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Kazuya by Exar Kun

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 02/14/04

*   * Kazuya Strategy FAQ               *   *
*   * Version 1.5                       *   *
*   * By Exar Kun (Nicholas Seemungal)  *   *
*   * exar30@hotmail.com                *   *

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copyright except that Mark decided to make the copyright a little more severe.
Notice that Mark Kim as well as I acknowledges ALL of Kao Megura's works and
admires his work and I wanted to imitate his copyright.  This copyright that
you see is similar to Mark Kim's copyright on his LA Machine Guns Anti-
Terrorist Manual.

Table of Contents.
Why Use Kazuya?
Kazuya, The Boy, The Man, The Devil.
The Purpose of this FAQ.
Revision History.
Kazuya's Strengths and Weaknesses.
      3)Is he worth it?
      4)Kazuya's Play Style.
Things you should know.
Move List.
Move List Explanations.
      2)Special Arts.
While Standing Moves.
The Art of Crouch Dash.
      1)Dash Buffer.
      2)Instant While Standing.
      3)Is the Mix-up dead?
      1)Conventional Juggles.
      2)Stun Juggles.
      3)Class 1 Juggles.
      4)My Favorite Juggles.
      5)A Quick Hit.
10 hit strings.
	6)Custom Strings.
Offensive Style.
      4)The Keep Away Game.
	1)Block or Side Step.
	2)Interrupting Moves.
	3)Reversal and Parry.
      4)Getting Up.
More Advanced Strategies.
	1)Reading your Opponent.
      3)Wave Dash.
            a)Fake Dash.
            b)Snake Dash.
            c)Dash & Wave Wind God Fist.
Putting it all Together.
V.S. Human
	1)Character Specific Strategies.
Tag Partners.
      1)Good Partners.
Putting it all Together.
PS2 Stuff.
      1)Secret Stuff.
      2)Tekken Bowl.
Tekken Sites.

Why Use Kazuya?
Aside from the fact that I think Kazuya has the most substance of all the
Mishimas, why? I mean he has the least moves of all the Mishimas, doesn't have
the juggle ability of Heihachi or the fancy inherited Jun moves of Jin.
However, Kazuya does have his excellent array of WS moves and a better Wind God
fist punch and in my book that makes him real good. He has the standard Mishima
moves, the same Wind God Fist as Heihachi. His Hell Sweeps are standard, two
low hits that I think come out faster than any other Mishima, though he doesn't
have the kind of options that Heihachi has available from his. His Thunder God
Fist is the same one Jin has. The first time I saw Kazuya back in T2 and saw
his Demon Gut punch double over someone I just said hell yes I love that move.
As a WS move, you can get it to counter after a ducked high attack, perfect
especially for those people who practice the religion known as 10 hit.The Demon
Gut Punch isn't as good as it was anymore and he's been weakened down since
Tekken 2(I never used him back then) but regardless of that fact I still
believe him to be one of the game's strongest characters. If you can use any
other Mishima characters then you won't have much trouble learning Kazuya.

One thing that I believe should be emphasized, Kazuya Mishima is not Jin. He is
similar in some ways but Kazuya's style is more streamlined along the lines of
standard Mishima moves while Jin's is more based upon moves inherited from his
mother and original moves. Kazuya's essence is in his outstanding Wind God fist
while Jin's Wind God fist seemed to have been taught to him while he was under
the influence, the only way to describe the lame ass manner in which he learned

Kazuya, The Boy, The Man, The Devil.
Okay, maybe that ain't true but I thought since you're going to use him you
might as well know what Kazuya is about.
Kazuya is the son of Heihachi Mishima, CEO of Mishima Financial Enterprises, a
mega corporation. Kazuya's mother died giving birth to him and this left
Heihachi grief stricken and turned hi into a bitter old bastard Kazuya was
physically abused during his childhood by Heihachi, who beat him during
training to bring out Kazuya's strength. At age 5 Heihachi threw Kazuya off a
huge cliff and left him with a huge scar across his chest. This left him bitter
and hateful towards Heihachi.
Heihachi later adopted a boy Lee ChaoLan and an intense rivalry formed between
the two. Kazuya became jealous of Heihachi's close relationship with Lee. Later
when Heihachi chose Lee to go to America to study business over him, he left
Mishima Zaibatsu to search the world and formulate a plan to overthrow
Heihachi. He was confronted in his dreams by an entity called Devil who offered
Kazuya almost limitless power. Kazuya accepted Devil's help in exchange for his
In 1995 Heihachi organized a competition called King of the Iron Fist. The
champion of the tournament would receive a very large cash sum as well as
becoming Mishima Zaibatsu's new owner. Kazuya fought Lee first and beat the
snot out of him. But before he could land his killing blow, he was stopped by
Armor King. Kazuya then confronted Heihachi and defeated him, throwing off the
same cliff that Heihachi threw him off of when he was a boy. Kazuya became the
new CEO of Mishima Zaibatsu and began corrupting it with his evil power.
Kazuya began hiring new bodyguards in the form of Bruce Irvin and the former
sumo Ganryu. In 1997, the organized the Second King of the Iron Fist tournament
and offered an even larger cash prize. He also learned of Heihachi's survival.
Directly before his final confrontation with Heihachi, he and Jun Kazama were
drawn together by Devil's supernatural force. Later, when he finally faced
Heihachi, Heihachi defeated him and threw his body into a volcano.

Tekken Tag Tournament is not a part of the Tekken chronology story wise. But
considering Kazuya was the favorite character everyone wanted back not to
mention strong evidence that he is alive, the hit he ordered on Eddy Gordo's
father, the fact that Ogre/Toshin shares the gut punch with him and that the
amulet from Michelle's family he was after is the key to controlling Ogre, I
believe that Namco will resurrect him in Tekken 4.
In the latest, Namco has released the first set of miages of Tekken 4 and, good
news everyone, Kazuya is there and accounted for. Tekken 4 seems to be a great
eparture from the norms of Tekken introducing walls to stop the infinite
gameplay arena and to stop the turtles who just love it.

The Purpose of this FAQ.
Well, this is my first FAQ, so don't go too hard on me. In this FAQ I want to
try to cover the more strategic aspect of Kazuya, especially against specific
characters. This FAQ is not meant for Tekken newbies. I'll assume that at least
have some basic Tekken knowledge be it from TTT or even T3. I'm not going to
teach you how to run and block or cross chop whatever. This FAQ is dedicated to
teaching you how to play humans, the only part concerning the CPU will be
noted. A lot of Tekken FAQs today focus too much, in my mind on move lists and
stating juggles, rather than telling you how and when to use them. They may say
TGF, X% damage on counter, but does that mean you should walk around Thunder
God fist every 10 seconds...Hell No!  Most Tekken players nowadays just use the
same tired routine over and over (where I play anyway). If just one person can
improve his/her game from this FAQ then I'll be happy.
Why another Kazuya FAQ? Although Reverend C's FAQ is out there which I believe
to be one of the best FAQs there is, there's more than one way to do anything.
My style of play differs from the Rev's so I thought that I had something to
share with the rest of the Tekken community. Not to mention that I wanted to
touch on some of the finer points Reverend C's FAQ missed.
Anyway allow me to introduce myself, I'm 16 and have been playing arcade games
since back when TMNT2 Arcade was the rage. I'm from Trinidad, which I'm sure no
one has heard of. I go to school at Presentation College. I generally play in
the arcade by the Center Pointe Mall food court in Chaguanas if any
Trinidadians are reading. I'm usually there on Saturdays after lunch. You
really can't miss me. If I'm not trying someone new in TTT I'm kicking ass in
Soul Calibur. Challenge me unless you're in that 10 hit till you drop crap.
Anyway, I'm no Kazuya messiah or something like that, but I'm pretty sure I'm
qualified to teach most of you how to use him. Like most characters it's mostly
just timing.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to e-mail me, as I'll respond to any
and all e-mails. Just make sure you put something Tekken related as the subject
so I don't dump it as junk, I'm really serious about that.

Revision History
Version 1.0
       First Version. Looking back on this I have to apologize for releasing
this version. It wasn't fully ready to be released. I was just anxious as this
was my first FAQ. Most of these errors were cleared up in version 1.1. Released
February 20,2000.
Version 1.1
	 Big revision. Basically added a little to everything, added conventions as
well as stuff you should know, poking section put in as well as turtling and
tagging. Revised a lot of the FAQ.
Version 1.2
       Small update turned big. Added Wave dash and put the Haha and crazy step
in the specific characters section as well as added Pitbull to offensive
strategies. Fixed Grammar errors. Put in a format on offensive style. Added the
fact that the DGP is escapable. Added crouch section. Guess it's not so small
after all. Finished putting in the rest of the conventions. The only thing
that'll probably be added later is custom strings since I'm just learning to
use these. Added rankings on partners. Rewrote/Revised some stuff. Added
Kazuya's story. Probably the last update until the PS2 version is released
unless I happen to think of something else.
Version 1.3
       Small update. Turns out Wind God Fist actually isn't reversible. Go
ahead and gloat KazMishimaKazama. Added some more Tekken sites and multi-throw
escapes in the versus characters section.
Version 1.4
       Changed quite a bit of stuff. Added in stuff contained in PS2 version,
Strengths and Weaknesses. I like Twin Pistons a lot more now and Demon Gut
Punch a lot less so some re-writing had to be done. Added a whole new level to
sections on crouch dash thanks to stuff I learned in Dohee Kim's Wind God Style
Tutorials. Added a lot more juggles. Added some PS2 stuff. As usual fixed some
errors in the FAQ.
Version 1.5
       Final Version. The changes in this version are very few, it will look
almost identical to the previous version with a few changes here and there as
touch ups.

Kazuya's Strengths and Weaknesses.

The main strength most people see in Kazuya is his stuns. This very true, he
has the best array of stuns in the entire, if you can get them to actually
connect on someone. These stuns allow for some of the most vicious combos in
the game, most of which come out of the infamous Demon Gut Punch stun.

Kazuya also possesses the same gift of all Mishimas, their great array of moves
off a crouch dash. Wind God fist is arguably the greatest move in the entire
game and Kazuya has the best of them. They allow him great juggling prowess. In
addition, Kazuya's Hell Sweeps are, I think even faster than Heihachi's even
though they are not as versatile.

Kazuya's crouch dash mix up is the best in the game. No other Mishima has what
he has, not even the much praised Jin. Heihachi and Jin, you can both afford to
block their crouch dashes low and you'll get away with it almost every time.
But Kazuya's crouch dash is different. Using methods like quick WS from a
crouch dash, Kazuya can use his mid hitting Twin Pistons to keep an opponent
blocking high. This role has been reprised from the now Sm hitting Wind God
fist. This allows for an effective Hell Sweep game.

He has his Mist Step which allows for a great deal of diversity in his game,
you can cancel it into a crouch dash even faster than actually doing one. It
also sidesteps and from there the possibilities are almost endless. Shining
Fist, gut punch, whatever you want, the Mist Step is Kazuya's tool of confusion.

Kazuya's juggles, while not overflowing with finesse get the job done. His
juggles are not as powerful as some of the better jugglers in the game, but
even in their simplicity they still manage to do a good deal of damage. The
true damaging nature of Kazuya stems from his stun juggles which rival even
monsters like Bruce Irvin in terms of damage done. Not one day has passed where
I go to the arcade and someone does not marvel at Kazuya's strength.


Kazuya has a severe lack of moves. This is a double edged sword. On the plus
side, you don't have much to learn and the moves he does have are very
effective. But the greater down side is that this lack makes Kazuya predictable
against better players.

Kazuya does not have any attack reversals or a command parry. All he possesses
is the lever parry everyone has, which is very risky to use. Therefore Kazuya's
defense relies mostly on counters and interrupts.

Kazuya's throws mostly suck. Aside from throws that are standard, he has but
one command throw, which doesn't even do that much more damage than a standard
throw. If you rely on throws then you're in trouble.

Kazuya cannot use tag slide, cross chop or jump kick nor does he possess any
throws that you can tag your opponent into like Bruce's 1+3~5. The only
exception is his special throw with Jun Kazama and the standard 2+5 tag throw.

A Kazuya/Devil team really sucks. Due to his exceptionally unique relationship
with Devil i.e. he was possessed by him, Namco saw it fit to make this team
morph during a tag, this takes very long and leaves you very vulnerable even
though at a point in the morph you are invulnerable. A Kazuya/Angel team also
is not possible in the arcade version although you can select this team in the
PS2 version.

Due to his nature, Kazuya doesn't seem to care much about his partners status
shown by the fact that he takes 7 hits on average to get a Netsu power up in
comparison to the average of 5 for most characters. However I believe that this
is a rather small weakness. I mean, it's only two hits more, right?

Is he worth it?
Most definitely. Your game with Kazuya will mostly be overpowering your
opponent's attacks with your strength and using your powerful stuns to counter
opponents. That is where Kazuya's true damage potential lies. Of course doing
so isn't exactly easy to do. Regardless of what you've heard from other people,
like I said, Kazuya is well equipped for juggles. While he isn't among the
elite in terms of damage, he gets the job done and that's what's important. If
you want big juggle damage with Kazuya then you have to connect with a stun

Kazuya's Play Style.
Kazuya's style of play basically revolves around his crouch dash, which his
best moves come from. This is what makes him essentially different from Jin
Kazama whose crouch dash produces inferior moves. Kazuya is not a turtling
character and is not meant to be played as such. His style is a balance between
hard on offense and an excellent countering game due to his stuns. Juggling
will also be a big part of how you play as Kazuya's Wind God Fist is second to
none in this field. His array of punch strings also makes him able to keep
consistent pressure on the opponent and his array WS moves makes opponents
hesitant to attack him after his d+1.
Kazuya's mix should be balanced between the two fields, countering and offense.
For early on when you have advantage offense is obviously the better deal, lots
of damage, keeps pressure on the opponent and you won't be on the receiving end
much. If you're up against a superior offensive force such as Changs or Bruce
then you have to switch to counter mode where you can take them out with
interrupts with your Wind God fist and stun attacks not to mention Twin Pistons.

Things you should know.
Tap f when knocked down face up, feet toward, for quick get up.
Tap b when knocked down face up, feet toward, for quick back roll.
Tap f when knocked down face down for an instant straight get up.
Tap f when sent rolling by a power strike to stand after first roll (very
useful so you don't get hit with a running move)
Tap 5 early in a standard stun to interrupt stun animation and tag out.

When you've been Ultimately Tackled
	1             - Right Punch Block, Kickoff
      2             - Left Punch Block, Kickoff
	1_2           - Back Tackle Flipoff
	1+2,2,2,2,2   - Tackle Arm Lock Escape
	1+2,1,1,1,1   - Tackle Leg Lock Escape

Multi-Throw escapes.
Don't worry they're in the V.S. characters section.

If a flying cross chop (WR+1+2) is blocked below the knees, you can juggle the
opponent with a simple jab attack.
Kazuya's frame data. You should be aware of just about all of it. I'm not going
to print it, take your ass to Tekken Zaibatsu and check it out. You gots to do
some work too.

Move list.

1   - Left Punch
2   - Right Punch
3   - Left Kick
4   - Right Kick
5   - Tag button

f   - tap forward once
b   - tap backwards once
d   - tap down once
u   - tap up once
d/f - tap down/forward once
d/b - tap down/back once
u/f - tap up/forward once
u/b - tap up/back once
F   - hold forward once
B   - hold backwards once
D   - hold down once
U   - hold up once
D/F - hold down/forward once
D/B - hold down/back once
U/F - hold up/forward once
U/B - hold up/back once

h   - attack hits high        i.e.  can be blocked high
m   - attack hits mid         i.e.  can be blocked high
l   - attack hits low         i.e. can be blocked low
sm  - attack hits special mid i.e. can be blocked high or low
!   - unblockable             i.e. can't be blocked (duh)
H   - hits high and grounded opponents
M   - hits mid and grounded opponents
L   - hits low and grounded opponents

+   - Commands must be input simultaneously
,   - Move to be done following the previous one
_   - Or i.e. either command may be input
~   - Command to be input immediately after the previous one (and I mean
FC  - Fully Crouched
WS  - While Standing from a crouch
N   - Neutral joystick i.e. no movement
SS  - Side Step
WR  - While Running
<   - Command may be slightly delayed
CD  - Crouch Dash i.e. f,N,d,d/f or with Mist Step f,N,d/f

OB  - forces opponent's back to face you
OS  - forces opponent's side to face you
OSB - forces opponent's side to face you when blocked
JG  - juggle starter
BN  - bounce juggle starter
RC  - recovers crouching after a move
CH  - requires a counterhit
DS  - double over stun
FS  - fall back stun
LS  - lift stun
GS  - gut stun
KS  - kneel stun
HS  - hunch over stun
TS  - trip stun
CS  - crumple stun
CFS - crumple fall stun
CF  - crumple fall
BS  - block low stagger
SH  - stagger hit
GB  - guard break
big - big character combo i.e. Jacks, T.Ogre, Kuma
WGF - Wind God fist
EWGF- Electric Wind God fist
TGF - Thunder God fist
cc  - crouch cancel

Command          Name                         Escape   Damage        Property

1+3              Bitch Kicks                  1        30
2+4              Hip Toss                     2        28
f,f+1+2          Stone Head                   1+2      33            #1#2
FC_d_db+1+2      Ultimate Tackle                       05            #3
1+3_2+4_2+5      Steel Pedal Drop             1        40            #4
1+3_2+4_2+5      Skull Mash                   2        40            #5
1+3_2+4_2+5      Reverse Neck Throw           n/a      50            #6
2+5              Tag throw.                   2        30            #7
f,f+1+2~5        Stone Head to Tag Armbar     2        25            #7#8

#1 Opponent can quick recover after this throw.
#2 Jun can tag in after this throw can finish with Reverse Arm Bar.
#3 Same as general tackle everyone has, except Kazuya can only continue with
ultimate punches.
#4 Left side-throw.
#5 Right side-throw.
#6 Back-throw.
#7 Tag throw. Partner will enter.
#8 Must have Jun on team.

Special Arts.

Command                 Name                    Range        Damage         

1,2                     Double Punch            h,h          5,10
  =<2                   Demon Slayer            h            18              #1
  =4                    Stature Kick            l            17
1,1<2                   Shining Fist            m,m,m        5,8,18          #1
WS+1,2                  Twin Piston             m,m          12,15           JG
d/f+1                   Entrails Smash          m            17              HS
f,N,d,df+1              Thunder God Fist        m            29
  =3                    Mid Kick                m            10
  =4                    Hell Sweep              L            12
f+1+2                   Glorious Demon Fist     m            26              CFS
f,N                     Kazuya Mist Step        n/a          n/a
  =df+2 [~5]            Wind God Fist [tag]     sm           25              JG
  =df+1                 Thunder God Fist        m            29
  =df+4,4               Hell Sweeps             L,L          12,12
WS+2                    Demon Gut Punch         m            25             
df+2                    Gut Punch               m            21              JG
2,2                     Demon Back Hand         h,h          12,21
f+2                     Soul Thrust             m            30              GB
f,n,d,df+2 [~5]         Wind God Fist [tag]     sm           25              JG
f,f+3                   Split Axe Kick          m            23
f,f,f_WR+3              Leaping Slash Kick      m            30              GB
f+4                     Axe Kick                m            27              GB
WS_df_f,n,d,df+4        Rising Kick             m            10,18
  =4                    Tsunami Kick            m            13,18           #2
f,n,d,DF+4,4            Hell Sweep              L,L          12,12           BS
uf+4,4,4,4              Spinning Demon          h,L,L,h      25,15,12,25     BS
4~3                     Demon Scissors          M            25              #3
db+4                    Stature Kick            l            17


Command             Name                        Range        Damage
b+1+4               Lightning God Fist          *!*          40
B+1+4               Lightning Screw God Fist    *!*          80

Move list Explanations.


Move Name
Command to execute move
Range i.e. where it hits

A utterly pathetic move that should be avoided like the night shift at a 24hr
convenience store. These moves usually lag very badly, take a long time to
start, will connect only if you're playing someone brain-dead or the payoff
they give (if any) is worth it. These moves should not be used period, I know
what I'm talking about. The only time this should come out is by accident.

This move is not very useful as it may be hampered by ease of it getting
blocked, lack of range, better options exist which nullify it. They may or may
not have uses under certain situations but should generally be avoided unless
you're playing to test something. Avoid using these moves for your conventional

A good move that may be hampered by certain weaknesses such as they're hard to
do, better options exist or they may take long to execute. These moves aren't
useless and should be employed in your mix up game and while they're not
stunning, they do have their special uses.

A very good move that you should frequently employ in your everyday play. These
moves will most of the time recover well and on a hit will do good damage
and/or leave you at a tactical advantage. These are the better half of his
moves so don't be shy about using them.

Showtime! One of Kazuya's most kick ass moves in the game. They should be used
very frequently as they will definitely help you win games and may probably win
the game for you. Moves rated five stars are highly recommended and comprise
mostly of the moves handed down through the Mishima Line.

* *Throws* *

Bitch Kicks
Escape: 1
Just your basic run of the mill average throw. It does normal average throw
damage. After the throw I believe you have a guaranteed d/f+4. It's nothing
special, easy and even accidental escapes from this throw are commonplace. But
if you use a standard throw, use this one.

Hip Toss
Escape: 2
This looks so pathetic. You have a small window of opportunity for okizeme
after the throw. Use the Bitch Kicks instead of this.

Stone Head
Escape: 1+2
Kazuya's only true command throw and the best choice for a forward throw. As it
requires a f,f motion, it is ideal to use in your crouch dash mix-up by using
the dash buffer. The opponent is able to tech-roll after this throw. However
according to the Jjt and KOFTEKKEN advanced FAQ a UF,N+3, the stunning kick is
guaranteed if they tech-roll the throw.
If Jun is one your team, by pressing tag, she'll come in and finish a tag
throw, total damage being equal to 30.

Ultimate Tackle
Escape: 2 or 1+2 before hitting the ground.
5 (5 optional punches which do 5 damage each)
This really sucks. Anyone with half a brain can escape this with ease. And even
if you catch them, the punches are easily escaped and Kazuya doesn't even have
an arm bar to mix things up a bit. Also you can be completely reversed even if
you do tackle them. This sucks, this really sucks. It's best use is to waste
some time against a new player or to get them angry if they can't escape it for
the life of them.

Steel Pedal Drop
1+3_2+4_2+5 (left)
Escape: 1
It does more damage than a standard throw, but a smart opponent will easily
escape it unless you catch them by surprise which is usually the case with side

Skull Mash
1+3_2+4_2+5 (right)
Escape: 2
It does more damage than a standard throw, but a smart opponent will easily
escape it unless you catch them by surprise which is usually the case with side

Reverse Neck Throw
1+3_2+4_2+5 (back)
Escape: N/A
It's good in that it can't be escaped but it's damage is really mediocre for a
back throw. It should come up to a lot more than this. But at least it can't be

* *Special Arts* *

Double Punch
These two punches come out quick, as all jabs do, and if they're blocked,
recovery is not an issue as you'll be perfectly safe. It's good to use against
most characters but since this is a Mishima you're playing with here, you can
always use his 1,1 which is faster and has guaranteed follow ups if it
connects. The best reason to use these is in your poking game as they're
ideally suited for that use and for going into one of the follow, actually if
you're going to use a follow up, just use Stature Kick since the backhand one
is very useless.

Demon Slayer
This is a really bad move. It hits all high and it has a long recovery. The
only good thing I can see about this is the fact that if the last hit connects,
you see some nice lightning. If all three hits connect, no knockdown occurs. If
you must use it then use it to juggle. Although it does crap damage there as
well, if you can't juggle worth a damn, this is a good place to start getting
your timing skills right.

Stature Kick
This is actually good enough to use. The best finisher after the 1,2 jabs. The
first two punches come out fast as usual and the kick hits low and comes out
fast as well. Players would usually block just the first two punches high and
then eat the Stature Kick that does fair damage. The ending kick is structured
in such a way that it's hard to see coming out so most people usually eat it.
Of course the stealth associated with the kick ensures that it doesn't do much
damage but nevertheless all the tick damage adds up in the final analysis. It's
also good to mix this up with 1,2,d/f+2 for people who have a reflex for the
stature kick. Thanks to KazMishimaKazama for this.

Shining Fist
The best choice for punches The first two punches come out very quick and are
quite impossible to counter. The last one also executes very quickly, the only
thing being that if the last hit is blocked there's a bit of a slower recovery.
If you're poking at your opponent the 1,1 is a good bet and if it connects you
can always end with the 2 since if the first punch connects the rest is
guaranteed. You can also delay the final punch.
I like this sequence for retaliation against an opponent when they wiff or if
they get stuck in recovery time. It's good for when there's not enough time for
Wind God fist or (Demon) Gut punch. It's also good to use after a side step or
even better in Kazuya's case, his Mist Step.

Twin Pistons
I've recently seen the light with regard to this move. Until recently due to
Chinky-eye's posts on Zaibatsu and seeing Jang Ik-Su use it I thought this move
was just average. This move just plain rules! It's execution is just as fast as
the Wind God fist and if it's blocked it's only as 6 frame disadvantage. The
only thing is that this can be reversed. It juggles very well, enough for you
to drop a good WGF,d/f+4,4 down after it.
Twin Pistons are more useful for higher level play however. Since at this level
you can use a crouch dash/ wave dash to do quick WS moves: f,N,d,d/f~b+1,2.
Also since at this level, players escape Demon Gut Punch religiously. If you're
not playing high level opponents then Demon Gut Punch is a better option since
you'll get more damage off of it. Also using this in a crouch dash has
advantages since it discourages people from blocking the crouch dash low, still
allowing you space to use your Hell Sweeps freely. The only weakness of the
twin pistons is its lack of range, the Demon Gut Punch beats it out in this
Using Twin Pistons is just like using any WS move, you mainly use it after a
d+1, ducking a high attack or throw or you can use the crouch dash cancel to
throw it straight out. After high attacks and throw are the most guaranteed
usage as the opponent will have some lag time on him/her allowing you to take
advantage. Also, due to the Twin Pistons' speed, you can use it to easily knock
opponents out of ten strings.

Entrails Smash
I never use this. It doesn't have a great range and it looks dumb. If heard
that it is good for stopping crouch dashes and from it's look, it'll catch side
steppers good. If anyone knows how, e-mail me and I'll put your strategy up and
give you credit in the FAQ. But it's still pretty useful at close range. Not
useless enough to warrant one star.

Glorious Demon Fist
If this hits it gives a good stun. The only thing is well...it's pretty damn
slow and it recovers like crap. When I just started using Kazuya I used it
quite a bit and got punished every single time. If it hits it does do
considerable damage though and it leaves room for you to tack on a little
something extra and it is possible to juggle from it. Another use of this is
for finishing stuns, it's a lot easier than going for something BIG like
Thunder God fist, which is a lot harder to do than Glorious Demon Fist's simple
forward maneuver. Probably the best time to use this would be when you can
sense that the opponent is going to tag so you can catch them helpless as they
come in. It can lead to some great damage if it connects.A f+1+2,u+(4),4,4,4
can do wonders for you. But use the move sparingly it can screw you up royally
if you decide on using it too much.

Mist Step
   =d/f+2   Wind God Fist
   =d/f+1   Thunder God fist
   =d/f+4,4 Hell Sweeps
This is by far one of Kazuya's best features. This little maneuver is what
gives him somewhat of an edge over other Mishimas. I mean, he just has so many
options available to him after the f,N! He can do any of the standard Mishima
punch combos, he can do a regular crouch dash f,N,d,d/f or he can tap d/f into
the Mist Step. Not to mention that the f,N gives him a little sidestep.
If Kazuya does this on an odd frame number, he will sidestep left, if on an
even frame number, he'll sidestep right. Why I told you this is because some
people try to sidestep and then use Mist Step to move even further, but since
the direction in which you step cannot be foretold it's unknown as to whether
you move further or closer to your opponent's front. One of the good uses of
this unpredictability is that it gives you a double sidestep. Just tap f,N and
which ever way you sidestep to do another step in that direction. Cool,no?
When you choose to use crouch dash moves from the Mist Step, it's harder for
the opponent to see what coming from the crouch dash. It's also possible to
execute moves more quickly. For example the Wind God fist. If you cancel the
Mist Step into the Wind God fist (f,N,d/f+2) quickly enough then you'll save 1
frame of execution time on the WGF. No, this doesn't mean that you get a 10
frame Wind God fist, which is what I had originally thought. A Wind God fist
executes in 11 frames after the command is entered. The time in which it takes
to enter the command, at best speed, this would be 4 frames, 1 frame for each
command, which would be a 15 frame total. However since Mist Step relieves you
the need of inputting one of the commands, you would get the WGf in 14 frames.
of course this is only if you can cancel the Mist Step that fast, which most
people can't. This is because by using a proper Mist Step cancel what you are
essentially doing is subverting the 'd' command which saves you on time.
However, realistically I don't know if it's humanly possible to move that
quickly for a 10 frame Wind God Fist, I doubt it. But, it's a nice fact to know
if you want to impress someone who cares about these things in anyway. Many
thanks to Reverend C for this and also for explaining to me my error in
deducing what it meant.

Wind God Fist
f,N,d/f+2 or f,N,d,d/f+2
My favorite Mishima move! Kazuya's Wind God fist has the same properties as
Heihachi's, although I think it comes out a bit faster, although after it
connects Kazuya doesn't have the kind of options that the juggle king has from
his. Kazuya's WGF is in my opinion the 3rd best launcher in the game with Devil
Jin's Wind God fist coming in first followed by Heihachi's Electric Wind God
fist. The Wind God fist has also received one the worst weakens since Tekken 3.
You see the Wind God fist now hits special mid meaning that it can now be
blocked either low or high, which really sucks. Especially because I used Wind
God fist a lot to attack. The Wind God fist/Hell Sweep guessing game has now
been totally killed. Of course it's still much better than Jin crappy high
hitting Wind God fist. Of course the move still rocks. It juggles to a great
height and it comes out really quick so don't think it's worthless. I use it a
lot now to counter whenever I see a hint of movement. So use you it a lot to
counter moves and interrupt moves since it has good priority. Actually when I
think about it the Wind God fist is probably the best launcher in Tekken and
one of the best moves period up there with powerhouses like Paul's Phoenix
Wind God Fist is also great against reversal scrubs as it can't be reversed at
all so you can just drop a barrage of Wind God fists down on them and they'll
just keep eating them wondering "What am I doing wrong?" It's really hilarious
as they keep trying to reverse you and keep getting juggled. You'll never know
this joy until you experience it first hand.

Thunder God fist
f,N,d/f+1 or f,N,d,d/f+1
                        =+3 Mid Kick
                        =+4 Hell Sweep
Pretty useless by itself since it's slow as hell and can be seen coming from a
mile away. Then why the hell did it get 5 stars, right? Because this is one
hell of a juggle ender and a great stun finisher. This thing and a tacked on
mid kick or sweep give your opponent a one-way ticket to the land of major
hurt. Of course it's only possible to do this on big characters (I think) and
after a class 1 tag. Using it as a stun finisher requires a bit more speed.
When you anticipate a tag you can use it as well but I don't really recommend
it over a Glorious Demon Fist or Wind God fist. But, aside from the uses I've
just pointed out please never use this. Don't use this much in the regular game
though as if you start to go off with this move you will get and fully deserve
some major blows. That doesn't mean it's totally useless in versus games. Wait
for a rushing opponent then throw one out. I get this to connect at least once
or twice a round at 100% the time I use it. The trick is to know when to use
this move as if you throw this at the wrong time, like I said you'll get beat
up major.

Hell Sweeps
f,N,d/f+4,4 or f,N,d,d/f+4,4
Kazuya's hell sweep, it seems comes out a bit faster even than Heihachi's. His
Hell Sweeps consist of two low sweeps. A lot better, in my opinion than Jin's
low mid alternative. Unfortunately, Kazuya doesn't have the repertoire of moves
available during the hell sweeps like Heihachi does, which makes Heihachi's
still superior in my opinion. You get the no frills version, no Tsunami Kick or
Thunder God fist. The worst part however is that if it's blocked low Kazuya
will sort of stagger for a bit which I guess adds realism but weakens it a lot.
If it connects, you can usually hit with another one as your opponent is
grounded which makes it good for okizeme. Hell Sweep is also good for what I
like to term a 'guard breaker', not as in a stagger. When someone is just
blocking everything you do high and mid and we all know it happens, throw this
out and they'll probably be so mad that they'll re-enter the attack phase where
you can dominate them.
When you do this with Mist Step it comes out of nowhere and I can't even
remember the last time someone blocked it. I like to use it with Mist Step a
lot, it's one of my main offensive weapons against people who can't block low.
Two sweeps put them on the ground and then another sweep for  okizeme. I just
love to hear them complain after they eat this combination time and time again.
Of course they then go and call me cheap saying I only use the same move which
I don't, just a few times a round it's just that they can't block low, if they
did I'd definitely stop doing it. No reason to do a move that doesn't connect.

Demon Gut Punch
This is one the reasons why Kazuya is feared. This thing stuns for a long time.
I mean seriously long. Everyone loves this move. I loved it ever since Tekken 2
was out. This move stuns, and stuns, and then it stuns some more. Seriously it
stuns for a while and Kazuya recovers quickly so he can pull off some damaging
moves. There's Wind God fist if you want to go for the jugg(le)ular and finish
him off with a nice fancy juggle. Thunder God fist if you want to get it sweet
and simple, can you say half off. Or there's Glorious Demon Fist after which
you can add a few hits and the ease of doing it. Or even a simple roundhouse
can end this with major damage. The catch is demon gut punch is a WS move,
meaning you have to be crouched in the first place. This is one of the reasons
why I hate WS moves. They're just one of those things you have to get used to I
guess. If I am doing this I'd rather get into crouch by using another move
(like d+1 or d+3_4) and then executing it since I don't like WS moves one bit.
If they're doing a move you know can be ducked, do so and counter with it like
with Hwoarang's d+4,4. The Demon gut Punch is the reason why Kazuya's stun
juggles rival the damage of jugglers like Heihachi in terms of damage.
Now that I've finished kissing this move's ass, there's an awful truth about
the Demon Gut Punch, see, it kind of sucks. At high level play, that is. At mid
and beginners level this move will be your best friend. It'll work wonders and
you'll marvel at the damage it does. But go to a higher level of play and
you'll never connect this. It's slow and if it's blocked, you'll get badly
punished. Not to mention the fact that Demon Gut Punch's stun is escapable. Did
I mention that? Yep, the Double Over Stun, the longest in the game and the stun
that is yours on a counterhit, is escapable. The opponent can just press tag
and leave, inherently screwing up whatever you had planned. Of course you could
anticipate this and lie in wait but smarter players won't tag out. They'll just
hold 'f' and fall down quickly, again screwing your Thunder God fist or Wind
God fist. For these kinds of people, just go for a short lightning unblockable
(b+1+4). Thanks to KazMishimaKazama for this. But this still doesn't' make the
attack totally useless as for most of us this attack will work against 75% of
all opponents we play unless that is you're from Korea or play in SHGL or
Playmax in Japan. You see now why this'll do you no good against worthy
opposition? Take my advice, use the Twin Pistons, they're much, MUCH better,
that's why all the ultra-high level players, i.e. Korean masters, use the Twin
Pistons so religiously.
So basically while the move has been extremely toned down that still doesn't
make it completely useless. If they hold 'f' you have the tip up there and if
they escape you can WGF the tagger as they come in. Other Kazuya FAQs make this
move sound like it's totally worthless and one of his most horrible moves. I
tend to think that although it can be escaped that isn't as bad as it may seem,
if they tag you get a free hit in, if they hold 'f' you can do the short
unblockable. This move would still rank above average even with its current

Gut Punch
It looks exactly the same as the demon gut punch but its crumple stun isn't as
long as the double over the demon gut punch has. Does that make it worthless?
Hell no! I like it more because it can be performed without any fancy
pre-maneuver. It's a good juggle ender and it recovers fairly quickly. Use it
to counter when you can and, when it connect you can rain a great deal of hurt
down on your opponent as they lie there, including a short unblockable. It's
probably the best move from the standing position not counting CD moves. Gut
Punch is best used just out of throw range when opponents are likely to be
gearing up for an attack. It's also a great round starter as it counters
whatever the opponent was coming at you with and it's very fast as well.
Seems that the stun the this gut punch isn't escapable. This in my opinion
gives this a great edge and makes it better than the Demon Gut Punch.

Demon Backhand
Why is this move here again? It hits all high has slow execution and recovery
and it has so many better alternatives. If someone tried this move on me I'd
quicker think his hand slipped than he meant to use this. Again the best
feature of this move is the lightning that you see if it hits. And once again,
you can try it in juggles if you like. Not recommended though.

Soul Thrust
Not exactly great range wise but it's still pretty good. On counter it puts the
opponent head away face down. It can be used as a juggle ender but when it is
used it pushes the opponent a good distance away, too far for okizeme unless
you maybe use a tag slide. I used this a lot when I just started now I just
throw it in now and again or use it to end juggles against big opponents since
if I wanted to use a move from the standing position I'd rather use the
standing Gut punch.

Split Axe Kick
If this connects on a counter hit it will knock down (that's it) but it's hard
work to actually get it to connect in the first place as you have to do a
double forward tap to initiate it and that the kick itself is pretty slow and
it you have that kind of space available to you why not just Wind God fist?
Unlike Jin and Heihachi however, Kazuya is not able to add anything in a juggle
to this move.

Leaping Slash Kick
WR f,f,f+3
This is the same running jump kick that everyone has, if you haven't run far
enough to shoulder ram use it as if it's blocked it'll stun them good and leave
you safe from retaliation. But when running in I prefer to use the slide
anytime. You can also execute this faster by doing f,N,d,d/f~u/f+3, basically a
crouch dash followed by jumping forward with '3'.

Axe Kick
It gives a little stun and it staggers when it's blocked. I don't use it mostly
because it's speed sucks and I rather Tsunami kick to it any day. However if
you catch a crouching opponent with this, it stuns them long wnough for you to
snag them with a Wind God fist. You have to be moving mad fast to pull it off
however, no simple task.

Rising Kick
                =4 Tsunami Kick
A very good move. It's a good juggle ender, does good damage. I think it can be
used for okizeme but when you have hell sweep which can be done so easily why
this which takes some good timing. The first hit of this I use like most
Hwoarang's or Yoshimitsu's d/f+4, in a keep away game. The first hit can also
be used to start a juggle after the Glorious Demon or fist or like just when an
opponent hits the ground after a launcher.

Spinning Demon
This only works against new players or the low blocking impaired. I don't use
this anymore unless I find a newbie and couldn't be bothered to play him fair.
But if you're playing some Eddy button masher there's nothing better to get rid
of him with. This move can be parried and reversed so be careful when you use
it. Its best use for a regular game is in juggles as after Glorious Demon Fist
or Gut Punch on counter hit, it does good damage.

Demon Scissors
Hits mid or grounded opponents. If you wiff Kazuya'll take some damage unlike
Jin( Kaz is getting old I guess). I rarely use this except against the CPU
after a juggle as they always roll forward. Use it now and again for variance.
If you do u/f right before the 4~3 it'll come out immediately instead of the
delay when you do it normal. It's also a good juggle ender if your Wind God
fist connects on a counter hit as they flip over and can't tech-roll, giving
you this opportunity.
Demon Scissors is also very useful against Lei and Eddy scrubs. As they always
like to lie down, move in stances and keep moving very unpredictably, use this
to take them out from afar.

Stature Kick
I just recently realized that this takes 20 frames to come out. Doesn't seem to
matter much though. The nature of this move is that it's hard to see coming so
it connects almost 100% of the time. Of course if a move connects this often
something has to be wrong with it. Not really, the Stature Kick just does
minimal damage but all the tick damage from jabs and this kick add up in the
final analysis and could help win a match for you. Use this a lot in your mix
up. If you find that the opponent is getting all your high moves and you know
he'll stop your hell sweep, stature kick. He'll probably get hit by it and when
people start taking hits they tend to go offensive which carries the game right
back to you and your counters. Just don't wear this move out, it's a very good


Lightning God Fist
You're probably like "Four Stars for an Unblockable! Is he mad?!". But this is,
in my opinion one of the best unblockables in the game, up there with
Hwoarang's Dynamite Heel and in Kazuya's game, this move will come in very
handy. It is very fast for an unblockable and although it only does 40 points
of damage compared to the 80-100 most unblockables do, this is the price you
pay for it's speed.
After a d/f+2 Gut Punch (CH) stun or a WS+2 Demon Gut Punch you can use this to
end the stun, it's easy and it does a lot of damage. After the d/f+2 gut punch
on CH this is your best option as a Wind God Fist won't launch as it's not a
clean hit Can't seem to time that Thunder God Fist after a class 1 launcher?
Use this. It's easier to time and although you won't get the same kind of
damage you'll still score big.
It's good to use normally as well when you're at mid range, you can throw it
out sometimes or after you've gotten a knockdown. I connect with this quite
often. But still remember, this is slow so be careful how you use it.

Lightning Screw God Fist
What can I say. It's almost twice as slow as the previous one and although it
does twice as much damage, it's well slow. When I used to try for this a lot, I
got it like 1 in every 8-10 rounds. After a juggle and you know they'll tag,
use it and you probably get a hit and most likely a round win, but a better bet
is to just use a delayed Thunder God fist. The only time you can use this in a
juggle is if a big character is skied by a Devil Twister.

Now let's move onto the really good stuff!

* *************************** *
* *While Standing Moves (WS)* *
* *************************** *
While Standing moves are an integral part of Kazuya's game as two of his most
useful attacks come from the WS position, Twin Pistons and Demon Gut Punch.
There's also a quicker way to do WS moves than waiting for Kazuya to crouch and
then waiting for him to get up. By inputting d~d/b,N or d~d/f,N and then the
button, the WS move comes out quicker than just doing d,N alone since in d,N
the computer has to register that you're crouching and not side stepping before
you can do the move. The d~d/b skips this check so the move comes out quicker.
Thanks to Josh Turpen and Dong Lee for their Advanced Techniques FAQ which
taught me this. This is very useful as it allows you to throw out your Twin
Pistons right there in the middle of the game relatively quickly. Incorporate
this technique into your game, it will help you out so very much.
Another alternate method of doing WS moves is by jumping and then inputting the
buttons when you land. As you land you end up crouched and so while rising you
have the opportunity to do the WS move.
Get accustomed to doing WS moves as they'll be a big part of your Kazuya game
and they also encourage you to crouch more which means soon you'll be evading
high attacks with ease if you can't already.

* ************************ *
* *The Art of Crouch Dash* *
* ************************ *
The crouch dash is the most essential maneuver to master when using Kazuya, or
for that matter, when using any Mishima. You must be able to consistently pull
of a crouch dash, at any speed, fast or slow, be able to delay, cancel, buffer
with it before you can become a true Kazuya master.
Crouch dash starts, conventionally, four of Kazuya's key moves:
1) Wind God fist
2) Thunder God fist
3) Hell Sweeps
4) Tsunami Kicks
Every last one of these four moves are completely essential to Kazuya's
arsenal. If you can't do crouch dash, then stop wasting your time and go find
someone else to play with. Wind God fist is by far, Kazuya's greatest asset, so
you're fooling yourself if you think you can do without it. Another thing about
crouch dash is that it ducks under high moves and some mid moves. So while
Bryan is throwing out that Mach Punch you'll be dashing under it and come right
up to pop him into the air with a Wind God fist. Also since you can execute the
move at any time during the crouch dash, you can choose to delay the move,
execute it immediately or to totally abandon the crouch dash.
Crouch dash also has many tricks associated with it. The rest of this section
is associated with  showing these tricks to you. A very big thanks goes out to
Dohee Kim from http://www.tekkenzone.com for writing the tutorials from which I
learnt most of these tricks and to Bob for translating the tutorials from
Korean to English.

* *Dash Buffer* *
The first art of the almighty crouch dash is the dash buffer. Dash Buffer
allows you to do moves that utilize a f,f or b,b command right out of the
crouch dash. Doing a f,f moves just out of the blue, the conventional method,
does the job well enough but range is one limiting factor in doing it this way.
As we mentioned before, crouch dash has a lot of range and can be delayed
easily. Let's say you wanted to do a stonehead throw but the opponent was out
of range for the regular f,f+1+2 to work. Walking up to them and then doing the
throw would be risky but if you used crouch dash, they might believe that you
were going for a crouch dash move and block, when you'd actually be using dash
buffer to throw them. This would be done like this:
Basically a 'f' plus the button is added at the end of the crouch dash, meaning
that the crouch dash in itself acts like the first 'f' of the move. Other moves
Kazuya has which can use this is his Left Splits Kick (f,f+3). Dash buffer can
also be used to buffer for moves that have just 'f' or 'b' which gives access
to Glorious Demon Fist and more. By using dash buffer your crouch dash arsenal
is increased significantly.
Kazuya doesn't have any move that can be used with back dash buffer but later
on we will see how using this is just as useful as the forward buffer.

* *Instant While Standing* *
As you should realize by reading the movelist, Kazuya is a demon when it comes
down to while standing moves. Demon Gut Punch and Twin Pistons are both two of
his most important and valuable assets. Doing a while standing move the normal
way of crouching and getting up is fine if you're already in a crouched
position. But what if you're not? Quick WS works pretty well, but what about
range? Quick WS can't be used effectively in an attacking pattern. So how do
you use While Standing moves for attack? Well, that's another of the crouch
dash tricks.
Doing a crouch dash cancel into WS move is a simple yet complex matter. Simple
in that the motion doesn't take a genius to decipher. Complex in that it's very
difficult to get the motion down to perfection so you can use it as an
effective tool in your game. The motion itself is simple enough, let's just do
a crouch dash cancel twin pistons:
All three methods work but the last two have very hard timing to get down. It's
obvious to see the advantage of using twin pistons in this. Twin Pistons has
wonderful recovery, it juggles, it executes as quickly as Wind God fist and it
hits mid unlike WGF's Sm.

* *Is the Mix-up Dead?* *
When TTT first came out, people were appalled by the Sm hitting Wind God fist
as they realized that the old crouch dash mix-up was now dead. But time went on
and Korean techniques common knowledge to them since Tekken 3 became known to
us, it was realized that the mix-up still lived for two Mishimas anyway, Jin
and guess who?
Since Wind God fist can now be blocked low and high the only choice you would
have had for a mix-up is with Tsunami Kicks as TGF was way too slow. Not
anymore, with the crouch dash cancel to Twin Pistons you can have the old
mix-up as Twin Pistons is a mid attack. So you can still use the mix-ups that
made the crouch dash so feared, once you reach the required level of skill, the
only problem being that once you reach that level, you probably won't really
need to mix anything up again.

* ********* *
* *Tagging* *
* ********* *
Well this is Tekken Tag isn't it? The obvious reason for you to tag is to
switch your characters. We all have to do this at some point. But tagging can
be done in many other ways as well.

You can tag to get off the ground and bring your partner in. Most people do
this when their life is low and mostly after a juggle or knockdown
move(obvious, you're getting off the ground ain't ya?). But the thing is most
players know to expect this and they counter your character who's helplessly
running in like a fool. You'll take a Deathfist from Paul for this mistake or a
shoulder charge if you're at range. Tagging off the ground should only be done
if your opponent tries to okizeme you, if you tag then you should be safe.

Another way to use it is with the tag throw. There are two, the normal 2+5 tag
throw where your other character comes in and lands on your opponents after you
shoulder flip them away and then there's the one that's character specific.
Kazuya's only character specific is with Jun: f,f+1+2,5. This is a good way to
get your other character in without them taking damage, rather you'll be
sharing damage out.

The other way to use tagging is with your other character in a tag combo where
you can call in your other character to finish a juggle and whatnot. The best
part about this is not only does it look cool but the damage inflicted by a tag
combo is NOT recoverable.

Tag advice.
1) If you're tagging out, make sure you're not under any pressure. The best
time to tag is if you're at range or if your opponent is grounded.
Alternatively you could tag throw or do a tag combo to get your other player in
safely. Tagging carelessly will get you hit, by an unblockable or a power move.
I can't recall the number of times I've seen people tag out close up and run in
just to get hit by an unblockable or a Phoenix Smasher which is just as bad
because it takes about half your life away. The worst time to tag is after
you've been juggled and are on low life. Try to knock your opponent away first,
with a rising sweep or kick, then tag.
2) In the same fashion, punish anyone who tags in recklessly. After a juggle
and they're low on health I sometimes go for Kazuya's short unblockable (b+1+4)
and they get hit. Or you can Wind God fist them or go for Demon Gut punch.
3) Use tag slides and cross chops! These can save your life as you tag in and
will most likely do your opponent some damage as well as help to break their
habit of trying to counter as someone tags in. Also use the run in cancel
(u,u/b) if your character is able. Unfortunately this will only apply to your
partner as Kazuya isn't tag slide or cross chop capable.
4) Don't only tag when you're low on health. Obviously if you're low you should
tag to your fresh teammate but tagging at that stage is very predictable as
well as if you tag earlier you may be able to get more recoverable life back
and that character will still be able to come back without you worrying that
one Deathfist will kill him.


The first step in a juggle is the launcher. Everything after that is just free
damage for you to pick up, like bonus points. Kazuya's doesn't have many
launchers but they're effective in that he won't need anything but those. I
mean c'mon he has Wind god fist! Is anything else really necessary?
Most or more like all these juggles were taken off Tekken Zaibatsu so Castel
and the Zaibatsu staff deserve all the credit for finding them.

Wind God fist
The launcher of choice! The Wind God fist in case you haven't realized is maybe
Kazuya's best asset next to the Demon Gut punch. It also launches to an ideal
height and should be one of your main moves. Learn to execute this fast so you
can pick up on any small chance you may get to use it.

Twin Pistons.
Launches to about the same height as the Wind God fist. It launches them a bit
more forward though, but powerful juggles are still possible from this. Doesn't
give much to Wind God fist in terms of connecting, Wind God fist is still
better but this is your only choice from WS position. Also note, tag juggles
are not possible from this move.

You'll realize that a lot of the juggles have a lot of jabs in them. You must
be wondering "How the hell am I supposed to know that if I haven't gotten that
far?" And I apologize for that.
Anyway, it seems that Kazuya's f+1 gives you a +1 frame advantage but his F+1
gives you a +3 frame advantage. Aaaahhhh, right. Anyway, what this means is
that you use F+1 for the jabs, it's quicker, gives you more time, nuff said.
Okay maybe not nuff yet. For those juggles where you see a lot of jabs the jabs
are performed by doing:
Otherwise you won't have enough speed to finish all the jabs. Thanks to Josh
Turpen and Dong Lee for this in their FAQ.

* *Conventional Juggles* *
These juggles are possible off a Wind God Fist, Twin Pistons or a class 2 tag.

Decent damage not too flashy though. Don't be alarmed if the right punch fails
to connect, it's not supposed to. There's no reason for you to ever go for
something like this unless you're in the presence of someone who will recognize
how damn hard this is.

Better choice than the juggle shown above but this is just as hard. Kazuya has
MANY better juggles than this. Don't waste your time, unless you want to show

Your best choice from the standard launcher. Best damage combo you can get from

Timing is really hard! But if you can pull this off consistently you've got a
very good reliable juggle on your hands to use. It's damage isn't great, its
best use is as a show off combo.

Very easy to do and it does decent damage, using the f+2 puts them a good
distance away while the d/f+2 puts them a bit closer and if they roll forward
afterwards you can tack on a 4~3 or a tag slide which looks very flashy.

Looks really cool but the last WGF needs to be timed properly, you'll need to
Crouch Dash a bit to nail it. This juggle gets a 9 in the looks division.

1,1, f,N,d,DF+4,4
1,1, d+1, WS+2
1,2, WGF
1,2, df+4,4
1,2, f,n,d,DF+4
1, 1,2, WGF
1, 1,2, df+1
1, 1,2, df+2
1, 1,2, db+4
1, 1,2, f,N,d,DF+4
1, 1,2, 1,2,4
1, 1,2, 1,(1),2
1,2, f,N,d,DF+4,4
1,2, 1, df+1
1,2, 1, d/f+2
1,2, 1, db+4
1,2, 1, 4
1,2, 1,1,2
1,2, 1,2, df+4
1, 1, 1, df+1
1, 1, 1, 1,(1),2
1, 1, 1, 1,2
1, 1, 1, 4
1, 1, 1, db+4
1, 1, 1, 1, 1,(2),4 (big)
WGF, df+4,4
WGF, 1,(2),4
WGF, 1,1,2
WGF, WGF, df+2
df+4, WGF
df+4, df+2
df+4, 1, WGF
df+4, 1,(2),4
df+4, 1,(1),2

* *Counterhit WGF* *
Cool looking and damaging choice.

Simple and damaging. Bang for the buck.

1,2, df+4,4
1,2, f,n,d,DF+4,4
1,2, WGF
1,2, df+2
1, 1,2, df+4,4
1, 1,2, df+2
1, 1,2, f,n,d,DF+4
1, 1, f,N,d,DF+4,4
1, 1, 1,1,2
1, 1, 1,2,2
1, 1, 4
1, 1, 1, 1,2
1, 1, 1, db+4
1, 1, 1, df+4,4
1, 1, 1, 1, df+4
1, 1, 1, 1, df+2

* *Glorious Demon Fist* *
You must be wondering: this is a launcher? Yep, after this connects you can do
a crouch dashed rising kick and then do a little juggle. Nothing special like
the Wind God fist's or the twin piston but it still counts. It's hard to time
the rising kick though, normally I'd just for go the whole thing altogether and
just do a Tsunami Kick to get it over with.

Same damage as the WGF versions.

f,n,d,df,f+4, 1, 1, df+4,4
TGF,3_4     *Big Characters only*
d+1,WS+2    *Big Characters only*
f+1+2       *Big Characters only*
b+1+4       *Big Characters only*

* *Stun Juggles* *

You can get a whole heap of damage this way. The damage you get from stun
juggles rivals the damage that even master jugglers like Heihachi can get from
a juggle. The stun drains them and then the juggle just adds to insult. This is
where Kazuya juggles get all their damage from. However getting the stun down
is much easier said than done in practice.

* *Demon Gut Punch* *
The stun of choice. This does big damage especially on counter and some of
these combos drain more than half the bar. Even though it's hard to hit with,
it still is the best stun to connect with overall.

Any of the Wind God fist juggles shown before will work here as well. You'll
just get the added damage that the stun causes.

Very deadly. I like Mist Step here with the Thunder God fist since my crouch
dash isn't very fast and the TGF has to be executed quickly.

Not really a juggle but hot dog this thing does great damage for the effort you
put out. Any Mishima can do this as well as Ogre and I think it does something
like 82 points! I first discovered this on Practice Mode  when T3 just came out
for the PSX and was basically amazed at the damage two hits could do. Just to
calm anyone who's thinking Kazuya does exist in T3, no I did it with Ogre.

WGF,any combo
The WGF must be down quickly to launch tem otherwise it'll just knock them down.

1, 1, f,N,d,DF+4,4
1, 1,2, WGF
1, 1,2, df+1
1, 1,2, df+2
1, 1,2, df+4,4
1, 1,2, 1,2,4
1, 1,2, 1,(1),2
1,2, f,n,d,df+4,4
1,2, 1, df+1
1,2, 1, df+4
1,2, 1, db+4
1,2, 1, 4
1,2, 1,1,2
1,2, 1,2, df+4
1, 1, 1, df+1
1, 1, 1, 1,(1),2
1, 1, 1, 1,2
1, 1, 1, f+2
1, 1, 1, df+2
1, 1, 1, df+4,4
1, 1, 1, 4
1, 1, 1, db+4
1, 1, 1, 1, WGF
1, 1, 1, 1, 1,(2),4
1, 1, 1, 1,2,4        *Big Characters Only*
f+1+2                 *Big Characters Only*

* *Gut Punch* *
If you can't get the Demon version, why not this? It's easier to do and more
likely to hit since it can be done more quickly.

This is your best choice by far. It's easy and it does the best damage. Great
combination right there.

Probably the 2nd best choice. You have to do it immediately though. So be ready
to execute it. It does great damage for the effort you put out which is next to

d+1, WS+4,4
d+1, cc, 1, df+2
d+1, cc, 1, WGF
f+1+2              *Big Characters Only*
TGF,3_4            *Big Characters only*

* *After a Class 1 Tag* *
After a class 2 tag Kazuya can do the same stuff in the previous section.
However after a class 1 launcher e.g. Yoshimitsu's 4~3 or Hwoarang's CD+4
Kazuya can do some special stuff that does big damage. Just a good reason to
have a class 1 capable character with you.

Excellent damage ,looks good too. You'll have to buffer the crouch dash as
Kazuya goes in. Just don't execute TGF too fast or it'll go right under the
person and you'll come out the other side with a total wiff not to mention you
look really dumb.

About the same damage as the previous.

Very good damage.

Good damage and easy to time. Just make sure you do the short one and the long
one will have them hit the floor and you'll still be going.

f,f+3 , BT 4
TGF, BT 4 (big)
UF+4, 1, 1,2, WGF
UF+4, 1, 1,2, df+1
UF+4, 1, 1,2, df+2
UF+4, 1, 1,2, df+4,4
UF+4, 1, 1,2, db+4
UF+4, 1, 1,2, f,n,d,df+4
UF+4, 1, 1,2, 1,(1),2
UF+4, 1,1, f,N,d,df+4,4
UF+4, 1,2, 1, df+1
UF+4, 1,2, 1, df+4
UF+4, 1,2, 1, db+4
UF+4, 1,2, 1, 4
UF+4, 1,2, 1,1,2
UF+4, 1,2, df+1
UF+4, 1, 1, 1,(1),2
UF+4, 1, 1, 1,2
UF+4, 1, 1, 1,2,4
UF+4, 1, 1, f+2
UF+4, 1, 1, df+2
UF+4, 1, 1, df+4,4
UF+4, 1, 1, 4
UF+4, 1, 1, db+4
UF+4, 1, 1, 1, WGF
UF+4, 1, 1,2, 1,2,4

To Tag or not to Tag.
This one basically depends upon your situation. It all depends upon the kind of
damage you can cause with the said player. If you WGF with Kazuya and your
partner is King, hell no! You don't tag. But if you have Heihachi or Jin or
Bruce as your partner, by all means tag in and combo them, you'll get more
damage and it'll look cool. Of course tagging in means you'll have to change
player so make sure you're ready to use that player before you tag.
Some attacks when tagging out
Julia   : f,f+1,f,f+1,f,f+1,d,d/f+1,2
Bruce   : b+3,b+4,3,4
Jin     : b,f+2,1,d+2_2,f,f+2
Hwoarang: 3,3,3,3   or
          3,3,3,4,3 or
A.King  : 1,1,d+1+2
Heihachi: f+1,b+2,1

Devil Anomaly.
With Kazuya, if you have Devil as your partner, then you won't be able to use
any tag combos. This is because instead of the tag partner running out, Devil
'morphs' into Kazuya and vice versa. This looks very cool and at the point of
changing they execute the equivalent of Jin's force block which also rocks but
the sequence takes too long for anything worthwhile to happen as well as the
fact that it leaves you open to attack if you do this outright.

* *My Favorite Juggles* *
I thought that after that whole listing thing, you might want a quick list you
can go to for actual good combos instead of wading through unnecessary junk.

1) WGF,1,1,d/f+2_f+2,d/f+4~4
A good, easy reliable combo to use. You can't go wrong here. This is a good
juggle for a beginner to Kazuya to start off with or if you need assured
damage. I use this when I'm not getting the crouch dash down too well or if I
don't want to chance a higher damage, but harder juggle.

2) WGF,WGF,d/f+4~4
Definitely the juggle I use most. It's Kazuya's best damage juggle from the
Wind God fist and it puts you in a fairly good position to set up for more
moves. As long as you have crouch dash down fairly well, you can pull this one
off with fair ease. This combo is your best choice if you want good damage for
relative ease.

3) CH WGF,1,WGF,uf~4~3
Best bet after a counter hit Wind God fist. Since on counter hit it turns them
upside down, they land on their face and therefore cannot tech-roll making this
combo possible. You have to be quick on the Demon Scissors however or they'll
be able to get up. This combo does great damage.

4) WGF,4
Simple, quick, good damage. You can do this regardless of how the Wind God fist
hits. It'll knock them a good distance away so you'll have plenty of space to
do whatever. Most of the Korean Kazuya players I've seen use this so it can set
up for more wave dashes.

You know it had to be in here. Only a couple of points away from
WGF,WGF,d/f+4~4 in terms of damage but it's more stylish to do. This combo has
been totally butchered in TTT, it's so bloody easy to do it's not even funny
anymore. No longer a great combo this one, of course since Kazuya has no good
combos, a better light shines on it.

6) CH d/f+2,b+1+4
Easy to do as long as you don't get caught by surprise that the d/f+2 stunned.
It's damage is about half the bar so you know it's good. It's looks nice too as
it's an unblockable you're using to end the combo.

7) CH WS+2,TGF,3
Ouch!! This is the old favorite for just about everyone. Lots, and I mean LOTS
of damage from this. The only problem is connecting the WS+2 which is a bitch
to do. You want to do this combo, you NEED to use this combo if you get the
chance. Of course if the opponent holds 'f', then you're screwed.

8) CH WS+2,WGF~5 (Bruce),b+3,b+4,3,4
I just had to put this one in. If number 7 was ouch then this must be
mega-ouch!! Depending on the machine damage setting, this baby WILL KILL the
opponent if Bruce is Netsued when he tags in. The WGF must be pulled off very
quickly, though. You gotta love it man!!

A Quick Hit.

This is actually quite useful for tacking on an extra hit to your juggle. If
you have a partner that can tag slide or cross chop, after you complete the
juggle tag out and slide kick or cross chop. But beware with cross chop you
have to have an exact distance between the opponent and yourself. Chances are
you'll nail him just as he's getting up. Another good use of this is as
follows. Let's say you're using Kazuya/Hwoarang. Hwoarang launches them with
his CD+4, Kazuya tags in and does a TGF,1,f+2 or something then he tags out and
Bob runs in with a slide that puts them back down. You get to revert to your
original character without any risk. Surprisingly, this slide technique is
something I've never seen used except by Douzono in some of his exhibition

10 hit strings.

f,f,N+2,1,2,2,,3,4,4,2,        Ten string
f,f,N+2,1,2,2,3,4,4,3,2,1      Ten string
f,f+N+2,1,4,4,2,4,3,2,1        Nine string

I personally don't use 10 strings. I think they should be removed altogether
from Tekken. Kazuya has 2 10s and a 9 string. The two tens start with 4 high
hits, so a low jab can easily interrupt. The nine is better though since it
only has two highs then a low I think also the last hit is a stun like one of
his 10s. After the stun you can continue the string or just plain do something
else. Something else being better. I haven't tested this out yet but in theory
if the stun connects you could actually do b+1+4 instead of pressing '1'. They
seem to execute same speed and the b+1+4 will do more damage.
These strings shouldn't be used against even intermediate players as they'll
make you regret it each time. These should only be used against beginners if at
all during a Tekken versus match.

* ********* *
* *Offense* *
* ********* *

You'll realize that I don't recommend turtling anywhere. Why? Because although
I think that sometimes turtling is important against some characters who'll
massacre you if you get up too close, I believe that Kazuya is a very attack
oriented character. He has lots of quick, fast, high priority moves. Use his
hell sweep to give yourself some room if you're being hounded and then return
with some offense of your own. Even against characters like Nina and Anna who
have fast strings and even when they attack I prefer to go for the jugular with
Wing God fist. And you know what, it almost always connects. Then I tack on a
little juggle damage. Another move I like for offense is his d/f+2 gut punch.
Get up close and most likely your opponent will be trying to attack you and
then you'll gut punch him on counter. The first hit of his tsunami kicks I also
like to use since it has good range. Stature kick while not powerful almost
always hits and helps KO your opponent. When you're crouching Twin Pistons
should be your attack of choice to punish people. Just don't go crouching
outright as no one in their right mind approaches a crouched Kazuya. Such is
the fear of Kazuya's WS arsenal which includes the stunning Demon Gut Punch. If
the attack comes in really quick use d+1, there was this one time I was playing
a Hwoarang guy and he kept charging with mid kicks, some low jabs and he got
interrupted every time. If the move they attacked with has a bad recovery go
for Shining Fist since it damages and knocks down so you can get into position.
You need to be the aggressor since Kazuya isn't a very defensive character, you
don't want to have block a lot since once you block once, you basically have
the case of an opportunity wasted right there.

Well, Kazuya's major moves for countering with are the Wind God fist, Demon Gut
Punch, Twin Pistons and his regular Gut Punch(d/f+2).  They can all hit for a
lot of damage and both can be followed up into even more damage. With
countering all you really have to do is wait and time everything right...or
anticipate the move. After some time you'll come to know it as second nature.
And it is necessary; you can't just block any and everything that comes your
way. Of course if you miss you'll get a nice reminder not to miss
again...course what kind of Tekken player are you if you're not willing to take
risks? Plus counter hits do a lot more damage and with gut punches you get
stuns you can follow

Wind God fist
This is probably my favorite counter move, it's so fast and it opens up so
much. You really have to know the other player and read how he plays. If he
likes to play it close and then dash, stay a minuscule further than he wants
and Wind God Fist. Since Wind God fist constitutes a crouch dash it'll go under
a lot of high mover so characters who have many high based attacks like Bryan
Fury should be cannon fodder when he uses his Mach Punch as you'll go under and
when you come up he'll be movin' on up as well. Others like Paul you have to be
more careful with as the possibility of retaliation with Phoenix Smasher is
very real but it all comes down to your opponents style of play. Some players
like Hwoarang are quite easy to Wind God fist since a lot of his moves come in
strings and that's what a lot of people use, unless you're playing Seok, in
that case just pray :). As he starts that string nonsense, Wind God fist. In
the end it all comes down to practice and your experience.

Demon Gut Punch
Demon Gut Punch is a good and bad move for countering. On the good side, it
does crazy damage and presents many opportunities but then on the flip side
it's slow as hell to initiate and it's almost impossible to get this off
against a seasoned player. But if you're playing against less experienced
competition then by all means use this but use it well. Learn the attacks that
hit high so you can duck and counter. Hwoarang and Baek, Yoshimitsu and
Kunimitsu too all beg for this. If you see a Jin coming at you, go to low block
in case he goes for hell sweeps and if he goes for WGF, counter! Against a
better Jin ,you'd never be able to do that, but since novice players rarely use
dash buffer, Tsunami Kicks and since they cannot initiate quick while standing,
it's a safe bet.
Any string of high attacks, duck and counter, a single high attack duck and use
the recovery time. No one can withstand two of those mistakes. people who like
to 10 hit combo a lot are also good to go after as their string is set and once
you know where the weak points are you can take them down easily. Use the Demon
Gut Punch well grasshopper.
One point that weakens the Demon Gut Punch, substantially, it's escapable. They
can tag out of this or tap f,f to fall over quickly, ensuring that your Thunder
God fist will wiff. When you find someone that does this, many people are
unaware of this feature, instead of using Thunder God fist use Lightning God

Twin Pistons
Like a diamond in the rough, the wonder of the twin piston is only there for
those with a keen eyesight good enough to realize it's greatness. Up until a
few months ago, okay maybe a month or so ago I had always thought of the twin
pistons as average. Believe me, it's anything but average. You have Demon Gut
Punch to counter the novice and then you have Twin Pistons to counter the
advanced. It's execution is beautiful and although it doesn't juggle as well as
Wind God fist, it does it's job well enough. Its only real weakness is that it
has pathetic range, not as much as Demon Gut Punch anyway.
Countering with the twin pistons should be done just as it would be with the
Demon Gut Punch except that you now have a better chance of connecting on it
heh heh. Twin Pistons are also better to use in countering 10 strings as
windows of opportunity in 10 strings are very specific and if you miss you get
hurt, and since this executes faster it's a much better bet.

Gut Punch
This is a different kind of counter, and can easily become reflex since you'll
be standing. When someone is recovering from a move, gut punch. If they get too
close, gut punch as you see them twitch. Basically it's the same usage as the
demon version but with the added ease of motion. and the fact that you're
standing. I use this to counter a lot. After you connect this on a counter hit,
do a short unblockable and you'll get a lot of damage, about 40-50%!
While some may argue that the damage you can do from this is not up to Demon
Gut Punch level, you're more likely to hit with this than with it's big brother
and plus the stun is guaranteed to stay unlike Demon Gut Punch's escapable stun.
Other Counters

They all have their uses but the four listed above are those I believe to be
the best. Shining Fist, depending on how you look at it, is by far the safest
bet but since I've emphasized it's usefulness throughout the FAQ, I saw no
reason to do so again.

For okizeme, Kazuya doesn't exactly have many options. But those he does have
get the job done well enough. Kazuya isn't exactly going to keep them grounded
forever but you will be get the tick damage that adds up. Mainly as far as
okizeme goes, Kazuya has the Hell Sweeps and the Stature kick, oh; I guess you
can count the Demon Scissors as well. Maybe not, since it takes too much time,
only use it if you see a forward roll and are at close enough range since if
you wiff you'll take damage. Both the hell sweep and Stature Kick should be
used as your main form of okizeme. Get in at close range and once you see
movement, execute them and put them back on the ground or if you just want the
damage just do the move and hit them. If you are close enough, Tsunami Kicks
are also a good option, but you have to get the timing right, wait for when
they start to roll. This is a good way to get people who like to tech-roll all
the time, the value of staying grounded is one few people have realized. Try
them all and decide what works best for you then stick with it. Just don't try
too hard or could get caught with a rising move.
There are other moves that can be used for okizeme but I don't think any of
them work as well as the two I listed up there.

If you're at a more advanced level, wavedash works very well here, not as the
okizeme in itself but in taking them as they get up. As they are grounded, just
start wavedashing at them and the minute you see them twitch WGF or hell sweep
them. You'll have to be dashing fairly quickly for it to work as you have to be
able to take advantage of a split second of lapse time on your opponent's part.
You should be relatively safe from an ankle kick interrupt about 33% of the
time as that's the period in which you'll have the d/f motion input to parry
the ankle kick. The only way they'll probably get away from this is if they
tech-roll after you hit them.

So basically while Kazuya's okizeme isn't going to make anyone pull their hair
out it's still free damage that Kazuya can cash in on.
To summarize, your best bets for okizeme are:

Each of the above moves have their own particular usage. One thing you should
watch out for in okizeme is an ankle kick which will allow a safe rise if it
connects. It's sp fast you really are powerless against it but if it wiffs then
you can drop a WGF or some Tsunami Kicks down.
For forward and back rolls you can simple crouch dash up and use Wind God fist
or Tsunami Kicks yet again to drop them down. For forward rollers Thunder God
fist is better as it has less a chance of wiffing on a forward and it does some
mad damage.
Tech-rolls are a trickier subject. However if you know you opponent is going to
tech-roll you can get them as they get up with a move with a sweeping arc like
say a roundhouse or you can use crouch dash's tracking to Thunder God fist them.


Kazuya isn't exactly a throwing character. He has no multi-throws nor does he
have any special command throws that do big damage. The only one he has is
Stone Head which I guess is good in that it requires a two button escape but it
does barely more damage than the regular throws. A word from the wise, don't
EVER use the Ultimate Tackle, just about everybody in the world can escape this
and Kazuya doesn't even have an arm lock to keep things interesting, not to
mention that you could get reversed. Of course if you get reversed you can
always escape it but well it's not worth the bother. But throws still have
their uses. If your opponent keeps blocking everything you do, rush or crouch
dash at him and throw him. They usually don't expect a rush throw and many have
fallen for it in the past. Also throws are always good for variance as
predictability can be your downfall with Kazuya who lacks a large amount of
moves. Throws give you the chance for a free move, okizeme, which gives you the
chance for free damage, 1+2+3+4 power up or to tag. The bottom line is throws
are useful for more than variance but don't get too dependent on them and you
should throw whenever you get the chance. Oh, and don't feel cheap doing it, in
Tekken throws aren't cheap as all of them can be escaped and well it gets your
opponent angry and no one who's angry and frustrated ever played properly.
The best way to use a throw is to use dash buffer to buffer a Stone Head into
your crouch dash if your opponent is blocking a little too much.


Well this is always good to demoralize a reversal happy opponent. Chicken is a
big insult against a fellow player. I don't really try to lure people into
chicken because my chickening ability is far from perfect but if you're going
to you can do f+2, d/f+1, d/f+2, f+1+2, 1,1,2 or 1,2,2. Again it depends on
reading your opponent since some players may read into your trying to bait them
and interrupt with low jabs. And in case it wasn't blatantly obvious only
buffer chicken against reversal capable characters.
Thanks to Tekken Zaibatsu, we now have a reversal chart. The following list
contains moves that cannot be reversed. All other high and mid moves obviously
can be reversed as low moves can only be low parried.
1) f,N,d,d/f+2
2) f,N,d/f+2
3) d/b+1+2      *Only King may not Reverse*
4) f,f,f_WR+3
5) 4~3          *Only King may not Reverse*

Custom Strings.
You won't much information on these here since I don't use 'em much, I don't
really know why maybe I'll start someday. But in case you want to use them I'll
post a few that I picked up around the place.
Anyway, there they are. Custom strings are basically used so you can set up
your opponent for a bigger more damaging move. If/when I ever start using
these, I'll put up a good strategy for them.

* ***************** *
* *Offensive Style* *
* ***************** *

Poking is just one of the basic techniques you'll have to master if you want to
be able to compete at a high level. You won't always have big opportunities
coming at you and  a good poking technique can be used to make opportunities
happen for you. Poking is well suited to be used with a good movement chain as
you'll be dodging and maneuvering your opponent as well as getting a little
damage in there. Pokes usually consist of fast quick attacks that most of the
time do little damage but recover very quickly like 1,2 jabs or 1,1. A good way
to determine good pokes is to look at the frame data on the attack. These are
available at www.tekkenzaibatsu.com.

Poking is a good way to basically be a fly in your opponents face and will keep
pressure up on your challenger. If you keep him/her too pinned down with your
fast quick strikes, you'll give them no chance to retaliate against you and if
they try you'll most likely get the interrupt with your quick attacks. And if
they block you then you should still have no worries as your attacks are fast
recovering enough for you to be safe. Just ensure that when you poke, you don't
use slow recovering attacks, if you do you'll lose your frame advantage and
could get hit by a faster move.

Another reason to use pokes is so that you can get a frame advantage you can
use to set up bigger and more powerful attacks. Like if one of your pokes
connect, you'll recover quickly and will get a chance to add another strike due
to your opponents frame disadvantage. The simplest example of this is when you
poke with 1 or 1,1. If it connects you can always finish the rest of the
Shining Fist as it'll be guaranteed. Normally if you just pull Shining Fist out
of thin air and it gets blocked, the last hit has a longer delay on it. So by
waiting like this you reduce the danger to your character.

A lot of people also start to lose it when they keep getting ticked by these
pesky attacks. Normally when they're in this position, they'll do something
stupid and then, well, you punish them appropriately.

Good Pokes

This, for me is the way for Tekken, and Kazuya to be played. I mean Tekken IS a
fighting game, fighting meaning the majority of the time offense. Anyway, in
this style, you just have to be all over your opponent, all the time. Keep
pressure on them by using a variety of quick moves, the same kind you'd use in
your poking game to set them up for a big shot like a counter hit gut punch.
I've found using the standard jab strings work very well or you could go with
the first 4-5 hits of one of Kazuya's ten strings but don't use the whole thing
or you'll pay. If you get a knockdown, like from a hell sweep or something,
stay close and keep moving around, gives people the feeling that you're itching
to put down some more hurt, and as they get up,  be all over them again. Use
wave step, if you can, to stay up in his face with WGF and when he/she tries to
respond, hit em' with a Shining Fist or gut punch or a simple low jab. Just
remember to keep the pressure up on them.

First off, let me just say that I don't think Kazuya is meant to turtle all day
as he is a very offensive character and he doesn't have any reversals to boot.
The only character I believe that can play like this indefinitely is Forest Law
with his parrys. But if you use Kazuya like this you should know by now what to
use here. Wind God fist is good to get them with as they come at you and should
provide your platform from where you'll build damage. Demon Gut punch or better
yet, Twin Pistons them as they come in at you with high moves. Shining Fist
also works wonders in this department as well. The low jab is also good to
interrupt them if they start upping the tempo too much. But like I said I would
shy away from playing like this as Kazuya is a much more offensive character
and shouldn't be turtling all the time.

The Keep Away Game.
The Keep away is sort of a strange mix between the pitbull and turtle.
Basically you want to stop your opponent from getting too close to you by
either running away or via the power of suggestion a.k.a Wind God Fist;) This
is where the Rising Kick (d/f+4) really shines due to it's great range and
speed. Kazuya isn't as good as this as Heihachi since Heihachi has his Shadow
Steps but Kazuya makes good on it as well. This can easily turn to a countering
game as your opponent may try a mad blitz to break your game up and then you
drop a stun on them. Or it may be the opposite, you see a weakness in the
opponent's game and you blitz them. The problem is you must only blitz for a
few hits then return to your game. If you get too caught up in attacking then
your pattern is broken and you play his game.
But when the opponent finally rushes you have to make it a good one otherwise
you'll just turn to simple pokes and every round will end in time outs. When
they charge, you want to go straight for the jugular. How you do this is up to
you. Stuns, juggles or whatever else you have planned is fine as long as it
works. The attacks you use for keep away really depends on your style and your
preferred keep away distance.

* ********** *
* *Defense.* *
* ********** *

How can there be offense without defense. Although your defense will most of
the time consist of blocking there's always these other techniques to use.

Block or Side step.

Side step is very underrated. Kazuya has a very good Side step and so he should
use it as much as possible. Of course blocking is the safe conservative option
it always was and is always an option. Although one block usually leads to
another, right? So I'd rather go for the interrupt or the side step. Of course
going for side step is a double edged sword isn't it? You could get nailed if
the move your opponent executed sweeps the area like Yoshimitsu's '3'
The best attacks to sidestep are those which come in one dimension like Thunder
God fist and Jin's Laser Cannon electric punch rush. After the sidestep some
good moves to go for:

Shining Fist (1,1,2) - This is very quick and will interrupt them as they're
performing their move. Due to it's speed, you'll catch them in the act and get
a counter hit. This move is good to use anytime you perform a sidestep.
Wind God fist (CD+2, f,N,d/f+2) - A good choice as long as you can execute it
fast enough to interrupt your opponent and since it juggles you'll have the
chance for some free damage.
Stature Kick Combo (1,2,4) - The two punches will hit then the stature kick. Of
all the ones listed this is probably the best chance to hit since even the
opponent has a chance to block, the stature kick will most likely get him for
good damage.
Gut Punch (d/f+2) - I'd probably choose this over the rest because all it
requires is a simple motion and its comes out fast as well as the fact that if
it hits while they're in the act, you'll get a stun and an opportunity to do
some more damage.
Throw - You really can't go wrong here. No need to explain this, you all know
what a throw is.

Blocking is just one of those things that are as simple as breathing, but
people still manage to mess it up. High moves shouldn't be blocked if you can
help it. Duck under all high moves and respond with a Twin Piston.
Psychologically, if the guy you're playing sees that he's missing all the time
and you're dodging everything, it gives you an edge against him, he'll be less
inclined to use that particular move.

Interrupting Moves.

Kazuya is a very good character for interrupting moves with. His Wind God fist,
of course, which comes out very quickly and has great priority and of course
allows you to juggle. Then of course there is the soup de'jour, the Demon Gut
Punch for interrupting anyone who's stupidly trying to do high attacks against
the mighty Kazuya. Twin Pistons may be a better choice here though as its speed
is much greater and so you'll take full advantage of any window that you may
have. The regular gut punch can be used as well at close range when you can't
Wind god fist fast enough or can't crouch and is one of my favorites to use in
this area. And then of course there's the d+1 low jab. Very fast and interrupts
hem almost all the time. I did that to a Hwoarang player 5 times in a row
before I decided to let him be. After the low jab you can Demon Gut punch or
Twin Pistons to further add to the carnage. Or use can use old Mishima
favorites like 1,1 or 1,2. The Shining Fist (1,1,2) is really good for
interrupting because it's really fast and all that has to connect for the whole
thing is the first jab. But be careful remember interrupting isn't guaranteed.
You may try to do it and then find yourself in a very sticky situation. But of
course it's more rewarding than blocking.

Reversal and Parry
Basically you don't, Kazuya has the universal low parry (d/f) but I really hate
this because a lot of the time I have trouble finding the diagonal and to do it
you have to leave the safety of your block to do it. Also I find that it's
pretty hard to time the damn thing unless you get cut and dried cases as in a
10 string. So you'll basically have to block any strings you come across and
hope there are some high hits so you can low jab or do a Twin Pistons or parry
it if there's a low hit (if you can). But I guess it's not so bad that Kazuya
doesn't have a reversal as reversals can be chickened except for Kings, Wang's
Left hand reversal and then Law's parrys, if he had those that would rock.

Getting Up
One of the most integral parts of the game is actually getting up while
avoiding countless okizeme attacks. If you're not careful about how you get up,
you'll continuously get pounded right back into the ground by a tile splitter
or Jin's b+4. The information here can be used for just about any character.
First there's the '3' sweep kick. The move of choice against average players as
they rarely block low moves. Against higher level players they usually
anticipate someone going for a sweep so they block low or parry as they come
up. If the sweep connects you have the perfect opportunity to continue with
your own okizeme, tag out or position yourself for another move.
Then there's the '4' standing high kick. This is best alternated with the low
kick, to confuse your opponent. Or this kick should be used against the people
who aren't necessarily pitbulls but more like rushers to take them as they
Then there's Kazuya's b,b+3+4. This is one of the worst choices unless your
opponent is coming in at you as a lot of times this is anticipated and plus
there's a delay before the move is actually executed. Also if this is blocked,
you see some retaliation. Stay away from this one most of the time.
Then there's the f,F+1+2 option. If you have some range then this is a good
choice as the cross chop stuns so you should be safe as well as if it hits it's
good damage. This will also catch people who tag out after the knockdown and so
when their partner comes running in, they'll get caught by it.
Then there's the ankle kick (d+3_4 can't remember). One of the best options
just for giving you time to move. It's very fast and even though it does
negligible damage, it'll give you enough of a frame advantage to get up. If you
can get the timing down well enough, you can stop running attacks. After a
power strike that sends you down the screen a lot of people charge in for a
slide kick, cross chop or shoulder in case you get up or a simple trample. If
you time it just right you can get the ankle kick to stop a slide or trample
which is very useful.
Then there's the tag out. This is highly advised against as people are always
ready to get your helpless partner with a Deathfist or Wind God fist or the
like. Even if you're low on health try to use '3' or '4' to get a knock down
and then tag out or your other partner could end up with a disadvantage as half
his/her life would have been taken by the Deathfist.
Then there's plain rolling to get up. Using '1' to roll sideways is one of the
best options you have as you'll be relatively safe. Don't roll forward/backward
or get right up unless you have enough room to do so.
Of course, I can't forget tech-roll. This is probably the best option as long
as you don't get too dependent on it. It'll give you instant recovery from the
attack and people who use non-guaranteed juggles will beasically be screwed
over. Just don't get too predictable with it otherwise, they'll wait and get
you as you bounce up by sidestepping along with you.

Always remember before you get up to observe what's going on. Sometimes staying
on the ground a few seconds longer may be the best option if an unblockable was
being charged in case you would have been over zealous. Like the old proverb
always said "Look before you Leap".

This is one new area I thought I'd put a bit of stress on. Many people when
they get into a new position that they're not accustomed to, they have
absolutely no clue as to what to do and just mess up what could have been a
potentially devastating (for the opponent) situation. Since Tekken is a 3D game
with sidesteps and with oddities that may arise from tagging and moves wiffing,
there are different positions that a player can find themselves in:
1) Close Range.
2) Outside Throw Range or 'f,f' Dash Range as it is called by Tragic.
3) Far Away.
4) Side of Opponent.
5) At Opponent's Back.

* *Close Range* *
This is one of the more common ranges that a player may him/herself in. Close
range is not one of Kazuya's stronger areas due to his lack of an 8 frame jab.
You poking punch strings are the best bet in these close quarters. Up this
close crouch dash is risky but possible though interruption should not be
discounted. Counter attacks such as Gut Punch are good to use in this vicinity
but again due to the range interrupts can become common. Your best bet here is
to try to put some more distance between your aggressor. This is the range at
which characters such as Julia Chang rule over.

* *Dash Range* *
This is Kazuya's range of choice. At dash range Kazuya has the space and
freedom to properly execute his crouch dash moves without fear of interruption.
Also at this range Kazuya can use his Gut Punch efficiently. This should be
your standard range for attack and a little outside it if on defense. Basically
from here everything will work out fine, all moves will hit at proper range,
however delaying crouch dash moves won't work here as for the crouch dash moves
to hit as they reach the required range, they must be quickly executed.

* *Far Away* *
Well there really isn't much Kazuya or for that matter anyone else can do from
this range. At maximum range you may find people charging at you to connect
with the shoulder unblockable but you can easily escape this with U/F+2+4.
Normally if I have a standoff at this range I just dash in until I'm just
outside dash range or if I'm playing less skilled opposition, I may go for a
slide kick or a shoulder charge myself.

* *Opponent's Side* *
From the side your options narrow down to what you can do and what's smart to
do. Wind God fist from here will flipover the opponent allowing for
WGF,1,WGF,uf~4~3 which is very damaging. The most commonly performed move from
this position would be the side throw. This is generally a good option unless
you're playing against the few people who can escape throws on a whim.

* *Opponent's Back* *
Ahh, the coveted back turned position. This is by far the most advantageous
position to yourself. A back throw is a good choice for easy damage although
Kazuya's back throw isn't as damaging as those of other characters. Wind God
fist from here will launch as normal, no flipover at all. The throw is probably
the best option overall.

* **************************** *
* *More Advanced Strategies. * *
* **************************** *

Reading you Opponent.

This is something you'll have to break into on your own. Reading your opponents
style of play can help you more than you might think. By reading an opponents
style of play you can adjust yourself to combat him. Some of it is very
obvious; don't turtle against whose defensive. Don't rush an aggressive person.
At higher levels TTT is very psychological. You have to be ready even before
the fight. If you see he likes to charge in a lot, then you'll want to make use
of Wind God fist and low jabs to interrupt. Against a defensive person you'll
want to poke a lot. Your opponent's style of play also comes into consideration
when you're deciding the first thing to do in a match. This will be discussed
later on.
Part of reading your opponent and his style is because you want to be able to
control the pace and style of the match. To control your opponent, you must
first understand your opponent. Then when you know how they react to certain
changes in the game, you can begin to manipulate them and make them go your
way. They'll eventually reach a point where they have no idea what to do as
they're afraid you'll get them. Basically at this point you've won the match.
While novice players are easily manipulated, expert players tend to mix their
game up a lot to prevent predictability which is what you should to do as well
to safeguard against this same tactic.

Movement is probably by far the most important aspect of the game and probably
of the hardest to integrate properly into a game. Movement is the key to
setting up any victory against an opponent. Tekken is a 3D fighter, the
sidestep is there for a reason, you're not just supposed to wait for things to
go your way. You have to keep moving so that the opponent may wiff something
that you can get a countering opportunity against them.
The primary instrument in a good movement is the sidestep. The sidestep is
equal for most characters, Kazuya's sidestep itself is a good one in terms of
distance covered but it has the disadvantage of not being able to execute any
sidestep specific moves like Jin or Bryan can. It is however the key to evading
attacks especially the mid and low attacks that can't be ducked. However each
time you use it you put yourself on the spot, a sweeping attack will knock you
right out of it while a successful evade will give you a retaliation chance.
This brings you to another crossroads, should you take the chance. Nothing has
ever been won by playing it safe and the payoff here would equal the damage
done so it is definitely worth it to try.
The next instrument is the forward and back movements that a character has. The
thing about a backdash is that it could be more trouble than it's worth, during
the dash and for some time after it you are unable to guard against any attacks
leaving your self open. However backdash is necessary for you to get your
proper spacing and will get you there faster than walking back so it will all
depend on the distance relative to your opponent. The case is the exact same
thing for forward and back movements.
Putting together the forward, back and sidesteps into one big package can give
you a good routine and at any point in the routine you can interrupt it with
attacks like a Shining Fist, Wind God fist or go into the Mist Step. The total
package might look something like this:

Then there's the harder more advanced movement motions.
I'm sure we've all heard of the infamous Lei Haha step which allows Lei to go
into an almost continuous backdash. This allows him to control the tempo of the
game as the opponent is obliged to follow Lei's lead. What you may not know is
that everyone is able to do this same type of backstep. I've seen many
different ways of people doing it:
The first I find to be very hard to use, I always just mess it up. The second
seems to be the better of the two ways listed above, my way of doing it is very
similar to the second. My way of doing it is basically a reverse wave dash:
It's works well for me so this is the only method I can confirm. The use of
this is obvious. To slow down the tempo of the match if you're being out poked
or are being totally pitbulled by some Bryan or Julia or even to just waste
time if you want to.

This brings to the final element of the movement game, the wave dash in
actuality. The wave dash is explained in full in the next section so I won't
re-state it here. The use of the wave dash is basically the opposite of the
pseudo Haha step, the up the tempo of the match and get right in that turtles

Wave Dash.

Some of the techniques in this section are very advanced and will take lots of
practice to master. Since they all have to do with crouch dash, I put them here
instead of in the advanced section. While basic crouch dash skills, dash buffer
and even crouch dash cancel to WS moves are necessary for a proper game,
aspects such as wave dash are best left until all aspects of the basic game are
well learnt. Personally I suggest you practice getting the motions and speed
down a bit but not to the extent that you cbecome fanatical about it. More than
likely, unless you possess tremendous talent, it won't do you a whole world of
Personally I don't use wavedash because I just don't want to spend that kind of
time learning something that advanced until my entire game, not just my speed,
reaches to that level. I'd suggest to all new players to stay away from the
wavedash but more than likely you really won't care what I say and go try to
master it anyway.What's the result? A wavedashing fool who can't even sidestep
right outside of a snake dash.

Wave dash is just too cool not to like. It sets up for the best stuff in the
game, moves quick as lightning and is one of the most effective tools for a
Kazuya master. Now when you crouch dash you can cancel it simply by inputting a
'f' command. Therefore after you cancel the dash you can simply do more crouch
dashes and cancel them to get a sort of continuous crouch dash going on. This
is wave dash. Wave dash is considered inputs the dash command up to 4 times per
second. Anything faster than that is considered to be light dash, to be
discussed later.
Wave dash, depending on the speed it can be input at, is very useful at
covering ground as it moves you across the arena very quickly. It also allows
you all the standard crouch dash privileges that were previously described
above. This means access to regular crouch dash moves as well as dash buffer
and crouch cancel WS moves. This makes Kazuya's wave dash in my opinion even
better than Jin's, whose wave ranks second.
Due to the speed that dashes are executed and canceled at, you can interrupt
your opponent as soon as they twitch using wave dash. As soon as you see
movement, press '2' or cancel into twin pistons and you'll float them. Using
dash buffer, Kazuya doesn't really have many options outside of the Stonehead
throw which I guess is good enough.
Wave Dash is also good for okizeme. While the opponent is grounded, start
dashing and you'll keep riding up and down at their feet. Then, once you see
them start to move, use a Wind God fist or Hell Sweep to put them back down on
the floor.
All crouch dash capable characters are able to wave dash.
There are only two true commands for the wave dash. All other are wrong:
The second command is commonly used for light dash as it is quicker as you can
see by watching the commands and comparing.
There is currently are fascination with wave dash. The minute people first
heard of it the first thing they did was turn on their Playstations and try to
make 4 times per second. But that in itself is not wave dash. To wave dash
effectively, you must be able to use all aspects of the dash, including the
tricks shown below. Just being able to do the motion doesn't mean you are a
wave dasher. Wave dash is a very powerful tool but is best left to the advanced
player as using it without the full knowledge and practical ability to use all
of its capabilities, wave dash can do more harm than t can good.
There are many tricks that are used out of the wave dash and these will be
discussed in the upcoming section.

* *Fake Wave* *
In fake wave, instead of buffering a 'f' into it and so moving your player
forward, a 'b' is buffered into it and Kazuya is seen as sort of chopping back
and forth while doing his full wave dash motion. What's the use of this? Well,
aside from looking way cool it keeps you in position and you at all times have
access to your crouch dash. You start doing this and it sort of calls your
opponent to attack you. And when they come, as you're using crouch dash to do
the fake wave, you'll have full access to your repertoire of moves and will be
able to interrupt them as they attack.
Here are the commands for Fake Wave:
Either way will work fine although the second way is faster though it doesn't
push you as far back.

* *Snake Dash* *
Snake dash is best used in collaboration with the above tools to confuse the
opponent. By doing a dash canceling it into a sidestep, it also allows you to
sidestep attacks and before you sidestep you also have normal crouch dash
options available to you. Snake dash is performed using the following command:

* *Dash & Wave Wind God Fist* *
Dash Wind God Fist: DWGF
Wave Wind God Fist: WWGF
Dash and Wave Wind God fist are sidestep killers. That's their primary
function. We all know of those chronic sidesteppers who walk all over the place
trying to avoid your crouch dash attacks. This is their remedy. Dash Wind God
fist is entered like this:
As you can see this is just a 'f' entered before the Wind God fist. As you
know, tapping forward makes you face the opponent, and therefore their sidestep
will be cancelled so you can snag them with your WGF.
Wave Wind God fist takes longer to execute than DWGF, but since you're using a
wave dash, it tracks the opponent better. Needless to say, it's harder to do
than DWGF:
WWGF in addition to having it's longer range also gives you options while
you're in the first wave.

* *********** *
* * V.S. CPU* *
* *********** *

1) Use the d/f+2 gut punch as an opening move, when I use it almost always
hits. And if it hits on CH I think you can do it again for guaranteed hits or
just do a short unblockable.

2) Tag slides usually do no good here, in my experience cross chops have
performed better, but I'd not recommend you use them either.

3) 10 hit strings as long as you don't wiff the first few punches almost always
take the CPU, the last hit almost always hits. Take advantage of this.

4) Wind god fist is a good attacking weapon against the CPU. It connects a lot
and even if it gets blocked you can defend quickly enough. Just don't wiff it.

5) I've seen this work a lot, Wind god fist ,1,1, unblockable (long).

6) The final boss, Unknown continually regenerates her life that's in the red
so keep persistent against her so she doesn't get too much of an advantage by
having the regeneration ability.

* ************ *
* *V.S. Human* *
* ************ *

1) Use your knowledge of your opponent's style to determine your actions at the
beginning of the round. If you know that they are very aggressive you'll want
to either come in with a fast counter, Shining Fist or the d/f+2 Gut Punch or
if you can pull off a very fast Wind god fist, or you can dash back. The back
dash is obviously your safest option but nevertheless you lose a chance for
easy damage (either way). If your opponent would be defensive you can either
mimic him or come in hard with Wind God fist or hell sweeps. I prefer hell
sweeps with mist step because it's harder to see coming and at the start of the
round people seldom block low.

2) Always mix up your moves. Redundancy can be your worst enemy against a
human. While the CPU may take that same move 10 time and time again, a human
will definitely punish you if he knows it's coming.

3) If you're he kind who likes to use 10 hit strings, I suggest you stop here,
Kazuya's 10 hits start with 4 high hits so a simple low jab will interrupt you
every time.

4) Remember big guys launch high and smaller ones launch well higher. Know
this. Some of your great juggles won't work on the bigger guys.

5) Unblockables aren't entirely out of the question here especially the short
one. A lot of people freeze up when they see an unblockable coming at them. A
good time to use it is after a knockdown a short distance away. If they roll
back you'll wiff and they'll probably be too far to get you. If they stand in
position and try to retaliate they'll get slammed.

6) Tag cross chops and to a much greater extent tag slides work wonders here.
Most players try to retaliate as you tag in. Here's one you can try, if you're
at the other end of the screen and the opponent is standing charge in and press
tag at the last second and send your second in with a tag slide. Of course
Kazuya can't do tag moves so this is only applicable if your second can do it.

7) Don't forget hell sweeps for people who can't block low, it really does work
wonders. Two sweeps put them down and then one for okizeme.

8) Make sure you know all the escapes from (A)King's, Nina's and Anna's multis
and if by chance you get grabbed don't be afraid to look at their hands so
you'll know what button to escape with. Also learn how to reverse and escape
all parts of the Ultimate Tackle. People rarely use this but if it happens,
you'll be prepared.

9) Use the options that Mist Step gives you to keep them guessing, will you go
for the crouch dash or the good old Mishima trademark punch combos. Moves
executed from Mist Step especially hell sweeps seem harder to detect by people.

10) If you can do wave step effectively, then use it! It's one of the quickest
ways to cover ground and it's a very confusing art. Your opponent won't have a
clue what you're planning on doing and if they try to attack you can just WGF

* ******************************** *
* *Character Specific Strategies.* *
* ******************************** *

Basically these will not hold true for every human since we all play
differently, but this should outline what you should do against specific. As
you gain experience you'll learn your own tactics to use with Kazuya but in the
meanwhile here's my suggestions, and I must apologize due to the fact that not
every character will be listed here since in my arcade not all the characters
are used so I'll know more about some than others, but I'll try my best to
round it off. So if you see very limited info on some characters bear with me,
I'll try to make it better next revision.
These are very basic outlines of each character. While some characters may be
rated low in the hands of a master they could do some good damage. The most
dangerous characters in a master's hands, in my opinion are the Mishimas.
Basically I think you should continually hound them but in some cases it's
better to hang back and wait for a mistake to surface that you can use to your
The characters who are reversal and multi throw capable are stated.

The characters in alphabetical order:

Difficulty: Easy
These two whackos share the same basic style as the Kings minus the
multi-throws. Just keep a little distance from them and come at them with Wind
God fist, hell sweeps and the like. They do have a couple good points about
them however. Their Animal God fist rivals your TGF in terms of damage. Their
f,N+1, if blocked, gives them a lot of frame advantage which allows them time
to drop a guaranteed combo down or even an AGF. They also come equipped with
King's cheesy Ali kicks and everyone should know just to block them and come up
with the WS move of your choice, be it a Twin pistons or a Demon Gut Punch.

Difficulty: Easy
Unblockable lasers. Great...shyeah right. Now in the flying version they can go
over your head to the next side so just sidestep the beams now. They have a
side step uppercut now that is very strong and launches very high, it only
fault is it's considerable wind up time that it takes to execute. They share
all the Mishima moves with Kazuya so they're dependent on the crouch dash like
you are. Anticipate their attacks and interrupt with whatever you can. They
have an excellent Twin Pistons which execute very quickly and don't give frame
advantage when blocked. It has mor forward momentum than yours or Jin's and
Devil players just abuse this to death. You basically have their moves and then
some so keep at them, don't allow any room for them to blast at you.

Anna Williams
Difficulty: Hard
Reversal Capable.
Multi Throw Capable
She's more or less the same as her sister Nina, though I think her sis is
better than she is although what do I know about them so I could be wrong. Be
prepared for low of little poking attacks and a number of strings. Speaking of
strings, whenever you see her a little way off go for the Wind God fist since
she probably is going to start a string or go for the multi. You'll want to go
for interrupts a lot with your trusty Wind God Fist. Play her as you would
Nina, her only real difference is her low super which you can see coming and
punish accordingly.

Anna's Multi-Throw Escapes:

Throw Name                         Throw Motion         Escape
Palm Grab                          QCF+1+2              1
Rear Chickenwing Lock*             ~5                   N/A
Reaping Arm Bar                    3,4,3,1+2            1+2
Standing Reverse Arm Lock          1,3,2,1              1
Falling Reverse Arm Lock           2,1,3,4,1+2          2
Rear Gatelatch Falconwing Squeeze  3,1,4,1+2,1+2        1+2
Gatelatch Throw                    2,3,1+2,3+4,1+2      1
Arm Sprain, Standing Cross Lock    1+3,4,1+2            2
Inverted Crucifix                  4,3,4,3+4,1+2        1+2
Arm Break, Rear Cross Lock         1+2,4,3,1+2,1+2,1+2  1

Armor King
Difficulty: Medium
I just love this guy. For me he's the King I respect. He has a single
multi-throw so just learn the escapes for it since you can't afford to duck his
crouch dases due to his Dark Uppercut and other impressive moves. His Multi
also comes straight out of the crouch dash so he has an excellent mix-up at his
disposal with that and he can mix the throws in the crouch dash up. He has an
array of power punches. He also has the *drum roll* People's Elbow. That move
is so cool; it even recovers on its own. Attack at him but keep some distance
since he's a brawl fighter. Use stature kicks to poke at him and counter as he
comes at you. He has juggles unlike his apprentice but they're not overly
damaging. He has good low attacks includong two cheap ones, the first is the
Ali Kicks that we all know and hate and second is his d/b+4 which executes
really quickly, but if he wiffs this, then he's totally screwed.
One more note. When you're face down he can continuous mount you and without
doing any punches, re-mount as you'll be too stunned to get up. What this
essentially is, it's a Hand-Cuff where ha can continuously mount you until time
runs out. This is very cheap and I doubt many people will use this but if some
do, and you're bigger, you ought to beat them down for being cheap bastards.

A. King's Multi-Throw Escapes:

Throw Name                         Throw Motion      Escape
Choke Sleeper                      f,N,d,d/f+1+2     1+2
Full Nelson Suplex                 2+4,1+2,1+2       1
Waist Lock Sleeper                 3+4,3+4,1+2       2
Leg Stretch Muffler                3,4,1+2,3+4       2
Triple Backmounted Head Punches    1,1,1+2           1

Baek Do San
Difficulty: Easy
He's more of a Tae Kwon Do simple person and isn't as flashy as Hwoarang is and
is also to my eyes less dangerous. He was my favorite from Tekken 2 but his old
moves aren't meant for 3D game play so keep moving and then charge in when one
of his little strings miss. He doesn't have the kind of confusing type of
strategy Hwoarang has and everything is pretty much cut and dried. You should
be able to easily overpower him and counter him a lot, especially his d+3,3,3
as last shot hits high. So, just like his student look out for the high kicks
and counter them until he falls. He seems a bit more string oriented than
Hwoarang though, so use this your advantage with interrupts. He possesses a
very fast jumpkick (3+4) which sends you flying and can also be easily used in
juggles, but it hits high so if they try to abuse it then he's screwed.

Bruce Irvin
Difficulty: Hard
Another of my T2 favorites. Be very careful against this Muy Thai master. His
mid kick to double uppercut 3,2,1 juggles on the third hit and if blocked he
can sweep you with a '4'. The thing is if the mid kick hits on counter the next
two are guaranteed. If you get launched get ready to cry as he slams a Triple
knee combo down on you. Don't try to attack him head on or you'll get slammed
with that combo. His pokes are very annoying and very effective as well. He has
a very large mix-up from his 1,2 double punch with hits that can go just about
anywhere.  His Nightmare Mach Punch can parry punches but the timing has to be
exact for this to happen. His right jab also has great range so he can poke at
you a lot. He has an extreme lack of low power blows although he is amply
equiped in low ticks. Go at him with hell sweeps and stature kicks and if he'll
take it mix the sweeps up with Thunder god fist from a distance since he'll
normally be trying to hit you with his long legs. Wind God fist when he starts
coming too close. This is a tough battle to win. Try to out power him with your
juggles. Like I said this is tough to keep ticking at him.

Bruce's Multi-Throw Escapes:

Throw Name          Throw Motion     Escape
Embracing Knee {1+2}f,N,d,d/f+1+2+4  1+2
Tumbleweed          1+2,1+2,1+2      N/A
Left Knee Strike {2}(3_4),1+2+3      2
Turning Knee        1,3,1+2+4        N/A
Rising Knee         2,4,1,1+2+3      N/A

Bryan Fury.
Difficulty: Hard
Good Lord! You're going to feel real pain against him. Be very careful about
your moves since if you wiff them, he'll give you a good Mach Punch for your
troubles. A lot of his moves cause a stun on counter which means you're going
to fell again. The only consolation is that all his moves have some initial
movement involved (f,f,). Try to detect this and counter accordingly. Some of
them require a back crouch dash, when you see this go for the Wind God fist and
counter.  Most of his power strikes can be blocked high with the exception of
his power sweep, which you can see coming (hopefully). His new b+1, if buffered
with a tag gives him guaranteed ticks at you if blocked and most players will
definitely abuse this a lot. He has the best array of WS moves in the game and
so use caution when approaching him. You shouldn't have to worry much about
being countered with his WS+3 as Kazuya doesn't have many moves that can be
ducked. That of course doesn't mean it isn't a threat.
Of great importance is his punch parry which, if the player can use it, will
give you no end of trouble. The Parry is irreversible as all parrys are and
since it's a Punch parry that means that he can totally, in theory, shut down
your Gut Punch and Twin Piston game.

Eddy Gordo or Tiger
Difficulty: Medium
Owner of the coolest 10 string in the game. There are two kinds of Eddy users,
button mashers (common) and the ones who can really use him. One uses the kicks
like it's some kind of messiah. They'll normally end up using his 'break dance'
kick where he sweeps low twice then follows up with two kicks where he sort of
rolls towards you. Now here's the deal, it's actually very easy to deal with
this move. If you can, you can parry it or Wind God fist if you have the space,
just don't get hit. And then there's the choice of kings. Block low and after
the last hit (they're 4 in total, two sweeps and two roll kicks) go for the
Demon Gut Punch. No two ways about it he'll either try to get up after the
kicks (without blocking) or stay low and get nailed with the Demon Gut Punch,
on counter hit! Then do with him as you please. An expert on the other hand
should be treated with respect. Low attacks from him are the catch of the day
so get used to d/b. Use the same strategy as before for the low hits but beware
of him suddenly going mid and beware of him suddenly turning masher at close
range. Wind God fist is also a good use to interrupt since it does hit mid,
even if it's special mid. Your best attacks against Eddy scrubs however is
simply u/f+4,4,4,4 or Demon Scissors.

Forest Law
Difficulty: Hard
High, low, air parry capable.
Be on your guard against Bruce Lee's shadow here. Be on the lookout for his
Junkyard kick that hits low second. Also watch for his Dragon Tail attack, it
does good damage and it's a knockdown and can be used for okizeme. When you see
him crouching, get ready to block low as he can do a slide attack from a
crouch.  Poke at him a lot with of jabs and Shining Fist when you get a
opening. Attack him with hell sweeps and lots of stature kicks. If he's teamed
with Paul remember that their tag attack (f+1~2~5,2,2,5,1) can be escaped from
the first stun. Law is the best defensive character in the game as he can parry
every kind of attack possible and parrys can't be reversed. Watch for his two
three hit punch combos, the one that starts with a right punch goes low.
If he's teamed with Paul he has a cool tag combo that can be done after the
Poison Arrow (F+2~1), although he can do something special with just about
everyone after this but Paul's is the worst. The F+2~1~5 causes a stun which
allows for some deep comboing. If you happen to get hit with it, tag out and
come in with a slide if you can else just hope that your tag messed up the

Difficulty: Easy
Block his multi palm shots and retaliate. He's the king of slow and he's heavy
so you won't get good juggle height on him. I say you take advantage of your
speed over him and go after him with the normal mix. Since he's so slow I find
that the standing gut punch works well on him. Mix up your high and low game a
lot as usual. He has an infinite where he goes on one foot and hops, just block
this low until you get pushed back some distance and then retaliate.

Gun Jack.
Difficulty: Easy
Erm, I wouldn't be too worried about this. I haven't yet met a formidable Jack
player so don't know much strategy. He's really slow but also powerful. His
attacks can be seen coming easily but they are still very powerful. Watch for
his low kicks as well as his uppercut rushes. His only real nuisance is the
height your juggle starters launch him to and he fact that he takes less damage
because of endurance. His slow speed is his undoing, you should be able to
succeed easily with your standard array of moves, go offensive here.

Heihachi Mishima
Difficulty: Hard
Automatic Right Kick Reversal if hit with a right kick during his unblockable.
The juggle king and one of my favorite characters. If he blocks one of your
slower moves look out! His Twin Pistons, unlike your have almost zero execution
time and if they connect just prepare your best sour look for the kick ass
juggle you're about to receive. Of course if you block it has a long recovery
so retaliate with Shining Fist or another move. He has a good high low mix up
with his hell sweeps that have a lot of options ranging from Thunder God fist
to Tsunami Kicks that can be executed anytime after the first sweep all the way
up to the third.. Jab a lot to avoid this. If your opponent can Electric Wind
God fist, you're in for a good fight, avoid his launchers like the plague, they
hurt really bad after all that juggle! But that's not all, Heihachi doesn't
just have juggle ability, he can duke it out as well. He has a power punch like
Paul's and his comes out faster as well though it doesn't do as much damage
wise. His Demon's Boar (b+2), a lot of people seem to have trouble blocking
this, it's not as slow as you might think.
Higher level Heihachi players, may use his wave dash, you can do one as well
but since Heihachi can do EWGF and some mondo damage from his juggles, you'll
have to be especially careful and you'll have to watch for his hell sweep while
you're at it as it's capable of some big juggles and big damage by itself as

Difficulty: Medium
His kick strings are particularly deadly. Against intermediate players, you'll
want to block a lot and then retaliate at an opening. A good poking game is
necessary against him. Another thing, his 3,3,3,3(why do people do this?) has a
high last hit, so block the first three, then duck and Demon Gut Punch or Twin
Piston him for a juggle. But even if you get caught in the first hit or two, I
think that it's still escapable. His d+4,4, many Hwoarang players' favorite
launcher, has a high last hit, but get this, even if the low hit hits you while
you're ducking, the high one still goes over. So, block the first low hit and
as the high executes, Twin Pistons. Just because he's a Tae Kwon Do fighter
doesn't mean you should take his juggles for granted, they can put some BIG
hurt down on you. Just because Hwoarang's a kickster be aware of his punches,
Hwoarang players like to use them to poke at you a lot and to interrupt you
when you think you see an opening. His main weakness is the lack of good low
attacks, be aware of this. Also some of his attacks LFF 3~4, RFF 3~4 and RFF
f,f+4,3 do A LOT of damage so be on the lookout but these are generally slow.
He has a really good side step and most Hwoarang players use his triple side
step (SS, f+3, SS) to get all the way behind you and then give you a good kick
in the back.
More advanced Hwoarang users may try a technique on you called 'crazy step'
popularized by world champion Seok Dong-Min. It basically where Hwoarang goes
into a sequence of sidesteps and forward and back dashes while using his 3+4
stance change ability to cancel the movement giving the illusion that he is
hopping about the place. It's a good technique for dodging jabs and such as
well as it looks very fancy and may confuse you. Just wait for them to calm
down or use a sweeping move like hell sweeps.

Difficulty: Easy
I'm not going to repeat myself here, just use the same strategy as with Gun
Jack, they're basically clones as far as I'm concerned. I heard he has some
type of tag cancel which causes a class 1 launcher and that it can be lead into
an infinite combo, I also heard that the combo is insanely hard to pull off,
some kind of 1 frame window, so I doubt you'll have to worry about that.

Jin Kazama
Difficulty: Medium
Reversal Capable
Kazuya and Jun's son so you'll know to expect a mixture of the two. He has your
Gut punch but it's not nearly as good as yours. He has the standard Mishima
combos like 1,2,2 and 1,1,2.  He also has a more powerful juggling ability than
you. His main ouch maneuver is a three hit electric punch combo that starts
with a gut punch and if it all connects, does a good deal of damage. This same
combo's last hit can also act as a launcher but most Jin players stop after the
first or second and go for (Electric) Wind God fist. A lot of Jin users fake
the third punch and instead go for a throw so be prepared to cancel. Jin also
has a (Electric) Wind God fist but it hits high so you what I'm going to say
now. When Jin crouch dashes towards you chances are he's going to use Wing God
fist or hell sweep, so block this low and if it's a hell sweep you block it low
then block the follow up high, if a Wind God fist however, after the attack
wiffs, hit him witha Twin Pistons. Of course he could use Thunder God fist or
Tsunami Kicks instead. TGF should be no problem; the Tsunami kicks are the only
problem and the only risk involved. Just don't let him get you in the air
because he can put some major hurt down on you with his juggles. His new b+4
will annoy you forever with its okizeme usage and its ability to cause stuns.
Also a high level Jin player will probably use wave dash against you, you have
it as well but it's more useful with Jin since if they can do it well, an EWGF
isn't far behind and he can use the dash buffer to go into his f,f+2 or a WS+2
juggle starter. And Jin has some mean juggles.
One more note, when he's teamed with Heihachi, after a force block he can turn
to Devil Jin for a short time. You'll know because he'll be pulsing with
lightning. Also in this mode his Wind god fist also hits mid so be aware of

Julia Chang
Difficulty: Hard
A lot of people find her tough to defeat. She always mixes up high and low
attacks and especially the dreaded overhead hit to low sweep to jump kick that
if you don't block the low hit always connects. I would suggest keeping some
distance and dashing in and out with pokes, hell sweeps and stature kicks.
Interrupt with Wind God fist. She also can keep you in the air for a long time
with her elbow juggles, which actually don't do that much damage, since each
elbow does around a jab's worth of damage. A good Julia player will keep in
your face and poke at you with all her fast little high low attacks waiting for
a chance to launch you or connect with one of her more powerful moves. Also
beware of her G-Clef cannon, it executes VERY quickly, you couldn't even get a
Shining Fist off, and it juggles so she'll start dropping some elbows down on

Jun Kazama
Difficulty: Easy
Reversal Capable
She's weak but has the pest gene in her. She has little 4-5 hit combos that are
relatively powerful but her strength is in pestering. Her double jump kick hits
low unlike Jin who learned it wrong. Use the interrupting strategy here to stop
her cold when she charges at you. She has the same annoying 1+4 move that Jin
has so she'll be able to mix up using this.

Kazuya Mishima
Difficulty: Medium
This match will basically be a test of who's the better Kazuya player. Remember
the weaknesses of your own moves and try to exploit that. Use your specialty
strategy with Kazuya here be it attack or poke, since he's the same as you
you'll want to fight him at your most comfortable. Just remember how each of
his moves operate and adapt accordingly. Just remember to lookout because in
this battle, your opponent doesn't just accept Demon Gut punch and twin
pistons, he can dish it out as well.

King the Second
Difficulty: Medium
Kick reversal capable
Multi-Throw Capable
I really hate him. He's sooo advantaged over everyone else. An un-chickenable
reversal, ground/crouch throws, unblockables that don't need to charge, waaay
powerful throws and a Boomerang Kick that does more damage than even a Phoenix
Smasher! He also has a set of general moves and the good ole multi throws. I
really suggest that you learn the escapes to ALL his linkers so they don't do
you in. Speaking of linkers, when you see him crouch dash in, that usually
means he's coming in for a throw so duck to avoid and when it wiffs, Twin
Pistons. Of course he could lure you to think he was throwing by crouch dashing
in and then throwing out a Black Bomb. Also when you see him in the long
sidestep, duck and then retaliate as necessary. Look out for the Boomerang kick
I mentioned, a side step move, which does 82 points of damage on CH and about
62 on normal hit. It can quickly change the way the game goes. The only good
thing about this move is that it hits high so you can duck it and it's easy to
see coming. Also beware of the most used follow up to his b+4 kick which makes
him end facing back, a low quick foot raise (cheap too, I might add) that does
too much damage. I've just been made aware that after he does the b+4 kick use
a WS+2 demon gut punch on him to counter. Thanks to KazMishimaKazama for this
one. Attack at him a lot so he doesn't get a chance to throw (all his special
throws do mega damage, the spinning one does 70 points!). Use Wind God fist as
usual when you see him twitch and go for hell sweeps rather than Tsunami kicks
which can be reversed and can't be chickened (cheap). He'll try a lot to punish
you with his u/f+4 and go for a little juggle. be careful of this, although
King isn't a juggle oriented character he can still do some damage onto you.

King's Multi Throw Escapes:

Throw Name            Throw Motion                 Escape Motion
Achilles Tendon Hold  f,N,d,d/f+2+3                     2
STF                   1,2,3,1+2                         1
Scorpion Death Lock   1+2,3,1,1+3                       2
Indian Death Lock     1+2,1,3,1+2                      1+2
Romero Special        1,3,4,1+2,3+4                   (none)
Arm Break 1           f,N,d,d/f+1+4                     1
2 Arm Breaks          1+2,1+2                           1
Reverse DDT           1+2,4,2+4                         2
Arm Crucifixion       4,3,4,3+4,1+2                   (none)
Chicken Wing FaceLock 2,1,1+2+3                        1+2
Dragon Sleeper Hold   2,1,3,1+2+4,1+2+4                 1
Rolling Death Cradle  1+3,3+4,2+4,1+2,1+2+3             2
Reverse Arm Clutch    f,D/F+1+3_f,D/F+2+4              1_2
BackDrop              2,1,1+2                           1
German Suplex         3+4,1+2                           1
PowerBomb             1,2,3+4                            1
Giant Swing           2,1,3,4                           1
CannonBall            2,2,1+2                           2
Manhattan Drop        3+4,1+2,1+2+4                     2
SuperFreak            1,2,3+4,1+2                     (none)
TBone PowerBomb       3,1,2,3+4,1+2+3+4                 2
Reverse Full Nelson   d/f+1+2_d/f,D/F+2+4_SS_2+4    1+2_2_1+2

Difficulty: Easy
Their fighting style is similar to that of the Jacks. They have great big
uppercuts and biting and clawing moves and throws. He has a long range over you
and he doesn't launch high so most of your juggles don't apply here. He also
has some the characteristic Jack pounds like 1+2,1+2 and f+1+2 as well as the
low uppercut rushes which can end in different ways. Their unblockable can turn
into a rolling move that has an entire screen's range but is blockable. I'm yet
to see someone actually use one of them. Don't worry too much, they're great,
big, slow animals. Watch for his f+1~1,1. Kuma's f+1 has mad range however and
that gives him a big poking tools that you'll see being used a whole lot. Fight
them as you would a Jack.

Difficulty: Easy
The Yoshimitsu rip off is in my opinion not as good as the real deal. Train
yourself to look out for her teleport into mid air with a stab move and counter
it every time with Wind god fist, glorious demon fist or whatever you want.
Most of her moves are the same as Yoshimitsu's so use the same basic idea
against her. She has a plethora of unblockables just like Yoshimitsu does and
most of them are very fast but they also don't do much damage.

Lee ChaoLan
Difficulty: Easy
He has a few of Law's moves but strangely doesn't have any Mishima moves. He
has infinity kicks, don't be scared when they push you far enough out interrupt
or side step throw. He has his own stance now and when you see him beckon you I
suggest hell sweeps. Also, watch for his d+4,4,4,4 combo. This has to be one of
the cheesiest combos I've ever seen, it comes out fast and the first three hits
are low so remember to block this one, Lee scrubs use this a whole lot and even
the advanced incorporates it. But he's overall pretty weak so I wouldn't worry.

Lei Wulong
Difficulty: Hard
The king of confusion. Be very careful wit this cop's style. He has a total of
twelve, yep, count em' twelve different stances. His Razor Rush is one move you
should be especially wary of. This move has four punches and then either a high
or low kick. Each one of these hits, aside form the low kick can be transformed
into a stance that makes things very hectic. Also look out for his b+1+2 head
butt, which avoids attacks, and his sweeps, which are quite fast. Because of
all his style, you can get many opportunities to interrupt and counter him. I
suggest that you go on an attack against him so he doesn't get time to gather
himself and spin his web of confusion. Study how he moves and reacts. A lot of
Lei players, when they're a little out of throw range are looking to start the
razor rush, so you can go for Wind God fist at that time. He has the best mix
up in the game with stances but if you keep at him he'll eventually succumb to
his fate, a KO.
More advanced Lei players may be employing a technique called the 'Haha Step'
where Lei seems to continually back dash. It's executed by inputting
b~3~4,b,repeat or b+3+4,b,repeat. By canceling the back turn each time he seems
to be on a continuous back dash. I recommend you don't give chase as he can
come out very quickly with a Razor Rush. This is seriously one move to which I
have no cure, if anyone knows of a solid way to kill a haha stepper please
e-mail me and share it, I'll give you credit in the FAQ. I was thinking to
charge in then press tag to stop and tag out and come in with tag slide, this
will probably fail though. Anyway, I just recently got a strategy against Haha
step from bluu. Start wavedashing towards him, your wave should match his Haha
for speed. Then, when you see him about to twitch for the Razor Rush, drop a
TGF down on him.

Ling Xiaoyu
Difficulty: Hard
She's a little pest who'll constantly tick away at you. Her little ticks do
negligible damage, but if it continues, be prepared to lose. Her little stance
can evade a whole lot. When she goes into it, take her out with hell sweeps or
Stature kick. She has a few strong strikes that do a good deal of damage like
her d/b+1 or u+1+2,2,1. She'll poke at you a lot and flip around with her
cartwheel and roll so you'll have to stay back and interrupt and counter her
little pokes. A good Xiaoyu player will keep in your face and keep poking at
you while using her quick movement to move about the place and using her stance
to dodge your attacks. Also be careful, she has some mean okizeme. Just don't
get frustrated, keep at her and she'll eventually succumb to your power. Wait
for her cartwheels and rolls to end before throwing out an attack.

Michelle Chang.
Difficulty: Hard
A lot of people find her tough to defeat. She always mixes up high and low
attacks and especially the dreaded overhead hit to low sweep to jump kick that
if you don't block the low hit always connects. I would suggest keeping some
distance and dashing in and out with pokes, hell sweeps and stature kicks.
Interrupt with Wind God fist. She also can keep you in the air for a long time
with her elbow juggles, which actually don't do that much damage, since each
elbow does around a jab's worth of damage. A good Michelle player will keep in
your face and poke at you with all her fast little high low attacks waiting for
a chance to launch you or connect with one of her more powerful moves.

Difficulty: Depends
Everything Capable (depends)
Err, well...what can I say? You're either playing a newbie who got enticed by
the tree man or someone who studied the way characters stand. However you'd
better be able to do it otherwise you'll fall pray and might think it's Jin
coming with Wind God Fist and duck when it's Paul with a mid hitting
OOOWWWWAAAAGGGG! Well, I think he also get whatever size advantage or
disadvantage he gets with being that size e.g. not as strong as Gun Jack when
imitating him or not as weak as Ling when imitating her.

Nina Williams
Difficulty: Hard
Reversal Capable
Multi Throw Capable
Oh boy, I really hate her. Watch for her between the legs kick, on counter you
can collect a few more before you actually get off the ground as well as sudden
upward roundhouses. Her powerful double palm you should see from afar. Use the
same strategies that you would use against Anna as well. If she starts poking
then you can either interrupt or go on a rampage although I'd recommend the
former. She has a LOT of little strings that'll just make you hate her which
she uses a lot to poke at you with. Like I said she also has multis, but don't
use the King crouch dash strategy here because she has a lot of moves she can
execute from there. Learn how to break all of her multis and it'll save you a
lot of life in the actual game.

Throw Name                 Throw Motion         Escape Motion
Crab Claw                  qcf+3+4                   1
Rolling Arm Bar            3+4,3,4,1+2              1+2
Achilles Tendon Lock       3+4,4,2,1+2               2
Knee Cross Lock            3,1,4,2,2+4               1
Double Leg Break           1,3,2+4,3+4,1+2          1+2
Palm Grab                  qcf+1+2                   2
Standing Reverse Arm Lock  1,3,2,1                   1
Double Arm Break           3,1,4,1+2,1+2            1+2
Falling Reverse Arm Lock   2,1,3,4,1+2               1
Knee Bash, Neck Snap       2,3,4,2,2                 2
Octopus Special            1,2,4,3,1+2+3            1+2
Neck Snap                  1,3+4,1,2,1+2             1
Shin Smash                 qcb+1+3                 (none)
Twisting Arm Lock          2,1,1+2,1+2+3             2
Octopus Special            1,2,4,3,1+2+3            1+2
Neck Snap                  1,3+4,1,2,1+2             1

Difficulty: Medium
He's basically a mixture of characters, Baek's triple low to high kick and
WS+4,4, your own gut punch, Lee's infinity and whatnot. He also possesses the
standard Mishima 1,1,2 and 1,2,2 combos. He has a variety of unblockables from
quick to slow. When you see him glow go for the interrupt immediately or dash
away. He can slide without running so be aware. I suggest you go on offensive
with hell sweeps and stature kicks and use your WGF and gut punch to counter as
usual. Use Gut punch for Baek's kick. Go for the counterattacks from a distance
against him. Also use tech-rolls mostly to get up as his okizeme game is very

Paul Phoenix
Difficulty: Medium
Reversal capable
I really hate him. There are basically two types, the kind who'll play you a
game with his Smasher, Falling leaf and his QCB+3,2,2_1. For him be VERY
CAREFUL, don't get too cocky for a moment. I can't emphasize this enough. Try
to play a more ranged game against him, as up close you're more vulnerable. You
don't want too brawl with him. Tag carefully as well because a Phoenix Smasher
can drain 60% and ruin your day. If possible, use tag slides to be safer.
Counter him at will with your Wind God fist and gut punch. Look out for his
shin kick, which comes out very quickly, when you see him SS he's probably
going for it. A good point is that he's not all that great at juggles and his
launchers are either QCF+1, which is slow, or uf+4. Take every opportunity to
punish him when he makes a mistake. I would go low against him and use many
hell sweeps. Remember he'll always be looking to execute the power punch.
Although I believe that Kazuya is an attack-based character I don't recommend
going for the jugular with an all out attack against Paul since he's a brawl
type character. Against the other Paul, if you ever find one, he'll play you
using a lot of little punch strings. Try to get to try him for a juggle,
usually with the uf+4 launcher by dashing forward and back. Then in the
recovery time punish as you see fit. I would use the Wind God fist and normal
gut punch in this battle more than the demon gut punch. A trick many Paul
players like to use is toteam up with Baek or Hwoarang and do
f,f+1+2~5,d/b+3+4. This is very annoying wand was thought to be only escapable
by perfet timing of a sideroll but thanks to the KOFTEKKEN/Jjt FAQ, it seems
that if you just mash '3' you'll sweep them at the last minute.
Anyway, some time has passed and I don't find Paul that threatening again. His
deathfist almost never connects. All I can say now is to beware of his Falling
Leaf (d+4,2) when at close range.

Prototype Jack
Difficulty: Easy
I consider him the best of the Jacks. He has an almost completely different
style; look out when he's tagging in he may come down from above. He has high
launchers as well as a power punch. Still though, he can be taken out with the
standard Jack techniques of pitbulling until they die.

True Ogre
Difficulty: Medium
My god! If there was ever an advantaged character...First he has flame attacks.
Although to your credit they're very easy to detect and avoid, duck for the
standing one and sidestep twice for the flying although if you're close enough
(rare) run under and counter as he comes down. Like all moves you can always be
caught by accident and the fact that it's a projectile is just plain unfair. He
also has a teleport from a knocked down position to in the air where he jets
towards you with an unblockable horn attack, it's duckable but during any
hustle you may have had to okizeme him you could get caught. He also has juggle
escape where he sort of turns right side up and flies up a bit higher making
your juggles wiff.. He has the same moves as Ogre just with a greatly extended
range to beware. On the up side he's slow due to his size and therefore an
attacking game against him is recommended. Use the same attack pattern you'd
use against regular Ogre. They have the exact same moves except for his flame
attacks, his get up unblockable and his horn attack. I suggest you tech-roll
all of his knockdowns and you don't want to chance yourself with his crazy
okizeme game.

Unknown (PS2 only)
Difficulty: Unknown...I couldn't resist.
Unknown has the ability to play as any character. She changes character
whenever she tags back in or whenever the R3 button is pressed. This means that
not only your opponent but you yourself must know thw different stances
characters take lest you think you're rushing into a weak Jun only to find you
were hammered by what was really Paul.

Wang Jinrei
Difficulty: Hard
Reversal Capable
He has some borrowed moves from Michelle like her high low punches. He has a
variety of power punches. Wang is a very well rounded character but his
endurance sucks (c'mon he was Heihachi's father's friend). Very versatile. At
least that's what I used to think until I read Reverend C's Anna FAQ about his
frame data. So I looked it up, damn man, it's just sad. Not to mention he takes
damage like a 90 year old man, oh yeah he is a 90 year old man.

Difficulty: Hard
Don't underestimate Yoshi. He has an insane number of unblockables. A note
about one, when you see him pull the sword back for a stab don't rush even if
you're close, he could be faking it and go for a sword spin instead. He has a
number of spinning attacks most of which go low so be prepared for them, block
and counter with a rising attack. His Shark Attack is one move you don't want
to get lured into, it does amazing damage and recently there's a trend to
execute it after a f+2 turnaround hit. Look out for his roundhouses, duck and
respond. Also his 10 strings end in three unblockable hits so interrupt early
usually at the spinning kicks which are in almost all his strings. His standing
uppercut (d/f+2) juggles to a good height and like everyone's comes out quick
so don't wiff your moves or use slow recovering ones (f+1+2) since he can
follow with powerful juggles. A good Yoshimitsu is hard to kill as he is
overall very solid and if they do his flash counter, it will kill your crouch
dash game quickly. Yoshi also has ways out of even your most solid strings. A
quick teleport can escape almost anything, even Shining Fists! He has a large
assortment of low attacks, some of which he can combo out of. You'll have to
play a very balanced game here, too much pitbulling and you'll eat his d/f+2
and too much turtling and you could get in trouble with his unblockables.

* **************** *
* * Tag Partners * *
* **************** *

It is true that any character can successfully partner with any other character
but some characters pair with other better than some. Teams like Kazuya and
Heihachi/Jin are always possible and are very powerful but using character of
the same type has disadvantages, as some people may be better against one type
than against another. A character with a class 1 launcher is good to have so
you can take advantage of Kazuya's Thunder God fist juggles. One player I don't
recommend is Devil since his and Kazuya's tag is very dangerous to you as he
just morphs there. Of course it's your business if you use them. I highly
recommend a 'fancy' character like Hwoarang, Lei, Ling or Yoshimitsu since
these characters are very fun to use and are great confusers of the opponent.
Of course in the end it's all up to you, don't stop using your player just
because I said so. Kazuya can pair well with almost any character and having a
variety to choose from is great, as your opponent will have a hard time
adapting to your style.
Personally the teams I use are
Kazuya/Heihachi   (very strong, just think, Kazuya's stuns into Heihachi
powerful juggles, hot
                  dog that's great)
Kazuya/Hwoarang   (lots have trouble with Hwoarang)
Kazuya/Bruce      (just started, a good combo as Bruce is a very deadly player
and his triple
                   knee just makes things better.)
Heihachi/Hwoarang (strong and good confusing ability)
Heihachi/Jin      (powerful juggling ability and Devil Possession)

Good Partners.
A good partner would be someone that can complement Kazuya well and cover his
various weaknesses while Kazuya covers that person's. These ratings will be
somewhat biased as it's obviously what I may or may not think.

Alex or Roger
Lack of reliable launchers. I've never really liked them much. I don't think
they're very juggle inclined, the only move they really get good damage from is
their animal god fist. Kazuya'll basically beat the crap out of the opponent
while they just stand there and look stupid. This team gets style points

There's no Angel here unless you're playing the PS2 version. If this was like a
normal Mishima team, it would be very highly graded ad the value of two people
who can do Wind God fist is very great. But the special tag animation they both
have, regardless of how cool it looks is too much trouble. The Devil Twister is
just what Kazuya needed but the animation basically killed whatever usefulness
you'd get off the Devil Twister.

Anna Williams
Good teammate to complement Kazuya with. I mean she's a Williams. She has
powerful juggles, multis, reversals and tons of strings. Great speed and is
excellent defensively. She's a good choice for a partner. Anna has been
tremendously improved from Tekken 3 and is very powerful overall for someone
who was just intended to be a secret costume for Nina.

Armor King
He's tough, just like Kazuya. The combined juggling power of this team however
won't be very high. But they'll both set it off on offense. A.King is not
really lacking in any area. He has his wonderful Dark Uppercut and a great
crouch dash mix up. I just have to say it, A.King has got the "People's Elbow"
which is a sure crowd pleaser. This team is very solid for those who are
offensively inclined.

Baek DoSan
He has good range and lots of kick strings not to mention a class 1 launcher
that launches any size opponent but Baek is hard to use effectively in my
opinion. He is made up of numerous kick strings that are easy to avoid and
interrupt. His juggling power isn't much to marvel at, his student's is by far
better. He isn't very offensive, although he has some good juggles. Better
partners exist.

Bruce Irvin
Bruce can complement just about anyone. He is just a monster. Fast with very
good pokes not to mention he has some very powerful juggles make him an ideal
teammate for Kazuya or just about anyone else. His b,f+4 launcher also launches
very well, not as high as a class 1 though. This team plays hard offense.
Bruce's pokes are some of the game's best and you can tag out Kazuya to let him
come in and finish with a big juggle. You'll probably take flak for using a lot
of knees though, but then again, who cares?

Bryan Fury
Another who can complement just about anyone. He has an arsenal of high powered
moves and power strikes that can make anyone cringe in fear. He also has very
good defense as he has a command low parry as well as his Punch Parry which
makes him an excellent choice against players who use Mishimas or Paul. Like
Kazuya, his most powerful attacks come out from the WS position. Bryan's main
weakness is his chronic lack of low hitting attacks but his strengths more than
make up for this. Very offensive team.

Eddy Gordo/Tiger
This rating is based on an expert Eddy player. Eddy cab duck in and out of
range very quickly, has lots of low hitting attacks and is a master of
confusion. He has auto sidesteps, is very slippery and has tons of mix ups.
Just hitting an expert Eddy is a chore. Eddy's movement game is by far the best
in the entire game. By far the game's most annoying character, in a master's
hands, he'll make people pull their hair out. Not to mention when you pick him,
you'll have psychological advantage as people may take you for a scrub. If
you're an Eddy masher however change that to *. Eddy mashers get creamed by any
half good player 95% of the time. This team would have an excellent balance of
offense and defense.

I've never much had a thing for Ganryu, he's slow really. However he does have
a class 1 launcher and is very powerful with lots of stamina. I'm yet to see a
good Ganryu player at work so I'm not sure what he's capable of.

Gun Jack
The Jack series consist of very powerful, very endurance built individuals.
They're also big and very slow. His juggles aren't much to jump up about
either. Because of his speed or lack thereof, he's not very suited to hard
offense. He'll be more defensive and that totally contradicts Kazuya. Jacks are
all about sharing pain with their powerful attacks but they seem to accept more
than they give.

Heihachi Mishima
Excellent partner. Heihachi is a monster. Very powerful with strong fast power
strikes not to mention his top of the line juggling abilities make him one of
the best choices available. His juggling ability combined with Kazuya's stuns
make for a very offensive combo. Also, having two WGF capable players strikes
fear into anyone. Heihachi's EWGF is the best launcher in the game. He also
possesses other power strikes other than the standard Mishima strikes including
a Deathfist. He also has those awesome hell sweeps to back him up. Highly

He has a class 1 launcher and has a very large mix up of kicking strings to
call upon. He is also very strong juggle wise. His weakness is a lack of low
attacks and that his power strikes aren't very fast. You'll have to hold back a
bit on the offense and keep out of throw range for him to work properly but
when used properly (he's hard to learn) he can be very deadly. This is one of
my favorite teams due to Hwoarang's finesse and the fact that he's more of a
fun rather than serious character to use.

The Jack series consist of very powerful, very endurance built individuals.
They're also big and very slow. His juggles aren't much to jump up about
either. Because of his speed or lack thereof, he's not very suited to hard
offense. He'll be more defensive and that totally contradicts Kazuya. Jacks are
all about sharing pain with their powerful attacks but they seem to accept more
than they give.

Jin Kazama
He can achieve just about anything. Although he has the weakest moves out of
crouch dash of all the Mishimas his other extras such as his Laser Cannon more
than make up for these shortcomings. His new b+4 also has many different
manners of usage. He can juggle especially and is a very well rounded
character. Jin depends more on juggles than Kazuya however as Kazuya has his
hard hitting punch moves. This team is also based on hard offense but Jin also
has a reversal for playing defense. Jin is regarded as the best character in
Tekken my most of the higher level players. However he is much harder to learn
and to use than Kazuya is. Also highly recommended.

Julia Chang
She's one of the game's most powerful players. She has very fast attacks such
as her G-Clef Cannon and she juggles very well as well. She can play good
offense as well as defense. Julia is also one the games most annoying
opponents. She had an 8 frame jab and her standing 4 can juggle an opponent.
Julia is blessed with one of the game's best high low mix ups which makes her
the perfect choice.

Jun Kazama
Aside from her ability to tag throw with Kazuya I don't see much reason in
recommending her. She isn't very strong nor is she speedy. She has good defense
and mix ups however and her infinites can kill those who can't block them.

His strength lies in his numerous throws and multi mix-ups. He can juggle but
not as well as you can. He also possesses an un-chickenable kick reversal which
will undoubtedly come in handy when fighting kickers like Baek and Hwoarang. He
has high power and stamina as well as range. King is not much of a fighter like
A.King in my opinion and I've never really liked the idea of repeated throws.
However King can humiliate people into changing their own names with a single
Rolling Death Cradle.

Although most animal characters are for laughs, Kuma is really great. I've been
experimenting with him lately and he rules. Kuma has extreme range on his
attacks especially his f+1 which he can use to start a G-Clef cannon. However
as a big character, he is very slow and you have to learn to use his range to
keep opponent's out.

She is very fast and has numerous unblockables but she'll weaken this rather
than strengthen it. She is sort of similar to Yoshimitsu but is not nearly as
effective as the former.

Forest Law
Law is one of the game's most dangerous players. He can juggle and is very
strong offensively. His moves are fast and he complements Kazuya very well. His
juggling ability is also very good. Law can also play completely defensively
with his ability to parry everything. Law is one of the game's more balanced
characters as he doesn't really lack anything at all like other characters.
Highly Recommended.

Lee ChaoLan
Lee is fast and possesses a class 1 launcher not to mention his cheesy
d+4,4,4,4 combo. He also has a special unblockable when teamed with Kazuya. His
Mist Trap looks mad cool but is pretty cheesy. If you pick him, you simple must
pick both in their suits so...*familiar whistling music* "They be Big Pimpin,
spendin' cheese"

Lei Wulong
A good solid partner. He is also a master of mix up like Eddy. He isn't too
fast as his strength lies in his animal stances. Overall he is a good partner
for Kazuya. One of his main weaknesses however is his lack of strong juggles.
Lei also possesses a punch parry and can do those annoying Haha steps. His
Razor Rush is the key to playing him though as the mix up from it is just plain

Ling Xiaoyu
She has a very low stamina value but she's very fast and her Phoenix Stance can
dodge just about anything. She's a good poker and she has a launcher that
launches quite high. Her strength is in pecking your opponent to death while
nimbly avoiding damage. Although this is the opposite to Kazuya, they
complement each other very well. Ling, like Law also possesses the ability to
parry just about any move.

Michelle Chang
She's basically the same as Julia with some subtle differences. I hate to fight
the both. Her style will be very similar to that of her daughter's with
annoying high low mix-ups and quick poking attacks that'll make people pull
their hair out.

This is an up down kind of game. If you can use everyone then pick him as it
mixes up better than anything. Make sure you can tell a character by how he/she
stands, though. Pick him if you wan to show off basically. After 10 wins you
can get the Gold Tetsujin which allows Netsu powerups even to characters like
Devil and T.Ogre.

Nina Williams
Nina is very strong with her multis, reversals and her powerful juggles. He is
also a master of strings and is very hard to kill even though her stamina isn't
very high. She can work together with Kaz very successfully. Nina has been
really hurt by the Tekken 3 to TTT transition and is one of the most weakened

Ogre is a mix of various and can do just about everything. He is very tough and
strong and he has powerful juggles. Ogre's okizeme is also very fearsome and he
has a good selection of stolen unblockables. I personally prefer his alter ego
though even though Ogre does have the edge in speed.

Paul Phoenix
Paul can work together with anyone well, provided that you play him in a very
unscrubby like manner. His moves do a ton of damage especially his infamous
Deathfist. Up close, his Falling Leaf conquers all. He doesn't however have
powerful juggles or very good launchers but with high powered moves like the
ones he has, he doesn't really lose out much. You gain psychological advantage
as 95% of Paul users are scrubs and people know and play against them as such.

Prototype Jack
P.Jack I think is the best out of the Jack series. He has a class 1 launcher
and some powerful shots. But again his speed slows him down tremendously. He
has high stamina and strength. Like the others in the Jack series he also lacks
good juggling ability and will be massacred by characters like the Mishimas,
Williams and Changs.

True Ogre
He is similar to Ogre except that he 4-5 unique moves. He is very large and has
high stamina and power. His flame attacks are worthless against any decent
competition though. Many character also have extra powerful juggles that they
can drop on him and him only. His okizeme is even better than regular Ogre and
is probably the best in the game. T.Ogre is just a monster and is too damned
powerful for his own good.

Unknown can basically be anything you want. She's basically the same worth of a
partner as Mokujin.

Wang Jinrei
Wang takes damage like a 6 year old child. His frame recovery also sucks big
time. Aside from that he is very well rounded with power strikes, juggles, a
non-chickenable left punch reversal etc. But his stamina still sucks.

Yoshi goes together well with just about anyone. He has a class 1 launcher
which will probably never connect. He has an excellent blend of speed, power,
juggling ability. He has a plethora of unblockables which come in handy. He
also has the best basic uppercut of anyone in the game. You really can't go
wrong with Yoshi and his mix of well, everything. A very solid partner.

* ************************* *
* *Putting it all Together* *
* ************************* *
This is the most important part of the game. If you can't put together all that
you've learnt, then you really haven't learnt anything at all. It took me over
a month of using Bruce before I finally remembered when I was in the arcade, to
start using his b,f+4, one of his best launchers. If you can't put your stuff
together and find a place to use each of your skills, then really what good is
knowledge if it can't be put into practice. This section will just contain any
little tips I may have to render to you, take heed or ignore them if you wish.
Your style is your style.

Kazuya's barrier, that is the distance at which Kazuya is at his most effective
would be just outside of throw range, also called medium range. Why? Simple.
Because the majority of Kazuya's powerful attacks stem from his crouch dash, he
must have space in which to execute it. If he is choked together with the
opponent then he has no room to crouch dash and is likely to be interrupted.
Also, since Kazuya is an ideal character for countering people with, he needs a
distance at which he has space to execute his counter attacks, most of which
aren't too fast. If he was too close, he would suffer the same fate as close
crouch dashes. If Kazuya is too far, then he is out of ideal crouch dash range,
ideal being the range at which a quickly done crouch dash attacks would hit.

Your attacks should never be put into a pattern for the opponent to recognize.
The frequency and type of attacks you use in any given (Sunday) situation
should be dependent on your personal style as a player. Each move has a certain
range and situation at which it is suited to be used. Using the wrong move at
the wrong time could have disastrous results. If you're playing pitbull style
then you want to stay slightly within the barrier distance and should go for a
lot of jabs and light punch strings, as well as pokes as d+1 or d+4 as well as
Stature Kicks punch strings and maybe a gut punch thrown in to mix things up a
bit. If you're playing turtle then you'll want to stay slightly out of the
barrier distance and use Gut Punch and Wind God Fist to interrupt when you
detect your opponent starting an attack or you could duck the attack if
possible and respond with your WS move of choice. Kazuya doesn't have many high
attacks aside from his jabs so you won't have to worry about people ducking
most of your attacks like Jin does.

Never underestimate the value of tick damage, it could save your life during
the match. You should try to use low tick shots at the very least 4-5 times per
round. In a stand-off you have the perfect opportunity to do a Stature Kick.
Use your d+1 and d+4 carefully though, as fast as they are, their range isn't
very good and you'll get punished. At the end of the match, every Stature Kick,
every low jab and low kick makes a difference though it may not look so when
you use it. The majority of the damage in most matches comes from gradually
eating away at your opponent. Although every now and again you'll connect a big
stun or drop down a big juggle, more often than not you'll have to slowly peck
away to survive.

Whether you want to play offensively or defensively is your own choice, while
personally I feel Kazuya should be played more offensively than not, your own
style and taste should dictate how you play. A true master however, adapts to
suit his opponents style of play. You shouldn't adopt the "I'm not
turtling/pitbulling for nothing" approach. If a solid Chang player were to come
along, surely you'll have to play a bit more defensive against her fast attacks
and strings. Or if a Jack player comes along, surely you'll want to take the
fight to him. While you may prefer to play one style rather than the other,
always be ready to adapt.

Another thing, try not to always play things safe. Taking a chance could pay
off big. The trick is to know when to take these chances. Most of the time,
you'll just 'feel' that it's the right time for a Thunder God Fist even if the
situation may seem the opposite. You hit, you get major damage done, you miss,
you take major damage. The fact is you can't become a champion player just play
playing it safe all the time.

As long as you have your juggles, your move knowledge and can put it all into
practice, you should have no problems pulling up constant wins.


I hope this FAQ has at least taught you a thing or two about Kazuya or has at
least been an entertaining read.
Anyway, if you're from Trinidad and are ever in Center Point on Saturday
afternoon check me out for a game of TTT or Soul Calibur. I'm usually by either
one with one or two friends. I always wear jeans and something and always have
a black JanSport on.
It's been fun making this FAQ. I think in the end I'm probably a better player
for it. When I first released this, Reverend C's FAQ was the only one out
there. Now, in this short space of time, two more FAQs have shot up and
surprisingly none are half assed. This will probably be the last big update on
this unless something ground breaking happens since I think it's time to work
on some other stuff like making this Hwoarang FAQ a reality since he's really
under represented and a lot of people want to learn him.
Anyway I'm always up for a game even if I lose since we've all got stuff to
If you have any questions or any stuff I missed or did wrong e-mail me at
exar30@hotmail.com and I'll get it in the next revision.
It seems that this FAQ has turned out pretty large. I never intended at first
for it to be this size. But I hope what I've done has covered most if not all
someone would need to learn to use Kazuya effectively. To be quite honest I
don't think any FAQ should be this size or larger unless it's for an RPG. If I
was a newbie to Tekken, i wouldn't even read something this big, i'd just pick
out what interested me.
The sun I believe has already set or at least is setting on TTT. The noly
reason it's still being played is because no other game has as yet filled the
void. But with Tekken 4 and Virtua Fighter 4 both on the way and the as yet
shown Soul Calibur 2 and VFX on the way, TTT will soon be dead everywhere
except in the livingrooms of hardcaor fans. Ahh TTT, I knew ye well.

PS2 Stuff.
I got a PS2 last year and the changes are basically nothing, except some of the
juggles seem to be either more or less difficult to do than before.

* *Secret Stuff* *
Tekken Pair Play Mode - Push Right at the main menu.
Tekken Bowl Mode      - Beat the game with 9 different characters.
                        Score 200 pts. or higher and you can select the
                        soundtrack in Bowl Mode.
Tekken Gallery Mode   - Beat the game with 13 different characters.

* *Tekken Bowl* *
I just thought I'd put in a little mini-section in here about Tekken Bowl.

The characters function pretty much as you'd expect. The large characters are
very strong but inaccurate and the small charcters are excatly the opposite.
Some characters function as left and some as right handers. In a team it's
normally advisable to keep both of your characters with the same hand or else
it could screw up your coordination. Also some characters have special
augmentations. Namely, Gun Jack, P.Jack, Jack-2, Bryan and Yoshimitsu all have
special bowling views which give them a special laser to help in lining up
their shots. This is needless to say, great when you're going for that spare.

Choosing your Team.
I would suggest using a team, if you're playing to win or for big points, that
starts off with a big man. The big guys would consist of the Jacks, Ganryu(my
favourite) and perhaps Kuma and the Ogres. The main reason is that unless
you've perfected your technique in getting strikes, you'll want to get as much
of those starting pins down as possible.Also for beginners someone like a Jack
is very advantageous because of their laser sight plus because they're the
strongest, they knock away pins like nobody's business. The second person
should be someone emphasizing more accuracy that raw power as your second is
there for picking up the loose pins. Persons like Yoshi and Bryan excel here
because of their laser sight although it is sort of like cheating.

General Advice
1) If you mess up your aiming, go for full power. The less power that you have,
the more the ball will deviate. With the Jacks, a full power bar and any angle
you get will have minimum effect beacuse of the velocity it will be travelling

2) To pick up the very hard to get splits,send the ball so that it rolls on the
opposite side that you want the pin to go and have it so you bowl the ball
parallel to the pin so it just gets nicked,with full power of course.

3) Don't go straight down the centre, generally you'll just end of causing a
split. Always try to hit between the middle and one of the pins behind it, that
is, at an angle.

4) When using weaker charcters as your main bowler, always put the emphasis on
the accuracy of the ball. A perfect ball with no velocity will still get a

5) Using stronger characters, since their accuracy bar moves so quickly, you'll
probably never get what you want, make sure to line up your bowler from before
so that you can basically negate the angle with your power.

6) Find a track that get you going. It works wonders for me. I always put on
the Yoshimitsu track. Yes, it annoying as hell but with it on I always at least
get over 220 points,without it,I'm usually in the late 100s. Weird,no?

The Various Events.
I don't believe I've gotten them all yet but here's what I have achieved.

1 Strike : Strike!!(surprised?)
2 Strikes: Double!!
3 Strikes: Turkey!!(with three chicken icons on each side)
4 Strikes: Great!! (with three chicken icons on each side)

Get all three strikes in the final round: Punch Out!!
Get a Spare: Spare!!(surprises abound!!)
Get a Miss : Miss!!(who'd have thunk it?)
Get a Split: Nice Cover!!

Game Events
Strike Animation1: You get this when you get a quick clean strike. The pins
explode in a burst of fire three times consecutively
Strike Animation2: You get this when the pins take their sweet time in falling
down. You see a slow replay of the ball knocking them away.

Overcharged: Your character gets a little too attached to the ball and forgets
to let go, plowing straight into the pins still holding the ball. If you get a
strike with this, although it counts as a miss, you see Strike Animation1 9
times in quick succession.
K.O.:Pull all the way to the left and smack Boskonovich. he'll get knocked out
and won't be present in the arena anymore.

In case anyone was wondering my best team is Ganryu and Yoshimitsu and although
I can't exactly remember my best score, it contained 9 strikes though.

Tekken Sites.
In case you're looking for more Tekken information.

THE Tekken site to go to. They've got it all. Movelists, combos, frame data,
FAQs and not to mention Castel's kick ass movies. Oh, and this place also has
the most kick ass forum I've ever seen. Features galore. Mad props out to
Castel and all the people who work on it for this one. You really can't get
much better than this. If you just visit one Tekken site then there's no two
ways about it, come here.

Namco's official site. Check here for updates often and for movelists and
they've also got a forum for those heated discussions. Everything you expect
from an official site. It's official, but not much more than that.

They've got a great TTT section with all the FAQs and movelists etc. Check them
out also for ALL the videos on the World Tournament that concluded a few months
ago. Also check here for anything remotely concerning fighting games, mostly
Marvel v.s. Capcom though. Just recently got a forum.

THE FAQ archive on the net. If you're looking for a FAQ and it ain't here, then
it probably doesn't exist. They don't just have Tekken, they're got nearly
every game in recent memory. Big props go out to GameFAQs for being the best
FAQ provider on the internet.

This is a cool site run by a guy called Dohee-Kim, it has some great combo
movies as well as movies on wave dash, crazy step and the like. Check it out
also for videos of the recently completed Korean tournament. Dohee is quickly
making a name for himself in this regard, check it out. You can also find
Korean manuals here that were translated by Bob.
I don't know how well Tekken Zone still runs since Dohee has left for his
compulsory stint in the Korean Army. Hopefully he'll be back in a little over a
year. Good Luck friend.

This is a cool page run by SauerKraut, it has a nice little analysis on the
difference between WGF and EWGF not to mention some nice movies.

This is probably one of the best forum sites. Go here or Zaibatsu if your
looking for forums. Also check out the JoeKing juggles. That Ling combo is just
wild man.

Tekken Oblivion has a large collection of stuff that has been archived here. If
you missed the Asian Champs videos, here's where to get them. Good looking out.

Abrar Rana's page. You can get some nice Kuma videos here. There're also guides
created on site for various characters in the game and a special section where
articles are placed about various subjects concerning Tekken.

Myself for finally writing a FAQ after intending to do so after a whole year.

Perry Sartain for his storyline FAQ which helped to piece together Kazuya's Bio.

KazMishimaKazama for some useful tips.

Mark Kim and Kao Megura for their excellent copyright. Kao, dude, you've been
retired long enough, and even though you've gotten screwed by people more times
than ever, you're an inspiration and you need to get back to work.

Slikatel and Ben Cureton (Tragic) for providing the standard by which all
character FAQs will now be written and judged.

Dohee Kim for writing his Wind God Style Manuals and Bob for translating them.
That is where I learned all those crouch dash tricks from.

To Catlord for his excellent Tekken movelists. How in the hell do you figure
out ALL the moves in the game?

Jjt and KOFTEKKEN on their Advanced Techniques FAQ which gave me a few good
tips which I put in this guide, the quick WS and the F+1 over f+1.

Castel and the Tekken Zaibatsu staff for making the most kick ass site out
there and for having those awesome movies. Castel you're a damn juggling god
man. And where else can you get all that great and essential frame data?

Reverend C whose Kazuya FAQ gave me the basis of my Kazuya knowledge and taught
me how to play who I believe is one of the best strategic FAQ writers out
there. I would also like to acknowledge Reverend C for this excellent FAQ
format. Props out to you Rev for your Kazuya and Heihachi FAQs, some of the
best strategic writing out there.

The people at the Zaibatsu Forums, bluu, Chinky-eye, IluvMomo, Reverend C,
Renick, tomhilfiger, KOFTEKKEN, Redfoot, 7ronko, abrar rana Devil_Jin,
Assblaster and everybody else I can't remember now, I learn something new each
time I go there.

To all my friends, arcade and otherwise for providing unwitting guinea pigs for
me to beat on in Tekken and Soul Calibur. Yes Rams, I will always be the best
in Central.

Namco, for making the greatest fighting series of all time and for continuing
to bless us with these wonderful games.

To the sites that posted my FAQ for all to see. Thank you.

To you, the reader for choosing to read my FAQ. I hope it helped.

The Almighty without whom none of this would be possible.


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