Bawsaq under maintenance?

  1. Got the bawsaq under maintenance error while playing campaign. Tons of money to be made on the Lester missions but it was "under maintenance". Got a hold of Rockstar support. They said to make sure the latest update is done. Make sure PS4 is online. Make sure u r signed into social club then follow these steps.

    1 completely shut down PS4
    2 after 30 seconds start PS4 back up
    3 launch gta very
    4 after initial splash art there will immediately be a black screen. As soon as the black screen appears hold down L1 + R1 though the whole next sequence
    5 keep the buttons held down and if done right it will lead to a screen to calibrate brightness like it did when u first started playing the game.

    You won't lose your game data and bawsaq should now work. I confirmed it myself.

    Thanks. Hope this helps. ????

    User Info: Whitneyskillz

    Whitneyskillz - 2 years ago

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