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FFX International Changes by _Mace_ / sephirosuy

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/23/08


  F I N A L  F A N T A S Y - X                       *#####: *#####: *#:   :#*
     INTERNATIONAL                                    #:      #:       #: :#
        Unofficial guide to all extras & differences  ####:   ####:     :#:
                                                      #:      #:       #: :#
    by Sephirosuy (sephiroth_y@yahoo.com)            .#:.    .#:.    .#:   :#.
       _Mace_ (scratchgamer@hotmail.com) 



You may not copy or reproduce this to any other places without permission.
You are not allowed to use it for profit also. Please inform one or both of
us if you would like to host this guide, and obtain our permission before
doing so.

 Table of contents

  1) Introduction
  2) FF-X versions' data summary
  3) Language/Sphere Grid selection for Int. version
  4) International Differences / Extras
       i.    Sphere Grid
       ii.   Abilities
       iii.  Celestial Weapons' key item
       iv.   Characters
       v.    Aeon
       vii.  Armor & Weapon Customization
       viii. Bosses
       ix.   Fiends
       x.    Other
  5) How to obtain and play FFX Int on a NA PS2
  6) Other Frequently Asked Questions
  7) Credits
  8) Contact

+  1) Introduction  +

Thanks for clicking on the guide.

This is a guide contains all the differences between the International and 
the Original version, also the extra stuffs in International which are enhanced
the game to be more advanced.

Heard something different from the FF-X that you play? This guide will explain
to you what the differences between the versions are.

Keep in mind that while similar in most respects, the PAL and International
versions of FFX do have some differences, I'll make sure to specify whether or
not a change applies to one or both versions. </Mace>

Also, I just got my hands on a copy of the original Jp version of the game, and
will be playing through to verify some difference from this initial release of
the game.  </Mace>

+  2) FF X versions' data Summary  +

# Final Fantasy X
~released for  -NTSC U/C (referred to as the NA, or North American version)
               -NTSC J (referred to as the Jp, or original Japanese version)
               -PAL (released in Europe and Australia, many of the same changes
                as the International release. Referred to as the PAL version).

# Final Fantasy X International
~released for  -NTSC J (released in Japan and Asia)

-The original Japanese release is the only version with Japanese voice acting. 
 Menus and subtitles are all in Japanese as well.  It was released in Japan and

-The North American version (NA) was the second release of FFX.  It hit stores
 in (shocker) North America.  English Voice Acting, English subtitles.  Aside
 from a few minor changes, this is essentially the same game as released in

-Final Fantasy X: International was released only a couple months after the
 NA release.  It has the additions of the Dark Aeons, Expert Sphere Grid, and
 other things outlined in this FAQ.  English Voice Acting, option between
 Japanese and English menus and subtitles.

-The PAL version of FFX was release a few months after the Int release for
 Europe, New Zealand and Australia.  There is no option for Japanese subtitles
 or menus, but it shares almost all of the changes that the FFX Int had over
 the first two releases of the game.  This version can be found in various
 other languages as well.  The PAL versions runs at 5/6 the speed of the NTSC

Epilogue:  The Other Side of Final Fantasy X - Another Story/Eternal Calm

-This is a bonus ending of sorts that helps tell a bit of the tale about Yuna
 between FFX and FFX-2.  No plot information to be found here.  You can easily
 find a video of it on Youtube or Google video.

-jobber2022497 has provided me with the information on how this bonus material
was first released.

JP: Included in bonus disc "Other Side of the Final Fantasy X" in the first run
    of FFX International (not the Asian, Korean, or Ultimate Hits versions).

PAL: Included in bonus disc with Unlimited SaGa.

NA: Included in demo disc of Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine (OPM) issue #75
    (December 2003)

+  3) Language/Sphere Grid selection +

After you start a game playing the International version, you'll be asked three
questions, the problem is that these questions are in Japanese.  They are as
follows.  This isn't a direct translation, if anyone has a more accurate
translation, contact me and I'll change this.

1) Which Sphere Grid would you like to use?

   a) Standard Sphere Grid
   b) Expert/International Sphere Grid

2) Are you sure?

   a) Yes
   b) No

3) Select the primary language for subtitles and menu options

   a) Japanese
   b) English

Note that you can toggle the language selection on and off at any time during
your game, but once you pick the Sphere Grid, you're stuck with it.

+  4) PAL/International Differences / Extras  +

i. Sphere Grid

There are three Sphere Grids that span across the various versions of FFX.

1) The Original Sphere Grid, that appears in the North American and Original Jp

2) The PAL/Int Standard Sphere Grid, which is very similar to the Original
Sphere Grid.

3) The Expert Sphere Grid, which is an entirely new Grid added to the PAL/Int
versions of FFX.

The Original Sphere Grid and Standard Sphere Grid are similar in that each
character has a clearly defined path that is blocked off at various places with
Lock Nodes.  The only differences between the Original grid and the Standard
grid are the new abilities that are added to the Standard Grid, along with a
minor change in number of nodes on the entire Grid.  The Original Sphere Grid
has 828 nodes.  The Standard Sphere Grid has 860 nodes

The Expert Sphere Grid certainly does have paths for each character to follow,
but to the untrained eye it would seem that they don't.  This, along with the
fact that you'll want to plan your course with each character instead of just
following a given path, is what makes this particular grid "Expert."  Kind of a
poor choice of words, but meh.  Other characters paths are readily accessible
to any character right off the bat, and there are more intersections that
connect different paths than found in the Original and Standard Grids.  The
Expert Sphere Grid also has a different background color, a gold like color, as
opposed to they greyish background for the Original and Standard Grids.  The
Expert Sphere Grid has 792 nodes.


Expert Sphere Grid paths, credits to Games for the map together, I helped him
with defining the routes as shown in the FFX Ultimania Omega. </Mace>

Stat gains from each grid:  These are stat bonuses from each character's part
of the grid.  Every node each of the three grids is accounted for, as there are
no "unclaimed" parts of any Sphere Grid with the exception of some Lock nodes
that connect two Sphere paths.  These can either be considered off limits to
either character or fair game for either, it's up to you.

Standard Sphere Grid

**Stat changes that appear in the PAL and International Grids will be shown
next to the corresponding stat in parenthesis.

OSG boosts

           Tidus     Yuna    Auron    Kimahri     Wakka     Lulu     Rikku
HP          2600     2600     3600       1400      3800     2200      3200
Strength      39       10       36         11        40        9(11)    25
Defence       24       10       22          9        20       46(48)    17
Magic          6       43        6          6        23(27)   34(36)    18
M Def          2       36        8          2         4       58(60)    10(12)
MP           130(140) 260      120        100       180      340       120
Agility       30       36       12          7        29       16        43(44)
Luck           1        8(10)    1          0         1        4         1
Evasion       19       38       10          0        13       44         0
Accuracy      19        4        1          7        25        2        12

Expert Sphere Grid

            Tidus   Yuna    Auron    Kimahri     Wakka     Lulu      Rikku
HP           2000   1800     3600        200      3400     2000       3200
Strength       31     16       47          2        31        9         18
Defence        21     22       22          2        17       32         11
Magic           9     41        6          2        33       30         15
M Def           3     33       22          0         0       48         11
MP            190    220       40          0       120      240        200
Agility        30     30       11          0        16       17         42
Luck            3      0        0          0         2        0          9
Evasion        19     28        8          0        10       43          4
Accuracy       18      0        1          0        27       10         11

ii. New Ablities

 a. Extra Skills ( both Original and International Sphere grid )
     Extract Power/Mana/Speed/Ability
       -Causes enemy to drop corresponding Spheres instead of common/rare
        item drop.  Number of Spheres drops is equal to the number of items
        that would've been dropped originally.
     Nab Gil
       -Steal Gil from enemies while physically attacking.  Same damage
        constant as Attack or Skill commands.   30 Mp, Rank 3.

     Full Break
       -Inflicts all four Breaks (Power, Magic, Armor, Mental) with a 100%
        base infliction rate (subject to resistance).

 b. Extra Specials ( both Original and International Sphere grid )
     Pifer Gil 
       -Steal Gil from enemies at the cost of 20 Mp.  Rank 3 action.  Same
        success rate formula as Steal/Mug (100%-50%-25%-12.5%-etc).

     Quick Pocket 
       -Can use Items at a lower recovery time (Rank 1) at the expense of
        70 Mp.

 c. Quick Hit MP
     -Quick Hit skill requires 36 MP, up from 12 MP for Original version.
     -Changed from a Rank 1 action to a Rank 2 action (more recovery time).

iii. Celestial Weapons' key item

+                            +                       +                       +
|         Celestial          |   Crest & Sigil for   |   Chest & Sigil for   |
|          weapon            |       ORIGINAL        |     INTERNATIONAL     |
+                            +                       +                       +
|       Tidus' Calabog       |         SUN   (not been changed)  SUN         |
|       Yuna's Nirvana       |         MOON  (not been changed)  MOON        |
|      Auron's Masamune      |         MARS          |          SATURN       |
|   Wakka's World Champion   |        JUPITER        |          MERCURY      |
|    Lulu's Onion Knight     |        VENUS          |          MARS         |
|   Kimahri's Spirit Lance   |        SATURN         |          JUPITER      |
|      Rikku's God Hand      |        MERCURY        |          VENUS        |

**Note that the Crest and Sigil names remain unchanged in the PAL version.

iv. Characters

 - All of Wakka's Overdrives have received a damage bonus based on the amount
   of time left on the timer.  This was the case with Auron and Tidus in the
   NA/Jp versions, but did not affect Wakka's OD.  

   The damage modifier is as follows:

   1 + [TimeRemaining / (2 * TimeAllotted)]

   For information regarding attack formulas and modifiers, reference
   SinirothX's Stat Mechanics FAQ.

 - You can no longer wait the timer out on Attack Reels and expect the last
   slot to end on a "2 Hit."  This is only for the PAL version, it has remained
   the same in the International version.  (Remember that if you let the time
   run out in the International version, you won't be granted the time bonus).

 - Auron's Tornado now hits twice instead of once.  The attack power has been
   altered as well.  In the NA and Jp versions it hit once with a Damage
   Constant of 25, 20 if you didn't input the button sequence in time.  In the
   PAL and Int versions, both hits have a DC of 20.

 - In the Original Jp version, Auron's Masamune had a more powerful damage
   modifier.  It was essentially twice as powerful as the Masamune in the PAL,
   Int and NA versions.

   The modifier in the original Jp release is as follows:

   (130 - [100 * Auron's current HP ÷ Auron's Max HP]) ÷ 30

   The modifier used in the PAL/Int/NA versions is as follows:

   (130 - [100 * Auron's current HP ÷ Auron's Max HP]) ÷ 60

v. Aeons

 a. Anima

     - Anima's Oblivion now hits 16 times instead of once.  The damage constant
       for each hit is 4, whereas it used to be a damage constant of 75 for the
       single hit.

 b. Magus Sisters

     - The Magus Sister's Delta Attack now hits 6 times, instead of once.  The
   damage constant which was originally 60 has now been broken up into 10 for
   each hit.

 c. Yojimbo
    -Yojimbo's initial compatibility has been raised from 50 to 128.
    -Yojimbo's attack formula has been altered.  Motivation by Gil has been
    doubled, and the Compatibility is divided by 4 instead of 30 in the initial
    steps of the formula.  A full Overdrive no longer adds just 2 to the final
    Motivation, it now adds 20 in the PAL/int version.

    -In short, it is now MUCH easier to get Yojimbo to perform Zanmato than it
     was in the NA and Jp release.

    -The calculations for Yojimbo's free attacks remain the same in all games.
     Chance of YOjimbo performing a free action: 1024/Compatibility

 c. Extra abilities

     -Aeons can learn the following skills,
       = Extract Power   ( Power Sphere   x 20 )
       = Extract Mana    ( Mana Sphere    x 20 )
       = Extract Speed   ( Speed Sphere   x 20 )
       = Extract Ability ( Ability Sphere x 20 )
       = Full Break      ( Dark Matter    x  2 )

vii. Armor & Weapon Customization

 a. Extra abilities
       = Distill Power   ( Power Sphere   x 2 )
       = Distill Mana    ( Mana Sphere    x 2 )
       = Distill Speed   ( Speed Sphere   x 2 )
       = Distill Ability ( Ability Sphere x 2 )

       = Ribbon  ( Dark Matter x 99 )
         -Grants Immunity to all status effects other than Delay and Instant

viii. Bosses

 a. Dark Aeons
     -Dark Aeons are the optional bosses. You can fight them in the
      following locations:

       Aeons                Locations
  ------------------     -----------------------------------------------------
    Dark Valefour         = Entrance of Besaid Village.

    Dark Ifrit            = Entrance of Al-Bled Home, talk to the person
                            standing near the hole, and choose "yes".

    Dark Ixion            = North part of Thundar Plain, talk to the person
                            under the lightning tower.

    Dark Shiva            = Entrance of Macalania Temple.

    Dark Bahamut          = The most inner area in Zanarkand Dome.

    Dark Yojimbo          = Exit from the end in Cavern Of Stolen Fayth
                            (do not use the teleport panel).

    Dark Anima            = Main Entrance of Mt. Gagazet after solving the
                            trial which using Wakka's blitzball again.

    Dark Magus Sister     = Enter Mushroom Rock from Mi'ihen Highroad,
                            get close to the 2 women.

 b. Penance
     -After defeating all Dark Aeons, Penance will appear as a location in
      the map list form airship. Select it to battle.

 c. Omega WEAPON's stat boosts

    NA/Jp stats            PAL/Int stats
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Hp:   99,999           Hp:   999,999
    Mp:   1                Mp:   999  
    Str:  54               Str:  64
    Mag:  50               Mag:  57
    Def:  80               Def:  90
    MDef: 20               MDef: 80
    Agi:  32               Agi:  38
    Acc:  0                Acc:  0
    Eva:  0                Eva:  0
    Luck: 15               Luck: 15

    **Note that in the PAL/Int version, Omega also absorbs every element.

ix. Fiends

 -Some non-boss enemies have undergone some changes in the PAL and Int versions
  as well. 

  1) Swamp Mafdet (Via Purifico, armored mole)

     -AP changed from 0 to 240, 480 for Overkill

  2) Puroburos (Omega Ruins, Bomb species)

     -Strength increased from 36 -> 40.
      Defense increased from 40 -> 60.
      Magic increased from  25 -> 32.
      MDef increased from  1 -> 20.        

     -Petrification and Death resistances both changed from 0 (NA, Jp) to 120.
     -Originally had no resistance or affinity to the Fire element.  In the NA,
      PAL and Int versions, Puroburos absorbs Fire elemental attacks.

x. Other

 a. Text
     -The texts for subtitles and the number of damage has thicker outline.

 b. Config menu ( only for NTSC/J )
     -2 extra options which are:
      = Language (English / Japanese)
      = Loading (HDD / DVD ROM)

 c. In the original Jp release, characters slumped over slightly when their Hp
    dropped below 50%, but SOS statuses didn't come into effect until they were
    at less than 25% Hp.

 d. In the original Jp release, there was no save sphere at the Monster Arena.
    Kinda nice to know that even the NA gamers benefit from a luxury that some
    gamers didn't have, huh?

 e. In the random battles in the PAL/Int versions, when a character says
    something, it'll appear in subtitles in the middle of the screen.

 f. Behemoth King's Meteor final attack can be prevented in the Int/PAL version
    upwards of ten times.  If defeated with a physical attack and a capture
    weapon, Meteor is bypassed.  Once the gamer catches ten Behemoth Kings,
    this method will cease to work.

 g. In the International version, the functions of the X and O buttons have
    been switched.  X is now cancel, and O is now confirm.  This also changes
    the button presses of Auron's Bushido Overdrive.  This is standard
    operating procedure for Japanese games, they tend to have O as the confirm
    button, whereas NA games tend to have X as a confirm button.

 h. In the North American version and original Jp release, you can repeatedly
    Bribe a fiend 0 Gil to get a missed Bribe to register.  In the PAL/Int
    versions you need to Bribe at least 1 Gil.

 i. In the North American version, Al Bhed Primer 26 is listed as XVI (16),
    instead of XXVI.  This was corrected in the PAL and International

 j. In some of the International releases, there is what is known as a New 
    Game + glitch.  It's poorly titled, as all that happens is you restart
    from Home.  There is a FAQ about it hosted on GameFAQs, you can read more
    about it there.

 k. In the original Jp version, a fiend had to be Bribed 20x its Max Hp for it
    to be a successful Bribe.  In all three subsequent versions (NA, Int, PAL),
    Bribing was altered to allow success for values less than that, although
    the less you Bribe the lower the success rate.  The most cost efficient
    amount to Bribe is 10x Max Hp.

 l. In the original Jp version winning the game against the Luca Goers awards
    the player with a lousy Potion.  In all subsequent versions you're given
    a Strength Sphere for your efforts.

 m. In the original Jp version, when an enemy is completely Immune to an attack
    "GUARD" will be shown.  In the subsequent versions, this is changed to

 n. In the PAL, NA and Int versions, when you overkill an enemy you'll see
    OVERKILL appear above their head.  In the Original Jp version, it was
    OVER KILL.  Two words, not one.

 o. In the original Jp version, there was no option to sort equipment in the

5) How to obtain and play FFX: International on an North American PS2

-You'll need to import your copy of FFX International from a foreign site.  I
 highly recommend www.play-asia.com.  Very reliable, and you get a $5 coupon
 with each order.  I've imported about two dozen games, every one of them from
 this site.  Of course you might also want to check out eBay before throwing
 down full price as well as overseas shipping for the game.

-If you have a PS2 Slim, you will need a flip top cover to replace your current

-If you own a large PS2 you'll need a Slide Card to allow you to use your Swap
 Magic disc.

-You can easily find more information regarding specifics about PS2 versions
 and the most compatibile Swap Magic version, as well as the installation
 methods for any hardware by simply doing a Google search.  No, don't go make a
 topic about it on the board asking how to do it, actually Google search it and
 you'll find all the information you'll ever need.

-All in all your Swap Magic should cost you around $20, the game between $20-
 $40, and the flip top cover/slide tool about $10.  Add in shipping and you'll
 be spending no more than $80, unless you're getting ripped off.

6) Other Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Can I play FFX International on my North American PS3?

 A: Nope.  PS3 is only region free for PS3 games.  If you want to play a PS2
    game on your PS3 it must be from the same region.

 Q: Can I use my NA/Jp save on a PAL or Int game?  

 A: Nope.  The only saves that can be transferred from other games are the
    original and Ultimate Hits/Greatest Hits versions of the game from the same
    region.  You can't use a PAL save or an Int game either, for that matter. 

 Q: Why was this extra content left out of the NA version of the game?

 A: It wasn't left out, it simply didn't exist yet.  The only reason the PAL
    release received the Int extras was because of its very late release date.

 Q: What's this New Game+ thing I've heard about?  Is it in my version?

 A: It's not a New Game+ feature, it's a glitch that allows you to go back in
    the storyline (Home, specifically).  You can't restart from the beginning.
    This glitch only occurs in some of the initial releases of the Int version,
    it can't be found in any other release, or even the Ultimate Hits of the
    Int version.

 Q: Dark Valefor Glitch?

 A: Again, this only occurs in some of the first releases of the Int version,
    it doesn't appear on the UH version either.  If you load a save from the
    Int version in which you've experienced the glitch to the Ultimate Hits
    version of the game then the glitch will still be present, however.

7) Credits

-Thanks to Sephirosuy for allowing me to update his FAQ.

-Thanks to jobber2022497 for information regarding the Epilogue and how it was

-Thanks to the FFX community on GameFAQs for their help.  This FAQ wouldn't be
 as accurate as it is without the help of the other board members.

-I've also used the FFX Ultimania guides for information in this FAQ. Great
 source of information about this game.  If you're a big fan and can get over
 the issue of the Ultimania guides being exclusively in Japanese, then I'd
 advise picking one or all three of them up.

8) Contact

If you have anythings to info me, you can e-mail to me, I'm very welcome your
mail even comments. Also if you have any other infomations should use in
this guide, please let me know, your big name will be credited.

Once again, my e-mail: sephiroth_y@yahoo.com
My contributons on video games:

_Mace_:  If you'd like to contact me for any reason, please feel free to do so
         by emailing me at: 

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