisonproof        |Poison Fang x12
Stone Ward         |Soft x30
Stoneproof         |Petrify Grenade x20
Death Ward         |Farplane Shadow x15
Deathproof         |Farplane Wind x60
Zombie Ward        |Holy Water x30
Zombieproof        |Candle of Life x10
Slow Ward          |Silver Hourglass x10
Slowproof          |Gold Hourglass x20
Confuse Ward       |Musk x16
Confuseproof       |Musk x48
Berserk Ward       |Hypello Potion x8
Berserkproof       |Hypello Potion x32
Curseproof         |Tetra Elemental x12
SOS NulBlaze       |Bomb Core x1
SOS NulShock       |Lightning Marble x1
SOS NulTide        |Dragon Scale x1
SOS NulFrost       |Arctic Wind x1
SOS Shell          |Lunar Curtain x8
SOS Protect        |Light Curtain x8
SOS Reflect        |Star Curtain x8
SOS Haste          |Chocobo Feather x20
SOS Regen          |Healing Spring x12
Auto-Shell         |Lunar Curtain x80
Auto-Protect       |Light Curtain x70
Auto-Reflect       |Star Curtain x40
Auto-Haste         |Chocobo Wing x80
Auto-Regen         |Healing Spring x80
Defense +3%        |Power Sphere x3
Defense +5%        |Stamina Spring x2
Defense +10%       |Special Sphere x1
Defense +20%       |Blessed Gem x4
Magic Def +3%      |Mana sphere x3
Magic Def +5%      |Mana Spring x2
Magic Def +10%     |White Magic Sphere x1
Magic Def +20%     |Blessed Gem x4
HP +5%             |X-Potion x1
HP +10%            |Soul Spring x3
HP +20%            |Elixir x5
HP+30%             |Stamina Tonic x1
MP +5%             |Ether x1
MP +10%            |Soul Spring x3
MP +20%            |Elixir x5
MP +30%            |Mana Tonic x1
Auto-Potion        |Stamina Tablet x4
Auto-Med           |Remedy x20
Auto-Phoenix       |Mega Phoenix x20
Pickpocket         |Amulet x30
Master Thief       |Pendulum x30
HP Stroll          |Stamina Tablet x2
MP Stroll          |Mana Tablet x2
No Encounters      |Purifying Salt x30
Break MP Limit     |Three Star x30
Break HP Limit     |Wings to Discovery x30
Ribbon             |Dark Matter x99

Aeon Skills                                                               |FX75

Dark Attack        |Smoke Bomb x6
Silence Attack     |Silence Grenade x3
Sleep Attack       |Sleeping Powder x3
Dark Buster        |Smoke Bomb x12
Silence Buster     |Silence Grenade x10
Sleep Buster       |Sleeping Powder x10
Zombie Attack      |Holy Water x99
Triple Foul        |Skill Sphere x4
Delay Attack       |Silver Hourglass x20
Delay Buster       |Gold Hourglass x30
Extract Power      |Power Sphere x20
Extract Mana       |Mana Sphere x20
Extract Speed      |Speed Sphere x20
Extract Ability    |Ability Sphere x20
Power Break        |Stamina Spring x8
Magic Break        |Mana Spring x4
Amour Break        |LV.2 Key Sphere x2
Mental Break       |Shining Thorn x4
Full Break         |Dark Matter x2
Pray               |Healing Water x5
Cheer              |Power Sphere x5
Aim                |Speed Sphere x5
Focus              |Mana Sphere x10
Reflex             |Speed Sphere x10
Luck               |Fortune Sphere x2
Jinx               |Fortune Sphere x2
Lancet             |Soul Spring x20
Doublecast         |Three Stars x5
Cure               |Hi-Potion x99
Cura               |X-Potion x30
Curaga             |Mega-Potion x60
NulBlaze           |Bomb Fragment x2
NulShock           |Electro Marble x2
NulTide            |Fish Scale x2
NulFrost           |Antarctic Wind x2
Scan               |Ability Sphere x10
Life               |Elixir x8
Full-Life          |Megalixir x1
Haste              |Chocobo Feather x10
Hastega            |Chocobo Wing x16
Slow               |Silver Hourglass x4
Slowga             |Gold Hourglass x9
Shell              |Lunar Curtain x4
Protect            |Light Curtain x6
Reflect            |Star Curtain x3
Dispel             |Purifying Salt x3
Regen              |Healing Spring x60
Holy               |Blessed Gem x60
Fire               |Bomb Fragment x1
Thunder            |Electro Marble x1
Water              |Fish Scale x1
Blizzard           |Antarctic Wind x1
Fira               |Bomb Core x2
Thundara           |Lightning Marble x2
Watera             |Dragon Scale x2
Blizzara           |Arctic Wind x2
Firaga             |Fire Gem x4
Thundaga           |Lightning Gem x4
Waterga            |Water Gem x4
Blizzaga           |Ice Gem x4
Bio                |Poison Fang x8
Demi               |Shadow Gem x8
Death              |Farplane Shadow x30
Drain              |Stamina Spring x60
Osmose             |Mana Spring x10
Flare              |Shining Gem x60
Ultima             |Supreme Gem x99

Blitzball (Very Basic Overview)                                           |FX76
I'm not going into everything there is to know about Blitzball, there is a lot. 
The few things I want to talk about are prizes, the special shots and the 

The best prizes you will win that will affect the main non-blitzball part of 
the game include Wakka's Slot overdrives, Wakka's Sigil, Dark Matter and Return 
Spheres. Everything else is either a small item like an Ether or X-Potion or a 
Blitzball tech (which are actually pretty useful if you like playing blitz). 
I'll say it now this is not a good way to earn Dark Matter and while return 
spheres are nice there are also better ways of getting those. As far as 
blitzball goes if you don't like it play until you earn the Overdrives and 
Wakka's Sigil then retire from the game. If you do enjoy the game many of the 
top prizes after the Sigil will be blitz related prizes like the Jecht Shot 2, 
Anti-Venom (and all the related skills), Elite Defense, etc. 

The special shots include the Jecht Shot and Jecht Shot 2 which can only be 
learned by Tidus and the Aurochs Shot which can only be learned by Wakka (if 
you recruit him from the Airship). These are exclusive and no other player 
can/will learn these skills. Everything else is fair game and depends on the 
final tech list and Key Techniques learned of each individual player.

If you missed the Jecht Shot the first time you can go back to the S.S. Winno 
and try the mini-game again. Complete it to earn the Jecht Shot. The Jecht Shot 
2 will be a blitz prize after Tidus gets to lv.16 and will require Tidus to 
have learned all three of his Key Techniques (Venom Tackle, Drain Tackle 2 and 
Anti-Venom 2) to be able to teach it to him. I believe Wakka's skill has the 
same parameters as far as learning the skill goes, but I don't use Wakka enough 
to confirm this.

Player Locations
This is by no means a complete list of players but more so players that I know 
of and like using every now and again. They are broken down by area and the 
position they are "meant" to play is in brackets net to their name. FW means 
forward, MF means Mid Field, DF means Defense and GL mean goalie.

Vilucha (FW) - She can be found outside the first tent on the right as you 
enter the village.

Kilika Port
Tatts (MF) - Shirtless guy just south of where the boats are, sitting on some 

Larbeight (FW) - The Kilika Beasts forward is found on the dock just right of 
the boat landing.

Varoja (MF) - The Kilika Beasts midfielder is found swimming in the water to 
the right of the boat landing.

Kulukan (DF) - The Kilika Beasts defender in located in the bar, which is the 
house right next to the save point. She is the bartender.

Isken (FW) - The Kilika Beasts forward is found in the last house before 
entering the Kilika Jungle. 

Kilika Temple
Mep (MF) - when entering the temple you will see three doors with the middle on 
going down, he is the Monk in the room to the left.

Nizarut (GL) - The Kilika Beats goalie is found in the Temple Great Hall.

Deim (DF) - The Kilika Beasts defender is found in the Temple Great Hall.

Biggs (FW) - Standing Guard to the entrance of the spectator area between the 
two locker rooms. He is the guy on the left.

Wedge (FW) - Standing Guard to the entrance of the spectator area between the 
two locker rooms. He is the one on the right.

Besaid Aurochs - All the Besaid Aurochs (Datto, Letty, Jassu, Botta and Keepa) 
are located in the locker room on the right, it's the same place you used 
during the game.

Luca Goers - All the Luca Goers (Bickerson, Abus, Gravv, Doram, Balgera, Raudy) 
as located on dock number 3. 

Ronso Fangs - All the Ronso Fangs (Basik, Argai, Ganza, Nuvy, Irga, Zamzi) are 
located on dock number 4.

Zev Ronso (GL) -This Ronso in located on Dock number 5.

Nedus (FW) - This Al Bhed player is found on Dock number 1.

Shammi (FW) - Luca, Bridge. She is the women in yellow in front of the camera 
man (like a reporter). 

Zalitz (DF) - North of the Bridge area, he is sitting on the ledge to the right 
of the screen when you enter. 

Jumal (GL) - Luca, Square. He is sitting on a bench on the left of the monument 
in the middle of this area.

Shu (DF) - Shu is inside the cafe you visit during the story, she is on the 
right. I have her listed as defense since the Luca Goers recruited her as a 
defense player, but her stats are more midfield/forward in my opinion. 

Mi'ihen Highroad
Ropp (DF) - He is the male counter attendant in the travel Agency. 

Djose Temple
Kyou (DF/GL) - He can be found on the bridge south of the temple entrance. He 
is wearing blue cloths and one of those weird face masks. At low levels his 
catch is high enough (12 or 13) to be a decent goalie until you get to the 
lv.15's or so, afterwards you should move him to defense.

Miyu - She is found on the North Bank just left of the shoopuf area. She is in 
red armour. 

Guado Glories - All the Guado Glories (Giera, Zazi, Nav, Pah, Auda, Noy) are 
located around Guadosalam, should not be hard to find them.

Yuma Guado - He is in the house to the Right of where you can find Giera Guado, 
at the back of the house. 

Macalania Temple
Svanda - She is located on the front steps leading from the ice bridge to the 
main hall of Macalania Temple.

Calm Lands
Naida - She is the Attendant at the counter of the travel agency in the middle 
of the Calm Lands.

Brother (MF) - He is the guy piloting the airship.

Wakka (FW) - You should be able to find Wakka quite easily.

Rin (MF) - You should be able to find Rin quite easily.

Al Bhed Psychs - The Al Bhed Psychs (Eigaar, Blappa, Berrik, Lakkam, Judda, 
Nimrook) are all located in the room to the North of where Rin and Kimahri are 
Right after the events from Luca if you are looking for a quick team to earn 
Attack Reels and Status Reels (you probably can't learn Aurochs Reels for a 
while) I recommend Tidus, Shammi, Letty, Zaltz, Jassu and Jumal while switching 
Jassu for Ropp when you get to the Mi'ihen travel agency. Even an inexperienced 
player will have a shot at winning every game with this early game set up.

Overdrives                                                                |FX77
Overdrives are powerful attacks that are unique to a specific character. Each 
character has a set of overdrives they can learn and requirements to learn 
those overdrives as well. Aeons also have overdrives but because they only have 
one (except Valefor who has two) I won't bother listing them here. Below are 
all the character overdrives, what they do and how to earn them.

Character Overdrives                                                      |FX78
Tidus - Swordplay
Tidus' overdrives activate a bat with a sliding icon that you need to stop in 
the middle area to get the added effect to trigger. You have a set time limit 
to do this and can try as many times in the time limit to get the cursor to 
stop in the middle but once the timer is up you lose out on the added effect.

Spiral Cut - Deal damage to a single enemy, added effect of extra damage.

Slice and Dice - Deal damage to all enemies with three separate hits, added 
effect of an additional three hits (for six total) to all enemies.

Energy Rain - Deals damage to all enemies. Added effect of additional damage.

Blitz Ace - Deals eight hits of damage to a single enemy, added effect of a 
ninth more powerful hit.

To learn more overdrives you have to perform his already learned overdrives. 
The numbers listed are total overdrives and include the previous number.

Slice and Dice - Use ten overdrives.

Energy Rain - Use thirty overdrives (Twenty more from Slice and Dice).

Blitz Ace - Use eighty overdrives (Fifty more from Energy Rain).

Yuna - Grand Summon

Yuna's overdrive summons an Aeon with a full overdrive gauge. She can Grand 
Summon any Aeons that she has in her possession. Earn more Aeons to get more 
overdrive options here.

Wakka - Slots
Wakka's Slots trigger a slot machine to show up. Ideally you want to line up 
three in a row of whatever you're spinning to get the maximum effect. He has 
four sets of Reels, the first one you start with and the remaining three you 
need to win playing Blitzball.

Elemental Reels - The four elements are represented by their respective colours 
here. Lining up three in a row gives you an elemental attack against all 
enemies, two of the same gives you an elemental attack against one enemy and 
three different elements gives you a basic attack against one enemy.

Attack Reels - There are three icons: 1 hit, two hits and miss. Lining up three 
"Two Hits" nets you twelve hits against all enemies, three "One Hit' gets you 
six hits against all enemies and any combination on one and two hits gets you 
the sum of those numbers (2,1,1 =4 Hits). This is the first blitzball prize you 
can earn.

Status Reels - Hits the enemy with a status effect. Three different logos does 
normal damage, two of the same hits a single enemy with that status and three 
of a kind hits all enemies with that status effect. This is the second 
blitzball prize you can earn. Wakka needs to be involved in I believe its 250 

Aurochs Reels - This is a combination of status and element reels with an added 
bonus flashing logo. The element and status icons behave as before, the Aurochs 
symbols are unique. Land three and you will hit all enemies with a very 
powerful attack, looks like it hits for twice the normal damage. Lining up only 
two Aurochs logos does not do anything special, just a regular overdrive hit 
against a single enemy. This if the final overdrive prize in blitzball and I 
believe Wakka needs to be involved in 450 battles before you can earn it as a 

When you earn the Aurochs Reels you will get the trophy "Blitzball Master".

Lulu - Fury
Lulu's overdrive allows her to cast a flurry of magic spells at once. Each 
spell hits for only about a third of its normal power but can be used while 
under silence. You have to rotate the right stick around during a timer to 
determine how many times she will cast a spell, the higher her magic the easier 
it is to spin the stick. However the stranger the spell the harder it is. Fire 
Fury will have more casts than Fira Fury as an example. She can do this with 
all the black magic skills as she learns them. I find eight to be the normal 
number for most spells outside of Ultima and Flare so there is still some use 
over using her overdrive vs. just casting the spell. Don't forget even though 
they are part of Wakka's path Drain and Osmose are black magic's and can be 
used with her overdrive.

Fire Fury, Thunder Fury, Water Fury, Blizzard Fury
Fira Fury, Thundara Fury, Watera Fury, Blizzara Fury, Drain Fury, Osmose Fury
Firaga Fury, Thundaga Fury, Waterga Fury, Blizzaga Fury
Bio Fury, Demi Fury, Death Fury, Flare Fury, Ultima Fury

Kimahri - Ronso Rage
Kimahri Learns overdrives by using "Lancet" on enemies that have a learnable 
skill. The following is a list of skill and enemies that you can learn them 
from. With the exception of Nova remember that you can fight enemies and learn 
skills from them in the monster area so near the end of the game this is an 
easy way to learn his overdrives if you haven't already.

You can also learn eight of the ten skills from Biran and Yenke when you fight 
them on Mt. Gagazet. They are as follows:
From Yenke you can learn: Stone Breath, Aqua Breath, Fire Breath, White Wind.
From Biran you can learn: Self-Destruct, Thrust Kick, Doom and Might Guard.

Jump - Damage to a single enemy. You start with this.

Flame Breath - Deal Fire damage to all enemies. Learn from Dual Horn, Valaha, 
Grendel, Yenke Ronso.

Seed Cannon - Single damage to an enemy. You learn this automatically.

Self-Destruct - Deals massive damage but causes the character to be removed 
from the battle (cannot revive). Learn from Bomb, Grenade, Puroboros, Biran 

Thrust Kick - Ejects an enemy from battle. Learn from Biran Yenke.

Stone Breath - Petrifies all enemies. Learn from Demonolith, Yenke Ronso.

Aqua Breath - Water damage to all enemies. Learn from Chimera, Chimera Brain, 
Chimerageist, Yenke Ronso. 

Doom - Cast Doom on one enemy. Learn from Ghost, Wraith, Biran Ronso.

White Wind - Recover half your max HP to all party members. Learn from Dark 
Flan, Yenke Ronso.

Bad Breath - Causes all kinds of status ailments on all enemies. Learn from 
Malboro, Great Malboro.

Mighty Guard - Casts Protect, Shell. Learn from Behemoth, Behemoth King, Biran 

Nova - Causes massive damage against all enemies. Learn from Omega Weapon, 

When you get all twelve you will get the trophy "Learning".

Auron - Bushido
Auron's Overdrives require you to input a button sequence within the time limit 
to trigger the added effect. The sequence appear for you and never changes so 
outside of the first few times you use an overdrive you will not have any 
difficulty with this. 

Dragon Fang - Deals damage to all enemies, added effect of Delay attack.
Shooting Star - Damages a single enemy, added effect of Eject.
Banishing Blade - Damages an Enemy, added effect of Full Break
Tornado - Damages all enemies, added effect of a second hit on the enemies.

Auron learns overdrives as you collect Jecht Sphere's the first one will get 
you Shooting Star, three gets you Banishing Blade and all Ten get you Tornado. 
The locations are as follows:
- After the Spherimorph battle you will obtain the first one.
- Besaid Island, Village. Next to the temple entrance (the grass on the right).
- S.S. Liki, Bridge. On the floor behind the captain. 
- Luca, Basement A. It is just outside of the Besaid Aurochs locker room. 
- Mi'ihen Highroad, Old Road. At the end of the Old Road where you get the Mars
- Mushroom Rock, Precipice. It is south of the save sphere before the command
  center where you should have talked to Luzzu during the story.
- Moonflow, South Wharf. The area left of the crossing to the north.
- Thunder Plains, South. Midway on the south plain, a little to the right. A
  lightning tower is right beside it.
- Macalania Woods entrance, just right of the save sphere.
- Gagazet, Mountain Trail. In a dead end area on the right side of the screen.
  You can get this on your first trip through here.

When you collect all ten you will receive the Trophy "Messenger from the Past".

Rikku - Mix
Rikku can mix two different items together to create a new item or effect. 
There are far too many items for me to find and list and even more ways of 
making those items so either experiment for yourself or look up a Rikku Mix 

Overdrive Modes                                                           |FX79
Overdrive modes change the rate and conditions that your characters overdrive 
gauges charge at. Learning them requires you to complete the action that you 
would get an increase in overdrive for. An example being you need to cause 
damage to an enemy to unlock Warrior, which charges when you deal damage.

Note that each character need to spend a different amount of turns/actions to 
earn each overdrive. This means Tidus may need to cause damage 100 times while 
Yuna needs to cause damage 60 times (those are not the actual numbers just 
random to prove a point). As a general rule of thumb more turns or actions are 
required by character that are "naturally inclined" to a specific role. Again 
as an example Tidus attacks more and requires more for Warrior while Yuna heals 
more and requires more turns healing to Unlock healer than Tidus. I did not 
count the turns for each character because A) I don't use all characters and B) 
it would be very time consuming for me. I am aware that a few are missing, but 
I haven't unlocked them yet. 

Stoic - Charges when an enemy damages that character. Default overdrive mode. 

Warrior - Charges gauge as you deal damage.

Comrade - Charges gauge when other party members take damage.

Healer - Charges gauge when you heal allies.

Victim - Charges gauge when character gets hit with a status effect.

Avenger - Charges gauge when allies are KO'ed. 

Slayer - Charges gauge when character defeats an enemy.

Hero - Charges gauge when character defeats a strong foe. 

Victor - Charges gauge when the party wins a battle.

Ally - Charges gauge on characters turn.

Sufferer - Charges while character suffers status ailments.

Daredevil - Charges gauge on turns where the characters HP is low.

Rook - Charges when character magically blocks attacks. (Note this means 
nullifying status effects and/or elemental damage)

Key Item Locations                                                        |FX80
Need to find a Key Item? Here is where to look!

Cloudy Mirror - Win the chocobo race at Remiem Temple without opening any 
chests to win this.

Celestial Mirror - Take the Cloudy Mirror to the power up area in Macalania (on 
the crystal path) to turn the Cloudy Mirror into the Celestial Mirror.

Withered Bouquet - Found in the submerged ruins, it is part of the story.

Flint - Found in the submerged ruins, it is part of the story.

Summoner's Soul - Given to you for beating Belgemine on the Moonflow.

Aeon's Soul - Given to you for defeating Valefor in the Remiem temple.

Jecht's Sphere - Obtained after you defeat Spherimorph.

Rusty Sword - Can be found in the Calm Lands Gorge area (I think it's called 
Valley). The entrance to the cavern of the Stolen Fayth is to the left but take 
the path on the Right to find the sword at the end of the path.

Sun Crest - Found in Zanarkand - The Beyond. If you do not grab it the first 
time you visit you need to defeat Dark Bahamut to get access to it again.

Sun Sigil - Win the Chocobo Catcher race with a time better than 0:0:0 to earn 
this Sigil.

Moon Crest - Found in Besaid - Beach. Swim in the water and find a small land 
inlet to the right of where Tidus wakes up to find a chest with this Crest in 

Moon Sigil - Defeat all of Belgemine's Aeons at Remiem Temple and send her to 
obtain this Sigil.

Mars Crest - Found in a chest at the end of the Mi'ihen Old road.

Mars Sigil - Given as a prize after unlocking ten different creations in the 
Monster Arena.

Saturn Crest - Found on Mt. Gagazet just past where you fight the boss, it is 
hiding between some pillars to the left.

Saturn Sigil - Complete both Butterfly challenges after you obtain the Airship. 
When you finish the second one you will receive this Sigil as your prize.

Jupiter Crest - Found in Luca - Basement A in the Aurochs locker room. Search 
the lockers in this area to find this in one of them.

Jupiter Sigil - Won as a blitzball prize after obtaining Aurochs Reels.

Venus Crest - Found in Guadosalam on the Farplane in the only chest here.

Venus Sigil - Dodge 200 lightning bolts in a row on the Thunder Plains to 
receive this Sigil as a prize.

Mercury Crest - Found in Sanubia Desert - West in a chest on the left side of 
the map.

Mercury Sigil - Complete the Cactuar quest in Bikanel - West. It is in a chest 
in the Cactuar Valley.

Al Bhed Primer vol. I - Salvage Ship, in the top right corner. If you miss this 
you can get in again in the Sanubia Desert. Can also be found in the Sanubia 
Desert - Oasis.

Al Bhed Primer vol. II - Besaid Village, in the Crusader's Lodge on the floor 
where you walk in.

Al Bhed Primer vol. III - S.S. Liki in the power room, on the floor to the 
right. Can also be found in the Sanubia Desert - Oasis.

Al Bhed Primer vol. IV - Kilika, in the bar to the North of where the boat 
lands. Check the counter.

Al Bhed Primer vol. V - S.S. Winno, in the bridge behind the captain. Can also 
be found in the Sanubia Desert - East.

Al Bhed Primer vol. VI - Luca, left side locker rooms on the floor. Look about 
midway down.

Al Bhed Primer vol. VII - Luca, on the counter in the theatre area. This is 
three screens north of the bridge area.

Al Bhed Primer vol. VIII - Mi'ihen Highroad, Received from Rin in the Travel 

Al Bhed Primer vol. IX - Mi'ihen Highroad, North New Road. It is on the ground 
after the bridges heading north.

Al Bhed Primer vol. X - Mushroom Rock, Precipice look around a dead end path 
that curls around to the left of the lift. This is the area after the Ravine 

Al Bhed Primer vol. XI - Djose Highroad, midway down the path look to the right 
(or south) of the screen to find this on the ground next to a spiky looking 

Al Bhed Primer vol. XII - Moonflow, North Wharf. After getting off the shoopuf 
look around the spinning thing on the elevated platform to find this one.

Al Bhed Primer vol. XIII - Guadosalam, enter the house on the far left to find 
this on the ground.

Al Bhed Primer vol. XIV - Thunder Plains, talk to Rin and tell him your study 
is going "Good" to receive this one. Can also be found in the Sanubia Desert - 

Al Bhed Primer vol. XV - Macalania Woods, X path. Look to the right of the 
screen just below the pathway to the crystal walkway. 

Al Bhed Primer vol. XVI - Lake Macalania, look just to the left of the Travel 
Agency doors to find this on the ground.

Al Bhed Primer vol. XVII - Sanubia Desert - Central in the ruins to the left 
(where the stronger fiends are). It is inside the ruins not outside.

Al Bhed Primer vol. XVIII - Sanubia Desert - Central. Head north from the save 
sphere and look around the sign you see before heading to the next area.


Al Bhed Primer vol. XIX - Home, as soon as you find Home after the scenes look 
to the left to find it on the ground.

Al Bhed Primer vol. XX - Home, after getting attacked by the Horned Beast move 
forward a bit, then go back to turn the camera around and reveal a room that 
has this Primer in it. (This is in the same area as the three-way split, but 
you have to turn around to find the extra rooms). It is on the right of the 

Al Bhed Primer vol. XXI - Home, at the end of the hall with the three way 
split, take the right path which is the side opposite the save sphere.

Al Bhed Primer vol. XXII - Bevelle, after the party flees the wedding area look 
on the ground when entering the Trials. It should be just right of where Auron 
is standing. This is the area after the spiral staircase and waterfall. There 
is a save sphere here so do not advance past it until you have this one.

Al Bhed Primer vol. XXIII - Calm Lands, Far North West area near the edge of a 
cliff. This is left of the slope to get the Caladbolg sword, if you know where 
that is.

Al Bhed Primer vol. XXIV - Remiem Temple, left side around the temple where the 
champion chocobo sits. If you don't know what I'm talking about find the save 
point outside the temple and head left to the end.

Al Bhed Primer vol. XXV - Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, the left most dead end 
when moving left of the save sphere. Search around the area you can't see to 
pick this one up.

Al Bhed Primer vol. XXVI - Omega Ruin, where the four chests are before the 
lift to Ultima Weapon. Look around the light pillar on the top left part of the 

Blossom Crown - Awarded as a prize for capturing one of each type of fiend on 
Mt. Gagazet from the Monster Arena.

Flower Sceptre - Defeat Belgemine's Bahamut in the Remiem Temple to get this.

Mark of Conquest - Defeat Nemesis to earn this.

Trophies                                                                  |FX81
Trophies have been added to the game to give gamers a little more to strive for 
if they so choose. Some are basic and earned throughout the game while others 
have very specific requirements to obtain. 

There are a total of 34 Trophies: 1 Platinum / 5 Gold / 8 Silver and 20 Bronze.

Trophy List                                                               |FX82

Completion (Platinum)
Obtain all available trophies.

Speaking in Tongues (Bronze)
Find 1 Al Bhed Primer

Teamwork! (Bronze)
Win a Blitzball match

The Right Thing (Bronze)
Clear the Besaid Cloister of Trials

A Talent for Acquisition (Bronze)
Steal successfully with Rikku 200 times

All Together (Bronze)
All party members come together

Heartstrings (Bronze)
View the "Underwater Date" scene

Show Off! (Bronze)
Win a Blitzball tournament

Striker (Bronze)
Learn the Jecht Shot

Chocobo License (Bronze)
Pass all the Chocobo training

Overcoming the Past (Bronze)
Defeat Yunalesca

The Destination of Hatred (Bronze)
Defeat Seymour Omnis

Lightning Dancer (Bronze)
Dodge 200 lightning strikes and obtain the reward

Feel the Pain (Bronze)
Obtain Anima

It's All About the Money (Bronze)
Obtain Yojimbo

Delta Attack! (Bronze)
Obtain the Magus Sisters

Theater Enthusiast (Bronze)
Buy every sphere at the Luca Theater

Chocobo Rider (Bronze)
Win a race with a catcher chocobo with a total time of 0:0:0

Power Strike (Bronze)
Do 9999 damage or more in a single attack

Under the Table (Bronze)
Spend 100,000 gil or more in bribes

Messenger from the Past (Bronze)
Obtain all Jecht Spheres

Mega Strike (Silver)
Deal 99999 damage with one attack

Chocobo Master (Silver)
Get 5 treasures during the Chocobo Race at Remiem Temple and win the race

Sphere Master (Silver) 
Complete a Sphere Grid for one character

Blitzball Master (Silver)
Unlock all slot reels

Learning! (Silver)
Learn to use all enemy abilities

Summon Master (Silver)
Obtain all Aeons

Weapon Master (Silver)
Obtain all Celestial Weapons

Master Linguist (Gold)
Find all 26 Al Bhed Primers

Perfect Sphere Master (Gold)
Complete the Sphere Grid for all main characters

Perseverance (Gold)
Defeat Penance

Overcoming the Nemesis (Gold)
Defeat Nemesis

The Eternal Calm (Gold)
Defeat Yu Yevon

A Journey's Catalyst (Silver)
View "Eternal Calm"

Note for Sphere Master and Perfect Sphere Master you need to activate every 
node on the grid, even the empty ones by filling them in with Attribute 
Spheres. You do not need to activate (highlight) every pathway but you need 
EVERY node filled in and activated on the grid to get these trophies. All the 
other trophies are pretty self-explanatory. 

Credits                                                                   |FX83
Gamefaqs for hosting this.

Rliberty96 from Gamefaqs for the Onion Knights abilities when powered up.

Madness for his help with the HP values of the Dark Aeons, Penance, 
Spherimorph, Sinspawn Echuilles, Ultima Weapon, the Omega Ruins chest mini-game 
and all the HP values of Belegmine's Aeons in the Remiem Temple.

"X" for giving me info on the little girl in Kilika and the extra Potions in 
the S.S. Liki.

Deivydshockk for the tip about the Ether in the Submerged Ruins.

"Dave" for the tip on using Stonestrike for monster hunting.

Mallow and papercut for pointing out the LV.4 Key Sphere in Home.

Version History / Contacting Me                                           |FX84
Version 1.3 - Released May 5th, 2015
     Added a few reader tips and things I missed, added the extra stuff that
     was added to the PS4 version. I will not be purchasing the PS4 version as
     it is the same game with a few minor tweaks.

Version 1.2 - Released November 4th, 2014
     Added more content to the Dark Aeons section (since I battled them all
     again), added a few other minor things and fixed a fair amount of typos
     and other general errors. Added a link to my YouTube account for those 
     interested in video over text. I also was contacted by Madness and sent
     a ton of information including Dark Aeon HP's and the Omega Ruins treasure

Version 1.1 - Released June 16th, 2014
     Added the Penance and Nemesis fights, finished up the Overdrives
     Customizations, Lulu's Onion Knight Skills and Monster Arena info. With
     exception to corrections that need to be made this is most likely the
     final version with no new original content being added past this point. 

Version 1.0 - Released May 7th, 2014
     Added the Dark Aeons, Customizing List, Key Items, Blitzball, Overdrives
     and separated the guide into two making this exclusively FFX HD material.

Version 0.8 - Released April 19, 2014
     Includes main guide, celestial weapons, extra areas, some monster arena,
     Trophies and no Dark Aeons.

If you wish to contact me feel free to use the email at the top of the guide: 
beefybuffalo (at) live (dot) com to get in touch with me. I don't usually 
accept alternate strategies for bosses, but if you noticed something I missed 
(like a boss weak to Silence that uses magic for example) feel free to let me 
know about that. Otherwise if you notice any spelling mistakes or general 
errors let me know so I can try to clean up the guide a little.

If you do contact me for any of the above reasons leave a name or alias (such 
as a GameFaqs username) that I can credit you by as I will never publish 
anyone's email address but my own. 

The End

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