Review by nairby

Reviewed: 02/13/12

Incredibly Frustrating

I bought his game based on the rave reviews it has gotten from professional critics and regular gamers alike.

People have said that you will die a lot in this game but due to how great it is, it never becomes frustrating. Well it is absolutely true that you will die a lot in this game, especially during your first play through. But it is an outright lie that it does not get frustrating. I got a chuckle out of the deaths at first but it became very old very fast. And before you realize it, you feel like you've died at least 1000 only halfway through.

I like the look of the game as it is not like any other with its black and white visuals and eerie sound. But as far as I'm concerned, that is all it has going for it.

There are no save points (I believe it just saves automatically as you go) and there are no "ends of levels". Once the game starts, you simply keep going and going and going until the game ends.

For those of us who play the Playstation 3 version, unless you are lucky on your first play, it is very easy to play through the entire game without unlocking one single trophy. Not that that is all that important, especially if trophies are of little importance to you, but after playing for a few hours and dying repeatedly, having nothing to show for it except for several frustrating hours of your life that you will never get back is a bitter pill to swallow.

STORY 2/10
You play a kid who wakes up in Limbo, trying to find out what happened to his sister. In doing so you must solve puzzles and die many many gruesome deaths like being impaled, decapitated, drowned, crushed and more. Sounds fun at first but after the bazillionth time it isn't.

Only three controls for the game. They are MOVE, JUMP and ACTION. Actions involve grabbing and dragging items, activating switches, that kind of thing. The puzzles are not all that hard but the constant dying can lead to major frustration and throw a monkey wrench into your focus.

The game looks and sounds very good. It's like being in a bad dream. The deaths are quite gruesome but get very very tired very very quickly.

If you insist on checking this game out based on the majority of opinions out there which are very positive, at least try the demo first.

I have only played through this game once and I did not enjoy it at all. I died way too often and easily and after all was said and done, I unlocked only one trophy for my troubles which was simply for completing the game. I have no intention of playing again unless I feel like risking a severe heart attack due to frustration in order to unlock the other trophies. The fact that there is a trophy rewarded if you beat the game in one sitting and die less then 5 times is laughable. My hat's off to those who are able to get that one, seriously.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: LIMBO (US, 07/19/11)

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