Why does it have a natural lag when playing online against other people???

  1. Even when i have a bar connection 3 or 4 with somebody(which i get rarely)there is always still this natural lag to the match, and it still messes me up bad in a match,any way i can get rid of that natural lag at all??? im workin with a SURFBOARD SBG6580 modem and i plan on getting a NETGEAR r6300,which has been awarded for worlds fastest wifi (1750mbps), will this NETGEAR r6300 get rid of that lag at all?? thanks:)

    User Info: houstonp

    houstonp - 7 years ago


  1. I haven't experienced a natural lag during any of my matches. I have a wired connection so that probably makes a big difference.

    I have noticed though the matchmaking here takes way too long. I know the online community for this game is a graveyard, but when I play this with some of my friends it takes forever for us to get connected together. Even if we hop over to the previous game, Calamity Trigger, it doesn't take this long. I wonder if there's a particular netcode issue with Continuum Shift Extend.

    User Info: DreamWarrior805

    DreamWarrior805 - 9 months ago 0   0

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