Yojimbo Strategy?

  1. Is there a guide for obtaining Yojimbo at the lowest price?

    The one here does not work, he says "no deal" immediately after the second offer:

    User Info: daonxx

    daonxx - 7 years ago


  1. There is no guarantee that what worked for the PlayStation 2 edition of this game will work for the PlayStation 3 edition. So, don't be too surprised if you have to make "small" changes to be successful with some previously-published approach.

    Given this, one alternative is to search various FAQs using "Yojimbo" and see if additional insight into your particular situation can be found. Most walkthroughs address your issue and there are in-depth discussions as well.

    As an alternative, try "tweaking" the published approach by, say, changing the bid threshold a bit and see if that improves your result.

    And, as a recommended alternative, take a look at the Yojimbo discussion in the posted Final Fantasy X "Aeon FAQ " by PFriedman - a source that has been proven reliable when I have had questions about Aeons.

    User Info: AZorro007

    AZorro007 - 7 years ago 6   5
  2. Related board topic:

    User Info: falconesque

    falconesque - 6 years ago 3   2
  3. That's a 1 gil difference on the final offer from the linked topic, BTW. Add 1 gil, as said.

    Were you able to duplicate the "No deal' at 141750, Brakkis?

    User Info: falconesque

    falconesque - 6 years ago 5   5
  4. I was able to.

    User Info: Dat_Guy

    Dat_Guy - 2 years ago
  5. You probably already did this but I got him for 195,000. I started at 150k then went to 165k, 175k, 185k and then 195k. I added "1" to each bid too.

    User Info: crossfuse

    crossfuse - 6 years ago 4   4
  6. You " started out " at 150k offerage?

    Forgive me if i don't believe you.

    How did you duplicate it thusly?

    User Info: Dat_Guy

    Dat_Guy - 2 years ago
  7. Well I bought for 205k and had all aeons before I fought sin to get in his BELLY

    User Info: Rune_Finde

    Rune_Finde - 5 years ago 2   2
  8. Which option did you choose? Which number (exactly, thanks) didn't work? 162623? The numbers are actual and were verified in-game (repeatedly), not just mathematical approximations.

    AZ's quite correct. SE has fiddled with some of the oddest small details, almost universally in their rereleases.

    Adjust up by 1 gil. Try again. No resetting need, just go right back in. Doesn't make any difference; I did it both way to test.

    User Info: falconesque

    falconesque - 7 years ago 3   4
  9. To acquire Yojimbo at the lowest possible price, do the following:

    - When he asks you why you wish to have him join you, select the 3rd option "To defeat the most powerful of enemies".
    - His initial demand will be 250,000. Offer him 125,001.
    - He will counter with 225,000. Offer him 112,501.
    - He will counter with 202,500. Offer him 141,751. He will give his final offer of 190,350.

    You can now acquire him at 190,350 or offer him 571,050 to get him and 2 Teleport Spheres.

    User Info: Brakkis

    Brakkis - 6 years ago 10   11
  10. Here i will give you the HD walkthrough answer. Answer "To defeat the most powerful of enemies". For his first but offer half of his asking price plus one gil. So if he asks for 250,000 gil, offer him 125,001. After his next offer raise your bid by 1 gil. By the time he offers 205,000 he should accept an offer as low as 198,000. If at any point you offer him at least triple his asking pice he gives you two teleport spheres. This is the x/x-2 hd remaster walkthrough way.

    User Info: puppylove3

    puppylove3 - 6 years ago 7   8
  11. One player e-mailed me to confirm:

    - 141,751 was accepted on FFX HD PS3
    - 141,750 resulted in "No deal", and
    - 190,350 was unchanged.

    Also the player paid triple plus 3 gil (to be safe; long time no save), 571,053, and received the teleport spheres and more than "adequate".

    User Info: falconesque

    falconesque - 5 years ago 7   8
  12. I verified this to be true and accurate.

    User Info: Dat_Guy

    Dat_Guy - 2 years ago
  13. I got it down to 185,001 Gil. How I did it was: first, select option 3: "To defeat the most powerful of foes." Then to his initial offer of 250,000 Gil, counteroffer with 125,001 Gil. Then, I counteroffered with 165,001 or 175,001, I forgot. After he made another offer, I raised it up by another 10,000 Gil to 185,001 and it worked. Hope this helps!

    User Info: KioshiSuzaki

    KioshiSuzaki - 6 years ago 9   12
  14. Here's what I've read in the guide:

    Choose "To Defeat the Most Powerful of Foes" when he asks why you want his services for the lowest initial asking price, then offer him HALF of his initial offer PLUS ONE GIL. When he makes his counter-offer, do the same thing and add one more Gil. Once he starts asking or roughly 200,000-210,000 Gil he will usually accept offers no lower than 198,0000 Gil. And if at any time you offer him TRIPLE his current asking price he will give you two Teleport Spheres in addition to his services.

    User Info: ArcherGilgamesh

    ArcherGilgamesh - 7 years ago 5   9
  15. Why not just pay the 250k that he wants. By the time I got to the Calm Lands I had around 800k, and getting gil is pretty easy in this game, so no need to worry about having to work insanely hard to earn gil.

    User Info: kasawagi

    kasawagi - 7 years ago 2   8
  16. Theres no way u could have farmed that much unless you did it methodically

    User Info: Dat_Guy

    Dat_Guy - 2 years ago
  17. Dat_Guy, you can easily get that amount of money over the course of the game. Sell most of the junk weapons and armor dropped, over the entire game. You'll easily earn this.

    Any weapon with two slots filled is junk. Sell it. Any elemental weapon is junk due to immunity and absorption. Sell it. Any armor that has crap features instead of empty space. Sell it. Sell most of the % armors unless they have something rare like HP 20%. Sell most of the Ward armors by late game. You want Stoneproof, Deathproof/Zombieproof, Fire Eater, and one more (either a status you commonly get hit with or Ribbon if you can manage, Auto-Protect/Auto-Shell, No Encounters, Master Thief, or HP/MP Stroll) for your armor. You want Piercing/Sensor (sensor for magic users, piercing for strikers), Stonestrike (not Deathstrike because that Farplane Wind is better spent on defense), and two open for either stuff like Break Damage Limit (if you can't manage ultimate weapons) and Double/Triple AP. And you want a second one for Overdrive -> AP. And probably a third for capturing.

    User Info: bulmabriefs144

    bulmabriefs144 - 1 year ago
  18. this can be very very easily done by the time you reach the calm lands, even if you have terrible luck and don't get any drops worth gil by that time. What you want to do first is complete the monster arena sidequest wherein the old geezer at the arena asks you to capture one of each monster in the calm lands (you need to grab the capture weapons from his shop and equip them to capture, just a heads up) when you return as a bonus you get access to the chest with Yuna's Celestial Weapon, Nirvana, as well. The old man will give you access to a rather annoying side content boss, as well as some random items (can't remember what, sorry) but the important bit is that this unlocks the monster arena. from here you want to go to besaid, and capture the three monsters that appear there, Dingo, Condor, and Water Flan, then return. The reward this time around is 99x stamina tonic, DO NOT sell these, or use them! from here go to kilika port, and buy tetra shield. Then, customize the tetra shields with 30% HP ONLY (which requires 1x stamina tonic for each shield. don't add anything else, it will be a detriment to the profit gain you are angling for) sell these shields back to the vendor. By using all the stamina tonic this way you can net around 2.5 million gil, if I recall. It takes a stupid amount of running around, but still less time consuming than the other options at your disposal at this point in the game, and much easier, honestly. Hopefully this helps those that stumble across this page in the future :)

    User Info: uofheurhti

    uofheurhti - 1 year ago
  19. I recommend choosing the defeat the most powerful of foes option and just giving him the requested 250,000 gil. Considering how much money you would have to funnel into this bottomless pit of an Aeon in order to reliably use him, this is chump change. It is cheaper to buy a Senator.

    There are better uses of your time than haggling about 50,000 gil off of his asking price.

    User Info: sephiroth2906

    sephiroth2906 - 7 years ago 2   8
  20. From what I remember from PS2, and what I've read in the International Guides and the BradyGames official guide, everything should still be the same. When Yojimbo asks why you want him choose "To Defeat the Most powerful of foes" for the lowest intro price. After that it's all a matter of haggling.

    When I first tried it (on the PS2), I had no luck. I had to adjust the numbers a bit, but the premise is sound. My original bid was in the region of 195k gil.

    If you want the cheapest hiring price because you are low on gil, I'd recommend getting more cash, if only for the Teleport Spheres.

    User Info: Chaostraveler

    Chaostraveler - 7 years ago 1   8
  21. Just accept the 2nd counteroffer. If at this stage in the game, you find 12,000 gil difference,give or take several hundred, to be a burden ,youre doing something wrong .

    User Info: InfiniteTruths

    InfiniteTruths - 6 years ago 1   8
  22. I think you failed to see the point. the lower you haggle the final offer, the cheaper the triple for the spheres is going to be. It's called smart spending and intelligent time management. One single choice to save cost versus time may seem insignificant to you, but those little choices add up quick, my fastest 100% speedrun is 75 hours, thanks to that, versus the first run I ever did for HD which took me hundreds :/

    User Info: uofheurhti

    uofheurhti - 1 year ago

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