The game gets stuck after the first robbery nine years ago?

  1. I have downloaded the game on pre-order from ps3 and i just started playing it this morning and after the first robbery mission nine years ago in the cinematic of micheal after he leaves the doctor the game is getting stuck. I was able to skip the cinematic one or twice to the black guys stealing the cars and then a little way down the road the game just is stuck and the whole ps3 freezes. any suggestion?? any body else having similar problems please let me know how to fix it or else how to get the refund?

    User Info: ahmedmuzaffar

    ahmedmuzaffar - 6 years ago
  2. Do you have the old fat PS3? Does the fan noise raise before it freezes?

    User Info: markothevrbaa

    markothevrbaa - 6 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. If your PS3 makes a loud noise about a minute or 2 after you've turned it on then one of the fans has failed due to your PS3 being used a lot. If the game freezes at the same point most of the time then its either something in your console or the game. If this has happened before on other games then its more likely to be your console if its just on GTA5 then take it back to where your brought it from with the receipt or if its from ebay or amazon eamil them and say you having problems with that copy and ask for a refund or another copy if you still have the same problem then it has to be your console.

    User Info: arnie7854

    arnie7854 - 6 years ago 3   1

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