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by KeyBlade999

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FFX FAQ/Walkthrough by KeyBlade999

Version: v1.10 | Updated: 05/06/2014
FAQ of the Month Winner: April 2014 | Highest Rated Guide

Winner of GameFAQs's FAQ of the Month award for April 2014! A huge thanks goes out to every person who has helped me with this guide!!

  • Game: Final Fantasy X HD Remaster (from the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster)
  • Consoles: PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita
  • File Type: Formatted FAQ/Walkthrough
  • Author: KeyBlade999 (a.k.a. Daniel Chaviers)
  • Version: v1.10
  • Time of Update: 12:25 AM 4/15/2015
  • File Size: 1,093 KB

Notes on This FAQ

  • Strategic Freedom: Some features of both games make strategy-writing a little difficult, be it the freedom of the Sphere Grids in FFX or the freedom of Dresspheres in X-2. Writing a walkthrough that directly states to go for certain things in either not only makes the game less fun, but it forces you to use this thing from start-to-finish and causes derailing for those not at the start. Thusly, I will not do that, but try to create strategies most people could adhere to in some way, which is generally quite possible. That said, I am open to alternative strategies or just other stuff I ought to note. After all, most characters tend to somehow fall on an intended path (like FFX's Yuna becoming a natural healer). In any case, just keep it in mind.

  • Remake Details: Just to clear up some confusion... This newer release of Final Fantasy X and X-2 differ noticeably from the originals. Firstly, you can consider the HD graphics of the game to be understood as a change. Additionally, these are based off the international releases, made just after their original releases - basically, they're expansions of the originals, but still were released on the PlayStation 2. Just in case you find something confusing about the Dark Aeons or something. Specifically, Final Fantasy X HD is based off the PAL and International releases of Final Fantasy X on the PS2; Final Fantasy X-2 HD is based off the Japan-only release Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission, also for the PS2.


While I do write all of my guides for free, it does take a lot of time and effort to put them together. If you're feeling generous and want to show your appreciation, I am gladly accepting donations. I don't know exactly what the donations will be used for, but just know that you would definitely be helping me make more quality FAQs! Even the smallest donation amounts are appreciated, and they are a great way to say how much you appreciate the work I do. If you do decide you'd like to donate, please send the donations through PayPal at the e-mail address listed below. Thank you so very much for at least considering this!!

Donation/Contact E-Mail



Hello, and welcome to my first PlayStation 3/Vita FAQ. This FAQ concerns the HD compilation of the two Final Fantasy X games, which is kind of fitting for a first FAQ, given that I poured much of my youth into these two games. (Granted, it's only my first FAQ for the console - I've gotten well over 300 on others.) They're very fun games to play, if but a bit lengthy, and perfect material for at least warming me up to the newer PlayStation consoles. After all, who knows, I might work on Kingdom Hearts 2.5. =P

This all said, I can't really offer much more than that for an intro. FFX and FFX-2 were great RPGs to begin Square Enix's FF series on the PlayStation 2, and they quickly became among of my favorite games on the console. While I still deem Final Fantasy V, VI, and VII more appropriate for remakes than these two, I still look forward to FAQing these. Hope you enjoy!

Sectional Flowchart

A Blitzball Game

[_] Potion x2

After some of the introductory scenes, you'll regain control of the main character on what I've always assumed to be some kind of boat, though it's never been easy to tell. >_> <_< In any case, speak with mostly everyone around here to get some conversation done and a superficial background on the character you're controlling, who you also will get to name (probably Tidus, to make it easy on everyone involved). Afterwards, you'll end up on a highway overpass. Run along it for a while; as you go along, speak with everyone on the way - one (a girl in a pink shirt) should yield you two Potions, so long as you tell her you have some spare tickets. Which you probably don't, but there are bigger problems to come, regardless. Eventually, you'll be allowed to proceed into the blitzball stadium at the end.

Enjoy the awesome blitzball sequence there before things get really ... uh ... whoa.

The Transition...

[_] Longsword


When you return to controlling Tidus, you'll have a pretty clear path to go along for a while. On the way, you'll meet up with Auron - he will ally you for a while, and he can be quite the physical powerhouse. In any case, continue along the path outside of the stadium; after a strange scene with the hooded child, continue along the path to Auron again. This scene will culminate in a battle with Sinscales - consider them the Goblins of other Final Fantasies: weak and they love death (we assume). You'll also get the Longsword weapon from Auron during that battle, which teaches you the basics of FFX battle. Continue along through the groups of Sinscales. As you do, you'll end up getting surrounded by them. While you could grind against them in normal RPGs (indeed, I did the same thing when I was younger and rash), they yield nothing, so don't bother - attack the ones directly blocking you and move on. Don't worry, they're too weak to cause legitimate damage. Eventually, you'll encounter something a bit ... bigger.

BOSS - Sinspawn Ammes
Sinspawn AmmesSinscales
Maximum HP2,400100
Maximum MP4000
Magic Defense11
Element WeaknessNoneNone
Common Item DropsNoneNone
Rare Item DropsNoneNone
Common StealsNoneNone
Rare StealsNoneNone
AP Yield00
Gil Yield00

You've already dealt with the Sinscales thus far in the main game (and more than enough, I might add - they're annoying, eh?), so you should be familiar with their simplistic offense. Sinspawn Ammes is different: it relies ENTIRELY on Demi. Demi is in fact its weakness in this game: it eliminates 25% of the target's current HP. That seems like a huge problem, but worry not.

This battle opens up with Auron having his Overdrive as well. Overdrives are like the specialest - >_> - of attacks in this game. These attacks typically deal higher damage than normal, sometimes deal additional effects, and often can also hit multiple times so you can worry less about the 9,999-damage cap. In any case, Auron's Dragon Fang requires you to press a simple sequence of buttons to induce an attack on all enemies, which, if executed uncrappily, should kill all of the Sinscales.

And what does that mean? There's only Sinspawn Ammes left! And what does that mean? You'll only have to deal with Demi! And what does that mean? You can't die! ... No, seriously, you won't. Since it shaves off 25% of your current HP, the most it take is 1 HP (2~4 HP), and it rounds down for the damage, so at 1 HP, you take (0.25*1 = 0.25, floored = 0) damage. So, put them Potions away: eliminate any Sinscales that you somehow didn't kill - *throws Vita at you* - and then Attack the crap out of Ammes.

Though what happens if it hits zero MP is beyond me. >_> As far as is known, Demi is supposed to account for 32 MP in consumption, enough for 12 Demi castings. However, it's been noted that the boss does quite a few more than that, with no end known. Perhaps the boss is using a special variation of Demi specifically drawn up for it that costs very little MP (i.e. zero)? Whatever the case, don't expect it to actually run out as far as is known.

After the fight, continue along the highway overpass to the Save Sphere. Yay~! Examining one fully heals your party's HP/MP/status (and the HP pro'lly took a beating) as well as lets you save the game. Continue along again to a battle with some Sinscales and continue beating them off; eventually, Auron will suggest to attack the generator nearby. Attack it a few times without regard for the Sinscales to ... well.... In any case, a scene occurs and you end up floating elsewhere during it; during that part, just press Circle to go down to continue the scene.

You'll later end up somewhere ... else.

Unknown Temple

[_] 200 Gil[_] Potion x2[_] Hi-Potion[_] X-Potion[_] Flint[_] Ether[_] Withered Bouquet[_] Hi-Potion


Submerged Ruins: After the scenes, you'll end up in some kind of watery temple. Upon regaining control, go forward for a bit. (If you've beaten this game before, go left first and use the Al Bhed Compilation Sphere - Al Bhed is a simple dialect in this game involving the switching of letters around so that A is Q or some crap like that. You'll hear it more momentarily.) If you go to the right, you can try to read the language of Al Bhed on the glyph; even if it is mostly useless right now, you can find 200 Gil in the chest behind it. There are also two Potions to the south of the Sphere. Anyhow, once done, go north and into the next area.

Ruins: Underwater Hall: In this area, go along the path and left to a Hi-Potion, then along the main pathnorthward to a scene. The path will fall out beneath you, dropping you into the water. Swim forward a bit to engage in battle with some of those Sahagins before ... Whoa. Am I the only one reminded of a certain scene from Star Wars: Episode I here?

BOSS - Geosgaeno
Maximum HP32,767
Maximum MP128
Magic Defense50
Element WeaknessEverything
Common Item DropsNone
Rare Item DropsNone
Common StealsNone
Rare StealsNone
AP Yield0
Gil Yield0

To the curious, 32,767 is just under half of the maximum HP most enemies would have been allowed in most earlier RPGs (i.e. 2000 or prior) for the most part. Most games then had statistics limited to a two- or four-byte system wherein the max for each stat was FF or FFFF in hexadecimal (256 or 65,536) respectively. 32,767 equates to 7FFF. Not like you care. >_>

You know, this wasn't something I figured out until I last played FFX about eighteen months ago, but this fight, while not winnable, actually doesn't produce a Game Over, either. See, Geosgaeno will only use one attack in this battle - yes, you'll see him again, probably in a blitzball game? =P - and this attack will take off 50% of your current HP. Again, like in the battle versus Ammes, you therefore can't die. Therefore, pocket those Potions (or repocket them if they floated off =P) and just Attack for a while.

(In theory, you could beat this guy. However, he defaults to ending the battle after a third hit. If you somehow cheat, you can't get anything for beating Geos this time, so don't bother. For that matter, if you're cheating, why are you using my FAQ?)

Ruins: Corridor: After the battle, head north and into the next, rather cold area. *huddles around a Charmander*

Ruins: Hall: In this large, spacious area (as in, no good for retaining heat), go to the center and you'll find the remains of a long-dead fire. You decide to light, since you'll probably spend eternity here or something and that is the most productive thing you can do at the moment. You know, other than that glaring Save Sphere to the southwest. If you head to the eastern door nearby, you'll find it unable to open; however, along a semi-hidden path nearby, you can get an X-Potion. As for the doors to the west?

Ruins: Small Room: Examine the nearby desk to find some Flint. Return into the main Hall and exit off to the north.

Ruins: Stairs: Here, go downstairs a bit to find an Ether, which will be useful for healing your MP waaaay down the road, at least for Tidus's sake. =P At the top of the stairs, you should be able to find a Withered Bouquet of flowers on the wall to use as tinder for the fire. Continue along and to the next area to find a Hi-Potion before returning.

Ruins: Hall: Go ahead and examine the fire. As your mind gets on food and stuff, some food conveniently walks on by. 'Cause, you know, that's ... Okay, this might be more expected.

BOSS - Klikk
Maximum HP1,500 * 1.5
Maximum MP5
Magic Defense1
Element WeaknessNone
Common Item Drops1-2 Ability Spheres
Rare Item Drops2-4 Ability Spheres
Common Steals1-2 Grenades
Rare StealsNone
AP Yield5
Gil Yield50

The Klikk (I swear, I keep mispelling that) doesn't have much of an offense: mostly a basic physical attack for 75~125 damage or so. Not a lot, but note that it's not percentage-based - *gasp* it's the first boss in the game you can legitimately lose! (Sinscales don't count. If you lost to those, you may as well throw your console out the window. Now. Like, literally, stop reading this FAQ and just throw it.)

Annnyhow.... There's not a lot you can do at this point since you lack access to the Sphere Grid, and even if you had it, you couldn't do anything since this is also the first battle to give you AP. >_> So, you're basically left to Attack to your heart's desire, but keep in mind to use Potions when you hit 150 HP or so.

Halfway through the fight, there will be a scene in which some ... other people arrive. One of them, aptly named "?????" (such a pretty name), will ally you for now. She (yes, she) mostly specializing in Stealing from the enemy, then Using the Grenades (look under "Special"). Grenades ought to do 200~350 damage around now, so that's nice, even though you have to work through all of the Klikk's HP again. Yup, Tidus's effort was in vain, somehow. >_> Whether you want to Use the Grenades is up to you (since they hit all enemies, they'll have better use later on), but be sure to keep your HP up regardless.

After the scene, there will be a bit of talking in Al Bhed. I can't ... understand what ... they're sa-- Oh, that's pretty clear. Never mind.

The Salvage Ship

[_] Potion x3[_] Al Bhed Primer Vol. I

Eventually, you'll end up on the deck of some Salvage Ship. There, speak with the girl from earlier and she'll speak about the Sphere Grid. As you probably already have gathered, there are two Sphere Grids in FFX HD (and, really, the PAL/International versions of the original PS2 release). The original Sphere Grid models the original, "easy" Sphere Grid American FFX players had before. It divided the characters into their specialized paths (like Tidus for fast, physical attacking) before forcing them to go elsewhere. The Expert Sphere Grid from which you could have also chosen looks different mostly because of the sheer freedom you can have: every character could become a Tidus if you dared, for example. In any case.... You'll go through the tutorial on how to use it. Basically, earning AP earns you Sphere Levels (SLVLs), which is currency for moving over the Sphere Grid (1 SLVL for untraveled paths, one node at a time, or four nodes on traveled paths). You'll get to use Spheres to place nodes or activate nodes to earn their benefits, such as stat boosts or new abilities. That's basically it. Be sure to use it yourself!

After, speak with the northwestern guy on the ship for three Potions, then examine the whitish object on the deck nearby to find Al Bhed Primer Vol. I - this will fill in some of the letters in Al Bhed conservation. You usually have to grab about 15 or so to be able to truly fill in the blanks, though. Anyhow, speak with the girl who gave the tutorial again to dive underwater.


As a notable footnote, when you dive in the water, you can approach the Salvage Ship again and press the Square Button to be let back on it. There's a slight bit of misprogramming (I think) with this sequence, in that you can speak with the guy who gave you the three Potions again for three more Potions, then do it again ad infinitum until you're full of Potions. It shouldn't take much more than half an hour to grab 99 (33 trips), though their utility is pretty bad - 50 or so (17 trips) will suffice for the while until you get more effective means of healing.

As a footnote to this footnote, though, I've gotten word that this glitch does not work in versions released in the U.K. I have also heard different reports that it does work in U.K. versions, so I'm not sure what to think: those reporting the legitimacy of the glitch in the U.K. did use downloadable versions. In any case, either way, it would be best for you to double-check.

Underwater Ruins

Piranha (x1)501611112150012Lightning
Piranha (x2)100281119150013Lightning
Piranha (x3)1503101116150015Lightning

Underwater: Just keep using Circle to dive into the ruins.

Underwater ruins: Here in the entry room, examine the control panel and you'll end up banging on it to open the door. [Disclaimer: Banging on stuff usually doesn't work. Trust me, it doesn't.] Afterwards, just continue along and you'll do a simple battle. Afterwards, there will be a scene; as you swim back, well... Examine the thing marked on the map and you'll find something.

A giant squid. How unique.

BOSS - Tros
Maximum HP2,200
Maximum MP10
Magic Defense1
Element WeaknessNone
Common Item DropsNone
Rare Item DropsNone
Common Steals1-3 Grenades
Rare StealsNone
AP Yield8
Gil Yield100

This battle can be a bit difficult for once. Tros's offense will mostly consist of a standard attack, Tentacles (single-target), and Nautilus Charge. The regular attacks usually ~75 damage. Nautilus Charge will take one noticeable turn to charge and it does 150~200 damage, so be sure to Defend on that turn!

At the start of the battle, there's not much special you'll need to worry about. For the most part, attack and heal if you get under 200 HP. After Tros takes 350 damage, things change a bit. Tros gets out of your range at that point.

Once Tros is out of range, you can't directly attack. You can have ????? use some Grenades on it, though! (Though how they manage to get the propulsion necessary to go through liquid and defy bouyancy is beyond me.) This is also a good time to heal. You can do that via Potions, or the Trigger Command Stand By (50 HP) if your stock is low. You could also stick to having Tidus use Cheer for Strength/Defense boosts.

After a bit in the out-of-range position, Tros will use Nautilus Charge. Whether you take the beating or do something else is up to you - 150 damage can be nasty, but at least Cheer helps some while boosting Strength. With each 350 damage he takes after the Nautilus Charge, Tros usually runs off. After three or so of these incidents, the Pincer Attack Trigger Command finally becomes apparent to you. Seriously? You didn't think of that before? Silly Tidus. The water pressure must be squeezing your poor little brains out.

Anyhow. That will negate Nautilus Charge for the remainder of the battle, but, since Tentacles becomes single-target, it will start doing about as much damage as Nautilus did. The main strategy before all of the running-away crap Tros did applies again: attack, blow stuff up, and heal when needed.

Once the fight is done, examine that thing in the middle of the room to begin a scene. Eventually, this culminates with some Sin-ful thoughts on Tidus's part. (You'll get the joke when you get there. Maybe. I dunno. I'm the king of bad jokes. Seriously, read my Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon FAQ - that's what happens when I'm on pain meds. =P)

Arrival on Besaid

[_] Moon Crest[_] Antidote x2[_] 200 Gil[_] Potion x3[_] Potion x2[_] Hi-Potion[_] Phoenix Down[_] Hi-Potion
[_] Antidote x2[_] 400 Gil[_] Hi-Potion[_] Potion x2[_] Phoenix Down[_] Al Bhed Primer Vol. II

Water Flan31530312015151500218Lightning

Beach: After arriving on the shores of Spira, you'll regain control after a brief scene. Immediately begin by heading to the southeast and into an alcove nearby. You'll find the Moon Crest within. This is used to help get Yuna's ultimate (Celestial) weapon a LOOOONG ways down the road, but might as well start now, eh? Return to the main beach and head west to find a chest with two Antidotes within, then go speak with the Aurochs and Wakka. Doing so will earn you 200 Gil, 3 Potions, 2 Potions, and a Hi-Potion in all. Also be sure to follow Wakka eastward towards the Crossroads.

Crossroads: Continue east after Wakka. Time for a swim!

Valley: In this aquatic area, simply head along the path before you. Be sure to dive underwater and look carefully for some chests: you'll find a Phoenix Down, Hi-Potion, and two Antidotes inside them - 'cause, you know, people drop stuff like this regularly. They're also missable, since you never return here.

Village Slope: Simply go left and along some more into the village.

Besaid Village: After the scene in the village, you're welcome to sit around and plunder as you please. Due west of the place where you regain control is a Phoenix Down. Now, take a look at the minimap and you ought to see a very, very narrow westbound path: use the minimap to navigate to it and follow it for 400 Gil, a Hi-Potion, and two Potions. Enter the large blue tent along the west side of the area; it's the main HQ for the Crusaders in Besaid. Not that we care: I just see an appetizing Save Sphere in there. *noms* Feel free to speak with the people here about why the Crusaders exist, though, and to pick up the Al Bhed Primer Vol. II on the floor.

That will just about do it for now. Have you noticed that big large gray temple at the north side of town yet? It's no mere background decoration: walk into it. There will be a brief scene there, after which you need to speak with Wakka in his hut and take a nap. There will be a bit more cutscene-stuff; just walk left during the cutscene that results. When you awaken, head back into the temple. There, after some scenes, you'll run off into the Cloister.

Besaid's Cloister of Trials

[_] Rod of Wisdom

The Cloister of Trials in regards to FFX is simply that: a set of trials that is meant to keep the unworthy from learning the all-powerful abilities to summon Aeons. (Though you won't get anything truly worthwhile until the last 1/4 of the game. >_>) As far as you ought to care, it's a puzzle. They get more annoying in later areas.

Anyhow, go north and examine the glyph on the wall before you; upon touching it, a path opens up nearby, so follow it. Examine the wall at the bottom and you can learn about the different spheres: the green Glyph Spheres that are used mostly to open doors and such, the purple Destruction Spheres that remove obstacles (often optional ones for treasure!), and then the "Place" Spheres (i.e. Besaid Spheres) that have effects depending on where you are.

Grab the Glyph Sphere after the brief tutorial, then go downstairs and shove it into the small space on the door at the bottom. Go through the newly-opened door, then re-examine the Sphere to take it back. (FYI, you can only hold one at a given time. Odd, as you have two hands and probably some kind of pockets, but whatever.) Go along the hallway and place the Glyph Sphere on the pedestal near the left wall. This will reveal a Destruction Sphere; leave it for now. Continue along to the glyph on the wall and touch it, then take the Besaid Sphere you find.

Pick up that Sphere and put it on the pedestal just to the left. Return to the Destruction Sphere you find moments ago and place it where the Besaid Sphere was to open a secret room; beyond is a Rod of Wisdom, a pretty decent weapon for Yuna, who will join our party momentarily. (It boosts Magic by +8% and has Sensor.) Return to the pedestal again, this time pushing it into the center of the room (just run into it with the Analog Stick): it will sink into the floor and make you an elevator. There will be a lengthy scene thereafter; enjoy.

Departure from Besaid

[_] Brotherhood[_] Energy Blast Overdrive[_] Map[_] 400 Gil[_] Remedy[_] Ether[_] Seeker's Ring
[_] Phoenix Down x3

Item NameCostEffects
Antidote50 GilCures the Poison status ailment
Phoenix Down100 GilRevives the target from KO with ~50% of their max HP (up to 9,999); may kill Zombies
Potion50 GilHeals 200 HP to a single target; deals 200 HP of damage to Zombies

TypeEquipment NameCostUserAbility Slot 1Ability Slot 2Ability Slot 3Ability Slot 4
WeaponEnchanted Rod150 GilYunaMagic +3%[no slot][no slot][no slot]
WeaponMagical Mog150 GilLuluMagic +3%[no slot][no slot][no slot]
WeaponPower Ball150 GilWakkaStrength +3%[no slot][no slot][no slot]
WeaponWarrior's Sword150 GilTidusStrength +3%[no slot][no slot][no slot]
ArmorSeeker's Armguard150 GilWakkaHP +5%[no slot][no slot][no slot]
ArmorSeeker's Bangle150 GilLuluHP +5%[no slot][no slot][no slot]
ArmorSeeker's Ring150 GilYunaHP +5%[no slot][no slot][no slot]
ArmorSeeker's Shield150 GilTidusHP +5%[no slot][no slot][no slot]

Water Flan31530312015151500218Lightning

Besaid Village: After the scene in the temple, you'll get to see what the heck an Aeon is. After, you also get to give it a name (by default, this Aeon is Valefor). At night, speak with Yuna and you'll get a question from Wakka, to which you can respond as desired. Speak with Wakka once more thereafter and you can finally get on with things.

To begin, Wakka will hand you the Brotherhood, a sword once used by his brother. It currently just has the Strength +5% ability (which makes it already better than the Longsword), but there's more to come with the sword later on (including Strength +10%!). Anyhow, after the gifting, head into the item shop. Speaking with the girl with the dog eventually yields something along the lines that "her dog found something". (Sorry, still running off of the Japanese version right now. >_>) Once that has happened, go into the third of the eastern houses of Besaid and speak with the dog to get a new Overdrive for Valefor, Energy Blast - he's the only one to get TWO Overdrives, so be happy! (You'll also see it in FFX-2, which can surprise some of you later. ;))

Don't forget to shop up in the item shop! The main thing you'll want in coming hours are Antidotes for Kilika, and maybe some Phoenix Downs - we've got Potions out the wazoo here, not to mention Yuna's Cure, so you ought to be fine on the HP front. Leave town and, as you do, you'll gain the Map.

Village Slope: As you leave Besaid, you'll be engaged in a battle against some enemies, and you'll be taught how to utilize your party members for their roles. Basically, it works like this - Tidus for fast monsters (wolves), Lulu for magically-weak or elementally-weak enemies (Flan), Wakka for flying enemies, and Yuna to summon to wreck s***. Or to heal. Yeah, that's helpful, too. The first battle emphasizes Tidus and Wakka. In the second, you'll use Lulu to hit weaknesses - Fire hurts Ice and Ice hurts Fire, while Water hurts Lightning and Lightning hurts Water. (Which means to use Thunder on the Water Flan.) Further east, there will be another scene.

Promontory: Pray if you wish here before moving on. Save as you go along to the Ancient Road because...

BOSS - ???? (Kimahri)
Maximum HP750
Maximum MP10
Magic Defense5
Element WeaknessNone
Common Item Drops2-4 Ability Spheres
Rare Item DropsNone
Common Steals1 Potion
Rare StealsNone
AP Yield3
Gil Yield100

Strategically speaking, you won't see a lot out of this fight. The boss in question will stick to a basic physical which hits for about 75 damage around now, while his Jump - occuring every three or four turns - deals closer to 125 damage. Even so, you can't do much about it. You mostly just get to hit back-'n'-forth, healing as needed, since it's just Tidus fighting here. Buffing yourself with Cheer might help, though.

After the battle, Kimahri will join the party as you earn a Hunter's Sword (a seemingly forced drop from the fight?). Continue on. (Be sure to revisit the shop in Besaid, since it now sells equipment! Don't bother with a Seeker's Ring, though, since you'll get a superior one momentarily!)

Waterfall Way: As you go along the linear path here, you'll end up walking into a fight with a Garuda. This first fight will make you have Yuna call upon her Aeon. You'll also be able to use Wakka's special abilities to deal with another Garuda further ahead (Dark Attack can blind the target, lowering their accuracy dramatically). Continue along the path to the crossroads, then southwest to the beach.

Beach/Dock: As you reach this area for your departure towards Kilika Island, speak with the peolpe wishing you good-bye: they'll also hand you items, including 400 Gil, a Remedy, an Ether, a Seeker's Ring (with HP +10%), and three Phoenix Downs. Continue aboard the ship.

The S.S. Liki

[_] Remedy[_] Potion x0~x20[_] Al Bhed Primer Vol. III

When you arrive on the ... uh ... sh-- *vomits on Sin*


Anyhow, when you get on the ship, after the scene, be sure to look around the more obvious spots. You can find a Remedy in the cabin, for one. There, also, you can kick a suitcase to get a number of Potions - 0 to 20, in fact. Essentially, it works like this: you can get enough Potions to build your stock up to 20, but you will get no more Potions beyond that. For example, I have 15 Potions: I get 5 from the suitcase; I have 99 Potions, I get a sore foot from kicking the suitcase. There's also an Al Bhed Primer Vol. III in the middle of the power room.

As for stuff that matters? In the cabin of the ship, you'll O'aka XXIII. For now, he'll request some money from you, and will keep doing so for a while. If you manage to do so, you will end up lowering his prices closer to the middle of the game (along the Mushroom Rock Road). Here's how it works:

Amount GivenPrice Change (from Baseline)
0 ~ 100 Gil+100% (doubled)
101 ~ 1,000 Gil+50% (x 1.5)
1,001 ~ 10,000 Gil+20% (x 1.2)
10,001 or more Gil-30% (x 0.7)

So, basically, pay him over 10,000 Gil or you will have to pay more money. It's up to you whether to do it, but you have time if you don't somehow have 10,001 Gil on-hand like everyone else at this point. =P

That actually about sums it up. Back on the deck, speak with Yuna, then with Wakka, then with Yuna again as you progress through some scenes ... to a boss!

BOSS - Sin, Sinscales
Maximum HP2,000200
Maximum MP1000
Magic Defense11
Element WeaknessNoneNone
Common Item Drops1-2 Mana Spheres1-2 Power Spheres
Rare Item DropsNoneNone
Common Steals1 Potion1 Potion
Rare StealsNoneNone
AP Yield102
Gil Yield10022

Sin himself won't do much to you in this fight: even though all it would take is him to simply dive waaay down into the ocean to kill you all, he'll move about on occasion to no effect. (That's one strong harpoon!) However, he does release Sinscales every now and then, which are slightly buffed-up versions of those from Zanarkand. They won't do excessive damage, maybe 75~100.

In any case, if you want, it wouldn't be too bad an idea to grind against the 'Scales. I mean, they're pretty easy to beat, right? With mild healing from Yuna's Cure on occasion, you could get quite a bit of AP and Gil. (FYI, to get the 10,001 Gil O'aka wants, you need to kill 455 Sinscales (450 if you throw Sin into the mix). =P) The 'Scales will come on and on endlessly for the most part; however, they only do so when you kill off three of them. If you kill off just two, you can stop their reproduction (?) and therefore make life a little easier on you.

Anyhow, whether you want to or not, you have to fight Sin eventually. To do this, there are three main methods: you can attack with Lulu's magic, with Wakka's Blitzball (stick to basic Attacks), or have Yuna Summon Valefor and attack from a distance with him. All work pretty well. I recommend Valefor simply because he's a bit more of a powerhouse, especially with that Overdrive. Shouldn't be a big problem of a fight even without Valefor, so long as you can heal ably.

That fight progresses into an underwater one that is legitimately difficult.

BOSS - Sinspawn Echuilles, Sinscales
Sinspawn EchuillesSinscales
Maximum HP2,000200
Maximum MP200
Magic Defense11
Element WeaknessNoneNone
Common Item Drops2-4 Ability Spheres1-2 Power Spheres
Rare Item DropsNoneNone
Common Steals1 Potion1 Potion
Rare StealsNoneNone
AP Yield122
Gil Yield11522

Echuilles comes allied by ever-more of those annoying Sinscales. Granted, they're normally not annoying - no less than two minutes ago I recommended you grind on them =P - but when you're down to two characters that are already weakened, then, yeah, you have a problem. Echuilles mostly sticks to two attacks. Drain Attack is always used twice in a row, dealing around 50 damage to a character and healing Echuilles for the same. It will use Blender every three turns for about 100~125 damage as well.

So, how to go about this? Well, initially, you'll probably want Tidus Cheering a bit: this can help boost your Defense against Drain Touch and the 'Scales. Blender is considered magical, so it won't help that, though. You can also have Wakka hit Echuilles with Dark Attack and, in doing so, pretty much immunize yourself from Drain Touch. Once that's done, focus on healing before you get into an offense centered against Echuilles - once he dies, it's over, so don't worry about the endless array of Sinscales.

After the battle and a cutscene, you'll arrive on Kilika.

Arrival in Kilika

[_] Al Bhed Primer Vol. IV[_] Ether[_] Potion x3

TypeEquipment NameCostUserAbility Slot 1Ability Slot 2Ability Slot 3Ability Slot 4
WeaponCactuar Scope250 GilLuluSensor[no slot][no slot][no slot]
WeaponHunter's Spear375 GilKimahriSensorPiercing[no slot][no slot]
WeaponHunter's Sword250 GilTidusSensor[no slot][no slot][no slot]
WeaponRod of Wisdom250 GilYunaSensor[no slot][no slot][no slot]
WeaponScout250 GilWakkaSensor[no slot][no slot][no slot]
ArmorSeeker's Armguard150 GilWakkaHP +5%[no slot][no slot][no slot]
ArmorSeeker's Bangle150 GilLuluHP +5%[no slot][no slot][no slot]
ArmorSeeker's Ring150 GilYunaHP +5%[no slot][no slot][no slot]
ArmorSeeker's Shield150 GilTidusHP +5%[no slot][no slot][no slot]

After the scenes aboard the ship, use the Save Sphere and follow the people into the remains of Kilika. At the bar, head west and you'll find Yuna to watch the "sending". You'll find out more about that in the scene itself, but, anyhow... You'll awaken the next morning in the inn. Use the Save Sphere if desired, go outside and speak with Wakka to the east. Head into the local tavern at the "Y" fork for the Al Bhed Primer Vol. IV as well.

Along the southern part of the village is a weapon shop. Meanwhile, if you head west of the tavern, you can find a destroyed house with a girl in the ruins; save her, then go to the tavern again for an Ether chest. Continue west from the tavern along into the Woods, grabbing three Potions from the last house before reaching the woods.

Kilika Woods

[_] Mana Sphere x2[_] Scout[_] Luck Sphere[_] Remedy[_] Antidote x4[_] Elixir[_] Hi-Potion
[_] NulBlaze Shield

Killer Bee11058111815100923Ice
Yellow Element300100112018151550933Water

As you enter the Woods, you'll eventually run into a random encounter of some sort. This is supposed to be used to demonstrate Kimahri's abilities. Through Lancet, Kimahri is able to learn the various enemy attacks (called Ronso Rages in FFX) in the game: he's like the Blue Mage of this game, or the Enemy Skill materia wielder (ref. FFVII), or the Vampire (ref. Bravely Default). In doing so, he must simply use Lancet: nothing else is needed. So long as that enemy has a wieldable skill, Kimahri will learn it as an Overdrive and his Overdrive gauge will max out. In this particular battle, he'll learn Seed Cannon from a Ragora.

First go east of the entrance of the area to find two Mana Spheres. Glance at the minimap and go along the first narrow path heading north. This will take you to a Scout, a weapon for Wakka. Head north of the chest to a four-way; go north and along to the main central path, then go north and west to find a Luck Sphere. This creates a Luck +4 node on the Sphere Grid. While this is the highest degree of Luck, keep in mind placing it now will require backtracking later on, possibly, since you lack a Fortune Sphere with which to activate it.

Anyways, remember when the guards split up not long ago? Go speak with the woman guard and you'll get a Remedy. That does it for now; go back close to the entrance of the area, and just to the north, you'll probably have noticed that big plant thingy? Save and approach it if you dare. (It's not difficult!) Speak with Luzzu on the way to get four Antidotes, by the way, which can be helpful in the coming fight.

BOSS - Lord Ochu
Lord Ochu
Maximum HP4,649
Maximum MP39
Magic Defense1
Element WeaknessFire
Common Item Drops1-2 MP Spheres
Rare Item Drops1-2 HP Spheres
Common Steals1 Potion
Rare StealsNone
AP Yield40
Gil Yield420

Final Fantasy vets are probably familiar with this type of enemy: it LOVES to status you. Granted, it's not as bad as the Great Malboro you'll find later in the game (or SwagPlay Klefkis and Thunduruses in Pokémon >_<), but more on that later. Anyhow, Lord Ochu's main offensive attack is Water, which hits for about 250 damage. You'll also see Poison Claw (~100 damage), which may also poison the target. There's finally Earthquake. This attack hits everyone and removes half of their current HP. So it can't kill you if it just uses that move, but it has other ways to deal with you.

The strategy seems fairly clear, no? Throw Lulu out there for a lot of Fire spells, while Wakka's Silence Attack will help get rid of the Water. Yuna should be used first for NulTide (in case Silence Attack fails), then in the meantime for healing ailments that pop up. Once Yuna's duty is done with (when Water is effectively disabled), switch Tidus in for the boosted offense, and out again when healing is needed. Pretty simple.

Once the Lord Ochu falls to around 2,000 HP, it will suddenly fall asleep the next chance it gets: this will induce a bit of a Regen effect on it. Regen continually heals the target's HP for certain amounts (it's not technically variable - there's a formula for it, but it's WAAAY too complex for most of you), so it would seem that this is bad. Since the boss ends up inducing Sleep on itself in the meantime - reminds me of Rest from Pokémon - you could just strike it to wake it up, no? That could be a bad idea, though - it will counter this with Earthquake, which is nasty!

So, what do you do? You could have Lulu just use Fire on the Lord Ochu (and others, possbily, if you have the Expert Sphere Grid and opted for some Black Magic) - Magic won't awaken the Ochu, so that might work, though it could also take a while. You could also take the chance at waking it up and just multi-targeting Yuna's Cure after, or switch in a decoy group of party members, wake it up, and switch on the next turns.

My preferred route is this, though - have Yuna Summon Valefor! Haven't you noticed that Valefor is, y'know, flying? That kinda means an earthquake (or Earthquake) won't hurt it! Sonic Wings also should delay the boss a little, so continual usage of that works nicely. Valefor also should have Fire, so that works, or you can simply unSummon him once the Earthquake is evaded.

After the battle, speak with the nearby Luzzu (the red-head) for an Elixir. Nice! ^_^ You can also speak one of the nearby female soldiers to grab a Hi-Potion. Not as nice, but it's not that bad, either. Also speak with the woman who gave you the Remedy earlier for a NulBlaze Shield. Neat.

Continue south from where the battle was fought and use up the Save Sphere, then go far to the north and east and along to the stone stairs towards the temple. On the way...

BOSS - Sinspawn Geneaux
Sinspsawn GeneauxTentacles
Maximum HP3,000450
Maximum MP3010
Magic Defense11
Element WeaknessFireNone
Common Item Drops2-4 Power Spheres1-2 Ability Spheres
Rare Item Drops3-6 Power SpheresNone
Common Steals1 PotionNone
Rare StealsNoneNone
AP Yield485
Gil Yield30030

Something has always creeped me out about this boss since I was young. =/

Anyhow, there are three main units on the field: the main body of the Sinspawn, and two Tentacles. The Tentacles' main role is to automatically absorb ANY magic that is cast, so look out for this. Geneaux relies on several attacks. While in the shell, it only does Sigh (magic damage on all) every two turns. After, it will use Water, Staccato (hits all), and Venom (may poison; hits the highest-HP character), which gets pretty nasty. The Tentacles, other than their magic absorption, will rely on a basic physical. Each attack from either usually hits for 100~125 damage, so it can get nasty with three enemies on the field.

First things first. You'll want to get three big physical units - as in, Wakka, Tidus, and Kimahri - to start wailing on the Tentacles. Without them, Geneaux will no longer absorb magic and, since the shell is considered "Armored" (you'll learn more about that after Luca), it will then be finally vulnerable. The Tentacles shouldn't take long to go down, so long as you focus your efforts to a single one at a time. Using Cheer may also help that.

Once that's over with, switch in Yuna to have her Summon Valefor: Valefor should have the strongest Fire of the group, but if you can't use him (or don't want to), you can always use Lulu. Additionally, if Kimahri has the Hunter's Spear (or another Piercing-abiltiy weapon), he can help attack the main shell, too, since Piercing ignores the Armored nature of enemies. Around the time the Sinspawn hits 2,400 HP, it will burst out of the shell, revealing the much-uglier main body. Get rid of Valefor if you're using him, then switch the main offense to Lulu, Tidus, and Yuna: Yuna for healing the inevitably high damage, Lulu for the Fire weakness, and Tidus to cut stuff up. (As a note, you may want Yuna to lead with NulTide, as Water can get pretty bad. Or you can try to get Wakka to Silence Attack him.)

After the battle, continue along the path upstairs towards the temple. Approach the internal parts of the temple after a scene, then save the game within the temple. Pray with Wakka, then go north into the Cloister.