I need help moving my Borderlands 2 save games from an old hard drive to a new one via USB?

  1. I recently got a new PS3 hard drive and I copy my old save data onto a USB flash drive and I copied it on to my new one on the new profile but every time I try to load it it says unable to load save data from another user can anybody help me?

    User Info: TheFuzz1601

    TheFuzz1601 - 1 year ago


  1. when loading profiles from a different console the save has an encryption that won't allow foreign save files to be copied onto a different user. A solution I did was download a program on PC that allows decryption of save files so you can play them on your console. forgot the name of the program but make sure it's legitimate and download the program. make a backup of the save file before doing anything on it. the program allows you to encrypt it to match the new ps3 user.very useful if your friend wants to split screen and load his profile from his/her own ps3. I don't advise modding the save to cheat and add etc etc to it. but that's up to you.

    User Info: NeroDantes

    NeroDantes - 1 year ago 0   0

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