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Mokujin Stances by MRRamadhan

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 09/21/00

Mokujin stances   ver 1.2           By Mohil Rai Ramadhan
Tekken Tag Tournament

This document is best read in a monospace font (eg. Courier New). This FAQ is designed to
help Tekken addicts like myself to better identify one of the most underrated and
unpredictable characters in the game. Mokujin is my favourite character in the game
because it allows me to use as wide a range of moves and knowledge as possible. Plus it's
pretty impressive to see someone playing Mokujin and not fumble around trying out
different moves or trying to get him to stand still for a couple of seconds just to
figure out who Mokujin is impersonating.

Ok, there are two ways to figure out who he's impersonating at the start of the round.
Firstly, in the first round of a fight, he'll do a pre-fight "warmup" manoeuvre. This is
different for each character. There are two different warmups for each of the Tekken 3
characters, and one for the Tekken 2 characters.
Secondly, each character has a different fighting stance from every other character. In
all other rounds after round one, the character will not do a pre-fight "warmup". So
you'll have to identify him/her by the stance.

NB: Mokujin never impersonates Angel, Devil, Ogre or True Ogre.

Full-facing: the front of the body is completely turned to face the opponent. Feet are
almost equal distance from the opponent. 
Side-facing: the front of the body is facing at a 90 degree angle to the opponent. The
feet are in a straight line with the opponent and one side of the body is covering the
rest of the body. 
Half-facing: in-between front-facing and side-facing. The body is off at a 45 degree
angle to the opponent. Front foot is closer to the opponent than the back foot, but
feet aren't lined up with opponent.

Characters (in alphabatical order)

Pre-fight warmup: Alex/Roger leans back on one leg with the other in the air, and is
spinning his arm around.
Stance: Alex/Roger stands leaning forward with his body full-facing the opponent and both
hands out in front about chest height.

Anna Williams:
Pre-fight warmup: Anna holds her hands behind her head with the elbows raised, and twists
her hips first one way, then the next.
Stance: Anna has a very uncomfortable-looking stance. Her body is half-facing, her feet
are slightly spread apart, her arms are bent out in front at shoulder level, one
shoulder is higher than the other.

Armor King:
Pre-fight warmup: Armor King swings his arms across each other in front of him while
walking to his position.
Stance: Feet close together, knees slightly bent, body leaning forward, head low, hands
close together away from the face out at eye level and slowly moving.

Baek Doo San:
Pre-fight warmup: Baek steps forward into a fighting stance, then takes a quick bow
before going into his fighting stance again.
Stance: His stance resembles Steven Seagal's fighting stance: half-facing, leaning back
with one hand close to his face and one out in front at eye level, feet slightly apart.

Bruce Irvin:
Pre-fight warmup: Bruce walks to his position and knees the air while pulling with his
hands before going into his stance.
Stance: Typical kickboxing stance: all the weight on the back leg, front leg raised onto
its toe. Arms are out high in front above eye level.

Bryan Fury:
Pre-fight warmup #1: Bryan does a combination of four swinging punches standing on the
spot and then gets into his fighting stance.
Pre-fight warmup #2: Bryan walks towards his position with his hands behind his back,
then goes into his fighting stance.
Stance: Body is completely side-facing, front hand low at waist level, other hand close
to his chest, feet slightly apart.

Eddy Gordo/Tiger Jackson: (both refered to as Eddy)
Pre-fight warmup #1: Eddy walks towards his mark and makes a pointing gesture at his
Pre-fight warmup #2: Eddy stands on his spot and turns one way and swings his arms, then
turns the other way and swings his arms.
Stance: Come on....who can't identify Eddy's stance??? He dances swaying from one way to
the next.

Forrest Law:
Pre-fight warmup #1: Law bounces around facing one side, then turns and bounces facing
the other side.
Pre-fight warmup #2: Law places his left palm onto his right fist, holds it away from his
body and does a half bow.
Stance: Another easy stance to recognise. Law bounces around moving his hands up and down, 
switching between half-facing and side-facing, like Bruce Lee.

Pre-fight warmup: Ganryu lifts his one leg up high and stamps it on the ground.
Stance: Ganryu has a typical Sumo stance: Feet wide apart, body full-facing and low to
the ground to reduce the centre of gravity, hands by the sides of the waist.

Gun Jack:
Pre-fight warmup #1: Gun Jack walks towards his position doing two wide swinging punches.
Pre-fight warmup #2: Gun Jack stands up and in a mechanical way beats his arms on his
Stance: Feet very widely spread apart, half facing, both arms out in front about chest

Heihachi Mishima:
Pre-fight warmup #1: Heihachi sits cross-legged on the floor with his back towards his
opponent. He then gets up and turns around.
Pre-fight warmup #2: Heihachi leans back, standing upright, and gathers energy from
around him, giving off electricity (or green flashes in Mokujin's case).
Stance: Feet widely spread apart, side facing, one hand out in front around shoulder
height, and one hand on his abdomen.

Hwoarang (AKA Bob):
Pre-fight warmup #1: Bob does two high turning kicks with opposite legs while moving to
his position.
Pre-fight warmup #2: Bob stands on the spot and scratches the back of his head with one
Stance: Feet slighty close together, hands up in front of his face, body very straight,
and lightly bouncing up and down on the spot.

Pre-fight warmup: Jack-2 stands on the spot and flexes his arms in a bodybuilding
Stance: Very similar to Gun Jack's stance, but slightly higher.

Jin Kazama:
Pre-fight warmup #1: Jin steps back into a pose and flicks his head backwards.
Pre-fight warmup #2: Jin adjusts the glove on one hand and then goes into his stance.
Stance: Slightly difficult to identify. Jin stands on the spot half facing, feet close
together, hands shoulder height in front of him, and he does not move.

Julia Chang:
Pre-fight warmup #1: Julia adjusts her hair, then bends forward and and rubs her face
with both hands.
Pre-fight warmup #2: Julia holds her hands together in front of her face and bows to the
Stance: Julia's feet are spread very far apart, leans forward half-facing, the left arm
out at shoulder level in front of her, and the right hand close to her left elbow.

Jun Kazama:
Pre-fight warmup: Jun holds her hands together against her body and looks upwards.
Stance: Jun stands half-facing her opponent with her feet quite close together, and both
hands about waist height, with minimal movement.

Kazuya Mishima:
Pre-fight warmup: Kaz stands with his arms crossed and his left side towards his
opponent. He slowly brings his arms around into his stance.
Stance: Very similar to Baek's stance. I often confuse the two. But Kazuya's head is
facing downwards and he's leaning slightly forwards, while Baek is leaning slightly back.

Pre-fight warmup #1: King is kneeling down with his back towards his opponent. He then
gets up and turns to face his opponent.
Pre-fight warmup #2: King does a half-punch with his right arm, and then a deep downward
elbow with his left arm.
Stance: Half-facing (almost full-facing), hands in front of the face, feet close together
with knees slightly bent, and bouncing forwards and backwards.

Kuma/Panda: (both refered to as Kuma)
Pre-fight warmup #1: Kuma rolls forward on the ground to his position and gets up. 
Pre-fight warmup #2: Kuma lifts both hands high above his head and then goes into his
Stance: Very easy to identify. Kuma leans very far forward with feet together and both
hands close to the ground.

Pre-fight warmup: Kuni raises her knife up into the air in a twisting motion.
Stance: Duh...She's holding a knife in her right hand close to her body.

Lee Chaolan:
Pre-fight warmup: Lee dusts his sleeves one at a time and then goes into his stance.
Stance: Half-facing, feet close together, leaning slightly back, front hand low by his
leg, other hand raised to the shoulder.

Lei Wulong:
Pre-fight warmup #1: Lei does slow movements from his panther stance and gets into his
normal stance.
Pre-fight warmup #2: Lei holds his hands in front of him and tilts his head backwards.
Stance: Very closed stance. Lei's hands are close to his body, his head is slightly
downwards, his body is half-facing, and he's slowly walking from side to side.

Ling Xiaoyu:
Pre-fight warmup #1: Ling jumps up and kicks her legs out behind her twice.
Pre-fight warmup #2: Ling bends her knees and bows while looking at her opponent.
Stance: Half-facing, weight on the back leg, leaving backwards slightly, front hand bent
upwards in front of her face, other hand held across her chest.

Michelle Chang:
Pre-fight warmup: Michelle ties her shoelace.
Stance: Legs and body very much like Julia's, arms similar to Alex/Roger.

Nina Williams:
Pre-fight warmup #1: Nina stands in place and slides her hand across her throat.
Pre-fight warmup #2: Nina places one hand on her forehead, looks down and shakes her
Stance: Similar to Ling's, but the both hands are out high in front are swinging to and

Paul Phoenix:
Pre-fight warmup #1: Paul adjusts his hair with both hands and goes into his stance.
Pre-fight warmup #2: Paul punches his palms twice and then tilts his head to either side.
Stance: Similar to Jin's but Paul is moving slowly. Very easy to confuse Paul and Jin.

Prototype Jack:
Pre-fight warmup: P-Jack drops down from the top of the screen and takes up his position.
Stance: P-Jack stands upright, and one hand is continually spinning around.

Wang Jinrei:
Pre-fight warmup: Wang is sitting slightly cross-legged with his left side towards the
opponent. He gets up and turns to face his opponent.
Stance: Wang's front leg is straight, and resting on the heal, his arms are both low and
his head is forward.

Pre-fight warmup #1: Yoshi is sitting cross-legged and is spinning and bouncing. He then
disappears into the ground and reappears in his position.
Pre-fight warmup #2: Yoshi is standing with his back facing his opponent. He then does a
backflip with a half-twist ending in his position.
Stance: Duh... again. He's got a sword in his left hand. 'Nuf said.

All the names of the characters featured in this faq, as well as Tekken, Tekken 2, Tekken 3,
Tekken Tag Tournament and Namco are property of Namco Ltd...
The writer of this faq does not claim all the information contained in here is 100% true, and
is not responsible for people making fools of themselves by thinking they have Mokujin
mastered down to the "T". 

Special thanks go out to.......uhmm.....well I did this all by myself, so I guess the only
other thanks I can give out is to Namco for making only the best of the best.
Tekken Tag Tournament is ACE!

*About the Author:*
I am Mohil Rai Ramadhan. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I've been playing Tekken ever
since Tekken 1 was released here in 1995. I discovered the benefits of Mokujin when I got
bored of playing the same character, started wondering who to choose and resorted to random
selection. I am contactable at mohilr@absa.co.za in case you have any questions/corrections
regarding the faq.

Version Changes:
Version 1.1: Changes since 1.0: added in line breaks for easier reading on web pages.

Version 1.2: Changes since 1.1: minor spelling corrections; added in terminology section;
             corrected stance for Julia and warmup for Heihachi.

Version 1.3: Changes since 1.2: added line breaks for new teminology section.

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