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by KeyBlade999

Table of Contents

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FFX-2 FAQ/Walkthrough by KeyBlade999

Version: v1.60 | Updated: 09/20/15

Table of Contents

  1. Notes on This FAQ (READ!)
  2. Donations
  3. Introduction
  4. Walkthrough
    1. 100% Flowchart
    2. Prologue
    3. Chapter 1
    4. Chapter 2
    5. Chapter 3
    6. Chapter 4
    7. Chapter 5
    8. Last Mission: Iutycyr Tower
  5. Creature Create
    1. The Basics
    2. Creature Build-Up
    3. The Colosseum
    4. Creature Stat Comparisons
    5. Creature Create Stat Growth
  6. Enemy Bestiary
    1. Basic Stats - Main Game
    2. In-Depth Stats - Main Game
    3. Basic Stats - Colosseum
    4. In-Depth Stats - Colosseum
    5. Enemy Bribery
    6. Gunner's Gauntlet Foes
  7. Garment Grid Data
    1. Sectional Format
    2. Abominable
    3. Bitter Farewell
    4. Black Tabard
    5. Blood of the Beast
    6. Bum Rush
    7. Chaos Maelstrom
    8. Conflagration
    9. Covenant of Growth
    10. Covetous
    11. Disaster in Bloom
    12. Downtrodder
    13. Enigma Plate
    14. First Steps
    15. Flash of Steel
    16. Font of Power
    17. Healing Light
    18. Healing Wind
    19. Heart of Flame
    20. Heart Reborn
    21. Helios Guard
    22. Higher Power
    23. Highroad Winds
    24. Horn of Plenty
    25. Hour of Need
    26. Howling Wind
    27. Ice Queen
    28. Immortal Soul
    29. Intrepid
    30. Last Resort
    31. Megiddo
    32. Menace of the Deep
    33. Mercurial Strike
    34. Mortal Coil
    35. Mounted Assault
    36. Peerless
    37. Pride of the Sword
    38. Protection Halo
    39. Raging Giant
    40. Ray of Hope
    41. Restless Sleep
    42. Sacred Beast
    43. Salvation Promised
    44. Samurai's Honor
    45. Scourgebane
    46. Seething Cauldron
    47. Selene Guard
    48. Shining Mirror
    49. Still of Night
    50. Stonehewn
    51. Strength of One
    52. Supreme Light
    53. Tempered Will
    54. Tetra Master
    55. The End
    56. Thunder Spawn
    57. Treasure Hunt
    58. Tricks of the Trade
    59. Undying Storm
    60. Unerring Path
    61. Unwavering Guard
    62. Valiant Lustre
    63. Vanguard
    64. White Signet
    65. Wishbringer
  8. Dressphere Data
    1. Sectional Format
    2. Alchemist
    3. Berserker
    4. Black Mage
    5. Dark Knight
    6. Festivalist
    7. Gun Mage
    8. Gunner
    9. Lady Luck
    10. Mascot
    11. Psychic
    12. Samurai
    13. Songstress
    14. Thief
    15. Trainer
    16. Warrior
    17. White Mage
    18. Floral Fallal (Yuna's Special)
    19. Full Throttle (Paine's Special)
    20. Machina Maw (Rikku's Special)
    21. Blue Bullet Skills
    22. Mix List
    23. Last Mission Dressphere Stat Growth
  9. Items Listings
    1. Consumables
    2. Battle Items
    3. Gunner's Gauntlet Items
    4. Accessories
  10. Shop Details
    1. Quick Jump
    2. The Full List
  11. Trophy Guide
    1. Quick Listing
    2. Detailed Guide
  12. Credits
  13. Version History
  14. Legalities

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  • Game: Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster (from the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster)
  • Consoles: PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita
  • File Type: Formatted FAQ/Walkthrough
  • Author: KeyBlade999 (a.k.a. Daniel Chaviers)
  • Version: v1.60
  • Time of Update: 5:41 PM 9/20/2015
  • File Size: 3,149 KB

Notes on This FAQ (READ!)

  • Display: This is mostly going to regard the somewhat-large Table of Contents. Basically, if you find the ToC inhibiting to your view, or don't like having to search through multiple pages, there is a way to get it all on one page! It won't look very pretty, though; hit the End button on your keyboard or just scroll to the end of the page, then opt to view the file as a single printable (you don't have to print) page. It won't look very pretty, but it suffices. I personally prefer to look at this FAQ in the paginated form that it is in. (It's not me forcing this, by the way; it's how GameFAQs works as of late. =/)

  • Nature of the Walkthrough: Not sure if it matters, but it's actually come up at some points. Yes, this walkthrough is intended to get you to 100% completion of the game. Those desiring 100% completion will likely have to follow this FAQ start to end to get everything, because even the most minor of details sometimes (although I tend to note them as often as possible) will affect the completion rate. 100% completion has no actual benefit other than obtaining a special ending to the game, but, to some, that extra scene may be worth it. And, yes, there are parts that can be missed if you do certain things in certain areas and avoid others, effectively stopping you from getting 100%. You'll just have to be careful and do pretty much what the walkthrough dictates. For the record, other than myself, I've gotten confirmations of 100% completion via this guide from other users, so it should work. And also keep in mind that I will not answer e-mails regarding "I'm not lined up with your checkpoints". If you're not lined up, you either did not do everything or did not do everything in the right order: there is no other conclusion than that. In that case, it's your own fault and I am unable to help you deal with that as I am not playing your game and thus do not know what you have or have not done. This guide has been confirmed multiple times to give you 100%, so any screw-ups are those of your own. I don't like having to say it like that, but I cannot be constantly memorizing every game I write FAQs for, and neither can I have people shipping me their games whenever they mess up (yes, it has been offered in the past); I am but one person with several hundred other FAQs to manage in addition to this one. The best thing you can do is to use multiple saves as a safeguard. If you do find a significant issue (i.e. I actually missed something: not that I put it where you personally felt it best), feel free to drop me a line.

  • 100% Checkpoints: As an elaboration of the above, I will be implementing boxed-in "100% Checkpoints" at specific intervals within the Walkthrough, intervals at which progress is usually an integer so there's no vaguity because you ended up getting a fraction-of-a-percent completion in an area. These are intended to be used as a method of checking your progress at those intervals; by doing so, you can help to guarantee your 100% completion of the game. Thusly, you'll want to save not very often when using this guide unless you're going start-to-end with it: that's always a nice way of preventing a screw-up. Keep in mind, though, that the order of the checkpoints may be a little off from your playthrough, depending on whether you follow the events as placed in the walkthrough or not. Note that the save file will also not show decimal progress points (i.e. 25.7% = 25%), but they are noted in the game itself, and, at important occasions, in the walkthrough. Just a word of warning.

  • Biggest Mistakes: This is just a quick thing listing the main mistakes people tend to make regarding 100% completion. I'll add others as they're suggested, I suppose.
    • If you try to skip a conversation or scene, it may not count for 100% as it should.
    • Don't forget to speak with the "person" in the Moogle costume in Chapter 1.
    • Give the Awesome Sphere to the Youth League in Chapter 2.

  • Strategic Freedom: Some features of both games make strategy-writing a little difficult, be it the freedom of the Sphere Grids in FFX or the freedom of Dresspheres and Creature Create in X-2. Writing a walkthrough that directly states to go for certain things in either not only makes the game less fun, but it forces you to use this thing from start-to-finish and causes derailing for those not at the start. Thusly, I will not do that, but try to create strategies most people could adhere to in some way, which is generally quite possible. That said, I am open to alternative strategies or just other stuff I ought to note. After all, most characters tend to somehow fall on an intended path (like FFX's Yuna becoming a natural healer). In any case, just keep it in mind. That said, also keep in mind that, for the sake of ease of use, I restricted this guide so that each strategy would be more reliant on Yuna, Rikku, and Paine than the use of the monsters from Creature Create. After all, it's a lengthy sidequest, and not everyone is necessarily willing to do it, so I'm not going to bother with those sort of strategies unless there is a very good reason to (which did not happen throughout the main walkthrough).

  • Remake Details: Just to clear up some confusion... This newer release of Final Fantasy X and X-2 differ noticeably from the originals. Firstly, you can consider the HD graphics of the game to be understood as a change. Additionally, these are based off the international releases, made just after their original releases - basically, they're expansions of the originals, but still were released on the PlayStation 2. Just in case you find something confusing about the Dark Aeons in FFX HD or something. Specifically, Final Fantasy X HD is based off the PAL and International releases of Final Fantasy X on the PS2; Final Fantasy X-2 HD is based off the non-US release Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission.


While I do write all of my guides for free, it does take a lot of time and effort to put them together. If you're feeling generous and want to show your appreciation, I am gladly accepting donations. I don't know exactly what the donations will be used for, but just know that you would definitely be helping me make more quality FAQs! Even the smallest donation amounts are appreciated, and they are a great way to say how much you appreciate the work I do. If you do decide you'd like to donate, please send the donations through PayPal at the e-mail address listed below. Thank you so very much for at least considering this!!

Donation/Contact E-Mail



Hello, and welcome to my first PlayStation 3/Vita FAQ. This FAQ concerns the HD compilation of the two Final Fantasy X games, which is kind of fitting for a first FAQ, given that I poured much of my youth into these two games. (Granted, it's only my first FAQ for the console - I've gotten well over 300 on others.) They're very fun games to play, if but a bit lengthy, and perfect material for at least warming me up to the newer PlayStation consoles. After all, who knows, I might work on Kingdom Hearts 2.5. =P

This all said, I can't really offer much more than that for an intro. FFX and FFX-2 were great RPGs to begin Square Enix's FF series on the PlayStation 2, and they quickly became among of my favorite games on the console. While I still deem Final Fantasy V, VI, and VII more appropriate for remakes than these two, I still look forward to FAQing these. Hope you enjoy!

100% Flowchart

The purpose of this section is to do two things. One, it provides a quick checklist for you to peruse as you mark off areas you've done your 100% completion in. (Only areas, not tasks - you have to read the walkthrough for that.) It's merely a flowchart/checklist, but it can help you if you need to be doubly sure that you've done an area. It also marks off the percentages for each area, and the total thus far if you've done everything properly up to that point. Also, it serves as a flowchart to the guide as a whole. Need something? Click on it here; hopefully, the links actually work. >_>

And finally, for your convenience, the "Total %" column is highlighted in cells where an integral percentage is obtained - essentially where I (should) have placed a 100% checkpoint. That means, if you do everything right up to that point, in the order named, you will have that exact percentage: when you view your file % completion, you will have no question as to whether you've missed anything.

[X]Chapter & AreaArea %Total %
[_]CHAPTER 123.4%25.0%
[_]Chapter 1 - Aboard the Celsius1.8%3.4%
[_]Chapter 1 - Mt. Gagazet's Floating Ruins2.6%6.0%
[_]Chapter 1 - Return to the Celsius0.6%6.6%
[_]Chapter 1 - Luca1.6%8.2%
[_]Chapter 1 - Mi'ihen0.2%8.4%
[_]Chapter 1 - Mushroom Rock4.6%13.0%
[_]Chapter 1 - Djose1.0%14.0%
[_]Chapter 1 - Moonflow0.6%14.6%
[_]Chapter 1 - Guadosalam0.4%15.0%
[_]Chapter 1 - Thunder Plains0.2%15.2%
[_]Chapter 1 - Macalania2.2%17.4%
[_]Chapter 1 - Bikanel0.8%18.2%
[_]Chapter 1 - Bevelle0.6%18.8%
[_]Chapter 1 - Calm Lands0.2%19.0%
[_]Chapter 1 - Mt. Gagazet0.4%19.4%
[_]Chapter 1 - Besaid2.2%21.6%
[_]Chapter 1 - Zanarkand1.8%23.4%
[_]Chapter 1 - Kilika (in full)1.6%25.0%
[_]CHAPTER 219.6%44.6%
[_]Chapter 2 - Aboard the Celsius2.4%27.4%
[_]Chapter 2 - Mushroom Rock or Bevelle?1.6%29.0%
[_]Chapter 2 - Besaid0.8%29.8%
[_]Chapter 2 - Kilika0.2%30.0%
[_]Chapter 2 - Luca0.8%30.8%
[_]Chapter 2 - Mi'ihen1.4%32.2%
[_]Chapter 2 - Mushroom Rock1.0%33.2%
[_]Chapter 2 - Moonflow0.2%33.4%
[_]Chapter 2 - Guadosalam (Extras)0.2%33.6%
[_]Chapter 2 - Thunder Plains0.2%33.8%
[_]Chapter 2 - Macalania1.4%35.2%
[_]Chapter 2 - Bevelle0.0%35.2%
[_]Chapter 2 - Calm Lands0.8%36.0%
[_]Chapter 2 - Zanarkand0.4%36.4%
[_]Chapter 2 - Guadosalam (Mission, Part 1)0.0%36.4%
[_]Chapter 2 - Djose0.4%36.8%
[_]Chapter 2 - Bikanel0.2%37.0%
[_]Chapter 2 - Mt. Gagazet1.0%38.0%
[_]Chapter 2 - Guadosalam (Mission, Part 2)3.6%41.6%
[_]Chapter 2 - Hunting for Vegnagun3.0%44.6%
[_]CHAPTER 315.0%59.6%
[_]Chapter 3 - Aboard the Celsius0.8%45.4%
[_]Chapter 3 - Luca0.8%46.2%
[_]Chapter 3 - Mi'ihen0.6%46.8%
[_]Chapter 3 - Mushroom Rock0.4%47.2%
[_]Chapter 3 - Djose (Extras)0.2%47.4%
[_]Chapter 3 - Moonflow0.2%47.6%
[_]Chapter 3 - Guadosalam2.0%49.6%
[_]Chapter 3 - Thunder Plains0.2%49.8%
[_]Chapter 3 - Macalania0.8%50.6%
[_]Chapter 3 - Bikanel0.4%51.0%
[_]Chapter 3 - Bevelle (First Visit)0.0%51.0%
[_]Chapter 3 - Calm Lands0.4%51.4%
[_]Chapter 3 - Mt. Gagazet0.4%51.8%
[_]Chapter 3 - Zanarkand0.2%52.0%
[_]Chapter 3 - Besaid2.0%54.0%
[_]Chapter 3 - Kilika1.6%55.6%
[_]Chapter 3 - Bevelle (Second Visit)1.6%57.2%
[_]Chapter 3 - Djose (Mission)2.4%59.6%
[_]CHAPTER 416.0%75.6%
[_]Chapter 4 - Aboard the Celsius3.4%63.0%
[_]Chapter 4 - The Optional CommSphere Scenes, Part 14.4%67.4%
[_]Chapter 4 - Moonflow0.8%68.2%
[_]Chapter 4 - The Optional CommSphere Scenes, Part 22.4%70.6%
[_]Chapter 4 - The Concert Rehearsal1.0%71.6%
[_]Chapter 4 - Thunder Plains0.4%72.0%
[_]Chapter 4 - Closing the Chapter3.6%75.6%
[_]CHAPTER 524.4%100%!
[_]Chapter 5 - Aboard the Celsius2.0%77.6%
[_]Chapter 5 - Besaid1.8%79.4%
[_]Chapter 5 - Kilika1.0%80.4%
[_]Chapter 5 - Luca0.6%81.0%
[_]Chapter 5 - Mi'ihen0.2%81.2%
[_]Chapter 5 - Mushroom Rock & The Den of Woe3.0%84.2%
[_]Chapter 5 - Djose0.8%85.0%
[_]Chapter 5 - Moonflow0.4%85.4%
[_]Chapter 5 - Guadosalam1.2%86.6%
[_]Chapter 5 - Thunder Plains1.0%87.6%
[_]Chapter 5 - Macalania0.6%88.2%
[_]Chapter 5 - Bikanel1.2%89.4%
[_]Chapter 5 - Bevelle & The Via Infinito1.8%91.2%
[_]Chapter 5 - Calm Lands0.4%91.6%
[_]Chapter 5 - Mt. Gagazet1.2%92.8%
[_]Chapter 5 - Zanarkand0.8%93.6%
[_]Chapter 5 - The Endgame6.4%100.0%


Enemy NameSpeciesHPHP (OS)MPMP (OS)EXP.EXP. (OS)GilGil (OS)APAP (OS)Weaknesses

After the opening movie, you'll quickly regain control of Rikku and Paine. In case you're unaware of your bearings, you're in Luca, two years after the original FFX, clearly exemplified by the myriad amounts of machina being used. Anyhow, you'll quickly be launched into a fight!

BOSS - ???? & Goon (x2)
Maximum HP8229
Maximum MP9,9998
Magic Defense04
Elem. WeaknessNoneNone
Elem. ResistanceNoneNone
Elem. ImmunityNoneNone
Elem. AbsorptionNoneNone
EXP. Earned31
Gil Earned10030
AP Earned11
Common Steals1 Hi-Potion1 Budget Grenade
Rare Steals2 Hi-Potions1 Phoenix Down
Common Item Drops1 Phoenix Down1 Potion
Rare Item Drops2 Phoenix Downs1 Phoenix Down

This fight is pretty easy, so don't expect much to come from it, especially if you're already familiar with the ATB system in previous Final Fantasies (IV-IX, mostly). Even so, it can be a bit annoying to swap from the completely turn-based CTB of FFX to this. =P

In any case, the ???? person can't do much, other than impersonate Yuna. She will mostly serve a supportive role: this comes through Haste (increased Agility) and Regen (regular healing). There's also Ecstasy (this is a concert, remember?), which doubles the Goons' max HP, restores half of it, and then bestows Haste and Regen together. Granted, this is a doubling to 58. *raspberry* Also expect to see Thunder for mild Lightning-elemental damage, and Absorb to take your HP and MP to heal the ???? person's.

Oh, and the Goons just Attack.

Anyhow, the fight opens pretty clearly; it is mostly to get you back in the hang of the ATB system after the stuff from FFX - basically, the battle system is somewhat the same (you'll learn enough as you play), but the whole thing is always moving - you can't just sit there and think, unless you want to be attacked. In case you can't tell, Rikku is a speed-oriented Thief while Paine (the gray-haired chick) is a Warrior, oriented for brute force.

Begin the fight by simply blasting each Goon away with an Attack or two; you won't suffer much damage in the meantime, maybe a couple of Thunders (~25 total damage). Then simply rough up "????" until the fight ends.

After the battle and a scene, you'll head back to the Luca docks. (Why is there always trouble involving Yuna in this particular spot?) Run after Paine and defeat the enemies as you progress through the enemies. After a while of following the linear path, you'll end up near someone dressed as a Moogle. Speak with them to restore your HP and MP (even if you don't need to - trust me on this one! It helps you to hit 100%!) and continue on to the next dock.

After a brief scene, we go in ... all guns blazing! >:)

BOSS - Logos, Ormi
Maximum HP8697
Maximum MP180
Magic Defense1
Elem. WeaknessNoneNone
Elem. ResistanceNoneNone
Elem. ImmunityGravityGravity
Elem. AbsorptionNoneNone
EXP. Earned33
Gil Earned6060
AP Earned11
Common Steals1 Silver Glasses1 Iron Bangle
Rare StealsNoneNone
Common Item Drops1 Potion1 Potion
Rare Item Drops1 Phoenix Down1 Phoenix Down

Each of these grunts are pretty easy to deal with. Logos can do a basic Attack, although it hits twice; there's also the ability to use a Potion, which is only 10% as effective as a real one, healing 20 HP here. Ormi can use a basic Attack and Pirouette Pitch, which is slightly stronger. Each attack you'll see will hit for 10~20 damage.

Anyways, you'll want Rikku to open the battle by Stealing from whoever you plan on killing first: those items are some decent accessories for you to equip. I recommend offing Logos first, since he's the weaker of the two and can do more of a healing job to lengthen the battle. As for what to use? Nothing specific needs mentioning.

Not long after those grunts go down, the imposter will reveal herself to be Leblanc, giving Yuna back her Garment Grid (the essence of this game's Job/Dressphere system) before launching one final attack.

BOSS - Leblanc
Maximum HP130
Maximum MP101
Magic Defense37
Elem. WeaknessNone
Elem. ResistanceNone
Elem. ImmunityGravity
Elem. AbsorptionNone
EXP. Earned8
Gil Earned180
AP Earned2
Common Steals1 Silver Bracers
Rare StealsNone
Common Item Drops1 Hi-Potion
Rare Item Drops1 Phoenix Down

Leblanc doesn't put up much of an offensive. She can use a basic Attack and the Thunder spell, each hitting in the range of 10 to 20 points of damage.

As with the previous miniboss, open the fight with Rikku Stealing the Silver Bracers from Leblanc - again, it's an accessory, so you might as well. In any case, you'll also be introduced to the Dresspheres and job-changing aspect of the game: press L1 and opt to change to the Songstress job class. This will change Yuna into, in essence, the Bard of this game: have her use Darkness Dance from her abilities list (you'll be forced to anyhow) and you will hit Leblanc with Darkness.

With the Darkness ailment in place, Leblanc will be lucky if she hits you with her Attack - the Thunder spell you'll see about half the time can still do some damage, but not enough to be of legitimate concern. Continue Attacking her (after Stealing that accessory), reinstilling Darkness Dance as needed.

Sectional Flowchart

In case you haven't used this FAQ yet, this Chapter, like all the others, has an element of nonlinearity to it. All you really have to do are those marked as being required; everything else, while very helpful (and typically required for 100% completion), is optional. Below is simply an order I recommend to the events you do.

By the by, the numbers within the parentheses account for the percentage contribution of that area towards 100% completion. After the prologue, you should have a level of 1.6%. By the end of Chapter 1, you should have a 25% completion rate.

Chapter 1 - Aboard the Celsius

In case you're wondering why the Al Bhed Primer numbers are inspecific as compared to Final Fantasy X, they're simply random. It shouldn't really impede your learning much, though, and getting them all will suffice to learn it, obviously. I got III, X, XIV, and XXIII here, if it matters.

[_] Al Bhed Primer[_] Al Bhed Primer x3[_] Festivalist Dressphere[_] Vanguard Garment Grid[_] Potion x4
[_] Remedy x3[_] Phoenix Down x4[_] Ether

Item NameCostEffects
Antidote50 GilCures Poisoning from the target
Echo Screen50 GilCures Silence from the target
Eye Drops50 GilCures Darkness from the target
Holy Water300 GilCures Curse, Itchy, and Pointless from the target
Phoenix Down100 GilRevives the target from KO with ~25% HP
Potion50 GilHeals 200 HP to the target
Soft50 GilCures Petrification from the target

Silver Glasses3,000 Gil---+4-+4---Darkproof
Star Pendant4,000 Gil---+4-+4---Poisonproof
Twist Headband3,000 Gil---+4-+4---Sleepproof
White Cape3,000 Gil---+4-+4---Silenceproof

After the scenes in Luca, you will end up on the Celsius, the airship of this game and the base of the Gullwings. You'll also be given control of Yuna, if that matters. Anyhow, speak with Buddy to the port side of the bridge and you'll be given an Al Bhed Primer, used to help you learn the Al Bhed they're speaking sometimes. Also speak with Brother - in the pilot's chair - to get three Al Bhed Primers from him.

Also be sure to speak with him again for the Festivalist Dressphere! That's about it here, item-wise. Anyhow, the Festivalist Dressphere is most noted for its quick-to-learn Confuse ability. If you played Bravely Default on the 3DS (long shot, but it's something), you'll probably know the utility of the Confuse ability: in that game, for example, you needed the Confuse status on a specific enemy to learn White Wind. The same is true here: as you battle throughout Chapter 1, keep an eye out for White Wind and Mighty Guard abusing enemies; Confuse them and you can have your Gun Mage (the Blue Mage of FFX-2) learn these invaluable, invaluable skills.

Speak with Rikku, Paine, and Shinra (weird-looking kid at the computers), too, if you want. Speaking with Shinra actually yields some useful tutorials; after the one about Garment Grids, you get the Vanguard Garment Grid, too! Head up the stairs to the south and use the Save Sphere to - like FFX - to heal your HP and MP and to ... well, save! Go further along to the elevator and head to the Engine Room where you'll find some chests on the lower level - four Potions, three Remedies, four Phoenix Downs, and an Ether.

Return to the elevator and head to the cabin. There, you'll meet the Hypello barkeep, aptly named Barkeep. =P There, stock up on some items if you want (and have the Gil). 5~10 Phoenix Downs at least is a good idea - I mean, without them, girls that go down stay down. You won't see any particularly problematic ails in the next dungeons, those, so there's no particular need to buy accessories. However, be SURE to sleep in the upstairs beds to achieve 100%.

As you return towards the elevator, you'll hear an alarm sound; head to the bridge and speak with Buddy. You will be notified that Mt. Gagazet seems to have a sphere in its floating ruins and that's apparently important. Go.

Chapter 1 - Mt. Gagazet's Floating Ruins

[_] Yellow Ring[_] Elixir[_] Mega Phoenix[_] White Ring[_] Red Ring[_] Star Pendant[_] Muscle Belt
[_] Gagazet Sphere

Enemy NameSpeciesHPHP (OS)MPMP (OS)EXP.EXP. (OS)GilGil (OS)APAP (OS)Weaknesses
AhrimanEvil Eye99396151528203812None
Yellow ElementalElemental124812012028244312Water

Upper Tier: After the rather lengthy scene, go north and you'll be taught about how to jump in certain places; in this case, the Circle Button. As you go east a bit, jump down from the ledge, then jump up the next one. Before jumping over the next gap, go down and grab the Yellow Ring, then continue back up and over the gap to Rikku and Paine. Head down the stairs to the south and use the Save Sphere - after this point, you'll start fighting some random battles, so it'll be nice to have that save in case something goes terribly wrong. (Like your roommate throwing your Vita out of a two-story window for no particular reason whatsoever.)

Anyhow, go west and, after a scene, examine the switch in the wall. Start up the elevator and, after a shaky landing...

Lower Base: Go south and drop off of the ledges, then head west and snatch up the Elixir. Go back the way you came and climb the ledges near the broken pillar to a clearing. Relatively speaking, anyhow. Heal up and continue north to encounter Leblanc again.

BOSS - Leblanc, Logos, and Ormi
Maximum HP120100130
Maximum MP3202510
Magic Defense5500
Elem. WeaknessNoneNoneNone
Elem. ResistanceNoneNoneNone
Elem. ImmunityGravityGravityGravity
Elem. AbsorptionNoneNoneNone
EXP. Earned201010
Gil Earned2508080
AP Earned211
Common StealsTiaraWhite CapeIron Bangle
Rare StealsNoneNoneNone
Common Item DropsHi-PotionPotionPotion
Rare Item DropsNonePhoenix DownPhoenix Down

Given the previous battles, you know what to expect from Ormi and Logos: essentially just their versions of an Attack, in which Logos will hit twice. These will mostly hit for 15~25 damage, though, so not much to be worried about. Leblanc has changed to a more offensive role in this fight, using a basic Attack and Sonic Fan, the latter of which can hit multiple targets, though both of these are usually hitting for 10~20 damage. She can also use Love Tap on one of her allies to Haste them. Leblanc uses them in that order, too - Attack, Sonic Fan, and Love Tap.

Taking note of this, it would be nice to take out Leblanc before anyone; Hasting can be things a bit tough around here, especially when you end up getting someone Hasted that is later doing more Hasting. If you intend to go this way, simply Steal her Tiara first, then wail on her; you'll probably get in enough hits just before Love Tap or just after.

Having a Songstress for this battle is extremely helpful, too, if you don't think you have the offensive power necessary to take down Leblanc that fast: Darkness Dance will severely lower their Accuracy, meaning the only thing you'll really see hitting you is Sonic Fan. Other than that, really, just wail on 'em and heal as needed.

After the battle, you'll be given a mission - simply beat the Leblanc Syndicate to the sphere! You have six minutes in which to do so, and doing so is critical for 100%. (>_<) If it matters, the timer doesn't deplete during a battle or whilst in the menu, so you don't have to run from battles or avoid healing, unlike Final Fantasies VII and VIII. Man, those were annoying....

Annnyhow, go north and along the path to the chest, in which you'll find a very useful Mega Phoenix. Go west a bit and jump over the gap to the northwest. This should take you inside.

Passage: Go north to the intersection, at which you should go west and up the ledge. Activate the switch at the end of the path, then go east of the intersection and activate the switch there, too. In doing so, a pillar will be lowered - go north of the intersection and jump down into the pit to find a White Ring. Go back out, then jump over the gap this time. Continue along the path to another intersection; go east from there and go along the hallway, jumping and climbing all the way to the next area.

Upper Base: Open the Red Ring chest and re-enter the ruins.

Passage: Go on back down the ledges to the intersection, then time heading north there. In the next area, you'll simply have to do a bunch of climbing up ledges.

Base: Go south and west along the path to another forced-but-simple battle. After the battle, you'll end up on a broken pillar; cross the gap to the other side and jump on the rubble to reach the Spire.

Spire: Continue climbing up for a bit. As the path narrows, hug the right side to find a chest containing a Star Pendant. Backtrack to the main path and continue up; hopefully, you'll have beaten the Syndicate up there. After the scene if you did (I barely had 10 seconds to spare!), save, then continue up to a Muscle Belt chest (only available to those winning the race), then up the stairs to the east. This quickly leads to a boss.

BOSS - Boris
Maximum HP480804
Maximum MP00
Magic Defense11
Elem. WeaknessFire, IceFire, Ice
Elem. ResistanceNoneNone
Elem. ImmunityNoneNone
Elem. AbsorptionNoneNone
EXP. Earned26120
Gil Earned300300
AP Earned12
Common Steals1 Remedy1 Kinesis Badge
Rare Steals2 RemediesNone
Common Item Drops1 Star Pendant1 Star Pendant
Rare Item DropsNoneNone

I hope you don't have to fight the Oversouled form right now; it's going to make things a lot harder if it does. Anyhow, it has two unnamed Attacks, one that hits twice, and another that's just powerful, though the end damage is usually around 30~40 from both. It can also use Sticky End to everyone for around 40~50 damage, and it also can cause Stop. Finally, if you fight the Oversoul form, you'll see the strong Tempus Laxit (hits all, causes Stop) and Power Catalyst (continual Strength increase). Power Catalist is a huge concern since, other than Sticky End, every move used here is physical.

If you're fighting a regular Boris, it will use one of its two Attack moves for four turns, thne it will hit with Sticky End, looping from there. If it Oversouls, it will open with Power Catalyst, then go into Tempus Laxit or the double-hitting attack for damage. I didn't see Sticky End from it then, though.

The main problem with this fight in general is the Stop status ailment; at this point in the game, there's not much you can do about it. Granted, you can use the Remedies you may have picked up in the Engine Room of the Celsius to heal it, though it's almost a waste of such a good item; to each their own, however.

Anyhow, you should have gotten the Warrior abilities Power and Armor Break by now. Those are great for opening an offense on this thing - especially the Oversoul form! - as they halve its Strength and Defense, respectively, which makes a significant impact on its offense and your offense if you're still using a physical-oriented party. Darkness Dance should also be able to hit and further hurt its offense, leaving just Sticky End to worry about every five turns by blinding it. After that, just bash the crippled bug with your swords, or use the colored Red and White Rings to use their respective spells (Fire, Blizzard) for some extra damage. Personally, though, Warrior's preferable, but to each their own.

After the battle, you'll be given the Gagazet Sphere. Return outside and you'll end up back on the Celsius after a scene.

By this point in the game, those following the walkthrough should have a 6% completion rate. We haven't done anything on the side, so this ought to be applicable to everyone. If not, you screwed up something back in the Prologue that you shouldn't have. Sorry!

Chapter 1 - Return to the Celsius

[_] Black Mage Dressphere

After the scenes in the Floating Ruins and aboard the Celesius. Speak with Brother - the guy on the floor - and opt to comfort him. (Also feel free to hear him groan as you walk on him. Repeatedly. =P) Also speak with Shinra to obtain the Black Mage Dressphere - this can be critical in hitting enemies' elemental weaknesses, which is generally a good thing.

Other than that? You have some missions to do in Besaid, Kilika, and Zanarkand - you can see Chapter 1 - Besaid, Chapter 1 - Kilika (a brief trip), and Chapter 1 - Zanarkand if you want to get directly into the meat of the game. However, I highly recommend going everywhere else first, especially if you intend to go 100% on this game. In any case, here we go.

Chapter 1 - Kilika (a brief trip)

[_] Ether[_] Mana Tablet[_] Antidote x2[_] Eye Drops x2[_] Phoenix Down[_] 1,500 Gil[_] Lunar Curtain
[_] Holy Water x2

Item NameCostEffects
Antidote50 GilCures Poisoning from the target
Echo Screen50 GilCures Silence from the target
Eye Drops50 GilCures Darkness from the target
Holy Water300 GilCures Curse, Itchy, and Pointless from the target
Phoenix Down100 GilRevives the target from KO with ~25% HP
Potion50 GilHeals 200 HP to the target
Soft50 GilCures Petrification from the target

Silver Glasses3,000 Gil---+4-+4---Darkproof
Star Pendant4,000 Gil---+4-+4---Poisonproof
Twist Headband3,000 Gil---+4-+4---Sleepproof
White Cape3,000 Gil---+4-+4---Silenceproof

Don't worry, we're not intending to bother with the main mission right now. Anyhow, there are a number of easy-to-spot chests along the docks, containing an Ether, a Mana Tablet (doubles max MP - great for your Black Mage-in-training!), two Antidotes, two Eye Drops, and a Phoenix Down. Anyhow, there's also a shop to the northwest of the main docks, though it's basically the same as on the Celsius. There's also a woman in this area who can let you play some minigame involving monkeys, although we need access to the woods for that, and...

Anyhow, go north to the residential portion of Kilika. Climb the stairs nearby and go left and into the house, the residence of Dona, one of the less antagonistic summoners Yuna met back in FFX. Speak with Dona, then get the 1,500 Gil from her house. Explore the rest of the district and you should find some more easy chests containing a Lunar Curtain, two Holy Waters, a Star Curtain, and a Light Curtain. In the southeastern corner of town, also, there is a person looking through a telescope; by looking at the construction through the telescope, you can later get the Invincible accessory. This may not seem like much, but this amazing accessory has the Break Damage Limit ability, so, yeah, do it. You'll have to speak with him in Chapter 3 as well as Chapter 5 to get it, so be sure to note that!

That's about it, though ... for now. ;)

Chapter 1 - Luca

[_] Lunar Curtain x2[_] Healing Wind Garment Grid[_] Thunder Spawn Garment Grid[_] Al Bhed Primer[_] Helm Coin x5
[_] Zurvan Coin x5[_] Coyote Coin x5[_] Flan Coin x5

After arriving, and Yuna will go through some nostalgia regarding what exactly happened during the time Leblanc impersonated her earlier in the game, starting a mission. After the scene, go south an area to the Square and, there, you'll be yelled at by some guy; go speak with him when you regain control. In the end, you have to deliver some balloons - you can give them to:

  • The dancing woman near the balloon cart
  • The kid near the staute
  • The old woman on the bench to the west
  • The two people near the west side of the statues
  • The two people in the northwest corner
  • Approach the glass windows nearby, below the two TV screens, and press X to sell two more
  • The man at the far north side is the last one

Doing this small quest gets you the Healing Wind Garment Grid!

After this stuff, return to Luca and jump to the nearby chest for two Lunar Curtains. Head to the Square to the south again, then go east to the Theater's reception area if you want - you can buy Movie (2,000 Gil) and Music (1,000 gil) Spheres to watch and listen to music you've seen and heard throughout the game. You can enter the Sphere Theater to bother with them. There's no point in wasting Gil on them right now, and there isn't a Trophy for bothering, unlike FFX HD. Oh well. It's your money.

Head back west and south some areas to the entrance to Luca Stadium; from there, go southeast to Dock 5. Go to the end of the dock and open the chest there for the Thunder Spawn Garment Grid. Return to the stadium entrance and enter the basement to the northeast; you can find Rin at the end of the path - remember him from FFX? He'll give you an Al Bhed Primer here. (You know, I'm wondering about how the heck the Primers got lost between FFX and X-2. Not to mention Rikku should already understand Al Bhed being, y'know, an Al Bhed. Whatever.)

After this, go into the other basement from the stadium and you can speak with Shinra down here to learn about Sphere Break; it's essentially a mathematics game I'll cover in more detail later. In any case, you'll receive five Helm Coins, five Zurvan Coins, five Coyote Coins, and five Flan Coins. That's it for Luca.

Chapter 1 - Mi'ihen

[_] Phoenix Down x2[_] 500 Gil[_] Circlet[_] Antidote x2[_] Holy Water x2[_] Iron Bangle[_] Potion x2
[_] Eye Drops x2[_] Potion[_] Phoenix Down x2[_] Budget Grenade x2[_] Mana Spring[_] Echo Screen x2[_] Soft x2

Item NameCostEffects
Antidote50 GilCures Poisoning from the target
Echo Screen50 GilCures Silence from the target
Eye Drops50 GilCures Darkness from the target
Holy Water300 GilCures Curse, Itchy, and Pointless from the target
Phoenix Down100 GilRevives the target from KO with ~25% HP
Potion50 GilHeals 200 HP to the target
Soft50 GilCures Petrification from the target

Gauntlets2,500 Gil--+5+5-----None
Iron Bangle500 Gil+20%--------None
Silver Bracer500 Gil-+40%-------None
Tiara2,500 Gil----+5+5---None

Enemy NameSpeciesHPHP (OS)MPMP (OS)EXP.EXP. (OS)GilGil (OS)APAP (OS)Weaknesses
Bully CapFungus9437683832658143212Fire
Flan PalidoFlan1888512222222473308212Fire
Fly EyeEvil Eye2581,03252522424204012None
Iron GiantIron Giant22223300201004011012None
Wild WolfLupine185740001026122812None

When you enter the area, Yuna will do some looking back on the past before you regain control. After, there are a number of areas to explore, and a fair few items to snatch up, in addition to some nice EXP. grinding.

To be honest, this area is pretty easy to navigate, as it was in Final Fantasy X - just be sure to scour the whole area from south to north, and don't forget the Mi'ihen Oldroad to the southeast of the end of the Highroad! By doing so, you'll be able to get every one of the items in the checklist above, which is clearly a significant number of freebies. ^_^

Other than this? Halfway across the Highoad, you'll find a Travel Agency. They were mostly set up in FFX to aid traveling summoners and other travelers, though there isn't that much of a need for them, now that Sin is gone; even so, most still serve roles as shops, so you might want to look up some stuff there if you want. That Silver Bracer can be especially useful for your Black Mages and future White Mages, as can the Tiara; the same goes for the Iron Bangle and the Gauntlets and your several physical classes.

And also be sure to speak with everyone along the Highroad; you'll end up speaking with a number of Al Bhed along the way, and doing so will help you trigger a later event further along in Chapter 4.

Chapter 1 - Mushroom Rock

[_] 1,000 Gil[_] Turbo Ether[_] Phoenix Down[_] Hi-Potion[_] Crimson Sphere 9[_] Glass Buckle
[_] Heart of Flame Garment Grid[_] Favorite Outfit[_] Restless Sleep Garment Grid

Enemy NameSpeciesHPHP (OS)MPMP (OS)EXP.EXP. (OS)GilGil (OS)APAP (OS)Weaknesses
Bully CapFungus9437683832658143212Fire
Red ElementalElemental993363303302852254312Ice

When you arrive, consider getting against a Bully Cap in battle. See, let's first assume you have the Psychic Dressphere (earned from winning the Creature Create's Standard Cup) and the Gun Mage Dressphere (finish the quest in Chapter 1 - Moonflow first). You can use the Psychic's Confuse ability to be able to have the White Wind skill used on you, which heals 3/8 of your HP and heals a number of ailments. The main reason for this is that the Gun Mage can learn this ability (like the generic Blue Mage or Kimahri of FFX) for your own benefit by using it in future battles!

As you enter the road of Mushroom Rocks, you'll find Logos and Ormi if you head up the road. Follow them for a bit and you'll find the Youth League. Confirm your knowledge of their leader, Yaibal, then accept his offer - again, another 100% thingy. Go along the path with Rikku and Paine to the next area, being sure to speak with Clasko as you do. Go left before following Clasko, too, to find 1,000 Gil behind the statue. Return to the Youth League soldiers and tell them you're ready; go along the fork to the left and follow Clasko.

This starts another mission within the Mushroom Rock ravine. Basically, it's a lot of battles - run along the path before you to the other side and kill any fiend that dares impede you. The only real difficulty are the Tonberries, and they're less fearsome than the deadly Karma-producing ones from FFX - they're mostly just bulky. Also note that battles occur more when there's fog around and the screen turns a purplish hue. Anyhow, when you gain control, use the lift and follow the path to find Logos and Ormi. Follow them down into the ravine, then go west and grab the Turbo Ether.

Keep following the destination arrow in the minimap for a while; as you go through the narrow passage, get the Phoenix Down nearby, then the Hi-Potion further along. Continue along to the Save Sphere, then go through the opening above. You'll encounter Ormi and Logos there, who will end up dropping a Crimson Sphere 9. These are valuable and number ten in all - you'll really want those by the end of the game.

Anyhow, after regaining control, touch the statue nearby and head to the Save Sphere. There will be a scene as you go on regarding the Den of Woes; after it, simply backtrack out of the ravine. Go along the originally-intended path and use the lift at the end of the path. This should complete the mission, netting you a Glass Buckle and a Heart of Flame Garment Grid.

Now that the mission is over, go south and grab the Favorite Outfit from the treasure chest, then use the lift nearby to head to the Youth League's HQ. Save there if you need, then go east. Look on the minimap and look for a bit of a nub on the there; you should be able to go down there to the Restless Sleep Garment Grid. Return up and go towards the large tent, speaking with Lucil twice; she will tell you about Nooj, though there's not much you can do here regarding him yet. Also speak with the sitting-down old man nearby; FFX players might recognize him as Maechen. Listen to his ramble (all of it, yes) and shake his hand when he's done - another 100% thing.

Return to the airship and redeposit yourself at the beginning of Mushroom Rock. Go along the path to Clasko - he's to the northeast of where you start, shaking his head. Allow him aboard the airship, then return to the airship. You can speak with Shinra to view the Crimson Report from the Crimson Sphere; then go to the cabin and spe ak with him, and that'll pretty much close the events in Mushroom Rock for the time being.

To note, those following the walkthrough insofar will have a completion rate of 13% on their save file. We're not done in the chapter yet, so there's more to do and stuff, so you can go back. Just here as a double-check.

Chapter 1 - Djose

[_] Phoenix Down[_] Al Bhed Primer[_] Echo Screen[_] Potion x2

Enemy NameSpeciesHPHP (OS)MPMP (OS)EXP.EXP. (OS)GilGil (OS)APAP (OS)Weaknesses
Death DauberWasp78312111832121812Fire
Gold ElementalElemental843962802804068407212Water
League Raider *Human293-30-70-130-1-None
League Ranger *Human230-180-10-80-1-None
League Soldier *Human178-28-10-80-1-None
League Trooper *Human244-16-10-60-1-None
League Warrior *Human422-26-70-120-1-None

As you enter the Djose region, head towards the temple. Grab the Phoenix Down to the west of the entrance, and simply wait around a while for the herd to thin out. (Kinda reminds me of looking for a few special Potions in The Illusion of Gaia/Time in Euro.) Speak with the person in the small building to register to dig, then head into the main temple. After the scene there, enjoy your newly-earned Al Bhed Primer, then go through the door to the left to find an Echo Screen in the room beyond.

Leave the temple and go south towards the bridge connecting this area to the Djose Highroad and the Moonflow. As you do, there will be another scene; tell Gippal "We're sure" to get the Letter of Introduction we'll need later on. Go along the bridge to the end to find two Potions to a treasure chest, then go further along to the "Y"-shaped crossroads, from which you can go northwest to the Moonflow, rather than beaming down from the Enterprise. =P