Game save help?

    Can someone help me with BL2 games save?
    When i purchased the game i realized that it was been sent from US (Purchased from Amazon) to UK and after time passed i purchased the Mechromancer Pack to get the DLC.
    It did not work so i got angry and searched for why it does not work , and i found that the game was from other region :(
    So i send the game back and went to my local shop to buy UK version for the DLC to work.
    But the Game save that i was playing on US CD cannot be played on the UK CD and always it starts a new game save because it does not read the US CD save form the other(CD=the game disk) .
    I tried everything i could .can someone help please

    User Info: SenEndPolskaPOL

    SenEndPolskaPOL - 6 years ago


  1. try: delete your old save and the C.D download, then put the disk back in download the data back on and try again.
    ( C.D download: where you download the game onto your hard drive)

    User Info: wolfboy4654

    wolfboy4654 - 6 years ago 0   0

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