How do I make it switch to night?

  1. I'm playing through the Clan War sidequest right now, and I'm on Trailer Trashing. It says that it's a bonus quest to complete it at night, so I figured I'd just head to the entrance to the Hodunk Speedway and wait for night. That didn't work. I tried running around moving through areas and killing people all to see if that would trigger the shift from day to night and none have worked. So, how do I get the game to decide 'it's night times naow!'?

    User Info: Withdrawn

    Withdrawn - 7 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. The game automatically cycles between day and night to show the passage of time. You just need to wait.

    Also, night is brighter then you'd think, so periodically check the sky and headlights. If the stars are out, and the headlights are on, then it's night time.

    User Info: carmichel53

    carmichel53 - 6 years ago 5   1


  1. You can't force it to change, it happens all on its own.

    User Info: supgrover

    supgrover - 7 years ago 2   2

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