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Dokidoki Carnival Translation Guide by gogo7188

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/07/2012

Written by gogo7188
Version 1.0
Copyright 2012 gogo7188

Version 1.0 Prologue, stage cut scenes and stage weak points finished.


1.  Prologue
2.  Stage 1
3.1 Stage 2.a
3.2 Stage 2.b
4.  Stage 3
5.1 Intermission 1.a           coming soon
5.2 Intermission 1.b           coming soon
5.3 Intermission 1.c           coming soon
6.1 Stage 4.a
6.2 Stage 4.b
7.1 Stage 5.a
7.2 Stage 5.b
7.3 Stage 5.c
8.1 Stage 6.a
8.2 Stage 6.b
8.3 Stage 6.c
8.4 Stage 6.d
9.1 Stage 7.a
9.1 Stage 7.b
9.2 Stage 7.c
9.3 Stage 7.d
9.4 Stage 7.e
10.Intermission 2              
11.1 Stage 8.a
11.2 Stage 8.b
11.3 Stage 8.c
11.4 Stage 8.d
12.1 Intermission 3.a          coming soon
12.2 Intermission 3.b Patako   coming soon
12.3 Intermission 3.c Ekoro    coming soon
12.4 Intermission 3.d Both     coming soon
13.1 Ending Patako good        coming soon
13.2 Ending Ekoro good         coming soon
13.2 Ending both good          coming soon
13.3 Ending Patako bad         coming soon
13.4 Ending Ekoro bad          coming soon
13.4 Ending both bad           coming soon
14. Stage weak points


1. Prologue - Two Angels

Tenzou: Again after school today, I accompanied that girl home...
Tenzou: And furthermore, whilst holding hands...
Tenzou: ...I have this...
Tenzou: This number of days having a girlfriend is unequalled in history!!
Tenzou: I've been able to keep a girlfriend for several months! Still fresh 
        lovey-dovey! Whoo-hoo!
Tenzou: I'm so happy! I'm happy because of what's happened to me!
Tenzou: Except for her, the other girls are predisposed to hate me but, me, 
        I'm happy!
Patako: Hee hee hee. That happiness is all thanks to me!
Tenzou: In many ways, it's because of you, Patako.
Patako: I have a question for really happy lovey-dovey Tenzou-sama, thanks to
Tenzou: Oi, you ignore me.  You ignored what I said.
Patako: Whose hand was Tenzou-sama holding so happily just now?
Tenzou: Kaname/Akira/Kaoruko/Aoi
Patako: Yes, that's fine so far! Because we are tired of hearing you boasting!
Tenzou: Hey! I got that habit of speaking from you!
Patako: Huh, disappointing. It is also not easy to take care of a boy in love.
Tenzou: If so, won't you get out? Won't you go back to your own country?
Patako: Patako is waiting for the next issue of this comic book, so it's 
???: That's wrong.  You came here to support this human didn't you, 
Tenzou: Huh??
Tenzou: Here...There's two of you but...who are you?
Tenzou:  I mean, like Patako, you have feathers and a halo...th, that means...!
Patako: Ekoro!!
Tenzou: Wah!
Ekoro: ...
Patako: Long time no see! Are you well!? Why are you in the lower world?
Ekoro: Huh...
Patako: Ekoro?
Ekoro: Truly...In broad daylight, and doodling with a comic book in one hand.
       I really don't think you have the appearance of an angel.
Patako: Er, um, this is...
Patako: It's a text book to study the creature called man!
Ekoro: ...As usual.
Tenzou: Patako-san. Patako-saaan.  Leaving me behind, please don't proceed 
        before telling me. Why is everyone here?
Patako: Ah, yes. This girl is called Ekoro.  She's a first year junior student
        at Angel high school.
Tenzou: Hmm, a junior.
Ekoro: ...This human's condition is careless. Still, I do not have to tell you 
       that thing. Patako-senpai.
Tenzou: That thing?
Patako: That thing...?
Tenzou: What, what is that!? Why until you, is there a questionable system!? 
        Support me, angel Patako-san!
Ekoro: It's Tenzou-sama. How do you do.  My name is Ekoro.
Tenzou: Ah, politely, cheers.
Ekoro: You're abrupt, Tenzou-sama. Do you think you will be forever tied to
       your current lover?
Tenzou: Aah. Isn't that right?
Ekoro: You think you will be connected through the power of angels, right.
Tenzou: That's...what I thought but...
Ekoro: You are, angel's...You are not connected due to the power of
Tenzou: Huh!?
Patako: Huh!?
Ekoro: That you are joined now is a tribute to Tenzou-sama's efforts. It's not
       because of the power of angels.
Ekoro: If it was due to the power of angels, that love would be eternal, but 
Tenzou: Otherwise...??
Ekoro: Your current lover will not necessarily like you forever.
Ekoro: You have the same possibility of breaking up as any normal couple.
Tenzou: Ehhhhhhhh!!
Patako: Ehhhhhhhh!!
Tenzou: So why are you so surprised together with me!
Patako: B-b-b-b-because, Patako didn't know such a thing...! 
Ekoro: As I thought...You didn't understand well the source of Tenzou-sama, 
Patako: So...it seems...
Tenzou: I mean, what happens to me!? Hey, what will I become!?
Ekoro: If your girlfriend becomes dissasatisfied then Tenzou-sama will return
       to how you were before...
Tenzou: Return to...?
Ekoro: For all your life, every girl will come to hate you.  Of course,
       animals too.
Tenzou: Patako also said that the first time we met! Including animals, is
        that a duty of angels or something!?
Ekoro: Every girl except for your girlfriend hates you because there still
       remains lots of angel arrows.
Ekoro: In order to get rid of them, Patako-senpai is here with Tenzou-sama...
Ekoro: Because important Patako-senpai didn't understand her duty, it's
Patako: Hau...hau...Th, that is, so...
Patako: From now, I will try to get rid of them!
Tenzou: Liar!  You didn't think any such thing!
Patako: It's true! Isn't Patako superb? Didn't I decide to do that! That is
Tenzou: If so, why didn't you move quickly!
Patako: Ah, uh, ah...Th, that...is...
Tenzou: That is?
Patako: Because to ensure a successful campaign to restore Tenzou-sama,
        preparation time is essential!
Tenzou: That mouth! It's stained with random words, that mouth!
Patako: Owwww!  Don't break my cheeks!
Ekoro: Please stop, human. More than bullying Patako-senpai, I have something
       amazing for you.
Tenzou: Patako also said that when we first met, but this amazing thing of 
        heaven, what is it...
Ekoro: I can't tell you that. That's classified information.
Ekoro: So then, Patako-senpai. The time is ripe, isn't it? Please show him.
Patako: Wh, what?
Ekoro: The strategy that senpai has thought of for restoring Tenzou-sama's 
Patako: Eh...eh!
Tenzou:  As I thought, you haven't thought of one...
Ekoro: I'm ordered to report the results of this operation to the upper 
       echelons of the school.
Patako: S, such a thing! That's cheating, Ekoro! 
Ekoro: Ah...Behaving like a spoilt child is no good!
Tenzou: ...Clearly...we may break up...
Tenzou: ...Why...when we're really lovey-dovey...
Tenzou:  Or I might be hated...Because I have tasted Heaven, too much, isn't
        this Hell...?
Tenzou: Uh, does my suffering still continue...Ha, hahaha...hahahahahahaha.
Patako: This is a serious matter, why are you laughing, Tenzou-sama? Well,
        let's go! For Patako!
Tenzou: Terrible! You're really terrible! You villainous angel!!
Patako: Hee hee hee.  So then, my magnificent strategy is unfolding here.
Tenzou: Here...at school? What on earth...
Patako: Patako's Great Operation. Codename: DDC!
Tenzou: What is this?
Patako: It's short for "Dokidoki Carnival" !
Tenzou: D, dokidoki carnival?
Patako: Yes. Tenzou-sama gets to wander the school.
Patako: Then, when you meet some girls I will deploy a Dokidoki Field around
        that area.
Tenzou: Why?
Patako: In the Dokidoki Field, I will give Tenzou-sama the temporary power to 
        be able to use the pheromone shot.
Patako: In there, please hit the girls more and more into ecstasy.
Patako: The more girls who reach ecstasy, the more Tenzou-sama's original body
        can be restored.
Patako: So then, codename DDC!
Tenzou: It's simple.
Ekoro: However, it won't be.  Indeed, Patako-senpai...
Tenzou: Wh, why do I have a feeling that the number of tinkering angels has 
        increased by one, or is it my imagination...
Patako: Why do you have such an anxious face, Tenzou-sama?
Patako: Two special ultra-delicious angels are supporting you, so let's go 
        with enthusiasm!
Tenzou: My destination won't be Hell?
Ekoro: You lash out with odd words. Try your best like Patako-senpai says. 
Tenzou: Th, that's so. For myself and future girls!
Patako: That's it, Tenzou-sama! Our plan has only just begun!
Patako: Please prove plenty that I haven't been idle! Let's go full steam

2. Stage 1 - 1st Year Classroom corridor

Serika Ichinose: P, please stop it...
Mafuyu Yamagida: ...No...gotta come...do not start...
Serika: Uwaah!  Wh, where are you taking me?
Mafuyu: ...Behind the school...I sense...I sense...there is...a haunted place 
        on the campus...!!
Serika: I, I don't want to go to that place!
Mafuyu: ...No good...it is destiny...Fate...You are there for me...to
        photograph a ghost...!
Serika: Yaah!  No way!  Please let go of my hand!
Mafuyu: ....Heh heh.  A ha ha.
Serika: Ku! Su, such power...!
Mafuyu: ...Heheh...
Serika: S, senpai, you're not good with bright places.  It's daytime, and I 
        thought you couldn't go outside then!
Mafuyu: ...Heh heh...it's fine...
Mafuyu: That place, even during the day it's very dark...!
Serika: Iyaaaaaa!! Let me go! Hyameee!
Tenzou: ...What, those two...
Patako: She said they were going to take pictures of ghosts.
Ekoro: Having taken such a thing, what do you do with it...it's unproductive...
Mafuyu: ...Huh!?
Tenzou: Ah, she's seen us!
Mafuyu: ...
Tenzou: W, why do you stare so much, senpai...
Mafuyu: ...I sense...
Tenzou: Eh...what...
Mafuyu: From you, there is more than one...I feel a mood of disquiet...!!
Tenzou: Amazing! She forecast!
Patako: Patako doesn't have a mood of disquiet!
Ekoro: Me neither. It's disturbing, it must only come from Tenzou-sama.
Mafuyu: This is good.  Great.  I'm excited...! Ichinose-san, a change of plan! 
        Take a photo!
Tenzou: Eh!?
Serika: Wh, why!?
Mafuyu: Because this guy...
Mafuyu: Take a picture to find a sign of a special disturbing spirit!
Serika: Iyaa! I don't want to take such a picture!
Mafuyu: It's ok.  Take it!...come on...hold the camera...
Serika: Yaah! It's scary! That guy, I don't want to shoot him!
Mafuyu: Come...quickly!
Serika: No, no way! I feel bad to look through the viewfinder!
Tenzou: No way, that...it's somehow mild, but I feel like I'm being denied...
Patako: You have the enemy off-guard! When you see a chance, activate with 
        codename DDC!
Patako: Okay! Deploying Dokidoki Field!  Tenzou-sama, fight!
Tenzou: Haa...haa...how, how was it!?
Mafuyu: ...
Serika: ...
Mafuyu: ...Ichinose-san...take a picture...
Mafuyu: ...This guy...has likely been possessed by something, a little 
        melancholy with a beautiful facial profile...take a picture!
Serika: It's, it's impossible! He's too cool, I feel embarrassed if I look 
        through the viewfinder...!
Mafuyu:...It's okay to look away...
Serika: I can't take Tenzou-sama like that, I will look at him secretly!
Tenzou: ...What praise, why is that, I don't understand...
Patako: Congratulations, Tenzou-sama! It's bright!
Ekoro: That's right. It's so-so.
Tenzou: What is this...why is it in vain...
Patako: Don't say such a thing. Right, let's go and look for our next prey.
Ekoro: Your true intention leaks out too much, Patako-senpai...
Tenzou: Okay okay.  Let's go. I'll do my best,  for that girl.
Tenzou: Um...excuse me, I have to leave.
Mafuyu: ...Ah...he left...
Serika: ...Oh...I'm disappointed...

3.1 Stage 2.a - Outside toilet corridor

Megumu Tsutsuki: Lu lu lu!
Meguru Tsutsuki: La la la!
Megumu: After school is fun, fun!
Meguru: After school is pleasant, pleasant!
Megumu: Kyaha.
Meguru: Kyaha.
Megumu: It's fun.
Meguru: Yeah, it's fun.
Megumu: Meguru-chan, how about today's snack?
Meguru: For me, chocolate cake is good.  How about you?
Megumu: For me too, chocolate cake!
Meguru: I thought so!  Hee hee!
Megumu: That's right! Hee hee!
Meguru: What shall we do when we've eaten a snack?
Megumu: I want to play games. How about you?
Meguru: I also want to play games!
Megumu: Right, when we get home, cake and games!
Meguru: Okay!
Tenzou: ...Ahem...
Megumu: Ah, sorry.
Meguru: Very sorry.
Tenzou: It's ok, but you'd better not skip in the corridor.
Megumu: ...*stare*...
Meguru: ...*stare*...
Tenzou: Huh? What? Staring at me so much...
Megumu: ...I feel bad.
Tenzou: Uh.
Meguru: ...Yeah.  Somehow, my feeling is bad. This big brother.
Tenzou: Huh!?
Megumu: Let's go, Meguru-chan.
Meguru: Yeah, Megumu-chan.
Tenzou: Ha, ga, gu...! Crap, so rude.
Patako: This mission will end with a bang, and women will continue to say such
        things throughout Tenzou-sama's lifetime...
Ekoro: It's better to be dead.
Tenzou: Could you please stop feeling sorry for my life arbitrarily.  Even 
        angels interfere.
Megumu: ...*stare*.
Meguru: ...*stare*.
Tenzou: Ah, what is it. Why did you come back?  Did you forget something?
Megumu: As I thought, I feel bad.
Meguru: Yeah. Looking again, I still feel bad.
Tenzou: Ah!!!!
Megumu: Yah, he's angry.
Meguru: He's more disgusting when he's angry. Aha.
Tenzou: Th...these brats!!  Grrr!!
Megumu: Ahaha! Tee hee!  Ahahaha!
Meguru: Yai, yai!
Tenzou: Patako!!
Patako: Yes, I understand!  Let's go, Tenzou-sama! Let's punish them!
Megumu: Ha, ha...
Meguru: Fuu...ha...
Tenzou: How is it, do you have anything to say now?
Megumu: ...
Meguru: ...
Megumu: That was fun!
Meguru: Yeah, that was fun!
Megumu: Big brother, big brother, let's play more!
Meguru: Yeah, yeah. Shall we play?
Tenzou: Eh...
Megumu: Let's play more.
Meguru: Is that okay?
Tenzou: They said it was fun...eh...
Patako: Tenzou-sama. You've got satisfaction here.
Ekoro: Together, with the girls...
Tenzou: I know that.
Megumu: Huh?
Meguru: What's wrong?
Tenzou: Sorry, I can't play now. Not now.
Megumu: I see. Boo. But, next time can we play?
Meguru: Promise, big brother.  See you.
Tenzou: ...ha, haha...It's not at all interesting for me...
Patako: Tenzou-sama, don't hesitate. Right, let's continue to the next one!

3.2 Stage 2.b - Square in front of special classrooms

Yuki Shirogami: Saijou-san, are you going to quit the swimming club after all?
Kazumi Saijou: Yeah. I thought on a hot day I can spend a long time in the 
               pool, but...
Kazumi: After thinking carefully, with all that swimming I'd be so tired.
Kazumi: So, I quit! I hate being tired out.
Yuki: Is that so...
Tomoe Matori: For you then, I recommend the astronomy club!  Especially the 
              astronomy club!
Kazumi: Hey, but you guys belong to that club.
Tomoe: The universe is great...It's full of romance!
Yuki: Yep yep.  It's wonderful.
Tomoe: More than anything, you can simply gaze at the sky absent-mindedly and
       be accepted as a club! It's perfect for a slothful person like you!
Kazumi: It's a sound argument, but why can't you remember to wrap it in nice
Yuki: It's important, the tasks are often very detailed, so you have to keep
      recorded observations carefully.
Tomoe: So-so, don't worry about the small details. Joking aside, the astronomy
       club is really interesting.
Yuki: Yes, that's true. There are various traditions about the favourite
      horoscope of Saijou-san too.
Kazumi: Wow, you've got a tradition of constellations and horoscopes.
Tomoe: Yeah, we've got a lot. For those our age, it's a little strong stimulus.
Kazumi: It is...in both directions?
Tomoe: Of course, in both directions!
Yuki: Um, that's...a little more romantic...
Tomoe: Moreover, there is the coupling that ignores gender!
Kazumi: Th, that is...the universe is overwhelming! But, I'm not really 
        interested in rumours of love affairs...
Tomoe: Well, well, I wouldn't say something like that! Yes, the universe is 
       vast! Vast! Very large and beautiful!
Tomoe: It's different, there's a theory that somewhere we can establish a 
       connection beyond death!
Tomoe: You can see with Hubble the incredible, beautiful universe! The best
Kasumi: Uh, yeah.  Somehow I don't quite understand but I have the best  
Yuki: Yes, the universe is full of mystery. It's the best!
Patako: Somehow, they're noisy aren't they?
Tenzou: That's right. What do you think they're doing?
Yuki: Gyaaa...! Some pervert is peeping from the shadows!
Tenzou: Eh, where!?
Tomoe: Really! Hey, get out of here! I'll throw water over you!
Tenzou: But, where? If there's a strange guy, I'll get rid of him...
Kasumi: It's you! That senseless guy!
Tenzou: ...Me?
Ekoro: It looks like it.
Kasumi: Go away, shoo shoo!
Yuki: No way...scary...!
Tomoe: It's okay. I'll soon get rid of him!
Tomoe: Hey, Yuki-chan is worried! Get out of here right now! You space debris!
Tenzou: S, spa? Wh...what is that...
Patako: Space debris means rubbish in the universe.
Tenzou: ...
Tenzou: Waaaaaaah!!
Yuki: Gyaaa!
Kasumi: What, what!?
Tenzou: I'll show you something deeper than the universe! Do it, Patako!
Patako: Y, yes! Please do it, Tenzou-sama!
Kasumi: ...
Tomoe: Ahh...
Yuki: Ah...
Tenzou: How was that!
Kasumi: ...The...best...You're the best!
Tomoe: Ah...I say, macro cosmos! A universe within a universe! You...really
Yuki: Tenzou-sama...you're a prince revolving around a star...fuu...
Tenzou: Ha...What is it, this drop...I'm feeling rather depressed...
Patako: Yet, it is just the beginning!
Ekoro: That's right. If you feel depressed to this degree now, you won't make 
       it to the end.
Tenzou: If I don't have it, I'm finished...
Tenzou: Haa...it's all in vain...the things of this world, everything is in
Patako: What did you say?
Ekoro: If you think like that, the slave traders will come for you.
Patako: Right, stand up.  Let's go on to the next universe!
Tenzou: I'm fed up with the universe too!
Ekoro: Do you think you're in a position to pick and choose?
Patako: Yes, that's right! Okay, let's go. For me!
Yuki: Aaah...He went...
Tomoe: What a pity.
Kasumi: Boo.

4. Stage 3 Cafeteria

Kumi Kibayashi: Huff...huff...
Fumi Tsukada: Sorry, Kumi-chan, Kurumi-chan.  The print-out I carry goes with
Kumi: It's fine, it's fine.  Isn't that right, Kurumi-chan?
Kurumi Sasaho: Yes, it's fine.  It's fun.
Kumi: But, Fumi-chan is always distributing print-outs...
Kurumi: That's right.  So they call Fumi-chan the nickname "Print-chan".
Fumi: Uu...I'm not very happy about that nickname...but you ask me why I'm 
      always distributing print-outs...
Fumi: If you are bad with this city, you're sure to ask people for directions,
Kumi: Only that, doesn't Fumi-chan seems to be a kind and good girl?
Kurumi: I think so too.
Fumi: Not that! Hee hee.  But, if you really think so I'm a little happy.
Kurumi: Eeek...!
Kumi: What's wrong, Kurumi-chan...Gya...Wh...what is that...
Fumi: A man with glazed eyes is staring moistly at me!
Tenzou: Who is a man with glazed eyes?
Patako: Now, in this place, only the man who is Tenzou-sama is not welcome.
Ekoro: There is only you here, Tenzou-sama.
Patako: Ah, you are crouched down.  Be firm please, Tenzou-sama.
Ekoro: Don't be discouraged so much.
Fumi: No, no way!  He's crouching down looking under our skirts!
Kurumi: A, ah...no, no...Such shame!
Kumi: Y, you two, hide behind me...A, ahh!  Go away, go away!
Patako: The three of them look like they're crying now.
Ekoro: It is miraculous that you can be so hated just by your presence.
Tenzou: Uwaa! I'm not happy!
Kumi: Gyaaa!  I can't watch, he's in a frenzy!
Kurumi: Eeek...!
Fumi: U, uwaaa! Sc...scary!
Tenzou: I mean, there inside the skirt...
Takako Saimon: Inside the skirt what? You perverted bastard.
Tenzou: Eh...uwah! Why do you wave a bamboo sword in front of my eyes!?
Takako: Outrageous fellow, shall this 3rd dan Kendo club captain punish you?
Tenzou: Well! I mean, I'm not outrageous!  You can't punish me!
Takako: Then, why are these girls so afraid? And why are you lying on the 
Takako: You've been peeping up the skirt of innocent underclassmen! So isn't
        that why they're afraid?
Tenzou: That's wrong, wroooong!!
Takako: No questions asked!! Quietly, become rust on my bamboo sword!  
Tenzou: Rust on a bamboo sword!  I mean, Patako!
Patako: Yes, Tenzou-sama! Deploying Dokidoki Field!
Takako: Gyaa!
Fumi: Ah, ahwaa...
Kumi: Auuu...
Kurumi: ...Kyuu...
Tenzou: Humph. To those who don't listen to what people say, punishment is 
Fumi: U...uh...
Kurumi: Unnn...
Takako: ...Uh...
Kumi: ...Unnn...
Tenzou: Huh...Maybe I overdid it...? Are you alright?
Takako: Ah...no good...! When you do it gently in such a way...you become more 
Kurumi: ...You're only gentle to Saimon-senpai ...it's not fair...
Tenzou: Ah, that's not my intention...sorry.
Kurumi: An...! When you apologize with that face...it pains me...!
Kumi: Auu...Senpai, I'm sorry for being frightened...
Tenzou: Th, that's alright...
Fumi: So, so then, um...it's a shame but we've got to go...
Tenzou: Ah, can I help you carry your print-outs?
Fumi: N, no, that is...! Senpai's beautiful hands...will get dirty...it's okay,
      I'm fine.
Fumi: Here...un...excuse me...
Kurumi: I'm reluctant but...I have to go.  Please abstain.
Kumi: Er...erm...see you, senpai.  Auu, wait up.
Takako: Me too...see you later...
Tenzou: Ah, yeah.
Tenzou: ...
Tenzou: ...I'm not used to it...this drop, why don't I get used to it...
Patako: Even if you don't get used to it you shall proceed. The real battle 
        starts from now!
Tenzou: ....Okay okay.

5. Intermission 1


6.1 Stage 4.a - Square in front of gymnasium

Riko Kuroda: Big sister Miko, will you be home late today?
Miko Kuroda: That's right... After I finish the regular meeting of the student
             council there's also a board meeting so maybe I'll be a little 
Riko: I understand.  So, I'll make dinner a little later than normal.
Miko: Sorry as usual, Riko.
Riko: No, it's fine. What shall I make? What do you want to eat, sis?
Miko: For me, if it's made by you anything is fine.
Mako Kuroda: For me...crab cream croquettes and fried pork and spring onion 
Riko: Waa, Whaat!
Mako: Ouch...! Why did you hit me on the head...
Riko: You said lots of time ?consuming dishes!
Mako: But, but, you asked us what we wanted to eat...
Riko: You're the worst cook among us, so don't ask for luxury food!
Mako: But, I want to eat it...
Riko: Anyway, they have lots of calories.  You'll get fat.
Mako: Ahhh, big sister.  Riko is being mean.
Miko: She may only be saying that because you're selfish and behaving like a
Mako: Okay, what do you want to eat, sis?
Miko: Potatoes and Genovese mushroom flavoured quiche.
Riko: That's also too time-consuming!
Miko: Just joking. Let's see, cream stew. Large potatoes are also good.
Miko: Although it's different from cream croquette, it still has a cream taste
      so Mako should agree to it.
Mako: Okay. Let's do what big sister Miko says. Riko, please make cream stew.
Riko: Huh, when she's acting like an older sister Miko can be tough.  Okay 
      okay, I'll make cream stew.
Miko: It's for that reason, Mako.  Please help Riko.  Because stew is easy to
Mako: Um...erm...
Riko: I don't need Mako's help. If she helps me she'll be in my way.
Mako: Hey, hey. I'm not bad at cooking things I like...
Miko: Heh heh heh. It can't be helped.
Mako: Hee hee...
Riko: A ha ha.
Tenzou: Cream stew...sounds delicious...
Miko: Who is that!?
Tenzou: Ah...hi there.
Mako: Aah...that guy Tenzou has the worst reputation in the whole school!
Riko: A pervert!
Tenzou: Wh, who's a pervert! That's wrong!
Mako: A pervert doesn't call themselves a pervert...
Tenzou: No, but...
Miko: Please go away, pervert! I'm the student council president with 
      privileges, so I can order your arrest!
Tenzou: What is this reign of terror! That's so bad!
Miko: It's not worse than your presence here!
Tenzou: Uh...Uuh...no more...my heart...
Patako: If it breaks, I'll put it in a plaster cast. Well, we don't have time
        to find out. Right, please go!
Tenzou: ...Huh...empty...after the battle I always feel empty...
Patako: What, aren't you determined?
Tenzou: H, how about it?
Riko: ....uh...
Miko: ....un...
Mako: ....ah...
Miko: I'm sorry for saying those terrible things...
Mako: Yeah, I said the most terrible words...I'm sorry, Tenzou-kun.
Riko: M, me too...I'm very sorry. And, um...
Riko: To apologise, let me make something that you like. What food do you like?
Tenzou: Um, erm..hamburger...
Riko: I...understand! I'll make a really delicious home-made burger!
Riko: And, um...this evening, is it ok to come over?
Tenzou: Ah, um, erm....okay.
Riko: Great!
Mako: So, this evening will be hamburger then.
Miko: I'm looking forward to both the meal and your visit.
Riko: It's sure, senpai.  You promised!  See you!
Mako: Um...so then...see you...
Miko: Goodbye, Tenzou-kun.  We're waiting for you.
Patako: Looks like it's going well.  Indeed!
Tenzou: Maybe I should have asked for stew...
Ekoro: Even with regards to diet, you're indecisive.

6.2 Stage 4.b - Square in front of swimming pool

Ruru Satonaka: ...Hmm...there's no-one around...bon appetite...chomp...chew 
Neneko Kosugi: Meow meow! There's lots of fish in your lunchbox meow!
Ruru: Wahh...! Ko, Kosugi Neneko, where did you come from!
Neneko: Over there. I was asleep in the grass on the other side of the bench.
        I smelt something nice,  so I came here.
Ruru: ...You think like a cat but you're not a real one, are you?
Neneko: Hee hee hee. Such praise!
Ruru: It, it's more than that! You won't tell anyone that the contents of my 
      lunchbox is dried sardines, will you!?
Neneko: I understand. You don't want to reveal your secret. I'll tell everyone
        that's so.
Ruru: If I don't want to reveal it, that means not telling anyone about it! 
Neneko: Meow. Understood.  Maybe.
Ruru: Ah...th...this girl...
Teru Fujimi: Ah...over here...
Futaba Takanashi: So she is.  Hey, Neneko.
Ruru: Uh...more of them...
Futaba: We finally found you. Neneko, we haven't seen you at the swimming club
        lately, have you quit?
Neneko: No meow.  I just skipped it.
Futaba: I see...it's not very good but I'm happy to hear it.
Teru: Uh-huh. I thought you were following Saijou-san by dropping out...I'm
Futaba: It's no good.  When doing club activities you have to do them properly.
Teru:...Takanashi-senpai is also that kind of person who only comes on a hot 
Futaba: Huh? What did you say?
Teru: N, no, nothing.
Ruru: Well, go somewhere you guys!  You're disturbing me.
Teru: Ah...speaking of which, Satonaka-san has no club activity...
Futaba: That's no good, you know. It's a better idea to belong to a club.
Ruru: I, I'm ok! What's more, now, I'm in the middle of my lunch.
Neneko: That's right. Dried---
Ruru: Waa-------------h!!!!
Futaba: Wah...what a loud voice...
Teru: My...ears are...ringing...ringing...
Tenzou: Ga...guaa...! Amazing, loud voice!
Neneko: Meow! A lurker!
Neneko: Humans and cats say such a thing about a suspicious person! It's true
        indeed, Tenzou-sama!
Tenzou: What is that!
Teru: Gahh...gahhh...!
Futaba: A lurker goes berserk alone!
Ruru: Yaaaah! He's up to something strange!
Tenzou: No, that's not it! That's not it!
Neneko: Hissss! Go away!
Tenzou: Hey!  Don't spread the sand!
Ruru: Aaaah!  There's sand in my lunchbox...It's your fault!
Tenzou: What, huh!?
Futaba: That's right. Everything. You're too bad!
Teru: Fu...a lurker, scary...!
Tenzou: Ku...u, uh...Patako!
Patako: Yes! Please do it, Tenzou-sama! Deploying Dokidoki field!
Tenzou: Fu...Have you grown a little quieter?
Neneko: ...Meow.
Teru: Ah...kya. ...Embarrassing...
Futaba: Ah...Sorry for saying those terrible things...
Ruru: Y, you're so attractive that you can't go!
Tenzou: ...Excuse me.
Ruru: You don't have to apologise!
Tenzou: ...Yes.
Teru: Tenzou-kun isn't a member of any clubs, right?
Tenzou: Ah...yeah.
Futaba: Th, then, you should come to the swimming club!  You'll be welcome!
Teru: ...yeah.
Neneko: The pool is fun.
Tenzou: I like swimming but...
Futaba: Right, it's decided!
Teru: Next time I'll bring the club entrance form...you only need your personal
      stamp...is that okay?
Tenzou: Her words are somehow loaded with significance...well, if I feel like
Ruru: If you join the swimming club, is it okay if I join too?
Neneko: Yay! Two new friends, it's increasing.
Futaba: Aha.  You promised, Tenzou-kun.
Teru: ...Breaking it...is no good, okay?
Tenzou: Ah, yeah.  If I feel like it, right.  See you.
Patako: Good good.  You're popular with the girls.
Ekoro: Of course.  Because of Patako-senpai's efforts.
Tenzou: ...Please also recognise my contribution to the effort too.

7.1 Stage 5.a - 2nd year classroom

Sanae Mito: Big sis, do you have time today? If it's okay, can you have a 
            quick look at our club activities? Today we're doing 
Mei Suzano: Sorry, today I have my part-time job.
Sanae: Aah...dish-washing...
Mei: Hey! You should say family restaurant part-timer!
Yoshiko Furano: Mei-chan, did you really get moved to the backroom because of 
                your bad mouth?
Mei: Ku...! What are you saying? I really can't believe it!
Yoshiko: Ah, don't mind me...sorry, sorry.  Hee hee.
Kyoka Shimabara: Suzano-san, part-time job is all well and good, but what 
                 about your homework? Don't forget you're the person on duty
                 today, so you must submit the logbook.
Mei: Haaa. Shimabaran, always going on about tiny details.
Kyoka: Because the other time when you forget I had to tell you!
Mei: Ah, did such a thing happen?
Kyoka: It happened! I had to back you up!
Sanae: Um, that...fight is...
Yoshiko: Shimabaracchi is energetic, isn't she?
Kyoka: A, after talking to you guys it makes me crazy!
Mei: If that's so, you shouldn't talk.
Kyoka: Grrrr...!
Yoshiko: Ahem, Mei-chan. In the world we have the term "tsundere".
Mei: What's that, it's disgusting. To say I should obediently follow someone.
Yoshiko: If you could have done it from the start, this wouldn't have happened.
Mei: Aaaah.  It's troublesome.
Sanae: When you two have a disagreement...Shimabara-chan, cries...
Kyoka: I, I'm not crying!
Mei: Ah, it can't be helped.  Stop crying, Shimabaran.  I'll give you this
    50 yen coffee machine ticket.
Sanae: That's great, isn't it, Shimabara-san.
Yoshiko: This is an excuse for Mei-chan to go to her part-time job.
Kyoka: I, I, that's not it...
Tenzou: Tsundere...come to think of it, isn't Ekoro also a tsundere?
Ekoro: What is that? Being arbitrarily labelled that is unpleasant.
Patako: Being a tsundere is good.
Ekoro: Ah...if Patako-senpai says so...
Tenzou: As I thought, a tsundere.
Ekoro: Sh, shut up!
Mei: ...By the way, since a while ago in the corner of the classroom over 
     there...what is it? It gives me a bad feeling.
Kyoka: A male student...right...he's ugly...
Tenzou: ...Patako-san...Am I ugly?
Patako: Since there's an infinite variety of personal preferences, I can't 
        answer that.
Sanae: Eh...that's...a human?  I thought it was some raw garbage...
Tenzou: Patako-san...Am I garbage?
Patako: To some people, it seems so.
Yoshiko: Anyway, it's a strange thing. Wah...no way.
Tenzou: Uh, Uuuuuuh!
Sanae: N, no  wayyy! It's started rustling!
Yoshiko: Waaah!
Mei: I can't believe that rustling! Is that the movement of a human!?
Kyoka: Everyone, get away!
Tenzou: They're escaping!  Patako!
Patako: Yes! Please do it. Rustling Tenzou-sama!
Tenzou: Fushuuu...How was it!?
Yoshiko: Au...
Mei: Un...
Sanae: Ha, hauuu...
Kyoka: ...Au...
Yoshiko: ...Ah...sorry.  I called you a strange thing...
Mei: Yeah, really sorry. I said you were rustling.
Sanae: Saying you were rustling was an exaggeration...sorry...
Kyoka: ...Yeah.  Rustling things are still alive!  You're a cool thing!
Mei: Ah...It's about time. Because my next class is in the mobile classroom.
     See you, next time let's go on a date.
Yoshiko: Well, that goes for everyone. See you, Tenzou-kun.  Bye bye.
Sanae: Ah...that is...see you...
Kyoka: Ah, you too should quickly go to your own classroom. The teacher will
       scold you.
Patako: Thank you for your hard work, Tenzou-sama.  You did it!
Tenzou: ...Patako.
Patako: Yes.
Tenzou: ...What is...rustling? Do I move like that?
Patako: It's fine! It's also a living thing!
Tenzou: But, what is rustling!?
Ekoro: Don't worry about small details.  It's not manly.

7.2 Stage 5.b - Gymnasium stage

Konori Fujisawa: Hum hum-humm.
Miyu Ishihara: You're in a good mood, Konori-chan.
Konori: Of course-aru! Today the repertoire for the culture festival will be 
        announced-aru. Exciting! I'm looking forward to it!
Miyu:...Konori-chan...your tone of voice...
Konori: What-aru?
Miyu: ...u, uh...nothing...it's ok for Konori-chan...yeah...
Tsubomi Haruno: I'm also looking forward to it! I wonder what the manager will
Konori: Really-aru.
Saori Fujino-sensei: Okay, okay.  Is everyone lined up?
Miyu: Yes, sensei. All of the drama club are assembled.
Saori-sensei: Right then, manager Makihara.  If you please.
Noriko Makihara: Understood. The stage performance for the culture festival 
                 will be...
Tsubomi: ...My heart is pounding.
Noriko: Romeo and Juliet.
Konori: Romantic-aru! Noriko, who will play Juliet-aru?
Noriko: Not you, Konori.
Konori: Why-aru!
Noriko: If you quit using that voice I'll think about it.
Konori: Uuuh...my character is being denied-aru...
Noriko: It was a lot of fun. You did it last time, this part of a Chinese 
Tsubomi: Ahem...so, Juliet will be played by...
Noriko: Miyu.
Miyu: Ah...yes!
Noriko: You will be Juliet.
Miyu: Eh...but, Tsubomi-chan is good at it...
Tsubomi: Hey! Miyu-senpai's way is great. I really want to see your Juliet!
Miyu: Tsubomi-chan...
Noriko: Miyu. Everyone knows how much effort you've put in.
Noriko: ...More than anyone, this year isn't the last year. It's my script, and 
       I want to see your Juliet.  Please.
Miyu: ...Noriko...
Miyu: Okay, I understand.  I'll try my best.
Tsubomi: Yay!
Saori-sensei: Uh-huh.
Konori: But, sensei. What are we going to do about Romeo?
Saori-sensei: That's right...
Konori: We want someone different from that idiot over there leering at me-aru.
Saori-sensei: ...Aah...
Miyu: ...If you can...find someone better...
Tsubomi: I absolutely hate that Romeo.
Noriko: That's so. That is, I will not get him.
Tenzou: ...Am I a thing like that...
Patako: Yes, that's right!
Tenzou: Why are you affirming it so lucidly!
Tenzou: I mean, it is passion that is needed for acting performance! Then I 
        cannot lose to anyone!
Ekoro: What makes you so excited...
Noriko: But yes, you are the problem from earlier.
Miyu: That's....so....it's difficult...many things.
Tsubomi: Please do not try the theatre.
Saori-sensei: I wonder if your passion wouldn't better be used for something
Konori: You mean, before it gets out of control.
Tenzou: Maaaaa!  Patako!
Patako: Yes, sir! Deploying Dokidoki field! I'll colour your stage!
Tenzou: So, how was that!?
Miyu: ...Ah...you are Romeo...why...such a great Romeo...!
Konori: So...so dazzling, I can't look at it-aru!
Tsubomi: ...That's great, Miyu-senpai...to act with such a wonderful person...
Noriko: I wonder if I should rewrite the script.  I want Romeo to have 8 extra 
        scenes!   Finish with a happy ending! 
Saori-sensei: W, wait, that's...a great idea! Come, let me fix it! 
Tenzou: Well.  That's good.  I feel empty but that's good!
Ekoro: If so, you should wipe the tears on the edge of your eyes a little.
Tenzou: But, however, I have to go.
Patako: That's so.
Noriko: It will be fixed soon so please wait!
Saori-sensei: Please, Motesugi-kun. Even just a little, wait! We also need to
              fit you for your costume!
Miyu: Ah...I will be your favourite Juliet! So, just a little longer...
Tsubomi: Please, senpai!
Konori: Just a little is okay-aru!
Tenzou: ...Sorry, everyone. Carrying the expectations of everyone, the load of 
        Romeo is too heavy for me...!
Tenzou: Bye!
Girls: Tenzou, come back!

7.3 Stage 5.c - Gymnasium

Miho Kusunoki: Nishio-senpai...In preparation for the basketball club practice
               game next Sunday...something  like this?
Suzume Asano: We wrote a proposal.  Please look at it.
Haruka Nishio: Aah, thanks for your work! So, let's look immediately. Yeah,
              let's see.
Haruka: Yeah...yeah. Maybe it's a good idea for the brass band club to do some
Miho: ...Phew.  That's great.  Right, Suzume-chan?
Suzume: Yes, it's great. It was worth the two of us thinking about it.
Haruka: Sorry.  To compete against other schools also involves the school band
        and broadcasting committee.
Miho: ...No, it's okay...
Suzume: I'm glad I can support you! By all means, please win!
Haruka: Ah, we'll do our best.  Leave it to us!  Right, everyone?
Natsuko Hakizawa: That's right!
Saki Takada: Uh-huh.  Because we really will win, you can expect it!
Satsuki Hoshino: ...Haa...
Haruka: What's wrong.  You reply with a sigh.
Satsuki: Everyone,  I would think it's great...if I become a regular... 
Natsuko: Hoshino-senpai means you were a substitute?
Satsuki: ...Yes...in the volleyball club I was forever the benchwarmer, for 3
Satsuki: ...Even just only once, I wanted to leave the substitute bench...
Haruka: I have a feeling that basketball is more suitable for you than 
        volleyball. So, that's why I called you as a helper.
Satsuki: Uwaa...! But...I...I like volleyball...
Natsuko: Right, then benchwarmer is okay.
Satsuki: Is, is that so...but...I'm longing...
Saki: Senpai, shall we do special intensive training from now!?
Suzume: Eh, Takada-san, can you do volleyball special training?
Saki: Hee hee.  I can't do that!
Miho: ...That makes no sense...
Natsuko: By the way. You have been dribbling a lot for a long time, what is it?
Tenzou: Ha! Fu! Ho!
Patako: Tenzou-sama, you're skilled at dribbling.
Tenzou: Ah. This is the only place where I'm good at dribbling!
Ekoro: Don't you feel sad saying such a thing about yourself...
Haruka: Arbitrarily dribbling in such a place is selfish, you're in the way of
        our club meeting.  Hurry up and leave.
Tenzou: Kabadi! Kabadi! Kabadi!
Saki: That's the wrong game!
Satsuki: It's not a ball game!
Miho: ...So strange...
Suzume: What is that...scary...!
Tenzou: It's not scary at all.
Haruka: While saying such a thing you're getting closer, usually that's scary!
Natsuko: I mean, this guy, is scary even without doing anything!
Saki: Uwa, uwaa!  He's approaching!  I feel sick!
Satsuki: The fact that he even exists is scary!
Miho: ...I'm going home!
Suzume: Don't come into my sight!
Tenzou: I'll be hated without even doing anything...heh heh...ha ha..hee hee...!
Tenzou: Pa-ta-ko-!
Patako: Y, yes! Tenzou-sama, I'm sorry for being born! Deploying Dokidoki 
Tenzou: Good, how was it!?
Satsuki: ...Hoo.
Saki: Uh...Somehow...he's cool...
Natsuko: Uh, gu, guu...My heart won't stop pounding!
Haruka: I, I came...
Suzume: Basketball and kabadai, it's so innovative...! The award for best 
        buzzword has been decided! Yeah, I confirm it will pass into legacy!
Miho: ...Adorable...
Haruka: H, hey...you, when we have our next practice session, won't you come to
        cheer us on?
Haruka: If you only come...the morale of all our club will go up...surely we
        will win!
Natsuko: I think so too!
Saki: Senpai, will you come!?
Satsuki: I also will try my best.  Yeah...
Tenzou: Let me think...
Haruka: It's okay, come!
Natsuko: If you don't come, we'll cry!
Saki: We'll cry outside your house!
Satsuki: ...At school too, we'll following you around crying...
Miho: ...All the brass band club will also cry.
Suzume: I also beg you! Really, please come to cheer us!
Tenzou: U, understood. I'll come...I'll come.
Haruka: Good! We've as good as won already!
Saki: That's great!
Natsuko: Fantastic! I'm excited!
Suzume: Not only will we broadcast live, but you'll have a dedicated camera, 
        Tenzou-kun, and I wonder if we require a relay.
Miho: ...All of the brass band will cheer for you...
Satsuki: Right, right, try my best, I'll hang in there...!
Tenzou: Anyway, this is it for now...
Patako: Hee hee hee. Tenzou-sama is so popular, I'm proud of you!
Tenzou: I have extremes of likes and dislikes...Normal is best ...
Ekoro: Normal is what suits Tenzou-sama.

8.1 Stage 6.a - Special classroom corridor

Shizuka Nonomiya: Well then, please give me your explanation. Ex-plan-a-tion!
Kyoka Shimabara: I don't know.
Mako Kuroda: Ah, um, that is...
Shizuka: How many times is this!  Causing an explosion in the clubroom! Huh, 
         science club!
Kyoka: But, it wasn't like an explosion.
Mako: Un, yep yep.
Shizuka: So, what is that cloud of smoke that hangs over it!
Kyoka: This is because we were playing around with water and dry ice.  It's
       not smoke from an explosion.
Mako: Y, yes, that's right.
Shizuka: Criminals are always the same! I've said many times, do not let her 
         do experiments!
Kyoka: But, I said I don't know because I don't know!
Shizuka: You still feign ignorance!
Mako: Ah, ahh...what should we do...
Koeda Morikawa: Yeah...really, what to do...
Koeda: This time, although I've been banned from doing experiments for a while,
       it failed and set off an explosion in the science room...
Mako: That's so...Why did you do an experiment, Morikawa-senpai?
Koeda: I'm sorry...I was paying close attention so I really thought that it'd
       be okay...!
Nagi Hamakishi: Despite paying close attention, the reason you always fail is 
                because you don't understand the mechanism.
Mako: Ah, club captain!
Nagi: I told you not to do an experiment by yourself, but you did it again 
      without permission and caused an explosion, right. Morikawa-senpai.
Koeda: ...Yeah.  I really wanted to experiment...I'm sorry.
Mako: Captain, I'm also sorry.  I didn't stop Morikawa-senpai.
Nagi: It can't be helped that you just got up. Is it assumed that I came to
      participate in deceiving Nonomiya-kun?
Koeda: P, please.  Fight!
Nagi: Instead, you are absolutely, really, not to experiment again.  
Koeda: Huun...
Tenzou: Wait a minute!
Nagi: Huh! Some non-scientific one has slipped in!
Mako: Kyaa!  A suspicious person!
Koeda: Yaaah...! Why is there a suspicious person here!
Shizuka: Eh, suspicious person!?
Kyoka: Shall I disinfect with ethanol?
Tenzou: Actually...
Tenzou: It was me who caused the explosion in the science room!
Shizuka: Huh!?
Kyoka: What was that!?
Koeda: I, I'm the criminal...!
Nagi: It's a frank confession, Morikawa-senpai...
Mako: B, but, you just got here...
Tenzou: Patako!
Patako: Yeees! I don't know why it has somehow become so tense, Tenzouu-sama,
        please do it!
Tenzou: So, how was that?
Mako: Ah...
Koeda: Uhh...
Nagi: ...Uh...
Kyoka: ...Un...
Shizuka: Haaa...W, was it really you who did that...?
Tenzou: Yes.  I'm sorry.
Shizuka: Th, that...can't be helped. This time only I'll condone it.
Tenzou: Yay!
Nagi: So, the science club also has no blame?
Shizuka: ...This time is okay. Not next time. Be careful.
Kyoka: You...you helped us.  Thank you. You're the science club benefactor!
Tenzou: No, don't mention it.
Nagi: You really helped us. I appreciate it. ...Thanks!
Mako: You helped us... I wondered what would happen...
Tenzou: When everything has calmed down, I'll come round again. So, bye!
Nagi: Come play again! I'll make you the science club speciality ￾gbeaker tea￾h!
Mako: Bye bye.
Kyoka: Ahh...he left...
Koeda: ...I wanted to be with him for longer...ah...it's a pity.

8.2 Stage 6.b - Art room

Misuzu Kido: How's it going everyone? I wonder if we'll finish the paintings
             in progress in time for the culture festival?
Tsuzumi Murasami: Um, er...Kaoruko-sama hasn't come...
Misuzu: Kaoruko-san has already submitted her work.  So she's taken the day
        off today.  Here's her finished painting.
Minamo Yamamoto: It's...truly...
Momoka Furuhashi: ...Wonderful...
Tsuzumi: ...Entrancing...
Michio Azuma-sensei: Right, I wonder if it'd be okay to show me how everyone's
Misuzu: Yes, sensei. I've completed mine. It's the landscape seen from this
Michio-sensei: Yeah, it's really the club manager's. It's tightly drawn.
Misuzu: Thank you very much! Naturally, as the club manager. 
Michio-sensei: How about the others?
Momoka: I've almost completed mine.
Michio-sensei: Yeah...let's see. Ah, it's cute. A flying pink piglet.
Momoka: Yes. I worked hard to make it so cute.
Misuzu: Yeah, it's tough to make this good work. Right, next is...Minamo.  
        Show us!
Minamo: Y, yes...this...is...
Michio-sensei: ...Huh?
Misuzu: ...Umm...Minamo, this is...a flower petal?
Minamo: Ah...yes.  Cherry blossom petals...5 of them.
Misuzu: Why only this...There's no background...At least , how about the sky...?
Minamo: Uh...The supply of oil paints were put higher than I expected...so I 
        couldn't paint it properly...
Misuzu: So you didn't want to show people the production process until now...
Minamo: ...Ah...I'm sorry...I like drawing a picture but...
Michio-sensei: W, well, this also adds a flavour.  So, who's next?
Tsuzumi: Yes...Last is me...Something like this...
Misuzu: Huh, this...It has Kaoruko-san's touch?
Tsuzumi: ...Yes...Longing to be as close as possible to Kaoruko-sama, I tried
         to imitate her.
Misuzu: It's not similar.
Tsuzumi: Aaaaah...!
Minamo: ...It feels different...somewhere...
Tsuzumi: Ahh...!
Momoka: ....Yes...It's different...
Tsuzumi: ....Ah...! As I thought, it's not nearly close...sob...
Michio-sensei: B, but, Murasame-san has the merit of Murasame-san! Work hard
               to cherish that!
Tsuzumi: ...Yes...sensei. Thank you.
Tenzou: With that said, I wonder how mine is?
Misuzu: A monkey has entered our circle.  You, who are you!?
Tenzou: A passing male student. So, how about this!
Misuzu: Waah...what is this...it's ultra-poor!
Momoka: S, scary! I don't understand what is being depicted...!
Tsuzumi: ...Ah...If I look at that picture I feel dizzy...
Minamo: ...No way...! Don't show such a picture...!
Michio-sensei: That is...that's...it seems to be reluctant to show itself to
Patako: ...Yeah.  You mentioned that you were sometimes painting with friends
        from the art club, this is...
Ekoro: Pollution.
Tenzou: Haa...The world of art is harsh...
Patako: This is an earlier matter. Well, a picture of who-knows-what is drawn,
        set it a little aside...
Patako: Because I'm deploying Dokidoki Field, for Patako, do it as quickly 
        as possible.  Quickly.
Tenzou: I was negligent!
Tenzou: Yes, I did it as quickly as possible.  How was it?
Misuzu: ...Huh...
Tsuzumi: ...Ah...
Minamo: ....Ee...
Michio-sensei: Huh...
Momoka: ...Ah, au...
Tsuzumi: ...This picture...
Minamo: ...It's wonderful...
Misuzu: ...Really...The more I look, the more it's too my taste...!
Michio-sensei: It has masses of character...Yeah, it's explosive...!
Misuzu: Yeah...It almost looks like it represents you...!
Momoka: ...Yes...Like senpai, it's beautiful...
Minamo: ...Yeah...It's amazing...It expresses of all Tenzou-senpai...
Tsuzumi: ...Aaah... Both the picture and Tenzou-senpai are too brilliant, it's 
        painful to face them...!
Michio-senpai: ...Haa...really...won.der.ful...
Tenzou: Finally, they understand the charm of my picture...it's futile though.
Misuzu: Tenzou-kun, is it okay to show this picture at the culture festival?
Tenzou: N, no...I'd be a little embarrassed...
Momoka: That's not so.  Um...Is it okay to display it next to my picture...?
Misuzu: That's not fair!  Next to mine!
Minamo: Eh, um, Let's...draw a lottery...
Tsuzumi: ...Or rock, scissors, paper...
Michio-sensei: Right, let's put it in the centre.  How about that?
Misuzu: I agree.  That's good, isn't it, Tenzou-kun?
Tsuzumi: Ah...eh...Tenzou-san isn't here...Ah, the picture too...
Minamo: ...How disappointing.

8.3 Stage 6.c - Music room

Meimu Ashihara: B-u-t- you guys can practise in the classroom.  It's already
                the end of school.
Meimu: When you're so sloppy, it's not necessary to use the music room. A 
       classroom is good enough.
Ayana Mikado: Sh, shut up. You guys leave here.
Hikaru Kousaka: You don't keep time, you're sloppy and have no sense of 
Madoka Tsukimiya: I'm doing it properly.  Huh.
Meimu: If you say so.  Drum and bass, both.
Mizue Ichinoe: Wh, where do I have no rhythm with the bass...
Hikaru: The drums are fast and the bass is slow. It doesn't match.
Arisa Himeno: Ah...yeah...I certainly deviated often.
Ayana: Arisa! Hey, whose side are you on!?
Arisa: Ah, sorry, sorry. That wasn't my intention.
Meimu: So, like good children, go and practice against a metronome in a 
       classroom.  Go, go.
Madoka: Just because you're quite good don't be so conceited!  Idiot!
Meimu: Huh? Just now, did you praise us?
Madoka: Ah, uh, uuh...!
Ayana: Wa, waah. M, Madoka-chan you're mean!
Hikaru: Not particularly mean...
Meimu: This practice time here is over, our time is starting, get out or 
       they'll be trouble from Satoshi-kun.
Arisa: Sorry. It's become a little crazy...
Ayana: Arisa, don't say things from only your perspective!
Meimu: Ah, it's Aoi.
Ayana: Hii...!!
Madoka: Waaa!
Mizue: Oh no!! Rabbit ears are scary!!
Arisa: Where!? My bunny. Only today, those ears are so fluffy...!
Meimu: Heh heh. 
Ayana: Eh...
Madoka: Ah...
Mizue: Eeeh!? You fooled us! Terrible.
Meimu: Ahaha. You're really scared of Aoi. Well, that girl, when she hears a
       fight, gets really overheated.
Arisa: Huh...terrible...you fooled us...my bunny!
Hikaru: One of them has a different reaction...waah, her cheeks are flushed.
Meimu: That girl, she seems to be Aoi's fan.
Ayana: Hey...heeey! Let's duel!
Meimu: That's dangerous talk.  Stop it, stop it.
Ayana: I, I'm not quarrelling! In the upcoming culture festival, we'll have a
       band showdown! Whoever gets the loudest cheering is the winner!
Meimu: Huh. If we win, what do we get?
Ayana: The winner can use the music room much more.  Whoever loses can't use
       it again!  W, what do you say!?
Meimu: No-one can see what the result will be.
Hikaru: Saying such a thing, what if we lose, Meimu.
Meimu: So, that's right.
Madoka: I, I don't know but we have to try!
Tenzou: Wait a minute!
Mizue: Huh?
Tenzou: Let the Lovehearts exclusive manager produce this fight!
Hikaru: Wah, what a shock. The goldfish Aoi stepped on.
Meimu: A bad feeling's come over me.  Go away.  Disappear.
Ayana: What is this, you!
Madoka: What, just now, didn't the members of Lovehearts just say abuse to 
        this guy...? And he's their exclusive manager...
Arisa: Wah...what...glistening eyes, makes me feel sick.
Mizue: No way, this is...too bad.
Ayana: It's more than that, but I don't need to make things complicated! To 
       say it simply, you're disgusting! Completely disgusting!  Truly 
       disgusting! Go away!
Madoka: That's so. It's complicated so I can't talk.  I feel sick.
Arisa: ...Yeah. You're an acquaintance of Aoi-chan but, a little...no good.
Mizue: Go away.  Idiot. Idi-ot.
Tenzou: Uu...I think I said something wrong...
Ekoro: You've poured oil on the fire. Nothing more to do really, it was
Tenzou: Gunu...funununu...Patako!
Patako: Yeees!  Let's go, Tenzou-sama!  Rock 'n' roll!
Tenzou: Huh...the spirit of rock pitches hard!
Ayana: Haa...what is this hot beat...!
Madoka: ....Ah...my body is numb...I feel dizzy...it's not like me...r, really!
Meimu: ...Unbearable!  What is this hot rhythm!
Arisa: ....That was great...
Mizue: Fluffy and dizzy...
Hikaru: Yeah...good...
Tenzou: Heh heh heh. Everyone, do you understand this go-getting producer now?
Madoka: A, a little, I admit you're good...idiot.
Ayana: Anyway, I want to practise more from now.
Madoka:Y, yeah...shall we do a little practice?
Mizue: Okay.  Let's try our best.
Arisa: It's the Lovehearts time to use the music room, let's go and borrow the
Ayana: yeah.
Meimu: Right, let's also kick ass.
Hikaru: ...Yeah. I'll hit the music the first time.
Arisa: Right, we'll go here.
Meimu: Okay. You lot, hang in there.
Ayana: Sure, you too.
Hikaru: Tenzou-san, bye bye.
Meimu: See you, Tenzou! 
Ayana: See you, Tenzou. Good luck to you!
Madoka: P,please watch!  In our performance, I'm going to knock you out!
Arisa: See you.
Mizue: Yay.
Tenzou: Phew.  I thought we'd be here forever.
Patako: Yes, indeed! Me too indeed!
Ekoro: For what reason do you praise yourself. Patako-senpai...We're not
       finished yet.
Patako: Huh...Ekoro is mean...

8.4 Stage 6.d - Grounds

Kaede Sasabashi: Okay. Are all of today's ground maintenance team here?
Miwako Tanada: ...Uh-huh...maybe...
Kaede: Well then, let's divide the tasks. Because the exercise club are not 
       here, we'll have a competition and whether you win or lose will decide 
Nanae Mizushima: Okay, a short-distance race!
Satsuki Hoshino: ...Th, that is, a little....what if...
Saori Fujiwara: Well then, what is good?
Satsuki: Th, that is, I mean...
Saki Tanaka: We can decide by the number of free throws. Right, after three!
Satsuki: Ehhhh... That's also, rather I say, I want to avoid that too...
Miwako: ...Rather than short-distance race...long-distance race is good...
Kasumi Sakaguchi: Short-distance, long-distance, middle-distance, anything is
                  okay! Bring it on!
Satsuki: Um, ehh...But, deciding by exercise is...that's...
Kaede: Whilst we're waiting to decide time is running, so it's easiest if we 
       decide all at once.
Saori: Any way is better than that way.  Hurry up and decide.
Satsuki: Um, erm...
Saki: Free throw is fine. We don't wait for more suggestions.
Miwako: ...long-distance...42.195 kilometres...
Kasumi: Na, na, anything is okay already. Decide quickly. I decide it's good
        to decide through exercise.
Satsuki: Oh, oh... exercise is a little...
Saki: Senpai, if you hate exercise so much, how could you manage three years 
      in the volleyball club?
Miwako: ...Haa...Because it's so troublesome...how about rock, scissors, paper?
Saki: Eh!
Miwako: ...Luck and ability is equal...isn't it?
Kaede: Certainly. That's good enough.
Satsuki: I agree!  I really agree!
Nanae: Anything is okay.  Because I'm going to win!
Saki: Yeah, a victory is a victory! Me, I'm ignorant of defeat at rock, 
      scissors, paper! I'm definitely going to win.
Saori: I agree.  Let's hurry up and decide with rock, scissors, paper.  Time
       is wasting.
Kasumi: It's a shame I wasn't able to compete with exercise, but in order to 
        win I'll add fighting spirit!
Kaede: But...before that.
Kaede: There! From behind that tree behaving surreptitiously, a suspicious man!
Tenzou: ...Me?
Patako: Now, the only person behind a tree staring at girls is Tenzou-sama,
Tenzou: ...Suspicious?
Ekoro: That's right. Enormously.  Perfectly.
Saori: Hey there! About this plainly lascivious aura coming from him, what 
       shall we do!?
Kaede: The improvement of mankind is for the greater good.
Kaede: And, for the man who was watching the bare legs of girls from the 
       shadows, isn't it okay to punish him?
Saori: Huh...! This perverted man, is that what he was doing!?
Tenzou: It looks suspicious, but that's not the reason why I was watching your
Nanae: Unbelievable.
Saki: You're just a perverted guy.
Miwako: ...It's good if you stop breathing...
Kasumi: For the sake of women around the world, don't take one step out of 
        your home.
Satsuki: ...I think leering is no good...
Tenzou: Unjustified accusations!
Kaede: If that's really true, let's ask the gods.
Tenzou: Huh?
Kaede: Everyone will do rock, scissors, paper.  If you lose, you will clean 
       the grounds by yourself.
Tenzou: Eeeeh!
Kaede: So, here we go! Rock, scissors!
Tenzou: Paper!
Kaede: Scissors.
Saki: It's scissors!
Miwako: ...Scissors.
Kasumi: Sciiissooors!
Nanae: Okay, scissors!
Saori: Scissors!
Satsuki: Sci, scissors!
Tenzou: Eh, ah, eeeeeeeh!!
Saori: You lost with paper...but by the gods you would have lost whatever the 
Kaede: So, today's ground cleaning will be done by you alone, perverted 
Tenzou: Gu, nu, nu...I won't do it! Before that!
Patako: Y, yes! Deploying Dokidoki Field! Please do it, pervert-sama!
Ekoro: The name is wrong, Patako-senpai.
Tenzou: So...how was that!?
Miwako: ...Un...
Satsuki: ...Hafu...
Nanae: Un, Un...
Saori: Ku...uh...
Kaede: Ah...
Saki: Unn...
Kasumi: Uh...I...
Tenzou: How about that! Am I such a perverted guy?
Kaede: Sorry...It was a misunderstanding...
Kasumi: Somehow...sorry.  But, it's me. A ground maintenance dragonfly suits
        the world's best man, you know! 
Nanae: I think a roller dragonfly suits you...It's dreamy...
Miwako: ...Yep yep. 
Satsuki: What kind of dragonfly suits...guilty person...
Saki: Cool. Too cool...
Saori: Since I'm not allowed... it's a useless looking at me with the cute and
       lovely eyes!
Kaede: So, you'd better take on the grounds maintenance.  I beg you.
Miwako: ...Do your best.
Kasumi: I think, even if you work on the grounds, if you exercise hard you can
        withstand it! Hang in there!
Saori: Hey, hey...Do it properly! Because I expect it!
Nanae: It's bad right, senpai.  See you! Good luck!
Satsuki: ...Um, um...With dazzling sweat...how wonderful!  See you!
Saki: Best regards, senpai. Here's some water. Fight!
Tenzou: ...Patako-san.
Patako: Yes? 
Tenzou: I was praised but...In the end, I still have to do the grounds 
        maintenance by myself.
Patako: Yes, that's right.  By yourself.
Ekoro: Isn't it a good idea to start quickly?  By yourself.

9.1 Stage 7.a - 2nd year classroom

Reina Kuribayashi-sensei: Un, it's time.  So then, let's start.
Reina-sensei: Reina-sensei's girls-only love counselling. Today who is the 
              most lost love slave?
Tsugumi Tachibana: Here, sensei...1st year student Tachibana.
Tsugumi: Um...I have someone I like.  And so, I wanted to confess...
Tsugumi: But...I don't know a good way to confess...
Reina-sensei: Okay. Right, you're here with that guy, let's study a little bit.
Tenzou: Yo! Why...is there such a thing...
Patako: Don't know.  Patako doesn't know.
Ekoro: Tenzou-sama is in a place for girls-only but unexpectedly there is no
Tsugumi: Eh...sensei... the person I like is a human.  To practise with such a 
         strange creature is a little...
Tenzou: Strange creature!
Reina-sensei: Even so, you can practise with peace of mind, okay? Right, good
Tsugumi: I...I'm sorry...I'd rather practise against the pitcher plant at 
Tenzou: What's a pitcher plant!?
Patako:  A plant that eats insects, Tenzou-sama! That's great! It's not a
         strange creature!
Ekoro: ...That's no comfort, Patako-senpai.
Reina-sensei: Right, first practise against your pitcher plant.  Who's next?
Yuno Shimada: Yes, sensei...3rd year student Shimada.  Excuse me, please.
Yuno: I'm weak with boys...Because I can't even have a decent conversation with
      them, I have had a problem finding love...
Yuno: Also, because I'm poor and don't have money I'm busy with a part-time
      job and don't have free time for love...but I'm yearning for love...what
      should I do?
Reina-sensei: If so, it's just right.  This is also the edge of something. I
              wonder if we can try various things with that guy whose here now?
Yuno: Eh...
Tenzou: ...
Yuno: Th...this one?  Sensei...
Reina-sensei: Yes, this one.
Yuno: That's...Sorry...At least this person is in the shape of a human...
Tenzou: Humanity is not worthy!
Reina-sensei: Hmm, this is useless.
Yuno: ...Yes...I was aiming too high...
Reina-sensei: Yeah, you certainly shouldn't aim too high. Well, next time I'll 
              find a suitable boy for you.
Yuno: Yes, thank you very much!
Reina-sensei: Who's next?
Riko Kuroda: Yes. 1st Year student Kuroda.
Riko: I want to make a lunch box for a person I like, but I don't have anyone
      I like...
Reina-sensei: So, how about trying to substitute with him?
Riko: ...Sensei.  No matter how much a substitute, I think even I have a right
      to choose...
Tenzou: That's my line!
Reina-sensei: Stay silent, test bed.
Patako: I see...Since Tenzou-sama has no appeal as a man, he is considered 
        ideal as a test bed for girls weak with affairs of the heart.
Patako: So, that is truly it, Tenzou-sama!
Ekoro: Patako-senpai...With those words, Tenzou-sama's face has turned blue-
       black with anger.
Reina-sensei: Okay, next time, tell me the type of celebrity close to your
              choice. I'll find a similar man for you.
Riko: Yes. Thank you, sensei. Please do it for me.
Reina-sensei: So, whose next?
Mika Okano: Yes. 3rd year student Okada. Thank you for your help.
Mika: Um, sensei. I can't be honest in front of someone I like...Actually, I
      become unpleasant.
Mika: Why do I become so meek? What do you say about this...I don't understand 
Reina-sensei: Yeah yeah. I see why this is.  Too much love leads to confusion. 
Reina-sensei: But, with men you don't like you can be honest. So, let's
              practice being frank with this guy.
Mika: No way.
Tenzou: Gafuu.
Patako: Cut in two! A terrible spell!
Ekoro: Rather than a spell, it is simply a straight protest against the 
Mika: With this man, before I like or hate, it's a problem calling him a 
      person so I will be too honest.
Mika: So, I really can't practice with him! Impossible! I can't!
Reina-sensei: Aah, it is also so. A little bit...no, more and more, not
              attractive as a man indeed...
Mika: Right, sensei? Still, I finally feel this is quite a bigger drop than 
Tenzou: Human...I'm a human...My heart also hurts...
Mika: Shut up, pervert! Looking at me with leering eyes!
Tenzou: I'm not looking with something like leering eyes!
Reina-sensei: Hmm. You're less use than I thought.
Tenzou: That remark, involving me without my permission!
Reina-sensei: Well, it doesn't matter.  Whose next?
Ai Tatano: Yeees. 1st year student Tatano.  Please.
Ai: I didn't come for advice about love at all.  Because it looked interesting
    I showed my face.  I'm sorry, heh!
Ai: Or perhaps I should say, even though I'm restless like this, do you think
    one day someone will say they like me? Sensei. 
Reina-sensei: Of course, Tatano-chan is charming.
Ai: Yay! I'm looking forward to it!
Reina-sensei: From this reason...First, why don't you gain some experience of
Ai: Experience of love?
Reina-sensei: With a lot of experience you won't lose at love. For that reason,
              how about love with this man? It adds plus one to your 
Ai: I don't want to be wasteful!
Tenzou: Wa...wasteful!? Love with me is wasteful!?
Ai: Yep. There are many better men than you!
Ai: I mean, it is too much trouble! You are at the lowest of the lowest of the
    lowest level!
Tenzou: Aaaah...I'm just a puppet...I want to die...
Patako: Don't die, Tenzou-sama!
Tenzou: Patako...
Patako: Please, if you die I won't be able to achieve great things at Angel 
Tenzou: You're my worst enemy!!
Patako: What are you saying? Don't be confused, let's go.  Deploying Dokidoki 
Tenzou: Uhh...Why I come to distrust women more and more...
Ekoro: If you did it, you don't have to match up to Patako-senpei.
Tenzou: No way! I distrust women I don't have to care about distrusting her!
Tsugumi: Eh...Do you have a girlfriend...?
Tenzou: Ah, so, so...
Tsugumi: ...Ah...I have to say it's good to practise with a pitcher plant...
Tsugumi: Then, even in practice...I can say I like you to senpai...
Riko: ...Me too...A lunch box...I can no longer pass on...
Yuno: Sob, sob, sob...It's painful to look at your face...I'm, embarrassed...a 
      confession, it's no good...
Miko: It's a lie...the moment we met, I had a broken heart...!
Ai: Hey! When you split with your girlfriend, won't you mix with me!?
Tenzou: Ehhhh!
Tsugumi: That's not fair! If that happens, me too...! Senpai, I like you!
Reina-sensei: Yeah, that's a good tone. It starts to flow, a competition of 
Reina-sensei: For that reason...do you like older women?
Tenzou: Wah! To teacher!
Miko: I like you!  I like you!
Riko: If I make you a lunch box, will you eat it?
Yuno: I'm poor, with a part-time job and three brothers, but is it okay if I
      say I like you?
Tenzou: Gyaaaaa! But, I have a girlfriend!
Patako: Oooo, Tenzou-sama began to roll from side to side!
Ekoro: Like a spoilt child.
Tenzou: Zei...zei...for that reason...I'm sorry!
Reina-sensei: Ah, he escaped.
Riko: ...Urrr...his courage left him...
Ai: Ahhh. It can't be helped. I should go to my part-time job.
Yuno: ...Me too...It's time for me to go to my work...
Miko: That guy's uniform had a cute decoration I wanted...sigh...
Tsugumi: ...Ahh...senpai...
Tenzou: Uuh...I'm tired...really tired...
Patako: Well, this is complete.  Don't bow down yet, let's proceed!

9.2 Stage 7.b - 3rd year classroom corridor

Choko Mita: Blossoming high school girls, since the day to determine Miss 
            Sakurazaki draws near, I'm here to interview the candidates.
Choko: Do I have all your permission?
Mirai Wakaba: Yes, it's fine.
Mari Amano: You, you're welcome, thank you.
Sango Namiki: Sure.
Maria Natsuki: Yes, please.
Choko: Thank you. So, everyone, please state your name and enthusiasm.
Mirai: I'm Wakaba Mirai. Since I'm going to win this year, regards.
Mari: I'm Amano Mari. This is my first year so I don't know many things, but 
      I'll try my best...!
Sango: I'm Namiki Sango. I'm one pretty flower that blooms in the tennis club!
       I'll work hard towards victory.
Maria: I'm Natsuki Maria. I'm a foreign student. I'll do my best.  I love
Choko: Heh. Already sparks are flying. That's good, that's good. It's become
Choko: Right, will I hear it frankly? Who do you think will win?
Mari: Um, erm...I'll do my best! I want to win!
Sango: Hee hee.  Definitely, this year I will be Miss Sakurazaki.
Maria: Yeah, it's so fun to come out on top, I want to do it.
Mirai: It's impossible for me to lose. Because I am so cute.
Sango: ...Heh.
Mirai: Huh...
Mari: Uh...
Maria: Unn?
Mirai: It's well that I can say I will win more than you guys. Have you ever
       looked in a mirror?
Mari: I, I have...!
Sango: I think more than you. Last year runner-up Miss Sakurazaki Wakaba-san.
Mirai: What do you mean by that?
Sango: Nothing much. Runner-up Miss Sakurazaki Wakaba-san.
Mari: S, Sango-senpai... you have to mind what you say about Mirai-senpai...
Sango: I know, having decided to say that.
Mirai: What, pretty flower that blooms in the tennis club! This ghost member!
Sango: I thought tennis was cool...I think it's not very cool to practise so
       desperately like Wakaba-san.
Mirai: Why is it bad to practise desperately! You couldn't keep up, so you're 
       only deceiving yourself!
Sango: But being hard and painful is not fashionable.
Maria: Ohh. It's not good to fight. Friends fighting.
Mirai: Shut up, you!
Sango: Yeah. Just because you're blond, don't be conceited.
Maria: I'm not conceited.  Rather, I'm modest.
Mari: To know such difficult Japanese, you should talk to people without 
Akari Samejima: What's going on in this corridor? It's not allowed to fight.
Choko: Ah, sorry, sorry. But during the interview, I wanted to add a little 
       stimulation to the article.
Akari: Ah, It was Mita-san again.  That's no good.
Choko: ...Fumufumu.
Akari: Huh...what?
Choko: Samejima-san, won't you also enter the Miss Sakura contest?
Akari: Eh...M, me?
Choko: Right, Your sweet voice is noted for causing incidents of mass lateness
       among Sakurazaki male students, which speaks that you're at the height
       of your popularity. 
Mari: Eeeh...!
Mirai: You couldn't do that for victory!
Sango: It's too late to participate! Please retire!
Maria: Oh. I'll receive anybody's challenge.
Mirai: This is clearly a joke...
Mari: If Samejima-senpai does it...
Sango: That person would be confirmed to win...
Maria: Hey, come on!
Mari: W, why are you provoking her!?
Mirai: You can't sense the atmosphere, foreign student!
Sango: I mean, shut up.
Tenzou: Wait a minute! I can't bear to see such cute girls arguing!
Mirai: What, you.
Mari: Wah...I feel sick...
Sango: Out.  Hurry and get out.
Maria: Oh! It's a pervert. It's an enormous pervert.
Tenzou: Gu, ku...I'm also getting abused here...but...I'm not defeated.
Tenzou: If you fight so much! Now here! This is me! I will decide Miss
        Sakurazaki!  Patako!
Patako: Yes!  Deploying Dokidoki Field! Please decide it!
Tenzou: Well well...Hmmm? How was that?
Choko: ...Hafu...
Maria: Oh...
Mari: You're great...It's okay if you decide who will win...
Mirai: ...Fu, fuun. It can't be helped.
Sango: That's right...can't be helped...But...if possible, please pick me...
Maria: I'm excited. Please decide.
Akari: I, I...I'm not interested in being Miss Sakurazaki, but I'm interested 
       in you...
Tenzou: Good, Okay! So then, let's make the Miss Sakurazaki selection!
Tenzou: This year's Miss Sakurazaki is...!
Choko: Miss Sakurazaki is...!?
Mirai: Of course, it will be me.
Mari: ...Uwah...I'm nervous...
Sango: No problem, it's me, right?
Maria: My heart is pounding.
Akari: ...Ah...Why, such a thing...
Tenzou: All of you are Miss Sakurazaki!
Choko: Huhhhhhh???
Tenzou: So, all are Miss Sakurazaki. Because everyone is cute, I can't choose
        one person. So then, please stop fighting.
Mirai: Are you kidding!
Mari: Why do you think that we invited you to select Miss Sakurazaki...!
Sango: Being trampled by a horse, I call yeow!
Maria: On a rail-belt of 1000 spinning sushi I remain unsold, and will wither!
Akari: ...Somehow, I feel relieved...Girls don't like indecisive boys very
Choko: Ahhh.  It's kind of...boring.
Tenzou: ...I...Because I wanted everyone to get along...I chose everyone...
Tenzou: Obviously...I've been abused...I've been left...I'm a fool...!
Ekoro: Tenzou-sama is a fool.
Patako: Yeah...I can't defend you...
Tenzou: From you too!

9.3 Stage 7.c - Library

Isuzu Kusakabe: Now, I have a great glasses-wearing male character.  Here: the
                school student butler!
Sakura Sanjou: Hauuuu...This is very...adorable...!
Ruri Haga: I feel an aura of good weakness, it's wonderful.
Isuzu: I know, right!? I wish to have a feeling of a more tragic time!
Ruri: I personally think an S-type character is also more dramatic with 
      glasses.  This type of comic was made into a movie the other day.
Sakura: And S type with suit and glasses...!  That's nice...suit and glasses! 
Ruri: Yes. It's so nice!  Suit and glasses!
Rin Aiba: ....um...
Isuzu: Th, this is clearly it!  Really clear!  Super clear!  I can't stop it!
       And S suit and glasses, great!
Rin: Excuse me...
Isuzu: Hey, hey. Why don't we recommend to others?  If I say it's possible to
       search on a notebook PC.
Rin:Excuse me...!
Sakura: ...Yes, what is it?
Rin: This is a library so...is it ok to be a little quieter?  I'm trying to 
     concentrate on my reading...
Isuzu: Huh?
Sakura: ...Uh...
Rin: W, what?
Isuzu: What's up with your glasses?
Rin: Huh!?
Isuzu: Your eyes aren't small enough to be myopic. Your eyes aren't big enough
       to be far-sighted. That means...
Ruri: Those lenses...
Sakura: Are just glass aren't they...
Rin: Th...that's, hey...!
Isuzu: A girl who wears glasses without proper lenses...you're just playing at 
       wearing glasses!
Rin: S, sorry.  But, it's my policy...
Sakura: What do you mean...?
Rin: A person who likes reading ought to wear glasses...
Isuzu: That doesn't make sense!!
Rin: It, it does...it does!
Ruri: I understand your feeling, but...
Sakura: ...No good...no good at all.
Rin: Eh...
Sakura: I'll expose it...glasses which are not part of the face are no good...
        this thing...I will draw it in my comics and expose you...
Rin: S,stop it! If it comes out that I only wear glasses for effect, I'll be 
Isuzu: It's a good idea to remove them.
Rin: I, it's my policy!
Ruri: A real glasses-wearing girl is...this one!
Fujimi Teru: What...what's going on?
Ruri: She's in a sport where you don't wear glasses, the swimming club! As 
      soon as she leaves the pool she dabs at her glasses with her hand...
Ruri: This is a perfect glasses-wearing girl...!
Teru: Ex, excuse me...I don't understand the reason...
Mita Chouko: Hey hey hey. I could hear the cries of some charming 
             glasses-wearing girls.  What are you doing?  Was there an 
Isuzu: The newspaper club has good ears.
Chouko: Where there is an incident, there is the newspaper club. Don't hold 
        your tongue.
Sakura: ...Mita-senpai is also a legitimate glasses-wearing girl...
Ruri: That's right.  But you are, as I thought, improper. 
Rin: Wa, waaah. You're not human.
Rikiko Tanaka: H, hey.  It's good manners to be quiet in the library. What 
               are you yelling about!
Isuzu: ...She's different.
Rikiko: Huh?
Sakura: ...Different...
Rikiko: B, but, what is?
Isuzu: This glasses-wearing girl is not proper.
Rikiko: Huh...?
Tenzou: No...those lenses are so thick no matter how you look at them...
Patako: Yes, that's right.
Ruri: Round lenses are also improper.
Rikiko: Wha, what did you say?
Tenzou: No, I think it's clear.
Teru: I mean, that is...I only came here to return a book, what is happening...?
Tenzou: No, erm...
Rikiko: For goodness' sake, please be quiet.
Isuzu: Improper is improper. I won't give up to you.
Chouko: Heh heh, glasses lecture...this will go in my column. 
Tenzou: Gununu...
Tenzou: Ah, the super-cool glasses-wearing boy who can change into both S and
        M type!
Isuzu: What is this!?
Sakura: ...Where!?
Ruri: Where is he!?
Tenzou: Now, Patako!
Patako: Yes, let's go! Please be enthusiastic, Tenzou-sama!
Tenzou: Well, those who are wild about glasses, have you calmed down?
Isuzu: ...Ah...where is the super-cool glasses-wearing boy who can change into 
       both S and M types...?
Tenzou: Wow...she's really fanatical!
Ekoro: It is hardcore.
Sakura: ...He doesn't look like it...I'm crestfallen...
Ruri: ...But...that guy, isn't he cool?
Rin:  ...li, like you say...
Isuzu:  If you imagine him with glasses... then something fine comes...!
Ruri: ...Ah...cool...!
Sakura: ...go...!
Tenzou: Heyyy...
Isuzu: Hee hee hee.  In me, there is a slightly bigger black edge. My poor
       feeling is growing, and it feels good!
Ruri: ...Silver frame...sharp S type...! Entrancing...
Sakura: ...Hee hee...black and white too...good..adorable.
Teru: ...competition glasses for underwater...wonderful...
Chouko: Transparent white frames...yes, fashionable...heh heh heh.
Rikiko: ...round glasses...matching outfits...
Tenzou: Ex, excuse me...wah...They see me...but somehow the glasses have
        slipped past...
Patako:  Tenzou-sama can't control the medium of the delusion...
Ekoro: Amazing delusion...!
Tenzou: Um, that's...well, it is, in this..
Ruri: Next time, come to meet us wearing glasses...you promise!
Tenzou: Uhh...it's no good without glasses...it's no...good...

9.4 Stage 7.d - Staff room corridor

Michio Azuma-sensei: So then, it's time to start the meeting. On today's 
                     agenda are the school regulations.
Michio-sensei: Up to what point is it acceptable to allow mingling between the
               sexes at school, I say with confidence... 
Michio-sensei: We'll think about what to do, if you have the opinion we should
               be a little stricter or not.
Shizuka Ninomiya: Yes, sensei.  About mingling of the sexes, I think it should
                  be strictly forbidden.
Rikiko Tanaka: I, I think so to. School is a place for studying...it's not a 
               place for mingling of the sexes I think!
Saori Fujino-sensei: Even if we don't completely forbid it, we should think 
                     carefully about mixing the sexes.
Reina Kuribayashi-sensei: To say such a thing, is because of the growing 
                          crisis lately.
Saori-sensei: I, it's not related to what's happening now!
Reina-sensei: Mingling between the sexes, I don't really know. Because 
              everyone is of a mature age, with moderation mingling can be
Saori-sensei: What are you saying!
Shizuka: Th, that's filthy, sensei!
Rikiko: It's unhealthy, so I think it's n, no good!
Akari Samejima: Because it's a school, we should open our minds to new things...
                About now is good, I think.
Michio-sensei: I also think about now is a good time. Why not be a little less
Reina-sensei: That's right. Whether good or bad, they have to experience it.
              Experiences are important too.
Reina-sensei: Clearly, being strict would mean my love consultations breaks 
              the recommended school rules?
Saori-sensei: A, as a teacher, would it...
Akari: Sensei, I think that's no good.
Reina-sensei: Tough...So you can't have a boyfriend.
Shizuka: Th, that's got nothing to do with it!
Saori-sensei: Now, stop saying that!
Rikiko: S, sensei, that's filthy.
Miko Kuroda: Huh...the meeting is getting off-topic, we should proceed.  How 
             disappointing.  Akari.
Akari: Y, yeah. Well, it was predictable that this problem would occur because
       of the presence of Kuribayashi-sensei and Ninomiya-san...
Michio-sensei: Um, excuse me...That...calm down. M, madam Chairman...Madam 
               Chairman! I wonder something?
Miko: That's right... This teacher's meeting was arranged because we had many
      suggestions in the suggestion box, asking for relaxing the rules on 
      bringing sweets.
Shizuka: No way! If we allow that liberty, after school public order will get
Akari: Ninomiya-san, calm down. It's not good to go and assume that.
Miko: I also don't think that anytime, anyplace is okay. But, I think they 
      need some break.
Miko: So then, once a week, on that day only, it's okay to bring sweets. 
      Otherwise it's forbidden.
Miko: Students who don't meet the rules can't bring sweets for one month. 
      Or, cleaning punishment...So, that's what I think.
Reina-sensei: That's good. They'll look forward to bringing sweets once a week.
Miko: Yes, and I think it's a good idea to see whether places of such an
      exchange will led to, by the flow of students, study sessions
Shizuka: Such wishful thinking does not protect public order! I think the 
         stricter the better!
Tenzou: Is that so. I think it's good but...
Shizuka: Gyaa! What, there's a strange guy!!
Michio-sensei: Y, your....face violates school rules!
Tenzou: What!?
Saori-sensei: Yeah...this is a little...it's difficult to overlook it...
Reina-sensei: Impossible, impossible, really impossible. There's no way to 
              overlook it. A good suspension. Maybe a bad suspension.
Tenzou: What the!?
Rikiko: Q, quiet please! Be violent and I'll call the p, police!
Akari: Ah...scary...
Miko: Akari, get behind me.  I'll protect you.
Tenzou: What the...what the... this...It's enough to make me drop out of school!
Patako: Yessir, Tenzou-sama! Deploying Dokidoki Field! Please spare yourself
        from dropping out!
Tenzou: How was that?
Saori-sensei: Un...
Rikiko: ...Ha, uuwah...C, cool...
Akari: ...It violates the school rules too much, so cool...
Tenzou: Hey!  Still violates the school rules!?
Shizuka: We said it's cool enough! Don't say such a thing! ...It makes me
Miko: Huu, um, that...somehow...I'm sorry.
Reina-sensei: Me too, sorry. Talking about suspension and expulsion...A teacher
              shouldn't do that.
Tenzou: I, I... So I don't have to leave this school...?
Michio-sensei: Yes, of course.  Unless...you don't want to graduate...Ah, I'm 
               sorry...I said a strange thing...
Tenzou: N, no...It's fine.
Michio-sensei: Everyone...Is it okay to change the agenda? The agenda is...like
               this.  School rules about Motesugi-kun.
Reina-sensei: That's right. School rules are necessary for such cool boys.
Tenzou: Hey...
Reina-sensei: Everyone is madly in love because of you, I don't know what to
              do. So, we need regulations to protect Motesugi.
Saori-sensei: That's right...Yeah, that's right.  It's important.
Reina-sensei: Also to avoid teachers dabbling with students.
Saori-sensei: H, hey! Why are you looking at me with that broad grin!
Miko: First, we need rules about leaving school.
Michio-sensei: That's right...Motesugi-kun.  How about it?
Tenzou: Ah...If she's there, if possible, leaving school is...
Michio-sensei: Huh...if you have a girlfriend, it can't be helped. When leaving
               school, disturbance is strictly prohibited...
Akari: And...lunch break too...no good?
Tenzou: Ah, either is okay...
Michio-sensei: Right, lunch break is first come, first served. If you are 
               inundated with people, it will be decided by a class lottery...
Shizuka: W, what about culture festival or school events, I wonder if it's
         also necessary.
Tenzou: That situation is, keep it gentle...
Michio-sensei: As you wish. When there is a school event, it's important to
               watch over Motesugi-kun...
Rikiko: After the graduation ceremony girls are likely to rush to distribute
        your school uniform buttons, it's already decided a good day...	 
Tenzou: Until that time, please keep it gentle!
Michio-sensei: Right, we'll put the graduation ceremony on hold. Yeah... I 
               wonder such a thing.
Tenzou: It would help to do such a thing for me. It's become too exaggerated,
        so I'll start to walk with a limp...
Reina-sensei: Ha, that's cute. You become cuddly.
Tenzou: Hey, that's, hang on! Anyway, I've gotta go!
Patako: Hee hee hee. That was a great success. And you didn't get suspended.
Tenzou: It's good but somehow I would feel ill at ease having my own school 
Ekoro: It's petit bourgeois.	

9.5 Stage 7.e - Square in front of gymnasium

Konori Fujisawa: ...Kyu...
Isuzu Kusukabe: Hmm...
Sakura Sanjou: ...Ah...
Futaba Takanashi: ...Hawawa...
Mirai Wakaba: ....Huh...
Maria Natsuki: Oh ...Fujisawa-san has been nicely stunned.
Isuzu: What what...Why have you been stunned...
Isuzu: Hmm...hmm.  There's a big bump on her head. From her position she may 
       have been attacked from behind, you know.
Sakura: ...The bump...is big...Looks painful...
Isuzu: Who was the first person to discover her?
Futaba: Yeees.  It was me.
Futaba: As I was collecting bugs, I found her lying here. Surprised, I shouted
Isuzu: And when I heard that, I rushed over and found everyone here.
Maria: Yes, that's right.. 
Isuzu: The victim is Konori Fujisawa. Drama club 3rd year student.
Isuzu: Recently, she really likes to play the role of a Chinese daughter, and
       she started using the ending ￾garu￾h in her everyday life, a painful 3rd
       year, you know...
Mirai: Aren't your endings also just as painful?
Isuzu: ....What is that? No...Wait. Wait wait wait. Come to think of it...
Isuzu: You thought Konori Fujisawa was a stupid fake Chinese girl, Mirai
Mirai: Yep. But, it's not painful.
Isuzu: You don't always think well of Konori.
Isuzu: So then, that is...in your hand, a tennis racquet!
Isuzu: After beating Konori with a smash hit to the back of the head, with a 
       face so innocent don't you pretend to be a bystander!?
Mirai: I wouldn't do such a thing with my precious racquet!!
Sakura: ...Terrible...It's too terrible...To attack someone for that reason...
        I'll make a comic...
Mirai: Wait just a minute! I said it wasn't me!! Do not make false accusations!
Maria: Mirai, your nails are sweet. If you aim for the perfect crime, you can't
       do much better.
Mirai: But, it wasn't me!! Stop kidding me!!
Mafuyu Yanagida: ...Heh...heheh...heheheh...
Mirai: Yaaaah! What is it brought forth from the shadows!?
Mafuyu: ...A sense...a sense...A disturbance in the air...Too disturbing...!
Isuzu: A disturbance in the air?
Mafuyu: ...Yes, that's so...a sense...very...a sense...
Mafuyu: This bizarre incident...it's nothing else than the work of an evil 
Futaba: ...Evil spirit!? That's scary...!
Maria: Oh, evil spirit!? Scary! Really scary! Uwa, waah!
Mafuyu: ...This feeling...an animal spirit...no...it's different...
Mafuyu: A spell from someone in this school who committed suicide and cursed
        the female students...! ...Terrible...! Heheh...Haha...hahaha!
Mirai: The look on your face is scary!
Neneko Kosugi: You're so noisy, meow. What is all this commotion?
Isuzu: Oh, you're 1st year student Neneko Kosugi. Were you up in that tree the
       whole time?
Neneko: Meow. I was taking a nap here.
Futaba: How skilful.
Isuzu: That's just right. Here Konori has been stunned...
Neneko: Konori is kung-fu training.  Has she finished already?
Isuzu: Eh?
Mirai: Huh?
Maria: Drunken master!?
Sakura: ...We're not allowed to drink alcohol...
Konori: ...Un...
Konori: ...Ku...Ouch...My head hurts...
Konori: ...Huh? Why am I lying on the ground-aru...? ...Ah, I remember-aru.
Tenzou: With the appearance of me, all the mystery is solved!!
Ekoro: What did you say?  Are you stupid?
Tenzou: I was abused by angels, but men's feelings don't want to be abused by 
        women! Patako!!
Patako: Yes, deploying Dokidoki Field! The enemy is located in Honnoji!
Isuzu: Mumu...
Konori: Aiya...
Mafuyu: ...Heheh...
Mirai: ...Ku, Mouu...
Futaba: ...Haaa.
Maria: Fuuu...
Sakura: ...Such force...
Neneko: ...Meow.
Tenzou: So then, I'll attempt to explain the truth of the matter.
Tenzou: When Konori Fujisawa was trying to pass, wanting to climb the tree
        Neneko Kosugi used her shoulder as a springboard and jumped!
Tenzou: As Neneko Kosugi was jumping, she lost her balance and she and Konori
        Fujisawa fell over together!  And then!
Tenzou: She hit her head on the tree and was stunned!
Tenzou: ...Phew...My deduction...is brilliant, isn't it?
Neneko: I was in the tree before Konori was here.
Tenzou: Huh?
Konori: Yeah.  It's completely wrong-aru.
Konori: I was practising kung-fu-aru.  Then, as I did a jump kick, I accidently
        hit my head-aru.
Tenzou: Huh?
Konori: A total disaster.  Aiya...my head still hurts-aru.
Isuzu: It was self-destruction!
Tenzou: Ahhh...
Mirai: Apologise for treating me like a criminal!
Isuzu: Sorry, I'm sorry, you know.
Futaba: Well, it has nothing to do with spirits.
Mafuyu: ...Huh?
Tenzou: A, anyway! The incident is solved!
Futaba: That is...yeah.  That's right.
Mirai: I said I wasn't the criminal from the beginning. It's anything, huh.
Tenzou: That's great, girls! Well, excuse me!
Mafuyu: ...I was bitten...cool...Heheh.
Neneko: His face was really red.  Because what he said was misguided. But he
        was cool.
Maria: An oriental samurai. He was cool. I was bitten.
Konori: Aiya...I don't understand why but he disappeared so dashingly.  I was
Isuzu: He couldn't deduce once again but he's still a cool guy...sigh.
Sakura: ...This feeling...I would like to do a comic but...I don't know if I
        can draw well...I was bitten...

10 Intermission 2

Tenzou: Phew.  What a relief. We got to the roof.
Patako: The sky is wide, it makes me feel good!
Ekoro: ...By now, at Angel school they will still be in class.
Patako: That's right.
Tenzou: Uh-huh. What kind of class?
Patako: At this time, it'll be personal interviews and homeroom.
Patako: I think Ekoro is a little earlier, but for me, interviews about the
        course have been increasing.
Tenzou: The course...am I also not part of your affairs.
Patako: What does Tenzou-sama mean?
Tenzou: In the meantime I guess you should go to university.
Ekoro: The reason is because the moratorium has gone into extra innings.
Tenzou: It might be so, or it might not be so.  You've got guts.
Patako: If I graduate, soon through hard work I'll earn wings of light!
Tenzou: Wings of light?
Ekoro: It's like money here in the world below.
Tenzou: Huh, I see. So, what kind of work will you do? Like opening a shop?
Patako: No, I just want to earn.
Tenzou: Miser.
Patako: That's wrong! Isn't it natural to get the things that you work for!
Patako: I like the human face when it is happy.
Patako: For my work, if I can see humans smiling and as a bonus get paid for
        it...I'm so happy!
Patako: So I think this, as an angel, is my true calling.  I'm really glad I 
        was born an angel!
Tenzou: Huh. From now, it's great that you have a dream and a goal.
Tenzou: Well, on the verge of earning lots, making a mistake in your final 
        exam is typical Patako.
Patako: I, in my overenthusiasm, my hand slipped just a little!
Tenzou: And Ekoro?
Patako: Hau. About that, I also don't know.
Tenzou: You're her senior. Why don't you talk to her about that? 
Patako: Come to think of it, we don't.
Tenzou: You talk just about yourself, you don't listen to Ekoro.
Patako: Th, that thing...isn't so!
Tenzou: You hesitated.  I'm right.
Patako: You're wrong!
Ekoro: ...I don't speak about it...please don't blame Patako-senpai.
Tenzou: Why?
Ekoro: ...It's a secret.
Patako: That's okay. You can say. If it's only to me it's alright.
Tenzou: Hey hey, being in the middle of this situation I feel really snubbed.
        Please also mix with me.
Ekoro: ...Because I'm embarrassed...
Tenzou: ...It's obscene, you...
Ekoro: To think that way is many, many, many times more obscene!
Patako: Ah, so. Ekoro is the child of a venerable family, so many things have 
        already been decided for her.
Ekoro: N, no...That's not it.
Tenzou: Huh. I thought there was a reason for the difference in your demeanor.
        Patako seems to be a commoner.
Patako: Yes, together with Tenzou-sama.
Ekoro: ...I am the opposite of Patako-senpai...
Tenzou: Un...What?
Ekoro: ...I'm not good at coming down to the lower world...Also work involving
       human life...
Ekoro: ...So, I want to have a position where I don't need to come down to this
      lower realm...
Patako: So that's it.
Ekoro: I'm not like an angel so...I didn't tell anyone...
Patako: It's not related to you not being an angel.  You should do what you
Ekoro: Patako-senpai...
Patako: Hee hee hee.  You told me. I love you, Ekoro.
Ekoro: Th, that's...
Tenzou: Didn't you also tell me too?
Ekoro: ...You are a consequence. Please do not listen without permission. 
Tenzou: Uwah, kya.
Patako: Ekoro has a strong sensitivity that makes her delicate. It's impossible
        for her to do the same work as me. It's no good to depend on me.
Ekoro: ...But to do so, after graduation my chance to meet Patako-senpai will
Tenzou: Huh?
Ekoro: ...
Ekoro: ...It's nothing...


11.1 Stage 8.a - School roof - Kaname

???: ...Tenzou. You're here.
Tenzou: Huh?
Kaname:  ...
Tenzou: Kaname. Why are you here...
Akira: There's no how and why.
Kaoruko: That's right.
Aoi: What are you doing, senpai.
Tenzou: Akira, Kaoruko-senpai...And Aoi-chan too. Why is everyone here...
Akira: It's your fault.
Tenzou: Eh.  Me?
Kaoruko: Tenzou, you... What on Earth are you doing?
Tenzou: Wh, what?
Aoi: Senpai has been causing mischief around the girls of the school, making a
     great commotion.
Tenzou: Huh!? Mischief!?
Ekoro: So it is said, it can't be helped...
Kaname: ...Is it my fault...?
Tenzou: Wh, what?
Kaname: ...Since I don't appeal to you, you're being naughty with other girls?
Tenzou: That's not the reason! Ka, Kaname is, that...
Kaname: ...That?
Tenzou: You're attractive.  Plenty...
Kaoruko: If that's so, why this repeated foolishness?
Aoi: Yeah yeah. What are you thinking?
Akira:  You're not lying are you?
Tenzou: I'm not lying!
Kaname: ...Tenzou...
Tenzou: Uh...
Kaname: Well then...why?
Kaname: ...Why...with girls other than me...
Kaname: ...Does it mean I made a mistake thinking I was your girlfriend?
Tenzou: That's not so! Kaname is that! M, my...girlfriend!
Kaname: ...But...
Tenzou: Th, that...That's not the reason...
Patako: Don't say it. Tenzou-sama.
Ekoro: If you talk about us, we'll have to go back to Heaven. We won't be able
       to help you again. 
Tenzou: Gah...Gu...What to do...
Akira: What and why. You ought to tell us the reason. 
Kaoruko: That's right. Why did you do it?
Aoi: Why. It's a shame for poor Kaname, isn't it?
Kaname: ...Tenzou...
Tenzou: Be...because...
Tenzou: That...Ah, um...
Patako: Mumumu. Let's change this pinch into an opportunity!
Patako: Deploying Dokidok Field! Tenzou-sama, please try your best!
Ekoro: Eh, if the pinch remains, what can we do!
Ekoro: What can you do for yourself.
Akira: ...Uh...
Kaoruko: ...Un...
Aoi: Myu...
Tenzou: G, good...Three of them have become quiet.  What about Kaname...?
Kaname: ...
Tenzou: ...Kaname?
Kaname: What the reason is...I understand...Possibly...You were troubled so
Tenzou: ...Uh...I found out today...That...
Kaname: ...I...couldn't listen to Tenzou's troubles...
Tenzou: That's not true! But...
Tenzou: But...That is, I needed to do something...
Tenzou: ...That thing, made Kaname sad...I'm sorry.
Tenzou: Because I always hurt Kaname...! So...from now, just a little...I'm 
        really sorry.
Kaname: Tenzou...
Kaname: ...
Kaname: I understand. I trust you.
Tenzou: Kaname...
Kaname: I trust you. I understand what your reasons are.
Kaname: Tenzou isn't a liar. So, I understand there is a reason you can't say
        what you want to say. 
Kaname: ...But...
Tenzou: Wh, what?
Kaname: ...To make up for making me feel lonely...Do you beg me?
Tenzou: Oh, oh, Okay. I beg you more and more. 
Kaname: What if it was the highest? 
Tenzou: Th, that is, that time! I'll do my best. 
Kaname: ...Hee hee.  Liar. You won't do that. 
Kaname: Ah, but maybe it takes a little money...
Tenzou: H, how much...?
Kaname: Erm... An Ice cream from Sansan Ice.  Triple is good.
Tenzou: If it makes Kaname laugh, you can eat as many as you like.
Kaname: Hee hee. If I eat a lot, my stomach will get fat.
Tenzou: That's true.  Well, I'll also ask for a hot drink.
Kaname: Really? Okay, let's go together. ...Both of us.
Tenzou: Ooh. B, both of us...let's go!
Kaname: Okay...you promise.
Kaname: Cut finger pinky promise. If you lie, I'll disclose all of Tenzou's
        childhood secrets!
Tenzou: Eeeh!
Kaname: Hee hee hee. See you.
Tenzou: ...Oh.
Kaname: Sorry, everyone.  Thank you. 
Akira: Oi...is it alright?
Kaoruko: Is the situation all sorted out now? 
Kaname: Yeah. It's all okay. Everyone, thank you. 
Aoi: Kaname is too kind.
Tenzou: ...We, we made it...Aah, what a shock...
Patako: This is thanks to my calm judgement!
Ekoro: That's right.
Tenzou: ...Maybe that's so...

11.2 Stage 8.b - School roof - Akira

???: Tenzou.
Tenzou: Huh?
Akira: ...
Tenzou: Ah, what's wrong, Akira?
Kaoruko: Don't say "What's wrong".
Kaname: Yeah yeah.
Aoi: Senpai, that's no good.
Tenzou: Eh...everyone came...why, why?
Akira: Why is because I want to say something here...You, what are you doing...
Tenzou: Wh, what?
Kaname: Tenzou...Until recently you were loitering around the school?
Tenzou: A, ahh...I was but...
Kaoruko: So, the rumours are true.
Tenzou: Rumours?
Aoi: Senpai was playing pranks on the school female students.
Tenzou: Bu----!
Patako: Pranks...Well...that could happen...
Ekoro: ...It could, right.
Tenzou: Aaaah, uwaaa. Even heaven isn't even on my side...
Akira: What do you mean?
Tenzou: Er, um. That is...
Akira: ...Have you become ...to dislike me...?
Tenzou: Eeeeh!?
Akira: ...No way...I...Without you...I will have heartbreak...
Tenzou: That, that's not it! Not at all! No really!
Akira: So then, what is it! Haphazardly teasing girls...
Akira: But... I just want you to ask for help...
Akira: Girls don't loathe it...Because it's just a prank...
Akira: ...Tenzou. What are you doing to everybody?
Tenzou: That is...
Kaoruko: That is?
Kaname: What are you doing?
Aoi: Answer us, all the girls here will become your enemy.
Akira: ...
Tenzou: Uh...Do not ask with such eyes...!
Akira: So then, answer. What are you doing?
Akira: ...For what...To a lot of girls, you've been naughty...? Have I just 
      fallen for a lewd guy...?
Akira: If that's it...I...that...
Akira: Hu...
Akira: ...Is it because I'm not feminine?
Tenzou: I like you just the way you are! Femininity is decided arbitrarily by 
        others, it's not the reason!
Akira: So then, tell me why then!
Tenzou: Gu...!
Patako: Don't say it! We won't be able to help Tenzou-sama anymore!
Ekoro: In that case, we'd have to return to heaven. If that happens...
Tenzou: No way!
Akira: What's that!
Tenzou: Ah, no, it, no way I mean...that...you, br, break up...
Akira: So, why...
Akira: Why, with all the girls except for me...
Tenzou: Gu, gi, gu, gya...Iiiiiiiii!!
Patako: It's no good, Tenzou-sama's reached his limit!
Ekoro: What shall we do?
Patako: Teeeei! It's a game of chance! Deploying Dokidoki Field! Tenzou-sama,
        please do it!
Tenzou: Eeeeee! I, I can't do it!
Kaname: ...Hau...
Aoi: ....Un...
Kaoruko: ...Unnn...
Tenzou: Three of them have become obedient...Um...That...
Tenzou: ...Akira?
Akira: ...Tenzou...
Tenzou: Y, yes.
Akira: ...So...it's unpleasant to say?
Tenzou: ...Rather unpleasant...I won't say.
Akira: ...I see...
Tenzou: O, oh.
Akira: ...You are a kind person...
Tenzou: Eh...
Akira: ...Even if I harass you so much, you won't say...Someone is listening.
Patako: Wow. Akira-san seems to have ESP.
Ekoro: Senpai...That is due to the power of love...and angels.
Akira: ...The situation takes precedence over me, honestly that sucks...
Akira: But, that's the Tenzou I fell in love with...
Tenzou: Th, thanks.
Akira: ...Tenzou.
Tenzou: Huh?
Akira: You?
Tenzou: Eh...
Akira: What do you think...about me?
Tenzou: Th, that is...
Akira: Say it.  Then I'll forgive you.
Tenzou: ...
Tenzou: I, I love you. I love only Akira.
Akira: ...
Akira: Good.
Tenzou: Gafu!
Akira: That's enough. Bring on good luck.
Tenzou: O...oh! See you later.
Akira: Un, I understand. See you later.
Akira: Sorry, everyone. Let's go.
Kaname: ...It's okay? Hibiki-san...
Akira: Yeah.
Kaoruko: You should be a little tighter from now on.
Akira: It's fine.
Aoi: Senpai is in love, right.
Akira: Shut up, midget.
Aoi: What is that, grrr!
Tenzou: ...Phew.  I made it...
Ekoro: You should say thanks to two people.
Tenzou: Un...Should I say such a thing, when you made such an unnecessary
        mess...Since I think it was me who all the bad things happened to.
Tenzou: So, it was good only for my convenience.
Ekoro: ...
Patako: It's love.  Love.
Tenzou: Yes, that's right, Angel Patako-san.

11.3 Stage 8.c - School roof - Kaoruko

Tenzou: Patako-san. It's still? Fine, I think it was hard work.
Ekoro: Your imitation of a grandfather is very good. It's like the real thing.
Patako:  I think you really did your best, Tenzou-sama. However, you've got to
         continue just a little more.
Tenzou: Huh...a little more. I'll do my best for me and Kaoruko-senpai.
Patako: Yes, that's the spirit!
???: ...What is it you are doing for you and I?
Tenzou: Huh!?
Kaoruko: ...
Tenzou: Ah, K, Kaoruko-senpai...!!
Kaoruko: Tenzou. You, what are you doing...
Tenzou: Wh, what...?
Kaname: There's gossip about you in the school.
Akira: You're going around causing mischief with the girls.
Aoi: Senpai, did you eat something bad?
Tenzou: It's not only K, Kaoruko-senpai, you guys are here too!  Why...!
Kaoruko: They were worried so came with me.
Kaoruko: Tenzou.
Tenzou: Y, y, y, yes...
Kaoruko: Look me in the eye and answer. Are you dissatisfied with me?
Tenzou: That's not true at all!
Kaoruko: Then I wonder why you are playing pranks with girls all around the
Tenzou: Th, that is, it is...
Ekoro: Don't say it.
Patako: Yes...If you say it, we won't be able to help Tenzou-sama any more...
Tenzou: Guu...gu, gu...
Kaoruko: Tenzou?
Tenzou: S...sorry...For today only please forgive me.  From tomorrow, I 
        absolutely won't do it.
Kaoruko: Today only? That's a strange thing to say.  What does it mean?
Tenzou: B, because, that is...
Kaname: Tenzou. Spit it out...
Akira: It's not manly.
Aoi: Say it and it will become easier.
Tenzou: I, I want to , but...
Patako: Don't do it.
Ekoro: If we return home, you and Kaoruko...
Tenzou: No way!!
Kaoruko: What is that!?
Tenzou: Uwan, bad thing is no way!  Absolutely no way!
Kaname: ...Ah...Tenzou has broken...
Akira: Idiot...
Aoi: Senpai...Not cool...
Tenzou: It's okay not to be cool!
Tenzou: That is, if I break up with Kaoruko-senpai, it will be any amount of
        not cool!
Kaoruko: ...Tenzou?
Ekoro: Patako-senpai...
Patako: That's right.  Let's make everyone calm down a little.
Patako: Tenzou-sama, let's go! Deploying Dokidoki Field! Please hang in there!
Tenzou: This situation is big! Ah, anything is okay already! I give up!
Kaname: ...Hafu...
Akira: ...Un...
Aoi: ...Hyaa...
Tenzou: ...Sorry, everyone..So, Kaoruko-senpai is...
Kaoruko: ...
Tenzou: I'm sorry, Kaoruko-senpai...
Kaoruko: ...Idiot.
Tenzou: S, sorry!
Kaoruko: You are really an idiot...
Tenzou: Uh, when people make a lucky guess, liquid comes from their eye...
Kaoruko: ...However...I like you...
Tenzou: Heh...
Kaoruko: But, I said it not for me. You don't tell me the reason why.
Tenzou: ...I'm sorry.
Kaoruko: You have some reason, right.
Tenzou: Yes.
Kaoruko: You have some reason for playing around with other girls except for
Tenzou: I, I'm really sorry!
Kaoruko: Among them, is there a more charming girl than me?
Tenzou: Eh...That is...
Kaoruko: Tell me. It's an order.
Tenzou: Uh, th, that...
Tenzou: For me, there's no-one like Kaoruko-senpai...
Kaoruko: Really?
Tenzou: Y, yes.
Kaoruko: Really...really?
Tenzou: Uh...With the way you incline your head a little to one side and stare 
        at me...! I'm so happy, I could die...!
Kaoruko: ...Hee hee.
Tenzou: Eh...
Kaoruko: Just now is good. I forgive you.
Tenzou: Kaoruko-senpai...
Kaoruko: The business of finding the reason is finished.  Shall we go back to
         how we were before?
Tenzou: Y, yes. Of course!
Kaoruko: Right. So, I'll wait for you.
Kaoruko: But, one good thing, Tenzou. I am your last girl... You won't have 
         anyone else except me?  Do you understand?
Tenzou: Of, of course!
Kaoruko: Un..That's good. So then, see you later, Tenzou.
Tenzou: Y, yes! I'm sorry! See you later!
Kaoruko: Thank you for coming with me.  Let's go.
Kaname: Is it alright...?
Akira: A little more sternly...
Kaoruko: I told Tenzou to come back. To my former self...right.  That's all
Aoi: Kaoruko-senpai is cool.
Patako: ...Indeed, the mistress of a conglomerate. She made up her mind.
Ekoro: I admire the way she grasped the initiative.
Tenzou: ...Cool...
Ekoro: Is that alright...
Tenzou: I've decided it's alright. Well, so Kaoruko-senpai and I don't split
        up, I'll try a little harder!

11.4 Stage 8.d - School roof - Aoi

Tenzou: Hey, Patako-san. I've worked so hard, do I still have to keep at it?
Patako: I think it's good to do your best for just a little longer.
Tenzou: Really, a little longer?
Patako: Yes, a little more and it'll be done!
Ekoro: Which is it, Patako-senpai. Tenzou-sama is holding his head.
Patako: But, just a little more.
Ekoro: That's right, Tenzou-sama.
Tenzou: Uh, uh, I found love. I'll do my best for a little longer.
???: Do your best in what?
Tenzou: It's about...
Patako: Stop it, Tenzou-sama! Don't talk about us!
Tenzou: I mean, who?
Aoi: ...
Tenzou: Ah, Aoi-chan!? Why are you here!?
Aoi: It's not nothing! Senpai...What're you doing?
Tenzou: Eh, wh, what?
Akira: Are you feigning ignorance?
Kaname: If that is, I think...Tenzou.
Kaoruko: That's right. I feel sorry for Aoi.
Tenzou: Uwah, everyone came... B, but, why!?
Aoi: There's a rumour in the school. Senpai is haphazardly causing mischief
     with girls.
Tenzou: H, huh! I'm not causing mischief, that's...
Aoi: That's what?
Tenzou: Th, that's...
Ekoro: If you say it, we will have to leave here.
Tenzou: He...help me!
Kaoruko: Are you seeking salvation because you were playing around with girls?
Aoi: Which country's magic charm is that!
Tenzou: F, far away, far away, a country in the sky's magic charm...
Aoi: Don't be flippant!
Tenzou: S, sorry! But, I'm not being flippant!
Aoi: ...
Aoi: Senpai...Am I not attractive as a woman...
Aoi: However, senpai...didn't you choose me? If you did...!
Aoi: If you did, why...To other girls except me...You meddle with so many...
Tenzou: Be, because, that's...
Tenzou: Gu...
Tenzou: There are times when a man has to remain silent.
Aoi: You can't tell your girlfriend either?
Tenzou: Uh...gu...R, rather, in order that...
Aoi: Senpai, what you said just now.  I don't understand.
Tenzou: S, sorry. I also don't understand what is good.
Ekoro: Patako-senpai, Hasn't he reached his limits?
Patako: I was also going to say that just now! Don't take my words.
Ekoro: ...Excuse me.
Patako: Wait a minute, Tenzou-sama! Right.  Deploying Dokidoki Field!
Tenzou: Eh, whhhhhhat to do!
Patako: In the meantime, get everyone madly in love!
Tenzou: That will improve it! It will return to what's familiar!
Tenzou: ...How about that...
Kaname: ...Hou.
Akira: ...Ku...
Kaoruko: ...Un...
Tenzou: Three of them have become quiet...So, how about the important one, 
Aoi: ...Senpai...
Tenzou: Ah...yeah.
Aoi: ...
Aoi: ...Uh...
Aoi: ...Waah...waa, aah...
Tenzou: Huh!!!! Why are you crying!
Aoi: Somehow, I don't know why. What way is best...
Aoi: I...like senpai...but, when I heard you were playing around with other 
     girls...I was really shocked...
Aoi: Because it's senpai though I think there's definitely some reason...but
     you haven't told me why...
Aoi: ...I want to believe senpai...but...
Aoi: ...I feel sadness in my chest, I don't know what to do...!
Tenzou: ...Aoi-chan...sorry.  I'm really sorry.
Tenzou: ...However, I want you to believe me. I really do have a reason. But I
        can't tell you why...
Tenzou: ...Sorry. Just a little longer...You have to forgive me just for today.
Tenzou: When it's finished, Aoi-chan won't cry like this.
Aoi: ...Definitely?
Tenzou: Of course. I also don't want it like that.
Aoi: ...Am I bad?
Tenzou: Aoi-chan is really not bad at all. I mean...The thought that you are
        jealous makes me happy, I'm sorry.
Aoi: Terrible!
Tenzou: Yeah...I'm terrible...
Tenzou: But, I really regret that. So it's settled that I won't do such a 
        thing again.
Aoi: ...Make a man's promise.
Tenzou: Sure, a man's promise. I won't break it.
Aoi: ...
Aoi: I understand.  I believe senpai.
Tenzou: Ah, you believe me!
Aoi: For just a little longer...I'll be patient. But, but, really just for a
     little! If you're still doing it tomorrow, I'll break your head.
Tenzou: D, don't do that... I mean, definitely, it will finish today.  Don't
Aoi: Good, that's good. So, I'll wait.
Tenzou: Okay.
Aoi: Everyone, sorry. Let's go back to class.
Kaname: Is it okay...? Aoi-chan...
Aoi: Yeah.  He promised.
Akira: Well, if shorty is good, it's good.
Kaoruko: That's right.
Tenzou: ...Wow...a group of women, wow...
Patako: Obviously, they were jealous.  Hee hee hee.
Ekoro: Why do you joke about such a thing?
Tenzou: More than the jealousy, the crying was damaging...
Tenzou: I don't want Aoi-chan to feel like that anymore. I've definitely
        settled it.


12 Intermission 3


13 Endings


14 Stage weak points

Point 1 is sensitive point when zoomed out, point 2 becomes available when the 
camera zooms in close. For god rank, all girls should be in stagger mode (max
dokidoki gauge, pink hearts above their heads) before pressing triangle. The
easiest way to do this is shoot each girl until the camera zooms in close, 
then go round maxing each girl in turn.  Be quick, as oncet he dokidoki gauge 
reaches max it gradually decreases back to zero.  Girls in the background will
also be affected by pheromone shots, so be careful of accidently maxing girls 
before ready.

Stage 1
      a. Mafuyu Yanagida (short black hair) 
         point 1 - Back   point 2 - Side
      b. Serika Ichinose (short light hair, glasses)
         point 1 - Buttocks point 2 - Forehead

Stage 2.a
      a. Megumu Tsutsuki (left side bunches)
         point 1 - Face  point 2 - Armpits
      b. Meguru Tsutsuki (right side bunches)
         point 1 - Face  point 2 - Armpits

Stage 2.b
      a. Yuki Shirogami (shoulder-length blonde hair)
         point 1 - Chest   point 2 - Face
      b. Kazumi Saijou (short red hair)
         point 1 - Inner thigh   point 2 - Back of knee
      c. Tomoe Matori (black hair, ponytail)
         point 1 - Chest   point 2 - Back of neck

Stage 3
      a. Kumi Kibiyashi (short blue-black hair)
         point 1 - Waist   point 2 - Side of neck
      b. Fumi Tsukada (yellow-green hair, twin tails)
         point 1 - Bottom   point 2 - Back of neck
      c. Kurumi Sasaho (shoulder-length lilac hair)
         point 1 - Face    point 2 - Forehead
      d. Takako Saimon (short green hair, glasses)
         point 1 - Bottom   point 2 - Buttocks

Stage 4.a
      a. Riko Kuroda (brown hair, twin tails)
         point 1 - Chest    point 2 - Ears
      b. Mako Kuroda (light brown hair, ponytail)
         point 1 - Back    point 2 - Back of neck
      c. Miko Kuroda (blonde hair, glasses)
         point 1 - Waist    point 2 - Armpit

Stage 4.b
      a. Ruru Satonaka (brown hair, twin round bunches)
         point 1 - Back     point 2 - Back of knee
      b. Neneko Kosugi (short black hair, cat hair clips)
         point 1 - Face    point 2 - Side of neck
      c. Teru Fujimi (short blue hair, glasses)
         point 1 - Waist   point 2 - Side of neck
      d. Futaba Takanashi (black hair, twin bunches)
         point 1 - Chest   point 2 - Face

Stage 5.a
      a. Sanae Mito (brown hair, twin looped tails)
         point 1 - Inner thigh    point 2 - Ears
      b. Mei Suzano (blonde hair, twin tails)
         point 1 - Inner thigh   point 2 - Knees
      c. Yoshiko Furano (pink hair, headband)
         point 1 - Chest     point 2 - Forehead
      d. Kyoka Shimabara (shoulder-length brown hair, glasses)
         point 1 - Bottom     point 2 - Back of knee

Stage 5.b
      a. Konori Fujisawa (black hair, Chun-li style)
         point 1 - Back of head    point 2 - Stomach
      b. Miyu Ishihara  (shoulder-length black hair)
         point 1 - Inner thigh    point 2 - Back of knee
      c. Tsubomi Haruno (pink hair, twin tails)
         point 1 - Buttocks    point 2 - Back of neck
      d. Noriko Makihara (orange hair, headband, glasses)
         point 1 - Inner thigh   point 2 - Face
      e. Saori Fujino (teacher, brown hair, glasses)
         point 1 - Inner thigh    point 2 - Buttocks

Stage 5.c
      a. Miho Kusunoki (blonde hair, twin bunches)
         point 1 - Face      point 2 - Side of neck
      b. Suzume Asano (brown hair, twin tails)
         point 1 - Stomach    point 2 - Face
      c. Haruka Nishio (short reddish-brown hair)
         point 1 - Inner thigh   point 2 - Buttocks
      d. Natsuko Hakizawa (brown hair, pony tail)
         point 1 - Waist     point 2 - Calves
      e. Saki Takeda (green hair, pony tail)
         point 1 - Inner thigh    point 2 - Back of knee
      f. Satsuki Hoshino (black hair, ponytail)
         point 1 - Waist    point 2 - Buttocks

Stage 6.a
      a. Shizuka Nonomiya (blue hair, headband, glasses)
         point 1 - Inner thigh    point 2 - Side
      b. Kyoka Shimabara (shoulder-length brown hair, glasses)
         point 1 - Bottom     point 2 - Back of knee
      c. Mako Kuroda (light brown hair, ponytail)
         point 1 - Back    point 2 - Back of neck
      d. Koeda Morikawa (short green hair, headband)
         point 1 - Waist    point 2 - Back of knee
      e. Nagi Hamakishi (short purple hair)
         point 1 - Inner thigh     point 2 - Knees
Stage 6.b
      a. Misuzu Kido (green hair, twin tails)
         point 1 - Face     point 2 - Ears
      b. Tsuzumi Murasami (straight black hair)
         point 1 - Face     point 2 - Back of knee
      c. Minamo Yamamoto (brown hair, twin tails)
         point 1 - Waist     point 2 - Stomach
      d. Momoka Furuhashi (pink hair, glasses)
         point 1 - Face     point 2 - Waist
      e. Michio Azuma (teacher, brown hair)
         point 1 - Bottom    point 2 - Forehead

Stage 6.c
      a. Meimu Ashihara (short red and blonde hair)
         point 1 - Inner thigh    point 2 - Back of neck
      b. Ayana Mikado (black hair, twin bunches)
         point 1 - Chest      point 2 - Ears
      c. Hikaru Kousaka (pink and red hair, twin bunches)
         point 1 - Side     point 2 - Calves
      d. Madoka Tsukimiya (short red hair, hair clips)
         point 1 - Chest     point 2 - side
      e. Mizue Ichinoe (short purplish-brown hair)
         point 1 - Inner thigh     point 2 - Side of neck
      f. Arisa Himeno (short blonde hair)
         point 1 - Face     point 2 - Back of neck

Stage 6.d
      a. Kaede Sasabashi (purple hair, ponytail)
         point 1 - Bottom     point 2 - Back of neck
      b. Miwako Tanada (shoulder-length green hair)
         point 1 - Chest    point 2 - Side of neck
      c. Nanae Mizushima (blue-black hair, ponytail)
         point 1 - Back     point 2 - Calves
      d. Satsuki Hoshino (black hair, ponytail)
         point 1 - Waist    point 2 - Buttocks
      e. Saori Fujisawa (blue hair, twin bunches, pink ribbons)
         point 1 - Stomach     point 2 - Side
      f. Saki Takeda (green hair, pony tail)
         point 1 - Inner thigh    point 2 - Back of knee
      g. Kasumi Sakaguchi (short blonde hair)
         point 1 - Bottom      point 2 - Side

Stage 7.a
      a. Reina Kuribayashi (teacher, short black hair)
         point 1 - Chest     point 2 - Back of neck
      b. Tsugumi Tachibana (short brown hair)
         point 1 - Chest     point 2 - Ears
      c. Yuno Shimada (reddish-brown hair, twin tails)
         point 1 - Bottom    point 2 - Stomach
      d. Riko Kuroda (brown hair, twin tails)
         point 1 - Chest     point 2 - Ears
      e. Mika Okano (short red hair)
         point 1 - Bottom     point 2 - Face
      f. Ai Tatano (pink hair, headband)
         point 1 - Buttocks     point 2 - Inner thigh

Stage 7.b
      a. Choko Mita (short brown hair, glasses)
         point 1 - Face     point 2 - Side
      b. Mirai Wakaba (shoulder-length blue hair, hair clips)
         point 1 - Bottom      point 2 - Buttocks
      c. Mari Amano (shoulder-length pink hair)
         point 1 - Waist     point 2 - Side of neck
      d. Sango Namiki (short purple hair, headband)
         point 1 - Back      point 2 - Face
      e. Maria Natsuki (short blonde hair, blue eyes)
         point 1 - Chest     point 2 - Back of neck
      f. Akari Samejima (short blue hair, headband)
         point 1 - Chest      point 2 - Shoulder

Stage 7.c
      a. Isuzu Kusakabe (short purple hair, glasses)
         point 1 - Face      point 2 - Calves
      b. Sakura Sanjou (short greenish grey hair, glasses)
         point 1 - Chest     point 2 - Back of neck
      c. Ruri Haga (black hair, twin tails, orange ribbons)
         point 1 - Chest     point 2 - Stomach
      d. Rin Aiba (short blonde hair, glasses)
         point 1 - Chest     point 2 - Calves
      e. Teru Fujimi (short blue hair, glasses)
         point 1 - Waist   point 2 - Side of neck
      f. Choko Mita (short brown hair, glasses)
         point 1 - Face     point 2 - Side
      g. Rikiko Tanaka (black hair, twin braids, round glasses)
         point 1 - Chest     point 2 - Face

Stage 7.d
      a. Michio Azuma (teacher, brown hair)
         point 1 - Bottom    point 2 - Forehead
      b. Saori Fujino (teacher, brown hair, glasses)
         point 1 - Inner thigh    point 2 - Buttocks
      c. Reina Kuribayashi (teacher, short black hair)
         point 1 - Chest     point 2 - Back of neck
      d. Rikiko Tanaka (black hair, twin braids, round glasses)
         point 1 - Chest     point 2 - Face
      e. Shizuka Nonomiya (blue hair, headband, glasses)
         point 1 - Inner thigh    point 2 - Side
      f. Akari Samejima (short blue hair, headband)
         point 1 - Chest      point 2 - Shoulder
      g. Miko Kuroda (blonde hair, glasses)
         point 1 - Waist    point 2 - Armpit

Stage 7.e 
      a. Konori Fujisawa (black hair, Chun-li style)
         point 1 - Stomach     point 2 - Back of head
      b. Isuzu Kusakabe (short purple hair, glasses)
         point 1 - Face      point 2 - Calves
      c. Sakura Sanjou (short greenish grey hair, glasses)
         point 1 - Chest     point 2 - Back of neck
      d. Futaba Takanashi (black hair, twin bunches)
         point 1 - Chest   point 2 - Face
      e. Mirai Wakaba (shoulder-length blue hair, hair clips)
         point 1 - Bottom      point 2 - Buttocks
      f. Mafuyu Yanagida (short black hair) 
         point 1 - Back   point 2 - Side
      g. Neneko Kosugi (short black hair, cat hair clips)
         point 1 - Face    point 2 - Side of neck
      h. Maria Natsuki (short blonde hair, blue eyes)
         point 1 - Chest     point 2 - Back of neck

Stage 8.
      a. Aoi Uno (bunny ears hair)
         point 1 - Neck/Inner thigh    point 2 - Armpits
      b. Kaname Nonomiya (long black hair)
         point 1 - Chest/Inner thigh   point 2 - Stomach
      c. Akira Hibuki (red hair, ponytail)
         point 1 - Back of neck/Calves   point 2 - Inner thigh
      d. Kaoruko Sakurazaki (long blonde hair)
         point 1 - Back of neck/Back of knee   point 2 - Ears

Stage 9
      a. Patako (pink hair)
         point 1 - Wing/Inner thigh   point 2 - Side of neck
      b. Ekoro (blue hair)
         point 1 - Wing/Back of knee   point 2 - Halo

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