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Reviewed: 11/22/11

Worth every penny of $40

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3....yes the ULTIMATE edition of a game that was already released. Why an ultimate version? Isn't the original enough? Why go out and spend $40 for a game that's already out with the title of "Ultimate" slapped on the cover? Well, many of us that remember it also recall Mortal Kombat 3 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. And for those of us that remember, the Ultimate edition far surpassed the original. Is that the case here? Oh yes. Most definitely. So what is "Ultimate" about it? Yes, you are given a few extra characters and extra stages to play in, and many people just are not going to be convinced its worth getting, when they can just either get the original for cheaper or just keep the regular edition. But I will explain it to you as best I can. The game's bonus characters, I can't imagine them not being in the game now. Vergil of Devil May Cry game is an amazing character to use. His combos, his sword attacks, they are lightning fast and he can take down his opponent in mere seconds. Nemesis of Resident Evil fame was a long requested character, and is an icon of Resident Evil, for those of you that do not know of him. For those of you that do know of him, he is captured and portrayed exceptionally well in this game. His attacks are reminiscent of his character in Resident Evil 3. He is big, strong, uses a deadly rocket launcher and has a nasty tentacle attack at his disposal. And those 2 characters there were enough to make me want to buy this game. But it gets better still. Jill Valentine of Resident Evil fame also is a playable character via DLC, and she is amazing as well. Her attacks are lightning quick and very acrobatic, like she was in Resident Evil 5, under Wesker's control. Wesker himself also is in the game, and uses the same type of moves he does in Resident Evil 5. Just these characters alone make the game a must-have. But this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

The game features an unbelievable cast of characters with so much variety. Many popular X-men characters are in the game, like Wolverine, Phoenix (Jean Grey) and Storm. Deadpool is in the game, in all his glory and hilarious fourth-wall breaking wisecracks. A few Marvel super villains are available for use as well, like Magneto, Dr. Doom and a deadly mutant-hunting sentinel. Vergil's brother, Dante, also of Devil May Cry, is also in the game and brings his arsenal to the game. Mixed in with some characters from Street Fighter games, Final Fight, Megaman and several other Marvel and Capcom characters, the possibilities and replay value are seemingly limitless. But now that the vast character list is out of the way....what of the game itself and the other areas?

The game follows the same basic Marvel Vs Capcom idea. You pick a team of 3 characters to do battle against other teams of 3, in a tag-team style battle. You fight 6 matches before you are faced with Galactus of Marvel Comics fame. And Galactus is big and scary, he is far from a pushover. Some attacks Galactus throws at you are downright brutal and some are instant kills and match-ending moves, so you gotta be quick to take him down or it's game over. And another nice bonus is there is a mode you can play as Galactus. How is that not fun? Play as Galactus and pummel your opponents to death with his ridiculously powerful and basically unfair power moves. The plot of the game is simple, though.....stop Galactus from destroying the earth. And within the match, there is also a time limit before Galactus consumes earth, which is also automatic K.O. He is a very intimidating character, apart from the obvious fact he takes up the entire half of the screen, and that's only his upper body. You must choose your teams wisely and figure out which characters work best with one another. Picking the right characters can mean the difference between making the ultimate combo and a sure victory or frustrating yourself with characters that do not match well at all and making things much harder for yourself. It is a matter of personal opinion, but I do not find all of the characters appealing or at all useful. Some characters have strange, unorthodox and seemly useless attacks. They are not only silly looking and annoying in appearance, but I can't find a use for certain characters, meaning there are spaces for characters I will never use. But in no fighting game did I ever like every single character. Not in Street Fighter, not in Mortal Kombat, not in anything. I figure its an opportunity to beat up on some characters you can't stand and take even greater pleasure in it. Who really would want to have to beat up on characters you like all the time? But there are far more characters I will use than characters I will not.

Now, as for the game mechanics, they are truly flawless. The combo system is insane, and with practice, you can pull off 100+ hit combos. This can be frustrating in online mode, when your opponent picks a team of characters that combo well together, and they beat you to a pulp before you are able to even execute a move. This was the frustrating aspect of the game for me. Online mode is unfair, brutal and unappealing at this point. I am not used to this game yet, and I am fairly new to the whole series, so I am losing far more matches than I am winning. There is nothing fun about starting a match and your opponent attacks you quickly and beats you in an endless combo til its game over. You basically can mash buttons and waste your energy and blister your thumbs, or put the controller down and accept your beating. Either way, you get the same result, its frustrating and you're going to lose either way. But the more you practice, the better things will be for you and mastering tag combos is a must. Fighting Mortal Kombat style is not going to get you far, unless you come across another person that fights the same way, and the chances of that happening are slim to none.

Game Ratings 1-10

Graphics: 10. Flawless. These characters are beautiful, there is no other way I can describe them, other than perfection. Everyone looks the way they should be, with a beautiful comic book style appeal and look to them. The characters are colored and shaded perfectly, and there isn't a single bad thing to be said about it. The backgrounds are just as beautiful and add more to the appeal of the game. The game is one big comic book brought to life and being I am a comic book fan and collector, this game leaves me breathless each time I play it.

Sound: 10. Again, flawless. The voice acting is absolutely perfect, and could not have been done better. They really took their time choosing the right voice actors for the characters and making sure their dialogues were done perfectly before releasing this game. Its like watching some great Marvel comics cartoons, like X-men, Spider-man or Iron Man. The in-game music is awesome and makes the game so much more fun. The game's menu has a great guitar theme, and everything music-related is well orchestrated. Not only this game looks perfect, it sounds perfect as well.

Controls: 10. Smooth and responsive. No button lag, smooth combo system, easy to maneuver and easy to learn. This is why we do not need instruction booklets any longer. The game allows us to quickly learn moves and adapt them to our own fighting styles for our characters, and gradually learning the combo system for the most efficient battle system imaginable. Mortal Kombat for PS3 has a nice combo system, but its NOTHING like this. Its fluent, rapid, and you are in complete control. I like the idea of being in control of every bit of a combo, instead of hitting a button and watching my character do an entire 15 hit combo while I sit back and pick my nose in boredom.

Replay: 10. Unlimited. This game should never get boring. The possibilities are endless. Experiment with other characters to make your perfect team, learn the moves and the combo system, string the combos together with your characters and take your abilities online and challenge other players. Enjoy story mode and beat Galactus with every character, who has their own unique ending. Have some laughs with Deadpool. Make a Weapon X team with Wolverine, X-23 and Deadpool. Make an X-men team with Wolverine, Storm and Phoenix. Make a mutant villains team of Magneto, Dr. Doom and Dormammu. Maybe choose your favorites from every universe and pair maybe The Hulk with Zero and Nemesis. The possibilities are truly limitless and boredom is far from a possibility in this game.

And lets not kid ourselves...why ask if we should buy it? Of course you should buy it. Whether a fan of comic books, comic book style movies, Capcom games, Marvel Comics movies, Resident Evil games, whatever. Pick your perfect team of characters and go out and challenge the world (or even the destroyer of worlds) and enjoy everything this game has to offer. So seriously, what are you waiting for? $40 is nothing compared to what this game has to offer, its a must-have for everyone.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (US, 11/15/11)

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