Is there a way you can sell your current apartment without buying a new one?

  1. I wanted to gain at least most of my money back by selling my apartment, but I can't seem to find out how if there is a way. I asked my friends who play it and they all said they never tried.

    User Info: WelpImScrewed

    WelpImScrewed - 5 years ago

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  1. You're gonna have to buy another property. A garage will work, and it's mostly cheap.

    User Info: Ryo-XD

    Ryo-XD - 5 years ago 3   0


  1. As Ryo-XD said, you have to buy another property. You can not directly sell an apartment.

    User Info: HighbrowApollo

    HighbrowApollo - 4 years ago 2   0
  2. You can buy just a 10 Car/Vehichle garage, for $112 500 or something. If your current apt co$t more then that, you will get to keep the balance or at least most of it. Just make sure you buy a garage with equal or greater vehichle space then what you have. Otherwise, you lose cars or bikes.

    Ex, if you have 6 vehichles right now, and you buy just a four car garage, you will loose two of those six vehicles, and R* will NOT give them back.....

    User Info: Mykey2011

    Mykey2011 - 4 years ago 2   0
  3. You can't.

    User Info: Meatboy1337

    Meatboy1337 - 4 years ago 1   0
  4. So er . . Sorry that was by buying a new one .

    User Info: Lalahuman

    Lalahuman - 4 years ago 1   0
  5. Hi, if you just need the money then do a heist or something, or you can just buy a garage that costs (I believe) about $15,000-$20,000 and you'll still have a place for your car(s) :)

    User Info: Gibby

    Gibby - 4 years ago 1   1
  6. Yes. Just sell it.

    User Info: JonSnowIsGod

    JonSnowIsGod - 4 years ago 0   1
  7. You can sell your property on the mobile phone internet, by selecting the property web site Dynasty 8, you view properties select the one you want and press buy now, the ap then asks do you want to trade in a property you own and adds the sum to yur bank balance to make the purchase.

    User Info: Lalahuman

    Lalahuman - 4 years ago 0   1

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