Maximum stats?

  1. Is it possible to max out all stats and HP?

    As in:

    99,999 HP (Break HP limit)
    999 MP
    255 Everything else

    I am fully aware that I need to use mass amounts of clear spheres. Disregarding whether or not it's necessary, or the amount of time needed to be sunk in, is there enough room on the standard sphere grid?

    If not, if I get 255 Luck, can I essentially disregard Accuracy and Evasion. Or if I max those two out can I ignore Luck?

    I fully intend to use Break HP limit and get 99,999 HP, but not Break MP Limit. However if it comes at the cost of other stats, I'll go without the ability.

    User Info: luigibros838

    luigibros838 - 7 years ago
  2. If you use standard Sphere Grid and Break HP Limit, then the highest stats you can have are:

    75000+ HP
    999 MP
    255 everything else

    About Luck, Accuracy and Evasion: If you got max Luck you will never miss (and will do critical all the time), which means no need for Accuracy. If you got max Luck and about 60 Eva, you will dodge all things which are dodge-able

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    DungNgo88 - 5 years ago

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  1. Personally I would recommend capping off HP just over 50,000 and using a Stamina Tonic to double your HP to maximum. Other options include not maxing stats that may not be necessary such as Magic, Accuracy, And Agility. From what I remember, Magic is useless late-game, Agility won't increase your speed past +170, and Accuracy does not need to be maxed if you are going to max Luck (which has more benefits). The only drawback to the accuracy may come from fighting *SPOILER* Dark Magus sisters and Mindy can be hard to hit sometimes.

    User Info: Baykon_89

    Baykon_89 - 6 years ago 7   3


  1. Maximizing HP and maximizing all other Stats simultaneously is not possible due to the limited number of Sphere Grid nodes (300 HP per Sphere requires 334 nodes!) available.

    The posted Final Fantasy X "Stat Maxing Guide" by KADFC gives a very good view of what is possible and what is not.

    In the Final Fantasy X "Answered Questions" file, see the discussion under the posed question "MAXIMUM Stats?" which begins with "Yes you can max out Strength, Defense, Magic, Magic Defense, Agility, Luck, Accuracy, and Evasion." for an idea of what will be involved in what you wish to do.

    As for Luck, Accuracy and Evasion, this is what you need to know:

    NA: 133 Luck + 122 Evasion = 255 Luck + 255 Accuracy + 255 Evasion
    PAL/Int: 230 Luck + 60 Evasion = 255 Luck + 255 Accuracy + 255 Evasion

    so therefore you need 133 luck and 122 evasion to be maxed out for the North American version. 230 Luck and 60 Evasion to be maxed out for the International version (from which the HD version is derived.)

    (Courtesy of the CalabolgZERO answer to "Another sphere grid stats question? NA" in the Final Fantasy X Answered questions file.)

    And then, if you really want to get into the "nitty gritty" take a look at the posted Final Fantasy X "Stat Mechanics FAQ"by SinirothX/FFMrebirth.

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    AZorro007 - 7 years ago 4   1
  2. Yes, read KADFC's Stat Maxing Guide (71K), which covers all of the sphere grids and includes no-clear-sphere options.

    User Info: falconesque

    falconesque - 7 years ago 3   1
  3. You could also try combining Break HP Limit with HP +30% to reduce the number of nodes you use for HP.

    I'm going to have Break HP Limit, Break MP Limit, HP +30% and MP +30%. It will be a pretty pointless piece of equipment (no Ribbon, Auto Haste, etc), but having items like Endless Road will make my game feel more complete and I'll be able to have HP at 99,999 and MP at about 5,000 (if I've worked it out correctly).

    User Info: Silver_Dragon_

    Silver_Dragon_ - 6 years ago 4   6
  4. If youre going for BHPL , use Auto-Regen. Its why most guides say not to use it,as youre now wasting TWO slots better served by other skills. Also stated in several guides, there is no attack that does over 9,999 damage that requires BHPL if you choose your skills wisely,and know when to expect those attacks.

    User Info: InfiniteTruths

    InfiniteTruths - 6 years ago 1   5
  5. Yeah, mod your characters :-)

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    TableizeJohnny - 6 years ago 2   12

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