Every time I try to open up GTA V the screen goes black and freezes..?

  1. I just bought a used PS3 that is in good condition and a used copy of GTA V. For the past while I have been trying to start up the game successfully. I start up GTA and I get to the screen with the stars and police sirens but after that it goes black and freezes. I've looked around for answers. All I've found was something about waiting for the music to stop before hitting "OK" on the update. I don't get the update option though. Can someone maybe try to help me? Thank you.

    User Info: MelodyMagics

    MelodyMagics - 4 years ago


  1. Dont start the game, but scroll down to it on the games menu. Dont x to start the game, instead hit triangle, to bring up a side menu on the right side of the screen. That side list menu has many options.

    "Check for update" is one, Choose it by highlighting it and pressing x. The ps3 will then go through the same process it goes through when you start the game, Except the game Doesn't load. After it finds the updates, you will be promted to hit x again to say ok, for the system to download(dnld) the update(s). Which it'll Automatically install after dnld.

    After that, you should be able to play the game just fine. This is how i update All My Games.

    Really hope this helps u n others.

    User Info: Mykey2011

    Mykey2011 - 3 years ago 2   2

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